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Captain Japan, Thor, and Iron RoseWhat if the Ranma ½ characters inherited the powers of different Marvel superheroes? Alternate Universe story. (Adventure)

Here is the first piece of fan art for Avenging! Captain Japan, Thor, and the Iron Rose by Arthur Hansen. Click on it for a look at the full-size image.

a Ranma ½ story by DB Sommer

Act I:

Scene 1: A Plague of Heroes

Scene 2: Three Beauties and a Beast

Scene 3: Blind Man's Bluff

Scene 4: The Masks We Don't Really Have to Wear

Scene 5: Thor and Raiden Present: Lessons on Why It's Bad to Play With Electricity

Scene 6: Weighty Matters

Scene 7: Honey, I Shrunk Kasumi

Scene 8: Ten Rings to Rule Them All, Part 1

Scene 9: Ten Rings to Rule Them All, Part 2

Scene 10: Ten Rings to Rule Them All, Part 3

Scene 11: Ten Rings to Rule Them All, Part 4

Act II:

Scene 1: Revenge of the Killer Hornet

Scene 2: Tales of Enchantment

Scene 3: Guess What's For Dinner

Scene 4: Backstabbing

Scene 5: Steel Lilies in the Field

Scene 6: Not So Startling Revelations

Scene 7: Hercules: Prince of Power (Not a Sam Raimi Production)

Scene 8: Dating Professional Wrestlers is Like Porcupines Mating

Scene 9: The Lesson of the Serpents (Strength in Numbers)

'Avenging' Side stories

Side Story 1: Wrecks N' Effex

Side Story 2: Let the Games Begin!

Side Story 3: Armored Schemes (and Stranger Things)

"Avenging" Spin-off Story

The timestream has gone awry, and the Sailor Scouts have not met and bonded as they were fated.  Instead, Ami Mizuno has another destiny before her…  (Adventure) Sailor Moon / Avenging.

Story notes: This is not written by DB Sommer, but rather by Christopher Horton.  While the story takes place in the Avenging universe, it's also a stand-alone work and you really don't need to have read the previous Avenging stories to enjoy it.

The Amazing Spider-Girl A story by Christopher Horton

Chapter One: Along Came a Spider…

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