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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Any and all C&C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot? What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. If you thought Problems With Getting Off and Broadening Horizons were over the top, let me assure you this pole-vaults itself over them. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk.

Obviously this is NOT an official continuation of the Shampoo 1/2 story. It plays off the alternate universe created by Jim Bader's Realties series that involved that story. This takes place several weeks after Broadening Horizons.

Now some of the earlier generation get to play. ^_^

-Lemon Warning-

"You sure you guys are going to be fine?" Shampoo asked the duo in front of her, standing on the porch front of the Kuonji residence.

Ranma waved his hand dismissively. "Yeah. No problem. Megumi probably has some twenty-four hour bug. We'll swing down by the beach house tomorrow and things can get started properly then.

"You four have fun." Ukyou said from her position next to Ranma.

"Oh, we will," Ai looked around to see that Silver and Yuriko were on the far side of the mini-van embroiled in a deep conversation. "You'd better believe we will," she purred seductively, casting a meaningful glance to Shampoo, and patting her daintily on her bottom.

Shampoo shifted slightly uncomfortably at the sign of affection, especially in front of her own beloved husband and Ai's own romantic partner. It wasn't an unexpected gesture, Ai was always like that to some degree or other, but it was during the annual beach vacation that she really cut loose. With permission from the other parties involved, of course.

Ukyou slid a hand around Ranma's waist. "Go ahead and get started without us. When we come by tomorrow, we'll pick up where everyone left off."

Ranma laughed a bit nervously, making the other three smile. Despite all they had done over the last few years, and his own cockiness at his prowess, he still acted reserved from time to time. Shampoo was willing to bet Ukyou would get him to relax within minutes of the two of them being alone. Once they took care of the ill Megumi.

Ai looked the scene over. Everyone stood in front of her and Ukyou's small and modest home. It was here they had gathered in order to ship both families on the annual Saotome/Kuonji vacation. It had been that way for twelve years now, ever since Ukyou had won a five-day trip for four to a secluded beach near Kyoto. Since she and Ai had stayed in contact, and were closest to, the Saotomes, they seemed the natural choice to invite along. Leaving the children behind with relatives, the quartet ended up having such a fun time together that they had made a vow to reunite at the same time and same place every year and enjoy one another's company. With only one exception — when the Saotomes had been deeply involved in a quest and lacked the ability to return to civilization for a number of months — they had done so. Every year had been enjoyable, the four basking in one another's attention, letting the worries of the world fall away, or at least keeping them at bay, for the duration of three days. It was like a slice of Heaven. Everything always went well during those times, which was surprising given the interesting lives they lived. It almost became a ritual and an event everyone looked forward to. Then, six years ago, things had irrevocably changed.

Ai remembered it well. She and Ukyou, as much as they loved one another, had fallen into something of a sexual malaise. It wasn't that the sex was bad, but it had become predictable. It was not boring, just not exciting. Nothing they tried to spice things up worked. Role playing, a wider variety of toys, surprising one another in compromising situations, nothing ever added the zest that was present in years past. Ai had wished there was still more Instant Nannichuan to use on herself to but an interesting spin on things (Ukyou had tried it once early on. The experiment had lasted all of five seconds as, upon discovering what her new equipment entailed, the chef freaked and dove for some hot water, saying she would sooner die than try that again,) but there was no more to be had. Ai had used up their limited supply over the course of her and Ukyou conceiving the two wonderful children they had. With the source of the powder dried up, they were left with the genders they had been brought into this world with.

It was a pity too, because Ai was fairly certain Ukyou really would have gotten fired up over some real dick. Despite Ai's male form's reduced equipment, Ukyou had always gotten excited about it. Ai had long since acknowledged that if Ukyou had to choose between looking at a guy and a girl, she would always check out the guy first. Ai had no doubts she was the one Ukyou loved with all her heart, but outside of that she preferred guys over girls. It was just a characteristic of her partner that Ai had learned to live with, and she had gotten over any recrimination about it before Yuriko had been born.

But that did little to solve their problems: love, but with lackluster sex. And then vacation time came along. The duo was still a bit down when they met with the Saotomes and journeyed to the shore, but upon arriving there, things took a turn for the better.

Once at the actual beach, both Shampoo and Ranma took on their cursed forms, long since resolving to themselves it was an exercise in futility to try to avoid cold water when next to an ocean. The two had gotten back from a modeling shoot (which they would do to earn extra cash, their agent Nabiki taking 'only' 40% of the profits). Ai had to admit, the duo were still quite the pair. Just below super-model good looking, Nabiki had little problems finding them work that paid well. Ukyou kept a scrapbook of the duo in what advertisements she spotted them in. Part of it was simply thinking it was neat to be on a first name basis with people that were 'famous', but Ai could tell Ukyou was fairly attracted to the pair, mostly Ranma. Not that Ai blamed her; she thought they were a hot couple as well, Shampoo having a slight edge over the roguish charm of Ranma, but during moments of weakness Ai would feel the tiniest pangs of jealousy that her partner could be interested in even a vague way with someone else.

Ai remembered that day at the beach well as both she and Ukyou gazed upon the Saotomes. The shoot had been in Rio de Janeiro, and apparently they had posed in swimsuits, as both were already a healthy bronze from their time spent in the sun. They had also apparently been allowed to keep at least some of the swimsuits they modeled. Ranma-chan had worn a tight little number: a hot pink, skimpy bikini that hugged her outstanding martial arts honed body in all the right places. Both her and Ukyou's eyes had been riveted to Ranma-chan's impressive bouncing assets as she frolicked around the beach without the slightest bit of modesty. Ukyou's eyes especially seemed attached to Ranma-chan's tight little ass as she wiggled it around. Ai even allowed herself the fantasy of the two of them ripping that bikini off and tonguing the hot little redhead's pussy and ass at the same time.

And then there was Shampoo-kun, a walking hunk if ever there was one. Men's swimwear wasn't as appealing as women's but this was an exception. A tight pair of black trunks made out of Laurival, which became almost translucent when immersed in water. Ai felt her loins grow moist every time he strutted that huge hunk of meat between his legs past them. Both she and Ukyou strained to see more when he drew near. It was a torturous kind of teasing. Again Ai fantasized, this time about pulling off her swimsuit and spreading her legs so Shampoo-kun would remove his own trunks and bury that long shaft into her pussy. It had been years since she had a real cock between her legs, and she missed the feeling. Dildos and vibrators were fun and could last a hell of a lot longer, but they were differences between those and a real flesh and blood prick pulsing in and out between her lower pair of lips. Having Ukyou sitting on her face as her pussy was pounded by the stud would have made it perfect.

After they retired from the beach and had a private moment, Ai was surprised as her partner all but attacked her the moment they got to their room. Surprise gave way to mutual arousal, and the two went into a 'sixty-nine' and ate each other out with an enthusiasm that had been absent for years. After the quick rugmunching was over. The cuddled in one another's arms.

"That was wonderful," Ukyou cooed.

Seeing her lover so delighted made what Ai was going to suggest easier. She had known damn well why Ukyou had acted so starved for attention; it was the same reason Ai had been in a similar state. "I think we should swap partners for the weekend."

"What?!" Ukyou had all but shouted.

Ai reached over and tweaked a nipple hard. It was a little move she had learned to do to gain her mate's attention when Ukyou was being unreasonable and threatening to fly off the handle. She rarely used it, but when she did, it was a sign she was being completely serious. Ukyou was left holding her breast gingerly and scowling, but also listening.

Ai gave a dead serious look to her lover. "You know as well as I do the sex between us has been tame no matter what we do. But what we just did was hotter than anything we've done for months, and you know damn well why that was."

"Maybe," Ukyou said hesitantly.

It figured. Even after all the years and the things they had done, it was up to Ai to take the initiative. "We both love each other and would never abandon one another for anything."

"Of course." It was said as naturally as though Ai had stated the sun would rise in the morning.

"And I want you to know pleasure as well, but let's face facts, we've been pretty blasé about things lately. But now we have something that could spice things up."

"But swapping partners is such a big risk," Ukyou protested.

Ai smiled. Her woman had accepted the idea, and that was the first step. Only getting rid of the arguments against it remained. "I know you like Ranma. I know you're attracted to him."

"Maybe a little," Ukyou conceded, but quickly added, "But it's not like the love I feel for you."

She gave Ukyou a kiss. "I know. That's the only reason I suggested this. I know you'd never leave me any more than I would leave you. And we both know for a fact that neither Ranma nor Shampoo would ever leave one another either."

Ukyou nodded her head. "Not as close as they are and after everything they've been through. No way."

"Right," Ai said in confirmation. "We've been together for ten years, and from a sexual standpoint, things have gotten boring. I wish they hadn't but they have. But today was different because we were checking out two beautiful people we care about. We were both turned on by them, and subsequently gave that arousal back to each other."

"Yeah. I saw the way you were checking them out."

"And I saw how you were staring at them, too. I thought your eyes were glued to Ranma's ass, not that I blame you. It's almost as pretty as yours." She caressed her bottom in affirmation.

Ukyou blushed. Ai thought it was the first time her partner had done that in a year. This was definitely the right course of action to take.

Ai continued, "So all I'm suggesting is we improve our bond with the people we're closest to in the world. We've already shared just about everything else. I don't think it's so absurd to be willing to share our bodies as well. It'll be about sex, not love. Maybe caring, but definitely not love. We're all adults here. I think if they're amicable to the idea, we can end up having a good time."

Conflict raged across Ukyou's feature for almost a minute before she seemed to resolve herself. "I think you might be right. But only as long as you're sharing in the experience as well. I'd never cheat on you. I want this to be something that both of us will enjoy."

Ai nodded her head. "That's the only reason I even suggested it. I want this to improve our sex life together. There's nothing I'd love more than us double-teaming them one at a time so we'll be together, even if we're working on someone else. I think after this we're going to discover that we've still got that fire in bed with each other. It's just a change of pace we need to get us started."

"Then how should we go about seducing them?"

"I've got some ideas," Ai said with a shrewd look in her eye. "Shampoo's definitely the more adventurous, so we'll give her the idea and see if she can convince Ranma, with some help by us."

Ukyou giggled in return. "Darn right. We're the perfect team. And I think I got some idea of what might work on Ranchan."

And she had. It turned out that the Saotomes had been relatively easy to seduce. It took a half hour for the pair talking with Shampoo to convince her it would help add to her own sex life and enhance it with Ranma. In Ranma's case, Ukyou convinced him that it was going to help her and Ai over a rough spot in their own relationship.

And so had begun a weekend of debauchery that still made Ai tingly. They had done everything they could think of, restraint a forgotten word in that tangle of bodies and sweaty flesh. Ai learned some of the delicious possibilities involved with two people that had sex changing curses, and it almost made her wish she had one of her own. The only thing Ai had been sorry about was that they didn't have a whole week though they did take an extra day off before everyone became exhausted and they reluctantly called it quits, though they had made a solemn vow to put on a repeat performance next year.

Seeing Ukyou's beatific smile afterwards made it all worthwhile. The actual sex was a close second to making her mate happy once again. And it had the desired effect of firing up the sex life of the pair as though they were first getting together again. The malaise had disappeared for good, and the annual get-togethers ensured it stayed away. It was no holds barred sex for three days, before the quartet returned to the 'normal' world.

The only downside was that both families' daughters had wanted to come along last year. Ai had been against the idea, but Ukyou and Yuriko had been getting into increasingly bad arguments, and the idea that Yuriko wanted to do something, anything, with her mother had been too good for the family to pass up. Likewise Silver was definitely a 'Daddy's little girl' and Ranma had been unable to say no to her. So the kids were brought in tow.

It had proven somewhat difficult to find the time to get some action, but the adults had quickly learned that the children pretty much wanted to stray out of sight and go out on their own, leaving the adults to their own devices. That, and going out in pairs and threes, leaving the loser of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to keep an eye on the kids, had gotten their respective itches scratched. Evenings were easier, since Ukyou had been able to whip up a 'special' okonomiyaki for dinner that had kept the girls as unconscious as if they had been loaded up with a case of sedatives.

But this year was off to something of a bad start with Megumi getting sick at the last minute and Ukyou and Ranma staying behind to care for her. Of course, there were other possibilities as well. Ranma was Ukyou's favorite, always going for a roll with him first at the start of vacation. That suited Ai just fine, as that meant she had Shampoo's attention all to herself. Ranma's cock was only normal sized, though a bit thick around. It was Shampoo-kun's rod that was the real prize. Even with Ai's extensive sexual experience she had only seen one (outside of a porn tape) built larger than that, and it had belonged to someone nowhere near as built as Shampoo-kun's hard body. She loved accepting that monster into her soft folds of flesh, and he had a tendency to really play rough, which really turned Ai on. It wasn't painful or anything like that, just that it was more quick and hungry than slow and sensual. With his larger body and superior strength, it made surrendering to him easy and especially enjoyable as he used her body to get himself off, though not until Ai had several orgasms of her own.

And now Ai was going to have all that attention directed solely at herself. She got wet just thinking about it. All she had to do was figure out how to ditch the kids, which probably wouldn't be a problem. Given how they usually behaved, she figured she'd have to chain them to her wrist to keep them from running off.

Farewells were given once again, Ai feeling a pang of regret as Megumi got out of her sickbed long enough to wave good bye. For a moment, her own 'mothering' nature made her want to stay with her sick daughter, but there was little need for that. Ukyou had the situation well in hand, and it was only some sort of virus. Nothing serious. It probably was the latest twenty-four hour bug making its rounds, its timing just being bad.

Ai hopped into the driver's seat of the vehicle, Shampoo riding shotgun, while Silver and Yuriko hopped in the backseat. They drove off, Ai going slightly over the speed limit in order to arrive at the beach all the sooner.

Small talk was exchanged among the quarter initially, but things shifted down as Yuriko and Silver began talking to themselves while Shampoo kept her attention on Ai. Almost as soon as their respective partners were out of sight, the older women's attention became directed solely towards one another. They had no reason to feel guilty, both Ranma and Ukyou had given their permission to start without them. Probably as soon as Megumi went to sleep, Ranma and Ukyou would be banging each other without a second thought.

Ai increased the speed of the vehicle.

The hungry looks Shampoo was giving her aroused Ai. She wondered if the Saotomes had gone without sex for a week in order to really raise their ardor like they had in previous years. Upon learning that Saotomes did this, Ukyou and Ai had tried to do likewise. Going on a 'fast' had served to get them as fired up as ever in their lives. If that was the case this year, it might take a miracle of her and Shampoo to not rip off each other's clothing as soon as they arrived. Perhaps they could use the excuse that they were 'changing clothes' in order to get a quick fuck to cool them off.

The trip was going to be hell if Ai didn't divert her attention from Shampoo and what was to come. She adjusted the rear view mirror to look in the back seat where the two girls were sitting. She smiled as she saw Yuriko and Silver chatting casually to one another. Now that she thought about it, she'd wager the girls would take care of things and go off on their own. She wondered what excuse they would give, though Ai was certain she knew what the real reason would be.

Yuriko's last few rebellious teenage years had been an ordeal for all involved. No matter how much more accepted homosexuality was than when Ai had been Yuriko's age, things still had a long way to go. That Yuriko had two mothers, a topic of gossip throughout school, made things difficult on top of the normal hell that adolescence brought. Yuriko had openly declared herself completely straight, which suited Ai and Ukyou just fine. But for some odd reason, Yuriko seemed to think the duo would protest her heterosexuality. And then there was the personality clash between mother and daughter. Ukyou was the more restrictive parent, and Yuriko seemed to perceive that as grounds for making them enemies. Ukyou fought back of course, Ai backing her most of the time since she was usually right, and frankly, Yuriko behaved like a typical know-it-all teenager that made Ai want to strangle her sometimes. She could be as bad as Ranma had been at that age. It made for some tumultuous times in the Kuonji household.

For a while, things were like a war zone, but then Silver Saotome had returned from an extended training journey, and she and Yuriko began hanging out together. It was curious, since the relationship with Silver was a very antagonistic one at times, mostly on Yuriko's part (though to hear her talk it was as though Silver was to blame for every wrong that had happened since she was four) Silver didn't make things easy. She had twice her parents' cockiness and was never ashamed to admit it. She was a flirt in either form, and it seemed to drive Yuriko to distraction, sometimes violently, but Silver took it in stride, at the worst acting confused at her best friend's behavior. Typical Saotome blindness there, but it was cute, so long as Yuriko didn't step over a line. Silver was a hard girl to anger, but once there, her wrath was a terrible thing to behold. Still, Silver was more protective of Yuriko than anything else, which eased Ai's mind to no end.

On the home front things steadily improved, for which Ai was immensely grateful. The anger directed at Silver seemed to drain all the rest from Yuriko. She became less rebellious, and she and Ukyou had actual started to have normal relations with one another again. The house became increasingly peaceful. It was especially true within the last several months. Initially, Ai began to suspect the reason might have been Yuriko finally getting laid. Suddenly she was more concerned about appearance and men and had less energy and time, all trademarks of getting some action from someone. Ai's money was wagered on the lucky Ryo Hibiki, whom she knew Yuriko had a crush on. She cared little for either of the youth's parents. Remembering the duel with Ryouga to win Ukyou's heart soured her emotions, and she was just outright jealous of Kyoko, who was more attractive than Ukyou, Ai, and the Saotomes combined. She still couldn't believe the ditz had not only been elected the most beautiful woman in Japan four years in a row, but had won each in a landslide. But Ryo was a good enough boy, and Ai had some measure of revenge in that he seemed almost ashamed of his parents being famous. It put him in a difficult spot similar to Yuriko's own awkward heritage.

But a couple of weeks ago, Ai was surprised to learn Yuriko had started dating Akira Tendou. Even Ai would admit the boy was a prize catch for any woman, and she knew enough of his reputation that no one landed him. Their dates frequently ended very late at night, and Ai thought she knew why, and smiled. She would have labeled her daughter a fool for not trying to sleep with such a stud. Most women were lucky if they managed to date even one such hunk in their lifetime. And when Yuriko returned from those later night dates, she had the look of one that had just experienced some seriously good sex. It reminded Ai of the early days of herself and Ukyou.

But then Ai stumbled on at least part of the truth. In hindsight, she supposed it shouldn't have been a shock. Silver and Yuriko had always been close, and there were times when Yuriko's complaints about Silver's carousing sounded more like concern over a lack of attention rather than anything Silver did to upset her. And the cursed offspring could turn back and forth between sexes practically at will. For all of Yuriko's vocal assertions of heterosexuality, someone as hot as Silver could call that into question, since she blurred the lines so effectively.

Ai discovered the truth of the matter little more than a week ago. Ukyou and Yuriko had gone out shopping for some supplies for the restaurant, leaving Ai alone with Megumi. She had just started cleaning the house when she heard a sound coming from Yuriko's room. She entered and saw Megumi searching through her older sister's closet. Apparently Yuriko had given her permission to borrow an outfit, though the furtive way Megumi said that called its truth into question. Ai cast a suspicious glare towards Megumi as she grabbed one of the outfits and excused herself, saying she was going out with some friends. Ai let it slide. There was almost no friction between the sisters, and the worst thing Yuriko would do was admonish Megumi for taking what wasn't hers.

Just as Ai was about to leave the bedroom, she spotted an unmarked recording videodisk sticking out from under Yuriko's bed, as though it had been shoved under there in a hurry. The proper and respectful thing to do would have been to ignore the disc and leave the room, but Ai was bored and, to be quite honest, neither particularly proper or respectful. She decided to indulge her curiosity as to what sort of recording her oldest daughter would leave unmarked and nearly hidden under her bed.

Alone in the house, Ai went up to her and Ukyou's bedroom. She closed the door, threw the disc in the video player, and lay back on her bed to watch.

The first thing that popped up on the screen was the sight of two naked people fucking up a storm. Not surprised in the least that her daughter had rented some porn, Ai decided to watch and see what tastes her daughter might have.

It was clearly an amateur job with only one stationary camera and low quality film. The scene it showed was a rear view shot. It was the backside of some guy pounding away at some woman's pussy as she took it doggie style on a bed. Ai could see the man was definitely well built, the camera angle showing almost up to his shoulders. He was broad and with sizable muscles, not chiseled like a body builder's, nor as huge as a power-lifter's, though. He had a damn cute ass, nice and tight, just the way Ai liked them. But the most noticeable feature was his cock. He was nearly withdrawing its entirety from the mewling girl he was pounding away on, and Ai got an idea of how big he was: Damn Big. It was only slightly shorter and not quite as large around as Shampoo-kun's. Ai liked her cock that way too. No wonder the girl was squealing with that meat sliding back and forth in her pussy. Ai began to follow along, removing her clothes and playing with her own cunt, darting her fingers along her outer lips while she watched.

Little could be seen of the girl. Every time the guy pulled back, Ai could get a good view of most of the behind. They were two nicely tanned globes that for some odd reason had streaks of red on them. They were on the large side, but neither out of shape nor too voluptuous. Ai's butt used to be like that fifteen years ago, before adulthood took away the lean and mean shape of her late teens and early twenties forever. And the girl's pussy was nice and tight too, as evidenced by the way her cunt gripped the large cock plunging in and out of it repeatedly, making a wet sound as it slid back and forth and the ring of muscles kept clinging to the shaft.

Ai's moans were starting to get in tune with the woman's when the man abruptly pulled out, abandoning the girl's puffy red lips, which were glistening with moisture.

"Put it back in," the girl pleaded, and Ai's heart stopped as she stopped playing with herself. She recognized the voice, having heard it continuously for the last seventeen years as it slowly became deeper with the onset of womanhood. Now this was a shock. Here Ai was, becoming aroused as she watched her oldest daughter getting mounted like a dog in heat.

Yuriko's partner came into view, surprising Ai yet again. So it had been Silver-kun who was working her daughter over and leaving her begging for more. Of course, looking at how hot the Saotome offspring was, Ai probably would have done the same thing at that age. Silver-kun's male visage was closer to Ranma's, but definitely more handsome. His body was larger, with several more kilos than Ranma's had had in his youth. But the cock was all Shampoo-kun's. The boy/girl was an even bigger hunk outside of his clothing than he was in it. All in all, it was a package that Ai could easily see her daughter desiring and being happy to screw without a care in the world.

As to Yuriko's own form, seeing it in its current state was a complete shock. Ai had seen her daughter's nude body before on those handfuls of occasions where they went to the public baths together. She marveled at how well developed Yuriko had come along, definitely taking after her 'father' more than her mother. Top heavy and with long blonde hair, she drew men's stares the way Ai had at that age. But never had she seen her daughter like this, recently fucked and longing for more. Ai silently wondered if she had ever looked that way in her own rambunctious youth.

Silver-kun sat on the edge of the bed, facing the camera. He then roughly pulled Yuriko from her doggie position and across his lap, the tip of his purple dick touching her stomach. As he dragged Yuriko over, Ai saw that her daughter's hands had been bound behind her back with a black silk scarf. Bondage. Another surprise. Yuriko hadn't seemed the type to be that kinky.

Yuriko began protesting as she ended up across Silver-kun's lap. Immediately she began struggling, "No, no! No more spanking!"

So that explained the red buttocks. Ai watched as a look of consternation crossed Silver-kun's features. Ai had been in these sorts of situations before, and knew what was about to come. Perhaps she should have felt some sort of protectiveness for Yuriko, but for some peculiar reason she didn't. She wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was the trust she had in Silver-kun to not truly abuse someone so close to him. Or perhaps it was because she suspected that Yuriko had been naughty and deserved to be punished. Ai had no illusions concerning her daughter. Yuriko was the type to push her luck until the consequences were shoved back in her face. Perhaps she had finally pushed her friend too far and was now on the receiving end instead of the giving. From the way Yuriko was begging to get screwed, and the fact she was probably strong enough to tear her bonds if she had to, it seemed obvious this was consensual, even if Yuriko would openly deny it. Ai decided to lay back and watch to see how events had unfolded.

"It's for your own good," Silver-kun told her as he placed one arm around Yuriko's mid-section, steadying her wiggling form. One of her breasts was mashed against his leg while the other hung free. Eventually he freed the breast and moved her forward enough so that her head was drooping over the floor while her legs had almost no leverage with which to push off.

"I'm beginning to wonder if you have a learning impediment, Yu-chan." A hand cracked hard across her backside, echoing in the room and causing Yuriko to squeal in pain.

Ai flinched slightly. That had been one with some force behind. Not all that Saotome could muster, but nor was it meant to simply arouse. Definitely a curious situation.

A second and third joined it, each making Yuriko screech. After the third was delivered, Silver-kun said in a stern voice, "How many times do I have to tell you? You don't get to say 'no' when you're being punished."

"Fuck you!"

That got her another hard smack. "No, I tell you when you're going to be fucked, and with that attitude, it's going to be never." He smacked her butt again, already turning the cheeks a cherry red. His dick remained rock hard as the tip danced against her gyrating stomach.

"I… I don't want to be spanked!" she pleaded.

Silver-kun gave her a tired look. "Well, you should have thought of that before you were bad. And you certainly should have thought of that before you told me 'No' for the third time. Now we have to start from scratch. Pay attention!" he swatted her backside again.

"A… all right," Yuriko reluctantly said, a tear streaming down one cheek.

He looked directly into the camera. "You're being punished for sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong—" He returned his attention to her butt and smacked it again, causing it to jiggle despite the solid muscle tone. "—Repeatedly."

"I was just curious!" the bound girl pleaded.

"No talking back!" Silver-kun swatted her again.

A smile spread across Ai's features. Yuriko's own martial artist resilience would keep the blows from doing any real damage, but they had to hurt like hell. Ai fondled her breasts and plunged her fingers to the second knuckle into her pussy as she watched the stern treatment her daughter was receiving. The accusation was easy to believe. Ai and Ukyou both had to punish Yuriko many times when she was a child for sticking her nose in where it didn't belong. But it never seemed to help. It had become a bad habit both parents wished she would break, but having little success with. It was also typical Yuriko in denying she had done anything wrong when it was painfully obvious she had. Maybe she would learn this time. She had finally stopped trying to escape. Maybe she would listen.

"First there was the time you snooped on Hina-chan and me."

The loud smack filled the room. Silver-kun waited a moment, closely observing the girl spread across his lap. More tears joined Yuriko's first one, but she remained silent and unmoving.

"I decided to go easy on you and secured your silence though less—" *Smack* "—drastic means. You said you were sorry then."

"I was," Yuriko insisted.

"Oh, were you now?" Silver-kun's voice took on an almost menacing tone. "But then you did it again in the car on the way to the beach when I was giving Akira head."

"I was trapped in the car. I had nowhere else to go—OW!"

Yet another smack was applied to her abused cheeks. "You pretended you were asleep. I checked beforehand."

"I did, I did!" Yuriko said before that hand met her bottom again.

Ai watched her daughter's reaction. Better, but not good enough yet. It was just a step in the right direction.

Silver-kun seemed to agree. "You were stuck in the car, which was why I was willing to let it slide. But then later on you sneaked to where Akira and I were having a private conversation while we were taking a leak."

"I… I did," Yuriko admitted shamefacedly.

Silver-kun's hand met her buttocks again.

"I said I did it!" Yuriko shouted through more tears.

"Which is why you were only smacked once instead of twice," Silver-kun told her. "And even then, I was willing to let that slide because we had such a good time at the beach. But then you went and did it another time and tried following me and Akira to Dockside."

Ai stopped playing with herself upon hearing that. Dockside was one of the worst places in Tokyo for anyone to wander into. One of the worst places in all of Japan. Honest people avoided it like the plague. It was one of the seedy undersides to the city where criminals of every type gathered. Practically every other building had some illegal activity going on. Gambling parlors, drug dens, whorehouses, smuggling operations, and even worse went on in that section of the city. Even the police had stopped launching raids on the area, since it never did any good and was a risky proposition with the more violent elements there. Rumor said there was an unspoken truce between the government and criminals that so long as Dockside's illegal activities kept from spilling out of the area, the police would leave them unmolested. It was a rumor, but one easy to believe. Ai was concerned as to why Akira and Silver had gone there, but was more worry about the safety of her own daughter.

The dangers of the situation still seemed to be lost on Yuriko. "But you went there."

Another hard smack was applied to her bottom. It turned in even deeper shade of red. Ai noted Silver-kun was holding back even less. He was now genuinely angry. "Akira and I can take care of ourselves better than you can! Look what happened when you tried going it alone!"

"I… I can handle myself."

"You were chained up and about to get thrown onto a ship that was going out to sea!" *Smack* "You're just lucky I felt something was wrong and decided to investigate."

Silver-kun seemed to become even angrier, though Ai noted there was unmistakably concern laced with an edge of panic there as well.

Silver-kun continued. "That was Yusaki Onimaru who nabbed you!" *Smack* "That Burning Hand technique of his hurt like hell!" *Smack*

"I'm sorry you got hurt," Yuriko said through the tears she was openly crying.

"Not half of sorry as I was treating those burns. And you had no idea who he really was. He was a slaver, you idiot! Did you know he worked for Madame Lao?!" *Smack* "Even my old man doesn't want anything to do with that powerful bitch!"

Hearing that, Ai hit the pause button. That surprised her, and not in a good way. One did not mess with slavers, especially when they were as attractive as Yuriko. One never messed with Lao. Ever. She had heard the stories from Ranma and Shampoo. Lao was one of the few people Ranma showed a healthy respect for at all times. From what she understood, Lao felt the same way.

For a moment Ai felt like tracking her daughter down and punishing the girl herself. But then she regained some semblance of control over her maternal instincts. Silver had saved the day, and her whatever danger her daughter had been in had passed. And from all appearances, Silver had taken the punishment matter into her own hands. Perhaps she could let it slide, especially if it seemed Yuriko had learned her lesson.

Still somewhat uneasy, Ai started the video back up. She watched as her daughter's red-rimmed eyes widened at that declaration. "I… I didn't know."

The gesture seemed lost on Silver-kun as he continued. "No, you didn't. You just plunged headlong into trouble without regard for the consequences! *Smack*. Do you know what would have happened if I hadn't found you when I did?!" *Smack*. "Do you know how many strings Akira would have had to pull to get me connected with Lao?! *Smack* "Do you know what I would have had to do to get the kind of money needed to buy you back?!" *Smack* "And that's assuming she would have been willing to part with you! If not, the Gods only know what I would have had to go through to rescue you! *Smack*

Even through the continued abuse her bottom, Yuriko seemed shocked at the declaration. She bent her head behind her as far as it could go so she could look Silver-kun in the eye. Sniffling, she said, "Y… You would have rescued me?"

Silver-kun's hand stopped at the height of its swing. He let out an exasperated sigh, and rested his hand on the red buttocks. With the other he gently cradled Yuriko's chin. He wiped some of the tears with his finger, then gave a look of affection that almost hurt Ai to see. With a voice laden with caring, he said, "You're so stupid, Yu-chan. Of course I would. I'd never leave you in any trouble, no matter how bad it is or what risks involved are. I love you. I'd do anything to keep you from being hurt. And that's why I have to do this. There can't be a next time, because the next time I might not be there to haul your ass out of trouble."

Ai watched as the emotions on Yuriko's features seemed to shift. She went from a crying mass of denial, to a hardened stoicism. Ai recognized the firmness to her daughter's jaw as a sign of acceptance and resolve. Signs she had seen displayed far too infrequently as a parent.

Silver-kun raised his hand again. This time Yuriko didn't seem afraid. She accepted the smacks as his hand met her tender flesh, wincing only slightly as the sound of flesh meeting flesh rang in the room. After the third smack, the hand stopped descending.

"What's with the silent treatment?" There was the faintest hint of hope in his voice.

Yuriko stared forward as she softly said. "I deserve this. I was wrong. I—"

"Look at the camera," Silver-kun ordered.

Yuriko did so. Ai had the disturbing feeling it was almost as if she was the one being told this 'confession'.

Yuriko repeated, "I deserve this. I was wrong. I should have respected your privacy. Instead, because I was stupid and tried to follow you, I got captured by some bad people. My carelessness placed your life in danger and you were hurt. I should be punished. I was a bad girl." she sounded like a little child rather than a teenager. She stared forward again, ready to receive the rest of punishment.

Instead Silver-kun flipped her over, raising her up so she was sitting across his lap. He put one of his hands behind her head and brought her mouth forward to his, bringing their lips together. Yuriko's eyes widened in surprise, then they half-closed as she savored the taste of his mouth. Their tongues intertwined, and Yuriko's mouth increasingly sought Silver-kun's. Even when the boy pulled his head back to break off the kiss, Yuriko tried to follow with her own. Had her hands not been bound, she might have done so. Instead she was left to whimper for further attention.

Silver-kun saw the look of curiosity and hunger in her eyes. He explained, "I was only punishing you until you admitted you were wrong. This could have been resolved a whole lot earlier if you'd just have owed up to what you did, and this cute ass of yours wouldn't be hurting like it is." He handled it gently.

Despite the gentleness, Yuriko winced. She rested her weary head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry. I can't seem to admit when I'm wrong."

"I know the feeling," Silver-kun said, still handling her gently. "Just promise me you'll clean up your act and quit being sneaky and trying to go places where you don't belong."

"I promise to try my best," Yuriko said sincerely.

Silver-kun smiled. He began fondling Yuriko's breast, eliciting a moan. "That's all can I hope for. Now that we've got the punishment out of the way, we'll discuss the… reward for your admitting your guilt."

Rather than being angry, Ai silently applauded Silver-kun's treatment of her daughter. It was rare to get just the right mix of firmness and affection. Maybe Yuriko would finally learn how to behave properly when placed in such a firm lover's hand. For a while now, Ai had become aware of the submissive streak in her daughter, though it was nowhere near Ai's level. As far back as she could remember, Yuriko had a tendency to respond to men better than she did women, and backed down much more quickly when men reprimanded her. Perhaps it was some sort of Electra complex she couldn't indulge in since she had two mothers. It was possible she only submitted to strong male figures, like when Silver was in her male form, or Akira, who always carried a quiet, firm strength.

In any case, Ai highly approved of this pairing. Silver was just the type Yuriko needed to keep her in line. And Ai knew Silver well enough that even without the reassurance she had just received, she would never intentionally harm Yuriko, and would risk everything to protect her if the need arose. A good pairing indeed.

She returned her attention to the screen. The action was heating up. Relieved that her daughter's punishment was at an end, Ai began fondling herself again as Silver-kun had grabbed his upraised cock and danced it along the side of Yuriko's leg while she sat on his lap.

Yuriko looked at it longingly. "I want it, but my ass is sore."

"We'll take care of that." He bent her over again. Rather than smacking her behind, this time he handled it gently, caressing the flesh with his hand. His fingers danced intricate movements along the wide expanse of red flesh. His fingernails seemed to drag across them, leaving a faint whitish mark from the pressure of digits.

A look of relief washed across Yuriko's features. "It feels better."

"Pressure point stuff. I blunted some of the pain receptors there," he said as he continued fondling her behind. "You're still going to be red and it'll be sore again in a little while, but you need it as a reminder to behave."

"I'll behave," Yuriko purred.

The way she was looking at him, with a burning sultry intensity, seemed to stoke his own fires. Roughly he picked her up and placed her with her back to him, sitting on his lap. He spread her legs wide, draping them over his own so he had clear access to her inner regions. His cock jutted up like a pole between Yuriko's thighs, brushing up against her pubic hairs. Yuriko's eyes were transfixed on the sight below her and she let out a gasp as the member brushed across her lips.

"You want this," he whispered in her ear, then nipped it lightly with his teeth.

She craned her head back, enjoying the sensations. "Aren't you going to untie my hands?"

He reached forward and fondled her breasts, squeezing them roughly. "I like it better this way. I'll control the pace this time out."

Their mouths met again, this time Yuriko far hungrier than before. By the time they undid their liplock, she was all but begging, "Fuck me."

In answer, Silver-kun picked her up by the hips, as though she had all the weight of a mannequin, and poised her crotch directly in line with ramrod straight dick. He lowered her, his tool easily parting the moist folds of her flesh. The head was instantly engulfed, and he gave a look of relief.

"Oh god," Yuriko moaned as he slid another inch into her opening.

Ai watched transfixed. With the way they were situated in front of the camera, she had the ideal view of Silver-kun's man meat disappearing up her daughter's opening. It seemed to suck down his cock like a clamp made of flesh. Others might have been disturbed by the sight, but to Ai, it was glorious. She was watching her own progeny becoming a woman right before her eyes. And it was arousing her as well. She almost wished Ukyou were present so they could watch their daughter blossom into womanhood together.

Silver-kun continued easing Yuriko up then back down, adding another inch with each up and down motion. He didn't seem the least bit tired by handling her total weight in his arms. He just grunted softly as more and more of his cock disappeared into Yuriko's now damp pussy. In response, her own groans grew louder with each inch. She was gasping out for breath as she grew more and more filled.

It was only slightly over halfway in when Silver-kun gave out a loud grunt and forced Yuriko all the way down. She cried out in surprise at receiving almost more than four times the amount she originally anticipated. But the instant she hit bottom, she cried out as loudly as she ever had when spanked. The orgasm hit like a tidal wave and her eyes lit up as she convulsed upon her lover's loins. A liquid flowed from between her lips despite how thoroughly they were filled, trickling down Silver-kun's shaft and over his sack. She gasped hard as she tried to catch her breath.

Silver-kun left her embedded on his shaft, openly marveling at the fit. He turned her head around, and brought his mouth to hers. Her mouth hungrily sought out his as she moaned through her ravishment.

Yuriko appeared exhausted by the orgasm, but there was no relief to be had as Silver-kun picked her up once again by her hips, bringing her up until only the head of his cock was in her, then allowed her back down quickly until she was buried to the hilt again. He repeated the motion, Yuriko nothing more than a passenger that was going to stay on board until the ride was over.

Again and again, Silver-kun effortlessly picked Yuriko up and let her back down. With each lifting and dropping, the speed picked up and his grunting increased in both tempo and deepness. The blonde's ample tits bounced up and down in accordance with how her body was being used. The sound of flesh meeting flesh in a far more sensual joining filled the room.

After only a minute of bouncing, the motion stopped. Silver-kun let out a huge groan, leaving Yuriko impaled on his meat once again. His hands released their purchase on her hips and went to her tits, mashing them in his fingers as he cried out in orgasm. Yuriko could do little more than gasp as she sat there and accept the spermy load shot deep within her body.

Ai came at the same time, four fingers jammed up to the hilt in her pussy.

Spent, Silver-kun flopped onto his back leaving Yuriko impaled where she was. Exhausted, he said, "Turn off the tape. I'll make a copy of it and give it to you when I get the chance. The next time you feel like snooping around, you watch this and reconsider."

"Yes, Silver-chan." Yuriko softly intoned.

Ai mirrored her daughter's movement as she turned off the disc player at the same time Yuriko hit the stop button. Later in the day, when Ukyou returned home, she was greeted in the bedroom by a naked Ai, sprawled out on the bed with a wide collection of toys and restraints. She informed Ukyou she had been a naughty girl and needed to be punished.

Ukyou had been delighted to comply.

Ai sighed as she recalled that day. It was one of their most intense sessions outside of the partner swapping with the Saotomes. Of course there was the little matter of Yuriko's curiosity making her nearly end up a slave. That had concerned Ai seriously, and she was sorely tempted to punish her daughter on her own. But that would mean revealing the invasion of her daughter's privacy, and it appeared Silver had the matter well in hand. Still, she had her reservations. Yuriko had best mind her step, or else Ai would lay down the law in a way that would make Silver's little spank and fuck seem like a blessing.

Ai snapped back to the real world before she ran into someone's car. All the memory did was serve to arouse her more than she already was, and she was practically dripping on the upholstery. Trying to take her mind off the matter, she engaged in a light conversation with Shampoo. On the surface their conversation sounded innocent enough, but there was unquestionably a sexual undertone to the entire thing. Yuriko and Silver were talking with each other, seemingly at ease with everything. It was a peaceful trip, for which Ai was grateful. She and her kin might not have lived as interesting lives as the Saotomes did (whether they wanted to or not) but it was plenty interesting enough as far as she was concerned.

The conversation died off about two thirds of the way to the beach. The driving was easy, and Shampoo had decided to watch the scenery go past. Ai's attention was solely for the road, until she decided to look out the rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of Yuriko's head. For some odd reason, her eyes suddenly opened wide. She cast a look to Silver, who was out of the sight of the mirror's reflection.

Casually, Ai adjusted the mirror. Looking at Silver revealed nothing. The platinum-haired girl seemed to be looking outside, just like her mother. But Yuriko was still staring wide eyed at the back of the younger Saotome's head.

Ai shifted the view of the mirror down, and things finally started to make sense. A beach towel was positioned on the seat between the two girls. Part of it lay across Yuriko's lap. Looking more closely, Ai could see a good portion of Silver's arm was underneath it. She could also make out a slight movement under the towel, one right on top of where Yuriko's crotch would be.

It took a good bit of restraint for Ai not to laugh out loud. That raunchy cursed girl couldn't keep her hands off Yuriko's sexy body. And there was probably some measure of thrill from doing something so taboo right in front of their parents. Ai was tempted to try the same thing with Shampoo, just to show she could still strut her stuff, but she decided that was too over the top, and ran the risk of not just being discovered and having to give a very awkward explanation, but they might end up in a wreck instead. So she left her hand where it was, feeling increasingly aroused as the action in back continued. She turned the mirror away before she became too distracted and ended up road kill.

Still, the heated action in back was a good sign. Ai had little doubt as soon as the two offspring got a chance, they would head for some private corner and fuck each other's brains out. That would give Ai time to do the same to her own partner.

Life worked out really well, sometimes.

It was an hour later that the quartet arrived at the large beach house and exited the car. They quickly grabbed all of their belongings and began to set things up for the weekend. The beach house was as they remembered, a huge two level structure that cost a small fortune to rent for even a weekend, but was worth every yen. It was somewhat on its own, the nearest house being a quarter mile away.

The previous owner had been a wealthy head of some zaibatsu (until caught in a scandal which forced him to resign and liquidate his holdings) and desired privacy, which explained the somewhat isolated nature of the estate. The next closest buildings were more than a quarter mils away on either side. The house was surrounded by a high fence on all but the street sides. The large deck that dominated the back was elevated and surrounded by shrubs and trees so that no one could look in, but the people in the back could look down at the ocean. And the actual beach was far enough away that no casual passersby could either see or hear any of the activities of the house. One could still enjoy a view of the ocean while maintaining a healthy amount of privacy. It had always suited the two families needs perfectly.

After a quick job unpacking, the four people split into pairs, each one going with the companions closet to their age.

In the room that would serve as the younger generation's bedroom, a passionate kiss was being exchanged. They two girls had fallen back onto Yuriko's bed. The leggy blonde lay flat on her back, being offensively osculated by her nominal best friend. Her shirt had already been thrust up over her head and off to the side, allowing Silver to play with her bra-covered breasts. Slowly but surely, Yuriko was being pressed into the bed and her legs spread wide, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

Eventually Silver broke off her kiss and raised herself up on her arms, placing them on either side of Yuriko's head while keeping the blonde pinned down with her body. She looked down at her partner in the way a cat would look at prey captured in its claws. Only in this case the prey wanted to be caught and devoured by the cat.

Yuriko smirked. "I knew this was going to happen the instant we got here. You're helpless before my feminine prowess." She sighed. "I'm irresistible, and you're at my mercy."

Poised above her, Silver let out a snort of derision. "I'm not helpless and definitely not at your mercy."

Yuriko continued smirking. "Yeah, right. That's what they all say. But the fact of the matter is, especially when you're in your cursed form, you're like every other guy. You let your hormones do the thinking. You couldn't keep your hands off my hot body if you tried." Yuriko pushed her breasts together, giving her partner an eyeful.

Rather than respond favorably to the action, Silver sat up, releasing Yuriko from her 'capture'. "Excuse me, but I am not like every other guy and have lots of restraint."

Yuriko snickered. "Get real. You're a horny tramp that'll go after any girl that will part her thighs for you." Yuriko decided to prove her point by spreading her legs. Martial arts training had made her very flexible, and she stretched them out very wide. Her skirt parted, allowing Silver to see the neatly trimmed line of blond hair through the white see-through panties Yuriko wore. She waited for Silver to either take off or if she was in a rush, pull aside the gusset of her panties and dive into her blush and eat her out the way she longed for.

Rather than accept the offering, Silver slid off the bed and rose to her feet, heading for the door without a backward glance.

"Where do you think you're going?" Yuriko asked in a perturbed voice.

Silver looked over her shoulder, half-lidded gaze directed at the girl. "Out, to show how irresistible you are. Don't worry. I'm sure someone will come by and jump your bones." She opened the door, exited, and made certain to close it behind her.

Yuriko stared at the door open mouthed. It took nearly a minute for the full ramifications of what had just happened to set in. "How dare that little bitch give me the brush off!" Yuriko fumed. It was not supposed to be this way. This was supposed to be a weekend where they would ditch their parents and fuck up a storm on the beach and the surrounding area. Yuriko had even foregone sex with Akira for most of the week in anticipation of the event. But now Silver Saotome, one of the most horny, randy human beings Yuriko had ever met, was ignoring her? No, not just ignoring her. Refusing her advances, which was even worse. It was unthinkable.

And unacceptable. "Think again." Yuriko softly intoned. Silver had cast the gauntlet. Saotome thought she could resist Yuriko's awesome body, one she had given to Silver many times before with few reservations. It wasn't happening this weekend.

Yuriko undressed, tossing her clothing all around. She needed a weapon, and she was opening up with her most powerful one right off the bat before Silver could erect any defenses (though Yuriko had every intention of causing something else to become 'erect' on her lover.). She pulled out the collection of slender strips of black fabric that formed her 'Fuck Me' swimsuit; the same one she had worn the time she had gone to the beach with Silver, Akira, and that cow, Hinako. Silver hadn't been able to keep her eyes from Yuriko's hot body then, and she certainly wouldn't this time either. Nothing was sure to turn her sexual partner on more than a garment that only covered the very minimum of her tremendous assets.

She was Yuriko Kuonji, damn it! She was gorgeous, and had to work hard at it. She would not let Silver casually dismiss her as though she were some ugly, droopy slut. Feminine pride and her self-image were at stake. If it took giving Silver a lap dance in front of the entire family, she would do it, just so long as her girlfriend acknowledged her femininity.

Yuriko donned the swimsuit and examined herself in the mirror. She blew a kiss at the image. It was perfect. A thin line of material from her bikini rode up the front. She had continued keeping her pubic hair shaved to almost nothing, leaving only a thin line right above the lips. Silver once joked it served as an arrow to indicate where the 'buried treasure' lay. Instead of wrapping around her waist, the bikini 'v'ed upwards, as did the back thong once it was clear of her butt cheeks. The material rode up to her sides, each one looping through a metal 'O' ring located there. Attached to the top of rings were identical pieces of black material two inches across. They formed an upside down 'v' drawing closer together as they traveled up the length of her body. They went under her breasts at an angle and reached across the front, barely being enough to cover her nipples and areolas. The strips met at another metal 'O' ring around a strip of cloth tied around her neck, composing the entirety of her ensemble.

"God, I'm hot." Yuriko admired herself in the mirror. If confronted with someone as attractive as her, Yuriko would probably jump them herself, narcissism be damned. Just looking at how the outfit hugged her awesome body would give every man that wasn't gay a case of blue balls. Silver was going to be on her hands and knees, begging for Yuriko to let her have access to her body.

"Just you wait, Saotome," she vowed.

Yuriko exited the room, getting her 'strut' in high gear, swaying her hips in that way which would draw men's attention. She had learned it from her 'Father'. Given the strong physical resemblance she had with Ai, it was small wonder Yuriko emulated her when it came to making herself more sexually appealing. Yuriko was fully aware both she and her parent drew stares wherever they went. Maybe Ai Konjou was old enough to be her mother, but she apparently had more than enough allure to still attract stares from men. Yuriko was proud to note that she could draw even more than her parent, especially with each passing year.

Just as she was passing by her parents' bedroom, an errant sound reached her ears. It was low, though it was hard to tell through the closed door, and sounded just like a moan. Instinctively the blonde went for the door handle and turned it. For a split second, Silver's scolding made her hesitate to open the door. Yuriko had promised to stop being so nosy, but this was different. It wasn't like she was wandering around like a long last lamb through Dockside. She was just being concerned for her family's well-being was all.

She turned the handle and opened the door just a crack so she could take a quick peak inside. Once she ascertained everything was fine, she would leave with no one being the wiser. Those plans were abruptly changed as the sight she saw through the thin crack stole her breath away.

Her 'Mama' (who was her biological father, as opposed to Ukyou, who was 'Mother') was resting on her knees, on the floor, at the foot of the bed. She wore only small bikini bottoms and nothing else. Yuriko's 'Aunt' Shampoo was in her cursed male form, sitting on the edge of the bed directly in front of Ai. The only stitch of clothing in sight was his swim trunks., which were pooled around his feet on the floor.

Currently, Ai had Shampoo-kun's cock nestled in-between her ample breasts. Her hands were held at the sides of her breasts, squeezing them together and effectively trapping her cursed companion's manhood, though the moans he was giving indicated he had no desire to escape. Ai was moving her back up and down slightly, causing the purple-headed shaft to disappear and reappear from sight. Every time she moved down and allowed the cock head to poke out through her tits, she gave it a lick, before moving upward again and causing it to become entrapped in the fleshy crevice once again.

Once the full impact of the scene sunk in, Yuriko discarded any pretenses of impropriety in peeping and stormed into the room. She leveled an accusatory finger at the pair and said, "Mama! What do you think you're doing?!"

The shout startled both adults out of their sexual reverie. Shampoo-kun stared wide-eyed at Yuriko, not knowing what to do.

Ai's amazement lasted only a moment before she fully comprehended the situation. Rather than act ashamed, she scowled and said, "I don't believe this." She rose to her feet and headed in the direction of her daughter.

Tears began to form in Yuriko's eyes as she said to the approaching woman, "How can you do this to Mother?"

As Ai went past Yuriko, she said in a flat voice, "Your mother knows damn well what we're doing. She's probably screwing the shit out of your Uncle Ranma back home."

"Wh… What?" Yuriko was at complete loss. She barely took note of Ai closing the door, then turning to face her.

Back at the bed, Shampoo-kun regained a standing position and pulled up his trunks over his quickly deflating cock, uncertain of what to do. He decided it would be best to allow Ai to deal with her daughter and explain the situation before it spiraled out of control.

Hands on her hips, Ai said in a no-nonsense tone to her daughter, "This might come as a surprise to you, but it just so happens your mother and I have been swapping with your aunt and uncle for the last few years. This weekend vacation is the only time we do it, and it's totally consensual on all parties. So don't get any stupid ideas that I'm leaving your mother or Shampoo's leaving Ranma. It's just a way for us to spice up our sex lives, and up until this moment, was really none of your business. But now… now it is your business."

Yuriko suddenly felt very uncomfortable as Ai unleashed a stare Yuriko had been very familiar with throughout her life. It was the "You've really stepped in the shit now and are going to get your face rubbed in it." Ukyou Kuonji might have been the more stern of her parents, but Ai was the one who really gave hell when she was pushed too far. Somehow, Yuriko had gone from offended accuser to the one that had dealt an offense. Somehow, catching her mama fornicating with someone that wasn't her partner was not the great wrong here, it was something Yuriko had done.

Trying to retake the initiative, Yuriko said, "You can't blame me for jumping to the wrong—"

"Oh, shut up!" Ai snapped.

Yuriko did so. Terse comments from Ai in this sort of situation meant she was even angrier than Yuriko had originally thought. She was going to keep her mouth shut and just hoped things would turn out all right for her in the end.

Ai was openly furious. "I don't believe this. I know I closed that door, and yet you still barged right in here as though it was your room back home. You can't keep your nose out of anything, can you? I had assumed from Silver's disciplining you might have learned your lesson, but I see it was completely lost on you."

Yuriko shuddered. Ai knew about Silver's chastisement at her curiosity. She wondered if Ai had found the video or if Silver had snitched on her. And if the latter, why? "Umm, well, it's not exactly the same—"

"I said be quiet!"

Yuriko's mouth snapped shut.

"Silver disciplined her?" Shampoo-kun asked. Hearing his daughter's name mentioned forced his parental instincts to risk interrupting Yuriko's admonishment.

Ai looked at Shampoo-kun. "I don't know if your daughter's told you this, but she and Yuriko have been sleeping together. And it's been for a while, if I'm not mistaken."

That made Shampoo-kun consider things. "From the way she's been acting lately, I suspected she was fooling around with someone. I figured it was Akira, since she usually mooning over him. Still…"

He looked Yuriko up an down with a careful eye. He had never thought of her as anything other than just one of Silver's 'little' friends, one he had watched grow up her entire life. Shampoo-kun had been present from the time of birth, to him and Ranma becoming Yuriko's godparents, to practically every other important event of the blonde's life. But now he looked on her in a different light. Wearing as next to nothing as Shampoo-kun had ever seen (since helping to bathe her when she was a toddler), he saw that Yuriko had blossomed into womanhood. She unquestionably was the spitting image of Ai, from her sensuously attractive face, to her long blonde hair, to the fullness of her hips; from her long legs to her tremendous bust, all of it was enough to drive any man, or woman who swung that way, to distraction. This was no 'little' girl before him, but a very sexually desirable young woman that was wearing an outfit so skimpy even Shampoo-kun would have thought twice about going out in public like that.

His cock, which had deflated with the sudden turn of events, began stiffening up once again.

Yuriko felt a little intimidated under that watchful gaze. There was something in her 'Auntie's stare that had never been present before. It made her feel strange, both uncomfortable, yet reassuring at the same time. It confused her, and she didn't know why. She shifted slightly, the motion making her barely restrained globes jiggle. She saw Shampoo-kun's gaze follow their motion, and again she felt odd.

His tongue playing softly over his upper lip, Shampoo-kun said, "I can see why my daughter would take an interest in you. I approve."

"That's not really what I'm getting at." Ai said. She too noted the way Shampoo-kun had stared at her daughter. At first, there was anger that attention which should have been directed her way would end up being focused on Yuriko, but then an idea began to form in her mind. A very interesting one she that went down avenues she had never considered before. But it had potential to make this weekend even more interesting. Yes it did.

She returned her gaze to her daughter. Judging by the way Yuriko was shifting on the balls of her feet, she noticed the look too, and was not repelled by it. Yes. Much potential there.

Ai made certain to reestablish her cold hard stare on Yuriko. Ukyou, she might have tried mouthing off to, but not Ai. She didn't take any lip in important matters, and Yuriko knew it. She was rewarded by the blonde bowing her head slightly in shame. "The problem here is that my daughter just can't keep her nose out of trouble. Too damn curious for her own good. I mean she's always been a handful and getting into trouble, and it has not always been Silver's fault," she warned, heading off the reflexive excuse Yuriko always gave at having that accusation leveled at her.

Yuriko's mouth shut almost before it had opened.

Ai continued, "But it has been getting out of hand lately. I mean, what do you think you were doing wandering around Dockside on your own? It's dangerous down there, especially to young, attractive women. You could have been hurt or had something very bad almost happen to you."

Yuriko let a silent hiss of relief. So her Momma didn't know the whole story. "Well, luckily nothing did happen. It was a mistake going down there, one I won't repeat, I promise you."

Ai's voice turned twice as harsh as she said, "Not as bad as the mistake you just made now. I know about you getting kidnapped and nearly made a slave."

Yuriko cringed openly. She should have realized it was a trap. One thing Ai Konjou was more than happy to do was give her children plenty of rope to hang themselves with. One of her little tricks was feigning ignorance of some details when she caught the girls doing something bad to see if either of them would confess to whatever additional sins they had committed. Sometimes Ai was truly ignorant of the missing details, and Yuriko could get away with glossing over things. But every now and then, like in this instance, she'd get caught. And once Ai caught you not confessing, the punishment was twice as bad. And this was the worst omission in her life. Yuriko felt her heart sink somewhere in the pit of her stomach. She had planned on it being a fun weekend. Now it would take a miracle if she would get even a whiff of joy for the rest of the month.

Shampoo-kun remained silent, allowing Ai to admonish Yuriko. Odds were Silver was somehow involved (though judging by Ai's attitude it was Yuriko who was actually in danger), and would probably need a lecture as well. But that could wait until later. The more important matter was Yuriko's punishment. Nearly getting abducted by slavers was about as bad as it could get. His run-ins with Lao over the years had proven that. Yuriko needed serious discipline, and immediately.

Ai seemed to reflect Shampoo-kun's own thoughts. She continued to give her daughter a stern stare. "Obviously you have not taken the matter of controlling your insatiable curiosity seriously, or else you would never have barged in here and become involved in matters that did not concern you. Nor would you have tried to lie about how much trouble you got into at Dockside. But you did, and are now going to be punished for it."

Ai lightly, but firmly grabbed Yuriko's jaw and forced her lowered head upward so she would be looking her in the eye as punishment was delivered. "I'm going to be combining your punishments. Since you barged in here, I can only assume you want to be involved in the matters that were taking place between me and your aunt. And since you have no appreciation for how dire your situation at Dockside was, you're going to get a chance to find out firsthand. You're going to be a sex slave this weekend. You aren't allowed to say no to anyone or anything."

Yuriko and Shampoo-kun had a competition to see whose jaw could drop the farthest. Yuriko won by only the slightest of margins.

"You can't do that!" Yuriko gasped out.

Ai's eyes narrowed until they were little more than slits. "Oh yes I can. If you think this is bad, I can always inform your mother of your little escapade. My punishment will expire by the end of the weekend. Hers will continue until you leave home, and might even last beyond that. Now which do you want: The quick punishment, or the lingering one?"

Gulping, Yuriko realized her Mama was right. Combined, both her mothers would gleefully make her life Hell for the lies, risks, and curiosity she had displayed, especially when it was her fault. Now she was going to have to cut her losses. She learned early on it was best to get unpleasant things over with quickly. "I'll be your slave for the weekend," she said demurely.

"Oh no." Ai corrected. "I didn't say you'd be mine. I specified you're a sex slave, and as angry as I am with your behavior, I have no intention of administering that sort of experience to you. And since Silver's discipline didn't work the first time, I'm instead turning you over to your Aunt Shampoo." Ai indicated with a nod where Shampoo-kun stood.

Shampoo-kun won the eye-widening contest. He said, "You can't be serious."

Ai appeared mortally wounded. "Of course I am. I know firsthand how effective your punishment can be, and how you'll treat a sex slave. It's just the sort of treatment Yuriko needs to appreciate just how dire her situation was. She's already agreed to the punishment, and can't say no. I won't allow it. I trust you to take care of matters." Ai picked up her discarded bikini top and tied it back on.

Shampoo-kun stared longingly at the breasts as they disappeared behind their purple shroud. "But, what about… you know, what we were…?"

That made Ai smile. "Don't be silly. It's one of the reasons I'm leaving you Yuriko. She'll be able to take care of your needs. She's sleeping with Akira as well as Silver."

Yuriko let out a gasp. Was there anything her Mama didn't know?"

Ai smiled at guessing correctly. To Shampoo-kun she said, "She's like a bus; everyone can get on for a ride. So it's not like you'll be betraying your daughter, and your husband already gave you permission to sleep around with weekend, so indulge yourself. It's not every day you get the opportunity to fool around with someone that's almost as hot as I was at that age." She blew the pair a kiss before exiting, making certain to close the door behind her and allow nature to take its course.

The two people left in the room stared at the closed door. It lasted that way for almost a minute, until they manage to tear their eyes away from the aperture to stare at one another.

For Shampoo-kun, a clash between Instinct and Reason broke out. Reason said that this was his own godchild, a girl he had seen from the day she was born. She had helped raise Yuriko in his own small way, when she spent time with the Saotomes and when he had baby-sat the blonde. When he looked at her, he understood that this one of the best friends of his only progeny. Yuriko had complete faith in him, and would trust him with anything he asked. He had never thought of her in anything other than the most platonic of terms.

And then there was Instinct. Instinct said he was horny as hell from going without sex for two weeks. It said that it was expecting a release from the powerful horniness at this beach house today. It had believed it was going to get that release when Ai began tit fucking him. He was hot and wanted it now. But Ai had made it clear that the original path to relief was gone and an alternate route had been made in the form of the girl before him. A very attractive girl. A girl wearing a scanty swimsuit, and what little it hid served only to make Shampoo-kun long to see it more. A girl with a magnificent body and with three openings that could provide him with what he sought. A girl that was by her own admission a sex slave that would refuse him nothing that he demanded.

His dick became as hard as when Ai was delivering her skillful ministrations

Sensing the war going on within her aunt, Yuriko decided to see if she could tip the odds in her favor and get out of her mama's insane plan. Giving a girlish giggle, she said. "Can you believe Mama? She's such a kidder. Who would have thought she could come up with a joke like that? Me your sex slave." She giggled again.

The giggling had the desired effect of ending the war within Shampoo-kun. He rose to his feet and approached her. Yuriko continued laughing, relieved, until she realized he was slowly moving toward her with a distinctive purpose. Her mirth died as she saw the animal stare he was directing at her, especially her body. That stare, as hungry as any Silver had ever directed at her, made the odd feeling to return a threefold. Gazing upon his powerful looking form as he stalked forward, her heart felt like it wanted to hammer out of chest. Part of her wanted to run away, but another part wanted to run forward and into his broad arms, hoping they would embrace her. She didn't know which made her more concerned.

Yuriko backed away until she encountered a wall and was left with nowhere to flee. She froze, suddenly the mouse caught in the trap laid by the cat. She looked at her aunt (who was definitely more 'uncle' now) as he approached. Now he was no longer merely someone who had protected and helped raise her and made her feel special and warm inside. Now her body made her aware that he was also a male of the species. Not as compact as Silver-kun, but with more muscle on him, while still being taller than Akira, Shampoo-kun was a true delight to the eyes. A finely honed body showed hours of intense martial arts training. Finely chiseled features showed why when he modeled the photographers focused on the face as much as the killer body. And the bulge that was trying to rip out of the swimming trunks he wore promised a good time for any woman he found attractive.

And there was no question that was exactly how he was viewing Yuriko. His eyes were a leer that was basking in every inch of her revealed flesh. A part of her wanted to hide, but another part wanted to invite the stare, telling her she wanted him to admire and watch. She found herself trembling like a little girl being confronted by a big bad wolf, though this hungry animal was intent on devouring her in a way never touched upon in any Grimm fairy tale.

Right in front of her now, Shampoo-kun placed his hands on the wall, one on each side of Yuriko's head, preventing her from fleeing. "So you think it's funny, being someone's sex slave?"

"No," Yuriko said, and felt genuinely ashamed, even if that was not exactly why she had been laughing.

He leaned in close, burning intensity in his eyes. "So you think it a joke that you is my slave?"

Yuriko noted his Chinese accent was becoming more noticeable. It always did that when her aunt became angry or excited or, evidently, aroused. "No." Her voice was barely audible.

He grabbed her roughly by the back of her hair and tilted her head upward, so he could look down directly into her face. "You no seem to understand. You are being punished. Punished by me, slave." He emphasized the last word.

She felt his warm breath splash across her face. It was like when Silver-kun or Akira became forceful with her, only worse. She couldn't resist. A part of her didn't want to. She felt helpless and wanted to comply with any of his demands, hoping for some sort of approval from the man before her. All her resistances fell to the wayside. This man, who was handling her so roughly, had just been made her master, and so much of her was eager to be commanded. A part of her was appalled by her behavior, but only a small part. The rest of her wanted to be fucked like a bitch in heat, even if it was by her 'auntie.'

Shampoo-kun was the epitome of dominance as he all but snarled into her face, "This is no joke. You just a big fuck, fuck toy now, and I know how to treat fuck toys." With his other hand he grabbed her breast in his large palm, encompassing more of it than anyone ever had. The pressure he exerted bordered on the edge of discomfort as he began kneading it. Yuriko, helpless, could only moan at the way she was being handled.

Satisfied with the results, he continued. "You're not Yuriko anymore. You Little Slut. Just a little slut who think she a big slut. Maybe by the time Shampoo done with you, you be a big slut. I going to try very hard. Now what you name?" He jerked back on her hair.

"Little Slut," Yuriko gasped out, reveling in the way she was being demeaned. She knew she sounded like that old cow, Hinako. And for perhaps the first time, she understood how the older woman could enjoy being called such derogatory names.

"That right." Shampoo-kun brought his lips down and mashed them against hers. He released his hold on her breast and drove his body into hers, then forward so that she was pinned to the wall. He felt her breasts flatten against his muscular chest, the flimsy material of her swimsuit proving no barrier at all. Her nipples were bullet hard points, and he could feel them poking against his skin. From down below he could practically smell the moisture from her pussy. Oh yes, she loved being manhandled, just like Ai. Like Father, like Daughter. That would make what he had to do easier, since it meant only modifying his original plan slightly. He had in his mind what he wanted to do with Ai since last week. Now he would simply do it with a younger and even more shapely version of her. It sounded like a good deal to him.

Yuriko felt deliciously helpless in the face of such raw strength backed by carnal hunger. She could feel her aunt… no, Master's hard cock press against her tummy through his trunks. Oh, how she wanted to feel it in her, pounding in her pussy right now. One of his legs was between hers, and she began dry humping it, hoping to get herself off. Already she could feel moisture began to collect around her lower lips. And all of it was only the result of fondling her breast and the raping of her mouth.

Now that Yuriko thought about it, she supposed she shouldn't have been surprised. Growing up, she thought of Shampoo as just a close friend of the family, but after puberty, Yuriko's feelings underwent a change when she was around either of the older Saotomes, but especially the more forceful Shampoo-kun. It was especially noticeable when she misbehaved and he punished her. It wasn't like when her mothers' did it, making her resentful of her treatment at their hands. Instead, his disciplining thrilled her as much as she abhorred the actual punishment. Sometimes she swore the feeling urged her to do something else bad so he would castigate her some more, though she always resisted the urge as best as she could. Now, she couldn't find the will to resist anything.

Shampoo-kun broke off the kiss and pulled back, releasing his hold. He took a half step away so he could see her. Already her body was flush with excitement, and craving attention. He could force her to her knees, bend her over, fuck the living shit out of her pussy, and she would just beg for more. This was going to be perfect. How could he have ever considered for one moment not to screw the girl before him?

Yuriko left out a gasp. "Fuck me."

Shampoo-kun's hand lashed out and grabbed the bottom of the chin, squeezing hard enough so that she couldn't speak. Quietly, he intoned, "Little Slut never give orders. You only receive them. Now, for being such a bad slave and speaking out of turn, you have to wait." It would be painful for him, considering how hard his cock was, but it was necessary. Yuriko was going to be broken in properly while still giving him a good time. It was not all meant to be fun and games. Ai knew what she was doing in leaving him with a responsibility, and he was going to see it through.

Part of Yuriko wanted to scream at him in frustration for getting her primed then leaving her to simmer in her own juices, but another part adored Shampoo-kun even more for being so forceful with her. "Yes, Auntie."

Deciding she was being properly submissive rather than faking it, Shampoo-kun decided to move things outdoors. He grabbed Yuriko by the shoulders and shoved her in the direction of the door. When she didn't move fast enough, he applied a quick hand to her bottom, making her yelp in pain. He resisted the urge to continue simply for the fun of it. He had other ideas, and there was always a chance she would give him cause to really turn her bottom red later. What he really needed now was a proper leash to drag her around.

As they emerged into the hall, he looked at the way Yuriko's chest jiggled as she desperately followed along. Oh yes, he was going to get relief soon, and his new fuck toy was going to be the one giving it to him in every way imaginable. He'd see to that. Ai might have started this, but Shampoo-kun knew he was the one that was going to finish it.

They continued walking onward and into the light of day and to the back porch of the beach house. The wooden fence surrounding the house's sides closed it off from ground level view, and there were no other houses near enough to allow someone to peek down and onto the wide back deck. They would have all the privacy they needed.

As Shampoo-kun had thought, Ai had already taken Silver off somewhere so he and Yuriko could have some privacy. For a moment he wondered what excuse Ai came up with to distract his daughter from wondering where Yuriko went, then realized what the older woman had been up to her on her own. Well, it wasn't a surprise. Ai had been as steamed up as Shampoo-kun. He just hoped the older woman wouldn't wear his daughter out too quickly. One thing everyone involved in the swinging would admit to was that Ai had the most powerful sex drive of them all. Sometimes they would have to triple team her to satisfy her voracious appetite. Still, Silver had the advantage of youthful endurance on her side, and she was certainly energetic. She should be able to hold her own for at least a little while. And as Shampoo-kun gazed at Yuriko's shapely bottom, he ultimately realized he had more important matters at hand.

Yuriko stood in the center of the deck, looking at her uncle expectedly. She appeared almost demure as she stared at the wooden planks, only looking at him out of the corner of the eye. It was almost as if she was afraid he would do something to her if she dared to show the will to make direct eye contact.

Her submissive posture served to only stoke the fire in his loins further. He had to move quicker. "Lay down on your stomach on that." He pointed to a lounger, currently in a flat position, on the deck.

Yuriko did as she was bade, laying flat on her stomach and her head pointed down to the brown wood of the deck. Her breathing was fast and her heart still hammering, as though she was about to be in the fight of her life. She tried to keep from trembling.

Handling his balls through his trunks as he looked at that beautiful derriere before him, Shampoo-kun had to take a moment to control himself. He didn't know which was hotter, those massive tits or that irresistible butt. From her current position, it was easily the latter. The thin strip of Yuriko's thong was completely hidden between her cheeks, making it look like her bottom was bare. It took some effort, but he let out a deep breath and kept from pulling the thong out and doing as he would. Instead he looked around until he spotted a bag of lotions near the door. Apparently either Silver or Ai had left it behind in their haste. That made things easier. He didn't want to let Yuriko out of his sight, and not just as a preventive measure to keep her from running away.

Shampoo-kun grabbed one of the bottles of oil and moved to the prone girl. He sat down on the backs of her legs, squarely on her hamstrings. He heard her gasp, and smiled as he imagined her confusion in wondering what he was about to do to her.

He held the bottle up high and squeezed, allowing the oil to pour out like a greasy waterfall and splatter across Yuriko's back and ass. She gave a squeal as the substance struck her skin, but then she relaxed and remained silent as it continued cascading down. Satisfied he had enough, he stopped pouring and proceeded to work the lotion in, starting high on her back but working ever lower.

Having a moment, Shampoo-kun admired the texture to Yuriko's flesh. It was true there were some scars, no true martial artist lacked them, but they were so tiny as to be unnoticeable. Yuriko was already a healthy bronze from a seaside trip she had taken with Silver and Akira a few weeks ago, so all the sunscreen would do would be to enrich it even further, as well as turning him on with the way it would glisten in the sun. Yuriko was in good shape, but obviously took steps to keep from getting larger muscles the way Silver had. It was for the best. Silver was the body type that looked all the more alluring with some mass on her. With her long legs and larger chest, Yuriko looked better on the lean side. Though as his hands played roughly with her flesh, he could feel the tight concentrations of muscles that lay underneath the skin. Not the most powerful of people, but no common fighter would have a chance against her. That durability meant Shampoo-kun could play rough with her, like he could with Ai. That made it all the better.

Yuriko sighed as the hands worked their magic into her skin. He was rubbing it in hard. When Silver fondled her, it was usually tender, if a bit forceful. But this lacked any hint of romance. This was a hungry kind of handling, pure and simple. It was part of that simplicity that really allowed Yuriko to let go and enjoy being manhandled.

Shampoo-kun finished with her back and moved to the area that was his goal all along: her ass. He handled her butt checks roughly, playing with them as much as rubbing the lotion in. Once they gained a glistening sheen, his cock really began sending out signals that it needed handling. He had to move quickly.

Grabbing Yuriko by the thong, Shampoo-kun began pulling it up and down. As tight as the black strip of cloth was, it played over the lips of her pussy, becoming smaller and more narrow as it sought an avenue between her lips.

He increased the speed of the back and forth motion, really getting her wet. Yuriko would have moved her hips up and down to follow the motion, but Shampoo-kun's weight was fully on the back of her hamstrings. She was unable to move in the slightest. All she could do was suffer in silent agony.

Satisfied his toy was properly wound up, Shampoo-kun said in a voice full of accusation, "So, was you plan from the beginning of this trip to fuck me?"

"N… No," Yuriko couldn't understand why he would ask such a question. It was ridiculous. Until ten minutes ago, she had never conceived of her aunt as anything other than just another adult, and certainly not an object of seduction.

"Is that so?" His voice took on a menacing tone, making the girl beneath him tremble in fear as much as desire. Shampoo-kun pulled back hard on the thong, stretching it to the limit. "You is such a bad, bad little slut. No wonder you deserve such punishment. I would have punished you for this even if your mama hadn't told me to."

Yuriko wailed as the cloth rode tight between her lips and brushed against the more sensitive tissues within. She tried bucking, but his weight was too great and she couldn't get sufficient leverage laid out on the lounge. "What did I do?!"

He lightened the hold on the thong slightly. "Stupid. You was going to tease your poor old auntie all weekend long, wearing this," he pulled back on the thong again, then released it altogether, making Yuriko sigh with relief. "Tempting me with this!" He dug his fingers into her ass hard enough to make his fingertips white.

Yuriko again hissed with discomfort and desire. She barely managed to keep from begging, though she was uncertain if it would have been to stop or to do it more.

Shampoo-kun continued to maul her ass cheeks between his hands. "Little Slut think she hot shit with a killer body. Make her poor auntie walk around with a damp pussy or blue balls." He removed his hands from her ass and reached down between her legs, forcing the thong out of between her pussy lips. He placed a single digit against her lips, and extracting some of the wetness from the outside. She removed the finger and wiped it off Yuriko's ass. "But now it look like Little Slut's plan backfire, and now she's the one that's wet. You didn't think that would happen did you?"

"No," Yuriko gasped, wishing he'd put the finger, or something considerably larger, in its place.

He leaned forward until his head was directly behind Yuriko's. He whispered into her ear, "Now my fuck, fuck toy wants to get fucked herself, yes?"

"Please," she pleaded. Surprisingly, the weight left the back of her legs. She lay still, waiting for her master to prop her ass up and mount her, or simply to bury himself in her as she was. She looked over her shoulder to see what he was about to do to her flesh as he made it his own.

To her surprise, instead of Shampoo-kun going for his trunks to extract his dick, he walked over to the lounge chair across from Yuriko's and laid back in it. He lolled backward, smirking at her. "You're stupid if you think it that easy to turn your auntie on. She have her husband's hot body to fuck when she wants. Ranma's like Shampoo, a big slut, not a little one, like you. You want me to fuck you, you have to work for it."

Yuriko couldn't believe what she was hearing. Shampoo-kun had almost raped her with his eyes alone earlier, he squeezed her ass like it was made of dough. It was obvious he was burning with lust, yet he lay back in his lounge chair as though it was the most casual thing in the world while Yuriko was left to agonize in her own juices. It wasn't fair! She was a sex slave. She wanted to be fucked.

Yuriko got off the lounge chair and fell to her knees prostrating herself the way Hinako would before Silver. "Please, I'm yours to do with as you want. Please fuck me."

Shampoo-kun yawned. "Begging means nothing to me. You're already my slave. This isn't turning me on. Maybe I could find your mama. She can always turn me on."

The return of the flawless Japanese let Yuriko how close she was to going untouched. She couldn't let that happen. She had to have his hot cock in her pussy to dampen her fires or she was going to explode.

And then a plan came to her. She rose up to her feet, not quickly, but slowly, as sensuously as she could manage. She saw the eyebrows of Shampoo-kun lift in curiosity. He acknowledged she had laid out some bait. Now it was time to use the bait to entice the hungry animal.

Calling upon everything she could remember from the handful of dance classes she had taken, Yuriko began to gyrate her body. Not quickly, but slowly, sensuously. Building up was what was important in the early stages. A dancer slowly got the audience interested in her performance by enticing them, hinting at the things that were yet to come. And that was exactly what she was going to do, put on the performance of her life for this audience of one. Shampoo-kun had accused her of intending to tempt him before she was made his slave. That wasn't true then, but it sure as hell was now.

Music ran through her head as she posed and moved all for the benefit of the man before her. She accented the endowments of her chest, moving it forward and not so much thrusting as sliding it, letting it come into view. She jiggled for Shampoo-kun's benefit, always making sure he had the best view when she shook.

Once his eyes stayed fixed on her breasts, she switched, giving him her back. This time she swayed her hips too and fro, trying to hypnotize him with the twin globes. She knew he wanted her ass from the way he had handled it earlier, so she made it the center of attention once again. She pulled forward on her thong, making the black line disappear between her cheeks again, giving the illusion of nudity. She looked over her shoulder to see that her plan was working, and his eyes were glued to the sway of her butt.

She turned abruptly, making him give a cross stare as the focus of his attention was hidden from view. She moved forward so that she was directly in front of him, then played with the front of her narrow material across the front of her crotch. She pulled the top of it, almost enough to show what lay beneath, but not quite. It wasn't her job to remove it from his path; it was up to her master to do that.

She leaned forward, bringing her breasts to bear. Crouching down, she began moving forward, slithering up his legs like a snake, making certain her ample globes caressed his skin just as his hands had done the same to her earlier. As she made her way up to his crotch, was finally close enough to get a good idea of how endowed he was. She sucked in her breath as she guessed at the size of the thing. Silver took after her mother in more than just appearance, if that any indication.

Burning with a need of her own, she licked the front of the bulge, ignoring the taste of the fabric on her tongue. A guttural growl met the maneuver. Then she moved the tongue upward, over the waistband and to the stomach. She continued weaving back and forth, trying to taste every inch of flesh. Her tongue played across his nipple, dancing across it like her body was over his.

And then suddenly hands were on her shoulders, whipping her around. In less than a heartbeat, Yuriko was the one laying on the lounge and it was Shampoo-kun poised on top of her. Her heart was in the throat as she saw the look of primal lust in those eyes. Yuriko understood that she had done her job perhaps too well, and wondered if her auntie would ever relinquish the hold he had on her now.

The thin strips of material over her breasts were pulled aside and Shampoo-kun's mouth descended. Coherent thought was lost to Yuriko as she was finally being handled the way she had wanted to be since Ai had made her a slave. His mouth was open wide, and seemed to consume over a third of her breast as he sucked hard on it, almost as though he was trying to suckle milk from it and would consume the whole thing in the effort. He placed a hand behind her back and forced her forward, somehow getting more of her breast in. Yuriko wished with all of her heart she could have appeased him by flooding his mouth with the substance in an effort to please him. Instead she just lay limply as he continued making slurping sounds in his effort to suck her dry.

After a full minute of that treatment, he went to the other breast and repeated the action. Yuriko closed her eyes and savored the sensation. She had had her tits sucked before, but never with such hunger and animalistic passion. She couldn't fight it, couldn't encourage it; she could just suffer it and move that much closer to ecstasy.

Shampoo-kun was not quite as out of control as Yuriko believed, or at least he was not so consumed with lust he forgot what to do to prepare for the next step. As he loudly suckled on her tits, his hands reached down to the 'O' rings at Yuriko's hips. In direct contrast to what was going on above, his skilled fingers deftly undid the ties to the tops of the rings, freeing the bottom part of material that rode over her breasts. Once undone, the tension in the outfit disappeared, and the lower bikini loosened. Shampoo-kun's fingers moved down to Yuriko's lower lips, dancing along certain nerve endings the way she had danced for his benefit, though they did not actually plunge inside. He was rewarded by the wetness down there almost doubling as Yuriko's body prepared itself for what was to come next.

Without warning Shampoo-kun released the breast from his mouth and stood up. As he looked down at his slave, he saw that the force of his sucking had left the area around the nipples flush with the pressure that had undergone. He was rarely that rough, even with Ai, but this time he couldn't help it. Hell, part of him wished he was still sucking on them. And from the look in Yuriko's eyes, so did she. But there were other areas of her body to attend.

He grabbed the loose bottoms of the bikini and pulled them off, momentarily closing her legs. That displeased him, even if it was an automatic reaction to having her clothing removed. Snarling once again, he dropped his trunks. freeing his throbbing manhood and finally allowing the sweet ocean air to play across the sensitive tip. As hot as he was running, he was just thankful he hadn't popped off in his trunks. That would have ruined everything.

Hearing a gasp, Shampoo-kun looked down to see Yuriko's eyes were transfixed on the piece of meat sticking straight out from between his legs. It was the exact same reaction everyone had when seeing it erect for the first time. From Kasumi to Ranma to Ukyou, all of them looked at it as though it was a dangerous beast that would lash out and strike them. It had been so long since anyone new had seen it, he had almost forgotten that. It made his pride swell, even if he also knew as a woman it was as much technique as size that mattered.

"It's bigger than Silver's," the prone girl gaped in open desire.

Shampoo-kun handled the shaft, careful not to touch the tip and get himself more fired up. He shook it once in Yuriko's direction. "It the biggest you ever going to get in that pussy of yours." Not waiting for a response to the boast, and dying to relieve himself, he grabbed her ankles and thrust them wide apart, pulling them up high in the air. At last he had a proper view of that blonde muff of hers. Only a thin line of pubic hair ran from a handful of centimeters downward and to her crotch. He thought it was the most delicious sight he had seen in months. Those wet, pouty lips beckoned him forward, begging him to relieve the pressure they felt as they stood ready to be penetrated.

Shampoo-kun released his hold on the legs, tossing them to the side so that they would remain wide apart. He gripped Yuriko's hip with one hand and his rod with the other. Roaring, he lunged forward and forced the head of his cock and the first couple of inches in with one thrust.

Yuriko bucked upward at the force and amount of the penetration. She gasped in discomfort. She gasped in lust. More cock like that, introduced as suddenly as that, would hurt. More would serve to cool her fires even quicker. Her mind was a maelstrom of indecision as to wanting to beg him to hold off or to plunge in just like that again.

Yuriko found she had no choice in the matter as he withdrew so only the head was in, and pushed forward again, violating her loins with two more inches than before. She bucked harder and squealed louder. Only his hands firmly grasped on her hips kept her body from automatically backing up and off.

"How you like getting fucked now, Slave?!" he said through gritted teeth.

"Oh Kami-sama! It's so big!" Yuriko shouted. Hardly profound, but horribly accurate.

He withdrew and thrust again, only getting one more inch in this time as the tight passageway would admit no more. "Little Slut's cunt is too, too tight."

The dirty talk pushed her over the edge. She was Little Slut; a slave, and deserved her master's rough ministration. "Don't stop! More! I want all of it!"

"You going to get it all." He pulled back leaving half his rod in, then pounded forward again, sliding in almost another inch.

Yuriko could probably get off now with how fired up she felt from the cock stuck in her, but she wanted to feel that monster in its entirety before unleashing the colossal orgasm that was fast approaching. It didn't matter how sore she would be during and after; She wanted to feel the maximum pleasure it could provide. All of it.

Encouraged by Yuriko's pleading, Shampoo-kun backed up and thrust forward, then did it again, barely giving his slave enough time to breathe before hammering back and forth, getting in increasing amounts with each push. This was the tightest cunt he had encountered since first taking his husband's virgin pussy years ago. It was like jamming it up Ai's ass with how tight it was. Yuriko's pussy was trying to clamp down on his dick and prevent him from leaving, even if the vacating was only temporary. It was getting harder for him to hold back as well. If he had no true feelings for Yuriko, and only saw her as the piece of property he professed to, he probably would have simply fired off and appeased his hunger, but he did care for her. It was that caring, as well personal pride and wanting his weekend slave to enjoy the act made him hold off as he continued his thrusting.

Yuriko's eyes were practically rolling in the back of her head as her body writhed on the lounge chair and she gasped in deep breaths. She didn't know how much more pounding her pussy could take. Already Shampoo-kun had gotten as far as Silver-kun's own rod could reach, and he was stretching her wider to boot. This was the most powerful need to get off she had ever encountered, yet she was forcing herself to hold out in anticipation for even more. A little bit of discomfort for an even greater amount of ecstasy. But it was so hard to hold back she wanted to cry.

And then there was one last mighty thrust, and she felt the upper muscles of his legs slapping into her crotch. He was entirely in, reaching places never touched before. Yuriko released the barriers she had erected and gave in to the pleasures that had been dammed up in her loins. Her body arched backward, stretching her spine to the limit as every cell in her body felt like it orgasmed at the same time. She wailed incoherently, all of her senses overloaded with pleasure. It was the hardest she had ever gotten off in her life, and she never wanted it to end.

Shampoo-kun watched with no small amount of awe as Yuriko orgasmed beneath and around him. Watching the look of complete bliss upon her features as she writhed on the lounger made his heart swell with a heretofore-absent kind of affection. The sort he had for Yuriko before her servitude, though there was still the unmistakable satisfaction of simply knowing he got a sexual partner off. That he was responsible for this pleasure filled him a sort of joy with her he had never experienced with Yuriko before, and made him know this exercise in discipline had already been worthwhile for both of them.

And it wasn't over yet.

It took every ounce of restraint and control learned over the years to not simply give release to his own needs and send his pent up sperm into her body. It was made doubly difficult by the death grip her pussy had on his cock. Her vaginal walls hadn't simply hugged his rod: they grabbed it with two hands and were trying to wring the cum right out of him. He didn't even dream of trying to move back even a half inch for the pain it would cause both of them. So instead he simply remained buried where he was, savoring the sensations of such a tight pussy, while trying to hold back from flooding his slave's loins. He still had one more trick to show her.

The inevitable finally arrived, and Yuriko's orgasm, which felt like it had lasted hours, but in fact only seconds, hit its apex, then entered its denouement, leaving her limbs askew and her chest heaving for breath. Seeing her blushing body beneath him made his caring for her rival his lust. Luckily both feelings had the same goal in mind.

Feeling the death grip on his cock finally lessen, Shampoo-kun rearranged himself slightly. Remaining within her, he moved his own body forward so his body was pressed against hers. He gripped his hands on either side of the edge of the lounger, near her head, giving him some proper leverage for what he was about to do.

Yuriko was still coming down from her high when she felt her lover reposition himself. Her senses, still tinted with ecstasy, returned enough to focus on him and try to anticipate what was to come.

Shampoo-kun brought his cock back, only about halfway out, then thrust powerfully forward, burying himself to the hilt once more. The leverage from his hands allowed him to drive with real force into her, not just with his hips, but also his upper body. He mashed her tits as flat as they could with his own hardened pectorals. After having already drove home before, her pussy was far more accommodating for his entire length than the first time he had drilled inward.

Shampoo-kun grunted and repeated the motion, pounding in quick and hard without the faintest hint of restraint. Yuriko answered with a quick gasp. A third time, and Yuriko was startled to discover the fire in her loins was already returning, not having even slaked completely after the orgasm had passed. Despite her exhausted state, a part of her wished for him to continue and stoke the fire some more, and she recognized the signs of a so-rarely experienced multiple orgasm approaching on the horizon.

Again he pounded into her, his balls slapping against her lips. This time he spoke, his hot breath blowing in her face. "It look like you know how to come pretty hard, but it not over yet. I want more." He continued thrusting, building up an ever-increasing rhythm.

Yuriko gasped as she felt herself driven downward. It was like he was trying to fuck her clean through the chair with how he was forcing himself down on her. And the heat within her lions kept growing, possibly even faster than before. Automatically she wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs locked around his hips. She wanted him in her, not just to bring her off, but so she could satisfy his still unanswered need. The pleasure wasn't enough. She wanted to feel his seed fill her womb so that their joining would truly be complete.

She began chanting in his ear, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," in her almost little girl voice.

The pleading served to push him over the edge. Again the animal lust in him took over as he pounded into her repeatedly, until he felt her tremble, then give a loud cry as her insides locked down on his member again. This time he didn't even consider holding off as his cock all but exploded, discharging his sperm deep into her womb. His body remained pressed against hers as he savored the feel of her body trembling under his.

Even long after the last blast from his cock, he remained where he was. The two remained intertwined together with their sweaty, exhausted bodies as they came down from their simultaneous high.

Through the haze of the powerful afterglow, Yuriko knew it didn't get any better than this. Not ever. Not that Silver and Akira were bad lovers, they both were skillful and knew what they were doing, and there was a different, deeper sort of emotional connection with each of them that wasn't present with her auntie, which enriched the experience. But from a purely physical standpoint, it was obvious her aunt's greater sexual experience gave the older Saotome an edge in the physical joining sense of their screwing.

Exhausted, the newly broken in slave decided to close her eyes, just for a second, so she could regain some of her strength.

They remained closed for some time.


Ai walked with purpose as she exited her bedroom and left her daughter with orders to be her Aunt's sex slave for the weekend. Ai knew firsthand from some of the role paying games she had shared with Shampoo-kun just how firm a hand the former Amazon could manage when controlling a 'slave.' Ai was naturally submissive, and with someone she trusted, like Shampoo, letting loose and allowing herself to become an object for sexual gratification was a delight. Of course Yuriko would be nowhere near as pliable or compliant as Ai tended to be. But then again, Shampoo-kun could also be a very stern master when given lip. Oh yes, he was much more than Yuriko could chew on, so it would be in her best interest to keep her mouth shut, else she'd find it stuffed with cock, among other things.

Satisfied her weekend lover would break her daughter in to the high and low points of slavery, Ai sought out someone that could bring about some measure of relief for herself. Obviously since Yuriko was going to be preoccupied, poor Silver would be unattended. And that would not do at all. This was supposed to be a vacation, and both of them were supposed to enjoy themselves. The only complication Ai could foresee was convincing Silver that they needed one another to maximize their enjoyment. However, Ai had some skill of her own when it came to 'convincing' others to enjoy her, and given how randy Silver could behave sometimes, she doubted much convincing would be needed on her part.

Ai's search was rewarded almost immediately as she spotted Silver standing on the back deck. That was a curiosity, since at the beach she was almost always in her cursed form. In fact, that was a tendency that Ai had been prepared to use to her advantage. Instead, of an impressive, if young, male going about with a thick piece of meat trapped in too small trunks, Silver stood there in a long white t-shirt. Through the shirt Ai could see Silver's nipples indenting the material, indicating a distinct lack of anything else underneath. Lower, and Ai could just make out blue bikini bottoms through the thin material. Of course, given the fact Ai was an open bisexual, she found the feminine look, despite its simplicity, very appealing, just like any hot-blooded male would.

Ai looked curiously at the girl. "What's going on?"

Silver appeared relieved to see the older woman, largely because she would be a shield against Yuriko's attempt at seduction. "Oh, I could only find my bikini bottoms. I must have forgotten to pack the top. I don't exactly use bikinis all that often, at least near the water, so it wasn't as though I was paying close attention. Usually I just bring along several sets of trunks. Do you have any extra tops I could borrow? Deep blue if you have any, but any will do."

That perked Ai's interest. "So why are you wearing that instead of swim trunks? Not that there's anything wrong with what you have on."

"Ah, no reason." Actually there was one. Silver had decided to thwart Yuriko's upcoming seduction attempt by remaining a girl. One of the reasons was that Yuriko didn't normally come on to females the way she did guys. The other reason was that Silver did tend to run a lot hotter as a guy, which she figured had to do with hormones. There was no point in having his cock stand up and imply it was surrendering to whatever action Yuriko engaged in. He would only consent to screwing her after he had gotten his apology and proved his point. Saotomes didn't lose to anyone, even their best friends, no matter how hard the battle was, or how hard one got during the battle.

Ai considered the matter. That Silver was a girl meant only a slight adjustment in plans, not a wholesale change. What they needed now was some space to themselves, and Ai knew just the place to go. She grabbed a couple of beach towels, some lotion, and a bottle of water from the nearby cooler. That would come in very handy later. She clutched Silver's hand and began pulling her in the direction of the stairs that led to the beach, "Let's go."

Silver looked at her in confusion. "What about the others?"

"Your mother is doing something for me, and Yuriko is helping her out."

"Maybe I should go help too," Silver offered.

Ai quickly said, "Ah, no. They'll be fine, and your mother is better off being the one to help her anyway. Besides, there's something I want you to do for me."


"We'll discuss it after we hit the beach." Ai, holding tight to the younger girl's hand, finally forced her down the steps and to the beach.

Somewhat angry with Yuriko in the first place, and secretly relieved her Yu-chan wasn't around to try to get her aroused, Silver slipped out of Ai's grip and walked down the stairs on her own. She was curious as the older woman looked back at Silver to make sure she was following, before trotting ahead again. For whatever reason, 'Aunt' Ai seemed insistent she come along with her. But since no one else was around, and Ukyou had been left behind, perhaps it was simply loneliness. If so, Silver would be more than happy to entertain her aunt, whom she enjoyed a lot. Ai and her had a lot in common, both being free spirits, as well as being open bisexuals, though obviously Ai had settled down and raised a family while Silver was still in the prime of her life. But the easygoing attitude instead of authoritative one Ai displayed around Silver, especially since she had turned seventeen, in some ways made her feel more like they were contemporaries instead of being separated by a generation.

The other reason for her newfound ease was that with the screwing of Hinako, Silver no longer looked at older women in quite the same light. Instead of just being there, they became potential objects of desire, even if only in fantasies. Ai Konjou was very high on those lists of potential fantasies. Silver watched the sumptuous bottom sway back and forth in front of her. While it obviously didn't have the firmness of youth the way Yuriko's did, it possessed a voluptuousness that could only come with a mature woman's body, like Hinako's. It was obvious she was in shape as well, working out a lot and fending off the effects of gravity as best as she could. Her breasts were in similar shape, very nice for a woman her age. They were almost in line with Hinako's, and that wasn't really a fair comparison since Hinako cheated the effects of time with regularity. Ai was still a major hottie, and any guy would stumble over himself for a chance to sleep with her.

The pair made their way down the beach a ways. Silver was a bit surprised, as they drew further and further away from the house. "Where are we going?"

Ai kept walking forward. "A little out of the way place that can't easily be seen from the shore. I mean, it's legal to go around topless here, but not many people do." And besides, what Ai wanted to do with the hot young woman with her was definitely not legal when done in public.

They stopped about a hundred yards down the beach where the shore became steep, and turned a bit rocky inland. They walked away from the beach and over a handful of rocks until Ai led Silver up and over what was practically a small dune and they came to the spot she had been searching for. It was a small circular depression, about five meters wide and a meter and a half down at its deepest point. There were a number of shrubs on the inland side that hid it from easy view. The only way someone could see it was if they walked up to that point, like Ai and Silver had done.

Whether it was natural or manmade was a matter of conjecture, but it was there. Ai had stumbled on it last vacation when she and Ranma had been looking for somewhere to get a quick fuck while Shampoo and Ukyou watched the girls. With its position as far back from the shore, the lack of houses around it, and the rocky terrain, once in the depression it was effectively hidden from view, and as long as people weren't standing up, they would be out of sight as well. If they remained relatively quiet, someone could stay there all day and no one walking up and down the beach would be the wiser.

As to what it might have been used for, well, that was easy to see, as they had found a handful of empty bottles of alcohol and used condoms in the depression. Apparently the locals agreed it was an ideal spot to screw within view of the ocean without being stumbled upon easily, especially if it was dark. Oh, there was the potential someone would traverse the rocky area and look down, but that was part of the thrill in screwing in public, as Ai and Ranma had found out when they banged their brains out with the sound of the surf pounding behind them.

And now it was going to be used for that again.

"This is kind of out of the way," Silver pointed out.

Ai said, "Well, without a top, I'm sure you want some measure of privacy. If you were to just sit down on the shore, you'd attract admirers in no time." Ai laid out a couple of towels side by side in the deepest part of the depression.

Silver shrugged. Usually when she went topless it was as a guy, but occasionally her goods were put on display in public, a handful of times through rough fights or at a topless beach where she would be well away from the water. Neither of her parents was all that modest, and neither was she. She discarded her top without hesitation.

Ai smiled at the beautiful rounded pair of melons before her. They were like Shampoo's had been when she was younger. Not quite Ranma-chan's size, but close. And certainly every bit as delicious in appearance as either of the her progenitors' rounded orbs. Ai decided Silver's topless state was an ideal way to take things a bit further. Ai removed her own purple bikini top, allowing her own breasts to splay into view. She was pleased to see the move had caught Silver off guard, and more delighted at the fact the young girl's eyes seemed riveted to the newly displayed chest.

"I didn't want you to feel lonely with being the only one topless," Ai offered in explanation. "No one can see us from here, so we'll be safe from prying eyes." At least from anyone else's prying eyes, she didn't add.

"Ah, right," Silver said as she recovered. It was odd, but she could have sworn her Aunt was looking at her in a decidedly non-platonic way, which was silly. Ai was married, and had access to all the pussy she could want. And Aunt Ukyou was a cutie too. Silver was certain the two folks, older though they were, still fucked up a storm. And given how magnificent Ai's breasts looked, Ukyou would have had to have been made of stone to not want to play with them constantly. Silver knew she would if given the chance.

Ai pursed her lips in thought, completely for Silver's benefit since she knew exactly what she was doing. She stretched her legs out, then proceeded to roll her bottoms down her legs and off, making certain to spread her limbs out in such a way as to provide an ideal view for her companion.

"What are you doing?" Silver gasped, her eyes unable to pull away from the blonde muff right in front of her. Thought of Yuriko's own more modest pussy began filling her mind.

"I decided to forgo tan lines." Ai sounded innocent, even as she pointed her finger at her pussy. "We're out of sight from everyone, so we don't really have to worry about being found out. Surely you don't mind. We don't have anything to hide from one another, do we?"

Silver still gaped. Ai's pubes, while not anywhere near as minuscule as Yuriko's, were still trimmed close to the skin and made up only a tiny triangle. She found herself being turned on, in spite of the fact this woman helped raise her.

Sensing Silver wasn't going to just come forward and remove her own bottoms, Ai upped the ante by saying, "You don't have to remove yours. I can understand if you're afraid of being seen."

"I'm not afraid," Silver insisted.

That was what Ai had expected. Accuse either the Father or Daughter of cowardice, and they would immediately try to prove you wrong. It was a character trait Ai used to her advantage, but sparingly. She decided to use some additional incentive to ensure the outcome. "I wouldn't mind it if anyone spotted me. In fact, I think I would be kind of turned on. I like it when people look at my body." She stretched out for Silver's benefit, making certain to thrust her tits forward, as well as leave her legs slightly wider apart.

"I don't mind either," Silver said, and proved it by removing her bottoms.

Ai took a moment to look at the bounty. Platinum colored hair ruled down below, the exotic color turning the older woman on immensely. Silver's own hair was a bit longer and covered a little more area than Ai's, but was still obviously kept well groomed. The older woman's first impulse was to dive right in and start tonguing it now, but such a bold move might scare Silver away. The younger girl needed to be turned on a little further to ensure success. Silver might yet bolt, and once that happened, all the potential fun would flee with her. Ai needed to exert just a bit more restraint for the moment.

"Would you lotion me up?" Ai asked the younger girl, handing her a bottle of oil and then spreading out even more dramatically than before.

Silver gazed down at the divine sight before her. She praised the gods that she was currently a girl, a hard on would have shown Ai exactly what was going through her mind, and most likely earned the young Saotome a sound thrashing. Although from the way Silver's nipples had hardened, all Ai would need to do is look glance that way and become aware of her state of arousal.

Hesitantly, Silver moistened her hands and began tentatively spreading the oil over Ai's body, being careful to not touch the older woman's more sensitive areas. All the while Silver cursed Yuriko for not having the decency to get her off before angering her. She was a young, hormone-laden teenager that hadn't gotten any in almost a week. She was practically exploding on the spot! It was all Yuriko's fault Silver was so fired up that it was taking a massive amount of restraint to not try to molest her aunt on the spot.

On her part, Ai mentally pouted. Why couldn't Silver show some guts and fondle her? It was going to take more maneuvering to get the end result, though she could sense Silver's resistance weakening. She grabbed the younger girl's hands and replaced them on her breasts. "Don't be so gentle. Rub it in and don't hold anything back."

Silver gulped audibly. Her hands began shaking and sweat broke out across her brow. It took everything she had to not simply grab those nipples and start playing with them. Somehow, she began coating those breasts without mauling them in a sexual fashion.

Ai mentally sighed. Obviously, it was going to be all up to her. She allowed Silver to set her own pace in oiling her body, which was ridiculously retrained. The younger girl only briefly touched Ai's butt, and let her do her own pussy. But that was fine, since the quicker it was done, the quicker that put the ball in Ai's court so she could engage in her final stratagem.

"Your turn," Ai purred seductively. She made Silver lay on her back. The first area she assaulted was the chest. She poured oil directly on the globes in generous amounts. Licking her lips in anticipation, she began working it in a far more familiar manner than Silver had used on her.

"Ah, ah, that's a bit, ah," Silver moaned as her breasts were played with an expert manner. This was what she had wanted to do to her Aunt, and was now having done to her. And whereas it felt very, very good, it was far from proper. Or at least that was what her reason told her.

Ai would have none of it and continued as though nothing had been said. Unless Silver forcibly removed her hands, she wasn't going to let up for even a second. All too soon she was finished with that area, and turned to other ones that would elicit even greater responses.

She squirted a line of oil down from between the valley of Silver's breasts to her platinum loins. She made wide circular motions with her hands, each stroke rubbing oil into the body. She wasted no time in playing over the flesh between breasts and pussy, as Silver was already primed and further attempts at seduction would only delay satiating Ai's own needs.

Her fingers danced over Silver's loins as the oil was rubbed in. Silver arched backward as delicate fingers played along sensitive nerve endings.

"Ah, Ah, Aunt Ai, are you sure you ah, should be doing this?" Silver gasped out.

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt." Ai continued her 'torture' of the young girl.

Had it been Yuriko or Akira doing this to her, Silver would have been all over them in an instant. But since this treatment was being delivered by someone who her mind refused to accept was in need of being screwed, Silver had some maintenance of control, however fleeting it was. Using her last remaining shred of resistance, she said, "I think you've rubbed it in now." God had she ever rubbed it in.

Ai laid on her stomach crouched in front of Silver's groin. She appeared to

be peering into the space between Silver's legs, squinting. "Actually, I missed a spot. Let me get it." With that she moved her head between the space of Silver's thighs and promptly began eating her pussy.

"Ah!" Silver said as her mind began to comprehend exactly what had happened. Instead of being in her usual role of predator, she had unwittingly become the prey. She had heard stories of Ai's more wild youth (Usually from Yuriko who would always add 'She's so disgusting' commentary to those adventures), but had assumed those days were long since past with having settled down and raised two girls with Ukyou. But now Silver found herself the recipient of a tongue lashing that even she would admit was putting her own pussy eating skills to shame, and completely unprovoked as well. Actually she had tried to show a distinct lack of interest in coming on to Ai even when the opportunity had been presented to her. But Silver's admirable restraint was all for naught, she was being eaten out with expert skill and had no intention of doing anything other than placing her hands on the back of Ai's head and making sure she stayed put.

Tongue lashing back and forth, Ai really went to work. Silver moistened quickly, which allowed Ai to insert some fingers as well as the tongue. Parting the folds of flesh so that she could get her tongue in deeper only served to rapidly take Silver closer to the edge. Even Ai hadn't realized just how much the exotic hair color was turning her on. True, she had her own fires that needed hosing down, but opening up with a little girl-girl action was definitely the way to start. Ai regarded herself as an expert in how to eat pussy. Of their group of friends, she even managed to get Ranma-chan to admit she was the best. Of course it had taken three rounds of sixty-nining one another before Ranma-chan cried, 'Uncle'. Even Shampoo was stunned that her husband had openly admitted defeat. Though every year since then she and Ai would have another 'competition,' to determine the best muff diver, and ever year Ai still came out on top in every sense of the word.

The memory prodded Ai on to changing things. She brought her head out from between Silver's legs, eliciting a moan. Ai said, "Hold on a minute," and repositioned herself into a sixty-nine with her companion. Now it was time to see what the youngest Saotome could do. "Show me what you got," Ai declared as she went back to eating Silver out.

Hardly so ungrateful as some accused her of being, Silver raised her head up and plunged her tongue in with a fervor, as though to make up for not accosting Ai first. She might have had a late start, but she was going to sprint all the way to the finish line in order to catch up.

Ai paused for a moment as Silver's tongue began ravishing her loins. It was a nice technique, and obviously the girl had no small amount of skill, but there was no way she could keep up the pace. A little bit of honing, and her pussy eating skills might rival that of Ukyou, who Ai considered number two behind her, regardless of what Ranma seemed to think. Though unlike Ai, Ukyou was content to allow Ranma to boast how his skills were second best without feeling the need to defend herself, though Ai always let her know the truth in private.

Concentrating on the matter at hand, Ai went back to plunging her tongue over the twat presented to her, working two fingers up to the second knuckle in as well. She could tell Silver was getting close to exploding. The poor dear seemed wound up tight, and Ai took it upon herself to deliver some relief. Obviously Yuriko wouldn't be dealing any to Silver for a while, so it fell to Ai to take care of the girl instead. She was such a thoughtful woman.

Silver's own tonguing began to wane in light of the overpowering feelings coming from her loins. Ai was far better than Yuriko when it came to eating out pussy, and she was on the verge of coming in record time. That Silver was running so hot to begin with didn't help her control, but even if she had just gotten a double-tonguing from Hinako and Yu-chan, it still couldn't have been better as Ai hit all the right places at the exact right moment.

Silver was almost at the edge when she felt the fingers withdraw from her pussy and one of them relocate to her rosebud. As it violated her sphincter, that put Silver right over the edge and she came all over Ai's face.

Congratulating herself on timing the ass playing as being at the precise moment for maximum effect, Ai was quick to slurp up the liquid offered to her mouth. Mixed with the flavor of the oil, it was truly a treat to her palette, and she greedily licked it up. If she had her way, she would get more of it. But that would be for later. First there were other needs to attend.

"Your turn," Ai said as she licked the last of the liquid from her lips.

Momentarily blindsided by the orgasm, Silver went back to work on the blonde muff before her. With the edge taken off her own fires, she went about her business more casually, taking slower and more deliberate strokes. Her own fingers came into play, piercing the folds of flesh in conjunction with the tongue. Ai moaned in approval of the action.

Within minutes Silver was rewarded with a liquid coming from those puffy lips as well. Ai gave out a subdued moan as Silver continued lapping away at the loins, intent on not missing a single drop anymore than Ai had. The flavor was unquestionably comparable to Yuriko's in her mind. It had never occurred to Silver that relatives might taste the same, but in this case not only was it an interesting discovery, but a tasty one as well. Once finished, she plopped her head back down to the sand.

Ai repositioned herself to lie next to Silver so they could snuggle a bit, waiting to come down a little before continuing. Suddenly, she felt the younger girl tense up, and not in a good way. "What's wrong?"

Silver began trembling. "Oh god! Aunt Ukyou is going to cut my head off with her spatula if she finds out." Silver wondered if there was some country she could flee to where Ukyou might not find her, but couldn't come up with any. Perhaps it was time to join a space program and convince the government to colonize the moon…

"Don't be silly," Ai giggled. "She knew I was going to fool around here." Ai informed Silver of the partner switching weekends, as well as the video she had seen and Yuriko's fate for interrupting things between Ai and Silver's mother.

"I didn't think my parents were that kinky." Silver hadn't really wanted to know either. Intellectually, of course she knew, but it was far easier to live without open confirmation of it. Now non-family members, like Ai and Ukyou, it was easy to picture them sexually engaged to one another, but she hadn't really even tried to visualize her parents doing it.

Ai asked, "And you don't mind Yuriko becoming your mother's plaything? Not that your disapproval will change her fate. I'm just curious about how you feel about it."

"She brought it on herself." Silver was surprised to find that whereas her parents engaging in sex with one another was unappealing, her mother using her best friend as a sex toy was actually kind of kinky. It elicited the same emotions as when she loaned Hinako to Akira. Besides, it eased a somewhat guilty conscious Silver almost had over screwing Yuriko's mama while Yuriko herself had been left alone. But now it appeared Silver's prediction that someone would jump Yuriko had been proven right, so there was nothing to feel guilty about. It really was Yuriko's fault she was a sex slave, but it wasn't as if she was being ignored, or would have room to complain since she was getting screwed by Silver's mother.

"Good answer," Ai confirmed. Silver's easy acceptance of the situation made things easier. It could have been potentially messy if she had acted possessive or tried to 'save' Yuriko from her fate as a slave to others' desires.

Ai went for the bottle of water she had brought along. "Now that I'm properly warmed up, let's move on to…" She poured the water over Silver's chest, triggering the transformation. Within a second, Silver's pussy changed and morphed into something else, which Ai was quick to fondle. "….Bigger things."

Silver-kun grinned, fully accepting the situation now. One orgasm had taken the edge off her ardor, but she hadn't gotten off as a guy yet. And when she first changed, there almost always seemed to be a sort of pent up enthusiasm, as if she hadn't just orgasmed in her previous form. Now was one of those times as his cock rapidly hardened over Ai's hand job.

Once sufficiently hardened, Ai stood up and repositioned herself above Silver-kun's cock. He was happy to lay still and let Ai call the shots as she squatted above his dick and wasted no time in slowly impaled her damp pussy on the shaft.

Silver-kun arched his head back and groaned, delighting in the feel as his engorged member was slowly slid into a sheath of flesh. Ai was loosened up by the tongue-lashing, and she did not have what Silver-kun would term a particularly 'tight' pussy, as she was able to slide down his length more quickly than even Hinako did. Within a surprisingly short amount of time, he was buried to the hilt. As Ai straddled him, she rotated her hips a bit back and forth, making him moan as she seemed to be working different areas of his cock from the inside. That was a new trick, and one that he found pleasing as sensations of pleasure were transmitted through his boner.

After a few moments of this, Ai went to work, bouncing up and down like she was riding a horse on a merry-go-round. Her impressive tits bounced in conjunction with her body, the sight really turning him on. His hands went out and grasped the breasts, keeping a hold of them and pinching the nipples as Ai continued happily bouncing. He decided to experiment, and tweaked them hard enough to cause what should have been discomfort. Ai gave a yelp, and said, "Oh yeah!" as she looked fondly upon him.

So she liked it a bit rough, similar to Hinako. That was good to know. Having screwed someone older than Ai made any potential age barriers that might have stood between them seem like nothing. Once Ai had started riding his dong, she was no longer his 'Aunt' nor a 'Married Older Woman.' She was a 'Sex Partner' and in his mind, that made them equals. Now he was completely relaxed, and what trepidation's had been there at the beginning of their conjoining had evaporated into oblivion.

The tempo of Ai's bouncing increased. Silver-kun was content to take deep breaths and merely relax, trying to keep from becoming too aroused and popping too soon. Ai was giving him a real treat in sharing her body with him while her daughter was probably being fucked out of her mind. He knew Ai was getting something out of it as well, but she had taken the time to seduce and entertain him, and he would be damned if he wouldn't return the favor.

Ai's bouncing motion tripled, and she gave one last plunge, grinding her crotch onto his pelvis, and cried out, "Yes!"

Silver-kun felt her pussy tighten on his cock, arousing him further, but held off from coming himself. He thought he had enough control to hold out just a bit longer. Not allowing the blonde a chance to come down from her orgasm, he sat up, placed one hand on her back and one on her ass, remaining buried in her. Using his impressive strength, he carefully repositioned themselves so she was on her back on the towel and he was on top. He sat up, still never leaving her pussy. He grabbed her legs, threw the ankles over his shoulders, and leaned forward.

Ai gasped as she was bent backward until her ankles were around her head, and her tits were practically mashed against her face. She thanked god for her martial artist's flexibility. Given Silver-kun's position over her, he was able to touch places he hadn't before, and it was wonderful after dictating everything up to this point that Silver-kun was willing to take the initiative and be the dominate partner. Now it was Ai's turn to sit back and enjoy the ride.

And ride her he did. Knowing she didn't mind a little rough play, Silver-kun rolled onto the tips of his toes, trying to get as much leverage as he could, and withdrew his cock as far as he could, only to plunge it back in again. He did it hard. He did it fast. He wasn't so much taller than Ai that he could get much space between them, but it was enough to get almost half his cock back before jamming it in again. From his position above Ai, with her legs on his shoulders, he had a clear line of sight to her face, and the look of lust she was giving him as he pounded away. She was burning with at least as much desire as Yuriko could muster, and Silver-kun knew he was into this as if they had been lovers for years. They were both really getting into things now.

"Fuck me!" Ai cried out, and Silver-kun was surprised to see the similarities between the older woman and her daughter as she neared another climax. They were even more alike than he realized, both in appearance and attitude. Ai was only slightly taller than Yuriko and a few kilos heavier, but aside from that, and the obvious adult build to Ai, their bodies were virtually identical. A brief fantasy rode through Silver-kun's mind of tying the two of them together facing one another, impressive breasts pressed together and meeting in the middle, then taking turns fucking their pussies, going back and forth between the two and making them cry out in pleasure one after another.

The vision proved too much. His pent up passion came flooding forth. Right before the moment of truth, he gasped, "Can I come inside you?"

"Yes," Ai hissed. He remained buried on top of her, pressing down on her ankles and body hard enough that she felt the texture of the sand through the towel. As he flooded her loins with his discharge, she too went over the edge and had her third orgasm of the day.

He got up from top of Ai, letting her come up from her curled up position, and gave her a deep and passionate kiss which she returned. Both were left sweating as they lay side by side on the towel, temporarily spent from their heated action.

Ai looked affectionately at the boy. Yuriko was definitely one lucky girl if she was getting that regularly. His cock had felt even better than she had imagined after watching the videotape. Making Yuriko a slave for the weekend had garnered even better results than Ai would have guessed if it meant getting this hot cock in her. And the best part of all was that Silver-kun was so young he could get it up more times than either of his parents. Of course he hadn't lasted as long either, but Ai was in more of a quantity mood than quality with a new lover. And after they had a breather, she was going to get more quantity.

Oh yes, she most certainly was.

Yuriko's eyes slowly opened. As wakefulness approached, she began to assess where she was.

That was right. She was at the beach, laid out on a lounge chair, feeling deliciously fucked.

Actually her pussy was a bit sore. No one had ever driven into it with either that kind of force or with something that big. Even when Silver played rough, she wasn't that forceful and would loosened her up more to begin with. But the soreness wasn't that bad. Actually it was kind of good, and she still felt the tingly afterglow of the physical sex.

She looked down at her body. Under the bright sun, her front was glistening from the way the light struck it. Obviously her Auntie had seen fit to oil her sleeping body up so she didn't get a case of sunburn. She was still nude, save for the collar of her swimsuit, and that served to cover nothing at all. Tan lines were a thing of the past. She just hoped it didn't draw too much attention when she was in the girls' locker room at school. The last thing she could do was explain why she had laid out in the buff, and with who, which would invariably be asked..

Yuriko looked around. She saw her Aunt was still in his cursed form, eyes closed and also laying on his back under the sun on the lounge chair across from Yuriko's own. She was saddened to see he had donned his trunks once again. That made Yuriko pout. She wanted to stare at that hunk of meat that had given her such pleasure.

A smile spread across her lips. She could wake her auntie up with a wonderful gift: a blowjob. Even better, if Silver just happened to come along and saw her best friend blowing her mother, wouldn't the arrogant Saotome be pissed that she had acted like a jerk earlier and thrown away the opportunity to have Yuriko's mouth clamped over her pussy or dong?

Grinning in devious pleasure, Yuriko sat up. However, once she tried to move forward, she nearly strangled herself as something tied at her throat prevented her from moving any further.

"What?" the blonder gasped out as she felt the strip of cloth at her throat and turned around. What was there stunned her. Through the O ring at her collar, the two strips of material that made up her top had been twisted together to form one cord and were tied to the edge of the lounge chair, effectively immobilizing her. How the hell had that happened? She went to untie the part connected to the chair, her mind desperately trying to figure out how that could have happened.

"What do you think you're doing?" Shampoo-kun said ominously, his eyes open.

Yuriko heard the chastisement in his voice, and suddenly remembered some of the less pleasant aspects of her servitude. Had Silver spoken to her in that sort of tone, Yuriko's response probably would have been along the lines of, "Untying myself, stupid." To her far more authoritative aunt, she meekly said, "My swimsuit seems to have accidentally been tied to the chair. I was going to undo it so I could stretch my legs."

Shampoo-kun's upper lip curled in a sneer. "It's no accident. I tied you to it. That's your leash, Little Slut. Don't mess with it. If I tie you to something, it's because I don't want you going anywhere. You try untying it, you won't like what happens."

Judging by the stern look he was giving her, Yuriko had no doubt she wouldn't like it either. Instead she lay back down, not at all pleased at this turn of events. She wasn't someone's animal. She was a human being, and should be treated as such. Originally she had thought this whole slave thing her Mama had laid upon her was just a some game that was going to result in Yuriko getting a lot of dick shoved into her pussy, but apparently there was more to it than that.

She hadn't laid back for more than a couple of minutes when Shampoo-kun rose to his feet and walked towards her. Yuriko decided she was definitely in the mood for more cock, even if it was delivered in another rough fuck. She was wondering if her Aunt would take her the same way again, or come up with some new position, when he reached over and undid the tie to the chair.

He held the material in his hand and said, "It's a good idea to stretch your legs. We'll take a walk down to the beach."

Yuriko rose to her feet, slightly sore from the pounding she had received earlier. She placed a hand on the leash and began looking around for her bottoms.

"What you think you is doing?" Shampoo-kun said in a voice that was not at all pleased.

Yuriko flinched, wondering what she was doing wrong. "I was just going to put my swimsuit on."

Shampoo-kun scoffed. "Don't be stupid. You're going down as you are."

Yuriko blinked twice. Seeing her aunt was dead serious, she then tried backing away, saying, "No! I can't go down there naked! People will see me!"

Before she could back further away, Shampoo-kun's hand shot forward and snagged her hair. Roughly he used it to pull her back in, eliciting a shout of pain and forcing Yuriko's body into his. He looked disdainfully down at her. "Slaves no get to choose who looks at them naked. On Lao's ship, she never let slaves wear clothes, unless she want to play dress up with them. You a slave now. Slaves obey, or they end up punished, then obey!"

Not waiting for her to respond, Shampoo-kun opted to drag Yuriko by the back of her hair rather than by her 'leash'. The blonde said nothing as her aunt led her down the stairs that led from the deck to the beach. Yuriko, wincing in pain the entire time as she tried to keep up. By the time they made it halfway down the steps, she realized her auntie was not going to back off. Originally there was some faint hope he was just playing some sort of twisted game to make her act obedient, but instead he had meant every word. Knowing there was no way she could escape, she instead tried her best to keep up and prevent having her hair pulled out by its roots, modestly covering her chest and pussy with her hands as best as she could.

As they approached the bottom of the steps, Shampoo-kun noticed what Yuriko was doing. He stopped, then brought her in close again using the hair as a handhold. Yuriko was trembling in his grasp. "What the meaning of this?"

She tried speaking, but could only stammer out, "I…I…"

Not waiting for his godchild to become more coherent, Shampoo-kun grabbed the arm that was covering up her breasts and forced it away. "You should be proud of you body. You are beautiful. You should not be ashamed to show it off to the world." He roughly grabbed one of her breasts and began fondling it, playing with the nipple.

In spite of herself, Yuriko moaned.

Shampoo-kun continued playing with it. "Many woman all over the world pay hundreds of thousands of yen to have breasts like these. You is lucky; nature gave them to you for free. But instead of showing them off, you try to hide them."

His hand released its hold on the breast, and instead traveled down her body, fingertips caressing her stomach and down to her hips, and then over her pussy. Yuriko hissed in arousal. Shampoo-kun said, "Yes, many women would envy this body, and many men would pay a fortune to own you." He grabbed her by the ass and pulled her close, molding her body into his. "Now I going to do you a favor. Now I teach you to not be ashamed of you body. You going to go out there naked. Now you have choice of doing it and being proud, or looking stupid and being ashamed." He released his hold on her hair, and instead shoved her forward towards the bottom of the stairs and in the direction of the beach, only keeping hold of the leash as a form of control.

Slowly, Yuriko continued on her way down. Regardless of what her Auntie said, she was still frightened. She wasn't brazen, like Silver, who once had her clothing completely shredded by an opponent in front of the entire school. Instead of acting bashful or embarrassed by giving everyone an eyeful, she battered her foe into unconsciousness, blew all the bystanders a kiss, then calmly stripped him and used his clothing in place of her own. Yuriko had been jealous, not so much of Silver's body, but of the fact she had no qualms about being completely in the buff in front of a pack of their fellow students. Yuriko couldn't do that. It just wasn't in her mental make up. But now any choice in the matter had been taken from her. She was going to be completely nude in front of the entire world. She could go willingly, or she could be dragged down and pinned to the sand, but her aunt was going to make her go down there as naked as the day she had been brought into this world.

Yuriko hesitated at the rear gate to the ocean, unable to open it on her own. Shampoo-kun arrived at her side and opened it for her. Eyes downcast, she walked through the portal and into the public eye.

After ten steps, and hearing no gasps or shouts, Yuriko looked up. There was no one in sight either up or down the beach. She let out a sigh of relief, feeling a postponement of her fate.

Shampoo-kun made a big production of seeing no one around. He made a clucking sound with his tongue. "Is too, too bad. I was looking forward to showing off my slave to everyone." He untied the collar of her swimsuit, making her look at him in confusion. He explained, "Little Slut can go for a swim if she wants. We are at the beach. It would be a waste if you no had a chance to enjoy it."

Given a sort of reprieve, Yuriko raced to the ocean, assets bouncing in a way that made Shampoo-kun begin to wish he hadn't let her go down at all, or at least not without a hot fucking beforehand. But he said nothing as she ran into the ocean and began to swim around, reminding him of a mermaid given her topless state.

It was all going according to plan. Now that he had taken the edge off his ardor, it was time to demonstrate to Yuriko that being a slave was not all fun and games. He would start off by having her engage in behavior she didn't want to do. He knew she tended to be shy when it came to showing off her body in front of strangers. This would be a good lesson, both in her learning to use her body to attract the interest of others, as well as getting over what Shampoo-kun thought was inappropriate modesty.

Before deciding this course of action, Shampoo-kun had reached out with his chi-enhanced senses to determine that no one was currently within sight on the beach, which had been for the best. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was frighten a family or an elderly couple walking down the beach. Now that Yuriko was in the water, he could pick and choose who to introduce her to, and what would follow.

Seeing his slave was now in the water, happy to be away from prying eyes, Shampoo-kun went back up to the deck, grabbing a few items, including several beach towels and the bottom of Yuriko's bikini, just in case he needed to cover her up for some reason. Not that he had any intention to, but one never knew what could happen. He was quick to return to the beach, spotting Yuriko still swimming. Every now and then she would dive, her tan bottom arcing into view for a brief moment and making him hard once again. After this little lesson, he'd have to teach her another. If you made your master hard, you had to make him unhard as well.

In the ocean, Yuriko was surprised to feel liberated in some weird way. Swimming through the ocean naked, she was more aware of the currents and the way the water played over her body, touching areas of skin that were normal muted by swimwear. Feeling the water flowing over her nipples and her lower lips was stimulating. Not in the sense it would get her off, merely in that it was a pleasant sensation.

Every now and then she would pause and stare at her Aunt, who was sitting on a beach towel and watching Yuriko like a hawk. Now that she was relaxed somewhat, Yuriko wondered what his reaction would be if she were to try to 'escape' by swimming away. Would he let her go, or swim after her in order to 'punish' her some more? If the punishment was in the form of some hard cock, she would be than happy to make some token gesture of flight. But she had a feeling he might seek some other recourse for punishment, and after this whole public nudity thing, she was reluctant to find out what else his mind could come up with.

It was only a little while afterwards that dark clouds began to fill the sky. The temperature was still very warm, but there was the unmistakable scent in the air of upcoming rain. Perhaps that was why the beach seemed to deserted, Yuriko thought. She hoped it would begin to rain, then her aunt would have to take her in, unless he wanted to get wet too.

Even as Yuriko noted this, she saw an older couple appear from the south. Their walking rate was casual, and Yuriko was completely immersed in the water, but she still felt a bit of trepidation as they walked past Shampoo-kun. She felt a chill run up her spine as he greeted the two with words Yuriko couldn't hear due to the distances involved. What was he going to make her do? Dance for them? Finger her pussy to entertain them, or make her end up in a three way?

Surprisingly, they walked on. Shampoo-kun went back to watching Yuriko. That eased her mind considerably. So that was the way it was going to be. She was going to be naked, without having to flaunt it. That suited her just fine. She could live with that.

Not more than ten minutes after the couple left, Yuriko saw two other people approach from the opposite direction. As they drew nearer, she could make out their features. They were two gaijin. They appeared to be college age men, either European or American, if she was any judge. Looking them over as they approached, she noted that neither was in particularly good shape or handsome. One of them was slightly overweight, and the other on the unattractive side.

Yuriko heard Shampoo-kun greeted them as well. Halting words exchanged between the men and her aunt, who was much more enthusiastic with them than he had been with the couple. Suddenly Yuriko was left with the feeling that trying to escape might be a good idea after all.

Before she could consider the idea further, Shampoo-kun's voice reached her ears. In Japanese, he shouted, "Little Slut, come out of the water. I want you to say hi to these two nice men that I met."

Yuriko's blood froze. This was worse than randomly meeting two people on the beach; her aunt had chosen this pair for a reason. Why would he choose two men over a couple? Yuriko's mind came up with lots of ideas, and she didn't like a single one.

Seeing her hesitation, Shampoo-kun shouted out in a louder voice, "Do you think things will go better if you come out of the water willingly, or if I have to drag you out?"

Yuriko's heart sank into her stomach. She was trapped. Once again she was going to have to do something unpleasant, it was just a matter of how unpleasant it would be. She swam immediately for shore. Once her feet touched the sandy bottom of the ocean floor, she switched to walking, hoping to prolong the inevitable. Maybe the two men would lose interest and wander off. Yeah, and maybe her auntie would release her from her servitude and just make love to her the way she wanted it.

Pausing only once as her breasts were about to come into view, Yuriko sucked in her breath and took another step forward, rising out of the water. The air felt cool against her damp flesh as she forced her legs to continue forward. Her whole body felt like it blushed as both men stared at her in surprise. Apparently her auntie hadn't been specific about what Yuriko's emergence from the water would entail, though she was uncertain as to what that might mean.

Yuriko continued walking, her thin lie of pubic hair coming into view. With four more steps she was completely out of the water. She wanted to cover herself up and rush for the house, but knew she'd never make it and end up suffering an even worse fate. So she miserably approached the trio of men.

The two newcomers were still staring at Yuriko in open awe, while she noted that Shampoo-kun was watching her with an amused gaze, though she thought she could detect a similar smoldering fire behind those eyes; one that had been there when he was screwing her silly.

Shampoo-kun held his hand out before the pair. "These are my two new friends from Germany, Gunther and Otto." He indicated that the weightier of the pair was Otto and the unattractive one was Gunther. "Gunther's father is a very wealthy industrialist. He's in Japan on business and offered to take Gunther to Japan for the first time. He even allowed his son to invite a friend along. They're staying at their privately owned beach house only a couple of miles down the way. We're practically neighbors. I was eager to have you meet our neighbors."

Yuriko noted the two men were starting to get over their initial shock and openly leering at her. Had it been her Mama who was naked before them, she probably would have basked in the attention and Silver almost certainly would, but Yuriko just couldn't seem to adjust to the thought of sharing her body, even if it was only visually, with two strangers. And unattractive ones to boot. The leers were making her shiver.

Shampoo-kun noted that and said, "Oh dear, you look cold. How thoughtless of me." He grabbed a towel and began to dry Yuriko off.

She was surprised at how gentle he was in removing the water from her. She closed her eyes, pushing the two leering youths from her mind as she savored the way he handled her body with his firm hands through the towel. All too soon the hands left her, and Shampoo-kun ordered, "Lay down, but make sure you don't hide anything from our neighbors."

Yuriko understood. She lowered herself to the blanket that had been set down for her and laid on her side, pointing her breasts in the direction of the men. Both their eyes were riveted to her body, even when Shampoo-kun spoke to them in halting German. Yuriko couldn't understand a word, but she could just imagine the meaning behind them. She had to admit, in spite of her recriminations, a part of her was flattered that they would pay such rapt attention to her, and they hadn't even been allowed to touch her yet. Her pride swelled at the acknowledgment she was attractive. She knew she was, but it never hurt to have that fact reaffirmed.

Shampoo-kun continued exchanging a conversation in broken German with the youths. Suddenly Gunther, who had even hungrier eyes than his overweight friend, blurted out something to Shampoo-kun. Yuriko watched as her aunt seemed to consider the words. The youth said a few more words, then pulled out his wallet. Now Yuriko thought she knew what the game was. So they were bartering on the price of her flesh, as was befitting a slave. She knew there was no way Shampoo-kun would sell her outright, but no doubt when it came to her 'services,' those would be fair game. She just hoped that her auntie would only make her blow the newcomers, as their appearance did nothing to excite her and she didn't want some stranger pumping his cock into her. Maybe she could beg Shampoo-kun to put his own meat in her pussy while she did it, since it was the only consolation she would receive at giving the men oral satisfaction.

Yuriko felt her heart sink as the bartering continued. Part of her wanted to scream in rage for being treating this way, but Shampoo-kun was taking his role as master seriously, and there was no way for Yuriko to escape someone so much more powerful than her. Part of her wanted to run into the ocean and swim away forever, but he wouldn't let her do that either. She had no control over anything. She was just being used. She hated being a slave.

Just as it seemed the bidding had reached a crescendo, Shampoo-kun stood up and retrieved his slave's collar. Yuriko moved her hair out of the way and allowed him to put it around her neck. He rose up with the material in hand, indicating she should rise as well. She stood next to him, ready for her leash to be handed to a new master, when Shampoo-kun said something else in German, and then a word recognized as meaning good-bye. The two youths looked as though their world had come crashing down around them. Both gave very formal bows, which Shampoo-kun, and even Yuriko, returned. The two gave one last, mournful look at the blonde, then turned and continued on their way along the beach.

Yuriko looked at Shampoo-kun in shock. She could scarcely believe it. He wasn't going to sell her after all. She still only belonged to him. She felt a new surge of love for her master flow through her, never mind the fact he was the one that had put her in the situation in the first place.

"Back to the house," Shampoo-kun ordered.

This time Yuriko was delighted to comply with the demands. She was barely able to keep from humming to herself as she led the way, leash trailing behind her. She couldn't help peering over her shoulder to give demure looks to her owner.

On Shampoo-kun's part, he couldn't keep his eyes away from Yuriko's butt as it swayed back and forth in front of him. "What did you think of our neighbors?"

"They could never be as good at being masters as you are," Yuriko said happily as they reached the top of the stairs and stood on the deck once again.

"You're right." He enjoyed the flattery, not that it would change what he had in mind for Yuriko next. "They offered a great deal of money for you. Apparently Gunther's father is ultra-wealthy and he gave his son a very impressive trust fund. He offered a thousand dollars, American, to get full use of you for a few hours."

Yuriko gasped. She had thought they were offering a couple hundred. Not a thousand. "And you didn't sell me?"

Shampoo-kun looked at her in surprise. "I could call them back. It's not too late."

"No!" Yuriko said quickly. She was no whore and would never willingly engage in sexual acts for any reason other than simple desire, or in this case as an erotic sort of punishment. It was an eye-opening revelation that a complete stranger found her so desirable that he would pay that much money for simple physical pleasure with her for a couple of hours. She knew she was attractive, but she didn't believe she was that alluring. Again she felt her pride swell at the acknowledgment of her femininity.

Her pondering of the unexpected outcome was interrupted as Shampoo-kun moved behind her, grabbing her breasts and playing with them while keeping hold of her leash. "You just lucky you such a hot fuck and I want more, or I be more than happy to sell you to them. Even your Mama would no argue with me for doing that." That was a blatant lie. The whole bartering thing had been a ploy. If he had given Yuriko to the boys for any reason, no amount of money in the world have kept Shampoo-kun from finding out what it was like to taste his own balls as Ai would have ripped them off and shoved them down his throat. Getting a piece of Yuriko for himself was one thing, and even encouraged; treating her like a screw toy outside of family was out of bounds. Not that Yuriko needed to know that. To the best of her knowledge, she had come with a yen of being sold to a couple of strangers and being their whore for a few hours. That would give her some small sampling of what had almost happened to her at Dockside.

Yuriko moaned at the way she was being manhandled. Shampoo-kun had placed his hand under her jaw and forced it upward so he could tongue her mouth again, playing ever rougher with her breasts. Once his tongue gave hers a moment's reprieve, she said, "Please fuck me again, Auntie. I want it bad."

And she wasn't the only one. Shampoo-kun could feel his balls boiling in agony again. Getting off once wasn't enough after going two weeks without, especially with someone as hot as Yuriko pressed against him. Ai was really missing out on something here, as Shampoo-kun found himself inspired today. The bartering, fake as it was, served to stoke his fires, and Yuriko jiggling around as she walked only served to make it worse. It was time to take his little slave again. Though a little differently this time around, and not in the way she was expecting. It would serve to keep her on her toes.

Yuriko's arms were forced behind her body. They were crossed behind her back, and the forearms tied together instead of the wrists, effectively immobilizing her. She felt something thin and smooth wrapped firmly around the forearms, and when she felt two cold pieces of metal touch her backside, she realized her Master had bound her with her bikini bottoms. Ordinarily she wasn't into bondage like Hinako seemed to be, but with the way Shampoo-kun was manhandling her, and with her official role as his personal slave, it served to turn her on.

A hand was placed behind her neck and she was forced to her knees, then bent forward. With her arms bound behind her, Yuriko was leaning with her cheek against the deck and her ass lined up perfectly with Shampoo-kun's cock. Her breasts lay pressed against the wood, which was thankfully sealed smooth, so there would be no risk of splinters digging into her tender flesh. She saw her master's swim trunks tossed so they landed directly in front of her line of view. It excited her further, and she could feel herself getting wet in anticipation. Curiously, she heard him walk away. She was about to inquire as to what was going on, when he returned. Something wet splashed against her bottom, the liquid running down the crack of her ass and flowing to her pussy before the excess slowly dripped off and to the deck. The action confused her. The clouds were still very dark, though the threat of rain was less than before. She didn't really need any lotion with things being so overcast.

And then an oily thumb pressed against her rosebud, and she suddenly knew exactly what that lotion had been for.

Helpless, given her position and her bound state, Yuriko could only cry out, "No, Auntie, don't! It's too big! It'll never fit. Fuck my pussy instead."

That earned her a sharp slap to her backside. One with real force behind it, making her screech and then wince, wishing her hands were free so she could protect her revealed bottom.

Shampoo-kun snarled, "You're so stupid. Didn't you learn anything yet? Slaves don't get to say with who, they don't get to say when, and they certainly don't get to say where." He forced his thumb halfway up her ass, making her squirm in discomfort. "If Little Slut doesn't keep her mouth shut, I is just going to force my way in without smoothing things before. Is that what you want? You want my big cock in right now?" He rotated the thumb ever so slightly.

Yuriko shivered at the very idea. In as repentant a voice as she could muster, she said, "I spoke out of turn. I'm not used to being a slave. Please forgive me."

He squeezed her sore bottom. "Hmm, that better be the last time Little Slut opens her mouth, do you understand?"

"Yes, Auntie," she said through gritted teeth.

Now that that was out of the way, Shampoo-kun began working his thumb into her rectum in earnest. This was one of his favorite parts of the vacation. Over the years, he had convinced Ranma to engage in almost any sex act in their cursed forms. The only thing the little red head refused to do was receive some anal sex. Anytime Shampoo-kun brought his flagpole anywhere near his airen's cute little bottom, Ranma-chan would back off, loudly proclaiming there was no way she would 'accept that monster up her backside.' No amount of cajoling had ever convinced her otherwise. So Shampoo-kun had gone without the experience until the first time they had swung with Ukyou and Ai.

Once Shampoo-kun had gotten to do it with them, there was no going back. Ukyou usually would only take it once, and towards the end of the vacation since she usually complained about a sore bottom later. It was Ai that was the real treasure. That woman could not only take it up the ass, but was enthusiastic about it. She always asked Shampoo-kun to do her in the tailpipe, and he was only too happy to comply. Usually they did it several times through the course of the vacation, sometimes doing it to her bottom almost as much as her front. It was the prefect situation for both of them. Maybe she wasn't with him now, but she had provided him with an acceptable alternative.

The delightful bottom waiting to receive him was built like Ai's, and would be able to accommodate his cock the way her Mama's could. Yuriko's worries were for nothing. Oh, it would be hard going, but it was all going to go in there without any risk of damage to the young girl.

It took time to loosen her up properly. Once he got his thumb all the way in, he removed it and quickly placed the opening of the lotion bottle next to the hole and squirted some in before it completely closed. He then went in with a finger, moving the lotion in and out as best he could, further smoothing the passageway. Once convinced she had been loosened up enough, he plunged a second finger in. Yuriko made moaning noises, but not so many as to convince Shampoo-kun she was experiencing anything other than a very minor discomfort. In fact, judging by the way she was relaxing her ass muscles and how quickly he managed to get into her backside, he guessed she had probably had engaged in anal sex before. That was good, since it meant the way would be at least partially paved for him.

Rushing things somewhat, he started working a third finger in. That one got a reaction, as Yuriko began breathing more quickly. That was slightly more than she was used to. Shampoo-kun smiled to himself, she was about to get even more in a minute.

Once the third digit was in as far as it could go, Shampoo-kun decided he couldn't hold off any longer. With his free hand, he poured lotion on his cock and oiled it up, giving it a nice shiny coat. Properly equipped for his little 'mining expedition' he removed his finger and quickly guided the head of his cock right against the rapidly closing hole. Before Yuriko's sphincter could relax, he plunged the cockhead in, then pressed forward as far as he could go. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he felt her the ring of muscles around her ass begin to clamp down on his dick. He gripped Yuriko's hips firmly in his hands, holding her in place, and began forcing more of his length inward.

For her part, Yuriko gasped as she felt her ass being assaulted by her auntie's hunk of meat. This wasn't actually the bad part she was afraid of. Over the course of her dates with Akira, for some odd reason, they almost inevitably ended up renting a room at some love motel and banging their brains out. Yuriko usually insisted that he take her in the backdoor at least once. The one time he had done her backside at the beach effectively introduced her to the joys of getting reamed from behind. Oh, it left her feeling like she had passed a log afterwards, but between having something intruding in her backside in conjunction with a light playing with her clit, she almost always not only got off, but got off real hard. And the more she let Akira do her in the ass, the easier it seemed to get, though it was never truly easy. But he was a gentle and patient man, and Yuriko always ended up enjoying things.

This weekend she had finally decided to let Silver take her up the backside. The younger Saotome's rod was slightly longer than Akira's but Yuriko was certain she could handle it now. It was meant to be a surprise to Silver, whom the blonde knew wanted to do her in the ass, jealous that Akira was allowed to go where she could not. But events had taken an unexpected turn, and now Yuriko was in the process of receiving something longer and thicker than anticipated.

Sweat trickled down the blonde's face and she grunted as more cock was pressed into her. At least Shampoo-kun didn't feel that much thicker than Akira, it was the length Yuriko was concerned about. That, and her auntie wasn't exactly taking it easy with her. The amount of time she was being given to accommodate her passenger wasn't that long, and the progress was getting slower the deeper he went in. Not that that little detail was going to convince him to slow down instead of simply pushing harder. He was making it obvious this was for his pleasure, not hers. She just had the available hole for him to relieve himself. Anything she got out of it was coincidental.

Yuriko's gasping continued as a sheen of sweat covered her body. Finally Shampoo-kun hit the spot where Akira reached when he was fully in. "I'm so full, Auntie," she gasped, hoping Shampoo-kun would decide enough of him was in.

"There still more to come," Shampoo-kun promised, then backed out slightly, only to press forward again.

Yuriko's eyes crossed as her master touched places no one had before. She prayed he would finish and get the rest in before he did split her down the middle. After a seeming eternity, Yuriko at last felt his pelvis touch her skin. It felt like he had shoved a length of pipe instead of a cock in there, but that was everything. After this she was going to be lucky if she could ever sit down properly again.

Shampoo-kun sighed as he was finally all the way in. He'd known she could take it, and only marginally less better than Ai had her first time. And from this point on, reaming her ass would become easier for her as she grew used to the large sized intruder. But that was for later, right now he would live in the moment. This was what he wanted. An even tighter passageway then his slave's tight pussy to hug his cock and try to milk the cum out of his balls. But Yuriko wouldn't have such in easy time of it. She was going to find out what it meant to be ridden hard and long. He was going to hold off as long as he could and savor the tight feel until he had to explode. If he only got to do this once a year, he was damned if he would rush things.

Impaled as she was, Yuriko remained motionless, feeling a familiar sensation building up in her loins as Shampoo-kun merely rested in her backside. Usually Akira had to start working back and forth before the build up began, but there was something about the way her auntie filled her that was more arousing than Akira's own ministrations.

Once satisfied Yuriko had adjusted enough for the next stage, Shampoo-kun began to move. At first it was only tiny strokes, getting the blonde use to her back channel becoming an entry port as well as an exit. As he had hoped, she quickly began to stretch out and accommodate the movement. With each back and forth thrust, Yuriko became looser, allowing Shampoo-kun to increase the stimulation to his rod by moving greater amounts of his shaft at a much quicker pace. All the while Yuriko's ass continued to hug him tighter than any pussy ever could. Truly his new slave was a remarkable girl.

The incoherent moans emanating from Yuriko were as much from pleasure as discomfort. It felt like her auntie was trying to saw her in half from the inside, but at the same time it felt so very good too. The paradox of feelings continued to drive her closer to the edge.

Yuriko discovered that with her accommodating him more easily, Shampoo-kun also decided to be a bit more forceful. He would ease forward until it came time for the last inch, at which point he'd tighten his grip and really drive it home. Each time he buried himself to the hilt, the force would move the blonde's helpless body, drive her cheek and her breasts into the wooden deck. Her hardened nipples sent waves of pleasure at their course stimulation with wood, and her outer lips moistened again without any contact at all. She wondered just what sort of girl she was becoming that would get so fired up being treated like a slave, tied up, and fucked in the ass by a large dick.

The fires grew worse, and Yuriko found her mouth moving of its own accord as she disregarded her pain and cried out, "More Auntie, more! I'm going to come."

She wasn't the only one. Shampoo-kun felt an urgent need to explode too. It was a bit of surprise that Yuriko would come without any manipulation of her pussy, but it just made ass fucking her all the easier as he need not concern himself with any other areas of her body. He picked up his speed and force, driving into her even harder and pressing her into the deck.

The additional motion and speed served both of them well, as within moments Yuriko hissed out through gritted teeth, "Yes," and came hard enough that fluid escaped her lips and trickled down her leg.

Feeling his slave's body seize up sent Shampoo-kun over the edge. He let out a bellow, and discharged his own pent up fluids deep within the blonde's rectum. It felt like her ass was milking his balls as he continued shooting almost as much as he had in her pussy.

All too quickly the orgasm ended for both. Temporarily drained of energy, the two remained joined, coming down from their mutual high.

Shampoo-kun looked down at the girl before him as he began shrinking inside her, and hid the smile of affection for the girl who had pleased him so. Silver was lucky if she was getting this on a regular basis. Yuriko was damn tight, and very responsive when held in a firm grip. Definitely a very hot lay, as well as being a basically nice girl when she wasn't mouthy or nosy. It was also fortunate that she had been made a sex slave for the weekend, since Shampoo-kun was definitely getting another piece of her before the vacation was out. It was just a matter of figuring out how to get Ranma to agree to fuck her as well. Actually, if he entered their bedroom and found a bound and naked Yuriko waiting for him, that would probably go along way towards that. It was something to consider, but for later. Right now there were more important things to attend.

Judging himself to be limp enough that withdrawing wouldn't hurt her, Shampoo-kun pulled out, making a faint popping sound as he exited completely. A bit of white fluid leaked out of Yuriko's distended hole. He heard her give a relieved sigh. That made him smile, and he cupped her ass with his hands. "Little Slut should be thankful Silver and Akira had prior claim on her. Otherwise I would be talking with your mama about making you my little sex toy for more than just this weekend."

Such talk had on odd effect on Yuriko. Certainly there wasn't the deep emotional connection with her Auntie that existed with Akira and Silver, but the skilled way Shampoo-kun kept bringing her off made her wish they had the older Saotome's experience. I brief fantasy of her mama selling her to Silver and Akira during the week and to Shampoo-kun for the weekends filled her mind, before she quickly exorcised it. Sure, she enjoyed a hot fuck, but she wasn't really anyone's slave, this weekend not withstanding.

After taking several more minutes to come down from his high, Shampoo-kun returned to his feet. He helped Yuriko up to hers, then began to lead her away with her leash.

"What about my hands, Auntie?" Yuriko asked.

Shampoo-kun gave a sinister smile. "Oh, I think we'll leave those tied up for now. You is getting better, but is still just a little slut. Now I think it time to teach you what it means to be a big slut."

Yuriko felt a chill and a thrill run down her spine at the same time as she was led back into the beach house.

Silver-kun was having a delightful time. At the moment, his tongue was busy trying to coax some more of Ai's delightful love juice from her pussy. It was difficult to manage, not so much from its position, but because his cock was being greedily devoured by the owner of the pussy that lay before him. Rather than merely deep-throating it (which Ai had done a couple of times to prove she could) she now ran her tongue up and down his shaft, as well as playing with his nutsack. Every now and then she would keep part of the sack in her mouth and roll it with her tongue, making him stop and enjoy the attention. The expert skill with which she tantalized and tortured caused him to wail at times. He was certain she could have gotten him off at any time, but instead, she was stretching out the situation for as long as she could before milking his balls dry. Keeping him poised at the edge was driving him crazy.

Silver-kun moved his head slightly, the mattress underneath them shifting. Entering the house had been a good idea. Actually, there had been nothing but good ideas since Ai dragged him along from the back deck and proceeded to screw him out on the beach. After the fucking, they had relaxed and actually gotten a bit of sun, remaining in the depression and sunbathing nude. It hadn't been long before he was fired up again and wanting more, however Ai assured him there would be time enough for that later, and she didn't want him to burn out on the first day of the weekend. Pacing was everything, she explained, and she didn't want him tapped out after only one day. He was inclined to agree.

After a little more sun, they put their clothes back on and returned to the house, though through a side entrance rather than the back for reasons Ai wouldn't explain. They then proceeded to strip and rinse themselves off with the exterior shower attached to the side of the house. Their hands were all over one another as they removed the sand from their bodies in the most intimate of ways, using the cool water to splash all over their persons.

After the shower and drying off, Ai led Silver-kun back inside where they

ate a brief meal, then proceeded to move to Ai's bed and began fooling around in earnest, eventually leading to the sixty nine position they were currently in.

Just as Silver-kun thought he had Ai on the verge of getting off, the door slammed open with a crash. Images of an enraged Ukyou charging in with her spatula and lopping of one of Silver-kun's two 'heads' ran through his mind and he tried scurrying away from Ai. He hadn't made it off the bed when he saw that rather than a furious spouse, it was his own mother, in her cursed form, that stood in the doorway.

Shampoo-kun pointed in accusatory finger at his daughter. "What you think you doing with you Aunt, you bad girl you?!"

"I'm sorry it was an accident she seduced me!" Silver-kun blurted out, then said, "Hey, wait a minute. Ai said you knew all about this and she gave you Yu-chan. And you're standing there naked. Where are your clothes? What's going on?"

The stern face of Shampoo-kun broke down at the sight of his daughter. He began laughing hard, nearly doubling over in amusement. "It's too, too funny to see you so scared."

"Jeez, you almost made me go limp there," Silver-kun grumbled as he sat up on the edge of the bed. Much to his surprise, he was not the least bit put off by either getting caught in an act of carnality or his mother's nude state. It seemed the most natural thing in the world, despite what he would have thought earlier. It was all very strange, but good, since it meant he could continue with what he had been doing without being too distracted to finish his job.

Then Silver-kun noticed the fabric in Shampoo-kun's hand. "What have you got there?"

Shampoo-kun smirked and gave a tug. Yuriko came into view. She appeared almost contrite as she stared at the ground, only briefly looking up into Silver-kun's eyes, as though she were humiliated at her situation.

In reaction, Silver-kun laid out casually on the bed, his own partner momentarily forgotten as he gazed at the bound blonde. "My, my, my. Interesting pet you picked up there. And I see you got her hands tied. That's a pretty good idea. Might be the only way to keep her out of trouble. I can assure you from personal experience she's quite the handful."

Shampoo-kun brought his hand around Yuriko's shoulder and drew her close. He pressed her body against his, her back to his front, grabbed her breasts and played with them for Silver-kun's benefit. His fingers dug in deep and he rolled the hardened nipples between his fingers. "Yes, quite the handful."

Yuriko let out a low moan at the familiar contact of both rough hands and larger body that dominated hers with its size and strength. It was becoming difficult for her to imagine resisting him in any way, even with what was ostensibly her best friend and lover watching on.

"Makes me wish I had a camera," Silver-kun lamented, wondering why he didn't feel jealous in the slightest. Of course, he let Akira have his way with Yuriko, so loaning her out wasn't an issue. And it wasn't like he wasn't getting anything back in the form of he and Ai fooling around. Still, if someone had told him before they set out for the shore that Yuriko would become his mother's sexual plaything, he probably wouldn't have let the blonde come along. But now he couldn't see things having developed any other way, nor would he have wanted them to. Obviously it was 'perverted' as Yuriko would claim (or maybe not given the way she was moaning at the attention she was receiving) but it felt too good to either refuse or ignore. Silver-kun found he could live with being at least a little perverted; it made life more interesting.

Annoyed at the way Silver-kun was watching his mother play with Yuriko, Ai crawled across the bed to where her new lover sat and laid down on his lap. She held her arms out above her head, thrusting her chest upward. "Don't forget, you have your own plaything right here."

Silver-kun smiled at the offering. " How could I forget someone as hot as you?" He began fondling Ai's tits as well, taking after his mother but doing it with a more tender hand.

On Yuriko's part, unlike Silver-kun, she did feel a twinge of jealousy at him for ignoring her so quickly in favor of someone old enough to be his mother. She said to Shampoo-kun in her little girl voice, "Would you fuck me again, Auntie?"

Before he could answer, Silver-kun said, "Hey, Mom, since you brought Yu-chan here, I was thinking maybe we ought to do a comparison study between these two hot bodies and see which is better, the older or newer model."

As the idea of what his daughter was proposing sank in, a cat-like grin slowly slid across Shampoo-kun's features. "What a fabulous idea. But we'll need to examine them closely, and test drive them first before coming to such an important decision." He released Yuriko's breasts and took up her leash. He pulled her along to the bed right next to where Silver-kun sat. He guided Yuriko to a standing position directly in front of the bed, then turned her around so her back was to it.

Yuriko wondered exactly how she and her mother were going to be 'test driven' and found herself thrilled with the idea of both generations of Saotomes treating her to a fine fucking. A pity her mother was going to be sharing, as Yuriko decided, despite her soreness, she wanted all of the attention directed to herself, even if it meant being tied up and treated like a breeding mare instead of a woman. At least she knew in her mind she was the hotter of the pair and would be chosen by both of the Saotomes. Her mama was attractive… for an older woman, but the years did show, even if she had given little ground over the years. Yuriko was still the one with the far more alluring body, and both Shampoo-kun and Silver-kun knew what a great lay she was. The match was over before it started. She wasn't sure if she would be graceful in victory, or would rub her mama's nose in it since it was all the older woman's fault for making Yuriko a sex slave.

Ai rose to her feet and stood next to Yuriko, placing her wrists behind her back so her own breasts would jut forward, like her daughter's were. She saw the smug look Yuriko directed her way before staring forward again. Ai smiled inwardly. The girl had always held a high opinion of herself and craved attention, even if she outwardly claimed otherwise. She probably thought neither Saotome would pay someone Ai's age more than a cursory glance before moving on to someone so much younger. Yuriko was so naive. It was time she was shown there was more to seduction than good looks and a firm pair of tits. She would learn the hard way, but that's about the only way Yuriko learned anything.

The two Saotomes were standing side-by side before the pair, twin looks of consideration on their features. Surprisingly, both seemed to be taking their job seriously as they considered the two women before them. Their eyes looked over the two naked women before them, examining them visually from top to bottom. They began walking around, looking at the pair from different angles, peering closely at times over their entire forms. Yuriko shifted uncomfortably, but Ai was as cool as ice as their eyes poured over their bodies.

Eventually both stood in front of Yuriko, and considered her more closely. The younger girl's discomfort switched to pride as they directed their attention towards her. It was just as she thought; she was the one they wanted.

Shampoo-kun went to the right while his daughter went to the left. Their hands began roaming over Yuriko's breasts. Their grips were more probing than seductive, as they tested the firmness and texture to her tanned globes. Despite their crude nature, the cold handling still served to stoke Yuriko's ardor further.

"Nice support on the rack here," Silver-kun said analytically.

"Very firm," Shampoo-kun agreed. His hand felt up Yuriko's rear. "Chassis nice and solid as well."

Silver-kun mirrored his mother's actions and agreed. "Definitely superior definition and tone on the musculature as well. Still got lots of years of use."

"I'm more concerned about the moment than future use."

"Good point," Silver-kun said. "Let's try the nipples." He lowered his head and began to suck on the one he had been handling. A moment later, Shampoo-kun did the same.

Yuriko gasped as for the first time ever she had both her breasts sucked at once. Slurping noises emanated from the Saotomes as they went to work. To Yuriko, it was one of the most fantastic sights she had ever seen as both her nipples disappeared into the pair of mouths, the twin sensations giving off unique waves of pleasure. Having multiple partners was something else.

Just as things were starting to really take off, the Saotomes loosed their mouths. A tiny trickle of saliva dripped from nipple to lip as Silver-kun moved away, only pausing long enough to wipe the dangling spittle. The pair walked away from Yuriko and towards Ai. The young girl pouted, mewling in lust for the two to return to what they had been doing, her nipples still glistening from the moisture on them.

"Stand still, Little Slut," Shampoo-kun warned.

"Little Slut?" Silver-kun asked.

"Her name while she's my slave," Shampoo-kun informed him.

Silver-kun shrugged. He could understand the cute little nickname, since he was more than happy to address Hinako as 'Bitch,' but for some odd reason he didn't think he could take to calling Yuriko anything like that; it was too crass. Besides, he couldn't think of Yuriko as being 'little' in any sense of the word.

The duo switched over to Ai, giving her the same intense close up scrutiny they had her daughter. Silver-kun handled the breasts first again. "Size is outstanding, but support isn't quite as firm here as it is on the newer model."

"It's better in the back," Shampoo-kun said as he fondled her rear.

Silver-kun did the same. "You're right about that. Bigger, but additional padding is useful in a lot of ways."

"A like them like this," Shampoo-kun stated. "Taste test again."

The pair duplicated their movements on the older woman, lavishing attention upon her breasts as they sucking noisily on both nipples.

A disgruntled sound slipped from Yuriko as Ai basked in the attention. Her deeper, husky moans contrasted with her younger daughter's. The bound girl did feel a pang of jealousy, as Ai seemed to have a raspy purr similar to that of Hinako's, which Yuriko knew Silver-kun liked. It was times like this she wished she had a deeper voice instead of her slightly higher one.

Shampoo-kun was the first to do something different. He went from sucking to pulling his mouth back somewhat and leaving the nipple between his teeth. Carefully he kept the projection of flesh in his jaws and nibbled rather than sucked on it. That gained him an even deeper moan from the recipient of the attention.

Silver-kun noticed his mother's behavior and repeated the action on his own, making sure not to bite down hard. He would have smiled if he could as Ai's sounds of excitement increased.

Shampoo-kun released the nipple. "Very good reactions," he said to his daughter.

He nodded. "Yep. Real responsive. Sensitivity is not a problem."

"It isn't for me either," Yuriko was quick to point out.

Shampoo-kun reached out with a hand and tweaked the closest nipple on Yuriko's chest hard. The younger girl let out a painful squeal. He said, "No, it isn't. But that mouth is a definite problem."

"She doesn't know when to keep it shut," Silver-kun agreed wholeheartedly.

"She isn't the only one," the older Saotome said, staring at Silver-kun. "But you get that from your father. Not only is he a bad role model, but I'm convinced it's genetic, so there's little we can do."

Silver-kun was about to protest, but thought better of it, intent on proving his mother wrong and having no desire to end up a sex slave like Yuriko if he took offense. Now if Akira was along, he might have been tempted into being tied up for his pleasure, but that was about the limits of his interest in being the recipient of bondage. "Think we should gag her?" he asked.

Shaking his head, Shampoo-kun said, "I would, except I intend to use it. It would be too much hassle to gag her, then remove it a little while later." He held Yuriko's mouth with his hand, making her lips stick out as he pressed them together. "She'll end up with something stuffed in here soon enough. That'll keep her quiet." The grin he gave her left little doubt to what that would be as he released his hold.

Silver-kun picked Yuriko up under her arms, then sat her down on the edge of the bed. He spread her legs wide apart, then went down on his knees before Yuriko. Again, without the faintest hint of lust in his voice (though with a rigid dick, contrasting the controlled tone), he said, "These look pretty nice. Nicely trimmed bush. Big lips, while not being too large. Inviting, but not gaping. Already a bit damp with having paid attention to the rack. Nice to see she lubes up good on her own."

Muscling his way in, Shampoo-kun also rested on his knees and fought for a decent position next to his daughter. He ran his finger up and down Yuriko's slit. "Nice and red already. Loosening up as well. Less work to prep her." He continued massaging the area.

"Yep. I'm going in for a reaction test." Silver-kun leaned forward. With his mother helping pry the lower lips apart, Silver-kun dug in tongue first. He wasted no time in going right for the gold, working fast and furiously on the area his mother was helping him hit. He heard Yuriko moan, and felt her liquid really start flowing freely and loosening her up. He thought it a pity that with her pussy so prepared to receive a visitor, he couldn't just plunge right in, but they still had much farther to go with both girls before he could blow his load.

As Silver-kun increased the tempo, he felt Yuriko's legs start to reflexively close as they would around his waist if he was shoving a dick up there instead of his tongue. He placed both hands on her knees and kept them spread apart. It wouldn't do to have both his and his mother's heads crushed between Yu-chan's thighs. She could really lock them down when she was wired, having nearly been suffocated the first time he ate her out.

With a break in the action, Shampoo-kun said, "My turn. I'll finish her off."

Reluctantly, Silver-kun acceded, keeping his hands on the knees and spreading them wide to allow his mother full access to the gash. He watched with more than a touch of envy as the older Saotome worked his tongue, deftly playing along the outside, which resulted in Yuriko making twice as much noise as before. It usually took Silver-kun a lot longer to get the blonde that fired up. He paid close attention to what his mother was doing so that he could duplicate the feat later.

Yuriko twitched as Shampoo-kun's tongue began lancing inside, piercing her flesh like a more dexterous cock. Being worked over by both Saotomes was really turning her on. Even when Silver-kun and Akira had worked her over at the beach, it was more of an impromptu, frantic thing. This was both more skilled and steady on their parts. And with Yuriko unable to take any action, she simply relaxed and allowed them to do what they would with her, the majority of her consciousness being quiet since there was nothing she could do.

Within what felt like moments, Shampoo-kun began to work Yuriko's clit over furiously. Already in a highly aroused state, the blonde began trembling as she was slowly taken over the edge.

Silver-kun recognized the signs. "She's about to come."

Anticipating the climax himself, it only took two more back and forth motions of Shampoo-kun's oral digit to put Yuriko over the edge. He held her lips open wide as she clamped down with his mouth and the fluid all but squirted directly into his throat.

"Let me have some," Silver-kun complained, all but pushing his mother aside. Shampoo-kun allowed her progeny in and watched in admiration as the young man clamped his mouth over Yuriko's lower lips and accepted their liquid offering. He savored the flavor on his own lips as he watched Yuriko's face. The girl was flush with her climax, but still very much aware of her surroundings. Obviously the orgasm wasn't as powerful as the others he had given her, but that wasn't really a surprise. A deft tongue could work wonders, but compared to what she had been stuffed with earlier, it just wasn't a substitute for having so much cock in the same place.

Once the orgasm has passed, Silver-kun rose back to his feet, making a production of licking his lips clean. "Nice flavor."

"Yes," Shampoo-kun agreed. "She doesn't come that much though."

"Yeah, she doesn't come in buckets like Hin—," Silver-kun stopped himself before mentioning Hinako's name. There was no way he was going to bring that up just now. Mentioning he was screwing one of his school's teachers was just going to complicate matters, and there was no way he was going to go into the details of how that had happened. He would inform his parents later. Probably a couple of days after Never.

"What was that?" Shampoo-kun asked.

"Someone I know comes so much she's like a fountain," Silver-kun offered in explanation, then quickly added, "Let's move on to the next model."

Shampoo-kun nodded in agreement. It had been too long since he had a taste of Ai's snatch, and while not as sweet as Ranma-chan's red bush, was still very succulent.

They duplicated their movements with Ai, who moved in strict compliance with the pair's desires. This time it was Shampoo-kun who went down first, eager to enter a place that he had not visited in a year.

The tongue-lashing began much more slowly this time. Ai laid back in the bed so she could relax and enjoy the sensations washing over her. As good as Silver-kun had been, his mother was that much better. The older Saotome's movement was more deft, and previous experience had taught him that Ai tended to get off much harder when slowly brought up and then pushed over the top. Likewise, playing with her clit early served to stoke her fires as well, and she had enough control to hold back for a while so that she could come harder with the oral attentions. What would have made things perfect would have been rolling on her side, still allowing Shampoo-kun to tongue her pussy, while Silver-kun could play with her rosebud. But the pair was determined to play out the test drive of 'Older and Newer Models,' and they were still in the opening phase. The really good stuff would come when they got their 'stick shifts' nice and wet as they really took the pair of blondes for a ride none of the participants would soon forget.

The pair switch places, and Silver-kun's tongue replaced his mother's. Ai felt a tapering off of the build up, but the younger Saotome displayed his own talents as he was better the second time around in delivering oral satisfaction. That Shampoo-kun sat up on the bed and began playing with Ai's nipples roughly also helped tune her body up, so when she came only a handful of minutes after Silver-kun started, she was writhing on the bed in a more powerful climax than her daughter had just undergone. Again two generations of Saotomes greedily drank in the nectar her pussy had provided.

The two men looked at one another. Silver-kun said, "They definitely taste alike."

"Similarities apparently run more than skin deep," he agreed. "Now it's time for a more intrusive investigation." He handled his cock, which had long since turned hard once again from all of the action that was going on.

Silver-kun looked down at his mother's shaft and felt the strongest pang of envy yet. There could be no doubt that not only was Shampoo-kun wider around, but he was longer too. Back home, Silver-kun knew from word of mouth and personal comparisons he was the most endowed 'guy' in the school, and prided himself on, if not having the best endurance in the world, at least had the biggest cock. Those women that claimed size didn't matter hadn't had a piece of meat like his rammed up them. Of course if he didn't bother with technique, they might have been correct in someone smaller being able to serve them better, but by both paying attention to his partner's needs as well as his own, he had never heard a single complaint or any girl claiming he was unsatisfactory in bed.

But now Silver-kun felt not only outsized, but outclassed as well. It was pretty obvious Shampoo-kun was as knowledgeable about the female body as Silver-kun was and from what the younger Saotome had seen, was more talented and had displayed even more restraint. Silver-kun would have bet his mother could even keep from spraying his love juice too quickly as well. Not that Silver-kun felt he was ineffectual or unable to get a woman off, just that he no longer quite felt like the 'cock of the walk' for lack of a better term.

The only thing Silver-kun suspected he might have the advantage in was the number of times he could come. That was something only youth could provide, and he was at his sexual peak in those terms. It was simple biology, and as long as he had been put off sex before this vacation, he would be at peak energy for the number of times he could get hard. Still, he was grateful he hadn't orgasmed between now and the beach. He was recharged up to full, and judging by the way Yuriko had entered the room with her 'I've just been fucked' expression, she had to have been screwed right before she came in, and probably earlier than that as well to boot. That meant he had that advantage over his mother.

Although now that he thought about it, his Yu-chan had better not have gotten any ideas about trying to ditch the 'younger model' of Saotome for the older one. Aside from the whole marriage thing with his mother, Silver-kun was ultimately possessive of where Yuriko ended up, which was going to be in his bed, one he was willing to share with Akira even to the point where it might technically be Akira's if he married Yuriko. The blonde didn't get to spend it in some other guy, at least, not if Silver-kun had anything to say about it. Of course he couldn't really order her to ignore other men anymore than he could keep Hinako from leaving if she truly wanted, — neither girl was really his slave — but he wouldn't let either go without a fight.

Silver-kun considered that. Yes, he would have to make sure Yuriko got fucked good and proper when he took his turn with her so she wouldn't forget where her true alliances lie.

He returned to the matter at hand. As tempting as it would be to start with Yuriko, his own lust was still the overriding concern. Ai was something new to experience, and he wanted a little more of her hot pussy hugging his dick before moving on to something else. Besides, one way to keep Yuriko focused on him was to make her jealous. She was even more possessive of his attention than he was of hers, as evidenced by the open jealousy she held for Hinako. Screwing Ai and enjoying it would ironically make Yuriko want him even more, and he would be enthusiastic in obtaining her loyalty to him through those means, since it met his own desires so thoroughly.

Silver-kun watched as his mother flipped Yuriko over onto her stomach, her legs dangling over the side of the bed. Her bottom was perfectly aligned with the older Saotome's cock, which had already started to turn purple in anticipation for what was to come.

Shampoo-kun held his shaft and slapped it across Yuriko's tanned bottom a couple of times. He smirked at the blonde as she twisted her head backward enough to see what he was doing and pout, all the while her eyes gazing lustily at his shaft as it slapped against her cheeks.

Teasing his toy was amusing, but now Shampoo-kun was ready for some personal action, rather than just letting his hands and tongue do all the work. Handling his shaft again, he lined his cock up with her pussy, placed one hand on her waist, and proceeded to once again force as much as his rod in as he could with a powerful thrust. He was rewarded with an inch more entering than the first time he took her, most likely because she had actually been loosed up more by his and Silver-kun's probing tongues and fingers earlier. That was good, since the more she could take quickly, the more of his cock that would be hugged.

Off to the side, Silver-kun watched in fascination as his mother proceeded to sink his shaft into his lover. Yuriko let out a gasp and her eyes widened at the power behind the penetration. Rather than waiting, Shampoo-kun placed his other hand on her waist, drew back and thrust forward again with even more power than before, driving himself inward and causing Yuriko to bite down on her lips. Silver-kun's eyebrows furrowed in disapproval as Shampoo-kun didn't take the time to let Yuriko accommodate him, and drew back and plowed forward again, getting three quarters of his shaft in. The third thrust elicited a squeal from the bound girl, one that was as much from pain as arousal.

"Hey, Mom, take it easy with Yu-chan there. You're going in too hard," Silver-kun warned.

Shampoo-kun gave the boy a sly grin. "Little Slut likes getting it hard." He grabbed one of Yuriko's ass cheeks, then gave it a slap. "Isn't that right?"

Yuriko's voice was dripping from lust as she cried out, "Yes, Auntie! I'm your slave! Give it to me however you want. Just get all of that cock in my pussy. I need it!"

"That settles that," Shampoo-kun told his daughter and rammed his way into Yuriko's pussy again, making the girl buck and gasp as she lay helpless on the bed and was speared by his rod.

That surprised Silver-kun. He had never known Yuriko to want it that way. He was a bit hesitant at the idea of taking her in similar fashion. He wouldn't have been comfortable causing Yuriko that much discomfort, even if she did enjoy it and it would bring him relief. Pleasure, not pain, was what he was interested in 'inflicting' on her.

A noise from the bed caught his attention. Ai had rolled over so she was now laying less than a couple of feet from her now being screwed daughter. She was prostrated in an identical position to Yuriko, save for her arms being free. She looked longingly at Silver-kun. "Let's not let them have all the fun. You need to test drive me too." She wiggled her bottom invitingly.

Silver-kun found himself under the influence of that hypnotic sway. He moved up to Ai and lined himself up with her own pouty red lips. He cast one last glance at Shampoo-kun, who paused long enough to give his daughter a wink, and then sank as much of his shaft as he could in the older blonde's muff. He was surprised at how much he could sink in, but then he remembered that he had just got her off, and his fingers had gone in deep when it was his turn to test her muff. Still, there was no question her channel wasn't as tight as Yuriko's, though it still gripped his shaft in a pleasurable way. Within a handful of thrusts, he had caught up to his mother with the amount of cock that was buried in the women before them.

Simultaneously they 'hit bottom'. Ai hissed in pleasure, but it was Yuriko who truly went wild. She cried out in what was clearly pleasure now, and strained against her bonds as she was overcome with a powerful orgasm. Silver-kun felt a twitch of jealousy again as it was rare that he made her cry out that hard that quickly and with so little abandon.

Shampoo-kun looked down at how he was buried in his slave. He sighed, "Little Slut's pussy is too, too tight." He remained where he was, savoring the sensation of her contracting on his shaft, and appeared in no hurry to leave exactly where he was.

"Lucky," Silver-kun said to him. Then suddenly, for a reason he couldn't comprehend, the grip of Ai's pussy on his shaft seemed to increase as well. His head whipped down as he looked at her. Her eyes were slightly silted as she seemed to be concentrating on something.

"How does it feel now?" she asked him.

Silver-kun let out a whistle of air. "Tighter. How did you do that?"

"Us 'Older Models' have learned a trick or two over the years," she said slyly.

Shampoo-kun nodded in approval. "Ai got good enough muscle control she can make herself much tighter. Even I can no do it as tight as her," Shampoo-kun admitted.

"Everyone has their secrets," Ai said with a laugh. To Silver-kun, she said, "Do I now get marks of approval?"

"Oh yes," Silver-kun said, as he began to move forward, slowly at first, but increasing the rate of motion with each stroke. Ai wasn't so tense that he couldn't move, but with the tighter fit it now went from simply arousing to borderline curling your toes in pleasure. The only problem was that the tighter fit would almost certainly make him come faster, and he wanted to hold out as long as he could so his mother didn't outlast him too badly.

Silver-kun took slow, deliberate strokes, though he always sank the last inch in with some force. That seemed to meet with Ai's approval, as she would "Oh" with the way he did it. Looking to his side, he saw that Yuriko's orgasm had passed and she had loosened up, allowing Shampoo-kun to now fuck her with his own more powerful thrusts.

Silver-kun found himself amazed at how erotic the scene was. Both he and his mother were fucking away on two hot women with almost the same builds, in the same way. Each time they thrust they would make the women impaled on their impressive rods gasp in pleasure. Even the women's butts jiggled in the same way as the 'men' slammed their shafts in, burying them to the hilt in their lovers. Silver-kun felt a sort of connection with the other three as they shared themselves so totally with one another.

The sounds of lust and passion filled the room for some minutes. Silver-kun was starting to really feel the burn when Shampoo-kun said, "Let's switch. We are still testing each one, after all."

Silver-kun looked longingly at the way his shaft was currently being embraced by Ai's pussy. He felt reluctant to leave, but then saw the way Yuriko's pouty red lips beckoned him once Shampoo-kun pulled out. He supposed it would be all right, since he had somewhere else to go. With an affectionate pat to Ai's behind, he pulled out and hurried over to Yuriko, quickly grabbing her hips and thrusting all the way in. He sighed in pleasure. She wasn't as tight as he was used to, but even with how she had been stretched out by Shampoo-kun, the fit felt damn good to him. Wasting no time, he began pounding away at Yuriko's pussy.

Yuriko felt the change of lovers as her pussy, while still filled, wasn't as overstuffed as when Shampoo-kun was resting inside of her. But nine inches of cock was nine inches of cock, and Silver-kun was not holding anything back. As his pelvis ground against hers and his hands held firm to her waist, she began to feel the familiar build up in her loins again. There was nothing she wanted more than to feel another powerful orgasm, like the last one, knock her off her feet. She had almost lost consciousness the last time Shampoo-kun forced his way in. She hoped her true lover (as opposed to her master) could get her off just half as hard. She would be more than satisfied with that.

Things were getting really hot for her when she felt Silver-kun extract his dick, her pussy, as worked over as it was, still making a faint sucking noise as he withdrew completely from her flesh. Rather than reburying himself, she instead felt fingers jammed up in her pussy, working their way in there. While still pleasurable, it was the cock she wanted. It was only that sizable that could douse her fires now. "What are you doing?" What she was really asking as, "Why aren't you still fucking me?"

Silver-kun said, "Well, like Mom said, we're still giving you both a test drive. I got a pretty good feel for this pussy, I think. That means it's time to try the rest of you." He removed his digits from their fleshy confines.

Then Yuriko felt a pussy-juice-slickened finger force a single knuckle into her ass. She actually smiled. Having been reamed once recently — and given an unbelievable climax — she wasn't anywhere near as afraid this time around. It was still tender and sore back there, but she was a slave now, and knowing how much Silver-kun had been longing to do her in the butt, it was unlikely that even if she protested he would refuse to mount her. So instead she concentrated in relaxing her ass muscles and prepared herself for another hard ride.

Silver-kun was amazed at how quickly his fingers worked Yuriko's ass loose. Soon he had two digits buried in there, easily flowing back and forth in her past her sphincter and into her rectum. That made him delighted, as he had been longing to do his Yu-chan in the can. The only reason he hadn't initially was Yuriko's refusal to engage in anal sex. He accepted her concern that it would hurt too much and did her pussy instead, which was just fine to him since it was one of the best he had ever experienced. Later, he had Hinako to do in the can, and she absolutely adored it. After the beach, when Yuriko had consented to do it with Akira, Silver-kun simply hadn't approached her with the idea, being too busy with real life, Hinako, and Akira to have time to fool around with Yuriko. It was his hope that on this trip, when they had some time alone, she'd finally relent. Now she didn't have a choice, though if she were to beg him not to, he couldn't see forcing himself in, slave status or not. But she hadn't raised a word of protest at what was to come, which eased his conscience and left no recriminations.

Withdrawing his fingers, Silver-kun lined up his dick and placed his head in before it grew tight once more, quickly moving a trio of inches into her backside before encountering stiff resistance.

"That ass is irresistible as well," Shampoo-kun assured his daughter as he remained fully buried in Ai's pussy. He had paused in the middle of his 'examination' to watch his daughter in action.

That made Silver-kun stop. "You mean you've done her in the ass?"

"Yes. Right before we came in."

Silver-kun looked down at Yuriko's butt, and not with the same approval as before. "My, my, my, Yu-chan. Is it just me, or does it seem like you've let everyone in here except me?" He backed up and thrust forward, while not hard enough to damage her, certainly not as slowly as he could have done either.

Yuriko clenched her teeth at the fierce intrusion. She could tell he was displeased. Oddly, she truly didn't want him to feel that way with her. She wanted him to be delighted as he used her body, far more than Shampoo-kun when he used her for solely for his pleasure. It was an odd sort of emotional disparity she felt between the two lovers. She looked over her shoulder as best as she could to stare Silver-kun in the eye. "I was going to surprise you and let you do me there this weekend, but then I became a slave and your mother got there first. But I really want you to do me in the ass. If you hadn't already started, I'd insist that you do it."

That made Silver-kun stop moving forward. A repentant Yuriko? At least one that was without having to be all but forced to admit such a thing? It defied believe. He turned to his mother. "You got her broke in good," he admitted with a touch of awe. Of course, now that he thought about it, he wouldn't want Yu-chan quite so compliant with him as she was now, or at least not too often. He was used to her being somewhat mouthy, defiant, and even bitchy at times. Of course the handful of occasions when she was submissive also turned him on, but he didn't want her quite as obedient as Hinako. It seemed to him the difference between the two girls was that Hinako wanted a firm hand on her at all times, whereas Yuriko only wanted to be 'put in her place' occasionally, like now. He hoped that was the case, as it would make dealing with the pair, while not easy, at least easier, and he would have liked the situation to be in those terms on a personal level.

Given tacit permission, Silver-kun felt his anger melt away, though he was still going to bang the hell out of Yuriko's bottom; it felt way too good to consider otherwise. More gently he eased his cock into her ass. He gave it an affectionate pat and said, "You'd better get used to this, Yu-chan. You're so nice and tight, I'm going to be doing you here for a long time."

"Yeah," Yuriko agreed with the sentiment, even if it wasn't all fun and games for her. The fires from the fucking that had primed her were starting to build again. She was getting used to the discomfort that came with this sort of attention. All too soon (and yet not soon enough) she felt Silver-kun's body meet hers, indicating he was completely in. She silently thanked the gods he wasn't as long or as thick as his mother. That might have been too much to take. Her ass had been stretched out, but not that much. It was going to take time to get used to being tailpiped so powerfully.

Before Yuriko could get a chance to really enjoy the reaming and adjust fully to her anal intruder, Shampoo-kun's voice came from right next to her head. He said, "Wait a minute," to Silver-kun.

Silver-kun acquiesced, remaining buried within. Yuriko looked up to see a very eager Shampoo-kun had abandoned his partner and was now looking down at her. His massive member, coated with her mother's juices, was pointed right at Yuriko's face. She felt even more excited with it so near her once again

Shampoo-kun grabbed Yuriko from under her arms and forced her body over the corner of the bed, so that while her bottom was still over the edge, her head was now at the edge of it too. Roughly, he grabbed her by the sides of the head and commanded, "Open up."

Defiance was never considered for even a moment. As soon as Yuriko's mouth formed in 'O' he shoved half his cock into her, nearly making her gag. Her eyes were wide as he began fucking her mouth with vigor, his grip on her head firm and his fingers digging into her hair to give him a better grip.

Shampoo-kun looked down at the blonde mop of hair at waist level. "I told you I was going to put something in your mouth. Now use that tongue, or I going to put even more in."

Again Yuriko was obedient as she tried to tongue him as best as she could, a difficult prospect given how he was shuttling his cock back and forth. She silently thanked the gods he didn't try to make her deep throat him. She wasn't sure if she could handle it, no matter how much she had practiced with her parents' toys.

Silver-kun watched in wonder as his mother began shoving the tool in and out of Yuriko's mouth. Now they were sharing the same girl intimately. It filled him with a sort of warmth at the kinky and probably twisted sort of bonding they were going through. But there was probably a better way to do it. "Hey, Mom."

Shampoo-kun looked at him quizzically, though he still continued fucking his slave's mouth. "What?"

"Let's get a rhythm going and we can really give it to her."

The thrusting of his hips paused. "That sounds good." He withdrew some of his cock, leaving only the head in. "Fuck her now."

Silver-kun did as he was asked, pulling part way out, then plunging back in, making sure to really push forward with the final inch.

Yuriko moaned as she was thrust forward by her rearward lover and forced to take more of Shampoo-kun's cock. He moved forward, putting in even more until his member tickled the back of her tonsils. As Silver-kun withdrew, so did Shampoo-kun. Once again the motion was repeated, both of them pulling back, and then pushing forward. Getting it at both ends for only the second time of her life really spurred Yuriko on. She could feel her pussy dripping as she was impaled on both orifices mercilessly. She was ravenous to feel them both cum in her ass and mouth, and prayed they would climax at the same time she did so they could truly share in the experience.

The fires continued to burn, but with her inability to play with her pussy, Yuriko couldn't quite go over the edge this time. She wanted to, but for some odd reason, unlike with Shampoo-kun doing her butt, she just couldn't manage it. She was about to try to plead through the dick in her mouth when she felt a hand work its way between breast and mattress and a second move to her cunt. The only problem was, she could feel both of Shampoo-kun's hands on her head, and Silver-kun's on her waist. That left only one person.

"Mama," Yuriko tried voicing, but couldn't do anything but mumble incoherently with her mouth stuffed full. She couldn't even turn her head to see with how Shampoo-kun grasped it firmly.

Ai's voice came drifting to her ear. "That's no fun, you hogging all the men, Yuriko. And you look sort of frustrated, too. Let me make it all better."

Yuriko wanted to protest the action as being wrong, it was incestuous, but couldn't. Instead she lay helplessly as she felt the hands play with her breast and her pussy. The instant the fingertips brushed over her clit, she gave a cry and finally had the climax that had been torturing her by remaining just out of reach for too long.

Shampoo-kun felt the girl shudder and pulled out before he came. There was somewhere else his load was going to end up, and it wasn't down Yuriko's throat. There was one more place he wanted to explore before yielding his sperm loaded bounty. While it was true he probably could have gotten it up one more time, he wanted to save some of his ardor for later in the night. Pervious years had taught him settling for three times now was better than four in the long run.

Silver-kun remained where he was, the climaxing girl beneath him tightening her back channel, which served to push him over the precipice he had been dangling from. He was about to come inside of her when he came up with another idea and pulled out. It was just in time as his cock immediately began releasing its white-hot load. He kept the purple rod pointed at Yuriko's upturned ass, the white spurts flying up in small arcs and onto her ass. He made sure as much of it as he could landed on the tanned bottom in front of him.

A groan slid from Silver-kun's lips as the last of his jism trickled out of his cock and onto Yuriko's globes. He stood back, watching Yuriko as her own climax started to subside, and admired his handiwork. "You look really cute with cum dripping off your ass there, Yu-chan. I really wish I could take a picture. I'd frame it and hang it on my wall." And he would, too. She really did appear gorgeous in such a position. He'd have to show Akira some other time by ass-fucking the girl in front of him and repeating the action.

Ai maneuvered her hands from under her daughter and back on top of the bed. She looked at Yuriko's butt. Reproachfully, she said, "But Silver-chan, you've made quite the mess."

The younger Saotome looked at her uncomprehendingly. "Well, I guess. But it's not like the sheets ain't messed up anyway."

"I meant on my daughter," Ai clarified. "But that's all right. I'll take care of it for you. This older model offers every kind of service, including clean up." With that Ai got off the bed, crouched down on her knees behind Yuriko's bottom, and proceeded to lick up the sperm decorating Yuriko's bottom.

Yuriko began struggling. "No, Mama! You shouldn't do that! It's wrong!"

A hand from Shampoo-kun shoved down on the small of Yuriko's back, pinning her to the bed and completely immobilizing her. "Little Slut not learn her lesson yet. Slaves don't get to say no. You been told enough times. You'll be punished for it after you Mama clean you off."

Yuriko shuddered, but had learned enough to know not to say anything else. She almost wished Silver-kun would take her out of this situation now, but she knew better. If she even tried to ask him, her punishment would be far worse, and her 'best friend' would probably be happy to help mete it out.

On Silver-kun's part, he simply stared in fascination as Ai began to lick up the white fluid. It was incredibly sexy watching mother treating daughter in such a sexual way, a fact only augmented by the similarities between the two. Amazingly, he felt his cock already twitching at the erotic sight, and vowed to himself that if it was possible, at some point during the vacation he would tie the two women up and screw them at the same time. Given Ai's unsolicited attention to her daughter, she would be eager to help. And after this, and whatever promised punishment his mother would be giving to Yuriko, he thought the younger blonde would be enthusiastic as well.

All Ai was concerned about was cleaning off Yuriko, then going lower. Seeing her daughter's sexy, well-fucked body aroused her the way few things had. It didn't matter that they were related, lust overcame her and dictated it wanted a piece of the action too. Cleaning off Yuriko's ass was just a warm up for what was to follow.

To prove her point, Ai plunged her fingers into the well-used pussy. Yuriko almost immediately began to react by moaning and writhing slightly. More excited than ever at tasting her daughter, Ai hurriedly finished licking the last vestiges of sperm from the bound girl's backside (and savoring Silver-kun's delightful taste). Her tongue moved from outer skin to inner as she proceeded to give her mouthy daughter a tongue-lashing of a different kind. Ai's hand met her own lower regions as she began playing with herself, even as she was doing the same to her daughter.

"Oh, Mama, it feels so good," Yuriko moaned in spite of herself. Now she was engaging in incest and enjoying it. Was there no end to her perversions?

Yuriko was still wondering worriedly about how twisted the others were making her when she saw Silver-kun had moved so that he was in front of her. He grabbed the blonde by the head and, like his mother had before him, forced her jaws open so he could stick his semi-erect dick into her mouth and began face-fucking her. Yuriko was obedient, and immediately began to suck him off while her mama worked magic with her own tongue deep in Yuriko's pussy.

With each thrust Silver-kun grew harder, and Ai seemed to touch more and more of the right places. Yuriko completely abandoned any pretense and gave in to enjoying the attention she was receiving, incestuous or not. Once that happened, her body broke out in a sweat as she felt herself approaching orgasm yet again.

Ai recognized the signs, and went to work even more fervently. Within minutes of intense ministrations, she felt Yuriko convulse and cry out through the now fully stiffened cock in her mouth. Ai's attention was rewarded with a trickle of fluid coming from Yuriko's loins and giving Ai a small smattering of what the taste was like. Definitely sweet. No wonder both Saotomes had appeared so satisfied after tonguing Yuriko off. Beating that flavor would be tough.

Yuriko sighed as the orgasm, small compared to the earlier ones, passed. That one had drained her remaining energy completely. If the others were going to continue to fuck her, she wasn't going to be able to respond, not that that had really been required of her. Mostly she was the one that had been fucked, not the one doing the fucking.

Silver-kun withdrew his cock from Yuriko's mouth, now fully hard and ready for more action. But sadly he was going to have to let the little matter with Yuriko's punishment come first.

Shampoo-kun removed his hand from the blonde's back. He was quick to relocate it to Yuriko's chin as he forced her head up. "Little Slut, say thank you to you mama for cleaning you up."

"Thank you, Mama," Yuriko said with an edge of fear that was not an act. Her master was displeased with her, and only complete acquiescence would get her back in his good graces. If her mama's next action was to get a strap on dildo and screw her with it, Yuriko was going to say, "Please," and "Thank you," with a smile on her face.

"You taste almost as good as your mother," Ai informed Yuriko as she walked in front of her daughter's head. Ai made Shampoo-kun release his hold on the chin. Giving her daughter a surprisingly soft and affectionate look, Ai bent down and kissed her, sharing her daughter's juices in the embrace. As she broke it off, Ai was amazed at the look of affection Yuriko gave her afterwards. Feeling a surge of parental affection she grabbed Yuriko by the head and hugged her, plunging her daughter's head deep into her ample bosom.

Ai released the hold and said, "You're a good daughter, but your Auntie still has to punish you for your disobedience."

Releasing a sigh, Yuriko said, "I know, Mama." And decided to accept her fate.

Shampoo-kun ordered his own daughter, "Hold her in place. I need to get a few things."

Silver-kun placed his hand on the same place his mother had earlier, immobilizing the spent girl beneath him.

Yuriko closed her eyes, wondering if she was going to have her ass whipped black and blue for mouthing off yet again. Or would the punishment take some other, insidious form? Maybe she would be sold off to Gunther for the rest of the weekend. And at a discount price as well. Or maybe Shampoo-kun wouldn't screw her anymore. That seemed even more appalling, that she might have angered her master so much he wanted nothing to do with her. And the idea that she so desperately wanted Shampoo-kun's attention made her realize just how far she had fallen into the role of slave. How had it happened so fast?

She felt her body moved slightly, so it was entirely on the bed, including her legs. Someone heavy sat down behind her, and something soft, yet firm, was fitted around her ankles. Whatever it was held each one snugly, though it didn't bite into her flesh painfully. Then she felt one of the ankles gripped firmly in a powerful grasp and bent backward until it met the back of her thigh. A moment later, something was fitted around her upper thigh with the same snug fit that hugged her ankle. The sounds of ties and metal clinking together met her ears, then she felt the grip on her thigh and ankle released. However, her ankle remained where it was, obvious bound securely her upper leg. Seconds later, the same thing was done to the other leg. She was now absolutely helpless.

Shampoo-kun moved in front of her. He dangled a small black leather strap with fasteners on the ends. There was what appeared to be a three-inch dildo attached to the middle of it. "Open," he commanded.

Yuriko did as she was bade. The cock shaped gag was put into her mouth and her hair moved out of the way as it was firmly wrapped around her head. She moaned through the gag, barely able to swallow or breathe with so much stuffed in her mouth.

Shampoo-kun disappeared from her view again. She heard him rummaging through a bag, and then there was the soft thud of his footsteps across the floor as he approached her. She felt him sit on the bed behind her, and her mouth went dry, despite the object in it.

Yuriko's eyes widened as she felt something hard and gooey placed in the crack of her ass. She gasped out through the gag as she felt something incredibly wide stretch her sphincter to the limit. After a bit of pushing, she felt the object pass through and into the wider part of her rectum, relieving her of the pain. The tight ring of her ass locked around a much thinner part higher up on the object, essentially affixing it in place. With no more being forced in, Yuriko sighed in relief. After the wide part made it in, it wasn't so bad, and certainly nowhere near as long as either of the Saotomes' cocks. Though it was still going to be uncomfortable with it just resting in there.

She felt Shampoo-kun's hands fondle her buttocks, playing with the end of the butt plug that was on the outside. He jiggled it slightly and proudly said, "I might want to fuck this ass later, so I keep it ready. Does Little Slut think her auntie treat her too badly?"

Yuriko shook her head no.

Shampoo-kun's voice was positively delighted. "That a good girl. That mean Little Slut is learning." He got off the bed and moved in front of her, waving a very rotund eight-inch vibrator in her face. "If Little Slut had thought she was being treated harsh, she would have ended up with this in her pussy too and learn what harsh really is. Having this up your pussy and plug in your ass not be so much fun if it up there for several hours and you can no do anything about it."

Yuriko nodded her head in agreement. As exhausted as she was, it would have been closer to torture than excitement. And she was having her, well, not so much hands as ass, full with the butt plug.

Shampoo-kun turned his attention to his aroused offspring. "Now it time to finish with test drive on the other model." Both men turned meaningfully to Ai.

She posed sexily on the bed. "Whatever could you want from little old me?" she purred seductively.

Shampoo-kun returned the purr. "Is sandwich time."

Ai's eyes lit up. "All right!"

"Sandwich?" Silver-kun asked.

Shampoo-kun said, "I the bottom slice, you the top, and Ai what in-between."

"Oh," Silver-kun's eyes first took on a knowing, then lustful light. Not only had he gotten a piece of Yuriko's fine ass, but now he would get to do Ai in the butt, as well as being involved in a double penetration situation. He had always fantasized about doing that act (as well as receiving it from Akira and whatever man had taken her fantasy). The most likely scenario was probably both he and Akira doing Hinako, who would accept anything her master propositioned. Silver-kun was waiting for the right time, but now that he was presented with the opportunity, even with two people he would never have considered, he was certainly not going to pass this up. His dick seemed to take on a rocklike hardness in anticipation.

Shampoo-kun laid down flat on the bed, all the while making sure he was positioned in such a way that Yuriko would have no choice but to watch the action.

Ai nearly jumped on top of him, eager to impale herself on his shaft. This was her favorite position of the weekend, getting hit with the 'Saotome Sandwich.' And this time it would be even better, as she was going to get more meaty filling than ever with Silver-kun's bigger rod involved in the action.

She was quick to straddle Shampoo-kun, and bury nearly half of him deep inside. She was still loose from her earlier fucking, and got the rest in quickly enough. And she was so wired from all the action, that she wanted to get off in the worst way. Shampoo-kun helped matters by grabbing onto her tits as she bounced up and down on his shaft, kneading them roughly. She had spent so much time with Silver-kun stimulating her she had almost forgotten how much more physical Shampoo-kun tended to be, and how much he knew she enjoyed being played with rough. Silver-kun had had to spend a lot of time learning her body, but Shampoo-kun was using it with a long learned familiarity.

Within moments Ai was fully buried on his shaft. She gasped out as she felt more filled than she had in a year. She ground her pelvis on top of his, and was delighted to see him groan. She held off doing more, as she knew he was aroused from all the earlier action and probably wouldn't last too long, even if he was an old hand at the game. There were limits to his ability to hold out, after all.

Silver-kun watched in rapt fascination as Ai ended up completely impaled on the shaft, the older woman's cunt reminding him of an animal swallowing a snake. She looked incredibly sexy, bouncing up and down on his mother. Silver-kun felt like grabbing her by the hips and simply plunging in right now. But he knew he had to hold off. So he grabbed some of the lotion from the bag Shampoo-kun had gotten Yuriko's restraints from and lubed up his cock for the next stage.

After a few bounces, Shampoo-kun grabbed Ai's back and forced her to lay flat against his muscular chest. He then relocated his hands to her backside and pried her butt cheeks apart. "Get her ready," he commanded his daughter.

Silver-kun was quick to comply, squirting lotion on the offered ass and fingers and forcing them in. He went much quicker with Ai than he had with Yuriko, his hunger even more ravenous than before despite having just come. He heard Ai breathe out husky noises of agreement at Silver-kun's treatment of her backdoor. It was almost with a desperation that he got three fingers inside. What made it worse was once they were fully in, he would have sworn he felt Shampoo-kun's cock through the thin lining separating the two holes. The idea that he could be so close to her parent's rod further excited him.

"I can't wait any more!" Silver-kun declared as he positioned himself above Ai and targeted her rosebud. He rested his legs inside the more widely spread ones of both Ai and his parent. He pressed down an Ai's back for some leverage, and proceeded to force the head of his rejuvenated prick into her bottom.

"Don't hold back," Ai warned. Unlike her daughter, Ai had long since learned to accept whatever discomfort she suffered in favor of the greater pleasure she could gain from it. Actually enjoyed it, in fact.

Silver-kun was stunned that this 'older' woman turned him on in ways Yuriko, and even Hinako, couldn't. She accepted anything wholeheartedly and knew how to give back at least as good as she got. He continued forcing his erection in and savoring the way her back channel hugged him every inch of the way. Age made little difference at this point, as the ass held him as tightly as Yuriko's had. With tight, hard thrusts he got increasing amount in. He persisted until he was buried to the hilt and sighed in relief.

"I'm so filled," Ai gasped out, with more dick buried in her than at any point in her life. Even she would feel sore afterwards, but right now, nothing could compare with the combined foot and half or so of cock buried in her two holes. The only thing she was sorry about was that this could only happen once a year.

Now fully embedded in the object of their mutual ardor, both cursed women openly marveled at just how much Ai could take. Even Shampoo-kun doubted he could handle that much in his pussy and ass, and certainly not with the fortitude Ai was demonstrating. Hell, the woman acted like she could take even more, which was truly an astounding concept.

Being positioned on top, Silver-kun was the one who dictated the pace. He started shuttling in and out slowly, finding it difficult to take his time. Beneath, he could feel his mother working in and out in very short strokes, all his parent could manage pinned beneath by the two on top of him. The motion inside Ai's body heightened the sensations of the two of them sharing her all the more. "I can feel you inside of her," Silver-kun said.

"Same here." Shampoo-kun agreed. A feeling similar to what Ai had felt for Yuriko shot through him as he shared in this intense sexual experience with his only offspring. It was as though a sort of bond had formed between them that hadn't existed before, and it served to make them closer in ways that hadn't been previously possible.

"Oh, oh god!" Ai moaned. She felt the wave of pleasure, more powerful than anything she had experience in years, begin to fill her. It was times like this she thanked god her lifetime partner was open minded enough to indulge in this sort of play.

Sensing she was close to the top, Silver-kun really began to hammer into her ass and pressing her body more firmly into the man beneath her. Shampoo-kun stepped up his own efforts, shifting his hips back and forth more quickly, only able to slide a couple of inches back and forth in Ai's now exceptionally tight pussy.

And then Ai felt it. She screamed out loud as the orgasm claimed her and both her channels tightened. She writhed and wriggled, helplessly pressed between the two men as they were forced to arrest their movements while she contacted around their members. Even Shampoo-kun was surprised by how hard Ai had come. She was soaked with sweat and her hardened nipples felt like they were going to poke holes through his chest. Her pussy was even gripping him tighter than he could remember. It took everything he had to refrain from blowing his load right then.

And then the climax passed and Ai slumped against Shampoo-kun's chest. Her face was flush with excitement. "That was wonderful," she gasped out.

Shampoo-kun growled "No relax yet. There more to come." And shoved into her as best as he could.

On top, Silver-kun agreed with the statement by repositioning himself. He remained inside Ai, pressed up on his toes, and leaned forward, placing his hands on her shoulders to help with the leverage. Now with a better leverage position, he pulled back until he was nearly out, then shoved in hard again, bringing his full weight to bare.

Ai cried out at the force with which she was penetrated. Even Ranma rarely rammed in with that kind of power. She was going to be god-awful sore later, but for now, she wanted him to continue with that sort of thrusting action, even if it meant agreeing to be his slave for the weekend.

Hearing Ai's cry of pleasure, something within Silver-kun snapped, and he thrust in again the same way. And again. And again He was like a machine as he kept pumping away, her ass becoming looser and looser with each thrust until it was more like he was fucking a pussy. Each plunge inward was met with guttural cries of pleasure as Ai rapidly approached yet another orgasm.

Seeing his daughter in such a heightened and nearly animalistic state of arousal, and Ai so gleefully accepting the pounding, had an odd effect on Shampoo-kun. He began shouting, "That it, Silver. Give it to her. Fuck this slave hard. She ours to do with, just like her daughter."

"Yeah, let's fuck her raw too." Mercilessly Silver-kun smashed his hips and weight repeatedly into this receptacle of his pleasure. Ai's ass cheeks flattened and her pussy was forced all the way onto Shampoo-kun's cock with each downward motion, and still Silver-kun increased his tempo and force behind the thrusts.

With his offspring driving so powerfully into Ai, all Shampoo-kun could do to show his own passions was to nip Ai on the neck leaving a series of deep hickeys along both sides of her flesh with his teeth even as his daughter was showing his lust by all but abusing Ai's ass with the pounding he was giving.

On Ai's part, she simply let go and allowed her submissive nature to take over. With the way the pair was taking her mercilessly, they had enslaved her even more deeply than Shampoo-kun had Yuriko. This was far better than anything she could have planned. It was as primal and basic as was possible, without a hint of romance or love. Their Neanderthal ancestors would have been no better, competing to screw a potential mate, though as far as Ai was concerned, they both could have her to do with as they pleased, and they could, as long as they treated her like this.

Off to the side, Yuriko's eyes widened as she watched her mama get fucked like a bitch in heat. Both males (and that was what they were beyond a shadow of a doubt now) had lost any semblance of control. They were growling like feral animals as they pistoned into Ai's body, which seemed insignificant when mashed between their all too masculine forms. The men were overcome with lust as they competed to saw the woman in half, while her mama was helpless to do anything but 'suffer' from the carnality of it all. Yuriko felt a shiver down her spine, wondering if the duo would do that to her next. She wasn't sure if she was more frightened or aroused at the prospect of being ridden like that. It would be worse than slavery. She would be nothing more to either of them than just a warm body to satiate their lust. It was frightening, yet at the same time made her feel very odd inside, as though she wished they were competing for her attentions the same way. She was left feeling very confused and very aroused.

And then Ai cried out at the top of her lungs, frightening even Yuriko with how hard she must have come. She twisted and writhed in maddening pleasure, nearly throwing Silver-kun off as he remained buried in her backside. The spasms of pleasure were too much for both men. Shampoo-kun howled with his release, followed by Silver-kun's grunts. Their butt cheeks flexed and each one shot their creamy loads deep into the woman trapped between them. That each could feel the other one blowing his load through the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass only heightened their arousal. Neither one tried to hold back in the least as they kept pumping until all their remaining seed was dispensed.

Ai went limp between them, gasping out as she breathed heavily into Shampoo-kun's chest. Silver-kun was quick to follow, collapsing on top of her. The older Saotome, trapped on the bottom, simply accepted the weight and allowed himself to come down from that unbelievable high.

All three remained motionless, their come drenched, sweat-soaked bodies producing a not altogether pleasant scent in the room. The trio felt drained, both in spirit and in body. They remained motionless for nearly five minutes, trying to regain their breath and energy, but not having that much success.

Silver-kun eventually forced himself off the top of the sweaty heap and collapsed on the far side of the bed. "I don't know as I've ever come that hard after popping such a short while ago. I'm completely tapped out. I want to go to sleep."

"Same here," Shampoo-kun said with Ai still on top of them.

"Now would be a good time to make a joke about male endurance, but I couldn't handle even a light pussy licking right now," Ai sighed, feeling the come leaking out of both her holes. Even Shampoo-kun's flaccid cock, which had remained in her, seemed too much for her to handle, not that it was showing any signs of coming back to firmness in the next few hours.

Shampoo-kun said, "I hope my airen or Ukyou don't show up. I won't be able to help either of them."

"None of us could," Ai admitted, then sniffed the air. "And frankly, I don't think they'd want to do anything. We stink."

"I don't feel up to showering," Silver-kun said sluggishly.

"Afterwards," Ai agreed.

"These sheets are a mess," Shampoo-kun pointed out as, with Ai's help, he managed to remove the blonde from on top of him.

"We'll use one of the other bedrooms for a quick nap," Ai said as she was barely able to rise to her feet. "God, I've never been screwed like that, especially with how my ass got reamed," Ai told Silver-kun, rubbing her sore bottom for emphasis and causing a bit more of the fluid to leak out of her.

"We aim to please, though I doubt if I'll be able to do it again for a while, as in until next year," Silver-kun admitted in a rare show of humility as he stood up.

Ai said, "I think I'll be able to get you going by tomorrow, though I hate to admit, Ukyou might want a piece of the action. We don't get any real cock except this time of year, so I hope you don't mind sharing your affection as a guy more than a girl," she informed the younger Saotome.

Feeling some measure of strength return, Silver-kun moved next to Ai and caressed her side. "I got no problems with that. In fact," he bent low and grabbed Ai by the midsection. She gave a yelp as she was hoisted up over his shoulder with an effort. Her head dangled over his back and her bottom was raised firmly up for all to see. "I think I made my choice. As close as it was, the Older Model was better. The experience factor gave it an edge over youth, and I want this ass again later." He gave it an affectionate slap for emphasis.

Shampoo-kun looked over to the still prone Yuriko, "The Newer Model, as rough as it runs, has decent potential, and I haven't ridden one this new for years. So I'll be using it for this weekend. But for now I'm going to leave something parked in its garage. I'm taking a nap."

"I need one too," Silver-kun said. "I'll be taking my piece of ass to my room. You coming?"

Shampoo-kun shook his head. "I want some peace and quiet. And knowing Ai, you'll probably wake up with her mouth attached to your dick."

"Not this time," Ai assured him. "I need a break."

"We'll grab a nap for a couple of hours and go down to the beach," Silver-kun decided. "Later tonight we'll see how we feel about continuing the bedroom gymnastics."

Shampoo-kun informed his daughter, "This is pretty typical. We always start out hard early on, take a break, and usually feel up to more later in the evening, right before bed. Then we start up again in the morning and enjoying things with a more leisurely pace."

"I'll be looking forward to it. Now I really need some sleep," Silver-kun said as he walked out of the room with a cooing Ai draped over his shoulder. Shampoo-kun agreed and exited the room as well.

Yuriko's eyes widened as she watched the others exit the room, leaving her behind. For a moment she thought it was some joke and her auntie would laugh, release her from her bonds, and let her sleep with him. But when five minutes passed and no one showed up, she realized she had been left to simmer in her own juices. It wasn't fair. The others were going to be allowed to gather their strength, but there was no way she could get any rest tied up in a small package with a butt plug up her ass. It was going to be a hard two hours before she was released from her bondage. She was hungry, she was tired, she was horny, and she had to go to the bathroom. She was barely able to maintain he last a shred of dignity and keep from crying. And her pitiful state was all for one reason and one reason only.

When was she ever going to learn to keep her mouth shut?


Author's notes: That's it for this time out. If I ever do a sequel, odds are it'll pick up where this one left off. Hope you enjoyed this, well, tale of debauchery. I'd like to say it had some redeeming value, but even I am not that good a liar. ^_^

Special thanks to fellow pervs TH Tiger and Jim Bader for looking this over and giving suggestions. D.B. Sommer

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