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A Ranma ½ story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

I'd like to say right now 'don't blame me for this.' So you can blame the FFIRC people for putting this idea in my head. If I recall correctly, it was mostly Ginrei's fault.

-Lemon Warning- Yep, it's a teaser to a lemon. So be forewarned.

Softly, silently, Ranma stealthily approached the figure from behind, the other showing no hint of being aware of Ranma's presence. That suited Ranma just fine. It gave him a moment to admire the definition of the muscles on the back, hardened and perfectly sculpted. And that ass was mighty visually appealing as well. He couldn't wait to run his hands, and other body parts, through the cleft of those delightful ass-cheeks.

Currently, Ranma's cock was hard enough to pound nails with. At last the moment he had waited for had arrived. It was time to finally give in to those desires he had possessed since first laying eyes upon this unexpected love of his life. Others would probably make him pay the price later, but his love would not be denied. Besides, he had to bury his raging hard on in something.

"So you finally came. I've been waiting for you to return," the other said.

Cocky to the extreme, Ranma bragged, "Yeah, I was just waiting for the right time, you know. When I thought you were ready to handle me." He ran his hand along those firm buttocks. They felt even better than he thought they would. They were just irresistible.

"I felt the same way. Why do you think I was so jealous of that Akane girl?" The figure replied, spreading its wings to enfold Ranma. "And since you've defeated me, by the laws of my own people, I am yours to do with as you please."

How Amazonish. "Great. Then no one can complain." Ranma had heard the desire in the other's voice. It was just as Ranma knew it would be. No one could resist his charms. Not even a member of the Mount Phoenix tribe. "Get ready to receive the ride of your life, Saffron, you stud. Now bend over and grab your ankles."

The recently returned to adult form Saffron looked at Ranma, startled. "Aren't you going to change into a girl first?"

Ranma snorted as he handled Saffron's veiny shaft. It figured birdbrain would be a bit bigger than him. But Ranma would show him that size didn't matter (at least not in his case). It was all in technique. "No way. I'm a guy and only like sex that way. Now let me get some lube here so I can…"


Author's notes: Enter the Phoenix — A Ranma/Saffron lemon, Never coming to a mailing list near you.

Of course, if anyone wants to continue it, be my guest, you sick bastard. ^_^

I think that takes care of my evil deed for the day.
—D.B. Sommer

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