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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at [sommert@connecttime.net]

Warning: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after Party Girls and Working Stiffs. This time out we'll introduce a new character and reintroduce an old one. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

These events take place after Nuances of Honor.

It was in the early morning, well before classes would begin, that Miss Hinako Ninomiya strode through the halls of Furinkan as though she owned them, which was very close to the truth. While technically she was only a high school English teacher, with her role as 'disciplinarian' second, the reality was that her abilities, combined with her tenure and demeanor, meant there were few that had more power and influence than her within the confines of Furinkan. Once she put her foot down, no one other than the principal overruled her, and even then he did so warily.

That was not to say Hinako was the only one with power. There were a few other influential people in the school, and it was meeting one of those individuals now. Saionji Kunou, President of the Student Council and grandson of the former Principal Kunou, was easily the most powerful member of the student body. He was handsome, charismatic, smart, confident (bordering on arrogant), wealthy, and proficient in upper level kendo that made him a force to be reckoned with. All of those were incredible achievements, made more remarkable by his only being a second year student. That he had been elected to the position of president in landslide victories since his first year was nothing short of astounding and a testament to his brilliance in becoming popular. Both boys and girls flocked to him, and he had surprisingly few enemies despite his position.

Personally, Hinako liked the youth. He not only didn't cause problems, but actually helped defuse potentially messy situations before they could become matters she had to deal with. Helping to maintain order was not a trait shared among much of the Furinkan population, Silver included. That one of Saionji's influence basically operated on her side was a relief. Someone like him could have been one of the worst types of delinquents if he so chose, and Furinkan had more than enough chaos to go around. If anything, it disruptions had gotten worse since the 'Sex Demon Sperm Shower' incident, with the students being much more energetic, for lack of a better term. There was no shortage of people to drain of energy of late. She was soaking up more now than in her 'Ball Busting Bitch' days, as Silver affectionately termed it. Any relief from the storm Saionji could supply was welcome.

When Hinako had first arrived at her office, she discovered Saionji had left a hand-written note on her desk asking her to meet him in the Student Council chambers as soon as possible regarding a matter of great importance. To the best of her knowledge, Saionji wasn't the type to overstate things. Concerned, she left her office and hurried to meet him.

Now Hinako found herself standing outside the room. She rapped on the door, and was met by Saionji's authoritative "Enter." She opened the door, closing it behind her. If this was a potential problem involving the school, it might be best to keep the knowledge from leaking out and causing problems until she could decide what action to take.

Saionji was sitting alone at the president's chair at the head of the elaborate table he himself had donated to the school. It gave him an air of authority that Hinako was not totally comfortable with. It made her feel as though she was second in power, and that would do at all. No other members of the student council were present, which wasn't surprising considering how early it was.

There was also a ceiling-mounted video monitor with four large screens, one pointing in each direction, for anyone in the room to watch what was being televised without having to gather at any one side. Several rather elaborate banners bearing the Furinkan logo were prominently displayed on the wall, but in every other aspect, it could have been identical to any other room in any other school.

Saionji was dressed in a standard boy's school uniform, rather than the white and black the class president was allowed to wear. It was one of the perks of the position which he frequently indulged in. Still, he had earned the right to wear the uniform, and Hinako didn't feel strongly about the president's dress code one way or the other.

Saionji Kunou was a very handsome youth with aristocratic features, slightly taller than Silver-kun and with a leaner physique, similar to Akira's. He kept his black hair on the short side. His eyes were probably his most noticeable characteristic, brown orbs which seem to hint that he knew what a person was thinking, and was always amused by it. There was something about him that always made it feel like he had one up on whoever he confronted. That aura made few dare to contradict or confront him. It even made Hinako slightly uneasy, despite her years of dealing with every sort of rabble rouser. Even now he gave off an air of knowing something she didn't, which gave him an advantage over her. It was a sensation she was uncomfortable with.

Hinako decided to get things over with as quickly as possible. "So, Mr. Kunou, exactly what is so important that you needed to see me here instead of my office this early in the morning?"

Saionji appeared troubled. "I'm afraid it's a matter of grave concern. I unexpectedly came into possession of some sensitive information regarding a member of our esteemed faculty. I felt you should be made aware of it before anyone else."

That made Hinako twitch slightly, but she remained calm. It was probably just a coincidence. "And what is this information about?"

"This." Saionji pulled out a remote control and activated the ceiling mounted video-screen.

Hinako's eyes widened as her heart fell into the pit of her stomach. There she was, on screen in her office, pulling her dress over her head as she propositioned Ryo into having sex with her for an increase in his grade. She stood transfixed as the events unfolded once again, with her going from predator to prey as Ryo tore off her underwear, displaying her in all her naked glory, before forcing her to the ground so he could more easily ravage her body.

"Quite photogenic, wouldn't you agree?" Saionji asked as onscreen Ryo rammed his full length into Hinako's body

The question snapped Hinako out of her stupor. "How did you get this?" Her voice was hollow as an empty feeling threatened to overwhelm her.

Saionji shrugged, leaving the video to play in the background as he talked. "How it came into my possession is a bit of a story itself. Suffice to say I have managed to acquire all the copies and they are now in my custody. After a thorough investigation I can guarantee there are no more out there."

Copies. That made Hinako feel worse than ever as her mind still tried to grasp what was happening. If Saionji had just this one tape, she could simply have blasted him and taken it, swearing she would drain him every day of the year if he breathed a word to anyone. Tipping her off to the fact there were multiple copies must have been intentional, most likely to keep her from trying to take that video by force. That had to be it. One thing no one accused Saionji of was not thinking ahead. She would have to remain calm until he revealed his real purpose for calling her here. She couldn't even tell him to stop the video. It would show weakness on her part, and it would probably be dangerous to try and issue any demands. She needed to be patient, before her entire world collapsed around her.

Saionji continued. "However, how I came across it isn't what's important."

Hinako was barely able to restrain herself from screeching at the top of her lungs, "The hell it isn't!" Instead she went with a more restrained, if icy cold, "What do you mean?"

"What I'm going to do with it is the proper question."

Hinako felt a chill run up her spine as, for only the second time in her career; she found her fate resting solely in a student's hands. She doubted the outcome would be as perfect as the one with Silver had turned out.

Onscreen, Ryo was now pounding away mercilessly at Hinako, to her obvious delight given how she was wailing at the top of her lungs. Saionji made a clucking noise as he watched. "Really, Miss Hinako, coercing sexual favors from students in return for grades is unacceptable behavior by any standard. As president of the student body, it's my duty to send this to the school board."

"No! You mustn't!" This time Hinako couldn't restrain herself. "It wasn't my fault. I can't be held responsible for my actions. I was under the influence of that sex demon that attacked the school earlier in the day." She didn't like admitting the weakness on her part, but it was the truth, which was her only chance now.

Surprisingly, Saionji nodded. "Actually, I have some knowledge of demons, thanks to my devil hunting sister, and believe you. However, I doubt the school board will be as accepting or understanding as I am. Had you come forward and volunteered the information, they might have believed you. However, I fear they'll interpret your reticence as an admission of guilt for your actions."

Hinako remained silent. Of course they would. Even if she had come forward that day and they claimed they believed her, they would have simply buried the story and found some excuse to fire her anyway to remove any potential for scandal. That was unacceptable. Hinako had plans for her and Silver. Long term plans that she hadn't even shared with her lover yet. But they couldn't move forward until Silver graduated, then they would be free to have an open relationship, as well as one other thing. While the school board might unofficially disapprove of her off campus relationship, as long as Silver had graduated, and they had no proof of the relationship starting earlier, there was little they could do. If Hinako lost her job now under the cloud of a sex scandal, she'd never be allowed to teach in Japan again. Her plans for her and Silver would be ruined, and then her life would be over. That was all there was to it.

Hinako wondered what tactic to use on Saionji to emphasize her desperation. Either a threat or pleading were the obvious choices. She was still trying to decide when he again spoke.

"I would hate to see you dismissed," he continued. "I wholeheartedly approve of your handling of the more disruptive elements in this school, of which there are many. A strong hand is needed to keep them in line, and I doubt there's any disciplinarian around that could take your place. Certainly not one with your unique abilities. And as president, it's my duty to facilitate an environment conductive to the advancement of academics and the prestige of our illustrious school. Your permanent removal would be far more damaging than a one-time indiscretion that isn't even your fault. And on a personal level, I really don't feel anything wrong has happened. I have nothing against student-teacher affairs, and I'll note Hibiki hasn't lodged a complaint either."

"This is true." Hinako kept her response short, wondering what he was getting at.

"However, it's also my duty to report such infractions to the proper authorities. I find myself at a bit of a quandary. What should I do?"

The jumping back and forth frustrated Hinako. It was obvious he was playing games for a reason. Did he want her to threaten him so he could seal her fate with a clean conscience? No. He could already do that if he sent in the tape. Also his selection of words was calculated, and he was the consummate politician. He was trying to maneuver her into doing something. Perhaps his intentions were baser than she realized. He had thrown in that remark about not being against student-teacher affairs. That seemed a touch out of place compared to the rest of the conversation.

Hinako decided to take a chance. She walked over to stand directly across from Saionji. She leaned over the table, thrusting her large bust in his face. She silently cursed the fact she hadn't chosen one of her 'slut outfits', as Silver termed them, that showed scandalous amounts of her cleavage. Using her most throaty, seductive voice, she said, "If there is anything I can do to convince you of my sincerity, by all means, let me know."

"What an interesting proposition." Saionji tried to sound surprised at the offer, but it was obvious he was faking it. "Why don't we retire to my private presidential chamber where we can discuss this matter without the risk of interruption?"

So, Hinako had judged him correctly. His verbal fencing had been an attempt to prod her into openly making the first move, seeing how far she was willing to go to keep her reputation intact without outright blackmailing her.

Saionji turned off the video monitor, recovered the disc, and walked over to where a new doorway had been constructed in the last week. Recently, one of the old Principal Kunou's larger Hawaiian style secret chambers had been stumbled upon. Hinako had been surprised when the current principal had decided to renovate it into a private chamber for the president of the student council. While it was buried deep enough to make it too out of the way to be of real use to the school, it seemed a bit excessive. Kunou Enterprises had financed the renovation, as well as donating some additional money to some of the school's sports programs, so there were no complaints regarding misuse of school funds. Now Hinako began to suspect that she might have underestimated just how savvy Saionji was.

Saionji walked over to a scanner in the wall and held his palm up to it. "A little device of Gosunkugi's invention. It scans DNA as well as a standard palm print. Only myself, Gosunkugi, and the janitor can use it, except in cases of emergency. Although others can be added if I see fit."

Hinako's mouth quirked slightly at hearing Gosunkugi's name. She was certain the deranged genius was behind some of the more chaotic events at the school. She had never been able to prove anything, but only a genius of his caliber could have executed some of the schemes. Recently she heard rumors he had secured the remains of the sex demon for his own private use. The gods only knew what he might do with that in his possession. Once she thought of it, he and Saionji seemed close. Originally Hinako thought Saionji simply wanted Gosunkugi close at hand to keep him out of mischief. Perhaps their relationship was of a different nature, one not meant to keep the other in check, but rather a pooling of resources. She was seeing Saionji in a new light, one he kept hidden from the general public. Yes, she had underestimated him. Now she was about to find out just how bad her misjudgment was.

Hinako's thoughts were interrupted as the heavy metal door slid open and to reveal a narrow stairway leading downward, deep underneath the school. Saionji led the way, keeping within a step of Hinako, outwardly acting every bit the gentleman. They descended nearly a hundred feet before the passageway ended, opening up into a room that was the size of a gymnasium. Hinako was surprised to see what appeared to be sun and clouds overhead, indistinguishable from the real thing.

"Holographic projectors. They are quite brilliant in design. They even give off ultraviolet radiation, so you can get a tan," Saionji explained. "Gosunkugi really is a master of just about anything he puts his mind to. Such a pity he's a touch addled."

Hinako looked around the room. The flora was all tropical, evidently a holdover from its previous condition. However, instead of the customary tree house, Principal Kunou had preferred there was now a modern-day single story home in the middle of the chamber. Its exterior was actually sedate, and could have blended in any neighborhood. There was a large deck on the back, which allowed one to soak up the imitation rays if they saw fit. There was an addition on the side of the house that stood out a bit, though Hinako was uncertain of its purpose.

Saionji gave a wide sweep of his hand. "My home away from home. It's actually quite nice here. Very conductive to doing presidential things. And it's quiet enough to allow one to have important discussions in private. There's no risk that anyone will bother us if our meeting should become… intensive."

"I see. Very thoughtful. I like privacy," Hinako assured him.

Saionji led her up to the deck. Hinako was surprised to see a large hot tub built right into it. It was already bubbling, and appeared very inviting. She had a weakness for hot tubs. Having only an apartment, she couldn't own one, but whenever she went skiing, she always made sure there were some on the premises. There was nothing like the warm flow of water to wash away worries and loosen her up in every way.

Saionji said, "I find it relaxing to enjoy a good hot tub every now and then. It's much better than a mere bath or hot spring. Since we're in our own little world now, why don't we let our hair down and loosen up?"

"A good idea," Hinako said, feeling at least a touch of her worry ease up. The hot tub looked very inviting.

"Oh, but there's no swimsuits, I'm afraid." Saionji watched her closely.

So, he finally tipped his hand. He wanted a piece of what Ryo had. Hinako supposed it wasn't surprising. Once she had stopped draining everything that looked in her direction, she had been receiving increasingly leering looks from the male students. The stares were much more open and lascivious than they used to be since the sex demon had sprayed half the school with its sperm. Normal teenage hormones combined with the disposal of a lot of taboos seemed to have loosened a good portion of the student body up, at least in regards to matters of sex. While no one had been stupid enough to actually come on to Hinako, the ogling was open enough that in her pre-Silver days, she'd have drained the delinquents dry for their improper behavior.

Now she had a choice. Either give in to Saionji's demands or walk out of both his chamber and the school. Actually, it was no choice at all. She'd do anything to keep Silver.

"I don't see why that should stop us." Hinako lifted the hem of her one piece dress over her body, until it cleared her head. Once free of its confines, she folded it over and placed it on the wooden deck. Slowly, putting on a show for Saionji, she unclasped her bra and let her massive breasts spill free of their confinement. She thrust her chest outward, letting him admire her goods. She was extremely proud of her body, her age reversion preventing gravity from exacting the toll that it had on all of her contemporaries. She was nearly as firm and perky as a teenager.

Saionji was doing a better job than most when it came to seeing her naked breasts for the first time, simply lifting an eyebrow in admiration, though his eyes were locked on to her chest. It was a contrast to Silver, who still frequently drooled at the sight, and would sometimes grab Hinako and take her then and there.

She allowed Saionji to stare at her chest for a moment before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulling them down to her ankles. She raised one foot out, then the other, spreading her legs just a bit so Saionji had the perfect view of the small triangle of hair at her loins and her full lower lips. She knew she had a large pussy that was always clearly defined when she went around in bikinis, but that was for the best, since she needed to accommodate such a large lover. Now a small smile spread across his lips. Good, he liked what he saw. Things would take a turn for the worse for both of them if he changed his mind at this point.

Slowly Hinako entered the hot tub, displaying her wares for Saionji's benefit. Eventually she was sitting on the bottom, her nipples barely covered by the water. Once she was submerged, the bubbling water flowed over her body and she really did start to relax. The effect a hot tub had on her was amazing. It was a pity Silver wasn't here to take advantage of the situation instead of the manipulative Kunou.

Once Hinako was in the water, Saionji took his turn. She watched closely, curious to see what he looked like under his uniform. While she had no real interest in him, he was handsome and in good shape. And just because Silver satisfied her, didn't mean she couldn't look and admire other men.

He undid his neatly pressed uniform, removing the top and flaunting his own lean, yet muscular physique. Hinako had to admit he kept himself in top shape. Kendo evidently did a body good.

Next came the shoes and sock, then the pants, leaving him clad in only a pair of standard white briefs. She looked closely at the bulge hidden under the white. Definitely noticeable, though not Silver-kun sized. His monster would probably tear free of something like that, which was another reason he wore boxers, when he bothered wearing any underwear at all.

Saionji removed his briefs, his hardened member popping free of its confinement even as Hinako's breasts had earlier. His cock was of average length, and a touch on the thick side. He neither preened nor appeared embarrassed. He radiated the exact same confidence and control he always did.

Surprisingly, Saionji entered the tub at the opposite side, leaning back with his arms spread out along the edge. Hinako had assumed he'd sit next to her and immediately begin playing with her body. Perhaps he wanted to take things slowly and ease her into it, though there hardly seemed any point to that. She had given him her body to use, even if it hadn't been stated openly. She had the moment she agreed to strip for him. She was almost tempted to tell him to go for it so they could get this over with and she could prepare for her morning classes.

Instead, Saionji maintained his distance. "That's better. Now, let's think this through. I am now firmly convinced that sending the video in would be a mistake."

"You do?" Hinako was surprised he would make that concession before screwing her. That was his leverage against her. What the hell was he up to?

"Indeed. As president of the student body, I will take responsibility for judging these events, and I find that there is no need for punishment at this time."

"At this time?" Hinako repeated.

Saionji's smile grew a little wider. "Yes, well, it would probably behoove me to keep an eye on the situation in case complaints did come in about exchanging sexual favors for grades. Not that I believe there will be. I'm simply hedging my bets as it were."

And keeping me dangling from a string, Hinako thought to herself. Now his true motives were starting to come out. This was no one time occasion where he was demanding sex from her. That would have been too simple for the likes of Saionji Kunou. This was a situation that was going to last for a while. Perhaps that was why he was being so tentative, seeing how much he could push Hinako before going too far.

Saionji shrugged. "In any case, I think keeping this matter private between us would be for the best."

"I agree," Hinako said. "I think we're both responsible enough to deal with things."

Saionji nodded. "Of course, since we're making these sorts of private dealings, and trust each other so much, it's only natural that one might come to the other's aide, should the need arise. A sort of exchange for favors, as it were. For example, if I was to suggest that a field trip to a certain part of Japan would be beneficial to the student body, you might agree that it would be a good idea and put in a good word."

Hinako grimaced. So, it wasn't sexual favors he wanted from her. He simply wanted her under his control. Straight sex would have been easier to deal with. Hinako was a basically honest woman that wanted what was best for the students. Letting Saionji have control over her and manipulating her for his best interest instead of the school's rubbed her wrong.

He seemed to sense her reservations and quickly added, "Oh, I don't think we'll make outrageous demands or anything like that. I love this school and wouldn't want anything to besmirch its good name. Like a sex scandal," he pointed out.

Hinako hated to admit it, but he was right. Had he been responsible for setting up her and Ryo, she wouldn't have been so tolerant of Saionji's thinly veiled extortion. However, all he was doing was taking advantage of a situation Hinako had inadvertently gotten herself into. Although if she ever did find out who had planted the camera in her office, she would drain them until they couldn't move. She didn't think it was Saionji. From the way he talked it seemed he had stumbled on the information, and he hadn't outright lied about anything yet, so he probably did have all of the copies of the video.

It was obvious he was attempting to reassure her that he wouldn't go too far, but it was a moot point. If it came down to it, she'd sell out every student in the school in exchange for Silver. She'd hate herself for it, but she would still do it. She was that much in love. "Very well. An exchange of favors should the need arise," Hinako conceded.

"Excellent," Saionji said gleefully. "Let's hear it for the students and faculty becoming closer in order to facilitate our wonderful educational system." He then rose up to sit on the edge of the hot tub. He was now fully rigid, and his circumcised cock revealed a bright purple head that was dripping with water.

Hinako found it interesting that he was still providing her with openings rather than making demands of her. She considered brushing him off, since they had basically already made a deal, which she suspected was Saionji's true goal. He was incredibly popular, and could have sex with nearly any girl in the school. The unique thing Hinako could provide for him didn't have to do with her body, just her position in the school hierarchy.

Then she reconsidered. Saionji had bound her to him, but perhaps it would behoove her to make herself more valuable to him. He still had those videos, and could still turn on her if he should change his mind. But if she had something else that interested him, he would be reluctant to release the footage to the school board.

Course decided, Hinako stood up, posing for him. While it was true he might have been able to have sex with any of the students, they were just inexperienced little girls that barely knew how to spell 'pleasure' let alone give it to a man. Hinako was a true woman with plenty of practice in satisfying men in many different ways. Also there was her outstanding body. Only that slut, Kuonji, had a build like Hinako's, and she wasn't as voluptuous, since she was just a little brat.

Saionji stared at Hinako's body in approval. Excellent, she thought. He was receptive to the idea. She walked over to him, swaying her hips as a visual lure. Once in front of him, an idea occurred to her. She'd give him something none of those other little girls could give him. At least not the way Hinako could.

Hinako fell to her knees directly in front of Saionji, her nipples brushing against his legs briefly. She grabbed the sides of her breasts and leaned forward, catching his cock in the huge valley of her bosom. She then pressed on the sides of her breasts, squeezing his rod in a wet, fleshy sheath, burying it completely from sight.

She was rewarded with Saionji's eyes widening slightly. Delighted at finally having the upper hand, she began shifting her bosom up and down, arousing him further with her cleavage. She had yet to meet anyone, Silver included, that didn't love getting a tit fuck from her massive mammaries.

"My goodness, that is something else," Saionji admitted as his cock shuttled back and forth between Hinako's bountiful offerings, his eyes fixated on the game of hide-and-seek his rod was playing with her body.

Hinako didn't bother adding any tongue. It was obvious he was already wired and could go any second. She couldn't blame him. Silver-kun rarely lasted long either. While Saionji might have had a girl rub herself against his cock, she couldn't overpower him the way Hinako could. All he could do was lean back and groan as she worked him over.

The water made his cock move smoothly between her fleshy globes, and having sex in a hot tub was really turning Hinako on. She always found a man's shaft moving in her bosom very erotic. One of the favorite things Silver-kun did was pin her down between fucks and 'revitalize' himself by force-feeding her his cock until he started to harden again, then screwed her breasts until he as at full mast, after which he would fuck her some more. She adored it when he kept a tight physical reign on her like that. She wished Silver-kun was behind her, pounding away at her pussy while she toyed with Saionji, then she could really get off. Two or three orgasms at least with how hot she was running. As it was, she'd have to live with satisfying Saionji, and not getting any satisfaction in return. At least not until school was over and Silver might have time for a rendezvous.

Hinako picked up her speed. Saionji grunted, and she felt the hot bar of flesh twitch. She left it fully embedded, right up to the purple helmet, in her cleavage and pressed her breasts hard against it, imitating the inside of a pussy as best as she could. Saionji bucked his hips and his cock began spurting his seed. The way his rod twitched, it felt like a snake trapped in the valley of her bosom struggling to get free. It didn't matter. She wasn't releasing it until it was milked dry of its 'venom'.

There was a sensation of increasingly warm wetness as he spewed his seed on her. It seemed to go on forever, and her grip loosened just enough for a single squirt to escape. It leapt high enough to land on her cheek. As it trickled down, she made a great show of catching it with her tongue and slurping it down. The flavor itself didn't do much for her, but men liked it when a woman made it seem as though their life fluid was the nectar of the gods.

Finally Saionji's cock stopped twitching and he released a sigh. Hinako freed his member and was delighted to see a copious amount of white goo now decorating the insides of her breasts. Saionji really hadn't held anything back. She drew her finger across the warm, white substance and smeared it across her bosom. While she might not have been wild about the taste, she did enjoy the feel of it on her flesh. Who knew, maybe a healthy coating of sperm helped keep the skin smooth.

As Saionji came down from his high, he watched Hinako play with his seed, treating it like it was a skin lotion. After watching for a couple of minutes, he said, "You know, Miss Hinako. I've truly enjoyed this meeting. I think we should continue our close relationship by getting together once a week to discuss school matters and other considerations. We'll keep them nice and private, like this one, since it went so well."

Hinako sucked some of his flavor from her digit. "A sound idea. Let's make it Wednesday mornings, like today." She had him, just as she planned. As long as Saionji was interested in her, he'd go to great lengths to see to it Hinako kept her job, possibly even if she ended up getting in trouble from a different source. Saionji was proving very smart in manipulating events to his own ends, and she'd wager he'd put forth some effort to help her, should the need arise.

Hinako had turned the situation from a probable disaster to a minor inconvenience. Putting out for a rather handsome youth once a week to keep her job and relationship with Silver intact was a small price to pay. She doubted Silver would be so understanding, though, even if Hinako was doing it only for her. The girl didn't like Saionji at all, and if she caught wind of him having sex with Hinako, she'd probably kick the crap out of him and that could ruin everything. There was only a year and a half left before Saionji and Silver graduated and she could put this little incident behind them. Hinako would keep quiet about the tryst while ensuring Saionji kept his mouth shut. It was an improvised plan, but the best she could come up with. And there were far worse things that having sex with a handsome, confident young man.

Nurse Kasumi Tendou looked away from the article in front of her and glanced at the clock on the wall. Delight overcame her as she saw it was nearly lunchtime. She was a touch bored since it had been a slow day in the nurse's office. She only had to deal with a minor ankle sprain and a small cut from a rusty nail as far as actual injuries went. The only thing that had taken up any real time was handing out contraceptives. She had been doing that a lot lately. While Furinkan's students had never been the most chaste of teenagers, since the sex demon incident the number of people coming to her office for contraceptives had quadrupled. She was going to have to put in a rush order for more or she'd be out by the end of the week.

Kasumi made a mental note to take care of it after lunch. She looked forward to dining with a couple of the history teachers she was friends with. Before she made it two steps the door to her office opened and a perky, "Hiya, Kasumi," greeted her.

Cringing was not a reaction that came naturally to Kasumi; she tended to accept just about anything thrown her way without flinching. Her mother had told her life was full of surprises, so she shouldn't be surprised when they came. Yet upon recognizing the voice, Kasumi also came to realize that there were some things one just couldn't accept with a smile on their face.

Chiyoko Matsura was a new social studies teacher that had been hired two months ago. Fresh out of college, she was small and slender, radiating a 'kawaii' look that made her resemble a student instead of a teacher. Even Kasumi admitted the girl's looks were exceptionally attractive, and complimented her smaller, delicate frame perfectly. Most of the male students, and even some of the teachers, agreed as they stared lasciviously at her. Rumor had it she had put those looks to good use when courting the school superintendent for a job. That the superintendent's wife was seeking a divorce on the ground of infidelity added fuel to the fire.

That Chiyiko was undeniably attractive and had probably slept her way into her current position wasn't what bothered Kasumi. There were lots of women out there better looking than her, and as long as it was between two consenting adults, she had no objections to sex. Rather, it was the woman's attitude that irritated her. From the first day Chiyoko had arrived, she had been hell bent on becoming acknowledged as the most attractive teacher (if not woman altogether) in the school. She flirted mercilessly with both male teachers and students. To most women and girls she was either polite or ignored them altogether. However, if the female was attractive enough to make Chiyoko feel her standing in her perceived order of things was threatened, everything changed.

Kasumi said, "Miss Matsura, I really don't think it's appropriate for us to be on such familiar terms with one another."

"I keep telling you to call me Chiyoko," she said, giggling cutely.

Kasumi had managed to ignore the giggle the first few times they met, but of late it wore on her nerves. "I think it's best we keep things formal. I have to go to lunch."

"That's perfect. Since we really need to get to know one another better, I thought we could share a meal together." She held up a bento box, displaying it for Kasumi's benefit.

Kasumi grimaced inwardly. Maneuvering her into this position had been deft. "Why not?"

Immediately Chiyoko pulled up a chair and sat next to Kasumi. They opened their lunches and prepared to eat, but before Chiyoko had taken a bite, she began babbling away, just like an inane school girl. "You'll never guess what happened to me today."

"Probably not," Kasumi admitted.

Chiyoko moved closer, as though she was exchanging a secret, but didn't lower her voice in the slightest. "Well, during third period Yuu Michinoku, he's this senior that has the leading role in an upcoming play, a very handsome boy that has all the girls after him, actually confessed his love to me and asked me out on a date, can you believe it?"

A part of Kasumi really wanted to say, 'Yes, because you flirt with the guys worse than the female students do,' but since it was inappropriate, she said, "It is surprising."

"I have guys stare at me all the time, but I'm used to it since they've been doing it my entire life. I've had some of those handsome students brush against me in the halls, even though there's more than enough room to avoid me. Oh, they apologize afterward, but you know it was intentional. And then they go brag to their friends about how they copped a feel. But they're guys, so what can you do? Anyway, this is the first one to actually ask me out."

"I see," Kasumi said neutrally as she took a bite of chicken.

"I'd ask you what I should do, but I'm sure nothing like that has ever happened to you."

Kasumi nearly choked on her food. She turned to look at Chiyoko, but she had perfected the 'innocent ditzy remark' look so well that Kasumi almost believed she didn't know what she was saying, which was a blatant lie. This was the true Chiyoko that came through to those she regarded as nearly attractive as herself, if not more so. More than one of Chiyoko's attractive female students had come crying to Kasumi, telling her how Chiyoko picked on them, deliberately asking them questions they didn't know the answers to and putting them down in front of class, giving them lower grades on subjective test questions, and other more subtle, belittling things.

To the teachers Chiyoko perceived as rivals, she made cutting remarks about them, disguised as idle conversation or seemingly air-headed statements that she could feign ignorance about, like with Kasumi just now. She had reduced the music teacher, Miss Hinagiku, to tears once. Rumor had it she tried the same thing on Miss Hinako, but that the disciplinarian, who even Kasumi admitted could be quite the bitch, had put Chiyoko in her place and threatened to drain her if she bothered her again. Chiyoko had left her alone after that.

Of late, Chiyoko's efforts seemed directed toward Kasumi. At first she ignored them, but the girl was able to accomplish what few could by getting under Kasumi's skin. She never lost her temper at anyone, and avoided violence like the plague, but when around Chiyoko, Kasumi suddenly understood how Akane or Shampoo found it easy to beat up someone under the right conditions.

Kasumi was content to allow the remark to pass until Chiyoko followed up with, "You're so matronly, the boys must look at you like a mother figure. I bet they ask you for advice about girls and stuff. It must be nice to be respected like that instead of being treated like a sex object."

Kasumi suppressed the urge to inform Chiyoko that the boys had dubbed her 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi', and sex was about the only thing they wanted from her, at least if being gang-banged on an exam table by four handsome studs was any indication.

"Oh, I've had a boy or two flirt with me," Kasumi said.

"Really?" Chiyoko's disbelief was palpable enough to fill the room. "I guess there are some guys that have serious mother complexes, huh?"

Kasumi felt her facial muscles twitch. She was saved from reacting to the statement by a knock on the door. Grateful for the reprieve, she said, "Enter."

The door slid open and Silver-kun walked into the room with several folders tucked under his arm. Kasumi's mood brightened instantly upon seeing the handsome youth.

Before Kasumi could react, Chiyoko shot to her feet, maneuvering directly between the newcomer and Kasumi. "It's nice to see you, Mr. Saotome."

"Technically it's Miss," Silver-kun corrected.

Chiyoko pouted. "Oh, but it's so awkward to think of you that way, especially since you're so able-bodied as a man."

Silver-kun was taken aback by the comment, and the flirting way it had been delivered. "Uh, okay, if it makes you feel better, you can call me Mr. Saotome. It's not a big deal."


Chiyoko gushed so hard it made Kasumi want to retch.

The flirtatious teacher wasn't finished. "You know, Mr. Saotome, I have good news for you. You got a ninety-five percent on your social studies test."

Silver-kun was relieved. "That is good news. I wasn't doing too well in that until recently."

"A good teacher makes all the difference in the world. I like to think I can bring the best out of every student." Her body posture shifted slightly, the tilt of her chest and hips subtly more suggestive than before. "Someone like me could get the best performance out of you, couldn't I?"

"Uh, I guess. I sort of have to give these to Miss Tendou." Silver-kun sidestepped Chiyoko and walked to Kasumi. He handed her the folders. "These are from Miss. Hinagiku." He smiled dashingly.

Given her current company, Kasumi decided to play up Silver-kun's attention. "Thank you so much. I can't believe how helpful you are going out of your way for me like that. You're absolutely wonderful."

Unlike Chiyoko's flattery, Silver-kun openly reveled in Kasumi's. "The pleasure's all mine. Anytime you need anything at all, like moving furniture again, you let me know and I'll come running." Since his back was to Chiyoko, she missed the conspiratorially wink he exchanged with Kasumi.

The wink triggered Kasumi's memory of last weekend when Silver-kun came by to help Kasumi with a little problem, as well as some heavy lifting. With Chiyoko present, it made the memory all the more satisfying. Kasumi indulged herself as she remembered….

The day had started innocently enough. A love seat Kasumi had ordered was going to be delivered that afternoon. She needed someone to help rearrange the furniture in the room and get rid of the old loveseat. She called Akira at his dorm, but he begged off, citing a couple of tough exams coming up. Then he recommended asking Silver to help. Kasumi agreed it was a good idea since the girl was strong enough to juggle most of the furniture. She called and Silver agreed to come over.

After hanging up, Kasumi began thinking about the situation. It would mark the first time she and Silver would be alone since their tryst when they were under the influence of the demon sperm. While it has been the most enjoyable encounter Kasumi had experienced in decades, it was tainted slightly by the fact both of them were under the influence of a foreign substance. She would have preferred both of them having their full faculties when engaging in hot and heated sex.

Today would be an ideal time to correct that. Akira was busy with school work, and Kasumi expected no one else to drop by. She and Silver would have nearly the whole day to themselves rather than hurrying through an hour on one of the patient's beds.

Since Kasumi hadn't said anything about having sex when she called Silver, she decided to surprise her young paramour. Choosing the right clothing was the way to open things up, an ensemble that would make her intentions clear from the outset. Kasumi went through her closets and drawers, eventually narrowing it down to three choices. After trying them all on, she settled on a light blue blouse with a low cut top and a skin tight pair of black bicycle shorts. It was an ensemble that she had purchased about five years ago during a brief biking phase. She had received plenty of wolf whistles and stares when she went riding around in that. If she could get an entire construction site to stop work and watch her bicycle past every morning, it would work on Silver as well.

Kasumi skipped the underwear, since it would only get in the way. Besides, with how tight her clothing was, the outline of her nipples could clearly be seen through the thin material of her shirt, and the shape of her lower lips were defined by her shorts. It would make her intentions even clearer, since she didn't dress so risqué for anyone else.

Gazing at herself in the full-length mirror, Kasumi decided to add a little something extra. She tied a knot in the center of her shirt. Now she showed off an indecent amount of cleavage and displayed her midriff. She was very proud of her stomach and how she had kept it almost as flat as when she had been in her twenties, a result of carefully regulated diet, at least an hour's exercise a day, and more intense workouts twice a week with Shampoo and Ranma at their dojo. All of her female friends were envious of her figure, and while she normally didn't like to show off, certain occasions called for it, like today.

Kasumi had just finished dressing when the doorbell rang. She rushed downstairs, eager to greet Silver and see her reaction.

Opening the front door, she saw that her guest was not Silver, but rather two deliverymen bearing a large box on a dolly. They were sizeable men in their late twenties, both a bit rough-looking and unkempt. They appeared startled at Kasumi's appearance for a moment. The surprised disappeared, replaced by hungry stares as they looked Kasumi up and down, openly enjoying what they saw.

The one in charge of the pair spoke. "I believe you ordered a love seat, Ma'am."

Kasumi politely greeted them, internally vexed at her miscalculation. She needed them to drop off the furniture and leave before Silver showed up, or the initial impact of her outfit would be lost. "Come on inside, and I'll show you where you can leave it."

As she turned and led the way to her living room, Kasumi heard the one in charge whisper to his comrade, "See, Saito, what did I tell you? You get to meet lots of lonely housewives at this job."

"I hear you, Mori," she heard the other man say. She really needed to get them to leave quickly.

"It'll go right here." Kasumi pointed to the middle of her living room.

The men brought the box inside using a dolly. They were paying so much attention to Kasumi's body that they barely made it in the house. A drunk driver would have been more careful as they scraped the box against a wall and narrowly missed knocking over a lamp before the box was deposited in the center of the room. Kasumi winced at their clumsiness. At least they hadn't taken off any paint.

"Thank you, gentlemen. That's all I need you for." Kasumi looked politely but meaningfully at the door.

Mori said, "Why don't we help you put it where you want it? We're real good at helping single women who don't have a man around to help her when she needs it."

"Yeah," Saito said, moving to one side of Kasumi.

"There's no need. I'm having someone come over to help me," Kasumi insisted.

Mori moved to her other side, while the box was between her and the door, effectively fencing her in. "You don't need anyone else to help you. We're trained professionals, you know. We're always helping lonely ladies in their time of need." He placed a large, calloused hand on Kasumi's shoulder and began rubbing it.

That distressed Kasumi. The men were being quite rude and behaving inappropriately. While she was dressed provocatively, she had made it clear their attentions were unwanted. It was evident that she was going to have to do something. She was confident she could disable them. While she wasn't a high-level martial artist, she did have years of training from both her father and the Saotomes, and it was obvious the two men thought she was a meek little housewife. Still, she had never actually beaten up anybody, not caring for violence. She was reluctant to do so.

The sound of a clearing throat at the entryway caught everyone's attention. Silver-kun stood in the doorway, staring levelly at the two men. "Hey, Aunt Kasumi. Is there a problem?"

Mori answered, "Ain't no problem, kid. We're just helping your Aunt with her new furniture."

Silver-kun moved up to the dolly, placing a hand on the push bar for all to see. "There really isn't any need for that. I'm more than capable of doing what needs to be done around here." The metal of the bar crumpled under Silver-kun's hand.

That changed the men's attitudes instantly. Mori said, "Uh, yeah, I can see that. We'd better get going." The men headed out of the room as fast as they could, abandoning the dolly. Seconds later, the sound of the moving truck starting up came from outside, then dwindled into the distance.

Kasumi was surprised at her own reaction, nearly swooning. It was just like a scene out of one of the romance novels she enjoyed reading, with the hero rescuing the woman from evil men with dark designs for her. That hadn't happened to Kasumi very often, largely because she wasn't the type of girl men threatened. The way events unfolded only increased her desire to have sex with her 'savior.'

Sidling up to Silver-kun, Kasumi said, "Thank you, Silver-chan. Those men were being a bit too forward."

"So I gathered." Now it was Silver-kun's turn to look Kasumi over. She remained motionless allowing him to see how sexily she had dressed. While he looked, Kasumi took the opportunity to do the same to her savior. He wore a tight tee-shirt and a pair of loose shorts that showed off a strong, very manly physique. There was much more muscle on him than Akira, showing that he took plenty of effort to stay in shape, though with Shampoo and Ranma as his parents, becoming fat and lazy was probably an impossibility.

Those powerful arms of Silver-kun's had been around Kasumi before, and she wanted them there again. She all but displayed herself for his benefit, wishing he would take her in his arms, like on the cover of one of those novels, and ravish her right there.

Surprisingly, Silver-kun reacted by walking to the box. "Why don't we get started? This is what you wanted moved, right?"

Kasumi was surprised by the youth's casual attitude to her outfit and the situation. Restraint was not a word associated with any Saotome, Silver included. Perhaps the threat of violence with the men had served to cool his ardor even as it increased hers.

While Kasumi was eager, she was not impatient yet. She'd bide her time until Silver-kun came around. "Why don't we move the old one out back first? One of the neighbors said he'd like to have it, and could come by tomorrow to pick it up."

Kasumi bent down to help lift the old couch (making certain Silver-kun had a good view of her breasts. However, he assured her he could handle it himself. Bending low, he grabbed the old love seat by the center and lifted it up as casually as he would a footstool. The show of power made Kasumi hotter, and she could feel her lower lips moistening. It was a good thing the shorts were black, otherwise she might leave a noticeable stain.

She led him out back and instructed him to deposit the old piece of furniture under the roof of her back porch, where it would be protected from the elements until her neighbor came by to grab it the next day.

After Silver-kun set the old love seat down, Kasumi moved up next to him, ready for her next attempt at seduction. "You're stronger than I realized." Her hand stroked his powerful arm, and she brushed her hip against his cock. She felt it in a semi-hard state. As she played with him, she saw the front of his shorts move on their own. Excellent. It was the reaction she was hoping for.

Again Silver-kun surprised her by backing away, saying, "We'd better get that new piece squared away." Without waiting for an answer, he entered the house, heading for the living room.

Kasumi stared at his back. What was going on? Had he misinterpreted her reluctance at the movers attentions as a sign she wasn't in the mood for sex? If so, it was a horrible misjudgment. She'd never been a cocktease. If she tried to turn on a man, it meant she wanted sex. Like right now.

Since standing outside alone accomplished nothing, Kasumi followed her helper into the house, now a bit concerned. She found a utility knife for Silver-kun, and watched as he cut away the cardboard around the love seat. What satisfaction Kasumi should have felt at replacing her old furniture with a new one was lost in frustration. Having his sexy body so close, yet his refusal to take her, annoyed her like few things could.

Stalling for time, she directed Silver-kun around the room with the furniture in hand, as if she was undecided about where it should go. Kasumi tried her best to flirt with him, all but ripping her shirt off and saying, "Take me!" Despite the now huge bulge in his shorts, Silver-kun still refused to react to her advances. Instead he continued concentrating on the job at hand, ignoring the one she really wanted him to work on.

Eventually Kasumi ran out of places to pretend to consider. Now she was forced to reflect on something that hadn't crossed her mind until just now. Maybe Silver-kun wasn't really attracted to her. Maybe the heated sex had not been as consensual on his part as Kasumi had originally thought. It could have been the demon sperm was totally responsible for his behavior, and he found Kasumi a frumpy old maid without an ounce of sexual appeal. She knew she wasn't young any more, and it had been weighing heavily on her until her trysts with Silver-kun and the rugby team. Those had restored her confidence, giving her even more confidence than she had in years. Now the doubts came crashing back with a vengeance. It seemed the only explanation.

"Just put it there." Kasumi indicated the place where she had intended it to go all along. Silver-kun centered it correctly the first time and backed off. Kasumi threw herself onto the love seat, leaning back in a sitting position on it. In the store she had loved the plush cushions. Now it could have been made of rocks and she wouldn't have noticed.

She was about to tell Silver-kun he could go home when he plopped down next to her. His arm found its way draped across her shoulder, an obvious move of intimacy. Kasumi looked into his eyes and now understood that what had originally appeared to be stoicism was just a facade, one that was cracking as his eyes looked upon her as a man did a woman. One he found very appealing.

Silver-kun said, "I've got an idea. Since we're done moving stuff around, why don't we break in this couch?"

"Break it in?"

"Yeah, it's a little tradition my parents came up with. Every time they got a new piece of furniture, they'd have sex on it." As Silver-kun gave his explanation, the arm that had been on Kasumi's shoulder moved down to her front, eventually encompassing her blouse-covered breast. He began kneading it, paying close attention to the nipple.

A soft moan escaped Kasumi's lips. Now this was more like it. Silver-kun's suggestion sounded very kinky. Kasumi's previous lovers tended to be proper and gentlemanly, especially when they were in her home. Sex was usually reserved for her bed, or occasionally the shower. One of them had taken her on the floor, but the second time he tried it he slipped and concussed himself. It was the last time either of them had sex anywhere that wasn't well padded.

By this time Silver-kun started playing with her other breast with his free hand, really firing her up. Kasumi said, "Well, it is a love seat, I guess it's appropriate to make love on it."

Silver-kun simply grinned, and really began to play with her nipples through her top. He rolled the hardened nubs between his fingers, alternating between caressing and lightly tweaking them. He treated them like dials on a radio, trying to fine tune her body's reception to his attentions with her. Their intense sensitivity made her breasts one of her strongest erogenous zones, and Kasumi found herself moistening again.

Silver-kun abruptly stopped playing with the nipples. He released his hands from her breasts and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, hoisting it up and over her breasts, freeing them from the material. He then eased her onto her back on the love seat. Poised above her, he lowered his head and began sucking on one of her breasts while playing with the other with a hand. He started off a bit slowly, but quickly gave in to his obvious desires by sucking fiercely on it.

Kasumi wrapped her arms around his head, holding it there while she relished the sensations produced by his suction. By the gods she had been waiting for this since he had first appeared in the room. All the doubts about her sex appeal were dashed as he began to consume her with his youthful hunger.

While Silver-kun's mouth remained firmly attached to her breasts, his hand moved downward, slipping past the waistband of her shorts and to what lay barely hidden from his sight. His fingers moved through her triangle of hair to the soft set of pouty lips perched below. In contrast to the ravenous sucking above, the fingers lightly caressed the outside of her opening, playing themselves along her damp flesh and increasing the moisture coming from them. Delicately they sought out her hood, coaxing it open and allowing them to play with the treasure inside.

Kasumi arched her back as Silver-kun began toying with her clitoris. Her legs spread open, an automatic reaction on her body's part to the stimulation. All her senses told her she was ready to enthusiastically receive a man inside her body.

However, Silver-kun wasn't finished with his foreplay. He went from playing with her nub to moving his fingers to her entryway once again. This time one of them pressed forward and into her body. It was immediately embraced by her warm insides, the flesh clinging tightly to the small digital intruder.

Patiently Silver-kun worked the finger back and forth, plunging deeper inside. Kasumi bucked her hips in response, trying to drive more of something, anything inside her. Not content with his progress, and not one to remain silent to her needs beyond a certain point, Kasumi pulled his head away from her breast and looked into his eyes.

"Now," she ordered.

Silver-kun's smile grew even wider. He removed his hands from her body and rose up from the love seat. He grabbed the waistband of Kasumi's shorts and pulled them down her legs and free from her body. He tossed them aside, paying no mind to where they ended up. He whipped off his shirt and shorts, freeing his raging hard-on. Kasumi's eyes widened at the sight. That was what she wanted, that beautiful, long, thick shaft plunging into her depths as it unleashed upon her the pleasure that only a man could give. Kasumi spread her legs wide, one draped over the back of the love seat while the other remained on the floor, displaying her readiness for him.

Seeing Kasumi present herself in offering was more than Silver-kun could take. He nearly dove upon her as he got on top, lining up his shaft with her opening. He gave one initial powerful thrust, sinking little more than the head in before her tightness prevented him from going in any further.

Kasumi gasped as she was finally penetrated in the way she had lusted for. But it was too little. She cursed her body's inability to immediately accommodate her lover's full length, while at the same time being grateful that there was so much length to accommodate.

"Get it in me right now!" Kasumi ordered.

Silver-kun grunted in compliance, drawing back his hips and thrusting in far more powerfully than he might have otherwise done. Kasumi's grunt was more feminine, but equally guttural as he she felt him force his way into her body. It was very rough, almost primal, the way they desperately ground their bodies together in an effort to complete their joining. Kasumi felt her arousal peaking as an increasing amount of his impressive length disappeared into her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist in a death lock, preventing him from pulling too far out, and pulling him toward her to help to bring him into her body. Silver-kun reacted as she hoped by only withdrawing an inch back before sinking his organ into her again, increasing amounts going inside with each additional thrust.

And then he stopped, his groin flush against her as their pubic hairs mashed together. His groin pressed against her clitoris in just the right spot at just the right moment. It triggered an orgasm, average in strength, but with how starved she had been for it, it was like finding an oasis in the desert.

Silver-kun remained inside her. Closing his eyes as he savored the way he was being hugged by her body.

The orgasm passed quickly. Despite being on the downside of her high, Kasumi still ran hot. All that it had really accomplished was to whet her appetite for more. Knowing how flattery could improve a man's confidence, and subsequently performance, Kasumi said. "Oh god, it's even bigger than I remember." Which was, conveniently, the truth. While under the influence of the demon sperm she'd been too desperate to truly appreciate Silver's size. Now, with the time to savor the feeling, she was reminded of how long it had been since she'd been anywhere near this full.

Silver-kun opened his eyes and locked them with her own. "You feel even better than I remember."

So, he had been thinking about their time together fondly, yet he had played hard to get. How very naughty. He was obviously a pussy tease. "You were so bad, not putting this wonderful thing inside of me sooner."

Silver-kun said, "Yeah, I am a bad girl for holding out. So what?"

His grin showed he was playing with her. How defiant. Despite her wanting to have sex with him, she was still his elder. He would obey what she told him. "As punishment for your naughty behavior, you have to stay the night and keep using your cock on me until you can't get it up anymore. I want every drop of beautiful sperm you have inside my body."

"Is that so? Fine!" This time he drew back until he was nearly all the way out, then rammed in harder than he had before. Harder than he had during their tryst in the exam room.

Kasumi gasped at the force of the penetration. Before she had a chance to wonder what was going on, he repeated the move, slightly faster than before. Then again. Then again, increasing the tempo with each thrust. Soon she found it impossible to keep her legs locked behind him. Instead they flailed helplessly in the air as he hammered away at her pussy. It was like he was trying to drive her through the love seat with how hard he fucked her. The breath was almost driven from her lungs with the primal way in which he ravished her body. This time she could feel a monstrously powerful orgasm building up inside. She was falling victim to the fruits of her 'punishment' and loved every second of it.

In all too short a time, Silver-kun's thrusting took on an almost desperate fury and he sounded out of breath with how hard he was grunting. Kasumi fought off the orgasm, waiting for just the right the moment for its release.

Silver-kun moved his head next to hers, his mouth beside her ear. He snarled, "So you want my sperm in you, do you?"

Her own taut nerves, frayed from the physical pleasure, were pushed to the breaking point as she realized he was on the verge of giving her what she demanded. "Yes, give it to me!" she cried out.

"Fine… take… all… of… it!" Between each word, he thrust as powerfully as he ever had. With the last word, he remained inside her, releasing a gasp as he erupted inside her, pumping out what Kasumi swore was a gallon's worth of seed.

Despite not being under any supernatural influences, Kasumi came as powerfully as she had during the nurse office encounter with him. With how deeply his cock was embedded in her, she swore she could feel him spraying every drop of his young, virile semen directly into her fertile womb. The combination of intense physical pleasure, combined with it coming from someone she cared for deeply, and the idea of being blessed with another child by such a powerful specimen of manhood, while fulfilling her family's obligation, set Kasumi off like few things had. She writhed in ecstasy underneath her lover, never wanting the moment to end.

They lay there, panting as their senses leisurely returned to them, floating back down from the heights that had soared to. Silver-kun slumped against Kasumi in temporary exhaustion, though she was only slightly better. Once she regained some of her breath, she relaxed, then began kissing him tenderly along his face. That seemed to revive him, and he began returning the kisses as each basked in the afterglow of their hot and heavy session.

Once they had both come down from their mutual high, Kasumi stopped showering him with kisses and said, "That was wonderful."

"Oh yeah," he gasped.

Then Kasumi pouted slightly. "Really, Silver, I can't understand why you waited so long to do that. Getting the furniture situated was hardly a priority. For a while there I was worried you didn't find me attractive."

Silver-kun nearly recoiled. "Heck, no! I wanted to jump you as soon as I laid eyes on you."

"Then why did you wait?"

Silver-kun shifted uncomfortably. "I didn't want you thinking I only came over for sex or something. I mean, I really enjoyed our last time, but I didn't want you to think I only see you as a sex object or something. And I wasn't completely sure that the demon spooge wasn't responsible for you wanting to do it with me. So I wanted to do what I came over to do and then see what happened."

Kasumi smiled. Now it all made sense. "That's reassuring, Silver-chan. I know you don't see me like that and care about me. Don't ever doubt that. And I don't see you that way either. However," she played a hand over his the thick muscles of his chest. "If you come over to my house and we're alone, and I'm dressed like this, believe me, I am very interested in having sex."

Silver-kun developed a stupid grin on his face. "Yes, Auntie."

That soured a bit of the afterglow. "It's just Kasumi, or Naughty Nurse Kasumi, when we're like this." Being called Aunt made her feel old, something she most definitely did not want to feel like in the presence of such youth, especially since she felt almost as giddy as a teenager herself. The effect of having sex with such a young man really did wonders for her confidence about her age.

That was as incredible a session of sex as Kasumi had ever had, and proved their first joining was no fluke. The animalistic way in which Silver-kun took her was a sharp contrast to her usual lovers. They tended to be soft and gentle, treating her almost as if she was a delicate porcelain doll. While there was nothing wrong with gentle lovemaking, there had been times when she was in the mood for something more physical and primal. She wanted to be lusted after as well as cherished from time-to-time. Like Silver-kun was doing with her now, though he was too young to be considered for a permanent lover. Maybe if he was ten years older, but not now, and especially not with his connection to Ranma and Shampoo.

Besides, with the discovery of this component that had been missing from her sex life, Kasumi was reluctant to settle down with just one person. As young as she might have felt, she was forty. Lust directed her way was going to be in short supply in a few years, and she wanted to indulge in it for a while, sort of like a child suddenly discovering a new candy store and wanting to sample its treats. It was a phase that would eventually pass, but for the moment, she wanted to give in to temptation and treat herself for a while. Considering the restraint she had lived with most of her life, it was time to do something she wanted, propriety be damned.

And what she wanted was more of the same. Kasumi eased herself from under Silver-kun, his now flaccid cock slipping from her body. Their combined juices poured from her and to the love seat. She'd have to clean that up before it stained. Later, though. Right now there were more important things to deal with.

Kasumi walked over to a large cushioned chair. Rather than sitting on it, she got on the seat on her knees, facing it. She then grabbed the back to support herself, and thrust her bottom out. Softly she cooed, "Silver, I think this piece of furniture needs breaking in next."

Silver-kun's grin nearly split his face in half. "Sure thing." As he rose, his cock already began to twitch to life once again.

Kasumi smiled at the memory. She and Silver might not have gotten much done, but they certainly moved a lot of furniture. He had gotten it up three more times before they called it a night. Waking up the next morning, the pair had cleaned themselves up and had to prepare for school. Kasumi hadn't gotten farther than donning her stockings and garters before Silver-kun grabbed her, threw her on the bed, and gave her as powerful a fucking as in their first encounter the day before. None of her former lovers had ever made the bed springs bounce like that. Kasumi had gone to work, sore but satisfied. Even Silver-kun appeared subdued. Kasumi felt a touch of pride at exhausting such a virile youth that way. She'd have to invite Silver over again. There was a lot more furniture that needed breaking in.

The memory flashed past in a moment's time. Ended by Silver-kun saying, "I got to get going. I'm meeting Yu-chan for lunch."

"Tell her I said hello," Kasumi said with a touch of wistfulness.

Once Silver-kun was gone, Chiyoko turned on Kasumi, casting a suspicious eye. "You're inviting students to your house?"

Kasumi was delighted to find she had finally struck a nerve. "She's the daughter of a close friend of mine. She's been coming over to my house her whole life. She's always thoughtful and eager to help when I need it. Especially of late. There's a little problem I had, but Silver's been taking care of it. She's extremely talented."

"Oh, that explains it. Now it makes sense." It was said in a tone that suggested the idea that Silver was attracted to Kasumi was as likely as finding an honest politician. One that had formerly been a lawyer."

Kasumi's foul mood returned in full force. She had never met someone who could rub her wrong so easily.

Before Kasumi could give a tart response, there was another knock. Kasumi told them to enter. This time it was Yakumo who entered the room, bearing several papers in his hands.

Once again Chiyoko turned on the charm as she gave a girlish, "Why hello, Mr. Sakamoto. How nice to see you. You look very well."

"Miss Yamaguchi," Yakumo said perfunctorily as he looked past her and at Kasumi.

Chiyoko followed up with, "I wanted to congratulate you."

"You do?" he asked in confusion.

"I heard about your team's victory and making the playoffs. You must be quite the leader to accomplish so much."

Kasumi refrained from rolling her eyes. Barely. Why didn't the woman just reach into his pants and stroke him while she was at it?

"Thank you," he said curtly, clearly showing he wished to talk to Kasumi.

Chiyoko ignored it, smiling coyly. "However, I know it's difficult to balance athletics and academics. Why don't you come by my office after school sometime and I can tutor you in any subject you're having problems with? It doesn't have to be just social studies. I'm very talented at all sorts of… things."

Yakumo shook his head. "No need. I'm satisfied with how my classes are going. Now if you'll excuse me." Yakumo walked around Chiyoko, barely registering her as his focus was entirely on Kasumi as he approached. His eyes drank in her form as he gazed at her from top to bottom, clearly seeing a 'Naughty Nurse' instead of a normal one. Kasumi was both relieved and annoyed his back was to Chiyoko so she couldn't see his ogling.

"I copied these papers, like you asked." Yakumo handed them to her.

Kasumi hesitated a moment before accepting them. "Thank you." That was odd. She hadn't asked Yakumo to do any such thing for her.

Yakumo shifted nervously from foot to foot. "About that matter regarding helping the rugby team after its practices and games. We get banged up all the time and could really use the help only you can give us."

So that was what this was about. The randy boy was really being 'naughty' himself in all but propositioning Kasumi right in front of another teacher. She had been considering his suggestion since he had made it during her torrid 'examination' of the four members of the rugby team. While it had been a difficult decision, very difficult, she had been leaning toward refusing. While the arousal from having multiple, young studs, servicing her at the same time was incredible, there was the risk of getting caught, and Silver was definitely willing to have sex with her at the drop of a hat.

But Chiyoko's catty remarks and air of superiority irritated Kasumi the way few things had. Kasumi Tendou was not some over-the-hill old maid. She was a sexy, mature woman who could still attract the attention of handsome young men and she'd prove it. When Naughty Nurse Kasumi was done servicing all of those young studs on the rugby team, they'd all be satisfied.

"After careful consideration, I've decided it's my duty as a member of the faculty to see to the welfare of our athletic program and the young men that serve in it. I'll go to any lengths to help you and the members of your team using my skills and talents. We'll work out the specifics later," Kasumi said.

Yakumo looked as delighted as though he had just made the winning score in the final seconds of a game. "Yes, Ma'am! Thank you very much!" he gushed in adulation. He turned to go, not even acknowledging Chiyoko's presence.

Chiyiko fumed in barely concealed rage at being so casually ignored. "I have papers to mark," she grumbled, leaving the room and slamming the door behind her.

Kasumi smiled at the departed girl. What a wonderful day it was turning out to be.

The bell ringing in the distance signified the end of the school day. However, a pair of students had decided that was too long and ended their schooling early by skipping their final class. Instead they chose to hang out in one of the lesser used prop rooms for Furinkan's stage plays, doing something more entertaining than mathematics.

Arisa Sanzenin rested on her knees, delivering oral satisfaction with a precision that was only possible from someone with a combination of natural aptitude and extensive experience. A lick here, a caress there, timing and touch honed to perfection. While her health instructors insisted the tongue was the most sensitive organ in the human body, Arisa was certain that on guys, it was their dicks.

"God, Babe. You're the best cocksucker there is," the man in her grasp groaned.

Open acknowledgment of her talents always turned Arisa on. In return she used a little trick she had come up with recently. She sucked down the head of Yuu's cock, wrapped her tongue around it, then swallowed the whole shaft, her tongue still encircled around and traveling down its length. It was a bit of strain, though with how long her tongue was, she could just manage it.

"Holy shit!" Yuu sighed.

Sensing an imminent eruption, Arias detached his member from her mouth, making him groan in agony. Now he was at his most vulnerable, ready to pop but with nothing to take him over the edge. In an excessively cute voice, she said, "Yuu-kun, I need a little favor."

"Anything!" he swore.

Perfect. He was hers. "I need you to kidnap that slut, Kuonji, strip her, and take some photos of you and her naked together."

"Shoot, I forgot. I have to go home and feed my pet rock." Yuu removed his rod from her grasp.

Arisa scowled. "I'm not saying rape her, just get some picture of you two naked so everyone can see what a slut she is. Besides, I have it on good authority that she's into bondage. She'll probably be begging you for it once you have her tied up."

"No thanks. I enjoy having all the body parts god gave me accounted for." With difficulty Yuu managed to corral his erection back into his pants and zipped up his fly.

"You're the captain of the wrestling team. If you think you can't take her, get some of the guys to help out. The more cocks in the picture, the better. And I hear she's into getting gang banged. If you're worried about anyone identifying you, I can get you some masks."

Yuu looked at her incredulously. "First, I am not into kidnapping girls, even ones as hot as Kuonji. Second, she could probably still take me and the guys out. Third, even if we were into that sort of thing, and by some miracle we did manage to beat her, Saotome would find out, and I'm too young to die. Sorry, Arisa. No blow job in the world is worth dying over." Yuu turned and exited out the door.

Arisa was left fuming. She shouted up to the ceiling, "Is it too much to ask for just a little conclusive evidence of Kuonji's sluttiness that I can share with the world?"

As if in answer, the door to the room burst open. Arisa saw it was one of her friends, Mayumi, who had an unfamiliar guy in tow with her.

"There's someone I'd like you to meet," Mayumi said. "His name is Shoji,"

Arisa took a closer look. Shoji was older, probably at least twenty, and extremely bishonen. Too much for Arisa's taste. She wanted a real man, Akira Tendou to be precise. It was strange that Mayumi was going out of her way to hook Arisa up with this man. Maybe he was her older brother. "Who is he?"

Mayumi turned to Shoji. "Tell her what you told me."

Shoji said in an effeminate voice, "I'm looking for that little tramp, Yuriko Kuonji."

So, he had encountered Yuriko before and perceived her true slutty nature. That was unusual. Most men couldn't perceive anything beyond her breasts. "Why?"

"I'm going to warn that bitch away from my man."

That surprised Arisa. She must have badly underestimated Kuonji's voracious sexual appetite if there weren't enough straight guys for her, and she was resorting to sleeping with the gay ones as well. In any case, this was a man who could be used to Arisa's advantage. She decided to learn a little more before bringing him in on her plans. "What's your boyfriend's name?"

"Akira Tendou."

Arisa nearly passed out. It couldn't be. Akira was the living epitome of manliness. An icon of male desirability. He could eat pussy and fuck like a purebred stud. The idea that he craved cock was as likely as finding a virgin in a Lamaze class. He was having sex with both Yuriko and Silver, and even did Arisa herself to top things off. No man could be so skilled at pleasuring a woman and be interested in guys.

Arisa barely got out, "So, how long have you guys been dating?"

"We haven't officially dated yet since that big breasted bimbo's had her hands on him since I first spotted him walking across campus last week." Shoji's eyes took on a far off look. "I found out everything there is about him, even his favorite color. We're perfect for one another. Even our signs, Capricorn and Taurus, are compatible."

Arisa felt a surge of relief wash over her. So this guy was a stalker. Now it made sense. Of course someone as studly as Akira wasn't into dick. She could tell since she was into it and would have recognized the signs. "I think I can help you show Akira what a cock slut his girlfriend is."

"You can? That's great."

"The only problem is getting physical evidence of her slutty behavior. She's a tricky skank that covers her tracks well. But I have an idea on how we can get some." Arisa told him about the plan she had originally concocted for Yuu.

Shoji said, "Yuck! I don't want to be naked around a girl. It's like flashing your dog: pointless and vaguely disturbing."

"You're only pretending you'll be fucking her." Rape was a line Arisa didn't want to cross, although Kuonji would probably enjoy it. "By the way, are you any good at martial arts?"

"I have a third level black belt in both judo and karate," Shoji said proudly.

Arisa considered that. "It might not be enough. Kuonji's not Silver's level, but she can kick serious ass. Maybe Gosunkugi can give us an edge. He's a bright guy and might have an idea or two."

Arisa headed out the door, indicating Shoji should follow. She led the way through the school to one of the older, lesser-used wings. They stopped in front of an old wooden door that appeared slightly run down. Scorch marks outlined the doorframe. A plaque above the door read in bold lettering, 'Enter Freely And Of Your Own Will.'

"This is Gosunkugi's private lab." Arisa explained. "His science teachers have all acknowledged him as being brighter than they are, so they let him conduct solo experiments as projects and grade him on those."

"That sign is pretty ominous," Shoji said.

"Don't mind it. Gosunkugi's a little eccentric," and a lot insane, but he had his uses, like now. If anyone had an idea on how to give Shoji an edge against Yuriko, it would be him.

They opened the door and entered the room. It was as if the laboratories of every mad genius in every movie had been rolled into one. Tabletops were covered in Bunsen burners and beakers filled with fluids of every known color and a few new ones. Banks of computers that had so many randomly flashing lights they looked like Christmas trees dominated a wall. Powers cords spread across every inch of the floor, like a tree root system, and there was a table with a white sheet covering what might have been a huge body toward the back.

The sole occupant of the room, Shiiro Gosunkugi, sat behind his desk. His eyeglasses gleamed, completely hiding the eyes that lay behind them.

Shoji was tense, but Arisa gave a casual, "Hey, Gosunkugi," as though the scene was an everyday occurrence.

"I know why you have come," Gosunkugi interrupted.

"You do?" Arisa asked.

"Yes, you have grown weary of life on this plane of existence and wish to use my dimensional jump gate to journey elsewhere." He rose from his seat and began heading toward the computers.

"No, we don't. We like this world just fine," Arisa insisted on a calm, steady voice.

Gosunkugi stopped. "Darn. That's what everyone says. What's the point in making a random dimensional jump gate if no one wants to use it?"

Arisa couldn't decide if Gosunkugi was being serious or not. She had been around him long enough to understand he actually had a mischievous streak, and played up his 'mad scientist' image. He was crazy, she was certain, but maybe not as crazy as he liked to make out.

"Anyway, I did come here for something," Arisa reminded him.

Gosunkugi said, "Sorry, Sanzenin, I don't' want to have sex with you. The old Gosunator is too much for you to handle." He patted his crotch.

"It's not that," Arisa snarled. "My friend here needs an edge for an upcoming fight. How about some kind of temporary physical enhancer?"

Gosunkugi clapped his hands in delight. "I have just the thing." He walked over to a table where a beaker full of a puss-green fluid bubbled. He picked it up, then went over to a second table where a vial with red fluid rested. He mixed the red fluid into the green, producing a white smoke from the top of the beaker.

"I'm not drinking that!" Shoji exclaimed.

Gosunkugi said, "It's not for you. It's for me." And proceeded to down the contents in several gulps. He announced, "Success! I've made the formula for 'New Coke' taste good."

Now Arisa knew he was lying. No one could do that. "How about that edge?"

"I have just the thing," he said again. This time Shiiro walked over to some shelves and grabbed a vial filled with a clear fluid. He handed it to Shoji. "This is a metabolic steroid enhancer. It'll increase your muscle mass and reduce your pain receptors' sensitivity temporarily."

Shoji looked at the vial warily. "Sound dangerous."

"Nonsense. There are no lasting side-effects," Gosunkugi assured him.

Shoji peered at the vial in his hand, as though the transparent depths might reveal to him some inner truth. After staring at it for a moment, he said, "For Akira," and imbibed the formula.

The effects were almost instantiations. His muscles convulsed, rippling across his skin like a rock thrown into a pond. Then they increased in mass, making popping noises that sounded like his joints were trying to free themselves from his body. Through it all he gave no indication of pain. Soon the convulsing stopped, and Shoji remained hunched over, looking down at the floor, at least fifteen percent larger than before he had drank the enhancer.

Arisa, wary to draw near, said, "How do you feel?"

Shoji's head shot up. His eyes were bloodshot and glazed. "I smash stupid girl!" He stormed out of the room, a backhanded blow shattering the door and sending it flying.

Arisa turned on Gosunkugi, "I thought you said there were no side-effects!"

"No lasting side effects," Gosunkugi corrected. "The higher portions of his brain will kick back on in about half an hour. Until then he has the IQ of a Neanderthal. It's probably quite liberating for him, the removal of the thin veneer of restraint that society forces us to conform to. It's much better than the original formula. That didn't do anything to the user's mentality. That one was boring. I like this one much better."

Arisa shrugged, glad Shoji was after Yuriko, and not her.

Gosunkugi turned to Arisa, as though in afterthought. "By the way, since you like giving blow jobs so much, how would you like me to add an extra gland to your mouth, one that'll make your saliva an aphrodisiac?"

"No way!" Arisa bolted out the door, before Gosunkugi decided to throw away his own veneer of restraint and experiment on her anyway.

Watching the events unfold on a video monitor in his private chambers, Saionji Kunou laughed to himself. So far it had been a highly successful day. He had finally managed to net Hinako under his influence. Since Saionji had already shown the principal a little tape of him and one the male students doing improper things, that meant Saionji controlled the two most powerful members of the faculty and could do nearly anything he wanted. Not that he actually wanted much. But if he did, he now had the ability to see his desires become reality.

Saionji would remain in power until he graduated, as long as he didn't push too hard, especially when it came to Hinako. While Saionji might have been an accomplished kendoist, he doubted he could defeat Hinako in a one-on-one battle. She had too much experience in dealing with rampaging martial artists and boisterous delinquents. His skill level was not so great that he rose high enough above that crowd to confront her. If he caused her to be fired, she'd probably seek painful revenge on him. On the other hand, she valued her job too much to put it in jeopardy by clashing with Saionji's desires, as long as they weren't overboard. He would have to skillfully maintain a balance between his wants and her limits. But then, that was part of the fun as well.

Saionji was a touch surprised by Hinako's willingness to engage in sexual acts with him. Originally he hadn't even been that concerned with sex with her; he really wasn't interested in older women. Making her enter the hot tub naked had been a test to see if she would go that far. Upon seeing just how outstanding her body was, he decided to take a chance and hint at the idea of having sex, allowing her to see his own male attributes to entice her. He had made certain he didn't overtly demand sex from her, that was the quickest way to prod her into turning on him, and his primary goal was getting her to back him up when he needed something school oriented. But she had seemed almost eager to work his shaft between her breasts. Now that had been a new experience for him. While he had sex with plenty of his female classmates, and even a maid or two at his household, none of them had Hinako's impressive bust. Having his cock lost in that mass of bouncy flesh was incredible. Now he was looking forward to their weekly meetings and what other tricks Hinako might share with him.

However, something else had arisen to draw his attention. Arisa was up to her usual tricks. Really, the girl didn't have the vaguest sense of restraint, especially when it came to Yuriko. It was a good thing she was graduating at the same time Saionji was. Leaving her as president of the student council would have Furinkan looking like France during its revolution. Today was proof of that.

Shiiro complicated things today as well with his technical assistance, but that was Shiiro. He had a love of chaos and the unpredictable, traits not commonly associated with scientists. His habits were useful to Saionji under the right conditions, and he was content to allow the closest thing to a friend he had free reign. Assuming Gosunkugi could be reigned in in the first place. Sometimes it was hard to tell. Madness was difficult to quantify and even harder to control.

Arisa's over-the-top actions meant Saionji would have to intervene. Rampaging college students might be appropriate for a college setting, but Furinkan didn't need to import trouble. It had plenty of domestic trouble already. Saionji grabbed his bokken, formulating a strategy to overcome the pain immunity Gosunkugi claimed the potion gave this Shoji person.

It was then something occurred to Saionji. This could actually be a golden opportunity if he timed things correctly. Yuriko was the behemoth's target. Saionji knew she was still on school grounds, finishing up girl's volleyball practice since she was captain of the team. Shoji would probably locate her before long. If he attacked Yuriko, Saionji could swoop in and rescue her from the limp-wristed Casanova. Women always enjoyed being saved by a gentleman of noble bearing. That would be the foothold he needed in seducing Yuriko.

Saionji wanted the girl for two reasons. One was that she was a friend of Silver's and winning her trust was a good way getting the foothold on Silver that Saionji desperately craved. He still hadn't figured out why Silver was immune to his charms, only that it made seducing her nearly impossible. And the more he saw of the girl, the more he wanted her. He didn't know exactly what it was about wild martial artist that drew him to her, only that someone as beautiful and unique as Silver should be his. That she was resistant to his charms only proved she was better than other girls, and he deserved the best woman there was since he was the best person period.

The other reason he wanted to seduce Yuriko was that she was Akira Tendou's girlfriend. Saionji didn't like Akira, not at all. Akira's friendship with Saionji's older sister, the devil-hunting Tachi, meant he had occasion to meet the older boy. There was something about Tendou that rubbed him wrong from the instant they met. While Akira was more laid back, there was a sort of charisma about him, almost nobility, which girls seemed to acknowledge. And he was self-assured, though different from Saionji's own kind of self-assurance. Tachi had claimed the difference was Akira was self-confident to the point that he didn't need to prove it to anyone, while Saionji was the opposite, desperately trying to prove it to everyone by seeking to control everything around him. Saionji had scoffed at the suggestion, but for some reason the very idea of it nagged at him.

Had they been closer in age, Saionji would have sworn he sensed a potential rival in Akira. Some might have claimed a man was defined by his rivals. Saionji disagreed. He neither wanted nor needed rivals. He was a force unto himself that none could compare to, especially some aloof, directionless oaf. And Saionji would prove his superiority by seducing Akira's girlfriend away from him and having her validate that it was Saionji who was the better man.

Originally Saionji was going to execute a plan similar to the one he had just run on Hinako, using the video he had of Yuriko getting gang-banged on the gym's equipment room by the four baseball players. Instead of blackmail, he would have simply given her the tape with no strings attached and win her trust that way. But now something even better had come along.

Saionji set out to add another woman to his collection and in the process make it one of the best days of his life.

Yuriko Kuonji turned the handle and let the warm water from the shower flow over her body, savoring the sensations it produced. Her muscles were still tight from running volleyball practice. Being captain was a pain, but she was the best on the team and all the other girls looked up to her. Still, it meant leading by example and putting them through their paces, which could wear on her body after a couple of hours.

Yuriko was alone in the girls' locker room. She was always the last to leave practice. Part of it was to make sure there were no stragglers that stayed behind and caused some mischief that would reflect poorly on the rest of team. The other reason was more personal. Occasionally Silver would show up and the two of them would have some torrid sex, like the time the martial artist had returned from her cross dimensional trip where she had met those alternate universe relatives of hers. Silver had popped up in the middle of the shower, and took Yuriko on a trip of her own, though they never left the confines of the shower.

There was a touch of guilt at the memory. That had happed in the early days of their relationship, when it was still unofficial and Yuriko frequently accused Silver of being a pervert (though for all of Yuriko's verbal protests she had never once tried to physically resist the martial artist's advances). Looking back, Yuriko was convinced her hostility was from the confusion Silver's dual nature produced, and the fact Yuriko didn't want to be compared to her parents or thought of as a lesbian. She wasn't ready for a relationship with someone who referred to themselves as a girl, though honestly Silver acted just like a guy a lot of the time. However, Yuriko's continuing relationship with Akira, who was regarded as the prize catch of guys, imbued in her a confidence in her sexuality like nothing else had. And from the confidence, a lessening of her barriers and an acceptance to the high levels of sex she had always secretly craved but was too frightened to give in to. Not that she was a slut. She just enjoyed having lots of sex, especially with guys. It only reinforced her self-image of being all girl, a desirable one many men wanted.

Having strong, virile males fighting for her attention was befitting of Yuriko's feminine stature. So long as those males she approved of, like Akira and Silver, showed her the right amount of attention, she was happy and docile to their desires. It was when their attention waned, like when Silver showed interest in that geriatric cow, Hinako, that she became cross. While Silver bore some of the blame for being so weak-willed, it was that bloated bovine that was truly at fault. Hinako had the audacity to deceive Silver into believing her aging, decrepit body was a match for Yuriko's by endlessly involving the martial artist in a depraved sexual relationship. Still, it was only a matter of time before Silver woke up one day and said to Hinako, "Boy, you're old," and left her for good. Now that was a day Yuriko would celebrate for the rest of her life.

Fantasies about Hinako being 'put out to pasture' were rudely interrupted as a wall exploded nearby. Yuriko tensed up, falling into a martial arts stance, jiggling in a way that would have made men drool. Unfortunately, the explosion had originated in-between Yuriko and the disassembled battle spatula in her bag. It appeared she was going to have to deal with this latest threat hand-to-hand. While she had a lot of training in such combat, that wasn't really her forte.

The intruder was a person she didn't recognize. It was some guy, about Akira's age, who was really big and had a wild, almost feral look in his eyes. While he might be large, he didn't appear to have anything remotely looking like a fighting stance. He was just walking around and waving his fists menacingly. Someone untrained, then. Taking him out would be easy, even if he was big and strong.

"There you are!" he bellowed.

Ah, so she was his target. That he chose to attack her while in she was in the shower meant he was after one thing: her body. Well, he wasn't going to get it. It was reserved for those that had earned it, like her lovers, or Aunt Shampoo who could bring her to heel with a smack to her ass, or her Uncle Ranma when he rescued her from those pervert ninjas.

Yuriko decided to go for a double pain strike at the intruder's shoulders, which would render his arms useless. Then she could decide if she wanted to finish him off using her fists, or if she should go get her spatula and really kick his ass.

Releasing a battle cry, Yuriko attacked, certain her aggression in the face of his unexpected arrival would catch him off-guard. Yuriko's attack was on target as she hit him, the man not even trying to protect himself. It was as good as over. She was really going to brag to Silver about the ease of this victory.

To her astonishment, one of the man's meaty fists impacted solidly with her unprotected solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her. It was followed up with a solid kick to the back which sent her sprawling to the floor.

This wasn't good, Yuriko thought as she gasped for air. She was going to be helpless for a few moments, more than enough time for her attacker to use his superior physical strength, tie up her limbs, and then use her body to slake his obvious animalistic hunger. Worse, Yuriko had a bad tendency to lose her concentration when she was bound and tormented sexually, as those Torso twits had done to her. Actually it was quite the turn on, if there was some emotional connection to the person doing it to her. If only history would repeat itself and someone would appear to rescue her, like her Uncle Ranma had done. And if it was someone as sexy as that, maybe she'd repay them in the same way she had her uncle.

"Won't… let you… have my… body," Yuriko gasped, mentally suppressing a reflexive, 'without a fight' added to it.

The brute responded by saying, "Yuck. Not want stupid girl's ugly body."

That cut through the pain. How dare he come here to force himself on her, then see her body and change his mind. Where did he get off accusing her of being too repulsive to molest? She was extremely attractive. Nearly every guy she met probably had fantasies about screwing her. Why, her Auntie had even made a training video in molestation, using Yuriko as the subject. She had been molested well and good, and in a variety of ways that still made her wet when she thought about them.

Yuriko was about to shout out her indignation when a baritone voice boldly proclaimed, "Keep away from that woman, savage! Her great beauty is not for your barbaric hands!"

Yuriko stared in surprise at her savior. Usually it was Silver who came out of nowhere to rescue her, like when Yuriko had been captured by slavers in Dockside. However this time it was Saionji Kunou, bokken in hand, who stood ready to defend Yuriko's honor. It took her brain several moments to wrap her mind around the juxtaposition of defenders.

"Oh, handsome guy look pretty sweet. Got nice butt," the brute said.

"Then by all means, come and get it," Saionji said tauntingly, bokken at the ready.

The brute did so, charging across the floor toward Saionji, completely ignoring Yuriko's prostrated form.

Right before the man could grab him, Saionji lashed out with his bokken, jabbing it right below the sternum of his foe.

That brought the brute to a halt. He laughed, "Ha! Not as strong as handsome. I not feel a thing. I…" The brute trailed off as a loud rumble came from his stomach. He held it, a queasy look passing over his features. Suddenly his eyes bulged and he doubled over, vomiting all over the shower floor.

Helpless as he was, Saionji delivered a carefully delivered jab to the base of the man's neck. He fell forward, landing in a pool of his own vomit and smearing it across his chest.

Saionji carefully avoided the vomit and made his way toward Yuriko, who stared at the scene in confusion.

"What did you do to him?" Yuriko asked, temporarily forgetting her nudity.

"A special technique of mine I call a 'Wave Pressure' move. Rather than affecting an opponent on the outside, it uses chi to send a shock through their insides. There are many techniques which toughens one's outside, but few that do the same for the inside."

"Impressive technique," Yuriko said.

"Not anywhere near as impressive as yourself."

Yuriko suddenly remembered where she was, naked, glistening wet on the floor. She covered herself up, but before she could say a word, Saionji produced a towel from behind him and held it out in offering to her, turning away as he did so.

"Ah, thanks." Yuriko quickly accepted the towel. It was a bit of a surprise that Saionji had thought to grab one when coming over. Most guys would have preferred staring at her nude. She would have been hard pressed to complain about showing them her body if they had rescued her, like Saionji had just done.

Yuriko wrapped the towel around herself, discovering that it was a touch on the small side. Given her dimensions, that meant it stopped just short of her bottom and barely made it up high enough on her breasts to cover her nipples. It didn't even wrap all the way around, and she was forced to hold it closed as best as she could, showing a lot of skin at the side.

Saionji turned around again. "Truly a towel has never looked so impressive as when it is wrapped around you, Yuriko."

"Thanks." Now here was a guy that was paying attention to her the way she deserved, unlike that hulking brute. She was halfway tempted to kick him in the balls to heal some of her wounded pride.

"Are you injured?" Saionji asked.

Yuriko shook her head. "Just winded."

"You have been through quite an ordeal. Perhaps it would be best if you had a chance to take a load off and relax," Saionji suggested.

"I'm sure I'm fine," Yuriko said, though a touch weakly. She liked the idea of being fretted over by someone as handsome as Saionji.

"Allow me to be the judge of that. I know a place where we can have some privacy."

Before Yuriko could say another word, Saionji scooped her off her feet, cradling her in his arms like a bride. Yuriko blushed slightly at being held so gently and so easily. Saionji was stronger than she had thought if he could pick her up and hold her effortlessly. Not that she was fat. Just that she was tall and filled out in all the right places.

They were halfway through the halls before Yuriko remembered her mostly unclothed state. "I need grab something to wear. People are going to get the wrong idea."

"Don't worry. The back stairwell to the council chamber should be deserted at this time of the day, and if someone does espy us, I shall deal with the rumors."

Yuriko wasn't convinced, but they were now more than halfway there, and the ground floor of the school was relatively deserted when compared to the upper levels. It was probably best to just continue onward instead of wandering around, trying to find clothing.

As Saionji carried her, Yuriko became aware of the cool air playing across her now uncovered ass and pussy. Since she was in Saionji's arms, he couldn't see anything, but anyone opening a door to one of the rooms as they passed by would have been treated to the sight of her lower lips pouting at them.

The walk to the council room gave Yuriko a chance to calm down and actually think about what was happening to her. Everything had been a whirlwind of surprise without a moment's rest. She had gone through many emotions, from fear to indignity to shock. Now she found herself in the arms of her protector.

Ryo Hibiki was not the only guy Yuriko had been attracted to in her pre-Akira days. Saionji had been a close second. He was handsome, dashing, had a great smile, was physically fit, and seemed like a nice guy. His self-assurance was something of a turn on as well, sort of like the way Silver and Akira were. Back then it had been a toss up between Ryo and Saionji in who Yuriko would set her sights on and make her boyfriend. She opted for Ryo, whom she knew better, and seemed like an easier guy to seduce. But it had been a close race.

Now Yuriko found herself on the verge of discovering what she had missed, and was forced to reconsider she might have gone after the wrong choice, though it turned out to be the right choice since Ryo's reluctance meant Yuriko was available when Akira had come around. Now she had the satisfaction of having not one, but two lovers who she adored. Still her mind turned in consideration. Saionji was not the least bit winded, was even better-looking up close, and the aura of self-confidence she had found herself originally drawn to was more powerful than ever. Against her better judgment, she wondered what he was like in the sack. He had no shortage of girls after him, and she had heard rumors of girls saying they had slept with him and been very satisfied, though he had never settled on any one who could be called his girlfriend. It was sort of like Silver in the old days, when Yuriko thought about it.

Yuriko finally wondered exactly where he was taking her. She asked Saionji. He gave her a cryptic smile, saying it was an exclusive place that only those he deemed worthy could enter. Intrigued, Yuriko remained in his grasp as he led her down to his private chambers. Her reaction was much like Hinako's, save she was sorry she didn't have a retreat like this, especially on school grounds.

Upon arriving at the bottom, Saionji finally sat her down on her feet. Yuriko wandered in every direction, looking around in awe.

Saionji allowed her to examine the area. While she did so, he slipped inside the house. A moment later, he returned, bearing a bottle and a pair of crystal glasses. "Since you've been through quite the ordeal, perhaps a little bubbly is in order?"

Yuriko turned on him. "You have alcohol on school grounds?"

"No. I have Champagne on school grounds." He popped the top, letting the cork land wherever it might.

Yuriko had never had Champagne before. It had become difficult to obtain after a plant disease had ravaged the area nearly a decade ago. The price of it had quadrupled since then. The idea of drinking it always sounded a little bourgeois to her, considering the price. Certainly it was not something she thought she would have a chance to drink in her lifetime. She was intrigued at what the flavor would taste like, and this was probably the only opportunity she would have. Besides, she was flattered that Saionji would consider a relative stranger like her worthy of sharing the rare and expensive drink. She sat at the edge of the hot tub, allowing her bare legs to dangle in the water, and held her hand out expectedly.

Saionji handed her a glass and filled it with the bottle. Yuriko took a moment to savor the smell. It was sweet, and made her nostrils tingle. She took a slow sip, allowing the liquid to linger on her tongue for a few moments, before swallowing.

"Outstanding," Yuriko said. It was easily the best thing she had ever drank in her life.

"Indeed," Saionji agreed, drinking some as well.

Yuriko continued sipping from her glass, savoring every drop of the liquid. Soon she had drained it dry. Before she could ask, Saionji was there, refilling her glass. She shot him a wining smile, and once again drank more of the delightful beverage.

Soon she needed a third glass, then a fourth. The wine flowed like water down her throat. A warm sensation overcame Yuriko, and she felt happier than she had in a while. She began kicking her legs back and forth in the water, enjoying the submerged sensation. After a few moments, she realized that in kicking back and forth, her tiny towel had ridden up and she was flashing her pussy at Saionji, who was leaning against the porch railing directly across from her. He had the perfect view of the area between her legs.

"Oops. Flashing some of the goods." She pulled the towel down to cover her pussy, but then discovered that she had pulled too far and her breasts were now revealed. "Popping out all over the place." She tried adjusting the top of it. Since she refused to release her hold on the glass, and her movements weren't as coordinated at usual, her one-handed attempts resulted in little success.

Suddenly Saionji was next to her, refilling her glass even though it wasn't empty. "Why don't we just let it be? I certainly don't mind."

"Then neither do I." Yuriko took another drink, allowing one of her breasts to remain free. She found her mood extremely mellow, and her head swaying back and forth to a tune only she could hear. It was a good thing she was only wearing a towel, since she felt so warm she would probably have taken her clothes off anyway.

Saionji's hands found their way to her shoulders, and he began to massage them. He worked and kneaded them in a powerful grip, making her moan in appreciation. She never had time to relax after practice and let her muscles unwind, so it felt twice as good as it would have under normal circumstances. The alcohol in her system only enhanced the sensation.

"That feels good," Yuriko moaned, finishing off the remainder of her glass.

Saionji's voice was nearly as soothing as his hands. "Actually, I have some talent in massaging, and it just so happens I have a message table. Why don't you let me give you the full body treatment?"

Yuriko waved the empty glass in front of him. "Do you have any more Champagne?"


"Then count me in." As Yuriko rose to her feet, her towel slipped off to the deck. She started to bend down to pick it up, but Saionji's hands prevented her from more than bending slightly at the knees.

"Why don't we just forget that thing? It'll only get in the way."

"Sure." Yuriko figured if Silver didn't have a problem flaunting her body in public, why should Yuriko, who had an even better body? And why hadn't she thought of that before? It was hard to remember why she covered herself in public at all, especially since it was so warm.

Yuriko was led to the interior of the house until she came to a Spartan room with a table in the center. Nearby, behind a wall of clear glass, was a sauna. If she wasn't so hot already, she would have considered using it.

Saionji patted the table. "Up."

Yuriko nearly fell when she tried to get upon the table. Saionji was forced to help her maintain her balance until she all but collapsed on the flat surface. She lay on her stomach, stretched out flat.

Almost as soon as she lay prone, Saionji began to work his magic fingers into Yuriko's still taut muscles. No false braggart was he, the blonde soon discovered as within minutes she was moaning in relief as he worked on muscles whose existence she had been unaware of, let alone that they were tense.

Yuriko lost track of the time, lost sense of almost everything as nearly every inch of her body was massaged. She simply lay there with her eyes closed, her alcohol-induced euphoria augmented by the expert manipulation of nearly every muscle cluster there was.

For a few seconds, Saionji's hands left her body. At first she thought he was simply going to work on a different part, but the time was too long. She was about to complain when she felt a hand move to spread her legs apart. Once they had done so, a weight settled behind her. She felt the touch of flesh on the insides of her legs, keeping them spread wide and preventing them from closing. Then she felt his hands again, working on her lower back.

"That feels better." Yuriko relaxed again.

Soon the hands went from massaging her back to her bottom, an area that had been left untended until now. She moaned a little deeper now as his fingers worked their magic there. While it wasn't the most sensitive part of her body, the manipulation of the area affected her in other more familiar ways. Most of her lovers enjoyed playing with her firm, filled out bottom. Automatically a heat slowly began to build up in her loins.

After working over every inch of her backside, and tending the embers of her loins so that they were now a low flame, one of the hands moved to between her thighs. She moaned as they began work their way across her lower lips, coyly teasing, hinting at things to come but refusing to fully start their work.

"More," Yuriko murmured, her thoughts still hazy.

Fingers now plied her lips open and worked themselves back and forth. Yuriko raised her hips up off the table, allowing better access to her lower regions. She tried moving her hips back, but a firm hand kept her backside in place. The fingers began to work more vigorously, shuttling back and forth slowly, the flesh of her inner lining clinging to them tightly. Now the low fire was a blaze that needed cooling.

Then they were removed, producing a slurping sound from the moisture and tightness. "More massaging," she slurred.

"As you wish."

Hands moved Yuriko hips up higher, then held her waist firmly. Again something brushed against her sex, much bigger than any mere fingers. It began to work its way in, patiently spreading her insides open.

Yuriko moaned in satisfaction as she was penetrated. Yes, that was what had been missing. A good cock. She could immediately tell it wasn't as big as the ones that usually entered her body, but it was here and they weren't. That made all the difference in the world.

All too soon she felt Saionji's hips meet her backside, meaning he was fully inside her. Average in size, she wanted a bigger cock to stretch her even wider and plunge inside deeper so she could really feel herself pushed to the limit. But her subconscious realized this was all it was getting, and began adjusting itself to receive what satisfaction it could from what was being offered. Soon Yuriko relaxed her body enough to enjoy the slow and steady rhythm Saionji established.

"You are something else, Yuriko. There's something about you that's unexpectedly intoxicating," Saionji said from behind her.

Even as inebriated as she was, Yuriko found she couldn't really say the same. So she remained quiet, letting him pound away at her. Surprisingly, she wasn't getting as fired up as she usually would. In fact, her head was pounding slightly. She had never had quite this much to drink before engaging in sex, and was finding it muting not just her thoughts, but her body's sensations as well.

After a seeming eternity, the ride she was receiving finally started to cut through the dullness and inspire her when she felt the cock twitch and blow its load inside her. "Shit," she hissed as the ride slowed down instead of speeding up, like she wanted it to.

Slowly Saionji pulled out of her. He said, "How was that for a massage?"

In response Yuriko turned around and shoved Saionji into a sitting position. He seemed caught off-guard by her aggressive behavior, but couldn't complain as her mouth quickly attached itself to his cock. Yuriko sucked on it hard, trying to force it to hardness with a quiet desperation.

"My, you are forward, aren't you?"

Yuriko would have said, "Less talk, more cock," if she didn't have her lips wrapped around his manhood. Instead she kept sucking away, playing with his sac with her hand, trying to wish his cock hard.

To his credit, Saionji became stiff in short order, Yuriko not allowing him to soften all the way. Satisfied he was hard enough again, it was the blonde's turn to position Saionji, making him lie flat on his back with his manhood sitting up proudly at attention. Yuriko wasted no time as she sat on it, sinking its entirety within her in a single motion.

In the time it took Yuriko to revive him, much of her ardor had cooled off. It wasn't that she felt normal, she still needed an orgasm quiet badly, just that it would take some time to return to the point that she had been left off. She rode him like there was no tomorrow, her breasts bouncing madly as she forced herself up and down on him, doing all of the work and trying to regain her former level of heat.

Saionji's hands relocated to her breasts, pawing and kneading them like he had her muscles earlier. That was more like it. She found a tempo she liked, and between that and the rough playing with her breasts, her fires began to heat up again.

One of his hands left her breasts. Yuriko was about to order him to put it back when she felt it relocate to her backside. Fingers found their way into the crack of her ass. One of them found her little starfish and forced itself past her sphincter roughly. Yuriko paused on the cock as she bucked her backside against the secondary intruder in her body.

"So that's what you wanted," Saionji said.

"Yes!" Yuriko bounced up and down on his cock, her fires really being stoked now. The further the finger worked its way into her backside, the more turned on she got. It was finally enough stimuli to cut through the dulling of her senses.

The finger was in all the way to the hilt when Yuriko finally cried out. She sat down, grinding her hips against Saionji's as her long awaited orgasm hit. It was the longest time she had ever engaged in sex before climaxing, though it was only of average force, despite all the build up. Nothing like when Akira or Silver worked her over.

Before Yuriko had fully come down from her high, Saionji sat up, rolling her onto her back. He removed his still hard organ from her pussy, then hooked her legs over his shoulders. Pinned in place, he began to sink his shaft into her other hole.

"Yes!" Yuriko hissed as he forced his cock into her backside. This was much better, and it made his cock feel bigger than it was. He wasn't gentle either, as with an almost open desperation he forced his member up her tight rectum. "Good, so good," Yuriko moaned. She should have had him fuck her there instead of wasting time in her pussy.

Used as she was to her other lovers taking her in the backside, Yuriko accommodated Saionji quickly as he buried himself to the hilt. After working her over slowly, loosening her up, he started pounding away in her tight behind. Flesh smacked on flesh as Yuriko used her hands to play with her clit while Saionji assaulted her rear.

"It's too tight!" Saionji groaned.

Realizing he was about to come, and she wasn't quite far enough yet, Yuriko acted in desperation as she buried three fingers into her pussy. She only got them in up to the second knuckle, but the force and suddenness of the penetration made her come just as Saionji deposited his second load of the night into her backside.

Saionji's climax didn't last as long as the first time. He pulled out of her less than a minute after he was done, allowing her to sprawl out on the table.

"That was quite intense," Saionji said.

Yuriko was more concerned about the state of the meat between his legs. She recognized the signs of his manhood being down for a while. Perhaps it was just as well. While the sex had been satisfactory, it wasn't exactly intense either. She was certain the alcohol had something to do with. Saionji was attractive enough, and his tempo showed he had skill. She just wasn't really able to get into the mood until the very end. She decided it was the last time she'd drink heavily before sex.

Saionji began to lie next to her. While savoring afterglow was something Yuriko usually enjoyed, her head was pounding almost as hard as her Auntie would pound her pussy, and nowhere near as satisfying.

Yuriko got up, saying, "It's getting late. I have to go meet my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend," Saionji sputtered.

"Of course," Yuriko said. "Look, it was a… nice ride, but it wasn't anything deep. It was kind of me showing my gratitude to you for saving my life. Given how much you roam around, I sort of figured it was that way for you."

"Of course it was," Saionji said smoothly. "I was just surprised you were so forward with it. Frankly, most girls would have probably been ashamed of their behavior, or uncomfortable with talking about a boyfriend after they just had intense sex with someone else."

"If I was going to be ashamed, I wouldn't do it," Yuriko assured him. "Got any spare uniforms around? I can't really go to my locker looking like this." She refrained from asking for aspirin. She didn't want him to think he had wasted the Champagne on her.

"Certainly." He dug up a spare outfit. It was a boy's uniform, but Yuriko assured him cross-dressing was not the sort of thing to turn eyes at Furinkan anymore. She allowed him to escort her to the exit of his retreat, then headed for her clothing. The hangover was starting to hit her full force. Once she got home she was going to lie down and sleep through the next couple of days until her head either calmed down or exploded.

Saionji watched Yuriko go, disappointed at the outcome. He had been certain after having sex with him, she'd forsake Akira in favor of Saionji's obviously superior skills. He would have even been generous to keep her quietly as a mistress, since Silver was his true target, but the girl had proven herself quite the handful. Fucking her firsthand was even better than he had expected, and after seeing the video of her action with several members of the baseball team, he had high expectations indeed. While the sex in the initial stages was enjoyable, it was the way she took it enthusiastically in the ass that had won him over. Few girls were interested in that sort of thing, and certainly none he had ever dated were as eager for it as Yuriko had been. The girl was something else.

And there was something about Yuriko that made him want to keep her around. Her outstanding body and spirit elicited a primitive feeling of lust inside him, a need to keep her around in order to use her as he would. To tame her and make her his, not as a lover (like Silver would be), but as his possession. Besides, she was too good to be left as Akira's girl. She deserved better. She deserved to belong to Saionji Kunou.

Now Saionji was going to have to reconsider his plans, as well as long-term goals. In the short term he'd have to come up with some better way of winning Yuriko away from Akira. But even after he finally managed to land Silver, Yuriko would be worth keeping around. She'd be perfect to give him a child or two, especially if he couldn't figure out how to beat Silver's problem with birthing a child of his. Perhaps Yuriko could officially be his mistress, since she and Silver got along so well. There were laws regarding it that had been passed several years ago. Convenient ones regarding mistresses. While a man could only have one wife, he could also legally have a mistress for intentions of childbirth so that the offspring was officially be recognized as a true heir rather than being illegitimate. It was completely sexist, and had barely passed (and only with the addition that if a wife was involved she had to consent to it as well), but it had, and Saionji was glad. It opened all sorts of avenues for him in the matter. One girl would be his true lover and while the other would fill the role as high quality breeding stock. It was the best of both worlds.

All sorts of decisions were going to have to be made for the future.

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