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Chiyo-chanHere is DB's collection of stories based on Azumanga Daioh, a comic series based on the high school years of ordinary girls. Azumanga is a comedy whose appeal is the personality quirks of the characters. It is through their interactions that the stories amuse, without need to place them in a fantastical adventure or setting. (Comedy) Azumanga Daioh.

An unlikely crossover in which Yukari-sensei pulls off what she thinks is the coup of her career.

Azumanga Royale

A set of vignettes set in a typical Japanese festival.


Tomo thinks that boys have it easy compared to girls, and sets out to prove it. Tomo and bets go together like a hot knife and butter, but just like a hot knife and butter, there's always a mess!

The Cross Dressing Caper

When Yukari-sensei's brother comes to town, we learn that some parents really shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Family Relations

A brief romp in the Azumanga world, as the cast go on a class trip to a local museum.

Field Trip

What can be so bad about a visit to a friend's house when her parents aren't even home?


Tomo learns a new phrase in a foreign language. Of course, with Tomo, "learn" is a term that must be applied loosely…

Je Ne Comprends Pas Ce Que Je Dis

A series of vignettes sharing a common theme…


Runnerup, 100th Newsletter Short Story ContestIn honor of the Lost Library's 100th newsletter, this story was written as an entry in a spamfic contest.

"Parent-Teacher Conference" recieved honorable mention in the Lost Library 100th Newsletter Short Story Contest.

Parent-Teacher Conference

The girls go out for a game at the local miniature golf course. Now, if only they were all playing the same game…

Par for the Course

A series of vignettes sharing a common theme. This time, it's

Sex Education

Life in English class, Azumanga style

Tongue Twisted

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