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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Sequel to 'The Problems With Getting Off'

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Author's notes: This takes place slightly more than a month after 'The Problems With Getting Off.' (Side story to Jim's 'Realities' Series) Lots more lemony goodness inside. I will warn you there are two very brief semi-yaoi (when involving gender cursed characters, the line is blurred) scenes in here. One that's standalone that I'll warn with a [Yaoi] so the squeamish can skip it. The other one is mixed in a scene, but brief. And yes, they are necessary to the plot, such as it is. I would say for those that are usually turned off by it, I don't think you're going to be offended and that since most of the action is 'normal' (a relative term here), it's still worth reading.

Lemon Warning: Very graphic descriptions.  Read at your own discretion, and if you are under the age of consent in your area, DON’T READ THIS AT ALL.

Striking a pose that would make most men drool in lust, Yuriko Kuonji examined herself closely in the full length mirror that stood in her room, admiring how she appeared in her new swimsuit. While it was true the outfit was very risqué by her standards, she felt she had little choice. Sometimes risks had to be taken, and extreme measures called for. That and there was no way she'd let so perfect an opportunity to capture the interest of the man of her dreams (idiot that he was) pass her by.

The outfit was perfect. If it didn't catch that blind fool, Ryo Hibiki's attention, nothing would. Hell, if he didn't follow her around like a lost puppy the entire time, she'd be convinced he was gay, and the only reason he came onto Silver Saotome was because he was secretly attracted to her guy half and was only acting like a babbling idiot to her face as a means of camouflage.

She snickered to herself. Now that painted an interesting picture. She could just envision the massive six-foot-plus Ryo towering over Silver in her male cursed form, both of them naked. Ryo would stand behind Silver-kun's back, running his hands over the brash irritant's taunt muscles lining his chest and shoulders. Slowly his hands would drift down to the Silver-kun's pelvis, grasping hold of-

Yuriko shook her head, disrupting the image she had been picturing in her mind. Where on Earth had that come from? True, she thought both her longtime friends were extremely attractive, and she had entertained certain fantasies about both of them worshipping her body, ravaging her mercilessly (not that she would ever admit such to either, and strike them hard and repeatedly should they imply she had such thoughts), but never had she imagined the two of them paying attention to each other instead of her. It was odd, not only the fantasy itself, but that she thought it highly erotic, if her heightened breathing and the flush that had come over her was any indication.

"Silver's perversions must be rubbing off on me," Yuriko belatedly moaned. She threw on a dark blue top and tan shorts. White clothing was out of the question since the black of her swimsuit would be obvious through it and give away the surprise she had in store for her companions. Packing up the rest of her items in a couple of travel bags, she threw one over her shoulder by its strap and took another in hand, then headed out to the front of her home to wait for her ride.

It was going to be a fun day at the beach, Yuriko told herself. When Silver had approached her earlier in the week with the idea of going on a trip to the seashore over the weekend, the oldest Kuonji daughter had immediately become suspicious. Most likely it was some twisted scheme on the randy girl's part to trick her into engaging in some sort of deviant sexual activity, and she was only using the beach as a pretext to get Yuriko alone so she could be molested in private. But when Silver said that Akira Tendou would be going with them, that eased her suspicions somewhat. And when Silver threw in the fact she had enticed Ryo Hibiki into coming along, Yuriko enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity.

Once the initial excitement was over and the matter settled in her mind, Yuriko felt a bit of trepidation at how quickly and eagerly she had wanted to go along. Of course, the beach was fun and she hadn't been there all year. And it would be nice to frolic in the ocean and work on her tan, but the deciding factor had been Ryo. Rather than accept it was because she was hot for him (since she was above such base things, no matter what Silver contended), she assured herself it was merely to protect him from that sleazy tramp, who just happened to unfortunately be Yuriko's best friend. The poor boy had been taken in my Silver's charms and loose morals (it figured the bastard would go for a slut, just like every other male that breathed air). No doubt all it would take was a smile and a shake of Silver's butt and Ryo would make the mistake of his life by throwing himself at her, (and when did Silver ever turn down an opportunity to get it on with any handsome stud like him)? instead of throwing himself at someone who was equally as good-looking and would actually respect him afterwards.

So, Yuriko decided she was going along to protect him from Silver's wiles by whatever means possible, even if it meant seducing him herself. It just showed how far she was willing to go out for the big, dumb blockhead who was too much of a blind twit to see the wonderful, nice, even tempered, attractive, non-slutty, stacked girl that was right in front of him and instead wanted a somewhat passingly attractive (okay, gorgeous) brash, amoral, hell-raising trollop that would use him and discard him once she grew bored with her boy-toy. But like most males, he did his thinking with something located far lower than his brain, and its one eye had settled on a silver target instead of a blonde one, the stupid bastard. Sometimes she wondered why she was willing to go to such lengths to protect Ryo from himself. Hell, there was the added problem of allowing him to spend time with Silver in general. Some of the cursed girl's perversions might rub off on him, and make things a whole heck of a lot more interesting with a sexually aggressive Hibiki to deal with.

Ha! Like that would ever happen. The man was about as aggressive as a eunuch. It was about as likely as that living icon of restraint, Akira Tendou, to become a raging hormone driven sex machine. Maybe that would be Silver's plan for this trip, Yuriko thought with amusement. Perhaps she was planning to pervert the boys and get them to help triple team a poor, sweet, innocent girl like Yuriko…

No. She definitely wasn't going there.

She looked at her watch. Her companions were late. She was the last to be picked up, since her home was located the farthest away and was closest to the highway they would take to the shore, but they could have had the decency to show up on time.

As Yuriko sat there, thinking unsavory thoughts about Silver, she found her anger rapidly evaporating. Involuntarily, she re-questioned her assessment of Silver's motives. If her plan was to lure Ryo between her legs, would she have invited Akira and Yuriko along? Maybe, but probably not. And with that thought in mind, Yuriko began to consider that perhaps she was judging her best friend too harshly, and Silver was unquestionably her best friend. Events over the last few weeks had proven that, especially after the Veridan Bain incident. Without a moment's hesitation, Silver had risked her life and suffered bodily harm to protect Yuriko from possible death. After matters had been settled, rather than complain or rub in the fact that she had saved the blonde's life (as many others would have done), Silver didn't mention it at all. The one time Yuriko confronted her about it, Silver just offered a shrug and said, "You're my friend. I'd never let anything bad happen to you," and walked off without a backward glance. The blasé matter in which it was stated made Yuriko see her friend in a new light. It astonished her that to Silver, risking her life and suffering an injury for a friend was as automatic as breathing and not worth a second thought.

And it had served to make Yuriko feel guilty as well. She was uncertain she would have done the same had their situations been reversed and Silver had been the one that needed protecting, and she knew damn well she wouldn't have been so unhesitant about doing it. Likewise she would have rubbed it in Silver's face at every opportunity afterwards. The guilt, linked with the outright debt she felt to her friend, had made Yuriko feel compelled to repay Silver the only way she knew how: with her body. But when she strongly hinted such to Silver -the girl who could find sexual innuendo in an eighty-year old nun's comments about the weather- the cursed girl behaved as though it went over her head and left Yuriko standing there alone and untouched.

The perceived rejection hurt Yuriko more than she would have thought, until she confided her fears in Akira and he explained that it was merely Silver letting Yuriko know in a roundabout way that she owed her nothing. It was a remarkable show of character and restraint Yuriko hadn't known existed in her friend, and made her think more highly of her than ever.

Yes, she was judging Silver too hastily. This jaunt to the beach was no doubt exactly what it appeared to be on the surface: a trip among friends to kick back, relax, and have a good time. Now if only they would arrive and pick her up.

It was a half hour later, with Yuriko about to call Silver's house to find out if they were still going, when she saw a green sport's utility vehicle turn the corner and head in the direction of her house. As it drew close, Yuriko could make out a couple of surfboards and beach umbrellas strapped to the top rack. It took the blonde a moment to identify it as one of SCHAFT's new top of the line models they had just started selling to the public last month. It was reputed to be the best in the world and cost an outrageous fortune. As it drew closer, she could make out the forms of a male Silver in the passenger's side and Akira driving. How in the world had Silver gotten her hands on one of those?

"Probably stole it. I just know we're going to spend the entire weekend having to elude the police and be on the run," Yuriko muttered under her breath.

The SUV pulled up with a roar in front of Yuriko.

Silver-kun's head popped out of the rolled down window. "Hop on in!" he shouted over the roar of the motor, which sounded exceptionally loud to the blonde.

Casting fears and doubts aside, Yuriko grabbed her bags. Opened the rear passenger door, and hopped in, making sure the bags were clear of the door before closing it. Heart racing with excitement, she turned and gave a seductive "Hi," as she turned a starry-eyed gaze to her sole companion in back.

"Why hello to you too, Miss Kuonji," the husky voice of Hinako Himemiya greeted back.


"Quick. Take off before she tries jumping out," Silver-kun hissed to Akira.

Akira released a tired sigh as he reluctantly gunned the engine and headed down the street and toward the freeway.

Yuriko reached over the passenger's seat and made a grab for Silver-kun's throat. The cursed girl casually snatched the hands by the wrists before they could make it to their intended target. Idly, Silver-kun twisted around so he could look his friend in the eye. "Calm your ass down, Yu-chan."

"Where's Ryo, and why is she coming along with us?! This is another one of your perverted schemes to seduce me, isn't it?!"

Silver-kun let out a tired sigh. "Are you going to give me a chance to explain, or do I have to tie you up so you'll listen?"

A sudden vision of a classroom with a certain teacher being tied up and punished for her haughty attitude suddenly filled Yuriko's mind. "I'll be good." she quickly said going limp.

"Cool." Silver-kun released his hold on her wrists and allowed her to sit down again. "Now, if you'd have given me a chance to explain, you would have discovered what's going on."

"Which is?"

"Ryo got sick and couldn't come. He was in real bad shape. I thought he was going to puke up his liver or something."

"A likely story," Yuriko harrumphed.

"No. It's true. I saw him myself when we went to pick him up," Akira assured her.

"Oh." That eased Yuriko's suspicions, somewhat. Silver-kun probably would deceive her in some way to make things go the way he wanted, but Akira wouldn't. Still, one of the main reasons Yuriko had wanted to come along wasn't going to be present, and that soured her mood considerably. A brief fantasy came to her of staying behind to nurse Ryo back to health.

Akira sighed, "Had to change my shoes too with the way he hurled all over them. I think I ought to just get rid of them."

"Yeah. They were really trashed. I'm not surprised. His whole room had that 'puke' smell in it. Made me nauseous as well."

Okay. Maybe Yuriko would allow Ryo to get better on his own without her getting underfoot. He'd be too sick to appreciate her help anyway. She would stick around, at least probably, since there was something else that needed clearing up. "That's all fine and good, but it doesn't answer the question of why she's here?" she pointed to Hinako.

Silver-kun said, "Since Ryo wasn't able to come along, I thought it'd be nice to invite Hinako instead. She doesn't get to travel too much, and never with anyone else, so I thought she might want to enjoy a day at the beach with the three of us." Silver-kun gained a sly look in his eye. "And since we're all in 'the know' about her, I figured there wouldn't be any complications in bringing her along, like there would have been if Ryo had come."

Yuriko laughed nervously about that, but said nothing.

Hinako gave Silver-kun a grateful look. "Thank you ever so much for asking me along, Silver-sama. It's going to be wonderful to spend a whole day with you and Akira-kun. It's been more than a week since we've had any time together. I thought you were losing interest in me."

Yuriko noted there was a hint of fearfulness in the last part, almost as though it was as much a question as a comment. But Silver-kun gave Hinako a lustful look and said, "No chance of that. Believe me when I say I'm probably more interested in you than ever."

Hinako's gratitude changed to open fawning, which made Yuriko squirm uncomfortably. It was so bizarre seeing her English teacher, who was easily one of the most commanding people she had ever met, all but gushing over any compliment Silver gave. While it was true that since that fateful day, when Yuriko had watched her best friend break the teacher in and made her all but the younger girl's sex slave, Hinako had become an almost pleasant teacher that only turned bitchy when confronted with real cases of delinquency, it was still a far cry from her normal classroom manner, which was still authoritative and commanding. To have her turn to mush and fall all over herself directing adoration to Silver, well, it was a far weirder situation than anything Yuriko could have come up with.

Silver-kun turned to the blonde again. "So, I don't see any reason why we need to call things off. Still, if having Hinako along makes you feel too uncomfortable, we can turn around and drop you back home. I'm not going to force you along, but I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say I'd really like you to stay. It's your call."

With all eyes turned to her, or in Akira's case, his ears since he was watching the road, Yuriko squirmed uncomfortably. She hated to be the party pooper, and she did really want to go the beach. Just because things weren't exactly as she had expected and Ryo wasn't along was no reason to sit around her home and do nothing but mope around. And she could have a much more relaxing time without worrying about keeping Ryo out of Silver's hands.

"Give me some fun in the sun," Yuriko declared as she kicked back and rested comfortably in her seat, locking her hands behind her head.

"We'll see what we can arrange," Silver-kun said, the sly look returning to his eye and making Yuriko uneasy again.

Deciding to change the subject, Yuriko asked, "So, where did you get this SUV? Did you steal it?"

"Actually Akira's the one who came up with the mode of transportation." Silver-kun cast the driver a suspicious glance. "I've been grilling him about it since he showed up to pick me up in it. So, Akira, where did you get it?"

Casting a look in the rearview mirror and seeing he had everyone's attention, he gave a slow, "I, ah, won it."

"Some contest," Yuriko said, now glad she was no longer the center of attention, as well as curious as to how he had won it.

"What sort of contest?" Silver-kun asked, unwilling to let the subject go.

"A tough one."

"Same one you got the Ferrari in?"

"You own a Ferrari?" Yuriko gasped.

"Yep. He didn't even have the decency to tell me about it. I just stumbled on him in it when he was driving through town one day. It's a heavy customized job. Has one of those new special Hydrogen fuel injection systems. State of the art sound system. It's even got fancy leather seats, like this piece of work. Upholstery's nice on the flesh, though. It doesn't chafe your backside," Silver-kun said smoothly. "It costs more than your parents restaurant would make in a year."

"I hope you're not engaged in something illegal." There was clear concern in Hinako's voice rather than the threat of draining if he should admit to his delinquency.

"Nothing like you mean," he assured them.

Silver-kun would have none of that. "You've been showing up with a lot of expensive stuff lately. Nice tailor-made suits. Rolex watch. A clock."

"Lot's of people own clocks."

"Not one's made with a platinum casing and one of those century long energy cells. Your mom mentioned you got her several expensive kimonos for her birthday. The ultra-expensive kind."

"She deserves the best."

"True, but that's not the point. Where does a mere unemployed college student get the kind of money to buy all those things?"

Akira shifted uncomfortably. "I swear to you I've won all of them in fair competition."

Silver-kun snickered. "Akira. You have got to learn how to lie good if you want to hide things. Being evasive just gets people more interested."

"You mean like you usually do?" he asked.

That made the cursed girl scoff. "I don't lie. I merely bend the truth into what I want."

That he managed to say it without the faintest hint of sincerity in his voice was the only reason Yuriko didn't call him to task.

When it became evident Akira would say no more on the subject, Silver-kun eventually said, "Fine. Be that way. Just make sure we don't change roles and it's me who ends up having to haul your ass out of the fire instead of the other way around."

"Like I usually do," he said with a smile.

Silver-kun held his finger up warningly. "I'm only letting it slide for now since we're going to have fun today, and we're using your spoils to get there."

"You're all heart," Akira said dryly.

With the matter settled, Yuriko decided to relax and more carefully look her traveling companions over.

Akira was driving the vehicle with practiced ease. He wore a loose fitting white shirt with the painting of a seagull flying over a vast expanse of ocean on the front. His shorts were blue, and came down to midway over his upper legs. The way the sun shone through the windshield highlighted his handsome features and made it easy to understand how he had acquired the name 'Heartbreaker Tendou' in high school. Many women had wanted him but he had only gone out with a precious few, and never for very long. He was one of the few guys that might actually have been more attractive than Silver when she was in her cursed form, though to Yuriko's knowledge he had never turned on the charm and tried to seduce any women with his appearance the way Silver did. Akira possessed in air of quiet stoicism and confidence, as opposed to the brash and cocky attitude Silver displayed. They might both have been equally sexual appealing and drew women to them, almost against a female's will, but it was for drastically different reasons.

Akira was a very attractive specimen of the male of he species. A couple of years ago, Yuriko had even developed something of a crush on him, right around the time when she started to realize that boys could be something other than constantly annoying and yucky. Akira had always treated her nicely and was considerate of her feelings. All she managed to do was blush and act shy around him (which also mirrored a considerably less arrogant Silver's behavior at the time), and never said a word of her feelings. After all, he was three years older and would have no interest in someone so young. Eventually, she got over it, and as time went on, became interested in another male friend closer to her age: Ryo Hibiki, who managed the nearly impossible task of being more irritating than Silver in some ways, most of them in connection with his ignorance of her obvious interest.

Still, looking over an even more handsome and mature Akira, Yuriko didn't feel the slightest bit of shame over her old crush. He was everything a girl would want in a man, affecting even the raucous Saotome in a way no other could. He was the only one Silver would listen to outside of her immediate family, reluctantly acquiescing to any demand he gave, though he only issued such if it was painfully obvious Silver's judgment had completely failed and she would be certain to end up in serious trouble.

Yuriko sighed. Silver didn't understand just how lucky she was in having someone as incredibly nice and attractive as Akira looking out for her. Not that Yuriko needed anyone to look out for her, since she always exercised good judgment and never got into trouble that wasn't Silver's fault, but having someone looking out for her would have been comforting. In a way, it was a pity Silver had him so effectively wrapped around her finger, otherwise Yuriko would have been tempted to hit on Akira herself. She was no longer the young and still developing fourteen-year old, but a very busty, long-legged, seventeen year old blonde that nature had been extraordinarily generous with. She might have even been better looking than her 'father' Ai Konjou had been in her prime. Yuriko wagered if she turned her attentions to Akira, he wouldn't ignore her and would respond in kind. Yes, it was very lucky for Silver she got him first.

Yuriko turned her attention to the person sitting next to her. Miss Hinako Himemiya. The surprise (which Yuriko still had not decided if it was pleasant or not) was sitting comfortably in her seat, occasionally casting glances of affection towards the back of Silver-kun's head. She was dressed in a tight fitting white top that had buttons down the front, the top three being left undone and showing off the tops of her ample bosom. Through the thin white material, Yuriko could see pink around the center to the bottom of her breasts, and realized that the color of her swimsuit was peaking through the material. Her tan shorts were very small, and rode high up her thigh, showing a generous amount of long and visually appealing leg. Examining it more closely, Yuriko thought the muscles looked even fitter than the last time she had seen it (and a great deal more), as though Hinako had started working out intently.

Turing her attention to her final companion, Yuriko shook her head sadly as she checked out Silver-kun's ensemble. He was wearing a muscle shirt that molded tightly to his frame. Whereas he wasn't as muscular as Ryo, Silver's male body was more compact than Akira's, and his own well-honed frame made him more than a turn on. He wore a pair of black shorts just as tight as Hinako's, and Yuriko found her eyes roaming over the rock hard muscles of his legs with very close interest.

Her admiration was broken off as an errant thought occurred to her. "Why are you a guy?"

Silver-kun scoffed. "I learned the same lesson my folks did early on. When you're no more than twenty yards away from the largest body of water on the face of the planet, you don't pretend for one second you aren't going to get splashed." He shot Yuriko a playful glance. "Why the concern? Prefer looking me over as a girl instead of a guy?"


"So you prefer checking me out when I'm a guy as opposed to a girl?"

"Yes." It took Yuriko a moment to realize what she had said. Quickly she blurted out, "I mean no. Quit twisting things around to make me sound perverted."

"Hey now. I've never thought of you as perverted," Silver-kun assured her.

"Oh, well, thanks." Yuriko appreciated the comment, until she realized Silver's standards of what defined 'perverted' were considerably lower than the majority of the population.

Silver-kun said. "Don't feel ashamed. Hinako likes checking me out as a guy. She gets real, real, enthusiastic about it." He began leering again.

"I've come to enjoy your female body as well," the teacher assured him.

He shook his head. "I know, but you like it more when I'm a guy."

"Maybe a little," she sheepishly admitted.

"It's okay," he told her, "Everyone's got their preferences. And lucky for you and me, I'm adaptable to any preference that doesn't involve something that crawls on four legs. Hahaha!"

Seeing Saotome so cocky about his prowess, Yuriko decided to see if she could throw a wrench in his depraved bragging. "I hear you've been cutting back in your trampish ways. I haven't heard one girl complain about you using them and tossing them aside like you usually do."

"I don't use people anymore than they use me," Silver-kun said with more than a hint of anger in his voice.

Yuriko shifted uncomfortably. It was true. Silver-kun always tended to be up front about things being nothing more than one-night stands with most of the girls he had dated. More than a handful changed their minds about going out with him, or about how far to go with him, when they learned they stood no chance of enticing him into something more long term, even if he really was a girl. And she had overheard conversations among some girls about how they really only went out with Silver-kun for a 'good time' and scoffed at the idea of going out with him for any other reason. Oddly, that attitude tended to anger Yuriko for reasons that escaped her.

"Okay, I concede that," Yuriko said.

That eased Silver-kun somewhat. "You're right about me not going out too much with anyone else, though." He cast an affectionate glance to the woman behind the driver's side. "Hina-chan's a high maintenance kind of gal, and she takes up a lot of my energy. I don't pay attention to her, and she might decide to hook up with some other stud that'll treat her like the hot-looking bitch that she is."

"I would never do that." Hinako's insisted. "You're the only one who knows how to handle me right."

Silver-kun was blasé. "You say that now, but what about in three years when I hit the big 'two-oh'? You'll probably lose interest and go after some other horny teenager since I'll be old and over the hill."

"Never!" There was a hint of fear in Hinako's voice at the perceived accusation.

Silver-kun seemed to pick up on it as well. "Relax. I'm just teasing." He assured her.

"Well, it wasn't amusing," Hinako said somewhat primly.

"I thought it was. After all, you'd have to be completely nuts to dump a hottie like me."

A snort escaped Yuriko's lips.

Silver-kun seemed to slip into a more serious demeanor. "There was something else that happened a while back that sort of got me to thinking. There was this girl that asked me out. It was kind of obvious what she wanted to do, since she mentioned a certain motel we could use afterwards. Well, since I had my hands full between Akira and Hinako, I knew I sort of wouldn't be able to be all that good on going out with her, and to be honest, I just wasn't much in the mood. She was cute enough and all, but something was missing. So I turned her down. She looked surprised and pretty depressed about it, so I decided to mention that this guy I knew she was interested in had broken up with his girlfriend, and thought she should ask him out. She got real excited about that and said she would. And then it happened. I said she could probably have a good time with him at that motel, and she just gave me this funny look and said she couldn't take him there. I asked her why, and she got this heartstruck look in her eyes and said that he wasn't the sort of person you took to somewhere like that. He was worth keeping around.

"Okay, now I'll be the first to admit I always said I wasn't interested in much other than showing a girl a good time, and having it all over with by the time the date was finished, but having her come out and say it, like I wasn't even worth considering being in a longer term relationship, kind of bothered me. I stopped and got to really thinking about things, and I sort of realized that I didn't really want to be thought of in those terms. I never put a lot of importance in what other people thought of me, I know I'm unconventional and I just don't hold too many opinions above my own, but now, for the first time in a long while, how other people viewed me bothered me. I guess I sort of brought it on myself with my behavior, but I still didn't like it.

"And then I started wondering exactly why I did what I did, something I hadn't done before since, I admit, I go mostly by instinct and don't always think things through the way I should, or question myself as to why I'm doing things. But this time, I started thinking about exactly why I was so eager to seduce so many different people into bed, besides the fact I enjoyed the sex. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I got that it might have been overcompensation for the fact I ugly when I was younger."

"You weren't ugly," Akira insisted. Yuriko nodded vehemently in agreement.

"I was tall, skinny, and had a small chest until just before I got to sixteen and started to fill out," Silver-kun said. "It might not have been so obvious when I was a guy, since that's not that horribly a look for them, but that's the way I was."

"That didn't make you ugly. Maybe average at the worst. And I always thought you were cute," Akira insisted.

Silver-kun let out a sigh. "Akira, it's not how others think you look, it's how you feel you look. You think you're unattractive, it's almost impossible to overcome. The truth doesn't matter. Just look at Hinako. She thought she was having problems picking up guys because she of her age, but actually she was really scaring guys off by giving off bad vibes and being a total bitch. She was dissuading them away with her attitude, not because of looks."

"I still think my age was part of it," Hinako insisted.

"Maybe," Silver-kun succeeded. "But if so, it was lucky for us most men are stupid, or we might not have hooked up."

"True." Hinako stretched out slightly, thrusting her chest forward in her paramour's direction.

Silver-kun's return smile was warm, but the serious demeanor remained. "Anyway, I felt ugly. I mean, just look at my parents. They're attractive no matter what sex they are. Hell, my father was a lot better looking as a girl than I was, so you can imagine what that did to my sense of worth growing up. I wanted to be as beautiful as them, and I wasn't turning out that way in the least. But then I went on that extended training trip right before I hit sixteen, and finally puberty caught up to me. I stopped growing up and grew outward. My bust started getting bigger, I packed on the muscle and developed all the feminine curves I had ever wanted, just like that story about the ugly duckling. It was like a dream come true. It was one of the things I wanted most in the world, so when I got back, I damn well used my new looks to their fullest. I was confident, maybe even a little cocky, but I relished all the attention the guys and gals gave me. And when I got seduced for the first time, and really enjoyed it, I went a little wild. I can admit it. I just couldn't, and didn't want to say no to anyone, at least female, since I didn't want Akira to get jealous, even if he was refusing to respond to my advances towards him and not taking care of my physical needs." He shot Akira a pointed look

"Some of us like taking things slowly," Akira said without a hint of remorse in his voice.

Silver-kun sniffed back at him. "Anyway, I got to admit, it really gave my ego a boost, getting all of that attention, and I seemed to do a good job and never left my partners disappointed. Having a girl's body really helps with knowing just where to get the right spots. So it's not like I think I'm losing my touch or anything. But lately, I don't know. I haven't been enjoying carousing as much as I used to. It's not like I regret what I've done, just that it seems kind of, I don't know, pointless now."

"I know the feeling," Hinako said sympathetically. "I was the same way when I worked up the courage to have sex, despite my condition. At first it was wonderful, and I engaged in it regularly and enjoyed it immensely. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. But after a while, it started to become flat and boring. I wanted something more when the newness wore off. I wanted something more than physical, something that wasn't meaningless." She gave Silver-kun a pointed stare.

He snapped his fingers. "That's the word I was looking for. Meaningless. The sex might be nice, but it's meaningless. I'm kind of tired of that, and I think I'm going to put that stuff behind me. I don't even miss going out on dates with others anymore. Of course, it helps now that I've got something better with my partners now." He looked towards Yuriko. "Not that you were ever in that category, Yu-chan. The sex with you was never meaningless to me, and I'll be happy to do you again, so you don't got to worry abut that."

"I wasn't really concerned about that!" Yuriko crossed her arms in a huff. And just when it looked like Silver-kun might have gotten a little bit of that rampaging ego under control, he just had to blurt out something like that that made her squirm uncomfortably.

That seemed to end the serious talk as everyone settled back down and began enjoying the ride. Silence reigned as Yuriko watched the scenery go by at an impressive speed. She had to admit, the SUV rode as smoothly as any vehicle she had traveled in. The temperature was just right. There was plenty of space in the back and the seats were plush and comfortable. The vehicle was incredibly expensive. It was the sort of feeling she thought she could become used to. A pity it was Akira's car, and she would be lucky if she had the opportunity to travel in it again.

After about ten minutes, Silver-kun turned around and said, "It's going to take a little while to get there. You two might want to relax if you want. I've got some drinks up here if you're thirsty. And there's plenty of room back there if you want take a nap. You can even sixty-nine each other if you want."

"Silver!" Yuriko shouted, an involuntary image of doing just that springing to mind, thanks to Silver's suggestion.

"Actually, I think I will," Hinako said.

Yuriko's eyes bulged almost wide enough to fall out of their sockets. Silver-kun turned as far around as he could, leering lasciviously. Akira continued driving, eyes fixed firmly on the road.

Seeing the reaction she had gained, Hinako added, "I meant take a nap."

"I knew that," Yuriko said, as she gave far too hearty laugh

"I did too," Silver-kun said, turning back around as though nothing had happened.

"As did I, and I'm not lying about it like everyone else is," Akira said, eyes remaining forward and somehow managing not to smile.

"I was up late last night grading papers," Hinako continued. "By the way, Miss Kuonji, you received a ninety-three on your last test. You've made an impressive turnaround since the start of the year. If you continue to do this well, you might even manage to bring your grade up to an A."

Silver-kun turned around again to talk to the Hinako. "Heh. I bet Yu-chan's grades have improved a lot since I got her involved in that special 'after-school tutoring session' me and you gave her."

Yuriko gasped and swore she felt her whole body blush. "I still can't believe you made me participate in that debauchery."

Silver-kun's eyes narrowed almost dangerously. "I'm not the one who stuck her nose in where it didn't belong."

"It…it was an accident. I just stumbled onto things," Yuriko said hesitantly.

"Accidents don't last forty five minutes until the show is over," Silver-kun said in a low voice. "That was supposed to be a private matter that you eavesdropped on. I had to find a way to make sure you kept your mouth shut. If you let anything about this affair slip out, Hina-chan would lose her job and my parents would either ground me for life or try sending me off to a convent."

Yuriko's voice lost some of its resolve. "There were other ways you could have secured my silence."

"But none so pleasurable as making you an accomplice." Silver-kun's voice turned low and husky. "And don't even try telling me you didn't enjoy it. You got off on it big time."

Yuriko's blush doubled, mostly because, as hard as it was to admit it, Silver-kun was right. It had been one of the hottest experiences of her life, being handled in such a manner by more than one partner, even if it further called into question her sexual orientation. Even the memory of it aroused her, especially since Silver-kun had brought it back to her attention. It was made worse by the fact that the two other participants were within five feet of her, and having someone as handsome as Akira nearby only added fuel to the fire smoldering in her loins. She forced down the memory. Now was not the time to think about such things.

"Perhaps. I think I'm going to rest too," she finally conceded, hoping Silver-kun would let the matter rest.

He did so, returning to looking out front windshield again.

Relaxing at last, Yuriko laid back against the corner where the seat met the side of the car, and stretched out. She saw that Hinako had done the same, grabbing one of the beach towels from in back and using it as a makeshift pillow and already closing her eyes She had stretched out as best she could. Yuriko's gaze traveled down to Hinako's long legs. They were slightly tan, indicating she had spent time at least some time outdoors. Also, a closer look at her calves showed good definition and muscle tone there, better than the last time she had taken notice of them, during the 'tutorial' Silver-kun had given. They looked even more sensual than before. It was probably lucky for the teacher that Silver-kun wasn't in back, Yuriko noted, for given the pose Hinako was in now, she had little doubt cursed girl would have jumped the older woman right there and she would have gotten no rest whatsoever.

Yuriko rested her own head back in a similar pose to Hinako's. The gentle motion of the car, combined with the pleasant temperature and the passing of all the excitement generated over the change in plans, had served to tire the blonde. Over fifteen minutes passed as her lids grew heavy and the world seemed to grow narrower. They were almost closed completely when something cut across their vision. Ever so slightly, Yuriko regained awareness, though left her eyes narrow slits.

"I think they're asleep now," came Silver-kun's voice, unusually quiet, which woke Yuriko up further. When her best friend spoke softly, he was almost certainly up to no good.

"Lucky them." Akira spoke in the same quiet tones.

"Aww, you look so lonely, having to drive by yourself. Don't worry. I'll stay up with you."


The conversation seemed casual enough, which eased Yuriko somewhat since she had seemed to have misjudged the situation. She had decided to try to get some rest again when she saw Silver-kun's hand make its way over into Akira's seat. From her angle, all Yuriko could really see was the arm stretched across, though it was obvious it had to have been in Akira's lap.

Yuriko thought she heard the sound of a zipper being worked. She continued listening intently.

Akira said, "Ah, what are you doing?"

"I thought it was pretty obvious." Silver-kun's voice came back. "I've neglected you for five days, poor boy. Don't you need a little relief?"

Akira cleared his throat. "Well, yes, but I am driving. Ahhh."

Yuriko watched as, unbelievably, the arm began making small up and down motions that could mean only one thing. Surprisingly, rather than being appalled, Yuriko found herself fascinated.

"Part of the Anything Goes School of Martial Art's basic tenants is the ability to maintain concentration under even the most adverse of conditions. I wouldn't think a little something like this would make you unfit to drive. All you have to do is concentrate on the vehicle, and leave the rest of the driving, of you, to me."

"Well, yes. I suppose you're right."

"Besides, this might be the only action you get from me today, given who's in back. I want a little bit of you to myself, if that's not too much to ask."

"It's not." There was a hint of discomfort in Akira's voice.

"You're not uncomfortable doing it this way?" Silver-kun asked.

"Not with you, no."

"Good. Now keep your eyes on the road, and let me know if it gets to be too much for you. Wouldn't want anything untoward happening to one of my favorite parts of you if the car jerks and my jaw clamps shut."


Yuriko nearly gasped as Silver-kun bent over into the other seat, head disappearing from her view. This was not happening. It could not be. No way was Akira getting blown, while driving, by a decidedly male Silver. It was perverted, except again, Yuriko felt an almost impossible fascination with the concept. Her heartbeat was rising quickly, and she found an almost impossible urge to watch on as Silver-kun became more involved in his task.

No. She mustn't be that way. Let Silver-kun continue on in depravity, Yuriko Kuonji was above that sort of thing. She tried thinking about anything else, but the intrigue with what was happening only a handful of feet in front of her was too much too keep out. She could hear the licking and lapping sounds, and wondered if that was what it sounded like when circumstance had manipulated her into giving head to Silver-kun in the past.

She felt her loins heat up, and it was almost impossible for her to keep her hands off her body. Why was she getting so turned on by something that didn't even involve her? Even watching Silver-kun and Hinako get it on for almost an hour failed to excite her this way. Soon the desire to watch became a need, and Yuriko dared to be discovered as she played voyeur and repositioned herself to view the action.

At last she could see everything in all its glory. At the moment, Silver-kun's head was at a high point and away from Akira's rod, a single trickle of pre cum linking his lips to the deep purple head. Yuriko had never seen Akira naked before, but what was before her was most impressive. It appeared he was only slightly smaller than his partner, which made him very much above average. No wonder Silver was so attached to her man, if she was being served that by him on a regular basis.

Silver-kun's head went back down, and Yuriko nearly gasped as she watched him deep throat it, his mouth only stopping once it got to the shorts. Watching it actually happen was many times better than anything she had imagined. One of Yuriko's hands went to her loins and the other began massaging a breast as she watched Silver-kun work his mouth up and down the shaft. It was unbelievable, the reaction it was having in her as the action continued in the front seat. Nothing had ever served to fire her up like this. She was so aroused, that if the men stopped the car and pulled over and offered to do her, she would pull them onto her with how hot she was running. She cursed the fact she wore shorts, making it nearly impossible to jam the fingers up her pussy like she wanted to. So instead she satisfied herself with rubbing her loins and breasts furiously as the action continued.

In what seemed to her an all too short time, Akira made a soft grunting sound. Silver-kun, who again had the rod buried all the way to the back of his throat, moved it back up so it was only embraced around the head. Yuriko swore she could see the veins along Akira's length pulse as his hips jerked ever so slightly, and a gulping sound began issuing from the cursed girl's throat. Yuriko let a slight moan out, which she hoped had been drowned out in the soft sounds of orgasm that had come from Akira. It would be too embarrassing to allow the duo to know she was getting off on watching them, though in truth she had not reached the plateau she had craved, coming close, but still remaining too far away.

Eventually Silver-kun detached his mouth from Akira, the rod already beginning to go limp from its release. "Had a lot saved up in there. Had trouble getting it all." Silver-kun said with a smirk.

Akira just let out a soft breath. "Damn, you're good."


"The best," Silver-kun confirmed, rising back up to a sitting position, wiping his mouth off with his arm. "I think you'd better repackage that yourself. Wouldn't want a repeat of last time."

"You got that right. I don't want to risk you trying to zip it off again."

"Hey, Aunt Kasumi came back early, and you know as well as I do she is literally the last person in the world that we can have see us together like that, even if I was a girl at the time"


Yuriko noted there was more than a hint of sadness in their voices. But the moment quickly passed as Silver-kun then said, "You are going to be able to get it up again later, ain't ya?"

"Yes. You're not the only one that is capable of getting it up more than once," Akira assured her. "And some of us full blown guys can even keep it up longer."

"Heh, full blown. Good one." Silver-kun snickered. "And I'll have you know that I might not win any endurance contests, but I always hold off until my partner's satisfied too. Being a girl, I actually have some awareness of how difficult it is to get a gal off compared to getting off as a guy."

"Point taken."

"Let's relax now. We still got a ways to go."


That seemed to end the conversation as both went silent. Yuriko continued pretending she was asleep, but the image of the Silver-kun giving Akira oral satisfaction continued to plague her the way no other had. She had never imagined becoming so turned on by witnessing such a thing, but she had, and hardly felt any shame for her interest in something so 'perverted.' Again she felt her sexuality questioned, and wondered if being attracted to seeing men getting it on meant she was a full blown homosexual instead of someone that just seemed to end up conned into the situations (which she did like, loathe though she was too admit it). The lack of knowing for certain bothered her, but images of what had just happened overrode the irritation, and only served to maintain her horny state. She ground her legs together, but the need to act like she was still asleep prevented her from achieving any measure of satisfaction, and just made her increasingly horny and frustrated. It wasn't fair!

Yuriko continued feigning sleep for some time, until she felt the vehicle come to a complete stop and Silver-kun shout, "We're here! Wake up, sleepyheads!"

While Yuriko pretended to slowly come out of her sleep, Hinako let out a yawn and stretched her arms slowly up overhead, as far as they could go before touching the vehicle's roof. The move had the effect of thrusting her chest slightly forward. Much to Yuriko's surprise, instead of leering, Silver-kun had a soft look as he watched Hinako blink sleep from her eyes.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Very," the woman answered, not even bothering to hide the happiness his concern generated.

Yuriko let out a snort at the display. She was about to make a caustic comment when she saw Akira fiddling with something that resembled a garage door opener. He was pointing it through the windshield and at an electronic gate that was blocking the dirt road they were on. A sign saying 'No Trespassers' in bright red letters hung on the sign.

Her interest now piqued, Yuriko looked around. There were small dunes behind them, and she could see ocean through a couple of rocky projections that served as a barrier between the road and the shore. A fence traveled outward from the gate on both sides, and headed off out of sight. "Where are we? This doesn't look like any beach I've seen."

"Actually it's more like a private cove." Akira continued tinkering with the small black device.

"Private cove?" Hinako and Yuriko asked as one.

Akira pulled the back off the device and removed the batteries, looking them over. "Yes. It has a strip of beach about a quarter mile long with two tall rocky cliffs on either side, separating it from the rest of the shore. There's an electrified fence around the whole property, so we won't have any uninvited guests. There's no one within three miles of this area. This whole place is for our exclusive use, that way we don't have to mess with crowds, or psychotic surfers like that last time we went to a beach." He gave a pointed look at Silver-kun.

He returned the look "That Big Kahuna guy was a jerk. I had to put him in his place. It's not my fault we accidentally released that pack of barracuda and everyone had to evacuate the beach."

"Right," Akira said slowly, placing the batteries back in the device.

"And how did you get us a private beach for our personal use?" Yuriko asked.

The question threw Akira off. "An acquaintance owed me something, so he agreed to let me use it."

"Rich acquaintance," Silver-kun added suspiciously.

"Very," and this time Akira sounded sincere. "Ah ha!" He pointed the object at the gates again, and this time they parted for the vehicle and its occupants.

They drove a short distance down the dirt road until they crested a hill and were able to look down into the cove. It was just as Akira had said, separated by large, tall rock protrusions that rose from the ocean and met the shore, the natural barriers would be next to impossible for the average person to climb. The beach area was completely isolated from anyone walking close to the shore. White sands formed a large beach that stretched quite a distance back, given the small size of the cove. Unusually high waves formed on the outer reaches of the cove, crashing on rocks near the edge were the ocean was, and moved up the beach, but not managing to make it too far up.

Akira pointed to the outer region of the cove. "It's got too many rocks for ships to sail in, so all it's really good for is relaxing."

"And surfing," Silver-kun's eyes were only for the giant waves that were beyond the small cove.

Yuriko looked around toward the area behind the beach. She saw several lengths of heavy chain link fence stretch off into the distance before being hidden by the terrain. The roof of a home was clearly visible from her position. The road seemed to stretch on in that direction. "Who does that belong to?"

"Same guy that owns the beach," Akira said, shifting uncomfortably. "No one's there now, so we have nothing but complete privacy while we're here."

"I wouldn't mind having friends like that," Silver-kun whistled.

"I said acquaintance, not friend." There was a touch of irritation in Akira's voice.

"Sorry," Silver-kun said. "Let's not worry about the 'how' and 'why', and just enjoy the 'when' while we're here."

"Sounds like a plan," Akira agreed, now a great deal happier at letting the matter drop.

The SUV pulled into a section of the road that was closest to the beach and parked. The instant all forward momentum was arrested, Silver-kun gave a rousing 'Wahoo!" and jumped out of the rolled down window. Within moments his shirt and shorts had been cast aside as he gave a shout of joy at the stretch of beach before them.

Yuriko shook her head. Of course Silver-kun would wear a tight pair of Speedo trunks that clearly displayed one of the more obvious 'endowments' the curse had bestowed upon him. The way the material stretched across his backside, hugging it firmly, was also designed exclusively to arouse interest in others rather than for any comfort's sake. He had no shame, and worse, this was probably all some sort of plan to arouse Yuriko's own interest and persuade her to have sex with him once again. The devious little tramp.

It wouldn't have bothered her so much if it hadn't been succeeding.

The blonde forced her eyes away. It didn't really matter. Hinako, who had made her way out of the vehicle, was ogling him enough for both of them anyway. Yuriko grumbled a bit, then decided it was time to get out and enjoy the briny air as well. She was about to open her door when it was opened for her.

"Allow me," Akira said as he held out his hand for her own.

Yuriko was caught off-guard by the show of manners. "Uh, thanks." He held her hand as he helped her out of the car. The gentlemanly attention he was displaying towards her, made her feel almost giddy. Not many guys treated her like a lady. Actually most of them treated her almost as callously as Silver tended to, though in truth, Saotome would never be considered a 'gentleman' by any stretch of the imagination. Not much of a 'lady' either, for that matter.

After helping her out of the vehicle, Akira removed his own shirt, displaying his own impressive physique. More slender and wiry than the Silver's solid and somewhat compact cursed form, he was still extremely attractive and alluring. Any woman would be more than excited at the idea of running her hands up and down that chest, Yuriko definitely not excluded from those ranks. And his bottom was a cute thing too, just a bit more slender than Silver-kun's tight buns, but still squeezable. Not that she would do any such thing, of course. But she could look. That was normal.

Hinako stood apart from the others, allowing the ocean breeze to play through her hair, raising it slightly behind her. She was about to undo a button to her top when Silver-kun said, "Wait a second!"

Hinako stopped what she was doing and waited for Silver-kun to arrive at her side. He placed both hands on the top button and smiled at her like a cat seeing the canary in its claws. "I like unwrapping presents, especially nice large ones," he all but purred, adding to the effect

Slowly, almost seductively, he undid the buttons one by one, allowing Hinako's pink-hugged breasts come into view. Once the final button was done, he cast the shirt aside and went down to his knees. He unsnapped the top of her shorts, and slid them slowly down her legs, allowing his fingers to travel along the length of her limbs and causing Hinako to shiver at his touch. She lifted each leg up just long enough to cast the clothing aside. Silver-kun returned to his feet and admired what was before him.

Now Yuriko had an unrestricted view of what Hinako had been wearing underneath. The older woman wore a small, hot pink bikini top that covered less than a third of her breasts. They didn't even reach down under the bottom of them, but rather rode across the front, doing little more than obscuring the important parts from view. Her bottoms were not much better. They were a tiny thing, strung together at the sides and barely making it high enough on her backside to hide the crack between her cheeks.

As to the body that lay underneath, loathe though Yuriko was to admit, even at a little over forty the woman was a knockout. Her large breasts, which Silver was ogling, showed only a hint of sag; nowhere near enough for any man in his right mind to consider unappealing. Her stomach was flat, though not as firm as a highly trained martial artist's would have been. Her legs were long and elegant, and her bottom firm and voluptuous in the way that only mature women had. Unquestionably, she had been working out to firm herself up since the last time Yuriko had seen her in an unclothed state. Even her face, which was the only thing that betrayed her true age, still held high, well-formed cheekbones and a fullness to them that could have graced the cover of a magazine.

"Oh yeah. I like this present a lot. Definitely worth the wait." Silver-kun crooned as he examined the sight before him, all but drooling on the gift he had 'unwrapped.' Hinako remained motionless, basking in the adulation.

Yuriko felt a pang of irritation at the attention Silver-kun was lavishing. He thought that old bag was something? Wait until he got a load of someone that wasn't old enough to be his mother. "Akira, help unwrap me." She held her arms up high to the sky and turned an expectant look to him.

Akira looked at her in surprise at the unexpected offer. He cast one look to Silver-kun, shrugged, then moved over to Yuriko to do as she asked. He grabbed the bottom of the shirt and lifted it up and clear of her arms in one smooth motion.

"Whoa," he softly intoned when he saw what had been revealed.

Yuriko could hear the intake of breath from Silver-kun's position. It was the blonde's turn to smirk. After allowing Akira to admire her for an appropriate amount of time, she reminded him, "You still have the bottoms to go."

"Right." He shook himself out of stupor and pulled the shorts down to her ankles. She daintily raised one foot, then the other, and allowed him to pull them free.

It was her turn to stand proudly and present what a combination of nature and hard work had blessed her with. She was standing in a tiny thong bikini, the front patch so narrow that she had been forced to shave almost all of her pubic hair in order to go out in public in it. Instead of wrapping around her waist, the front 'v'ed upwards, as did the back thong once it was clear of her butt cheeks. The material rode up to her sides, each one looping through a metal ring located there. Attached to the top of rings were identical pieces of black material two inches across. They formed an upside down 'v' drawing closer together as they traveled up the length of her body. They went under her breasts at an angle and reached across the front, barely being enough to cover her taunt nipples and areolas. The strips met at another metal ring around a strip of cloth tied around her neck, composing the entirety of her ensemble.

Yuriko thrust her own ample bosom forward. Not a bit of sag there, due to the ungodly number of exercises she performed each day to keep her top in shape. Not every stacked girl could cheat by reverting to a younger body and avoid the effects of time, like Hinako could. Yuriko's own stomach was washboard flat, though not with rippling muscles that some men would find unattractive. Her legs were long too, and her behind, while not as voluptuous as Hinako's, was still enough to gain any man's interest with a single shake.

Looking over to the side, she saw that Silver-kun's rapt attention was directed solely at her, and that Hinako was casting a jealous glare Yuriko's way. She thrust her chest out slightly more in retaliation of it.

"Wow! Yu-chan, that's something else," Silver-kun lust dripping from every word. "I bet I've got more material in my shorts than you got in that whole swimsuit."

Yuriko's happiness at winning the round of 'who has the best body' was momentarily interrupted as a wave of hot breath came across the front of her crotch. The thin material did little to block the air, and it almost felt as though the warm gust had been blown directly over her lower lips, giving her the appropriate reaction.

"Very nice," Akira said softly from his position still on his knees in front of Yuriko.

A chill ran down Yuriko's spine as he looked up and directly in her eyes. Located within those deep brown orbs was a hunger Yuriko associated more with Silver than Akira. He had certainly never stared at her in that manner before, but she found it didn't repulse her in the slightest, even if she felt a little bit like she was being sized up like a prize mare rather than the delightful girl she was.

Akira slowly rose to his feet, his hand ever so gently touching her belly button and traveling upward past her navel and to the center of her chest between the clearly revealed valley that her breasts formed. "I don't think even Silver would wear something this daring. And it does suit you, Yuriko."

The blonde felt herself blush both at the compliment and unexpectedly garnering Akira's attention. Under his burning gaze, she felt herself becoming aroused, some form of subconscious reaction to receiving the attentions of such a handsome male. Meekly, she said, "Thank you."

Silver-kun ended the tension of the scene by saying, "Enough chit-chat. It's time to get down to the beach and have some fun. He gave Hinako a playful swat to her backside, which elicited a delighted smile from her, before jumping up to the top of the vehicle with a graceful leap and began undoing the rope tying the umbrellas and surfboards from their rack.

It took only moments for the group to gather their belongings and walk over to the beach. They picked a comfortable spot among the white sands and quickly set up their gear. Two beach umbrellas were planted in the ground and opened, bags set up in the shade, and beach towels placed under the sun in the sand.

Once everything was settled, Silver-kun stood up and said to Hinako. "Lotion me up."

"With pleasure." She grabbed a bottle of lotion and proceeded to slowly rub the liquid in virtually every pore of his body. She ran her hands up and down every square inch of his revealed physique, obviously relishing the opportunity. Her hands did their job, leaving not a single inch of flesh unattended. The process took twice as long as it should, especially when she got to his trunks, but eventually she finished her slow, sensual rub down of the 'man' before her.

"Your turn. Lay down on your towel and I'll lotion you up," the male Silver said to Hinako.

Obediently she lay down on her back, waiting to receive the same treatment she had given. Silver-kun was generous in pouring the lotion on her body. Initially, he worked over her legs, then mid-section. It was when he got to her massive chest that he poured an excessive amount of liquid on her breasts, even dousing her bikini top. His hands worked over her mounds with such familiarity that he surely would have received a slap from anyone that wasn't a lover. They all but mauled her flesh, rubbing her nipples though the material, much to her delight. She groaned in enjoyment at the effect such rough, familiar treatment elicited from her body.

Closing her eyes, Hinako leaned back and relished the way he played with her so roughly. She thought she knew what was to come next, which was why she was so surprised when she felt the hands leave her and say. "That should do it. I want you lay still and do that front for a little over an hour, get a nice tan that way. I'll come back when you need to do your other side."

"Silver-sama." She sat up and pouted, rolling her shoulders forward and thrusting her bosom in his direction.

"Be back in an hour," he assured her, heading toward the water where large waves broke along the rocks a small distance out. He let his feet get wet as the ocean rolled over them.

Yuriko turned to Akira. "I guess I'd better do you and you do me."

Akira blinked at her in surprise. "That seems rather forward. I'd expect that sort of thing from Silver, not you."

"I mean lotion me up!" She refrained from pelting him in the head with the bottle she held.

He laughed. "I knew that. I was just making a joke."

Akira ruffled her hair, which served to irritate more rather than placate. He used to do that when she was younger, and it made her feel like a little girl instead of a woman. Intent on proving otherwise, she dropped her voice huskily and said, "Do me first." And laid back on her towel, posing sexily for her benefit.

Much to Akira's credit, he only stared for a moment before putting some lotion on his hands and going to work. Yuriko was disappointed he didn't openly leer or act as though it were a big deal. Actually, he being very businesslike, not that she wanted to be played with the way Hinako had; she was already worked up too much for her own good as it was. Still, he could have at least acted like he was enjoying it. She decided to up the ante by giving an "Ohh, it feels so nice," as his hands put the lotion on the sides of her breasts.

However, as she shifted to quiver at his attentions, her crotch moved downward slightly and came into contact with one of Akira's knees, which was between her legs as he stayed sitting up and continued to lotion her up. The brief contact excited her, and she suppressed the urge to grind her crotch on his leg. She tried gauging Akira's reaction to her girlish squirming, but he remained stoic, not even pausing in applying the lotion for a moment. It was like the man was made of stone.

"Back now," he said.

This was starting to irritate Yuriko. He had acted like a man when he had removed her garments, but now he was behaving like he was handling a male friend or something. He should have been enjoying this experience like it was one of the most tantalizing moments of his life. Didn't he realize Yuriko Kuonji did not offer her body in such a fashion to just anybody? He could have at least acted like she was attractive.

More determined than ever to get a reaction, she remained silent until his hands fondled her buttocks. With only a thong running down her crack, he had to have been turned on. To ensure it, she said, "Really work it in. Don't hold back. I don't want my hiney getting burned, so do whatever you have to and don't worry about it." She wiggled her bottom as encouragement.

"All right."

There wasn't the faintest sound of lust in his voice. Again he had answered in an almost monotone. She felt like turning around and slapping him, or kissing him. Anything to get a reaction to acknowledge her beauty.

Just as she thought he was almost finished with her backside, she felt him lift up the back of thong just above her ass crack and play his hands underneath. This had the effect of pulling the material slightly backward, and her thong and front of her bottoms shifted across both her rosebud and outer lips. "Ohhh," she shivered, and this time in reaction to stimulation instead of simply trying to arouse Akira.

Just as soon as it started, she felt the hand release the back of the thong and let it rest once more upon her skin. "I wanted to make sure I got underneath, just in case the string shifts and it revealed an unprotected spot.

What she wanted to say was, "Do it again, about twenty or thirty times, to get me properly fired up". But she was no tramp, like Silver, and refused to engage in such lascivious behavior.

With his job finished, Yuriko again became angered that he wasn't reacting delighted in what he had just done in handling her hot body so casually. She was going to get him to react to her as a woman again no matter what it took. "It's your turn. Sit down."

"You don't want me to lie down?"

"Nope." She watched as he did what he was told, a sinister smile on her lips. What she was about to do that would give him an erection that would force him to walk funny for the rest of the day. She maneuvered behind him, spread some lotion on her hands, then an excessive amount high on his back. Satisfied she had enough, she leaned into him, running her hands down the hardened muscles of his stomach and playing with h is nipples. At the same time, she mashed her chest into the wet area on his back and proceeded to grind her breasts into his back, ostensibly to rub the lotion around.

"That's an interesting way of lotioning someone up," he said in an even voice.

"Isn't it, though?" she whispered huskily in his ear. "You put lotion on your way, I'll put it on mine."

She continued 'working' the lotion in, getting all of the accessible upper area of his back while working her hands ever lower until she touched the waistband of his trunks. She was about to 'accidentally' brush her hand across the crotch area, just to see how stiff she had made him, when a voice behind her spoke up.

"Oh yeah, work it in baby. That's it. Rub those hot tits of yours around is back."

Slowly, veins popping up along her forehead, Yuriko turned around.

Silver-kun kept the small video camera trained on the blonde. "This is some great stuff, Yu-chan. You're just like a pro. So when is the come shot?"

"I'll give you a come shot!" Yuriko snatched the camera out of Silver-kun's hands and smashed it into tiny pieces against his head.

"You had that one coming," Akira announced to Silver-kun's stunned form.

An hour later, Yuriko was still resting on her back, soaking up the rays and enjoying the way the sun beat mercilessly down on her body. The heat made her sweat slightly, even the ocean breeze wasn't enough to stop that, but she was far from uncomfortable. Just a touch on the warm side. This was truly a relaxing way to enjoy things.

She turned her head to the right. Hinako had done as she was told, remaining on her back, just as Yuriko was. Each woman well on their way to a deep dark tan that would only enhance their attractive features. The blonde had to admit, it had been a great idea of Silver's to make their way out here. It was relaxing and fun, even if Yuriko was still wound up an hour later from the way events had unfolded.

Thinking of her friend, Yuriko turned to look at the ocean, where both he and Akira were currently surfing. After remaining on shore for a while, the duo decided to swim out on their surfboards and challenge the waves. Yuriko had mentioned something about the dangers of the rocks, but both youths scoffed. Silver-kun even went on to say he was too good to let a hunk of mineral slow him down. So now both had spent some time enjoying riding the waves, none huge, but sizable enough to keep their interest.

Then a truly large wave came around. Despite the pair being far out, and the roar of the ocean, Yuriko heard Silver-kun shout, "This is it!"

Both he and Akira lined up and prepared to ride the wave, each with a determined look in their features. They both caught the wave perfectly, riding it along the side, on the crest. Eventually they got to the curl, and within moments were lost within the massive wave as it arced downward and drew neared the rocks off shore.

As the seconds stretched on, both Yuriko and Hinako became worried that something had happened to the surfers. Just as both were about to rise to their feet, Silver-kun shot into view and cried out, "Yeeehaww. I'm going to win!"

Just as the last word left his lips, Akira appeared from behind and above. He used the momentum built up by the wave to shoot outward. Using Silver-kun's head as a surfing surface, he skimmed across it and ahead, just barely clearing the shoals off shore. Silver-kun fared slightly worse as he fell into the ocean with a cry of frustration.

Akira just barely had enough momentum built up to ride his surfboard to shore standing up. Hinako cried out in alarm and headed to the seaside. Akira caught her by the arm as she got her feet immersed in the water.

"What are you doing?!" There was no submissiveness in her gaze now, but one of concern and anger, and the unmistakable look of her preparing to blast him with her Happo Coin Return if he didn't let go immediately.

"Silver's fine. I wouldn't have left her out there if there was any doubt of that."

The assurance eased Hinako somewhat, but she remained where she was until a tuft of black hair slowly broke the surface. Then the rest of the head followed. Eventually, the cursed girl's chest rose up as well. Gradually, all of Silver Saotome was above the waves and walked to the shore, stopping next to Hinako.

He stared intently at her. "I thought I told you to stay on your back and work on your front."

"I… I was worried for you," Hinako said, a fight on her face warring whether to accept the tone of disapproval in Silver-kun's voice.

His mood lightened. "That's sweet. But like I said, no crappy rocks can take me down." He turned his attention to Akira. "That was a mean trick."

"You're just annoyed you didn't use it first."

"Damn straight. You win," Silver-kun smirked. To Hinako, he said, "Come on. Time to do your back."

With her lover's health obviously all right, Hinako obeyed. He led her to her towel, where she laid down on her stomach. Silver-kun straddled the backs of her hamstrings, poured more lotion on her back and buttocks, and proceeded to rub it in. To her upper torso, he expressed little concern, but when he got to her bottom, he treated them as roughly as he had her breasts, digging his fingers in almost painfully. Hinako groaned in approval at the way he handled her. And then he rubbed lower, his fingers reaching between her legs and playing across the lips of her pussy, really working her up. Just as things started getting very good, he stopped, returned to his feet, and walked away.

Hinako turned over and saw that he was indeed leaving. "Mistress?"

Silver-kun shook his head. "Lay on your stomach. I want a nice even tan."

Hinako looked absolutely miserable at the second seeming rejection. "I don't understand. Am I being punished. Have I offended you or misbehaved in some way?"

"No. Just have faith, and don't play with yourself either. You're not allowed to come on your own," he warned her, then walked a distance away to where Akira stood. The two sat down and entered a private conversation. Yuriko thought she heard her name mentioned once or twice, but it was difficult to tell with how far away they were.

Their easygoing conversation lasted nearly three quarters of an hour when the two rose to their feet and stood some distance apart. They began stretching out, attracting both her and Hinako's attention. It took Yuriko a moment to realize they were preparing for a fight. That really gained her curiosity. Neither looked angry with the other, but there was the look of concentration of mutual respect on both their features.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Sparring match," Akira replied. It appeared he was about to say something else, but thought otherwise and remained silent.

There was an intensity between the two that seemed to contradict that. But Yuriko said nothing as the duo faced off against one another. Whatever was happening was between the two of them. Experience had taught her interfering in fights when one didn't understand the reason behind it was a bad idea. Sometimes she even followed the logic and stayed out of matters.

And the fight began.

With the first punch thrown, it was obvious Yuriko's assessment was correct and the two were fighting with a greater intensity than Akira had implied. It took only moments for each to fall into a rhythm of attack and defense. Evidently it was a sparring match, despite the intensity, as each did everything to avoid any attacks meeting their chests or heads, which would qualify as a point in one of their matches.

Sweat glistened off their hard bodies and tense muscles as they exchanged a series of blows back and forth. As the fight progressed between the evenly matched opponents, Yuriko imagined that the duo was fighting over her. It was an erotic thought, that two studs like that were sweating and exerting themselves to the fullest for the right to claim her as a prize. She supposed it went against everything an 'independent' girl like her was supposed to stand for, being treated like prize cattle instead of an intelligent and charming woman who chose the man she wanted rather than having him choose her. Still, there was something almost primal about two alpha males like Akira and Silver-kun going through the painful process of taking themselves to the limit in battle in order to possess a worthy female such as herself.

Yuriko was really getting into the fight, which was picking up in intensity, when Akira at last made a mistake and Silver-kun got past his defenses, scoring a hard hit into his sternum and sending him back nearly ten feet.

"Gotcha," Silver-kun said, gasping for breath from the intensity of the fight.

Akira returned to his feet, unhurt. "Nice move. Didn't even see it coming. Won't work a second time, though."

"Just means I'll have to come up with something new the next time then."

Each of the youths calmed down, and caught their breath. They joked a bit, slapped each other on the back, and started to head the women's way. Silver-kun seemed to be staring hungrily at Yuriko, and she felt a thrill, rather than a chill, work its way down her spine. Had she guessed correctly? Was he coming for her? She didn't know whether she would fight him off with everything she had, or act like Hinako and submit to his demands. She was almost trembling with indecisiveness when Silver-kun abruptly turned away and headed to Hinako.

The bastard.

Yuriko watched bitterly as Silver-kun hovered over Hinako, like a hawk preparing to swoop down upon tiny field mouse. He mused over her form. "Hmm. Now that I think about it, we can do away with those tan lines."

He leaned forward and undid the back of her top, slowly peeling it from her body and revealing the paler skin lying beneath the cords, then unceremoniously tossed the tiny material aside. He made her roll over, grabbed a bottle of lotion, and proceeded to squirt the liquid directly over the previously covered portions of her breasts. He put down the bottle and began rubbing the liquid in, again squeezing her breasts roughly, tweaking the nipples until they stood up like twin bullets, as high as they could possibly go.

Soft moans escaped Hinako's lips as Silver-kun continued squeezing her breasts, until he declared, "Bottom's off."

He undid the ties on the sides, making certain to pull the material across the front of her pussy lips before discarding it with the top. Once more he poured lotion directly on the unprotected portions of her body, deliberately stimulating sensitive nerve endings and causing Hinako to writhe under his ministrations. He grinned, pleased at his handiwork.

He removed his hand, eliciting a moan of disappointment from Hinako. "Turn over," he said.

She did as he asked, lying flat on her stomach. Again he poured lotion on her backside, then ran his hands over the flesh, paying special attention to her buttocks. Yuriko almost winced at how he kneaded and mauled Hinako's flesh, though all she did was to moan and writhe in pleasure at her rough treatment.

Again, just as it seemed Hinako hit a high point, he stopped rubbing the lotion into the darkening flesh. "There we go." He gave one last pat to her backside, then rose to his feet and walked towards Yuriko again.

"Silver-sama," Hinako all but whined.

He turned and raised his finger, chastising her. "Sit still. I want a nice even tan." Once convinced she would obey and there would be no further objections, he headed towards Yuriko again.

Looking past Silver-kun, Yuriko saw the look of disappointment, then betrayal as the cursed girl plopped himself next to the blonde and began playing his hand along her side, showing only his back to the teacher. Hinako appeared on the verge of tears.

Silver-kun noticed the scowl his best friend was directing to him. "You don't approve of the way I'm treatment my plaything?"

"Getting her wound up like that and not finishing her off is just plain mean. I don't pretend to understand exactly how things are between you two, but I haven't seen her do anything that merits being treated like that."

"And what would you do if I treated you that way?"

"Beat the shit out of you and then go screw the hell out of Akira just to show you what happens to perverts that don't finish what they started."

"You're more vengeful than I gave you credit for, Yu-chan," Silver-kun said, openly amused. "If Hinako tried that, she really would be in trouble. As it is, I'm not angry at her in the least."

"Why all the teasing then?"

Silver-kun continued massaging Yuriko's hip. "Well, you see, Akira and I have this competition going. We decided it would be a best of three series. He got lucky and won the surfing challenge. I won our little sparring match, of course. So, whoever wins the third challenge, wins the competition."

Yuriko was definitely uncertain if she liked the course the conversation had suddenly taken. "And what's the third competition?"

"Why, whoever can make their partner come the hardest, of course."

She should have known. She just should have known.

Silver-kun continued speaking in a raspy voice, using far more coarse language then usual. "Yeah, I'm getting Hina-chan really worked up in a lather. Hell, she hasn't been fucked in over a week. That's twice as long as any length of time she's had to go without me doing her hard. Pushing her over the edge is going to be easy." He cast a glance over his shoulder, then turned back to Yuriko. "I think she's just about ready, don't you?"

Yuriko cast a glance over towards Hinako's way. The older woman was practically squirming on her towel with how wound up she was. "Go ahead and molest her."

Silver-kun gave a soft snicker. "Tsk, tsk. Disappointed I didn't decide to do you instead? Believe me, it was a hard choice, made harder by that swimsuit you're almost wearing. A lot harder."

For emphasis, Silver-kun rubbed the crotch of his Speedo trunks. Yuriko could see the raging hard on stretching the front of the material, threatening to burst through or poke out the top. Seeing the clearly defined manhood right in front of her, and with all of the cursed-girl's hot talk, as well as memories of what occurred in the vehicle before, it took an effort on Yuriko's part to resist the urge of ripping off Silver-kun's trunks and greedily jamming the cock in her mouth before he brought it near Hinako.

Silver-kun seemed to sense Yuriko's rising interest in his body. He smirked and waved his finger back and forth. "Ah, ah, ah. Sorry, but I got this load promised to some other sweet honey pot first. But don't worry. I'm sure you'll be taken care of… eventually."

Yuriko sniffed disdainfully and turned away from him. "I have no idea what you mean. And it's not like I want you anyway. Go screw your little pet. I don't care."

"Of course you don't."

Yuriko felt like throwing a bottle of lotion at him, or nailing him in the head with one of the beach umbrellas for his arrogance, but managed to restrain her base impulses once more. She knew that it was partially because she was eager to see what was to come, even if she wasn't involved in this little 'wager' Silver and Akira had cooked up.

Silver-kun stood up and turned his gaze to the nude Hinako, who looked absolutely miserable in her frustration. He placed his hands on his hips and intentionally thrust his pelvis in her direction. Almost teasingly, he said, "Something the matter?"

"No." Hinako rolled on her side, the one away from Silver-kun, averting her eyes from having to look at him.

His voice took on a warning tone. "Miss Hinako, what have I told you about lying to me?"

She turned back over and forced herself to look at him. She could barely keep from fidgeting as she said in a soft, yet passionate voice, "I want you to have sex with me."

Silver-kun acted as though the request had caught him completely by surprise. He seemed to consider it for a moment. "Beg."


"Beg for it, if you want it so bad. Of course if you won't grovel a little for my attention, I guess you really don't want it after all."

Hope. Hinako latched onto it like a drowning woman thrown a life preserver. She fell onto her back, offering herself. "Oh please, Mistress, take me. Fuck me the way I deserved to be fucked. Make this unworthy body your own and debase it however you would please."

The enthusiasm she displayed surprised even Silver-kun, but he quickly regained his composure. "If you're going to beg like a dog, that means you're going to be mounted like one, but I can't do you that way if you're lying on your back."

It took only a moment for Hinako to understand what he meant. She quickly went on all fours and presented her behind to him, wiggling it slightly for his benefit.

Hunger was thick in his voice. "My, my. Such obedience deserves a reward." He pulled down his trunks and released a sigh as he freed his hard on of the fabric that had barely been able to restrain it. It all but sprung outward, the head already a deep purple and with a drop of precum already forming around the tip. He reveled in the way the warm wind blew across it.

Seeing Hinako so submissive to his demands and enthusiastic to please him aroused Silver-kun in a way that few partners had ever managed. Her voluptuous nude body, glistening under the sun's golden rays, displayed for him to ravage at his leisure, was one of the most wonderful sights he had ever laid eyes upon. He had noted from the instant they first arrived and he had removed her top that she had been working out, honing her already alluring form into an object of even greater desire, and it had been for his sake, hoping to please and satisfy him. That she had been willing to go out of her way on her own to keep his interest moved him, and after all the unfair teasing he had done to her before, he was eager to make amends of his own.

He dropped down to his knees behind her. His hands worked over her oily buttocks, roughly playing with the flesh there as he had done earlier, though this time with no intention of stopping. His fingers slid down to the slit between her legs. The moment they came into contact with the folds of her flesh, his fingers came away with something moist, but not as slippery as the sun tan lotion that had been worked onto every square inch of her body.

"My, you're already sopping wet."

"I didn't play with myself," Hinako said quickly, remembering his orders. "It happened on its own, I wanted you so much that I couldn't stop it, dreaming of you taking me like this."

It was impossible for him to manage keeping the growl from coming his throat. "That certainly makes things easier. Let's not waste any time." He repositioned himself directly behind her backside, lining his dick up with the target between her legs. Gripping his shaft, he ran the head up and down her slit twice. Hinako's body all but shuddered at the contact.

"Here we go," he said, grabbing her by the hips and forcing the head through her swollen lips.

Yuriko was stunned by the look of sheer bliss on Hinako's face as Silver-kun's cockhead slipped into her folds of flesh. It was made all the more surprising by the fact Silver-kun only allowed the head in, and stopped before penetrating her with more. She must have wanted his favors badly if that was enough to satisfy her so easily.

Silver-kun's pause was brief, as he pulled all the way out, then thrust back in, inserting not just the head, but some of the shaft this time, plunging a second inch in her. He waited several seconds before repeating the move, the third thrust sinking in three. With each successive inch, Hinako's moans grew louder in accordance with how much of her partner was buried inside her.

And then it came time for the last inch. Rather than smoothly sliding it in, as he had the other eight times, he thrust his hips forward, slamming his rod home and producing a dull sound of flesh pounding on flesh as his pelvis slapped into Hinako's backside, her cheeks quivering and momentarily flattening with the force he had employed.

Yuriko, propped on her side, watched in rapt attention as the force of the final penetration proved too much for Hinako. The teacher gave a low wail of ecstasy as her eyes scrunched shut in pleasure. Her fingers sank into the towel, twisting the material in her grip as the muscles of her vaginal walls locked tight around the member buried within.

On Silver-kun's part, he remained within her, more than content with the way she squeezed so delightfully around his engorged member. If it hadn't been for the fact his ego refused to allow him to lose, even to his beloved Akira, he would have released his self-control and expended himself in Hinako now. That he would have come inside two minutes irrelevant, especially since his partner had already gotten off. But no, there were other factors to consider, and he was convinced he could make his lovely bitch come even harder by lavishing upon her the proper attention. So instead he remained motionless as Hinako came around him, her fluids oozing out of her cunt as her body came down from its orgasm. It never failed to astonish him just how much juice she produced when she came, especially really hard like this. No one had ever come close to matching her in that respect. Still, it made taking her a second and third time all the easier when the situation called for it.

Yuriko was surprised at how quickly, easily, and hard Hinako came with so little (well, maybe not that 'little' with that 'donkey dick' inside her) minimal work done to her. The blonde was a bit envious, as in her own times with Silver-kun, it had taken a bit more work to get her up to that point. But watching the hot scene unfold before her, Yuriko could not help starting to play with herself. She had been running hot all day, and her restraint was finally breaking down as she brought her hand to her own crotch and began running her fingers over the material in front of it. Masturbating in front of others was going to be embarrassing (though with what was going on in front of her, it was hardly THAT embarrassing), but she needed to relieve herself somehow, or she was going to explode. Whatever reservations she had about being 'molested' had all but evaporated with what she had witnessed but not been allowed to participate in. And worst of all, it appeared that old cow, Hinako, was going to get all the attention, while the only action Yuriko would get was her own fingers jammed deep inside her. Life just wasn't fair.

She hadn't stroked her nether regions for more than a minute when a body plopped down behind her. An arm draped itself around her waist, and drew her closer, bringing her back into contact with all too male hardened pectorals and abdominal muscles, molding her perfectly with them. Rather than resist, she found herself loving the attention her lonely body was being given and took comfort in its close proximity.

Yuriko turned enough to look into the face of the man who handled her so familiarly. "Akira," she all but sighed.

"Hey there, Yuriko. Hope you don't mind, but you looked lonely, and I thought you might want the company."

He unleashed that disarming smile he had, which only seemed stoke the fires in Yuriko's loins. Instead of the sharp retort she would have given Silver for such familiarity, she found her defensiveness melting in his only too manly presence. "Certainly."

As Yuriko shifted to get more comfortable in his grasp, she felt something hard and shrouded in thin cloth near the waist of her partner poke her bottom, touching the bare flesh of her buttocks. Made aware of its presence, she shifted slightly so it rested in the crack of her rear, along the length of the thong that ran there. The feel of his member so close to her flesh made her even more aroused.

His hand went from her side to her front, gently caressing the bare skin running up the center of her body. It was a light touch, barely making contact with the flesh, and completely unlike the domineering way Silver would handle her in a similar situation (which would also serve to excite her). His fingertips seemed to dance across every sensitive point in that area of her body, which made her long for him to touch more personal areas and administer the same treatment to them, not that she could say such. She was not Hinako, and would not beg for any man to handle her in such a fashion. But all the same, she wished he would.

Not that she thought someone as reserved as Akira would do such a thing to her. Of course, she would never imagine him treating her so familiarly either, and yet here he was, doing that very thing to her now, and she was reveling in it. It was a pity, really, that he was going to do Hinako later instead of her. With the state she was in, Yuriko held no illusions about keeping her legs closed to someone like Akira if he put the moves on her. Especially after she saw Silver-kun suck him off. She found herself wanting to feel the cock that had been received proper attention from another man very much.

"They're really going at it," Akira pointed his head in the direction of the action.

"She has no sense of restraint, and the old bag's not much better." Yuriko forced her voice to remain steady, even as she felt the heat of Akira's body next to her own. His fingers began tracing the curves of her breasts, her suit's lack of midsection making it easy for him to have full access to that region. In reaction to the touch, her hand moved more quickly over her loins.

He moved his head so his lips were next to Yuriko's ear. His breath caressed her flesh even as his hand did. "No need to be jealous. There's enough room on this beach for more than one attractive woman."

She felt her heart skip a beat. He called her attractive and a woman, not a girl. That someone so handsome and older than her would identify her as such was thrilling. There was nothing like a hot-blooded male confirming her sexuality to ease her mind from the usual doubts that plagued it. "I guess," she reluctantly admitted.

His hand stopped moving up and down her torso. A whimper almost escaped her lips, before she caught herself. She would not allow herself to sound like Hinako. She would not.

Much to her amazement, the hand only retreated for a moment before relocating itself under Yuriko's own hand, which was playing against her covered pussy, and started taking over where she had left off. "Let me help you."

She knew what she should have said was, "Hands off the merchandise, buddy." What came out was. "Ohhhh, yes." She cursed herself at her weakness, while at the same time was grateful for the attention. Of course, he was being an even worse bastard than Silver-kun, since Yuriko knew damn well once the silver-haired youth was done servicing Hinako, Akira was going to take over on her. But her lust was overtaking her pride, and if she were afforded only a few minutes of attention from a hunk like Akira (which still boggled her mind) then she would take what she could get.

Silver-kun afforded the pair a smile before returning his attention to his own partner. Hinako was finally down from her orgasm, and Silver-kun felt as though enough time had passed for him to regain some measure of self-control so he wouldn't come after a half-dozen thrusts. Once more he marveled at the feel of Hinako, making it as perfect a fit as he had ever experienced. Only Yuriko and Ranko had ever felt so wonderful (Akira not counting since his 'fit' worked the other way), which made him wonder what it was about those three partners that set them apart from the rest of the conquests he had managed.

Whatever it was would be considered at a later time. Right now he had work, very pleasurable work, to do. Withdrawing his cock until only the head remained in, he thrust forward hard, plunging himself up to the hilt once again. Silver-kun's grip on her waist had been loose, and the power behind the action made Hinako move forward and freeing almost an inch of the shaft buried within her. A soft moan escaped her as she moved back, reburying him in herself all the way. He responded by tightening his grip, drawing back and plunging in again just as hard, causing Hinako to give a raspy "Yes!", and trying to grind her backside into his pelvis. He set up a rhythm, using slow, powerful thrusts that caused her breasts to sway in response to his hard drives into her. She unleashed soft grunts with each thrust, every one carrying soft undercurrents of pleasure rather than pain.

The reaction made Silver-kun smile. It was as he thought. This was the way Hinako wanted it. Oh, occasionally, she liked the slow rhythm of prolonged and tender love making in a bed, but four times out of five what she really wanted was for him to ride her hard and fast without a shred of decency or mercy. She loved being treated like a bitch whose sole purpose was to appease his voracious carnal appetite. He made certain she always knew the real truth, and that he did care about her, but that understanding also allowed them to discard all pretensions during these times. He would treat her as his personal fuck toy, and she loved to submit to his demands, which only served to heighten the experience for her, such as they were doing now.

The years between the two fell away as they answered primal urges that acknowledged no age, becoming of one flesh as their bodies ground and meshed together as one. Silver-kun continued thrusting in and out, trying to control the increasing fire in his loins that made him want to release himself within her right now, rather than waiting. But it was difficult, with the way she looked from his position mounted behind her. Only his deep down desire to never lose at anything prevented him from coming on the spot.

The sound of the flesh meeting, of his balls slapping across her lower lips, and Hinako's own increasingly louder groans were all that disrupted the sound of the waves splashing on the shore. In a surprisingly short time, Hinako growled through her teeth, "I'm going to come again."

"No!" Silver-kun ordered, ceasing his thrusting and leaning forward to grab a tangle of her brown hair. He pulled back hard, eliciting a sharp squeal of pain rather than the one of pleasure that she had been about to give.

"Not yet!" he said, maintaining his hold on her hair, but not tugging further.

Sensing no further punishment was coming, she dared ask, "Why?"

"Because I told you not to. You come when I tell you, got it?" He gave a slight tug on her hair, not as strong as the first, but enough to make her head jerk backward.

"Yes, Mistress," Hinako cooed. Despite the unexpected demand, his fierceness thrilled her. She adored it when he acted so forcefully, asserting his dominance over her. She had already come once, so the need was not so urgent as before. She would restrain herself as per his demands.

Satisfied she would obey, he began thrusting again, harder than before. He was going to have to move fast, since he doubted either of them could hold out for long. Redoubling his efforts made Hinako give sharp squeals, similar to the ones she gave when he pulled her hair, rather than the moans from before, though this time they were of pleasure instead of pain.

Sweat poured from them, mixing with the lotion as their bodies ground together. Silver-kun shortened his breaths, trying to maintain some semblance of control over loudly protesting body parts. The way her pussy seemed to suck on his cock, trying to make him come, only increased his growing frustration at having to hold off. In hindsight, he wished he hadn't made the wager, just so he could come. But he had, and he was damned now if he would give in so easily. He was familiar enough with Hinako and her reactions to tell she was growing almost as uncomfortable as lustful, basically in the same state he was. That was good, as he would have a better idea of when they would hit the point of no return. That way they could come together hard. They had to; nothing less would be satisfactory.

His ability to read Hinako's desires was on target, as after several minutes of being mounted so forcefully she semi-pleaded, "Now?"

"Not yet." He pulled the hair again, eliciting another yelp and an apology.

Sensing it was time to take her to the next step, he left himself buried in her, and leaned forward, placing one hand over her shoulder and on the ground to balance himself while grasping a breast with his other hand. Bent forward as he was, he could only thrust his hips slightly, so he satisfied himself with very short, powerful strokes. With the breast in hand, he squeezed, his fingers roughly kneading the soft, pliable flesh in hand.

Most women would have found the pressure he was using uncomfortable, but Hinako just moaned in hunger at the way she was being manhandled and tried moving her chest forward so he would squeeze even more of her breast in his powerful grasp.

Poised directly behind her head, he hissed, "You love being fucked, bitch, don't you?"

The coarse language further stoked her fires. "Yes. I love it. I love feeling you inside of me."

He moved her hair aside and licked the back of her neck. It tasted of the coconut-flavored lotion he had worked in earlier. He remained buried in her and shifted his hips slightly. "You're nothing but a little slut, aren't you? Just a slut that loves having a dick stuffed up her cunt?"

"Yes, I am a slut. Nothing but a dirty slut," she gasped. It was so very hard to keep holding herself back.

A growl of hunger escaped his lips as he nipped the back of her neck hard enough to leave toothmarks. The move made her gasp in pain and served to excite her even more. "Whose slut are you?" he demanded as he squeezed her breast even harder.

"Your slut! I'm your slut, Silver-sama!" She wished with all of her heart that he'd let her come. It felt like her insides were going to explode. Even the nip to her neck, which was a bit more painful than she normally liked, made her hotter and hornier. But his refusal to allow her release made her wonder if he really was angry about something she did and was punishing her again. If so, she would get back in his graces by doing exactly as he said, no matter how painful it might be. But it was so very, very difficult.

Silver-kun was in the same near frenzy. He couldn't remember the last time he needed to come so badly, outside of the time he was under the influence of the Miroku love juice and Hinako's teasing and driven him nearly insane. Now it was his turn to be the teaser and her to be the victim, but not for much longer.

He couldn't think of anything else to say, his mind was being tortured by the desire for release. So instead he kept giving short thrusts, driving his partner into a frenzy as her breathing became more ragged, just like his. It felt like a gallon of sperm was waiting in his sack, supplicating some form of release, but still he tried dealing with what was now almost pain, trying to hold off as best as he could. Victory had to be his, his and Hinako's.

"Silver-sama!" Hinako begged. Her eyes began to tear as she moved nearer to the exploding point. Soon would be unable to control herself, regardless of how much she wanted to please her 'master', and he would hate her for her weakness. She felt like crying as her body began to shudder involuntarily from suppressing far too powerful cravings for too long.

The insides of Hinako's vagina twitched, and it put Silver-kun over the edge. His own cock couldn't take it anymore, and he shouted, "Now, Hina-chan! Now!" and finally cried out as his cock pulsed and shot his load deep within her womb, releasing himself from his own self-inflicted torture.

Hinako did the same, pain giving into pleasure as she cried out, squeezing her eyes shut as she came harder than ever, only the first time Silver-kun taking her matching it. Her whole body quaked from the force of her orgasm. For a moment, the world seemed to go dark as pleasure shot through her from the bottom of her toes to the top her head, the flood of the orgasm hitting her like the waves pounding the shore, overwhelming her and nearly making her pass out.

He felt her go limp in his arm, even as his dick twitched one last time, spraying the last of his load within her loins. Barely able to keep from going limp himself, he shifted his grip so he was no longer holding her by the breast, but rather by the stomach, keeping her from possibly hitting the ground roughly. With his arm, he eased her down, the rested his own weight on top of her, content to allow his shaft stay within her as it relaxed and grew flaccid. He continued gasping for breath, weakened by the effort. Truly it had been incredibly intense, his senses only now coming down from their orgasmic high, but he wondered if there was such as too much of a good thing.

After taking a few moments to catch his breath, Silver-kun felt Hinako move slightly, slowly regaining her strength. He withdrew himself from her, then flipped her over so she was lying on her back. He made certain he still held the position of dominance as he placed his legs and pelvis within the scope of her own, then placed his hands on either side of her head, preventing her from escaping, not that he thought for once instant she would attempt it. Seeing she had recovered enough of her senses, he gave her a soft look that was in direct contrast to the possessive, animalistic one he had when taking her body for his (and her) own carnal desires.

She gave him a look of affection as great as he had ever seen. "Silver-sama, that was as wonderful as our first time together." Impulsively she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his head down for a kiss. He didn't resist, kissing her back just as fiercely as she did him.

With their strength still low, they broke off the kiss. "Damn straight it was," he said, marveling at how powerfully they had come together. Suddenly, the competition didn't seem quite as important as seeing Hinako smile at him with such genuine devotion.

"Whoa!" Yuriko said, the trance formed by what she had witnessed finally broken. Now she watched the two begin to nuzzle each other in a slow and more easygoing manner.

Akira had paused in his ministrations in order to watch the action as well. "They are something else, aren't they? Almost like watching a force of nature at work."

"It doesn't make you jealous? I know how much you love Silver, and those two are acting pretty close, even after they're done. They're both practically glowing." Yuriko said, uncertain if seeing the duo locked so tightly together made her jealous as well.

He paused a moment to think. "A little, but that's normal. Silver and I both decided to have an open relationship by necessity. It's just better for everyone that way."


"There are complications. We can't get involved in anything long term."

"Why?" she persisted.

"Don't worry about it," he quickly said, indicating the topic of conversation was closed. In order to further divert Yuriko's attention, he began playing with her body again.

The plan worked as she picked up where she had left off, shifting slightly to allow him better access to her body. "You're even more evil than Silver is."

"Eh?" he asked, pausing momentarily.

"Getting me all worked up like this without intending to finish me off. At least Silver only teased me. You're actually getting me hot and bothered."

"What makes you think I'm not going to take it any further?"

Yuriko scowled, annoyed. "Silver told me what the two of you are up to. I know you're in a competition to see who can get the biggest orgasm going. Once they're done smooching and Hinako's had a chance to catch her breath, you're going to mount her too, though I doubt if even you can top what we just saw."

That made Akira sigh. "I see Silver explained things as thoroughly as she usually does. You don't quite understand. Yes, she managed to talk me into doing that as our third match. Yes, the goal is to make our partner have the greatest orgasm. No, we are not both using Hinako. Silver won a coin toss and chose her. That left you to me."

Yuriko's eyes widened. "Y… You're supposed to do me?"

"Yes," he began stroking her body again. "For some odd reason, ever since we learned Ryo couldn't come along, Silver was trying to talk me into doing you. I resisted, of course."

Yuriko spun in anger on him, cutting him off. "You mean you don't find me attractive?!"

He held up his hands defensively. "No, no. It's not that you're unattractive, just that I usually don't work that way. But I've seen the looks you've been giving me since we arrived, and I figured you'd be even more irritated if I didn't sleep with you than if I did."

That made her blush. "I've been staring at you?"

"Nearly burning holes in me. Mostly at my crotch, but you've been checking me out and all but licking your lips since I helped remove your clothing. And then there was you lotioning me up. I mean, even Silver's never been kinky enough to do that to me with her breasts."

"Oh," she said in a soft voice, her blush deepening.

"I have to admit, I was a bit surprised since I figured Silver's more your type."

"I'm not a lesbian!" Yuriko reflexively.

"I'm not accusing you of that," he said soothingly, which did seem to relax her somewhat. "It's just from what Silver's said, you guys have done it several times. I knew you were close, I just didn't realize you were that close."

"We're not. She's the one that's been molesting me."

Akira seemed to perk up at that, and not in a good way. "You mean she's been forcing herself on you?"

That made Yuriko shift uncomfortably. "Well, not forced exactly."

"Not forced exactly, or not forced at all?"

She squirmed again. "Well, more like tricked me into it."

He seemed to ease slightly. "Tricked you? How?"

"Umm, well, she just sorts of… well, she kind of… she just does, okay?"

"But I don't understa-"

Sharply, Yuriko said in crisp, clipped tones, "Some people like telling themselves things to reassure themselves of behaviors that they may or may not have engaged in completely of their own free will. I trust you understand?"

"A pity the way she tricks you into having sex with her like that."

"Exactly. She tricks me into it."

"I see." He said, slowly running his hand along her flank again. "Well, I certainly would never trick you like that, and wouldn't want anyone to think so either, so if you do decide to participate in the challenge with me, you would be doing it of your own free will, right?"

This was her chance to get out of everything. All she had to do was say, no, and he would leave her alone, and probably fend Silver-kun off if he pressed the matter. Yuriko would be free and on her own as the duo used Hinako in their inane competition. She could just sit off to the side, alone and unattended while the duo ravaged the older woman, who was now acting more like Silver's pet than a teacher. Yuriko would catch some rays, alone, untouched, celibate, horny, with no way to get off while two handsome, willing studs repeatedly had sex nearby. Two studs that had sex with each other earlier. There was no other choice, really. She was no pervert.

"Of course I'd be more than happy to do it of my own free will with you." And blame Silver for the whole thing afterwards, since it was obvious Akira had fallen victim to another one of Saotome's deviant little schemes.

That made Akira smile, as his handling of her became firmer. She responded by running her hands along his body as well. The lotion she had put on him making his skin feel smooth and soft, despite the hardened muscles that lay beneath his skin. Their lips met once, and Yuriko basked in the attention this (one hundred percent male) was giving her. Excited, she forced her tongue through his lips, much to his astonishment. But the surprise wore off, and he began sucking on her tongue as well. After too short a time, they broke off the kiss.

"I'd say that settles matters." Akira went to remove her thong bottoms, going for the ties in the metal rings at her hips.


Akira wondered if she changed her mind, until she lay on her back and pulled the material on her top, back, revealing both of her massive breasts. She squeezed them together, making them seem even larger, if a bit distorted. "Fuck my tits first."

"Eh?" He drew back slightly. "I can see where that might be," he licked his lips at the view presented to him. "Interesting for me, but is it really going to do that much for you?"

"Do it, and you can take me any other way you want." More than anything in the world, she wanted to see that prick, the one Silver-kun had blown, up close and personal. She'd let him use her like Silver-kun had used Hinako, but she there was some urge within her that made her want to see that cock first.

"As the lady requests," he said, fascinated at the idea. Even Silver had never asked him to do that. He grabbed some lotion, and poured a gratuitous amount between the valley of her breasts "To help it slide smoother," he told her. Seeing how she offered her body to him, especially looking directly at her chest, made his cock twitch even harder than before.

"Yum," she moaned as he rubbed the liquid in the sides and over her nipples. His touch continued to be soft, even when he tweaked them gently as he went.

Once the lotion was rubbed in, he stood up and removed his trunks. Out popped his cock, similar to the state's Silver-kun's had been, at full arousal and with pre-cum already forming at the head. It looked even larger to Yuriko than before, with it before her and with no garments blocking her view. Her earlier assessment had been right, and he was a bit smaller than Silver-kun, but by such a small margin that it hardly mattered. He was one 'manly' man, and a full-blooded one too, which would do nothing to call her sexuality into question. Morals, perhaps, but not sexual orientation.

He straddled her chest, rubbing his cock between her breasts. In response, she brought her orbs together, forming a tunnel around his meat.

That made him groan. He moved back and forth once, reveling in the feel of her mounds. The lotion made for a good lubricant, reminding him of the feel of a properly prepared pussy as his pelvis met the bottom of her breasts. Not as tight a grip as if he had screwed her, but the eroticism, served to make up for that. Having this beautiful new partner before him ensured mysteries to rivet his attention as he learned the unique feel of her body.

On Yuriko's part, she felt her body quake as she craned her neck upward so she could watch the action. His purple cockhead emerged from the 'passage' she had created, and she marveled at the sight as though it was the first time she had seen a man's genitalia in such a manner. She almost whimpered as it disappeared, moving back the way it had come through her breasts, but she could feel it in its slide backward with the sides of her ample bosoms. Again he thrust through, and again the head poked through again, thrilling her as though it was her first time seeing it. More prepared, she craned her neck forward. He was just long enough to allow her to engulf the purple head into her mouth.

He moaned at the treatment he was receiving and remained motionless. In response, Yuriko licked and played with the tip of his cockhead with her tongue. He redoubled his moan, and only reluctantly pulled back stopping directly in the middle of her chest again. Repeating his movement, he leaned forward, and again was rewarded by her giving him oral satisfaction as well as pressing her tits more tightly together and smothering his erection.

Through the red haze of pleasure, Akira remembered business was mixed in with this particular delight. He reached backward, his long arms and body being enough for his hands to find the way to Yuriko's pussy. Even as she lavished attention on his cock, he pulled the material aside and stuck one finger in. Discovering she was already sopping wet, he inserted a second digit into her box, gaining the expected response.

Yuriko moaned at the unexpected encounter of his hand, releasing his rod from her mouth as she took a moment to enjoy the sensations he was inflicting on her body. She could feel his thumb searching, parting her labia and massaging it until he located her clitoris. Once there, he thrust his hips back and forward. When she took him in her mouth at the upstroke, he began playing with her so called 'love-button.' It was only with determination that she kept him in her mouth, though using her tongue was an impossibility with how distracted she was.

True, Yuriko was wired from the beginning, and it was small surprise that she reacted so quickly, but even the blonde had to admit, Akira was proving himself deft with using his hands on her body. No wonder Silver was so attracted to him, if he played with her body in this manner. Yuriko would be reluctant to let him out of her sight as well.

She released his cock long enough to say, "Put another finger in me." Even she was astonished at the urging she was giving, but her body had been ready for this for a long while, and she was eager not just to come, but to come hard, just as Hinako had.

He did as she requested, and she moaned at the third intruder. He shuttled them in and out of her, her hips twisting in an effort to make them go deeper. After no more than a minute or so that treatment, he sank his fourth and only other unoccupied digit. Yuriko's response was to arch her back and nearly buck him off with the force of her reaction.

"Oh shit!" she cried, feeling easily as filled as when Silver-kun had taken her. She couldn't last long like that, and knew she would come fast. Almost by instinct she engulfed the head of Akira's cock again, playing her tongue across the tip of it, trying to work it in the tiny slit at the top.

Playing with the tip was too much for Akira to take. Without warning his cock erupted, pulsing in Yuriko's mouth. She had just enough time to prepare to swallow before she found her mouth filled with a surprising amount of his seed, considering he had already expended a load down Silver-kun's throat earlier in the day.

Memories of the hot guy-guy action, in conjunction with Akira's fingers, was too much for Yuriko as she went over the edge. Her body lunged upward, as she released her oral hold on Akira's rod and bucked wildly, letting his last couple jets of jism spray on her face. It was a testament to his ability to maintain his balance and remain on her mid-section as she came violently under his attention. Almost as quickly as it came, the bucking stopped, and Yuriko's orgasm ended, leaving her somewhat tired and glowing, but not as completely satisfied as she had hoped.

As the duo came down from the mutual orgasms, Silver-kun's voice drifted over to them and said, "Nice job. She didn't come as hard as Hina-chan, but you get extra points for not actually banging her."

"How delightful," Akira said as he got off Yuriko's body.

The blonde felt her pride under assault. It was time to show her best friend a thing or two. "That was only round one," she informed Silver-kun, then turned to her partner. "Akira-san, I'm all wet and messy down there. Would you be a dear and clean me up? By the time you're done, I'll be ready for a good and proper ride." She positioned herself so that he was between her legs. Then, using the limber nature she had from her martial arts training, she opened them exceptionally wide, ensuring nothing would be interfering in Akira's path to her.

Seeing the hunger in Silver-kun's eyes at the view he too was receiving, on impulse, Yuriko then said to Akira, "In fact, if you do a good job, I'll let you do me in my butt. I know Silver's got a fixation with doing it that way, but you've treated me so nice, you've earned the right to be the first one to give me a ride back there." Just like you would if you and Silver got it on right now, Yuriko didn't add, although the idea of her being taken the same way a male Silver would served to excite her again.

Akira looked at her skeptically. "Are you sure? If it's your first time, it's going to be painful."

Yuriko recalled watching Silver-kun breaking in the teacher for the first time. "If Miss Hinako can take it, I certainly can," she sniffed.

Hinako shot her a dirty look, but kept from saying anything. Silver-kun pouted at the declaration, and appeared as though he was going to rise to his feet.

Yuriko quickly said, "Oh no. Sit! There's still the little matter of this competition to settle, and I intend for Akira-san to win this."

Risking his displeasure, Hinako's legs locked around Silver-kun's hips, preventing him from leaving. "Besides, there's a willing backside right here you can take, and you don't have to be gentle with me."

A smile blossomed upon Silver-kun's lips. "There is that. But why don't we watch and see how things go between them first? I want to see if Yu-chan can really take it, or if she's just full of hot air."

This time when Yuriko's face turned red, it was not due to embarrassment. "Akira, begin."

"My pleasure." He dove right in with his tongue.

Yuriko quickly found herself succumbing to his ministrations. His tonguing of her was gentle, even as he lapped her juices from her lions. Silver tended to be much more frenzied and forceful when eating her out, almost making it an assault as she stormed Yuriko's 'ramparts.' Not that being aggressively taken was bad, just that Akira's slow easy manner was equally as pleasing in a different way. And in the end, each one was simply taking a different path to the same goal.

The tongue-lashing reached a high point, and Yuriko wondered if Akira was going to finish her off orally this time when he stopped and said, "Get on you hands and knees. I need to get you ready for this."

Yuriko obeyed, arching her head back to see what Akira was up to. He pulled her thong out of her butt crack, then began playing with the rosebud of her anal entrance. She started to frown as he began to work the tip of his finger in there, the sensation definitely discomforting, when he stopped and said, "Hold on. This should make things easier."

He grabbed a bottle of the lotion and poured it on her backside, making sure it traveled the length of her butt cheeks. He then rubbed his finger in between them, immersing his finger in the liquid until it was just as bright and slippery as her backside.

"Oh!" Yuriko gave a gasp as he eased his finger into her bottom, slowly, only one knuckle at first, working it back and forth, the resistance becoming less each time. There was no doubt the lubricant was helping things in easing the passenger in her backside, but it was still uncomfortable. She was thankful Akira was taking it easy, slowly working it in and allowing her to adjust, when a second knuckle joined the first. She hissed slightly.

"Ease up," he warned. "Tightening up only makes it tougher. Try relaxing." Now with his free hand, he played his fingertip along the spine of her back, almost tickling her. The distraction worked, and she eased the muscles in her bottom up, which loosened the passage of the digit in her backside until it was plunged to the hilt. Eventually she became used to that as well, and found herself actually becoming aroused at the action, which had been solely the province of discomfort, if not outright pain.

Just as she was starting to adjust to it, a second digit joined the first. This time Akira wasn't as slow as he shuttled the pair in and out at a much quicker pace. She grunted slightly at the motion.

"You want me to stop?" Akira offered. "It's going to be even rougher when I mount you. I can still take you in the front if you want." He played his free hand across her pussy to emphasize his point.

Had Silver-kun not been present, Yuriko might have accepted the offer. However, pride forced her to live up to her boast. She would just have to accept the pain that came with the pleasure. "Quit horsing around, unless you don't feel 'up' to the task and want Silver to do me." The way she emphasized the 'up' part of the sentence, left little doubt to what part of the body she had meant.

Akira, despite being almost unnaturally even-tempered, reacted in the way most men would at feeling their endurance under assault, and shoved the second digit in the rest of the way. "I feel up to it, do you?"

"Uhhh, yeah. I do." Yuriko gritted her teeth and accepted her reprimand stoically. Mentally she noted that she would be saving her barbs at men's sexual abilities to when she wasn't at the mercy of one about to knock on her backdoor.

Accepting the apology, Akira relaxed until he was confident Yuriko could handle his going back and forth again. It took a little time, but eventually he could move both digits with only mild resistance. "Next thing going up there's going to be even bigger. Sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes," Yuriko said, bracing for the worst. She looked over her shoulder once again, and saw that Akira had poured more lotion on his rod, and was making it shiny with its new coating. That eased her even more. The fingers withdrew, repositioning on her hips. An instant later, she felt something considerably wider place itself at the opening of her rapidly closing entrance, and force its way in before her sphincter completely relaxed from its previous treatment.

Slickened as it was, with the road paved already, Akira was surprised at how easily Yuriko was able to accept his first three inches. Regardless, he remained where he was and allowed her to adjust again.


"Yes." Yuriko confirmed, and received another inch in response.

This time with that amount within his partner, Akira eased slightly back, then forward, no longer concerned about being squeezed out and having to reenter from the beginning. "Any time this gets too much for you, you let me know and I'll pull out. I want to make sure you enjoy this."

"If that old cow can take it up the backside, so can I," Yuriko proclaimed through gritted teeth.

"Why you little bitch!" she heard Hinako say.

Yuriko looked to her right to see Silver-kun prevent Hinako from making a circle with her hands and releasing her Happo Coin Return blast.

Silver-kun ran his hand around Hinako's waist and stroked her hair. "Relax, Hinako. Yuriko just feels threatened by your femininity. And maybe she should." He cupped one of her breasts and ran his tongue along her jaw. Hinako all but melted in his touch.

The jibe against her femininity made Yuriko more determined than ever to see this ride to its conclusion. "Get it all in, you stud," she cooed.

Sensing Yuriko was now determined to take him even if he had been twice as large, Akira concentrated on the matter at hand. Having come twice during the course of the day, he had a great deal of self-control and had no worries about premature ejaculation. The hold on his rod was tighter than normal, just like when he rode Hinako in the same manner when Silver had offered to share the teacher with him, but he was more restrained in his handling with Yuriko. Shuttling back and forth easily, he kept pushing forward until he found himself buried to the hilt within her.

"That's it," he told her.

"Thank god," Yuriko gasped out. Yuriko couldn't begin to imagine how Hinako was able to take Silver-kun without the lubricant; she had trouble handling the ride with it. But now that it was all in, Yuriko found it wasn't altogether unpleasant; it was merely something that definitely something that took getting used to. For the first time, she was a bit sorry Akira wasn't a slightly smaller than he was. Still, after a minute or so passed, Yuriko found the pain becoming secondary to the arousal that was starting to fill her with having her back passage being filled in such a manner.

Akira began working his way back and forth, giving small strokes. Yuriko found with nothing being added to the total length within her, the sensation was becoming unquestionably enjoyable. She wondered why she hadn't done it sooner.

"That's it," Yuriko started to moan, when she found her head grasped and a cock stuck halfway in her mouth.

"Silver!" Akira said, mirroring what Yuriko would have said had someone not jammed a certain something in her mouth.

"Sorry. I couldn't hold off anymore. The match is a draw. Now let's give Yuriko the wild ride she deserves."

Akira turned his full attention to Silver-kun. "Why don't we ask Yuriko if she can handle getting it in both ends at once?"

"But her mouth's full."

"Silver." This time Akira's tone brooked no argument.

On her knees, having two dicks in her for the first time, Yuriko found the sensation magnificent. Certainly it was as erotic as anything Silver had put her through, and she always had enjoyed the flavor of his sperm. Besides, Akira's protectiveness of her was heartwarming, and she had known she was too sexy for Silver-kun to keep his lecherous hands off her. "Ims omay."

"It's okay?" Akira asked, translating the muffled words.

For clarification, Yuriko began sucking on Silver-kun's dick, taking more in. His "Ahh," left matters resolved.

The two youths began stuffing their meat in her, really turning Yuriko on and making her body nearly forget the suffering it had undergone before. Just as she was starting to get into it, she heard Silver-kun say. "Hinako. Get in there and help relax Yu-chan from the way lucky Akira's riding her."

"I'm sure she wants no help from 'an old cow."

Yuriko could hear the pout, even if she couldn't' see it.

"Hinako," This time it was Silver-kun's voice that held the warning. "Just because Yu-chan's been disrespectful is no reason to get uppity with me." Silver-kun's voice took on a teasing note. "Besides, you can impress Yu-chan with your pussy eating skills. You've definitely learned how to satisfy your mistress in both her forms."

"This is true." Hinako said, now matching her lover's teasing tone.

Yuriko was able to angle her head, despite it being wrapped around a good portion of Silver-kun's shaft, so that she could see Hinako approach her. The woman got on her back on the towel under the blonde and forced her body under Yuriko's own four point form. Fingers roughly pried her lower lips apart, and the teacher proceeded to give the blonde a tongue lashing that put even Akira's to shame.

"Nice job, my little pet. Give it to her good," Silver-kun said as he felt Yuriko nearly expel his rod from the sudden attention her pussy was receiving.

Yuriko quickly found herself in heaven. Akira had begun moving back and forth more vigorously with the arrival of the other couple, and Hinako was relentless in getting back at all the barbs Yuriko had shot her way by trying to impale the blonde's crotch with her tongue. Even Silver-kun's moving his dick back and forth, using her head as a makeshift pussy, turned Yuriko up to the limit. She had no idea having multiple partners could increase the pleasure so much. It felt wonderful, being attended at practically every point of her body. She wished it would never end.

Silver-kun ran his hands through Yuriko's hair as he eased two thirds of his rod inside her mouth. "Wow! Yu-chan, you're almost as good at taking this as I would."

That made Yuriko stiffen. Almost? He was going to pay for that.

Forcing herself to concentrate and shut out the increasingly loud call for release her body was receiving. Yuriko turned all her attention to the rod in her mouth. She almost smiled as she sucked hard on it, like it was a straw with something blocking its opening. Instantly, Silver-kun's eyes widened and he gave a soft, "Whoa."

Yuriko was relentless. She forced herself to relax, just as she had practiced by lifting some of the 'toys' her parents used (not that Yuriko was perverted, just angry that she had failed the first time to take it all when she had given her best friend head), and deep throated Silver-kun's shaft, ending up with his pubic hair pressed against her lips.

"Holy shit!" Silver-kun said, now at his partner's mercy, despite the fact two other people were using her as well.

Yuriko continued sucking on his prick as though she were a starving woman, wishing there was more to him just so she could show him what she could do. Suddenly inspired, she deep throated him one more time, suppressing her gag reflex, then maneuvered a finger towards his backside. She found what she was looking for, and thrust the digit halfway into Silver-kun's own ass.

"Oh! Yu-chan, you're more naughty than I ever dreamed," he gasped out. "I'm going to blow."

Instantly she released his cock from her mouth and removed finger from his backside. "Let Akira take it!" she pleaded.

Everyone stopped in shock at the request.

"What was that?" Silver-kun asked.

Shame almost made Yuriko not repeat the demand. But she with it already made, she repeated, "I want you to do it down his throat."

Silver-kun looked down at her, then said, "Hmm. Why do I think history has repeated itself and someone didn't learn her lesson the last time she eavesdropped on a private matter?"

"Punish me however you want, but please, I want to see him suck you down."

"You didn't tell me she was this kinky," Akira mentioned from behind, resting himself in her.

"To be honest, I had no idea Yu-chan was this hot to see two guys get it on," Silver-kun admitted. "Or else I'd have done it sooner. She's a lot more pliable today than she usually is."

"Quit teasing," Yuriko pleaded. "Either do it or don't do it. I can't stand the suspense."

Silver-kun looked at Akira. "It's your call. I'm game, like always. You want to give in to the little wench's desires?"

Akira considered where he was. "Since she's being so agreeable to trying new things, why not? As long as it's you, I've got no problems with it."

Yuriko felt her heart leap into her throat as Silver-kun stood up and walked right next to Akira. With the older boy being on his knees, planted firmly within Yuriko's backside, he was at the ideal height for accepting the cursed girl, who looked like anything but a female at the moment. Without hesitation, Akira opened his mouth and proceeded to run his tongue all along the shaft, even taking in the head and playing with it with his tongue.

Yuriko noted it was sloppy and awkward, and nowhere near as good as she could have done, but it might have been the most erotic sight she had seen. Her body's arousal level doubled as she watched the two hot young men going at it.

In less than a minute, Silver-kun shouted, "Oh god! She got me too wound up, Akira. I'm gonna come now."

Returning the favor Silver-kun had done earlier, Akira kept his mouth firmly fixed on the member in his mouth. Having dispensed his seed earlier in Hinako, Akira only weathered a handful of blasts before Silver-kun was done, letting out a tired sigh.

"Very nice," the cursed girl said.

"Don't know how you can stand it. I definitely prefer the way you taste when you're a girl," Akira said, making a face at the taste in his mouth.

Silver-kun shrugged. "Acquired taste for some." He slapped a hand across Yuriko's butt. "Now that we've given, let's see how well our hot little spy likes receiving. Really let her have it."

"Oh, I intend to."

Having witnessed the action between the two, and done at her request, Yuriko thought she was more turned on than ever before in her life. It felt like her whole insides were on fire, and her body begged for its release. With Akira's first thrust in her after the show he had just given, all pain disappeared and all that was left was a primal need to achieve yet another orgasm. "

"Give it to me!" Yuriko pleaded.

"Looks like someone's adapted well to rear jobs," Silver-kun commented as he backed off and grabbed an ideal spot to watch the show.

Hinako restarted her attention to Yuriko's loins, doubling her efforts, as Akira thrust increasingly harder in his partner's backside. The blonde's body trembled at the treatment. After only a dozen of thrusts, she cried, "Yes!" and proceeded to 'suffer' through what was unquestionably the most powerful orgasm on her life. She cried out in almost animalistic frenzy as her entire body climaxed, taking with it every ounce of strength she had left.

Her sphincter squeezed Akira's shaft hard. The power of her orgasm proved far more than he could take as he grunted and proceeded to drop his second load within the last half hour into Yuriko's accepting backside. Even he was surprised by the amount of come she was able to pull from him, as he sent blast after blast within her, until he felt completely drained of every last drop within. From under Yuriko, Hinako dutifully lapped up the juice that had come out of Yuriko with her climax, helping to ease her down from her high.

Silver-kun grabbed Akira by his shoulder and said, "Quick, kiss her afterwards. She likes the show of affection."

As much wanting to please someone who had made him come that hard, as he did wanting to kiss her in general, Akira pulled out and rolled Yuriko over, and held her nearly relaxed form in his arms. He planted a passionate kiss on her lips, which she weakly returned. Then she seemed to go limp in his arms, snuggling just once in his embrace right before darkness claimed her.

Surprisingly, her last thoughts were of how nice it as to be held.

Safe. That was the first sensation Yuriko had as wakefulness slowly dawned upon her. As she roused from her slumber, she found an arm draped protectively around her shoulders, drawing her close into an embrace. She was enjoying it as one of her own arms had fallen across a stomach with hardened muscles. She opened her eyes and found herself lying next to a quite naked Akira Tendou.

Events of what she had just engaged in came flooding back to her. Rather than jump up in shame or accuse he and Silver of taking advantage of her, she allowed the warm feeling to spread, and she snuggled slightly in his protective embrace. It was nice waking up next to someone. Much nicer than waking up alone.

"So, you're finally awake." Akira's voice held amusement, not annoyance.

Yuriko's strength slowly returned. She noted that they were now under one of the wide umbrellas, the shade protecting them from the sun. "How long was I out?"

"An hour and half."

"That long?" She sat up, and realized for the first time she was completely nude. "Where's my swimsuit?"

He pointed to where the collection of straps rested next to a picnic basket. "I, ah, took it off. It got kind of messy, and pulled tight on some areas of your body. I thought you'd be more comfortable without it."

"You were probably right." Even Yuriko was confounded by her lack of concern over being nude, next to a man in a similar state. If it has been Silver, the blonde was sure she would have been irate. Or would she have been? She had never fallen asleep and awakened after their few 'sessions' together. Perhaps she would have felt safe in her best friend's embrace as well.

Turning her mind away from that line of thinking, she asked. "Where's Silver?"

Akira pointed a short distance away. Yuriko saw both Silver-kun and Hinako, still naked, frolicking like two school children at play. The cursed girl was pursuing the older woman, obviously not trying hard to catch her as they laughed. Eventually, Hinako stopped and let herself be caught. Silver-kun grabbed her, placing her hands in normally private places on the body. Easing her to the sandy beach, he then proceeded to get on top of her and the two began making out.

"It appears we've turned this into a nudist's beach," Yuriko turned her head away from the scene.

"I can grab a shirt and shorts if it makes you uncomfortable."

"No. You're fine." Yuriko said that too quickly for her own tastes.

"Want something to eat?" He offered her a nearby picnic basket and cooler.

In answer, Yuriko's stomach rumbled, Sheepishly, she said, "Please."

Akira laughed and grabbed a sandwich wrapped in a plastic bag and a drink from the cooler. "Don't feel too bad. We burned a lot of energy. It's normal to be hungry. Everyone else already ate."

She unwrapped the sandwich and began to eat. With her mouth semi-full, she said, "Oh. Well then, I guess you can go over and join those two, assuming they'll let you in. You don't have to keep me company."

"I want to stay here."

Yuriko felt herself flattered at that. Still, for some reasons she found herself saying, "I understand. I guess you're pretty tired from all the screwing."

"A little," he admitted. "But mostly, I just like the company."

Despite everything that had happened, Yuriko found herself blushing. She hoped he wouldn't notice in the shade. "You're right. I'm exhausted too. You gave me a pretty hard ride."

"You were worked over by more than me," Akira reminded her.

"But you were definitely the best," she assured him.

He gave an embarrassed laugh at that. Yuriko also notice his cock twitch ever so slightly.

"How's the butt?" he said, running his hand over her backside.

"Sore," she admitted. "Actually, it feels like I passed a log. Still, it was very nice, overall. I've never come that hard in my entire life. It's definitely something I could get used to."

"That, and seeing two guys get it on, you mean."

Yuriko's blush deepened. "Sorry I made you do that. I don't know what came over me."

Akira laughed, surprising the blonde. "You didn't make me do anything. I voluntarily did it. It wasn't bad. Not at all. Not my usual thing, though."

"Do you find Silver attractive? When she's a guy, I mean."

"The way you do? Not really. But I know it's her inside, and I know she likes it and it turns her on too. Since she's really a girl, it's not really that awkward to me. I can't see me doing any other guys. Maybe you if you picked up a Nannichuan curse, though." He gave a thoughtful rub to her backside.

Yuriko envisioned that briefly. "No thanks. I'm quite happy being a girl. A one hundred percent woman."

There was a warning tone in Akira's voice. "Silver's not any less a woman just because she has a curse."

"I know," Yuriko quickly said, ashamed at the way she had worded what she had said. "I mean I wouldn't be comfortable having one. Having someone like you putting this," she fondled his crotch, "in me is one thing. Having one of my own is something else completely."

"You can say that again," Akira said, obviously enjoying the way she was handling his manhood.

Even Yuriko was taken aback by her brazenness. Silver's perverted ways were obviously rubbing off on her. She released her hold on him and tried to change the subject. She looked again to Silver-kun and Hinako and where they continued to make out. "I never thought I'd see something like that. I knew Silver was happy to seduce just about anyone, but one of our teachers? Especially a bitch like Hinako?"

"She wasn't always that bad," Akira said defensively. "Oh, she was always strict, but not unreasonable. She just seemed to get worse as time went on. Still, I was stunned when Silver had me 'come over to a friend's house', which turned out to be Miss Hinako's apartment, and then she showed me her 'new toy', which she had just picked up a couple of weeks before."

"So you've been screwing her? I didn't think you were as perverted as Silver." There was a hint of acidity in Yuriko's voice.

Akira shrugged. "When I was in my senior year of high school, I had a terrible crush on Miss Hinako. I mean a real bad one. I fantasized about her a lot. She always treated me nice since I was on the straight and narrow all the time, so her bitchiness didn't affect me. To be honest, I kissed up to her in the outlandish hope that she might see me as a young man instead of a student, and might find me attractive and, well, you know how fantasies are. I tried every subtle thing I could come up with to get her interest, but nothing came close to working. After I graduated, I put it behind me, recognizing it for the schoolboy crush that it was. But when I found out that Silver had accomplished what I had fantasized about, basically by doing the exact opposite of what I had tried to do, I have to admit, I was angry. Angry at her and Hinako."

"Wow. I never thought you could get angry at Silver."

"Well, I didn't hate her, I was just resentful," he clarified. "I got over the worst of it. Early on I might have played a little rough with Hinako, mostly because I was still resentful, and Silver really took me to task on it once, but I'm not good at judging that sort of thing the way Silver seems to. You saw what I mean. She treated Hinako rough today, but she really liked it. I don't think I'm good at knowing where to draw the line."

"I wouldn't like it that way. I do like it being really wild and physical, but I'm not into pain or being treated like a giant sex toy. So you'd better not get any ideas about calling me a slut and pulling my hair next time, or you'll be sorry, buddy."

"Next time?" he asked.

Yuriko suddenly found her fingers interesting as she twiddling them around. "Well, if there is a next time, even if there probably won't be."


She felt her heart beat faster when he seemed a little downtrodden about that. She didn't know why. She was practically acting like a little kid again, next to the 'older boy' whom she had a crush on years ago. But she had gotten over that, just like Akira had Hinako. She was sure. But now, she began to wonder if what she was feeling was the same thing, or something else similar. And did it really matter, since Silver had definitely staked a claim on Akira? Of course, there was Akira's mysterious comment about the two of them keeping an open relationship by necessity. And his claiming that Silver had all but pushed the two of them together. Was the Silver giving tacit permission for them to get together again, or was this a one-time affair? She just wasn't sure, and damn well knew she couldn't ask. She wasn't that direct about such matters. And what about Ryo, whom she thought she had loved, but now called those feelings into question? And then there was her enigmatic best friend to consider as well. The times they spent together weren't bad (even if Silver was the one that had initiated them all) and Yuriko knew she could stop Silver at any time by just saying so and meaning it, instead of giving her usual token protests which didn't even convince Yuriko half the time.

She hated being a teenager. Adults never had problems like this.

"Hey, Akira. You going to do our perverted little gal again, or you done for the day?"

Yuriko turned to see Silver-kun had drawn close, his hand resting on Hinako's hip. Loudly, the blonde said, "I am not perverted! And it's not like someone who's screwing one of her school's teachers can be throwing such accusations casually about."

"Oh no?" In response, Silver-kun gave Hinako a deep kiss, which left her momentarily breathless. He then bent low and gave Akira one just as passionate. Yuriko's eyes widened, and worse, she felt herself become aroused at the sight.

After several seconds, Silver-kun broke off the kiss then went over to Yuriko. She just stared at the dark-haired boy in surprise until his hands darted forth and he squeezed the blonde's hardened nipples. "Who's not getting turned on by seeing two guys get it on?"

"I…I…" She couldn't even make the half-hearted protest.

"It's not that unusual," Akira said. "Lots of women get turned on by the sight of two guys getting it on. It's just like guys that enjoy watching two women get along."

"With Akira being no exception to that rule," Silver-kun grinned mischievously. "Want me to get some hot water and do Yu-chan, or do you want me to tell Hinako to do it to her again to prove our point."

Akira shook his head. "I think Yuriko's a bit tired, and to be honest, so am I. Why don't we take the rest of the day off and just enjoy the splendor's of the beach itself?"

"Yeah, you're probably right. Any objections, Hina-chan?"

She shook her head. "Just being with you is reward enough, and it's not as though you've been ignoring me."

"Right. It's settled then." Silver-kun then turned his attention to Akira. "I don't know about you, but my back teeth are floating here. Let's find a quiet spot away from the beach and take a piss."

"Now that you mention it, I do need to go." He pointed to some rocks a short distance away. "That looks well enough away from the beach. Let's go."

"I have to go too," Hinako said.

"You can come with us," Silver-kun offered.

Hinako looked uncomfortably at that. "I think I'll go over there." She pointed to a dune a good distance away.

Silver-kun laughed. "I see someone still has some sense of modesty. Go ahead. You going too, Yu-chan?"

"I'll stay here," she said.

The three people began heading in the directions they had said. Once Akira and Silver-kun were out of sight, Yuriko raced as fast as she could to catch up. Unless she had been mistaken there was something exchanged between Akira and Silver-kun right before they headed over. Yuriko was embarrassed to admit it, but she found herself hoping Silver-kun had been lying and the two were going to get it on. It was wrong of the blonde to do it, but her feet seemed to have a mind of their own. And if she was caught, it would be easy enough to say just say that she wanted to relieve herself too and wasn't embarrassed to go in front of them.

As she hid behind one of the thicker boulders that nature and been kind enough to provide for Yuriko's camouflage, she heard the pair in the middle of a conversation, their 'business' evidently complete. Silver-kun's voice was the first she caught.

"…you she was a good lay. Hell, I'm kind of envious she let you do her back door like that. I'm going to have to talk her into giving me a ride there too."

"Not today. She's sore."

"I kind of figured that. I'll take a rain check. And I'm telling you, she must have been practicing her oral talents on some guy I don't know about. I can't believe she took me all down and worked me over like that. She's going to have to tell me that trick so I can do that to you. Just wait until she blows you like that. You'll never want to let her go."

"All right. Just what is going on?"

"What do you mean?"

"All day you've been telling me how nice, charming, and hot Yuriko is. You've done everything but pick her up and put her on my dick."

"I love it when you talk dirty."

"Quit trying to change the subject and answer the question."

Yuriko heard a bit of hesitation in Silver-kun's voice. "Look we've both accepted the fact we can't have any official kind of relationship for obvious reasons. We love our families too much to do that to them. And that's not even considering my reproduction problems."

"I'm sorry about that. You're certain-"

"Yeah, I am. Same problem my mom had, and there's no way I'm going to use the option they were forced to use to give birth me, even if it was available. Besides, courtesy of my curse, I have alternatives other women with useless wombs wouldn't, and thanks to my sexuality, I don't have any compunctions about using it."

"True. But all of that still doesn't answer my question."

"It's just since I can't have you, I want to make sure the lucky woman that does land you is worthy. Yu-chan's definitely one of the few girls I think is more than worthy. And I think you'd like her too. You've got a lot in common. You're both really nice, open people, and I know you're attracted to one another. It'd be a great match."

"I don't think throwing two people into having sex before they've even dated is the right way to go about that."

"Actually I think it removes a lot of the tension, and you two can now be a lot more relaxed in each other's presence. And considering how hot the sex is with either one of you, you might find it hard to keep your hands off one another now that you've sampled each other's wares."

"I thought she was interested in Hibiki."

Yuriko felt a momentary pang of guilt at that. She hadn't thought about Ryo since they arrived at the beach, and he had been one of her primary reasons for coming. She forced the guilt down. It wasn't like there was anything official between them. He had never even kissed her, and she had given him plenty of opportunities. The jerk.

Silver-kun's voice came over the rise to reach Yuriko's ears. "It's not that I have anything against Ryo, he's definitely a great guy and I like him an awful lot, but he's got eyes only for me. Yu-chan's practically thrown herself at him and he just ignores her, not that I really understand how he can do that. I guess that's just part of how me and him are different. I can't help thinking he's going to end up breaking her heart. I mean, I could be wrong, I hope so, because I like Ryo, but I don't believe I am. So if Yu-chan hooks up with you before that happens, it'll save her some pain, and she can come out ahead by ending up with the nicest and hottest guy around, since technically I'm not a guy."

"How modest."

"Modesty is just a polite way of lying by under-evaluating one's true worth."

"I'm surprised you can swim. I would think that massive ego of yours would drag you to the bottom of the ocean."

"Heh. I know it's big. Sometimes it's helpful. Sometimes it gets my ass in trouble. That's why I keep you around, to help keep me from making too big of mistakes."

"And I find my hands full all too often."

"Feh. You liked having your hands full of me. Any guy would."

"So this whole thing is an attempt to get me to enter into a relationship with your best friend?"

"Best friend after you, yeah. It'll be perfect."

"And the fact that you have sex with her too and that means we can probably engage in three ways with you has nothing to do with it?"

Silver-kun's laugh was weak. "That's not why I did it, Yu-chan can be pretty possessive, so if she settles on you, it's not a sure thing. At least I thought it wasn't until today. I had no idea she goes into heat when she sees two guys getting on. Hell, I think she'd be really pissed off at me if we don't put on some shows for her in the future."

"Horribly enough, you might be right about that."

"Of course in return, we'd get it on as girls for you. Relationships are give and take, you know. And I just know you'd love to see us munching away on one another."

"You make it sound so romantic."

"I just make it sound simple. I meant what I said to Yu-chan; sex with her has never been meaningless. It's just with her staunch 'I am not a lesbian' shtick, it's hard to get her to broaden her horizons and handle me. So I take it easy with her, since, you know, I got to stay aware of her feelings and stuff. I try not to press her to hard, and I don't think I have. Not too much, anyway."

"Hmm. Well, I have to admit. It's the first time I've really looked at her as a girl instead of your friend. I hadn't realized exactly how attractive she is. I've got a general idea of what she's like from her time spent with you and I've been around. She's easy to talk with. We had a nice conversation before you came over."

"Yes! I knew my master plan would work."

"Now hold on. I didn't say I'd marry her. I'll ask her out. If she accepts, we'll see what happens and let nature takes its course. Just because you like both of us doesn't mean we'll like each other, or that we'll like each other enough for something long term."

"Do you think she'll want kids before or after college?"

"You're not listening to a word I'm saying."

"Of course I am. I'm just not concerned about what you're saying. Hehehehehe."

"What about you and Hinako?"

Yuriko could feel the mood shift instantly.

"What do you mean?"

"Since we've been talking about me and a woman that might or might not be in my future, I think it's only fair we talk about yours. So, what about it?"

"Ah, it's nothing. She's going to get bored with me any day now and move on to someone else who'll tie her up and treat her like a bitch."

"Hardly. Every time you get together, she's more enamored with you than before, and you seem a whole lot more attached to her as well."

"I'm telling you, she just likes the sex and is in it for that. She's more than twice as old as me. She's more mature and sophisticated and stuff. I mean, yeah, we do talk, and I'll admit, I've actually listened to what she has to say and it's got to me rethink a few things about how I view the world, she's pretty smart, but be realistic. There's too many years between us. I can't hold her interest for that long."

"So much for a lack of modesty. You underestimate yourself. You're probably the first person who's ever accepted her for exactly what she is and honestly doesn't care about it. Apparently she rather enjoys being treated… in an unusual manner, which you seem adept at when the situation calls for it. And you don't care about how old she really is. You just admitted it by saying you were too young for her, and not the other way around."

"Doesn't change things. She needs someone closer to her age who can give her what she needs."

"But, thanks to her unique condition, her needs are going to change drastically in four or five years when she starts staying young all the time instead of old, and you'll be far more suited to satisfy the needs of a sixteen year old than any forty-five year old guy would, or haven't you thought that far ahead?"

"I try not to. I get real uncomfortable when she gets that much younger than me. Not that I'm repulsed when she's like that or anything, just I get sort of uncomfortable knowing what we engage in. If she was physically a couple of years older, then no, I wouldn't feel that way-"

"And what I'm trying to tell you is in four or five years you're not going to feel that way because she will be old enough then. I'm sure she's considered it. I'd talk with her about it… that is unless you're unsure of your feelings about her. If that's the case, you'd better start figuring out how to let her down. I may have been a bit resentful of the two of you, especially for you landing her like that and her letting it happen, but I don't want to see her hurt either. I have a feeling it'll get worse instead of better unless you give the situation some thought."

"Ah, the situation will probably take care of itself after a while. Let's wait and see."

"Wait too long and the situation might become more complicated."

"Look, I got real problems with the idea of me settling down now. It might be just because I'm young, but I don't know. If it's not you, I can't see me doing it with anyone for too long. Maybe that'll change in a few years, since I am only seventeen. Maybe it's just a temporary wanderlust in me. But I do think Hina-chan deserves someone who will eventually settle down with her, and I don't know if I can do that."

"You ought to let her decide what she wants."

"I'm tired of talking about this. It's ruining my mood, so let's drop it and get back to the others. They probably think a sea serpent grabbed us or something."

Realizing the conversation was drawing to a close, Yuriko quickly hurried away and hoped she could make it back to the umbrellas before the two came back into view. Or at least if she made it halfway, she could keep an eye out and once they appeared, turn around so it looked like she was heading to them instead of away, using the excuse she wanted to make sure they were all right since they took so long.

As Yuriko ran, she thought about what was said. It was a lot to digest, and full of revelations and avenues she had never considered. Silver obviously did have some devious designs for luring Yuriko here, but they were for the blonde's benefit rather than her friend, at least mostly. And Yuriko was forced to admit, she had enjoy being in Akira's presence. Everything he had said about her mostly applied to him as well. What Yuriko did disagree about was Silver-kun's assessment of Ryo. She was still convinced she could land him yet, if she kept trying. And he wouldn't hurt her like the way he described. Once he got to know Yuriko for what she was, he'd fall in love with her, if she could ever get him to turn his eyes away from Silver. At least, that's what she had thought would happen. Admittedly, she was biased and looked at Ryo through heart-tinted glasses most of the time, but was she that far off about him?

Yuriko made it back to the towels, the 'men' still not reappearing yet. Apparently they had something else to say before they had made their way back. It suited Yuriko just fine. As enjoyable as this stay at the beach had been, it had also served to raise more questions about her life than answers. Lately, that's what seemed to happen. Things got more confusing instead of clearer. And she had thought her early teenage years had been bad. Now that sex and romance was involved, things had gotten a hundred times worse, and showed no signs of clearing up. And so much of it was thanks to Silver and her idea of, how had she termed it, helping to 'broaden' Yuriko's 'horizons'? Well, she had, somehow, and it wasn't making things easier. There was only one consolation Yuriko had.

At least she could blame it all on Silver Saotome.


Author's notes: special thanks to TH Tiger and Jim Bader for looking this over.

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