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Yet another "Realities" lemon
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo 1/2 universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his “Realties” series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun. Events in this story take place three months after 'High Stakes,' and about a month after “Taking One From The Team”. Here we have Ranma finally dropping by to have some fun of his own as well with the younger generation.

Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

-Lemon Warning-

Sentaro Yagyu watched in approval as the last member of the group slid into the room and took a seat with the others. He surveyed the scene with pleasure. The two dozen men were dressed in identical midnight black outfits, faces masked so that only their eyes confirmed there were men of flesh and blood inside the uniforms. The only way to tell one ninja from another was by the bright neon numbers that were taped to their chests and backs. It was a scene that would strike fear into the hearts of those that would oppose them.

Now that everyone was present, the meeting could finally begin. He stood at the forefront, commanding their attention. "Greetings, my fellow shadowy members of the night. We are gathered here today to go over the plan which will enable us to finally gain revenge on the one we seek."

There were nods of approval from the members. Seeing he had their complete attention, he continued his speech. "While it is true that several unexpected setbacks have forced us to relocate to this secret underground headquarters, this is but a temporary setback. Operation Get Revenge on the Saotomes has commenced. It required using the last of our funds, but everything is in place. Nothing can stop us now. Nothing!"

A voice from above shouted, "Sentaro, what are you doing down there?"

"Nothing, Mother!"

"Are those idiot friends of yours down there with you?!"

It was time to use his ninja skills to fool her. "How many time do I have to tell you, we're just an inconspicuous Astronomy Club that's spending its time stargazing!"

"In a basement?!"

Shoot. He hadn't thought of that. "We'll be done soon!"

A ninja with the number '9' on his outfit said, "Dude, we really need a new base of operations."

Sentaro smirked in confidence, an effect that was complete lost due to the mask he was wearing. "Once our plan succeeds, we'll have all the money we'll need." He turned to number 20. "Yoji, did you send out the material?"

Number 20 pulled out a Post Office receipt. "The letter of award, along with tickets and reservations, was sent like you said. 1120 Takahashi Road."

"You mean 1120 Takahashi Lane." Sentaro corrected.

Number 20 read the bill. "No, 1120 Takahashi Road."

Sentaro slapped his forehead. "It was supposed to be 1120 Takahashi Lane, you moron! Those were the only tickets we could afford to buy. Now how are we supposed to lure the Saotome brat into our trap?"

The group released a collective sigh.

Ranma entered the "Drunken Master' bar with his typical swagger, the dim lighting a stark contrast to the noonday sun hanging in the sky. The smell of beer, alcoholic beverages, as well as some more exotic drinks, hung in the air and made his nose twitch. Despite the somewhat seedy appearance to the casual eye, the bar was actually a nice place. It served as a hang out for martial artists, and Ranma Saotome was well known by all the occupants in the place as one of the most powerful in Japan, if not the world.

An old acquaintance had sent word that he had uncovered information that he thought might interest Ranma. News like that made him eager to find out what it was. Shampoo had been out of town for over a week visiting her mother in Hong Kong (since the village was off limits for Shampoo on pain of death, thanks to Perfume). It was for some sort of Amazon ritual that was a private matter between mother and daughter. Evidently every female warrior of the tribe underwent it and no men were allowed. Ranma accepted his prohibition without complaint, largely because Comb still disliked him as much as his own mother disliked Shampoo. Years had not mellowed the relationship between spouses and in-laws very much, but there were civil around one another when Silver tagged along. Shampoo's absence left Ranma alone for a while, and without his wife around, or some problem falling into his lap, he was left in an extremely bored state. Boredom was the one enemy he hated more than anything else.

Several of the patrons of the bar looked up from their cups and waved in recognition at Ranma. He politely waved back. No one would cause him problems, and he never tried to get on anyone's bad side. Even the rivals that hung out here tended to be friendly. Oh, they still wanted to defeat Ranma in fair combat, but the emphasis was on fair, and not in the bar. It was neutral ground with a strict no-fighting policy, and it was observed with a fanatic zeal. Fighting rings and back alleys were where combat took place. Here, one came to relax and kick back a few in peace and quiet.

It took a moment for Ranma's eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. He spotted the person he was looking for almost instantly, because the man in question was waving at him and ushering him toward the small table in the back he sat at. It was in a quiet corner of the bar, and would ensure a bit of privacy.

Ranma approached, accepting the offered seat. "How you doing, Joe?"

"Okay," Joe Higashi answered, then called a waitress over and ordered them drinks.

Ranma looked the man over. He hadn't seen Joe for a few months. He was as Ranma remembered him, big and powerful, though a bit on the easy going side. And there was a bit of a dim glow to the guy that reminded Ranma of a sharper version of Ryouga. He was an okay fellow, and a good guy to fight at one's side, but more of an acquaintance than a friend.

He had met the fighter during a few tournaments about a decade ago, Ranma defeating him in some hard fought battles. He was an upper level fighter that had earned Ranma's respect. It wasn't really surprising, considering some of the more famous company he kept. Ranma had encountered all of them at one time or another during his and his wife's travels. Ranma didn't hold it against him, though, as Joe wasn't like most of his friends. While Terry Bogard was an okay fellow, if a bit too much of a loner, it was Andy 'Mr. Personality' Bogard that caused Ranma so much irritation. There was something about the human equivalent to white noise that rubbed Ranma wrong, as well as the fact he had actually managed to defeat Ranma occasionally in the course of their encounters (rare occasions, Ranma assured himself, and the majority of those from luck). The two never got along, even when circumstances beyond their control forced them to work together, and even after so many years, it was unlikely they ever would.

Things were equally as bad on Shampoo's front as she and Andy's wife, Mai (whom Shampoo had nicknamed 'Independent Dual-Suspension Ninja Slut') got along about as well as a ferret would with a rabbit covered in bacon grease. Part of that was because Mai did have the advantage in the beginning of their fights, though Shampoo had caught up to the girl after a couple of years so now they split their fights evenly. The two would exchange either glares, insults, or fists when coming into contact with one another. It was nothing lethal, whatever disagreements Ranma had with the couple, they were basically good people, but at the same time neither group went out of their way to try to get along with the other. It did keep things interesting, Ranma had to admit.

The rivalry hadn't spread to the next generation. At least mostly. The Bogards' twin girls (Andrea and Theresa: now there was some originality) were the same age as Silver and seemed to get along fairly well the few times they met. There seemed to be something else going on. When Ranma pressed his daughter about what they did together, she would become evasive and change the subject. The few times he had tried pressing the issue, Shampoo made him stop, saying Silver was entitled to her privacy, and knowing their daughter, it was probably best they didn't know. It allowed them to sleep easier.

Ranma turned his thoughts away from the subject and back to the reason he was here. "So, what did you want to tell me?" Ranma assumed it was something about the Bogards. Maybe they were in trouble and Joe wanted Ranma to help bail them out. He would agree, partially because it would be the right thing to do, but mostly because he could rub it in Andy's face.

The drinks arrived. Joe thanked the waitress, patting her bottom as she left, then lowered his voice. "I heard some stuff recently. You've had some run-ins with 'The Torso' right?"

Ranma rolled his eyes. Those idiots. The Torso was a group of young, perverted, slacker ninjas with a god-awful name (Because all the cool names, like 'The Hand' and 'The Foot' had already been taken). Mostly incompetent, they gave respectable ninjas a bad name. Worse, they had a reputation for being perverts, almost like a watered down version of Happosai. They had bothered and harassed Ranma and his wife on a handful of occasions. They were an annoyance, like a pebble in one's shoe, not a legitimate threat to anyone who had a true measure of skill.

"What about them?" Ranma asked.

"I ran into a group of the twits a while back. I was able to handle them easily, of course, but I heard them mention they were getting ready to hatch some scheme against you."

Ranma gave a dismissive wave of his hand. "Like they're any trouble. I'll wipe the floor with them with one hand tied behind my back." And he meant it literally. It wouldn't make things challenging, but at least it could be interesting.

"Actually, I think they are going to get at you through your daughter."

Ranma stiffened. That changed things. While the goofballs were incompetent to the extreme, and Silver should have been able to defeat them with ease, there was a chance they might have a trick up their sleeve that might cause her some difficulties. He'd have to keep a close eye out for any trouble. It shouldn't have been any problem. It wasn't like the entire organization could make Ranma break a sweat.

Then it hit him. Silver wasn't going to be around this weekend. His daughter's friend, Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki had won a contest in which the grand prize was a trip for three to a hot spring in Hokkaido, and he invited Silver and Yuriko to go along. That hadn't set well with Akira, who paid for a ticket and room of his own to make the group a foursome.

Ranma had not been enthusiastic about Silver running off with a couple of guys, but after their little weekend of debauchery at the beach, his leverage was pretty much shot to hell. While Shampoo had helped convinced him (through much bludgeoning) to accept his daughter was now old enough to engage in relationships on her own and do what she liked, she was still 'Daddy's little girl' to him. Well, maybe not so little given some of things she had done with Ai and Ukyou. But he couldn't help feeling somewhat protective, especially since there were boys around. With girls, it was different. He actually felt some kind of fatherly pride when Silver scored with them, even if she was technically a girl. But her being alone with guys made him a little uneasy. At least she was traveling around with Akira and Ryo. He approved of their parents, so there was that consolation if she hooked up with either of them. But he wasn't quite ready to see his daughter run off and marry some guy. Not yet. Maybe in another ten years or so.

Now his concerns were compounded with the knowledge that the Torso might be after Silver. It was his responsibility as a parent to look out of his daughter's well being. However, if he mentioned his desire to watch over her, she'd get as loud and boisterous as her mother and complain about how she could take care of herself and didn't need her 'Old Man' looking over her shoulder like she was still a six-year old crossing the street. Ranma would have been perfectly content if she had remained six her entire life. Teenagers were a constant headache and source of worry, and they only got worse with each passing year. It was times like these he was glad he only had one to worry about. Another would have given him ulcers.

Knowing what his daughter's reaction would be to him trying to do his duty as a responsible parent, Ranma decided to keep the information to himself and secretly tag along. And if the Torso popped up, he'd take care of them on his own.

Besides, he was going insane with boredom at home. Going to a hot spring and trailing his daughter while stalking a band of ninjas sounded fun. He hoped they would attack, just to make things interesting.

Twenty-four hours later found Ranma-chan riding on the train that her sole progeny and friends were taking. She followed them at a discreet distance, not that she had any fear of them noticing her. She had disguised herself by dying her hair blonde and donning a pair of glasses. She had chosen uncharacteristically female clothing. She wore a tight blouse that showed off her bountiful bosom, as well as a skirt that flaunted her trim, athletic legs. There was no way they could recognize her behind such an impenetrable disguise. Though she was calling attention to herself. But then that always happened. She was too attractive not to.

Ranma-chan felt an extreme amount of pride at her female body. While she was still petite for a woman, having only grown a couple of centimeters in height since first gaining her female body, the same could not be said for the rest of her. Her dimensions had changed, going from the merely girlish of her youth to the outright womanly proportions she now possessed. She was especially proud of her breasts (which had grown more than her height) and like Shampoo, didn't have the least bit of sag, thanks to her gender changing not giving gravity the chance to take its toll. On her smaller frame, they appeared larger than they really were, and made her look really stacked. It was one of the reasons she specialized in modeling brassieres when she modeled on the side for some extra cash. Well, that and she had never grasped the concept of 'feminine modesty'.

Her feminine features had also remained soft, and that, in combination with her height, made people think she was ten years younger than she really was. With her assets added to the mix, that meant getting hit on by lots of men, unless Shampoo was around her as a guy. When they went out in public in their cursed forms, Shampoo-kun had mastered the art of giving off vibes that said, "She's mine. Look at her funny and you die in pain." But when they went out as girls, or when she was alone, Ranma-chan had to practically beat off her admirers. She had been hit on three times before boarding the train already, and they hadn't left the station yet.

Luckily, none of the guys had been too persistent. It made sticking to her mission plan easier. She followed her daughter and three companions discretely until they took their seats in the passenger car. The journey would only take a handful of hours, so there was no need for them to seek their own compartment. That would make tailing them easier.

There was also little fear the quartet would sense Ranma-chan watching, them, since many of the occupants of the car were openly staring. It wasn't surprising. They made quite the interesting sight. First there was Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki, all six foot three, two hundred and eighty solid pounds of muscle of him. He was by far the tallest and broadest man in sight, and probably the largest many of the people had seen period. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a muscle shirt that showed off his enormous biceps and chiseled form. Ranma could tell the youth's raw strength that surpassed even his father's prodigious strength. He could conceivably be more powerful than Lime, though from what Silver said his martial arts skills were not that great. While he could handle any regular foe, most upper level fighters could defeat him with superior speed and skill.

Across from Ryo was Akira Tendou, who drew the admiring stares of many of the women in the car. He wore a collared short-sleeved shirt and pair of pants that, while nowhere near as tight as Ryo's shirt, were not so baggy as to hide his own well-muscled body, though it paled in comparison to Ryo's massive form. Not that any of the women seemed to care, young and old alike. Their eyes were riveted to his handsome face, which sort of resembled a younger Shampoo-kun. Ranma-chan hadn't really noticed the resemblance until Akira let his hair grow long, like Shampoo-kun's was. It was an odd coincidence, to be sure. Fortunately, for Akira, he didn't have to physically beat off his admirers. Of course, even if he was attacked by a bunch of women eager to date him, Silver would probably have been the one doing the beating. She was territorial about girls that approached Akira, except for Yuriko, since she was Akira's girlfriend and represented what Ranma-chan thought was a three-way between the trio, though he wasn't sure. She thought her daughter might have had someone else on the side, but hadn't delved too deeply for fear of alienating Silver. It was her business. If she was involved with someone else, she'd let him know, eventually.

As to the girl in question, Silver was drawing some stares of her own, seated next to Ryo. As always, his daughter's attractive features drew more than a passing glance from men (though Ranma-chan would have been quick to point out she was better-looking than her daughter). What was attracting much of the attention was her choice of clothing: a skimpy white tee-shirt, sans bra. Of course, none of the cursed Saotomes bothered with such things, since they got in the way when one turned into a guy. The darker areolas showed slightly through Silver's sheer material, and many of the men had taken notice. It irritated Ranma-chan a bit. The girl could have worn something other than a white shirt. And the leers many of the guys were shooting her way made the woman want to stand up and beat the crap out of them.

The last member of the quartet drew as many stares from the guys as Silver. Yuriko Kuonji wore a white and blue sundress. However, the dress was at least one size too short, given the remarkable amount of cleavage that was showing and that the bottom didn't stop all that far from her rear end. Judging by the way her nipples were poking through the material, she too had elected to go without a bra, though her dress was thicker and the color of her nipples not evident. Ranma-chan knew what they looked like having gotten up close and personal with Yuriko's impressive chest during the beach vacation. Although Ranma-chan hadn't had all that much time to examine them, since she had arrived there a day late, and Shampoo had been so attached to her 'Little Slut' that the redhead had practically been forced to use a pry bar to get his wife's cursed equipment out of the girl long enough to let her work the blonde over. And then the next day Akira had come along, having been called in by Silver, making her busy on another front in a very different manner.

Ranma-chan blushed slightly as she remembered those events from that day….

Seated next to Yuriko, Akira felt the train begin to move. Despite the fact he was going on vacation with both his official and unofficial girlfriends to a hot spring where they were more probably going to indulge in a lot of sex, he was not particularly happy. The source of his displeasure was the presence of the huge man sitting next to Silver. Ryo shifted uncomfortably, though still took an obvious delight at his companion as he stole glances at Silver, who was too busy drinking some kind of fruit juice she had purchased from a vending machine before arriving to notice the stares Ryo was directing at her.

He also didn't care for the shy glances Ryo was getting from the girl sitting next to Akira. Yuriko was supposed to be his girlfriend. He did know she had a crush on Ryo before the two of them had become a couple (thanks to Silver's little plan the day he had taken the girls and Hinako to the private beach), but he had also assumed Yuriko was over the infatuation. Evidently that was not the case, since there was no mistaking the attraction Yuriko was showing, even if she was trying to be subtle about it.

It was a good thing Akira had decided to invite himself along on the trip to the hot springs. Left alone with a large fellow like Ryo, the girls might have been tempted into doing something if he hit on them. They weren't exactly the most staid of women either. There was no way he would leave his women alone with the oversized lug.

While Akira had no doubts both girls loved him, Yuriko had become more demanding, especially sexually, since the little family orgy that had been disguised as a vacation. Actually, Yuriko had changed a great deal since that time three months ago.

On the positive side, she was far less reserved now and nowhere near as uptight as she used to be. The word 'pervert' never passed from her lips the way it used to when referring to Silver and some of her antics. Back then, even when he and Yuriko went on dates, he was under the impression that there were times she wanted to do things, but refrained from saying them. She wouldn't open up, not completely. She seemed too afraid of saying the wrong thing, not understanding that Akira wanted her to be herself instead of pretending to be the 'perfect girlfriend' for his benefit. She also seemed to express guilt about the three way relationship between them. Admittedly, it was highly unusual, but Akira loved both his partners, and he knew Silver felt the same way. He was convinced Yuriko did too, though she was so determined to be unlike her parents she would proclaim 'I am not a lesbian!' so loudly that sometimes it bothered even Silver.

After that weekend, Yuriko changed. Now she accepted everything without reservation and complaint, and proved to be an even more loving individual than before. She smiled much more often, and was much more at ease with both herself and her life around her. He adored that new smile of hers.

There were some drawbacks with her newfound comfort. She had unquestionably become more demanding and higher maintenance. Since she was finally able to fully accept the three way relationship, she wanted what she felt was the appropriate amount of attention from her two lovers. And if she felt she wasn't getting enough, well, whereas before any guys hitting on her were fended off with a militant "Buzz off, jerk!" now she seemed to accept the attention. Not that she jumped into the sack with any of them, just that she didn't feel it inappropriate that they flirted with her. Akira had showered her with extra attention, since he felt he might have held back a bit in the past, and she certainly reciprocated, but it meant putting in a good bit of extra effort he hadn't anticipated needing. Still, he now loved the girl, and knew she was worth it.

The other, more problematic, change with Yuriko was her sexual appetite. When they used to go out on dates, things just seemed to happen. Now she unquestionably wanted serviced very regularly. In the beginning it was great, as she was far less inhibited than before. But lately, Akira was finding it hard to keep up with her. Luckily, with Silver-kun pitching it, Yuriko seemed to be happy and satiated. But he was beginning to seriously doubt he could keep up with her on his own.

Even Silver had privately admitted she was surprised at how much sex Yuriko wanted. She wasn't even complaining when they got it on as girls. Naturally, Silver claimed she could handle Yuriko all on her own if she had to, but Akira, ever able to read the girl like an open book, could tell she had serious doubts about the statement. Akira did not intend to demand Yuriko cut back, it was obvious she was happier than before, and he didn't believe she was doing it just to wear him and Silver out. It was simply a new facet of her personality he was going to have to adjust to. He might not have been Silver, but he had his pride, and he would sooner become a eunuch than have Yuriko leave him on the basis he couldn't satisfy her.

And as to Silver being with Ryo this weekend… well, that was best summed up by saying, 'She was Silver'. While it had been mostly girls she had fooled around with, and she did have Hinako in a very unconventional relationship to satisfy some of her urges, she didn't get cock from anyone other than Akira, and she might have been tempted to try some of Ryo's just for a little variation in her diet. Akira thought he could probably demand she keep away from guys, he was the one person whom she would let 'crack the whip' on her, but that wasn't his style and he didn't want to earn her ire. Besides, as much as he loved the girl, she was very much a free spirit when it came to sex. While she had pretty much settled down in the four way thing with him, Yuriko, and Hinako, he wasn't completely convinced she wouldn't want to grab a little more if the opportunity presented itself.

Both girls were easily tempted, too easily for his taste, but it was an inherent part of their personalities, something Akira was going to have to learn to live with if he wanted to stay in the relationship, which was like a dream come true to any male that had a heterosexual thought in his life. He's just have to keep them from ending up tempted.

Temptation had certainly been what Ryo had tried to engineer. Akira hadn't fallen for his 'big gullible lug' routine. He was fairly certain the guy knew how to entice girls into the sack, and that had been his plans for Silver. Originally, when he had first won the trip to the hot spring, he had only invited Silver. Luckily she had discovered it was trip for three, so she insisted Yuriko go along. Since Yuriko and Akira were openly a couple, that made it easy for him to invite himself along. Akira would keep a close on Ryo from now on, and if he tried anything on the sly, he'd find out that while Akira Tendou might have had a reputation for keeping an even head in almost any situation, when he lost his temper, it was truly a terrible thing to behold.

"Is something wrong?" Yuriko asked from beside him. There was concern on her face.

Akira wondered what she meant when he felt himself scowling. Now both Silver and Ryo were staring at him as well.

Akira made himself relax slightly. "I thought I left the oven on at my place," he explained. "But now that I think about it, I'm sure I turned it off." He gave a disarming smile to the girls.

Yuriko leaned over and kissed his cheek. "You're so conscientious."

Akira reached down and rubbed her leg affectionately in response. He left his hand there, stroking the skin lightly. Yuriko really seemed to enjoy it when he used his soft touch on her.

The answer seemed to assuage Silver as well. "You need to relax. You've been studying so hard on your midterms neither me nor Yu-chan have had a chance to drop by."

And engage in some three-way action, went unspoken. That was another reason Akira had been reluctant to let the girls go alone with Ryo. All three of them had been busy, and their schedules had been so out of synch, they hadn't been able to get together for a couple of weeks. All of them were incredibly horny, and really wanted to throw down and have a good time. He wanted to be there already, send Ryo away for the better part of a day, and bang away on both girls until he couldn't get it up anymore. With how horny he was feeling, he was betting five times was a distinct possibility.

The thoughts of sex interrupted his earlier, grimmer considerations of Ryo. The girls were right. He needed to relax. He decided to think of something pleasant. Given his aroused state, his mind turned to his participation in the orgy he had experienced with the Saotomes and Kuonjis. There was one coupling in particular that sprung to the forefront, one that he would never have dreamed of coming true no matter how long he lived.

Akira leaned back in his seat as his mind drifted back. When Silver had first called him, telling to him to drive out to the beach house because everyone was screwing everyone else and she wanted to increase the 'cock to pussy ratio', he thought she had simply been her typical crude self in trying to entice him to come. Still, he had a day off, and decided to drive down….

Akira Tendou could scarcely believe his eyes as he stared at the sights before him. While Silver had informed him of what to expect when she invited him to the Saotome-Kuonji annual vacation at the beach, no amount of warning could have prepared him for the orgy of nubile, naked bodies on display when he entered the beachhouse's main room. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh, moans of passion, and the smell of sweat clinging to aroused bodies served to make him hard in record time.

Three couples were currently involved in acts of heated copulation, not a single stitch of clothing on anyone. To Akira's left, Ai and Silver-kun were busy getting hot and heavy. He had his first glimpse of Ai's glorious bounty (that she never hid all that well, wearing some very low cut tops and tight bottoms a great deal of the time when he had visited his 'girlfriend', Yuriko, at her home). She looked like an older version of his hot girlfriend, and Akira found himself wondering if she fucked the same way as well. Silver-kun probably could have informed him, as Akira's half-sibling was sitting on a chair, Ai perched on her partner's lap with her back to him, giving Akira a more than perfect view of the action. The motion was provided by Ai bouncing up and down enthusiastically on Silver-kun's lap, her impressive tits moving in conjunction with her body. While there was no doubt age had extracted some of the youthful firmness that Yuriko still possessed, or Hinako's age cheating gave her, Akira would not have hesitated to greedily suckle on those mammaries if they were offered to him.

With some reluctance Akira turned his attention down below, watching closely as Silver-kun's lengthy member appeared and disappeared within the confines of Ai's snatch with every bounce. A closer examination revealed the tight ring of Ai's inner lining trying to cling to her partner's member, indicating that despite the rapid motion, she still had a nice, tight grip on Silver-kun's cock. Even in her mid-thirties, the woman was incredibly beautiful. If Yuriko turned out half as good at the same age (and they were still together), he would be one of the luckiest men on the earth.

Ai noticed the attention, causing her to smile in Akira's direction. "If you like what you see, you can have a piece of it. You're welcome to any pussy you want here."

"He can only have a piece of your ass after I'm through with it." Silver-kun moved one of his hands forward to grasp Ai's breast and play with it roughly, making certain to pinch the nipple just a touch on the hard side. With the other hand he cupped her ass, playing with her anus. He threw in a nipping the side of her neck just hard enough to redden the flesh.

"Oh, yes," Ai hissed in appreciation of the rough stimulation and stopped bouncing, leaving herself impaled on Silver-kun's shaft and grinding her pelvis on his lap.

It was Silver-kun's turn to groan in pleasure. He said to Akira, "Man, you have to feel this thing she does with clamping her cunt down on your cock. It's like she's stroking it with her hand."

"It's a gift," Ai said, doing something with her insides that made her lover moan again.

A cry from the right of the pair caught Akira's attention. He was barely able to tear his eyes away from the sight of the two lovers, but his eyes widened again as he saw what was perhaps an even more heated scene.

Yuriko was screaming in pleasure as she lay on top of a table, her legs thrust over a standing Shampoo-kun's shoulders as the taller man ruthlessly hammered in what was easily the largest cock Akira had ever seen into his girlfriend's pussy. Given the taller man's position, only Yuriko's upper back and shoulders touched the table as the rest of her was suspended in air. Shampoo-kun's hands held on to her upper legs, keeping her attached to him as well as providing additional leverage to drive into her.

With every thrust, Shampoo-kun gave a low snarl and drove in with such power that Yuriko's own impressive tits bounced and jounced back with great force. Even her firm butt cheeks quivered. Slurping noises could be heard as her body desperately tried to keep his member within her, driving her to even greater heights of pleasure with the motion of his body. There wasn't a shred of decency or restraint in the act, it was pure animalistic lust that was in control as Yuriko lay there, her body being helplessly devoured by what was obviously a far stronger lover than she had ever experienced before.

"I'm… I'm coming Auntie!" Yuriko cried.

"That right, you come for your master, Little Slut!" Shampoo-kun snarled as he remained buried within her, but held back on his own orgasm.

Akira watched as Yuriko's body convulsed in as powerful a climax as he had ever seen, if not more so. He felt a momentary feeling of inferiority as he knew her pussy was being stretched wider and deeper than he had ever managed to do with her. While it was true Silver-kun was about an inch longer than himself, Akira took solace in the fact that he was slightly wider, and could definitely last longer than Silver-kun could usually manage. But seeing his 'Uncle' Shampoo-kun at full extension for the first time, Akira knew that on a purely physical level, he wasn't going to be able to match that.

The feeling of inferiority increased as Yuriko came down from her orgasmic high and gave Shampoo-kun a look of raw passion, wordlessly pleading for more of the same. The only time Akira had seen her so lustful was when he and Silver-kun got it on as guys in front of her. Even the smallest amount of 'yaoi' action got the blonde so aroused she would come with moments from simple digital manipulation. That Shampoo-kun could achieve that same level so easily showed Akira he still had a lot to learn.

Shampoo-kun seemed to notice Akira for the first time. He said, "You and Silver is lucky to be getting this piece of ass so often." He gave Yuriko a not so gentle slap to her backside. "She definitely have a thing for big cock shoved up her tight pussy."

"Please give me more," Yuriko begged.

"Little Slut get more than she can handle," Shampoo-kun promised as he drew back and thrust into his love slave again.

The mix of feelings Akira had, lust in seeing such a hot scene with two such attractive people in heated passion, while feeling a bit of envy that he wasn't the one triggering the emotion in what was supposedly his girlfriend, caused him to turn away from the scene. Though he did have a brief vision of having Shampoo-kun shifting positions so that he was on his back on the floor with Yuriko sitting on top with the cock inside her. Then Akira could bend his girlfriend over and fuck her in the ass and remind her of what he was capable of. She begged for him when he teased her sometimes, and he could do it again even after she had Shampoo-kun banging her for a couple of days.

It was something to consider later. Akira looked at the final couple that was on the floor. There was nothing quite as hot and heavy as the other scenes as Ranma took Ukyou missionary style on the floor. Ukyou might not have been as 'hot' as her wife of daughter, but the woman remained extremely attractive. Her body was still finely toned from her own constant martial arts training, and her smaller (but by no means insignificant) bust meant there wasn't a hint of sag there. To say she had the body of a woman ten years younger would be an insult; she had a great body at any age.

Whereas the male-cursed parent and child were playing roughly with their lovers, the patriarch of the Saotome family was much more slow and calculating. Not anywhere near as endowed as his wife or daughter, Ranma seemed to make up for his slightly above average size with technique. Each stroke was intended to produce a specific effect, either through tempo or the way he twisted his body, showing impressive flexibility as he stimulated different areas inside his lover. Judging by the moans emanating from Ukyou, he was succeeding with every one.

Ranma's thumb went down and began playing with Ukyou clitoris even as he increased the tempo of his thrusting. It was obvious his independent motions had their desired effect as Ukyou writhed on the floor and cried out, "Oh, Ranchan!" in the obvious throes of a climax.

"There's more on the way, Ucchan," Ranma promised as he remained inside her. He looked over to Akira and informed him. "Let me tell you, you want a real good ride, you can't go wrong with Ukyou here. I might be a little while, but you're more than welcome after I'm done."

"You got that right," Ukyou said as she came down from her high and stared lustily at the still clothed Akira.

From Silver-kun's direction, he said, "A little hot water and he can get one from me too."

"Or me," Shampoo-kun said, momentarily stopping his relentless screwing of his partner and shooting a smirk in Akira's direction.

"I'm sure I'll get around to everyone over the course of the weekend." Although Akira already knew who he was going to do first, there was no way he would waste this once in a lifetime opportunity to do someone he had fantasized screwing for a good period of his post-adolescent life. He told the others he'd be back and left the room to undress as well as retrieve one more item he would need.

When Akira returned, he arrived just in time to hear Ai and Silver-kun cry out in ecstasy together. The buxom blonde's tits were being squeezed hard as her and her lover's pelvis trembled slightly in mutual climax. Eventually, both came down from their high, Ai turning enough so that she and Silver-kun could snuggle and kiss a little as a sort of winding down period. After a couple of minutes (and with obvious reluctance), Ai detached herself, Silver-kun's flaccid cock slip out from her pussy. With the tight fit no longer there, a great deal of their combined juices flowed out from the opening and down her legs.

Despite her body being flush and sweaty with passion, Ai still managed an erotic saunter as she slid up to Akira. "Want to ride me next?" She tantalized him by played with his engorged member.

Akira eased his cock out of her hand before she pushed him beyond the point of no return. "Definitely for later. But there's something else I want to do first."

"Waiting for an 'opening'?" Ai said with a sly smile on her face. She held her breasts up for him. "Want something to play with while you wait?"

Akira smiled at the offering. "Now that's a suggestion I can't turn down." He brought his hands up and held her breasts softly in his grip, playing with the nipples and making them stand out like bullets. He then lowered his head, and began to suck on them. The similarity to the way Yuriko's felt was astonishing, and he relaxed as he sucked on them further. His hands traveled south on the woman's body, and he began to play with her already stretched pussy.

"Tease. Getting me hot and bothered with no intention of finishing me off," Ai chided as she savored the sensations.

On the table, Yuriko gave another loud cry as she came yet again. This time it proved too much for Shampoo-kun as he gave a mighty thrust and remained buried in Yuriko's snatch, his buttcheeks twitching as he sent load after load of his seed deep into Yuriko's body. With the last pulse he fell forward on top of his lover, resting his head on her pillowy bosom. Yuriko cradled his head against her, satiated, at least for the moment.

Ranma smirked in his wife's direction. "Looks like I outlasted everyone again." Deciding that he had 'won' the competition, Ranma speeded up the tempo of his thrusting.

Ukyou gasped in obvious appreciation of the change, chanting, "Yes, Ranchan. Do it. Come inside me. I want to feel it."

"Here… I… come," Ranma sounded a great deal like his wife as he gasped and remained buried in Ukyou while he deposited his own load of testicle produce. Ukyou wrapped her legs behind his back, not quite climaxing since she had come twice under Ranma's careful ministrations, but obviously remaining in a high state of arousal.

Akira released his hold on Ai, grabbed the item he had placed on a table when he entered the room, and moved toward the pair. "I can have any pussy I want, right?" he asked the pair.

Still gazing appreciatively at his partner, Ranma said to Akira, "I'll be out of your way in a second and you can take over."

Before Ranma could move, he felt a cold, wet substance splash across his back. With the curse activated, rather than having to remove himself from Ukyou, his cock simply shrank back into his body as he underwent a long-time familiar transformation.

Caught off-guard, Ranma-chan got out a "What?" before she felt a pair of strong, unquestionably masculine, hands gain a firm grasp on her hips. She turned to see Akira poised directly behind her, lustful gleam in his eye and very large erection pointed at her backside. Ranma-chan said, "Hey, wait a minute! I didn't say you could fuck me!"

"Actually, we all agreed he could have any pussy he wanted." Ukyou pointed out, openly fascinated at the idea of watching the redhead ending up on the receiving end of Akira's affections.

"And you definitely have a pussy," Ai said in admiration of the exposed view of Ranma-chan's backside.

"But I can't let him do it. He's a guy ah!" Ranma-chan declared as one of Akira's fingers began stroking her lower lips. Despite her protest, she didn't try to escape as the digit headed straight for the sensitive nerve-endings located there and began tantalizing them in a way that suggested a woman's body was well-mapped territory to him.

Still at the table, and on top of Yuriko, Shampoo-kun said, "So what? You no have problems doing it with me when I'm a guy."

Before Ranma-chan could answer, Ukyou said, "And you don't have problems getting banged by others when you're girl. Ai and I have fucked you silly with dildos before." She unleashed a lascivious leer at the naked redhead.

Silver-kun finally joined in, "You agreed to he could have any pussy he wants, Pop. Don't tell me you're going to back out on your word now."

"But he's really a— ahhh!" Ranma-chan moaned as Akira had taken matters into his own hands on persuading Ranma-chan to give in to his intentions. He bent low and began applying some tongue action to her pussy. Heat building in her loins and a deep down need starting to make its presence felt, Ranma-chan relented to the majority. Partially because she had given her word, partially because she would look like a coward if she balked, but mostly because her body was now demanding it "Well, okay. I guess he can fuck me." Besides, once Ranma-chan thought about it, she couldn't blame Akira for being unable to restrain himself from fucking her first. She did have the best body of any of the girls present. True, she was shorter than any of the others (even his own daughter) and while she had only grown a handful of centimeters from the days when she had first been cursed, she had more than filled out in every way. An ample bust that was very large in proportion to her body, a firm bottom, narrow hips, and killer looks combined to allow her to pocket an impressive income from modeling as a girl. She knew she was one of the hottest pieces of ass around, and wasn't afraid to admit the obvious.

The only reservation she had was from the idea of being screwed by someone that was one hundred percent male (as opposed to his wife who was merely cursed). That was somewhat unsettling, but from a physical perspective, it would be the same thing as Shampoo-kun's dick bringing her off much quicker than she could manage as a guy. And after almost two decades of married life, something a little different to her sex life would actually be welcome. As pleased and satisfied with Shampoo as she was, Ranma-chan did look forward to these annual weekend diversions. There was no question the debauchery added a certain zest that would otherwise make things somewhat staid at least occasionally. The trust between her and her spouse was total, so each felt secure in cutting loose and experimenting a little. This wasn't any different, and Ranma-chan had already received a mark of open approval from Shampoo-kun, who was watching with rapt attention. So why not, Ranma-chan decided, and relaxed to allow Akira to do what he would.

On Akira's part, it was like a dream finally come true. One of the deepest, darkest secrets he had kept, even from Silver, was that ever since puberty first hit he had always been extremely turned on by his 'Auntie' Ranma's female body. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help becoming aroused by how beautiful she was, and his body betrayed him at every opportunity. He had collected all of Ranma-chan's model pictures, especially the swim suit and lingerie ones that bared scandalous amount of her flesh in seductive poses. Many a night during his early teen years was spent with one hand holding a picture of Ranma-chan while the other stroked his cock.

At first Akira wondered if he was gay, but then it became obvious that not only was he interested in other girls, but that it was only Ranma's female body that held any appeal for him. Even the fantasies he had of the redhead were never the slightest bit romantic. Every one was simple lust driven sex. Given that he had been raised around a trio of people that could change genders so casually, it was no surprise the line between male and female blurred so easily. He was secure enough in his sexuality to play with Silver's male form, though it was not from any real interest as much as pleasing Silver, who adored him all the more for being able to love both her forms. And then there was Yuriko, who would go absolutely wild seeing guy-guy action and really got off when he and Silver-kun would work her over later. She would practically come like a machine gun when she was in that state, and both he and Silver had used it to dampen Yuriko's rather volatile temper on more than one occasion. It also tended to make for some interesting bedroom gymnastics.

Being able to fool around with Silver-kun's body made it easy for Akira to do what he was now. Maybe his 'Auntie' was really a guy, but the pussy he was eating out was all woman, and he was going to savor every second of it without hesitation.

Ranma-chan moaned at the expert manner in which Akira's tongue danced over her pussy. He was starting off at a vigorous pace rather than taking his time, almost as though he was impatient to get things moving. Ranma-chan wasn't complaining, as Akira was quickly showing he possessed a talented tongue than knew its way around a woman's more private parts. While Ranma-chan could personally attest Akira wasn't quite as good as the more mature (and experienced) women in the room, he was more than adequate to get the redhead sopping wet in a matter of moments.

Akira didn't think he could run any hotter, but as he felt Ranma-chan's fluids touch his tongue, he could practically feel his rod become twice as hard. All of his fantasies concerning Ranma-chan were coming true. He was intent on acting all of them out before the weekend was over, and he was going to start right now.

Ranma-chan gave a low moan as she felt Akira's tongue cease plunging into the folds of her pussy and withdraw from its stimulation. She was about tell him to keep going when she felt his grip firm on her hips, and felt something significantly larger than a tongue place itself right next to her love hole. However, rather than just plunging in, Akira instead caressed her outer lips with it, touching them with an up and down motion that only increased the heat in her loins rather than doing anything to put out the fire. Ranma-chan tried to be patient, and assumed Akira was going to delve in at any moment, but instead he just kept teasing her by playing with the exterior of her pussy, getting her wetter and more frustrated by the moment.

"For God's sake, quit tormenting me and stick it in!" Ranma-chan all but screamed.

Begging! That was what Akira had wanted to hear; an open acknowledgment from the redhead that she wanted this as badly as he did. With his desire answered, Akira did as he was bid, ceasing his teasing with her petals and aiming his cock dead center of her pussy. In answer to her demand, he shoved as much of his length in as he could with one thrust.

The effect was instantaneous as Ranma-chan gasped and her eyes bulged with how forceful Akira was being and how much he had gotten in on the first try. Whereas before he had been somewhat slow and definitely gentle, ramming as much meat home as he had was definitely a change in tempo that had taken her completely by surprise. Not that it was an unpleasant surprise, not at all. It was exactly what she wanted, even if it was a bit quicker in coming than she had originally anticipated.

Akira breathed a sigh of relief. She was even tighter than he had imagined. Only plowing Yuriko in her back channel was tighter. Despite Shampoo-kun's obvious length, Ranma-chan wasn't as stretched out as he thought. Maybe it had to do with the constant shrinking and growing from the curse, or maybe she didn't get it all that often from Shampoo-kun. But what Akira did know was that the redhead had a velvety grip on his shaft and he didn't want it ending any time soon.

All of that flashed though Akira's mind in a split second. Not giving his partner a moment to catch her breath, he pulled back, delighting in how the redhead's insides clung to his shaft, trying to keep it within her warm channel. Once only the head of his cock remained inside, he slammed home again, burying even more of his rod, then repeated the motion, barely giving Ranma-chan time to adjust before feeding her pleasure hole even more of his hardened member.

Ranma-chan remained unbelievably tight, her pussy all but threatening to milk the come out of his balls before he was all the way inside. Despite Akira's impressive endurance (gained from having to satisfy both Yuriko and Silver on multiple occasions), he knew he was running far hotter than normal. He was so excited he feared he might not be able to hold off for long. Not wanting to risk coming before his partner and ruining everything, Akira held nothing back as he continued to mercilessly pounding Ranma-chan's pussy, gasping out as he desperately tried to bury himself home as quickly as possible. He knew he should have gone slower to maximize his partner's pleasure, but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to know what it was like to have the entire pussy stroking his shaft before he blew, and he needed to know five minutes ago!

Ranma-chan didn't protest her treatment. On the contrary, she seemed to be taking great delight in it, so Akira kept up his quickened pace, breathing hard as his heart raced at a jackrabbit-like rate. His eyes were aglow as increasing amounts of his cock disappeared within his partner, heightening his own arousal.

Soft cries of lust slipped past Ranma-chan's lips with each forward motion. Unknowingly to Akira, he was doing the best thing possible. As a guy, Ranma tended to work slow and steady. He knew he was just above average in size (and downright small compared to his wife) so he paced himself and relied on technique and endurance to make up for his normal attributes. When Ranma was a girl, it was the exact opposite. Hot and fast was her favorite, with a quick and rough pounding firing her up the way a slower pace simply couldn't. A down and dirty fuck like the one Akira was giving her really turned her on as she allowed her partner to control the tempo, allowing Ranma-chan to sit back and enjoy the ride as all the expectations were on her partner. Akira was not disappointing. Each thrust was stoking the fire in her loins and spreading it throughout her body, building it closer to the time when they would be extinguished at last. Ranma-chan didn't try to hold back, welcoming the continuous increase of tension within her body.

Finally, Akira's thighs slapped the back of her ass, and Ranma-chan knew he was completely within her. Now that he was fully embedded, she noted that while not as large or as wide as her wife's massive tool, the redhead's pussy informed her Akira had plenty to work with, as well as to get the job done.

And work with it he did. After taking a moment to savor the sensations of his long fantasized goal (and to regain some measure of control to keep from popping at that moment) Akira nearly completely withdrew, than slammed forward with twice as much force as before. Ranma-chan's tits swayed with the power behind those hips. A second, time, then a third, as her insides continued to adjust to the hunk of meat that was slipping in and out of her. The heat was increasing until it was an inferno. God, the boy sure knew how to fuck.

Akira stopped for a second. Ranma-chan was about to complain when Akira leaned forward and grasped both of her hanging breasts. He gained a firm hold, her taut nipples ending up in the small space between his fingers. Despite the size of her tits, her nipples had always been sensitive, most likely because the contrast was so distinct between that of male and female anatomies. The perfect positioning of Akira's callused hands, and slight squeezing of her nubs, made Ranma-chan run hotter still.

The reason for Akira's leaning forward became clear. With his new handholds, Ranma-chan's tits became leverage points as he used them to pull his lover off his cock as much as he used his hips. Given how much smaller Ranma-chan was to him, it was easy to dominate her with his larger body, and gain additional force moving her back to be impaled on his dick even as he moved his hips forward. After a handful of back and forth motions, Akira finally found the rhythm he wanted, and pounded even harder into the girl.

The hot scene affected the others as well.

"That's it! Give it to her! Fuck her pussy!" Shampoo-kun urged.

That shout seemed to break the silence as the rest of the audience gave words of encouragement to Akira to really go all out. He fed off their urging by thrusting into Ranma-chan harder. To someone not as durable as Ranma-chan, the effect of such powerful manhandling by the deceptively strong Akira would have been uncomfortable. To the redhead, the fierce pounding was like she had stepped into heaven.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! You can do whatever you want to me, but don't you dare stop!" she pleaded. The effect of going without sex for a couple of weeks, combined with the expectations of the weekend, the encouragement of the others, and her new lover, heightened her arousal. She was right on the verge of having one of the most powerful climaxes in recent memory. She recognized the signs, all she needed was another couple of thrusts and then she would be sent into a state of pure bliss.

And then Ranma-chan's senses went into overload as she was sent over the edge. Her whole body convulsed in ecstasy, molding itself to Akira's own as the wave of pleasure went out from her loins and throughout her entire form. A part of her mind wondered how she could ever have hesitated to let Akira have his way with her. She must have been insane for considering denying herself this pleasure for even one moment, even if it was with a guy. She went over the edge as she hit the height of her climax. Her pussy clamped down on the intruder within her, her body instinctively urging her partner to follow suit so that their conjoining would reach its ultimate purpose.

Feeling Ranma-chan's insides tighten was too much for Akira to bear. With a howl he came just as hard as she had, his member spraying blast after blast of its milky payload deep within his smaller partner. He didn't even try to hold back, giving everything he could inside her. It was better than he had dreamed, especially since there was no denying the redhead had wanted to feel his white hot seed inside her.

Ranma-chan's limbs gave out first, and she slumped into Akira's grasp. The release of energy was so tremendous on his part that he was unable to support the additional weight, and, already bent over her body, collapsed right on top of her. Both lay on the carpet, heaving in exhaustion as they lay limp and tried to recover their energy.

Akira was the first to come around. After a few minutes, his sexual high passed, and he was able to think more clearly. Once he truly thought about it, an unpleasant feeling was left inside him. While the mutual orgasm was more than he had hoped for, the actual act had not lasted long enough for his taste. He came well under five minutes, and it was only a testament to how hot Ranma-chan was running that she got off so quickly. Silver might not have minded popping off so fast the first time (though she almost always held off until her partner came first), but his ability to control himself was one of the things Akira had prided himself on. That and he had wanted to fuck his Auntie's pussy for a lot longer, and really take his time to enjoy how wonderful she felt as her tight snatch hugged his shaft. It ended far too quickly as far as he was concerned.

With his senses (and energy) returning, Akira took in his surroundings. The others in the room that had been cheering for him to really give it to his partner had not been content to stand idly by while the pair caught their breaths. Watching the action had given them all their second wind.

To the left of Akira, not five feet away, Silver-kun was flat on his back as Ukyou rode him like an experienced bronco buster. The cursed member of the pair was hardly idle as she grabbed onto Ukyou's breasts and tweaked the nipples, which only seemed to excite the girl further. Again Akira noted just how sensual Ukyou looked, despite having a significantly different frame from her wife and daughter.

Thinking of Yuriko, Akira tore his eyes away from the hot coupling so close by and tried to find her. He saw her still lying on her back on the table, writhing in pleasure at the tongue lashing her pussy was getting. What was really surprising was who was doing it. Apparently Ai was hungry and decided a serving of pussy was just what she needed. With the way Yuriko was sprawled across the table, her legs wide open, it was an invitation the older woman had not refused. Ai was standing, bent at the waist with her bottom sticking out, and judging by the slurping sounds, was helping herself to the mix of semen and vaginal fluid that had filled Yuriko's snatch. The 'dinner' offered no protests, and instead simply writhed on the table in obvious pleasure, though given her aroused state, Yuriko might have been unaware of who was dining upon her.

Apparently Ai's voluptuous bottom sticking out in such a position was more than the recovered Shampoo-kun could bear. He was currently positioned behind Ai, still in the process of feeding her his impressive length. Three quarters of it was already embedded in its fleshy sheath, and the look on Shampoo-kun's face made it clear he was intent on getting the remainder in so he could ride the girl from behind good and proper. He was currently taking his time, letting Ai work Yuriko into a frenzy.

Seeing all of the flesh pounding erotic action from such attractive people caused Akira's cock to begin twitching in nearly record time. That he remained buried in Ranma-chan only helped matters. She might have been a bit stretched out now, but she was still warm and delightfully wet, and his body remembered the vice-like grip she could manage. He wanted more. He shifted the positioning of his hands.

Ranma-chan was admiring the nearby view of her daughter getting the ride of her life courtesy of his 'Ucchan' when she felt Akira finally take his weight off her back. He pulled out, then roughly flipped her around so she was on her back and he was poised between her open legs. Seeing the look of lust returned to his eyes, she knew she wouldn't be going anywhere for a little while, and in truth wasn't very eager to change back just yet.

Akira leaned over Ranma-chan and grabbed her arms, pinning them to the floor. His superior strength and leverage effectively trapping the smaller girl. Rather than protesting, she seemed to enjoy his complete control over her body. He lowered his head and began sucking on her breasts, playing with the sensitive nipples with his tongue and further exciting her.

Ranma-chan could feel her lover's cock continuing to harden, and whether by intent or chance, brush against her slit and cause her pussy to grow moist in anticipation yet again. Her legs rose up behind Akira, trying to straddle his hips and draw him in to where she really wanted him to rest.

After savoring the breasts he had longed to suck on for so long for more than a handful of minutes, and returning to his rock hard status in record time, Akira shifted his body so the head of his cock was poised directly at Ranma-chan's entrance. He shifted so both of her wrists were pinned together in one hand, then used his free hand to hold his cock steady. He teased her by running it up and down her outer lips again.

"Put it in!" Ranma-chan begged as she squirmed in discomfort. This was no time for dignity. Not when the bastard was getting her so fired up.

Akira did as he was asked, slipping the head and a couple of inches in quite easily, given how she had been stretched out earlier. He gave a sigh of relief of his own before moving his hips back a little, than moving forward again. With the urgency gone due to their first coupling, Akira moved much more slowly this time.

To Ranma-chan, this position was always one of the most impressive to her. There was always a bit in awe at how such a huge hunk of meat could make its way completely into such a small opening, especially since it caused her such tremendous pleasure instead of pain. It seemed a miracle she wasn't split in two from the inside being stuffed with so much cock. While it was true that in Akira's case he was not as large as the rod that usually passed into her body, the effect was still extraordinarily pleasant. It was actually more erotic than the plastic toys Ukyou and Ai would use on her toward the end of the vacation when his male half was too exhausted to get it up. Not that the pair didn't know what they were doing. Years of marriage and using such toys made them experts at it. But there was an exciting difference in the sensation of having a real live cock shoved up her body, even if it would eventually go soft, unlike the dildos and vibrators the girls wielded against her.

Within four thrusts, Akira was buried up to the hilt in his partner. He didn't hesitate, but used an even, powerful pace that steadily built the fires in Ranma-chan's loins once again. Ranma-chan wondered if his skill came from doing this to Yuriko on numerous occasions (and the redhead sure couldn't blame him for working her over. She intended to later as well, if he could pry his wife's cock out of the younger girl's pussy) Akira might have even done Silver, but Ranma-chan's daughter was a young woman now, and even though she was protective, had to accept that fact. Besides, she knew damn well Silver was doing Yuriko as well, and Ranma-chan felt a bit of fatherly pride at his daughter being so popular with the ladies, like she had been at that age.

And then Akira hit just the right spot, driving any concern other than enjoying the fucking she was receiving out of the redhead's mind. She tried raising her hands up, but Akira forced them back down again, returning to pinning them down with both his hands and driving his pelvis into hers. Again she felt thrilled at his exertion of control of the situation, and relaxed as he picked up the tempo once more, grinding his sweat soaked body into hers.

Ranma-chan's breath became ragged as she said, "I'm… I'm… I'm cumming!" And did so, locking her legs behind Akira's back and forcing him to remain buried inside her as she orgasmed powerfully again.

Akira's own breath was ragged as he felt her inner walls clamp down on him. But this time he was ready, and not running anywhere near as hot, though that would soon change. He was human, and had his limits. The look of ecstasy on Ranma-chan's face as she came served to take him to those limits at a breakneck pace.

Not letting her come down from her orgasm. Akira released his grip on her hands and rose slightly up, though remained buried inside her. Before Ranma-chan could even react, he pried the backs of her legs from around him, grasped her by the ankles, and stood up, pulling everything but the back of her shoulderblades and head up off the floor.

Akira proceeded to lean forward over Ranma-chan, testing her flexibility as a martial artist as she was effectively curled into a ball. Her ass was straight up in the air, while her ankles were pinned above her own head, and his entire length was buried in her pussy. The position allowed her lover's cock to touch places in her he couldn't before. She thrilled at the truly helpless position she was in now, completely at Akira's mercy. Something he obviously had no intention of giving.

Once settled in, Akira pumped harder than before, only drawing slightly back with his hips before hammering into her again and again relentlessly. Ranma-chan was left gasping for breath as her own breasts were mashed against her face with how tightly she was pressed. A fluttering began building in her pussy immediately and once again she felt no inclination to hold off the impeding orgasm.

No words were exchanged, none were needed. All the pair did was grunt with effort as their pelvises met again and again and the obvious intensity between them grew.

After several minutes of pistoning, Ranma-chan gave out a wholly girlish cry as she came as powerfully as their first coupling. Knowing there was no way he could hold out and give her a third continuous orgasm, Akira gave up the ghost and came again, releasing a surprising amount of seed given how much he had come previously.

When it felt as though he had given everything left inside, Akira went limp on top of Ranma-chan. When the girl's oh so tight vise-grip finally eased up, Akira withdrew, gently unfurling Ranma-chan from her ball-like position, before lying on the floor next to her.

After being allowed to lie on her back, and to catch her breath, Ranma-chan said, "That wasn't too bad, for a young guy."

Akira smiled inwardly. Of course his 'Auntie' wouldn't admit Akira was anywhere near as good a lover as Ranma-chan herself could be. Even if she was still flush with having come so many times in such a short period while come dripped out of her pussy.

Akira turned to see Silver-kun and Ukyou had long since spent themselves and were relaxing to the side, now watching the only remaining threesome. Surprisingly, Shampoo-kun was still going at it, though by now Ai was directly on top of Yuriko, the two bodies that were so similar pressed close to one another, breasts mashed together and pussies practically touching as their tongues intertwined in a passionate kiss. Shampoo-kun was taking his time, giving each girl seven slow, steady strokes before switching to the other. There was no manic heat, like there had been between Ukyou and Silver-kun or Akira and his partner, but both girls were obviously starting to boil under the constant assault.

"Kinky," Ranma-chan said, admiring the view. She stood up. "I think I'll join in once Shampoo gets done. I should have enough as a guy for one more time before I take some time off to enjoy the beach."

As the girl turned to go, Akira hesitantly said. "Ah, do you think we might do that again later?"

Ranma-chan shot him a cocky grin. "Yeah, but I'm going to get me some action as a guy first. I got needs to take care of, you know?"

Ukyou slid up next to Akira and began fondling his slick shaft, a mix of Ranma-chan and his own fluids sticking to it. "Besides, there's other full blooded girls that don't get a taste of guys all year that are eager to sample everything there is to offer." She moved her hand up and down. "Think you can manage to get it up one more time?"

The question was answered as that part of Akira's anatomy began to twitch. Looking Ukyou's body over, he decided he'd have to be crazy to even consider rejecting an invitation like that, and he was young enough to get it up three times in a row, as long as Ukyou was the one motivating him. He laid back and let Ukyou start to clean him off and enjoyed her ministrations. Though as he watched his 'Auntie's cute ass sway as she headed toward the bathroom, Akira knew he would be getting as many shots as he could he could toward her as well…

….Unfortunately, he only had that one time, as that had been the last day of the vacation, and Ukyou and Ai had cornered him for a good portion of it, draining him dry (not a bad thing, he was quick to qualify). That, combined with Ranma staying male during those few times Akira wasn't otherwise occupied and could still manage to get it up, meant no other action between the two of them. It was unfortunate, but already he was looking forward to next year when he'd have a shot at the redhead's tight little twat once again. Just thinking about it made his cock threaten to punch a hole through his pants.

Now that he thought about it, if the girls were insistent on getting some four way action, Akira would go along with the idea without complaining. As long as the pair didn't get an idea in their head that Ryo would be a regular fixture in their unconventional relationship. Akira was happy being the only full-blooded male in the four-way that was going, and had no intention of sharing Silver or Yuriko. The Hinako thing Silver had was all right with him, since she was a woman (and a good lay), and Ranma and Shampoo-kun didn't count. He had no concerns the girls would leave him for either of them. Casual one time flings were okay too; it would take some of the pressure off him. But he would put his foot down if there was even a hint of taking in another guy for the long term, or even semi-permanent basis.

The more he thought about sex, the worse his hard on became. He noted once he started having sex on a regular basis, going without became all the worse. Akira tried calming down by thinking of baseball, but it didn't do much for his bat and he continued to shift in discomfort.

Ranma-chan mopped some of the sweat from her own brow. Remembering that encounter with Akira had gotten her pretty hot. She and Shampoo hadn't had a chance to make like husband and wife the week before her trip, meaning she had gone two weeks without any. Unlike a lot of her contemporaries, Ranma-chan still was very sexually active, as was Shampoo. She didn't know if it was because she kept herself in such great shape or if it had something to do with the curse. It could be the latter. Even when she had sex in either form, if she switched, she'd still be almost as horny as before she started. Switching a second time wouldn't produce the same effect, though. It was odd, though meant she had the stamina of two people instead of one, at least initially.

Now that Ranma-chan thought about it, she was feeling really horny. That two of the people she had engaged in heated sexual acts with were nearby didn't help things. She was surprised to discover that she didn't care who would be giving it to her, even if it was Akira. She supposed a lot of it was desensitization to having sex with her wife's male form for years, and that the jump to Akira really hadn't been that much of a stretch in her mind. Perhaps it was simply because she was eager to have sex with a new person. Or maybe she simply enjoyed orgasms as a girl and having a fat cock stuffed up her pussy was the easiest way to get them.

Ranma-chan rose up and decided to go for a walk in an effort to cool down. She would have preferred a cold shower. No, she'd have preferred Shampoo to come back home, but she would make do with what she had.

She went down one of the aisles and to an adjoining car. The kids were in a public place on a train. The Torso might be idiots, but even they wouldn't try anything in broad daylight.

Two men with swarthy skin and dressed in garb that marked them as originating from somewhere around India watched Ranma-chan walk past.

"Whoa, seriously hot chick, there," one said to the other.

"We're here on business. And keep it down. We're incognito," the second warned.

"Bah! No one can pierce our brilliant disguises. We are ninjas, after all. We blend into the background like geckos."

"True," his comrade agreed. "We sure got lucky in that we accidentally mailed the bait to someone that knew the Saotome brat and he brought her along. Now keep watching her. She'll leave her friends at some point. And when she does, we'll nab her. Then we'll show that damned Ranma we mean business when we hold his daughter hostage. The Torso will have its revenge."

"Why don't we make it simple and grab him?"

"Because he'd kick our asses. Again. For the fifth time."

"Good point. Though seriously, I think we should grab that blonde that just walked past. She had a most excellent rack." The first man began drooling.

The second considered that. "Okay, let's nab her for practice. We'll tie her up, and do kinky things."

"Like dress up in her bra and panties," the first said eagerly.

The second merely stared at his companion for a moment. "I meant kinky things to her."

"I knew that."

The two rose to their feet and began stalking their prey.

Five minutes later, two men with swarthy skin and dressed in garb that marked them as originating from somewhere around India were thrown violently from the train.

"God damn perverts," Ranma-chan grumbled at the two creeps that had tried to molest her. Bad enough she had to look out for ninja morons, but having to deal with guys trying to have their way with her was a serious pain the ass. Worse, the one guy had managed a grab at her chest. Even that brief sexual contact only served to make her hornier.

It was going to be a long weekend.

Yuriko noticed the discomfort of the man seated next to her, and was easily able to determine the cause. Akira's cock was way too big to be effectively hidden by any but the baggiest of pants when he was aroused. Silver wasn't much better when she was in her cursed form, but she liked strutting her goods before others. Akira had the decency to show some reserve.

Like Akira, Yuriko was extremely aroused. She had been ignored by her lovers for the past two weeks, and was incredibly frustrated. To make matters worse, her parents had been overly amorous lately and the cries of ecstasy coming from their bedroom only reminded Yuriko of her own longing. It wasn't fair. She was a hot young woman with two lovers and should have been having more sex than she could handle. Instead she had been left simmering in her own juices until she was ready to explode.

Yuriko had to laugh the casual admission. Before her little seaside escapade, openly thinking such thoughts would have been alien to her. She would have been in denial as to the true cause of her frustration and gotten angrier for it, taking it out on Akira and Silver for no good reason. But now the denial was gone, and she knew what it was she really wanted, and why. It was like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders, thanks to her Auntie. Shampoo had helped her not just accept, but enjoy the fact she was extremely attractive and men lusted after her. While she had always been vain and wanted attention from guys, if any but Ryo had openly expressed an interest, she would rebuke them vigorously. And it was all because she had pined away for a guy that had no interest in her and thought if she allowed herself to become involved with other guys she would be betraying him, as well as behaving like an immoral tramp and pervert; labels she used to apply to Silver far too often.

Thank god Silver had the sense to see through Yuriko's delusions and 'trick' her into situations where the two of them ended up engaged in some hot and heavy sex, or she might have spontaneously combusted from her pent up frustrations. With her denial over, Yuriko could see she had quite willingly, and in some ways encouraged, Silver to do those things with her just for some form of relief, as well as the fact she was attracted to her best friend and wanted a deeper relationship with her. It was a miracle Saotome had remained interested at all with how miserably Yuriko had treated her. If Akira started claiming Yuriko had tricked him into having sex with her, she would have been heartbroken. But Silver seemed to know Yuriko better than she knew herself, and taken the protests and insults in stride. No wonder she felt such love for the platinum-haired enchantress, even if she was technically a girl. While girl-girl sex was fine, it was male meat Yuriko really craved. Luckily Silver-kun provided that frequently, making the situation close to ideal.

Now Yuriko was over that silly phase. Being made 'Little Slut' and accepting her temporary role as Shampoo's slave had been enlightening. After being forced into doing various carnal acts, ones she would not have otherwise engaged in, Yuriko discovered she enjoyed them, climaxing hard and frequently. Moreover, her Auntie had hammered home the fact that there was nothing wrong with the behavior, as long as she was freely choosing to engage in it. And she was. Yuriko realized that if she hadn't wanted to fool around like that, she would never have agreed to the servitude in the first place and accepted the more standard punishment that had been offered.

Realizing that, all of the self-imposed doubts Yuriko had forced upon herself disappeared. She accepted the fact that she enjoyed sex, and lots of it. It wasn't perverted. It didn't make her slut. It was natural, and there was nothing wrong with giving in to her desires. The fact was, Yuriko had a very high sex drive, one she had kept suppressed for years because of false feelings of propriety and that she would be a pervert if she gave in to them. One of the reasons Silver had been the target of so much of her ire was outright jealousy. It wasn't in looks —most agreed Yuriko was more attractive than Silver— it was that the gender switching girl had the confidence to know what she wanted and went after it; something Yuriko denied herself. Now the envy was gone, and the pair's relationship was the stronger for it.

Of course, now that Yuriko had accepted her wants and desires, that meant she underwent a few other changes. As her auntie had pointed out, not only was Yuriko smart, caring, and loving, she was incredibly attractive and had a great body that men lusted after. The two guys that had offered a thousand dollars for the use of her for a couple of hours had been proof of that. While she dearly loved Akira and Silver, and had no intention of letting either of them go, she was a prize catch and expected to be treated as such by her two paramours.

Also, Yuriko's sexual appetite was great, great enough she had honest doubts that one man would be able to satisfy her. She could make herself go without sex, like she had before, but it would be a strain and make her miserable. Not that she would hop into the sack with just anyone. She would reserve her favors exclusively for men that turned her on. Only the most handsome, virile studs would do for a woman of her caliber. Luckily, she was surrounded by an assortment of excessively qualified men, and even cursed women.

Akira and Silver both headed the list, but Yuriko found she wanted to be 'serviced' at regular intervals. Between the two of them, they were capable of satisfying her (even taking into account their satisfying one another), but it was going to take an effort on their part to do so. They were supposed to be in a relationship, after all. Of late, it felt like they weren't treating her the way they should, and it was irritating. Especially given Silver's fascination with that bloated cow, Hinako. Akira seemed to be taking Yuriko for granted in the last few weeks as well. She knew he was busy, but he could have gone out of the way more to spend time with her. Hopefully this weekend would rectify things. Yuriko was going to get satisfaction one way or another. Of course, with their other companion, things might be a bit difficult.

Yuriko felt a touch of guilt when looking at Ryo. He had been the sole object of her desire for a couple of years (confused feelings about Silver not withstanding), yet she had lost interest in him quick enough when she realized Akira liked her and the two started dating. Of course Akira was painfully handsome, patiently understanding, and incredibly hung. When you had him at your side, it was easy to forget others of the male species existed. And Yuriko wasn't the only one that felt that way, as many of her classmates were envious of her success in landing 'Heartbreaker' Tendou, who hadn't dated any girl more than twice during his tenure at Furinkan. It was just as well he had graduated two years earlier, or Yuriko had a feeling she'd be spending more time fending other girls away then engaging in the horizontal shuffle with him.

Looking at Ryo, Yuriko found that her attraction for him was not completely gone. He was an incredible hunk of man that radiated strength and masculinity, even if he acted like a weak-minded ninny a lot of the time. There was no question that he was as much a desirable man in his own way as Silver and Akira were in theirs. He was someone worthy of her attentions. She would love running her hands over a body that could have been chiseled from granite. And she could just imagine what kind of force he could muster driving his cock into her.

And then there were Akira and Silver right alongside him now. Yuriko could attest firsthand to what kind of studs they were. God, if only all three of them would do her at the same time. She fantasized what it would be like to have every one of her holes filled with those three specimens of manhood. They could take turns, switching holes and making her orgasm endlessly. Yuriko squirmed as she felt herself growing wet at the fantasy.

She then felt herself grow wetter as something splashed on her dress.

Yuriko came out of it to see Silver grabbing at the knocked over can of fruit drink she had been drinking. Luckily, it had been almost empty, and only a small trickle had spilled on the lower hem of her skirt.

Silver was up in an instant and around the table. "Sorry about that. Let's clean it up before it sets." She grabbed Yuriko's wrist and pulled her to her feet. She then began dragging the blonde toward the back of the car.

Neither noticed a pair of figures, dressed as car reporters, follow them with their eyes.

It took only a minute for the girls to enter one of the restrooms. Silver pulled the door shut behind them, locking it.

The bathroom was small and cramped, with barely enough room for the two of them. The sink was located next to the toilet. Before Yuriko could say anything, Silver hoisted her up and sat her on the sink. Silver used the closed toilet seat as a place to sit down.

"Here's the stain," Silver pointed it out as she grabbed the hem of Yuriko's dress. She pulled some paper towels from a dispenser, ran some water under it, and began scrubbing the spot.

While Silver scrubbed, Yuriko marked it as unusually thoughtful of her friend to go to such lengths to keep the dress from staining. A far more standard response would have been an apology and nothing further.

Silver continued scrubbing until the stain was mostly gone, the tiny bit of residue that remained unwilling to come off.

"That's better," Silver said, then stopped and peered again. "Oops, spotted another stain."

Yuriko was trying to see what Silver was referring to when the platinum-haired girl's hands sneaked under the dress and pulled the skirt up, giving Silver a clear view of the blonde's panties. Before Yuriko could protest, Silver's hands were fondling her slit through the panties. The seated girl moaned at the contact.

"Yep, definitely a stain there. Let's see if we can figure out the cause." Silver continued stroking.

"No, stop," Yuriko moaned, her hands clutching the edge of the sink rather than fending off her 'attacker'.

Silver continued caressing Yuriko's body. Silk brushed up against the blonde's outer lips, stimulating her in the way she had longed for since boarding the train.

Silver picked up the tempo of her digits. "I saw you squirming in your seat, all fired up with no one to do you. I couldn't stand to see you suffer like that."

Oh god, Yuriko wanted a tongue lashing in the worst way, but they couldn't. Not here. She gasped out, "We can't. Someone will come-oh!"

The gusset of the panties was pulled aside, and a finger thrust partially up Yuriko's pussy. The inner lining clung to the finger, making Yuriko hiss in pleasure.

"Someone's going to come all right," Silver vowed as she removed her finger, grabbed Yuriko's hips, and moved her to the edge of the sink. With a cat-like grin, the cursed girl leaned forward and began eating out the blonde's muff in earnest.

With the first contact of the tongue, Yuriko's breathing became heavier. Lapping sounds reached her ears as that wonderful oral digit began stimulating her clitoris. Yes! This was exactly what she needed. She didn't give a damn about Silver being a girl. She didn't care if others knew what they were up to. She needed eaten out, and she needed it now. Yuriko was going to leave a stain on the edge of the sink with the way her girlfriend was working her over.

The gentle lapping slowed down, and Yuriko felt the tongue working its way directly into her pussy, like a tiny prehensile cock. While it couldn't penetrate anywhere near as deeply as Silver's cursed equipment, it was reaching places that weren't normally stimulated, all courtesy of Silver's selection of oral satisfaction. That, combined with the risk of being discovered in the compromising position, was like gasoline poured on top of the raging fire that was Yuriko's lust.

Through the haze of her thoughts, Yuriko looked down in adoration at the top of Silver's head. It took a true lover to know exactly what her partner needed and give it to her. She thanked the gods she was blessed with someone so understanding, and so horny.

Silver's tongue hit an especially sensitive area, making Yuriko wrap her thighs in a deathlock around Silver's head. She nestled her fingers in her lover's hair, forcing her face forward into Yuriko crotch. "Deeper, drive that fuck tongue of yours deeper," she hissed.

The eating out paused momentarily as Silver stiffened in panic at her confinement. Then it started again with a wild abandon that had been previously missing. Yuriko couldn't keep from squirming on the sink top as the sensation in loins rose to an unparalleled crescendo. All it would take is one more lick in the right spot.

Silver found it. Yuriko bit down on her lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood to keep from screaming out in orgasm. It took nearly half a minute before her body relaxed enough to loosen her legs from around her lover's head.

Silver backed up, gasping as hard as Yuriko, though for want of oxygen rather than orgasmic bliss. After several deep gulps of air, she exclaimed, "Yu-chan, you nearly kill-"

Her protests were cut off as Yuriko grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled it toward her upper lips rather than her lower. She gave Silver a deep, sensual kiss, forcing her tongue into her lover just as Silver had done earlier, though in a more sensitive spot. After a moment of surprise, Silver relaxed and enjoyed her own oral ravishment.

Yuriko tasted her own juices in Silver's mouth and delighted in them. There was nothing perverted about any of this. It was all painfully beautiful.

They broke off the kiss. Silver looked in awe at Yuriko for a second, before her trademark smirk returned. "Welcome to the mile high club, Yu-chan."

"The mile high club is for when you have sex on a plane," Yuriko explained.

Silver was thrown off by that. "Oh? What do they call it when you screw on a train?"

"Wonderful." Yuriko gave Silver another deep kiss.

Once she broke it off, with a great deal of reluctance, Silver smiled warmly at her, rather than using her lascivious grin. "I got to admit, I like this new you, Yu-chan."

"Better get used to it, the new me is going to be around for a while." Yuriko promised. She then gained a hurt look. "But, I have a problem."

Silver became serious. "What is it? I'll take care of it."

Yuriko pouted and started talking like a little girl. "My panties are all wet." She hiked up her skirt, showing the damp undergarments. "I can't possibly wear them now." With an exaggerated flair, she rolled them down her legs then stepped out of undergarment. She held them out in offering to Silver. "Would you mind holding them for me?"

"It'll be my pleasure." Silver took a moment to sniff the panties, basking in their intoxicating scent, before stuffing them in her pocket.

Yuriko smiled innocently. "If you're going to be doing that sort of thing to me, I guess there's no sense in wearing panties for the rest of the weekend. I'll be like this the whole time." She lifted her skirt to flash her pussy at her lover, shoving it back down so Silver only caught the briefest glimpse of it.

Silver's eyes gleamed with predatory anticipation. "That would be so cool."

Yuriko pouted. "Of course, it'll leave me vulnerable to horny brutes that might try to bend me over and stick their big cocks in me."

"Don't worry. I'll keep a lookout for them," Silver said.

Of course, Yuriko noted, Silver didn't say she'd be stopping any of those big cocks from sticking themselves in her. And least she'd better not, if she knew what was good for her.

Outside the door, the two individuals, dressed as news reporters, removed their ears from the door.

"That was great." One of them said, hands thrust deeply in his pocket.

"It would have been even better if we had gotten to see it," the second one said.

"I could imagine it," the first one sighed.

The second man looked at the first in confusion. "Why do you look so satisfied?"

The first smiled. "You know what they say, 'A man with a hole in his pocket is a very handy guy'."

"I'm sorry I never thought of that," the second said. "Anyway, we'd better get down to business." He removed a set of lockpicks from his pocket.

The pair had turned around, and were focusing on the doorknob when they heard someone behind them clear their throat.

Both turned to find themselves confronted by a huge pair of pectoral muscles. Wincing, they looked up into the face of an irate Ryo Hibiki.

"What do you two think you're doing?"

The second said, "Obviously, we're reporters."

The first nodded in agreement. "Yes, we're conducting an investigation on the bathroom door locks to make sure they work properly." He tried the handle. "See? They work. We'll be going now."

The pair started to walk away. They hadn't made it two steps before they found themselves snared by the backs of their collars and hoisted into the air.

"And were you investigating on how your interior plumbing is working?" He looked meaningfully at the first man's pants, specifically the stain that had formed in his crotch.

"Yes, and boy, does it work fine," the first man assured him.

"You perverts disgust me." Ryo spat as he banged the two together, like a pair of cymbals.

The force of the collision knocked both unconscious. Throwing one over his shoulder and keeping a firm grip on the other's neck with his meaty paw, Ryo opened the door to the restroom next to Yuriko and Silver's, and threw them inside, closing the door behind them.

It was at that moment that Yuriko and Silver emerged from the bathroom. They noticed Ryo immediately.

"What are you doing here?" Silver asked.

He considered telling them about the perverts he had caught listening in on their conversation, but then decided there was no sense in worrying them unnecessarily. They would be safe from perverts that would try to do anything to them as long as Ryo Hibiki was around.

"It was taking you guys a while. I just wanted to make sure you were okay." He felt bad about lying to them, but it was for the best.

Silver looked at Yuriko. "Aww, that's so sweet. He was worried about us." Silver stood on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the cheek. Yuriko mirrored the action by kissing his other cheek.

Most of Ryo's higher brain functions shut down. Silver had kissed him. All was right in the world.

Ryo was so out of it, he failed to notice the way Silver's hand fondled Yuriko's bottom through her dress as the two made their way back to their seats.

The girls returned to their seats. Silver watched as Yuriko whispered something in Akira's ear. His eyes widened momentarily in disbelief. The blonde gained a smirk, one more characteristic of Silver than herself, and grabbed Akira's hand moving it over to her lap. His eyes lost the hint of disbelief, and instead shifted to an uncharacteristically sly one of his own.

Silver couldn't see under the edge of the table, but she could tell by the faint movement of Akira's arm he was fingering Yuriko's snatch. What Silver wanted to do was get on his other side and have him finger her, but she was wearing pants, and even if she had worn a skirt, there wasn't enough room. Instead it was Silver's turn to simmer in her own juices while Yuriko had someone stirring hers. Again. It was times like this Silver didn't appreciate her lover's greed.

Silver needed a distraction until they arrived at their destination. She reached under her seat, trying to find her bag. Inside there was a book on Spanish, a language she was currently trying to master. Having grown up in a bi-lingual household, in combination with traveling around the world with her parents during their early search for a cure and staying in foreign countries for extended periods of time, had helped Silver gain conversational, if not outright fluency, in several languages. It was more a hobby than an urge to learn, but the skill had served her well on a number of occasions.

Her searching limb stumbled upon a handle and pulled. Instead of her bag, she came up with a metal briefcase. It wasn't hers, and she was certain Ryo hadn't brought it along.

"Hey, Handjob," she said to Akira, letting the pair know her irritation at being left out of the action. "This yours? It was under my seat."

Akira paused in his ministrations and shook his head. Yuriko did the same. "You should take it to lost and found."

"Why me?" Silver complained.

"You found it," Akira said.

Silver narrowed her eyes, showing her displeasure again. What he said made sense; she just didn't like it. She sniffed disdainfully at the pair, then stood up and walked away.

Ultra-cool ninja dude, and member of the Torso, Yusaku Hayama stared in admiration at his handiwork. He had set up the signal device exactly where he was supposed to, attaching it to the signal crossing light along the railway. He could see the train in the distance, rapidly approaching. Soon it would pass by, and the briefcase with the transmitter, the one that would be planted under the specially reserved seats Saotome and her comrades were using, would pass by the electric transmitter and trigger the detonator within.

A car pulled up to the crossing, skidding to a stop. Hayama identified it as another member of his clan, Shinjiro Tanaka. That was a problem. Tanaka was supposed to be aboard the train, making certain they didn't remove the case.

Tanaka got out of the car and gave a friendly, "Yo!"

"What went wrong?" Hayama asked.

Tanaka cocked his head quizzically. "Nothing went wrong. It's set up. They didn't see me sneak aboard and plant the case before the train left the station."

The oncoming train whistled.

"You were supposed to stay close by to make sure they didn't spot the case," Hayama told him.

"And get blown up? I think not. What do you think I am, stupid?"

The train whistle grew louder.

"What do you mean, 'blow up'? Sleep gas doesn't 'blow up'."

"That's true. But explosives do, and that case was loaded with them."

The train started to pass by.

"You idiot! We're supposed to capture the Saotome brat, not blow her up!"

"Oops." Tanaka laughed sheepishly, then stopped as his eyes stared at that train. "I got good news and bad news."

"What's the good news?"

"We're not going to have to worry about blowing up the girl."

"What's the bad news?"

A metal briefcase landed with a thud next to the two men.

"Wow, that is bad news," Hayama said.

"And now it's lost again," Silver said satisfactorily as she closed the window to the train. She had just finished shutting the window and took a step away when she thought she heard in explosion come from somewhere behind the train. She considered opening the window again, but changed her mind. She had wasted enough time with the stupid briefcase some idiot salaryman had left behind. She was going to return to the others and enjoy the rest of the trip.

The quartet of vacationers exited the train, basking in the sights of the small town that would serve as their vacation spot. It was a tiny hamlet nestled in between the mountains. A picturesque place that could have decorated any postcard.

Ryo agreed with the assessment. "We ought to send postcards to our friends."

"We're only staying overnight. We'd get back before the post cards did," Akira pointed out.

Yuriko stretched her arms up and took a deep breath, causing her chest to heave. "It sure looks nice up here, especially the view of the mountains."

"You got that right." Silver stared pointedly at the blonde's 'mountains', the deep breath making her already enormous breasts seem larger.

Ryo pointed toward the exit of the station. "Hey, there's a guy waving a big white sign with our names on it."

The others followed the direction of the finger. Sure enough, a man dressed in a chauffeur's uniform was looking frantically about, waving a large white sign with Silver and Ryo's names on it.

The others walked over to check him out. Identifying the quartet, the chauffeur bowed. "Greetings. I was sent by the inn to drive you there." He indicated a stretch limousine that was parked nearby.

"Cool!" Silver ran ahead of the others and threw open the door, leaping inside. By the time the others arrived, she was spread out across one of the long seat, posing sexily on her side. "These seats are so nice and long, you could do just about anything on them," she purred.

Akira started to enter the vehicle, but found himself nearly run over by an eager Ryo who muscled his way past and entered the vehicle,

Akira was about to unleash a warning to keep his hands off Silver when Ryo sat down next to her and immediately began staring forward, hands crossed in his lap and blushing fiercely.

The large youth's expression relaxed Akira. Obviously the 'Monster' was keeping his hands to himself for the moment, though his attraction to Silver was still obvious. Akira was going to keep a close eye on him. He might make his move soon, and Akira would be there to stop it. Until then he would react politely and treat Ryo accordingly. He hadn't actually done anything out of line. Yet.

Yuriko and Akira sat across from the others. Silver sat up properly, and began examining the wet bar in the back. "Too bad we don't have Lotha Blossom, then things would get real interesting."

"What was that?" Akira asked.

"Nothing," Silver said a touch too quickly.

The speakerphone connecting the driver with the passengers crackled to life. "Is everyone ready back there?"

"Yes," everyone said in unison.

"Excellent," the driver gave a hiss of sinister laughter.

Hayao Hashimoto looked in his rearview mirror at his chosen prey. The fools. It had been easy to trap them. Now he would prove himself the coolest ninja of them all. Like all ninjas, his mind was a steel trap of deceit and trickery. No puny martial artist could match it. Now the targets had fallen into his clutches, trapped with no hope of escape. The door locks and windows were under his control. Better still, he had rigged a knockout gas dispenser to the ventilation system. It would flood the compartment, knocking out the passengers, while he was safe up front in the airtight driver's section.

Deciding he had taken enough time to revel in his genius, he prepared to take care of Saotome's get and her friends. Then he could allow his fellow ninjas to revel in his genius.

Hayao flipped the switch. Greenish gas poured out of vents, filling the compartment. The special aerial concoction was quickly inhaled and filled lungs before breath could be held. Within seconds, the knockout gas was absorbed into the bloodstream, causing unconsciousness.

Akira and the others watched in stunned horror as the driver's compartment filled with a greenish vapor, and the driver slumped limply in his seat.

"Ryo, get him out of there!" Silver ordered.

Thought was deed as Ryo opened the rear door shattering the lock as though it hadn't been there. He took a deep breath, opened the driver's door just as effortlessly, and pulled the driver out. Carrying him with all the difficulty a child would a doll, he walked well away from the vehicle before placing the man down.

The others had also emerged from the car and looked at the fallen man.

Silver recoiled. "Ugh, he's ugly. Ryo, give him mouth to mouth."

"Why? He's breathing normally." Ryo pointed at the man's chest as it rose and fell at regular intervals.

"Oh." Silver turned to Yuriko. "Too bad you hadn't been the one knocked out. I'd love to give you mouth-to-mouth, as well as chest compressions."

"Tease," Yuriko said, rubbing shoulders with Silver.

Ryo felt his heart move. Silver was so thoughtful, reassuring her friends she would perform CPR if they needed it.

"It must have been some kind of mechanical failure. Luckily, our compartment was airtight." Akira said. "We'll call an ambulance to help this guy."

"Looks like we'll be walking the rest of the way to the hot spring," Silver said.

"I'll lead the way, Ryo volunteered.

"I'd rather not end up back in Nerima. We'll get directions." Akira took over the leadership of the group and headed for the nearest business to ask for the quickest way to get to the hot spring.

The sun had fallen by the time the quartet located the hot spring. An old inn was built next to it. While the place had the smell of age, it was well maintained, and clean. The staff was quick to help the group to their rooms, which were located next to one another.

"It seems pretty quiet," Yuriko commented to the bellhop that carried their luggage to their rooms.

He was a gangly, pimply faced teenager, trying hard not to stare at the girls' chests and failing miserably. "It's a slow weekend. There's only you four, a woman who checked in earlier, and an astronomy group that came in today."

The bellhop stopped before two doors and set down the luggage. "Here are your rooms." He handed Ryo a key. He and Akira immediately began trying the lock, which proved reluctant to accept the key. While they were fooling around with it, he gave Silver the other one, then held out his hand expectedly.

Silver grabbed him by the wrist, then placed his hand on her breast momentarily and winked. She removed it before Akira and Ryo turned back.

The bellhop blushed. "Thank you. If there's anything you need, let me know." He walked off in a stupor.

"Polite guy," Ryo commented as he and Akira finally opened their door.

"So, who's staying where?" Silver asked.

"Guys in one room, girls in the other," Ryo answered, as though confused as to why there was even a question.

Silver pouted. "Aw, that's no fun."

Yuriko gave her an elbow in the side. While Silver was probably right, getting both the guys and guy/girl in the same room and try to guide things along a certain route would have been difficult, at least when it came to Ryo. Besides, with the way he was making eyes at Silver, he probably would have wanted to do her instead of Yuriko. The jerk.

"It's for the best," Akira seconded. While staying with the girls would have been more fun, Ryo might get angry at being left alone when he was the one who had invited the girls along. Besides, once the lug was asleep, Akira could sneak over to the girls' room and spend time with them later. He'd just have to remember to return before Ryo woke up. He could probably make up an excuse, the guy was gullible, but there was no sense in taking unnecessary chances. That was an attitude in direct opposition with Silver's usual way of going about things.

Silver looked at her watch. "Having to walk here ate up a lot of time. I say we get unpacked and visit the hot springs. Are they coed?" Hope filled her voice.

Blushing at the very idea, Ryo said, "Don't be silly. Of course there's a women's side and a men's side."

"Aw, that's no fun either," Silver repeated. "Let's hit the springs. After we're done, we'll see if we can find something to entertain ourselves for the rest of the evening."

They group split into pairs and entered their respective rooms.

Ranma-chan finished donning her robe as she exited her room. Where were those darn kids? She knew they had arrived in town. She watched them disembark at the station. They even had a limousine waiting for them. Seeing they were okay, Ranma-chan had grabbed a taxi and headed to the hot spring. She had assumed they would arrive shortly after her, but the hours passed by and they were still a no show.

She doubted the Torso had done anything to them. The incompetent bumblers, who still hadn't made an appearance, would be lucky if they got the drop on one of the kids. There was no way they could get all four of them, especially Silver or Akira. Probably they were playing tourist and looking the town over, rather than heading to the inn first. If it was like most of the small towns in the area, they'd roll up their businesses when night came. The kids were doing their shopping now, and enjoy the hot springs later, when they returned.

That left Ranma-chan with time to kill, and that meant taking advantage of her situation and enjoying a relaxing soak in a hot spring. She stripped her garments and changed into a robe. She was heading toward the women's side of the bath when she remembered that while she might currently look like an attractive woman, the hot spring water would change that in a hurry. Having no wish to be dubbed 'pervert' by any of the other female guests, she changed directions and headed toward the men's bath to enjoy her soak.

Ranma-chan went through the doorway clearly marked 'Men' and entered the changing area. She discarded her robe, tossing it aside, and ran through the curtain separating the changing area from the bath.

"All right, here I come!" she declared, then skidded to a stop.

Ryo Hibiki stood, there, naked as the day he was born. He had been preparing to enter the bath when Ranma-chan's clamorous arrival gained his attention. He turned and stared in mute surprised at the attractive, and very naked, woman who had been jiggling her way toward him.

Ranma-chan's eyes bulged behind her glasses. She hadn't even considered that the hot springs would already be occupied. Worse, it was by one of the youths who she was supposed to be keeping tabs on. Now, with Ryo's huge form before her, she found herself at a loss for words.

Seeing Ryo naked for the first time, she reflexively took inventory of his appearance. While she knew he was a huge guy, she had no idea of just how big he was. It was obvious he worked out regularly, with finely sculpted, enormous muscles outlining his massive form. He looked like he could bench press the hot spring without breaking a sweat. He was handsome, though not outrageously so. Still, Ranma-chan had no doubt he had a host of female admirers after him. Looking at his cock, which was pointing accusingly in Ranma-chan's direction with how hard it was, she could tell that he was of average size, though it appeared tiny due to how huge his legs were.

"What are you doing here?" Ryo asked, turning slightly flush at the presence of a naked woman.

Ranma-chan turned her eyes away from his tool. She had to think quickly and come up with a believable lie. Why would a girl wander into a men's bath? An answer came to her. "I work at the inn. I'm here to wash you. We do it for all the guests." It was only after she blurted out the explanation she realized she could have said she had walked into the wrong bath by accident and excused herself. Now she was trapped into washing the guy, though it wasn't really all that bad a thing to do.

"Oh." Ryo relaxed visibly. "I guess that's okay, since you're a professional and all. What do you want me to do?"

Now there was a loaded question. Ranma-chan pointed to a nearby stool. "Get that and sit on it. I'll run some water." Cold water, since changing into a guy would enable even someone as dense as a Hibiki to see through her clever disguise.

Ryo did as he was instructed. Ranma-chan felt a strange sensation wash over her as he walked around, his cock waving back and forth. The faux blonde turned away from the sight and went to a nearby faucet, filling a cleaning bucket with soap and cold water. Once filled, she made her way over to the youth, approaching him from behind.

Now that she thought about the situation she had accidentally immersed herself in, Ranma-chan decided to have a little fun. Height and muscle differential notwithstanding, Ryo reminded her of Ryouga in his younger days. Back then, it had been fun teasing the guy, though she had never tried doing it as a girl. She envisioned the things she could have done, harassing him as girl, maybe even coming onto him and sending him into his typical stammering shy boy state. Of course, Ryo was proving himself a better man than his father when it came to women, though all that entailed was not passing out and bleeding all over the place when confronted with a little tit flesh. Maybe there was hope for the boy.

She moved closer to him. Even with him sitting down, he was nearly as tall as her. She peered over his shoulder and found her gaze turn downward toward his lap. Ranma-chan was shocked to discover Ryo was losing his hard on. It had softened to the point that it was lying limply between his legs. Pride bristled as surely as a cat's fur did when confronted with a barking dog. How dare the stupid jerk not act turned on by her presence! She was one of the hottest girls around, completely naked and offering to rub him down, and he had the audacity to pretend she had all the allure of a side of beef. Well, she was going to show him a thing or two. No one treated Ranma Saotome in such an offhand fashion and got away with it. She'd have him rock hard and ready to pop inside five minutes.

There was a tactic Ranma-chan had used on Shampoo before, when she was feeling horny and the Amazon wasn't. In nearly two decades of marriage, it almost never failed. Picking up a washcloth, Ranma-chan lathered her breasts up with soap. Leaning forward, she pressed her breasts into Ryo's back, flattening her globes against his rock hard muscles while her hands sneaked around to the front. Her fingers ran themselves over his chest and danced a soundless tune along his abdominals. She leaned next to his ear and purred in a sultry voice, "Oh sir, your muscles are so big and manly. I've never seen anyone as large as you."

Ryo gulped audibly. "Uh, yeah. I work out a lot."

"I can tell," Ranma-chan cooed as she rubbed her breasts up and down his back, soaping it up. She saw her actions had been noticed. Ryo's cock started to twitch and rise up as Ranma-chan moved up and down.

Ryo wasn't the only one reacting. Ranma-chan's nipples hardened at the stimulation, and she found the rest of her body starting to rev up in expectation of something more. This was not something she had anticipated. Her only interest was in getting Ryo turned on, but the more she caressed his body from both front and behind, the more her own perked up in interest.

Perhaps it wasn't so surprising. Her female body frequently acted as if it had a mind of its own. It had done it plenty of time in Shampoo-kun's presence, but Ranma-chan never questioned that since the cursed girl was both really a female and her spouse. The encounter with Akira made her question a bit of that, though. And now, while she felt no emotional attachment to Ryo, there was no denying her body was acknowledging the fact it was with a very powerful and desirable male that was capable of fulfilling her needs. Needs that were making their presence known for going without any sex for so long.

Ranma-chan finished lathering up Ryo's back. He had remained silent through the entire process, no doubt trying to control himself, and doing a good job of it. Too good a job, as far as the woman was concerned. She had made a vow to make him pop. Just because it was silent and made to herself, didn't mean she wasn't taking it seriously. She was going to make him cum no matter what it took.

It was time to take things a step further. Ranma-chan stopped working on his back and caressing his chest and stood up, bucket in hand. Ryo released a sigh. His relief was short-lived as Ranma-chan walked around until she was directly in front of him. He was at eye level with her breasts. His eyes seemed to lock on to her red, pointy nipples, as though he had been hypnotized by them.

Ryo was sitting with his knees perpendicular to his body. Ranma-chan sat down, straddling one of his tree trunk sized limbs between her legs, planting her pussy on the middle of it.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Ryo stammered out.

"I'm going to work on your front now, Sir." Not allowing him a chance to protest, she picked up the towel and began scrubbing his front.

Being in such close proximity to Ryo, Ranma-chan could sense the raw strength in his body. While he couldn't take her in a clean fight, there was no mistaking he was far stronger than her. Shampoo-kun was the same way in a purely physical sense. The similarities between powerful males tantalized Ranma-chan's body further, and a longing in her loins began to make its presence known.

As she scrubbed his body, she began to gyrate her hips ever so slightly. With the way she was straddling his leg, her pussy was full in contact with his leg. The heat from his body only made things worse, as the space between her legs started to moisten and lower lips loosened up. The more frequent the motion, the more her hip movements increased and the more aroused she became. She was beginning to become concerned she would get off while straddling his leg, bathing him in a different kind of liquid, at least on that appendage.

Ranma-chan increased the ante once again by pausing in her rubbing and grabbing Ryo's wrist, forcing his hand up to her breast where it automatically grabbed it. "I need you to help steady me," she insisted.

A struggle crossed Ryo's features as his mind tried to tell him to stop, but his hand kept right on grasping the breast that had been offered to it. While he didn't play with the nipple, he did begin to gently squeeze the offered flesh like it was a melon he was testing for ripeness. Ranma-chan's hips moved more vigorously up and down his leg.

Ryo's body reacted to the double attack as the head of his cock turned bright purple, and a clear drop of liquid slowly bubbled up from the slit at the top.

Ranma-chan saw the effect she was having on the youth and knew he would pop before too long. There was only one problem, and a major one at that. It was clear that she was going to need some cock, and damn soon, or she'd explode. The back and forth motion on his leg had horribly backfired as the movement served to stoke what had started out as tiny embers in her loins to a raging inferno. She needed something to put the fire out. Ryo was certainly available, and his pump primed for hosing things down. It wouldn't take much for him to cure her woes.

What Ranma-chan really wanted to happen was for Ryo to go wild, pin her to the ground and 'force' himself on her to assuage her conscience about being done by a guy. At the beach she had opened her mouth and promised Akira access to her body, and everyone had encouraged the decision. There was nothing to feel guilty about there. If Ryo didn't take matter into his own hands, it would fall to Ranma-chan's initiative to get the job done so that her lust could be quenched. She would avoid that if she could.

She removed his hand from her breast and stood up. For a moment, it appeared Ryo was going to shoot up to his feet and surge toward her. After a moment's indecision, his legs loosened up and he relaxed on the stool.

Ranma-chan cursed his restraint. Fine. There was still one more thing she could do that might set Ryo off and have him act like a real man by taking her himself. Wasting no more time on the warm up, she fell to her knees and reached between his legs, running her hand up and down his cock.

Ryo gave a soft, "Ah!" and his breathing became rapid. "Wha… what are you doing?" he gasped out.

"It's the full body massage the inn offers for big, strong men like yourself." Ranma-chan explained as she gave short, yet firm strokes. Despite Ryo's average dimensions, Ranma-chan's petite hand had difficulty wrapping all the way around his pipe. The added stimulation resulted in more clear drops flow from the slit.

Seeing her control over the youth's man meat made something snap inside Ranma-chan's head. She fell to all fours and dove for his stiff cock, wrapping her mouth around the purple head, rolling her tongue over it.

"Oooooh!" Ryo wailed. Whatever resistance he had managed was gone. The sensations of Ranma-chan's mouth affixed to his member was too much for Ryo to think coherently any longer. His eyes closed as he savored the sensations coming from his lower anatomy and his hands came up to her head as he ran his fingers through her dyed locks.

Ranma-chan smiled around the cock in her mouth. It was about time the big clod acted like a real man. A better man would have been consumed by lust and been all over Ranma-chan's nubile body by now, but then, Ryo was a Hibiki, and they did nearly everything ass-backwards.

Ranma-chan continued her oral ministrations. She kept the head of the cock in her mouth, tantalizing it with her tongue while she used her hand to pump up and down his veiny shaft. Soon he wouldn't be able to control himself and she'd push him over the edge. Just so long as it happened within the five minutes so she could keep her promise. But if he dared to pop before he fucked the shit of her pussy, she'd kill him on the spot.

Ryo's moans grew louder, until they filled the bathing area. The flavor of pre-cum made Ranma-chan suck harder. From her position of control between his legs, she felt his hips give tiny thrusts forward, trying to get her to swallow his entire rod. She waited until she felt a trembling from his loins, then removed her mouth and hand.

"That's that," she announced.

"Wh-what?" Ryo said as he opened his eyes in and stared at Ranma-chan in bewilderment.

Ranma-chan stood before him, chest at eye level and thrust slightly forward, so they consumed much of Ryo's view. "That's all you get. Surely you don't think I was actually going to finish you off. You're not man enough to give me the satisfaction I need."

Incomprehension dissipated, replaced by a flash of anger in his eyes.

Ranma-chan stopped leaning forward. Instead she placed her hands on her hips and thrust her pelvis toward him, teasing and taunting him with her body while berating him with her tongue. "This hot piece of ass is reserved only for real men who know what it takes to pleasure a woman. What's a weak-willed wimp like you going to do? You don't have enough guts to take what's before you. So just keep sitting there in frustration, like you deserve."

She gave a contemptuous laugh and turned, walking away from him, putting an extra sway in her hips as she shook her ass back and forth like a pendulum.

Ranma-chan hadn't made it three steps before a hand grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. She looked up into Ryo's eyes, and felt the faintest ripple of fright as she saw the smoldering lust in those orbs, lust aimed at her. Ryouga had never looked at her that way. Still, this was what she had wanted; now she was going to get it and more.

Ryo grabbed her arms and pinned them to her waist, his larger grasp easily immobilizing her. There was no way she could wiggle out of that grip of iron, even if she wanted to. Using his vast might, he forced Ranma-chan to the ground and on her back. The cold stone was far from comfortable, but the woman found the aching need in her loins a far worse torture than her behind being pressed into a couple of pebbles.

Ryo made certain his body was between her legs, keeping them spread apart and allowing easy access to her pussy. With a quiet desperation, he maneuvered his hips, while keeping Ranma-chan's arms pinned to her side. Eventually he lined his cock up with her slit, which was nearly dripping wet from all the stimulation from before.

Grunting, he thrust his hips forward. His cock easily slid past her lips and sank three inches deep before encountering resistance. That served as no deterrence as he pulled back no more than an inch, and rammed home again, burying more of his cock in the prone woman. He kept thrusting back and forth until his pelvis slapped hers and he was fully inside.

Ranma-chan cried out in pleasure at the physical way that she was being taken. Finally, this was what her out of control body needed; some hot cock jammed up her love channel and curing her woes. There wasn't the slightest bit of guilt about a man being the one to give it to her. Her female body was built to receive a male organ and elicit pleasure from it being merged with her. She was going to sit back and enjoy the ride the giant stud was going to give her. It wasn't like she had any choice. His larger size and strength dwarfed her own, and even made her feel a touch helpless, which only added to the erotic sensations of him using her body. He was so huge, she couldn't even wrap her legs around him. Instead all she could do was lay there as he pounded away.

Already the fire in her had doubled in intensity. She couldn't wait for the climax to hit and send her over the edge.

Akira finally entered the men's changing room to the hot springs. Originally he hadn't been trailing behind the eager Ryo all that far, just taking a little longer to dress. He would have arrived at the bath sooner, but Silver and Yuriko called him over to their room to "See if their robes looked all right." That they were naked underneath only made things worse for Akira as they displayed their bodies in the variety of robes that had been provided by the inn, donning them and discarding each one, all the while wiggling their assets in his direction. If it hadn't been for that idiot Hibiki's presence, he would have jumped both girls there and not let them out of the room for the rest of evening.

Concerned that Ryo might become suspicious of his absence, Akira used every ounce of willpower he possessed to excuse himself from the girls and head toward the hot spring. Unfortunately, the show for his benefit had left him with one of the worst case of blue balls a man could suffer from. He had to concentrate to walk straight. The throbbing was so urgent that he was considered getting some manual relief under the water of the spring if Ryo wasn't watching closely.

Akira tossed his robe on the floor, next to one already there. He was to the point that he didn't care if Ryo noticed the wood he was sporting. Hell, if the oversized oaf asked, Akira would tell him the girls had been flaunting their bodies at him and he was going to turn around and take them up on their unspoken offer.

Akira batted the curtain aside, spoiling for a fight. His temper was defused almost as quickly at the sight in the bath. For a moment, his mind refused to process the information. Then his lower anatomy, already on high alert, took command, cutting through the disbelief. It was exactly what it looked like. There was a naked Ryo, rutting like an animal in heat as he mercilessly rammed his cock into some girl pinned beneath him.

Akira's own body began to respond as the previously dull ache from his balls became a twisting knot of agony. He looked more closely at the woman that was the recipient of Ryo's wild enthusiasm. Seeing the blonde hair, he momentarily thought of Yuriko, but the woman underneath Ryo was older and much shorter. She wore glasses, and was small enough to be easily dominated by Ryo's huge form. Her body was well toned, and it was obvious she worked out rigorously, without her fitness detracting from her beauty. Her tits were also magnificent, as they jiggled back and forth under Ryo's assault. Her legs, too short to wrap themselves around Ryo's massive waist, flailed about in the air with each thrust.

There was something achingly familiar about the woman, something Akira couldn't put his finger on. It was that outstanding body that jogged his memory. He unconsciously ran his hand up and down his cock, as the memory floated right beneath the surface.

The woman shouted out, "That's it, you stud! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it!"

That voice! Akira couldn't believe it. It was impossible. She couldn't be here, at least not in that position. And yet, looking at that incredible body, things started to fall into place. There was one way to be sure. He walked around until he was behind the pair and had an ideal view of Ryo's cock entering and withdrawing from the pouty slit of the woman, a slit framed in crimson hair.

It was at that moment that Ryo remained buried in Ranma-chan. From his position behind the pair, Akira could see his buttcheeks twitch as he shot his spermy load into the faux blonde's pussy. A look of profound relief washed over his face.

Ranma-chan, still pinned beneath him, began pounding on his back with her tiny fists and shouted out in rage, "No! Not yet! You bastard! I didn't come yet! I'm right there! Keep trying! Get it up again! Keep fucking me!"

Akira didn't question Ranma-chan's presence. He didn't care. Perhaps the gods had borne witness to his suffering long enough, and bequeathed upon him the perfect means to relieve himself. Perhaps the wishing well he had dropped a fifty yen piece in on the way to the inn really was magical. Perhaps it was the most improbable of coincidences. What difference did it make? None at all. What he saw was one of the most alluring women on the face of the planet on the business end of some cock, and screaming for more. She was primed and beyond ready to go, and Akira had been born ready to take care of a hot piece of ass like that.

In an aroused delirium, Akira grabbed Ryo by the shoulders, pulled him up and off Ranma-chan, then all but tossed him aside. Looking down at Ranma-chan, perfect, naked body flush with arousal, eyes and mouth pleading for more cock, was the stuff fantasies were made of.

In an out-of-control state like Ryo had been earlier, Akira fell to his knees and grabbed one of Ranma-chan's ankles, using it to turn her on her side. He hooked it over one shoulder and held on while leaving the other leg on the ground. With her superior martial arts flexibility, it was easy for her legs to be spread so wide. Akira looked down to see a clear path to her pussy that seemed to beckon him. He accepted the invitation, and with all eight inches of his hardened member, he shoved himself in as far as he could go.

Between Ryo's stretching her out, as well as his spermy load lubing her up, Akira was able to force his entire cock in on the initial thrust. That was what Ranma-chan had been seeking as her eyes widened behind her glasses and she cried out as though baying at the moon.

It took everything Akira had not to come then and there as Ranma-chan's love tunnel tightened and threatened to send him over the top. He remained inside her, motionless as he basked in the beauty of her orgasm, and took pride in that he was the one that had done it, rather than Ryo. He was the one that made her come by stretching her deeper and wider than the so-called 'Monster' ever could. Ranma-chan would remember the name of Akira Tendou, and the not the oversized lug that couldn't even properly finish her off.

Finally, her insides loosened up again and Akira felt some control return. Knowing it was like their first encounter at the beach, and that he wouldn't be able to hold back for long, he considered what to do next. Not as comfortable in the position as he had thought he would be, he released Ranma-chan's ankle, returning the girl to her back. Seeing those heaving breasts move up and down with each gasping breath, Akira decided he wanted to feel them against his body. Then it hit him. There was something he had always wanted to do, but Yuriko and Silver were too tall to manage it. Ranma-chan was different. She was lighter and far more petite, the ideal size for what he had envisioned in his mind.

Akira shifted slightly. Ranma-chan's legs automatically locked behind him, her body sending his signals that it craved more cock and didn't want was already inside going anywhere. That worked in Akira's favor as he leaned forward and placed one hand under Ranma-chan's bottom while the other found its way behind her to grip her in-between the shoulderblades.

Adrenaline coursing through his veins, Akira had more than enough strength to pick Ranma-chan up off the ground, pressing her body against his while keeping connected to her by his cock. Her own arms automatically reached around his back and held him, providing additional support. Feeling the fullness of her breasts pressed against his chest fueled the fires in Akira's loins.

Akira rose to his feet, both hands under Ranma-chan's bottom now. His fingers dug into the soft, yet firm backside of his partner. He stood with her clinging to him, the woman cooing softly in contentment as the movement made the cock in her shift and some of the co-mingled love juices of her and Ryo's earlier coupling flowed down and out of her body.

Once satisfied that his grip was firm and he could easily support her, Akira began moving Ranma-chan up and down on his cock, lifting her and easing her down slightly. He started to establish a rhythm, each lift and drop increasing so that more of him was moving inside her.

Ranma-chan's breathing increased in conjunction with the tempo. She bit down lightly on his shoulder to keep from crying out, and soft delighted cries reached his ears through the muffled flesh. Akira savored the sensation of her bullet hard nipples moving up and down his body. Much to his delight, having to put so much effort into supporting her body and balancing the two of them tempered his lust, although having total control over his partner's body turned him on negated it a touch.

Once more he relished the sensations of Ranma-chan's surprisingly tight pussy clinging to his cock and thanked Kami-sama for delivering her to him in his time of need. Even with Ryo stretching her out before, Akira found her tighter than either Silver or Yuriko. What a magnificent body Ranma-chan had, both inside and out. Who cared if he was really screwing a guy? If it felt this good, there could be nothing wrong with it. And if it was wrong, then he never wanted to be right again in his life.

The up and down motion took its toll on Akira, and he reached the boiling point once again. He bounced Ranma-chan faster and harder. He wanted to hold out and give her another orgasm, but there was no way he could manage it; she was far too hot, and he was way too wound up. He could tell she was on the upswing toward her next climax when he stopped, leaving her embedded on his cock as he cried out and sent his own seed into her body to mix with what remained of Ryo's.

Ranma-chan felt the climax weaken Akira, causing him to nearly fall. He regained enough of his senses to slump to his knees, rather than collapsing either on top of his partner or her on him. Ranma-chan remained clinging to him as his tightly, grinding her pelvis against his in an effort to make him keep fucking her. She was closing in on another wonderful climax. Just a few more strokes, and she was certain she could get off. He was young and horny. Surely he could pull off a double-header for her.

Her actions were for naught Akira was forced onto his back, leaving Ranma-chan straddling his waist, pouting at him as she felt his cock grow flaccid within her.

The disappointment didn't last long as a pair of hands grabbed Ranma-chan from under her arms and hoisted her off the prone Akira. As she was lifted in the air as easily as a rag doll, Akira's cock slipped free from her channel, flopping back against his stomach and leaving a residue of their mixed juices decorating his groin.

Ranma-chan looked over her shoulder to see Ryo's burning gaze fixed upon her and felt his hardened member poking her in the backside. Apparently watching the heated action was too much for him to take and he needed relief once again, relief only Ranma-chan could provide.

She was set down on her knees. A powerful hand was placed against her back and guided her to the ground, forcing her down on all fours. Ryo's legs were positioned inside hers, forcing her legs apart and allowing him unlimited access to her pussy. Hands gripped her waist, and she felt the head of a cock nestle against her lips. She involuntarily whimpered in longing for the man to take her once again.

In answer to the plea, Ryo rammed his cock forward, sinking in all the way. He withdrew until only the head of his prick was in, then thrust forward even harder, making even Ranma-chan's firm buttocks quiver from the force of the impalement..

That was enough. Ranma-chan wailed in ecstasy as another climax washed over her.

Ryo was just getting started. He reached around to grab Ranma-chan's dangling tits, and really began pounding away.

Yuriko and Silver exited the women's bath together, feeling relaxed and, at the same time, incredibly horny. They had done some heavy petting and making out in the steaming water, but both agreed what they were really in the mood for was some fluid exchange with members of the opposite gender.

"Do we include Ryo?" Yuriko asked, hope filled her voice as she donned her robe.

"Does he have a cock?" Silver retorted, then turned a touch more serious. "He asked us on the vacation. It would be rude not to."

"How do we get him to go along with it?" Yuriko wondered, slightly thrilled at the idea of finally discovering what she had been so intent on getting at one point in her life was like.

"Give him a blow job. That's usually a pretty convincing argument." Besides, Silver knew from her encounter with Ryo during Hinako's punishment the guy was a lot more experienced than Yuriko thought. He had everyone fooled with his 'Nice guy' act, even Silver at one point. He was a borderline Casanova with the number of women he had slept with.

"What I meant was, how do we set it up?" Yuriko clarified.

"All of us should get it on together at the same time, that way Ryo won't get the wrong idea and think we want to go steady with him or something. We'll make it real clear from the outset it's just about sex and keep him from getting serious about it."

"How do we get a four way going?"

Silver gave it some thought. They were almost to their rooms when Silver said, "I know the perfect way. We'll be waiting for them in their room. Without any clothing, of course. I think even Ryo will pick up the hint."

"How do we get into their room?"

Silver pondered that. "The clerk at the desk should have a key. I'll get it from him."

The pair headed toward the front desk. Right before arriving, Silver loosened the top of her robe almost to her navel, revealing a scandalous amount of cleavage.

She approached the front desk, where a short, slightly overweight, teenager about her age was dusting off the countertop. He looked up to see the two girls. He blushed slightly, his feather duster losing contact with the counter, though he still moved it back and forth, as though he was trying to dust the air.

Silver sashayed up to the counter. She leaned forward, all but shoving her breasts in the young man's face. Pouting, she said, "Excuse me, I have a little problem and was wondering if you could help me."

"Anything you want." He continued dusting the air.

"I locked myself out of my room. I was wondering if you could give me an extra key."

He continued dusting the air, talking to her breasts. "Sure. I can give them all to you if you want."

"Just the one to Room 127, if you'd be so kind."

The clerk nearly tripped as he went to the drawer with the keys. He went through the contents, tossing keys on the floor until he found the right one. His hand was shaking as he handed it to her.

"Thanks." She turned to go.

"Wouldyouliketogooutonadate," the guy blurted out.

Silver stopped. She turned slightly, a calculating look on her features. "My, you certainly have courage, asking a beautiful girl you've never met before out on a date. Do you do it often?"

"No, you're the only one," the clerk admitted sheepishly.

She walked up to the desk. "Well, it just so happens I'm already in a relationship I'm very happy with."

The clerk gained a crestfallen look to his features.

Silver was quick to follow up with, "But I really admire guys who are willing to take a chance. It's the only way you can get anywhere. So I think you should be rewarded for your willingness to take a risk." And with that she reached over the counter, grabbed the clerk by the back of the head, and forced him forward, burying his face in her cleavage. She left him there a couple of heartbeats before releasing him.

The smile on his face was so wide Silver wouldn't be surprised if he wore it until the day he died.

She blew him a kiss, said, "Bye-bye," and rejoined Yuriko.

They started walking away. Once they were out of earshot, the blonde looked at her friend in surprise. "I can't believe you did that. He really wasn't that good-looking."

Silver shrugged. "I wasn't all that good-looking either until a couple of years ago. Besides, like I said, it takes guts to do what he did. I didn't want to discourage him from trying again. If he keeps plugging away, he'll probably succeed at some point. I like to think he'll be encouraged after my little reward."

Yuriko looked upon Silver in a new light. "I had no idea you were such a softie."

Silver took offense. "Hey, I'm a great gal. Just ask me. I'll tell you."

"Yes, you certainly would," Yuriko agreed.

They arrived at the guys' room within minutes. Silver used the key to open the door. Much to their delight, the room was still empty. They closed the door behind them, then quickly stripped. They threw several pillows on the floor in direct line with the door, then lounged about upon them, posing sexily.

Silver smirked. "When those two horny bastards see what we're offering, they'll be on us faster than you can say 'Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken'."

Yuriko agreed. "They'll be so frisky we'll probably be the ones who have to beg for a break. They might not let us leave the room for the rest of the vacation."

"They should be here any minute now." Silver said.

Ranma-chan's senses were in a joyous delirium that no mere drug could hope to induce, and it was thanks to the two wonderful men who were allowing her to experience things she had never dreamed of. Currently, she was sitting on Akira's lap with her back to him, being bounced up and down on his rod while he dug his fingers into her breasts as though they were udders he was trying to milk. The rough treatment of her mammaries and the way Akira spiked her onto his fat eight inches of manhood only heightened her euphoria.

Her gasps of pleasure were muffled by the cock in her mouth. Perched as Ranma-chan was on Akira's lap, Ryo had taken advantage of the fact she was at the perfect height to suck him off. He stood towering above her while keeping one hand behind her head to ensure her lips never left his shaft as he force fed her his manhood On the downstroke of the ride, only the head remained in Ranma-chan's mouth, but when she was lifted up, her face was mashed against Ryo's pubic hairs as the entire organ was shoved inside, tickling the back of her tonsils. She had never been able to deep throat Shampoo-kun, he was too damned big, but Ryo's meat was just the right size for getting all way in. With the way the men were positioned, one of her openings was constantly filled with a maximum of cock.

The twin sensation of being impaled in both pussy and mouth was too much for Ranma-chan to take, and she shuddered as yet another climax swept over her. She had lost count of the number of times her pussy clamped down around one of the guys' organs as they used her every which way they could. It was like they were competing to see who could screw her the best, and she was loving every minute of having her body used as a playing field. And she was amazed to discover that the longer she was fucked, the quicker the orgasms came.

Before, Ryo had really given it to her doggie style. He had pounded her with such force that she was surprised he hadn't left bruises on her petite derriere, not that she was complaining about his enthusiasm. And the way he had mauled her tits. There were still red marks from where his fingers had dug in. Of course Akira was threatening to leave some of his own with how much squeezing he was doing. Luckily Ranma-chan enjoyed the rough treatment, and it only served to increase her ardor. Ryo made up for not getting her off the first time by triggering a pair of orgasms before releasing his second load into her body.

Once Ryo was finished. Akira took over in the exact same position. While he wasn't as brutal as the larger youth, he was vigorous, and his longer cock reached places Ryo couldn't. It was at that point orgasmic bliss overloaded her senses and she lost track of things. She thought she remembered Akira shooting his wad in her again. Ryo, who had long since recovered, tit fucked her sore breasts for a while. The boy was physical, but knew what he was doing. During that time Akira fingered her pussy, keeping her running hot the entire time. Somewhere along the way, they ended up in this position, which might have been the best yet since the youths were giving it to her at the same time.

The guys had definitely taken charge of the situation, which suited Ranma-chan perfectly. She could sit back and enjoy being pleasured, rather than being concerned about doing the pleasuring, like when she was a man. And she didn't feel the least bit of guilt over being done by guys, not in her current state of mind. And to think, she had nearly missed out on it by telling Ryo she had been in the wrong bath. She could have kicked herself for the near stupidity.

The only thing missing was having Shampoo-kun's cock added to the mix. It was unfortunate things had turned out this way, but the circumstances had been out of Ranma-chan's control. She'd make it up to her wife by finally allowing her access to her backdoor, which she had been clamoring to do for years. That would keep things smooth between them, and maybe while she was on vacation she'd pick up something Shampoo really wanted as well. She'd give it some thought, when she wasn't having her brains fucked out.

Akira increased the bouncing of the girl on his lap. Running as hot as she was, Ranma-chan experienced not one, but a multiple orgasm that left her limp as a noodle in Akira's grasp.

It was during the second climax that she sucked hard on Ryo's tool. It proved too much for him as he grabbed her by the back of the head and came once more. Fortunately for Ranma-chan, his well ran dry after a trio of hard spurts, and she was left only to swallow a trickle after that. She was proud that she didn't spill a drop.

The tightening of her pussy was too much for Akira to take as he released his remaining seed deep into her womb again. Ranma-chan reveled in the sensation of her body being able to accept such into itself, and giving her such pleasure in the process. It was times like this she thought she'd reject a cure to the curse, even if someone offered it to her free of charge. There were definite advantages to being a woman, and this was one of them.

As aroused as the guys were by Ranma-chan's presence, even their youthful lust was exhausted. Ryo withdrew his rod from her mouth and wearily went down to sit on the bathing stool. Akira collapsed backward. Ranma-chan did the same, allowing the boy to hold her while he grew limp in her body. He embraced her softly. Curiously, Ranma-chan felt a peace wash over her in the face of affection. It was an afterglow, which felt decidedly different when she was a girl. She allowed herself to fully enjoy the embrace as she slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

After several moments, Ryo said, "We're a mess. We'd better clean up. It's my turn to wash you. After all, you did a great job of washing me," he informed Ranma-chan.

She felt her heart seize up. No way was she letting them get her with hot water and blow her identity. It was far better to let them think this was hot and steamy sex with an anonymous woman than having to deal with the awkward situation of them having done a guy.

Ranma-chan rose off Akira and headed toward the changing room. "I'd better not. I have to get back to work. I wouldn't want to lose my job."

"You're with one of the customers. It'll be fine. I'll stick up for you if they give you a hard time," Ryo said.

Akira interjected himself in the conversation. "Let her go. I'm sure she can get cleaned up on her own."

Ranma-chan felt a wave of relief wash over her. She also caught Akira giving her a private wink. She wasn't sure what it meant. She also didn't intend to stick around and find out.

After giving a hurried, but polite good-bye, she headed for the changing room. Despite being a mess, she donned her robe. She was drenched in sweat, sore everywhere, and her pussy was practically leaking cum. She headed for the women's side of the bath. Hot water was needed, even if it meant being a guy there. She'd take her chances of being spotted by a girl.

The trip to the bath was as uneventful as Ranma-chan had hoped. She discovered it a bit sore to walk. Still, she wouldn't have wished for things to turn out any other way. They had taken care of her itch, and then some. She had no idea girls could have it so good. Sure, it had taken more than one guy to make her feel that way, but the feeling of contentment was something else. She was practically dancing on air.

Cautiously Ranma-chan went through the changing area to the bath. Seeing no one present, she removed her robe and, skipping washing herself before hand, entered the bath. Instantly her body transformed to that of her natural male form.

Ranma sighed as the hot water worked its magic, loosening tired muscles. With his pussy gone, his groin was nowhere near as sore as before. There was some lingering tenderness in his chest, but it was muted compared to how sensitive his breasts had been before.

Something else departed as well: the wonderful afterglow that had accompanied the rough sex. That was irritating. Ranma had enjoyed it, as it was a sensation that was more exclusive to being a girl. Instead, what had replaced it was that familiar itch of an untouched libido. He had known it would return, like it did when he shifted genders in immediately after sex, but the difference between complete contentment and two weeks of arousal was like being out in eighty degree weather compared to being lit on fire. And while the edge had been taken off his male form's hunger (apparently there was some small trickle down effect), it was still very frustrating. Manageable, but annoying.

The matter could have been taken care of easily enough with a splash of cold water —he figured his girl side wasn't going to want sex for a month after being used by two horny teenagers— but he had been a girl long enough and wasn't in the mood. He'd just have to live with it.

Deep within the inn, a gathering of eight men, under the guise of a 'completely inconspicuous astronomy club' gathered together.

Their leader, Sentaro said, "We are the last eight members of the Torso. All the others before us have failed. It falls to us to successfully abduct the Saotome brat before it's too late. Now, here is what we'll do. We'll split into two teams of four, to increase our chances of success."

A ninja with a '9' on his outfit raised his hand.

"Yes, Jubei?"

"What does the team who grabs her get?"

"The accolades of his peers."

Sentaro could feel the look of incredulity from behind the groups' masks.

He sighed. "They also get to do whatever they want to her, leaving the other team with sloppy seconds."

The groups raced out of the room in less than a heartbeat.

"What the hell is keeping those guys?!" Silver snarled impatiently as she paced back and forth through the room.

Yuriko was inclined to agree with her companion's question. She had long since come out of her 'sexy pose', and was simply curled up against some pillows as she waited, bored out of her mind. She still hadn't clothed herself, neither of them had bothered with that, as she waited for the boys to arrive and ravage them. That was if they were still alive. She couldn't understand what kept the pair from returning. If they were as prone to attracting trouble as Silver, sure, anything could have happened, but usually they were punctual and prompt. What could have been keeping their interest in the bath?

Silver ceased walking. "I'm going to track them down!" she stated curtly. She picked up her robe and put it on.

"I'll wait here," Yuriko said. She was sure they would be back any second now. And if they did, and Silver wasn't around, well, it would be sort of nice to have the guys all to herself. She'd try to save some leftovers for Silver, but as horny as Yuriko felt, by the time she was done with them, they wouldn't have a drop of semen left in their bodies for a week.

Silver slammed the door behind her. Those jerks! How dare they keep her waiting! Didn't they know she was horny and needed some male meat an hour ago? Instead they were standing her up. No one stood Silver Saotome up. She'd run them down and give them hell for frustrating her. And then maybe she'd do Yu-chan right in front of them, and let them do nothing but jack off while they watched. It would serve the assholes right.

Silver was halfway to the men's bath when a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall, not more than two meters away. She tensed up for a fight. As the smoke dissipated, four figures, dressed in ninja black uniforms, appeared. All were doubled over in a coughing fit.

One of them gasped out, "I told you to stop using charcoal smoke pellets. Use steam ones. Steam!"

Eventually the four managed to rise to their feet.

"Who the heck are you guys?" Silver demanded, wondering if they had something to do with the guy's absence.

A ninja with a big number '1' on his outfit stood before the others. "We're those whose passing is as silent as a wind in a hurricane. They who blend into the background, as difficult to find as a grain of sand in the desert. Those who move through shadows like… like…"

"Like shadows?" A man with the number '2' provided.

"Yes, that's it. Like shadows." The leader, Sentaro, paused to let his prey's fear build up. "We are… The Torso!"

The quartet posed dramatically.

Silver snapped her fingers. "That's right. You're that group of perverted slacker ninjas. Mom and Pop mentioned you guys a couple of times, usually when they want a good laugh." She relaxed noticeably.

Sentaro shook with anger. "Oh yeah. We'll show them we're a serious threat when we kidnap you and hold you hostage."

Silver raised an incredulous eyebrow. "Is that your plan?"

A ninja with the number 3 spoke up. "Well, that and we'll be using your body as we see fit while you're in our hands."

All of the ninjas laughed eagerly as they undressed Silver with their eyes.

Silver's stance shifted again, this one a seductive pose. In a sultry voice that could melt ice she said, "So, you naughty ninjas want to do nasty things to poor, little old me?"

"Yeah," the men all said as one.

"You mean you'd all like to have, say, anal sex, with me?" She turned, wiggling her bottom in direction.

Their masks became soggy with drool.

"Yeah, all of us," Sentaro said.

Silver faced them once again, looking disappointed. "But if you want to have anal sex with me, you'll have to show me how strong you are."

"We'll show you!" The men declared as one. They moved in unison, surrounding her on all sides.

Silver quivered before them.

"Get her!" Sentaro ordered.

All four moved in perfect synchronicity as they attacked her.

A second later, all four met the ground in perfect synchronicity, unconscious.

The chill was what roused Sentaro from his slumber. His whole body felt so frigid goosebumps prickled his skin. Through an aching skull he tried to rise, only to find himself immobilized. That cut through the fog clouding his thoughts, and he was able to assess his situation. It was dim. He was on his knees, face touching the concrete floor and leaving his bottom thrust up in the air. His own chains bound his arms behind his back, while another set bound the arms to ankles, making it impossible for him to move without dislocating something. And as to the reason he was so cold, that was obvious.

He was naked.

A sound came to Sentaro's right. He turned his head enough to see his fellow cohorts in an identical predicament. He was also able to see enough of the room to surmise he was in a basement, most likely the one beneath the inn.

A female voice said, "So, you boys are finally awake. I was afraid you'd be out of so long we wouldn't have a chance to have some fun.

Sentaro swiveled his head in the direction of the teasing voice. Silver was sitting on a nearby table, still dressed in her bathrobe as she looked down at the men.

The full weight of the situation hit Sentaro all at once. "What are you going to do with us?"

Silver stood up, and purred, "Silly, we're going to have some hot anal sex, just like I promised." The bathrobe slipped from her body and pooled at her feet.

Every one of the bound ninjas became hard as they gazed upon their captor. From her beautiful face to her athletic body, from her incredible bust to firm ass to neatly trimmed triangle of platinum hair that outlined her luscious lower lips, she was feminine perfection. The lust they had felt for her before was a slow trickle of a leaky faucet compared to their current passion, which was like a waterfall.

She seductively made her way to the men, hips moving in a way that riveted the men's eyes, until she moved out of sight behind them.

Her voice drifted to their ears. "Why look, one of you was kind enough to bring some Vaseline for me.

"A ninja always has to be prepared." Sentaro wondered if she'd let him go long enough to apply the greasy substance to her asshole himself. He was leader. It was only right he be the first to take her in the ass.

He thought his wishes were about to come true as a warm hand rested itself on his ass. It fondled and caressed his rear end delicately. "It's nice to see you guys keep yourself in such good shape." She gave his buttcheek a firm smack that made him yelp. "Damn cute," she intoned. "And it looks like you're excited to see me."

Sentaro felt strong fingers reach between his legs and grip his manhood firmly. The hand started stroking, pulling back the foreskin and playing with the head. Immediately clear drop of pre-cum formed at the tip.

"Ahh!" Sentaro hissed in pleasure.

"What's she doing?" Number 2 asked.

"She's playing with my cock," Sentaro told them. He had given himself handjobs before, women didn't seem to find ninjas the turn on he thought they would when he first donned the black and black, but it was nothing like this. His breathing was rapid. He couldn't seem to form the words he wanted to say, which mostly consisted of, "Faster, faster!"

He was just starting to get into it when he felt something greasy caress his rosebud. A second later, he felt something push against it, trying to work its way inside his 'exit only' port. "Ah! Cut it out!"

"What's she doing now?" Number 4 asked.

"She's messing with my ass." Sentaro grunted.

The object stopped forcing its way in. Silver's voice carried her pout. "Oh, is that the way it is? I like playing with cute little asses like yours, but I understand. I won't force myself on you. If you tell me 'No' right now, I'll stop everything and leave you alone. No hot anal sex for you."

Before Sentaro could answer, Number 3 piped up. "I don't mind you playing with my asshole while giving me a handjob. I think it's kind of kinky." Number 2 and 4 joined in.

There was no way Sentaro would look like a wimp in front of his men. He said, "You can do whatever you want me, so long as I get what you promised."

"Cool." Silver gave a few extra strokes to his cock to ease back into the swing of things.

Sentaro gasped in pleasure. Silver was true to her word, and continued fondling his cock while she inserted more of her greasy finger up his anus. Once the digit was fully buried in it, she started working in a second one.

Despite the unusual way he was being taken, the handjob distracted him, leaving the feeling from his backdoor shift from unpleasant to unnoticeable. He was just about to squirt his love juice all over Silver's hand when she abruptly stopped.

"I was almost there!" Sentaro complained.

"I don't want you to spill your loads yet," Silver said, and patted Sentaro's backside affectionately again. A moment later, Number 2 gasped out.

Sentaro was able to turn his head and see the look of pleasure on his comrade's face. There was no doubt Silver was again staying true to her word as she worked on Number 2's cock and ass simultaneously.

She continued down the line, with Number 3 really getting into it as he loudly told her to bury her fingers deeper. Silver made mention of his enthusiasm and said she'd really enjoy having anal sex with him.

Sentaro was counting the seconds as she did Number 4, knowing she'd have to come back to him next and finish him off. He waited eagerly as he heard her position herself behind him. He wondered if she'd go back to the handjob, or free him and allow him to take her at last.

Then Sentaro heard a curious thing. It sounded like some kind of liquid had been spilled on the floor. A moment later, he felt a pair of hands firmly grip him by the hips, and something even bigger than Silver's fingers come knocking on his back door.

"This is going to be a good," a masculine voice said from behind him.

That was when it all fell into place for Sentaro. He had forgotten that the girl was cursed just like her parents were. "Noooo!" he wailed. "You can't do this to me! When you said I could have anal sex with you, I didn't think you meant this way."

Silver-kun said, "It's too late to back out now. You gave your word. It's not my fault you weren't paying attention, not that I feel a whole lot of sympathy for you, since you weren't going to give me the option of a choice. Now quit wiggling. Besides, you need to open your minds to new experiences. There's nothing wrong with guys doing each other in the butt. I've done it to my boyfriend several times, and I love him even more for his open-mindedness."

"I want to be close-minded and closed-assed!" Sentaro insisted.

Silver-kun gave him a swat to his backside. "Oh hush. You don't know what you're missing. And even if you do, consider it an object lesson. Those that try to abduct innocent young girls and molest them might in turn find themselves abducted and molested."

Sentaro's eyes crossed as more of Silver-kun's member made its way into his backside. If he survived the ordeal (or at least if his ass did), he swore he's never kidnap another person as long as he lived.

Yuriko lay on the pillows, looking through a magazine that had been left in the room as a courtesy by the staff, when she heard movement outside the door to the room. A moment later, the doorknob turned and the door opened.

She jumped up, displaying her body as an offering as she declared, "It's about time you boys showed up. Come and get it."

The four ninjas' jaw dropped low enough to tear their masks off.

Yuriko stared in shock at the four men dressed in black. A moment later, her brain kicked into gear as she tried covering herself up, and barely succeeded in obscuring the most intimate of parts due to her sizable assets. "Who are you perverts?" she squealed.

That snapped the ninjas out of their stupor. One shut the door behind him as the other three moved into the room, surrounding Yuriko.

Deciding these guys were up to no good, and having left her battle spatula in her room, Yuriko looked for a way to flee. She saw an open window out of the corner of her eye, and lunged for it. She felt the breeze on her face, and her head nearly cleared the frame, when a chain wrapped itself around her ankle, halting her in mid-leap. A quick tug threw her back in the room. She tried rolling away, but another ninja swung a chain, wrapping it around her other leg and tugging her in another direction. She fell on her stomach, knocking the wind out of her and preventing her from doing anything other than trying to catch her breath.

Yuriko felt a heavy weight sit on her back, pinning her down and made catching her breath worse. She tried struggling, wiggling her way out, but grasping hands overpowered her, and she found her arms bound behind her. She tried to scream, but a gag was forced into her mouth, and something was strapped around her head, locking it into place so she couldn't spit it out. She was turned around on her back. The chains around her legs were wrapped around a large metal radiator and the bed, which lay on the opposite side of the room. The men pulled until her legs were spread wide apart and elevated a bit. She was left helpless, and at the mercy of these strange intruders.

Her eyes widened in fear as the men looked down at her in obvious hunger. She could tell they were all sporting erections through their uniforms, and from the way they shifted back and forth, wanted to do something about their agitated state.

"This isn't the right girl," one of the men said.

"I don't know, she looks right to me," a second one quipped.

"We were supposed to grab the Saotome brat," the first insisted.

"So, what do we do with her?" a third asked lustily as he pointed at the prone Yuriko.

The first sighed. "We'll have to let her go."

Yuriko couldn't believe her ears.

The man then slapped his comrades playfully on the back. "Just kidding. There's no way I'd let a hot chick like this out of my hands. I'd never be able to call myself a member of the Torso if I didn't take advantage of the situation."

"She's easily the hottest chick I've ever seen." The fourth men fondled his balls through his uniform.

At least he was a good judge of beauty, Yuriko admitted to herself.

"And she did offer herself to us," the second pointed out.

"Hey, that's right," the first declared. "So we aren't even forcing ourselves on her. She said it's about time we showed up and that we were to come and get her. It would be rude to not take her up on her offer." He scratched his head. "I wonder how she knew we were coming, though."

"What about the struggle?"

"Maybe she likes being kinky?"

"Yeah, she looks the kinky type. It means she'll really enjoy what we'll do to her."

They began removing their uniforms.

Yuriko wanted to curse them out through her gag. She couldn't believe the idiots thought she had been referring to them. What she wanted to do was shout her body was off limits to stinking perverts, but even if she could, she knew it wouldn't matter. They didn't care, and would do what they would with her. And it didn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what their intentions were. She was their captive, bound as she was.

Soon Yuriko found herself surrounded by four naked young men. She was surprised to see they were all her age, and somewhat handsome, though nowhere near as attractive as Akira or Silver-kun. They all had fit bodies as well, showing the worked out frequently. Their cocks were of average size, none of them too long or small, and all of them erect and a pleasant shade of purple. At least they weren't ugly, out of shape, and small. Not that she wanted to have sex with them. Still, she felt a touch of pride, knowing it was her body that was causing such a reaction. She was appalled to discover she felt a tingle of excitement mixed in with the fear.

The first one who had spoken, evidently the leader of the quartet, lay down on the floor so he had a perfect view of Yuriko's snatch. She tried swiveling her hips away, but it was useless, she was bound too tightly and lacked the power to snap the chains.

He said, "Whoa, this is one neatly trimmed pussy." He ran his finger up and down the small strip of hair on her crotch. Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest at the simple contact. He moved closer still and breathed lightly on her lower lips. This time she moaned in her bonds. She was really ready for some action if it was taking so little to turn her on.

She felt his tongue touch her outer lips, and wanted to cry as a wave of arousal overcame her. Then he began to delve in earnest, licking wildly about, showing his inexperience. Akira, Silver, even her 'master' Shampoo-kun had displayed more skill than this not altogether unattractive male, but Yuriko was running so hot, it still felt like a drink of cold water on a hot summer's day to her body.

The others did not remain lax for long. One of the men said, "I want me some of those knockers," and bent down. He gripped her large breast, slowly running his hands all over it, as though savoring every inch of the flesh with his sense of touch. His examination eventually settled on the nipple, and he caressed it, causing blood to flow, engorging it so that it was taut and rigid. Once satisfied it was as high as it could go, he leaned forward and began to suckle gently on it, like a newborn would its mother.

One of the others dropped to the other breast. Unlike his comrade, he went right in, instantly attacking her nipple, alternating between sucking on it wildly and nipping it with his teeth. The contrast between the two types of stimulation excited her, and she found her moans increasing.

The fourth was not lax either. With every other part of Yuriko's body occupied by his comrades, he bent low to her head. He had his cock in his hand, and waved it in front of her. Her eyes followed, hypnotized by the six inches of manhood waved back and forth in front of her. He finally let it touch her face, playing all over. Guiltily, she wondered what it would taste like. Had her mouth not been gagged, she was uncertain if she would have been able to keep from opening her mouth so she could suck on it and find out.

It was only in a situation like this that Yuriko grasped just how powerful her sex drive was, and how much she enjoyed these kinky situations, even if she professed otherwise. It was so erotic, being stripped naked and bound firmly, helpless to fight against rough brutes that intended to have their way with her.

Their rough ministrations had the desired effect of blasting her already high state of arousal through the roof. She cursed her body's betrayal as it started demanding satisfaction, even if it was from complete strangers. She wanted fucked badly, but not like this, gang banged by men whose names she didn't know. She wasn't like that bitch, Hinako, who would probably enjoy this. Silver had informed her of Hinako's punishment for trying to set Yuriko up in a situation not all that different from this one. Yuriko could imagine the old cow getting off on having a bunch of strange cocks pumping into her sagging body. The blonde had been disappointed the teacher hadn't dumped Silver and run off with the rugby team and become their personal fuck toy. Although the bitch had screwed Ryo, which still pissed Yuriko off to no end.

No, Yuriko wasn't like that aging slut. Oh, she wanted gang banged, but by guys she knew. She wanted the three men that had come with her to unleash their cocks, jamming them into every one of her orifices, taking turns as they proved their virility by using her to slake their animalistic hunger. And if her Auntie Shampoo and Uncle Ranma were there, they could take their turns as well. They would make Yuriko feel like a real woman, with the ability to satisfy any man. Her imagination ran wild as the three mouths drove her into a frenzy. She could just see her Uncle Ranma burst into the room, beating off the molesters. She'd reward him by allowing him to use her body and to finish what those nasty ninjas started. She could practically feel herself come on the spot.

Ranma had heard what he thought was the moan of someone familiar behind the closed door. He had decided to take a peek and see if there was anything he could do to help. Opening the door a crack, he nearly dropped to the floor, stunned. He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the bound Yuriko, naked and being all but devoured by the four strangers. He couldn't understand what was going on, until out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted the ninja outfits that had been discarded on the floor.

"You bastards!" Ranma shouted and moved to attack.

The ninjas had enough sense to pull away from their captive. They had no chance to defend themselves as they were rendered unconscious by blows of bone-breaking force thrown into their bodies.

Seeing the opposition laid low, Ranma went to check on his goddaughter. He stood above her, asking, "Are you all right?"

It took a moment for Yuriko to realize this was not a delusion brought on by her heightened state of arousal, but that Ranma was there, in the flesh. Slowly, she nodded her head. She couldn't believe it. He was really here. He had rescued her from those stinking perverts whose mouths had driven her into a mad frenzy.

He could do the rest of what she imagined.

Ranma removed her gag. She summoned enough spit to moisten her lips. Demurely, she said, "Thank you for saving me, Uncle Ranma. You rescued me just in time."

Well, that was a relief, Ranma thought to himself. Much of the fear that the ninjas had gone too far disappeared. Now he looked at Yuriko with a more critical eye, and as he did so, his mind finally seemed to grasp the concept of just what was before him. His cock went from flaccid rubber to iron rigidity in four point five seconds. Yuriko did indeed appear physically unharmed. Actually, she appeared more than all right. While he had seen her nude before, it was nothing compared to her appearance know. The ninjas had done their job well. Yuriko was helpless, tied up and spread out, all but an open invitation for ravishment to all things male. Her body was flush, her nipples taut, and lips dripping in anticipation for something to pass through them. She reeked of unanswered desire, and Ranma's was urging him to respond to the call.

Ranma recognized the near agony she was in all too well; he had been in a similar state earlier. There had only been one cure to that, and the guys had administered the antidote with enthusiasm. If she was in even half as much torment as he had been, he'd have to give her relief or she'd go out of her mind.

Looking deeply into her eyes, he found himself taken aback by the look of lust Yuriko was shooting him. He had seen it in her once before, but not directed at him. The attention had been reserved for Shampoo-kun on vacation, when he had really been giving it to the blonde. Now Yuriko's eyes affixed themselves to Ranma's crotch, and she subconsciously licked her lips in hunger. He wondered if he had looked at Ryo and Akira with even half as much desire. If so, it was no wonder they had used him until they were exhausted. It was taking every ounce of restraint he had not to jump the poor girl's bones.

Yuriko's lust disappeared, and looked upon him with doe-like innocence. "Thank you from saving me from those naughty ninjas, Uncle Ranma. It was so terrible. They tied me up and made me helpless, so they could ravish my young, naked, nubile body with all sorts of kinky things."

Ranma gulped. More than a few of those 'kinky things' shot through his mind as he stared upon her body.

She continued. "They played with my big breasts and sucked on my nipples. And they ate out my pretty little pussy, making it all wet and loose, ready to be pounded with some mighty stud's hot cock."

Like the one Ranma had. His breath was starting to become ragged and his hard roared in his chest as he tried to think of anything other than doing to Yuriko the very things she was talking about. His balls ached so badly he wanted to double over.

Yuriko's doe-like innocence became a longing gaze of adoration upon her savior. "And you rescued me, Uncle Ranma. I'm so grateful for you. I'd do anything you ask, no matter what it was. Nothing would be refused. Absolutely nothing." She emphasized the last word, which almost had a pleading tone.

Was the girl insane? He was a married man in his late thirties confronted with a hot, naked seventeen year old! Of course what he wanted to do to her was fuck her senseless until he couldn't get it up anymore. It was something that was genetically hardwired into men once they were married, no matter how satisfactory their sex life was.

And then he realized something. She knew *exactly* what she was saying. Each statement was calculated to inflame him so he would pick up where the guys had left off. She was as close to begging him to do her as she could without actually groveling. She was in as dire straits as he had been when he was in his female form washing up Ryo.

He'd have to hate her to refuse her wishes, seeing her in such pain. There was nothing that would have pleased him more than to jump her and sink his balls to the hilt in her wet opening. There was only one thing that was stopping him.


He was already going to have to yield his ass to make amends for his little scene with the guys —without asking her permission first— in order to keep her from getting angry and beating his head in. If he had his way with Yuriko too, he doubted his spouse would be that understanding. But Shampoo did care for the girl and wouldn't want her in such agony, or him, for that matter. Had their positions been reversed, he would have given her permission to cure Yuriko of her woes.

And then the solution came to him. It was so simple, and would solve everyone's problems, and then some. Yuriko had said she'd do anything Ranma asked. True, she had meant any sexual act, but technically her vow would cover anything. She'd have to live up to her word of honor.

Conscience at ease, Ranma walked forward to stand next to Yuriko. He bent down, until he was perched between her legs, similar to the ninja that had tongued her pussy into the excited state it was in now. Yuriko nearly broke down in tears at the promise his nearness made.

He bent down on all fours then leaned over the helpless girl, staring deep into her eyes. "Poor Yuriko. It looks like those men tortured you terribly." Well, they had, just not in the way they had planned.

Mutely, Yuriko nodded her head.

"I'd better examine you just to make sure there wasn't any lasting damage."

Yuriko felt her heart nearly leap out of her chest. "Thank you for taking such good care of me, Uncle Ranma."

His voice became hoarse with lust. "Oh, I'll always be happy to take care of you, girl." He brought his hand up so that it rested on her breast. "It looked like they really gave these a good working over." He squeezed it firmly but gently, amazed that something so large could still be so firm. She must have done at least an hour's exercise every day just to keep her chest in top shape.

Yuriko groaned at the manipulation of her mammary.

"They played a lot with this." Ranma tweaked the nipple, making the captive hiss. "Let me see if it still works okay." And with that his mouth descended. Yuriko's back arched upward, trying to make him take more of it in his mouth. He placed a hand behind her back to help stabilize her as he sucked on the nipple, as though trying to draw milk from it. With his other hand, he played with the unattended breast, engorging the nipple there just as high as the one he was sucking.

Little mewling cries slipped past Yuriko's lips as she was finally being handled by someone she cared about. This was what had been missing from when the ninjas had fooled around with her: emotional attachment to her partner. Her Uncle Ranma had always been a bright figure in her life, treating her well and making her feel loved and wanted. And while Yuriko had not felt as attracted to him as her Auntie Shampoo's male form, there was still an undeniable sexual appeal from such a strong, handsome, confident man. More than one adolescent fantasy had been built around Shampoo-kun, Ranma, and Silver-kun, working Yuriko over relentlessly. She had never admitted such to them, even with her newfound liberation, she wasn't going to forward that sort of information. But in her mind her Uncle Ranma was more than enough man to meet her requirements. Especially now, when he had come to her in her hour of need.

Ranma released the hand and mouth from the blonde's breasts. She whimpered in longing, craving him to restart his actions.

Ranma continued his 'concerned uncle' act. "It looked to me like they really gave your pussy a working over too." His hand drifted to her loins and began running along her outer lips. While the act was not as forceful as the suction he had been applying to her breasts, it was closer to the origin of her lust, and the satisfaction she was praying for.

Ranma continued running his hands along the outside, teasing and inflaming her further as more vaginal fluids flowed freely from her opening. Frustrated at the tantalizing play, Yuriko tried bucking her hips up in an effort for him to actually put his fingers inside. He drew his hand back, preventing the action.

"Let me finish making sure everything works fine." Ranma warned, then resumed his caressing.

His skilled fingers had the effect of making Yuriko go from a mere ache to near pain. She was about to openly beg when Ranma finally plunged a finger into the folds of her flesh, sinking up to the second knuckle. Again Yuriko's hips bucked, though this time in reflex rather than design, and tried to suck in more of the digit. Rather than tease her as he had before, Ranma acquiesced, working his finger back and forth, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Soon he had the digit sunk up to the hand. He then pulled all the way out and restarted, adding a second finger. Yuriko seemed to like the first digit's partner, and her hips bucked harder.

In record time, Ranma's second digit enfolded by her warm insides. He left the fingers embedded in her as his thumb entered the fray. His skilled digital manipulation coaxed her hood open, and soon he was playing directly with her clitoris. More juice flowed as her ardor increased further still until she was intoxicated with desire.

Ranma knew he had brought her right to the edge of a climax. It would only take a little shove to push her over the side. Instead of taking it, he withdrew his hand from the girl completely. Yuriko cried out in surprise and rage at the sudden vacuum in her body.

Ranma cleared his throat. "When you said you'd do anything for me, did you really mean that?"

"Yes!" Yuriko screamed as her former look of affection turned to one of starved hunger. She'd have worn a collar and let Hinako walk her around while she barked like a dog if it meant Ranma would put his cock in her.

"That's all I needed to hear." Ranma's facade of control finally broke down as he raised himself up to his knees and freed his raging hard on from his pants. It felt like it was on fire from having to be holstered in defiance of its wants for so long. Even the cool air of the room was no salve for the heat that came from within.

Ranma gripped Yuriko by the backs of her upraised thighs, digging in with a firm grip. He warned, "Here it comes, Girl," And drove into her with a powerful thrust. Having loosened her up before hand moving his hips forward until all six-plus inches was buried within her.

That was all it took. Ranma hadn't merely pushed her over the edge, he picked her up and hurled bodily her from it. Yuriko howled in relief as the build up of twenty minutes of having her body toyed with by five different men, combined with two weeks of sexual frustration, was vented and she experienced one of the most powerful orgasms in her life. Despite being bound, her body convulsed in ecstasy.

Ranma watched in awe as rapture crossed her features. It was a look of complete bliss, as though there was no experience that could surpass it. Surprisingly, he felt a closeness to the girl that had been previously missing. He had given her that pleasure, and it made him proud, not as a masterful lover, but as a man who cared about someone close to him.

Not that it meant he wouldn't continue to fuck her senseless until she drained him dry.

The moment of tenderness passed, and it was time to satisfy his urges. Ranma remembered from the blonde's trysts with Shampoo-kun that Yuriko liked it rough, similar to how he liked it when he was a girl. That suited Ranma's own desires, as after making Yuriko come so hard, he was really feeling his oats. He needed something like this to help reaffirm his masculinity after having indulged in such hot sex with a couple of guys. And enjoying it. Banging Yuriko would pacify any man's doubts regarding heterosexuality.

Ranma withdrew his cock slowly, savoring the sensation of her inner lining hugging his flesh in an effort to keep it in her body. When only the head was left in, he rammed it forward powerfully, but in full control, unlike Ryo's initial hard fuck when he had merely pounded away at Ranma-chan without bothering to establish a rhythm. While orgasms as a girl were great, there was no substitute for having his cock embedded in a hot girl and fucking away. But it was a close second.

Ranma repeated the gesture, impaling Yuriko again and again. Each thrust was more powerful and quicker than the last. Soon he was making her tits wobble back and forth with his vigorous motions. He firmed the grip on her thighs to ensure his harder thrusts didn't cause her to chafe in her bonds. He could feel Yuriko's ardor building parallel to his own. He marveled at how well her body responded to his thrusting. Back during the weekend, he had only gotten to use her twice due to his late arrival, Shampoo-kun's fascination with Yuriko, and others wanting Ranma to service them. And even when he had screwed the girl, she hadn't gone wild like this. Maybe his wife had partially exhausted the blonde with her constant fucking.

Seeing Yuriko so responsive encouraged Ranma to add a little something he had picked up on during the weekend. He started to talk dirty, though it was nowhere near as nasty as his wife's comments about her 'Little Slut'. "This is the way you like it, isn't it, you bad little girl? You liked being tied up and having some guy fuck your little twat until you come all over him."

The heated talk had the desired effect of exciting Yuriko further. What little pride she had retained disappeared in the face of her body's continued hunger. "Yes, I'm a bad girl, and love being fucked by real men."

The talk in turn fueled Ranma's own lust. Stroking his ego was almost as gratifying as stroking his cock. He momentarily left himself embedded in Yuriko and leaned forward, grasping her tits and playing with them like he was kneading dough. "Your hot body is built for sex, girl. These tits," he squeezed them harder, making her yelp in a mixture of pleasure and pain. "This ass." He reached under her and squeezed that too. "And your tight little cunt." He gave her a powerful thrust. "All of it's meant for one thing: to be fucked by guys like me."

Yuriko's eyes seemed to glaze over, and she took the words to heart. The idea of allowing strong men like Ranma have her whenever they wanted thrilled her. "Yes, Uncle Ranma, yes! My body's built for sex! Use me as much as you want!"

Her complete submission set something off in Ranma. Now his mind was lost in lust, like Ryo and Akira had been before. There was something about Yuriko that drove him wild. He continued fucking away, pounding in so hard he thought he'd break her out of her bonds by the force he was using.

The animalistic passion was too much for Yuriko to take. She screamed at the top of her lungs until the window shook and came again just as hard as before.

This time when her vaginal walls clamped down on Ranma's rod, he lost it. He erupted like a volcano, flooding Yuriko's insides with blast after blast of his hot seed. He nearly passed out with how hard he came. God, the girl really was something else. If she was like this, it was no wonder Shampoo had been so fixated on her body.

Ranma remain embedded in her for several minutes. It was only after he caught his breath that he detached himself from the girl and looked down at her. White fluid dribbled from lips as she lay limply in her bonds. Climaxing so hard twice in rapid succession drained much of even her sexual stamina.

With a great deal of reluctance, Ranma undid her ankle bonds, taking a moment to massage them and help get the blood flowing through the appendages. The chains trapping her arms came next.

The instant Yuriko was free, she leaped up and kissed Ranma in an almost desperate panic. It was the most passionate kiss he had received outside of his wife. He grabbed the girl back and kissed her just as ferociously.

Eventually Yuriko broke off the liplock, though she continued embracing her savior. "Thank you Uncle Ranma. That was exactly what I needed. I would have gone insane without you."

That made Ranma smirk. The girl knew who the man was. "Don't you worry your pretty tits." He squeezed one briefly. "And now to other things."

She looked at him curiously.

"You made a promise that you'd do anything if I had sex with you," Ranma prodded.

"I remember," Yuriko said demurely. She wondered what other sex acts her uncle wanted to perform on her.

He smiled. "It's your Auntie Shampoo's birthday in a couple of weeks. You love your Auntie, don't you?"

A thrill ran down Yuriko's spine directly into her loins as she remembered all the pleasures Shampoo-kun had inflicted on her. "I love Auntie very much," she confirmed.

"Your Auntie has missed her Little Slut. I think it would be a good idea for her to show up and surprise her Auntie on her birthday."

Yuriko's heart nearly leaped out of her chest. While Silver and Akira had kept her mostly satisfied, there were times when she couldn't help fantasizing about her Auntie and the things that had been done to her as a personal fuck toy for the weekend. There were times, when Yuriko was alone at night, that she had felt depressed over the fact she couldn't be 'Little Slut' until next year's vacation. Now her Uncle Ranma was telling her she could be a slave to her master before that. She'd personally see to it she was the best birthday present her Auntie had ever received, especially when she showed up dressed in nothing more than a couple of ribbons strategically placed over her chest and lower regions.

Ranma was pleased the girl was so eager to reprise her role. He suspected she would, but until she agreed, there was that bit of uncertainty. And it wasn't like he would force her to if she didn't, even if she had given her word.

Shampoo had been dropping hints that she'd like another crack at Yuriko's snatch before the vacation next year, including her husband in the festivities. Ranma had been a bit reluctant at the suggestion. Now, for the life of him he couldn't remember why that had been the case. All that was left now was to pave the way for Silver and Akira to give their permission for Yuriko to fulfill her role. Ranma was pretty sure he could convince his daughter it was okay. And as to Akira, well, Ranma had a pretty good idea of how to persuade him.

With that issue taken care of, Ranma considered another matter close at hand. The way Yuriko's body continued to rub against his began to have an effect on him. He could feel his cock twitch with life, despite having come only minutes before. He hadn't just been using dirty talk when he claimed Yuriko was built for sex. She could turn a gay man straight. God, the girl was truly amazing.

He cleared his throat. "Actually, I think it would be good idea for you to hang out in my room. I'll be able to protect you from anyone else that might try to tie you up and use you for sex. And I want to keep checking you out to make sure there's no lasting damage from those idiot ninjas. I didn't get a chance to examine this, after all." He fondled her voluptuous ass.

Yuriko's look of feigned innocence returned. "But Uncle Ranma, they didn't do anything to my bottom."

"I'll be the judge of that," Ranma said in an authoritative tone. "I'll have to use a very deep, intensive probe. No sense in taking chances."

Yuriko felt thrilled at her Uncle Ranma's continued interest, and the idea that he would be pumping her ass full of his hot cream as well. "All right," she said demurely, seeing her Uncle in a completely new light. While it was still Shampoo-kun who got her wet by merely thinking about him, Ranma now excited her far more than before. Besides, she had to do as he wanted and follow him to his room. He was the triumphant hero who had saved her from a terrible fate, as well as a frustrated pussy. Her body was his by right of conquest, as far as she was concerned. At least for the span of the weekend.

She did feel a twinge of sorrow over leaving Akira and Ryo to their own devices, but they had no one to blame but themselves. If they had returned to their room at a reasonable time they would have been the ones who rescued Yuriko and she would have been theirs to do with as they pleased. But their inexplicable delay meant things had fallen to Ranma, who had 'saved the day' in every way. Now it was time to reward him for all he had done for her. Besides, once Silver returned, they could play with her. Yuriko knew the platinum-haired girl wanted both guys at once. This way she could have them to herself for the rest of the night.

Ranma threw the unconscious ninjas out the window, where they then rolled down a hillside and out of sight. He then turned to Yuriko, then hoisted her over his shoulder, keeping her bottom next to his face. "Let's get back to my room."

"I'll need some clothing," Yuriko pointed out.

"Nah, clothes would just get in the way." He exited the room and out into the hall with the naked girl over his shoulder.

Yuriko was so excited she nearly came on the spot. She had wanted nothing more than a serious screwing on this little vacation, and now she was going to get it.

It was one of the best vacations ever.

Akira and Ryo returned to their room, missing Yuriko being hauled off by only a handful of minutes.

"I can't believe we fell asleep in the bath," Ryo complained.

Akira said, "I think we can be excused, given the circumstances." Doing his 'Auntie' had exhausted Akira both physically and emotionally. He was still tired. There was no way he could give the girls a decent showing in his current condition. He wasn't sure he could get it up again. They were just going to have to find satisfaction some other way. At least Akira didn't worry about Ryo trying to take over. The large youth was as tired as he was, and looked like he was ready to fall over despite the nap.

It was late. Akira chose to collapse in his bed. Within moments of his head hitting the pillow, he fell asleep, a wide grin plastered across his features.

Silver-kun congratulated himself on teaching those stupid ninjas a thing or two. It would be the last time they tried to kidnap someone and do perverted things to them. Except maybe the third guy. He had enjoyed Silver-kun plowing his backside so much that she couldn't resist blowing her load in him twice, making him climax at the same time. It appeared she had helped create a convert to the joys of male bonding. She felt proud at doing her part for open sexuality.

After blowing a third time, this one in the leader's behind, Silver-kun couldn't get it up again and let her 'hostages' go. They tearfully promised to stop their perverted actions if he didn't tell anyone what had happened. Well, all except the third guy. Silver-kun left him crying because he refused to be the ninja's boyfriend.

Feeling exhausted, Silver-kun finally returned to his room, only to discover Yuriko absent despite the late hour. It took the cursed girl a moment to recall where he had left his girlfriend. She was probably getting banged by the guys next door. Curiously, Silver-kun didn't feel left out or jealous. He was too pooped to pop, and didn't feel like seeking hot water to become a girl and get inspiration. The hour was late, and he was tired. It was time to call it a night.

Silver-kun collapsed in his bed. Within moments of his head hitting the pillow, he fell asleep, a wide grin plastered across his features.

The peaceful slumber was only disturbed once. Silver-kun woke briefly to the sound of the door to his room opening. Through drowsy lids he saw a naked Yuriko stumble into the room and collapse on her own bed. Silver-kun noted the guys must have really worked her over to make her smell so strongly of sex and sweat.

Silver-kun rose up and made sure Yuriko was properly covered up before returning to bed himself and going back to sleep.

The four youths woke up late the next morning. They enjoyed one more good soak in the baths before packing up and checking out of their rooms in order to make it in time for their departure.

As they were checking out, Silver took note of the air of happiness and contentment permeating the group. Everyone also sported satisfied grins that made them seem radiant. It was a feeling she never wanted to disappear.

She said, "This was really fun. We ought to do it again."

The other three eagerly agreed.


Ranma entered his home, simply leaving his suitcase in the entryway. That had been one hell of a vacation. He couldn't recall the last time he had felt so sexually exhausted. Of course, it had taken three people to do it, but he had left all of them in an even more fatigued state, he noted with pride. Still, they had managed to tax even his enormous reserves to their limit. He was so sexually drained, both as a guy and a girl, he wasn't going to think of anything more erotic than doing the dishes for a week.

Ranma entered his bedroom, and nearly fell over at what was waiting for him. Shampoo lay on their bed, nude and gazing upon him seductively.

It took Ranma a moment to collect his thoughts. "I thought you weren't supposed to be back for another week."

Shampoo shrugged. "Things happened which made completing the ritual impossible. Mother and I will have to do it again at a later time." She smiled wickedly. "Besides, I missed my Airen. I was so horny, I thought I was going to explode. I couldn't wait to get back so we could share our bed once more. In fact, I feel so horny, I going to do you both as girl and boy."

Word was deed as she leaped out of bed like a hunting cat and pounced on Ranma, knocking him to the floor. She started to rip his clothes off his body, tossing the shredded material to his floor.

Ranma lay on the floor, laughing weakly. It was going to be one long night.


Author's notes: Here endeth the fic. Like I said, gratuitous sex, sex, and more sex. If this is your sort of thing, hope you enjoyed.

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