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A "Realities" lemon
by TH Tiger

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

This is an authorized sequel to D.B. Summer's "Hot Spring Tango". Though of course I have no rights at all to the characters of Ranma and Shampoo, they belong to the marvelous Rumiko Takahashi. This is just me having fun playing in DB's world, and wondering about this Ranma and Shampoo. I will also admit to blatantly stealing a concept from GTO. If you're a fan of the series, you'll likely spot the scene I mean.

Unlike DB, I don't use "Ranma-chan" unless I really feel it is needed. I will always try to make it very clear what sex the two are, and I hope that you will have no problem in that regard. I've also tried something different for me. Telling the story completely from one POV.

So, on to the fun.

-Lemon Warning-

"Damn it mother! Can't you give it a rest for one lousy afternoon?" Shampoo exploded, slamming a hand down on the table and causing the water glasses and pitcher to rock.

"Be careful!" Comb cried out, reaching out her hands to steady the rocking glassware.

"Why? In case this happens!?" Shampoo said in anger, snatching up a glass of water and dashing it into her own face.


In retrospect, Shampoo thought, shifting his legs slightly, that had been a very bad idea. The dress he'd worn to the meeting with his mother did not have a lot of give to it. Not even as much as the panties that had given him a nuclear wedgie. He grimaced at the remembered pain. That would teach him to let his anger get the better of his common sense.

No matter how much Comb's innuendo and poorly concealed scorn for Ranma grated on his nerves, there was no way he should have let it get to him. He was not a teenager anymore. He was an adult. He should have behaved like one. He should have thrown the water in his mother's face. Shampoo gave a soft self-deprecating chuckle. Right, like he'd ever actually do that.

Shampoo closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead with one thick finger. Calm down, soon you'll be home and able to unwind with Ranma. Shampoo's grin turned lecherous at that thought. Circumstances had left him and Ranma rather high and dry in the sex department for the last two weeks. Shampoo's unexpected cutting short of her meeting with Comb opened up a large block of time for some serious hanky-panky.

"Hmmm," Shampoo mused to himself. Could be that was why she'd been so short tempered with her mother. Listening with one ear to Comb's disparaging comments on Ranma's masculinity, while daydreaming about sucking his cock till it exploded had set up a conflict to be sure.

All besides the point at the moment. Shampoo was sure he'd be hearing about it for the rest of his life from his mother. Time to think of happier things, like his balls slapping against Ranma's ass.

Normally Shampoo hardly ever mixed up his gender during daydreams. When a man, he had masculine ones, and as a woman, female ones. Occasionally a bit of one or the other would get mixed in, but not often. Lately, however, he'd been having a lot more of the male type, in both bodies. He didn't try to delude himself. He knew the reason. Yuriko. He felt guilty about that. He loved Ranma with all his heart. But, what was going on with Yuriko had nothing to do with love, and everything to do with pure lust.

Shampoo's right hand rested lightly on the passenger handle of the train he was riding, his mind lost in erotic daydreams. He was pulled out of his pleasant occupation by the sound of female giggles, young, female giggles.

Opening his eyes, he discovered that the train had filled with students while he'd been 'distracted'. The giggles that had attracted his attention were coming from a trio of sixteen year olds two seats away from him.

They were whispering together and occasionally throwing sideways glances at him. One of the girls noticed that he was looking at them, and she blushed bright red and hurriedly ducked her head. Shampoo laughed to himself, not in the least self-conscious about the bulge he could feel in his pants. For one thing, it was nowhere near as big as it could get, and for the other, since when did any guy object to three cute girls checking him out? Or at least, any guy with self-confidence.

Mind you, being checked out by girls on the train was a new phenomenon for him. He very rarely rode the train as a guy, and even more rarely indulged in erotic day-dreams when he did so. If fact, now that he thought of it, it had been at least ten years since the last time. He rode on a train, that was. A rash of molester on their local route had caused Shampoo and Ranma to set up a little private competition. One that needed them to both be female in order to compete. Shampoo frowned, Ranma was up two broken fingers and a dislocated wrist. One more complaint to lay at the feet of her mother. If Shampoo had been female, with all these horny male students around, she'd have been assured at least several twisted fingers, and maybe even a broken wrist if she was lucky enough to find a real molester, and not just an opportunist.

Too late to do anything about it now. But then, he thought, darting a look at the trio of girls, all of whom were now blushing, why would he want to? He stood up a bit straighter, flexed his upper body slightly, and seemed to grow about ten percent. He directed a broad smile at the girls, and watched in amusement as they seemed to give a good imitation of melting on the spot. He was distracted from his game by a familiar feeling, two familiar feelings as a matter of fact. Pressing into his back, just above the middle.

"Hey, stud, don't pay any attention to those nerds. A guy like you needs a real woman."

Shampoo twisted his head slightly and looked down at another schoolgirl, one with a cigarette, against all rules, dangling from her mouth. She was not wearing a bra he was quick to notice. Not that it took a detective. Her school blouse was unbuttoned to a point well under her breasts. Shampoo could not see, but he'd be willing to bet that her skirt was pinned up far above what the rules allowed as well. "And that would be you?" he asked. The arch of his eyebrows implying skepticism.

"Damn right!" the girl said, missing Shampoo's tone and gesture completely. You got the money, I got what you want, stud." She leaned back a bit to give Shampoo an even better view of her unbound breasts.

"Ah, money," Shampoo said, while unabashedly checking out the girl's goodies. "Sorry, the wife doesn't give me a big enough allowance."

"Wimp!" the girl said with scorn. "You afraid the little woman will beat you up if you indulge in some fun?"

Shampoo looked down at the girl. Get rid of the cigarette, about ten pounds of makeup, and the girl would be cute. He found himself wondering if her ass would be as good to look at as her tits, and how it would look after he got done with it, all red and blotched with hand-prints. He bet she'd have a different tone of voice after a good hard spanking and fucking. To his shock, he found himself mentally counting the contents of his wallet. He gave a shake of the head, and said. "No thanks."

"Come on, you want it. I could see it in your eyes. You want me. Live a little, stud."

Oh how right the girl was. Shampoo did indeed want her. Enough that his prick was far past the semi-flaccid stage. A fact that he did not like in the least. Damn. Why did she have to be so cute under all that makeup and tough girl act? Then, he noticed her eyes. They were neither the eyes of an experienced subsidater, or of a girl out for a thrill. She didn't want Shampoo, or Shampoo's money. Of that the ex-Amazon was positive. But what did she want? The answer was not long in coming.

"Miss Kamidake. What are you doing?" A stern and slightly nasal voice asked in a demanding tone.

Shampoo's eyes switched to the speaker, a forty something salaryman. Shorter than the girl by a half-inch or so, a thinning head of hair, a spindly, slightly potbellied look. Glasses. If he had not spoken, Shampoo would never have noticed him on the train, he could have been anyone of a thousand beaten down salarymen.

The girl obviously did not think so. "Sensei!" she gasped in surprise, and guilt? Shampoo darted a glance at her. Her face had gone pale, her eyes wide. Eyes that glittered for a second with… love? Those eyes turned angry a second later. "I'm not in school. I can do what I want!" she declared in a derisive voice.

"Miss Kamidake… Yuki. I'm sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. You do not want to do this."

Despite a surreal feeling, Shampoo thought he'd figured out what was going on. He wasn't sure he believed it, mind you. But, if nothing else, his life had taught him that there was no such thing as a normal relationship. Acting with his usual straightforward confident manner, he hooked an arm around the girl, his hand sliding into the open neck of her shirt to cup a firm breast. He gave it a playful squeeze. "You heard the chick, Gramps. Beat it!"

Yuki gave a gasp, and pushed against Shampoo, her eyes wide with fright. "Let me go!" she called out, her manner far different from the one she'd projected earlier.

The teacher, or so Shampoo believed him to be, backed up a step, but then his back firmed and he demanded, "Release Miss Kamidake at once, you hooligan." He took a step closer.

Shampoo was impressed. He felt no embarrassment in thinking himself a formidable looking man. Sensei here had to know that Shampoo could stomp him into the floor without ever having to let go of the girl. He put a smirk on his face and shoved an open hand into the teacher's face, not shoving, just placing it on his skin. As he hoped, reflex made the little man reach up to grab Shampoo's hand in an effort to free his face.

"Yowowowowoowo!" Shampoo cried out in blatant overacting, twisting his arm and going to his knees, leaving his hand in the surprised teacher's grip. "Let go. Let go!" he shouted. "You're breaking my fingers."

Silently he prayed that the poor fool would have the sense to hang on. For a second he thought his prayers were in vain as he felt the dummy actually loosening his fingers. A second later however the moist grip firmed up, as much as it could, and the little man ordered. "Get away from Yuki, and stay away from her!"

"Yea, yea, sure anything you say. Only let me go!" this time the fingers were released, and Shampoo stumbled toward a door, cradling his 'injured' hand as he limped out of the train. He stayed on the platform as the train pulled away, keeping his arm cradled till it rounded a bend. He grinned, his last sight of the two had been the girl cradled in the arms of her 'rescuer'.

Shampoo had been forced to do a little roof hopping. He'd left the train two stops before his regular exit. But that was alright, he needed the time to think before getting home and talking, among other things, with Ranma.

He'd come so close to going with that girl. He hadn't intended to really pay her, of course. He had however, for just a minute, seriously considered chastising her in the style he'd grown use to with Yuriko. It was disturbing. Was he turning into a dirty old man? He wasn't even forty yet, and wasn't a man for that matter… Shampoo paused at that thought. Despite her arguments with her mother, part of him had to admit that he really wasn't a specific gender anymore. Being a man was as natural to him as being a girl was. The two were very different, but each in some way, made the whole of what he was.

Ranma, Shampoo knew, still fought against taking the final step. Though, that encounter with Akira was a promising sign that Ranma was maybe nearly ready to fully embrace his female side, just as Shampoo had his male side.

He gave his head a shake as he landed outside their house. The problem here was not Ranma. It was him. Maybe it would be for the best if he spent the next month or so as a girl as much as possible. His balls seemed to influencing him a lot more than he was feeling comfortable with. He needed to have more sex as a girl. That was the ticket. He'd go girl, fuck Ranma into exhaustion, and then do it again a few times.

A happy smirk on his face at the thought, Shampoo entered the house kicking off his outside shoes and calling out, "Ranma," in as lilting a voice as his male body could manage. He frowned when he received no answer. Ranma must be out. His frown changed to smirk. Good, that gave him time to set the stage.

First thing he decided was a shower, a hot one to get in the right mood and body.

Leaving a trail of clothes behind him, to lead Ranma in the right direction if he got home early, Shampoo headed for the bath. Naked, he walked through the door rolling his shoulders to relieve some of the stress of the day. He paused in front of the full length mirror just inside the door.

Shampoo was not normally an egoist, or at least not a self-absorbed one. But, the encounter on the train, with the three girls, and the would-be tramp was fresh on his mind. It was nice to know he still had it. So he stood in front of the mirror and ran his eyes up and down his reflection. Oh yeah, he was a hunk, if he did say so himself. Maybe not as slim and bishonen as when he'd been young, but all his middle age spread was muscle not fat. His chest was heavier, as were his legs and arms. If his middle was a bit thicker, at least it was hard flesh and not flab. And of course, his manhood was as always an exceptional example of the type, he thought, with a smirk.

Alone in the room and feeling just a bit wired by thoughts of the coming day or so, he couldn't help but assume a few bodybuilder type poses.

He smiled to himself. If Ranma saw him doing this, he'd never let Shampoo live it down. As if he'd never done the same thing, Shampoo thought with amused tolerance. He admired his reflection. His biceps bulged nicely, and his chest twitched on demand, a leftover from a few weeks he and Ranma had spent posing as strippers, of the male variety. Now that had been a dangerous time. Not dealing with the hardcases they were looking to take down, but the grannies in the front row. Shampoo had fought hard for months after that to keep from flinching anytime a lively senior lady walked by him on the sidewalk. His poor butt had been black and blue for a week afterwards. Ranma had been in better shape, due to the training he'd received on the several occasions he'd worked as a female waitress in a male orientated restaurant and had teased Shampoo unmercifully.

Feeling playful at the memory, Shampoo turned his back to the mirror and bent over, placing his hands on his knees and looked over his shoulders as he made his buttocks dance and shake. This move had wowed the grannies, and earned him big tips. Looking at the soft length of his cock hanging between his legs he gave a self-deprecating snort. The big bulge in his thong hadn't hurt either.

"Enough of this," he said to himself. Turning on the taps to the shower he stepped inside the stall with its multiple heads. A second later, Shampoo was washing that man right out of her hair.

Running her hands through her long heavy hair, she freed it from the tie that kept it in a ponytail when she was a man and let if fall around her body. She ran her hands up and down her curves as if whipping the last vestiges of maleness away. Her hands ran over her firm stomach, up her lower body and cupped her breasts. They had a little more sag then when she was a teenager, but then they were also a little bigger. Like the rest of her body, they could have passed for twenty-something with no problem. Unlike her male body, her female one had put on next to nothing in terms of bulk, she could still fit into her old dresses. Except for the occasion when a mischievous Ranma had added a few stitches to the waist.

Shampoo grinned as she started to lather her long hair. If she hadn't changed much, Ranma often acted like he was still sixteen. No matter what grim situation they fought through, from the very worst all those years ago, to the ones they'd encountered on their travels, Ranma always bounced back to being the rather puckish individual that she fallen in love with all those years ago. The few things that had matured, like his confidence in bed only improved the basic Ranma, without really changing him. Kami, was she going to jump his bones tonight, Shampoo smirked as she ran her lathered hands down her side and over her firm ass. A finger slid between her cheeks and tickled her anus.

Ranma would want to plow that; she'd better clean it out good with a couple of enemas. Shampoo rather liked the sensation, and adored administering them to Yuriko, Ai, and Ukyou. Ranma did not get off on the practical necessities for people indulging in a good hard sodomy so the girls usually did them beforehand as part of their preliminary foreplay, and anytime Shampoo thought a night might include that particular perversion, she made sure she was squeaky clean, inside and out.

Thinking about that got her daydreaming and as she continued to probe her rosebud with a slender finger an image formed in her mind. Ranma-chan, kneeling on the floor, her upper body supported on the bed, and her hands spreading her ass cheeks. She was looking over her shoulder with a sultry look. "You know you want it," she said in a tone just like the girl on the train.

Shampoo suddenly gave her head a shake. "Damn it. You're not a guy now. You should be dreaming of Ranma slipping the meat to you, not the other way around!" Determinedly, she replaced Ranma in her imagination with herself, with a fully erect Ranma standing behind her.

Things progressed nicely from there, starting with a little ass kissing, of the good kind, a little pussy licking, and finally, Ranma slamming himself home into her ass. Shampoo bucked against the fingers that by then she had insinuated deep into her pussy and ass. With a small gasp she leaned back against the shower and let herself come down off her orgasmic high. "Whoooo, better save some for the real thing," she said in a contented voice as she stepped out of the shower after one final lather. A few seconds later she slipped into the large furo for a good hot soak.

An hour later Shampoo looked over the bedroom with satisfaction. She'd started out by cleaning it thoroughly, and then putting on the best sheets. A little subtle perfume spritzed in the air over the bed, and a touch between her breasts, finished the preparations.

She'd been a bit disappointed that Ranma had not shown up earlier. She'd have enjoyed scrubbing his back, and front. But, she had to be fair. Ranma didn't know she was home. He was likely out visiting, or looking for a fight, which was often the same thing. He'd be home soon, she told herself with confidence that was not really based on anything other than her own desire.

And boy, did she have desire. Erotic daydreams had been filling her head since the furo. Of both of Ranma's gender. She'd decided that she was too horny to allow Ranma recovery time. She'd fuck him limp as a girl, and then pound her pussy as a guy. Shampoo was dripping with desire, and her breasts were swollen with lust. If Ranma didn't get home soon, she'd explode. Despite that, she kept her hands well away from her honey pot. She didn't want to waste even an erg of her energy. They might have to buy a new bed after this night, she smirked. It wouldn't the first time.

A sound at the front of the house brought her head up like a cat hearing a mouse in the kitchen. A wide grin spread across her face. The towel that was wrapped around her head and hair was pulled off and tossed into the closet. A heel shut the door as she jumped into the bed, boobs and bedsprings bouncing as she arranged herself into a suitable pose.

Her smile became predatory when Ranma entered the room. Her grin turned even nastier as his pupils dilated at the sight of her. It was all she could do to keep from springing on him right at that moment. That restraint lasted only as long as it took Ranma to express surprise at her presence. At that point, she gave in and jumped. The impact of her plush body carried Ranma to the floor. "Let's get rid of these shall we," she purred as her fingers latched onto the front of Ranma's shirt, and ripped it open, wooden catches flew across the floor as she leaned forward to nip at Ranma's chest, her heavy breasts hanging free of her chest and swaying slightly as she moved down to Ranma's pants. The thin fabric, well worn, was no match for Shampoo, and pieces of black cloth soon decorated much of the room.

"Hmmmmm, I've been waiting for this all day," Shampoo purred lowering her head and taking Ranma's limp penis into her mouth, savoring the familiar clean taste of him. However, it soon became obvious to her that something was very, very wrong. She let him slip from her mouth and lifted her head, staring in surprise at the shrunken noodle lying between Ranma's legs. "What's going on?" she asked in puzzlement. Ranma was as oversexed as she was. He never failed to raise the flag. Especially not when Shampoo gave him that special tongue twist and dip.

Ranma gazed at Shampoo. "Er, had a real long day," he said weakly.

Shampoo gazed back in puzzlement, and then her face hardened. "Doing what?" she asked.

"Um, well, you see, it was sort of like this," he hemmed and hawed, playing for time.

"Ranma!" Shampoo growled. A hint of worry showed in her eyes, but also exasperation.

Ranma closed his eyes for a moment, and said. "I got a message saying some guys were after Silver."

"Silver! Is she alright!" Shampoo cried out, sitting up straight.

"Relax, it was just the Torso."

Shampoo let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness it wasn't someone dangerous."

"Yea, but, I figured that just in case, Maybe I should tag along on her trip to the hot springs. Just to be on the safe side you know."

"You mean you were bored," Shampoo said in an amused voice. "And now I suppose you're going to tell me that the 'Torso' put up such a good fight, they wore you out."

"Them! No way!"

"So what tired you out?"

"Huh… er… well…"

"Ranma! Stop stalling, spit it out."


Shampoo blinked. "Say again."

Ranma took a deep breath. "I followed them disguised as a blonde, girl that is. I didn't really think about it when I decided to change and walked into the men's bath. Ryo was there, and… Just a second." Ranma said, dashing out of the room. A moment later, a nude Ranma-chan walked back in, cold water dampening her breasts, and making her nipples all perky.

"It'll be easier this way," she answered Shampoo's unspoken question.

"You fucked Ryo!" Shampoo shouted, having put two and two together.

Ranma flinched, "Yea, sorry about that."

Shampoo was fuming, but there was also a look of suspicion on her face. "Are you telling me he was such a stud that he wore you out completely?"

Ranma tapped her forefingers together nervously. "Well, Akira sort of walked in. I didn't even know he was there!" She said fervently. "Not till he took over for Ryo."

Shampoo closed her eyes and massaged her forehead. "So, you fucked Ryo and Akira, and they wore you out. Except, I know, that you know, that I know, your guy side would not have been worn out. And don't try to tell me you did them as a guy. I have a hard enough time believing you did it with them as a girl."

"Hey, they didn't give me no choice!" Ranma protested. Shampoo 'looked' at the small girl, who might possibly be the greatest martial artist in the world. Ranma fidgeted under that look. "Ok, so maybe I only pretended like I had no choice."

"That still doesn't explain why little Ranma was so tired and worn out."

"Well, after I left the guys I changed." Shampoo took it as a given that Ranma meant gender, not clothes. "I thought I heard someone in trouble, and I rushed into this room, and it was the Torso. They had Yuriko all naked and tied up."

Shampoo's eyes widened, and she blurted out, "They didn't!"

"Nah, I got there before things got that far."

Shampoo sighed in relief, but at the same time several vivid images flashed through her mind of Yuriko in various types of bondage. Before she could stop herself she asked. "How was she tied up?"

"Huh? Well, tied up tied up, you know. Flat on her back, but her legs were spread out, with her ankles tied to furniture. Even the Torso was smart enough to know they wouldn't be able to fuck her if they tied her legs together."

"But they didn't fuck her," Shampoo asked, licking her lips in a nervous gesture, while a warm tight feeling filled her belly. Bondage images continued to flicker through her mind featuring Yuriko, but this time it also included male figures, enjoying Yuriko's many charms. Herself, in male form. Akira, Ranma…." Shampoo's eyes snapped open. "You fucked her!" It was not a question.

"Er, yea, sort of."

"While she was still tied up?" Shampoo's pupils were dilated slightly and a hand slipped down her belly between her legs. "How good was she?" she asked in a breathless voice.

Ranma was looking at Shampoo with a speculative expression. Shampoo had made no secret of how much she loved 'mastering' Yuriko as a guy. Ranma did not have Shampoo's skill at math, but her rather smug expression showed she could manage two and two.

"She was real good," Ranma said, dropping her voice to a sexy drawl. "The Torso didn't have time to really go to town on her, but they'd had a bit of foreplay, and she was hot and wanting it, and I guess those sessions with you must have got her into that sort of stuff. And I could hardly leave her hanging like that. So I gave her what she needed, a few times, well, maybe a lot of times."

"Yes, Yuriko is a real firecracker," Shampoo murmured in remembrance, stroking herself between her lower lips. "So she wore you out?" she asked with a gasp as she started to get into Ranma's talk. "Tell me all about it."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Shampoo gasped as she came and flooded her fingers with her juices. She lay panting on the bed, while Ranma sat panting in her chair. Ranma had not masturbated to climax, but it had been a near thing. Talking about her encounter with Yuriko had gotten her worked up a lot more than she would have thought. Only the fact that she'd gotten her ashes hauled major league recently had kept her from duplicating Shampoo's actions.

Ranma was just thinking about joining Shampoo on the bed when her wife ordered. "Tell me about the guys. Tell me about Ryo and Akira, and everything they did to you!"

Ranma was a bit startled, but not adverse. She thought about the best way to tell the story, and as she did, her fingers slipped back between her own legs.

"Stop that!" Shampoo ordered in a firm no-nonsense voice. "You've had your fun. It's my turn. You talk, I play. Start! Now!"

"What, that's not fair…" Ranma started to protest, and then trailed off as Shampoo held her palm out toward Ranma.

"No fucky for you, you talky!" Shampoo said in pidgin Japanese, while smirking at Ranma.

Ranma gave a snort, but figured she did owe Shampoo for letting her self-control lapse at the hot spring. So, she started to tell Shampoo about her encounter with the boys.

"No, start at the beginning," Shampoo said as she gently stroked herself between the legs. "When you walked in on Ryo. What did he look like? How hung was he? What were you thinking?"

Ranma scowled, but obeyed her wife and went back to the very beginning.

"That was when they couldn't get it up anymore, and I went to take a hot soak," Ranma concluded, her voice a bit cracked from talking so long. She was also a lot hornier than she could have believed a few hours before. She was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and her bangs clung to her forehead until she idly wiped them away. Despite feeling ready to explode from unrequited desire, Ranma was feeling a bit smug. Shampoo was drenched in sweat, and lay like a limp puddle on the bed, her breath coming in gasps from her most recent orgasm. Ranma didn't mind postponing her own pleasure a bit if it made Shampoo feel that good.

Shampoo was too out of breath to talk, but she patted the bed beside her and nodded to Ranma, inviting her 'husband' to curl up beside her. Ranma was not slow to accept the offer and was soon snuggled up against Shampoo with the bigger girl's arms around her.

"So, you liked doing it with the guys?" Shampoo asked when she at last got her breath back.

"Yea, I feel stupid putting it off for all those years, not that there was anyone I really wanted to share my bed with besides you."

"Not till just recently, right?"

"Hey, I still love you!" Ranma protested, propping herself up on one elbow to look into Shampoo's eyes, her expression serious."

Shampoo lifted her head to give Ranma a quick kiss. "I know, I know. But you have urges." She tucked a hand behind her head and stared at the ceiling. "What am I, Ranma: a man or a woman?"

"Feels like a woman to me," Ranma said with a smirk, copping a feel from Shampoo.

Shampoo swatted her hand away playfully. "I told you no touchy. And you know what I mean. When I'm a guy, am I man or a woman."

Ranma gave a sigh. "You're a woman. You know that. Just like I'm always a guy."

"So, maybe something in our cursed form really wants to get it on with the genuine article?" Shampoo said in a questioning tone.

"Huh? You mean part of us wants to do it with real guys, and real girls?"

"Something like that," Shampoo nodded. "I started to get some when we first started doing our dirty weekend with Ukyou and Ai. And then Yuriko…" Shampoo trailed off.

"You really like Yuriko, don't you?"

Something in Ranma's tone of voice made Shampoo look at her suspiciously. "You know I love you, but yea. I really like Yuriko. I like her being my, Little Slut."

"You're just a big bully," Ranma teased, snuggling a bit closer to Shampoo. "I never have to make my boyfriends do anything, they do it all on their own."

"And that's the way you like it, isn't it?" Shampoo mused, half-joking, and half in contemplation. She'd noticed with Akira how much Ranma had enjoyed the roughness and forcefulness of the young boy. Nor had she missed the mottled bruises that currently decorated Ranma's breasts and ass. While Shampoo had decorated Ranma's body with more than a few hickies and a scratched back or two, or three, she, or he, had never marked Ranma up like that.

Her marriage with Ranma had always been a marriage of equals. Neither one of them was the 'boss'. That was all fine for life in general, but now, she started wondering if maybe that was why Ranma had been so quick to seduce Ryo. Maybe Shampoo was not giving Ranma-chan what she needed in bed. Ranma had certainly seemed to respond when she'd ordered her to tell her tale with no playing around.

Of course, the little stinker was feeling a bit guilty. It was reflected in her eyes and in her body posture. Which, of course, was one reason Shampoo had not gone ballistic when she found out about Ranma fucking around when she wasn't there. The other of course being that it would be like throwing bricks in a greenhouse. Shampoo was more than a little certain that if she'd found her little slut in the position Ranma had, that she'd have taken advantage of her, with none of the encouragement that Ranma had needed. Just thinking of it was making her hot again. Her face assumed a thoughtful expression. She glanced at Ranma, the contented expression on her face, and once more the livid fingerprints on her big breasts. Shampoo's heart sped up a touch.

"I'll be right back," Shampoo said, wiggling away from Ranma and heading toward the door.

Shampoo-kun walked down the hall toward the bedroom, his cock leading the way by a healthy margin. He frowned when he reached the door and saw Ranma-chan on the bed with her legs spread and her fingers pumping her slit.

"Littlest slut! I thought I told you no touching!" He shouted.

Ranma yipped in surprise. Her eyes flew to where Shampoo stood in the door, hands on hips, scowling at her. She quickly regained her balance, and smirked up at Shampoo. "You said no fucky, you never said nothing about no strokey."

Shampoo's face didn't lose its scowl. "Littlest slut, that was to be your punishment for having all that fun without me. Now I'm going to have to think of a different punishment."

Ranma's expression turned to one of surprise. "Say what," she said, sitting up in bed. Her breasts bobbled for a few seconds from the abruptness of her movement. Her eyes focused on Shampoo's face, and he saw her muscles relax a bit. Yuriko might not know Shampoo well enough to see it, but Ranma knew him well enough to know that he wanted to play.

He hated to admit it, but the truth was that up till recently he was a bit of a stick in the mud when it came to their sex lives. Maybe because he'd had to work so hard for so long before Ranma had given him what he should have gotten on their wedding night. Maybe if he'd been a bit more imaginative and forceful while a guy, Ranma wouldn't have this desire to force. Maybe. Ranma wasn't a submissive, and Shampoo knew she wasn't, but she seemed to have a definite kink for forced sex fantasy.

"You think you're man enough to punish me!" Ranma growled at Shampoo.

"This say's I am," Shampoo said in a tough guy voice, fisting his cock. He pulled the foreskin back from the head, letting the big bulbous head pop into view, a dribble of precum already causing the end to glisten. He smirked as he took two steps and was suddenly looming over Ranma.

Ranma made a token effort to back off, but before she could slide even an inch away from the rampant male in front of her a large hand reached out and cupped the back of her head, pulling her forward. Another hand joined it, holding her head firmly in place as Shampoo dragged her face up to meet his cock. The big tip slid across Ranma's cheek, leaving a smear of juice behind. Shampoo dug his hand into Ranma's hair, and ordered her, "Suck it!" as he pressed the tip against her lips. Ranma made a short effort to resist, and then opened up and started the hard job of taking Shampoo into her mouth. It was by no means an easy task. She had to stretch her mouth till her jaw felt like it was going to crack before she could get the big head in between her teeth and into her soft oral opening. She murmured happily as she felt her mouth filled with Shampoo's familiar taste. Her very recent activity helped her confirm what she'd long believed, each guy tasted different. And, while she'd not say no to tasting either Ryo or Akira again, there was no question in her mind that Shampoo tasted best.

Saliva pooled in Ranma's mouth as she worked the head of Shampoo's dick like it was an overlarge jawbreaker. She rocked her head up and down in order to stimulate every inch she could squeeze in.

He closed his eyes in pleasure as Ranma worked on him. He knew it was a sore point with Ranma that she couldn't take more than half of him into her mouth. Her competitive nature showing. Shampoo certainly didn't mind. Every time they indulged Ranma tried with all her might to swallow more of Shampoo than the time before. He ended up the big winner no matter how little Ranma managed to gain.

Both of Shampoo's hands rested on her head, not forcing the issue but directing her. "That's it, littlest slut. Get it nice and wet so I can slid it into your tight little cunt. That what you want? Some big man to press you down on your back and feed your hungry little snatch some prime male meat?"

Ranma's enthusiastic nod was a bit limited due to having a stiff cock in her mouth, but the slight motion made itself known tacitly if not visibly. So much so that Shampoo felt himself in danger of wasting his current load.

Ranma moaned a bit in protest as Shampoo's hands forcing her back, pulling his dick out of her mouth. With a pop, it emerged fully, covered with her spit and with a trailer of drool connecting her mouth and the tip for a second till he pulled far enough away to break it.

Before Ranma could do anything Shampoo shoved her backward on the bed and grabbed first one ankle, and then another. As if he was making a wish he hauled up and out on her legs pulling her right to the edge of the bed and lifting her ass up till all her weight was resting on her shoulders. He then leaned forward, not taking his feet off the floor. He pushed Ranma's feet down till they touched the bed on either side of her head, about three feet apart. Holding her firmly in place, he let his hips slip forward till the very end of his fat cock just lightly brushed Ranma's inner thighs. He rocked his body back and forth slightly, sliding his member along her inner legs, and brushing the head across her spread sex.

Ranma's labia was engorged, and her current position caused her lower lips to spread apart revealing her inner pink flesh. Shampoo's cock pressed against this, and pulled away, pressed, and pulled. Ranma squirmed her ass trying to maximize the amount of time it was in contact, but her face was become flushed with arousal and annoyance. She opened her mouth to order Shampoo to fuck her. But, before a word could get out, Shampoo let himself fall forward at just the right moment.

Ranma's eyes bulged as she was suddenly speared by six inches of very thick cock. "Uh!" she grunted out as her breath was shoved from her body. "Ahhhh!" she cried out as Shampoo pulled out roughly, lifting her ass even higher in the air from sheer friction. "Uhmmph!" she grunted as Shampoo finally folded his arms and dropped his full weight onto her small body, driving it into the mattress, and more importantly driving his cock right to the back of her cunt. Gurgling noises were all Ranma could make as she felt herself stuffed to the limit with her wife's big member.

Shampoo released his hold on Ranma's ankles and keeping her legs in place by pressing on her calves with his shoulders he slipped his arms under her legs and pressed them in till her legs were pressed on either side of his head. This caused her to clamp down around his cock like a vice, and made it almost impossible for him to drag himself back out of her. But only almost. Ranma moaned as his shaft slowly slid out of her tight stretched hole, and gasped as Shampoo's now free hands found her breasts and squeezed hard. At the same time he let his hips drop and shoved himself deep into her again.

Kneading her breasts with his strong fingers Shampoo pounded into Ranma as hard as he could. The end of his cock battering her cervix as it reached the back of her sex with a few inches still outside. Anyone else would have suffered broken bones, and maybe internal injuries, but Ranma seemed to revel in the roughness. "Yes!" she cried out with her first articulated word since he had started fucking her. "Yes!" she repeated, her hands digging into his back, her. Thankfully her short fingernails only dug hard into his back, leaving welts, but no blood.

Shampoo gasped out loud, and his ass clenched tight as he shoved himself as deep as possible one last time, Shudders ran through both partners as they both experienced joint orgasms. Ranma's cunt clenched around his dick, milking it for every last drop while its pulsing walls pushed her into several small aftershock orgasms.

With a loud sigh of release, Shampoo stopped moving. Awkwardly, he worked his arms out from under Ranma's legs and let them slip down till they fell over the edge of the bed. He supported himself on his elbows so he would not crush Ranma as he looked down at her dazed face. "So, was it good for you?" he asked.

Ranma gulped a few time to get some much needed air into her lungs. Her face was flushed, her breasts engorged, her nipples hard spikes. Her body trembled with the after effects of her orgasms. She lifted a hand and rocked it back and forth slight while saying, "Eh,"

"You little stinker!" Shampoo said with feeling, he slipped his hands over the bed sheets till he could drive his thumbs into what he knew were two very ticklish points on Ranma. But, just before he found his target, Ranma launched a preemptive strike. Her feet slid up his legs and her toes jammed into the small of his knees, one of his sensitive ticklish points. Shampoo jarred upright in shock, and then yelled out again. "You skunk!!"

The next fifteen minutes were spent in mutual retaliation that left both of them gasping for air on their backs. "Shit, I thought I was going to pee myself," Ranma finally gasped out.

"Would have served you right," Shampoo answered her. A second later he bolted into a sitting position with a gasp, his muscles contracting out of reflex to the hard slap Ranma had just delivered to his belly.

"And that's for that, littlest slut, crack," she said, spilling out of bed and racing toward the bathing room before Shampoo could retaliate. Shampoo chased after her loudly vowing to do terrible things to Ranma.

He dashed through the door and frantically tried to skid to a halt. He was too late, the spray of hot water caught him right in the face and he suddenly lost sixty macho pounds.

Ranma, now back to his old virile male self; well, not all that virile at the moment, his dick was still suffering from too much Yuriko, advanced on Shampoo. His hands led the way, his fingers outstretched and twitching and twisting.

"You wouldn't dare!" Shampoo protested, backing up till her shapely rear pressed against the cold ceramic tiles of the bathroom wall.

Several hundred yards away their closest neighbor, Mr. Hiro, looked up from the book he was reading in bed. For a second he listened to the feminine shrieks and strangled howls of laughter coming from the Saotome place. Turning to his wife, he smiled and said, "Ah, young love."

Mrs. Hiro, who was only thirty-four, one year younger than her husband smacked him on the back of the head.

Shampoo nearly purred with pleasure. She was lying on the bed, spooning with Ranma. Her husband's cock was buried in her ass, making her feel very full indeed. There was none of the frantic fucking that had characterized their earlier encounter. Indeed, only the slow clenching and unclenching of Shampoo's hard ass indicated that anything other then rest was going on. That and Ranma's hands.

Shampoo's skin tingled and formed goose bumps as her husband's callused hands ran lightly over her breasts and lower belly. A finger insinuated itself into her sopping wet sex, and slowly, delicately, stroked her softest flesh before wiggling up inside her. She could feel him feeling himself through the thin wall of flesh that separated his cock from his finger. She clenched hard and the meaty shaft in her bottom seemed to double in size.

Shampoo liked this sort of anal sex. It was warm and comforting and made her feel as if she and Ranma were one person. Ranma's legs twined around hers, his arms held her close as his muscular chest nestled up to her back. Shampoo bit her lip lightly as Ranma's fingers gently, oh so very gently, tugged and tweaked her nipples.

It was strange, she mused in a distracted manner. When a girl, Ranma seemed to relish her sex hard and fast. But when he was male, he was gentle and slow. And when they were in a position like this, he was so slow, he was almost a statue, except that no statue ever had such clever fingers. Shampoo's mouth opened in a small silent gasp as she experienced an orgasm. She clenched down on Ranma, and then did it again as another shudder shook her body. Ranma was in the groove, as well as her ass. When they got on a roll like this Shampoo could have a dozen orgasms in half as many minutes, and keep on doing it for what could end up seeming to be eternity.

All ready they'd been at it longer than she could ever remember it lasting before. She credited Yuriko for wearing Ranma down. He was in no hurry to blow his balls. She must remember to do something nice for little slut the next time 'he' had a chance.

But, all good things must come to an end, and Shampoo felt Ranma's body tense, followed by the pulsing sensation of his orgasm filling her bottom with his sperm. Even as he slowly shrank in her bottom she experienced several more orgasms as Ranma's fingers slowed, but did not quite stop their movements. Their breathing evened out and slowed down, Ranma's limp cock still held between Shampoo's ass cheeks.

The last words she heard was, "Love you, to which she murmured, love you before Morpheus claimed them both.

Shampoo stretched in warm comfort under her familiar bedding. A leg and arm reached out for the warm solid presence that should have been sharing the bed with her. "Ranma?" she asked, sitting up in bed and letting the covers slip off of her impressive chest. Her nipples hardened in the cold morning air. But, with no one around to be impressed by them, she covered up in a big fluffy wrap and went looking for her missing husband. They had four more days before they had to resume their regular life, and Shampoo was damned if they were going to waste it out of bed.

She eventually tracked her errant spouse down in the bathroom, where Ranma was currently inspecting her breasts in the mirror. "Man oh man, you poor puppies got a real workout last night didn't you?" Ranma asked her prominent audience.

Shampoo sneaking up behind Ranma, with the intent on revenge, glanced in the mirror and froze. Ranma had been bruised the night before, but those had already been fading thanks to Ranma's normal rate of healing. Those bruises were gone now, but they had been replaced in spades by new ones.

"Oh god! Ranma I'm so…" Shampoo trailed off, looking down her nose at the sole of Ranma's foot, poised about an inch away from said button nose.

In a matter of fact tone of voice Ranma said. "Now you weren't about to apologize for some of the best sex I've ever had? Were you?"

Not easily cowed, but able to take a hint, Shampoo snatched Ranma's ankle, and pressed it up against the wall of the bathroom, which let her get into breast-smooshing range of Ranma's. Looking down at the redhead, she said, "Of course not. In fact, I just came to invite you to some more."

Ranma grimaced and looked a bit embarrassed. "Not with my girl side. At least not for a day or so. She reached down and cupped her pussy. I'm afraid this is closed for repairs. She winced a bit when her fingers brushed her sensitive inner flesh.

Shampoo fought down the urge to apologize. She learned quick. She was a bit disappointed, but knew that no matter how sore Ranma's pussy might be, Ranma's cock would not suffer from that same soreness. At least not much. Besides, she'd wanted lots of fucking as a girl. She needed a bit of balance. She'd been getting a bit carried away as a guy the last few weeks. The nice ass fuck the night before had only been a warm up.

Despite these thoughts, Shampoo could not resist her usual poorly disguised begging. She slipped her free hand under the one Ranma had cupped over her pussy and tickled the little brown starfish between Ranma's ass cheek. "You do have another location we could open up," Shampoo suggested in a teasing voice.

Ranma twisted her body, spinning toward the wall, and pulling her ankle out of Shampoo's hand. Dancing out of reach, she taunted. "Too slow. Now hurry up. I'll get breakfast ready."

Shampoo smiled as she headed toward the shower, and then paused, a look of consideration on her face. After a second, she gave her head a shake. "You're clutching at straws, you horny bitch," she chided herself. "Just because she didn't say no, does not mean yes."

Still, Shampoo could not help but wonder a bit as she washed herself. They had been married several years before they had their first sexual experience between their cursed forms. And one thing that had stuck in Shampoo's mind, once she was able to think about anything else, was that Ranma had never actually agreed, verbally that is, to the act. She'd just stopped saying no. The truly galling part had come about after Shampoo thought about it some more, and realized that Ranma had stopped saying no about three months before. Meaning that if Shampoo had picked up on the signals earlier, he could have been dipping his pen in her ink a lot sooner.

As a result, she couldn't help but wonder if maybe Ranma was finally weakening a bit in her refusal to let Shampoo-kun anywhere near her ass with that, in her words, "monster he called a dick".

Despite telling herself over and over again as she dried off that she was indulging in perverted wishful thinking, it was a male Shampoo that left the bathroom. With a bulge under his robe.

"You are supposed to be getting in more girl time, dummy," Shampoo chastised himself as he walked through the kitchen door. He was dressed in a simple white dress shirt, brown slacks, and his old ratty slippers on his feet.

His mumbling came to a quick end as he stepped through the door. His eyes bulged as he took in Ranma dressed in one of several aprons Kasumi had given them for housewarming presents. Neither the apron, or Ranma wearing it, were the reason for his rather slack-jawed expression. It was the fact that, a: it was all Ranma was wearing, and b: that she was currently looking for something in a bottom drawer on the other side of the kitchen, giving Shampoo a very good look at her firm, if rather bruised, posterior.

It wasn't that he hadn't seen it before. Lord knows he had, in all sorts of situations. But there was something so erotic about her in that prim and proper apron, standing in such a blatant pose. Drawn by forces he had no desire in the world to resist. Shampoo ghosted across the room, and reached out to run a hand over Ranma's warm bottom.

"Eek, a prowler," Ranma said in a laughing tone. She twisted her head to the side to look up at Shampoo, but made no effort to move away from the hand that was fondling her rear. "Well, is it ripe?" she asked.

"Just right. But, maybe I'd better make sure," Shampoo said, slipping a finger between Ranma's ass cheeks, and sliding it down till he could press the tip against Ranma's rosebud. Shampoo was shocked to find himself trembling like a virgin with his first girl, in his case, sweet Kasumi. He halfway expected Ranma to lash out with a kick to his shins, if he was lucky. But nothing happened.

A second later, Shampoo realized that only part of the trembling in his hand was his, the other bit was Ranma. Looking down, he saw that she had her forehead resting against the counter lip, with her eyes closed. Her face was flushed, and beads of sweat glistened in the incandescent lighting. She's scared to death, Shampoo told himself. But, she's not pulling away.

The fear caused Shampoo to slip his hand away from Ranma's starfish, but he kept his fingers kneading her ass cheek. Ranma was no shrinking violet. If she didn't want Shampoo doing something, she'd damn well say something about it. So, she was scared to death of what might happen, but she was willing, finally, to give it a try and see how it turned out.

Shampoo's nervous trembling suddenly tripled and he had to release Ranma's bottom before he gave himself away. "So, what's for breakfast?" he asked in a voice that tried for casual, but which croaked like a frog. Fortunately for him, Ranma seemed to be in an even worse state of mind.

"Um… ah…" she mumbled standing up and straightening out her apron with nervous fingers. She darted a look his way and then quickly became interested in the contents of the fridge as a red tide flooded her face and upper chest.

Seeing Ranma so out of control helped calm Shampoo, a little. His hands were still trembling slightly, and his breath was coming a bit quick, but his heartbeat seemed to be easing back. The same could not be said for his cock. It pressed hard against his pants, demanding to be let out to play. Shampoo tried to think of other things, but he could not take his eyes off of Ranma as she walked around the kitchen, giving him flashes of her ass and breasts.

"This is pathetic," he chastised himself. "What would your little slut think if she could see her big bad master quivering like a fourteen year old boy getting his first peek at what all the fuss is about?"

"You say something?" Ranma asked in a distracted tone of voice as she placed a frying pan in the fridge.

"Huh! Oh! No. Just thinking out loud." Shampoo closed his eyes. Come on, he ordered himself silently. One of you has to be the grown up here. You know what you need to do. You've done it before, and they liked it. Ranma will too. All you have to do is take charge. Be a man! As he gave himself a pep talk, he focused on his breathing, centering himself. He took a deep cleansing breath and let it out slowly, along with all his jangled nerves and expectations. Live for this moment in time, this second, this now. Don't think about what happens next. It will happen when it happens. All that matters is now, this moment, this second.

Shampoo opened his eyes, and glanced over at Ranma who was standing in front of the stove, an egg in her hand, and puzzled look on her face. His eyes ran down her smooth back to the erotic swell of her ass. It was still a sight to make him hard, if he hadn't already been, but it was now the lust of a loving husband, and not a horny teen who was sure he was about to 'get some'.

"Problems?" he asked.

"The stupid pan is gone," Ranma said in annoyance.

"Try the fridge."

"Don't be dumb. Why the heck would it be in the fridge?" Ranma asked in an exasperated voice. Her nerves were obviously stretched thin, a good sign in a way.

"Want to bet?"

"Huh? Bet what, on what?"

"On the pan. I bet it's in the fridge."

"I told you it's not in the fridge," Ranma said, marching over to open the door and prove it.

"Hold it! We haven't bet yet."

Ranma rolled her eyes. The byplay serving to take her mind off of what had her so agitated. "Ok, ok, what do you want to bet?"

"Fantasies. Ours. Whoever wins gets to have their favorite fantasy come true for the day." Shampoo leered at Ranma.

Ranma leered right back. "You're on!" opening the door, she said. "See, I win…" She trailed off as she took in the frying pan, which had been sitting on a hunk of butter, which was now a melted mess filling the butter dish "Oh," she said in a strange voice.

Ranma's baffled expression turned to one of annoyance as she glared at the grinning Shampoo. "If your fantasy involves the words "Littlest slut and Master", you are so in for a loud of trouble," she said. She hefted both the butter dish and frying pan in her hand, as if trying to decide which one to throw at Shampoo.

"Now would I do that?" Shampoo said, batting his long eyelashes at Ranma.

"In a second," she replied stalking toward Shampoo.

Shampoo elected to remove the most harmful object from the fray, and snatched the dish of melted butter from Ranma and placed it on the table, even as she deflected a playful swing of the frying pan. She caught Ranma's wrist, and pulled the small woman toward her, dragging her up and onto his lap. "I solemnly promise. My fantasy has nothing to do with putting a collar and leash on you, this time."

Ranma snuggled back against Shampoo, and looked up at his smiling face. She didn't look reassured. She waited for the shoe to drop.

Shampoo pouted when Ranma didn't rise to the bait, but his expression shifted back to a grin right away. "The only thing I want from you dear, sweet, gentle, Ranma, is your ass."

Ranma swallowed nervously. "What, here!" she blurted out, going for delay.

"Why not?" Shampoo said with a smirk. "I seem to remember you insisting on us christening every room in the house right after we moved in. Then insisting it was not a proper christening till we did it all over again with us both in our cursed forms a few years later." Shampoo's expression turned predatory. "Now, it seems to me, that at least some of those christenings involved my female self's ass, but we've never reciprocated with our cursed forms. Seems to me that you and I have a lot of rooms to make up for."

"You're joking," Ranma squeaked out. She took a close look at Shampoo's face. "You're not joking!" Ranma looked a little pale at the idea, but, and it was a big but, she was not refusing. A week ago, she would have. This told Shampoo beyond a shadow of a doubt that he'd guessed right. His cock stood up and cheered, bulging his pants and pressing against Ranma's bare rear. She gulped, and shifted her position, which only made things feel that much better. "Can we talk about this?" Ranma asked as her wife's big hands circled her waist and lifted her up till she could sit on the edge of the table.

"Maybe after breakfast," Shampoo said as he flipped up the front of her apron, and ducked his head underneath.

Ranma let out a giggle, something she would deny tooth and claw if brought to her attention. It was a sound only Shampoo had ever heard. The apron over his head only filtered the overhead light, giving Ranma's bare thighs a dappled appearance, but leaving the cleft between her legs shadowed. That was alright, there was no mystery there for Shampoo as he took a deep breath and savored the heady scent of his husband's arousal.

Lowering his head, he nuzzled between Ranma's legs. She spread wide to give him access and he could feel the shift in muscles that told him she was leaning back to lay flat on the table top. Her legs lifted and settled on his broad shoulders, her heels playfully digging into his back, urging him onward and inward.

Despite Ranma's encouragement, Shampoo was mindful of the beating her poor sex had taken the night before, not to mention the going over Ryo and Akira had given it. It was with great gentleness that he delved forward with his tongue, finding her folds parting easily at his nudging. Her sweet clean taste exploded on his taste buds like a favorite beverage after a long dry day.

Ranma's body was more familiar to Shampoo than her own, he'd spent far more time exhaustively exploring every inch of it. The tip of his tongue found the spot she loved having touched most of all. Just slightly below and to the left of her clit, close enough that the sensitive bud was involved, but not so close that the sensory signal was too intense for comfort.

Ranma's hands came down on top of Shampoo's apron festooned head, shoving hard. Shampoo's neck muscles tensed as he resisted that pressure. Part of it was concern for Ranma's abused flesh, but part of it was just outright teasing.

"Harder!" Ranma demanded, her voice hoarse with desire.

"Lather," he promised, not taking his tongue out of her succulent peach.

A moan came from Ranma as he continued to focus on her sweet spot. She's already been soaking, not surprisingly. Her outfit proved she'd had sex on her horny little brain all morning. He could feel her cunny trembling, and her legs tightening. A second later, he found himself caught in an iron grip as her legs clenched and pulled his face deep between her legs, mashing his mouth against her sex as it spasmed and shot juice into his mouth and over his face. He rode out her bucking and kept on licking, causing her to move from one orgasm to another, and another.

Only when he felt her hands leave his head and sensed her laying back down on the table top, her breath coming in gasps did he relent and pull his face away from her. He slipped out from under the apron, and daintily used it to whip Ranma's residue off his face, at least the part of it he couldn't reach with his tongue.

He grinned down the length of her body at Ranma. Her chest was rising and falling quickly, and at some point her breasts has slipped out from under the apron, leaving it bunched up in her cleavage as they sagged, just a little, to the side. Despite her age and their size, her breasts were, like Shampoo's, remarkably firm. A fact Shampoo appreciated in both his bodies.

"Ready for the main event?" he asked Ranma in a comic sinister manner. Without waiting for her reply, he gently disengaged her legs from his shoulders and encouraged her to roll over on her belly. He lowered her legs and Ranma slid backward slightly in order to get her feet on the ground. Shampoo was left facing Ranma's firm ass, clenched tightly shut and ready to repel borders. Shampoo chuckled at the sight, and leaned forward to run his tongue up her crack to the base of her spine, causing Ranma to shiver slightly, and more importantly, to relax.

Ranma was unusually quiet for her, or him. She tended to talk during sex. She was obviously worried about what was about to happen. Equally obvious, she didn't want to say stop. She was leaving the situation in Shampoo's hands. He took a firm grip on her ass, dug his thumbs in, spreading her cheeks wide and exposing her small puckered little rear opening.

"How pretty," he complimented her, drawing a grunt from Ranma. Lifting his head slightly he looked down her body to where her head was resting on her forearms. Her eyes were clenched shut and there was a sheen of sweat on her forehead. Shampoo frowned. This would never do. There was no way in hell she was going to enjoy this with that attitude. And Shampoo wanted her to enjoy if very much. He wanted the pleasure of her tight little rear to be added to their regular repertoire. His aching cock protested, but there was no real choice in the matter, he was going to have to back off a bit, and ease Ranma into the fun slowly. But, he could still start the preliminaries.

Shampoo kneaded at Ranma's bottom with his strong fingers letting one of his thumbs press against her rosebud which it massaged, relaxing the tight ring of muscles and until it felt soft under his touch. At that point he realized he hadn't taken into account lubrication. Even with Ukyou and Ai a good lubricant was needed for any significant action. There was some up on the night stand of their bedroom that Ranma had used on her last night, but he'd have to leave Ranma dangling over the table top to go get it, and he didn't quite trust Ranma to stay put. Yuriko he could have tied in place, but he wasn't sure how Ranma would react to that, and she was already stressed from what she thought was going to happen.

His eyes took in the condiment tray sitting on the table. Honey would make a tasty treat, but would not work well as a lubricant. He grimaced at the soy sauce and hot sauce, though the hot sauce might be interesting, in small amounts. He'd have to remember that for the next time he was with his, little slut. But, that was not for Ranma. He was just about to give up and head upstairs when he spotted the melted butter sitting on the table where Ranma had left it. A grin split his face. Perfect.

Shampoo dragged the dish across the table. Ranma opened her eyes at the sound, took one look at the butter dish, her eyes going wide, before being clenched tight again. A shiver went through her body. Shampoo picked up the dish by the lip, and poured a thin stream into the hollow of Ranma's back, just above her tail bone. Ranma shivered at the feeling. "Easy, easy," Shampoo murmured, "got to get everything nice and loose." With Yuriko he'd have added a few words about how he was going to split her right up the middle, but Ranma might just believe them in her present state of mind.

Dipping a finger into the liquid butter, Shampoo dragged some into Ranma's ass cleft, letting a thin stream run down between her muscular ass cheeks. They twitched like a horse shaking off flies. Shampoo rested both hands on the twitching globes and started to rub in the yellow butter. It only took a few seconds of kneading and Shampoo was able to pop his left thumb into Ranma's bottom to the first knuckle. A small gasp came from Ranma and he felt her bottom clench down on his digit. She was tight and he almost drooled at the thought of how it would feel to have that clenching grip wrapped around his cock. Speaking of which….

Shampoo reached down with his free hand and unzipped, which let him free his painfully erect dick, and also caused Ranma to tense even tighter around his thumb. "Don't worry, just letting the beast out for a little air," he chuckled. All the while he continued to work his thumb in Ranma's bottom, easing her anal passage wider. Slowly he worked it deeper into her bottom till it was buried to the second knuckle. Ranma was twitching and making soft inarticulate sounds, but again, was not trying to make Shampoo stop. He decided she was ready for the next step. He pulled his thumb out and replaced it with the forefinger of his other hand. Slipping it deep into her bottom, he curled his thumb around and started to caress her cunny. The stress had made her dry out a bit from her orgasm, but she was still wet enough that his thumb had no problem parting her lips and finding the opening to her love channel. He slipped it inside and began to work it back and forth in time with the thick forefinger in Ranma's bottom.

In a spirit of playfulness he reached over and extracted the honey bottle and squeezed a dollop on each of Ranma's ass-cheeks. Leaning forward he started to lick them off with big sloppy motions of his tongue that left each cheek glistening with his spit. All the while his hand continued to rock back and forth, driving his finger and thumb in and out of her holes. Ranma started to breath faster and the strained look on her face faded as a flush replaced it and it settled into a more aroused appearance.

Shampoo had made a study of Ranma's bodies, and could read the little redhead like a book. Timing perfectly, he twisted his forefinger and added another finger inside Ranma's bottom just as she orgasmed. She clenched around him hard, grinding his fingers together, but this was the result of her orgasm, and not an effort to reject the intrusion. Indeed, Shampoo was willing to bet she didn't even know she now had two fingers up her tight little rear. Using his free hand he dripped more butter into her cleft, and continued working his fingers in and out, while using his thumb to keep her on a low simmer.

With two fingers Shampoo was able to widen and loosen Ranma bottom more easily. More would add little to the effort, except make Ranma tense up. She had to accept Shampoo, if she tightened up, there was no way he'd get his cock into her without it hurting, and no matter how rough she liked it the regular way, he had a feeling she'd be turned off the experience if her first time hurt like hell.

The trick was to get her used to the feel of something up her butt, and used to the idea that it wasn't going to hurt her. And no matter how much her cock ached, there was no way it was going to slip into Ranma's ass this morning. With another apology to her aching member, he slipped his fingers out of Ranma's tight tunnel, and gave her a slap on the rear.

"Let's get rid of some excess material, hmm?" he said, snatching Ranma from the table top in one quick motion and then carrying her in his arms like a bride walked toward the bathroom.

Ranma's eyes widened. "No way. I don't need that."

"Yes you do," Shampoo said in a firm voice and carried Ranma into the bathroom to do what needed to be done if their fun was to continue.

The next little while was embarrassing as hell for Ranma, and a real turn on for Shampoo, who even if he realized he could not play master with Ranma to the extent he did with Yuriko, still enjoyed manipulating a good looking girl's body.

Once the necessary was done, he grinned at the red-faced girl and said, "I'll give you a little privacy, come join me in the bedroom when you're done."

Ranma shuffled into the room, still blushing, just as Shampoo slipped his box of tricks out from under the bed. "Do we do it, finally?" Ranma asked in a voice that mixed trepidation with horny impatience. Then, her eyes fell on the box, and a wary look crossed her face. "What are you doing with that?"

"My, you're full of questions," Shampoo said with a smirk as he tossed open the box's lid. "Why don't you come here and let me show you?"

Ranma approached with a wary eye. Once upon a time she knew every single thing in that box, and had used them and had them used on her, but since Yuriko, Shampoo had bought a lot of new toys. Toys with lots of leather, and locks, lots of locks. Bondage could be interesting and even fun, but the thought of Shampoo tying her down and fucking her ass scared her, not that she'd ever admit to that.

"Oh, stop looking at me like that," Shampoo said in exasperation. "You know damn well I'm not going to hurt you, or make you do anything you don't want to. I just want to give you a bit of training so you'll be ready for the main event."

"Training?" Ranma asked, her interested tweaked despite herself. Even after all this time the idea of training could bring her to attention quicker than just about anything else.

"You didn't think you'd be able to jump into the big leagues without training, did you?" Shampoo asked, stroking his cock slightly. "Before I shove this up your tight little ass, we got to get it used to the idea, and teach the muscles to adapt. Ah, here it is," he cried out, pulling a dark black object from the box, trailed by a small black oblong connected to it by ten inches of tubing.

"You're going to stick that in me?" Ranma asked in dismay. Just as she'd feared, it was one of the new Yuriko toys. An inflatable butt plug. Ranma had sneaked a peek in the box a few days ago, and had not been able to resist pumping the thing up. It got big, really big. Without thinking about it, her hands reached back and covered her bottom, like a child expecting a spanking.

"What's the matter? Chicken?" Shampoo asked, dangling the object from his hand. It didn't look like much, about five inches long, one end tapering down to a rounded end no more than a half inch across, widening out to about an inch thick, before slimming down to a narrow neck, just in front of a two inch wide flat section. A thin rubber tube ran from the middle of this section to a small inflation ball. But, Ranma knew the thing could nearly triple in size, width-wise. Despite all that, the old chicken challenge still had force to move her toward the bed. Closing her eyes, and knelt down and let her upper body settle to the mattress.

Shampoo's breath was a little ragged. He was not oblivious to the tension of the moment, the desire to simply kneel down behind Ranma and plow her cute little ass filled him. But he wasn't a horny teenager anymore. He could put off immediate gratification in anticipation of future, blow your mind, sex.

Making use of the lubrication he hadn't had downstairs, Shampoo slicked up the butt-plug good and then pressed it against Ranma's brownie. With a slow even pressure on his part, and much groaning from Ranma, he slipped it in up to the flange. He gave an experimental tug on the bottom, which resisted him nicely.

Ranma was panting on the bed, stress taking more out of her than the small sexual toy. Small for now anyway.

"You're out of you mind," Ranma said vehemently. "No way I'm going out with this thing stuck up my butt." It was about fifteen minutes later and Ranma was standing with hands on hips, glaring at Shampoo, who had changed sex and clothes in the interim.

It was all Shampoo could do to not laugh out loud. Ranma's posture left the inflation ball hanging down between her legs, swinging from side to side with every outraged motion Ranma made.

"If you think I'm going to walk around with a hard-on all day while you train, you have another thought coming. Besides, you owe me. I'm behind, and I need a chance to catch up."

"I am not going on a train like this!" Ranma declared.

"I should hope not!" Shampoo said just an empathically. Leaning down, she snatched a pair of Ranma's panties from a drawer. "You need to get dressed first.

With much grumbling, and a little help from Shampoo, Ranma complied. Her eyes widened when Shampoo pulled the small inflation device between her legs, pulling the tube up into her ass crack like a thong gone rogue. She finished by tucking the ball in the front of Ranma's panties.

"You've got to be kidding me. I look like a pervert in drag," Ranma said as she stared down at her bulging panties.

"Would you rather I left the ball in the back?" Shampoo asked with a grin, which earned her a dirty look from Ranma as the redhead looked over her skirts. She discarded the micro-mini. The last thing she wanted to do was panty flash with this thing showing. She selected a mid-thigh length office lady type skirt. "How long are we going to do this?"

"Until the afternoon rush hour is over."

"What? It's not even noon yet!" Ranma squawked in outrage.

"Training, training," Shampoo chanted smoothed down her own choice of hunting clothes. Unlike Ranma she was wearing a skirt that just barely qualified for the name, and a thin silk shirt with opaque panels over her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible, and she looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction. "They won't be able to resist."

"They'll be too scared," Ranma declared. "Girl's like you don't ride the commuter train, not unless they're pros of some sort. They won't come near you."

Ranma had her own theory on molester attraction. Being good looking was a start, but you had to look vulnerable as well. Her favorite props were shopping bags full of packing peanuts. Made her look loaded down and unable to get away or resist without dropping her shopping. It wasn't so much that Ranma didn't think dressing slutty wouldn't attract perverts, but she much preferred trolling for the low-lives that would try for someone who looked like she currently did.

She was wearing a simple skirt with a casual shirt. The shirt was undone just enough to show a little cleavage, and the edge of her bra. She ran her hands through her hair, giving it the slightly messed up appearance of an office-lady who's had a long day, and just wants to get home with the shopping.

But, even as Ranma primped, she couldn't forget about the thing stuck up her tailpipe. She was aware of it every second, and the feeling, and what it represented was… making her horny as hell. "Let's get going," she growled. Shampoo smirked, following her out of the room, snagging a shopping bag of her own as she left.

Shampoo-kun smiled as he let the commuter crowd push him into the train. He had to be careful. He was taller than the average passenger, so he needed to slouch down a bit. But, if he slouched too much, he'd attract attention. That in turn would cause a ripple of activity that would attract Ranma's attention. He needed to let the natural flow of the passengers move him toward her. It took some time, but after about fifteen minutes he was standing directly behind Ranma, with the exception of one male passenger between him and her.

The sun was bright outside; no reflection would give him away in the windows. He swayed with the motion of the train as he observed Ranma. Unless she'd sneaked off at some point and removed it, she'd been wearing the butt plug for about two hours now. He grinned lecherously. From the way she was holding herself, he would bet it was still inside her, and that she was very much aware of it. He wondered what sort of shape her panties were in. His grin broadened. Maybe he should find out.

The man in front of him was holding his hand just right to cup Ranma's bottom the next time the sway of the train moved him forward. That was no good. Ranma was already likely well ahead of him in the game, what with him changing back to a guy as soon as he'd gotten the chance. Leaning forward, he whispered. "Touch my wife, and die."

The man's hair nearly stood on end, and not even turning around to look at Shampoo, he shoved his way through the crowd, getting tripped up halfway down the car and then stepped on. Most satisfactory.

Shampoo flowed into the spot he'd vacated so smoothly that there was almost no chance that Ranma had noticed. Shampoo focused on radiating perverted thoughts. Not so hard given what was in his mind. He was confident that Ranma had been fully aware of the pervert behind her. But, with any luck she would not notice that he'd been replaced by a much more dangerous one.

Shampoo spread his hands wide, and wiggled his fingers. He was just about to shout out, well, whisper out, Saotome Final Goose Attack, when a frail voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Shampoo," Ranma said in a voice that was thin and faint. She looked up over her shoulder at him, her face drawn and gaunt. "How do you let the air out of this thing?"

"Well, it was your own fault," Shampoo protested as they walked into the house. "Why on earth did you pump it up so full if you didn't know how to release the air?"

"I didn't," Ranma said in an embarrassed voice. "I just pumped it up a bit, to train for later, and then it started to feel a bit too much, so I tried to let some air out, but I couldn't. But, when I pushed against the ball trying to let some air out, it pumped up some more. And that made me try harder, and pumped some more…."

"And so on, and so on and so on," Shampoo said with a sigh. His expression turned from long suffering, to very lecherous in a heartbeat. "Now, let's get you into the bedroom and get that thing out of you. Shall we?" If he'd had a mustache, he'd have been twirling it.

The annoyed and embarrassed expression on Ranma's face was suddenly concealed under a beet-red blush. "Can't we talk about this?" she said, backing away. "Maybe I could give Yuriko a call?"

"Uh-uh," Shampoo said, shaking his head as he advanced on Ranma. The knowledge that she could knock him on his ass if she truly objected let Shampoo drop fully into the role of caveman lover. With a quick grab of his hand he took hold of Ranma's forearm and swung her up and across his back, draping her around his shoulders like a sweater. He caught her wrists in one hand and an ankle in the other, and dashed up the stairs, three steps at a time. Ranma's belly jounced against the back of his neck, and he heard her let out little grunts and gasps as the fully inflated plug in her ass made its presence felt.

Four long strides took him into the bedroom, and he skipped over to the bed, enjoying the feel of Ranma's breasts rubbing against the side of his neck. Spinning in place he sat on the bed and used the same motion to slid Ranma off his shoulders and down onto his lap. Shampoo flipped up Ranma's skirt and ripped her panties off with one hard tug.

"Ouch, that hurt you know," Ranma complained, still a bit breathless from her ride up the stairs.

"Ohh, you're stretched good," Shampoo gloated, ignoring Ranma's complaint. He hooked his fingers and thumb under the broad base of the butt plug, and levered it outward. He was rewarded with a groan from Ranma.

"Let the air out!" she protested, wiggling on Shampoo's lap.

The excited Shampoo's answer was to lift her off his lap and deposit her on her feet beside him. "It'll cost you," he said. He hooked his hands into his pants, and shoved them down his legs, his boxers as well. His erection sprang free and slapped against his hard belly before rebounding and swaying in the breeze.

"Why don't you get me nice and slippery, and then I'll replace that nasty thing with something nice," he said with an overdone leer. "Come on, just like you did with Ryo," he coaxed.

Ranma had a scowl on his face, but there was a twinkle in her eyes that was a much better indication of her true feelings, and showed she understood exactly what Shampoo meant. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Big man, taking advantage of a little girl. Trying to blackmail me. Well this is what I think of you," she said giving Shampoo a redeye, and the turning around to slap her bare rear. "Take a good look. It's as close as you're going to get to— ack," she cut off as Shampoo moving in a flash crossed the space between them and took hold of her Pigtail.

"Little girls who talk too much should be careful. Something might fly into their mouth." Shampoo said as he twisted her head around, pulling her body with it.

"Let me, murfffff," Ranma started to yelp, and was cut off as Shampoo pulled her face forward and mashed his cock past her lips and into her mouth. Her fists beat on Shampoo's thigh as he drilled his dick all the way to the back of her throat.

"That's it, get it nice and wet so I can slip it up your virgin butt!" Shampoo demanded. He closed his eyes for a second in bliss as he felt her mouth sucking hard on his member.

Ranma's fist stopped beating on Shampoo's heavy muscles, and opened. Her fingers slipped around behind him and took firm hold of his hard ass, digging her fingers in good and solid, pulling herself forward and trying hard to get the oversized head of his prick down her throat. Ranma had never been able to deep throat Shampoo, but every now and then she couldn't help but try.

Shampoo gasped as he felt the opening of Ranma's throat pulsing against the tip of his glans. He hastily pushed Ranma's head backward. He didn't want to blow his balls down Ranma's throat. He had another goal in mind. Ranma's grip on his backside hardened as she fought his effort to dislodge her, like a puppy with a good grip on her chosen teat.

Shampoo had been anticipating this encounter all day. He'd spent the last two hours with either a partial, or full on woody. His resistance was low. A choking sound erupted from his throat and his muscles stood out in stark relief as he tried to fight a losing battle. With a gasp, he lost the battle, and his ass clenched almost painfully as he blasted sperm down Ranma's throat. His hands went from trying to push Ranma off, to pumping her head back and forth on his dick as shot after shot jetted out of the end of his dick. A mixture of sperm and spit coated his shaft and ran down Ranma's chin as she continued to milk him for every drop.

With one last spasm, Shampoo squirted the last drop into Ranma's mouth. Ranma continued to work at getting every last drop, making Shampoo feel like the head of his cock was on fire as the super-sensitive head continued to be lathed by Ranma's tongue.

"You stinker," Shampoo gasped off as he managed to push Ranma away. A trailer of sperm dangling from her lower lip and the end of his semi-hard dick. Ranma looked up at Shampoo from innocent eyes that lied like a rug. She licked her lips, gathering in the last bit of Shampoo's juice, and said. "What's the matter? You wanted me to get it nice and wet?"

"Ooooh, you are so going to get it," Shampoo growled.

"Promises, promises," Ranma said with a smirk.

Shampoo took hold of Ranma's upper arm, and dragged her up and over his lap as he sat back on the bed. A hand went up and came down, landing with a meaty smack on Ranma's pert rump. Shampoo froze in place. Oh shit, he said to himself. He'd lost it and mixed Yuriko up with Ranma.

"That the best you can do," Ranma growled at him, wiggling on top of his muscular legs.

Shampoo's heart eased in his chest, and the look of panic on his face shifted to one of lust. "Oh no, little girl. I can do much better than that." He lifted his hand high, and got ready to really let her have it. But, just as his stomach muscles clenched a pair of small, but very strong, hands wrapped around his ankles and pulled hard. He was caught off guard as Ranma yanked herself out from under his hand, and off his lap.

Shampoo caught a brief glimpse of Ranma disappearing under their western style bed and shouted. "Oh no, you don't!" He made a quick grab and just missed a shapely ankle. Anticipating, he rolled backward and rolled on his belly, his hands flashing down toward the floor on the opposite side of the bed.

"Sucker!" came a loud shout behind him, and his bare ass was suddenly assaulted by ten quick smacks in less than a second. Ass stinging, Shampoo shoved himself backward. His legs, still tied together with his pants pooled around his ankles lashing out. To meet air.

Shampoo growled and rolled over, just in time to see Ranma disappear out the door, pausing only long enough to flip up her skirt at him.

"You are so going to get it!" He yelled as he freed his legs from his pants. Bare from the waist down, he took off after Ranma.

Yells and squeals and bangs echoed through the house.

"Got you!"

"Fat chance!"

"Come back here!

"Kiss my ass!"

"You're only making it worse for yourself, little girl!"

"Yea, right. As if you have a chance in hell of catching me with that thing swinging between your legs!"

"Just wait. Iím going to shove this 'thing' where the sun don't shine, you little tease!"


"Got you!"

"Let go of me you big bully!"

"If you can't say something nice," Shampoo cried out, accompanied by the sound of ripping fabric, "maybe you shouldn't say anything at all."

Thumping and bangs continued, and some grunts and muffled cries, until after about five minutes they stopped.

Shampoo reentered the bedroom. Ranma was once again slung over his shoulder, in a Fireman's carry. But, this time, except for a skirt rucked up around her waist, she was completely naked. As well, her arms had been pulled behind her back and her forearms secured together with the shredded remnants of her top. More of her late shirt had been put to use gagging her. Her legs had been doubled back on themselves and her ankles tied to her thighs with her stretched socks.

Shampoo had already been bare from the waist down, but his shirt was missing one sleeve and the other one was hanging by a thread. Various rents and tears showed his muscular chest, and several welts. He was sucking on the hand that was not keeping Ranma in place with a firm grip on her bottom, fingers pressed against the base of the butt-plug. When he removed the hand from his mouth, a neat half circle of tooth marks could be clearly seen.

"Now, where were we?" he asked rhetorically as he sat down on the bed and shifted Ranma to his lap. "Oh, yea."

His big hand raised and came down with a hard splat, and repeated. He gave Ranma a dozen swats, hard enough to make even Ranma's firm ass jiggle and dance from the impact. With one last swat, his hand remained resting on Ranma's nearest butt cheek, his fingers curled into her ass cleavage.

Muffled yells of outrage from Ranma turned the air blue Shampoo just grinned and took hold of the end of the butt-plug. He pulled and lifted, using his strength to lift Ranma's middle clear of his lap. That caused Ranma's yells to intensify, and her ass to clench tight in reaction.

"You'll never get it out that way," Shampoo chided her. He put his free hand on her ass and pushed down, earning a groan from Ranma. The fingers holding the butt-plug found the small depression in the plastic that marked the buried one-way air valve and pressed it with the tip of his ring finger. He didn't bother to wait for it to fully deflate, however. With a hard pull and a combined push, the deflating plug slid out of Ranma's ass with an audible pop.

He tossed the sex toy into the bedside trash basket, for later cleaning. He lifted Ranma off his lap and set her on the bed, belly down. Stripping his tattered shirt off with one hand, he snagged a bottle of lubricant from the night stand. Standing beside the bed he lifted the bottle high and let a stream of scented love oil splash over Ranma's upturned ass. Giving it a good heavy coating he then cupped his free hand under the stream and filled his palm with some of the oil.

With Ranma watching wide-eyed from the bed, Shampoo ran his oily hand up and down his long shaft, coating it thoroughly. She gave a visible gulp, and her ass clenched tight in reflex. "That won't do you any good, little girl," Shampoo growled. "You ass is mine!"

Shampoo settled himself on the bed behind Ranma, the abused mattress sagging from the concentration of weight. His big hands reached down and started to massage the oil into Ranma's flesh with hard clasps and pushes, making her bounce up and down slightly on the bed. Despite Ranma's effort to keep her cheeks clenched tight together, Shampoo's thumbs easily slipped between them. He chuckled to himself as he noticed that Ranma's attempted resistance did not extend to pulling her legs together. Her knees were well apart, giving Shampoo lots of room to work. He found Ranma's brown starfish and pressed on each side with his thumbs. The little hole had closed up, but the muscles offered far less resistance to Shampoo's probing than before. Both thick digits sank into her rear tunnel, drawing a groan from Ranma as Shampoo worked the sex oil into her opening.

Shampoo found himself trembling with desire again. He slid his hands up Ranma's ass and onto the small of her back. Rubbing her gently he worked his way upward across her back till his hands closed over her shoulders. Holding tight, he arched his back and slid his legs backward, bringing the head of his cock to bear on his intended target. He could feel Ranma trembling under his hands, but she was making no effort to escape. He could hear the air rushing in and out of her nose as her breath sped up. His own breath was gusting slightly as excitement made his heart race. A gasp escaped from both of them as Shampoo's cock made contact and pressed between Ranma's oiled butt cheeks.

The tip of his cock pressed against Ranma's well lubricated and stretched opening, and stalled. Shampoo rocked his hips slightly, holding his breath. Ranma tensed, her ass clenching and unclenching as Shampoo slowly applied pressure. A long 'ahhhhhh' escaped from Shampoo as the head of her dick pressed into Ranma's reluctant opening. The big head forced the flesh aside, and then, it was inside. For a second Shampoo closed his eyes and savored the pleasure of feeling Ranma clenched around the ball of her cock head.

The urge to slam as much meat as possible up Ranma's backside was overwhelming. Only maturity and experience let Shampoo fight the desire. Taking in great gasps of air to calm his trembling body, he flexed his spine while maintaining his current penetration, he bent forward till he could nuzzle the back of Ranma's neck. Licking her lightly, he nipped his way up to the back of her head, and the knotted cloth that was gagging her. Taking hold of the knot in his mouth he worried at it till it came loose. Giving his head a toss, he yanked the gag free and tossed it off to the side.

Ranma spit out the wad of cloth that had been filling her mouth and took a gasping breath before speaking. "Kami, oh god, you're so fucking big," she groaned

"You haven't felt anything yet. I've just got the head in," Shampoo taunted.

"No fucking way! It ain't going to fit!" She cried out. She gave a groan as Shampoo moved her pelvis in a small circle, stretching Ranma.

"Oh, it will fit. I'll make it fit," Shampoo said. He let a little of his weight transfer to his cock, and it sank an inch or so into Ranma. This earned him a long drawn out moan from Ranma.

"Relax," Shampoo said. "The biggest part is inside now. The rest will be easy."

"Easy for you to say," Ranma gasped out. She shuddered as more thick dick slipped inside her. "Oh god!" she cried out before sinking her teeth into the bedding. Her ass clenched like a vise around Shampoo's masculinity, and he felt tremors shaking her body.

"You little tramp! You came!" Shampoo said, amazement in his voice. While rare, it was not impossible for a girl to orgasm simply from anal sex. But, it usually took someone who was really aroused by the act. As in most sex acts, the brain was the biggest erogenous zone.

"You're loving this!" Shampoo accused Ranma. "You love that I wrestled you into bondage! Forced my big dick up your ass! All while you couldn't do anything to stop it!"

"So, you going to stop?" Ranma asked sarcastically, her voice breathy from strain.

"Hell no. I'm going to ream out your little ass till you need a diaper!' Was Shampoo reply. She also answered Ranma's question with his body. Giving a sharp shove, sinking half his remaining dick into her clutching back passage. The act was accompanied by a long wail from Ranma.

"Oh, oh, oh, Jesus! Is that it?"

"Oh, no, you got lots more."

"Oh damn! It ain't going to fit!"

"What, giving up already?" Shampoo taunted as he rocked his hips from side to side. With each swing of his hip, he felt a fraction more of his shaft penetrating Ranma.

"Uh, uh, uh," Ranma grunted with each little penetration. As if the air was being forcefully shoved out of her lungs.

Shampoo paused, sweat beading his forehead. He started to drag himself backward, pulling his cock out of its tight sheath.

"Oh Christ," Ranma groaned as the big shaft in her ass slowly withdrew. She panted and Shampoo could feel her bracing herself for the next step.

"Easy, easy," Shampoo soothed, his own voice a bit hoarse from strain. He'd never been in any girl, in any hole, that had been this tight. He felt the edge of his flange dragging at Ranma's sphincter, bulging it outward. Reaching over, careful to maintain to his balance, he picked up the bottle of sexual lubricant and squirted a large quantity over his cock and Ranma's ass. The bed was going to be disaster, but it wouldn't be the first one they'd ruined. He paused, and then settled his weight and slowly shoved back into Ranma.

"Ohhhhhhh, jeeeeeesss," Ranma groaned as Shampoo packed her full of meat again, and added an extra inch.

Shampoo paused, panting to look down at where their bodies were joined. "Only three more inches, sweetheart. Do you want me to stop here?"

There was a moment of silence, and then Ranma said, "Go for it," in a strained voice. Shampoo could see her hands clenching tightly, her blunt fingernails digging into her palms.

Shampoo took a deep breath for control and drew backward again, inching himself out. The pull was smoother and a bit quicker this time as the oil coating his cock eased the way. As soon as he felt the tug that meant only the head was still inside, he reversed direction and thrust inward. In, out, in, out, he moved, rocking his hips and each time gaining a bit more depth. He sent a silent thanks to Ranma for sucking him off earlier. There was no way in hell he'd have not blown his nuts by this point otherwise.

Ranma made short little pants in time to Shampoo thrusts, and tellingly started to hunch herself backward slightly on each of Shampoo's inward thrusts.

"You like that. Don't you?" Shampoo taunted as he continued to move in and out. He couldn't help but glance down at how much was left to go in. "Just a little bit more and you'll have it all," He told Ranma.

Ranma made no answer, just clenched her ass around Shampoo and releasing, clenching, and released. It was Shampoo's turn to gasp and moan as she felt Ranma's internal muscles massage her.

"Oh no! You ain't going to make me come too soon!" he said. "I am going to pack you to the brim."

"We'll see," Ranma gritted out, continuing to milk Shampoo.

Shampoo grinned. That was his husband. Turning everything into a competition. He eased himself back into her, and pressed at the bottom of the stroke, a groan escaped Ranma as the final last inch slid up inside her belly. Her body shuddered as Shampoo's hard belly shoved up against the top of her ass. "It's in," Shampoo said, a hint of wonder in his voice. He'd hoped, but never expressed it in all the time he tried to get Ranma to try this particular type of sex. The colon was much longer than the vagina, and it had always been theoretically possible that Ranma's small body could take the full length of his shaft up her ass.

"No fuck," Ranma groaned, but there was a more than a hint of pleasure in her voice. She'd always been frustrated by never being able to take all of Shampoo. There had always been that last little bit that simply would not fit.

Shampoo leaned forward and let his hands slip from Ranma's shoulders. Supporting himself on his elbows he pressed himself down on top of her. Kissing the top of her head he started to flex his ass, drawing his cock slightly out and then slipping it back in.

"Faster," Ranma grunted.

"You don't get to say," Shampoo grunted back. "You're in my power. I get to do whatever I want to you, and you can't stop me. Even if it means going slow." Under him Ranma shuddered, her ass clenching around Shampoo. "You like that, don't you?" He breathed into Ranma's ear. "You like it when a boy takes you, does not give you any choice. Just like Ryo. You taunted and teased that poor boy till he couldn't stand it, and took you." He gave Ranma's ear a nip.

Shampoo slid a hand down the bed while inching his other forearm under Ranma's chest. His hand clasped a breast while the other one slipped between Ranma's legs and plunged fingers into her sex. "You're soaking." he accused in an amused voice. His thick finger sought out and found Ranma's erect clit and began to rub it. Seconds later he felt Ranma shuddered under him, her ass clenching tight while her vagina fluttered under his fingers.

Going slow was not just a means of tormenting Ranma, however. It had been necessary to help him retain control. He felt that control start to slip as his balls let him know that they were not going to put up with this much longer. With no point in holding back, Shampoo lifted his hips, dragging his cock almost all the way out, and then slid it back in all the way in one constant motion. He repeated, speeding up. He started to pant with the strain of holding off. He made two more cycles, and then Ranma came again, and that was the final straw. Shampoo cried out inarticulately and buried himself deep in Ranma as he filled her bowels with his seed. "Oh kami, oh gods," he panted. It was so good.

Shampoo rolled to the side, and pulled Ranma's small body with him till they were in a spooning position. He relaxed and savored the feeling of himself shrinking inside Ranma's butt. His fingers continued to fiddle with Ranma's nipples and clit. He kissed the back of her neck, and then said.

"Love you."

"Love you… More!"


The end?

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