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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after Party Girls and Working Stiffs. This time out we'll introduce a new character and reintroduce an old one. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

This is another of those briefer chapters, rather than a longer one with something resembling a plot. More in the vein of High Stakes, as it reintroduces Ranma to the mix, and develops one of the newer characters introduced.

And away we go…

As Akira Tendou walked down the street toward the Saotome household, he noted that it was a fine night for a date. It was rare that he and Silver had any time exclusively to themselves. They both led hectic lives that were further complicated by their different romantic entanglements, though both were quite happy with that sort of bondage, even if it tended to leave them more than a touch on the exhausted side. Tonight, though, Akira had his classwork done. It turned out Yuriko was busy waitressing, but Silver had a lull in her own studies and was eager to go out. It was the perfect opportunity for them to get together.

His eagerness to go out alone with Silver wasn't because he had lost interest in Yuriko. It was just that every now and then he preferred to be with just one of the girls. Sometimes it was the voluptuous blonde, other times, like tonight, it was with the vivacious Saotome offspring. Silver was the one who had suggested that they go to the dance club 'Hot Spot'. Not surprisingly, her choice probably had to do with it had its well-earned reputation for debauchery, a pastime Silver enjoyed engaging in, as well as a good bit of dancing as well. Of course, Akira wasn't complaining about her selection. Like Yuriko, Silver was more than a handful in every sense of the word, and he wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Akira arrived at the Saotome household just as the sun dipped below the horizon, bathing everything in a dusky orange glow. He looked at his watch and noted he had arrived a half hour later than the agreed upon time. That meant there was an offhand chance Silver would actually be ready. While she tended to act like a guy sometimes, she was unquestionably a woman when it came to make herself 'presentable' for a date. That meant it took her a minimum of a half hour past the actual time of the date before she thought it was acceptable to leave. Yuriko was even worse, taking nearly an hour sometimes. Every girl Akira had ever dated had been exactly like that. It was something genetically hardwired into the species. It was the only rational explanation.

One quick ring of the doorbell and Ranma appeared, offering a greeting. Akira stood several centimeters taller than the martial arts master, forcing the shorter man to look up at him slightly. "Hey, kid, Silver told me you were coming by. Come on in." He ushered Akira inside.

Akira thanked him and allowed Ranma to lead him to the living room, though he politely declined an offered seat. He was still holding onto the hope that Silver would be ready to go. Despite his late arrival, the chance was slim.

A figure appeared from the hallway leading from the bedrooms deeper in the house. A female with a lush figure came into view. Akira started to become excited at the prospect of actually leaving on time when he saw that it was not his date, but rather Shampoo. Given their similar builds, and that the initial glance was quick, it was small wonder he had mistaken mother for daughter. The former Amazon was dressed in a purple bathrobe that matched the shade of her hair. It was on the small side and did little to hide her feminine outline. She was toweling off her hair, most likely having come from the bath since the last dojo class of the day would have finished only a little while ago. Both Saotomes taught their art as their primary means of support. Ranma's reputation (and to a lesser degree Shampoo's and Silver's) as an impressive martial artist meant there was no shortage of people who wanted to be their students, even if the Saotomes training methods tended to be more intense than a normal dojo's might be.

Shampoo looked up and noticed their visitor. "Hello, Akira. Is it already time to pick Silver?" Shampoo asked as she moved up to Ranma's side and slid an arm around his waist.

It was time a half hour ago, but he wasn't about to say that aloud. He went with a neutral, "Yes. She wouldn't happen to be ready, by chance?" Akira asked hopefully.

"I think I saw her getting ready a little while ago," Shampoo said.

"Meaning she'll be fashionably late. It runs in the family." Ranma stared meaningfully at Shampoo. He received a light elbow in the side for his commentary.

As Ranma playfully shrugged off the elbow, Silver miraculously appeared. Akira saw she was dressed for the occasion in a white sleeveless halter top that ended at her midriff, showing off her slim waist and washboard flat stomach, as well as a gratuitous amount of cleavage. It was obvious she lacked a bra, as her nipples were clearly outlined by the tight top. Surprisingly, she wore a tight leather skirt to complete the ensemble. Usually Silver avoided feminine attire due to the frequency that cold water sought her out, and opted for more androgynous apparel. It appeared tonight she was going to risk the possibility in favor of looking every inch a girl, showing how badly she wanted to go out on this date with Akira.

"Oh ye of so little faith," Silver said, indicating she had caught at least part of the conversation. She spun in a circle, putting her wares on display for her boyfriend's benefit. "So how do I look?"

"Great." Akira would have added more specific details, rather lecherous ones, except for the fact Silver's parents were in the room. While Shampoo would probably urge Akira to go ahead and do the things he wanted to do to her daughter, Ranma might be another matter. Silver had always been 'Daddy's Little Girl' at least until recently when his wife had managed to beat into his head that she was now a young woman that had the right to engage in sexual activities. Still, rubbing his nose in it was probably a bad idea.

Silver resolved his tension by approaching Akira and reaching up to give him a long, tonguing kiss, fondling his bottom right in front of her parents. Neither seemed to disapprove of the behavior. Of course, a little groping was nothing compared to the far more carnal thing that had done in each other's presence during their beach escapades. Still, Akira was inclined to err on the side of caution. A habit Silver had never managed to learn, no matter how hard he tried to teach it to her.

"So where are you two going?" Ranma asked once Silver allowed Akira to come up for air, leaving her hand on perched on his bottom.

Akira returned the favor and slid his hand to her own firm ass. "Out to dance at the Hot Spot."

Ranma looked at Shampoo. "Sounds like fun. Give us a minute and we'll get changed."

"Hey! Who was talking about taking you along?" Silver exclaimed.

"We don't have anything better to do," Ranma said as though that was all the explanation that was needed.

"Actually my stomach's feeling a little upset. I think something I ate didn't agree with me." Shampoo held a hand over her middle for emphasis.

"Crap. Never mind, then," Ranma said, obviously disappointed.

Silver nodded in approval.

Shampoo shook her head. "Just because I'm a feeling a little under the weather is no reason that you shouldn't go out anyway and have fun."

"Yes it is," Silver insisted.

"I don't want to leave you alone," Ranma said, showing how much breath Silver was wasting.

Shampoo played a hand affectionately across his cheek. "That's sweet, but it's only a minor discomfort. Nothing to get worried about. And I know you've been bored lately. Getting out will be good for you."

"You can go somewhere else," Silver all but pleaded.

"You sure?" Ranma asked his wife.

"Absolutely," Shampoo confirmed. In a lower voice, she said, "And since I can't go along, and you got me such a wonderful birthday gift, you have my permission to enjoy yourself as much as you want." She gave him a knowing wink.

A grin spread across Ranma's features as he considered the remark. "That's awful nice of you to offer, but that ain't the reason I'd be going out. Still, I wouldn't mind hitting a dance club and having a little excitement. You sure you don't mind being here alone?"

Shampoo pushed him in the direction of the front door. "Go out and have fun."

"Yeah, don't let the fact it was supposed to be a date for only me Akira stop you," Silver muttered under her breath.

Ranma finally relented to his wife's prodding. "Okay. I get the message. But like I said, I just want to get out of the house for a while. I'm not looking to pick up some girl."

"I know. That's why I'm encouraging you to do if you want." Shampoo gave him a peck on the cheek and a pat on the rear.

Ranma kissed her back and then headed out the door.

"Some date this is going to be," Silver grumbled as she and Akira followed on the heels of her father.

The Hot Spot was like a living beast in the throes of a feeding frenzy as a combination of loud music, low lights, intoxicating drinks, and other euphoric substances made their circuit around the patrons of the club. Most of the customers were risking deafness from the cacophony of loud music reverberating through the building, making the walls vibrate. The only way anyone could be heard was by nearly yelling at one another.

The Hot Spot lived up to its reputation as decorum and restraint were abandoned at the entryway the way coats were checked in at a cloak room. Men and women moved together on the dance floor, hands roaming over one another's bodies in very intimate ways. Pelvis' ground together on the dance floor as tongues dueled with one another to the beat of the music.

Akira and Silver gyrations rivaled the action of the hottest couples around. Silver's own competitive juices and exhibitionist tendencies had come out with a vengeance, as though she wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than the total attention of the rival couples. She had even talked Akira into lifting her skirt several times so she could flash her thong covered bottom to everyone on the floor. That had caught a lot of the men's attention, making Akira shoot them warning glares so that they knew Silver was with one guy only, despite the skin she was showing off to them.

During several slower songs the couple left the dance floor to take a breather. Silver had excused herself to the restroom, leaving Akira to sit at their table with the third member of their party. Ranma seemed pretty happy. More accurately, he seemed pretty drunk, though there were only a handful of empty glasses at the table. Most people would have thought Ranma was faking his inebriated condition, but Akira knew better. The martial artist's low tolerance for alcohol was legendary. Shampoo regularly referred to him as 'the cheapest date' she had ever seen. Silver wasn't much better than her father. Normally four beers would have her dancing topless on a tabletop if she felt so inclined.

As Akira sat down, a swaying Ranma slapped an affectionate arm around him. He brought his face close to Akira's, violating the younger man's personal space. To the passersby, it probably appeared that Ranma was coming onto Akira. He laughed nervously, hoping no one misunderstood. Or that he *was* coming on to him as a guy, since Ranma had had sex with Akira in his cursed form.

"You two sure were tearing up the dance floor." There was a slight slurring as Ranma spoke, a further indication of his drunken state.

"It was fun," Akira confirmed, wondering how he could detach the older man's grip without offending him. Or if he could detach himself. It was difficult to judge what might strike Ranma as poor manners, given his pickled state of mind. And what he might do. While he wasn't violent by nature, his honor could be a prickly thing, especially when compounded by alcohol.

Ranma nodded. "Of course, Shampoo and me would be doin' it even better, if Shampoo was here, I mean."

"I'm sure you would." The last thing in the world Akira wanted to do was imply he was a better dancer than Ranma. Nothing would have the older man on the dance floor faster than his obsessive need to compete.

Ranma's voice dropped to what he considered a conspiratorial whisper, which was to say it was loud enough to be heard only two tables away. "She's runnin' hot, too. Believe me, I can tell. Her mom's exactly the same way. Once she gets to grinding her crotch against you like that, she wants cock and won't settle for anything less. It's like a dog humping your leg, except way better. You're going to be getting lucky tonight."

Which Silver had made obvious from the outset, but there was no need to explain that to Ranma. It was actually quite a change to hear Ranma openly encouraging Akira to have sex with Silver. It was sort of a taboo subject with him, at least when it came to talking about it, even if Ranma understood they had intercourse on a regular basis. "We'll see what happens," Akira said noncommittally.

"I guarantee it," Ranma assured him. "If she's acting like a cocktease, I'll just tell her it's her duty to fuck you or something. She's big on family honor, just like me."

Seeing Ranma try to order his daughter to do that would be quite the sight, and not one Akira cared to see. He was wondering what to say next when Silver appeared, swaying just a touch herself.

She smiled at the pair. "Good, you two are still alone. I was afraid you might have picked up some girls while I was gone. I've seen a lot of girls giving me that 'I wish I was you' look while I was dancing with you," she told Akira.

Ranma shot her a serious look. "Honey, you'd better not be acting like some cocktease for poor ole' Akira here."

Akira grimaced, though Silver seemed to take it in stride. "No way. He's going to be getting some. In fact, he'll have an easy time of it since I seem to have lost my panties somewhere between here and the bathroom." She pulled up her skirt, giving Akira a flash of her exotically colored pubic hair, before putting it back down. Still, she had drawn the attention of some nearby men, who whistled at her show.

"That's my girl," Ranma laughed. "She's just like her mom. Shampoo flashes me a little pussy and I can't ever seem to say no to her."

"Who do you think I learned that maneuver from?" Silver said, a mischievous glint in her eye as she grabbed Akira's arm and pulled him out of his seat and back onto the dance floor.

Arisa Sanzenin pouted as she watched the couples grinding away on the dance floor. She wished she was out there with them. Or more accurately, she wished she had a guy good enough to dance with. Ordinarily, there was no shortage of cute guys that she could have chosen to bring to the club for a dance and some oral action. However, she had only come here at the last minute. Arisa's friend, Minami had been desperate to go out to the Hot Spot. Lacking the courage to go on her own, she was supposed to take along a mutual friend, Yoko. Unfortunately, Yoko fell ill at the last minute, leaving Minami to she ended up call Arisa and beg her to substitute for Yoko. Having nothing better to do, Arisa agreed.

Minami's desire for the safety of female company seemed to be over. Now she was being passed around between four college guys whose hands were all over her every time she hit the dance floor with one of them. She was probably going to put out for all four before the night was out, given how far she was letting them feel her up. To Arisa's knowledge, Minami had never done multiple guys before, but she was always saying how eager she was to try new things. Now it appeared she was going to experience something new all right, an event that would leave her walking bow-legged afterwards.

Ordinarily Arisa would have been right at Minami's side and taking two of the guys off her hands. They were all fairly handsome and easy on the eyes. But instead of serving to turn her on, they soured her mood, and she knew damn well why. Ever since last month, college age guys only served to remind Arisa of the 'one that got away', namely one Akira 'Heartbreaker' Tendou. Though technically he hadn't gotten away so much as she hadn't gotten a chance to finish him off. In Arisa's mind, wrapping her lips around his cock meant she had blown him. But she wanted more than that. The instant she had laid eyes on that awesome hunk of man she wanted this one kept around on a tight leash. He wasn't the typical 'blow, swallow, and swat them on their ass on the way out' type of guy she was used to. Not this one. She wanted to fuck Akira good and proper.

While Arisa was proud of the fact she had blown over a hundred guys, most people that knew of her habit would have been surprised to learn that while she'd open her mouth for almost anyone, she parted her legs for a select few. Only the highest caliber of man was allowed to go that far. To date less than a half dozen had met her stringent criteria. Unfortunately, her interest in them tended to wane in short order. None of the hopefuls had lived up to her expectations. She had slept with each guy no longer than a month before had dumped each one. They just failed to keep her interest.

However, one look at Akira clearly showed he was different. Never had Arisa seen such a perfect specimen of manhood, both in general appearance and the fact that he had one of the largest cocks she had ever wrapped her mouth around. He was in great physical shape with a lean, muscular form that she adored on her men. He was extremely handsome, and seemed the quiet type, meaning she could keep him in line just by telling him what to do. And if ordering him around failed, she could always lead him by his cock, like she did with nearly half the guys at Furinkan, having administered her oral talents upon most of the important males there. Making them indebted to her helped Arisa use their influence to cement her control over enough of the student body to end up vice president of the student council.

Being only second-in-command didn't bother her. She didn't have to rise higher than that if she could control the president himself, but Saionji Kunou was proving a difficult nut to crack (and cock to suck). Curiously, he had resisted Arisa's blatant overtures at showing off her oral talents. She knew he wasn't gay. He enjoyed attention from the opposite sex and slept with many other girls, including some of her friends. Arisa found it a touch vexing that he was avoiding her. But she would bide her time until an opportunity presented itself. Once she blew a guy, they were putty in her hands. Even a stuck up prig like Saionji wouldn't be immune to her talents.

That Akira was the boyfriend of that slut with the grotesque, bloated chest, Yuriko Kuonji, made winning him even sweeter. It still escaped Arisa's mind as to why so many guys lusted after the blonde. So she had the biggest chest in school, who cared? Arisa was the epitome of beauty with her more proportional features. She had the Sanzenin good looks, emphasized by high cheekbones and aristocratic features that only generations of breeding between attractive people could grant. She had flowing raven dark hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back. Her legs were shapely and long, causing many a man to imagine what it would be like for them to be wrapped around their bodies. She had an ample bust that drew men's eyes, (but not future knee knockers, like Kuonji had). She also had a pert, firm bottom, unlike Yuriko's chubby backside (though guys had brainwashed themselves into calling it 'voluptuous' which in Arisa's mind meant it was five pounds away from being past 'fat'). It was Arisa Sanzenin, not 'Big Tits' Kuonji who was the most desirable woman in Furinkan. And she would prove it to the world by making Akira her boyfriend and flaunting him before everyone, rubbing Kuonji's inability to keep him in the slut's face. All Arisa needed was the right opportunity and he would be hers.

Arisa was still fantasizing about her future schemes when she nearly fell to the floor in shock. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief, then looked again. It was still there. Right in the middle of the dance floor stood Akira Tendou, rubbing his body against not his big-titted whore, but rather one Silver Saotome, who happened to be Yuriko's best friend.

Unlike most of her contemporaries, Arisa wasn't attracted to Silver's male form at all. In her mind it didn't matter what Silver looked like; she was a girl, even when she was in her cursed form. Simply put, Arisa didn't go for girls (Yuriko probably did since her parents were lesbians, so that made her a dyke as well as a slut). Despite being Yuriko's friend, and drawing a great deal of attention from many of the males at Furinkan, Arisa never managed to become angry at Silver. On some level she knew she should, but she just couldn't do it.

The lack of anger stemmed from an incident last year. It was one of the rare cases where Arisa had made a horrible misjudgment. One of the guys at school that Arisa had blown had misunderstood how things worked. Rather than him jumping at Arisa's beck and call, he wanted her as his personal exclusive property. He mistakenly believed that since she had blown him, that made her his woman, and he had tried ordering her to service him when she had not felt so inclined. Wanting to end the matter quickly, Arisa informed him that a man with such a tiny cock could never hope to satisfy her, then added a few other cutting remarks to put him in his proper place. Instead of accepting his chastisement from his superior, he had reacted with violence, a first for Arisa. He had punched her hard in the face (thankfully not breaking anything). The blow completely stunned her. He had started to carry her to an unoccupied room when Minami had come upon the scene and tried to intervene. The guy had threatened to do the same thing to her if she didn't back off. Much to Arisa's shock, Minami did so. Arisa cursed her so-called friend for her cowardice, and vowed to deal with her once she had gotten someone to cut the balls off the bastard who was forcing himself on her.

The guy had taken Arisa to one of the chemical labs and had gotten as far as bending her over a desk and pulling her panties down to her ankles as he prepared to enter her. It was only then, with his cock poised at her opening and that Arisa realized that for the first time in her life she was completely helpless. There was nothing she could do to keep from being raped. She tried to hold on to her anger and rage, but it disappeared in the tidal wave of fear that had washed over her.

Arisa was about to break down completely when Minami reappeared, this time with Silver in tow. There was a dark glint in the martial artist's eyes as she told the guy to back off. The guy's survival instincts kicked in and he immediately stopped, trying to shift the blame for his actions on Arisa for leading him on and claiming that 'she really wanted it'. He even tried persuading Silver to join in, her reputation for enjoying the company of girls well known. Silver didn't buy it for a second, and all but nailed the guy in place with her stare alone.

Once it became clear she was not about to be raped, Arisa recovered her wits and her fury. Silver was 'generous' enough to allow Arisa to choose the guy's punishment. She responded by drawing back and kicking the would-be rapist in the balls. Repeatedly. She went right on kicking him in the nuts until Silver pulled her off him. After an extended hospital stay, the youth transferred out of Furinkan, which was the only thing that prevented him from continuing to suffer from Arisa's wrath for the rest of his high school days.

Since then Arisa couldn't bring herself to involve Silver in any schemes to get at Yuriko. Her heart just wasn't in it, and the martial artist had helped prevent the rape without asking for any form of recompensation. It almost made Arisa wish she did like girls. Then she would have kept Silver on a tight leash as her lover (and muscle when she needed it) in addition to having Akira as a boyfriend.

Now it appeared Silver wasn't the most trustworthy of best friends, as Yuriko had thought she was. At least it was a safe assumption given the way the martial artist was groping Akira's tight ass every chance she got. Not that Arisa could hold it against her. For a guy like Akira, friendship between girls would be a distant second place. One could always make new friends, but landing studs like Akira was nearly impossible.

Arisa watched closely as the two began to work their way across the dance floor and toward one of the darker, less used hallways connecting the central area to rooms further back in the establishment. There were a number of dark corridors around the building, and everyone knew that they offered a little privacy for couples. Management turned an intentional blind eye to it, which was one of the things that made the Hot Spot regarded for being such a wild place where just about anything went.

Eventually they made their way off the dance floor and down one of the corridors. Trying hard not to be noticed, Arisa followed. She passed by two other couples engaged in hot and heavy petting near some vending machines. Arisa didn't bother trying to sneak past them. She could probably have set them on fire off and neither couple would have noticed.

It was just around another bend that Arisa stopped suddenly. Akira and Silver had found the quiet spot they had been looking for. Akira already had Silver backed up against a wall, kissing her passionately while his hands roamed every centimeter of her body. Arisa hugged the wall and peeked around the corner, watching everything that transpired.

Akira's hands grabbed the edge of Silver's halter top and pulled it up over her breasts. Arisa was proud to note that unlike Yuriko's deformed chest, Silver's was about the same size as hers, meaning it was almost perfect. It was good to know Akira wasn't fixated on obscenely sized mammaries. That would have been a problem Arisa would have had a hard time overcoming. She would get a boob job for no man.

After playing with Silver's freed breasts for a while, Akira went from merely rubbing his body against her to pressing her against the wall and flattening her tits against his own hard muscled chest. His hands switched to Silver's skirt and hiked it up, revealing her lack of any undergarments. It was probably a slut tip Silver had picked up from Yuriko.

Unconsciously, Arisa began to play with herself, the position of her hands on her body mirroring where Akira's were on Silver's. As Akira's fingers parted Silver's petals and plunged his fingers into his lover's body, Arisa reached under her skirt and did the same, leaving her other hand to play with her nipples, switching back and forth between them.

Silver's hands weren't idle either. As Akira began fingering her vigorously, she reached down and undid his fly. It took several moments before she worked through the opening of his briefs and freed his engorged manhood from its prison of cloth. Arisa's eyes were transfixed on that huge piece of meat. It looked even larger than when she had sucked him down in the back room. She wanted to feel it spread her lips and spear her insides more than any other cock she had ever seen, and that was saying a lot.

Akira stopped kissing Silver and lowered his head to her breasts, sucking loudly on her nipples and making her moan in passion, all the while working her lower opening fiercely. Pinned against the wall, the martial artist could only wiggle in increasing excitement. Eventually Silver gasped that she needed to feel him inside her. It was a feeling Arisa silently sympathized with.

The request made Akira stop his sucking and fingerwork. He removed his digits, each slick with a coating of Silver's love juices. Crouching slightly, Akira lowered himself until his rod was just below Silver's pussy. He grabbed the back of one of her legs at the knee, lifting up and pinning it to his side, making her stand on one leg as he spread her open. Then he shifted his hips upward, forcing the fat head of his cock past her well-lubricated lips.

Silver moaned in pleasure. Akira rested in her but a moment before shifting his hips down slightly, then raising up again, getting a trio of inches as well as the head inside Silver's body.

"Yes," Silver hissed. "More. Give me more."

Akira was silent as he humped up and down, driving more of his cock deep inside her body. While he wasn't being rough, neither was he being particularly gentle. It didn't seem to bother Silver, who was obviously enjoying the style Akira was using. Personally, Arisa would prefer him to use a slower pace. Most of the guys she had been with were rough and quick. Someone like Akira should be savored like a fine wine.

After nearly a full minute of this, Akira managed to fully embed himself inside his partner. He paused for a moment, savoring the sensations Silver's wet, yet tight, insides were producing on his cock.

In answer to being fully impaled on his shaft, Silver reached her arms around his neck for leverage. Akira kept her pressed hard against the wall, shifting his hips as he skewered her on his shaft. The scene was incredibly hot as the two seemed to be in perfect harmony, moving as one in their lustful copulation.

Neither of them held anything back. Silver bit down on her lip to keep from crying out. As Akira pounded away in her. His own breathing went from a controlled rasp to a wild passionate grunting, like what an animal would make in a similar situation.

"I'm… I'm going to come," Silver gasped. Hot on the heels of her declaration, she tightened her grip on him as her eyes closed from the intensity of her climax.

Once she started to come, Akira couldn't hold off anymore and left her impaled on his cock as he began shooting his spunk deep into her body. Arisa watched his buttcheeks flex as he unleashed blast after blast of his milky payload into Silver's receptive opening.

The heat from the scene, mixed in with her own carnal desire, made Arisa follow suit as she envisioned Akira doing the same to her. It wasn't an earth shaking climax, self-inflicted ones never were, but it was enough to let a slight squeal slip past her lips. Luckily, the lovers were so absorbed with one another neither heard the noise of pleasure.

As the climax passed, Silver released her death grip around Akira's neck and removed herself from his now flaccid cock, and stood once again on two legs on the floor. "That was intense," Silver said as she began kissing him again.

Arisa took that as her cue to depart. Getting caught peeping would put her at a severe disadvantage for what was to come next. Without delay she hurried back toward the dance floor. As she walked through the corridor, she noted one of the previous couples had left, only to be replaced by another one. The couple that had been there before appeared to have the same idea Akira and Silver had as they too were fucking against a wall, though the scene was nowhere near as hot as it had been watching the other pair during their heated coupling.

Arisa waited a small distance away from the entry to the corridor, mingling with a group of people around her age so she didn't stand out. After several minutes, Akira and Silver appeared. All of Silver's clothing was restored to its proper place, though appearing a bit rumpled. Arisa watched closely as Silver said something to Akira, then headed in the direction of the ladies' room.

Perfect. This was just the opportunity she had been waiting for. Once Silver was out of sight, and before Akira could go very far, Arisa hurried forward until she was behind him.

She stood on her tiptoes and purred seductively in his ear, "Fancy meeting you here."

Startled, Akira jerked his head around, his eyes widening in surprise. He blushed slightly and said, "Hello, Sanzenin."

"Call me Arisa," she cooed. She thought about baiting him some more, then changed her mind. It would be better to cut to the chase and demonstrate to her soon-to-be-boyfriend that she would be calling the shots tonight. "That was some pretty hot and heavy action you had going with Silver. I mean, nailing her against the wall like that was pretty aggressive."

Akira gulped slightly and his blush deepened, though he wisely didn't try to deny it. "Yeah, we kind of got caught up in the heat of the moment. Though I'd say administering blow jobs in a stockroom is pretty aggressive as well."

"I'm a girl who knows what she wants and will do anything to get it." All of which was true, as Akira was about to find out. "While I don't particularly care who you're getting it on with, I think Yuriko might not be so happy to learn her boyfriend and best friend are screwing each other behind her back."

Arisa was uncertain how Akira would react. Denial? That was a possibility. Trying to say it would be her word against his if she mentioned it to Yuriko? That wouldn't matter since Arisa would just tell everyone at school and Yuriko would find out anyway. Intimidation? Unlikely. 'Heartbreaker' Tendou's reputation when he attended Furinkan had been one of complete and utter calm no matter the situation. Except when it came to guys talking about his attractive mother. Then he became a raging beast, which was why no one with functioning IQ points commented on Nurse Tendou during Akira's time there. This was a whole new situation, though. Arisa was eager to see what his reaction would be to her threat.

Akira's lips tightened, though he showed no exterior signs of panic. Just a slight touch of concern. "I see. And you intend to tell her?"

It appeared his reputation for remaining calm was well earned. Even Arisa was surprised by how well he was taking things. She hoped he hadn't been planning to dump Yuriko in favor of Silver. That would leave Arisa without a bargaining posture. Besides, she wanted to be the one to cause him to abandon the big-titted slut. "Well, I'm certainly no friend of hers, and I do like you. You seem like a nice guy. Maybe you could convince me to forget that I saw that ever happening."

His eyebrows cocked curiously at her. "How?"

Excellent. He was hooked. He'd do anything to cover up his misdeeds and stay in Yuriko's good graces. At least until he could have something a whole lot better. She smirked at him, the cat with the canary caught in its claws. "Watching you get it on with Saotome made me hot. I want to feel your cock inside me, stud, and not against some wall. Meet me across the street at that love motel. I'll leave a message at the desk telling you which room I'm in. And I expect a good performance, so you'd better not waste any more of that beautiful sperm in Saotome. I'll head out now and you can come up with some excuse to call things short with Silver. Do that and I won't breathe a word of what happened to anyone."

Akira's mind was a whirl. And it wasn't with the threat of Arisa telling Yuriko anything since his 'official' girlfriend was fully aware of where he was, who he was with, and what he and Silver would be doing. Still, keeping their three-way relationship far from the public eye was in all of their best interests. It had never occurred to him that Furinkan students came to the Hot Spot, otherwise he would have chosen some other place to be seen in public with Silver. Maybe something in Dockside. Now he had to figure out how to deal with the matter.

Knowing Silver, mentioning Arisa's blackmail attempt would only make her want to get in a three-way with her. Silver had mentioned she regarded Arisa as attractive, and probably only needed to have her ass spanked raw a few times to get over her bitchiness. It was highly unlikely Silver would resist the opportunity to make good on her threat now. Akira was tempted to let her do just that. But eventually Silver would want him to 'sample' Sanzenin's wares. Fucking Arisa was too much like rewarding her for her wrongdoing, and Akira didn't feel like caving in to her demands. But outright refusal wasn't enough. He wanted to fix her good. He could just agree to meet her then stand her up, but that wouldn't keep her mouth shut and Yuriko didn't need the rumor circulating through school about him and Silver.

And then in idea occurred to him. A little plan that would make her keep her mouth shut, while Akira didn't end up sleeping with her. It would be the illusion of giving her what she wanted without actually doing it. Yes, Akira was pretty sure he could engineer things to work out. And if they didn't, he'd just have to deal with the fallout later.

"Leave the lights off when I get there," Akira said. "I want it real dark so you don't take any photos of us being together."

"Done." Arisa's smirk widened. She didn't have a camera anyway, though it would have been a good plan. Flashing photos of her and Akira humping away would have left Yuriko a babbling shell of a slut. She made a mental note that once Akira was officially hers, she would do exactly that.

"Give me a little while to work things out so Silver doesn't follow," Akira insisted.

"No problem. I'll even pay for the room. Just don't take too long." She gave his balls an affectionate pat, a hint of things to come, then walked toward the exit, adding some sway to her hips as she moved, trying to entice and excite him.

It really didn't do anything for Akira, having gotten off so recently. That and the girl trying to come on to him was a total bitch. She definitely deserved what she was about to receive.

Rather than waiting for Silver, Akira returned to their table where Ranma was downing another mug of beer, looking drunker than ever. As Akira sat down, Ranma put his arm around the younger man again. "You sure are a player. You and Silver leave, then come back, and she has that 'I just got happily laid' look, just like her mother gets when I've done her, then you start talking to some other chick." Ranma suddenly turned suspicious. "You're not planning on dumping my little girl, are you? You make her cry, and I'll rip your heart out, boy. I know a technique that can do it, too."

Akira noted a drunk Ranma really jumped to conclusions, though that could work in his favor. He needed to steer the conversation toward his intended goal. "No way. Actually, I need your help concerning that girl that was talking with me."

That both calmed Ranma and piqued his interest. "Oh?"

"Yeah, she's a stalker. She's trying to get me to fuck her, but I really don't want to."

"That's a surprise. She looked like she'd be a hot fuck. Got a real nice build on her. Not as good as mine when I'm a girl, of course." He was quick to add.

"Of course not," Akira agreed in all honesty. "Anyway, I was hoping you might get her off my back."

"Want me to beat her up?" Ranma asked.

"No!" Akira was quick to say. "Actually, she's trying to seduce me by getting a room in the love motel across the street. I was hoping you might help me out by making her forget about me."

"Shampoo's the one with the memory erasing formula. I never bothered learning that technique. It's too lame. I can convince people to forget about things through other means," Ranma cracked his knuckle.

"Not that way," Akira clarified. "I was hoping you could give her a good fucking, one so good she'll forget about me."

Realization dawned in Ranma's eyes. He turned serious, or at least tried to while being horribly inebriated. "No problem. My wife gave me permission to do that sort of stuff. I'll help you kids out. Fuck her good and proper." Ranma started to rise.

Akira placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. "But she won't let you sleep with her if she knows it's you. What you have to do is pretend you're me."

"No problem," Ranma said.

It was getting clear Ranma was not in any condition to think things through. Akira needed to spell it out for him. "The lights should be off when you get there. Just don't say anything. She'll be ready for you, so all you need to do is jump her."

Ranma gained a furtive look. "Sounds like a plan. Trust me, she'll never know it's me." He made it sound as though he were going on a risky mission behind enemy lines.

Ranma eagerly headed out, his best attempt at a look of intensity on his features. Akira was barely able to keep from laughing.

It was at that time Silver returned, staring at her father's retreating form. "Where's the old man going?"

"He's doing me a favor. He'll be gone for the night." Akira rose from his seat and grabbed Silver's hand. "Shall we dance some more?"

"Ohh, finally, some real privacy. Let's do it." Silver let the matter of her father drop as she was led to the dance floor again.

Arisa lay on top of the bed, completely nude as she waited in darkness. She was a bit annoyed. Waiting in near pitch blackness was incredibly frustrating. She could barely see the outline of the furniture in the room, and even then it was only the things that were right next to her. She would have turned on the light, but was a touch paranoid that if there was one on when Akira arrived, he would turn around and leave, and that wouldn't do at all. She just knew after he slept with her, he'd forget all about the blonde tramp. There was no way he could resist someone as perfect as Arisa Sanzenin. After tonight, he'd belong to her lock, stock, and cock. A girl couldn't ask for a better stud boyfriend than that.

Arisa wagered even her daddy, Mikado, would like him, and he didn't like any of the guys she spent time with. He always claimed he knew what guys were like, what they really wanted, and that he would never allow them to lay a single finger on his 'darling little princess'. He was overprotective in the extreme. Almost suffocating, really. But she had him convinced she was an innocent, chaste girl who wanted nothing to do with 'yucky boys,' and never would. In return for her apparent purity, he doted on her and spoiled her rotten, which she adored. He'd probably keel over from a heart attack if he learned about how many guys she had sucked off. It was unfortunate he was such a prude, but a straight arrow like him would never understand the needs Arisa had. He never even looked at another woman besides her mother, and probably never had. No, a promiscuous daughter was something her daddy would never be able to handle. So it was best he never know.

Arisa was considering the best way to crush Yuriko and introduce Akira to father when the door to the room opened. She looked at it, and was blinded by the sudden intrusion of light canceling the utter darkness. All she managed to do was catch the silhouette of a male figure in the doorway before she had to look away from the door. It closed shut before her eyes could adjust to the light, plunging the room in darkness again and leaving her blinking as her eyes tried to readjust to the gloom.

She was still blinking when she felt a pair of hands grab her around the hips and flip her onto her stomach. A squeal of surprise slipped past her lips as her hips were raised so she was on her knees, her ass sticking up in the air.

Arisa collected herself. Akira was proving himself quite forceful and confident. She had been afraid he'd try to weasel out of things and plead with her not to tell Yuriko without putting out. That he was so eager to fuck her meant he wanted Arisa. It was as it should be, then. She was the most beautiful girl around, after all. Victory was moments away.

She felt the hands abandon her body and heard her lover move away from the bed. "What's going on?" She started to move up from her position, but then heard a rush of air and a body move behind hers again. A hand grabbed her by the back of the neck and pressed her face down in the covers.

A gruff, "Stay," followed.

"Okay," Arisa said, her voice muffled by the covers. She wasn't wild about Akira being so demanding, but if it meant feeling his cock between her legs, she'd bite her tongue for now. She'd put her soon-to-be-boyfriend in his proper place later, after all bridges to Yuriko had been burned and he had nowhere else to go.

Arisa felt the Akira's hand remove itself from her neck and move away from her again, leaving her on the bed. She heard something scrape across the floor toward her upraised behind, then settle on the floor. There was a slight thud. It took Arisa a moment to understand that he had pulled up a chair at the foot of the bed, and then sat down in it. That pissed her off. He wasn't going to be able to fuck her like that.

Powerful hands grabbed her thighs and spread them further apart. The grip was like a thing of iron, securing her in place so that she couldn't move even if she wanted to. Again, Arisa wasn't thrilled with the way she was being manhandled. With every other guy she had slept with, she had been in charge. "What are you doing?"

The answer came in the form of a tongue that began playing with her outer lips, making her gasp. Now she understood what he was doing. Foreplay. This was a change of pace. All of the other guys she had slept with hadn't done a thing with her. Usually she had warmed them up with a blow job while she fingered herself. Then they just went diving between her legs, usually just forcing themselves in and pumping as hard and fast as they could before shooting off. No guy had ever made her come first. Usually it wasn't until their second or third time in her before she had an orgasm. Only one of them managed to give her two in the same night

But this was far different. Akira seemed to know just where to touch her. Within seconds her pussy began releasing copious amounts of fluid, loosening her up. That devilishly agile tongue soon sought out her clitoris, coaxing it out and dancing on her love button, exciting her the way no man had before.

Her hips began to shift, seeking something to sink itself onto, but there was nothing. Akira was sitting down, taking his time as he munched away on her pussy, increasingly arousing her using oral talents alone.

Eventually, Arisa's desire to have something filling her insides was answered as fingers plied their way through her loosened folds of flesh and plunged inside. They hadn't even made it halfway in when the stimulation with her clit proved too great and she came, her insides clamping down on the digital intruders hard as she climaxed.

Once she came down from her orgasm, Arisa gasped out, "That was good."

She heard a short laugh, and could almost feel the smirk her partner had. That was a bit surprising. Akira didn't seem the type to smirk, but she would have staked her life that that was exactly what he was doing, even if she couldn't see him in the dark.

Now she was ready to be mounted and given a proper fucking. Instead she felt fingers and tongue switch. Now the fingers played with her love button while the tongue delved into her pussy. The desire in her loins was quickly re-ignited, shocking her. She didn't know she was capable of becoming aroused again so fast.

Soon Arisa was gasping in lust again as her partner's hands and tongue continued guiding her body along the edge of desire. Automatically she ground her bottom back, trying to make the tongue go deeper in her body.

Again she climaxed. This time her partner locked his lips over her pussy, drinking deeply of the juices her body offered him in the same way she would guzzle down the spermy offering cocks bestowed upon her.

Once her voice returned, Arisa cooed, "That was even better."

She swore she felt his smirk double. She was certain he was going to cut to the chase this time and sink his cock into her. But she was proven wrong again as his tongue returned to her pussy, and began playing with her again.

This time was different though. Rather than taking her up to the heights of ecstasy and making her come yet again, the tongue and accompanying hand eased off, letting her come back down while keeping her running hot.

"What's wrong?" she gasped out, wondering if his tongue was becoming tired.

Then it picked up again and began working her into a frenzy. Arisa was about to come again, when the tongue lashing eased off once more, keeping her close to the edge, but refusing to let her go over.

"Keep going! Keep going!" she insisted. Now it was going from pleasure to torture with the way he was keeping her dancing on the precipice, but refusing to let her go over. She wanted to make him continue, but she couldn't. He was in control of her body, and she was afraid that if she tried to force him to obey, he'd back off and abandon her completely. She was running way too hot to do that. She needed him to finish her.

This continued for nearly half an hour, a pleasure that hovered so close to torture. It was like giving a guy a case of blue balls, but never had Arisa managed to keep one dangling this long. Akira's oral talents rivaled her own, as unbelievable as that was to her.

While Arisa had been in control at the beginning of the night, her lover's expert hands had rendered her nothing more than a fish dangling at the end of his hook. He was controlling her body in every way now, and there was nothing she could do to resist. The mistress of controlling men through their bodies was now discovering what it meant to have the tables turned.

Her body was covered in sweat and her hands twisted and clawed at the sheets in frustration. Tears were starting to form in her eyes. Never had she been driven in such a state by anyone over anything. She was ready to do anything for Akira, even pay him money, if it meant he'd let her climax, just so she could answer her body's need.

"I won't tell Yuriko a thing," she swore. "Please stop teasing me and fuck me."

Arisa felt the hands and tongue leave her alone for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. She began to wail at the idea of him leaving her in such a state. He was an evil man. He had to be. Even that slut, Kuonji, wouldn't deserve to have someone do something like this to her.

Then she felt something much larger than a tongue or fingers place itself at the entrance of her pussy. Her wail of frustration turned to one of pleasure as she felt her lover sink the entirety his shaft into her with one thrust, his pelvis meeting her.

It felt like she was being split in half from the inside as for the first time in half an hour her body was allowed to answer its need. She came far harder than any time in her life. Akira made her previous lovers seem like little boys with the way he was able to manipulate her body. She was a puppet dancing at the end of his strings, but she was willing to dance to his tune if this was the result. She's let him have his way with her three times a day, every day, if he wanted to, just so long as he could do this to her time and again.

The climax had just started to pass when she felt the cock pull back, her insides still hugging it tightly, trying to keep it inside as his pulled his rod out. She heard him grunt "Tight," as he kept pulling back until only the head was in. Then he shoved all the way in again, making Arisa cry out in delight.

The tempo of his thrusts picked up as her insides loosened under his manipulations. Soon he was moving back and forth with much more ease. Now his breathing was becoming rapid, filling the room with her own passionate panting, and through the haze over her thoughts she thought he was close to coming too.

Her suspicions were proven true as she came a second time, and her partner did as well. Instead of filling her stomach, her womb was being filled with a man's fluids, and though it lacked the flavor that she loved so much, it made her orgasm, which was always a better payoff than simply having a guy fill her oral cavity.

Arisa felt his organ soften inside her, disappointed that their session was ending. However, rather than detach himself and back away, he instead leaned forward and began working on her breasts, playing with her nipples, while kissing the back of her neck. She could smell the alcohol on his breath, the odor mingling with the musky scent their bodies were producing.

Playing with the other parts of her body, even with simple kissing, kept Arisa from relaxing. Better yet, within minutes, she could feel her partner harden again. Soon he was pistoning into her once more, much to her delight. His stamina the second time around proved itself unbelievable, as he worked her for another half hour, making her lose count of the number of climaxes she had, though none were quite intense as the one he had given her when first entering her body.

Arisa had been literally fucked into exhaustion by the time she felt him blow his load inside her again. He held onto tightly to her tits as he refilled her insides with his spunk. Once he was spent, he collapsed on top of her, making her lose her own grip as he pressed her body into the mattress and sweat soaked sheets. She didn't mind. It was her first encounter with true afterglow, and she wanted to enjoy it. She closed her eyes, savoring the sensation…

Man, that felt good, Ranma thought to himself as he blew his load into her again. While this Arisa girl might not have been the firecracker in bed Yuriko was, she was still a hot lay. Of course to a married man in his late thirties, any good-looking teenager with tits and an ass like this one was a hot lay, so long as his wife had given her approval to let him enjoy himself. And it was a real boost to the ego to know he could still drive girls into a frenzy.

Ranma noted he had really been in a groove tonight, hitting all the right spots and moves, judging by how the girl responded to his ministrations. Then again, she probably wasn't used to a real man giving it to her the way he could. Her obvious surprise at his pussy eating skills was a testament to that. She'd forget about Akira soon enough, and probably go for older guys from now on. Of course, they still wouldn't be as good as Ranma, but maybe she would luck out and stumble on some guy that was almost as good.

Her body had been limp for a while. Ranma wondered if something was wrong when he felt her body rhythms through his own and realized she had fallen asleep. Too bad. He was capable of at least one more round, with a little coaxing. But screwing a sleeping girl didn't turn him on, and it was obvious the poor girl was worn out. Maybe Shampoo was feeling better and wouldn't mind a go around. If not, he would just live with it. It wasn't like he was some out of control teenager anymore, and he had just had some pretty wild sex with a hot girl that was young enough to be his daughter. If he couldn't be satisfied with that, he'd need checked out.

Zipping himself up, he turned around and headed out the door, his martial artist senses easily allowing him to maneuver around in the dark, found the door, and exited, humming to himself at what a wonderful job he had done.

It wasn't until he arrived home that he forgot one little detail: letting the girl know it wasn't Akira that had been screwing her. Then Ranma decided it was no big deal. Things would work themselves out, like they always did.

It was the story of his life.

Arisa woke up several hours later, disappointed at finding herself alone in the room. She had hoped Akira would have fallen asleep beside her, a testament to his devotion to her.

Still, it didn't matter. Any man that could unleash such pleasure upon her was her property, even if he didn't know it yet. She hadn't counted on Akira being such a formidable foe in bed. She had been eating out of his hand, rather than the other way around. It was unfortunate. He was probably still interested in Yuriko, at least for the moment. But that was all right.

It would make the pursuit of Akira and finally landing him as her own all the more fun.

Author's notes: Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

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