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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Sequel to 'Educating Yuriko'

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Foreword: Just a little add on to the 'Educating Yuriko' lemon I did. It's yet another PWP (Plot? What plot?) lemon. I hold no pretenses other than that this is low grade porn, which is the only 'redeeming' quality it is supposed to have. The action (emphasis on the word. ^_^) picks up where Educating left off. So now with the scene set, we go on to…

-Lemon Warning-

A noise roused Yuriko from her uncomfortable slumber. Being bound hand and foot with a gag in one's mouth tended to make sleep a near impossibility. She was barely able to turn her head far enough to the side to see a now-female (and fully clothed) Silver approaching her position on the bed. The newcomer had her hands hidden behind her back; a sure sign she was up to something. Probably she couldn't stand seeing any of Yuriko's holes open and wanted to thrust something in her pussy. The bound blonde made a protesting noise through the cock shaped gag in her mouth, her breath coming out as a whistle through the hole in the 'head' that allowed the passage of air into her mouth.

Silver put a finger to her lips indicating silence. She whispered, "Your Mom and mine are still sleeping it off. I don't know as they would approve me being here."

That made Yuriko's brow crease. Silver approached, then bent low and revealed what had been hidden behind her back: a sandwich on a plate and a glass of water.

Seeing the food made Yuriko's stomach growl after hours of having no sustenance, especially considering how much energy she had burned having the hell fucked out of her. With how hungry she was, she would have begged Silver to screw her ass raw if it meant getting that food in her stomach. She even gave Silver a submissive look to communicate the message.

However, Silver issued no such bargain as she undid the cock gag and allowed Yuriko the use of her mouth. The blonde opened and shut it in an effort to reinvigorate it. She tried summoning some moisture so she could speak, but found herself unable to summon much.

Silver held the glass of water up to Yuriko's mouth. "Drink."

Yuriko accepted the offered liquid. Hands still bound, Silver had to be careful to keep too much from dribbling down Yuriko's chin. Only a small amount spilled out the side and to the sheets below the blonde's chin.

Once Silver withdrew the glass, and Yuriko's mouth was wet enough, the bound girl spoke. "This would work out a lot easier if you undid my bonds."

Silver shook her head. "No way. My being here is risky enough. I definitely don't think Mom would approve of me releasing you. Instead you'll just have to let me feed you." She held out the sandwich in front of Yuriko's mouth.

For a moment Yuriko was almost overcome by a near debilitating feeling of distress at being fed like a small child. But then the rumbling in her belly let her know it was time to swallow her pride if she wished to swallow anything else. She took a bite out of the offered food. Once she had taken one, all resistance fell by the wayside as she ate as much as she could as quickly as she could. Only taking time enough to accept offered drinks of water to keep from choking on the sandwich.

Once she was finished eating, she gave a look of adoration at her savior of sorts.

Silver just shook her head. "That's typical of Mom, never taking good care of her pets. Grandma Comb says she never let her have them because of it."

"Now that's reassuring," Yuriko said flatly. She then gave Silver a quizzical look. "Would you get me out of here if I asked?"

That seemed to surprise Silver. "I thought you agreed to this and were having a good time."

Yuriko shifted as slightly as she could, given the fact she was bound. "That's not what I'm asking. If I asked you to bust me out, would you?"

This time it was Silver's turn to shift uncomfortably. "Well, if I thought you meant it, I guess I would."

Yuriko smiled, a bit surprised at the response. She thought for certain Silver wouldn't risk her parent's wrath for her sake. That she would made Yuriko feel even more affection for her 'girlfriend' then before.

And then Silver slapped Yuriko's bottom, hand striking the butt plug and making it shift. "On the other hand, I just might steal you for myself."

"Don't say things like that!" Yuriko snapped as she felt arousal from the butt plug's movement.

"Keep it down," Silver warned. She tugged at the bound girl's wrist bonds. "I thought you liked this sort of thing. You really seemed to be getting off on it."

Yuriko was uncertain of how to put it into words, but decided to try her best. "It's different when it comes to you. I don't really care how your mom feels about me, so it doesn't matter what she does. But you're different. I couldn't stand if you were to treat me like this. I don't want you thinking of my like I'm your property. I am not Miss Hinako."

Silver laughed a little at that. "True. I don't think I'd much like it if you started acting like her. I prefer you all feisty and mouthy. It helps to keep me on my toes. Of course if you do go over the line," he gave the helpless Yuriko a second smack on the bottom, bordering on discomfort, to emphasis the point.

Yuriko winced, but then felt a familiar wave of affection. Maybe, with the way her former resolve had broken down, she could admit to herself she did sort of like it when Silver drew a line on her behavior like this. Part of Yuriko almost said it, but pride made her remain silent. Besides, knowing Silver, she'd take it too far and try to turn Yuriko into another Hinako, which she most certainly wasn't!

"I'd better get back before your mama misses me," Silver said. She picked up the gag and reinserted into Yuriko's mouth. It was only the work of a few seconds to tie it back into its proper place.

Yuriko sighed at being left helpless again, though she was better off now than when she had awakened.

As Silver got off the bed to leave, she bent down and twisted the tip of the butt plug embedded in Yuriko's bottom. The helpless girl squirmed at the stimulation.

Silver hummed in approval to herself. "Definite advantages to seeing you this way. I'm going to have to have your mama take the edge off," she boasted as she removed her hand and exited the room.

Yuriko scowling in jealousy at Silver's boast of seeking satisfaction elsewhere, even if the bound girl didn't feel up to much of anything. Eventually the anger gave way. Left with nothing to do other than lay motionless, Yuriko closed her eyes and tried to get some more rest.

Yuriko had dozed off again. She was unaware of how much later it was when a noise awakened her again. She opened her eyes, expecting to see Silver returning with more food. She was surprised to see that it was the older Saotome that had entered. He was still in his cursed form, as well as fully clothed in a dark blue shirt that only accentuated the solid frame beneath. Denim jeans that curved to fit his firm bottom completed the simple, but surprisingly appealing garb.

Yuriko felt her heart begin to race as Shampoo-kun approached her. She remembered how firmly her 'master' had dealt with her before, and what pleasures he could give as well. What she had told Silver earlier wasn't completely true about not caring how Shampoo-kun felt about her. She wanted him to be pleased with her behavior, so he would lavish his attentions on her again. It wasn't as deep as it would be with Silver, but there was some feeling there.

Shampoo-kun came to a stop next to her head, looking down at her naked body with his piercing gaze. Yuriko shivered slightly under that stare, and wondered what her auntie planned to do with her. Would he rip out the butt plug and pound her bottom, like he had implied he would do when he first put it in? Or would he elect to enter her pussy and play with the plug, making her feel penetrated in both holes? Or perhaps he would make her give him oral pleasure by removing the cock gag and forcing some real meat down her throat. So many possibilities and so much pleasure to be had.

Much to Yuriko's surprise, Shampoo-kun began undoing her bonds. First he undid the cock shaped gag, then removed her bikini bottoms from her hands. Instead of going after the ankle cuffs, he grabbed the plug in her bottom. Unceremoniously, he pulled it out with one quick jerk, making Yuriko cry out in pain at the intruder being so suddenly removed.

He was quick to massage her bottom, touching certain points and making the pain subside somewhat. A moment later, Shampoo-kun undid the ankle cuffs as well, leaving Yuriko unbound. The blonde remained motionless until he said, "You can get up now and go to the bathroom if you like."

The words reminded Yuriko of the fact she had not gone in quite some time. Reminded, her body issued an ultimatum regarding that, and she took off in a flurry towards the bathroom.

After ten minutes, Yuriko returned, a look of profound relief on her face. She saw her Auntie waiting impatiently for her return. Yuriko lowered her head to the floor. "I'm sorry it took so long."

The gesture seemed to placate Shampoo-kun. He said, "Follow me." And headed for the door.

Yuriko was a bit disappointed at not picking up where they had left off. But no doubt her Auntie was up to something, so she followed submissively behind. Eventually they came to Yuriko's room. Shampoo-kun walked in as though he owned it, leaving Yuriko to stand around and wait for further orders.

Shampoo-kun pulled one of the still packed suitcases up and opened it. He began going through Yuriko's clothing. Many of the items ended up tossed on the floor, though occasionally he took a closer look at an item and placed it more neatly on the bed.

Despite it being a short vacation Yuriko had packed enough clothing to stay for nearly two weeks. After all, she didn't know what mood she would be in, and that meant everything when it came to deciding what to wear. So it took Shampoo-kun some time to go through all of her items.

Eventually Shampoo-kun finished inventorying the clothes. Yuriko looked with distaste at the mess that had been left behind, a mess Shampoo-kun was obviously not going to clean up. Still, Yuriko knew better than to complain. That would lead to harsh punishment, and she wanted to be pleasured. It had to have been at least four hours since her last orgasm, and standing so close to such virility, while being Shampoo-kun's complete slave, stoked Yuriko's fires the way few things in her life had.

Shampoo-kun stood away from the pile of clothing on the bed.. He pointed to it and ordered, "Try those on. I want to see you in them."

Yuriko moved to obey. She picked up a sundress first, then noticed something. She looked at her master as demurely as she could. "There doesn't seem to be any bras or panties here."

"Obviously you won't be wearing any," He provided in answer

Yuriko felt slightly thrilled at the idea. She had never gone about without at least panties on. Every now and then she would go braless, usually to drive Silver into a real frenzy, but to not have any undergarments whatsoever would be even more exciting, if a bit nerve wracking should someone catch a glimpse of what lay between her legs.

Yuriko quickly threw on the sundress over her head, jiggling slightly for her auntie's benefit as it flowed down and over her body. She felt the material glide across her breasts, arousing her further. As she smoothed the dress, she knew anyone would be able to plainly tell she had no bra from the way her nipples poked through the material. The top of the sundress wasn't all that high either, and revealed a good portion of the tops of her breasts. She posed for her master to gauge his reaction.

He shook his head in disapproval. "Too nice. Next."

Yuriko removed the dress and tried on the next item. She flipped the white tee-shirt over her head. The darker areolas of her nipples could be clearly seen through the flimsy white top.

Again Shampoo-kun shook his head.

Yuriko removed the top and put on a dark blue halter top that was probably a size too small for someone of her build (which was why she had bought it in the first place). It ended just barely low enough to hide the bottom curve of her breasts, and did much to bring attention to the ample chest she possessed.

Shampoo-kun nodded in approval. He pointed to something black pointing out from the edge of the pile. "Try that on."

Yuriko pulled the garment free. It was a black leather mini-skirt, shiny under the lights of the room. She quickly threw it around her waist and zipped it up from the side. The way the leather rubbed across her bare bottom only served to make her hotter. She added a belt composed of interlocking metal rings to it and spun around for her master's benefit. She knew she had found a winning combination this time from the look of lust in his eyes.

He drew close and grabbed Yuriko by the shoulders. His hot breath caressed her face, and she found herself hoping he would force her on her knees, flip up her skirt, and take her right then and there.

But through what must have been a supreme effort of will power, Shampoo-kun released her and instead grabbed a white vest and ordered, "Put this on."

Disappointed, but unwilling to show it, Yuriko threw the vest on, leaving it unbuttoned so that her master would have an unrestricted view of her flat stomach and thrust out chest. All it would take was a single motion, and he could have her breasts out and suckle on them to his heart's content.

"Put on some shoes," he ordered.

Sensing his resolve was not going to give anytime soon, Yuriko did so, selecting a pair of socks, and then ankle high white boots. As she put them on, she bent over, intentionally moving her hips so her skirt rode up and both her lower lips and over half her ass were revealed for Shampoo-kun's benefit. Much to her concern, her bait failed to lure him into doing her in this vulnerable position. She hoped she hadn't lost any of her sex appeal in his eyes.

Once Yuriko was completely dressed, Shampoo-kun nodded his head in approval. He headed for the door, then snapped his fingers. Yuriko understood and followed behind him, as though he still held her leash. It was amazing how, for all of her desire to please him, she felt almost no tension at being treated in such a demeaning manner. Instead all she felt was excitement and a desire for even more rough and physical sex at his hands.

Shampoo-kun led the way to the living room that connected with the back deck. Silver and Ai were already there. Much to Yuriko's surprise, they were not screwing away. Instead they were fully clothed and simply lay on a couch next to one another, watching television. It wasn't until they got closer that Yuriko saw that one of Silver's arms was draped over her mama's shoulder and was fondling the breast on that side.

Both women turned to look at the newcomers. Silver whistled. "Looking pretty hot there, Yu-chan."

"A pity I can't get away with wearing something like that anymore," Ai lamented.

"You look plenty hot in what you got on right now," Silver assured her, playing rougher with her breast in confirmation. She then came closer and proceeded to nibble on Ai's neck next to the bite marks Shampoo-kun had left in their earlier session.

"So what are you two up to? It's getting a little late," Ai commented, obviously enjoying the attention she was receiving.

Shampoo-kun said, "I'm taking my new toy out so I can play with it for a while. I'll be taking the car."

"We'll find something to entertain ourselves while you're gone," Ai assured him as her top was pulled up high enough to reveal one of her breasts. Silver went to immediately sucking on it.

Yuriko scowled at the scene, angry at Silver for so quickly forgetting the 'hot' girl standing near him. But then all the anger melted away as Shampoo-kun headed for the front door, signaling for Yuriko to follow.

"We're here."

Yuriko looked outside at the lighted front of their eventual destination. It was some bar that was located in the seedy section of the nearby coastal town. Actually, its appearance was single-handedly responsible for making the section of town look even seedier. A sign decorated in sallow neon lights indicated the name of the 'establishment' was The Red Bull. Yuriko could see that the section of the lights that was supposed to represent the namesake of the place was burned out, leaving a dark hole in the middle of the sign. She thought it was an appropriate touch, consider a dark hole was exactly what the place looked like.

"What are we doing in a place like this?" Yuriko asked in open distaste.

"Your Mama and I found it last year when we left you and Silver with Ranma and your Mother," Shampoo-kun was all he offered in explanation as he exited the vehicle.

Yuriko mirrored his action far more reluctantly. She was uncertain as to why she had been dragged out into a part of town like this, and what was in store for her, other than she might not like it. She tried to think if she had been disobedient since being released from her bonds, but couldn't come up with anything.

Shampoo-kun walked towards the bar, not even bothering to look over his shoulder to see if Yuriko would follow. For a moment, Yuriko wondered if she should put her foot down and refuse, but decided otherwise. Her master had made it clear that any show of defiance meant punishment, as well as doing whatever he had intended in the first place.

As Yuriko drew nearer, she saw that the darkness had hidden the true condition of the bar. It was even more run down than she had thought. It would probably have been cheaper to simply tear it down rather than trying to remodel it given the deterioration it had suffered. Even from this distance she caught the scent of alcohol and other less intoxicating substances. The music blaring from the place was clear to Yuriko's ears, and worse, it was some gaijin tune she didn't know the words to.

As they walked up to the front entrance, Yuriko noted a high number of bikes in the parking lot, many of them with the insignia of a red bull in plain view on them. Some sort of gang bar then. She knew enough that some gangs tended to 'own' a bar, and that this had all the earmarks of one. She and Shampoo-kun would be outsiders, and possibly not welcome there.

They entered the bar, the noise level tripling as they opened the door. Yuriko noted that the inside, while not 'nice' by any means, was in considerably better shape than the outside. It was dark, the dim lighting showing that the floors were wooden and worn, though free of any terrible substances. Several pool tables lines one side of the huge room, next to it was a dance floor where a handful of couples were attempting what was probably meant to be a dance, but appeared closer to an epileptic fit, that had no synchronically with the music that was making the room vibrate.

The other side of the bar, which was more crowded, had a number of tables located next to a long bar. The majority of patrons either sat there drinking or at their tables, many of which had a number of empty beer bottles at them. Curiously, one end of the bar was left mostly open, with only two men drinking on opposite sides of it.

Yuriko shivered slightly as the majority of the patrons turned in the newcomers' direction, though most of the attention was directed towards her, and not in a wholesome fashion. She felt frightened, and for a moment wanted to hide behind Shampoo-kun before realizing the foolishness of such an action. It would be a sign of weakness, and she was no coward to begin with. Even unarmed, she could hold her own in a straight up fight. And ultimately, there was her auntie to consider. While nowhere near Ranma's level, Shampoo-kun was still an incredible fighter, and could level this entire place with relative ease if he so desired.

Most of the attention turned away from the pair, though a few of the male eyes continued to linger on Yuriko's form. As they walked inside, she saw a large bouncer next to the entryway smile at her, flashing the fact that at least five of his teeth had fallen victim to occupational hazards.

Just as they entered, Yuriko thought she saw the bouncer make an odd hand gesture in the direction of the bar. She turned, and saw that the bartender had taken note of her and her auntie.

Shampoo-kun grabbed Yuriko's hand in a soft, yet firm embrace, and led her towards the end of the bar where there were few people. As they passed by the table, Yuriko could see many of the men, and even some of the women, had the red bull insignia on their outfits, all of which were the type worn only by those that decided conforming to society's standards was a laughable idea at best.

As Yuriko moved through the room, she could feel the eyes of the patrons upon her. Not a surprise, really. Even without dressing so scantily she was by far the best looking female there, though there weren't that many to compete with. The odds were five to one in the men's favor. The women already there were rougher, seedier types, like the men. Most of them were pierced and tattooed. Some looked like they were dragged behind motorcycles rather than riding them. Although for once, Yuriko did not care for the attention. She shuddered to think what would happen to her if she was thrown to that lot. She moved closer to Shampoo-kun comforted by his close presence and secure in the knowledge he would protect her from harm.

Shampoo-kun sat on a bar stool, and indicated Yuriko do the same. She looked down at her potential seat, noting that aside from a tear on the top that revealed the yellow stuffing within, it appeared clear of any substances, alcoholic or otherwise. She smoothed her skirt, making certain to keep her legs as close together as possible, and tried to sit down As she did so, she felt a breeze from the bar's air conditioning seem to reach up her skirt and blow across her lips as she sat. She looked down fearfully, but was reassured by the fact her skirt and not risen up. She was still tense as she sat down, making certain to face the bar and keep her legs close together.

The bartender came to their end of the bar. He was an older man, at least in his fifties, and wiry. His skin was hardened and dark, even in the bar's dim lighting, as though he had spent his entire life outdoors. His bartender's uniform, however, was in excellent shape, and would have looked more appropriate in a bar with a more genteel clientele. He was easily the most professional looking person in the place.

In voice that sounded as though it had been dragged over some gravel, the bartender rumbled to Shampoo-kun. "You lost here, stranger?"

Shampoo-kun smiled, a dangerous glint in his eye. "I was here last year around this time."

The bartender looked more closely at the face, his right eye tearing slightly. Then a look of realization crossed his features. "I remember you." He looked to Yuriko, again squinting slightly. "Looks a bit younger than the last one you brought around."

"It's from the same stock, and I guarantee it's high class. I can personally attest to it," Shampoo-kun said, giving Yuriko a look that made her blush, despite all that had already happened between the two.

"I'll see if there are any players willing to accept your offer," the bartender said as he turned to go.

Shampoo-kun stopped him for a second. "A bottle of," he looked over the number of bottles that decorating the wall behind the bar. "Bourbon."

The bartender grabbed a bottle and placed two glasses before the couple. "On the house if they accept."

Shampoo-kun nodded in gratitude. The bartender left the bar unattended and headed down a corridor leading to the interior of the building.

Yuriko looked at Shampoo-kun, completely baffled. "What's going on?"

He filled the two shot glasses and handed one to Yuriko.

She held her hand out in refusal. "I don't think that's such a good idea. I don't have a high tol…" she trailed off as she saw the look of anger in his eyes. Rather than offering a useless apology, she accepted the glass and forced herself to swallow the contents. It was like liquid fire pouring down her throat and into her stomach. Both her eyes were left tearing as badly as the bartender's one bad one.

Much to her chagrin, Shampoo-kun poured another for her, than downed one himself just as quickly. He looked at the empty glass appreciatively and laughed. "I was always a good drinker. Ranma's terrible though. Silver's not much better. I'm afraid she inherited her father's tolerance"

Yuriko laughed. "You got that right. She ends up dancing on tables after only three."

Shampoo-kun's hand made its way to Yuriko's leg, fingertips playing along the revealed flesh just below the mini-skirt, "Drink," Shampoo-kun commanded through a smile.

Yuriko laughed weakly. So much for diverting his attention. This time she drank her shot more slowly. The second one never hurt as much as the first, but she was still not what she would consider a heavy drinker.

As Yuriko was working on her second, she felt Shampoo-kun' hand move from the lower part of her leg to the higher, going under her skirt rather than over it. Yuriko made a faint gasping noise, and nearly spilled the drink.

"Keep drinking," he instructed her in a quiet voice that she could barely hear over the noisy music.

As she continued drinking, his hand continued on its path until it rested right above her bare pussy. Much of the flesh of her leg was revealed, and had her legs not been pointed towards the bar, anyone would have been treated to the sight of her blond muff. Yuriko's eyes darted around to see if anyone was witnessing what was occurring, but they seemed unaware of anything wrong. Although every now and then a face would glance her way, openly leering at her.

Shampoo-kun's fingertips began to brush against her sensitive outer lips. Despite being out in public and nervous at being played with so openly, Yuriko felt herself continue to become aroused. She finished off the last of her drink.

Shampoo-kun grabbed the bottle with his free hand and poured her another. "Drink."

Yuriko obeyed, finding it much easier to drink with her body being distracted in such a manner. Shampoo-kun, for his part, seemed inclined to neither work too fast or too powerfully, opting instead to lightly caress Yuriko and bring her to a slow boil.

Her auntie was making Yuriko work on her fourth drink, the effects of the first starting to kick in, when the bartender returned and announced to Shampoo-kun, 'they' had accepted the offer. The response made Shampoo-kun grin broadly as he picked Yuriko up off her seat to stand her on her feet. Despite the alcohol, Yuriko stood steadily. Shampoo-kun placed his hand on her bottom, guiding her in the direction he wanted her to go. They set off down the narrow corridor next to the end of the bar that the bartender and disappeared inside.

It was even more poorly lit in the corridor, and the odors from lavatories in desperate need of cleaning came from nearby. Yuriko felt flush from the alcohol in her system as Shampoo-kun continued to keep her close to him via his contact with her bottom.

Yuriko finally found the courage to ask, "What are we doing here, Auntie?"

Shampoo-kun stopped and gave her a stern look. "Call me Master from now on, Little Slut. It will keep things from becoming confused."

"Yes, Master," Yuriko sighed. She found she liked the sound of that much better than 'Auntie'.

Satisfied, Shampoo-kun continued, "We're here to play in some high stakes pool."

"High stakes?"

"Very high stakes," Shampoo-kun assured her. "Not the legal kind either. It's wagering at the highest level, but I have something to cover the stakes."

"What would that be?" Yuriko asked.

"Why you of course, Little Slut." Shampoo-kun informed her with an amused grin. "You seemed intrigued at the idea of being sold for so much money to Gunther. And I have to admit, I really want to get my money's worth out of you."

Yuriko stopped in the hall, trembling. "You're going to bet my body for some money?"

Shampoo-kun used his hold on her bottom and drew her close, pressing her body against his. He placed a hand behind her neck and forced her to look up at him. "You worry too, too much, Little Slut. I have no intention of losing a hot piece of ass like you."

He brought his head down and kissed her, prying open her lips and spearing her with his tongue. Immediately Yuriko's sense of trepidation was drowned out by her body's lust. Her own hands went behind Shampoo-kun's back, enjoying the texture of his powerful muscles and drew him closer, mashing her barely concealed breasts against his rock hard chest.

As they engaged in the passionate liplock, Yuriko could feel Shampoo-kun's hands moving downward until they traveled below the curve of her back and to the bottom of her skirt, touching the flesh of her thighs. They then rose upward, staying in contact with her flesh and making her tingle as they took the hem of the leather skirt up with them. The digits finally settled on her ass and began to dig themselves in, drawing her crotch closer until she was all but straddling his leg.

Yuriko knew that anyone walking in the hallway would see her bare bottom being fondled by Shampoo-kun, and she didn't care in the slightest. He could have pinned her against the wall and screwed her standing up, and the only thing she would shout about was for him to do her harder; her desire was that out of control. Being bartered like a piece of property no longer meant anything if it meant her master would take her again.

All too soon his ravishing of her ended. She whimpered at the loss of contact, but issued no further protests. He released his hold on her ass cheeks and lowered her skirt so it covered her assets once again.

Now properly submissive, Yuriko allowed herself to be led to around a bend, down a set of stairs, and eventually to the end of the hall where a doorway stood. There were two cameras poised in the corners of the hall, allowing someone full view of what was happening in the hall outside the door.

Shampoo-kun knocked three times on the door, then twice, then once. He then turned to Yuriko. "I managed to get them to wager eighty thousand yen for your Mama. I want to get at least ten thousand more for you."

This time, unlike at the beach, Yuriko felt thrilled at being offered against so much. "I'm sure they'll give it to you. I'm younger and built much better than Mama." She thrust her chest out to prove her point.

"We'll see," Shampoo-kun said with a smirk as the sounds of several locks unfastening came to their ears.

Shampoo-kun opened the door and pushed Yuriko inside. As they both entered, the door swung shut behind them on its own. Yuriko heard the sounds of several heavy bolts slide into place, indicating they would not be interrupted as they conducted their business.

This room was unlike the others in the bar. It was spotless and as meticulously kept as if Kasumi Tendou regularly cleaned it. The furnishings were of the highest quality and also well maintained. There was a small bar on one side of the room, made out of mahogany that must have cost a small fortune. Several large couches were on one side of the room, where one could stretch their legs if they so desired. At the bar were several plush, high backed chairs for people to sit in comfort as they relaxed and enjoyed their drinks.

What truly dominated the room was the pool table resting in the middle of it. It was clearly the centerpiece here. Elaborately carved from what appeared at first glance to be a single piece of dark wood, the green felt was perfect and it spoke of being as expensive as everything else in the room combined.

There were only three occupants in the room. Standing next to the bar was a tall, slender (almost to the point he was gaunt) man, who probably dwarfed Shampoo-kun by several centimeters. He was dressed in an elegant white sleeved shirt whose collar was open and long sleeves were undone at the wrists. The pants he wore were clearly those of a tuxedo, and the man had the air of having come from some stuffy engagement and just wanted to relax. His looks were average, and compared to Shampoo-kun, did nothing to turn Yuriko on.

The second man sat in one of the high backed chairs. He was definitely overweight. Not obese, but well on his way to becoming so. His age was difficult to tell, given his head was shaved completely bald. He had a fat, almost cherubic face, which was only enhanced by the delighted smile he directed at Yuriko. To contrast the thin man, the larger one wore only a pair of worn pants and a shirt that was a size too small for him. Unlike in Yuriko's case, his small shirt did nothing to enhance his image. His gut clearly stuck out from the bottom, turning Yuriko off to no end.

The third man stood next to the pool table, cue in hand and watching the pair of newcomers expectedly. He was Akira's height and had a similar fit build, one speaking of a wiry strength people would underestimate. His hair was black and hung well past his shoulders in oily locks that glistened under the bright lighting. His garb was similar to that of the majority of patrons upstairs. His pants were worn and spoke of frequent use. Like Yuriko, he too wore an open vest, though his was composed of black leather. Unlike Yuriko, he wore no shirt underneath. His bare form revealed a firm set of abdominals that indicated he worked out at a gym on a regular basis. What really drew her attention was the large tattoo that covered much of the center of his chest. It was of the now familiar red bull, but unlike the others upstairs this was an obvious work of art by a master artist. The image spoke of power and anger as the bull appeared to be bellowing a challenge to the sky. The work was so intricate and lifelike that Yuriko could easily believe it would walk off the man's chest and roar with the anger its face displayed.

The man's general physical resemblance to Yuriko's nominal boyfriend, Akira, served to perk her interest slightly, unlike the other two occupants of the room or the two youths from the beach. There were no deep feelings of interest, but the man was appealing in a sexual sense. A brief image of giving him head while Shampoo-kun took her from behind filled Yuriko's mind. Perhaps if her master lost, being used by the others wouldn't be the hellish experience she feared. In any case, she pushed the fantasy out and concentrated on the matter on hand.

Gaunt (The name Yuriko decided to dub the slender man, having no other to use) picked up an air injector with a red vial that had been resting on the bar, an object Yuriko hadn't noticed earlier. He held it to his neck and pushed the button. Yuriko watched as the red substance filtered through the injector and into his bloodstream, traveling through the skin without breaking it. When he pulled the device away, all that was left was a red mark of pinched flesh.

A soft smile spread across Gaunt's face as he stared at Yuriko's breasts. "Now that, is one heck of a sight to behold when you're going mellow." He giggled like a child.

Yuriko guessed it was one of the newer narcotics she had heard about: Crimson Mist. It was said to produce a euphoric effect with almost no risk of overdosing. The only drawbacks were an incredibly high addiction rate and the occasional coma, which the person almost always came out of a couple of weeks later with no ill side effects, save those that came about from being in a coma for more than a week. The drug was also illegal. She turned to gauge Shampoo-kun's reaction, and saw, much to her surprise, that he took no note of it.

Cherub looked Yuriko over in a far more lascivious manner. "You got that right. Damn, that is a fine piece of work."

Tattoo looked her over with a critical eye, and Yuriko felt a bit of trepidation at the man's stare. It was not the lust filled look the other two had given her, but one of unfeeling calculation. It was like he was sizing up a piece of meat, and Yuriko felt uncomfortable at such coldness when examining her body. She wondered if he would behave as coldly if she became his plaything for the night.

Seemingly satisfied with what was before him, Tattoo asked Shampoo-kun, "She's clean?"

"I can guarantee it," Shampoo-kun said.

Tattoo nodded his head. "Works for me. She looks like a prime cut that's worth about eighty thousand."

Shampoo-kun shook his head. "Ninety."

Tattoo seemed to consider that for a moment.

Seeing the indecision, Shampoo-kun said to Yuriko, "Little Slut, take off your vest so they can get a better look at your goods."

"Yes, Master," Yuriko said in complete obedience, making certain she gave a good performance as she removed the vest and placed it on the couch, bending at the waist and thrusting her bottom out so the rounded curve of her ass could be seen by all. She then turned around and rejoined her master at his side, looping her arm through his

"Come on, Man. She's worth the chance," Cherub insisted.

Tattoo looked Yuriko over again. Without taking his eyes from her, he pulled out a large billfold from an inside pocket of his vest. Yuriko's eyes bulged when she saw that they were all ten thousand yen bills. He rolled off the appropriate number and placed them on the bar, away from his two friends.

Gaunt continued smiling with his stupid grin, though he was not in such a drugged state that he didn't look at Yuriko with an appreciative eye.

Cherub more than made up for Gaunt's lack of movement, nearly falling out of his seat from the way he was cheering. Cherub gave Yuriko a knowing wink. "You got nothing to worry about, baby. I know how to take care of you real good. We're going to have fun tonight."

Yuriko only kept herself from openly scoffing because she thought Shampoo-kun would have disapproved. There was no way some bloated biker could treat her as wonderfully as her master, or even Silver or Akira, could. The only one of the trio that remotely turned her on was Tattoo, and he seemed too cold for her tastes. She wanted a man to burn for her, even as she did them. Like the way Shampoo-kun kept 'forcing' himself on her, the wild passion Silver used when all but jumping her, or the slow simmering affection Akira had when they made love. Three different manners, but all of them emotional and ardent.

Tattoo moved to the pool table. "Nine Ball. One game. Winner takes all, so it doesn't matter how many you sink."

"Acceptable," Shampoo-kun informed him. He went to a nearby rack that held a number of sturdy-looking pool cues. With a careful eye, he looked them over, finally settling on one that was next to last on the end. He picked it up, fingers carefully running over the surface as he spun it in one hand and examined it in the other. "This will do," he said.

Tattoo had already set up the rack. "You can break," he informed Shampoo-kun.

Yuriko's heart race increased and she felt uneasy again, despite the effect of her final drink now raging through her body. It was happening so quickly, with her freedom on the line, that she could barely handle the fact that it was real. It still stunned her that these three strangers would risk so much for the chance to sleep with her. Admittedly, she had little doubt they would try their hardest to get their 'money's worth' out of her body. It was flattering to her ego. She thought of what it would be like to start demanding Silver pay for her affections. Then she remembered the hard smack to her bottom Silver had applied when she reminded Yuriko that she would keep her from going 'over the line.' Being set limits at Silver's hands made Yuriko smile for some she couldn't figure out.

Yuriko knew it was the alcohol, as well as the tension filled, erotic situation making her mind wander so. She looked around for a place to sit.

Shampoo-kun noted her actions and informed her, "Just stay standing."

Yuriko did so without a word of complaint. She wasn't so inebriated that standing was a chore. She would simply have to do as she was told and pay attention to what was happening around her. After all, there was no doubt she was going to be screwed when this was all over. The only question was by who and how many would be doing it.

That made her reconsider. The pressure was getting to be a bit much, and now that she thought about it, another drink sounded good. "Can I have something to drink while you play?"

Shampoo-kun nodded. Tattoo told Gaunt, "Get her whatever she wants."

Seeing Gaunt looking at her inquisitively, Yuriko tried deciding a drink. "Bourbon." It was going down good, and made her feel a lot better and more accepting of what was going on around her.

"Excellent choice," Gaunt said. He was tall enough to lean over the bar, rather than going around it, and grab a glass as well as a half empty bottle. He poured a shot and offered it to her.

Yuriko walked over and accepted the drink. She considered it for a moment, then downed it in one gulp. It burned, but not as badly as before. And within seconds the burning sensation was gone, leaving Yuriko feeling very little pain.

Cherub said, "If she can fuck like she drinks, she's worth twice as much as what was offered for her."

The compliment brought a smile to Yuriko's face. Maybe Cherub didn't do anything for her, but at least he knew how to flatter. Maybe screwing him wouldn't be such an ordeal either. She placed the glass down and indicated she wanted another.

Gaunt refilled the glass and held it out for Yuriko. As she went for it, he raised it up in the air and out of easy reach. Yuriko frowned at him for being so rude and toying with her drink. She was forced to stand on her tiptoes and reach as high as she could in order to grab the drink. As she did so, she understood what Gaunt's goal had been all along as her too small halter top rose up, going from barely concealing her entire breasts to showing the lower roundness of her globes.

Yuriko downed the drink as Shampoo-kun lined up for the break. She placed the glass on the bar with a clink, and started to head back to her original position. As she passed Cherub, she caught a movement from out of the corner of her eye.

Before Yuriko could say anything, Shampoo-kun snarled at Cherub, "Don't you dare touch her!"

Cherub pulled his beefy hand back a hairsbreadth away from touching Yuriko's bottom, almost as though it had nearly been bitten off. "I was just going to test the merchandise was all."

"It's not yours until I win," Tattoo informed him.

Seeing the look of anger and possessiveness on Shampoo-kun's face at her simply being almost fondled made Yuriko wondered what was going on. Why would he act so angry at the idea of her being groped by others when he was the one that had decided to barter her in the first place? Still, his possessive attitude thrilled her as she retook her position at the end of the table.

Shampoo-kun finally made the break. The cue ball sailed hard into the cluster of nine balls and sent them careening across the pool table. The Seven Ball fell with an audible thump.

That made Yuriko smile. She wasn't really into games of chance they way Akira was, but she knew enough about the pool to realize her Master was going to get another shot.

Shampoo-kun looked at the position of the One Ball and openly grimaced. He said, "One Ball, side pocket," and gave a weak shot that barely touched the One, knocking it only slightly out of its former position and leaving the Cue Ball behind the Eight, making a direct shot on the One now impossible.

Tattoo studied the table seriously. He stood there for a couple of minutes, thinking things over. As he did so, Yuriko felt her stomach grow warm and her cares flow away. Taking those extra drinks definitely had done a lot to relax her.

Finally Tattoo lined up and called a nearly impossible bank shot. He did successfully hit the One, putting it on the edge of the pocket he had called. However this time the cue ball was in a direct line with the One, making it an easy shot. Yuriko looked to her Master, only to see a look of consternation on his features. She wondered why, as, after staring at the table for a moment, he went ahead and took the shot.

The One went in, just as Yuriko predicted. However, when the cue ball came to a stop, she saw what had been the cause for alarm; the Two Ball was unsinkable in its current position, one it had been place in by Tattoo's previous shot.

Shampoo-kun called a shot anyway, and succeeded in breaking out the Two without setting it up easily. He then walked away from the table, grabbed a chair, and sat it down next to Yuriko. She understood that his making her stand while he sat down was a sign of his domination over her, but with the way the alcohol was making her feel, sitting down would have made things a whole lot easier.

As if reading her mind, Shampoo-kun patted his lap. "Sit here," he told her.

Yuriko was surprised at the offer. She hadn't sat on her Auntie's lap since she was a little girl. But there was something appealing about acting like an obedient child with her Master, so she did as she was instructed and sat across his lap. Her hand brushed across his crotch as she did so, and she felt the raging hard on contained in his pants. That was her true goal tonight, and the only one she cared for.

Yuriko did get part of her wish, as once she was settled down, Shampoo-kun grabbed her forcefully by the back of her head and forced her lips to his. Sitting on his lap, the kiss was on an almost even level, though there was never any doubt as to who the aggressor was. As Shampoo-kun's tongue intertwined with Yuriko's, his hand went up and began fondling her breast through the blue halter. For just a moment Yuriko felt shame at being molested so in front of total strangers, but then she gave in to her body's desires and groaned at the rough manner she was being handled.

"Do you mind?" Tattoo asked in a quiet voice.

Shampoo-kun stopped the kissing briefly. "I'm just getting her warmed up for afterwards."

"Yeah, let him warm her up," Cherub said, his attention rapt on the scene at the end of the table rather than what was happening on it.

Gaunt nodded his agreement.

Being outnumbered four to one, two of the number being his friends, Tattoo gave up and took his shot. If he was distracted, it didn't show as he not only sunk the Two, but set up a perfect shot on the Three Ball. A moment later, it went down the same pocket the One had earlier.

Now it was Tattoo's turn to frown. The Four Ball had been in a poor position to begin with. With the follow through of the Cue Ball, it had succeeded in placing the Eight Ball in a direct line with the Four. After almost a full minute, Tattoo called a bank shot and proceeded to shoot at the Four. He nearly pulled off the shot, but the momentum of the Four died at the edge of the pocket.

Shampoo-kun broke his lip-lock and made Yuriko return to her standing position. He took note of the set up on the table, then took his shot. The Four easily fell into the proper hole.

The wetness that had accompanied Yuriko's kisses seemed to dry up. More than half the balls were gone. She was more than halfway to having her fate decided on the basis of a game of chance. It was an intense moment, despite how loose she was feeling from the alcohol.

The next shot Shampoo-kun took failed to end up in the hole he had intended, though he had left the Five Ball in an awkward position on the table. Still, Shampoo-kun went back to his seat and indicated to Yuriko she was to sit on his lap again. She did so, the familiar contact easing her worries. The moment she was settled in, Shampoo-kun pulled her top over her breasts, revealing them for all to see. He lowered his head and began to greedily suck on her nipple, making loud slurping noises that filled the room.

Yuriko thought she should have felt some measure of shame at being treated in such a manner in front of strangers, but she reveled in her Master's treatment far too much to allow such thoughts to overcome her enjoyment of his attentions. If only he would carry her away from here and fuck her the way she needed to be. Going without him for so many hours was like a form of torture, especially since she knew he wanted her as well.

Cherub began fondling his crotch as he said, "Now this is entertainment."

Gaunt nodded in agreement, his eyes fixated on the scene as well.

Tattoo's only comment was to sink the difficult shot. He stared at the table for a moment, used the diamonds on the side to line up a double bank shot on the Six Ball, then took it. The Six bounced wide of its intended target, ending up in the middle of the table. The Cue Ball found its way between the bumper and the Nine Ball.

Shampoo-kun removed his mouth from Yuriko's chest and made her stand again, leaving her top up. Yuriko took that as a sign that he wanted it to remain that way, and did so. She felt both Gaunt and Cherub's eyes fixated on her revealed breasts. She turned away from them, and tried to pay attention to the game.

Seeing the lie of the table made her feel uneasy. Her Master had a miserable shot, and so far it was Tattoo that had made the more difficult ones. For the first time in the night, she felt somewhat uncertain about her fate. Before, she was confident in Shampoo-kun's abilities — surely he would not have wagered her body if he thought there was a chance he would lose — but now she began to wonder if lust had blinded her to his taking on more than he could handle.

Shampoo-kun called an exceedingly difficult shot and took it. Much to Yuriko's surprise — and delight — Shampoo-kun sank the ball in the proper hole. She felt easy again. Her Master was in control of the situation. She should never have had any doubts.

But then the worries came back in full as Shampoo-kun's shot on the Eight Ball was off target, bouncing off the side of the pocket and back out in the middle of the table. Rather than seeming worried about the shot, Shampoo-kun simply made his way back to the chair and ordered Yuriko back on his lap.

This time when Yuriko sat down, he not only sucked on her nipple, but raised her skirt up so that it was bunched up around her waist and proceeded to play with her pussy. She gave out a cry as his digits played with her most sensitive areas. He had only been in possession of her for less than a day, and already seemed to know how to get her off with a minimum of action.

"I really, really want that girl," Gaunt said, the most emotional thing he had gotten out since his injection of Crimson Mist.

Cherub only response was to continue rubbing his own crotch more vigorously.

Yuriko noted Tattoo was somehow able to shut out what was going on and concentrated on the shot. Oh how she wished he would pay attention to her and mess up something. Surely that had been her Master's plan from the beginning in playing with her in front of the others. But the plan seemed to be failing. Tattoo, who was obviously the leader of the trio, was above such petty manipulations and was able to focus on the matter on hand. It wasn't fair to Yuriko to be denied the cock she so desperately wanted.

Tattoo drew back and took the next shot. The Eight Ball went right where he had indicated. Now all that was left was the Nine Ball. The game winner. The key to Yuriko's fate. And it lay almost touching the rail at the opposite side of the table. It wasn't an easy shot, but nor was it the most difficult of the night either. Tattoo had made worse ones during the game. The outcome appeared dire.

Even as Yuriko's lower lips began dripping from Shampoo-kun's digital manipulation, fear started to affect her. Amazingly, it served to heighten her arousal. She wasn't sure what she would do if she ended up in the gang members' hands. No, that wasn't true. She would obey her Master and let them use her in whatever way they wanted, including probably being used by some of the other gang members upstairs as their personal screw toy. She would probably end up gang banged by every man in the bar. But she didn't want that. She only wanted Shampoo-kun to treat her like his possession. All she wanted was his cock mercilessly pounding her pussy and ass, and then she wanted him to kiss her afterwards and tell her how good she had been, meeting with his approval in every way.

Yuriko's heart felt like it was ready to sink into her stomach as Tattoo called his shot, leaned over the pool table, lined up the cue with the white ball, and shot.

The Cue Ball slammed into the Nine, sending it up the table to rest against the middle of the bumper while the Cue Ball itself rested at the opposite end of the table.

"I hate that shot," Tattoo said as Shampoo-kun placed the stunned Yuriko back on the floor and moved to take his shot.

On Shampoo-kun's part, he showed no tension whatsoever as he examined the table, first near the Nine, then near the cue. "You did no leave me much," Shampoo-kun said.

"That was my intention," Tattoo said.

Shampoo-kun considered the situation. He shook his head, leaned over, and said, "You should have gone for the win. Nine Ball, Left Top Pocket."

He pounded the ball hard, the cue bouncing up slightly as it struck the Nine. The Nine took off like a shot off the bumper at up towards the end of the table.

It struck the side of the pocket, then went down the hole.

Both Cherub and Gaunt stared at the table as though their lives had followed the Nine Ball down into a hole that led to the Abyss.

"Good game," Shampoo-kun informed Tattoo, as he returned the stick to its rack, neither gloating over the win nor bragging about his own skills.

Tattoo stared at the table, frowning at the Cue Ball, then the pocket the Nine had disappeared into. "I feel like I've been hustled."

Shampoo-kun collected the money on the bar and stuffed it in his pants pocket. He shook his head. "With her at stake? No way. It was just that close." What he left unsaid was that if he had lost the game (an unlikely event, given his true skill level), he would have simply knocked out the lot of them, used some 116 Formula shampoo to make them forget the true nature of the wager, and left an equivalent sum of cash in place of Yuriko. Like in the case of Gunther and his friend, Shampoo-kun had no intention of selling Yuriko off to any strangers. All his real goal had been was to heighten Yuriko's sense of being his toy to do with as he pleased. Judging by the way she was now practically in heat, he had succeeded beyond even his expectations.

Shampoo-kun walked up to the still somewhat shocked Yuriko, gave her a pat on the bottom that snapped her out of her stupor, then started to pull her top back down.

"Wait!" Cherub protested.

"What?" Shampoo-kun asked, wondering if they were going to try to pull something now that they had lost. The members of the Red Taurus Gang he and Ai had run into last year had been an honorable lot, for a gang that regularly ran on the wrong side of the law. They had honored their word (had they not, the two of them would have brought the place down around the gang's ears), but just because one part of the gang would honor their word didn't mean the other would. Of course, Shampoo-kun wouldn't be too upset at a betrayal, since he had no intention of honoring his word, though he would have kept the spirit of the wager by leaving the money in Yuriko's stead.

Cherub was nearly pleading as he said, "Look, she's the hottest thing I've seen up close in a long time, and it's obvious you two are going to find some place to fuck anyway, so why not do it here? I know I can't have her, but at least let us watch what we missed out on."

"You two do put on a good show," Gaunt agreed.

Tattoo shrugged noncommittally, obviously not caring one way or the other.

Shampoo-kun considered that. He looked at his relieved little toy, smiled like a cat, and said to Cherub, "Fifteen thousand."

"Deal!" Cherub brought out a roll of bills that, while it wasn't as thick as Tattoo's, was sizable. He counted off the appropriate number, stuffed them into Shampoo-kun's hand, then returned to his seat.

Shampoo-kun turned to Yuriko and smiled. "Time to entertain these men, Little Slut."

The combination of emotional highs and lows Yuriko had just suffered in the last five minutes, the alcohol flowing through her blood, and her own lust driven desires made her nearly spin in confusion. She went from total relief to surprise as her Master informed her that she was going to have to perform sex acts in front of total strangers for nothing more than a handful of money. Yesterday, had anyone implied she would end up in such a situation, she would have hit them in the head and called them a pervert. Now she found herself, while being frightened, also at the same time being fueled with even more arousal. Such an offer meant that her Master was going to finally fuck her the way she wanted to since she had awakened in her bonds to see him looking at her expectedly. But to be taken like a dog in heat in front of a bunch of criminals was so dirty. It was a matter of dignity versus desire. For a moment, she didn't know what to do.

Then Shampoo-kun held her close and whispered in her ear. "Little Slut keep getting into trouble watching other people have sex. Now it her turn to have people watching her."

And with that statement Yuriko knew what she wanted. "Yes, I was a naughty girl and need to be shown the error of my ways."

Yuriko raised her arms over her head as Shampoo-kun grabbed her halter top and pulled it off. He placed a hand around her waist and walked her over until she was next to the pool table. He then placed a hand between her shoulderblades and leaned her forward. Automatically Yuriko placed her hands on the bumper as Shampoo-kun drew her waist backward, positioning her so that her breasts hung low enough that they almost touched the table. She looked up to see both Gaunt and Cherub had repositioned themselves so they had an ideal view of Yuriko from the side. Both men fondled their crotches as they watched the action unfold. Tattoo seemed content to stand behind the bar and pour himself a drink.

Yuriko felt her skirt forced down her hips and to the floor. She raised her legs one at a time to allow Shampoo-kun to pull it our from under her. Now she stood naked as the day she was born, save for her boots. Out in the open air next to the ocean, her nudity had felt natural, here in a den of thieves she felt naughty and risqué, especially since she knew what was to come next.

The sound of her master undoing his pants reached Yuriko's ears, and she felt her lower lips, already moist from his earlier handling, get even wetter. Oh yes, she wanted him in the worst way possible. It didn't matter if it was in front of three or three hundred people. She wanted that dick in her now.

Gaunt and Cherub both took a deep intake of breath. Cherub said, "Whoa… that is one big hunk of meat there."

Shampoo-kun used his hardened member to slap across Yuriko's ass. "Oh yes. Little Slut is very high maintenance. She only wants big dick up her tight little pussy. Isn't that right, Little Slut?" He slapped his cock against her bottom again.

The dirty talk fueled Yuriko's desire further. She found the words spilling from her mouth. "Yes. Please stuff me with that monster cock of yours. I'll do anything you want, just fuck me!" She shifted her hips in anticipation.

Shampoo-kun hand went between her thighs and found the signs he was searching for. He dragged a finger along Yuriko's outer lips, then placed the damp digit next to his upper lips and licked it clean, savoring the taste. "Since you already so wet, and you make me so hard, it time to fuck you good and proper." And with that he grabbed her hips tight and, as twice before in the day, rammed his cock in as far as it could go.

"Yessss!" Yuriko hissed through her teeth as she felt her flesh finally parted to allow as much of Shampoo-kun as he could manage with one thrust.

Shampoo-kun backed up, waited just a moment as his head rested right at her entrance, then forced his way again, driving in harder than before.

Yuriko squealed in delight. It amazed her how quickly she had adjusted to the discomfort of being taken so savagely. There wasn't the slightest bit of decency in the way Shampoo-kun forced his way into her pleasure hole. Yet she felt cared for, despite the animalistic way she was being screwed. This was what her master had wanted to do, his way of showing her his desire for her, even as she desired him. Lovemaking in its most carnal form, and she was quickly becoming addicted to the pleasure it brought.

"I never going to get tired of this tight pussy," Shampoo-kun said through gritted teeth as he slammed home again, now more than halfway in.

Yuriko remained silent as sweat began to pour from her body. She felt the fire that had been burning in her loins really become stoked as his cock rammed itself in her sheath of flesh.

Yuriko held nothing back as she felt an orgasm hit her more quickly than the other times he had taken her. She came faster than ever before in her life. She knew it was more than the physical manner he was screwing her; it was the entire build up to the moment that had really primed her body. That it was his monster tool ramming into her was only the final piece she needed in building to the climax of this act.

As Shampoo-kun rested in her box, waiting for her muscles to ease their hold on his cock, lest he hurt both himself and Yuriko, he saw that Cherub and Gaunt had whipped out their cocks and were masturbating as the action unfolded before them.

Shampoo-kun leaned forward enough that he could place a hand on the side of Yuriko's head and make her turn in the men's direction. "Look, Little Slut. It's audience participation."

Yuriko didn't feel the slightest bit of revulsion or shame as she watched the men's hands move over their normal sized shafts. Neither of them were worthy to screw her the way Shampoo-kun did. That they could only jerk off in her presence as she was taken by a real 'man' was not their fault; it was the best that they could have. It was the proper way of things.

With the initial wave of the orgasm passing and Yuriko's pussy relaxing slightly, Shampoo-kun stopped leaning forward and doubled his efforts. Stretched out as his slave was, it took only two more thrusts to bury himself to the hilt. He only savored the sensation of her pussy hugging the entire length of his member for a moment before he backed out slowly, causing Yuriko to groan in pleasure every inch of the way. Once his head was at her entrance, he thrust all the way back in with one powerful thrust, making her wail in delight again. He repeated the action with the slow, controlled strokes, which helped him maintain his control over his desire for release while pleasuring Yuriko at the same time.

Yuriko found her strength leaving her under the erotic assault. Her arms weakened as her ample tits swayed back and forth with every relentless, powerful thrust. Soon she was leaning so low that her breasts started to come into contact with the felt green of the pool table. Each time her master plowed into her, stretching her to the limit, her breasts swayed like pendulums and her nipples sent waves of pleasure as they brushed against the rough feel of fabric beneath them. The additional stimulation soon proved too much as Yuriko cried out, "I'm coming again!"

She wasn't the only one as Cherub's hand action finally yielded results. Yuriko watched through her haze of pleasure as he rose to his feet and several white spurts erupted from his cock, the first two landing a good distance on the floor in front of him, before the remaining come dribbled out. He then flopped back into his chair, obviously spent.

Gaunt followed a second later. Yuriko noted that despite the fact he was slightly bigger, his orgasm was far less in amount and force, as it only made half the distance Cherub's had. Yuriko barely was able to take note that Tattoo continued drinking, keeping his eye on the pair not with lust, but with definite interest.

And then her thoughts were torn from her audience as her pussy had once again relaxed enough for Shampoo-kun to pull back and thrust in again. Once fully embedded, he leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "Now that Little Slut come so hard, it time to get her Master off."

"Yes," Yuriko gasped out. She tried to back onto his cock, but found the events leading up to her screwing, as well as the two powerful orgasms she endured, had proven too much of a drain on her strength. She was barely able to firm up her legs and move her hips back.

"Just let me catch my breath and I'll do it," Yuriko promised, hoping Shampoo-kun wasn't angered by her weakness. She wanted his approval so badly she would volunteer to suck Cherub and Gaunt back to life if he wanted.

"No need. I'll take care of it," Shampoo-kun informed her as he grabbed Yuriko by her breasts, forcing her upward and into his grasp. Using them as handholds, he pulled her away, using his hips in conjunction with the movement to pull his cock halfway out. Then he reversed from pulling back to pushing inward, burying his entire length in her again. He soon fell into a rhythm, his grunts matching Yuriko's gasping with each thrust into her nearly limp body.

Yuriko was helpless in his powerful grasp as his fingers dug into her mammaries and used them to substitute for her own motion. She had been reduced to little more than a sheath from which his cock was going to derive its pleasure. She tried to help him the only way she knew how, by using her little girl voice to beg, "Don't stop. Please come inside of me. I want to feel you fill me until I explode."

The words seemed to work as Shampoo-kun gave one more powerful thrust, then remained inside of Yuriko as he grunted and his dick exploded, releasing what he had been storing up for the last few hours. Yuriko felt him expend his load inside her, pumping like a fire hose and decorating her insides with his cursed form's bounty of fluid. It was obvious that, despite his earlier action, he had stored a far larger load than what either of the other men had spilled on the floor. In Yuriko's eyes, that only further proved his superiority.

Shampoo-kun supported the weakened Yuriko in his arms, and when he caught his breath, kissed her one last time, far more tenderly than he had before. It was a sign of affection instead of domination; the perfect ending to their passionate coupling. Yuriko felt closer to her Auntie than ever before. Riding on an emotional high, and with the alcohol still lowering her inhibitions, Yuriko admitted to herself for the first time that if it wasn't for the love she felt for Silver and Akira, she would be tempted to take her Auntie up on the offer of making her servitude last beyond the weekend. Even if her Uncle Ranma was a disappointment in bed (which Yuriko doubted given how happy his spouse seemed with him), Shampoo-kun was more than capable of satisfying Yuriko's increasingly powerful sexual urges.

Finally catching his breath, Shampoo-kun pulled out of Yuriko. As his cock left the tight fitting, some of their mutual fluids followed the course of gravity and trickling down Yuriko's leg.

As Shampoo-kun pulled up his pants, he said, "No fool around,, Little Slut. Get dressed. We got to go back."

"Way hot stuff," Cherub said, while Gaunt helped himself to another dose of Crimson Mist.

Tattoo made his way around the bar, his demeanor as cool as ever. Yuriko was just starting to put her halter top on when the man approached Shampoo-kun and said, "You and your bitch there got a really hot act going. You ought to make money doing it."

"We already have," Shampoo-kun informed him, patting the only bulge remaining in his pants.

Tattoo shook his head. "I mean professionally. I know some guys that do videos. You two could make some nice money. Even call the shots if you don't want to share with anyone else." He grabbed a pen and pad next to the phone on the bar, and wrote down a name and number. He handed it to Shampoo-kun. "Tell them Omori recommended you. They'll know who you mean."

Shampoo-kun accepted the paper and stuffed it in his pocket. He looked to Yuriko. "Why you no finished dressing yet?"

Yuriko, who had been watching closely to gauge Shampoo-kun's reaction, quickly finished putting on her skirt and grabbed her vest.

The two exited the back room and fell into their familiar pattern of Shampoo-kun taking the lead and Yuriko following obediently. They went back through the bar, walking through it without pause. Shampoo-kun waved a good bye to the bartender and headed out of establishment. They returned to their car, and Shampoo-kun started it up without saying a word.

Yuriko finally dared to ask, "Are you going to want me to do that video he said?"

Shampoo-kun laughed. "Don't be stupid. That would be after the weekend is over and you won't be my slave anymore." he ruffled her hair. "You just can't get enough, can you?"

"Actually I am tired right now," Yuriko admitted. "By the time we get back I might be ready for more."

"So eager to please," Shampoo-kun said. "But it only the first day. No sense in wearing ourselves out now. You just relax and we find out what Silver and your Mama are up to now."

Content that she had pleased her master, as well as quenching her own burning fires, Yuriko remained quiet as the two headed back to the beach house and the further adventures that awaited them there.


Author's notes: Not that something like this really needs end notes, but this was just a naughty little bit I decided to throw in on the end.

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