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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after Getting One's Just Desserts I. Here we continue using some of the folks focused on in 'Just Another Day at School.' As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun. This is another of those briefer chapters, rather than a longer one with something resembling a plot. More in the vein of High Stakes. This is a sequel to 'Getting One's Just Desserts I'

Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

Yakumo Sakamoto was an irritable man of late. He was brooding, ill-tempered, and outright angry. It was the exact opposite of the usual confident, almost cocky, attitude he normally displayed around school. Ordinarily, there was a lot to be pleased about. He was handsome, charismatic, and had led Furinkan's rugby team from the depths of obscurity into a legitimate contender for the national rugby title. The only negative thing in his life was his below average grades. Given a choice between athletic achievements that garnered the accolades of his peers, or high grades and the respect of his teachers, Yakumo knew which he would choose, and had done so.

Thanks to his team's success, Yakumo and his close circle of friends (all members of the rugby team) represented one of the highest rungs of the school's social ladder. That, combined with his physical attributes, meant he had access to plenty of pussy. There were few girls not interested in increasing their own social standing by being seen on his arm, though he never kept them around for long. He had yet to find a girl that could hold his interest, seeing them more as personal conquests than long term romantic partners.

The only real drawback to Yakumo's high school existence was that his lifelong rival (and total asshole), Daisuke Fujiwara, was just as popular as he was. Grudgingly, Yakumo would admit Daisuke rivaled him in most aspects, including being captain of the baseball team. While they were nowhere near as successful as the rugby team, baseball was a far more popular sport and therefore garnered as much prestige as the rugby team did.

Since neither could one up the other through sports or social standing, women became their battleground. Whoever managed to land the best-looking girl at any time had the upper hand. But even then neither really managed to pull ahead of the other, gaining girls that were comparable to one another.

Yakumo knew that one of these days he'd land one of the top girls, like Arisa Sanzenin or Yuriko Kuonji (Silver Saotome was off limits since Ryo Hibiki would probably dismember anyone that made a pass at her). Once Yakumo caught one of those, he'd really be able to rub Daisuke's face in it.

Since last week Daisuke had been hinting at Yakumo that he had managed to get one over on him. Curiously, he wouldn't say what it was, which was completely unlike Daisuke. When Yakumo prodded him about it, Daisuke became nervous and denied there was anything, which only made him more suspicious.

It was probably nothing more than a mind-game Daisuke was playing, though usually his rival lacked the intelligence for such tactics. It was odd, and only added to Yakumo's annoyance.

The irritation Daisuke's mind-game caused was only a paper cut compared to the knife wound Yakumo was suffering from. It made him so agitated that he had been snappy with the rugby team for no good reason, which was an exceptionally bad thing. His second-in-command, Nobuyuki, had only narrowly lost the vote for captain, and was eager for an opportunity to usurp Yakumo's control and gain the honor and prestige of leading the team for himself. Not only would it destroy Yakumo's social standing in school, but it would give Daisuke an upper hand that could never be overcome. He had to tread softly with the teammates, leading them with a firm hand, but not an iron grip, while continuing to drive the team to glory. It was a difficult balancing act, but the rewards made it all worthwhile.

Recently, that balance was upset. The reason for Yakumo's near constant irritation was hardly a mystery. He knew damn well what the source was: the 'physical exam' Naughty Nurse Kasumi had administered to him and his comrades.

Yakumo remembered the incident well, replaying every minute detail in his head several times a day. He and his four comrades had entered the room, surprised to see the nurse there instead of the visiting doctor. After the initial disbelief from her "remove your clothing" order passed, Yakumo was quick take this once in a lifetime opportunity to shed his garments and flaunt his physique and sizable cock in her direction. He had hoped she'd stare at it, or gasp at its size. Instead, she had remained cool and professional as she examined him, as though she saw such things every day.

The lack of reaction had disappointed him. Disappointment changed to disbelief, then anger, as he watched her act in anything but a professional manner as she played with the other guys cocks. She had all but jerked off Ryo right in front of everyone. Then she became cool again and told them to dress since they had passed and to have a nice day.

That goddamn cocktease! Worse, she had deeply insulted Yakumo by playing with the others and ignoring him, as though he was inferior to his comrades and unworthy of having his cock played with. It pissed him off to no end, the insult festering inside his mind like an infected wound that couldn't be treated.

Yakumo knew it was bothering him more than it should, but Kasumi had held a unique position that no other woman had in his mind since his first day at Furinkan. He had heard rumors of how hot the nurse was, but it wasn't until Kasumi politely introduced herself (as she did to all the new students) that he understood how little justice the rumors did for her. Being close enough to touch that hot body encased in her tight little nurse's outfit gave him instant wood. After she left, he had to excuse himself to the men's room so he could jack off to make it through the day.

Since that day, Yakumo developed a raging hard on any time she came into sight. He was the one that had coined the nickname 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi' that had caught on like wildfire among the male population. He wanted to fuck her in the worst way possible, but it was obvious she was totally beyond his reach, like that bitch, Hinako, who dressed like a slut but drained anyone that dared stare at her. At least until recently, since it seemed she had calmed down and was sticking mostly to delinquents now.

The only turn off about Kasumi was that while she dressed risqué and had a body that belonged in a centerfold, she was so insufferably sweet and pleasant that it cooled his ardor, as though he had stepped into, if not a cold shower, at least a tepid one. Desiring someone that nice was like having dirty thought about a nun. So he put Naughty Nurse Kasumi out of his mind as best as he could, though she remained a constant figure in many of his lurid dreams.

Now everything had changed. It turned out Kasumi wasn't some sweet woman that just happened to have a killer body, but was in fact the worst kind of dicktease; one that pretended she wasn't. It made him want her worse than ever. It was so bad that while he was in the middle of fucking his last girlfriend, he started fantasizing it was Naughty Nurse Kasumi he was banging. He really started to give it to his girlfriend then, and had almost cried out Kasumi's name when he climaxed. That was the kind of gaffe no man could come back from, and it was her fault it almost happened.

Since then Yakumo had become increasingly cranky, a fact not unnoticed by his friends. That was why Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki and the fraternal twins, Kyosuke and Kenji, were hanging around, trying to cheer him up and failing miserably.

"That exam room thing is really bothering you, isn't it?" Kyosuke asked.

Yakumo remained silent, his brooding only becoming worse.

"Hell, it's bothering me too," Kenji complained as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"I didn't think it was so bad," Ryo piped in.

"You mean you like some girl jerking your cock and not finishing you off so you have a case of blue balls for the rest of the day?" Yakumo snapped.

Ryo became silent.

Kyosuke spoke again. "Yeah, it ain't right. I mean, she's a faculty member and everything. She shouldn't be allowed to start jerking us off and stop. It's like abuse of power or something."

Yakumo froze. Kyosuke's statement had suddenly started the wheels of his mind spinning in a direction he had not considered before. It took several seconds for the thoughts to coalesce, but once they did, they flowed quickly and surely.

"You know, something, I think you're right," Yakumo said. "In fact, I think we need to do something about this clear violation of administrative policy. Now here's my plan…"

Kasumi had just finished inventorying some recently delivered medical supplies when there was a knock on her office door. "Come in," she said, putting the clipboard on a nearby table.

Yakumo entered, shutting the door behind him. Kasumi thought she heard him lock it, but was uncertain. There was something else consuming her thoughts. Her heart beat a little faster as she recalled her special 'examination' of him, remembering how sexy he looked without any clothing. Her tryst with Silver-kun had started making her consider all sorts of inappropriate thoughts regarding the male students surrounding her in school. "How can I help you?" she asked sweetly.

Yakumo approached her, a pensive look on his face. "I'm afraid I have some bad news."

"Oh?" Kasumi asked, eager to help him in his time of need. That was one of the reasons she enjoyed being a nurse at the school. She wanted to be there for the students when they came to her for assistance.

Yakumo moved forward until he was standing next to Kasumi. She was a tall woman, and he only stood at eye level with her as he looked her in the eye. "Yes, I'm afraid it involves a serious breach of conduct involving myself and several other students with a member of the faculty."

"Oh?" Suddenly Kasumi was the one who was apprehensive.

Yakumo nodded grimly. "It seems one of the members of the faculty abused her position and did some improper things to us. It made us feel violated."

Kasumi felt her heart sink into her stomach. It was obvious who and what he was talking about. She was stunned that he and his friends felt this way just because she had been a little playful in her examination of them. Judging by the way they had been talking in the hall about all of the highly improper things they wanted to do to her, Kasumi had assumed they would have enjoyed her attention to them while they were naked. But it appeared their lurid commentary had all been talk, and their poor, fragile psyches had been damaged by her actions.

Theoretically, Kasumi could have had the boys' complaints silenced before they ever got to the principal. She could personally apologize and ask them very sweetly not to. Over time, Kasumi discovered that when she asked people nicely, they tended to do things for her, even when they didn't really want to. Apparently she was one of those individuals others had difficulty saying "No," to. She rarely did such things, not wanting to talk people into going out of their way for her sake, but she was able to manage it when she put her heart into it. Alternatively, one word to Silver about Kasumi potentially losing her job and the martial artist would intimidate the boys to the point where they might really be traumatized. Silver was displaying a lot more concern about Kasumi since their illicit encounter and would help her even if she didn't ask.

But that would never do. Kasumi knew she was in the wrong. She had misbehaved, abusing her position of trust, and would accept the punishment for her wrongdoing. It would mean losing a job she loved, and probably her license to nurse, but she was stoic, ready to reap the whirlwind she had sown through her actions.

Yakumo began rubbing his chin in thought. "Well, there might be a way for you to help us get over our suffering so that we wouldn't mention the incident to anybody."

"There is?" The offer was like a life preserver had been thrown to her after being tossed into a stormy ocean of uncertainty.

Yakumo's grim look suddenly turned lascivious. "Yes. If you were to finish properly examining us, it would make everything better. No doubt about it. We wouldn't breathe a word of what happened to anyone."

The mercurial shift in his gaze and body posture alerted Kasumi to what was really going on. They hadn't been traumatized at all by the incident; they simply wanted more of the same. That changed the situation. Now she was a bit peeved over his insinuation that they had been hurt by her actions when nothing could have been further from the truth. Her conscience would be clear if she informed Silver of what these boys were asking her to do. Or even more effectively, she could tell Yakumo that her son, Akira, wouldn't approve. Even two years after Akira had graduated, his reputation for over-protectiveness toward his mother remained the stuff of legend. Kasumi recalled that unfortunate incident when one of the students had made the mistake of commenting on her breasts while Akira was standing right behind him. It took a set of the Jaws of Life to pry the poor student out of his locker. Even giving Akira a stern lecture about boys being boys and a reprimand to control his temper did little to change his behavior. During his entire tenure at Furinkan, few male students went to the nurse's office, opting to tough it out rather than risk making Akira suspicious of their behavior. Dropping his name around Yakumo would make him back off, at least if the youth had any survival instincts whatsoever.

Once Kasumi considered the matter though, she realized she wasn't in the right either. While Yakumo's motives were anything but pure, he was within his rights to protest her behavior toward him and his friends. It presented a bit of a quandary.

Kasumi decided she to clear her conscience. She had started the situation with the youths. It was up to her to finish things in an honorable fashion. "Very well. I will finish giving you and your friends your physicals."

Yakumo licked his lips in anticipation. "Fine. We'll be coming by after school today."

"So soon?" Kasumi gasped. She was still trying to adjust to the idea of what would be required of her to finish 'examining' the boys. She certainly hadn't thought he'd demand she resolve things by the end of the day.

"The sooner the better."

Kasumi noted him adjusting his waistband. She looked down and saw the noticeable bulge in his pants. Yakumo was certainly a sizable boy. Not as large as Silver-kun's monstrous cock, but well above average. It might not be such a bad idea to see how he measured up to the gender-changing martial artist. In the name of medical science, of course.

"Be seeing you." Yakumo flashed her his most winning smile and left the office.

Kasumi collapsed back into her chair, wondering exactly what she had gotten herself into.

Kasumi's heart hammered in her chest as she stood in her nurse's office. The bell signaling the end of the school day had rang nearly half an hour ago, and she waited in nervous anticipation for what was to come. Since Yakumo had delivered his ultimatum, Kasumi had been a bundle of nervous energy. She had no regrets about accepting his offer. No, what made her nervous was how she was going to conduct their examination. She had never forgotten the sight of those five, fit youths standing naked in her office as she handled their cocks. They had all been rigid bars of iron in her grip, and at the time a part of her had wondered what it would have been like to move her hand up and down their rods until they discharged their lovely white fluid under her ministrations. Now she was about to find out.

Kasumi was surprised at how nervous she was. It wouldn't be the first time she had administered manual sex. Of course, she had never jerked off more than one person at a time, and certainly never anyone young enough to be her son. Though there was that time she and Silver-kun had done it all over the office during the demon sperm incident last week. Memories of the martial artist relentlessly pounding Kasumi's pussy with his huge cock, dumping what felt like a gallon of sperm into her fertile womb for nearly an hour straight, actually calmed her somewhat. Though at the same time it made her more eager to see the boys again.

A dozen different versions of how to deal with the matter raced through Kasumi's mind over the last three hours. She had finally settled on one course of action when there was a knock at the door, and the idea fled as quickly as it came.

"Enter." As the word left her mouth, Kasumi realized it might be someone other than Yakumo and his companions. If so, she was going to have to get rid of them quickly, in case the boys did come by. Kasumi would have to make some fast explanations while hoping she didn't actually have to lie in order to straighten out such a situation.

Her fears were for nothing as Yakumo, Kyosuke, and Kenji all but raced inside. Last in was the large Ryo Hibiki, whose towering height gave him only a couple of centimeters clearance between the top of his head and the doorframe. He seemed reluctant to enter, and there was a red blush on his cheeks. For some reason Kasumi felt a touch irritated, by his hesitation. Then she looked over the other three and she became excited again. Whatever reluctance Ryo might have had, it was more than made up by the eagerness on the other three boys' faces. It was a sharp contrast to the surprise they had on the day of the first physical when they suddenly realized she would be administering it to them.

Now that her 'patients' had arrived, it was time. The quicker she got it over with the quicker the matter was resolved. "Please remove your clothing, gentlemen." Her voice was that of a cool professional, a stark contrast to the way her heart was beating in her chest at what was about to happen.

Their clothing was shed in a heartbeat, tossed in various heaps on the floor. For a moment, Kasumi forgot what they were there for and sighed. Boys were so messy. Even Akira had been growing up. A girl would have had the sense to fold her clothes up properly so they weren't wrinkled afterward.

Well, her uniform had ended up in a heap on the floor when she and Silver-kun had gone at it hammer and tongs, but that was different since she was under a demon's influence at the time. Ordinarily she was very tidy, even when she was about to have sex.

Within seconds the youths were naked, even Ryo, who was the last to disrobe. Kasumi's looked them over. Their bodies were a treat to the eyes. Being members of the rugby team, they were in excellent physical condition. While Kyosuke and Kenji were fine specimens, it was Yakumo and Ryo who were the real attention-grabbers. In Yakumo's case, it was not just that he was slightly larger than the twins in overall size and better muscle definition, but he had a very nice piece of equipment between his legs. Judging by his assured manner, and from what some of the girls who came by for contraceptives said, he had put it to good use on many occasions.

Ryo was something else altogether. At six foot three and nearly three hundred pounds of solid muscle, he was easily the biggest man Kasumi had ever seen in person, naked or otherwise. It was obvious he spent a great deal of time lifting weights and sculpting his body so that everything wasn't just big, but proportional as well. While Kasumi was a touch on the tall side for a woman, she felt like a little girl in the presence of such a huge man.

While there wasn't any specific type of man that turned Kasumi on, seeing these four students with their young, athletic bodies, directing their entire attention at her was exciting. Over the years she had dated numerous men, but most of them had been older and not in the best of shape. Having not just one, but four such healthy specimens of manhood to choose from was exciting all by itself, especially in conjunction with what she was about to do with them.

"We're ready for our exam." Yakumo placed his hands on his hips and tilted his pelvis slightly forward in Kasumi's direction.

Kasumi looked at them curiously. "Weren't there five of you before?"

"Matsui couldn't make it. His girlfriend is keeping him on a tight leash and he had already agreed to see her before we made this arrangement," Yakumo explained.

Kasumi felt an inexplicable pang of something that was almost jealousy. She quickly dismissed the silly thought from her mind. It was time to live up to her end of the bargain. "Line up like you did the last time."

The quartet obeyed with lightning quickness, from Yakumo to Kyosuke to Kenji, with Ryo being the anchor of the line.

Kasumi started with Yakumo once again, slightly amazed at how lustfully he was staring at her. All of the boys were obviously horny and ready to go, including the somewhat reluctant Ryo, but even combined none of them matched the fire in Yakumo's eyes. She couldn't remember the last time someone looked upon her with such lust. She wasn't sure how it made her feel, but it did have an effect on her. She skipped the idea of starting out slowly and giving them a serious check-up and then moving on to the more carnal part of the exam. It was obvious they didn't need any warm up, and she saw no need to drag things out.

Kasumi fell to her knees before Yakumo. He was so wired with anticipation that his cockhead was already a deep shade of purple, and there was a clear drip of precum at his slit. Kasumi's mouth watered reflexively at the sight of this large member that had become so aroused at the mere thought of her.

The original plan Kasumi had settled upon called for her to simply jerk them off and clean up the mess afterward. It was what she had hinted at the last time they were here. But now that she found such a large prick ready and raring to go, pointed right at her face, she thought of something better. She brought one hand up to encircle the large, round shaft. Rather than bringing the other one to join it, she leaned forward and engulfed the entire head, along with the first couple of inches, in her mouth.

The effect was instantaneous as Yakumo reared his head back and groaned. He placed one hand on top of Kasumi's head, slightly toward the back of it. He was not holding her in place or forcing her to suck down more of his shaft. It was more like a subconscious precaution to prevent her from possibly leaving as he moaned at the sensations his cock was enjoying.

Having the familiar sensation of her lips wrapped around a cock served to calm Kasumi further. She was no stranger to blow-jobs. All of the men she had dated and gone on to have sex with had enjoyed her skill at administering them, always complimenting her prowess and sometimes claiming she had the best mouth they had ever encountered. She was certain they were exaggerating, but it was very flattering to receive such praise.

More relaxed now, Kasumi began to really work his cock. First she moved her mouth back and forth over it, taking down increasing inches of his manhood. When she relaxed her tonsils enough to take three-quarters of it down, she backed off, using more tongue action across the sensitive head, paying special attention to running it up and down his slit. Her second hand came up and began playing with his sack, fondling it delicately, mindful not to squeeze it too hard. She had made that mistake her first time with Shampoo-kun, and nearly ended the session early. It was a mistake she hadn't made since.

Yakumo's opinion seemed to match that of the other men Kasumi had blown, since he began to pump his hips forward, despite his best effort to remain motionless and hold back. His inherent willpower was unable to overcome Kasumi's skill. The arousal built up from anticipation was too much, and he barely lasted a minute before he began to climax.

Kasumi felt his cock begin to twitch. She backed her lips up until only the head was still in her mouth just as he exploded. She gulped down every drop as his cock spewed day-long pent up seed into her oral cavity. He didn't even need to pump his hips as her mouth forced his rod to give up everything it could.

Eventually, despite the force of the orgasm, Yakumo ran dry. He gasped and his knees almost buckled from the effort and relief. Even he was a bit astonished at how forcefully he had come. None of his numerous girlfriends had produced that effect from a mere blow job. Now he understood where the term, 'she can suck a golf ball through ten feet of a garden hose' came from.

Once Kasumi was certain he had yielded every drop, she detached her mouth from his organ, giving it one final flick of her tongue. She looked up at Yakumo from her position on her knees, smiling sweetly. "I'm happy to say you've passed your physical. Everything is in working order."

Yakumo was too busy coming down from his high to think of some way to respond.

The others standing in line had watched in awe as the 'Naughty Nurse' had given their captain what was obviously a first class blow job. They became more anxious when Kasumi rose to her feet and moved to the next person in line, Kyosuke, who was the older of the twins by about five minutes.

Again she went down to her knees and began pumping his shaft her hand. Once a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip, she opened her mouth and proceeded to repeat what she had done with Yakumo. In even less time than the last youth, Kasumi was rewarded with a mouthful of sperm, which she greedily gulped down before moving further down the line.

By the time she finished with Kenji, noting that he came as quickly as his brother, Kasumi became a touch dismayed. While younger men came hard, they certain didn't seem to last long. Perhaps it was because they were only used to relatively inexperienced girls blowing them, if they received any oral satisfaction at all. No doubt she was the most skilled woman the boys had ever dealt with, so perhaps they could be forgiven for not knowing how to control themselves when they were being played with by someone who knew what she was doing.

Then it was Ryo's turn. Given how reluctant he had been at first, Kasumi assumed she might have to order him to remain still long enough for her to complete his exam. It was surprising that he was so timid, considering how intimidating he was given his massive size. Despite hearing rumors he was something of a weenie-boy, Kasumi thought it was sweet that he was the proverbial 'gentle giant'.

Her opinion of him changed slightly as Kasumi walked up to him, sashaying her hips as a subtle form of enticement. Before she could do anything else, Ryo grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her into a kneeling position at his feet. Just as she started to utter a word of protest, he jammed his cock into her open mouth, then sighed in relief. "That's better," Ryo said in satisfaction, placing his hands on the back of her head and beginning to slowly pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

Kasumi noted this one was going differently from the others. Ryo was in complete control of the tempo. Soon he was forcing his entire length into her mouth, her nose mashed against his pubic hairs. She was barely able to handle him. Another inch and she would have been gagging on it. Deep-throating was not a technique she normally used nor was very good with, opting instead to take in part of the head and shaft and relying more on tongue action to arouse her partners. Still, she tried to manage the best she could, using her tongue on him as he pumped her mouth with a slow, steady pace.

With Ryo controlling the tempo, he lasted longer than any of his teammates. The sounds of sucking and slurping filled the office for as long as it had with the other three combined. But even the large man couldn't hold out forever, and soon he was forcing Kasumi's head to remain motionless as he spewed his seed down her throat as well.

Since he was the final one, Kasumi allowed her mouth to remain attached to his cock, even after his hands removed themselves from her head. She continued sucking it for so long, she felt it start to stiffen again, preventing it from ever going completely flaccid. Reluctantly, Kasumi finished her last exam and disengaged herself from Ryo.

As she returned to her feet, she ran a tongue over her lips, savoring the lingering flavor of their seed. After sampling these four youths, as well as Silver-kun, Kasumi decided there was something tastier about younger men's sperm then the flavor of the more mature men she was used to.

"You also pass your exam," she informed Ryo. "All of you are very, very healthy young men."

Suddenly a pair of hands came from behind Kasumi, reaching up under her arms to roughly fondle her breasts through her outfit. From behind her, Yakumo said, "Since you were so nice and thorough in giving us our examinations, we decided to return the favor and give you one of our own."

Kasumi gasped at Yakumo's bold declaration. Letting the guys 'examine' her hadn't been part of the deal. Had Yakumo stated that at the outset, she probably would have refused. But now that she found herself surrounded by four naked men, who more than qualified for the term 'handsome studs', she found herself reconsidering. Being the center of attention of such virile young men was a new experience for her. Sucking down their delicious loads, which were even now coating her throat and stomach, had been an erotic experience and turned her on like little else had. Yakumo's continued fondling of her sensitive nipples only served to increase her ardor, changing the trepidation his statement had elicited into fascination.

Yakumo took the decision out of her hands as he interpreted her silence for consent and began to deftly undo the buttons lining the front of her uniform. Within seconds he had them undone and peeled the white and pink outfit from her body, letting it pool at her feet.

Kasumi had been in a hurry to make it to school, and had only put on nylons rather than her usual stockings and garters. Now she stood in only her bra and panties, though the men surrounding her didn't seem to mind her choice of underwear as they stared lasciviously at her body.

Wordlessly Yakumo guided her to the exam table dominating the center of the room. It was padded, with disposable plastic sheets covering the surface. The plastic made a rubbery sound as Yakumo helped Kasumi sit up on the table. He stood directly in front of her, a confident grin on his features.

"Let's start the exam, shall we?" Yakumo reached up and undid the front clasp on her bra, allowing her ample breasts to spill free as he slid the bra the rest of the way off her body.

Yakumo thought to himself that the naughty nurse's tits looked even bigger once they were released from her uniform. While Hinako and Yuriko might have had larger racks, in his opinion they were a little too big (not that he would pass up the chance to suck on them if the opportunity presented itself). To him, the breasts right in front of him were the perfect size.

Trembling with desire, Yakumo began fondling the breasts, finding them too large for his hands to fully encompass. While they weren't as firm as most of the girls he had been with, they were filled out in a way that only a mature woman's could be. He preferred them by far over the tits of girls his age. He showed his appreciation by letting his hands work over every inch of them, savoring the way the soft, yet firm flesh felt under his fingertips.

Oh yes, these were perfect. He could play with them all day and never grow bored.

"These things are top notch, and in great shape," Yakumo informed Kasumi as he continued playing with her large orbs, showing his approval through deed as well as by word. However there was another part of her impressive mammaries that deserved special attention. Yakumo began tweaking the already rigid nipples, making them bullet hard points. The effect on the naughty nurse was instantaneous as she all but swooned in his grasp. "I see these are reacting just like they should. They're nice and responsive, aren't they?" He tweaked one especially hard.

"Yes," Kasumi hissed.

"Let's see how they react to a taste test." Yakumo lowered his head took the nipple he had been holding into his mouth. Even he was surprised at how her body jerked the instant he began to apply some suction to the nipple. None of the girls he had been with before had ever reacted like that. He made a mental note of it as he continued to suck away.

With his attention reserved for the woman before him Yakumo was barely aware of Ryo saying, "I think I'd like to give a second opinion on that."

Yakumo glanced to the side, and saw Hibiki nudge his way next to him. At first he thought Ryo was trying to force him away from Kasumi altogether. Yakumo would have kicked the crap out of him for that, even if his colossal teammate could bench press a small truck. But Ryo stopped jostling once he maneuvered close enough to gain a firm grip at the other breast. Ryo lowered his own head and proceeded to mirror what his captain was doing. Yakumo settled in where he was and continued working the breast he had focused on.

Kasumi was beside herself as the twin sensations of having both breasts sucked on at the same time assailed her body. Ryo was really applying some suction, making her think he was trying to inhale her breast. Never had she felt anything like this. She couldn't believe something so simple could be so wonderful. While her nipples were normally incredibly sensitive, the treatment they were receiving sent her senses into overdrive. She could feel a river practically flowing between her legs with how turned on she was, and a wet stain formed at the crotch of her panties.

As the guys continued lavishing their oral attention on her globes, Kasumi's hands reflexively sought out the space between their legs. With their heads blocking her view, she reached out blindly. She was quickly rewarded with two hard, veiny rods that fit comfortably in her hands (as contrasted by Silver-kun and Shampoo-kun's cocks, which she could just barely get her hand around). Not that these youths didn't have plenty to get the job done. Her hands began pumping up and down on their shafts while they continued to suck away.

Now that Kasumi had become a more active participant, she began to speak out loud, as she normally did during a particularly good bout of sex. She urged Yakumo and Ryo on, chanting, "Yes, that's it! Suck my breasts! You're doing it just right! Don't stop!"

The urging had the predictable effect of making the pair suck harder, leaving the twins on the outside staring mournfully at the display. And making their cocks even harder than before.

The hand motion Kasumi was using on the guys prodded them into moving things along. Yakumo was the first to lose it as he stopped sucking on the breast and rose back up to his full height. He reached down and grabbed Kasumi's panties. She was coherent enough to help as she lifted her hips, allowing him to pull the undergarment free. Ryo realized what was happening and moved aside as Yakumo pressed Kasumi backward, laying her out so her pussy was just at the edge of the exam table, poised perfectly for what he was about to do.

"Time for an internal examination." Yakumo grabbed Kasumi's hips to hold her steady and lined his cock up with her lower lips. Unable to contain himself any longer, he simply plunged right in. Luckily, Kasumi was well lubricated from the handling of her breasts. He managed to slip the head past and nearly half his shaft into her before it became too tight to go forward any more.

Yakumo remained where he was, savoring how wonderful it felt having his dick inside such an incredibly hot woman. Impossibly, she felt far better than any other girl he had been inside. He didn't know what it was that made her swampy depths superior, but they were. He looked down in near awe at how her pussy was spread wide by his thick shaft, clinging to it in a warm and wet embrace, burning the image into his mind forever.

While he rested, the twins had finally had enough. Kyosuke and Kenji nearly ran up to the exam table, one on each side. Now that Kasumi's breasts were available, each bent down and began to work on her mammaries even as their teammates had earlier.

Their intrusion did nothing to dissuade Yakumo. He had to answer the own needs of his body, and he began to move his hips back and forth, getting more of his cock in with each successive thrust. He wasn't rough, but firm, with each stroke. He remained conscious of her reactions, making certain sure she was enjoying the way he took her body. It wasn't long before she loosened up under his strokes, and he managed to bury himself up to the hilt, groaning in ecstasy at how her insides felt around the entirety of his manhood.

Having Yakumo's full length in her pussy, in conjunction with the way the twins were all but slobbering over her breasts, was more than Kasumi could handle. As she felt his groin rub against hers, she came powerfully, crying out in rapture at the wonderful sensations these men were eliciting from her. How could she ever have the slightest doubt about letting them use her body for their pleasure and hers?

Feeling her tighten on his shaft threatened to send Yakumo over the top. There was no way he wanted to come just yet, having only just started to sample the things the naughty nurse's body had to offer. He remained where he was, trying to regain control over himself. He decided to take a moment and direct things into a better position.

"Hey, Ryo, she's making a lot of noise, and we don't want to attract any attention. Why don't you give her something to keep her mouth occupied?"

Ryo picked up on the hint immediately. The twins reluctantly stopped playing with her breasts and helped Yakumo reposition her.

Still in a shrouded in an orgasmic haze, Kasumi was uncertain as to what was going on until she felt the twin's mouths leave her breasts and her body was shifted so that it was diagonally positioned on the exam table, with her head tilted downward over the edge. Her neck would soon develop an ache like that. She was about to complain when a hard cock suddenly came into view.

The sides of her head were grabbed and Ryo once again jammed his cock into her mouth. This time Kasumi was prepared for the forceful way she was being taken. She tried her best to add her tongue to the mix, but she was uncertain if Ryo was even aware of it as he thrust back and forth into her oral cavity.

Since Kasumi's head was over the side, she couldn't see what was happening. Ryo was just starting to establish a rhythm when she felt a pair of mouths return to her nipples. At the same moment, the large cock in her pussy began to shuttle in and out again.

Moments before, Kasumi had thought it impossible to be more turned on as she had her pussy fucked and both her breasts sucked upon. But now that she had a cock moving in and out of her mouth, it nearly doubled her pleasure. She had no idea that being penetrated at both ends simultaneously could feel so amazing. Especially when the cocks were attached to two such energetic young studs. It wasn't slutty to be filled up with so much cock. It was divine.

Now Yakumo was really starting to build up some steam as he pounded away at her pussy. He was actually driving an additional inch of Ryo's cock down her throat on his instroke, and only the twins' attention to her breasts prevented them from bouncing madly. Yakumo was also able to increase his speed as her insides continued to loosen up under the intensity of his exam.

Yakumo was really starting to get into it now as he called out, "This is what you want, isn't it? You prance around in that skimpy nurse's outfit, making all us guys think about how much we want to fuck you, because you want our cocks stuffed up this tight snatch of yours. Don't you? Don't you?!"

If her mouth hadn't been full, Kasumi would have told him she that was exactly what she wanted as she felt a white hot heat fill her loins, a prelude to the monstrous orgasm that was building up.

Yakumo's questions became incoherent grunting as he hammered away at her loins. Suddenly he stopped, almost seizing up as his climax hit and the world whited out on him momentarily from the intensity.

The instant Kasumi felt his fertile seed pump into her unprotected womb, she climaxed just as powerfully as her partner, her body shaking even harder than Yakumo's. Only Ryo's cock muffled her cries as her body spasmed in conjunction with Yakumo's rod. The twins removed their mouths and stood back in awe at how hard she was coming, and even Ryo was forced to use some muscle to keep her mouth attached to his cock.

It seemed that an eternity filled with bliss passed before the pair came down from their mutual high. Even Ryo had removed his cock from Kasumi's mouth, (since she had gone limp anyway), and watched with no small amount of awe at what had just happened.

It took Kasumi a while to form coherent thoughts. Only Shampoo and Silver had ever been able to do that to her. And while it was obvious that individually none of these youths could match the either of the gender-changing pair's sexual prowess (or the emotions connected with them), collectively they could make up for it with quantity over quality. It might have been shallow thinking on her part, they were certainly nice boys, really, and very virile (much moreso than most of Kasumi's previous mature lovers) but this wasn't really about love and emotion. It was all about pure, unadulterated lust.

Yakumo finally detached himself from Kasumi, looking exhausted as he backed off and slumped in a nearby chair. He wasn't able to say anything for the moment, too overcome by the emotions from the afterglow he was feeling.

With an opening to be had, Kyosuke moved just a touch faster than either of the other two men still sporting hard-ons as he positioned himself next to Kasumi's pussy. With how Yakumo had loosened her up before, he was able to sink his smaller shaft up to the hilt in one thrust.

Despite being disappointed at missing the next turn, Kenji entertained himself by taking Kasumi's now vacant mouth and bringing his cock up to her lips. She had recovered enough of her senses to start eagerly sucked down his shaft. Ryo chose to work over her breasts while he awaited his turn.

Yakumo watched everything from his position in the chair as that hot woman was taken again by his teammates. That had been the most intense sex in his life, bar none. He didn't know it could get that good or that he could come that hard. Watching what was happening with the guys taking their turn at ravishing Kasumi's body, his cock started to twitch back to life, despite having come twice in less than half an hour.

During the course of things it had become obvious that they weren't forcing Naughty Nurse Kasumi to do anything she didn't want to. Even now she was enthusiastically sucking down Kenji's dick and moving her hips in conjunction with Kyosuke. There was no doubt this mature woman wanted cock, and in a big way. That whole 'nice girl' act was a complete facade. Knowing that made Yakumo glad, though he wasn't sure why. Certainly he wanted her a touch on the dirty side, but this exceeded his wildest dreams by far.

Semi-relaxing in his chair, Yakumo continued watching as his cock became just as hard as the first time. Kyosuke had just built up a good tempo when he and his brother cried out as one. They came simultaneously in both her holes. As they did so, Kasumi came again as well, though Yakumo noted with pride it wasn't quite as hard as the time he had done her.

With Kenji having come in her mouth, there was no competition for an eager Ryo as he all but shoved Kyosuke aside and picked Kasumi up in his arms, as though she was a limp rag doll. Even Yakumo was a bit an awe of Ryo as he held her up by her ass, spreading her legs open, and proceeded to drop her on his hard shaft. The results were immediate as Kasumi came back to life, encircling her arms around his neck, and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Ryo began bouncing her up and down on his rod effortlessly, making her increasingly wild with each thrust. She cried out his name and God's in equal amounts as she begged him to keep doing what he was doing. Yakumo became annoyed that Ryo was making her so aroused so quickly, and that he wasn't strong enough to do the same thing to her. He'd have to find some other position she really liked when he took his turn with her again.

A familiar musical chime floated forth from Yakumo's pile of clothing. He considered ignoring it, but the distraction would be good for the growing jealousy he felt. Besides, it would be kinky to talk to someone while Naughty Nurse Kasumi was getting her hot pussy fucked not more than two meters away.

Yakumo rummaged through his pants' pockets until he found the phone. He answered it, smiling slyly as he watched Ryo continue to work Kasumi over.

"Yakumo speaking."

"It's Nobuyuki. Where the hell are you?!"

Yakumo nearly cursed out loud as it all came back to him. He and the others had gotten so caught up in the idea of finally fucking that cocktease nurse that he had forgotten the mandatory practice he had scheduled for today after school. Yakumo looked at the clock. It would have begun nearly a half hour ago.

"I'm sort of tied up at the moment," Yakumo said.

That only seemed to anger Nobuyuki further. "Got any idea where Hibiki and the Aikawa twins are? They're late, too."

"Ah, they're with me. We all got tied up in the same thing."

It was at that inopportune moment that Kasumi cried out, "Yes! You're going to make me come again!"

There was a moment of dead silence on the line. The silence was preferable to the cold statements that came next. "I see. I recommend you get down here now and show the rest of us where your priorities are, unless you want to lose your captaincy." The line went dead.

Yakumo growled to himself. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay and fuck this hot piece of ass until she couldn't walk anymore. It was the complete opposite of every girl he had been with before. Ordinarily, what he felt after screwing a girl was a sense of triumph as he made another conquest. After that his interest in them lessened, his goal having been achieved. Looking at this woman as Ryo pumped her up and down on his cock, Yakumo found he wanted to fuck her again more than ever. He wasn't sure why he felt differently this time, but there was no doubt he did. It was an unsettling feeling, though not in a bad way.

Yakumo considered blowing off the team. He seriously did. He wanted to slide his cock into Kasumi's pussy again that badly, and this was the only opportunity he was ever going to have. But the more rational part of his mind screeched at the top of its lungs that he couldn't throw everything away for a one-time lay. Since Nobuyuki knew exactly what Yakumo and the others were doing, he would force a vote of confidence about Yakumo's right to lead. With the playoffs coming up, tensions were high and the perception that Yakumo considered screwing a girl more important than the team winning the championship would have him demoted to water boy in an instant. If that happened he would lose all of his prestige in school and become a figure to be pitied instead of emulated.

And Daisuke would forever be ahead of him.

In the end, there was just too much to lose. He snapped the phone shut and barked, "Finish up, Ryo! We got to get to practice!"

Uncharacteristically, Ryo snarled at the teammate. He bounced Kasumi up and down several more times before giving out a bellow and popped his pent up ardor in the woman he held so closely to his body. Kasumi responded in kind, crying out at the top of her lungs, making Yakumo concerned someone out in the halls might hear even if the nurse's office was reputed to be soundproofed.

Yakumo watched as Kasumi's hands, which had been firmly grasping Ryo's back, dug in and pulled away. Her nails left bright red streaks across the skin of Ryo's back, cutting open his skin and nearly drawing blood. The huge youth seemed to take no notice of her inflicting a blatant set of passion marks on his skin. Yakumo felt envious again. He would have carried those marks as a badge of honor if she had done that to him.

As Ryo and Kasumi came down from their mutual high, Kenji whined. "I didn't get a chance to do her in her pussy."

"That's your fault for letting her suck you off twice." Not that that was a bad thing in Yakumo's opinion. She was a talented cocksucker, though banging her pussy had been better.

"Maybe we could skip practice?" Kyosuke suggested.

The glare Yakumo shot silenced him instantly, almost to the point of rendering Kenji flaccid.

Ryo set an exhausted Kasumi back down on the exam table. Her fluids, as well as those of three other men, began to pool under her as they leaked from her pussy on the table. The sight made Yakumo even harder. It was almost impossible to leave her as he wanted to add to that mixture once again. But the others were getting dressed, and if he was forcing them to go, he had to as well.

Yakumo dressed as quickly as he could, just accepting the fact his underwear was going to be messy. Being so reluctant, he was the last to finish putting on his clothes as the others waited impatiently for him, all of them shooting the naked Kasumi mournful glances. As Yakumo finished buttoning up his shirt, he saw her looking… was it forlornly at him?

And then an idea came to him. "You guys go ahead," Yakumo instructed. "I'll catch up to you."

"You're just going to stay and bang her again!" Kenji complained.

"I'll be right there," Yakumo said through gritted teeth. "Now go, or I'll get more pissed than I already am."

The others did as he ordered, shutting the door behind them. Yakumo turned to Kasumi, and found a pain in his chest bothering him. "Duty calls. I have to go. I'm sorry."

"I understand," Kasumi said.

Then Yakumo moved next to her, fondling a breast and playing with the folds of her well-used pussy. "You know, rugby's an awful rough sport. The team gets banged up after every game. As the school's nurse you might want to attend the games and… check some of us out afterwards to make sure we're still in working order. I can arrange things so your examinations are as discreet as the one you conducted today."

Kasumi's eyes widened. "I… see. It something to consider."

"I hope you will," Yakumo said sincerely. Not wanting to stay another moment for fear he wouldn't leave at all, he departed, closing the door behind him.

As Yakumo made his way through the halls, he prayed with every fiber of his being that she'd take him up on his offer of a repeat performance. He'd be able to protect her reputation and keep word from getting out. Doing her hot ass would be the rugby team's best kept secret, under penalty of immediate expulsion from the team, being denounced as a vicious liar, becoming the target of repeated humiliation by the entire team, and having Ryo break some of the more useful body parts of the offender. In effect, making high school ten times the hell it was for normal teenagers. That also meant he wouldn't be able to brag about this to Daisuke, but curiously, that didn't bother Yakumo as much as he thought it would.

Pushing the confusion from his mind, Yakumo shook his head clear as best as he could and prepared for practice.

Kasumi found herself once again lying down in her office, the recipient of some of the best sex she had in years. If someone had told her that morning that she would end up having intercourse with four of her students (and none of them were Silver-kun) she would have thought they had ingested a hallucinogen and administer something to detoxify them. But here she was, on her back, naked and with the sperm of four different men inside her body. Instead of feeling dirty or improper, Kasumi felt sinfully satisfied. Like when she ignored her diet and ate fatty desserts, only much more sinful and much more satisfied. She had no idea being gang banged could be so intoxicating. It was like the euphoric effect of alcohol without killing the brain cells. She almost felt like she was a school girl again. Perhaps having sex with school boys had something to do with that.

Despite taking eight loads of come in her mouth and pussy, Kasumi could have handled more. Wanted to handle more, truth be told. Oh, she felt tired, but it was a delightful sort of tired rather than a bad one. She was honestly disappointed they had to leave, and she could tell they were, too. The only thing that would have made the gang bang better was if Silver-kun had been involved, though realistically between his massive cock and the other boys, that might be more than she could handle. Certainly, it would be fun finding out just what the maximum amount of sex she could handle was.

As she lay on her back, enjoying the afterglow, Kasumi's eyes traveled to one of the cabinets. Unlike with Silver-kun, this time she would take some post contraceptives. She couldn't afford to have any of the members of the team impregnate her. That honor was reserved for Silver-kun or Ranma. But the very thought of their virile sperm swimming in her womb was still thrilling, even long after they had finished up.

Now Kasumi had much to think about. Originally she had planned to keep her 'Naughty Nurse' activities confined to Silver, whom she liked very much and knew would be discreet. In fact, Kasumi had been planning on having the martial artist help around the office once or twice a week. Sort of like a candy striper, though Silver's duties would be of a more carnal nature. Given the smoldering glances they had been sharing when they saw each other in the halls, Kasumi was fairly certain Silver would be looking forward to her performing her duties for one of the school's faculty.

Kasumi was amazed to find herself seriously considering Yakumo's offer of arranging future encounters. Then again, maybe it wasn't so surprising. It would be difficult for any single woman over forty to resist the advances of several young, attractive studs offering to service her. Most of the men Kasumi had dated over the years couldn't get it up more than a twice a night, and three times on rare occasions. For horny high schoolers like Yakumo and his teammates, getting it up three times was a minimum. It would be all the sex she could possibly handle, and then some.

It was also a nice change of pace to not worry about relationships and just enjoy wild and erotic sex for the first time in her life. It was liberating and a boost to her ego. The halcyon days of youth where she didn't have to worry about age lines, gravity, and her weight were long in the past. Her ability to indulge in such promiscuous behavior would disappear when the male students stopped seeing her as 'naughty' and just as 'nurse' Kasumi.

She still had some years to go. She couldn't remember the last time anyone thought she was over thirty five just by looking at her, but the time was coming. If she was going to do this, it would have to be now. She would have to live in the moment while she could and enjoy things while she was able. It was the exact opposite of how she had lived her life for the most part.

Perhaps this discovery had come just in time. Of late, Kasumi had been fearful that she had become stuck in a predictable rut from which there was no escape. Since her little escapade with Silver-kun, life had looked much brighter and she was happier than she had been in a long time. It was like a piece of her youth had been recaptured, and she wasn't ready to abandon it just yet.

It probably would behoove her to check out at least one of the rugby games. The team was doing quite well and adding to the school's reputation, and being there for them would be Kasumi's contribution to the team's moral. It just remained to be seen what form her contribution would take.


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