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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at [sommert@connecttime.net]

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after Party Girls and Working Stiffs. This time out we'll introduce a new character and reintroduce an old one. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

Yuriko Kuonji hummed a tune to herself as she strolled down the street, enjoying that fact that another day of school was upon her. While most considered high school a form of hell on Earth — and the blonde admitted it was trying at times — she enjoyed it for the most part. Not from a learning perspective. She wasn't like her younger sister, Megumi, who enjoyed hitting the books. No, what Yuriko liked were the social aspects of her education. She was one of those teenagers who were fortunate enough to be considered popular in school. There were a variety of reasons for her notoriety. Captain of the successful girls volleyball team, renowned as a high-level martial artist, a reputation for never picking on the weak or less popular, being highly attractive and having a fabulous body, regarded as the 'star attraction' at the most popular after school restaurant, 'Ucchan's', all combined to gain her great deal of attention, which she reveled in.

However, not all of the attention was necessarily good. She knew guys often looked upon her as a sex object rather than the nice girl she knew she was. She had seen writing on the walls and overheard occasional snatches of conversations in which she was the topic, and what many of the guys would like to do with 'Big Tits' Kuonji. Some of it was juvenile, some was actually kinky, and a bit was downright perverted. But Yuriko wasn't a slut, even if most of the guys wished she was. She had carefully cultivated a reputation as someone that could be admired from afar, but couldn't be hit on. It was a measure to prevent her from feeling bad when she turned down guys that asked her out. Her reputation also included the fact she wasn't someone to be felt up either, since she had brutally smacked down more than one guy who thought he was cool and could cop a feel without repercussions. Of course, as bad of a beating as she might give, it suffered by comparison when Silver caught wind of it and got her hands on said offender. Yuriko was considered a 'look, but don't touch' person, and happy about it. At least as long as Silver and Akira were giving her the attention she deserved.

Lustful men were a distant second to how nasty some of the girls could be. Many of the little shrews were jealous of Yuriko's good looks and the attention men showered upon her. They spread nasty rumors about her engaging in activities she would never do. Well, never do with anyone outside of her current lovers, and the bitches didn't know she was doing such things, so they were basically lies when one got right down to it. Luckily, Yuriko was sociable and popular enough to have many girls on her side as well, so she had plenty of friends to counterbalance the jealous ones and counter the rumors.

The most problematic girl (not rival, since that title applied solely to one person) was ironically one of her co-workers, Arisa Senzenin. The rich, spoiled brat was a constant thorn in Yuriko's side ever since they arrived in high school at the same time a year ago. Arisa had been the most popular girl at her junior high, and couldn't tolerate the idea that there was someone who was more popular than her at her new stomping grounds. Arisa had made it her personal goal to become more popular than Yuriko if it was the last thing she did, even going so far as to get a job at Ucchan's. Despite her best efforts, she never had managed to become more popular than Yuriko. At the restaurant there wasn't any way to undermine her there since she was the daughter of the owner. Unfortunately, the same thing could not be said at school, where Arisa had the advantage in her role as the second most powerful person on the student council. Luckily, Saionji Kunou was the president, a position he held with unparalleled skill and aplomb. Yuriko had gone out of her way to cultivate favor with him by flirting and sending him some very friendly smiles. Once she had even 'accidentally' flashed her panties at him. Since then he seemed inclined to deal with her favorably, and wouldn't allow Arisa to abuse her power and influence on the council by going after the blonde. He couldn't keep the bitch from spreading nasty rumors and other minor schemes, but Yuriko could deal with those.

Yuriko had to admit, currying favor with Saionji using sexual flirtations was something she had no problems with. The man was handsome, smart, charismatic, supremely self-confident, and had a good build from the style of kendo he practiced, one incorporating a great deal on hand-to-hand combat in it. Had he felt so inclined, he could easily have joined the kendo team and probably led them to many titles. He was the kind of guy that, if it hadn't been for Akira and Silver, Yuriko might have tried to go out with. At one time he had been a prominent figure in her fantasies, second only to Silver and Ryo. Of course, by now Yuriko had now acted out a lot of those fantasies with Silver and Akira, and even her Auntie. But new fantasies had come by to take their place, ones even naughtier than before. And while Saionji wasn't in any of them at present, he would have been an acceptable addition in her mind.

Silver held a different opinion when it Saionji. Rather than being attracted to such a handsome man, the martial artist seemed to regard him as a rival and disliked him intensely. It wasn't from some incident, at least according to Silver. She just didn't trust him, but since it wasn't for any real reason, Yuriko did not share her lover's opinion when it came to suave Kunou. Curiously, Silver didn't dislike Arisa, despite the girl obviously being a total stuck up bitch. The martial artist had odd taste in people, sometimes.

As bad as Arisa was, there was someone that was a hundred times worse, and had far more influence over Yuriko's school life than a dozen Senzenins could. It was that saggy geriatric, Hinako Ninomiya. The bloated cow was practically a fixture on Silver-kun's cock, and was happy to rub Yuriko's face in it. There was nothing more the blonde wanted to do than swat the smirk off the old bag's face with a spatula, but Yuriko was prohibited from doing that on three fronts: Hinako's draining abilities, suspension from school, and perhaps the worst of all, gaining Silver's ire. The one time Hinako went over the line in trying to remove Yuriko from the picture, Silver had not only defended the blonde's honor, but punished the teacher by having her used as the rugby team's sex toy. Yuriko had really rubbed Hinako's face in that. A pity the aging slut hadn't decided to keep that role, since it suited her so well.

So Yuriko was forced to keep her attacks relegated to verbal banter (outside of anyone else's earshot, since talking that way to a teacher in front of everyone would end up getting Yuriko drained as well). Cutting on Hinako was easy to accomplish given the teacher's many physical faults. Not that Silver seemed to notice any of them. Of course the bitch would give as well as she got, which also frustrated Yuriko to no end.

As it was, Hinako was the one true rival Yuriko had, and could just as happily do without. The teacher's presence was something she was going to have to put up with for the foreseeable future. At least Akira wasn't interested in sticking his dick in the woman, despite Silver allowing him access to her whenever he wanted. And there was no question Silver was going the extra distance to lavish as much attention on 'her Yu-chan' as she did on 'her Hina-chan'. Yuriko had long since decided she could put up with it. Silver would come to her senses eventually, and the blonde had far more patience than the teacher. Hell would freeze over before she gave up on Silver Saotome, especially to someone like Hinako.

Yuriko pushed thoughts of the teacher out before they ruined her mood. It was going to be a good day, she was sure of it. Even if it was a touch chilly. Autumn had arrived, and Yuriko had been caught off guard, forgetting her jacket. Unfortunately, Silver wasn't around to wrap an arm around her and warm her up in her special way. It was times like these Yuriko disliked the fact Silver lived on the opposite side of the school, preventing the two of them from walking together. Strolling around side-by-side would make the time pass more quickly.

Before she knew, it Yuriko arrived at the storied grounds of Furinkan. It was the busiest part of the morning, and the grounds were packed with students walking toward the school's main building. Yuriko had a skip in her step as she joined the crowds.

She was nearly at the main building when someone said, "Excuse me," in a deep, gravelly voice.

The question made Yuriko stop. It had been delivered by a towering figure (whom she assumed to be male from his voice) dressed in a heavy trenchcoat and with a wide slouch hat that had the effect of hiding every bit of his flesh from view. He was standing in the middle of the walkway, though no one had taken notice of him, including Yuriko. That wasn't really a surprise. So many weirdoes dropped by Furinkan this stranger practically blended in.

"Yes?" Yuriko asked.

"Is this the school the 110th generation of Devil Hunter, Tachi Mano, attends?"

"It sound's like you're talking about Saionji's older sister. Actually her last name's Kunou." Then Yuriko's memory kicked in. "No, wait, that's right. She changed it to Mano because of some family obligation or something."

"So she does attend here?" Excitement laced the figure's voice.

"Nope. Graduated last year."

The figure's head cocked quizzically as he pondered that. "Hmm. That will delay my plans for dispatching her. I'll have to track her down and kill her, but before that, I think I'll ravage all the lovelies in this school, starting with you!"

Suddenly, the figure expanded five times from its former size, shredding the coat and hat instantly. The action revealed the form of a blue-skinned, human-shaped demon. A dozen vein-ridden tentacles that resembled penises, right down to the helmet-shaped ends with slits in them, sprang forth from the creature's body.

Before Yuriko could react two of the tentacles wrapped themselves around her ankles and hoisted her up in the air, holding her upside down and spreading her legs wide. Her skirt fell away, revealing her panty-clad bottom.

Rather than react to the demon, most of the students that witnessed the spectacle, especially the males, focused on something else.

"Wow, look at Kuonji's ass!"

"It's as sweet as that rack of hers!"

"Betcha her lips are as pink as her panties!"

There were dozens of other, similar comments. Yuriko heard every one of them, her face turning crimson. Rather than be afraid of the compromised position the demon had her in, she snarled out, "I'm going to kill you, you piece of shit!"

The demon hissed a serpent-like laugh. "After you've had a taste of me, you'll be my sex slave. You and every other girl at this school." He sent another tentacle up to brush against her outer lips through her panties.

Yuriko was about to hurl another string of obscenities when, from the entryway to the school grounds, a male voice called out, "Keep your tentacles off the merchandise, pal! You want a piece of Yu-chan, you'll have to go through me first!"

Silver-kun poised dramatically, making more than one of the female spectators swoon.

The proclamation made Yuriko's heart flutter. Silver-kun was there to save her again, just as a true lover would. Then she remembered how the demon had embarrassed her in front of everybody. As flattered as she was that Silver-kun was willing to save her, she had a personal score to settle with the creature. His ass was hers.

The tentacle demon shifted his attention to the new arrival. "I sense power and magic in you, human. You could possibly be a threat. I shall indeed take this woman over your dead body."

He hurled Yuriko aside, flinging her a dozen meters away as casually as an unwanted piece of garbage. To someone without the blonde's martial arts training, there was no telling how painfully they might have landed. For Yuriko, it was simplicity itself to twist in the air and land on her feet. Already the demon had forgotten her in favor of dealing with Silver-kun. Big mistake. From her school bag she pulled out three pieces of metal, two long and one wide and flat. Her hands were a blur as she locked the pieces together, forming her favored weapon, a battle spatula.

"Now we'll see who'll ravage who," Yuriko hissed under her breath.

Hinako Ninomiya took a moment to admire herself in the mirror on the restroom wall. She was looking good, if she did say so herself. She continued to work out on a regular basis, firming her body like it had never been before. Between that and remaining in her younger form outside of school — when she wasn't with Silver — helped to stave off the effects of gravity. While she had a body of a woman in her twenties, she couldn't do much about her face. While she still had the full lips and high cheekbones that drew men's eyes, no one would think she was in anything earlier than her late thirties at best. It wasn't as though plastic surgery was an option, not with her age changing abilities. Still, just the right touch of make-up made her appear sensuous, using her age to best effect rather than trying to hide it and pretend it wasn't there.

Her hands ran over her body as she smoothed out her dress. It was something Silver had picked out for her when they went shopping the other day. It was far more conservative than her usual choice of clothing. The dress was a yellow one piece that went all the way up to the neck, and down just short of her knees. While it didn't do much to hide her breasts — nothing really could — it didn't highlight them either. Still, it was tasteful, and Hinako approved of Silver's selection. The color was good on her and brought out her eyes.

As Hinako exited the lavatory, sounds of a disturbance reached her ears. Noting that students were gawking out the windows, she determined the source of the disturbance was outside. She felt a pang of irritation as she headed out the doors of the school. She had been planning to talk to her beloved Silver-sama once he arrived, but something had seemed to not only catch the student body's attention, but excited them as well. Usually that meant something involving a delinquent was happening, and Hinako knew how to deal with delinquents.

Hinako emerged into the school yard and saw that there were over a hundred students surrounding the spectacle. It took only a second to spot the source of their interest: a tentacle demon was squaring off with her beloved. Silver-kun was well out of reach for the moment, and a large blue ball of energy was forming between his hands. It was a Moko Takabisha, if she remembered what Silver-kun had said when he had explained some of his martial arts techniques. While it appeared he had the situation well in hand, Hinako was damned if she'd let some slimy demon lay one tentacle on her lover. She formed a circle with her hands and prepared to release Happo-Coin-Return right into the demon's back.

The demon sensed a power suddenly spring into existence behind him, even as one formed in front of him. Torn with indecision over what to do, he was so distracted that he never noticed the girl who had leaped above him. He did notice her for one brief second as her battle spatula sliced across his neck, decapitating him and sending his head flying away.

Yuriko was still in mid-air when Silver-kun and Hinako's blasts struck the tentacle demon's body. The forces of the blasts simultaneously striking both front and back of the demon, and its lack of a head, resulted in a geyser of bodily fluid shooting up high in the air.

Yuriko was caught directly at the edge of the fountain, bathing every inch of her body in the whitish substance. It didn't end there, as the stream cascaded up high in the air before falling back down to earth as though it were rain. Everyone outside ended up getting sprayed with the fluid, many people in the face since they had been staring upward as it headed skyward. Cries of revulsion filled the air as students tried running for cover. Those that had been closest to the demon received the worst of it, but everyone outside was doused in some of the substance. Only those that had been shielded by the school, including Hinako, were able to avoid it.

Silver-kun smirked at the sight of the blown apart demon. "So much for him. Nice work, Yu-chan!" he called out. His amusement became concern when he saw Yuriko was sitting on the ground, just staring off into space.

Ryo, who was almost as covered in the substance as Silver-kun, since he had been running up to help him against the tentacle demon, finally arrived at his side. "You okay?"

Silver-kun nodded. "I'm worried about Yu-chan." He ran up to the blonde and bent low.

"You okay?" Silver-kun asked of the still squatting girl.

Tearful eyes turned his way. "This… is… so… gross!"

"Let's get you cleaned off and have the nurse check you out." Silver-kun and Ryo helped the nearly paralyzed girl up to her feet and guided her to the nurse's office, the now fifteen-year old Hinako following in their wake.

Silver-kun slid the door to the nurse's office open and helped Yuriko inside. "Aunt Kasumi, we got a patient for you."

Kasumi Tendou turned from her desk to look at the newcomers. "Now, now, Silver-chan, it's Nurse Tendou when I'm at work."

"Sorry," Silver-kun said sheepishly.

"Oh my," Kasumi declared as she saw Yuriko's condition and hurried over to help the girl.

Silver-kun watched as his 'Aunt' went to work, grabbing some towels to clean Yuriko off. It was nice personally knowing the school nurse. Kasumi had been here long before Silver-kun started to attend Furinkan. Long before Akira had as well, though he had since graduated and began college.

From what Akira had told Silver-kun, Kasumi didn't really have to work. Evidently she had come into a large sum of money right around the time of Akira's birth. Some good investments expanded that several times until she had enough to retire comfortably. It seemed Kasumi didn't like the idea of sitting around doing nothing, so once Akira was old enough to start first grade, she decided to get a job. She always had a casual interest in medicine, and decided nursing was something she would enjoy. Just as she finished her training, a position for nurse opened up in Furinkan. Due to the school's reputation, she was the only applicant, and received the job.

Since that time 'Nurse Tendou' had become a permanent fixture at the school, helping anyone in need. She had a reputation among the female students of being pleasant and willing to listen any problems the students might have, and never speaking a word of what happened behind her closed doors. That was especially useful since she was in charge of dispensation of contraceptives, and many of the students didn't want the fact they were engaging in sexual activities known.

Among the male students she had something of a different reputation, that of being a major babe. To say she had aged well was like saying the ocean was kind of wet. Far more people would guess that she had just turned thirty rather than forty. But as much as time seemed to pass her by every third year, it was her smile that truly ignored the years. There was a vibrancy and playfulness to it that made her seem young. She certainly didn't act like an old lady. If anything, she behaved more like a twenty-year old. While there was no doubt she was a wonderful mother to Akira, that was the only behavior Silver-kun could think of that would mark her as being 'old.'

Kasumi also didn't do much to dissuade the Furinkan males' opinions of her looks. While Hinako unquestionably wore more risqué, almost slutty, outfits sometimes, there probably wasn't a single item in Kasumi's wardrobe that could be considered frumpy. Most of it appeared careful selected to show off her body, while not appearing cheap or gratuitous. Being a frequent visitor to the Saotome Dojo, Kasumi was in great shape, though she mostly trained as a form of exercise rather than becoming a skilled martial artist.

As much as Kasumi dressed in ways to accentuate her femininity, her most exotic outfit was unquestionably her white and pink nurse's uniform. It appeared to be a size too small, though Silver-kun wasn't complaining. It was tight around the chest, one that was comparable to Shampoo's in size and firmness. Her bottom was about the same, though Silver-kun thought it might have been a touch bigger. Not as voluptuous as Hinako's ass, but still something to grab a hold of and dig in. The skirt of the uniform was high as well, and when Kasumi bent even slightly, the tops of the white stockings that encased her long legs were revealed. Silver-kun wagered that if she bent at the waist, her panties would be revealed.

All things considered, it was small wonder many of the guys had nicknamed her 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi', in reference to some of the things they'd like to do with her. Looking at her now as she went to work, Silver-kun could definitely understand their line of thinking.

Not that she would ever breathe a word of her opinions to Akira. If there was one fault her male lover could be said to have, it was that he was overprotective of his mother to a fault. In his mind the only role Kasumi had was that of his mother, and not a woman. Not that he would admit such, but it was obvious from his attitude that was what he felt. Silver-kun remembered growing up Akira had never liked any of the numerous men Kasumi had dated, and never for any real reason. He just didn't like the idea that others saw her as dating material, or, worse, a sex object.

Silver remembered a time several years ago when Akira was pouting over some new man Kasumi was seeing. She tried explaining to him very nicely that women had emotional needs that sometimes required a man to fulfill. The dirty look Akira shot her ended that conversation quick. Shortly after that, Akira later complained to Silver that his mother had a long talk with him about the very same thing, explaining it was something he would just have to deal with, and that she loved him just as much no matter who she was going out with. That ended the open disapproval, but he would often mumble out of her earshot that she should dress more like a mother and less like a horny teenager on the prowl.

As far as Silver-kun was concerned, having a hot mom was something Akira was going to have to live with. And boy, was she hot. He thought she was more attractive than usual today. Her bottom was more alluring than ever, and he couldn't help wondering what it would be like to grasp her breasts and feel just how firm they were firsthand. If she had some womanly needs, he'd be more than happy to take care of them for her.

Silver-kun shook his head out of the fantasy that had started to build up. What the hell had that been about? While he had always acknowledged his 'Aunt' was attractive, he had never thought of actually doing those things with her. But the raging hard on in his pants made its opinion of what it would like to do known. What had suddenly gotten into him?

Taking a deep breath, Silver-kun tried to clear his thoughts, though only had minimal success. That nurse's outfit really needed to be a size larger.

"So what happened?" Kasumi asked as she wiped the liquid substance off Yuriko, accidentally getting some on her hands.

"A demon came to town trying to have its way with Yu-chan, but she took care of him. She kind of got covered in his blood in the process."

"It's… not… blood," Yuriko said miserably.

Silver-kun scratched his head. "What are you talking about? Of course it is. You cut off his head and it came gushing out."

"It's not blood," Yuriko insisted. She looked like she was about to cry. "I had my mouth open. I swallowed some of it."

"But it came out of his body. What else could it be?"

Kasumi coated her finger with some of the excess and sucked it. "I see. Yes, that's definitely not blood. Tell me, was it some sort of tentacle demon?"

"Yes," Ryo said, making his presence known.

Kasumi nodded her head knowingly. "While I'm not expert on demons, some of the more esoteric textbooks I've read say several forms of tentacle demon only have seminal fluid in them. I'm afraid this was one of them."

The young Hinako burst out laughing. "I don't see what you're so worried about, Kuonji. I'm sure a slut like you is used to being covered in sperm." She laughed even harder, nearly doubling over.

The laughter stopped abruptly as a handful of the demon's semen landed right on Hinako's face.

Yuriko dropped her hand and shot a heavy-lidded stare in the young girl's direction. "Your being covered in sperm is more appropriate, I think."

"You bitch!" Hinako raged.

Silver-kun and Ryo tried to defuse the situation, but it was too late as Hinako brought a coin up. Ryo leapt out of the way, while Silver-kun made sure Kasumi was out of the line of fire by scooping her into his arms then ducking to the side.

"Happo Fifty Yen Coin Drain!"

Glowing blue energy leapt from Yuriko's body to Hinako, leaving the blonde a sperm-covered, shriveled up mess.

The irate, adult Hinako spun on her heel and left the nurse's office to clean herself up.

"That could have gone better," Silver-kun said as Ryo returned to Yuriko's side and checked on her condition. The blonde groaned loudly, indicating that while she was drained, she would quickly recover thanks to her martial arts endurance.

Kasumi remained with her arms draped around Silver-kun's neck. "That was very heroic of you to risk yourself that way to make sure I didn't get hit."

Silver-kun gave an embarrassed laugh, then realized his hands were located on Kasumi's bottom and breast respectively. His erection felt like it doubled in size. He quickly set her down on her feet and released his hold, though his hand reacted as if they had minds of their own, and were unable to resist giving both places a quick squeeze before releasing her.

If Kasumi took notice of it, she gave no indication. Instead she took a half step back and looked Silver-kun over. "You're getting bigger."

"What?" Silver-kun gasped, wondering if she knew what reaction she was having on him and his lower anatomy.

"You're slightly taller than me now," Kasumi clarified. "A couple of months ago we were the same height, but now you're taller. I think you've had a growth spurt.

Silver-kun noted he certainly was having a growth, one right between his legs, and it wanted to spurt something as well.

"You look more like your mother every day," Kasumi said wistfully. "A lot like her."

Silver-kun gulped. He could have sworn she had stolen a glance at his crotch when she added the last part. But that was impossible. His Aunt Kasumi would never do such a thing.

"I'll get Yu-chan a set of spare clothes from her locker." Silver-kun excused himself. Ryo followed in his wake, leaving Kasumi with her slowly recovering charge.

As he walked casually to school, unmindful of the time, Saionji Kunou looked up to the sky and allowed the warmth of the morning sun to wash over his features. While he wasn't a cold weather person by nature, he barely noticed the below average temperature. Today his inner fires warmed his being, for this was the day some of his more inventive plans would come to fruition. Plans that would entertain him tremendously, as well as giving him leverage against certain people whose positions and influence he needed to assist him in his schemes and desires.

Most people would have been surprised to learn that the image Saionji cultivated, that of a benign, self-assured man was largely a fabrication. He wasn't evil or anything so painfully melodramatic. It was simply that the youth had an unbelievable superiority complex. He honestly believed he was greater than ninety-nine percent of humanity. However, Saionji had learned early on that when one went around boasting about their superiority, inferiors tended to become angry and intensely disliked the person who was so open about his higher status. Since those early lessons in life about limitations, Saionji made certain to hide his awareness of his superiority, and allowed his actions to speak for him. With a Machiavellian flare he had manipulated events over the last few years to place him in the highest position of power he could obtain given his age and area that he lived in. As president of Furinkan's student council, he could shape events and the lives of those surrounding him. And best of all, it was with their blessing.

It was the openly acknowledged position of superiority that Saionji really wanted, the power was merely a side-effect. He rarely used it, and certainly never to hurt anyone. It would have been beneath him. He was content in the knowledge that he was better than everyone else. He would never wield it as a club against others to do make them do his bidding, like Arisa was inclined to do. That was why she had to be reminded of her place constantly. It wasn't so much out of kindness that Saionji prevented her abuses, it was simply that allowing her to run roughshod over others would make him look bad. So he went around, smiling when he was supposed to, saying the right words and otherwise entertaining himself by making people think he was something he wasn't. Benign manipulation was amusing as well.

In truth, if anyone asked Saionji, he would have said he had no enemies, simply because there was no one was good enough to be his rival. Picking on inferiors was ridiculous on any level, so he never bothered. He surrounded himself with subordinates, but there were a handful of people he would call friends, despite them not being as great as him. Though he admitted they usually had capabilities in some field (that didn't interest him) and had made achievements within a limited scope that exceeded his own. Saionji knew he wasn't superior in everything, and that he had limitations and was mindful not to exceed them.

Case in point was the person walking alongside him to school: one Shiro Gosunkugi. He was Furinkan's resident 'mad scientist', who perpetually went about in a lab jacket, even over his uniform. While he was on the skinny side, almost to the point of gauntness, there was an unmistakable charisma about him. His perpetual smile was sincere, in that he enjoyed life, even if it wasn't in the same way others did. While it was obvious the youth was addled, it was in a largely harmless way, unless his mischievous steak showed itself. Though like Saionji, he chose to keep his inclinations hidden, enabling him to have even more fun since no one could blame him for whatever events his antics precipitated.

Shiro was brilliant in just about any scientific field, and in truth probably could have already gone to a prestigious college, if not graduated by now. However, he had no interest in proving his brilliance to the world. He was content to simply be brilliant. And have fun.

Like Saionji, Shiro lacked anything resembling a mean streak, which was one of the reasons the two got along so well. Self-centered and self-absorbed, but not malicious. The two had enough common ground that they let it publicly be known they were friends, which made most people wonder why Saionji would want to hang around someone that was so outwardly different from him. Saionji was content to let people speculate. An aura of mystery was good for a person in power. It kept people guessing.

However, there were times when Saionji grew bored, like of late. It was during those periods that he liked to 'stir things up', and allow the lesser people to entertain him. That was going to happen soon, which was why he was so delighted. He and Shiro, had devised a scheme that had taken the better part of a month to enable, but between Saionji's funding and Shiro's brilliance, they had concocted a plan that would entertain them immensely, as well as expanding Saionji's influence.

"You're certain everything is in place?" Saionji asked.

Shiro nodded. "Oh yes, everything is perfect. I personally placed all of the units. They're located in all of the key positions, and their batteries are fully charged. Now like I said, due to their small, undetectable nature, the batteries won't last long. They can't run for more than eight hours at a time before they'll need recharging, so they'll have to be used wisely. Still, they are masterpieces, if I do say so myself. Masterpieces that only a true genius like myself could create." Shiro's glasses gleamed maniacally.

"You know, there's something I've always wanted to ask you. How do you get your glasses to do that?"

"They're designed to become non-reflective when I grin in a certain way. Observe!" Shiro's smile disappeared, and so did the gleam. He smiled maniacally again, and the gleam returned.

"Fascinating." Saionji applauded the stylistic touch. Shiro was entertaining without needing to be manipulated. No wonder Saionji enjoyed his company.

Just as the pair entered Furinkan's grounds, a quartet of girls spotted them and ran up to Saionji. He smiled pleasantly at them. Arisa's little flunkies tended to be 'groupies' for him as well. Like Arias herself, most of them were very attractive, vain, and self-centered. They also opened their legs easily (though in Arisa's case, it was more like opening her mouth). Over time, Saionji had dalliances with most of them to appease his hunger, but he certainly didn't lust after any of the girls. He was content to let them try to impress him, and occasionally sleep with them if they were willing, but he made certain to never promise them anything he didn't intend to give. Manipulative he might have been, and as misleading as the devil himself, but he never lied or broke his word.

Seeing the eager looks on the girl's faces, Saionji wondered what had caught their interest. "And what is it, praytell that had you looking for me?"

One of the girls spoke up, irritating the others, since all of them wanted to be first. "There was a fight today."

"There are fights constantly around here," Saionji reminded her in a tired voice, implying she should get to the point.

"This one had a tentacle demon," another girl blurted out.

"A pity my sister wasn't here to dispatch it." Though Saionji was just as glad Tachi was gone. He had never been able to fool her with his guise, and she had interfered with his antics a little too often for his taste. He loved his sister, but she did tend to be a pain in the rear end.

"Silver did it," another added.

"Along with Miss Hinako," the last girl finally had a chance to interject herself.

"Ah, Saotome." Now there was a girl that was worthy of Saionji's attention. It was a true pity that, for some reason that escaped him, she categorically rejected all of his advances. No matter how he tried, he failed to understand why Silver wasn't interested; nearly every other girl in school was. Still, her refusals made the goal of winning her all the more fun. Saionji was a patient man. He could wait as long as it took to manipulate events until he got what he wanted.

"It nearly raped Kuonji. Too bad Saotome stopped it. It would have been good to see that bitch get what was coming to her." There was obvious delight in the first girl's voice, which was mirrored in her comrades' gazes as well.

Saionji sighed in disapproval as the girls regurgitated their boss's mantra. Really, Arisa's hatred of Yuriko was tiresome. There was more than enough room in Furinkan for both girls to be popular, but Arisa wanted no challengers to her title as 'Queen of Furinkan'. She had become increasingly difficult of late since her efforts to 'blow her way to the top' had been stymied. It was a pity she couldn't be more civilized in competing with the girl whom she had dubbed her arch-rival.

It was then Saionji noticed something on two of the girls, Ayeka and Megumi. "What's that curious white substance on your cheeks?"

The girls touched the spots with their hands. "That idiot Kuonji chopped off the demon's head and sent the blood gushing everywhere. Nearly half the school got covered in the stuff."

"The bitch," the other one added.

"I… see." Having two generations of Devil Hunters living under one's roof gave Saionji more than a passing familiarity with demons, and some of the interesting aspects they had. Tentacle demons in particular. "Why don't you ladies come up to the council chambers around, oh, say lunch time? I think I'll have something you'll need."

Both girls' eyes glowed in joyous rapture, while their two remaining compatriots glared as though they'd like to send them to a tentacle demon.

Saionji excused himself. It appeared his machinations were just in time. If what the girls had said was true, it would be an interesting day indeed.

As morning became afternoon, Kasumi spent her time filling out various order forms. Her mind was preoccupied as she couldn't help thinking about the events from the morning. Yuriko had recovered quickly from Hinako's draining attack and made it to the second half of her first class, but something still bothered Kasumi. It had to do with the demon's seminal fluid. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember what it was. It wasn't as though she was an expert in demon lore, but there was some factoid regarding the creatures that tickled at her memory.

Eventually she gave up, her mind turning to other things, like Silver Saotome. Looking at Silver's handsome male form, Kasumi found herself reminded of Shampoo-kun, though Silver possessed many of her father's physical features as well. Although judging by the bulge in Silver-kun's pants, he had inherited at least one of his mother's most notable features, one Kasumi had intimate knowledge of.

Not that she was angry or bitter over the way things had turned out (she really couldn't think of them as ended, since she and Shampoo had stayed close over the intervening years). No, Kasumi knew she had lived a good life, and had no complaints. She had a wonderful son, a loving family, a job she enjoyed, plenty of money, good health, and, while she had never been married, she had never lacked male companionship. Not at all.

Despite being an unwed mother, Kasumi was surprised to find that many men were still interested in her. At first, she was too busy raising Akira to think about such things, even as she had been too busy helping her family after their mother died to before that. In fact, apart from her tryst with Shampoo-kun, she had no romantic relationships at all, at least up to that point in her life.

Once Akira was old enough to start school, things started to change. Kasumi started thinking about herself more, including her desire for the company of men. Years had passed since her weekend of torrid passion with Shampoo-kun, and she had unquestionably missed the touch of a man. Once she was convinced Akira was old enough to not need constant supervision, Kasumi finally began dating. She had a surprisingly wide variety of men to choose from, given the number of suitors interested in her, especially when she was training to become a nurse. She met many men during that time in her life.

At first, Kasumi indulged herself, dating many men all at once and going steady with none. After a while, she whittled down the number of suitors and started concentrating on relationships instead. Again she had no problems, as most of the men were decent and interested in the longer term rather than one night stands, or just trying to get into her panties for a couple of hours. That wasn't to say none of them ended up there, just that she made certain they were serious before allowing them to share a bed with her.

None of the relationships turned out to be lasting enough to lead to an engagement, but that was all right with her. All of them were fun and very enjoyable. She dated many different types of men and had all sorts of relationships with them. She went from the professional and affluent, to lower income and a bit rough around the edges, and everything in-between. All of them were enjoyable in one way or another, whether they led to sex or ended before that.

As the years and men passed by, Kasumi began to wonder if she really was interested in settling down. She enjoyed dating too much to feel comfortable being with only one man the rest of her life. In many ways, she was almost the exact opposite of her peers. She raised a family at the outset of her life, and now she was finding a certain liberation in not having to raise one. Akira was getting older, and would move out of the house once he attended college, and then Kasumi really would have time primarily for herself and to live her life the way she wanted without having to deal with the responsibility of others.

Eventually she decided that indeed, she wasn't interested in marrying yet, and wanted to enjoy her freedom as much as she could. No longer as caught up in the idea of dating with the prospect of marriage, Kasumi went out more frequently, like she had when she had first started dating regularly. Although this time around, the path tended to lead more quickly to her bed than it had before. It wasn't as though she was a slut, (though perhaps promiscuous was an appropriate term) she simply enjoyed different types of men, who each had their pros and cons. She knew it was a phase she was going through, and was content to allow it to run its course and satisfy her urges so that they would be completely out of her system when she was ready to settle down.

Kasumi's wardrobe matched her new attitude, much to the consternation of Akira. But he had moved out by then, allowing Kasumi to live in the style she wanted to while she retained enough of her good looks enough to indulge in it. She felt extremely happy about the way she was living, and enjoyed it.

Although of late she had been through a bit of a dry spell. It wasn't from lack of attention from men, there was still plenty of that, it was that she was growing bored with the ones she knew. She wanted something a little different to spice things up a bit, though she was uncertain of what the 'different' thing was.

Seeing Silver-kun today had had a very odd, intoxicating effect on her. The one thing she had avoided was martial artists. She had gone out with men that were in good shape, but no one that could scoop her up in their arms and carry her out of danger the way Silver-kun had. And his hands had ended up in intimate spots on her body, squeezing them very nicely. She could feel the power in those hands, and found herself enjoying the sensations their grip produced. She was sorry Silver-kun had put her down when he did. She would have liked to remain in his arms for some time, feeling his hard body against hers. True, he was young enough to be her child, but he had also blossomed into a virile specimen of manhood.

Being in school, and distributing contraceptive to students that requested them meant Kasumi had some grasp with who was sleeping with who. Girls knew they could trust her and often spoke openly about what they were doing. Silver's name came up surprisingly often from girls who were unaware of the close relationship Kasumi had with Silver's parents. Their daughter was also quite promiscuous, at least with her cursed form, and many of the girls testified to the martial artist's endowments and ability to satisfy.

Kasumi was interested to note that Silver had not become involved with any of the girls for any real length of time. It seemed it was a more casual sex thing, which was a common trait was enough among the bundle of hormones that made up horny teenagers. Actually, Kasumi was pretty much engaging in the same thing, which gave them unexpected common ground.

Idly she wondered what Silver-kun would look like outside his outfit. He was more filled out than Shampoo-kun was at that age, if not quite as tall. Kasumi could tell even through his outfit that he had a finely toned, athletic, martial artist's body. His cocky grin held more than enough confidence to make a girl feel assured around him. And from his numerous encounters with girls, Kasumi was certain he knew his way around a woman's body. She preferred experienced men to those that became nervous and fumbling when confronted with a woman that was ready to be taken.

Lately, though, none of the girls had been coming by about Silver. Kasumi had heard rumors that she was 'off the market', though to who no one knew. Perhaps there was something physically wrong, and Silver needed checked up so her problem could be conquered. Kasumi would be more than happy to examine her. She was certainly qualified, and wanted to make sure everything about Silver was in working order.

Kasumi was good at administering physicals. A blush colored her cheeks as she remembered one particular occasion about a month ago when it was time for the students' annual check-ups. As usual, they had brought in a male doctor to examine the boys while Kasumi looked over the girls. However, toward the end of the day, the male doctor was called away on a family emergency before the boys' exams could be completed. There were only five guys left, and rather than make them wait and inconvenience everyone, Kasumi decided to fill in for the male doctor and check them out, saving everyone the trouble.

An amused smile spread across her features as she recalled the looks on the boys' faces when they entered the room and realized Nurse Tendou would be administering their physicals. She recognized the quintet as prominent members of the rugby team, with the most notable of the youths being Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki (a nickname she regarded as inappropriate since he was a very nice boy). Kasumi recognized the second boy who came in behind Ryo, Yakumo Kuramitsu, who was the son of one of Ranma's friends back from high school, Daisuke. Yakumo was in outstanding physical shape, handsome, and charismatic enough to become captain of the school's highly successful rugby team.

As fate would have it, Kasumi also recalled the other three members as well. Just a few days earlier she had been walking through one of the halls when she saw them clustered together with Yakumo, bragging to one another about their exploits. Realizing they were unaware of her presence, she was about to leave when she overheard Yakumo boast about what he'd like to do to 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi', with the others adding their own thoughts on the matter. Well, she thought wickedly, she'd show them what a 'Naughty Nurse' could do.

Rather than simply telling them to drop their pants, she ordered them to strip completely. The boys appeared dumbfounded, though Yakumo quickly recovered and began removing his clothing. The others followed suit, and soon Kasumi was staring at five young men in superior physical shape. Ryo's massive physique was truly a sight to behold, and she felt just a touch intimidated in the presence of his power. Yakumo was also notable, having a lengthy piece of meat dangling between his legs to go with his good looks and athletic frame.

Feeling particularly mischievous now, Kasumi pretended she had forgotten something in one of the lower cupboards. She gave her back to the guys and bent at the waist, wiggling her bottom invitingly in their direction. By the time she turned around, all of their cocks had turned into rigid bars of iron.

Pretending not to notice, Kasumi conducted the examination professionally, though continued to tease and torment the boys with her body as best she could, 'accidentally' brushing against them repeatedly. After determining they were in perfect health, she administered the final test, the 'turn and cough' one.

Since Yakumo was the one who had initiated the crude remarks, and appeared a little too satisfied with himself, 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi' gave him the proper version of the test. She made sure he was watching closely as she gave the boy next to him a different version of the test, one that involved brushing up against his cock. She could see the disappointment in Yakumo's face as she did the same thing to the next two in line.

Then it came time for Ryo's turn. Kasumi decided she'd give him a bonus since he hadn't been present during their boasts. Ryo, after seeing the treatment the others had received, was trembling in anticipation and fright. Kasumi took her time with him, placing one hand on his sack and the other on his cock, moving her hand ever so slightly. She made him cough four times before she was told him she was satisfied that everything was all right. Afterwards she turned cold to the boys, ordered them to dress and sent them on their way. 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi' indeed.

Kasumi's heart raced as the memory came back to her. It had given her a thrill to be so improper and taunt them that way. In reality, she wasn't a cocktease, but it had been fun to do it once. Still, she had behaved badly, and really, the boys' interest, crude as it was, in someone old enough to be their mother was incredibly flattering. She probably shouldn't have tormented them so. After all, what if they had thought she was sincere in her flirting and tried to do something about it?

Fantasizing, Kasumi wondered what might have happened if, after she finished checking them out, the boys ordered her to strip so they could give her a 'physical' of their own. She wagered those young studs would have been very physical with her, lining up to manhandle her breasts and pound her pussy with their rock hard pieces of meat, fucking her continuously…

Kasumi gasped as she came out of her fantasy, discovering two of her fingers playing with her clitoris as she masturbated in her chair. She quickly removed her hand, which had turned damp with her juices. What was going on? She knew better than to do something like that on school property, or at least would have the presence of mind to lock the door beforehand. While she had been feeling increasingly aroused since the morning, it hadn't been so urgent she needed to play with herself. Now it was. Why? While she hadn't had sex in a while, she had gone for far longer periods of time without it and not felt such a physical need. It was unnatural.

And then it finally dawned on her. That was what had been nagging the back of her mind. Some kinds of tentacle demons' bodily fluids could act as a type of aphrodisiac, helping the monsters turn humans into their sex slaves. Apparently in the case of this type, despite its death, its seminal fluid retained its potency. If she recalled correctly, the semen from that particular breed of demon would not only drive a human into a state of lust, but in the cases of those that had gotten splashed with a large volume, or ingested the substance, had their actual sexual abilities and stamina increased several times

Kasumi had come into contact with it when she had wiped Yuriko clean, and then she had tasted some. In hindsight, perhaps that had not been the best idea in the world. It had taken a while, but the fluid had finally seeped into her bloodstream and had an effect. Boy, did it have an effect.

Silver-kun! Kasumi distinctly remembered he had been coated with a healthy quantity of it. There had been some on his face, and he had handled Yuriko, getting more on him. The poor boy was undoubtedly in a state of arousal so great, it was the moral equivalent of walking around with a loaded gun, one that he would be firing into some poor unsuspecting girl's pussy when he was no longer able to control his urges. Kasumi had to act fast, before he did something he would regret.

She opened her link to the public address system and announced, "Silver Saotome, come to the nurse's office right away. It's urgent."

Kasumi turned off the microphone and sat back in her chair, fingers playing across her lower lips once again. She hoped he got here quickly so she could take care of him before it was too late.

Miss Hinako was walking around in almost a daze. She couldn't understand it. In the morning she had been fine. After wiping off the horrid substance that tramp, Kuonji, had thrown on her, Hinako had gone to her morning classes and taught them as she normally would. She noticed a bit of fidgeting among the students, moreso than usual, but chalked it up to so much excitement occurring in the morning. However, as the day rolled on, Hinako found herself becoming increasingly aroused. True, she hadn't had a rendezvous with her beloved Silver-sama, but they had an 'after school discussion' a couple of days ago, taking care of the itch only her lover could scratch. But for some reason that feeling of need had increased a five-fold in the course of the day. It had gotten so bad that when she was writing on the chalkboard in the last class, she became aware of the fact she had become so wet that some of the fluid had leaked down her leg right in front of the class. She had been fearful someone would see it, or worse, smell it, so she called an early end to class. As the male students filtered out of the room, Hinako found herself checking out their firm bottoms. For a moment, she was tempted to keep a few of them behind to see if they might like a little extracurricular activity before regaining control and banishing such thoughts from her mind.

What the teacher needed was some fresh air, and was intent on getting some. She took a back stairway to the roof. As she entered the stairwell, she could hear some gasping emanating from somewhere down below. While Hinako wondered what was happening down there, another wave of heat washed over her body. More eager than ever for some fresh air, she walked up the stairs at a hurried pace.

As Hinako opened the door to the roof, she was almost floored by what was transpiring right in front of her eyes. Plain as day, some girl was bent over, skirt flipped up and panties rolled down, getting it at both ends as one young man's cock pumped away in her pussy while she blew a second one with her mouth. They weren't even in a state of undress, their clothing had simply moved aside, as it they just decided to go at it then and there.

The trio was so intent on their actions that they were unaware of the teacher's presence. The boy fucking the girl gasped out, "God, Miho, I'm so sorry for all the times I called you frigid. I had no idea you were like this."

Whatever response the girl had was lost around the cock that her mouth was wrapped around.

What Hinako should have done was drain the trio on the spot for brazenly fornicating in public. What she wanted to do was ask if she could join in. Instead, she backed away, closing the door behind her. As she staggered down the steps, she was finally able to figure out what was going on below as a girl screamed out in ecstasy. Again Hinako had to resist the urge to go down and check things out.

That settled it. She needed to find Silver-sama immediately, before she stumbled on another scene and did try to become an active participant.

Ryo Hibiki was feeling particularly irked today. First, he had a perfect opportunity to impress Silver by leaping to her (well, his at the time) aid and clobbering the demon. Instead he had arrived too late to do anything, other than look unnecessary, which was probably exactly how Silver viewed him.

Then there was the arrival at the nurse's office and encountering Nurse Tendou for the first time since her administration of his physical, one in which he nearly blew his load in her hand. Since that day he had been having very improper thoughts about that particular member of the faculty. It was made worse by the hard on that had instantly formed in her presence. Luckily, Hinako's temper tantrum prevented her from noticing his inappropriate reaction around the school's nurse, since the disciplinarian would undoubtedly have punished him for his improper behavior.

Whatever effect Nurse Tendou had on him did not go away even after she was out of his sight. Since the visit, Ryo had been sporting an erection that had been growing more difficult to ignore by the minute.

Ryo went into the men's lavatory in the hope that splashing some water on his face might cool him off. As he entered, he heard men's gasps and groans coming from the stalls. No women, just guys. And unless there was a rash of constipation going around, it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on behind those closed doors. Ryo exited as quickly as he entered.

God, that was disgusting, and not conductive to his current mindset. He couldn't believe how crude guys could be.

Just then a pair of girls headed out of the nearby girl's lavatory. Both appeared agitated.

"I can't believe they were doing that in there!" the first said to her friend.

The second scratched her head. "Yeah, although I'm not sure where a good place to masturbate would be."

"Try, 'in their homes'," the first said in disgust.

Okay, maybe girls could be as bad as guys. At least Ryo was secure in the knowledge that Silver wasn't like that. Some of the rumors that circulated about her were truly amazing. There were even some that insisted she slept around with girls, despite her really being a girl!

Ryo continued walking, trying to figure a way to cool down. If it hadn't been for his encounter with Nurse Tendou, he'd have probably asked her for advice or if there was some pill he could take to make it go away. As it was, maybe a walk around the school would shake some things loose, or at least soften them a little.

His walk led him to a trio of girls that were peering around a corner, giggling among themselves. He recognized one of them as Arisa Senzenin, who was pretty, but a total bitch that had it in for Yuriko. The other pair was a couple of the sycophants that she surrounded herself with.

Ryo was tempted to continue onward, but he needed something to distract him. He surreptitiously looked around the corner they were peering around. The only thing of interest was the somewhat dumpy and unattractive Natsume Kumagari, who was sheepishly approaching Ryuunsuke Hasegawa, who was one of the more handsome and popular guys among the females of Furinkan. Curiously, he seemed to be just standing there, staring at his closed locker door. As Natsume walked up to him, Ryo saw that she had a letter in her hand.

"What's going on?" Ryo whispered to the girls.

Arisa couldn't stop giggling. "We told Natsume that Ryuunsuke was interested in her and that she had a chance to score with him."

"She's going to be so humiliated," another laughed.

"Serves her right for not letting me copy her homework last week," the last girl added.

Ryo looked down upon them in every sense of the word. What jerks, going out of their way to trample others' feeling just for some petty form of revenge. Had Natsume not already been out of earshot, Ryo would have warned her she had been set up, but it was too late. On the spot, Ryo decided that once she was shot down, he'd go up to her and ask her out in the hope of mitigating the pain and humiliation of the rejection. Since Silver was still the only one for him, he'd only date her long enough so she didn't suspect he was only asking her out to make her feel better. That might help. At least he hoped it would. He hated to see girls cry.

Everyone continued watching as Natsume nervously bowed and handed him the letter. That seemed to shake Ryuunsuke out of his daze. He opened it and read it.

The girls around Ryo began to double over as they covered their mouths, trying to stifle the laughter.

Ryuunsuke clasped Natsume's hand and said something soft the others couldn't hear. Natsume then shouted, "Right now? You're darn right I would!"

"Let's go. There's this out of the way place near the furnace in the basement." Ryuunsuke was in such a rush he practically dragged her away by her hand. Natsume had a blissful smile on her face.

Everyone at the corner watched in stupefaction as the pair departed, walking right past them.

"How… what… why?" was the most coherent thing Arisa could get out.

Ryo snapped out of his stupor first. He looked down contemptuously on Arisa and said in a lecturing tone, "Serves you right."

Disbelief was replaced by anger, all of it turned upon Ryo. "Where do you get off talking to me that way, you big, dumb oaf?" She began poking him in the chest, punctuating each word with her finger. "I am Arisa Senzenin, vice president of the student council. You don't lecture me on anything, do you understand, you oversized moron?" She continued poking him, safe in the knowledge that Hibiki was known around the school as being a good-natured, passive lug, especially around women.

Rather than backing away, Ryo stared at the finger as it continued prodding and poking him. He recalled something Silver had said in reference to Arisa's behavior, and in his current, heated state of mind, he decided she was right.

Before Arisa could react, Ryo brought his hand up and cupped her by the chin, forcing her to look up at him. "You know something, I think a spanking just might be just what you need to break you of your bitchiness."

Arisa gulped, mostly because from the look in Ryo's eyes, he just might make good on the threat. She tore herself out of his grasp and shrieked, "You can't talk to me that way!"

Rather than act cowed, Ryo's lips sneered in challenge.

Realizing that even if all her friends helped her, they still wouldn't last three seconds against Ryo, Arisa had no choice to but to back down and away. She refused to turn around, as though she was afraid if Ryo saw her bottom, he might make his threat reality. "I'll get you for this, Hibiki! I promise you'll regret threatening me!"

He took one step forward.

The dam broke. Arisa high-tailed it out of there as though a tentacle demon was chasing her.

Given Ryo's state of mind, the fast movement made him want to follow so he could grab her and throw her over his shoulder. But he suppressed the urge and remained where he was. He couldn't believe he talked to her that way. He never talked to girls that way. Of course, most girls he talked to weren't bitchy, like Arisa, but still, it was highly improper. Although the thought of grabbing her and flipping her skirt up so he could look at that luscious bottom of hers was truly appealing.

Ryo realized the direction his mind had wander off to again and tried clearing his head of such lascivious thoughts. He was turning into an animal. He had to get away before he did something to some poor, innocent girl that they'd both regret. He turned away, intent on fleeing the school altogether before it was too late.

Silver-kun headed toward the nurse's office, deeply concerned about two matters. One was what his Aunt Kasumi needed him for that was so urgent. The second, that had been plaguing him all day, was what the hell was he going to do about the hard on in his pants? The damn thing refused to go away, and was getting worse by the minute. He had considered changing into girl form, but was afraid the change might make his arousal worse. The erection between his legs had become so uncomfortable that he had decided to find both Hinako and Yuriko for a lunchtime quickie when he heard the announcement telling him to go to the nurse's office.

Hurrying as fast as he could, given his need to walk funny, Silver-kun arrived at the office in less than a minute. Sliding the door open he entered. Kasumi was standing next to the door, obviously waiting for him. She appeared flushed, as if she had been exercising.

"Thank goodness you're here." Kasumi slid the door closed and locked it behind him.

Sensing something serious, Silver-kun asked, "What is it?"

"Strip," Kasumi said.

Silver-kun blinked. "I beg your pardon."

"Strip. It's all right. I'm a nurse, and I've seen you naked plenty of times."

Only as a girl, when I was younger, and not when my staff was at full mast, Silver-kun thought to himself. "I don't think it's such a good idea."

"It's a medical emergency," Kasumi insisted.

The horrible thing was, looking at Kasumi in her nurse's outfit, with its short skirt, tight bust, and the way the nipples were poking out even through her bra, Silver-kun wanted to be naked, and for Kasumi to be naked as well. "There's a problem."

A cross look appeared on Kasumi's features, "There's no time for this."

To Silver-kun's astonishment, Kasumi dropped to her knees and began tugging at the drawstring of his pants. "Wait! You can't—"

But she most definitely could as, with deft hands, Kasumi undid the string and dropped Silver-kun's pants and boxers in one fluid motion, causing his shaft to spring out, nearly hitting her in the face.

Kasumi's eyes gleamed as she stared at the rock hard member mere centimeters from her face. She licked her lips, her breathing becoming raspier. "It's so… big. This is what I was afraid of. The demon's seminal fluid has put you in a state of arousal you can't deal with. Soon you'll lose control and go after some poor girl and force yourself on her."

Actually, he wouldn't be forcing the girl if he could find Hinako, Yuriko, or maybe even some previous one night stand. But he couldn't bring himself to say that. It would be revealing too much, especially about Hinako.

Kasumi continued, chanting in almost a mantra. "You'll pin her to the ground, part her legs, and force this large, enormous shaft inside of her, stretching her so wide it would make her feel like she was a virgin again."

Her increasingly hot talk was only exciting Silver-kun further. He was losing the ability to think about Hinako or Yuriko, instead his thoughts focusing on the woman that was before him on her knees, right in front of his manhood. It was happening exactly as Kasumi had predicted, but with a different target than she imagined. "I really need to—"

Kasumi looked up at him. "Don't worry, Silver-chan. I'm a professional. I'll help cure you no matter what it takes." And with that she parted her lips and engulfed the head of his cock.

Silver-kun gasped as he felt her warm, inviting mouth swallow his manhood. He felt her tongue swirl about the sensitive head with expert skill, nearly making his knees shake. Kasumi's head drew back, then swallowed nearly half his cock, doubling his arousal. This was exactly what he needed, the salve to the burning ache that plagued his loins.

For a moment, guilt about what he was doing with Kasumi, and how Akira would feel about it, overwhelmed Silver-kun. Then two things occurred to him. The first was that Kasumi was the one who had initiated everything. The second was that Akira had screwed Ranma-chan, one of Silver-kun's parents, on several occasions.

The first fact meant Silver-kun was blameless, especially with the demon's fluid affecting him. The second meant Akira had no moral high ground to stand on. Conscience assuaged, Silver-kun relaxed and started to enjoy the oral treatment the nurse was prescribing for his condition.

Kasumi proved herself highly skilled in such matters. She kept sucking down his shaft, making it wet with her saliva and causing Silver-kun to groan as she worked him over. She changed gears by removing it from her mouth, only to raise it up so she her tongue could work its way up and down the sides of the shaft. After licking every millimeter if flesh, she went lower and played with his sac gently, taking one of his testicles in her mouth, then shifting to the other. All the while her fingers were hiked up her skirt as she played with her own pussy, stroking it vigorously.

As aroused as Silver-kun was, the expert skill that his rod was being handled, combined with the fact his staying power was never that great the first time around, meant he only lasted a couple of minutes before he gave a cry of relief and proceeded to blow his load. Luckily, Kasumi's mouth had been firmly affixed to his shaft, and she started sucking down everything he had to offer.

Silver-kun was more than a bit surprised as his cock pumped continuously, dumping a huge amount of his seed deep into Kasumi's throat. It was far more than a normal load usually was, though Silver-kun wasn't complaining since it sustained the sensations of the climax far beyond the usual limit. After a seeming eternity of orgasmic bliss, his cock stopped spewing its payload, Kasumi's mouth remaining connected to his rod, as though she were trying to coax more out of it.

Despite the orgasm, Silver-kun didn't feel the release of tension that usually followed. There had to be something about the demon's fluid affecting him. Even now his shaft had only lost a touch of its rigidity as Kasumi disengaged her mouth, a small string of saliva and his spunk trailing from her lips to his manhood.

Now that he had recovered some of his senses, Silver-kun noticed that Kasumi was in a high state of arousal as well. He had seen her stroking herself furiously while sucking him off, taking care of his needs over her own. It was his turn to help her out. Honor, duty, and his balls, demanded it.

Silver-kun startled Kasumi by bending down and grabbing her under the armpits so he could hoist her to her feet. Once she was standing in front of him, he said, "It looks like I'm not the only one in need of treatment." Not giving her a chance to respond, he brought her body against his, and kissed her deeply. It took only a moment for Kasumi to do the same, their tongues dueling one another. Silver-kun savored the flavor of his seed in her mouth.

While Silver-kun's tongue worked over hers, his hands were busy as well. He unbuttoned Kasumi's top with a desperate urgency, the number of buttons and their small size frustrating him. He was only two thirds of the way done when he decided that was enough. Breaking off the kiss, he pushed her back so he could admire her chest. Much to his delight, her lacy white bra had a front clasp. He unhooked it, allowing her breasts to bounce free of their restraint. His hands fondled the mammaries. They were just as he imagined they'd be, sizable, yet firm, with large aureoles that made her nipples stand out like a pair of bullets.

"Beautiful," Silver-kun said, and lowered his head so he could start suckling on them.

Kasumi gasped. Her breasts were always incredibly sensitive, and playing with them was always guaranteed to turn her on. In her supernaturally enhanced state, Silver-kun's ravenous devouring of them made her nearly orgasm on the spot, something unheard of for her. She embraced his head gently, like she would a babe, as he suckled away.

While Silver-kun's mouth worked on her top, his hands were busy again. They reached down to Kasumi's loins, only to discover she was so wet she had completely soaked through her panties, with the excess running down her legs. All of that couldn't have happened just now. She had been ready for this since the moment he entered.

Not wanting to torture Kasumi further, Silver-kun stopped playing with her breasts and rose back to his full height. She looked up at him with as much lust as he had ever seen on another human being. It roused the animal that had been released by the demon's fluid once again. He pulled her along to one of the beds in the office then lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge. Gently, but firmly, he pushed her backward until she was lying prone on the bed. Grabbing the hem of her uniform, he pulled it upward until it was above her waist, displaying her soaked panties and white garter belt. He grabbed the panties, pulling them down her stocking clad legs and tossed them over his shoulder.

Silver-kun took a second to admire Kasumi's breathtaking beauty. He had thought she looked desirable before, but now it was almost painful to look upon her. Her breasts were on display as they poked out of the opening in her nurse's uniform. Her pussy, right at the edge of the bed, was neatly trimmed and the lips were engorged with arousal, inviting him to bury himself inside. Her lovely face was burning in desire, begging him to take her in a way only a man could do. After this day, he was never going to be able to look upon her the same way again.

Impossibly, his cock was harder than before. He grabbed the backs of Kasumi's knees and brought her legs up, spreading them wide. Using his hips, he lined his rod up with her pouty lips. "Here it comes, Auntie."

She shook her head. "No, it's…" she paused, then said, "Naughty Nurse Kasumi. I'm Naughty Nurse Kasumi when I'm doing this." She looked upon him seductively.

Silver-kun grinned. So that was the way she wanted to play it. Maybe she had wanted to do this sort of thing for a while. He was happy to oblige and played along. "Okay, Naughty Nurse Kasumi, I'm going to give you some treatment of my own." No longer able to hold off, he thrust powerfully in her, sinking nearly half of his shaft in before it became too tight to advance any further.

The result was instantaneous as 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi' bucked hard at the penetration. She grasped her breasts and began playing with them. "More! Give me MORE!" she cried out.

"There's plenty more coming. You've got a long way to go before I stuff you full of everything I got." Silver-kun pulled nearly all the way out, then thrust forward again, getting in another inch before it tightened up once more.

Need made Silver-kun move his hips forward with urgency, much harder and faster than he ordinarily would. Even so, Kasumi was able to take everything he had to offer and more as he plunged deeper and deeper until he hit bottom and was plugged up to the hilt, his groin rubbing against hers. Pausing, he savored the sensation of her love channel hugging his raging manhood. He couldn't believe how wonderful it felt being inside her. He had never imagined taking her this way. How could he have ignored someone so beautiful that was right under his nose?

Kasumi writhed in pleasure, like a worm stuck on a hook. She moaned, "It's so good. I feel like I'm being split in half. It's so big."

The talk really fired Silver-kun up. Slowly he withdrew until only the head was inside, then rammed forward again. He repeated the motion several times, relishing how tightly she clung to his shaft.

"Harder! Harder!" Kasumi cried out in lust.

Since she asked so nicely, she would receive. Silver-kun shifted his position so the prone woman's ankles were thrown over his shoulders. He grabbed onto her upper legs, and securing a firm grip, began ramming his manhood into her with some real force.

It was slow going at first, but eventually as Silver-kun plowed into her, Kasumi's insides loosened up until he was able to pound into her quickly. The heat generated from their coupling increased, making Silver-kun drive harder still.

"Yes! Yes! You're just like your mother!" Kasumi cried out in pleasure as her breasts bounced up and down from the speed and force of the penetration.

Silver-kun noted she must have been really aroused to let that slip out. Or maybe it slipped out because of what was slipping inside her.

Within minutes, Silver-kun felt her insides tighten on his shaft, forcing him to stop for fear of hurting something. Kasumi jerked in his grasp as she finally came as hard as he had ever seen a woman climax. Her chest heaved up and down as she took in deep gasps of breath, and there was a look of bliss in her eyes.

Knowing he had elicited such pleasure upon her really stoked Silver-kun's fires. Once her insides loosened their hold, he began pounding her again. All of the hot action had once more pushed him to the edge. He felt a pressure build inside his cock great enough that if it didn't get release, he was certain it really would explode.

"I have to come," Silver-kun groaned.

"Inside me! Do it inside me! I want to feel you fill up my body!" Kasumi cried out.

That was what he had been praying for. Unable to hold off a second longer, he drove in to the hilt one more time and grunted as his cock spurted blast after blast of his own seminal fluid. Again he was surprised by the amount he produced, especially since he had climaxed only minutes before.

What was almost as startling was Kasumi's reaction. After the first blast, her insides tightened on him again and she twisted in his grasp. He was surprised since he hadn't thought she was that close to coming again, but there was no doubt her orgasm was true, and not something faked for his benefit.

Eventually their simultaneous climaxes passed, leaving both of them to gasp in the throes of passion. He remained standing, buried inside her, while Kasumi lay on her back, a bright smile on her face.

Kasumi was the first to recover. She looked fondly, and a touch wickedly, upon Silver-kun. "That was a good treatment… at least for one dosage, but I'm afraid I'm going to need more to cure my condition."

She shifted slightly. The movement made Silver-kun's cock start to harden once again. It appeared her diagnosis was correct if he was recovering that quickly. Of course, having a hot woman helping in his treatment made some of the symptoms of the disease worse, but in a good way.

"Another injection coming right up," Silver-kun said as he began to move his hips again.

Hinako was becoming desperate. It felt like there was a fire in her loins, a conflagration that only a man could put out with the hose between his legs, and Silver was perfectly suited for the job. However Hinako's search was unable to find her lover, and it was getting difficult for her to think.

And then she saw Ryo Hibiki approaching. The tall, strapping boy who had ravished her mercilessly after Silver had strung her up like a prize deer for her punishment.

Miss Hinako squared her hands on her hips and said in a loud, demanding voice, "Mr. Hibiki, I need to see you in my office."

Ryo stopped dead in his tracks. Slowly he looked Hinako over, almost as though he was undressing her with his eyes. She doubted she could be so lucky. The only reason he had been so rough with her that night was because Silver had put something in his drink to help 'motivate him' as her lover termed it. Ryo was a passive nice boy who would never be so brazen.

Ryo shifted nervously in his tracks. "I really have to go right now. How about later?"

"That wasn't a request," Hinako said, grabbing him by the arm and forcing him to follow her.

"I have to go," he insisted, though he did nothing to remove himself from her grasp.

Luckily, Hinako's office was only one wing over. Once they arrived, Hinako was quick to unlock the door, open it, shove Ryo inside, then followed, closing and locking the door behind him.

The office was small, but it afforded Hinako some measure of privacy. She had enough tenure at Furinkan to merit her own office. It was cramped with her desk, file cabinet, computer, and other teaching aides jammed inside the small space. Given Ryo's massive size, he filled nearly half the room himself. He looked so nervous Hinako thought he might try to bolt out the door, even if it was locked. Not that it would serve as an impediment given his massive size and strength.

Again Hinako squared off with him, her eyes offering unspoken challenge, just like in her 'ball-busting bitch' days before Silver came along and tamed her heart and body. "I'm afraid I have bad news for you, Mr. Hibiki. You're failing my English class."

That snapped him out of his stupor. "What? You said I had a 'C' just last week!"

"Your grade has plummeted since then."

"How? We only had a ten point quiz."

"It counted for ninety percent of your grade."

"I got ten out of ten on it."

"Quit talking back to me, boy!" Hinako snarled. "However, there is good news. I'm offering you a make up test that can bring your grade up as far as an 'A'."

Ryo broke out into a sweat. He was a terrible test taker, especially when the pressure was on. "What sort of make up test?"

In response, Hinako grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted up, revealing her panties, then bra, before throwing it over her head and casting it aside. This time when she placed her hands on hips, it was in a pose of seduction. "You'll have to make me orgasm. One letter grade for each one you give me."

What Hinako expected was for Ryo to stammer out how he couldn't do it, it was wrong to have sex with a teacher, and to otherwise be his usual weenie self. What she got was a predatory animal who stalked toward her like she was cornered prey, similar to how Silver-sama approached her when he was feeling particularly aroused and wasn't in the mood to take 'not now' for an answer.

The unexpected reaction made Hinako reflexively back up. She only made it two steps before she hit the edge of her desk, arresting her flight. Before she knew what was happening, Ryo was upon her, looking at her like a cat that had chased the mouse into a dead end hallway.

Ryo gave her a hungry smile. "I like this kind of test."

Before Hinako could react, Ryo's hand lunged forward and grabbed her bra, ripping it open with a flick of his wrist. He fell to his knees, which, with his superior height, made his face level with her bosom. He grabbed her massive mammaries with his large hands, holding her in place with his grip. His firm hold was a touch on the uncomfortable side, but Hinako was the type that enjoyed forceful sex, and the lust it stirred up made the slight discomfort more than bearable.

Ryo pulled her forward by her tits and brought his mouth up to one. He opened wide and began sucking hard on the breast, his grip remaining firm. Hinako was astounded by the powerful suction his mouth produced, and the sensations that came along with it. Had she been lactating, he would have sucked gallons from her tits until she came up dry, and still tried for more.

Ryo lasted about a minute on that breast before switching to the other. Hinako could see the force of his sucking had left a red mark around the nipple, a testament to the powerful suction he had applied.

After finishing with that breast, Ryo stopped sucking on them, leaving love bites behind. Wordlessly, he forced her down to the cold tile of the floor by her bosom, maneuvering her until she was flat on her back. He placed one of hands high on her chest, just below the neck, to keep her pinned to the floor. With the other he freed his manhood from his trousers. Hinako licked her lips in anticipation of the pleasure that piece of meat could bring.

Hinako's panties followed the same fate as her bra as they were casually torn from her body, leaving her as naked as the day she was born, save for the necklace Silver had given her denoting his 'ownership' of her. The teacher felt thrilled at being trapped in the firm grip of a youth who was beginning to live up to his nickname of 'Monster'.

Ryo maneuvered his body so one of her legs was between his. He grabbed the free leg by its ankle, flipping her so she was lying sideways. Hoisting the leg over his shoulder, he held it in place with hands, spreading her wide. Now she was truly helpless to do anything in the face of his strength, positioning and lust. She would have been incredibly turned on even if she wasn't under the influence of the demon's semen. As it was, the fluid only enhanced her arousal to inhuman levels. Her body was literally becoming sick with need.

Then her desires were answered as Ryo rammed the full length of his cock in her body. While it was only of normal proportions, it felt as large as a tree trunk to Hinako's ravenous body. She nearly cried out in fear as she felt him pull out, until he stopped moving his hips back, and rammed them forward once again. Ryo started to build up a tempo, slow but powerful. Now Hinako understood what it meant to be 'impaled' by someone's manhood as his tool stabbed into her body repeatedly.

As lust filled as Hinako was, her body climaxed under the assault in a matter of seconds. The teacher's wails filled the room and had to have echoed through the halls, though she was too excited to care what others would think of the sounds coming from her office.

"That sounded like a 'D' to me," Ryo said, then doubled his speed. Within seconds he followed hot on her heels, erupting inside her and giving release to his own supernaturally driven needs.

Hinako was barely aware of him extracting himself from her body. Despite having come so hard, there was unquestionably a need for more of the same. His emptying into her body only temporarily abated a bit of the lust that continued to consume her.

Before she could ask for more, Ryo flipped her so she was on her back. He stood up, then straddled her chest above her breasts. He pulled her head up by the hair, and as she opened her mouth in surprise, he jammed his flaccid cock in her mouth. She was helpless to do anything as he held her head firmly in his hands, and began force-feeding her his manhood.

Ryo smiled at the sight of his cock disappearing in her mouth. "That's it, get it nice and hard. I still have three letter grades to go."

Hinako could only slurp in approval as she felt his shaft begin to stiffen in her mouth.

Yuriko's good day was rapidly turning into one of the worst in her life. It had been bad enough that some demon had flashed her panties for the entire school to see, but than it had to spray its spunk all over her body and ruin her clothes. Then that bitch Hinako had gotten one up on her and drained so badly it took nearly half a period to recover. And now…

Now she was having quite possibly the horniest day of her life.

Yuriko would be the first to admit that she had a high sex drive. It wasn't that she was a nymphomaniac, just that she liked sex and wanted lots of it. But she could always keep her feeling under control, at least until today. Now, for some bizarre reason, she was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything other than getting laid. Every guy that passed by was desirable, even the ones that didn't normally turn her on, mostly because she knew what was between their legs, and the satisfaction it could give her. She wanted it badly, so much so her body was nearly shaking.

Yuriko was afraid of losing control when gym class rolled around. It was the first day of gymnastics lessons, a subject Yuriko excelled at given her extensive martial arts training. She was late getting to class, due to checking out some guys who she envisioned doing some naughty things with. By the time she arrived, most of the girls had already changed and gone into the gymnasium.

As Yuriko removed her uniform, she overheard a conversation on the other side of the row of lockers she was using. The girls spoke loudly, unaware Yuriko was on the other side.

A girl whose voice Yuriko could not identify said, "I can't believe you're going out there without a bra."

The other responded in haughty tones. "I'm tired of Kuonji getting all of the guys' attention. They'll be checking my gorgeous body out today, and ignoring that big-breasted bitch."

Yuriko recognized that voice, it was Miko, one of Arisa's little flunkies, who, like all of her slut friends, thought way too much of herself and too little of Yuriko. Well, she'd show the little snot who had the hottest body around. Yuriko not only removed her bra, but her panties as well. Donning the leotard, she discovered that the soft texture of the uniform against her skin, including the most sensitive parts of her body, made her tingly and even more aroused. Her nipples hardened until they nearly ached, and their outline could clearly be seen poking through the outfit. The guys would mistake Miko for a man compared to someone as hot as Yuriko.

The instant she hit the gymnasium floor, the blonde found herself the center of attention of all the guys. Even with the class being divided into male and female groups, they were within sight of one another. And just as Yuriko had hoped, Miko was left fuming over being ignored. It served the shrew right.

As the class progressed, Yuriko found herself becoming increasingly aroused, especially under the lustful stares of all the guys, and she found herself really checking out their packaging as well. While they didn't wear leotards (making Yuriko curse the school's double-standard policy) their shorts were tight and showed off their fit bodies and hinted at the size of what lay between their legs.

There was a group of five guys really giving her the eye. She recognized one of them as Daisuke Fujiwara, one of the most handsome guys in school whose slender, yet muscular build reminded her of Akira's. He was captain of the baseball team, and regarded as quite the catch. Yuriko recalled Silver mentioning that Daisuke was the son of an old friend of Ranma's, Hiroshi or something. Despite that, Daisuke and Silver were never more than acquaintances, their personalities not clicking at all. What Yuriko remembered about Daisuke was that he hated the captain of the rugby team, Yakumo, which was returned with just as much passion. The two were famous for their lifelong dislike and rivalry with one another. Yuriko didn't travel in the same circles as them, so she didn't involve herself in the matter. She had her own rivalries to worry about.

The group of five stared at her nearly the entire time, earning them a couple of swats to the head for not paying attention to the gym teacher. Yuriko was a bit surprised they were being so brazen in their interest. Daisuke usually demonstrated more restraint, and so did his friends. It was almost as though they were feeling as horny as her, which was impossible: no one could possibly be as horny as she was at that moment. It was taking everything she had to keep from grinding her legs together to try to get some form of relief. Her eyes kept shifting over to them, wondering what it would be like to see them in leotards and lacking any underwear. They all looked pretty handsome to her, and maybe Daisuke's resemblance to Akira went further than his general build.

After forty-five minutes of her body running even hotter, class ended. Yuriko felt like leaping in the air. She had to find Silver to take care of her problems, before she exploded. She'd let her lover do anything she wanted, just so long as Yuriko got the satisfaction she needed.

Before she could do more than take a couple of steps in direction of the locker room, the female gym teacher stopped and confronted her. "It seems you forgot a few items today, Kuonji." She stared pointedly at her chest.

"My bra broke," Yuriko claimed.

"And I suppose your panties did too?" the teacher asked. "In any case, maybe you'll remember to dress properly if you put all of the gym equipment away."

"Yes, Ma'am," Yuriko snarled. The small tittied hag was just jealous Yuriko had a much better body than she ever did.

Yuriko tried to hurry and put the equipment away before she broke down. She was practically shaking with need. There was no way this was normal horniness. It was something more, and the blonde had a suspicion of what it was: that demon spunk. She had been covered in the awful substance, had even ingested some, and now it had the effect of driving her into a state of need that was almost painful.

Yuriko was absolutely correct. She didn't know how lucky she was when Hinako drained her, effectively taking half of the demonically charged lust out of the blonde's body and into the teacher's own. Had it not happened, Yuriko would have broken down hours ago and jumped the first man she saw, or more likely every man she came across, given the amount of fluid her body had absorbed. As it was, with the draining the effect was muted and delayed, leaving Yuriko only going mostly insane with lust instead of totally.

But the knowledge that it was an outside force affecting her didn't really help Yuriko at the moment. She needed some form of relief. Bringing one hand up, she began playing with her nipple through her uniform, while with the other she began fingering her loins. Now she was glad she hadn't worn any underwear, which would only have gotten in the way. Surely if she could bring herself to climax once, or maybe a half dozen times, she would cool down enough to find Silver and have her take care of the problem like a responsible lover should.

Yuriko didn't waste any time as she played with her clit, making a damp spot form on her leotard, all the while massaging her breast to help speed her along to a climax. But try as she might, she couldn't quite seem to bring herself off. All the playing with her body did was make her run hotter and hotter until she was nearly shaking like a junkie needing a fix.

It was an appropriate metaphor, since unlike the majority of the spectators, Yuriko had absorbed too much of the demon's fluid to simply wait for the effects to wear off, or masturbate to fend off the lust until the effects ran their course. Yuriko's body literally needed sex with another partner to burn off the energy in her body, and a lot of it, given how hot her motor was running.

Yuriko was about to scream out in frustration when she heard a deep male voice say, "Kuonji."

She removed her hands and turned to see Daisuke and his four friends, still in their gym clothes, looking at her. Yuriko tried to pretend she had just been shifting her uniform, but didn't think they'd buy it. Surely they had seen her playing with herself, and now would make all sorts of lewd comments. "Yes?"

"It wasn't right for you to have to put everything away alone. We thought you might need help," Daisuke said.

"Please," Yuriko answered. While the guys were still staring at her lustfully, it was obvious they weren't going to say anything about her actions. And best of all, with them helping, she would be done faster and could hunt down Silver.

However, being alone with the five attractive men, had an effect on Yuriko. Their close proximity made it harder for her to think through the haze of lust surrounding her. That they kept bumping into her, brushing against her as they picked up mats and other equipment, didn't help. Worse, she couldn't keep from doing the same to them in return. She thought she felt the damp spot in her uniform grow as the minutes moved on.

Eventually they only had a pommel horse left to put in the equipment room. Yuriko and two of the guys picked it up from the same side, their bodies brushing against each other with how close they stood.

They took it into the equipment room, where Daisuke and the other two were finishing up putting the mats in their proper places. They sat the horse down.

Yuriko looked more than a little fondly upon the guys. "I don't know how I can thank you enough."

"I can think of a way," Daisuke said, and nodded his head.

The two guys next to Yuriko moved fast, grabbing her arms and forcing her forward so she was bent over the pommel horse, her head sticking over one side while her breasts were on the other.

"Wha… what are you doing?" Yuriko gasped out as, ashamedly, excitement rather than terror ran through her body. The height of the pommel horse was adjusted to waist level for her, and the positioning made her think of all sorts of naughty things.

Daisuke stared down at her through the eyes of a lust-filled beast. "We know you want us, Kuonji. We saw the way you were checking us out during the whole class. And no girl goes around in a leotard without a bra and panties that doesn't want some action."

A voice behind her said, "Especially one that fingers herself in the middle of a gym where everyone can see." To prove his point, he began rubbing her pussy through her leotard, making Yuriko sigh in pleasure. "You were thinking about us when you were doing this, weren't you?"

"You want us, girl, and your body knows it." Daisuke stepped up to her until he was right in front of her face. Without preamble he dropped his shorts and underwear, letting his hardened rod free from its confines. He placed his hand around it and began rubbing it over Yuriko's face. Precum formed at the slit and left clear, sticky trails behind. "Show me what you want to do with my cock."

Yuriko trembled, but not in fear. There were a number of ways she could have easily removed herself from their holds and disabled the five men in seconds, but she couldn't seem to find the motivation to do it. It was obvious from the way the guys were all panting in unnatural heat that they too were suffering from being doused with the demon's fluid. If Daisuke and his friends were the kind of guys that overpowered women and forced themselves on them, Yuriko would have heard something by now. And if Daisuke was thinking clearly in the least, he would not be offering his dick to someone whose attitude would be toward biting rather than sucking.

And in truth, none of that mattered. They were absolutely correct. This was exactly what Yuriko wanted, even if she wasn't entirely in control of her faculties. The five of them fucking her mercilessly was the only way to keep from going out of her mind. She wanted them to force their way into her body and come again and again until she couldn't move with how deliciously she was fucked.

In answer to Daisuke's question, Yuriko opened her mouth and engulfed his entire cock, sucking on it hard.

Daisuke moaned in both relief and pleasure.

As if that was the signal the guys were waiting for, they went into action. Yuriko's wrists were placed next to the handles of the pommel horse and lashed to it with some of the ribbon used in rhythmic gymnastics, holding her in place and binding her. Through the cock in her mouth, she wondered what it was about her that compelled guys to tie her up and use her body for sake their animalistic hunger. Not that Yuriko was complaining. She found the sensation of bondage erotic and liberating, under the right conditions. Now was definitely one of those times.

The guys who had been holding her arms were now free to move around. As one they crouched underneath Yuriko's chest. She felt their rough hands grab the neck of her leotard and pull hard, ripping the material and pulling it aside, and freeing her breasts. Roughly they began pawing her mammaries, squeezing and kneading them.

"I can't believe how big these are," one said in awe.

"They don't call her 'Big Tits' for nothing." The other laughed.

The pair became silent as their mouths become occupied with more important matters as each began sucking on the breast they had been playing with.

The guy behind Yuriko that had been stroking her lower lips all this time stopped. The blonde whimpered, and would have protested the interruption had Daisuke not since grabbed her head and was helping her suck him off by pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth.

She felt the guy behind her grab the material of her leotard that ran between her legs and pulled outward until it tore. Yuriko trembled slightly as cool air tickled her bare ass and made her damp pussy tingle.

The guy behind her said, "I knew that was camel toe I saw all day. I got to have me some of it now." He grabbed the blonde's hips and slowly fed his cock into her hungry pussy.

Yuriko momentarily stopped sucking, gurgling in pleasure as her body finally received the one thing it had been craving all day.

"Man, I can't believe she's this tight," the guy behind her said as he pulled back and shoved into her again. "Ain't nothing better than a tight snatch hugging your cock."

"There's something to be said for a talented mouth as well," Daisuke boasted as Yuriko went back to work on him.

Yuriko felt an intense pressure build up in her loins, but in a good way. The guy behind her wasn't bothering with technique, other than 'in and out', but given how hungry her body was, all that mattered was that a cock was in there. She used what little motion her tied up position afforded her to move back onto his cock as he moved forward in hunger, trying to get it inside as quickly as she could.

The man doing her from behind didn't hold out for long. He grasped her hips hard enough to turn his fingers white and erupted inside her love channel. As he climaxed, so did Yuriko, crying out in delight around the cock in her mouth.

After he was finished spewing his considerable payload, he remained buried in her for only a moment before the fifth member of the group, who had been slow on the draw and ended up having to wait for an opening, (in every sense of the word) all put pulled the one who had just come out and substituted his cock for the softening one. Yuriko picked up where she had left off, moving her hips back to meet the new hardened shaft that was being speared into her body.

The newcomer had barely started to screw her when Daisuke grabbed Yuriko's head so his cock was fully in her oral cavity. He shouted and came in her mouth. The blonde had to relax her gag reflex as she his seed spilled directly down her throat and into her stomach. Like the other, he just kept coming and coming until she thought she would drown. When at least he stopped, he removed his cock. Reflexively the blonde coughed a little back up, but was proud of the fact she had swallowed most of it.

One of the guys sucking her tits stopped and took Daisuke's place in Yuriko's mouth, while Daisuke was quick to take over on the breast. Yuriko couldn't believe what a turn on it was to have her body worked over continuously by four men, with a fifth waiting his turn. It was like she was in heaven, with the way her body was being used as the virile males wanted, answering their animalistic passions with her own. She wanted to be like this forever, relishing the feeling of her needs being fulfilled so perfectly.

The sounds of flesh meeting flesh as passions collided in ecstasy filled the room, signaling Yuriko's gang bang had just begun.

In Silver-kun's opinion there was perhaps no sight more divine than seeing 'Naughty Nurse' Kasumi on her hands and knees, clad only in white stockings and garter belt, getting pounded hard doggie-style by his massive cock.

He was fucking her so hard her tits swayed back and forth, like pendulums left on high speed. Her pussy made slurping sounds as his cock rammed back in forth with ease in her well-used hole. Well used by him over the course of the last hour. Never before had he managed such an inhuman pace. Already he had climaxed an unbelievable four times, each nearly as hard and long as the first. Despite that he wasn't worn out in a sexual or physical sense. He was like a machine, but one with a lot of versatility. The Naughty Nurse wasn't complaining about his endurance, receiving everything he had to offer with a cry of delight on her lips and a look of rapture on her face. Any normal woman would have been exhausted by the hard and constant ride Silver-kun was giving her. Apparently there were good things about tentacle demons after all.

Silver-kun was learning a lot about Kasumi, besides the fact she was one of the most passionate lovers he ever had.

"Grab my breasts! Grab them and squeeze them!"

One of Kasumi's traits was that she wasn't afraid to say what she wanted. She knew the sensitive areas of her body, and wasn't hesitant to tell Silver-kun where, when, and how to manipulate them. There was no guesswork involved, which was refreshing since it relieved some of the concern if he was doing the right thing.

Silver-kun leaned forward and sank his fingers deep in her tits, making certain the nipples were between his fingers so he could roll them between his digits as he kneaded her flesh, much to her delight. Definitely the woman had some of the most sensitive breasts he had ever seen, all but melting in his hands with only a little manual manipulation. Once repositioned, he started giving it to her hard again.

"Yes, God! That's it! Fuck me deep with your cock! Touch me where no one else can!" Within seconds her body was molding itself against his as she climaxed hard under his 'assault.'

The second was that she was a 'talker'. Kasumi was rarely silent for more than a minute before telling him how good he was, how much she was enjoying things, or just thanking the lord above. All of it fed Silver-kun's ego, one he had inherited from his father, and fueled his desire to pleasure her more.

Sweat trickled into a cut on his back, and he was vaguely aware of the irritation. Another trait seemed to be she was a scratcher when she orgasmed, as the one time he had done her in the missionary position, the hands grasping his back dug their nails in deep, leaving scratch marks behind. Even now he could see her fingers were digging deep into the bedsheets, twisting them in her grasp. Since then he was mindful to position her so her hands had limited access to his body, or to keep the wrists pinned in his own hand. It wasn't so much the pain involved, which was fleeting, he simply didn't wish to broadcast to the world what he had been doing recently.

And there was a third very interesting trait as well.

Silver-kun felt the need to release himself once again. He leaned his head forward so that it was slightly behind Kasumi's. He snarled in her ear, "I'm going to come. I'm going to fill your hot pussy with so much sperm it's going to come out your mouth."

As he anticipated, the erotic talk had the effect of really sending her into overdrive. "Yes! Fill my womb with your seed! I want to feel every last drop!"

Silver-kun tried his best to live up to her demands. As the first blast shot inside her, Kasumi orgasmed yet again, even harder than she had moments before. Her insides seem to be squeezing his cock, trying to live up to her desire of milking every bit out of him.

This time when Silver-kun climaxed, it was of far more normal proportions. He was almost disappointed he only produced half as much sperm as he had on the previous occasions. Still, it was a tremendous amount, and Kasumi's insides continued clenching hard on his rod.

Silver-kun had picked up early on in their coupling that, for whatever reason, Kasumi went really wild when he came inside her, climaxing her hardest at that moment. Since then he had made a big production, and added a lot of dirty talk when he was about to do it. Kasumi had responded even more fiercely. Silver-kun didn't have any complaints. He was in such an aroused state, that in his mind coming inside her was the only way, and it would have been a crime for him to pull out and miss any of the wonderful sensations her body was sharing with him.

Eventually their mutual climax passed. This time Silver-kun felt the exhaustion that normally came with an orgasm, and his cock did go flaccid, despite the warm, wet environment it was surrounded by. He felt Kasumi was also in a similar fatigued state, this time going limp in his arms. Finally, the effects of the demon's fluid had passed, though he was a touch disappointed. Banging the 'Naughty Nurse' had been an incredible experience, one he hadn't wanted to end and already longed to do again.

He detached himself from Kasumi, releasing a flood of their combined juices from her body. It was a good thing the sheets were disposable since they were definitely ruined. But they had been destroyed in a good cause.

Feeling satiated, he held the tired Kasumi in his arms to keep her from falling forward. With a gentleness that had been absent before, he turned her over on her back so he could gaze upon her flawless beauty and enjoy the heady afterglow. Her hair was plastered to her forehead with a light sheen of sweat, and her bosom heaved with every breath she took. An aura of contentment seemed to surround her. Silver-kun had never seen her so blissful, and he was the one responsible for it. He couldn't resist kissing her gently, starting on the lips and caressing her face. Kasumi returned the kisses with just as much love and affection.

Now that he was coming down from his magically aroused state, Silver-kun realized Kasumi had been correct. As out of control as he had been, he would have sought relief in some way from a student, and it might have been from one whom he would have regretted or felt guilty about. Kasumi had definitely come to him in his time of need. "Thanks for saving me," he said sincerely.

"And thank you as well," Kasumi responded. "If you hadn't taken care of me, I would have ended up picking up some random student, or even students, to satisfy me. If anyone found out there would be quite the scandal. I know you'll be discreet about what we just did."

"Of course." There was no way he was volunteering this information to anyone. Hinako and Yuriko would become jealous, and Akira would be angry, even if it would be hypocritical of him given his attentions to Silver-kun's father. It was just a difficult situation had come up and this was the best solution for both parties involved. A spur of the moment thing that had turned out to be more enjoyable that he dreamed. However, as he felt Kasumi's nude body pressed against his own, and the feelings of adoration she was projecting, Silver-kun had serious doubts that, if another opportunity to repeat what they had just done came up, he would refuse. It wasn't just the physical attraction, which was considerable. He had always adored his 'Aunt Kasumi' and there was a deep emotional attachment as well. Just looking at her in her current state made his heart swell, taking pride in the knowledge that he had made her happy this way.

"You'd better get to class," Kasumi said suddenly.

That shook Silver-kun out of his reverie. "Right, right. I'm probably going to miss next class anyway."

Kasumi nodded. "Too bad they don't have a shower installed in the office. We could clean each other off."

The way she said it, with a seductive gaze, definitely implied what showering together would lead to. Apparently Silver-kun wasn't the only one that wasn't going to be looking at his Auntie the same way from now on. Again he wondered how he could have possibly have been ignorant of how beautiful she truly was.

"I'd better go." Silver-kun quickly clothed himself, putting up with his dirty state, and left the room before his normal ardor returned and he spent the rest of the day helping the nurse become even more naughty than she already was. One thing he had to admit, though…

Naughty nurses were a lot more fun than normal ones.

Hinako gasped for breath as she was lifted up, then brought crashing back down, the cock filling her up to the hilt. She wasn't given a chance to catch her breath as the movement was repeated again and again, bouncing up and down as though she was attached to a runaway pogo stick, although this stick was definitely the type she needed.

Currently she was bouncing on Ryo's lap as he sat in her office chair, a sort of reversal of social positions as he was giving the teacher a lesson she wouldn't forget. Her back was to him, which in some ways only enhanced the intensity of the ride she was getting as he used his awesome strength to lift her up by her hips, as though she were weightless, and brought her back down on his cock. He was doing it fast and hard, and dragging her up to the heights of ecstasy once again.

Behind her, Ryo started chanting, "Come on, come on. I want some more extra points."

He was going to get them, as Hinako felt the precipice come upon her unexpectedly and she went over. She groaned as she came, while he still continued to bounce her up and down.

"That's more like it," Ryo said, then he stopped lifting her up, instead holding her down, leaving her fully impaled on his cock. He groaned, then erupted, firing his load into her body.

Hinako was left panting in his grip, feeling tired. God, but the 'Monster' could fuck when he felt like it. He was easily as physical with her as Silver, and his additional strength and height had sent someone that enjoyed being dominated as much as her into a frenzy. Combined with the excess sexual energy she had absorbed from Yuriko, she couldn't have broken things off if her beloved Silver had come upon them and demanded to know what was going on. Of course, Silver would have been more than welcome to join in.

At least at the time. Now Hinako was exhausted from long ride she had taken. The room was a mess, as Hibiki had done her over nearly every inch of it, and in a variety of positions, most of them dominant on his part. It was made clear from the outset that Hinako wasn't doing the fucking, like she had originally planned. It was Ryo who had been in charge, and he was eager to show it. One of the more memorable ones was when they were both on top of her desk. He positioned her upside down so that only her head and shoulders touched the desktop, leaving her ass in the air. He had been standing above her, prying her legs so wide apart she thought she would split in half as he fucked her. That position had proven highly enjoyable despite the edge of discomfort it danced along. She'd have to try it with Silver at some point.

As Hinako came down from her high, she discovered the haze from the supernaturally charged sexual energy was finally gone, and she could think clearly. It was a good thing she had chosen Ryo as her partner, since he met with Silver's approval. The teacher was sure Silver wouldn't mind Hinako using him for her salvation, since Silver herself wasn't available to deliver it.

Hinako admitted to herself it was a very good thing Silver had already won her heart, as Hibiki did have potential. Today and the time she had been strung up for him were probably the most enjoyable sex she had ever had, apart from her times with Silver. Had Hinako been alone, she would have been seriously tempted to try to train Hibiki into becoming an acceptable lover. She was sure he could do it, as he had proven today. There was a forceful side to his personality that he kept hidden, even as she had kept her own submissive desires repressed for decades. Letting his passion come out every now and then could have led to some intense sex. Luckily, she didn't have to. She was more than satisfied with her current lover.

Ryo's arms encircled the teacher. Still trying to catch his breath, he asked, "So, do I get that 'A'?"

"For the rest of the year," Hinako purred. She had long since lost count of the number of orgasms Ryo had given her, but it was near that. She was relieved to see that the demon's fluid seemed to have run its course in him too. The gaze of lust that had been on Ryo during their lengthy encounter was gone, replaced by his normal, placid look. In fact, he started to appear a touch panicked, as though he was only now just realizing what he had done.

That was disappointing, and served to highlight that while Ryo could be an enjoyable lay, he was not the one for her. Had it been Silver-kun holding her, there would have a confident grin on his face as he held Hinako against him and said, "Don't forget who your pretty ass belongs to," and given it a firm squeeze.

Hinako detached herself from his lap. Now was the ideal time to retake charge of the situation. She spun on her heel and unleashed one of her trademark cold stares on Ryo. "While your test was satisfactory, Mr. Hibiki, don't count on there being any retests, and if I think you're slacking in class, you'll lose your A." Her hand moved to one of the spare fifty yen coins she had taped under the edge of the desk, in case of emergencies. Not all delinquents were smart enough to accept their punishment and sometimes sought revenge.

"No problem," he assured her, blushing furiously.

Hinako's stare became more harsh at his reaction. Such wasted potential was a crime. She brought her hand up and before he could react, drained him as he sat in her chair. She only did it enough to render him immobile for several seconds, though to him it probably felt like he couldn't move for hours. She loomed over his crumpled form, tossing it to the ground so she could stand over him, the disciplinarian reasserting her control over a rowdy student. "And if you ever breathe a word of this to anyone, I'll drain you so dry you'll never be able to make out with a girl, let alone fuck them. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Hibiki?"

"Y…Yes," he got out.

"Yes, 'Ma'am'." Hinako's voice was like ice.

"Yes Ma'am," he repeated.

"Good." Hinako threw her dress back on, sans underwear. "Clean up this mess you made before you leave, and make sure you lock the door behind you." Satisfied she had reasserted her place in the proper hierarchy of things, Hinako left, a touch irritated at having the afterglow of her encounter soured by taking back control. It was a pity she had to be so harsh with Ryo, but appearances had to be maintained.

Ryo was left on the ground in a crumpled heap, wondering if this had been one of his best days, or one of the worst.

Yuriko sighed blissfully as she felt the cock shuttling in and out of her ass. Whichever guy was behind her this time wasn't bothering to play with her clit, but that was all right. She was still so turned on by all the hot fucking, she could get off without the digital manipulation, or the lack of attention to her other body parts.

She felt a drop of fluid run down her cheek and to her lips. The last guy to use her mouth decided his load would look better on her rather than in her, and had proceeded to decorate her face with a tremendous amount of come. It was all the more remarkable in the amount since he had come twice before. It would have taken both Akira and Silver to splash that much white goodness over her face.

The gang bang had continued for quite some time, each guy using her mouth and pussy multiple times. Eventually Daisuke had found his way to her pussy once more. He had started fucking her, then stopped after several thrusts, complaining that she was too loose and slick for it to be very enjoyable. Then it occurred to him that there was another part of her body that would be nice and tight since it hadn't been used at all. Yuriko remembered groaning in discomfort as Daisuke forced his way up her rosebud without any prior loosening. Luckily, she was used to considerably bigger things working their way up her ass, and the discomfort passed quickly, replaced by delight. A good rear job was just what she needed to make things perfect.

Daisuke enthusiastic reaction, and comments on how great her ass felt, had caused the other boys to stop what they were doing and line up behind him to wait their turn. Looking over her shoulder, even Yuriko was a bit surprised by how turned on she was to see a line of men waiting to use her ass. If it hadn't been for the supernatural influence, she'd have been worried she was becoming a slut, like Arisa always claimed.

Since that time, Yuriko had been reamed in the ass relentlessly. Now the guys were able to move in her as easily as they had her pussy at the start.

The guy screwing her said, "I'm coming," and pumped his load into her backside. It ended quickly, and he removed himself from her bottom. Yuriko waited for the next guy to take his turn, but nothing happened. For the first time in an hour, there wasn't a cock in her body, and it felt lonely. She wondered if they were having a disagreement about who got to take her next. If so, she would solve it by choosing the guy with the biggest cock, though in truth none of them were much more than average.

Instead Yuriko looked over her shoulder and saw that the guys were lying around, out of breath and with limp noodles between their legs.

"No more?" Yuriko asked, wiggling her bottom invitingly.

Daisuke looked at her in disbelief. "Damn, Kuonji, each of us came in you four times. Haven't you had enough?"

Once Yuriko thought about it, she realized she was satisfied with the screwing she had received, though she wasn't anywhere near exhausted the way the guys were. That had to have been from the supernatural spunk, too. There was no way she could take on five guys with boosted sex drives for an hour and not end up a sore, stretched out wreck. She did feel a major ego boost at her ability to wear out five men, though. The lucky bastards just had the time of their lives. If it hadn't been for the demon, she would never have allowed them close to touching her breasts, let alone tying her up and using her the way they had.

Daisuke began boasting to his friends. "I can't wait to tell Yakumo I got to fuck Big Tits' brains out. He's going to be so pissed. He's been trying to find a way into her panties forever."

Yuriko froze. Now that demon's influence was gone, she could think clearly. Of course these guy would brag to everyone what they had done. She was going to have to take steps to ensure not a single word of what had happened left the room. Lacking Silver's little memory erasing shampoo, and the technique to use it, left Yuriko in a bit of a bind. She would have to improvise something.

Over the course of the gang bang, sweat and movement had loosened one of the inexpert ties around Yuriko's wrists. She managed to slide her hand out of its, then undid the other one. The guys were so wrapped up in congratulating each other on what a great job the did, they failed to notice Yuriko retrieve a couple of gymnastics pins, then walk over to them.

Yuriko stood before them, clearing her throat to gain their attention. The guys turned toward the blonde, and found their happiness dissipating under the unsettling look she was giving them.

In an unnaturally perky voice, Yuriko said, "Now, gentlemen, I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist that what happened here never leave this room. You see, I was under the influence of a spell, and not in control of my actions today. I'm not really a slut, but if word of what happened here were to circulate, I doubt anyone would bother listening to the explanation for why it happened. A pleasant, sweet, understanding, and definitely not slutty, girl like me really can't afford to have a reputation like that. If it were to happen, I would be very, very, displeased"

The promise of violence in her eyes contrasted the sweetness in her voice so sharply that it was almost obscene.

"We won't say anything, we promise," Yakumo squeaked out.

Yuriko cocked her head curiously. "No, I think a demonstration of a small fraction of what will happen to you if you do say anything is in order."

The men cringed as Yuriko brought the pins back, then swung them together. The force of the collision reduced both to dozens of shattered pieces.

The men held each other and cringed.

Yuriko said, "Bear in mind, those nice little cocks of yours will be between the pins when they come together."

The men yelped and covered up their private parts.

"I see I've made my point." Yuriko tossed the shattered remnants still in her hand aside and headed out of the room. Luckily, there was no gym class present, and she made her way to locker room without incident.

The guys didn't leave the room for some time.

Kasumi lay on her back, still clad only in her stockings and garters, sighing to herself. The door was locked, so she had no fear of anyone intruding as she savored the afterglow from her encounter with Silver-kun. She knew she should have cleaned up, but she couldn't help herself. It was easily the best sex she had had since her encounter with Shampoo-kun, and the demon's fluid was not responsible for that feeling. Kasumi had forgotten what it was like to have a huge cock, attached to a strong, virile male, pounding her so mercilessly. While she had had many men over the years, none of them had come close to matching with Shampoo-kun or his daughter's length or width.

Silver-kun had been skilled, just like the rumors claimed. Kasumi had lost count of the number of orgasms she had, all of them intense. No doubt it had something to do with the fact Silver-kun had a female body of his own, just like his mother, and understood women in ways a man never could. His energy and vitality had been infectious. She found herself wondering if other guys that age were the same way. She didn't have any experience with young men, not really having the time or interest in them when she was younger, and not seeking them out when she was older. The one thing that had remained constant in her partners was that they were around the same age as her. Perhaps that had been a mistake on her part. If so, it was one that she could easily rectify. Maybe that was the 'different' thing she was looking for. It was something to consider.

But what had really set Kasumi off, perhaps more than anything, was Silver-kun filling her insides with his young, hot sperm. Kasumi knew she shouldn't have let him do it — since she was between lovers she wasn't using any form of birth control — but thanks to the demon's influence she had been running so hot she couldn't possibly consider not letting him come inside her. It was the first time since Shampoo-kun that she had unprotected sex, and she was amazed by her reaction when she felt him shooting his seed inside her, triggering an unbelievable orgasm. After that she wanted him to come in her again and again, and he had with an unbelievable amount of seed. Even now she swore she could feel it swimming inside her body seeking out an egg to join with. It was a wonderful sensation.

While she was at a point in her cycle that the odds of her actually becoming pregnant were minuscule, even the remote chance of it thrilled her like few things had. Kasumi didn't know if it was because of Silver-kun himself, that he was Shampoo's offspring, that the sex had been so good, or if it was the risk itself, but she wanted that feeling again the next time she had sex, at least with someone she was powerfully attracted to.

Kasumi debated taking some of the post sex contraceptives she had on hand that would remove the chance of anything happening. She really should, just in case, even if the risk was low, but she didn't want to, fearful it would remove the feelings of wonderment that were permeating her being. While she enjoyed her freedom from responsibility, having another child was something she wouldn't object to. She wasn't getting any younger and running out of time to have one more. The idea of bearing a child as wonderful as Akira a second time was appealing. And even if she had a child, this time around she was not going to abstain for years afterwards.

The more she thought about, the more she realized it was the chance of becoming pregnant rather than actually getting pregnant that had set her off. She could probably have the best of both worlds by only using contraceptives afterwards. That sounded like it would work. She envisioned what it would be like having some handsome young man, like Ryo or Yakumo, screwing her and filling her unprotected body with his seed, and found the idea thrilling. Even taking something afterwards didn't affect it much. Until she actually took something, the risk, and excitement, was there, and theoretically there was a possibility she'd have a change of heart and not take anything.

Then one other factor occurred to her, something that Kasumi had never though of applying to her. The Tendou and Saotome schools still hadn't been joined, even if the relationship between her half-sister, Kiri, and Ranma's younger brother, Narasuma, seemed to be going well. Silver was Ranma's offspring, and due to her curse could only produce children from her male half. That meant if Silver-kun had impregnated her, or did at a future time, it would be a matter of family obligation. As much as Kasumi hadn't been interested in marrying Ranma back then, she was a touch concerned as to when the families would be joined. Being the resolution to the matter actually appealed to Kasumi's sense of family honor, even if no one else was relying on her to provide it.

But Silver might feel she was a bit young to become a father, and there was another Saotome that could provide the answer to the obligation. And there were others involved with said Saotome that Kasumi liked a lot. While she had remained close to Ranma and Shampoo over the years, perhaps their relationship could do with becoming a little closer. It was a matter to give careful consideration, but on the surface it appealed to Kasumi greatly.

But that could wait until later. For the moment, she was going to lay still and enjoy the heady afterglow Silver-kun had given her.

In the small, private, cramped room adjacent to the student council chamber, Saionji Kunou sat in a comfortable chair and watched the various video monitors in front of him. All of them showed scenes of events that were transpiring around the school. Shiro really had outdone himself in designing the sophisticated miniature cameras that were hidden inside the placards bearing the school's emblem. Of course, Saionji was the one that had the rule passed that every room in the school required the placard, which were placed high on the walls, giving an ideal view of the rooms they occupied. It was the perfect example of the two of them combining their talents and achieving their goals. The cameras' activation had been just in time. Even Saionji would have been hard pressed to schedule the arrival of a tentacle demon in conjunction with them going online. But chance favored the prepared mind, and Saionji's mind was always prepared for anything.

It seemed the last of the people afflicted by the demon were finally coming to their senses. It had been incredibly entertaining, watching so many couplings taking place at the same time. And the participants! While some were conventional pairings of people that were dating, others were quite unexpected and interesting. Of special note were Principal Kobashi slipping his meat into a decidedly male student's behind, Hinako's torrid tryst with Hibiki, and Yuriko's accommodation of half the starters on the baseball team in the equipment room. And all of it taped for posterity, as were all the other events around the school.

Saionji certainly wasn't the one to blame for their predicaments. He had simply stumbled on the improprieties they had voluntarily engaged in. It would probably be his duty to report such indiscretions to others that could administer proper punishments, but he would be a gentleman and keep the matters from the public's eyes, while making certain each of the people in question knew he was doing this favor for them. Of course, being so considerate of others meant they should be considerate of him in return. Was not doing unto others one of the cornerstones of civilization?

Soon the principal would give permission for the secret facility under the art room that had been stumbled upon last month, the one built by the former Principal Kunou, to be turned over to the Student Body President to use as his personal 'meditation chamber.' Saionji would even see to it a tax deductible donation from Kunou Enterprises covered the expense of the remodeling that would need to take place. A hot tub, bedchamber, sauna, and the computer system Gosunkugi had in mind for overriding all the electrical systems in the school, would have to be there. And of course, only the student council president would have access to it. Such a place was a necessity in helping Saionji guide those less fortunate than he, which was everybody else. It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it.

As for Miss Hinako, it was difficult to say what use Saionji would make of her. He had never crossed swords with the school's disciplinarian, and approved of her methods for keeping the rabble in line. On the other hand, she was a force outside his influence, beyond the principal's as well in some ways. Or had been until now. She was powerful, and extremely attractive. Such a person could be made use of in many ways. It was just a matter of how to apply her.

Yuriko's tape was interesting as well, and not in the sense that if he were to make copies and sell them on the Internet, he would make another fortune in addition to the one he already had. It was not so much Yuriko herself was useful as was her relationship with Silver. Applying direct leverage was out of the question, so Saionji would word his 'discovery' of the video in such a way that he made her believe that he had given her the only copy. And should word of the equipment room incident leak out, he would assure the blonde that he would squash such rumors using his own network of subordinates. That would make her beholden to him, and easy to manipulate.

Besides, he rather liked her. It was obvious from her performance that regardless of what she contended, the girl was quite the sexual dynamo all on her own. He'd certainly be adding the tape to his private collection. It might even be worth winning her over long enough to find out what it would be like to bed the voluptuous girl. Perhaps she would even be worth keeping around in a secondary role to Silver. She'd make a wonderful trophy to show off and impress others.

Prying her away from Akira Tendou would be simple enough. Saionji had met the youth several times years ago. Akira had been one of the few men his sister, Tachi, could stomach, and while she hadn't dated him, they had been friendly enough for her to bring him to the Kunou household occasionally. From the moment they met, Saionji had taken an instant disliking to him, and he sensed Akira felt the same way. Tachi had picked up on Saionji's reaction instantly, and had the audacity to imply it was because on some subconscious level, he knew Akira was better than him. Preposterous! If Akira had still been in school, Saionji would have shown him who the superior person was. Perhaps he would win Yuriko over just to spite the man. Saionji would tread carefully and be certain to remain on the blonde's good side.

The only real disappointment of the day was that the camera in the nurse's office wasn't working. The one in the hall had showed Silver-kun being ushered in by Nurse Tendou, then nothing until Silver-kun emerged an hour later, looking extremely satisfied. Saionji would have paid a million yen to know what had happened behind that closed door. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, that very morning the nurse had dropped the placard while cleaning it, breaking the camera.

It was an opportunity that had slipped through Saionji's hands, but he had more than enough good fortune to counterbalance the bad. Yes, it was a good day to be Saionji Kunou. Much groundwork had been laid for achieving even more of his goals.

Even if, in many ways, it was just another day at school.


Author's notes: Hope you enjoyed it.

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