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Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

This one is more like an extended scene, similar to 'High Stakes' rather than a prolonged story, like Hot Spring Tango. Just so you know what format the, ahem, story is going to take place.

Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

Shampoo grumbled loudly to herself as she hauled the box out of the storage shed in her backyard and brought it into her home. The housecleaning would have gone much faster if her husband was around, but Ranma had departed a week ago for a martial arts tournament being held on some remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He entered tournaments now and then, both to help establish their dojo's reputation, as well an extra source of revenue. The tournament prize for this contest was four times greater than ones of its size usually were, and with the holidays coming up, they could certainly use the money. While their family was hardly strapped for cash, they weren't rolling in it either, and every bit helped, especially with Silver heading to college in a year.

Shampoo would have liked to have accompanied her husband to the island. She had done so many times in the past, occasionally taking second or third with her own impressive martial arts skills. She had even beaten Ranma in the finals once, though she had to slip him a laxative right beforehand to weaken him enough for her to emerge triumphant. Still, he had deserved it for laughing at her when she suggested she could win a tournament despite his presence in it. And it wasn't like he hadn't gotten his revenge later when they returned home and he made her endure "special training" that entailed stripping her, then hog tying and hanging her from a crossbeam like a giant piñata while he smacked her bare bottom with a paddle. It also marked the last time she tried drugging her husband.

There was no way she could travel with him this time. They had a dojo to run and Silver needed to bear down on her studying. That meant it was up to Shampoo to teach the boring classes that financed the Saotome household while Ranma had fun in the sun, hanging out at the beach with his martial arts buddies. He had all the luck, and Shampoo wondered if he didn't engineer it sometimes. Her husband did have a sneaky streak in him, and occasionally he managed to outmaneuver her, though not too often.

There were no classes to teach today, so Shampoo used the free time to give the house a thorough cleaning. She decided to give special attention to some old boxes in their shed that had lain untouched for more years than Silver had been alive. The one in her arms was only the first she had uncovered, and there were still many left. It would take the better part of the day, but she'd get the job done.

Opening the box revealed a healthy coating of dust on the items inside. It was obvious the thing hadn't been touched in decades. She immediately began pulling out the items, giving them cursory examinations. Old newspapers, a broken bokken, some chipped cups, and even a mannequin's head were quickly tossed aside, fixtures for the trash when it was collected tomorrow.

Shampoo eventually emptied all but one item. The last thing in it was a folded over piece of pink cloth lining the bottom. Curious, she pulled it out, unfurling it. Much to her surprise, she recognized it as one of her small one-piece Chinese dresses she had worn around the time she had first met Ranma. She hadn't seen the item in years, probably since before they had moved into the house. She looked the garment over, delighted to see the silk was as flawless as the day she had packed it. There was barely a wrinkle in the material.

A wave of nostalgia overcame Shampoo, and she had the irresistible urge to try it on. Thoughts of finishing the cleaning ended almost before they had started. Humming a melody from her youth, she went to her bedroom and stripped down to her panties. She then pulled the dress over her head, letting it slide down her body and savoring the sensation of silk caressing her flesh. Once her head popped through the hole in the top, she pulled on the hem to straighten the garment out, and examined herself in the full length mirror before her.

Shampoo liked what she saw. She had been afraid that the years had been unkind and that the dress wouldn't fit, but that wasn't the case. While it had been snug on her in her youth, now it clung to her like a second skin. It was extremely tight around the chest and displayed her breasts prominently, a testament to how much her bust had grown since she was a teen. She had also become taller. While the dress had been short in the past, now it didn't quite reach all the way down. The rounded curve of her derriere poked out the bottom, and if anyone looked closely, they would be able to see her panties as they rode up her crotch.

Shampoo posed in the mirror and admired her well-defined attributes. She still had what it took. If only Ranma could see her in this little number. She'd wager he'd pull her out of it faster than she had put it on and screw her on the spot. She got wet just thinking about it.

That she was aroused so easily wasn't really a surprise. Their 'goodbye fuck' right before Ranma left had been cut short when Silver had unexpectedly brought some of her school friends home with her to work on a project until late at night. The abrupt ending had left Shampoo unsatisfied and wanting more, and missing her husband terribly. Luckily, he was due back tomorrow, and then he could take care of her not-so-little itch with the delightful itch-scratcher that resided between his legs

Shampoo began to play with herself, fantasizing it was her beloved handling her pussy with his deft touch, when the phone rang, effectively killing the mood. Reluctantly, she answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey, Honey."

It was Ranma. What a pleasant surprise. "I was just thinking about you. You'll never guess what I found in an old box in the storage shed."


"One of my old dresses. I can still fit in it. You should see how good it looks on me."

"Oh yeah?" There was a hint of lust in his voice.

Shampoo smiled to herself. It was fun to tease her airen. Maybe she'd get him wound up over the phone, all but guaranteeing he'd take her the moment he walked through the door. "Yes. You'd really like it. It's so tight across my chest my tits are ready to pop out. And it doesn't even reach the bottom of my ass. It'd be easy to slide it up, bend me over and give my hungry pussy something good to eat."

"Sounds great." Lust all but dripped from Ranma's voice.

"I can't wait to see you tomorrow," she cooed.

Suddenly, the tone in Ranma's voice changed to one of hesitation. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot why I called. You see, I'm not going to be making it back tomorrow. In fact, it probably won't be for about five days or so."

"Five days?!" Shampoo shouted.

"It's not my fault!" Ranma said quickly. "It turns out the guy throwing the tournament isn't some rich nut who likes martial arts or is looking for a tough bodyguard. He's some evil overlord type that's trying to make a name for himself by eliminating a bunch of tough guy martial artists."

"Again?! That makes four times this year," Shampoo shouted.

"Yeah, I know," Ranma said. "It's always the tournaments on some isolated island with the supposedly impregnable fortress at the top that end up being run by the nutjobs. I tell you, the next time I get an invitation for something being held on an island, I'm not going. The worst thing is, he waited until after I won the tournament before revealing his so called 'master plan'. Now I ain't going to get any money either, since I'm sure he sunk it all into his stupid fortress and army of thugs."

"Is he dangerous?" Shampoo asked, suddenly concerned.

"I should be so lucky. No, he's apparently M. Bison's illegitimate brother. The guy's so incompetent, Bison won't even admit to being related to him. The only reason it's going to take me so long to get back is that there's only one boat that goes to the mainland, and it won't be coming back until almost the end of the week."

"I see," Shampoo said in a tired voice. This was frustrating. She was horny, and really looking forward to her husband's return. Her body ached for a good fuck.

Ranma continued. "Anyway, I just wanted to call and let you know I'm going to be held up. I've got to get going now. Me and the rest of the boys from the tournament are going to storm the fortress."

Just as Ranma finished, a sultry, female voice came from somewhere so close to him it was almost as though she was speaking into the phone. "Ranma-kun, who are you talking to?"

Ranma laughed nervously. "Just my wife."

"Oh pooh, don't waste your time talking to your old fuddy-duddy ball and chain. Hurry up and help take the castle, so we can have some real fun afterwards."

"I'll… I'll be right there," Ranma said with just a touch of fear in his voice.

"You and the boys, huh?" Shampoo said.

Ranma laughed nervously. "Funny thing about that. Apparently the moron also invited a bunch of female martial artists, and abducted them. I think he wanted to use them to breed a bunch of super martial artists or something. Anyway, I rescued all of them and they're kind of hanging around me in gratitude. I'm not encouraging them or anything!" he said far too quickly.

Shampoo's voice suddenly became honey sweet. "Don't be silly, Ranma. You go ahead and have a 'real fun' time with the girls while you're trapped in your island paradise with them."

"You want me to have fun with them?" The shock was clear in Ranma's voice.

Shampoo's honeyed tone became even sweeter. "Sure, because if someone like Yuriko comes over, I'm going to have 'real fun' with her!" Shampoo's voice turned to venom at the end of the declaration as she crushed the phone in her hand.

She let the pieces of crumpled plastic and wires fall contemptuously to the floor. That jerk! Acting apologetic about having to stay there when in fact his hands were full of a bevy of beauties that wanted his hot body for themselves. And Shampoo had no doubt the mastermind had chosen the girls based more on their looks than their martial arts skills. Shampoo could just imagine the type of 'gratitude' they were bestowing on their savior, if that little bitch that had spoken earlier was any indication of it. Sure, Ranma said he wasn't encouraging them, but he always said that, even when he did. It was because he was such an attention whore. He'd do anything for it, even act macho and so he could get a girl's interest and feel good about himself. And the more attention he received, the more agreeable he became to suggestion, especially from an attractive woman. Sure, he wouldn't intend to get laid, but lots of things happened to him that he didn't intend to. The odds of him not ending up in the sack with half the girls on the island were about as great as Shampoo finding a naked Yuriko tied up in her bed and ignoring her.

That Ranma had better enjoy himself while he could, because he was really going to get it when he returned.

Shampoo was still grumbling to herself about the whole thing when she heard the front door of the house open and Silver announce, "I'm home!"

That curbed some of Shampoo's anger. Her daughter had gone to watch the school's rugby team play their arch-rivals that everyone in Furinkan had dubbed, 'Akuma High'. Her daughter claimed it was a legitimate name, since most of the teams from there fought like demons. She had gone to the game to cheer them on, since she had a few friends on the team.

Shampoo tried hiding her displeasure at her husband's shenanigans and went to the entryway to greet her daughter. She found Silver there as expected. What was unexpected was the unconscious Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki draped across her shoulders like he was a championship deer she had bagged in a hunt back home.

"<There are easier ways to secure a man, daughter, though a good many of your ancestors did go about it in such a manner,>" Shampoo said in her native tongue.

"Give me a break, Mom. I didn't do this to him." Silver supported his massive six-foot-three, two-hundred and eighty pound form easily on her shoulders, a testament to her own impressive strength, even when she was female.

Looking at the pair more closely, Shampoo noticed a few things. Ryo was in his team's rugby uniform, covered in a good bit of mud, indicating he had participated in the game today. Despite his unconscious state, Shampoo could see no visible signs of damage, besides a scraped knee and some slight bruising on his legs and arms. Concentrating to use her chi-enhanced senses, she could tell his life-force was strong, very strong indeed. So it was something other than physical force that had laid him low. That left out Silver. She was nearly as subtle as her father, which was to say she could spell the word and had nothing to do with it beyond that.

As to Silver, she was also wearing a rugby uniform, or more appropriately, most of one. The top had obviously been ripped open down the middle, then tied together afterward. It was curious, since she was not a member of the team. A quick visual examination showed no wounds on the girl, and her own lifeforce shining brightly.

"What happened?" Shampoo asked.

"It was like this," Silver began. "Our team was playing those bastards from Akuma High. Well, the score was tied, mostly because they couldn't stop Ryo no matter how hard they tried. Even I wouldn't want to stand right in front of him when he has a full charge going," she admitted. "Anyway, during one of the scrums, I saw one of the Akuma players blow some kind of dust in Ryo's face and he went down like a sack of rocks. After the whistle blew, I grabbed the guy and threatened to send him to Hell myself if he didn't tell me what he did. Turned out those jerks had planned to take out Ryo by drugging him with Dreamstreet."

"Dreamstreet? What's that?" Shampoo asked.

"It's a newer drug that puts people to sleep quick. It's like a sedative, but it's supposed to stimulate the pleasure centers so you have good dreams. From what I understand, it's not addictive, and has no harmful side effects, so Ryo should be fine once he comes around."

"That's a relief." Shampoo said. "How did you end up in a uniform, though?"

"Oh, that. Well, I kind of went after the guy in the middle of the game, and couldn't get him to fess up what he did to the officials. I was going to get tossed out, but Yakumo, who's captain of the team, told them I was a reserve member that came to the game late. I went along with the story, and suited up, taking Ryo's place. And thanks to me, we won the game."

"You scored the wining goal?"

Silver laughed nervously, a carbon copy of her father. "Not exactly. It was in overtime. One of our guys, Fujikuro, had the ball and was heading toward the goal. It was just as he was right on top of the line that my top sort of… ripped open, and I happened to shout 'Check me out!'. All the guys did so, allowing Fujikuro to score the goal."

"I see," Shampoo said. How devious. She approved of her daughter's actions. While Ranma would have objected to the idea of his daughter flashing her breasts to a bunch of strangers, Shampoo didn't mind. What was the point in having a body men wanted to look at if you didn't show it off occasionally to get what you wanted? There was one thing, though. "I thought you said everyone was watching you. How did Fujikuro score?"

"He's gay, and couldn't care less. Though I bet if I was a guy, he'd have looked at the strapping muscles of my chest," Silver boasted. "Anyway, I brought Ryo back here to sleep it off."

"That was nice of you." Shampoo was proud of her daughter's loyalty to her friends, and theirs to her. It made her sleep easier, knowing there were others looking out for her daughter's welfare.

Silver went back to her bedroom, leaving Shampoo to dispose of the mess left behind from her cleaning. She had just finished throwing most of it into a trashbag when she saw her daughter dart through the living room and head for the front door, sans Ryo. "Where are you going?"

Silver barely stopped long enough to answer. "There's a victory celebration at Yakumo's house. I'm going to party with the team, so don't wait up for me." She turned to go again.

"What about Ryo?" Shampoo called out to her.

"You take care of him!" The door slammed behind her, effectively ending the conversation.

Shampoo threw the bag of garbage down, nearly breaking it. That flighty child, pawning off her responsibilities on her mother. She was as bad as Ranma at times. Luckily, Shampoo liked Ryo, so she didn't mind too much. But really, the girl should have asked Shampoo first before running off without a care in the world.

It was quiet in the house again, and Shampoo became bitter. Ranma was off having fun with his personal harem. Silver was going to party hard with the rugby team, and here Shampoo was, bored and alone, with only someone sleeping off a drug induced slumber in the other room as company. It wasn't fair.

Too bad Silver hadn't invited the team over to their house to celebrate the victory. Now that would have been fun. A cat-like grin slid across Shampoo's features. Oh yes, she could see herself greeting the team at the door in her skimpy, too-small outfit. She imagined their reactions as she gave a cutesy, "Nihao!" and ushered them inside.

Thanks to her curse, Shampoo knew exactly what it was like being a horny teenage guy, walking around with a perpetual hard on that was nearly impossible to restrain when an attractive person was around. It wouldn't matter if Shampoo was old enough to be their mother, not with the shape her body was in. Their attention would be riveted to her barely restrained breasts and her ass that was so prominently displayed by her outfit. They'd probably find excuses to brush up against her, rubbing their crotches into her backside or lightly pressing their chests against her, squishing her breasts with their own well-toned bodies. She had seen a couple of the rugby games, and knew all of the members were in great shape. Many of them were very handsome, especially the captain and Ryo. Having all of their youthful attention directed toward her would have been a very enjoyable experience.

And then there was her responsibility as hostess. She would have to do something to help them celebrate their victory and let them know what a good job they did. Maybe she'd return their 'accidental' rubbing against her with some of her own. She knew how much guys liked having their crotches fondled by an attractive woman. It would really drive them into a frenzy. Maybe the encouragement would make them want to go farther, and they'd try to grope her ass and tits outright. She could practically feel their fingers digging in to her firm backside and luscious breasts. Maybe they'd even go so far as to lift the hem of her dress just a little bit and finger her pussy, caressing the outside at first before inserting one up to the second knuckle….

Shampoo gasped, suddenly realizing she was doing just what she had been fantasizing about. She removed her hand from her breast and her digit from her now damp pussy. It was a good thing Silver hadn't returned or Ryo awakened. It would have been difficult to explain why she was playing with herself in the middle of her living room. To lose herself so blatantly in a fantasy meant even she hadn't realized how hot she was running and how badly she needed fucked.

Thinking of Ryo reminded her of her guest. Silver had barely been home for five minutes before heading back out, and she had used that time to change her clothing. She couldn't have done much for the unconscious boy. Shampoo decided it was time to look in on him and see if she could help him in any way.

Entering her daughter's bedroom, Shampoo found Ryo lying on his back sprawled out on her bed, legs slightly apart, motionless. Much to her irritation, Silver had not bothered to either throw plastic on the bed beneath him or remove his muddy clothing. Now her sheets were dirty, and Shampoo was damned if she's be washing them. It would serve Silver right to come home to dirty linen. Maybe she'd start thinking things through instead of just rampaging ahead, consequences be damned. It was another undesirable trait inherited from her father.

The Amazon switched her attention from the matter of the sheets to Ryo. Unlike Silver, who should have known better, it wasn't the poor boy's fault he had been drugged and unable to do anything about his current dirty state. And Silver was too concerned about partying to think about her friend beyond giving him a place to lie down. That meant it was up to Shampoo to take care of the matter.

Shampoo considered what her options were. The best thing to do would be strip Ryo of his dirty clothing and wash them so he had something proper to wear when he awoke. It wasn't like anyone in the house had clothing that would accommodate his large frame. Maybe the small pup tent in the attic would do it, but that was it.

As she drew closer, Shampoo noticed Ryo's eyes were opened just a tiny bit. Curious, she leaned closer to see if he was awake and unable to move, or if something else was going on. She peered closely at his eyes, and even waved her hand in front of his face to see if there was any reaction. He made no motion, and his breathing remained the same. Evidently, he was still asleep. Ranma was like that every now and then, sleeping with his eyes open slightly, so Shampoo didn't worry about it.

Convinced he was still asleep, she began to remove his shirt.

Unbeknownst to Shampoo, while Ryo was asleep, it was not a very deep one. Under normal circumstances he would have awakened, but the Dreamstreet forced him to remain in a shallow sleep state. It also stimulated the pleasure centers of his brain, allowing his subconscious to roam free and with unusual abandon. It created some very vivid dreams that he was currently enjoying, despite the fact he was barely asleep.

Due to Ryo's eyes being marginally open, outside stimuli affected what his subconscious was coming up with. It processed what was going on around him and reinterpreted what was happening. When Shampoo bent forward to examine him more closely, his subconscious altered her concerned face slightly, shaving off a few years, and changing the hair color. In his mind's eye it was Silver, rather than Shampoo, who leaned so close to Ryo's face that her impressive bust brushed against his chest.

His subconscious also provided dialogue it so desperately wanted to hear from the girl. Silver cooed, "My, aren't we looking strapping today, you handsome devil?"

As in the reality, Ryo was unable to move, and instead remained motionless as the girl of his dreams (in this case literally) fussed over him in the way he longed for.

She stopped speaking then and began to remove his shirt. Instantly, his cock hardened at the intimate contact.

Shampoo finished removing Ryo's shirt and tossed it aside. Now that he was bare-chested, she took a good look at his impressive physique. While she had seen him topless before, it wasn't under conditions like these. Ryo had finely sculpted, massive muscles that showed he spent many hours in the gym working with extremely heavy weights. She ran a finger over them, tracing the lines of his abdominals and pectorals. He was definitely an impressive specimen of manhood. While as a rule she didn't go for body builders, the look definitely worked for Ryo.

After enjoying his chest for a while, she directed her attention to his lower parts. It was time for the shorts to go. She went after them with more enthusiasm than she had the shirt. It took her only a second to pull them down and free from his legs. When she examined him again, she could make out the clear impression of his hardened manhood straining hard to poke up through the underwear. "Well, well, well, is this for me?" she said in a teasing voice.

A naughty gleam appeared in Shampoo's eyes. The original plan had called for merely removing Ryo's shirt and shorts, leaving him the underwear. Now that he had been stripped down to it, she found she didn't want to stop there, especially since her curiosity was aroused. She wanted to know exactly what Ryo's cock looked like. Ranma had seen it before, had it lodged in her pussy, mouth and breasts, to be specific, so it wasn't as though he could complain about Shampoo sneaking a peek. She wanted to see the cock that had given Ranma the pleasure he had described in such carnal detail.

Her fingers caught the waistband of his underwear and pulled down until they were past his ankles and free. Once clear of his waist, Ryo's manhood sprang free. Shampoo took a small step back and looked it over with a critical eye. It was just as Ranma had described. While the cock was of average length and width, it looked small nestled as it was between Ryo's huge thighs. She felt a touch of disappointment. It was too bad it wasn't proportionate to the rest of his body. Had that been the case, he would have been Akira's length, if not Silver's. Attached to his massive frame, it would have been quite the sight to behold.

Despite the small let down, it was a handsome thing, jutting up the way it did from his hairy groin. Shampoo found the irresistible urge to feel it for just a second, just to make sure of its size and that it wasn't an illusion. Her arm slowly made its way forward until it was poised right next to his freed manhood. For a moment she hesitated, then circled her hand around it firmly. She studied the texture with her fingers and palm. Yes, it was only of average size, but it fit almost as perfectly in her hand as Ranma's did.

Since the cock was in her hand, she couldn't resist the impulse to run her hand up and down the shaft a few times. She was tentative at first, but by the third pumping motion, her hesitation was gone and she toyed with it freely. She played hide-and-seek with the head, making his foreskin go up and down over it. Soon there was a clear drop of pre-cum forming at the slit.

"Now that definitely is for me." Caught up in the moment, Shampoo bent her head forward and engulfed the purple helmet of his member. Rather than taking the whole thing down, she let her tongue roam over the tip, playing with the slit and coaxing some more of the clear fluid to trickle forth. He was pretty tasty, though not as delightful as Ranma's flavor. Still, she enjoyed his tang, and savored the sensations on her tongue.

Eventually she took the next step forward, gulping as much of his cock down her throat as she could. It proved to be an easy feat, as she was capable of deep-throating Ranma's longer shaft. It felt good to have the familiar sensation of a cock tickling the back of tonsils, and she bobbed her head up and down at a greater pace.

While Shampoo administered her oral talents, her hand slipped under her panties and rubbed the outside of her lips, rotating in small circles just the way she liked it. Having remained wet from her previous fantasy involving the rugby team, and the fascination with Ryo's manhood, she went from damp to soaking wet. Soon a finger began working its way past her lips and into her soft inner lining. A second joined the first, and she purred in lust as her head bobbed quicker and her fingers plunged in more deeply.

Ryo moaned in delight as Silver deep throated his shaft. Yes, his cock was definitely for her, just like she said. He couldn't believe his luck in her showing off her talent for giving head for his benefit. While he had girls go down on him before, lots of times actually, Silver definitely had the best technique. It was as if she had many more years of experience doing it than all those other girls he had sex with. She seemed to work just the right spot to maximize his pleasure, and it was at a controlled pace, rather than the wild and manic or slow and tentative, which was what far too many girls did. It was perfect.

Ryo was content to lie where he was and let Silver work her magic, making the heat in his loins grow hotter by the second.

Shampoo was really getting into things when the full impact of the situation hit her. Here she was, performing fellatio on some young stud without her husband's tacit permission. Not that in her mind it was that big a thing, since the bastard was almost certainly screwing a bevy of nubile beauties by now. That knowledge helped her conscience deal with just about anything, though she had no conclusive proof of Ranma fooling around at the moment. But he had taken it upon himself to acquire the girls' attention. If he tried, he could have made it clear he had no interest in them and made them leave him alone, but she knew he didn't. For that matter, she had given him permission to fool around, even if it was done in the heat of anger. And she had threatened to screw Yuriko if left to her own devices. Ranma hadn't said he minded. If it bothered him, he could have called back and told her, reassuring her that despite her consent, he wasn't going to sleep with any of the girls, but he hadn't. So she did have a sort of 'permission by omission' in his not telling her to not fool around with Yuriko.

There was one other important matter to consider though: Shampoo was giving oral sex to one of her daughter's friends while he lay asleep on her bed. Ryo wasn't even aware of it. She had no idea of what his feelings on the matter would be. Sure, at least nineteen out of twenty guys would jump at the opportunity to have someone as skilled and sexy as Shampoo blowing them, but maybe Ryo was saving himself for marriage, or wasn't comfortable with the idea of sleeping with the mother of one of his friends. That he might not be entirely willing made Shampoo uncomfortable.

It was the latter fact that gave her the resolve to remove her mouth from Ryo's cock, making him whimper. She looked down on his shaft, now glistening with her saliva, with regret, but it was the right thing to do. She reluctantly removed her fingers from her pussy. While her digits also glistened, it was from a far different coating. She was running way too hot for her own good. What she really wanted to do was straddle Ryo's thighs and impale herself on his manhood. She almost did it, raising one leg to stand on the bed, but stopped herself once again.

It would be best to leave the room before she lost control again. She stood up to go when she felt how wet her panties had become with her masturbation. It was actually uncomfortable with how soaked they were. So she stopped long enough to bend at the waist, pulled the hem of her dress up and over her hips, and pulled her panties down.

"That was fun," Silver said as she removed her mouth from Ryo's cock. He let out a whimper of disappointment. She had been working him over so well. Why had she stopped? It wasn't right for her to do that. If a girl started blowing a guy, it was her duty to finish him off. It was like a matter of honor or something.

Had Ryo been awake in such a situation, his temper would have been hard pressed to remain under control, but in his dream, such restraints didn't exist. In his mind, he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Silver was going to live up to the promise her mouth had made when it first sucked down his shaft, and finish what she had started, one way or another.

The increase in his heart rate made the line between the dream and reality weaken. Again it was only the remaining drug in his system that kept him from awakening, but even that could not cut off his subconscious' desire to relieve the tension in his groin. Almost like a sleepwalker, Ryo sat up.

It was then Silver bent over and pulled the bottom of her dress up and panties down. Silver cooed, "Come on and stick it in, you hot stud."

Ryo needed no more words of encouragement. He stood up, positioned perfectly behind the girl who was offering her behind to him. Looking at her, he fixated on those beautiful sopping red lips that beckoned him to satisfy her. He answered the call by grabbing the girl by the hips and aimed his cock right for the opening.

Shampoo gasped as she felt a pair of hands secure her hips in a grip of iron. She was forced to plant her hands on the ground in order to steady herself and keep from falling forward.

"Ryoooh!" she started to say, but was quickly silenced as the youth slid his cock into her. She could feel the bulbous head slip past her lower lips and join with her body, forcing its way in. She gasped as the previously frustrating sensation from her loins became one of pleasure as the thing she had so desperately wanted in her pussy finally arrived, and in grand manner.

Shampoo wanted to say something else when she felt him pull back, her tight flesh making a sucking sound as it tried to keep him in, then thrust home again, sinking half his cock into her snatch. Well, that answered what his feelings on the matter of fucking his friend's mother were, and she was delighted with the response.

Ryo drew his hips back again, then thrust forward hard. Shampoo gasped at the force of the entry. He sure wasn't taking things slow and easy. Apparently her earlier 'inspiration' made him want to go very hard and very fast, given how quickly he was trying to get inside her. Not that she was complaining. She had wanted cock for the entire week and now she was getting it. Boy was she getting it. Even if she wanted to leave, she couldn't. Ryo's grip was like a vice, and his raw strength far superior to hers. From her current position, she had no leverage. That meant she was in for the whole ride.

Two more thrusts and Ryo was buried all the way in. Shampoo was running hot enough now that she barely noticed he didn't fill her the way Ranma did. Her only concern was the feeling of delight his organ made as it slid in and out of her body. And to keep from falling too far forward and removing herself entirely from his shaft.

Now that he was in as far as he could go, Ryo pulled back and plunged forward, increasing the power of each thrust, eliciting soft cries of bliss from Shampoo each time his pelvis made contact with hers. A part of her mind wondered what she must look like, bent over while standing up with some massive stud, young enough to be her son, pumping his cock furiously in and out of her pussy. It was probably incredibly hot. She was sorry she hadn't set up a camera beforehand to capture the moment.

Her pussy made slurping sounds as it tried to keep his manhood inside her body. Ryo was like a machine as he continued to pump in and out without a change in his tempo or the position of his hands. All that increased was the power behind the thrusts. The more times he pumped into her, the looser her pussy got and the harder he rammed himself in. It was like when Shampoo was in her cursed form and took Yuriko. Ryo was soon fucking her with enough force that even her firm asscheeks quivered each time he sank his rod up to the hilt.

Now Shampoo understood what Ranma had meant about Ryo being a major turn on with his power technique. No wonder the redhead had allowed him to take her so many times. She felt a touch of envy at Ranma having the monopoly on this stud until now. The only thing missing was Akira's cock to even things up, though the one currently pounding into her was all she needed at the moment.

The heat in Shampoo's loins continued to rise until she thought she would melt. The unusual position, combined with the force she was being taken with, her week long frustrations, and the fact it was such a sexy guy doing the fucking, sent her over the edge and she came hard within only a couple of minutes of the start of the ride.

Her pussy's clampdown on Ryo's already revved up member was too much for him to take. He gave one last thrust, remained buried inside Shampoo, and blew his load. Ryo also had a good amount of pent up ardor from several weeks worth of abstinence, and his cock twitched madly, releasing spurt after spurt and filling the Amazon's insides with a healthy coating of white.

The two were left gasping at the effort of their joining. Shampoo felt a dizzying wave of satisfaction at the (at least temporary) abatement of her sexual frustration. Gods above, she had needed that.

She felt Ryo remove his still surprisingly hard member from her pussy, releasing the results of their coupling that had been stopped up by his manhood. The feel of their combined juices flowing from her pussy and down her leg began turning Shampoo on again. The boy must have really been storing up for a while to fill her insides with so much spermy goodness.

Shampoo started to lift her hand up from the floor, but then found herself lifted up and airborne by the hands that had remained holding onto her hips. She was lifted as casually as a child's doll and tossed onto the bed with enough force to bounce a couple of times on the springy mattress.

By the time her surprise wore off, Ryo was standing before her. Shampoo felt her heart skip a beat as the young man loomed stood before her. The true impressiveness of his physique, and how he had earned the nickname 'Monster' had not been evident when he lay on his back. Now that he stood towering over her in this dominant position, allowing her stare at his massive muscles, finely chiseled chest and hardened cock pointing in her direction, she felt intimidated, but in a pleasurable way. There was no question he was in control of when and how she would be fucked, and would remain so until he decided to relinquish it.

Shampoo was caught like a deer in the headlights as Ryo leaned forward. She couldn't seem to move as his hands grabbed the strained material of her dress around her chest and pulled. A ripping sound filled the air as the silk casually tore apart, like it was tissue paper, and Shampoo's breasts came spilling out. He then grabbed her by the arms and pinned them to her sides, not hard enough to hurt, but more than enough to keep her right where she was. Shampoo's feeling of intimidation became one of helplessness in the face of his raw strength.

With her breasts free, Ryo lowered his head and began to suck on her taut nipples. There was no gentleness in the action. It was nothing but base lust and greed as he sucked hard, as though desperate to draw milk from them. Shampoo moaned at the rough treatment her breasts were receiving. Even when he pulled his head back, his sucking continued. It was so great it was almost as though he was pulling back on her breasts with his fingers, drawing her flesh slightly upward, before releasing it. The area around her nipple was left flush and the nipple bullet-hard from its rough treatment, though Shampoo felt like it was a slice of heaven, rather than uncomfortable.

After working over one breast, Ryo switched to the other, sucking on it just as hard. Shampoo lay helplessly as he had his way with her, content to allow him to do as he would. All of it was giving her pleasure, and that he was so dominating only served to stoke her fires and make her grow hot again in near record time.

Ryo went back and forth between them, as though he couldn't decide which was better, but was determined to discover the truth no matter how long it took. Shampoo's breathing becoming more ragged as he all but devoured her breasts. It was as if it was his first time sucking tit, and he didn't want the experience to ever end. Shampoo knew she didn't want it to.

Shampoo was left gasping and heaving when he finally stopped his oral mauling of her breasts and released his hold on her arms. There was a touch of disappointment in the cessation of the action. She wondered what was to come next as he drew himself up, sitting on his knees on the bed as he looked down on her.

It was then Shampoo realized something: Ryo's eyes were still only open by a small fraction. At first she thought he might be squinting, but it soon became obvious that his eyes had been that way from the beginning. Shampoo was dumbstruck. As inconceivable as it seemed, he was still asleep! Apparently the drug's effectiveness in keeping him from awakening, no matter what forces affected his body, was considerable indeed.

Yet he sure knew what he was doing when sucking and fucking her. It was like a form of sleepwalking, except he was showing a whole lot more talent that simply wandering aimlessly about in the dead of night. It was nothing short of amazing that he could fuck so well and not be completely conscious. She wondered what he was capable of when he was fully awake.

For a moment Shampoo was disappointed at the revelation, then she reconsidered things. Perhaps it was better this way. Had Ryo been fully awake and remembered things clearly, that might have led to problems, either with him being uncomfortable around Shampoo, or worse, him wanting more of her ass when he wasn't allowed to have any. This way she could have the satisfaction she craved and only her husband would need to know. It made things considerably less complicated. And it wasn't as though the fuck was bad. On the contrary, she was fairly certain his body was operating as though it were wide awake; without any lag in his motor skills. While technically he might not be conscious, as far as his body was concerned, he was awake as it acted out the fantasy that was playing out in his mind. For all intent and purposes, it was as real as a fuck would get. Her pussy could attest to that.

A hungry smile appeared on Ryo's face, and he grabbed Shampoo by the ankles and effortlessly pulled her back, sliding her body toward him until their groins touched.

By now Shampoo's dress had slid up her body until it was bunched up under her breasts, leaving everything beneath it exposed. She raised her head up for a better view, and licked her lips in anticipation as she saw his cock poised above her still aching opening.

Ryo stared down at the girl held so firmly in his grasp. Her beautiful, lush tits, neatly trimmed bush, and swollen lips that begged to be filled again were like nothing he had ever seen before. His cock seemed to become twice as hard as he savored the sight before him. Silver was every bit the hot fuck he had envisioned, if not better. It only made him want her even more than before.

While screwing her standing up had been enjoyable, it hadn't been the best position for him. The height differential had forced him to squat some to plow into her effectively, and it was too awkward for him to do much more than simply pump his cock into her. But now that she was flat on her back on the comfortable bed with legs spread wide, she was left in the ideal pose for him to show what he could do.

She gave him a sultry stare that seemed to burn a hole in his heart. "Fuck me hard, you stud."

A hungry smile rose to his face. Oh yes, he would do just that. He'd fuck her into submission and make her his. He'd give it to her until his was the only cock she ever thought of. He'd make her his woman, and woe to anyone that tried to come between them, for they'd suffer the full fury of an angry Hibiki.

Intent on really giving it to her this time, Ryo threw her ankles over his shoulders and repositioned his hands on her upper legs so that he would have a firm grip on her. Once he lined his cock up with her beckoning lips he moved forward.

"Yessss," Shampoo hissed as Ryo forced his entire length into her in one thrust. Even if it had been only several minutes since the last time a cock had been in her, it was too long. Ryo's manhandling of her body had gotten her so wired she practically came on the spot. Ranma was just going to have to understand. He could have whatever he wanted later in return; this was something she needed now and there was nothing she could do about it.

Ryo's hands remained on her legs, keeping her in place as he moved his own hips back and forth, leaving only the head of his member in before slamming its entire length into her again. She was tight, though nowhere near as much as the first time he took her. He was patient as he steadily worked his cock in and out of her body feeling an increasing sense of pleasure from the warm, wet environs his rod was currently exploring. Eventually, the constant action loosened her up, allowing him to move freely through her love channel. Once he was able to shuttle back and forth with ease, he increased his tempo.

Shampoo gasped in pleasure as Ryo switched gears and doubled the speed with which he was spearing her. Despite the increase, each thrust remained as powerful as the last. He was pounding her so hard and so quickly that her freed breasts were bouncing up and down fiercely, like two containers of gelatin caught in the middle of an earthquake. Again she was astounded by his ability to fuck so well when not even fully conscious.

The increase in speed, combined with the powerful way she was being screwed, was too much for Shampoo to take. Within minutes she was screaming out in pleasure as she came even harder than she had the first time, rendering her insensate for a few moments.

Ryo looked down in satisfaction as he left himself buried in his lover, enjoying the sensation of her insides tightening around him. That he made his woman climax again so quickly was another sure sign that they were meant for one another. But that wasn't enough. He wasn't through with her. Now that she had been properly primed by this fuck, he was really going to let her have it and prove to her who she belonged to, as well as answer the increasing need for release coming from his own loins.

Shampoo had been put into such a state of bliss from the force of her last orgasm that she was only vaguely aware of Ryo releasing his hold on her legs and moving them off his shoulders. Her legs remained apart, resting on his waist as he remained buried within her.

Ryo adjusted his position, leaning forward so that he was on top of Shampoo. He placed both his hands on either side of her head to help him sit up, but he was low enough that her hardened nipples danced across the rock hard muscles of his chest, providing stimulation to her just as she was coming down from her orgasmic high.

Once he was settled in, Ryo brought his hips back, pulling back so that only the tip of his cock remained inside Shampoo's body. Then he rammed himself forward more powerfully than he ever had before. Shampoo let out a gasp at the force of the penetration. The mattress squeaked and sank down a couple of inches with how hard he had impaled her. His chest came down on hers, mashing her breasts against his more firm chest.

Ryo drew back with his hips again, then repeated the action with even more power than before. And again. And again. His cock continued to rise and lower itself into her body like a piston with slow, steady, powerful strokes that made the bed bounce with each thrust. Ryo's breathing became harder as he relentlessly pounded away with all the strength he could muster.

Beneath him Shampoo found her breath being taken away with how mercilessly Ryo was fucking her. Had Shampoo been a normal person and not a top caliber martial artist that could be thrown through a brick wall and come back for more, his fucking would have resulted in a broken pelvis. As it was, Shampoo knew she'd be feeling sore for at least a couple of days with how hard she was being ridden. Not that she wanted him to stop. She had barely come down from her last orgasm before Ryo's pounding essentially grabbed her and hauled her up to the heights of pleasure once again.

Truly this was a unique experience, and Shampoo wanted to relish every moment of it. Even Ranma wasn't capable of summoning the sheer strength Ryo was using in impaling her on his rod. While it wasn't the sort of thing she could handle on an everyday basis (she doubted any woman not made of stone could handle it), it was a change of pace that tantalized her senses and made her feel deliciously helpless in the grasp of such raw passion. From what Ranma had told her of his encounter with Ryo, even he hadn't experienced this kind of merciless screwing. The way Ryo was taking her now was primal and animalistic, and Shampoo couldn't help being instinctively overwhelmed by his masculine presence.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Shampoo cried out with each thrust home as her need to orgasm grew exponentially. She was right on the verge of the biggest climax yet. All he had to do was hit the right spot.

Ryo gave his most powerful thrust yet, snarling as his pelvis ground tightly with Shampoo's. The bed, one that had already weathered action from various combinations of Yuriko, Akira, and Silver in both her forms, couldn't withstand the latest assault. The wood lining the bottom filled the air with a snapping noise as all of the supports gave out at once and the mattress, with Shampoo on top of it and Ryo on top of her, crashed to the floor with a resounding thud.

All of the breath was driven from Shampoo's lungs as Ryo full weight fell right on top of her. The fall also shifted his already fully embedded cock in such a way that it touched just the right place to trigger the climax the Amazon had been longing for. She screamed at the top of her lungs as her legs locked behind Ryo's back and tried to drive him deeper into her.

The tightening on his shaft was too much for Ryo to take, and he groaned deeply as his rod discharged his remaining seed deep into Shampoo's womb, instinctively grinding his hips as he tried to plunge further inside with each spurt.

The orgasm was too much for either of them to take. Shampoo passed out, and Ryo's mind finally retreated into a deep slumber.

Shampoo finished her set of basic exercises and was relieved to find that most of the soreness that had been present the last two days was gone. A small grin appeared as she recalled the cause of that soreness. Ryo had certainly been a good lay, if tiring one. The woman that landed him had better be durable, or she would be in for some serious back problems and a perpetually sore pussy in short order.

Shampoo thought with amusement how fortunate she had been in extricating herself from the potentially messy scene. She had awakened first, and had been able to remove Ryo's snoring form from on top of her without waking him up. She had cleaned herself up, discovering in the process she could barely walk and that her vaginal area had suffered quite a bit of bruising. Not too much though. Given her own increased healing prowess, it had disappeared along with the soreness in a couple of days, but it was still testament to just how wild Ryo had been when pumping his meat into her body.

As Shampoo had anticipated, when Ryo eventually awakened, he had no memory of what had happened between them. He had no memory of anything after being drugged at the game, his confusion at finding himself in the shattered remains of Silver's bed obviously sincere rather than some act. Shampoo had been kind enough to explain what had happened to him, deleting certain parts involving her and his cock getting along in conjugal fashion. She explained away the destroyed bed by claiming it had collapsed under his weight. She claimed it had been damaged by Silver beforehand and had been on its last legs anyway to assuage his guilt. He seemed to accept the explanation, but Shampoo had caught him staring at her curiously a few times when he thought her back was turned, and looking away, blushing slightly.

It was then Shampoo decided to be a bit naughty. It was late anyway, so she insisted Ryo stay the night. He was a bit hesitant at first, but eventually gave in. Shampoo then began flirting outrageously with him, all the while pretending she was oblivious to her actions and the effect they had on him. When it came time for bed, she allowed him to wear a pair of Ranma's boxers, which were very tight around his waist and did little to hide his packaging. Shampoo chose to wear a see-through negligée, which caused Ryo to nearly bolt on the spot. Again she calmed him down, persuading him to relax and watch a movie with her. She made it a scary one, and every time something terrifying happened, she clung to his arm and brushed her breasts against him. By the time the movie was over, he was ready to blow his wad in his shorts.

Shortly after Ryo went to sleep in the guestroom (though only after he had spent a very long time in the bathroom) Silver eventually returned home, drunk as hell and complaining about how upset her stomach was from "swallowing so many loads". Shampoo decided she didn't want any elaboration on that, and didn't really have much of a high ground to stand on anyway with what she had done with Ryo. Silver was so drunk, she didn't even realize her bed was broken when she fell asleep in it.

Everything went back to normal after that, or the relative normality that constituted the Saotomes lives.

Finished reminiscing, Shampoo had decided to get cleaned up when the doorbell rang. She answered it, and stunned into speechlessness upon finding who the visitor was.

"Hey, Honey. I'm home," a bedraggled Ranma greeted, his outfit worn through in several spots and looking faded, as though it had been left out in the sun too long.

Shampoo stared at him in shock. "Ranma, what are you doing here?! I thought you said you would be trapped on the island until next week."

Ranma stepped past his wife and into his home. "I knew how agitated you were at what was going on there, and with you being lonely, so after I helped beat the big goof, I swam back."

"You swam the entire Indian Ocean?!"

Ranma chuckled. "While I'd like to say I did, I actually only swam part way. I caught a ride on tramp steamer about halfway here, and rode it the rest of the way home. So here I am. Aren't you happy to see me?"

Shampoo laughed nervously. She hadn't expected Ranma back this early, and it caught her off-guard. Originally, she had considered keeping silent about the Ryo matter, since she was the only one that knew about it. But the problem was, she did know about it, and she loved her husband too much to keep that sort of thing secret from him. Seeing him before her only confirmed her inability to pretend nothing had happened.

Knowing his wife as well as he did, Ranma's cocky delight turned to suspicion. "Oh, is there something you'd like to tell me?"

Shampoo's laugh turned into a titter. "Well, you see, a funny thing happened after I called you."

"Oh?" While there wasn't anger in Ranma's voice, neither was did it hold any warmth or happiness.

Shampoo sucked up her courage and began, trying to score points early by making certain comparisons that might diffuse Ranma's potential anger. "You know how when I was gone and you went to that hot spring and ended up getting fucked by Ryo and Akira? Well, a funny thing happened while you were gone…."

"…And then you came in the door just now," Shampoo finished. She thought she had put the best positive spin on the encounter that she could. Ranma had been surprisingly unreadable during the entire explanation. She supposed that was good. Ranma tended to be miserable at hiding any strong emotions. Or maybe Shampoo's own guilt made her unable to tell what he was thinking.

If Ranma lost his temper, she had a whole list of arguments she could make to defuse the situation. And she thought they were pretty good as well. The whole hot spring encounter her husband had with not one, but three different people. Shampoo giving him permission to be promiscuous while he was on the island. His lack of calling back to tell her not to fool around with Yuriko. All of them were pretty sound strategies.

Of course, if Ranma didn't buy any of them, her ass was the one that was going to be toast. While she had no fears that he'd leave her, there were things he could do to make her very uncomfortable, and as long as she felt she was guilty, there was nothing she would do other than accept whatever punishment Ranma felt she merited.

After a few minutes of painfully loud silence, Ranma finally said, "Ah, it don't matter. Don't worry about it."

Shampoo was in shock once again. "You really mean that?"

Ranma made a dismissive wave with his hand. "Yeah, like you said, things happen. God know, they happen to me all the time."

"They sure do," Shampoo agreed, relief making her weak in the knees. She had really dodged a bullet this time. She was certain Ranma would have acted worse than that. But to have forgiveness so casually tossed to her was truly heartening. She'd have to do something special for her husband to pay him back for his understanding.

Just as Shampoo was about to suggest something, Ranma said, "There's just one little thing I had some difficulty with."

Shampoo felt a touch of dread blossom in her stomach. "Oh? What?"

Ranma scratched his head. "I'm having problems visualizing this thing with Ryo."

"Visualizing?" Shampoo was uncertain of what that meant.

"I just want you to help clear it up for me," Ranma said. "How about you put on that slinky outfit you were wearing that day he came over."

Now Shampoo was really confused. "I do still have it around, but it's ruined. "

Ranma shook his head. "Ah, don't worry about it. Just put it on. I want to see you in it."

He was being very persistent, as well as mysterious. But Shampoo figured she owed him one, even if he did seem to be behaving strangely. She left Ranma behind in the living room, and headed for their bedroom. She dug out the silk dress. She had kept it in the hopes of stitching it up, but it was obviously hopeless. After Ranma was through with whatever it was he was doing, she'd throw it out.

As before, she quickly tossed off her clothing until she was down to her panties, then put the dress back on. This time her breasts were displayed in all of their natural glory due to the huge rent in the fabric Ryo's lust had made.

A voice breathed in her ear, "You're right. It does look good on you."

Shampoo jumped at Ranma's close proximity. She hadn't heard him come in. She also couldn't help noticing how his attention was riveted to her naked breasts. It was a hungry stare she had seen on many occasions, and heralded the coming of something she enjoyed doing very much with her husband.

"Do you really like it?" Shampoo said, moving side to side slightly and making her breasts sway.

Instead of moving toward her, Ranma took a few steps back. Shampoo wondered what he was up to until he gave a small leap and sprawled out on his back on the bed.

He smirked at her. "Now why don't you show me what it was you did with that poor defenseless boy you took advantage of?"

Now Shampoo understood what game Ranma was playing. It appeared she would be performing a reenactment of her tryst for her husband's benefit, with him filling the role of the absent Ryo. Not that she had any desire to turn down the request. While she no longer suffered from the insatiable need that had marked the encounter, it had taken place a few days ago, and it lasted less than half an hour. By now Shampoo was ready for some more action, and no one was as good at making love to her as Ranma.

It appeared forgiveness really was divine.


Author's notes: That's all. See, TH, I controlled myself. J Anyway, I hope the ending didn't drag too long. I wanted to show Ranma wasn't a hypocrite and was willing to let her go with this the way she let him go with his hot spring adventure. Of course, Ranma still has needs of his own that require Shampoo to fulfill, and I think the idea of him doing to her what Ryo did (though putting his own twist on things) would be a good way for him to get the pound of flesh (in this case Shampoo's pretty ass) in revenge.

Anyway, hope you liked it. As always, there's no telling when another of these stories will spring up thanks to my muse. Hope you enjoyed this brief outing.

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