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Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Warning: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

The opening takes place a couple of days before "Being All That You Aren't.' There are also some POV shifts in the same scene, but putting breaks in would have been difficult, so I thought it best to use third person omniscient from time to time.

Special thanks to TH Tiger for helping out with this.

Silver Saotome found herself sitting alone at a table in the school's cafeteria. Originally she was supposed to meet Yuriko for lunch, but some of her girlfriend's volleyball teammates had dragged the blonde off for some team emergency. That left Silver eating alone, which irritated her. She was a social creature and preferred being around friends or in a pinch, rivals. Anything to keep things interesting, and alone was never interesting.

With time on her hands, Silver considered what to do for the upcoming Halloween. She supposed she could attend the school dance, but that sounded incredibly boring to her, even if there had been a rumble last year. Fights were nearly an everyday event in a Saotome's life, and Silver was no exception. What she really wanted to do was attend the kick-ass costume party being held at Nobuyuki Hideki's house. While Silver had never been to one, she had heard from everyone that went that the parties tended to get pretty wild. Rumor had it his parents allowed just about anything to go on at their place. And not just anyone could attend. Nobuyuki was very particular about who he invited, the guest list usually restricted to the popular or attractive. Of course, in masks everyone would look the same, but it was the idea of exclusivity that was appealing, and Nobuyuki had invited Silver just today. To make things better, his parents were going to be out of town, which meant they had the place to themselves. She said she'd get back to him before the final bell. The original plan to ask Yuriko if she was interested in going had been delayed. Now Silver was left to her own devices.

She was wondering how to ask Yuriko when she overheard several loud guys talking at the table behind her. She was about to ask them to keep it down when she heard one of them say, "Who do you think the hottest teacher in school is?" That perked Silver's ears up. She stayed quiet and listened while pretending to eat.

One of the others said, "Hard to say. I think Miss Matsura is pretty damn hot."

Silver nodded her head in agreement. The new teacher did play up her uber-cuteness to the hilt, and while she was well-built, she was a touch on the small side. Silver preferred her women with longer legs and an ample chest. Not that she would kick Matsura out of bed if she happened to fall into it, just that she was probably third or fourth in the school rankings.

"Oh, it's gotta be Miss Hinako," one of the others said.

"That ball buster?" the one that had mentioned Miss Matsura said in disbelief.

"She hasn't been too bad lately," the guy defended. "She's only been draining people who are really causing problems, like fights and stuff. It's not like before, when she used to drain people for scratching their ass and then grinding her heel into them when they were a shriveled up mess."

"True," someone else conceded. "She's been smiling a lot lately. I don't think I'd ever seen her smile, outside of draining someone, until a few months ago. But now she seems real happy. Maybe she's getting a steady supply of cock."

The others laughed at that. Other comments continued.

"I sure wouldn't mind slipping it to her. I mean, those tits are unbelievable. She's like, Kuonji-sized."

"With a great ass."

"And legs. I'd love to have them wrapped around me," someone else added. "She's been working out. It really shows."

"Especially with what she's been wearing lately. I mean, have you seen some of those tight tops? It looks like her buttons are ready to pop off. And today, I heard from one of the guys in her English class that her skirt was so short he could see her panties when she sat down and crossed her legs. He said they're the real sexy kind, black and lacy."

"Shit, makes me want to 'accidentally,' flip her skirt up and see. If she couldn't drain me within an inch of my life, that is. And even then, it would almost be worth it." That met with a round of agreements.

The one who had first posed the question said, "So it's agreed that Miss Hinako is the teacher we want to fuck the most?" One still held out for Matsura, but the rest were in agreement. The conversation drifted into a more lurid vote about which position they'd take her in first.

As the talk got more risqué, Silver found it increasingly difficult to control her temper. They were talking like they had a right to Hinako's body when it belonged to Silver Saotome and her alone. No one tapped Hinako's ass without getting Silver's permission first. What she wanted to do was tell them to eat fist for daring to imply they could take what was hers, but she controlled herself. Breathing a word of their relationship to anyone would result in Hinako getting fired. But there were times when she just wanted to slip a collar and leash around Hinako's neck and walk her around the halls to punctuate just who the sexy teacher belonged to.

Wordlessly Silver rose from her seat and headed toward the teachers' offices.

Hinako Ninomiya walked down the hall on her way to her office, annoyed at having to examine some quizzes before she started her next class that would be starting in about fifteen minutes. It had been a quiet day with no delinquents causing problems so she hadn't drained anyone, though with her precise control over her energy manipulation she still had two days before she'd revert to her younger form. Lunch had been boring as she had made small talk with some of the other teachers. She would have preferred lunch in her office with Silver, with a quickie thrown in, but her lover had decided to spend time with that immature brat, Kuonji. What Silver saw in that slut was beyond Hinako. The blonde was such a child compared to the mature, seductive woman Hinako was. Someday Silver would wake up one morning and say to Yuriko, "You really are a worthless slut," and cast her away forever. Now that was a day Hinako would celebrate for the rest of her life.

Hinako sighed at the fantasy as she stopped in front of her office and unlocked the door. She grabbed the doorknob and turned, opening it. Before she could do anything else a hand locked around her wrist in a powerful grip and shoved her inside. She sailed across the room, barely keeping herself from slamming into her desk.

Even as Hinako tried to keep from falling over, the door slammed shut. Before she could turn a hand grabbed her by the back of the neck and shoved her forward over her desk. For a brief second she thought her assailant would slam her head against the desktop, but the powerful hand stopped her decent, her face mere centimeters above the wood. It kept a firm hold on her, mashing her breasts against the hard surface so that she couldn't go anywhere.

Hinako's hand inched toward a coin taped under the edge of her desk when a familiar voice snarled, "Keep your hands where they are, bitch."

Hinako stopped, panic subsiding, though her heart continued to race. Her beloved Silver-sama had come by for a visit, and judging by her attitude, was in the mood for some loving. They were going to have to move quickly, since lunch period would end in about fifteen minutes, quizzes be damned.

The hand remained clamped firmly in place. "I heard you were flashing your panties at some guys."

There was the detestable sound of disapproval and anger in her lover's voice. Quickly Hinako said, "I've done no such thing."

"Oh? Let's take a look." With her free hand Silver grabbed the edge of Hinako's mini-skirt and flipped it up. "Yep, sexy, lacy, black panties. Just the thing to go trolling for guys."

"But Silver-sama, you're the one that picked them out for me." It was true. Now Silver had to approve of all of Hinako's underwear purchases, which were almost universally sexy lingerie. They would go to lingerie stores and Hinako would model them for her lover's benefit, letting her endorse the ensembles. Sometimes, when Hinako picked something extra sexy, Silver would slip into the changing room with her and eat her out in the very items she had chosen. Hinako was certain some of the clerks were on to them, but since they always bought what got used, they let it go. Commissions greased the wheels of many retail stores.

"Uh, right," Silver said. "Even so, guys are getting peeks at them because your outfits are too revealing. You're showing them this!" Silver grabbed the material from the crack of her butt and pulled upward sharply.

Hinako gasped as the gusset was pulled taut across her lower lips. "It's… it's not intentional."

"Isn't it?" Silver pulled up and down on the underwear, causing friction across her clit which aroused Hinako. "I say you're dressing like a slut to get guys' attention because you want to do something with them."

The only reason Hinako was dressing so risqué was because she wanted to attract Silver's notice. Lately she had been feeling neglected, especially in favor of the Kuonji slut. Past experience had shown complaining about it only made Silver resentful, so Hinako tried attracting her lover's attention through other means, like dressing in skimpy clothing. It wasn't Hinako's fault other men wanted to shower her with attention as well. Silver was making her do it. Not that she would say that, not if she wanted Silver's dick going anywhere near her pussy. "I thought you'd like my choice of clothing," she said demurely.

"Uh, yeah, well, I do," Silver admitted, her eyes basking in Hinako's voluptuous bottom. She shook her head out of the lust-filled haze that had started to settle in. "But I'm tired of hearing other guys talk about how they'd like to fuck you. They used to be afraid of you, but since you've calmed your ass down, which I approve of," Silver was quick to add, tugging extra hard on the panties and really making Hinako's juices flow, "They're starting to point their cocks in your direction, and you're not exactly driving them away with the way you're dressing. It's gotten a lot worse since that demon sperm hit everyone. Now I gotta hear how their crap every day. Your ass belongs to me!"

With her free hand, Silver gave Hinako's behind a sharp swat. The teacher gasped at the stinging sensation, but the show of jealousy only made her aroused. Silver still wanted her badly if she became jealous of other students' attentions. "Yes, Silver-sama, I belong to you. I wear your collar and owner's tag every day to prove it," Hinako cooed, referring to the necklace and small pendant Silver had given to her after her on-field performance with Ryo Hibiki and several members of the rugby team.

"Damn straight." There was no follow-up swat. Instead the hand patted Hinako's backside affectionately, a sign of approval at the response. Hinako moved her bottom back into Silver's hand.

The hand continued to fondle her. "You know, there are times when I want to fuck you right in front of your class to show them you're my bitch."

Hinako felt a heat grow in her loins. "I dream about it, too."

"You do?" Silver said, surprised.

Hinako closed her eyes as her long time fantasy asserted itself. "Yes, I want to be in front of an assembly of all the students, naked, so you can take me right in front of them again and again, showing them our love of one another. Then all those little girls will know I'm the only woman that can satisfy you and they should keep their hands off."

"I had no idea." Silver said, her voice suddenly become thoughtful as she began slipping a couple of fingers up Hinako's wet slit. The teacher had been so loosened by the earlier action Silver was easily able to get a pair of fingers up to the second knuckle before encountering resistance. She then began to finger Hinako roughly. The teacher's response was to grunt at the intrusion, but also to move her hips backward, trying to jam more of the digits in.

"Yeah, you like the idea of getting off in front of everyone, don't you? You'd like it if we were doing this in front of a bunch of your students, wouldn't you?" Silver teased.

"Yes!" Hinako gasped out, closing her eyes as she imagined being in class now, bent over her desk just like she was now, her students watching in awe as Silver finger-fucker her in the middle of the session.

Silver really began to drive her fingers into Hinako, as well as playing with the teacher's clit. That really seemed to drive the disciplinarian into a frenzy as her hips continued bucking. Soon Silver's fingers were all the way in, and she began to increase the tempo of the thrusting. She pulled and pinched the clit mercilessly, and within seconds Hinako stiffened and gave out a subdued cry as she came all over Silver's hand.

Silver withdrew her hand and licked Hinako's fluid from her fingers. She tasted divine. "I think I might be able to arrange something for you."

That shook Hinako out of her love-induced stupor. "What do you mean?" Her voice held an edge of fright.

"Relax, I won't put your job in jeopardy," Silver assured her. "Just leave Halloween open. Don't worry about a costume, either. I'll take care of it."

"Yes, Silver-sama," Hinako said submissively.

"Oh yeah, and one more thing." Silver grabbed Hinako's panties and pulled them down to her feet, making Hinako step out of them. Silver held out the garment, taunting her with it. "I'll be keeping these, just to make sure you try harder to keep from flashing the guys your goods. If you aren't careful, I'm going to hear about you showing them your pussy, and then I'll be upset."

"I'll be more careful." And she would, too. Silver was treating her the way Hinako wanted to be treated. Even if she didn't know what her lover had planned, it was certain to be exciting.

Kasumi sat in her nurse's office, enjoying a moment of peace and quiet. At Furinkan, there were times when such moments were few and far between. It was best to savor them when they came, for one never knew when they might appear next.

A tentative knock on the door interrupted her peace. At least it wasn't someone being hurled bodily through it, which had happened on more than one occasion. "Come in."

Her visitor proved to be Yakumo Sakamoto, captain of the rugby team and damn fine lay. "How can I help you, Sakamoto-san?" She smiled pleasantly. No one would guess from her outward appearance that she had sucked and fucked this fine example of masculinity.

Kasumi noted he closed the door behind him, but didn't lock it. He wanted privacy, but not so much that he was afraid of being interrupted.

Yakumo said, "I wanted to ask you a question, Nurse Tendou."

Kasumi's eyes nearly lit up. "Is it about my helping out the rugby team? I'm looking forward to assisting you in whatever way I can." Most of the reservations she had about having sexual liaisons with the team had ceased to exist shortly after agreeing to it. Now it was only a matter of figuring out how to introduce herself in the proper context, and making sure the boys didn't say anything. She hadn't come up with anything definitive yet, but she had a few ideas.

"No. It's more… personal in nature," Yakumo said. "I was wondering if you'd like to… go out and we can talk about rugby, among other things."

That surprised Kasumi. She hadn't thought him the type to suggest such a thing. "I'm sorry, Yakumo, but I can't really go out with a student, though I am flattered." Actually she wasn't supposed to have sex with them either, but a date would hardly be discreet the way a private tryst would be.

Picking up on her reservations, Yakumo said, "You don't have to worry about anybody recognizing you. It'd be on Halloween and you would wear a mask. It's a house party, not anything out in the public. I think you'd have a great time, and it could sort of help break you into what might be required in you assisting the team."

Hiding her identity did change things slightly. While there was a certain appeal to the idea of going out with someone so young, seeing what the students Kasumi treated on a daily basis were like socially, and having sex with the seriously hung young man, it probably wasn't a good idea. "I think I'll stick with just helping the team, but thank you anyway."

Yakumo backed away, "Oh, sure, no problem, it was just an idea." He opened the door and closed it behind him.

While he had kept up a good façade, Kasumi could tell she had hurt his feelings. But taking risks were a part of life, and success was never a guarantee. He'd have to live with her refusal. And it wasn't like he wouldn't be seeing her in other ways. She'd give him an extra special blow-job to make things better.

Kasumi was about to return to work when there was another knock on the door. She hoped it wasn't Yakumo asking her out again. Some people didn't know how to take 'No' for an answer, and could be annoying. "Come in."

While it wasn't Yakumo, Kasumi didn't feel relived. It was the one person she wanted to see so little of that she'd have rather had the rugby captain groveling in front of her for the rest of the day. "Hello, Miss Matsura," Kasumi said as warmly as she could muster, which was to say she sounded like a robot.

Chiyoko Matsura placed her hands on her hips and gave a cutesy little exasperated sigh. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Chiyoko? Miss Matsura is so stuffy and formal. We should be friends."

Kasumi wasn't used to glowering, but she almost did it anyway. Becoming friends with the annoying little pest was the last thing in the world she wanted. For some odd reason, Chiyoko had fixated on the idea that Kasumi was held in higher regard than her when it came to looks, and had gotten worse over the last couple of weeks in her attempts to discredit her perceived rival. She had been working overtime trying to undermine Kasumi's security in her appearance, and the more she failed, the more determined the kawaii little thing became. If only the girl would be more frontal in her attempts Kasumi could say something, but open confrontation wasn't her style. Instead Chiyoko continued to be subtle, dropping snide comments hidden in obliviousness while preening and primping herself at the same time. Nabiki could have dealt with the verbal sparring and possibly come out on top, Shampoo would simply swat the girl in the head and tell her to knock it off or she'd get her ass kicked. But Kasumi didn't know how to do either. She was at a loss of how to defend herself, and instead had to put up with the continued slights, which got under Kasumi's skin the way nothing ever had before.

"What did you want?" Kasumi asked, hoping to send the girl on her way was quickly as possible.

"I need to ask your opinion on something. It's about my father."

That was odd, but it sounded plausible. Kasumi couldn't see how any comments about Chiyoko's father could be used against her. "What about him?"

Chiyoko continued looking at Kasumi warmly. "He has bad arthritis, and I wondered what you use to help yours."

Kasumi stared at her in confusion. "I don't have arthritis."

"Oh," Chiyoko said vacuously. "It's just you're almost the same age as him and I figured you'd have arthritis too, since most people that old tend to get it."

Kasumi trembled, and for a brief moment she fantasized about what it would be like to allow her hands to slip around Chiyoko's neck and squeeze just a little. Not enough to kill her, just cut off her supply of oxygen until unconsciousness set in. "I am not anywhere as near as old as your father," she said icily.

"But you are old enough for arthritis to have set in my now, right?"

"No. I haven't had the slightest bit of arthritis in my entire life."

"Oh, sorry. Never mind then." Chiyoko excused herself as she slipped out, preventing Kasumi from retaliating.

Kasumi remained in her seat, fuming. Almost the same age as Chiyoko's father? She had met him once. He was grey-haired and looked sixty. And old enough that she *had* to have arthritis? How dare the little pest say such things! She'd show that tramp she was still extremely desirable.

Kasumi waited five minutes before activating the public announcement system and summoning Yakumo to her office. Hot young studs like him didn't ask out elderly, arthritic women. They wanted to go out with attractive women who they could have a good time with, and she'd show him, and anyone else at the party, exactly what Kasumi Tendou was capable of.

Hinako breathed a sigh of relief when Silver finally showed up at the teacher's apartment, five minutes late. They always met at her place since Silver couldn't bring Hinako to her home because of her parents. Someday she'd formally introduce the teacher to them. Technically Hinako already knew Ranma and Shampoo from their own school days --they were one of the reasons Hinako had transferred to Furinkan in the first place-- but being introduced as Silver's lover was what she looked forward to. Hinako wanted to do it now, as additional reinforcement to their relationship, but Silver had been emphatic about needing time to prepare them for it. Hinako resigned herself to waiting, but as long as her lover remained interested in her she could afford to be patient. Silver was what made her happy, after all. Hinako couldn't imagine returning to the way things had been before they had come together, when she was alone and unloved. She just couldn't.

The neighbors knew Silver by now, though only as someone who Hinako was having a dalliance with. Silver had stayed over enough nights, and their love-making could be quite loud, so the nature of their relationship was hardly a secret. Luckily Hinako lived so far away from the Furinkan school district that no one in the apartment really knew anyone from there. It was times like this the teacher was glad she had chosen a residence so far away form her job. School disciplinarians were never popular, and if the delinquents didn't know where she lived, they couldn't vandalize the place in retaliation for forcing them to conform to the rules. Now the anonymity served as a buffer for her affair.

Silver entered the apartment with a laundry bag slung over her shoulder. She gave Hinako a peck on the cheek, then walked past, announcing, "I gotta use the bathroom and change. I'll get you your outfit when I'm through."

Hinako waited patiently for several minutes, like a proper, demure mistress would, until Silver emerged, now in her male form. He was dressed in a sultan's outfit with white, baggy silk trouser, a red sash tied at the waist, and a small, blue, unbuttoned sleeveless vest that stopped a dozen centimeters above his waist. The top showed off his magnificently muscled physique. A tiny domino mask on Silver-kun's face did next to nothing to hide his identity. Obviously he wanted everyone to know his identity, not surprising given what an attention whore he was. Hinako wanted to rub her body against his with how turned on she was by the sight.

"This is yours." He handed her a set of clothes.

Hinako slowly stripped, displaying her bountiful attributes for her lover's enjoyment. She then sorted out the bundle of clothing that was to be her costume for the evening. It was a risqué belly dancer's outfit, a perfect compliment to Silver-kun's costume. It comprised little more than a gold bikini that scarcely hid a third of her large breasts, and a small bottom which displayed most of her backside and was barely large enough to cover her mound in the front. There were also gossamer thin sleeves and leggings, so transparent they might as well not have been there. A slender chain comprised of tiny metal circles served as a belt. Rather than a veil, there was a mask to hide her upper features; a wise choice since hiding her identity was paramount. A tiny pair of slippers rounded out the ensemble. She donned the outfit quickly, then moved her hips sensuously, just like a real belly-dancer would, for Silver-kun's benefit

He was barely able to tear his eyes away from the sight. "Just one more thing for you." He held out a golden choker. Hinako bent her neck forward, pulling her hair out of the way to allow Silver-kun unrestricted access to her neck. As Silver-kun snapped it into place, he said, "This is a voice changer, that way you can talk like a normal person and no one will know it's you." Surprisingly, Yuriko had gotten it for Silver-kun to use, despite knowing who it was for. While the blonde had initially been enraged at the idea of Silver-kun going out with Hinako, she calmed down almost frighteningly quick, saying she understood Silver cared about 'the bloated cow', and that she supposed the 'middle-aged hag' deserved to have a pity date thrown her way. She then volunteered to obtain the changer and gave it to Silver. He was relieved that Yuriko had finally started to see things his way for a change.

Hinako fingered the item and decided to test it out. "Thank you, Silver-sama. You're always looking out for me." She noted that her voice did indeed sound different, much higher than her usual deep, sultry voice. No one would ever know it was her, though she did wonder why the disguised voice sounded familiar to her.

Silver-kun's eyes goggled at hearing Hinako's new voice: it was identical to Yuriko's. The blonde must have imprinted her own voice on it as a way of reminding Silver-kun about her all night long. It was disturbing hearing Yuriko's voice coming from Hinako's body.

"Is something wrong, Silver-sama?" Hinako asked.

"Do you… like your new voice?" he asked hesitantly.

"Oh yes, no one will recognize it, I'm certain."

Oh, people were going to recognize it, all right, it just wouldn't be recognized as Hinako's. He was a bit surprised his lover wasn't reacting more negatively to it. Maybe she couldn't hear it clearly because it was coming from her and sounded differently to her ears. Silver-kun had heard his own recorded voice played back to him, and he didn't think he sounded like it at all.

"Just so long as you're happy with it." It was going to be a long night, he decided.

Unable to stay in suspense, Hinako asked, "Where will we be going tonight?"

Talking about his plans for the evening renewed Silver-kun's interest. "Nobuyuki Hideki's house party, where I'll be showing you off in front of everyone as my personal harem girl."

Hinako was thrilled at the idea. At last, the one who had captured her heart would be displaying her in front of everyone as his woman, even if no one could know who she really was. It made her feel more legitimized as Silver-kun's lover. She'd reward him by doing everything he wanted all night long, no questions asked.

Yakumo led Kasumi to the front door of the house. It was very large and had a sprawling yard with a high fence, like her yard had, though her home was nowhere near as large as this. She had known Nobuyuki's family was wealthy, not Kunou level money, but they were well above affluent. Still it was quite the home.

Kasumi stood on the front porch, excited at what was about to happen. Two months earlier she would never have dreamed she would be going out on a date with a student, to a house party thrown by another student, and engage in what were probably going to be some very naughty things if the costume Yakumo had chosen for her was any indication of what the night would hold for her.

Currently all anyone could see was a taller woman in a trench coat with white boots and stockings sticking out the bottom. Only the wide butterfly mask that covered all but her eyes and mouth appeared unusual, and on Halloween, even that only gained a glance or two. Underneath the trench coat was a different matter. Yakumo had chosen a nurse's costume for her, which would have been boring had it been a normal nurse's attire. However, what he had chosen was more like a nurse cocktail dress. It was a low cut, one-piece, off-the-shoulder uniform that showed off an indecent amount of her bosom. It barely rose high enough to cover her nipples, and only her sizeable breasts kept it up. The skirt of the outfit was far too short, and the bottom of her white panties nearly visible. Only the cap was vaguely regulation. Both it and the dress had red crosses on them, indicating her 'profession'. Yakumo had said she was going out as a 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi,' which she actually approved of. She enjoyed her newfound role as a naughty nurse, and the idea of openly (while still secretly) walking among the students dressed as herself thrilled her. About the only thing she was tentative about was talking, since someone might recognize her voice, but she thought she had that covered as well.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Yakumo, who was dressed as a ninja, asked. "If you've changed your mind, I'll understand."

How sweet. Despite the fact he wanted to show her off to his friends and spend time with her, he was still thoughtful of her wishes and willing to accede to them. She answered by peeling off her trench coat and saying, "Why don't we go inside and have some fun?"

Yakumo was nearly beside himself in lust. "Sounds great." His eyes were unable to get enough of the girl. He looked like he wanted to take her on the spot.

After staring at her for several seconds, Kasumi suggested, "Perhaps we should ring the doorbell?"

"Right." Yakumo stabbed the doorbell with his finger, nearly breaking it in the process.

It was answered by Nobuyuki, dressed as a vampire. His eyes goggled as he saw the naughty nurse, and all her naughty attributes, on display. He recovered quickly, bowing deeply and saying in a thick Transylvanian accent, "By all means, enter freely and of your own will, though I can't guarantee someone as attractive as you will be allowed leave."

Kasumi's head swayed and in a high-pitched, vacuous voice that made her seem like a twenty-year old, said, "Maybe I won't want to." She moved her body suggestively as she sauntered into the room. Both Yakumo and the vampire remained where they were, watching her bottom sway as she moved.

Nobuyuki said, "That's the hottest nurse I have ever seen. It makes me almost wish I had a terminal disease if it meant she'd be taking care of me."

Yakumo preened a bit. "Like her? She's dressed up as Naughty Nurse Kasumi."

"Where did you find her?" the vampire asked eagerly

Yakumo could barely keep from laughing. "It wasn't easy finding someone as hot as the real thing."

Nobuyuki continued watching her as several other costumed men suddenly surrounded the newcomer. "Well, the real one sure as hell doesn't move like that. And, you know, her tits aren't as big as the ones your girl has."

"I think they're pretty close," Yakumo said.

"Yeah, close, but definitely not that big, not that there's anything wrong with the genuine article's chest," the vampire added.

As the two stood in the doorway, another couple approached. Both ninja and vampire turned to see the newcomers, and both were struck momentarily speechless by the sight of the belly dancer whose outfit barely restrained her voluptuous attributes.

"Hey guys," the sultan, easily identifiable as Silver-kun, greeted.

The belly-dancer turned to her master. "Oh, Silver-sama, thank you ever so much for inviting me." She gave him a deep kiss. His hands were all over her instantly, grabbing her ass and breasts right in front of the guys as though they weren't there. It was only with great reluctance they detached themselves from one another.

"Get in there, you saucy slut, and make sure you shake your thing for everyone." He swatted her in the bottom to move her along. She yelped, but the look she shot her owner was all affection.

The sultan turned to the guys as he entered. "One of the best lays in the world there. Make sure you stare at her a lot. She really gets off on it." He then entered the house.

Once out of earshot, Nobuyuki said, "Whoa, that was Kuonji, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, that voice and body, there's no mistaking it," Yakumo agreed.

"Looks like the naughty nurse has some competition after all," the vampire joked.

"Naughty Nurse Kasumi is still the hotter of the two," Yakumo insisted.

"I wouldn't mind trying them out to find out for sure." The vampire rubbed his crotch for emphasis.

"You and everyone else at the party."

"You know how wild these things can get, and there's something in the air tonight that makes me think this is going to be one memorable evening," Nobuyuki said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can find a girl that wouldn't mind a few fang style hickeys left on her breasts." He entered the house, Yakumo hot on his heels.

Silver-kun was pleased to see the party was well under way by the time he and Hinako made their appearance. It was actually quite crowded, with a large number of students dressed in just about every costume imaginable. While some of the women were dressed scantily, none had a body like Hinako's. She was the center of attention of nearly every man that laid eyes on her, and few could keep from staring. Hinako was unconcerned about the stares, as though she were wearing one of her normal outfits in school. She was reveling in the martial artist's attention, and remained a fixture at his side.

Silver-kun said to her, "I want you to circulate around the room so every one of these students can get a good look at their English teacher dressing like the slut she secretly is. I want them to remember the hot piece of ass that strutted her goods in front of them like a ten yen whore."

"Yes, Silver-sama," Hinako breathed huskily.

She turned to go, but Silver-kun snared her hand and spun her around so she was facing him. He tilted her chin upward and looked deeply into her eyes. "While I want you to show off your packaging, make sure they don't handle the merchandise." He gave her bottom a possessive squeeze. "If they get out of line, don't drain them, just drop my name as your boyfriend. That will scare them off, if they have any survival instincts."

"Yes, Silver-sama.

Silver watched Hinako saunter into the thick of the room, the center of attention of every man she passed by. That led to some angry girlfriends giving the men they had arrived with a cold shoulder, while others turned on the charm to recapture their boyfriend's interest. Hinako's presence was already making things more interesting. Silver-kun couldn't wait to see what came next.

Deciding to check out things while Hinako made her round of the house, he walked down to main room of the basement, which seemed to be a central location of the party. It was extremely large, taking up almost the majority of the basement. He was surprised to see a small upraised portion at one end of the room where one could give speeches, or even a band could play. Obviously Nobuyuki's parents were used to having celebrations and gatherings if they had a stage built into the room.

Silver-kun grabbed some sort of alcoholic beverage and tried to get a feel for the party. He noticed he was attracting attention of the female persuasion. If it hadn't been for Hinako's presence, he might have tried entertaining a princess or witch, depending on the mood, but he was saving up for something special for his date. He politely smiled back, but turned away from the girls, telling them subtly he wasn't interested.

As Silver-kun drank, he overheard an oni say to golfer, "Did you check out that hot chick?"

"The belly dancer that was upstairs?"

"No, not that one. I mean the other hot chick."

"Compared to that belly dancer, there are no other hot chicks here."

Silver-kun felt his ego swell at the compliment. It was true. Yuriko was the only one who could compare to Hinako, and she had opted to go to the school costume dance with Akira. Apparently the blonde had a thing for boredom.

"Not true," the oni insisted. "That chick over there in the corner is just as hot."

Silver-kun looked in the direction the oni was pointing and saw a number of guys clustered around someone. They blocked the figure out to such a degree that only flashes of white could be seen.

"Which chick?"

"Naughty Nurse Kasumi."

Silver-kun choked on his drink. After coughing out some fluid, he rushed over to the oni, who had said what he couldn't possibly have said, and asked, "Did you say Naughty Nurse Kasumi is at this party?"

The oni shrugged. "Well, some chick dressed up as her, yeah. I didn't mean it was the real Naughty Nurse Kasumi. She's not the sort of person to come to a party like this, or dress like that. Come on, let's take a look."

The oni led Silver-kun and the golfer toward the cluster. The martial artist spearheaded their path as they muscled their way through the crowd close enough to take a look at the center of half the room's attention. They saw the naughty nurse in all of her scantily-clad glory, flirting with the men surrounding her.

"What do you think?" the oni asked.

"That is one naughty, naughty nurse," Silver-kun admitted.

The golfer said, "You weren't kidding. She's as hot as the belly dancer, and does a pretty convincing Naughty Nurse Kasumi. Except, you know, the real naughty nurse has a smaller ass than that."

The oni said, "Actually the real one's is larger. Aside from that, they're practically identical."

"No, seriously, the real one's ass is smaller," the golfer insisted.

A bit of irritation entered the oni's voice. "Trust me on this. I've stared at her ass often enough and taken pictures when she wasn't looking. Her ass is at least fifteen percent larger than that."

"I am a fine connoisseur of ass, and I say the real one's is smaller."



"I think it's just right," Silver-kun said in a distant voice as he approached the nurse in question.

Kasumi found the partygoers' behaviors fascinating. As she looked around the room, she saw students laughing and having a good time much more freely than they did at school. The lack of concern regarding authority figures peering over their shoulders and asking them what they were up to let them behave normally, acting without reservations or regrets. They were carrying on, drinking, making out (in some cases nearly dry humping one another), and otherwise engaging in behaviors they never did openly around school. Certainly they had never acted like this around Kasumi, and she found it enlightening. Seeing the students' true personalities made her feel more a part of them than before, especially since they were treating her like one of them.

So far no one had given the faintest indication they knew who she truly was. Even Kasumi was a bit surprised that her 'airhead' routine was successfully hiding her true identity. It was amazing how a change in mannerisms and raising the pitch of her voice could throw people off so badly. Or maybe it was incomprehensible to them that someone as proper as 'Nurse Tendou' could possibly behave like 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi.'

What Kasumi enjoyed most of all was the attention the young men showered upon her. Almost from the instant she had stepped into the house she was surrounded by numerous masked men who complimented her on her choice of costumes. That they tended to be staring at her breasts when they made their comments amused rather than offended her. She hadn't agreed to wear something like this because she wanted to be ignored. All the guys were doing was following their natural inclinations with a girl who obviously wanted those natural inclinations directed toward her.

Kasumi's own behavior surprised even her as she flirted as shamelessly as Chiyoko did. Many of the guys had to adjust their pants while talking with her. Kasumi had to admit it was sinfully fun, and could understand why the little pain in the posterior did it so often. Being disguised liberated her. She could act however she wanted without fear of being reproached. Flirt a little? All of the girls at the party were doing it, so she was just acting like everyone else. Allow guys to brush up against her? Why not? She was dressed to arouse and they were reacting the way she wanted. There was no principal to admonish her for 'inappropriate behavior'. No angry PTA member screeching about how she was corrupting the morals of the students (if anything, they were corrupting hers). The anonymity meant Kasumi was free to do as she liked, and she found hanging around the students as 'just one of the girls' pleasing.

It was intoxicating, impersonating a wicked, erotic version of her real self, acting the way the guys wanted her to rather than how she actually was. Although the outrageous flirting and sexual innuendos came so naturally she was forced to reconsider how much of it was an act and how much might have been repressed desires coming to the surface. Given her proper upbringing, she had never behaved in a way that could potentially shame either her family or Akira, and that meant not doing many things she would have liked to. But now Akira was grown up and she was on her own at last. Perhaps this was really a case of cutting loose and sampling things that she had denied herself for so long. If so, it was long overdue.

All of the guys surrounding Kasumi stared lustily at her in a way a student would never dare toward a faculty member. The closest she could remember being looked at that way was when Yakumo and his three teammates had taken her during their mutual physical examination. In some ways this menagerie of costumed men was even better since there were more of them and there were no half-guarded looks of disbelief that it was Nurse Tendou they were staring at, that she might change her mind and put them in her place because she had the authority to do so. As far as these men were concerned, she was a sexy woman, one they had a chance of bedding if they got her alone. Having so many young men vying for her attention was a new experience for her, one that sent shivers of excitement down her spine.

Since she wouldn't give her real name, her band of admirers started addressing her as 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi', which only increased her excitement. Yakumo remained by her side, proudly showing her off while at the same time protecting her from hands that might have drifted to places they shouldn't. At least other guys' hands, as his were constantly all over her. It was obvious he was pleased at having a beautiful woman who was the center of so much attention on his arm. However he excused himself several times to either talk privately with friends or go to the restroom. Each time he left her side, her crowd of admirers became more brazen, acting like a pack of sharks that smelled blood in the water. When she didn't rebuke their more aggressive behavior, they took it as a sign of her wanting their attention. Aside from their hands taking the place of Yakumo's as they surreptitiously felt her up, some of the bolder ones propositioned her. While she didn't accept their offers, she did not turn them down openly, which only made them try harder.

During Yakumo's current absence, one of the guys made some very lurid suggestions about that he'd like to do to 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi'. It was so graphic and elaborate that it was impossible he could have thought it up on the spot. It was then she realized it was a genuine fantasy he had come up with long ago regarding the 'real' Naughty Nurse Kasumi, and he had decided to share it with a figure who was as close to the real thing as he'd ever get.

Intrigued, she prodded the rest of her admirers into revealing what they'd like to do to their school's nurse. They were eager to share their ideas. Kasumi was taken aback as well as turned on. She had no idea she was the center of so many students' fantasies. It was flattering to discover that they spent so much time thinking about her, especially since there were so many younger girls to choose from. And the things they described. Apparently her prim and proper image did nothing to blunt their desires. If anything, it seemed to make them want her more. She recognized some of the voices and was shocked to discover the real thoughts that were going through their minds when they spoke to her so politely in school. She made a mental note to be extra friendly and smile a lot at them when she met them in school next time.

While she was happy being Yakumo's date, she idly wondered what would have happened had she come to the party alone. Many of the men surrounding her were obviously able-bodied and were only restraining themselves because she was here with the rugby captain. Would they continue to just talk dirty and brush against her bottom, or would they openly grope her? Would they try to kiss her, pawing at her breasts, or would they cut to the chase, pick her bodily up and take her to a bedroom where they could ravage her in comfort? She became aroused as the ideas flowed through her mind.

Kasumi continued teasing her admirers when someone moved up behind her and whispered in her ear. "I'd recognize that incredible body anywhere, especially since it's got so little covering it. I sure never expected to see it here, cruising for cock."

Kasumi stiffened and turned to confront the speaker. "Silver?"

A song started. Silver-kun grabbed Kasumi and said, "Sorry, guys, I'm going to borrow her for just a minute," then whisked her away before they could protest.

Silver-kun guided Kasumi by the hand until they found a small open spot and began to dance. He pulled her tight against his body, her nipples brushing against the rock hard muscles of his almost bare chest. One of his hands held her by the middle of her back, but the other drifted down to her backside and rested comfortably there.

Kasumi blushed. There was no sense in trying her airhead act on Silver-kun. He'd known her too long and had very intimate knowledge of her body. She kept her voice down and said, "You're probably wondering why I'm here."

"Nope." Silver-kun said, his hand gently stroking her backside through her outfit.

Kasumi could scarcely believe her ears. "You don't?"

Silver-kun shrugged. "It's your business. You're a big girl now and can make these decisions on your own. I would like to enjoy your company a little bit, though."

"I think that can be arranged." Kasumi relaxed in Silver-kun's arms and began dancing to the music as well. She enjoyed dancing, although at times what these younger people did could barely be recognized as such. But being in the arms of such a large, powerful man who radiated an aura of sexuality like few could, more than made up for the lack of finesse the youths had.

"God, you look outstanding." Silver-kun nibbled on her ear and said softly, "You might want to watch yourself. Women as hot as you at parties like this sometimes find themselves stuffed full of cock before they know it."

"Sounds like fun. I'll be looking forward to it." She nipped him on the ear right back, then gazed up into his lust-filled eyes. He had definitely hit a growth spurt. Two, actually, as she felt Silver-kun press something hard against her body. "If you want my attention, you don't have to poke me in the stomach."

"I'd like to poke you between the legs," he said sincerely.

Kasumi wanted him to as well. She'd never pass up the opportunity to enjoy someone as skilled and endowed as Silver-kun. Their vampire host had mentioned bedrooms being upstairs and 'open to the public,' suggesting she might want to join him in one. She had passed on the opportunity then. Sadly, she was going to have to do the same now. "I can't, I'm afraid. I'm someone's date tonight and I can't just leave him."

Silver-kun's whole bodied stiffened. "Is it serious?"

Kasumi giggled at the concern. "No. It's a casual thing. I came here on a whim at his suggestion. I'm not in the mood to get serious about anyone for a while." She'd been serious her entire life. It was time to throw caution to the wind for a change, like attending a student's house party.

Someone behind them cleared his throat. Both turned to see Yakumo staring at them jealously.

"My date," Kasumi explained, slipping out of Silver-kun's grasp and into Yakumo's. The move mollified his anger somewhat.

"I was just keeping her warmed up for you," Silver-kun assured him. "I'll pay you back later." He left to rejoin the main body of the party.

Kasumi gave Yakumo a kiss on the mask. "I'm afraid it's my turn to use the lavatory. I'll be back."

"Okay, but don't take too long." He gave her return kiss. Kasumi enjoyed it for a moment before breaking off and heading for the nearest bathroom. The trek was filled with, if not peril, at least many horny young men that kept trying to strike up conversations with her. Polite to a fault, she would exchange a few words, usually just long enough for them to go for a quick feel, before excusing herself and continuing on.

Kasumi was almost at the bathroom when she heard another familiar voice, this one causing surprise in a different way. She followed the direction of the voice and discovered a scantily-clad belly dancer making her way through the crowd, leaving a trail of drooling men in her wake.

"Excuse me," the belly dancer said as she moved past another admirer.

Hearing the voice again confirmed it. "Yuriko?" Kasumi said in shock.

The belly dancer might have worn a mask, but the tone of her voice left no doubt of the scowl behind it. "I am not that little slut! Why the hell does everyone think I'm her?!" she snapped.

Kasumi looked at her in disbelief. Every syllable sounded exactly like it had come from Yuriko, but the nurse took a far more analytical look at the woman's body. Unlike most of the men here, she had seen Akira's girlfriend naked, both in a bath and one time when she had stumbled on them screwing in her son's old room. While this woman was built similarly to Yuriko, especially with her impressive chest, there were differences. The belly dancer was more filled out, her hips were wider, she weighed several kilos more, and her breasts appeared just a touch less firm than Yuriko's. This woman also moved differently and had noticeably different mannerisms, and unlike in Kasumi's case, she didn't think they were feigned.

"Sorry, you sound just like her," Kasumi offered.

The belly dancer turned her nose up in the air. "I have a much better body than that little tramp." She stomped off, obviously irritated.

Kasumi shrugged. Strange things like that happened around Nerima all the time. It really wasn't even worth remembering. She headed to the bathroom once more.

The party became increasingly heated as time passed and drinks --as well as a few recreational drugs-- made their rounds. There was a palpable tension in the air, one so intense that all it would take was one little incident and the dam would break, sweeping everyone up in the release of emotions.

Eventually Nobuyuki stood up on the stage and called for everyone's attention. Once most of the people were watching him, he began playing the role of emcee. "And now it's time for our annual 'best costumes of the evening' contest, chosen by the sole judge, your host tonight, myself. Anyone that wants to protest my decisions can get out now." That gained a few amused chuckles. "First up we'll go with the most realistic outfit of the evening. This one was a no-brainer. Come on up, Shoji the Zombie!" He pointed out someone who literally looked like a corpse left out in the sun for about a week. The zombie shuffled forward and stood at the base of stage. Nobuyuki held out an arm to help him up, but when he grabbed the zombie's appendage and pulled, it came off in his hand. He looked at it, shrugged, then held it up in victory. The crowd cheered as he handed the limb back to its owner.

"And for the scariest costume… Prime Minister Sawaguchi!" The vampire pointed to a man in a business suit wearing a rubber mask of the prime minister. Everyone booed as he took to the stage and made a 'V' victory sign. After several more boos, he walked off the stage.

"Politicians are scarier than zombies. The undead only devour flesh; politicians devour your wallets as well." Nobuyuki quipped. "All right, now we have something of a problem with the last category, that of sexiest costume. You see, since I'm the host, I'm ineligible, despite being the sexiest one here." The women cheered him while the men jeered. Once the commotion died down, he continued. "I'd normally give all the babes a chance to strut their stuff for me before I decide, but this time it really comes down to just two girls. No one else is in the running. Naughty Nurse Kasumi! Belly Dancer Who's Not Big Tits Kuonji! Come on up!"

Hinako moved immediately, bristling at the Kuonji remark. Kasumi stood there a moment before, at Yakumo's urging she went up to the stage as well. The two stood on each side of Nobuyuki, the place erupting as all of the men howled and whistled at the two sexy women flanking the vampire.

Nobuyuki said, "Now this is where you, the audience, must decide who has the sexiest outfit. Therefore we'll have the gals show off their outfits up here while you make the call!"

He left the stage, yielding it to the contestants. A cheer filled the room. Everyone in the house was now crammed into the basement as all eyes focused on the two women.

Hinako turned to this newfound rival and looked her over. There was no doubt the nurse did have a good body, and her slutty outfit showed off her attributes nicely, but there was no way Hinako would be upstaged tonight in front of her lover. Throwing restraint to the wind, she twirled around in a circle for the benefit of the crowd, raising her arms above her body and holding them out, as if inviting the crowd to carefully examine all she had to offer. The move met with a loud cheer. Accepting the accolades of the audience, Hinako turned to her rival and smirked.

Kasumi noticed the smirk and found she did not like it. The belly dancer behaved as if she had already won, despite Kasumi not having shown off her own outfit yet. Well, she'd show this, admittedly stacked, girl what a mature woman could do.

Kasumi pranced around the stage like a model on a runway, her cocktail nurse's uniform accentuating her womanly curves in just the right way. She exaggerated the sway to her hips as she sashayed, now very grateful for working out as much as she did. This was the payoff for her hours of exercise and careful dieting, having a body men wanted to cheer for, despite being old enough to be their mother. She would win this contest, and the next time Chiyoko made some cutting remark about her, Kasumi would just smile in response, secure in the knowledge that she had been dubbed the sexiest woman among this large group of students.

As Kasumi returned to her original spot, the crowd cheered at least as loudly as they had for Hinako. Kasumi shot a not warm smile at her new rival, who did not take it in stride. Hinako wasn't going to lose to Yuriko, and she sure as hell wasn't about to lose to some other upstart. Deciding that if she was dressed like a belly dancer, she should act like one, Hinako moved forward, wiggling her hips back and forth, thrusting her pelvis toward the crowd, then spinning around and shaking her bottom toward them. While she wasn't a great dancer, with her body, dressed as she was, she didn't have to be. The crowd roared appreciably louder than before. Hinako basked in the attention, and gyrated for another minute before returning to her place.

Kasumi wasn't about to let it end there. She walked forward, stopping when she reached the edge of the stage. From her nurse's cap she pulled a fake thermometer from out of the brim and shook it. She then went to her knees before a man dressed as a football player. He stood transfixed as Kasumi went down on all fours, giving him and the people beside him a great view of the scandalous amount of cleavage on display. She offered the thermometer to him. Since his mouth was already open, it was a simple matter to stick it in, then run a finger lovingly along the bottom of his jaw, pressing it upward slightly so the thermometer stuck out. She then stood up, shaking her bottom the way Hinako had hers. They roared in appreciation as loudly as they had for Hinako.

Anger replaced enjoyment as this bitch nurse stole Hinako's thunder. This was no longer about impressing Silver; now it was a competition between the two women, as serious a fight as between any martial artists in its own way. Hinako would not be denied victory, no matter what measure had to be taken. Inhaling deeply, Hinako upped the ante by reaching behind her back and undoing her top. She took the strings and brought them forward, one in each hand, and pulled upward, showing off her magnificent breasts. She pulled the top over her head and tossed it aside.

The crowd went dead silent as they stared at the large mammaries. Then they erupted in a deafening cheer that shook the walls. The fires of competition stoked to a height unparallel in her before, Hinako began jiggling her front, making the breasts dance to the delight of every male in the room. She did this for several moments, noticing how many of the guys were feeling up their own dates as they stared at the bouncing globes before them.

Hinako returned to her original spot, confident in her victory. It was short lived as Kasumi walked up to the front of the stage, then pulled down her strapless top, showing off her own impressive breasts as the material bunched up under them. The crowd howled in appreciation again, but she wasn't finished. She lifted the bottom of her dress well above her panties. She slid her thumbs into the side of her panties, turned around so her back was to the crowd, then pulled them down to her ankles, showing her unquestionably firm bottom to them. Her lower lips were visible for the briefest of moments before she slid the dress back down and turned around. Men jockeyed for position at the edge of the stage in an effort to look up her dress and see what had only been hinted at before.

Hinako was livid. Her temper frayed out of control at this bitch who was just as slutty as Yuriko. One of her hands started to form a circle when she was grabbed from behind in an intimate way. She spun in fury at whatever fool would touch her so, preparing to blast him, when she recognized her lover. Hinako was vaguely aware of a ninja moving up behind the nurse and holding her close to him as well.

Silver-kun said, "Well, folks, I think it's clear that what we have here is a tie!"

The crowd shouted in approval, preferring to honor both worthy competitors rather than having to choose a side.

Silver-kun continued. "And now, its time to give these two sexy women the first place prize they deserve: a good, hard, fucking!" The martial artist's hands slipped under Hinako's arms and began to roughly play with her breasts right in front of the entire crowd. Hinako turned her head to the side, about to say something, when Silver-kun's mouth met hers and he began a deep, tonguing kiss. She kissed him just as fiercely back, becoming aroused as he handled her in front of everyone. She moved her chest forward, wanting her lover to grab even more of her breasts. He did so, squeezing the already bullet hard nipples and sending shivers down her spine. She began moving her bottom backward into her lover's, feeling his long, hard cock moving in the cleft of her ass.

One of the hands left the breast and grabbed at the bottom of her costume, pulling downward until her bottoms were halfway to her knees, putting her pussy on display. His hand went up to her mound, putting two digits at her opening. He then started to push the fingers roughly inside. Hinako thrust her hips forward, trying to bury the intruders as deeply as she could as quickly as possible. Her mouth slipped from his as she started moaning at the rough stimulation.

It didn't take long for Silver-kun's fingers to end up buried to the hilt. His thumb played across her clit as he continued toying with her body. She was really starting to feel the burn when the fingers withdrew, leaving her opening aching in emptiness.

Hinako was about to protest when she felt his hand moving between his pelvis and hers and heard a rustle of fabric. She looked down, as a purple head poked out from the space between her legs, directly under her pussy. Her gaze was transfixed at the sight of the thing she wanted most in the world.

Silver-kun whispered in her ear. "Your fantasy is about to come true. Put it in so I can show everyone who you belong to."

Hinako's hands trembled as she grabbed his member and placed it up to her opening. Silver-kun lifted his hips upward, his head sliding past luscious lips flush with arousal. His rough play from earlier had loosened her up, and he was able to bury half his shaft on the first thrust. Hinako was so wired she came just from that alone. She shook in his grasp, but he held onto her firmly, not allowing her to jerk too violently or lose her footing.

Barely had the most intense part of the orgasm passed before Silver-kun started thrusting into her. It was rough and hard as he took her in an almost desperate manner. He drove increasing amounts of his cock into her as quickly as he could. Hinako not only took it all, but wanted more. She couldn't get enough of him and his ardor.

Eventually his pelvis ground against hers. He filled and stretched her like no one could. He mauled her breasts as he hammered away, taking her as savagely as he ever had. He pounded her so hard she was lifted onto the balls of her feet every time his cock hit the back of her pussy. He snarled in her ear. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?! You wanted me to fuck you in front of all your students, and now I am! How do you like it now?"

"Beautiful!" she gasped out.

He snarled. "Tell them! Tell them who your ass belongs to!"

Yes! He was claiming her for his own once again, just like their first joining, only this time he was doing it before everyone at school, announcing his ownership of her body and soul to all. That he would go to such lengths to make her fantasy come true made her fall in love with him all over again. She cried out, "Silver-sama! Silver-sama owns me! I belong to him and only to him!"

As caught up in the act as Hinako, Silver-kun joined in, "Listen up! This hot bitch is mine, and don't anyone forget it! No one touches her without my permission!"

The heated coupling before a live audience was too much for either of them to take. They could no longer talk, only grunt incoherently as a mutual heat built up in their bodies until they thought they would explode. A handful of thrusts later, Silver-kun left himself buried up to the hilt and erupted, filling her with a several days of pent up seed. Hinako came at the same time, bucking hard in his grasp and nearly whiting out as one of the most intense orgasms of her life swept over her. She went limp in his arms, forcing the martial artist to focus enough to support her weight. They had come so much he could feel their combined juices flowing down his cock despite the tight fit, letting everyone see the results of their ferocious coupling. It met with yet another resounding cheer, the loudest yet.

Leaving his cock inside her, Silver-kun eased backward until he was sitting on the stage, his legs dangling over the edge. With his legs between hers, she was spread wide, giving everyone a view of her prick packed pussy. He nuzzled her neck in affection, rather than the savage way they had joined before. Hinako allowed herself to be showered in his caresses.

Silver-kun said, "You may be a bitch, but you're my bitch, so don't you ever forget it."

"Never, Silver-sama," Hinako cooed. While she would have liked to enjoy the afterglow, there was far too much noise around them, from both the audience and right next to them. No longer blinded by lust, Hinako looked over to the debauched nurse that had been her rival.

The first thought that had gone through Kasumi's head when her belly dancing rival shed her top was that she was going to lose. Had their vampire host asked from the outset for Kasumi to do a striptease she would never have walked up on the stage. Dressing risqué was one thing: not dressing in anything was something else altogether. However, once she was on the stage with all those young, virile men leering at her as they cheered her on, she felt an almost alien urge to be victorious, to be acknowledged as the sexiest woman at the party no matter the cost. Knowing she would never forgive herself if she dropped out, Kasumi summoned all of her courage and pulled her top down. All it took was seeing every male's face in the room light up to let her know she had made the correct choice. The universal expressions of primal lust sent a tremor from Kasumi's heart all the way to her toes. Caught up in the heat of the moment, she dropped her panties, eliciting the loudest roar of approval from the crowd yet. It made her body burn in longing.

Kasumi had been so caught up in the competition she would have done anything to win. It was only when Yakumo grabbed her by the waist, and Silver-kun announced the match was a tie, that she came back to reality and realized what she had done.

While Kasumi sorted things out, Yakumo was hardly idle. He kissed her deeply as he eased her down until she was flat on her back on the stage, legs pointing toward the crowd. Yakumo then dropped his pants, showing everyone that ninjas go commando as his sizeable member sprang into view. Dropping to his knees before Kasumi's pelvis, he grabbed her by her ankles spreading her legs wide and pushing them back, causing the hem of her costume to ride upward until it slid up her hips. Given her positioning and how wide she was spread, the crowd had an ideal view of her neatly trimmed pussy and engorged lower lips that were flush with arousal. Instead of being embarrassed, Kasumi felt unbelievably turned on that so many people were watching her in a compromising position. She became thrilled at the idea of everyone having a front row seat to an exclusive showing of 'Kasumi Tendou Gets Stuffed With Some Young Stud's Large Dick.'

Yakumo lined his cock up with her opening, and nuzzled the head against her lips. Unable to contain himself, he shoved his hips forward, spearing her with his shaft. Not having had any foreplay, Kasumi was still fairly tight, and Yakumo did not penetrate too deeply. Despite his obvious lust, he controlled himself, using short thrusts, gradually loosening her up and stretching her out the way she liked it. He might not have been Silver-kun sized, but he was definitely up there with an impressive piece of meat between his legs.

As he thrust into her, Kasumi couldn't believe what she was doing. While she felt no guilt in copulating with a younger man, she would never have thought she would do it in public. Until recently, the bedroom was about the only place sex ever occurred. Yet here she was, on her back being mounted like a bitch in heat in front of everyone, and she found not shame, but only arousal coming from the act. Maybe it was the fact her identity was hidden that allowed her to throw away her inhibitions, or maybe she was actually an exhibitionist. In any case, as Yakumo continued working his way into her, she made the startling discovery that she loved being fucked before an audience, wanted to be put on display before them. She would show them what she was capable of and they would cheer her on. All of the men in the audience would fantasize it was them up here on stage plunging their cocks into her. They'd jerk off for weeks at the memory of 'Naughty Nurse Kasumi' getting her brains fucked out right before their eyes. That it was the actual truth made it even more erotic.

Doubts cast aside, Kasumi embraced what she was doing with all her heart. "Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! Show everyone what sort of woman Naughty Nurse Kasumi is!"

Yakumo's eyes seemed to glow as he really began giving it to her, making Kasumi squeal in delight. She started shouting out in the third person, telling everyone how much Naughty Nurse Kasumi secretly enjoyed the attention of young men when they stared at her body, loved being stuffed with their hard cocks, and that she adored it when they unloaded their virile sperm into her womb.

The crowd wasn't the only ones getting into her hot talk as Yakumo continued pounding her almost as furiously as Silver-kun was taking Hinako. No one could keep up that tempo for long, and within a handful of minutes, he bellowed, "Oh god, I'm going to come."

"Don't pull out! Naughty Nurse Kasumi loves it when men come inside her!"

"Take… every… drop!" Yakumo demanded as he suddenly erupted inside her, spraying her insides with his seed, just as Kasumi demanded.

Feeling him douse her insides had the predictable effect giving Kasumi an incredibly intense orgasm. Even she was amazed by the power of it as she howled, digging her nails into Yakumo's back and scratching deep enough to draw a light trace of blood.

All too soon the climax passed, leaving Kasumi panting like a dog as Yakumo finally released her ankles and collapsed on top of her. A part of her couldn't believe what she had just done. She was lying naked in a room full of students, with one of them on top of her, filled with his sperm after putting on a public sex show… and loved every second of it.

For the first time in her life, Kasumi decided propriety could go to hell. Life was too short to remain smothered in a blanket of others' expectations. She'd give in to her desires, enjoying herself to the fullest while she still could. She wouldn't be foolish or imprudent --like trying to do what she had just done unmasked-- but neither would she try to talk herself out of doing things that she actually wanted to do, like she almost had with Yakumo tonight. She would have missed out on one of the most intense experiences of her life. She would embrace her sexuality from this day forward, and if she ended up helping a few young men do the same in the process, so much the better.

She lay there, enjoying the afterglow as best as she could, given the fact the well-muscled Yakumo lay on top of her. Luckily, he finally recovered enough of his senses to rise up and look down on Kasumi in awe.

"You're the most amazing woman in the world." And he sounded like he meant it.

"Thank you," she said, smiling warmly. Now that the orgasm had passed, she was starting to feel horny again already. Exhibitionism was proving itself a powerful aphrodisiac.

She was about to ask him to get off her so she could suck him back to life when Silver-kun walked over to Yakumo. He whispered something into the ninja's ear. Kasumi could tell by the tilt of his head he considered what the martial-artist had said, then nodded as he rose to his feet. Kasumi was about to ask what they were discussing when both of them lay on each side of her. Suddenly surrounded by two men very hung men, she decided to see what would happen. She became excited when they moved closer and, for only the second time in her life, two mouths attached themselves to her breasts and began sucking away.

Instantly, Kasumi started writhing on the stage. Her nipples were a powerful erogenous zone for her. Most of her lovers discovered that simply playing with them would make her wet enough to mount without having to bother with her pussy (though many did so anyway). Having two men suck on them like they were trying to draw milk from her quadrupled the pleasure. She was certain if they kept at it long enough, they could make her climax from that alone. She grabbed them both by the back of the heads, intent on keeping them right where they were, like two large children suckling at their mother's bosom. Closing her eyes, she lay motionless as she savored the sensations their mouths produced.

Caught up in the experience, Kasumi wasn't really aware when a pair of hands pried her thighs apart. She did become aware when a tongue suddenly darted forward and into her pussy. It took a moment for enough of her higher processes to realize that the guys' mouths were occupied, which meant a third player had entered the game. Kasumi looked up between the heads affixed to her breasts and was stunned to see the third participant was not a man, but Kasumi's belly dancer rival. Her face was buried in Kasumi's snatch, lapping away at her loins as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

While Kasumi was certainly not homophobic, neither had she ever sought out a sexual encounter with the same sex, Silver and Shampoo notwithstanding. It wasn't really a turn off for her: she simply never had any interest in it. She had more than enough men paying attention to her that she didn't need to seek any alternatives. But now, as this overly-endowed belly dancer gave her one of the best tongue lashings of her life, Kasumi found herself reconsidering. The tongue not only seemed to dart around to all the right places, but the pacing was perfect as well. Not too much or too fast. Everything was just right.

Being orally ravished by three people at once was indescribable. She never knew she could feel so aroused by oral sex alone. Soon Kasumi's pelvis moved upward, trying to encourage her female companion to plunge in deeper. The grip on her thighs became stronger, and held Kasumi still as the tongue did what she wanted. She shook her head back and forth, shouting, "Yes, I'm almost there! Keep licking!" as she lifted her legs and rested them on the belly dancer's back in order to help her.

Then the orgasm hit, made all the more intense by the men that continued to try to inhale her tit flesh. Kasumi's grip tightened, and both men found themselves nearly suffocated in her bosom. Not that they stopped sucking away. Nor did the belly dancer stop eating, instead lashing out again and again with her tongue, making Kasumi have a second orgasm hot on the heels of the first. Then she came a third time in as many minutes. The last finished her off, and she collapsed in blissful exhaustion.

With her death grip on their heads relaxed, Silver-kun and Yakumo, looked up at the results of their handiwork, giving them nearly identical smiles of satisfaction. Before them was a sweating, gasping heap of woman that they had rendered nearly insensate from their triple teaming. There were love bites on her nipples, her body was flush from excitement, and her lower lips were puffy and showed signs of having been used relentlessly.

Silver-kun said to Hinako, "Show your appreciation to the naughty nurse for allowing you eat to her pussy."

Hinako didn't bother getting up, she simply slithered up Kasumi's body like a snake. Kasumi raised her head to see the belly dancer move up her body, her breasts caressing the nurse's heaving form. Eventually Hinako drew up even with Kasumi, their breasts on top of one another, pressing together as their hardened nipples rubbed against one another. The belly dancer lowered her head and kissed Kasumi with surprising passion. For an instant Kasumi froze, then automatically she began kissing back, tasting her juices on the woman's tongue. Kissing women wasn't bad. Not at all. She thought she might enjoy doing it, not that she was in any rush to abandon men. She was a little sorry when the woman broke off the kiss and stood up.

Silver-kun nodded in approval at the sight. Hinako had become an outstanding pussy eater since they had gotten together. A lot of it was the result of a rivalry Hinako had with Yuriko over who could eat Silver out the best as proof of who the better lover was. Not that the martial artist complained. He loved having either, or sometimes both, girls eat her out. The results were always numerous climaxes. Silver-kun had decided that Kasumi ought to be allowed to enjoy Hinako's talents. The sight of buxom teacher eating out hot nurse had revived the martial artist's dick in moments.

Silver-kun noted Kasumi's exhausted state and felt a need to protect her. "It looks like we wore her out. We'd better let her catch her breath before working her over again." It was then the martial artist noticed the hard on that had returned to Yakumo as well. For a moment, he considered sucking the ninja off, then remembered how uptight most guys were about another letting another man wrap his lips around their cock. He could have gone for some hot water, but then a different idea occurred, one that involved a promise he had made to Yakumo when he had been dancing with Kasumi.

He said to the ninja, "I can see you're all fired up but with nowhere to go. Since I helped wear out your date, why don't you borrow mine until your nurse recovers?"

Hinako jerked in Silver-kun's grasp. He grabbed one of her breasts and began to pinch the nipple roughly, bordering on painful, but not going over. "Remember, I own your ass, isn't that right?"

"Yes, Silver-sama," Hinako moaned.

"And you don't mind servicing this ninja stud, do you?"

"No, Silver-sama."

"Good." He kissed her deeply on the lips again. When he broke off the kiss, he returned his attention to Yakumo. "You can take her any way you want. Even the ass."

Yakumo looked back and forth between the tired Kasumi and the overly-endowed, ready belly dancer. Fidelity warred with Desire "I don't know."

Kasumi had recovered enough of her breath to say, "Go ahead. I don't mind. Besides, since she ate me out so well, I want to return the favor. Since I'm not feeling up to it, you won't mind doing it, would you?"

Fidelity and Desire held a détente located at Yakumo's balls. "No problem, but I want you back once you catch your wind."

"Of course," Kasumi assured him.

Secure in the knowledge his date wasn't dumping him, Yakumo was all over Hinako, attacking her breasts with his mouth and sending a hand to her backside. His fingers located her rosebud, and began to work their way in.

Seeing Yakumo's attention fixate on Hinako, Silver-kun helped Kasumi to her feet. So wrapped up had the couples been in their copulations they had been unaware of what was occurring in the room while they had worked the nurse over. Apparently the sex scene had been too much for the crowd to take. The sexual tension had been released all at once and an orgy was now taking place. While the audience looked about a quarter smaller than it had, with most of those leaving having been women, the majority of the crowd was still present and going at it hot and heavy. Some people had stripped out of their costumes, while others had left them mostly on and were having sex in them. It made for quite the erotic menagerie. Most of the couplings were composed of one guy and one girl getting it on, but there were more than a few exceptions. Some girls had apparently thought what Hinako had done to Kasumi might be fun and were sixty-nining each other. Some girls were getting double teamed by the excess of guys, taking it in their mouth, pussy, and or ass. Other guys stood around, either jerking off or waiting for their turn.

"Goodness." Kasumi said in astonishment of the display of unleashed hormones and desires.

"The parties here are wild, but they've never been anything like this," Silver-kun said. "This is all your and Hina-chan's fault. You're too sexy for anyone to take. When guys see you, we get too excited and have to fuck something."

"You're too kind," Kasumi said, not disagreeing with him. She looked down at his manhood and saw it was at full mast. "It's a shame to have a hard on when there's so much sex going on. Why don't I take care of that for you?"

Silver-kun was tempted, but Hinako had taken care of him once, and Kasumi had just been worked over by three people. "Are you sure? You seem pretty worn out."

Irked at being underestimated, Kasumi said, "I'm not worn out. I just need to catch my breath, and I have more than enough right now to give a blow job." Besides, she wanted to engage in this once in a lifetime opportunity to engage in more public sex acts, as well as return the favor to Silver-kun and his date helping in her ravishment.

She led him to a recently vacated space on a couch and had him sit in-between a guy who was sucking on a girl's breasts and another couple that were banging away. Once he was seated, she went to her knees admiring the sight of his jutting manhood. Having seen a number of naked men in the crowd, she was pleased to see Silver-kun was by far the most endowed. And it was all hers, at least for now.

Silver-kun saw how eagerly Kasumi licked her lips as she prepared to devour his manhood. Her enthusiasm made his balls throb. For Hinako, blow jobs were a way of pleasing her lover. For Yuriko, sucking on a cock was what she did when they were limp in order to make them hard so she could stick them her pussy or ass. But for Kasumi it was because she enjoyed the sensation of having a rod in her mouth. Using her hands to guide it where she wanted, she ran her tongue over every centimeter of Silver-kun's shaft, savoring the texture of the blood-engorged flesh. She licked the purple head, playing with the slit at the tip before traveling back down the length of his rod to the sac. There she played with his nuts one at a time, rolling them in her mouth while her hands took over rubbing the shaft. Then her mouth returned, engulfing half of the rod down her throat while she continued to caress it with her tongue.

Silver-kun rolled his head backward as he relished the sensation of the first class blow job Kasumi gave. Making sure Hinako was out of earshot, the martial artist admitted out loud, "You're the most talented cocksucker ever."

Kasumi stopped sucking momentarily. "I do have some experience at it," she said teasingly before returning to her work.

Silver-kun groaned. She wasn't just giving him a blow job: she was making love to him with her mouth. Despite having come once before, Silver-kun felt his balls start to boil in record time. He wanted to hold off, wanted her to continue to unleash her oral attentions upon him forever, but it wasn't to be. Within minutes she had him writhing on the couch as he moaned, "I'm coming."

Kasumi had already sensed the upcoming release a second before he announced it. She pulled back until only the head of his cock was in her mouth. As the first jet of semen spurted from his cock, she was prepared and let it hit the back of her throat. Soon she was swallowing every drop of his hot young seed, sending it straight to her belly. She loved how much sperm his young body was capable of producing. His second climax produced more than what her previous mature lovers could do on their first try, and Silver-kun's flavor was simply delectable. Soon Silver-kun was completely dry. Kasumi was proud of herself for not having spilled a drop of the precious fluid.

"God, that was unbelievable," Silver-kun said, momentarily exhausted as his dick went limp in her hand. If Kasumi claimed she could suck a golf ball through ten feet of garden hose, he'd believe her without question. She made it seem so easy. She was an incredibly sensuous and talented woman. He couldn't believe someone of her extraordinary sexual prowess had hidden her true nature from everyone for so long. Outwardly her aura of being a very prim and proper woman was perfect. It was only times like now, when she let the façade slip, did it become obvious what a fiercely sexual creature she was underneath. It was probably for the best he already had Yuriko and Hinako as his female lovers. He had a feeling that if it weren't for them, and Kasumi decided to direct all of her ardor toward him, she'd have him snared and tamed within a month. It was something many of his female classmates had tried to do and failed. Against a woman like Kasumi, he didn't think he'd have a chance.

On the stage, Hinako was on her hands and knees with a ringside seat to the orgy. The ninja had taken Silver-kun's advice and had opted to take the teacher in the ass. He had decided to 'fuck her raw' as Silver-kun termed it, by jamming his not inconsiderable length in her backside and pounding away like it was her pussy. Since this ninja was a stranger, Hinako found her interest wasn't as intense, and it was taking much longer to work her up to orgasm. Given how eagerly he was pounding her, she had a feeling he'd come long before she did, which was depressing. She hadn't had a climax since Silver-kun took her. Nearly everyone else in the room had one since. She prayed the ninja could hold out long enough to satisfy her.

The ninja really started to feel his oats. "How do you like it, Baby?"

I'd enjoy it more if you'd play with my clit, she felt like saying, but instead opted with a simple, "It's great."

The ninja said, "Saotome can only fuck you with her fake cock. I'm giving you a taste of what it's like to be satisfied by a real man."

Desire was replaced by outrage at the implication that this mere boy could possibly match up to her Silver-sama in any way. She was about to snarl that even if Silver-kun was but half a man, he was twice the man this ninja was, when she suddenly recognized his voice: Yakumo Sakamoto, the ringleader of the rugby players who Silver had generously allowed to use Hinako's body. Now she was truly irritated. This was the impudent pup who had wanted to break his deal with Silver and try to make Hinako his and the team's plaything. If it hadn't been for Silver already mastering her heart, and if Yakumo had a strong hand, perhaps she would have consented, though more likely it would have been Ryo Hibiki who would have been her real lover, and even then he would have needed a lot of training to do away with his weenie boy tendencies and bring forth that real man that he kept hidden underneath.

Between Yakumo's previous attempt to blackmail her and for daring to declare himself a superior lover to Silver, Hinako decided he needed disciplining. It took her a second to come up with the solution. He was holding on to her belt while he pumped away at her ass, and it was composed of tiny circles. That would be all she needed to take care of him without revealing to everyone who she truly was. With one of her hands she grabbed onto her belt and used the circles he was holding to drain him of energy. The hole was small, and she was not going for total drain, just enough to have a certain effect.

It happened almost instantly. Hinako felt a surge of energy course into her, reinvigorating her. At the same instant Yakumo's pumping became less and less until he was barely doing it.

"I don't feel so good," he said, his voice sounding weak.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Outwardly she was all sympathy, inside her younger girl self jeered and taunted him.

He stopped pumping altogether. "I feel tired."

Hinako could feel his dick shrivel up inside of her. With the amount of energy she had drained, he wouldn't be getting it up again this evening. "Did you just come?" she asked innocently.

"No," he said with a touch of panic, which was all the strength he could muster. "I don't know what's going on. I've never gone limp in the middle."

She added a touch of sympathy. "That happens to 'real men' sometimes." Then went for the knockout blow. "But not Silver-sama. He can keep it hard all the way to the finish, and sometimes get it up five times a night."

"Must be something I ate." Yakumo tried to sound casual, but couldn't manage even that. He withdrew from Hinako, pulled up his pants, and headed toward the main orgy.

Hinako smirked at the sight of the pathetic worm who dared to think himself superior to her beloved. Had anyone been looking at her face at that moment, they'd have recognized the arrogant smirk of the 'Ball Busting Bitch' that used to stride Furinkan's halls, as though she was the queen of all she surveyed.

Yakumo staggered around until he heard a familiar voice cry out in ecstasy. It didn't take long to locate the source of the noise as he found Kasumi on a couch. She was seated on Silver-kun's lap, riding him like a cowgirl, an effect enhanced by the cowboy hat now perched on her head. Since she was riding with her back to her 'steed', everyone had a perfect view of her nude body being impaled by his enormous manhood. Her breasts bounced up and down madly as she speared herself time and again in an incredibly erotic sight. Yakumo wasn't the only one watching as a number of partygoers had gathered to gaze at the scene. The sight of the busty woman cutting loose revived many of the tired males watching. All except Yakumo, who remained as limp as ever.

Kasumi seemed to be riding with a great deal of flourish, almost as though she was showing off for the audience. She even grabbed her breasts and played with them as she rode her man, shouting out how much she enjoyed being stuffed with Silver-kun's huge cock. It seemed to have the desired effect as many of the bystanders turned fully hard at the sight and appeared as though they'd like to take Silver-kun's place once he was finished.

The rugby captain watched the ride continue for the next ten minutes, not the least bit angry over his date having the time of her life riding Saotome. Yakumo had more serious problems if he was still unable to get it up despite what was happening in front of him. If his dick had stopped functioning, his life was over. He might as well jump off a bridge or become a monk. That was all he'd be good for.

After having his partner ride through at least two more vocal climaxes, Silver-kun finally grabbed Kasumi by the hips and forced her to remain fully embedded on his cock. His eyes closed and he bellowed hard as his hips jerked. Kasumi came again as the two had a mutual orgasm. She collapsed in his arms and began showering him with kisses which he returned.

Yakumo turned to go, wondering where the nearest monastery was, when Kasumi's gasping voice called out, "Yakumo, there you are. Come on over and join the fun."

He turned and faced her, glad his expression was hidden behind his mask. Despite that, Kasumi picked up on his depression and immediately became concerned. "What's wrong?"

Her concern for him, despite the good time she was having, made his heart swell. She might have been dressed as Naughty Nurse Kasumi, but she was still the ever thoughtful Nurse Tendou inside. "I'm not sure. I just feel drained of energy. It hit me all at once. I can barely walk."

"Oh, did it now?" Silver-kun said suspiciously.

Yakumo didn't know why he would be suspicious. It wasn't like there was an advantage of him lying about such a thing.

"Why don't I take you home?" Kasumi offered.

Had it been any previous girlfriend, Yakumo would have insisted she do just that. However, Kasumi was different from any other girl he had known. While a part of him wanted her to leave the party with him now, especially since if she stayed she'd end up getting fucked until she couldn't walk straight, Yakumo couldn't bring himself to make her do that. While showing her off to everyone had been a great ego boost and did wonders for his reputation, as well as leading to some great sex, he had asked her out because he sincerely wanted her to enjoy herself, which she was doing, even if it wasn't with him. He couldn't begrudge her that. He wanted her to be happy, even if it made him unhappy. It was the first time he had ever felt that way about a girl.

Instead he told her, "I've got enough energy to make it back on my own. You can stay and have fun. I don't want to ruin your evening."

"Don't be silly," Kasumi said dismissively as she grabbed her outfit from nearby and put it back in its proper position. "I came with you and couldn't possibly have a good time knowing you feel bad. I've already had a much better time that I thought possible. I'm glad you invited me along." She gave him a kiss through his mask.

Yakumo felt his knees go weak. She was a goddess. That was the only explanation for how someone could be so beautiful, so sweet, and so sexy at the same time.

Silver-kun hid his anger as Kasumi gave him a kiss goodbye and left the party. Rarely had he been as disappointed in his life as seeing her pretty ass walking out of that room, especially since he had really wanted to finally fuck it before the night was out. But he understood her reasons, and deep down inside he knew she had made the right choice. If she couldn't fully enjoy herself, there was no point in staying. Besides, it was a decision that shouldn't have needed to be made if his suspicions were true. He immediately went to locate his own date.

He found her at the center of attention of a quartet of costumed men that were propositioning her. She had her nose turned up as she contemptuously shot them down, as though they were slugs and very idea of carousing with them was beneath her. So, she was feeling proud of herself, was she, reverting back to being a stuck up bitch? He'd take care of that in a hurry.

He parted through the small gathering of guys and made his way to Hinako's side.

"Silver-sama," she said, her demeanor changing as her eyes brightened behind her mask.

Grabbing her roughly by the hair, Silver-kun snarled, "Come with me." He noted none of the guys showed signs of disapproval, showing how badly her rejection had offended them.

He found as quiet a corner as he could get, only one couple was sixty-nining each other on the floor.

Hinako was now deferential, "How have I offended you, Silver-sama?"

At least she remembered her proper place, and she appeared eager to make amends. How she answered next would determine how badly she'd be punished. "Did you drain that ninja I said could fuck you?"

"Yes. It was that nasty Yakumo, who dared to believe he could take me from you," Hinako said.

"I already punished him for that by wiping out his memory of him fucking you," Silver-kun reminded her with a jerk of her hair.

She was quick to add, "He also impugned your manhood tonight, claiming he was a much better lover than you."

Silver-kun scowled as Hinako repeated exactly what Yakumo had said. That mollified his anger regarding the teacher's actions. No one put down his sexual prowess as a guy or a girl. If Yakumo had had the audacity to make that claim in front of Silver-kun, he'd have shown what a 'fake cock' could do when he slipped it up the rugby captain's ass. To be fair he would have been willing to let Yakumo do the same. They could have made it a contest to find out who knew how to use their piece of equipment better.

While some of Silver-kun's anger had abated, he still wasn't happy about Hinako's taking matters into her own hands. "I told you not to drain anyone, though, didn't I?"

Hinako's eyes widened. She had forgotten about that prohibition. She bowed her head demurely. "Yes, Silver-sama. It slipped my mind in the heat of the moment. Perhaps I should be punished."

That suggestion made him realize what was going on in Hinako's head. While their relationship was built on love, there were clearly defined roles in it. Silver-kun was the one person whom Hinako eagerly allowed to have control over her, but that wasn't enough for the teacher. He had to show a willingness to use that power for any transgressions that required 'disciplining'. To Hinako that wielding of authority was a sign of love, and she would occasionally be disobedient to make sure Silver-kun still loved her. He was happy to do that, but only when it came to Hinako. He would never act that way with Akira or Yuriko, not that either of them were interested in being treated like that. They were friends who he had grown up alongside and eventually fell in love with. Hinako was a different matter. She had been a long-time adversary whom he had brought to heel, and then unexpectedly fell in love with. When it came to Hinako, he derived a certain amount of pleasure calling her to task when the occasion merited it, given her former antagonistic status. It boosted his ego to know he was now calling the shots after their struggle for dominance over each other. It was an unusual relationship, but it was what they both wanted and it worked.

Now Hinako was offering herself up for disciplining. In her mind she had misbehaved by disobeying a direct order from him. Defending Silver-kun's honor, especially since he could have done it himself, was no excuse. Letting her off the hook now would just make her more irritated later, and he hated having to deal with her when she felt like he was taking her for granted. She was as temperamental as Yuriko at times.

Silver-kun grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her to look up at him. "I had all sort of plans involving you and that naughty nurse putting on a floor show for everyone. Now it looks like you're going to have to find some other way for them to be entertained."

She stared longingly into his eyes. "I'm sorry for ruining your plans. I'll do whatever you want to make up for it."

Good. She was willing to place herself in his firm grasp. Silver-kun started playing with Hinako's pussy as a reward. "Draining his energy recharged your batteries, didn't it?"

"Yes." Whenever Hinako drained someone, when she wasn't in her younger form, it revitalized her. Enough draining and she could 'come like an Energizer Bunny' as Silver-kun so crudely put it.

He continued playing with her loins. "And you acted like a high-handed, stuck-up bitch to those guys back there."

"I recognized their voices. They're delinquents in one of my classes. I used to have to drain them all the time," Hinako defended.

"'Used to'? That was back in your bitch days, wasn't it? Before I tamed your ass?" His finger pinched her clit.

She squirmed in his grasp. "Yes. I might have drained them… more than they deserved, back then."

"Thought so." He became more authoritative. "You were out of line all those years, Hina-chan. You used to bust my ass and everyone else's for stupid things. Chewing gum in class. Letting their mouths touch the water spigot. Spitting on the sidewalk. You once drained Ryo for making out with me in the hall."

"Yes, I should never have done those terrible things. I was out of line and went beyond my authority by taking my frustrations out on the students. I have to be disciplined for being bad." The pleading look her gave him told him she was his now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, willing to do whatever it took for him to assert his authority over her.

He was eager to comply. "That's right. You do have to be disciplined, and you need to apologize to all those people you've wronged over the years. Well, you're in luck. I have a way for you to do both as well as entertain everyone at the same time."

Seeing her compliant, Silver-kun dragged the teacher over to the guys she had just demeaned. He was happy to see them still together, standing around and complaining about there not being enough women. Seeing Silver-kun approach with a much more sedate Hinako in tow, the guys returned their attention to the pair.

When Hinako didn't speak right away, Silver-kun prodded her with a slap to her backside. "Say it."

"I was wrong for being so rude when not accepting your attention." She bowed.

Silver-kun said to her, "That's not good enough." He turned to the guys and loudly stated, "You and anyone else can fuck her as much as you want. It's punishment for some grievous wrongs she's committed. Use her ass and pussy until you can't get it up anymore." He turned back to her. "Isn't that right?"

Hinako nodded, her heart beating like a race horse. The way her lover had been playing with her body had gotten her revved up, and with the form of chastisement Silver-kun had come up for her, she couldn't help but squirm in anticipation.

They were on her in an instant. She was grabbed roughly by the men she had turned down and bent over a table, pushed downward with her tits mashed against the wood. She was just tall enough for her head to hang over the side. There was no preamble as one of the guys grabbed her hips and rammed his full length in. Luckily he was on the small side, and Hinako had been loosened up earlier, so there was no discomfort. She gasped as he pounded her like there was no tomorrow.

"Not so high and mighty with my dick in your pussy, are you?" He snarled as his flesh slapped loudly against hers.

It didn't take long for Hinako to feel a molten ball of fire in her gut. He was grudge fucking her for how she had treated him, ravaging her without a shred of decency. Her hardened nipples brushed against the cool table top, the opposite of the heat in her loins. The contrast really fired her up.

Suddenly Hinako became aware of a girl standing in front of her. She looked up to see it was Silver, returned to her female form. Her platinum locks glistened with water. Her pants were a little baggier now, and with her small vest unbuttoned, she was giving everyone a great look at her ample bosom.

She bent down and looked Hinako in the eye. "You love this, don't you? You love me punishing you for your naughty behavior, and for letting everyone else punish you as well?"

"Yes, Silver-sama, yes!" Hinako gasped out. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. Silver had turned Hinako's own students into tools of discipline for her. It was as though their wills were filtered through Silver's, and every action they took was the same as if her lover was doing it. Silver was right. This was exactly what Hinako wanted. For years she had been bad, and deserved to have Silver orchestrate her disciplining by those that she had wronged. They should be allowed to use her body for abusing them over the years. The fact they were adding their chastisement to Silver's own only augmented the sensations.

The guy fucking her grunted and eagerly emptied his testicle juice inside her. That triggered her own orgasm, and she cried out. Silver grabbed her by the head and hugged her face to her breasts as she came. It made Hinako feel cherished to be held like that by her lover even as another man's cock was inside her. It was almost like Silver was in two places at once.

Silver released Hinako as the next man entered her and began fucking her mercilessly as well. Hinako watched as Silver took off her vest and announced, "After you're done fucking her, I'll clean you off and get you ready for another turn."

Silver fell to her knees in front of the guy that had just climaxed. She started licking his flaccid cock, cleaning it with her tongue. It didn't take long for his member to start to twitch. Once it was semi-hard, Silver put it between her breasts and began to tit fuck him. It took even less time for him to reach full mast. Once he was erect, she directed him to go back to the end of the line for another go.

Hinako turned around and her eyes widened as she saw the line leading up to her had grown. There were nearly a dozen men now, all with their cocks out, eager to ride her. She only wished they all weren't masked so she knew who was taking the opportunity to punish her. There were more than these few who deserved to pay her back. There might be close to a hundred in the school. It was a shame she would only answer to these ones.

She wondered how they'd react if they really knew who she was, that they were getting this unbelievable chance. No doubt they'd spread the word around to all those she wronged. They would extract a toll on her body, grudge fucking her just like this. They'd turn her English class into a sex education class with lots of practical exams.

The gang bang went on for some time. Luckily none of her partners were near Silver-kun's size, although a couple were on the thick side. After everyone had taken a turn with her, the one that had taken her first claimed her pussy was too loose, then proceeded to jam his dick up her ass and fuck her there. Soon all of them were doing it, some going back and forth between her two holes. She had a countless number of climaxes, more than would be humanly possible had she not drained Yakumo earlier.

They were like animals as they used her body relentlessly to appease their sexual appetite, and they liked what they tasted, coming back for numerous helpings. Many of them complimented her, telling her she was a 'great fuck' and that her pussy and ass were the best they ever had. They couldn't get enough of her body. Luckily, partway through, Silver couldn't restrain herself any longer and started finishing off her blow jobs to every third guy instead of sending them back. No one complained about it, though.

Hours passed and the gang bang took its toll as even Hinako became exhausted. Still they continued using her. She just lay limply on the tabletop, only vaguely aware of which opening was being used. Time becoming meaningless as her world became composed of nothing more than cocks and orgasms.

Someone come in her ass, barely twitching once before withdrawing. She waited for the next person to use her, but no one came. For the first time in over two hours, no one was fucking her. She looked over her shoulder and saw nobody there. Just about everyone involved in the basement orgy had collapsed on the floor, sleeping or dozing off wherever they could.

And then Silver was there, beaming at her, the remnants of a number of loads decorating her face and her breasts. "That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. You wore them all out. I'm not sure I could have done it. You're really something else, Hina-chan."

She bent down and kissed Hinako tenderly, nothing but affection now. As exhausted as she was, the teacher still felt her heart sing at the sign of approval. She knew she was a total mess. Her pussy and ass were filled to overflowing, with the excess mix of juices coating her ass and legs, with even more pooling at her feet. She had burned off so much energy that she'd revert to her younger form sometime in the next several hours if she didn't recharge. She had been screwed so senseless she could barely think. Her holes were so distended she thought they'd never go back to normal. She ached in places she hadn't known existed and would be walking bow-legged for a week, but it had all been worth it. Silver had not only publicly claimed her, but had disciplined her for a long overdue transgression. Hinako couldn't think of a better evening to be had.

Silver took care of everything from there, picking Hinako up like a bride and taking her upstairs to a shower where she cleaned off every inch of the teacher's skin, then toweling her off. Silver ordered Hinako to call off the next day or two to get some rest and recover. Hinako agreed, loving Silver all the more for her caring. With that settled, the two of them found a spot on a bed with two other couples and made themselves comfortable before falling asleep.

It was the next day at school as Yuriko Kuonji walked up to her locker and tossed some books in. As she closed it, two guys approached her, blushing furiously.

"What do you want?" she asked impatiently.

The guys looked at one another, as if trying to draw courage from the other's proximity. One of them bowed and said quickly, "I just want to let you know that that was the best fuck I ever had in my life."

"Me too," the other one said.

A giant spatula met their heads a moment later, knocking them senseless. She slung it over her back and picked both men up by their shirt collars, shooting them a lethal glare. "I will tell you this only once, so listen real damn close! I did not run around in a slutty belly dancer's outfit! I did not strip or let Silver Saotome fuck me in front of everyone! I did not eat out some nurse! I did not a pull a train at Nobuyuki's party! I did not fuck anyone at any party! I was locked in a goddamn broom closet at the school the whole night! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, OR DO I HAVE TO GET VIOLENT!" She shook them with each sentence, rattling them hard enough to nearly wrench their necks.

"We understand!" the guys said fearfully as one.

She released her hold on them and let them scurry away. Just as they were almost out of sight, one shouted out, "It really was the best!"

Yuriko considered hunting them down and beating them within an inch of their lives, but changed her mind, choosing to focus instead on the root of the problem. "This is all your fault, Silver Saotome! You will pay! This I vow!" Yuriko screamed at the heavens.


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