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Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Warning: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

Foreword: TH Tiger wrote a few scenes in this, proving he's an even better pervert than I am. ^_^ I think you can figure out which scenes they were, and if not, it means they flowed smoothly together.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun. And in this case some truly corny dialogue.

This takes place after Decision Making Processes

Ranma's feet padded over the bathroom tile as he walked over to the full length mirror standing at the far end of it. While the bathroom was an unusual place for mirror of that size, Shampoo had been insistent on having it installed. Ranma admitted it was a good decision as he took advantage of it by admiring his still damp, nude form. He flexed, showing off his finely-honed physique. It was just the right mix of muscle and definition. Strong enough to kick butt while retaining enough agility to keep from getting hit, all of it rock hard. His body's great physical condition swelled his pride. There was no way he would allow himself to put on a gut like his father had.

Ranma's handsome features, winning demeanor, and respectable hunk of meat between his legs, drew looks from many women. "You sure can knock 'em dead, you handsome stud." Ranma said to his image in the mirror. He then walked to the sink, which was full of water, and plunged his hands into the elbows. The quantity of cold liquid was more than sufficient to trigger his curse. Mass relocated itself in nearly every part of his body, molding it into another form. Despite the wholesale nature of the change, Ranma didn't notice the shifting anymore than he would his heartbeat. It had been a part of him for so long, he had essentially forgotten what it was like not to change when doused with cold water.

Returning to the mirror, Ranma-chan gazed at her now changed form. "But tonight, you'll be the one that's going to be turning heads." Ranma-chan admired her female body with the same attention she had for the male form she had been born with. While it was obvious she worked out on a regular basis, not a single centimeter of her could be considered unfeminine. She remained short, growing only a quartet of centimeters since acquiring her cursed form. The same couldn't be said for her breasts, which had increased in dimensions far greater than her height. She had gone from having a good bust to a tremendous set of tits. While their actual size was less than Shampoo's, the redhead's petite form made them appear much larger than they actually were. Proportionally she was closest to Yuriko's huge rack. And they were perky, her gender shifting staving off the effects of gravity in a way mere exercise never could (though she did plenty of chest exercises anyway. It never paid to take things for granted). There was also her age to consider. Whether it was the curse or genetics, Ranma-chan (and Shampoo) looked at least ten years younger than they really were in either body. Upon meeting the Saotome family for the first time, few believed Silver was actually their daughter, thinking her their younger sister instead.

All of this meant Ranma-chan drew the stares of men wherever she went and got hit on any time Shampoo-kun wasn't around to warn guys off. When she went alone to a bar, she never paid for drinks or lacked someone to talk with. She loved the attention guys lavished on her, though she wasn't a cocktease, even if Shampoo accused her of it all the time. If a guy wanted to buy a girl a drink so he could bask in a hot gal's attention, who was Ranma-chan to stop them? She wore her wedding ring (usually), so they knew she was 'owned goods'. It was the guys' own faults if they thought she was interested in more than conversation. Most of them backed off with their cases of blue balls, and if they tried to take things too far, a bent wrist or broken finger would remind them to keep their hands to themselves.

Ranma-chan remained in front of the mirror a few more seconds, allowing the air to dry the remaining droplets from her body. When the last of the dampness was gone, she threw on a bathrobe and headed to her bedroom to see what she would be wearing tonight since it was Shampoo's turn to pick the Halloween costumes this year.

Ranma-chan remembered how the whole tradition of either she or her wife choosing the costumes started. It had been ten years into their marriage when Ranma had received a last minute invitation to a couple's only Halloween party. It was from a martial arts friend of his and Ranma really wanted to go. The only stipulation was that the couple's outfits had to be complimentary: a policeman and policewoman, Napoleon and Josephine, or any other idea along those lines. Since the party was on the same day as the invitation, Ranma went to the nearest costume shop, picked out a matching set of Frankenstein's Monster and Bride of Frankenstein, and returned home. Shampoo's initial delight at attending the party turned sour when she saw what her husband had chosen for her. From the moment her eyes fell on it, she loathed the Bride costume and balked at the idea of wearing it. Since it was late in the day and there was no time to replace the costume, Ranma tried everything he could to convince Shampoo to wear it. He was about to give up when she agreed on the condition that she could choose both of their costumes for next year. Relived, Ranma agreed.

When the following year's Halloween was around the corner, Shampoo made certain to remind Ranma she would pick the costumes, and that she was refusing to tell Ranma what they were, leaving them a surprise. He was wary given the cagy delight his wife wore when talking about the upcoming party, but he swore to himself he'd live up to his word. The night of the party, Shampoo finally laid out their costumes. Ranma was relieved to see she had decided to go with a surfer dude-bikini babe combination. He made a comment about how sexy Shampoo would look in the little bikini. At that point Shampoo explained that she was going out in her cursed form as the surfer dude; the bikini was her 'airen's' (and how sickeningly sweet she had said it, too). When Ranma objected at the idea of going out as a girl, saying that wasn't part of the deal, Shampoo pointed out that Ranma didn't have to go out as a girl; he only had to wear the bikini.

The disagreement that followed was just as vehement as the previous year's. Bound to his word, Ranma did manage to get Shampoo to allow him to pick out the costumes for the following year, before openly agreeing to wear the bikini (as a girl, since there was no way he was going to trot around as a guy in such a thing). The experience didn't turn out as badly as he had feared since he had worn bikinis at the beach before, as well as on some model shoots. But going out in it on Halloween was different as she was the only girl wearing one. Prancing around in the skimpy thing resulted in her receiving ten times the attention she normally would, and normal for her was a lot more than most women received. A few drinks into the party and Ranma-chan was reveling in the attention of the males clustered around her. Shampoo-kun practically had to stand guard over her to fend off her admirers' advances. The suit had an effect on Shampoo-kun too, as upon their return home, they had some intense sex that left Ranma-chan sore for a few days afterward.

Not that enjoying himself had saved Shampoo next year, as Ranma chose a Samson and Delilah combination with Shampoo playing the role of Delilah. The short, tight, off the shoulder toga looked great on his wife, and many of the men at the party agreed (though Ranma was proud to note he had received even more attention the previous year). After that they alternated from year to year which spouse would choose the costumes, never revealing things until the last minute. It added a dimension to Halloween that was normally absent. This year it was Shampoo's turn, and Ranma-chan found herself eager to see what her wife had in mind.

Arriving at their bedroom, Ranma-chan spotted her outfit laid out on the bed. It consisted of a chain mail bikini, a leather belt with a hilt sticking out a scabbard attached to it, a pair of shin high brown leather boots, and a small domino mask that would do little to actually hide her features. Ranma-chan recognized the costume. It was of Sonja the Red, a character from a new television show that was really bringing in the ratings, including in the Saotome household. It entailed a fiery-haired woman living in ancient lands where life was lived by the sword, and she was the best. Every week she'd adventure high and low, encountering dangerous men and monsters and dispatching them in very flamboyant, bouncy ways. Moreover she was somewhat tragic in that she couldn't give herself to a man unless he defeated her in swordplay, and while some men she was interested in came close, none were quite able to defeat her, only adding to the tension. It sounded pretty Amazonian to Ranma, but Shampoo approved of the stipulation heartily, and Ranma admitted it added something to the series. While the lead actress was a real looker, Ranma thought she would have made a better Sonja, both in acting, looks, and that she was a genuine redhead. It appeared her wife was providing her with the chance to prove it.

It took only a handful of moments to put on the small outfit, finding it fit snugly. The costume wasn't really made of chain mail, but a shiny reflective plastic that looked convincing outwardly, but lacked the weight and chaffing that would have come with real metal. With her assets, even more of her cleavage showed than the real Sonja's. The sword was made of a heavier, solid plastic that could hurt if some force was put behind it. Ranma-chan drew it and swung it around.

A gruff "I wouldn't mind crossing swords with you if it meant getting my hands on that body of yours," came from the doorway.

Ranma-chan turned and saw Shampoo-kun standing in the doorway, already decked out in a black and white pirate outfit, complete with matching cape. While the white top was loose, the breeches were a bit tight and showed off Shampoo-kun's firm ass as well as the obvious hard-on framed by the material in the front. There was a fake cutlass at his side, and a cloth was tied around the upper face, Zorro style, under the wide pirate hat bearing the skull-and-crossbones perched on his head. Only the lower cheekbones and jaw could be seen.

Shampoo-kun approached. Despite the mask, Ranma-chan could see the lust in those eyes. Right before the pirate could lay his hands on the woman, Ranma-chan interposed a raised leg between herself and her wife in warning. Shampoo-kun stopped instantly.

Balancing on one foot as though it were two, Ranma-chan warned, "Ah, ah, ah. There's no time for that. We're chaperons for the school's masquerade dance, remember?"

Shampoo-kun snarled in irritation, sounding very much like an angry pirate. "We have time for a quickie."

Ranma-chan waved her still raised foot back in forth like a normal person would a correcting finger. "No way. As horny as you are, you won't let me off that bed for hours."

"Then we'll be a little late." Shampoo-kun started to move forward, then found the foot placed against her chest.

"Nope. We promised we'd be there in case there are fights again." The previous year someone had spiked the punch, which had led to a number of belligerent students fighting. No one was hurt, but the clashes only added to the school's sordid reputation. The school board had been insistent that the Saotomes be there to chaperone in case that got out of hand again. Their reputations would probably keep rowdy students in line, and they could physically resolve issues with a minimum of fuss should the need arise.

Reluctantly, Shampoo-kun backed off. Accepting his acquiescence, Ranma-chan lowered her foot. As she exited the bedroom, she looked over shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get a chance to sheath your sword in something tonight." She wiggled her mail-clad bottom invitingly. "That is, providing you can beat me. Sonja don't give out to know weaklings, you know."

Despite only the lower half of the face being visible, Shampoo-kun's discomfort was plain. "Cocktease!" he snapped as Ranma-chan exited the room.

Akira Tendou stood outside the front door of the Kuonji home, taking a moment to examine himself for the third time of the evening. Not that there was much to check out since he wore little. Tonight he was dressed in Halloween costume, and he thought highly of his caveman attire. It was simple, just a one-piece leopard spotted cloth with brown fur along the sides. The garment only hooked over one shoulder, thin at the top before widening enough to reach to the other side near his waistline. It stopped halfway down his hamstrings, the bottom open almost like a skirt. The lack of material at the top served to show off most of his lean, muscular chest and abdominals. Furry boots completed the look. To hide his face he opted to go with a long wig of stringy black hair which hung down in front of his face, obscuring it, though he could see through the locks relatively well. Occasionally he had to move a few strands out of the way to make out minor details, but the wig served its purpose by making him appear every inch a Neanderthal straight from the caves of the ancient past.

Satisfied his costume was in place, Akira rang the doorbell. It was answered a moment later by a swaggering pirate. He was dressed in a white shirt with a red overcoat unbuttoned over it. Gold piping and trim signified that the wearer held the rank of captain. A wide black belt with a gold buckle was done up at the waist. Brown breeches hugged his bottom tightly, and Akira could make out a noticeable bulge in the front. Tall leather boots went up halfway past the shins. On his face was a black mustache, thin and curled. It looked as though he had walked out of a children's storybook.

There were only two curious features about the pirate. One was the large spatula slung across the back. The other was the ridiculous looking feathery lump perched on the shoulder. Its puce green and neon orange plumage identified it as an avian of some kind. Probably. It was difficult to say, since the contrasting colors made it painful to look at.

"Arr, me matey. Come on board the good ship Kuonji for a fun time. Feel free to make yerself at home," the pirate greeted.

The voice identified the speaker. "Miss Kuonji, I almost didn't recognize you." Akira realized that she must have strapped down her breasts to make them less noticeable, though he wondered about the bulge at the crotch. Still, she looked very much like a male, if very bishonen, pirate.

"It's a nice costume, isn't it?" Ukyou said in a rough, masculine voice. She posed for him, then ushered Akira inside.

"Yes, except for that thing on your shoulder."

Ukyou sounded offended. Continuing to talk in her pirate voice, she said, "That be no thing. That be my parrot. Can't be a proper pirate without a parrot." She brightened up as she looked fondly upon it. "I paid extra for Mr. Starkey."

Akira barely refrained from saying he would have to be paid extra to take the thing off the sellers' hands. "He has a name?"

"Arr," Ukyou agreed. "He can speak, too. Say something nice to the man, Mr. Starkey."

The voice recognition chip inside the artificial bird reacted to Ukyou's command. It squawked in a high-pitched voice. "Shiver me timbers. Make him walk the plank."

It sounded as ridiculous as it looked, Akira thought to himself, though it was obvious Ukyou was enchanted with the bird. Knowing better than to get his girlfriend's mother angry at him, he changed the subject. "Is Yuriko in?"

"Aye." Ukyou turned around and yelled into the house. "Yuriko! Akira's here for your date!"

A voice drifted from the upstairs. "I'll be down in a minute!"

Akira relaxed a bit. "Since you're dressed up, I assume you're going out? Taking Megumi trick or treating?"

"Ha! She's hit the big one-three now and thinks she's too old for 'kid's stuff'. She's sleeping over at a likeminded friend's house," Ukyou explained. "It turns out we're going to the same place you are: Furinkan's costume dance. Me and Ai got tapped to be chaperones since there were some squabbles last year. The school board knows we can lay down the law if things get too rowdy. You'll be seeing more of us tonight."

"Who knows, play your cards right and you might get to see a lot more of us," came a sultry voice from the stairway.

Akira looked up to see Ai Konjou coming downstairs. She was dressed in a Furinkan cheerleader costume that was tight around the chest, displaying her impressive assets. The skirt wasn't much better, being a good bit shorter than a school regulation uniform would be. She had a pair of pom-poms tied together and slung over her shoulder.

"Since my eldest is being fashionably late, I guess it falls to me to entertain our guest." Ai sidled up to Akira. "Ooh. A big strong caveman."

Akira felt slightly embarrassed by the attention. "Nice costume."

"Thanks." Ai posed sexily. "This is the exact same outfit I used to wear when I was a cheerleader at Furinkan. I used to get lots and lots of cheers."

"I'll bet."

"You're wearing quite the outfit yourself. But something's missing," Ai pouted at him.

Akira reexamined himself, but saw nothing amiss. "What?"

"Your club." Ai's hand darted out and reached under the open bottom of his outfit. She raised her hand up enough to grab his briefs and find purchase under there. "Ah, there it is. My, it's a very long and thick club." She began to stroke it up and down. "Why don't you try to subdue me with it?"

Akira started to groan as his shaft went from perking up to outright hardness. He just started to get into the manual manipulation when a sharp voice returned it to the flaccid state it had been in when he first arrived.

"Mama! What do you think you're doing?" Yuriko snapped from her position halfway down the stairs. She wore a cave girl outfit similar to Akira's, save that it was off the shoulder and showed even more flesh than his did. Its bottom ended higher up than his did, showing a lot of leg. Unlike Akira, she wore a domino mask instead of a wig, which hid most of her upper face.

Rather than be ashamed, Ai continued stroking Akira. "I'm keeping your poor, lonely boyfriend company, which wouldn't have been necessary if you'd just come down instead of making him wait so you could be fashionably late."

"I see," Yuriko said in a honey sweet voice. She turned to Akira. "By the way, did Mama tell you about how that cheerleader outfit is from her high school days?"

"It came up." And so was his cock again under Ai's ministrations.

"Did she also mention that it had to be let out so it would fit?"

The temperature dropped five degrees as Ai's stare narrowed at her daughter. "It slipped my mind."

Akira winced as the grip tightened on his cock well beyond comfort levels.

Ai's voice suddenly became even sweeter than Yuriko's. "By the way, where is your other third, Silver?"

The temperature dropped another five degrees. "She's taking some garbage out tonight and is going to miss the time of her life because of it." Yuriko finished coming down the stairs and moved next to Akira. She pried Ai's hands off of Akira's member. "This belongs to me, thank you very much."

Akira's relief was short-lived as Yuriko gripped his cock tightly and began leading him away by it. As she headed for the door, she said, "Really, I expect that sort of thing out of Silver, not you."

"She just walked up and started doing it," Akira defended.

"You could have stopped her."

"Theoretically yes, but in reality, no, I couldn't."

Yuriko led him out the door, continuing her reprimand as it closed behind her.

With the couple gone, Ai grumbled. "Snotty brat. I hope Akira takes her off our hands for good before I kill her."

Trying to defuse the situation, Ukyou said, "We should get going, too. We don't want to be late. The school board did ask us nicely and we said we'd go."

"Maybe I should just stay home and sag," Ai mumbled.

Ukyou sighed. "Come on. Don't worry about what she said."

"I'm not."

Which was an admission she was. Ukyou continued trying to comfort her lover. "Come on. I can't fit into any of my high school clothes, and you don't see me getting depressed over it."

"You gave birth to two children. No one expects you to still fit in your things."

Ukyou began stroking Ai's lower back, a sensitive spot on Ai.  "No one still has the same body they had when they were teenagers, even if they do work out all the time. It's just the way life works. You can't get angry about that. It's useless."

Ai turned on Ukyou. "I hate how you can age so gracefully! No matter how feminine you get, you still think like a guy when it comes to women. You could probably put on a beer gut and call it fuel for a love machine."

"I wouldn't go that far," Ukyou insisted, though Ai was partially right. Having spent most of her formative years exclusively around guys, she did tend to think like one when it came to her self-image. While she wasn't completely ignorant about her appearance, she was hardly vain. Ai was the exact opposite, vanity practically her middle name. She wouldn't leave the Kuonji home unless she thought she looked perfect. That meant a lot of waiting around for Ukyou, who could be ready to leave in five minutes or less. Sometimes it felt like half her life was spent waiting for her lover to 'put on her face'.

Ai bit her lower lip. "Maybe I should visit a plastic surgeon and get a few things firmed up." She held her breasts critically, testing them for sag. "Get rid of some wrinkles, and these crow's feet I noticed last month."

"Come on, we've been over this before," Ukyo said in a tired voice. "We just bought out the store next to us and remodeling it is going to cost a small fortune. We aren't going to have the money for it, and I think you look perfect already."

"I know you do. I just want everyone else to think it, too," Ai said petulantly.

Sensing the mood souring fast, Ukyou said, "Let's go to the dance, and afterwards hit that little love hotel that's on the way. We'll spend the night there."

"Well, I don't know," Ai said slowly.

Sensing the opening, Ukyou headed upstairs. "Let me get a few things to take along for afterwards and we'll head out. Hopefully the party won't last too long. Once we get to the hotel, I'll show you how a pirate handles a maiden when he gets his hooks into one." She gave Ai a wink before disappearing upstairs.

Vice-Principal Yamaguchi watched the horde of students with a close eye as they approached the long table filled with bowls of punch and other light snacks. The gymnasium was packed with students in a hundred different costumes, both classic and contemporary. Vampires mingled with the latest flavor-of-the-month idol singers. Animals with movie stars. Sleazy hookers with sleazier politicians. He noted many of the outfits showed off a healthy amount of flesh, much more than the ones last year. Really, youths these days had no sense of discretion. Some of the girls had nice figures, though. Not that he would dally with any students. He liked his job a little too much for that. Still, it didn't hurt to look. At their youthful bodies and the path they were traveling to womanhood.

Despite the alluring girls, he kept his attention focused on the food, and in particular the large bowls of punch. Last year someone had spiked them with a healthy amount of alcohol, which had made the students even more belligerent than usual, and a number of fights broke out. This year no one was getting near them, other than to drink. He wasn't known as 'Eagle Eye' for nothing.

A loud noise to the right drew Yamaguchi's attention. Luckily it was only the sounds of recognition as one student squealed in since she had pierced the disguise of another. When the vice-principal turned back to the bowls, he saw a sight that disturbed him more than anything, including the student that had dressed as a tentacle beast. "Gosunkugi! Step away from the punch bowl with your hands up."

Gosunkugi, dressed as a court jester, did so, smiling so that his glasses reflected the overhead light, obscuring his eyes and giving him a manic glare.

"Did you just mess with that punch?" the vice principal said in accusatory voice.

"I would never do anything so cliché as tampering with that precious liquid," Gosunkugi said. "I have more originality than that."

The vice-principal shot a tried and true look of one who believed most highschoolers were compulsive liars. "Drink some."

Without hesitation Gosunkugi did so, dipping a cup in and gulping the contents down. "A nice flavor, but a bit warm. It could do with some more ice."

"We'll put some more in. Now step back." Out of curiosity, the vice-principal tried some of the punch, and found himself agreeing with Gosunkugi. He had someone go for some ice.

Gosunkugi obeyed, moving off to the far side of the gym where he stood alone, smiling. His solitary state didn't last long as a tall youth, dressed as the Count of Monte Cristo, approached.

"So, you didn't tamper with the punch, eh?" Saionji asked.

"Of course not."

Saionji gave him a speculative look. "What did you tamper with?"

"The ice cubes. And not even the whole thing. Just their centers," Gosunkugi said in a conversational tone.

"Which will delay the time it takes for whatever it was you put in there until the maximum number of people are here," Saionji added.

"Exactly. What's the point in chaos if there aren't a lot of people to spread it?"

"And what, pray tell, was it you placed inside the ice cubes?"

"A hallucinogen that makes one susceptible to the power of suggestion. That, combined with the subliminal messages I slipped into the music system that's blaring all over the gym, should make things most glorious this evening."

"Positively ingenious." Saionji gave a small clap of approval. "And what sort of subliminal messages did you use? Something to make everyone obedient to you?"

"That wouldn't be any fun at all," Gosunkugi scoffed. "I decided to let the people choose themselves. The subliminal messages will encourage them to behave as though they really were the characters they've dress up as."

"Is that safe?"

"Oh, yes. None of them will inflict bodily harm or try to kill anyone. Someone dressed up as a vampire won't go about ripping out people's throats. They might give hickeys, but nothing worse than that."

"And someone like, say, that tentacle beast?"

Gosunkugi laughed. "Well, we know how our fellow students behave. I see a number of girls dressed up as potential victims, and they might very well inclined to act out the role of such, if they secretly wish to. Liberation of the mind is what I seek. Emancipation from the false restraints society places upon us."

"And frequently that means the liberation of the libido," Saionji noted, looking over a number of women that might like to be swept off their feet by a suave count. "I think I shall indulge in a little role playing myself. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to help myself to some punch."

"I intend to as well," Gosunkugi said. "Experimentation on oneself can be as much fun as experimenting on others, after all." He followed Saionji to the punch bowl.

The Saotomes arrived just as the party started to hit full swing. The two moved through the crowd, drawing the stares of many of the students. While Shampoo-kun received some attention from the girls, the majority of stares were directed toward Ranma-chan, mostly her chest and ass. More than one wolf whistles, some of them from guys dressed as wolves, followed in her wake. Ranma-chan smiled warmly, but kept walking, leading her spouse to where the vice-principal stood guard, letting him know of their arrival.

Ranma-chan walked up to him and announced, "We're here."

The vice-principal's jaw dropped. "Mr.… er. Mrs. Saotome. How dare you wear such a thing? We're supposed to be role-models for these students."

"And what a role model I make." Ranma-chan posed extra-sexily for the man's benefit.

Yamaguchi's draw dropped further. "Yes… er… well, that is… I suppose showing our girls… I mean students, how bouncy… I mean healthy a body can be is a good role model."

"Got to work out hard to get a body like this." Ranma-chan jiggled as she unleashed her cute stare at him.

"Yes, I can see you work out." Yamaguchi cleared his throat. "Very well. You're permitted to wear that. Keep an eye out for troublemakers."

"Sure thing. I'm going to help myself to some punch. Let me know if there are any problems you want me to deal with." Ranma-chan walked past, putting an extra sway to her hips for the vice-principal's benefit.

Yamaguchi pulled out a handkerchief and mopped at the sudden sheen of sweat lining his brow. As Shampoo-kun walked past, he swore he heard the tall man mutter, "Fucking cocktease," under his breath.

An hour passed by with Ranma-chan finding herself a horde of male admirers far in excess of what she usually received during Halloween parties. What made it especially exciting was that many of the guys that hit on her had no idea of who she really was, thinking her a student just like they were as they asked her about her classes and who she was dating. And some of the guys that knew hit on her anyway, especially since Shampoo-kun had made himself scarce.

Many of the guys were really aggressive, if in a clumsy teenage way. Ranma-chan had forgotten just how horny highschoolers could be, Akira a few years older than these guys and Ryo more reserved. She had to fend off a number of hands that tried to rest in places they shouldn't, using just enough force to convince them not to try it again while leaving them in good enough shape to try to hit on some other girl. Often she would throw in a "Sonja doesn't give it up to just anyone," as a reminder, though a lot of the guys looked like they'd like to try anyway, even if it meant getting their butts kicked.

Despite her 'hand's off' policy Ranma-chan still had a healthy group of admirers. Way more than any other girl, she noted with more than a touch of pride. It just went to show what good taste guys had, being able to tell who the hottest girl in the place was, even if she was wearing mask. There were quite a number of healthy specimens of manhood hitting on her, arousing her despite their youth. As horny as she was getting, Ranma-chan couldn't help imagining what it would be like if she were unattached and was willing to let the guys have their way with her. A dozen studs gang-banging her brains out for the rest of the night sounded like a hell of a way to satisfy the growing urgency in her loins.

Ranma-chan was shaken out of her fantasy by a familiar voice saying, "Well shiver me timbers, if it ain't a little wench that fancies herself a swordswoman. She'd better watch her step, or she might encounter a big, bad pirate that'll show her what swordplay is all about."

Ranma-chan turned toward Ukyou and her cheerleader companion. "The big bad pirate had better be careful herself, or she'll find out redheads kick so much ass they don't bother to take names since their hands would get tired from all the writing."

"Nice seeing you, Ranchan," Ukyou said happily.

"You too." The short girl turned back to her admirers. "I'm going to have all my attention for the captain here, so you guys should go out and have fun."

It was a sullen crowd of guys that realized they were no longer a source of attention for Ranma-chan, but they did as she suggested, only a few of them grumbling in the process.

Once they were out of earshot, Ukyou teased, "You'd better watch it, Ranchan. You're going to get all the guys here so turned on they're going to have to beat off in the bathroom if they don't want to be walking funny for the rest of the evening."

"You can't blame them. I do look hot," She put on an innocent face and shook her goods for Ukyou and Ai's benefit.

Ukyou smiled lasciviously while Ai looked even sourer than all of the recently departed youths combined. "You two have fun while I go sag in the corner."

Ranma-chan watched her walk away in bewilderment. "What was that about?"

"She thinks she's getting old," Ukyou said helplessly.

Ranma-chan watched the way Ai's bottom moved under the tiny skirt. "Uh, yeah, right. Leave a hot piece of ass dressed like that alone for ten minutes and she'll be covered in wall-to-wall guys. Since I shooed away my admirers that is" she clarified.

"I hope so. She really needs cheering up," Ukyou said.

It was then Ranma-chan noticed the parrot attached to Ukyou's shoulder. "Ew, you got something sticking to your costume. Want me to get rid of it?"

"That's Mr. Starkey, my parrot. Every pirate needs a parrot."

"Not that badly."

Ukyou was mortally offended. "Mr. Starkey's a great bird. Watch. Say something to the wench, Mr. Starkey.

The mechanical bird squawked. "Those tits are so big, they could double as flotation devices."

"Well, that is true," Ranma-chan preened. "Maybe I was a bit harsh about the bird. It's pretty cool."

"Yeah, he is. And he's right about those breasts of yours. And your ass," She pinched one of the redhead's cheeks.

Ranma-chan cooed, but unlike her previous admirers, she didn't bat Ukyou's hand away. Come on, Ucchan, people will talk."

Ukyou continued with her fondling. "They already are, with you dressed in something like that. I'm surprised your spouse hasn't dragged you off to some dark corner and banged your brains out."

"I almost had to beat her down to keep her from doing that. Although she hasn't been around the last few minutes," Ranma-chan noted. "Maybe she went to the bathroom to get some relief."

"Or found some young little thing to entertain her," Ukyou said teasingly.

"Well if she has, maybe I'll find some other pirate to entertain me," Ranma-chan said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

On the far side of the gymnasium, almost directly opposite where the two old friends talked, Shampoo-kun came close to brooding as he drank some more punch. The redhead hadn't been wrong about the Amazon's condition. The raging hard on in his pants was like a caged beast, anxious to be released so it could go out on the prowl and pump into some tight little snatch. To complicate things, a number of girls had made passes at Shampoo-kun, enchanted by the aura of barely retrained passion he radiated. It took all of his will power to not grab some cute little princess and nail her in a deserted classroom. On one level he was surprised by his restraint. He was a pirate, after all. Wasn't he entitled to a little booty?

"Fucking cocktease," Shampoo-kun muttered under his breath for the tenth time that evening. Admittedly, he was at least partially responsible for his condition in choosing the chain mail bikini for Ranma-chan. Even he hadn't realized how hot his airen would look in it, with her gorgeous tits barely reigned in and her tight little butt so scantily covered that if it were a centimeter lower some of her crack would be showing. Worse, the little redhead's penchant for teasing was in overdrive as she flirted with just about anything that moved. He swore if Ranma-chan tried dragging some guy off to a dark corner before taking care of her spouse, he'd show her just what a scorned pirate could do to some self-important swordswoman.

A cry of "Uncle Shampoo!" caught the Amazon's attention. He turned to see a tall, sexy caveman with some punch in his hand, approach quickly. Had it not been for the 'Uncle' bit, Shampoo-kun would have wondered who the tall youth with the long stringy hair was, but only one person referred to Shampoo-kun by that title.

"Akira, I didn't know you'd be here. Didn't you graduate a couple of years ago?" Shampoo-kun asked, getting turned on further by the strapping youth. Burying his cock in some hot stud's ass sounded pretty good as well.

Akira moved his long locks out of the way so he could see his 'uncle's face clearly. "I'm with Yuriko. She invited me, though it looks like things are a little wilder than I remember in my day."

Shampoo-kun looked around. The noise level sounded almost like a small riot as the room filled with an increasing number of people, and each person seemed louder than they had been before. He saw several people in gorilla costumes bouncing around and making ape sounds. A couple in a horse costume was whinnying. A Godzilla and Ghidorah talking amicably with one another. There were no fights, but there was a tension in the air Shampoo-kun could sense at the edge of his perception. Or maybe it was the tension in his groin that distracted him.

"Where's Auntie Ranma?"

Shampoo-kun pointed in Ranma-chan's direction. "There, acting like she's cruising for dick."

Akira's eye widened at the sight of the small redhead in the not-really-there armor. Shampoo-kun noticed the bulge rise up under Akira's caveman outfit, and remembered what a yen the youth had for Ranma-chan's hot little body. During Akira's brief time at the beach, he took every opportunity he could to fuck the hell out of his 'Auntie's tight snatch, even if 'she' was really a guy. Judging by the looks he was shooting the girl, he was eager to repeat the performance. For a moment Shampoo-kun envisioned what it would be like to see his little airen buried underneath a pile of man flesh, and felt sorry she missed Ranma-chan's getting double-teamed by Akira and the massive Ryo.

Yuriko finally appeared, sidling up to Akira and looping her arm through his. "Hello, Auntie. Some party, huh?"

"Ugh," Shampoo-kun said, sounding for all the world like the caveman Akira was dressed up as. The girl looked incredibly hot as well in a tight cave girl costume that showed off nearly as much cleavage as Ranma-chan's. Having sampled Yuriko's delights before, he knew the girl would make the perfect balm to his heated loins, and his cock longed with renewed vigor to be free.

"I need to go the bathroom and tidy up. See you later." Yuriko pecked Akira on the cheek, then left.

Shampoo-kun watched Yuriko's cute bottom wiggle away, and unconsciously rubbed his crotch. That girl wasn't a cocktease, not to her big bad Auntie. She knew better than to try that. If she tried flirting with him and refused to put out, he'd turn her over his knee and swat that voluptuous ass until it turned as red as her airen's hair. That usually put Yuriko in a receptive frame of mind for a good hard fuck. Not that she needed much to be put in the mood, according to both Silver and Akira. Yuriko was a high maintenance girl with a powerful sex drive who demanded her lovers give her cock on a steady basis, and became very moody when they either wouldn't or couldn't. The way Shampoo-kun was feeling right now, there was little he wanted more to do than stick it to the gorgeous blonde.

Looking at the way Akira stared lustfully at Ranma-chan, Shampoo-kun realized the same feelings were going through the youth's mind regarding the redhead. It was then an idea occurred to the Amazon, a very naughty one that might take care of both his and Akira's problems. He looked Akira over very closely, and was surprised by the fact that, aside from being a bit lighter in weight and not quite as broad in the chest or shoulders, he and Shampoo-kun looked a great deal alike. Enough so that his plan should work.

Shampoo-kun moved close enough to whisper conspiratorially in Akira's ear. "Want a chance to nail her?"

"Yes!" he said, and then caught himself. "I mean, I'm with Yuriko, but if I wasn't…." He returned to staring at the redhead.

"Why don't we play a little trick on our significant others?"

"What do you mean?" While there was a touch or wariness in Akira's voice, it was tinged with a healthy amount of lust.

"Why don't we switch costumes and see how long it takes for them to figure it out? Who knows, it might take them a long time to do it. Maybe not until after they enter an amorous mood and don't care who they're with."

Akira's eyes briefly took on a distant gleam. "They might get angry with us."

"It'll be their fault for not seeing through the disguises," Shampoo-kun insisted.

"Good point," Akira said.

Seeing the bait had been taken and the fish had the hook in its mouth, Shampoo-kun tugged on his hand and led Akira to the men's bath.

"She's coming."

Arisa Sanzenin smiled at her friend's declaration as she darted back around the corner. Finally, all of Arisa's lengthy preparations and planning were going to pay off. By the end of the night she was going to have Akira Tendou wrapped around her little finger, and that slut, Kuonji, would be left out in the cold, the way she deserved.

It was a good plan that was sure to succeed, especially since Yuriko was such a brainless bimbo. She had no one but herself to blame for sowing the seeds of her destruction. Arisa had been working at the Ucchan's when her fellow waitress, Yuriko, had bragged about how she was taking Akira to the school Halloween dance and had the perfect costume picked out. She even showed off the slutty cave girl outfit to the other waitresses.

It was then the plan began to come together for Arisa. It was a simple matter to have a costume identical to Yuriko's made. A little padding at the chest (to make it the same as Yuriko's obscene size), more padding to the bottom (since Yuriko had a fat ass to counterbalance her grotesque chest), a blonde wig, and a couple of centimeters added to the heels of the cave girl boots made Arisa damn near Yuriko's twin. Arisa didn't care for the changes. She knew she already had the perfect body, with an ample chest, firm bottom, and long legs, but she was willing to put ego aside if it meant stealing Akira away from that unworthy slut and to a girl that was more than worthy of his attentions.

All that was left was the voice, but that was surprisingly easy. Recently a device had been made which could alter a person's voice. It was small, and could be concealed in a collar or choker. The only drawbacks were that it was pricy and using them for more than five hours would begin to affect one's voice box, giving a sore throat; but using it for less than that was fine. It made the perfect item for Halloween, since, in conjunction with a mask, it made a person nearly unidentifiable. All Arisa needed were some samples of Yuriko's voice, gathered at work, and programmed her collar so that her voice was identical to the blonde's.

Now everything and everyone else were in position. Once the couple had arrived, all Arisa needed was for Yuriko to wander off on her own. Now it was happening as she headed to the bathroom, sans any company.

"Do it!" She told the girls at her side.

One of them hurriedly placed an 'Out of Order' sign in front of the ladies restroom while a second girl, dressed as a painter complete with paint bucket, walked toward Yuriko with the bucket on her shoulder. Just as the two passed, the girl pretended to trip, dousing Yuriko head to toe in a healthy coating of bright red paint.

"Sorry," the girl stammered

Once Yuriko caught her breath and looked down at herself, she turned on the girl in an apoplexy of rage. "You idiot! What do you think you were doing walking around with actual paint?"

"I wanted to look authentic," the girl offered.

"You've ruined my costume!"

"Let's get cleaned up." The girl led Yuriko to the ladies bathroom. Seeing the 'Out of Order' sign, the girl said, "I know somewhere else we can clean up. It's got paint thinner there."

"Okay." Yuriko allowed herself to be led away. The girl stopped in front of a door and opened it for Yuriko.

The blonde stepped inside, then realized something was wrong. "Hey! This is a broom closet."

The girl quickly slammed the door shut and locked it. Arisa, who had been following behind at a discrete distance, handed her an additional chain and padlock and threw it on the door as well.

Arisa heard muffled cries of protest and banging on the door.

"Are you sure she can't break out of there?" the painter asked warily.

Arisa said, "Gosunkugi assured me his 'spray steel' will make those walls and doors as strong as steel for the next four hours." It was an ingenious device of his, a spray that could be applied to walls and make them temporarily more resistant to damage. Arisa didn't understand the science behind it, only that it worked. "Without her spatula, Kuonji isn't that tough, and nowhere near strong enough to break through steel walls. Now, let's get back to the party." Arisa put on the choker with the voice changer on it. It wouldn't take her long to talk Akira into following her to some dark classroom, fuck his brains out, and reveal who she really was. When he realized just how much of a better lay Arisa was, Akira would be hers for life.

It was the perfect plan.

"There is no greater hell than having gangbanged the hottest chick in school and being unable to tell anyone about it."

"Here, here," the other four guys surrounding Daisuke raised their cups in a toast and drank.

A mutual look of depression mixed with a healthy amount of resentment crossed everyone's faces. All of them remembered in vivid detail how on the day of the demon sperm shower they had managed the impossible task of banging the hell out of Yuriko Kuonji in the equipment storage room. They had taken her every way they could until they couldn't get it up anymore, and still she had wanted more. All of them had congratulated each other on winning the greatest prize there was, at least until Yuriko burst their bubble by promising to kill them if they breathed a word of what happened to anyone. That she both could and would do it made the situation far worse.

Daisuke regarded his drink. "Not strong enough." He slipped a small flask from its hiding place in his pocket and discretely poured a liberal amount of the contents into the cup originally filled with punch in his hand. He screwed the top back on, then drank. "Better."

The quintet of youths clustered together as everyone mingled in the gymnasium. They were dressed as baseball players, which several people criticized as being incredibly egocentric since they were baseball players. Daisuke wrote the comments off. People were just jealous because they weren't on the most popular athletic team in school. And they were the most popular, even if some people contended the rugby team was in equal standing. That was only because those rugby thugs were having a momentary run of good luck, while Daisuke and company were having a run of bad. Soon things would turn around. Then it was Koshien. Someday. Just not this year.

"Too bad we couldn't spike the punch like we did last year," Koji, the first baseman, said to Daisuke, who was the captain and star pitcher.

"There were some problems when we did that," Minoru, the left fielder pointed out.

"Yeah, getting drunk on our own is better this way." Miki, the shortstop, poured the contents of his own flask into his drink.

"But it's a tradition," Seta, the catcher, and biggest of the lot, complained.

"Who cares about spiking punch?" Daisuke complained bitterly. "Kuonji's the only thing I want to spike."

"Amen." The others loaded up their drinks again and gulped the mixtures down.

Daisuke was the angriest of the lot. It wasn't fair. He had finally gotten the edge over his lifelong rival, Yakumo, by nailing the hottest chick in school. True, he had to share her with four other members of the team, and she had worn all of them out, but he had her. Not many guys could claim that. In fact, no one other than Saotome (and maybe Akira Tendou) might be able to say they slept with Yuriko. And she had been the hottest girl Daisuke had ever had by far. He had never done any girl that could take it in the ass before. Enthusiastically, too. Yuriko was the sort of girl you never got tired of fucking. You did it until you couldn't get it up anymore.

Daisuke took another drink of spiked punch. By now he and his friends were well on their way to being sloshed enough to try hitting some homeruns indoors. They were almost finished with their drinks when Daisuke slurred, "Holy shit!" and pointed toward a corner of the gymnasium.

The others turned to look at what their captain was pointing at: a blonde in a Furinkan cheerleader outfit.

"Is that who I think it is?" Koji asked.

"That blonde hair, those long legs, that ass, and that huge rack? Who else could it be?" Daisuke pointed out.

"But she's wearing a mask," Miki mentioned.

"She looks kind of down," Seta said.

"Maybe Akira dumped her. I always thought he was gay. No guy can be that popular with the girls and not sleep with a lot of them," Minoru suggested.

"Then I guess it's up to me to cheer her up." Daisuke took a deep drink of his punch, finishing it off. He crumpled plastic cup and tossed it aside.

"You're not going to hit on her, are you?" Koji asked fearfully. "She did make it clear that was a one time thing and something… bad would happen to us if we said anything about it."

"You only live once, and if I have to die, let it be because I was trying to get a second chance at Kuonji's sweet ass." There was a touch of slurring in Daisuke's voice as he began to walk toward the cheerleader.

The others looked at each other, shrugged, duplicated Daisuke's gesture, then followed in his wake.

Ai Konjou felt moodier by the minute. It was too bad the punch wasn't spiked. Getting drunk sounded pretty darn good to her at the moment. Not only was she old and sagging, but now her lover was flirting with another woman. She should just end it all by becoming a nun and putting her sex life behind her, since it was all but over anyway.

Ai was playing with the idea of returning home and letting Ukyou have some fun without her when she found herself surrounded by five guys dressed in Furinkan baseball uniforms. She was about to comment on their lack of originality when the one the leader of the group said, "How's it going, Kuonji?"

The acerbic response died a violent death on Ai's tongue as she realized what name he had called her. They thought she was Yuriko, her bouncy, firm, teenage daughter? Suddenly Ai's mood brightened. She was about to say more when she realized there was a problem, she sounded nothing like Yuriko. Ai had a low sultry voice while her eldest daughter had a much higher pitch. Not wanting to break the illusion, Ai smiled at them and shrugged in a non-committal way.

A tentative hand found its way to her waist. On a normal night, Ai would have politely removed the appendage, explaining she was happily married, but tonight the idea that some young men thought she was her daughter and sexy enough to flirt with was a salve to the burn of her depression.

When she didn't immediately remove the hand, the youths grew bolder. They moved close, surrounding her on all side and pressing close enough to violate her personal space. Not that she minded. They all seemed to be in great shape, and though they all wore masks, so did she. The anonymity added to the appeal of the situation.

The leader spoke again, "You know, Kuonji, I can't help thinking a lot about that day in the equipment room. It was the best day in the life of me and the guys here."

Ai cocked her head quizzically. Yuriko and five guys in an equipment room? My, my, her daughter really was quite the promiscuous thing, wasn't she? Unless it wasn't what it sounded like and there was a reasonable explanation for it. But knowing her daughter, it was probably exactly what it sounded like, if not worse.

Ai felt the leader's hand go from her waist downward, until it rested on her ass. Other hands began to brush against her from the other guys. Rather than backing away, she made a point of smiling at their attention, encouraging it.

The leader said, "We haven't talked about it with anyone, like you asked. We kept it among ourselves, but you don't have an experience like that and forget about it. Not with someone as incredible as you. And when we saw you here, lonely and craving attention, well, I said to myself, Daisuke, it's your moral responsibility to see to it this lady isn't lonely." His hand went from resting on her ass to cupping it through her skirt.

Well, that solved the question of what Yuriko had done alone in a room with five studs. Ai remained silent, encouraging them with a warm smile. They took the sign of approval to heart as other hands joined in the fondling her.

It appeared things were looking up after all.

Ranma-chan was chatting away with Ukyou, who was softly stroking the redhead's pert bottom, when a familiar pirate walked up to her.

"Hey there, Long John. Where have you bee--" Ranma-chan found herself grabbed in an all-encompassing embrace that picked her up off the floor. He forced her mouth up to his and gave her a fierce, passionate kiss. The smaller girl's eyes bulged in surprise, then she found herself overwhelmed by the moment, melting in the flames of hunger radiating from the kiss. She went from being limp in his arms to kissing back, one of her legs curling around his upper leg.

Behind the couple, Ukyou said, "Nice move, matey. I've been thinking about doing that very thing." She watched closely as the tall pirate's hands began to roam about the swordswoman's body, playing a lot with the ass framed in shiny plastic just as Ukyou had earlier.

Ukyou began to feel anxious as the heated scene fueled her lust as well. "Avast there. Let Peg Leg Ukyou have a taste of that fine wench." She tore Ranma-chan from the taller man's grasp and drew her in an embrace of her own, kissing her with more naked lust than passion. There was no hesitation as Ukyou's hands reached out to a number of sensitive spots on the smaller girl's body. Ranma-chan's response was to lie in her arms and moan in approval.

Lacking Ukyou's patience, Akira moved back in on the action. Rather than tearing Ranma-chan out of his fellow pirate's grasp and playing tug-of-war with the smaller girl, Akira instead pressed his body against her back, trapping her in a cocoon of flesh. He maneuvered his hands between Ranma-chan's breasts and Ukyou's, and began fondling the bosom in its shiny packaging like he had with ass. He kneaded them like dough, his pulling and plying meeting with moans of approval. After doing that for a full minute, he withdrew one hand and grabbed the swordswoman's jaw, tilting it his way. There was a mew of protest at the sudden loss of contact with Ukyou's mouth. Ranma-chan's complaint died on her lips as Akira kissed her again, more subdued but still with just as much passion as before.

Satisfied for the moment with Ranma-chan's body remaining in contact with her, Ukyou slipped a hand down the front of the redhead's bikini bottom. The bishonen pirate savored the feeling of her fingers plowing through the tangle of pussy hair before coming upon the other lips she wanted to kiss. Her finger began tracing the outline of Ranma-chan's petals, making the smaller girl grind her groin into Ukyou's hand. The pirate smiled as she felt moisture start to form there.

Suddenly Ranma-chan pulled away from the pair, the butterfly breaking free of its cocoon. "Have to go to the lavatory," she mumbled as she headed in that direction.

Upon arriving at the lavatory, Ranma-chan looked into the mirror, her thoughts a jumble of confusion thanks to the combination of hallucinogen and subliminal commands running through her mind. The way those two nasty pirates had played with her body had made her hot and bothered in a way few ever had. She wanted them, wanted their cocks to impale her again and again until she couldn't move, but she couldn't. She was Sonja the Red, destined to be alone until she could find a worthy man that could defeat her in swordplay. She had traveled over the lands far and wide, dispatching vermin, both of the two-legged and four-legged variety, and none could match her skill with the sword. She was beginning to worry that she was destined to be alone, never knowing the satisfaction that even a ten yen whore knew in lying with a man.

Still, these two pirates appeared that they might be capable. And they were certainly alluring, the smaller one with his crude manner and slender form, while the other was the strong, silent type with a large frame and perhaps even larger cock. Perhaps it was time to test them, before things got out of hand and Sonja forgot her vows and decided to just do them there.

Captain Peg Leg Ukyou eagerly awaited the swordswoman's return, each second stretching into an eternity. To wile away the time, and ignore the arousal that threatened to consume her thoughts, she turned to her piratical cohort. "That's as fine a piece of tail I've come across in quite some time. She'd fetch a handsome price on an auction block in any port, Mr.… what be your name?"

Confused by the effect of the drug in his system, it took several seconds for Akira to recall what the redhead had said when he arrived. "Long John. Long John Akira."

Ukyou's eye traveled down to his crotch. "You're well named. I've seen belaying pins that were smaller." Ukyou scratched her chin as she looked Akira in the eye. "How would you like to be my first mate for this night?"

Akira thought about that. He was a touch confused. Perhaps it would be better to follow someone else's lead. And who better to lead than a captain, especially since he was a pirate. "Sure, Captain Kuonji."

"Good lad. You'll make a fine pirate. Now, the first order of business be that wench. I say we go to the head and meet her there. We wouldn't want someone to shanghai her. Or should I say, we wouldn't want someone else to do so." Ukyou released a guffaw, which Akira matched with one of his own.

The pair arrived at the lavatory just as Ranma-chan emerged. The instant she did, Long John Akira grabbed her and tried to bring her into his embrace once again. However this time the redhead tore out of his grasp before he could tighten his grip.

She spun in fury on him. "How dare you be so familiar with me!"

Long John was struck speechless. Peg Leg Ukyou's surprise lasted only a moment before she regained her composure and took the offensive. "Here now, what be with this sudden change of attitude?"

"I have no idea what you mean," Ranma-chan contended.

"Uppity wench!" Ukyou snarled. "How dare you play dumb. You were sending all the signals for us to make you a port of call. Now you're acting like there's a blockade around you. Let me warn you, trollop, I've run plenty of blockades in my time."

Ranma-chan was indignant. "How dare you speak to me like that! Don't you know who I am? I am Sonja the Red, the finest swordswoman in the world.

Ukyou swaggered. "And I'm Captain 'Peg Leg' Ukyou, the finest pirate in the world who specializes in teaching mouthy wenches their place. I'll take great pleasure in breaking you in properly, my pretty." The lascivious gleam in her eye left no doubt what she meant by 'breaking in'.

The swordswoman was unfazed. She smirked in the pirate's direction. "By sacred vow I can give myself to no one who has not bested me in combat first, and no one ever has."

Ukyou played with her curled mustache. "No problem, then. And once you get fitted with Captain Ukyou's 'peg leg' there ain't no going back. Isn't that right, Mr. Starkey?"

The bird squawked, "If that's what they call a tramp steamer, I sure wouldn't mind getting steamy with that tramp."

"You'll pay for that remark, you color-blind parakeet!" 'Sonja' drew her sword.

Captain Ukyou smirked. "First you'll have to deal with my First Mate, Long John Akira. He's real good with both his swords."

Sonja examined his tall, somewhat lean, well-toned figure. "I see only one sword at his hip."

The drug finally had full reign over Akira. He not only played his role, but mostly believed it as he boasted, "The other one's between my legs, and I only use it for a certain forms of combat." He grabbed his crotch lewdly for Sonja's benefit.

"You'll not get a chance to use that one on me." Though Sonja wasn't all that happy about it. She really, really, wanted a cure to her virginity, and this strapping youth appeared as though he could provide it, though both these pirates were braggarts. Inwardly she was sad as she drew her sword, outwardly she was as cocky as ever.

In answer, Akira drew his sword, which was identical to Sonja's, save in the hilt. His fine taste in weapons wouldn't save him, Sonja thought to herself. She was an expert swordswoman whose skill was unparalleled in the world.

While in Ranma-chan's hallucinating mind she was an exquisite swordswoman, the fact was she was mediocre at best. She had been trained in the basic uses of the sword by Genma, who held the opinion that the best way to develop a counter to a weapon was to have some familiarity with it. While she knew how to use the sword, she was hardly an expert.

Ironically, Akira had a slight edge with swords, having flirted with kendo briefly when he was in junior high. While he had shown a talent for the art, he lost interest in it and abandoned the use of the sword for a while. But like riding a bicycle, one never forgot how to fall off. A few practice swings was all it took for Akira to regain some measure of his previous form.

The two squared off against one another, wary of their opponent and aware of the stakes involved.

Sonja lashed out at the first mate with a technique she had employed against a gorgon. Long John deflected the blow easily, reminding Sonja that the gorgon had lacked a sword when she had fought it.

As Sonja went past, Long John swatted her in the behind with the flat of his blade. Despite the sting from the blow, it aroused her as well. Not that she would let him know. "There are few that could do that to me. You won't get a second chance."

"If you think I'm talented with this blade," He waved his sword in front of him. "Wait until you see what I can do with my other one."

"Typical man. You spend all your time talking since you're capable of so little action." Sonja's blade was a blur as she lashed out repeatedly with the sword. What Ranma-chan lacked in skill she made up for in pure athleticism as she seemed to be everywhere with her sword. The first mate was hard pressed to defend himself. During one particularly fierce attack, he thought he saw an opening in the redhead's defenses. It was a trap, as she ducked out of the way, shooting past him and slapping his own bottom with the flat of her blade.

Long John rubbed his bottom while Sonja sent a teasing smile her way. "Not so smart now, are you?"

Irritated, the first mate went on the attack. Sonja, not prepared for the aggressive stance taken by her foe, now found herself put on the defensive. One particularly swift strike came in high at her, and it took all of her agility to avoid the blow. Unfortunately for her, the tip of the blade snared part of her bikini's shoulder strap. As she drew back, the strap tore. The stress the material had been under from trying to hold in something that was too large for it gave up, and the cup holding her breast fell downward.

Long John hesitated, his eyes fixated on the taut, pink nipple on the middle of his foe's large, perfectly shaped breast. That was the only opening Sonja needed as she thumped the first mate solidly on the skull. He dropped his sword and fell to his knees, holding his sore head.

"So much for that one." Sonja felt a touch of disappointment he had lost, even if he was a crude braggart. In the back of her mind, she had been fantasizing what it would have been like to have this large, healthy man have his way with her. A pity her vow didn't dictate that she could have any man she could defeat.

But there was still one more chance to get some… that was, one more foe to defeat. Sonja turned to this so-called Captain, taking an aggressive stance, and putting her bare breast on display. "Your turn."

"Arr, so it is." Peg Leg Ukyou drew her spatula from her back and turned to the parrot on her shoulder. "We can handle this little problem, can't we, Mr. Starkey?"

"You'll swab her deck for sure, Captain."

"I've heard enough out of you!" Sonja lunged not for the captain, but at the faux bird perched on her shoulder.

Peg Leg was momentarily surprised at the focus of her foe's attack. Sonja was lightning fast as she swung, knocking the parrot from the captain's shoulder and decapitating it at the same time. The mechanical bird hit the ground in two pieces.

"That takes care of that," Sonja said with so much pride she might have slain a dragon with a butter knife.

Ukyou stared in horror at the two pieces lying on the ground. Slowly she turned, her face a mask of rage. "You killed Mr. Starkey, you wench! You'll pay for that!"

Sonja gulped, surprised at the display of anger over a stuffed animal that caused eyestrain. Then she regained her composure, and brandished her sword again. "Come and get it."

Unlike the other two fighters, Ukyou was highly skilled with her weapon, her combat spatula. Years of practice, even after becoming a parent and running her restaurant full-time, made it like an extension of her body. Ranma-chan never stood a chance as Ukyou rushed in.

Sonja's attempt to deflect the attack failed as the captain switched targets, her spatula seeming to writhe in her grasp as she stuck Sonja in the wrist, disarming her. The pirate pivoted, swinging low as she brought the shaft of her weapon into the back of Sonja's legs, knocking her to her knees. A kick to the jaw knocked the girl prone on her back. Despite the kick, Sonja's resilience was such that she ignored what little pain it had produced. She was about to try to get up when she found the edge of the spatula held at her throat.

It was unbelievable. She was Sonja the Red, the best swordswoman on the planet, and she had been defeated by a mere pirate armed with only an overly large kitchen implement in a matter of seconds. Yet here she was, on her back with the weapon placed against her throat. Her vow was clear regarding circumstances like this. She had only one course of action.

"I… yield," she bit out.

Captain Ukyou switched scowl to smirk. "That's better, lass. Now you're ours to do with as we please."

A tremble traveled down Sonja's spine with the way he had said that. It was not one of fear, rather one of anticipation, especially since Long John had recovered and stood next to captain, rubbing his head. Despite the obvious discomfort, the look in his eyes told Sonja he would be extracting payment for his injury on her body. And she had a large bill that was due.

Despite Sonja's admission of defeat, the captain didn't draw back the spatula. Instead the edge of the weapon traveled from Sonja's throat to her shoulder, the one with a strap still on.

"Time to check out my new cargo." The edge of the spatula worked its way under the strap. With a flick of the wrist, the strap was severed, Sonja's other breast spilling into view.

Sonja resisted the urge to cover up as an even stronger chill run down her spine. Her already taut nipples hardened even further so they stood out like a pair of bullets. She could never remember them being so sensitive. Even the air seemed to caress them, exciting her further.

The flat of the spatula played around her breasts. "Ah, nice and firm, despite their size."

"I take care of my body!" Sonja said, her pride momentarily pricked at the idea of allowing her body to get saggy on her.

"We'll be taking care of it from now on, wench," Captain Ukyou promised. "You'd better believe we'll be taking care of it."

Sonja trembled again, despite herself. By vow she was helpless in these men's grasp, and with the hungry way the captain was looking her over, like a prize piece of meat he had just purchased, there was little doubt she would be treated as such. There was a secret, shameful thrill she felt, at allowing these men to have unlimited access to her chaste body. Despite her virginity, she felt somewhere deep inside these men would inflict unlimited pleasure upon her, something she craved and could barely keep from demanding, despite her defeated status.

The blade continued its journey, the cold metal trailing across her flesh and thrilling her further. Every contact was making her worse. It was like she was a mare in heat, waiting for some stallion to mount her.

Eventually the blade stopped at her bottoms. Again the edge slipped under the string, severing it at the hip on both sides. Then the captain caught the front piece of the chain mail and pulled up. As the material was forced between her legs, it was dragged over her lower lips, causing her to gasp as they moistened. Her vows had prevented her from even the relief provided from masturbation, which meant she was nearly in a constant state of potential arousal. But never had it been like this, a dull ache in her loins that became sharper by the second.

Peg Leg Ukyou dangled the bikini like a prize fish she had hooked. "Ah, a natural redhead. That's a rare one. They pay more for redheads. You'll fetch a handsome price at the auction block, once you're properly broken in, that is. Long John!"

The first mate was barely able to tear his eyes away from the divine sight of the swordswoman's prone body. "Aye, Captain?"

"She's still got too much fire in her for her own good. We're going to need more privacy to work on this wench. We don't want anyone checking out our goods before they're ready for sale."

Akira picked up on the question. "There's the other gymnasium. It's smaller, but there should be plenty of room for us to work with." While Furinkan was infamous for its chaos, it had a better reputation for its athletics, producing a number of high profile athletes, some of whom weren't involved with martial art. During the school's high point they put in a second gymnasium to maximize space and hold even more sporting events. Now it would be put to a far different use than its intended purpose.

At his captain's behest, the first mate picked up Sonja, twisted her arms behind her back in a tight hold to keep her from getting any ideas, and roughly forced her to walk in front of him. It was obvious from her dragging feet and snarling she was in no mood for being handled in such a crude manner, but made no real effort to break out.

Soon they arrived, the gymnasium devoid of any people. It took only a second to find the light switch. With the gym illuminated, everything could be seen. Several pieces of gymnastics equipment had been left out, including several exercise mats, gymnastics rings, a pommel horse, and a set of uneven bars.

Captain Ukyou walked up to the uneven bars, playing her hands along them. "Outstanding. I see they've left us some proper equipment to use. Remind me to thank the crew later for their thoughtfulness."

"What do you mean by equipment?" Sonja asked, defiance in her every outward move.

Captain Ukyou cradled the swordswoman's chin. "You'll see shortly, wench."

Sonja tried biting the hand, but Ukyou was too quick. Rather than slap the captive girl, she simply smiled. The captain went about the room, until she gave a growl of delight. She came back with several lengths of gymnastics' ribbon. "Just what we need. Bring her to the training device." She indicated the uneven bars.

Long John forced Sonja toward them. The swordswoman thrust her chin out in insolence, but inside she was a seething mixture of feelings about what would happen next. She knew she should not feel eager for these two brutes to have their way with her, she had her pride, but a part of her wanted to give in, throwing herself on the ground and demanding they take her on the spot.

The captain grabbed the captive, placing her in-between the bars with her back to the lower set. Ribbons were tied around Sonja's wrists, not tight enough to cut off circulation, but looped in such a way that it would be nearly impossible for her to remove them. Then the excess ribbon was tied around the lower set of bars, spreading Sonja's arms wide at slightly higher than waist level. It was not a situation she was unfamiliar with. She had been held captive before by everything from goblins to that tribe of warrior women from Lesbos, but this time was different. On all those previous occasions she had been constantly looking for an escape, this time she was honor bound to remain where she was until the one that defeated her was through with her.

More ribbon was tied to her ankles. Sonja was uncertain of what that portended until the first mate grabbed her ankles and pulled her off her feet, leaving her to dangle from her wrist constraints, her freed breasts bouncing from the rough movement. He walked backward with her, pulling up so that her feet were level with the higher bar, leaving her feet higher than her head. Peg Leg was quick to fasten the ankle ribbons to the higher bar, spreading the swordswoman's legs wide. Sonja was forced to raise her head to look up at her captors. Her initial fear of what being tied up like this meant was laid aside, as she saw her lower half was too high for Long John to do anything with that huge bulge that lay hidden in his tight pants. Instead she was about eye level with Peg Leg Ukyou.

"What are you up to?" Sonja asked, her imagination started to grasp what was about to happen, but wanting confirmation anyway.

Captain Ukyou ordered her first mate aside. He obeyed, though only with great reluctance. The captain grinned like the devil herself, twirling the end of her mustache, Mr. Starkey forgotten in favor of the buffet before her. "Ah, my pretty. As captain of this vessel, I am entitled to first sampling of my prize, and that's what I'll be doing." She ran her finger up and down the bound swordswoman's lower lips.

The result was instantaneous as Sonja squirmed in her bonds. "Stop, let me down, you animal!"

Captain Ukyou cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, is that so? You don't like it when I do this?" She ran her tongue up and down the slit once, slowly, luxuriously, as though it was an ice cream cone. She stopped and looked again upon her captive, staring down her belly and between her breasts at Sonja's face.

Sonja bucked her hips, swaying in her 'torture device'. "Bastard," Sonja hissed. Bastard primarily because the captain had only done it once. It felt good. Why didn't she keep doing it?

Peg Leg smirked. "You'll be calling me worse than that before I'm through with you. Now, I've had enough sampling. Time to help meself to the main course." This time she grabbed Sonja's hips and rapidly flicked her tongue up and down the slit.

Sonja gasped and her body heaved. No more words of protest were offered as Captain Ukyou's head moved up and down traveling the length of the puffy lips that became increasingly engorged with arousal. Sonja released a loud moan as she withered under the attack the oral digit unleashed upon her.

Captain Ukyou raised her head from the red-trimmed loins. She looked toward her first mate. "A fine flavor, the wench has. As succulent as the pineapples from the Azores."

Addressing Long John snapped the first mate out of his stupor. Watching his captain muff-dive on their newly acquired treasure had stirred an overwhelming desire to participate. He leaned forward and grabbed Sonja's breasts. "Mind if I have a taste of these mangos, Captain?" He squeezed them, testing the firmness of the swordswoman's 'fruit,' and playing with their 'stems' by pinching the nipples.

"Help yerself. I'm busy up here playing with her peach, as it were. I'll sample those melons later."

Long John wasted no time in attaching his mouth to Sonja's breasts and began sucking on them. It was a sensation she had nothing to compare to. While her chain mail bikini had always excited her nipples with the way the padding moved against her chest, it was nothing compared to a mouth attaching itself and sucking away. And the way he was pinching and rolling the nipple of the unattended breast showed he would neglect no part of her body. While Sonja had thought there was nothing more exciting than swordplay, she was rapidly discovering that something did indeed rival it.

Then the captain restarted her work with her own tongue. The sensations of being assaulted in two different portions her body simultaneously, each with its own erogenous zone, confounded Sonja's senses. She was left helpless in the grip of her powerful captors.

Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, Sonja felt fingers pry apart her lips and a digit slide up her channel.

"Ah, nice and tight. Shouldn't be that way for much longer," Captain Ukyou taunted, affixing her mouth to the swordswoman's clit, coaxing her love button out further at the stimulation. As she did so, she added a second digit to the woman's pussy, and roughly began to force them into her captive's warm and wet insides.

Things escalated as Long John began squeezing her nipples in his teeth just enough to leave love bites behind. The roughness with which the pair were playing with her body only fueled Sonja's excitement. It was nearly impossible to think with the way they were torturing her, increasing the desire within her without giving it a proper chance for release.

Then the digits removed themselves from Sonja's loins, leaving them aching in need at the sudden emptiness. She almost begged for Ukyou to continue, but controlled herself at the last minute. She would not give in to these animals. She would only submit her body to them, not her spirit. She wouldn't.

While Akira continued sucking on her breasts, Sonja felt the lower half of her body moved downward slightly as the uneven bars were adjusted, leaving her almost horizontal. Long John paused in his mauling of her breasts long enough to look curiously as his captain.

Peg Leg Ukyou smiled craftily at her first mate. "Well, Long John. I think it's your turn. You are my first mate, so it's only right you be the first to mate with her."

"Aye, aye captain!" He raced to switch places with Captain Ukyou, nearly shoving her aside.

Sonja was taken aback by the animal lust in his eyes, as though Long John had been waiting for years instead of minutes to ravage her body. This time she felt a slight tremor of fear at what this brute of a man had planned for her, since it was obvious that all rational sense had left him.

Sonja kept her head raised up as she saw the pirate drop his pants to his ankles and step out of them. Her eyes bulged until they nearly fell out of her head as she saw what was between his legs. 'Long John' indeed. At full arousal, the piece of meat between his legs appeared larger than a baton, the head of that monster as large around as a sizeable plum. It would never fit into the tiny space between her legs, and even if it could, not all of its length would manage the feat. It would end up in her stomach if he sank all of it into her.

The man grasped his cock in his hand, making it appear even larger. He moved it up and down, playing hide-and-go-seek with the foreskin. "I told you I use two kinds of swords. You fancy yourself a swordswoman, and while you might have defeated me with your sword, now I'll defeat you with mine."

Impressive, isn't it?"

This time when Sonja squirmed in her bounds, she thought there should be fear, but instead all she felt was anticipation, as if somehow she knew it would fit. "Keep that thing away from me! It's too big!"

The first mate began running the cock up and down her slit. "Oh yes it will. I'm an expert in sheathing this kind of sword. It'll fit in your scabbard; it'll just be a tight fit. But that's the best kind of scabbard to put this sword in."

Continuing to run his rod up and down her slit served to burn away most of the trepidation Sonja felt. While she was still certain it was too big and would rip her in half, her body was aflame with passion, she was halfway convinced it would be better to let him impale her with his weapon and die than suffer this sort of pain any further.

Unable to hold off any longer, Akira ceased rubbing his cock up and down her slit. Instead he grabbed Sonja's upper thighs to keep her steady, the placed the bulging purple head of his cock against her tiny slit. Slowly, he shifted his hips forward, millimeter by millimeter.

Sonja gasped in discomfort, delight, and disbelief as the head of that cyclopean monster nudged against her lips. Unbelievably her pussy opened wide enough to accommodate the huge hunk of meat, though it did feel like he was close to tearing her apart. She could feel the bulbous head in her body, her inner flesh clinging desperately to the intruder, wanting it to stay, not go. He continued moving his hips forward until the entire head was in. Sonja could feel it continue to spread her insides wide as two inches followed the head. After that, Long John found he could advance no farther. Instead he remained inside the captive, nearly shaking in delight himself at how her warm love channel massaged his shaft in an unmistakably perfect fit.

The pirate was almost reverent as he said, "My God, Captain. This is the tightest pussy I've ever felt. Ever."

"Worth five times her weight in gold," Captain Ukyou said in lust and avarice. "Let it not be said I don't know how to treat my crew right."

"I'll flog the man who accuses you myself, Captain." Her new first mate spoke as though he would follow her to the gates of hell itself. As long as they took the swordswoman with them.

Long John worked his cock out, leaving the head inside. Her tight inner lining hugged his cock firmly, and just a touch of pink could be seen around his cock as he withdrew it.

Sonja bit down on her lip before she ordered him to put it back inside.

Not that the first mate needed any orders in that regard. Keeping his grip firm, he rammed his hips forward with power and speed this time, driving another inch inside her divine channel and making her cry out in delight.

"Ooh, she liked that," Captain Ukyou said as she observed the action. "Methinks the little wench likes it rough. Give it to her harder, Long John."

"Aye, Captain." Long John tightened his grip, this time drawing back until he was completely out. With the head of his cock poised at her entrance, and thrust in again, sinking more of his shaft in. While she grunted in effort at the roughness of the intrusion, her face contorted in pleasure. The pirate repeated the motion again. And again. It was like a war, with the bastion of her pussy fighting him every inch of the way, but she was giving ground to him and his battering ram, her doors opening ever wider.

To someone of less resilience, the hard way Akira was ramming into her would have been uncomfortable, if not damaging. To Ranma-chan's martial arts' trained body, the brutal way she was being taken enhanced the pleasure of the fucking. The heat in her loins became a conflagration that could be put out with only one thing. She lost any sense of self, her original or new identity, consumed in the flames or ardor. All her higher functions took a backseat to base instinct, which had her female body craving release from the male that was burying his meat inside her.

Finally Long John was all the way in, his pubic hairs mashing against hers. Sonja's eyes widened in disbelief. Somehow that entire monster had gone up inside her. She could feel every inch of that huge rod stretching her wider than she thought possible and reaching places inside her she was unaware existed. She was literally stuffed to the maximum with cock, her insides unable to take even fraction of a centimeter more as his cock reached the back of her cunt.

Long John's long john pulled out, Sonja's pussy making a slurping sound as her insides clung to him. He thrust forward hard, shaking her suspended form as his balls slapped against her body. That was all it took to send her over the edge. Every one of Sonja's pleasure centers went off as she shuddered and threatened to break her bonds as the massive orgasm she had craved for so long overtook her. She wailed in ecstasy as her inner walls clamped down on Akira's cock in a velvet grip lined with steel.

The pirate left himself buried inside to the hilt, afraid of hurting both of them if he tried to pull out now. "She's coming, Captain. God, she's coming. She's trying to milk the come out of my balls."

"Belay that, Mister! She's trying to show you who's the boss by making you pop fast." Ukyou snapped. "You stay at your station and get some control over yourself. I'll show her what it means to defy one of my men."

Captain Ukyou decided it was time for her to take over. She undid her belt buckle and dropped her pants, revealing the source of the bulge at her crotch. It was an elaborate, and expensive, strap on device that Ai had bought for her, designed to both give and receive pleasure. The harness itself looked a bit like a broad banded thong, with the back strap running up the back between Ukyou's firm yet shapely posterior. The front covered her sex completely, and was nearly three-quarters of an inch thick. There were several quick mounting catches for attaching any one of a variety of sex toys in front. The inner surface was customized, manufactured using a mold of Ukyou's actual sex (Ai had done during sex play, claiming it was for her trophy case so she could surprise her lover with the device). The inside penetrated Ukyou only about an inch and half, but there was a lead shot in the thicker section that was free to move with any hip movements the user might do.

Her current 'peg leg', a large faux dildo, was attached to it. Flesh colored, flexible, and with a texture nearly identical to a real penis, it was only an inch shorter and a third leaner than the rod her first mate had stuffed into the hanging girl. Below that was a set of balls that, while being removable, were hooked up to the dildo. Inside was the 'special brew' Ukyou had loaded them up with for a different wench she had planned on servicing. But that one would have to make do on her own while Ukyou broke in the booty she had managed to land this evening. The little spitfire would find out how Captain Kuonji had earned the nickname 'Peg Leg', and get a tasty treat in the process.

The pirate captain moved next to Sonja's hanging body, grabbed the sides of her head, and bellowed "Time to eat hearty, lass."

Sonja was about to utter a word of protest when she found her mouth jammed full of the dildo. She nearly choked as her mouth was stretched wide, nearly dislocating her jaw with how quickly and brutal it was jammed into her oral cavity.

"Haw, who says mouthy wenches are bad things?" Ukyou guffawed as she gave the smaller girl a chance to adjust to the size of the intruder in her mouth. Once she was certain the girl wouldn't choke to death, the pirate captain began moving the dildo back and forth, small strokes at first, but increasing in both force and the amount of cock the girl was taking, all the time keeping a firm grip on the sides of her captive's head so she couldn't escape. Soon the tip tickled the back of her tonsils, her head positions so that it could take far more down her throat than might normally be possible.

"That's it girl, put your tongue into it." Not that Ukyou could feel any tongue action, but it was sexy talk, and would help make the girl submit to her new owner all the quicker.

As the pirate face fucked the swordswoman with her peg leg, the thrusting caused the lead shot to move around, sending vibrations against Ukyo's nerve endings through what was essentially a passive feedback system. The longer and harder the strokes, the more the device vibrated, and the more aroused the captain became.

On Sonja's part, shock was turning into awe as her mouth was used by her captor. She had heard from whores what performing fellatio meant, and that men liked it, but she herself couldn't understand the appeal of it on the female's part. Now, with her head being used as an alternate pussy, she found the temporarily cooled fires starting up again. Not that the huge cock buried to the hilt in her pussy was making things easier. With each thrust, the captain was causing the small redhead to shift on the end of the first mate's rod, stimulating her pussy and making it hug the meat all the more. Almost involuntarily, Sonja began not only actively sucking the cock in her mouth, but bringing her tongue into play as well.

Sensing the girl doing as she demanded, Ukyou smiled. "That's it girl. Suck harder! Harder."

Watching his captain face fuck the spirited wench stirred Long John Akira's own lust. He had managed to regain some of his composure by remaining motionless while Sonja came down from her orgasm. But the way her body was shifting in little ways was having an effect on him as well, and he felt the urge to continue once more.

"Permission to continue," Long John asked.

"Permission granted," Ukyou breathed huskily. Having the swordswoman at her mercy, as well as being a willing participant to her oral ravishing, stoked Ukyou's own fires as she felt a climax building in her own loins. "Let's really give it to this wench!"

Both pirates took a moment to establish a rhythm, then they really went to work. Both of them began plowing into their bound captive mercilessly, ramming both real and artificial cocks to the hilt at both ends of the girl.

Sonja noted the pirates were attacking her body as surely as the Trolls of Orguin of the Death Guild of Talosk had, though the pirates were doing it with pleasure rather than pain as they tried to break her spirit and doing fine job of it. Captain Ukyou hadn't been bragging when she claimed  she was talented at this sort of thing.

For a while the gymnasium was only filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and groans of passion. Sonja's  breasts began to bounce wildly and back and forth as she was swung from one end to another, stuffed full of cock no matter which way she swung. A healthy sheen of sweat began to build on her body. While she had been in many fights with dangerous foes, none had worked her over like this. The fires in her loins weren't simply being stoked again; it was like a dragon was spitting flame within her body. When she had been first tied up, her body had ached in unknown desire of what was to come. Now that it had a taste of what a climax meant, it ached in desire for more of the same, wanting it at any cost. Had they dared to remove themselves from her form, she would have shattered her bonds and taken them herself, her need was so bad.

She wasn't the only one as Long John cried out, "Captain!" as his balls felt close to bursting.

Ukyou's were close to doing the same, literally since they were artificial and the pressure built as she held off her own climax. "I ordered you to mate with her, and we can't really call it mating unless you come inside her, now can we?"

"Yes!" Long John Akira hissed as he thrust into his newly won sex slave one last time, grinding his pelvis against hers as though he could force more of his body insider her warm embrace. His cock erupted like a volcano, flooding her stuffed womb with a copious amount of his hot seed. The captain was right. This was where his seed belonged, in a perfect body like this.

At the other end, the stimulation to Ukyou's own pussy was enough to set off her own orgasm. As she came, her hand reached down and squeezed, causing her artificial balls released their stored concoction, which was especially mixed to resemble the taste of men's sperm so that it was indistinguishable from the real thing.

Having both lovers erupt at the same time took Sonja over the edge even more powerfully than before as she felt her womb and throat flooded with the seed they were emptying into her. She could feel every twitch of the first mate's manhood, and the taste of the captain was exquisite, despite nearly choking on his 'peg leg'. There was nothing that could compare to the sensation. She'd have screamed out loudly enough for half the school to hear. Instead her cries of ecstasy were muffled by the cock in her mouth, and she simply gurgled her delight, some of Ukyo's juice trickling down the sides of her mouth.

In far too short a time the orgasm passed and Sonja went limp in her bonds. Sweat dripping from her body and falling to the floor below. She was more exhausted that she could recall, even worse than when she fought the frost giants of Nifilheim. Why had the gods cursed her to refuse the attention of men for so long when they could make her feel like this? Truly they were cruel, denying her the pleasure of what sex could bring.

Ai noted that while making out with one guy was fun, making out with five was incredibly intense. She was always being kissed, and not necessarily on the lips. And the hands! They groped everywhere, occasionally fighting over each other to lay claim to some part of her body At least three different people were reaching under her clothing and getting her hot and bothered. They really could be everywhere at once. She wondered if this was what it was like when an octopus made out.

Her thought processes were only somewhat jumbled. While she was deep in the throes of the hallucinogen, its effect on her normal self was slight since she had been a cheerleader. It was more a case of inhibitions being released as she behaved as she had during those halcyon days of youth, though she had never necked with five guys at the same time. She had done other things with five guys at the same time, but it hadn't been necking. So it was easy for her to reassume her role of hedonistic teenager as she enjoyed the greedy attention the ballplayers showered upon her. She could barely remember being depressed earlier.

Suddenly Daisuke broke off his kissing, though the slack was picked up by the other four. "Hey, Babe."

"Hmm?" Ai purred.

"Me and the guys were thinking about going down to the field for some night practice. Since you're a cheerleader, we were hoping you might tag along and help."

Koji suddenly stopped kissing Ai's neck and fondling her underneath her skirt. "You mean like Yumi used to do?"

All the others stopped their ministrations as well.

"Who's Yumi?" Ai asked, no longer concerned about the boys identifying her voice.

"A cheerleader before your time," Daisuke explained, under enough influence from the drug that he no longer cared if it was Yuriko he was with or not. He was a ballplayer, she was a cheerleader. It was prefect. "I was only a freshman when she helped the baseball team with all sorts of things that only a cheerleader can do. But she graduated that same year, and no one else has volunteered to take her place. You could do it, though. In fact, you'd probably be a lot better at it than Yumi was."

Ai could read between the lines. She had assisted a couple teams herself in the past. Mostly the soccer team, though there was an occasion with the debate club that had been memorable. "I'm always eager to encourage close relationships between the cheerleading squad and other athletic teams."

"Great! I'm sure you'll be inspirational when it comes time for us to practice our batting techniques."

The guys high-fived one another as they headed toward the nearest exit, clustered around Ai the way a pack of dogs surrounded someone with a hunk of raw meat. They fondled her every step of the way, through the doors to the gymnasium and outside. They were barely outside in the night air before they had pulled up Ai's top and unfastened her bra, giving them nearly unlimited access to her large breasts. They nearly fought with one another for the right to fondle them. Before things got out of hand Ai calmed them down and assured them she had more than enough tit flesh to go around and they could relax.

By the time they made it down to the baseball field, Ai became aware of a sixth ballplayer joining them. Unlike the others, he was a bit short and dumpy, not that she really cared. She just wondered what positioned he played.

Daisuke led her to home plate. There he and the others congregated around Ai, their fondling of her slowing in tempo.

"Here we are." He waved at the diamond in a grand gesture. "Now it's time for you to help us."

"Do you want me to cheer you on?" Sans clothing, Ai thought to herself. That was always a winner with the guys, jumping around with her tits bouncing even more ferociously than her pom-poms.

Daisuke said, "I had something more productive in mind. Me and the guys are going to do some batting practice."

"But I don't know how I can help since I don't know the first thing about baseball." Other than the players tending to have cute bottoms.

"We'll be more than happy to walk you through it. Guys, help her out the way we did for Yumi."

The men clustered around Ai, grabbing her arms and legs and pushing her down so she was on her back next to home plate. Two of the guys pinned her shoulders to the ground while the other two pulled her panties off. The same guys grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide open. The night air played against her sopping wet lips, her position making her wetter. She had no objections to being pinned down and spread out. Bondage and force was something she loved to play with, preferring to be the one tied down. In many ways hands immobilizing her was more exotic since, in addition to there being additional cocks, it meant they could reposition her easily.

Daisuke dropped his pants, letting his cock spring free. It was normal in length and a touch on the thick side. Ai licked her lips in anticipation.

Dropping to his knees right between Ai's spread legs, Daisuke handled his cock, shaking it in Ai's direction. "This here's my bat, which we need for batting practice."

"And a fine looking one it is." Ai knew it never hurt to add a little flattery. Men were prickly things about their cocks, and tended to perform better with encouragement.

"And this," He batted his cock against Ai's pussy. "Is the batter's box. We need one to swing our bats into."

Ai was eager for him to cut to the chase and just stick it in, she really didn't need any more build up, but she was content to allow him to continue, as long as the matter came to a head quickly.

"First we need to take a few practice swings." Daisuke ran his cock up and down her slit several times. Ai writhed in the grasp of the guys. She was tempted to break out of the holds and force Daisuke to the ground and jump him, but she resisted the urge once again. Barely.

Finally he stopped running his cock up and down and remained right outside her entrance. "Then we try to loosen up in the batter's box." 

As wide as Ai's legs were spread, it was a simple matter for Daisuke to move his hips forward and sink over half his shaft in with the first thrust. In only a couple more strokes, he was buried up to the hilt. While Ai might not have had the tightest pussy he had ever encountered, she felt plenty warm and wet enough to make him want to come on the spot.

Now it was his turn to resist his desire to just go ahead and pop as he pumped into her body back and forth, moving with increasing ease through her swampy depths. "And after we've loosened up as much as we can." He pulled back until only the tip was in. "We start giving serious swings." And rammed forward with all his might.

Ai grunted at the force of the penetration, her breasts wobbling despite being pinned on the ground. Daisuke repeated the hard thrust without the talk. Then again, and again, building up speed. Ai felt the urgent need in her own loins building up to near intolerable levels. The youth might not have had a lot, but he knew how to establish a good rhythm.

Eventually Daisuke's thrusting took on a great urgency, and his breathing became heavier as he hammered away at Ai's pussy. Between strokes he began to talk again. "Got to… build up… power… and then… we hit… a… home… run!"

With the final proclamation he remained inside her, hot squirts of sperm spewing forth. Ai felt his hot come splash her insides, savoring the sensation while at the same time feeling frustrated since she had been near to getting off when he popped. He had hit a triple, maybe, but definitely not a home run.

Before she could say anything herself, one of her legs was abandoned as the holder shoved the now spent Daisuke aside and took his position at Ai's entryway. Without concern that another man's sperm was already inside, he shoved himself up the hilt in Ai, a mixture of Daisuke and her own juices leaking out the sides. He began humping away like a wild man, almost desperate with the need to come.

Daisuke grabbed Ai's free leg and held it so she was once again spread out wide. This fuck was wilder from the start, and in less than a minute she felt herself go from being toward the top of the hill to the edge of the precipice.

With a feral cry the guy came. This time when the hot seed filled her loins, it pushed Ai over the edge and she climaxed alongside him. Not the most powerful she had ever experienced, but definitely satisfying, especially considering there were still four more cocks ready to take his place. Her pussy was going to be stuffed with a continuous amount of cock for as long as they guys could remain upright.

Unfortunately, the next three guys were so incredibly wired that they didn't last anywhere near five minutes combined. Ai had been nearing another orgasm with the fifth load of jism was deposited in her pussy. Then the sixth player, who had been standing on the sidelines watching everything, stepped up to the plate.

The appearance of the figure cut through some of Daisuke's somewhat foggy mind. "Who are you?"

"Clean up batter," the player said in a nasally, and unexpectedly deep, voice.

"Oh." Ordinarily, Daisuke would have noted this guy was not on his team, but between the drugs, and his rapidly returning hard on wasn't quite up to snuff, he said nothing as the newcomer dropped his pants.

Ai licked her lips in anticipation. This guy might have been out of shape, but his cock she wasn't. It was longer and thicker than any of the other guys, probably as large as Ranma's. She'd feel this one for sure, if only he could hold out long enough.

The rotund man sank his whole length into Ai as well. This time she verbally encouraged him to fuck her hard and fast. Eager to help, the clean up batter proved his worth as he made her climax quickly, then went right on fucking her through that and into another one before popping himself. Out of shape he might have been, but he sure knew how to fuck.

By the time he was done, the others bats were hard again and all pointing in Ai's direction. Much to Ai's surprise, they released her from their holds on the ground. She sat up, face angry behind her mask. They'd better not say they were done with her. There were still hard dicks around. Once she started, Ai Konjou never left a hard on behind any more than a solider would a wounded comrade.

"Time for practicing something else," Daisuke said.

"Double plays?" Koji asked.

"Double plays," Daisuke confirmed.

That sounded interesting. Before Ai could ask what double plays involved, she was once again manhandled by the youths, forced onto her hands and knees with her breasts hanging low. Dust, both chalk and earthen, clung to her back and bottom. One of the ball players dropped to his knees in front of her face. While he grabbed the sides of her head, intent on feeding her his cock, she beat him to it by leaning forward and showing him her deep throat talents as she consumed his entire length as casually as sucking a Popsicle.

"Oh shit!" Minoru moaned. "She's way better than Yumi was."

"Amen," Daisuke dropped to his knees and fed his cock into the cheerleader's eager pussy. He sighed in relief as he relaxed in her sopping wet depths a moment before starting to fuck her with a steady rhythm. As Daisuke's cock plowed into Ai, his thighs smacked her bottom, raising small clouds of chalk dust with each shove.

Unlike most of the other occupants in the gymnasium, Arisa Sanzenin had not consumed any of the punch, since she was on a diet that included only drinking water. And sperm, of course. She could no more give up blow jobs than she could breathing. Aside from the fact her talented mouth turned men from raging wolves to docile puppies eager to do her bidding, she loved the taste of sperm. Each guy had his own unique flavor, and they all tasted divine. From the moment she swallowed the load of the first guy she had blown when she turned sixteen, she knew she was hooked. Circumcised or uncircumcised, thick or thin, long or short, it didn't matter to her. All cocks were created equal when it came to her mouth. That she was able to control half the male population in Furinkan with her hobby was a nice side-benefit, but not her true motivation behind it. More than a hundred guys had all agreed she was the best they ever had. To her, oral sex was an art form, and she was the Picasso of her generation. Even after she landed Akira and made him hers, she'd still keep blowing guys away. Not that she would neglect her boyfriend, his would be the cock in her mouth every day (and have exclusive use of her pussy), but she'd need to keep finding new guys to suck off. Just because she was someone's girlfriend was no reason for her to stop.

However, because Arisa had not consumed any of the punch, she was unaffected by the subliminal commands embedded in the music, and knew damn well she was impersonating Yuriko Kuonji in a cavegirl outfit, rather than actually being a cavegirl. Likewise when she entered the gymnasium, she possessed enough of her senses to realize that the party had picked up in tempo far beyond that of a normal school function. People were really acting wild. Someone in a Godzilla costume was tangling with a King Ghidorah, a tentacle monster was trying to wrap his tentacles around an idol singer (and she didn't appear to be putting up much of a fight), a cowboy was trying to lasso a couple in a horse costume, were just a few of the host of unusual sights.

Arisa paused as she wondered what was going on when an ape started making "Ook, ook" sounds in front of her.

"Fuck off," Arisa snapped. She didn't need some oaf in an ape suit hitting on her while she was trying to find the man of her dreams.

The ape suddenly picked her up, throwing her over her shoulder. He continued hopping around making ape-like noises. "I am not Fay Wray!" Arisa shouted. She suddenly went stiff as the ape's hand went up the bottom of her tiny cavegirl skirt and started fondling her thong-clad bottom. "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned, dirty ape!"

A fist met the top of the ape's skull. As the ape collapsed to the ground, Arisa was plucked off his shoulder before she could fall to the ground.

Arisa looked at the face of her savior. Or more accurately, the long strands of black hair that hid his face. Not that she didn't recognize the tall, muscular chest of the guy Yuriko had come to the party with. "Akira," she cooed in genuine attraction. What luck that her soon to be boyfriend had rescued her from the molesting simian. She'd have to give him an extra-special blow job as a reward. Probably the 'wrap around tongue' trick. All the guys really went nuts over that one.

Akira said, "Ugh," grabbed the cavegirl roughly by the back of the neck, forced her neck up, then kissed her. Arisa found herself taken aback by not only the public display of affection, but by the force of emotion behind the kiss. For a moment she was too stunned to do anything, then she felt the tongue force its way past her lips and play inside her mouth.

She closed her eyes and melted in Akira's arms at the raw passion he unleashed upon her. She was usually the aggressor in her contact with men, both preferring to take the commanding role as well as men tending to act a touch intimidated by her confidence. But not this time. She could tell that she was caught in Akira's powerful grasp with no more hope of breaking out of it than she could have resisted his tongue's efforts as he damned near raped her mouth. Not that she wanted to do either. Instead she let her hands roam his bare, rock hard chest. There was something about a tall strong man that was a major turn on for her. Bishonen guys weren't her thing. She didn't want a guy who might look sexier in a dress than her. She wanted a man who knew how to act like one, when she wanted him to, and let her call the shots when she felt like it. That was the proper place for men. Akira and his handsome features, skilled lovemaking, and that he was temporarily Yuriko's boyfriend, made him the most irresistible man in the world in Arisa's eyes.

Akira's hands started to grope Arisa's chest and she panicked. It would not do for him to discover the padding. Sensing he had loosened his hold slightly, Arisa darted out of his grasp. "I'd like to dance," she said before he grabbed her again and resumed the kissing, uncertain if she could get out of his clutches a second time.

"Ugh," Akira repeated. He grabbed Arisa's hand and all but dragged her to the dance floor. Again he grabbed her, molding her body next to his, and Arisa became lost to the feel of his taut muscles against her. Especially that iron hard rod in his tights which was pressed against her stomach. God, he felt huge. She couldn't wait for him to slip his cock inside her again, like he had in the hotel room. Doing it in the dark had been exciting, but this time she wanted to see him coming in every sense of the word. God he was turning her on.

Then she felt Akira's hands reach under her outfit and lift up, allowing his large, callused hands to dig into soft, yet firm asscheeks. Now her bottom was all but bared for everyone in the room to see, save for the slight string of her thong, which was nearly invisible anyway since it was up her crack.

"N… no, you mustn't," Arisa gasped out. This time she was unable to break away, the grip remaining too tight. Besides, she lacked the resolve to bring any real strength into play. Instead she remained helpless in his grasp as he all but mauled her bottom with his strong grip. Inevitably she felt herself moisten as she moved around, and swore the cock pressed against her became twice as long and hard. More than a small part of her wanted to go down to her knees and suck him off here; she wanted to feel her mouth wrapped around his manhood that much.

Then Akira's fingers got caught in the string of her thong. Grunting, he tore it so it was no longer in the way, truly leaving her bottom bare. If people looked closely, they might even see her pussy, and how aroused she was.

"No." She wanted to tell him she wasn't some exhibitionist slut, like Kuonji, but obviously she couldn't, since she was supposed to be Kuonji. Instead she reached behind her back, trying to force the hands away from her bottom so her dress would go back down. Akira snared both her wrists in his large hand and brought them to the small of her back. With the other he continued fondling her asscheek, and her resistance withered away.

They remained that way for several minutes, the dampness at Arisa's loins becoming a trickle with her public display. Then her lover abruptly stopped fondling her bottom, though he kept her hands pinned in his hand. She wondered what he was up to when she found him pulling away from her. Rather than letting her go, he instead bent her roughly over a table. Her breasts were mashed flat against it, and her cheek rested against a table cloth. A bowl of chips was knocked over in the process, spilling everywhere. He released her wrists, but kept a hand between her shoulder blades so she remained pressed against the table.

It took Arisa only a second to figure out what her caveman lover could possibly want, bending her over like that. She was frozen in place, like a deer caught in headlights, until she felt a cockhead touch against her lower lips.

"No," Arisa wailed. It wasn't that she didn't want Akira to fuck her, she was aching for it, but not in front of everyone like this. She'd be labeled a slut, just like Kuonji, and she wasn't. She was better than Yuriko. She had more pride, and didn't spread her legs for just anyone. But now that was all going to change as everyone talked about how they saw Arisa get bent over the table and had the hell fucked out of her, just like a common whore dressed in a slutty cavegirl outfit, her blonde hair being held like a leash….

And then it hit Arisa all at once. That was right. She had blonde hair because she was not only dressed as a cavegirl, but rather as *Yuriko* dressed as a cavegirl, right down to the voice. That changed everything. Arisa Sanzenin wouldn't be pegged as a slut. Everyone would think it was Yuriko Kuonji who was going beyond her typical sluttiness and having sex in public. She would be shamed at last, and transfer out of school, if not flee overseas in humiliation. It was perfect, except for the fact she couldn't reveal to Akira who she really was. But that was okay if it meant Yuriko would be out of her hair once and for all.

"Give it to me hard!" Arisa cried out in a voice identical to Yuriko's thanks to her collar.

"Ugh!" her caveman lover shouted, driving as much of himself as he could into Arisa's pussy.

"Ugh!" Arisa gasped out as she was split open wider than ever before in her life. She had replayed her night of torrid sex in the darkened room with Akira almost every day, frequently masturbating into orgasm at the memory. But this was something else. It was like his cock had doubled in size. Maybe he had only been partially erect last time, as impossible as that seemed, and now he was at full mast. If so, she was even luckier than she believed possible. She didn't know cocks could get that big, and she had sucked off enough of them to know what standard dimensions were. This was a new classification all of its own. Maybe 'Big Enough to Satisfy a Horse'.

Her caveman lover was being rough, but since she was supposed to be Yuriko and used to Akira's massive cock, instead of asking him to slow down Arisa shouted, "Give it to me! Feed that big cock into my pussy! Let everyone see what a complete and total slut Yuriko Kuonji is!"

Akira released what was obviously an enthusiastic grunt and slammed into her even harder. Her hands curled into fists as she gripped the tablecloth. Right now she was as uncomfortable as hell, but on an instinctive level her body knew that would pass as pleasures undreamt of waited on the horizon. So Arisa gritted her teeth and allowed several tears stream down her face while her newfound lover acted just like a Neanderthal in taking her with a mix of savagery and passion.

Amazingly, the hot talk of her/Yuriko's wonton behavior actually turned Arisa on. Since she was supposed to be a slut, she decided to act like one in every way. All hesitation and inhibitions were thrown to the wind. A slut could take a cock like Akira's, and so she would. The pain became intermingled with pleasure as her passageway accommodated his tremendous length. Within seconds Arisa felt an orgasm blindside her, despite only half of her lover's cock inside. It didn't stop there as he fucked her through her climax, and made her come again when he finally sank it all the way in. There was some time to catch her breath between second and third as he came inside her, releasing so much sperm she thought she'd drown.

Her lover stopped momentarily to catch his breath. While a part of Arisa would have liked to do the same, the slut part of her took command as she rose from the table, pulled her top down so her breasts were displayed for everyone to see, then sank to her knees and took Akira's shaft into her mouth. As she crouched before him, she could feel their mixed juices trickle out of her stretched pussy and puddle on the floor. Eagerly she took down his shaft, determined to bring him back to life quickly so he could do her again.

And the night was just beginning.

Sonja swayed gently in her bonds, her body covered in a fine sheen of sweat and her breathing only just now becoming something other than frantic panting. Her breasts which a few minutes ago had been bouncing worse than they did in battle were slightly sore and the nipples still tingling from being pinched by Captain Peg-Leg. But all that paled in her mind compared to the feeling between her legs. Her sex, which had been stuffed and re-stuffed with the first mate's huge cock, was still pulsing from the orgasms that would have had her screaming if not for the Captain's 'Peg' filling her mouth. Part of her mind idly noted that it didn't hurt as badly as other women had told her it would. Actually, it hadn't hurt even a little bit, at least not from being stretched open and filled to bursting. She'd likely have bruises where the first mate's hands had gripped her legs, however.

As her breathing became more controlled she closed her mouth and licked her lips, tasting the sweetness that was the captain's spunk. Another new experience, that didn't seem all that new for some reason. It had almost seemed familiar, which was impossible. Her curse of chastity, which was how she viewed the goddesses' gift at times, had not allowed her to ever experience sex of any kind.

Further musings Sonja might have indulged in were interrupted when she realized that the evening was not yet over. Any thoughts she might have had about the pirates being done with her fled as a large hand began stroking her sweaty body in a proprietary way. Mind you, after the orgasm that had racked her body she wasn't sure this was a bad thing, and as she was still firmly secured to the pirate's torture device it wasn't like she could stop them. Helpless, all she could do was writhe as her overly-sensitive body, still tingling from her first sexual experience, was mauled by the first-mate.

"Not so arrogant now are ye, me proud beauty?" the first mate asked with a leer as he tugged on a nipple.

 Sonja was far from displeased at the possibility she might experience more pleasure, but her pride wouldn't let her hint at that. "You've gotten what you've wanted. Let me go," she gasped, raising her head to give him a glare.

"Got what we wanted? Wench, we've barely started." He laughed, cupping her breast as he rolled her stiff nipple between his fingers.

     Sonja let her head fall back, determined to not let the bastard see how aroused she was. Ooh, and god, was she aroused.  The feel of his hand squeezing and molding her breast, firmly but gently, sent electric shudders that ran down the middle of her belly and in-between her legs. That area, so recently opened for the first time by the first-mate's manhood, trembled, and she could feel the mixture of his juices and hers running down the crack of her ass.. Her cunt was aching, not from pain, but need. Even as her ravager's sperm dribbled from her opening she longed to feel him pressing himself into her again. She had suffered under her enforced chastity for so long, not even being able to pleasure herself, she wanted, no, needed more. She gasped as the first-mate's calloused hand slid along her quivering flank, his hands brushing her soft inner flesh.

"Come now, Lass. Admit it. You want this!" the first mate coaxed as the tip of his fingers tickled her outer folds.

"Never," Sonja gasped out, while inside her mind was crying for him to keep right on doing what he was doing.

"Arr, a challenge is it. We'll see how long you can keep that pride, me proud beauty."

Sonja's eyes bulged as the first mate slipped two fingers up inside her recently ravaged channel while his thumb pressed against her clit. A gurgle escaped her lips as the tips of his fingers found her g-spot, and began to massage it.

Captain Peg-leg Ukyou let an un-piratical tear slip from under her patch. She was currently digging a small grave in the soil of a large potted palm. She'd exited the room where they'd ravaged the wench who had so cruelly sent poor Mr. Starkey from this world in order to find a proper resting place for her long time companion. As soon as she'd spotted the large, if a bit bedraggled, palm she'd knew she'd found what she needed.

Laying aside the broad bladed throwing knife which she'd been digging with, she gently picked up her defunct comrade, holding his body in one hand, and his poor wee head in the other.

"Awwkkk, Careful of the merchandise."

"Arr, I can still hear his sweet little voice," Captain Ukyou sniffed as she laid the small body in its makeshift grave. She pulled the displaced soil over her former feathered friend and patted it into a neat mound. As a last step she shoved one of her throwing blades hilt first into the soil at the top of the grave. She read out loud the message written on the large surface was, "Here lies Mr. Starkey, may he always have crackers."

A faint muffled, "Awwkkk, Polly want a cracker," filtered up through the soil.

Giving a shuddering sigh, Captain Peg-leg rose to her feet. "And now I have a wench to finish punishing for parroticide." She turned and headed toward the door to the room where the first mate was entertaining the captive. As she walked she steeled her heart. This time she wouldn't let the wench's bodacious body distract her from administrating justice. Guilt filled her as she remembered how she'd all but forgotten poor Mr. Starkey in the thrill of subduing and ravaging the wench. Not this time, she vowed silently to herself.

Captain Ukyou slammed both hands against the double doors, causing them to fly open in a dramatic manner and crash against the walls as she re-entered the sporting complex. Her theatrics were wasted on the two people in the room, much to her displeasure. Lost in their own activity she could have fired off a canon and not disturbed them.

Her first mate had his hand pressed up between the red-head's legs, pumping it back and forth in a slow rhythmic manner as his other hand caressed one of the girl's large succulent breasts. As for the murderous wench herself, she was writhing under the first mate's attention, her face red and her mouth clamped shut.

"Come on, lass. Admit it. You were made for this. A body like this is surely a shame and a waste to not use it as it was meant. When the Captain sells you off to one of the local houses, you'll be used as you should be. There'll be plenty eager to slip between these legs and plunder your booty."

"Never!" The helpless woman gasped.

"Now, never, that be a powerful long time, girl," Long John taunted her. His forearm bunched as he drove his fingers deep inside her and hooked them in place as he lifted her upward. The action caused the tips of his fingers to grind hard against her g-spot.  "Come for Old Long John, girl. You'll not get such fine loving where you be going. Enjoy it while you can."

Ukyou's experienced eyes took in the woman's body, spotting all the telltale signs. For all her denials she was on the verge of climax. A warm wet heat appeared between the captain's legs and she found herself once again caught up in the wild beauty of this red-headed wench. Without thinking about it she lifted a hand up to one of her own breasts and rubbed.

"You pig. Your cheating captain may have beaten me with her trickery, but you will never truly defeat me!" Sonja gasped, even as her thighs clenched in the first spasm of her coming orgasm.

The wench's words of defiance snapped Ukyou out of her reverie and anger filled her as she realized she'd almost fallen under the red-headed witch's spell again. "Belay that, Mr. John!" she bellowed out in her best commanding voice.

"Huh, Captain?" Long John exclaimed in surprise, stopping his finger fucking. He turned his head to face his leader. He could feel their captive's warm wet flesh pulsing around his digits. "She's just about to blow, Cap'n."

"No I'm not," said captive protested, even as her thighs squeezed around the first mate's hand in an effort to bring herself off. Damn, she was so close to experiencing that sweet pleasure again, Sonja thought.

"A murdering witch like this don't be deserving the pleasure," Ukyou said with a scowl. "Pull your fingers out of her cookie jar, Mr. John. I be having other plans for her."

The first mate reluctantly removed his hand from between the red-head's legs, wiping the juices off on one of the girl's muscular, but shapely, thighs. His cock, back to life, throbbed with the desire to replace those fingers, but he was a loyal first mate, not to mention wary of his captain's temper. A small sound of discontent came from the suspended girl.

Captain Peg-leg gave a satisfied nod as she heard the girl whimper in protest. A hot blooded vixen this one. She'd bring a fine return in the marketplace, after she'd been punished, and they'd slaked their thirst for her tender flesh. She glanced around the complex, and spotted a likely venue. "There," she said pointing at a set of gymnastic rings. "We'll string the wench up there."

"Ah, now Cap'n, does truly seem a waste of a fine bit of booty," Long John protested.

"Yeah, I've only been fucked once in my life, you crazy bitch," the red-head protested. She then paused, and quickly added. "I mean it was only a moth-eaten parrot, you can't hang me for that."

"I be the captain; I can do whatever I like. And as for you Mr. John don't you be worrying your pretty head. I ain't be meaning to string her up by her neck, much as she deserves such. Give me a hand to get the wench loose."

"Are you sure that's such a good idea, Cap'n?" he asked even as he started working on the cords securing Sonja's ankles to the bar. "She's all nice and secure for us here. I be having better things to do with her than subduing her again".

"Ah, but you be forgetting. I defeated the wench in battle. She belongs to me, to do with as I wish. Isn't that so... slave?"

Sonja lowered her feet to the floor as her ankles were freed. She glared at Captain Ukyou, who met her eyes with her own fiery gaze. She longed to wrestle the long-haired pirate to the floor and return, with interest, her earlier ravaging, but . . .honor demanded a different reply. "Yes."

"Yes, what?" Ukyou demanded, taking hold of Sonja's chin and leaning in until her face was a centimeter away.

"Yes . . . Master." But while Sonja's words were subservient, her expression was anything but. That changed. A shocked expression crossed her face and she went up on her toes as Ukyou cupped her pussy with her hand and stroked a finger through her cleft. "Ahhhhhhhh," she cried out.

"You are a responsive little thing," Ukyou gloated. "Once you've paid for your crime, and had a little training you'll bring a fine price." Removing her hands from her captive Ukyou freed her from the upper bar, but left the ribbons attached to Sonja's arms.

To her shame, Sonja actually had to be helped during the walk over to the rings. Her legs were rubbery from her recent bondage and fucking, not to mention that every step she took seemed to inflame her loins, reminding her of the climax she almost had. She told herself it was why she didn't lash out at her captors. After all, her curse called on her to submit to the person who defeated her. It didn't say she had to do it more than once per-defeat. The truth was, she was reluctant to end this encounter, no matter how much she might claim otherwise. After tasting the sweet pleasures sex could bring, she was more than eager for more.

Once they reached the rings, Long John, on instructions from the Captain, operated a crank that lowered them to just about Sonja's head. Captain Peg-leg secured Sonja's hands to the rings and gave Long John a nod. He reversed his earlier cranking and the rings slowly rose, pulling up first Sonja's arms and then her body, until she was left standing on tip-toes.

"Very nice," Ukyou purred, running her hands over Sonja's body. Her earlier bondage had left Sonja sort of sagging in the middle, this type stretched out her small, but shapely body and showed all her curves to the best advantage. "I think we'll display you like this when we auction you off. Give the customer's a real good look at what they'll be getting."

"It won't work. You may have defeated me, but I don't have to give myself to anyone else," Sonja said.

"And who says you get to decide, wench?" Ukyou said with a gloating chuckle. "Fairly caught are ye, and use to wild girls will be the men who buy you. But, just in case, the First Mate and me will see if maybe we can't break you in a bit before the sale." Ukyou's voice had grown husky as she talked, and the hands on Sonja's body had become more insistent. She was leaning forward, her lips parted to suck in one of Sonja's nipples when her eyes widened and she suddenly stepped back, giving her mouth a quick wipe with the back of her forearm. "You be a witch for sure. I almost forgot myself again. I'll sample you again, my pretty, but not till you've paid, and paid well, for your crimes."

"Watch her, Mr. John. I'll be right back." Captain Peg-leg ordered her first mate as she headed off for one of the supply rooms.

"Ay, Cap'n, with pleasure," Long John replied.

"Just watch, first mate," Ukyou called over her shoulder.

"Arrrgghh," Long John groaned. His cock throbbed as he stared at the dangling red-head. He wanted nothing more than to slide back into her tight pussy. It might even be worth a little mutiny. But before he could carry that thought any further Captain Ukyou emerged from the storage room carrying a broken field hockey stick.

"Give me a hand, Mr. John," Captain Peg-leg ordered as she knelt down by Sonja and tied one of the girl's ankles to the stick. Sonja aimed a half-hearted kick at Ukyou with her free leg, but Long John caught the ankle and secured it as well. Sonja was left with her legs spread a good three feet apart and her feet about six inches off the ground. She swayed back and forth, spread and exposed.  She blushed as she watched the pirates running their eyes over her body. With her legs drawn apart this way her freshly fucked cunt was fully exposed. To make her humiliation complete she could feel a small trickle of sperm slip from her sex to drip onto the floor.

"Arr, you pumped the wench full you did, Mr. John", Captain Kuonji said with approval.  "I be hoping you can do that again, later."

Sonja blushed even deeper, but also found herself becoming aroused as the two pirates leered at her exposed body. The Captain wasn't the only one who hoped the first mate was going to be up to another session. Her eyes dropped to the shafts jutting out from both pirates' groins, one real, one artificial. Both were bare from the waist down. Sonja got a good look at not just Long Tom's manhood but his muscular thighs. She bet he had a great butt as well. Captain Kuonji's legs were much more shapely, but no less powerful in their own way. And if her peg-leg did not pulse the way her first mate's did, her interest in Sonja was no less obvious.  Taking in their arousal she couldn't help imagining what was in store for her. In this position she'd only be able to take one at a time, and that meant more continuous action. Her mouth filled with saliva at the thought of them taking her one after the other, over and over again. She swallowed hastily before she further embarrassed herself by drooling from yet another orifice.

"Nervous are ye, lass?" Captain Kuonji chortled, mistaking Sonja's swallow as a sign of worry. "And well you might be, for it be time to pay for your murderous ways." She reached over her shoulder and drew the weapon she had used to defeat Sonja earlier.

For a second Sonja thought the captain planned to finish disrobing. That idea was quickly dispelled when the pirate stepped around behind Sonja, and swung her weapon hard. With a loud smack it impacted on Sonja's bare bottom, the crack echoing through the gym. "Ow!" Sonja cried out as her body swung forward a few inches. "What are you doing?" she protested. A silly question, which got the answer it deserved.

Like a baseball hitter waiting for the ball, Ukyou stood with her weapon over her shoulder as Sonja swung forward, and then when the other girl swung back, she struck. "I be punishing you," Captain Kuonji grunted as her weapon once again swatted Sonja's pert bottom, compressing the flesh and causing the bound girl to swing forward once again. The broad blade of the captain's weapon spread the force of the blow over a wide area, reducing the damage it caused, but it still stung like hell.

A dozen times the captain swung, each time sending Sonja swinging further. The bound girl cursed and yelled, but the captain was relentless and methodical, and not till Sonja's bottom was the same hue as her hair did Peg-leg step back. She was breathing heavily, but the gleam in her eyes indicated a reason other than exertion. "Now that be a pretty picture," she gloated. "Mr. Starkey would have been proud."

The captain put out a hand and cupped one of Sonja's sore butt cheeks and used it as a handle to slow the swinging girl until she was once again motionless. Sonja let out a curse as the captain's hand squeezed her sore butt. She wanted to be even more vocal, but she wasn't about to give the brute the satisfaction. 

Captain Kuonji had walked over to her discarded pants and picked them up. Carrying them over to Sonja, she extracted a tube from one of the pockets and tossed it toward Long John, who caught it. "Rub some of that on her arse, Mr. John. Don't want our captive all bruised up for her sale."

Glancing at the tube, Long John saw it was muscle lineament of the icy/hot variety. The first mate grinned and squeezed a goodly quantity into his open palm. Taking great pleasure in the act he smeared it over Sonja's butt cheeks and then began to rub it in. He was very thorough, working it into every inch of her red flesh. Even though the area had not been affected by the captain's paddling he slipped his fingers deep into the cleft of her ass. He smiled as the girl's cheeks clenched as he goosed her, slipping the tip of his littlest finger a fraction of an inch up her bottom. He left it at that, put promised himself he'd give her rear more attention later. For now he was happy to simply fondle and grease her ass. Her flesh was firm, but springy under his fingers and he grew even more aroused at the though of that shapely ass pressed into his belly as he buried his dick deep in her clutching channel.

Sonja gave a soft moan of pleasure and relief as Akira worked the soothing lotion into her stinging ass. The pleasure was both at the cooling effect of the cream, which greatly eased the fiery state of her ass, and relief that Long John showed no more signs of sticking anything into her bottom. She'd thought her heart would jump out of her chest when he'd fingered her back there. She felt shame at her weakness, and that transmuted into anger at the people who had made her feel that way.

Sonja glared at Ukyou who had moved around to stand in front of her. The captain only returned her grin and extracted another object from her pants. This time it was a small bundle of black cloth, but when the captain pulled it open it was revealed to be a narrow collar with Velcro fastenings and a pair of small rings sewn into the sides. Sonja pulled back her head in an instinctive gesture as the captain reached toward her head, but was helpless to prevent Ukyou from slipping the collar around her neck. "This doesn't mean anything," Sonja said defiantly. She tried to look derisive, but found the effect was somewhat spoiled by the fact that she was getting her ass massaged by the other pirate, who was being very thorough about it. It was hard to look down your nose at someone when your lower body was squirming like crazy.

"Of course, of course," Captain Peg-leg said in a complacent tone. She was not even looking at Sonja, instead she was fumbling in her pants for something else. Sonja found herself shoving her ass back at Long John even as she watched with trepidation, wondering what else Peg-leg would pull out of her pockets. "Ah, here we be," Captain Kuonji cried out in satisfaction as she extracted a pair of rings. They were about an inch and a half across and made of what looked like plastic, a quarter inch thick or so. They were not a solid circle, but had two half inch balls touching each other at the joint. They didn't look very threatening and Sonja relaxed, enjoying the soothing feel of the cream Long John was working into her bottom. Then Ukyou took one of the rings between her two hands and spread it open, pulling the two round ends about an inch apart. "Perfect," she said, moving the ring toward Sonja's breast.

'Hey, what, wait, what are you doing? Ohhhhh," she gasped out between gritted teeth as the captain let the ring close up again, on Sonja's nipple. Sonja's reaction was more from surprise than pain. The pressure the ring exerted was really not all that much. The real hardship was being decorated like some sort of sex-toy.  Sonja twisted her shoulders to pull her other breast away, but soon found herself wearing a matching ring on that nipple as well. She blushed, knowing she must look like a slave with the collar and the rings. She shook her upper body as best she could in an effort to dislodge the degrading things. She soon stopped when she noticed how much the pervert captain was enjoying the show. Could it get any worse?

That was when the cream Long John had been rubbing into her butt switched from icy to hot.                               

Sonja had grown comfortable with the feel of Long John's large hand's soothing the lotion into her sore bottom. She had even gotten to the point where she was actively pressing her butt back against him. Her slow languid pleasure changed very quickly when she suddenly discovered someone had lit a campfire in her ass, or at least that was what if felt like. When Long John had goosed her, he'd left a quantity of lotion just inside the tight ring of muscle, which was now making itself very well known.

"Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh," she cried out jerking and twisting in her bonds. "Get it out, get it out," she cried.

Long John stepped back in alarm, but Captain Peg-leg laughed out loud. She'd been expecting this. Sonja was not the first wench she'd used his special lineament on. Indeed, the whole reason she had it in his bag was because she'd planned to torment a favorite waitress of her acquaintance. She felt no alarm over Sonja's squalling. No matter how much it might seem to her that she was being cooked alive, there was no danger of it truly harming her. On the other hand, until the effect faded she'd be one lively fuck. The captain turned her head and called out to her first mate.  "Now there's a dance a man can enjoy. What are you waiting for, Mr. John? You're not going to let such a chance go to waste are you? Heave to and board her."

The intense heat in her bottom kept Sonja twisting, but as she did the sensation seemed to lose some of its potency once the initial surprise wore off. At first it had seemed as if someone had shoved a poker up her butt, but now it was simply a constant source of hot irritation. Still, she was just about ready to do anything to stop it. Unfortunately, the most obvious, and most shameful way of doing that was not open to her. She'd made good use of the bathroom not more than an hour before. At least she'd be spared that humiliation. Thank god the feeling seemed to be easing. If the sensation had not moderated she very likely would have been begging that evil bastard, Peg-leg, for some sort of relief. At that point in her thinking she was suddenly distracted from her poor bottom by the presence of Long John in front of her.

Akira had not been slow to answer the Captain's challenge. He'd been dying to sample the little red-head's charms again. His worries over her sudden violent reaction to the lineament he'd used on her retreated as his other head took over his thought processes. He was around and in front of Sonja in an instant. He literally tore off the few clothes he was still wearing. Hooking his hands behind her thighs he yanked her legs upward, and gave himself a good stiff whack in the shins from the spreader bar between Sonja's ankles.

"Goddamn it," Long John cursed, partly from the pain and partly from the frustration. He ducked down and started undoing Sonja's ankles. His fingers were clumsy with haste, but eventually the ties came lose. Captain Peg-leg gave a chuckle at the impetuosity of youth. But made no effort to help her first mate, she had a few more items to retrieve before she joined in. Leaving the two to their own devices, she strolled off to recover her booty bag.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Sonja yelled at boy in front of her. "Girl on fire here, you idiot." Sonja knew exactly what he was doing, and what he was going to do. A minute ago she'd been more than eager, privately of course, to have it happen, even now she wasn't indifferent, but how in the hell was she going to enjoy being brutally ravaged when her butt was on fire?

Akira didn't bother to answer the wench's question. He'd gotten her legs loose and was ready to enjoy his booty. This time when he took hold of Sonja's legs he lifted them up on either side of his body, spreading her wide and leaving him with a pink bull's-eye to aim his spear of love at. He didn't waste anytime. He thrust forward, and missed. At the last second Sonja had twisted her hips, and instead of hitting his target Long John overshot, literally. The helmet of his cock plowed into the top of Sonja's pussy, flattening her clit. The first mate's cock hung up there for a second and then it broke free. The whole long length of Long John's namesake slid across the front of Sonja's pussy, and suddenly the fire in her ass seemed much less important to her. Indeed, the heat in her pussy very nearly overshadowed the one in her butt. Sonja had a sudden revelation: fight fire with fire. She needed an extreme sensation to drown out the other one. And it so happened that she'd found out a little while ago that Long John was more than capable of providing that feeling. Her frantic need for relief made her finally forget herself. "Fuck me!" she cried out, squirming in the first's mate's arms. Rubbing herself against his shaft she frantically sought pleasure.

Long John had been about to pull back and take another run at the wench, when she made her demand. Surprise caused him to pause. A wide smile crossed his face. "I told you I'd have you begging," he gloated. "Say it again."

"Damn it, fuck me!" Sonja ordered.

"Say please."

"Bastard! Just do it. You want to. You were just about to. Do it!"

Long John rubbed himself against her, the underside of his cock slipping back and forth over her clit. "Come now, lass, ask nice. You'll get a big fat reward if you do."

Sonja gritted her teeth to keep from moaning out loud. If her arms were free she'd put this asshole on the ground and rape him. She twisted her hips, trying to pull back so she could line herself up on his dick, but he held her firm, his flesh pressed against hers. The sensation was marvelous, but nothing compared to the way she'd felt when he'd filled her before. She gave in, she needed it so bad. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said. "Please."

"Please, Master."

"Arrrrgggggggggggg! Please fuck me, master!" Sonja screamed, and if the tone sounded more like fuck me bastard, Long John was not going to quibble anymore. He was every bit as desperate as Sonja to sink into her delightful body, if not for quite the same reasons.

Long John pulled back from Sonja, and let go of one of her legs. She hooked it around his hip to keep it in place as he reached down and took hold of his shaft in one hand and used it to carefully press the head of his dick against her drooling cunt. "Oh god," he groaned as he pressed forward and her folds parted around the bulbous head. This time nearly half his length sank into her in one smooth push before he found her too tight to continue. To the accompanied grunts and wails from Sonja he thrust back and forth till he had finally imbedded himself fully into her body. Then they started to fuck.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me like that!"

"Take it, wench, take my big, fat, pirate cock!"

Captain Peg-leg rolled her eyes as she came back into the gym. Lousy dialogue, but at least they were having fun. She paused a few steps away from the rutting pair and enjoyed the sight. Sonja had both legs wrapped around Long John's waist and her head rested on his shoulder. His arms were wrapped around her back, holding her tightly against his muscular chest, flattening her tits. His ass flexed as he drove himself in and out of her tight snatch. Ukyou savored the sight of her first mate's muscular butt powering his thrusts for a few seconds. The boy had back.

The captain's gaze shifted to Sonja's well rounded fundament. Now that was a pretty sight, even more fuckable than the Long John's. She licked her lips as her hand slipped down to grip her peg-leg. This artificial limb wasn't the same one she'd forced down Sonja's throat. It was much more specialized. That had been what the trip outside had been for, to recover her other peg-leg, the one she'd packed special for her assignation that night. It was as long as her other, but there the resemblance ended. It was made up of a dozen or so connected balls, a narrow section between each. The balls varied in size from a half-inch at the tip, to nearly two inches at the bottom. A pair of balls dangled under it, slightly smaller than her other set, and of a different color. The load inside was different as well. The hand that was stroking the ridged peg-leg moved downward and gave one of the rubber balls a squeeze. A thick lubricant oozed out of the tip and she moved her hand back up to spread it over the length of the fake cock. When she was done it gleamed greasily in the overhead light, and she was ready to party.

"Hold her steady, Mr. John, and get her ready to receive a passenger," she ordered in a firm voice. Long John, however, was too caught up in the feeling of Sonja's tight inner wall clinging to his erection. He either ignored, or didn't hear his captain. In either case the reaction from Peg-leg would have been the same.

"Mutiny, is it?" She scowled and bent to retrieve her main weapon, which was lying on top of her discarded clothes. A second later the masculine ass she'd been admiring received a good hard swat.

"Yow!" Long John yelled. He recoiled from the painful swat, and as his cock had been almost fully withdrawn from Sonja's body, the resultant action was as much a shock to her as it his captain's blow had been to him.

"Ahhhhkkkkkk!" Sonja gasped out. She had thought she'd been taking everything the tall pirate had to offer. Now as the full length of Long Tom's shaft was shoved forcefully up her tunnel she found out how mistaken she'd been. She was sure she was about to split in two by the time his heavy balls swung upward to smack against the bottom of her pussy. She let out several loud pants, feeling as if her lungs had been displaced for a second. Compounding the effect was the sudden small orgasm that caused her body to tremble with release. Her legs tightened as she held him deep inside her body.

"Now that I have your attention, Mr. John, hold her steady," Captain Kuonji said in a sarcastic tone.

Though his pride, and his bottom, were hurting, Long John was not so foolish as to disobey a direct order. Nor, when he got a look at the captain's new peg-leg, was he inclined to. He divined her intention instantly, and was more than happy to facilitate it.

Sonja was just getting her mind back when she felt Long John's hands slipping down her back to cup her ass. He pulled her hard against him and she purred in pleasure as his pelvis pressed against hers. When she felt a third hand caressing her ass she didn't think anything of it. She'd been aware of the captain return, but when a greasy finger started playing with the little ring of muscle between her cheeks her eyes flew open. The burning sensation in her bottom had faded away while she'd been fucking the first mate, but now it seemed the evil pirates were planning on torturing her some more. "No, don't!" she cried out, trying to pull away, which only seated her all the more firmly on Long John's Long Johnson. "I'm sorry I killed your stupid, ugly, parrot."

Behind Sonja, Captain Kuonji's face twisted in a scowl. She'd been about to reassure the bound red-head that the lubricant she was using was just to make things slippery, but now, let the wench worry. "Burn, baby, burn," she said. She'd been lightly rubbing Sonja's rectum, causing the muscles to relax slightly, but now she pressed a forefinger, heavily laden with lubrication into the center, sinking up to the second knuckle with ease. The girl wiggle liked a gaffed fish, drawing a pleased grunt from her first mate.

"Ah, you bitch. You'll pay," Sonja yelled out. Despite her words Sonja found her panic subsiding. For some reason she just knew that the captain wouldn't seriously harm her. She couldn't understand her feelings for a moment. After all Peg-leg was a vicious bloodthirsty pirate, with bad taste in parrots, but then she remembered the captain's earlier comments. They were going to sell her on the auction block. They'd not want to lose all the money a hot piece of ass like her would bring. Of course the joke would be on them. She was bound to obey Captain Kuonji. Her new owner would have no such leverage. She'd kick his, or her, ass and be on her way. This train of thought caused her to realize that there was a difference between what was on the captain's long finger, and what Long John had used before. For one thing it lacked that cool feel the first had possessed, before it had turned into hellfire. All these thoughts and realizations took a few scant seconds. Just long enough for the captain to pull her finger partly out, and them jam it back in, right to the root this time.

"Why pay when I can have you for free?" Peg-leg taunted Sonja, twisting her finger in the red-head's bottom.

"You'll have to wait in line," Sonja said with a gasp. "I'm occupied."

"Captain, I can't hold out much longer," Long John groaned.

"You'll hold out, Mr. John, or I'll keelhaul your pretty ass," Captain Kuonji threatened. "I mean to have a taste of this wench's arse, and I want you right where you are when I do it."

"What! Sonja twisted her head around and tried to look down at her own bottom. "What are you talking about? You can't do that." Sonja's tone was not one of denial, but of honest disbelief. Her eyes widened as she took in the strange looking object jutting out from Peg-leg's groin, and the way it glistened in the light.

Captain Kuonji grinned at the red-head. With great deliberation she pulled her finger out of Sonja's bottom and wiped the remaining lubrication off on Sonja's inner thigh. In the same casual but firm way she placed one hand on the swordswoman's hip and took hold of her peg with the other. As if reading his captain's mind, Long John dug his finger's firmly into Sonja's ass crack, and pulled her cheeks as far apart as they'd go, leaving her vulnerable to the lecherous captain.

"Hey, now wait, lets think about this," Sonja protested in a very nervous voice. "I'm already filled as full as I can be."

"Thanks," Long John said.

"So there's no way that's going to fit in too." Sonja continued, trying to sound reasonable while at the same time not screaming like a little girl surprised by a snake.

"We'll just have to see, won't we?" Peg-leg drawled as she pressed the narrow tip of her dildo up against Sonja's starfish. "Prepare to be boarded, wench."

"No, we... dooooonnnnn'tttt!" Sonja cried out, her voice becoming loud and shrill as she felt her fundament being spread. Her arms tensed and she tried to pull herself away from that invading object, but with both Long John and Peg-leg holding on to her body she was denied that avenue of escape. The captain waggled her hips while pressing forward and Sonja gritted her teeth as the next round protrusion spread apart her resisting flesh and popped inside. She let out her breath in a gust, and then gasped in another one as the captain pulled outward. She was aware of each bulge slipping out of her, the tight ring of muscle expanding and snapping back as each passed by it. In a wild hopeful way she tried to tell herself that the captain was giving up. A hope that was quickly shattered as the captain shoved forward again and pressed that torture device up inside her again. This time she went one ridge deeper and Sonja was starting to feel like a stuffed turkey.

"Damn, Captain, I can feel you moving in her," Long John said with feeling. It was taking all of his considerable will power to keep from blowing his nuts. His hands which had been cupped around Sonja ass loosened. He reached out and down and just barely managed to hook his hands around the captain's bottom. He dug his fingers in, and pulled.

A strangled gasp came from Sonja and her eyes widened as she felt herself impaled fore and aft to the limit of both her partners. Her legs, which had been wrapped around Long John's waist, slipped free and hung down between her two ravagers. She was now nothing more than the filling in a meat sandwich. Long John's muscular chest compressed her tits, while she could feel the captain's breast's pressing hard against her back.

Peg-leg smiled in pleasure as she felt the red-head trembling against her body. She stroked her hands up and down the stuffed girl's flanks. "Look's like you were wrong, girl. It did fit." The only reply was a gurgle from the red-head. "A little slack, if you would, Mr. John. I think it time this slave learned her place once and for all. Feel free to proceed."

"That was what Long John had been waiting for. As if they'd rehearsed it together both he and Captain Peg-leg pulled backward, drawing their respective shafts out of the impaled red-head. As one, they shoved forward, drawing a grunt and a gasp from their victim. Back and forth they battered her. Sonja's small body jerked back and forth like a rag doll.

Sonja had no options. All she could do was hang and be fucked. It was like nothing she had ever dreamed of. Her body was stuffed with masculine meat, both the natural and artificial variety. She was being used and abused and loving it. It took a little bit of time, but once her muscles adjusted to the bulk she was being forced to absorb she started enjoying the process.

Long John's heavy shaft stroked over her outer nerves, already primed to feel pleasure from all that had gone on before. In her back the captain's strange peg-leg caused a constant vibration as the large ridges pressed in and out of her body. It sent waves of sensation up her spine, and from there all through her body.

To intensify her slave's pleasure, the captain's hand's slid around Sonja's body. Long fingers began stroking her clit as the first mate slid his meat back and forth, each inward stroke pressing those fingers tight against the upper half of the slave's sex. In the meantime the captain's other hand searched for and found the first mate's swinging balls. She caught them and began to gently fondle them. That proved to be too much for Long John to take.

The first mate let out a low growl and slammed himself in and out of Sonja as fast as he could for a half dozen strokes before his ass clenched and he drove one final time into her. Sperm gushed from his prick, flooding Sonja's insides. Inside her clenching cunt, she could feel him pulsing as she slipped over the edge into her own climax. She latched down on his heavy shoulder muscle with her small white teeth as pleasure racked her body.

Long John spent a half a minute or so soaking inside Sonja, before he staggered backward with a groan, fully depleted, for the moment. Sonja drew in a deep breath as she felt him pull out of her. And then a moan of pleasure as the captain's fingers slid into her vacated channel. In and out the long fingers pumped while the captain's other set fingered her clit expertly. Pleasure lanced through Sonja. She twisted from side to side, firmly impaled on the bulbous dildo.

"Tell me what you want!" the captain ordered her.

Sonja was lost to all sense of self and pride. She had only one thought, one desire. "Fuck me!" She cried out.

"Master!" Peg-leg insisted.

"Fuck me, Master!" Sonja didn't care. She'd say anything to make this moment last.

"Good slave," Captain Peg-leg growled, and started to fuck the hanging red-head with all her might. The slave's slight body swung back and forth as Ukyou pumped her dildo in and out of the red-head's distended ass with as much speed as she could manage and still keep her hands busy in the girl's groin. Inside her harness the lead weights bounced back and forth, sending a pounding vibration through her own groin. Already excited by the situation she soon reached her own peak and rode the crest, waiting. Finally, she felt Sonja clutch around her fingers and give a scream of pleasure. She let loose her own control and let her own orgasm crash through her body. Both girls shuddered in release.               

Ukyou slumped against Sonja's sweat slicked body, hanging on to her in order to keep on her feet. She felt like all the muscle in her body had turned to rubber. "You know, it would be a shame to sell a sex toy this good," she whispered into Sonja's ear. "We'll be keeping you as our cabin girl, where' you'll be serving directly under me and the first mate."

Sonja's smiled at the declaration, then allowed a pleasant darkness to overcome her.

"Oh man, it feels like my cock's halfway down her throat. I think I'm gonna come."

"You ain't the only one. It feels like her pussy is giving my milk my balls dry."

Ai momentarily paused in her oral ministrations as she smiled around the cock in her mouth. She decided to give the rotund, hung lover that had mounted her a real treat. While Ai would admit she didn't have the tightest pussy around, her control over her vaginal muscles was so intense she could lock down on anything in her pussy like a vice if she chose. Many of her previous lovers would pop in a matter of seconds once she started massaging their rods with her pussy. It was like getting a hand job in addition to fucking, all of it at the same time.

"I can't hold off."

"Me either. Ah!"

The men went off simultaneously in her, triggering another orgasm in Ai. They were the first pair that managed to come together at once. Daisuke and his friend had gotten a decent rhythm established, but the one in her mouth popped way before him. While she took the third cock stuffed in her mouth, it took a couple of minutes for Daisuke to come, which finally gave her a long-awaited climax. After that the fourth and third guys hadn't managed to establish anything like a decent rhythm, which ended up doing little for her, despite being stuffed at both ends. They had both popped without her receiving much pleasure from it. They obviously needed a lot more practice. She was pissed off at that, but the third pair was different. At the direction of  'Mr. Clean Up' as Ai had dubbed the self-proclaimed clean up batter, they had gotten a great tempo going. They took her over the top once, and now a second time. They were winning the batting title, as far as she was concerned.

As the two withdrew from her now gaping pussy, Ai realized she wanted even more. She had forgotten how much fun a gang bang could be, and younger guys always came loaded with balls full of sperm. Sometimes it seemed like they could refill immediately after every climax. Gods knew she was leaking enough of the nine loads of testicle produce they had shot into her pussy out into the ground, along with a healthy amount of her own juices.

Her hopes for more action were realized as Daisuke pointed his renewed hard on at her again. However, rather than double-teaming her, he simply stood motionless, staring at her.

She was about to voice a protest when he said to his teammates. "We're going to try to turn a triple play."

"Even Yumi couldn't do that," Seta protested.

"This bitch can," Daisuke said confidently. He pointed at Miki, who had been the oral half of the second pair to 'Double Play' her. "Get under her"

Miki did so, messing up his uniform in the dirt as he slide under Ai with like he was sliding into second. He positioned himself parallel to her, lining up his cock right below her pussy. He grabbed her hips and forced her down into his dick, forcing more sperm and pussy juice out of her flooded loins.

"Seta, you take the mouth." Daisuke ordered as he crouched directly behind Ai's rear.

"Aw, how come I have to take the mouth?" Seta complained.

Daisuke said, "Because I'm captain and take whatever position I want, Miki only had her in the mouth during our double plays while you had her pussy, and you're third in the rotation," He indicated the flaccid state of the other three men.

"Okay." Seta fed Ai his cock, even as she bounced her hips up and down on Miki. Soon she was showing him what deep-throating was all about.

"I take it back, she's got a great mouth," Seta groaned.

Ai would have agreed, but her attention was suddenly riveted to her ass as she stopped bouncing and felt the familiar sensation of the head of something nudge against her starfish. She displayed a true talent for being able to split her attention as she rested on Miki's cock, giving it an internal squeeze, sucked on Seta's cock, and relaxed her ass to allow Daisuke an easier time of it as he took her in the backdoor.

"Damn, nothing like a hot cheerleader that can take it in the ass!" Daisuke hissed as he muscled his way into her rectum. It was a tight fit, but he was like an animal, grunting and almost desperate to feel her tightness clench around his rod. After several minutes, his groin met her ass, and he was all the way inside.

With three guys in her it was slow going, much slower than the frantic motion of when the boys were only working on their double plays, but it was much more satisfying as far as Ai was concerned. Damn near twenty inches of dick combined was jammed into every one of her orifices, and it felt great. Even with the slower pace, the guys were stimulating her from so many directions at once she couldn't help but start to climax. And once the orgasms began, it was hard to stop. They started out small, but built in intensity the longer it went. Soon she was having multiple orgasms, one on top of another. Individually it was satisfying, but combined it became truly a mind-blowing experience.

After some time, she became aware of the guys coming within seconds of one another. There was a brief period when her body was devoid of any cock. Empty of pleasure, Ai whimpered for more, but only briefly as the next three men in the 'rotation', reinvigorated by the sight, stuffed every one of her holes again. Soon she picked up where she left off with a string of climaxes that had her moaning in ecstasy.

All sense of time was lost as the men pumped into her. This was her idea of heaven, a life composed of nothing but an unending chain of orgasms that set off the pleasure centers of her body, leaving room for nothing else.

Then the orgasms stopped. She was vaguely aware of the men removing themselves from her body, falling to the ground in states of complete exhaustion. Ai slumped to the ground as well, satisfied beyond all measure as she curled up in a ball with one thought running through her head.

Life was good.

The effects from the drug began to wear off.

It wasn't a sudden or instantaneous thing. On the contrary, it was a slow and gradual process. Very gradual. Those under the influence eventually lost interest in what they were doing (or were exhausted, like in the case of a couple of pirates and their captive) and began to wander around, dazed, like zombie extras in a Grade B horror film. Their thought processes weren't much better as the details of what they had been doing began to cloud somewhat. Due to the interference of the subliminal commands, many of the background details were blurred, and only events remembered properly were those that the people had been focused on intently. All that happened was almost like a memorable dream, but with much more vivid detail.

And as the minds of people assimilated the information, and their true identities reasserted themselves, they started to become aware.

And then there was light.

Arisa Sanzenin opened her eyes, wondering where she was. She became aware of herself first, of the open air playing across her skin, of a stickiness trickling from her loins down the inside of her legs. Of her breasts, legs, pussy, and nearly every part of her body feeling sore and stretched out.

And a feeling of complete and utter contentment.

It took a second to recall the rest of the details. 'Caveman Akira' had used her body every way he had wanted to, and she had loved every second of it. For a brief while she had become a slut not only in deed, but in mind as well. No wonder Kuonji acted happy so much of the time. Lacking morals or any sense of reservations was liberating.

The sex with Akira this time had been different, much more primal than the last time when he had slowly built her up to a climax with his oral skills and slow, sensuous sex. This time Akira had taken her with nothing but lust, and surprisingly she found it as satisfying as his slow love play. It also revealed a side of Akira she had been unaware of. While he might have acted like a cool and composed customer, underneath he was like any other guy, just waiting to bury his cock in some willing woman. That his animal lust was there, bubbling so close to the surface, meant he would be hers, if not tonight, then soon enough. When the sexy Arisa Sanzenin set her sights on someone, they couldn't resist her. Unless they were gay, and obviously Akira wasn't.

But for now it was time to leave before the real Yuriko broke out of her prison and showed up to reveal Arisa as the imposter. Akira was sitting on the floor against the table, momentarily spent. It was time to make her getaway before he became aroused and took her yet again. It was a pity she had to leave like a thief in the night, since it would have been nice to cuddle with her de facto boyfriend. But there would be time enough for that later, after Kuonji became so disgraced by this public display that he would be too embarrassed to be seen with her ever again.

Arisa pranced her nearly nude body past everyone, amused to see they were so shocked by her behavior that they were milling around in stunned silence. Or they were suffering from hangovers. Maybe someone had spiked the punch again. In any case, her modified plan had been pulled off to perfection.

Life was good for Arisa Sanzenin.

Akira Tendou wandered around through the halls of the school in a daze, his mind only starting to process what had happened. And when it properly did so, he was both amazed and embarrassed. Amazed at what he had just put Ranma-chan through, even if much of it was at Captain… Ms. Kuonji's behest. Akira couldn't excuse himself for going along with everything eagerly. And he wasn't sorry either. That had been some of the best sex of his life. Sonja's… Auntie Ranma's hot, tight pussy had been worth plundering over and over again. While he might have appeared stolid, and loved Silver and Yuriko beyond a shadow of a doubt, lust was an emotion even Akira Tendou was familiar with. And seeing Ranma-chan in her chain mail bikini, then tied up, reacquainted him with the naughty demon he could usually ignore. And he wasn't sorry for it either, not with how sexually satisfied he felt. The only thing he regretted was sounding like a cliché ridden pirate. Luckily no one had been in any condition to laugh at his piratical activities.

Despite the smile taking the little redhead brought to his face, Akira felt too tired to concentrate on it. Actually, he felt too tired to do anything other than sleep. It was time to call it a night. He'd have to find Yuriko and apologize to her. He'd even offer to let her stay behind and entertain herself, but he was too tired to care, and his head hurt a bit and the crotch of his outfit felt sticky.

Akira was passing by a broom closet when he heard a familiar female roar of rage. Wondering what his official girlfriend was up to, he summoned enough concentration to shatter the door handle the chain and lock was wrapped around. With nothing to be anchored to, it was easy to remove them and open the door.

"Why are you in a broom closet, Yuriko? And why are you covered in paint?"

Yuriko looked at her boyfriend through bloodshot eyes filled with rage. "Why the hell didn't you rescue me earlier? Didn't you even notice I was missing?"

"Umm, yes?" At least he was pretty sure he had at some point. Even if he had been… distracted. At the moment, it would probably be best not to mention what had distracted him. In fact, it was probably better to distract Yuriko, before her anger got out of control and she clocked him the way she did Silver. "I didn't expect to find you in a broom closet."

"Idiot!" Yuriko snapped. "I wouldn't mind finding that painter, but she's probably long gone, and I don't feel like humiliating myself by going out in public looking like a giant bloodstain. We're leaving right now! And I'm so pissed off, you'd better just forget about any sex tonight."

"I understand." And was secretly grateful. He didn't think he could get it up for her tonight. There were limits, and Ranma-chan had taken him to them, her greedy pussy milking all the come out of his balls for at least a little while. It was probably just as well his cracks at Ranma-chan were few and far between. He'd kill himself trying to satisfy the eager redhead and his two girlfriends.

But at least he'd die happy.

"There you are."

Ai turned to see Ukyou approaching her. She tried primping herself up, going to the ladies room and trying to wash off all the cum stains and dirt from her body and clothing, but it was no use. The hot ballplayers had splashed her with their sperm eighteen times, and there was no way she could prevent a lot of it from ending up on her, and she had all but been rolling around on a dirt field.. She and her uniform were going to need a thorough washing.

Ukyou examined her lover with a critical eye. "Looks like you had fun."

"I sure did."

"Feeling better?"

"Lots." To prove it, Ai gave Ukyou a passionate kiss.

After breaking off the kiss, Ukyou kept her in a close embrace. "I'm glad. You also taste likes sperm."

"Drank down damn near a gallon of it." Ai made a production of rubbing her stomach. "I hope you found something, or someone, to entertain yourself."

"I did," Ukyou said, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"And who was it with?" Ai chided.

Ukyou went into pirate mode again. "I captured me a wench with both fiery hair and disposition. But I tamed her right proper."

"Ohhhh, you're good at taming hot tempered women," Ai cooed.

"The best," Ukyou boasted.

Ai looked at her mischievously.

"What?" Ukyou asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Oh, nothing." Which was said in a teasing way that meant she was up to something. Ai thought maybe Captain Ukyou might like a chance to kidnap and tame a prideful princess. Ai had the right costume for the job from a previous year's Halloween. Not tonight, of course, she was too tired for any more 'cheering,' but maybe by the end of the week Captain Ukyou could break out her gear and have a little fun.

"The party's breaking up, and I don't want those ballplayers to hang around me and make things uncomfortable," Ai said.

"Let's go, then."

Hand in hand the two headed out of the school and back toward their home, thoughts of a love hotel forgotten.

It was a tired Shampoo-kun that tracked down his airen to the secondary gym. He found her sleeping, curled up in a ball, naked and with come dripping from her pussy and distended ass. Love bites were on her nipples, there were faint marks on her thighs where someone had gripped her tightly, and her bottom was tinged with red, indicating someone had given her a hearty spanking. Any doubts that Ranma-chan had consented to her current state were erased with the soft smile of contentment that was on her pretty features. Shampoo-kun probably would have been jealous, save for the fact he had gotten a piece of Yuriko's hot little ass. Curiously, she had been tighter than usual, and more talkative, but a hot lay, as always.

With Ranma-chan lying there so cute, he couldn't help but feel a warmth steal over him rather than any jealousy. Still, he couldn't leave her lying there, though it would serve the woman right if everyone saw her naked and used with the way she had been flaunting her body and flirting earlier. It would be a testament to dickteases everywhere to behave themselves, lest the same fate befall them. It almost made Shampoo-kun want to be a dicktease.

Tearing off the top of the borrowed caveman outfit, Shampoo-kun fashioned an even smaller bikini than the chain mail one. Under different circumstances, and had he more energy, Shampoo-kun would have been tempted to add his come to Ranma-chan's puffy lips, but his hunger had been satiated, and for his airen to have been so soundly asleep, she probably had at least two fairly virile people working her over with everything they had to leave her in such an exhausted, satisfied state.

The caveman lifted up his lover in his arms. As he did so, Ranma-chan's eyes fluttered open. She recognized Shampoo-kun, despite the locks hiding his face, and leaned over to kiss him.

"Love you," she murmured before snuggling deeply into his arms once again.

"Wo ai ne, airen," Shampoo-kun said softly, kissing her forehead.

"What do you mean no one remembers Kuonji being at the party?" Arisa shouted.

Saionji shrugged as he admired the morning sunrise from the window of the student council chambers, signaling the start of another day of school. "Apparently someone spiked the punch with a hallucinogenic, leaving most people in a state of mind that didn't allow for them to notice anything other than what they were doing. Even the teachers were caught up in it. Mr. Arikawa seemed extremely happy. I believe he was dressed as a baseball player, and even said to me he was sorry he wasn't younger so he could join a team. I myself was… distracted by a couple of lovely ladies that wanted a gentleman to treat them in a genteel manner."

"But she was getting fucked right in front of everyone!"

"Hardly the only such case, as near as I can tell from the vague rumors I've heard, and hardly the most memorable. Evidently there was a tentacle beast that had his way with a few girls, and you don't want to know what a cowboy did to a horse. Very disturbing, by all accounts, even if a girl was playing the rear of the animal."

"But it's not fair," Arisa whined.

"And what were you up to, pray tell?" Saionji asked.

"Just hanging out with friends. I didn't have any of the punch," Arisa said, quickly changing the subject "We need to talk about school fund raisers. We'll worry about Kuonji later."

"Capital idea," Saionji said.

Daisuke and his fellow ballplayers strode the halls of Furinkan a though they owned them, and in Daisuke's mind, he did, at least in a social sense. He all but strutted about as he displayed himself before his fellow students, chin held high.

"I don't know which to do first, rub Yakumo's face in us bagging Kuonji as our 'team liaison', or try to grab a quickie from our hot little blonde," Daisuke pondered.

"Getting a piece of Kuonji's ass," the others said almost as one.

"Ah, there she is now." Daisuke pointed at Yuriko as he spotted her next to her locker. "Since I'm captain, I get first crack at her. If you'll excuse me, gentlemen."

The others grunted their disapproval, but accepted it, watching with eager eyes as Daisuke approached the busty blonde.

Daisuke introduced himself by putting his hand up the back of Yuriko's skirt. "Hey there, Babe. Want a quick roll behind the bleachers before classes start?"

Yuriko turned and gave him a sweet smile. "I was thinking of breaking your hand instead." Before Daisuke could react, Yuriko grabbed the offending hand, twisted the wrist and spun it so the hand was at the open door of her locker. With her other hand she slammed the metal door on it.

Daisuke yelled out in pain and withdrew his hand, holding it as his eyes teared up in pain.

Yuriko grabbed him by his collar and brought him close. "Listen up, because this warning will not be repeated a third time. I told you not to breathe a word of that little event to anyone, and you are not to touch me. Next time I really will break your hand, and other parts you value."

"Buh… buh… but." Daisuke's protest died on his lips. He had a bad feeling Yuriko would make good on her threat if he said another word. He sighed in resignation and headed for the nurse's office to have his hand looked at. Once again he had an upper hand that no one knew about, and the hottest lay in the school was threatening to kill him.

It really sucked to be Daisuke.


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