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Day Two

Yet Another Realities Lemon
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after 'Having a Good Time on Dreamstreet'. There will be some POV shifting within the same scene. I've been avoiding that lately, but I think it's necessary here.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

-Lemon Warning-

Yuriko opened her eyes as morning sun filtered through window shades that had been inadvertently left open. That was excusable, since the entirety of Shampoo's attention had been reserved for playing with her new present. Yuriko sighed in contentment as she recalled her experiences in the last twenty-four hours.

After the call to her mother — accidentally hanging up during her climax — Shampoo-kun finished using Yuriko for the second time that day and decided to take a break and clean up (while her master's tongue had felt delightful when applied to her body, it really didn't do much in the way of removing sticky residue). The bath had felt wonderful, and did wonders for recharging both of their sex drives as they continued the birthday celebration.

After cleaning up, Shampoo reverted back to male form and decided it was time to move into the dojo and make a special 'training video', starring one very naked Yuriko Kuonji. The opening started out with Yuriko 'warming up' by having a butt plug jammed up her ass. Following that she loosened up a great many stretching exercises, with Shampoo-kun operating the camera and taking lots of close up shots. Yuriko went to great lengths to display her flexible nature for the camera's benefit. That was continued with jumping jacks, skipping rope, and host of other exercises that required a lot of bouncing on Yuriko's part (which was made all the more intense with a plug shifting around in her backside.)

Once the warm up was finished, Shampoo-kun had Yuriko demonstrate some basic self-defense techniques. After going through a couple of series, the Amazon set the camera to record on its own and joined the blonde in the center of the dojo floor, explaining that he was going to be a molester and Yuriko was to use the aforementioned techniques to defend herself. However, when Yuriko tried to use them, Shampoo-kun casually deflected them, defeated her, then rendered her immobile with a set of leather straps he had kept on hand. It was then Yuriko understood the true nature of the video as Shampoo-kun proceeded to thoroughly 'molest' her, explaining to the camera in graphic detail what he was doing to her as he went along.

After thoroughly working her over, Shampoo-kun removed the video disc and taunted Yuriko, claiming he was going to make copies of it for all of her lovers so they would know how to properly treat her when the time was right. She wondered if he was playing around or if he really would give copies to Akira and Silver, and what they'd do if they saw it. Usually they weren't that kinky, but she couldn't be sure. The uncertainty of what new twists her lovers might use on her made the blonde wet just thinking about it.

By that time it was late. After cleaning off a second time, Shampoo, in her female form, invited Yuriko to share her bed with her. The offer was exciting since she hadn't been allowed to share her master's bed on any of the nights at the beach, even if Ranma wasn't in it. She snuggled into Shampoo's warm embrace and went immediately to sleep, resting soundly as she felt cocooned in warmth and protection, just like when she fell asleep in either Akira or Silver's arms. She wouldn't have minded having that deep contentment for the rest of her nights.

Now Yuriko found herself awake, with her Auntie still sleeping soundly. The blonde looked her owner over. Shampoo was lying on her back, dressed in a see-through negligée she had thrown on right before going to bed. She hadn't even bothered with panties. It was so transparent, it was more like a haze had fallen over her body than actual clothing. Her full breasts and nipples showed clearly, and her exotic colored pubes were visible. If Yuriko had been a guy, she would have been tempted to jump Shampoo on the spot.

It was then a naughty idea came to Yuriko. She'd give her master another present in the form of a unique wake up call. She repositioned herself on the bed so she was at Shampoo's feet. A little tickling along the upper thigh and the Amazon shifted slightly, spreading her legs. Yuriko hiked the hem of the negligée up so that Shampoo's pussy was bare. That was what Yuriko had been going for, access to her Auntie's loins.

Yuriko stretched out flat, keeping her face poised above her target. She blew lightly on Shampoo's lips, then started nuzzling them with her nose. Within minutes the light play quickly resulted in Shampoo becoming aroused, though still sleeping soundly. Yuriko upped things by playing her tongue around the area, really making the Amazon wet in anticipation. Satisfied everything was proceeding smoothly, Yuriko began to tongue in earnest.

She worked quickly. Yuriko had plenty of experience going down on Silver. It wasn't as though she enjoyed rugmunching all that much, not like her parents did, but Silver loved the attention, and though Yuriko would never admit it, she enjoyed making Silver happy. Actually, she had eaten Hinako out on numerous occasions as well, but that was to prove to the saggy old hag who was better at it, and subsequently a better lover for Silver. It was paradoxical that she was trying to make the teacher mad by bringing her to orgasm, which made her foe feel good. And Yuriko was the superior of the duo, though Silver always claimed they were neck and neck. The blonde knew the truth. She was better at eating pussy than any dried up old has been, and Silver was lying so the cow wouldn't feel bad.

Yuriko's skills were up to snuff this morning as she felt Shampoo respond to the darting tongue by wrapping her legs around the blonde's head. For a moment, she thought the Amazon had awakened, but a murmuring of "Oh, Ranma," in Chinese revealed the truth of the matter.

Concerned her auntie would wake up before the moment of truth, Yuriko's tongue went into overdrive. Shampoo, not awake enough to try to resist, was driven into a climax within seconds that left her crying out Ranma's name even as she woke up from her slumber.

There was a momentary confusion on Shampoo's part as she looked down between her legs and saw a blonde head, rather than a black or red one, perched there. She blinked her eyes several times before the events of yesterday came back to her.

"Good morning, Auntie," Yuriko said happily from between her legs.

Shampoo's look of confusion became one of annoyance. "What do you think you doing?"

The reaction took Yuriko by surprise. "I… I just thought you might enjoy me eating you out as a girl, since I didn't do it yesterday. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do anything wrong." She looked repentant toward Shampoo, even if she didn't know what she had to be repentant about.

"Stupid Little Slut," Shampoo said harshly. "You make cardinal mistake. You never, never, fuck your master. He fucks you."

Again, Yuriko bowed her head low. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. This never came up before."

For a moment, Shampoo considered turning the girl's bottom red again, this trespass was certainly an excellent excuse, but she reconsidered. Yuriko was telling the truth about it being for her master's enjoyment rather than hers. Eating pussy wasn't going to do a thing for the blonde. From the looks of the blonde's muff, she wasn't even wet, meaning she hadn't played with herself while she munched away. Besides, she had already paddled her the day before, and she had other plans for her present that would be facilitated by her not being slowed down by a sore bottom.

Shampoo's look of anger relented. "I believe you. Just see that it never happens again."

"Yes, Auntie," she said obediently.

Seeing her present so eager to please, Shampoo decided it was time to go to start things off for the new day. She rose to her feet and announced, "It's time to play dress up with my new toy. I'll get you something appropriate for today."

Shampoo indicated Yuriko should rise, and she did so. They walked to the closet and the Amazon began rummaging around while Yuriko stood by, waiting patiently. The Amazon found what she was looking for on a hanger and removed it from the closet, holding it up for Yuriko to see.

It was a French maid's outfit, one whose dimensions were much too small for a girl of Yuriko's stature. It would be confining around her chest, and its skirt would ride high enough that it might not hide her pussy. It had to have belonged to her uncle Ranma when he was in his cursed form. Only the small redhead could have worn something like that.

Shampoo removed the outfit from the hanger, turning it around. Now Yuriko understood why her auntie wanted her to wear it; it didn't have a back. There were just two strings, one at the waist and one at the neck, to keep it in place. Yuriko's derriere would be on display whenever she walked around. It was actually pretty erotic, and she wagered Silver and Akira would love to see her in it. Better yet, she could wear the outfit and Shampoo could fuck her with without bothering to remove a thing.

Yuriko quickly donned the uniform. She felt the cool morning air touch her bare pussy, and it made her wet just thinking about how she must look for her master.

Once Yuriko was finished dressing, Shampoo held her close and whispered in her ear, "You still my present, a little fuck fuck toy, right?"

"Yes, Auntie," Yuriko said demurely.

Shampoo tweaked the blonde's nipple through the outfit, making her coo in pleasure "And you want to please your master, right?"

"Yes, Auntie."

"Will you do whatever I say?" She brushed her hand against Yuriko's pussy.


Her voice a raspy husk, Shampoo said, "Good. The cake made a mess in the other room, go clean it up." She removed her hands from Yuriko's body and made her way back to the bed. Flopping back down on the mattress, she started making herself comfortable.

By that time, Yuriko came out of her stunned silence enough to manage the only word her mind could wrap around now. "What?!"

Shampoo gave her a warning glare. "Your master just told you to do something, Little Slut." She held an open palm out and swatted it with her other hand.

Yuriko's hands reflexively went to protect her bottom. "I'm sorry, Auntie. I'll be a good girl and clean everything up right away." She hurried to leave, before her master rose and made it impossible for her to sit for the rest of the day.

"It better be spotless, or else!" Shampoo shouted out. It was time to remind her slave life was not all fun and fucking. Besides, it wouldn't do to exhaust herself this early in the game, and it would keep Yuriko busy at the same time. And frankly, the other room was a mess and Shampoo didn't feel like cleaning it up, even if she was responsible for it.

Convinced Yuriko would do what she was supposed, to, the Amazon went back to sleep.

Akira Tendou awakened to the sounds of a garbage truck emptying a dumpster in the alley behind the restaurant. The unfamiliar view out the window made him take a moment to remember where he was, and what he had engaged in last night. Other parts of his anatomy seemed to have remembered as well, since he woke up with a healthy case of morning wood. Luckily, there were a couple of women close at hand who would be delighted in taking care of that particular problem.

The sound of someone walking around in the hallway reached Akira's ears. Throwing off his covers, he rose, intent on seeing who was awake and if they might do something about the ailment between his legs. Opening the door, he first looked in the direction of the stairway that led down to the restaurant. Seeing it empty, he turned the other way and was treated to the sight of Ai heading toward her bedroom, clad only in a pair of lacy pink panties that defined her ass quite nicely. Watching her walk was amazing. Even with no knowledge anyone was watching, the woman had a sway to her hips that made any man want to follow like a puppy begging for a treat.

As she turned to head into her room, Akira saw one of her large breasts profiled from the side, looking as tasty as the night before. Yes, a panty clad Ai was exactly what he needed to relieve the tension that had built up in his cock after a night of rest.

By the time he walked to the bedroom, Ai was in the process of putting on her bra, Ukyou nowhere to be seen. Akira's arrival alerted Ai to his presence, and she turned toward him. Seeing the erection pointed in her direction, she said, "My, you really do walk around with that thing always loaded, don't you?"

He wasn't so crude as to demand something inane like "Suck on this." Rather, he gave an honest, "I need to be prepared with two lovely women like yourselves around."

Ai smiled at the flattery, but went ahead and looped the bra over her shoulders anyway. "As much as I'd like to take care of that, there are some things I have to do. Here." She finished snapping the bra on and tossed Akira a folded over outfit. He quickly recognized it as his uniform, already ironed and washed.

A frown made its way across his face. He had hoped with the few hours remaining before having to open the restaurant, he might talk at least one of the women into a little pick up game of bouncing on the bedsprings.

Ai began looking through some of her own clothing. "I'm going to put you to work. I need you to go downstairs and help prep Ukyou for me."

Still downtrodden, Akira simply nodded, dressed, then reversed direction, heading downstairs. Given the state of his erection, he had doubts about holding out until tonight. He was probably going to have to whack off at least once before the restaurant opened or he'd be doubled over from pain in those tight, confining pants. Once they closed down for the evening, he and the women could pick up where they left off the previous night. Still, it seemed almost criminal to have seek relief on his own when there were two women under the same roof that were eager to sleep with him.

Reluctantly, Akira went downstairs and to the main room to find Ukyou. It didn't take long. The chef was at the grill, moving cleaned cooking utensils around. She was dressed in an apron and nothing else.

It was then Akira realized that Ai had told him to "help prep Ukyou," not "help Ukyou prep." Apparently the sneaky tease had his best interests in mind after all. He had to hand it to her, he hadn't seen this one coming.

Moving silently, he crept up behind Ukyou, who was working intently to prepare things. His eyes were riveted to her firm behind as it swayed back and forth as she worked. Once he came within arm's reach, he moved directly behind her, placing one hand on her waist to draw her close and the other under her apron so he could embrace one of her pert, firm breasts.

She jumped in his grasp. "Akiraump!" Her admonishment died as he kissed her upturned face. Automatically she returned it, her tongue intertwining with his.

Akira broke off the kiss, but continued caressing the breast, paying close attention to the nipple. "Do you always work down here naked?"

"I didn't have any spare uniforms around, so Ai's washing mine." The chef allowed herself to remain in his embrace, enjoying the way his hands played with her body. "I didn't think you'd be up yet."

"Oh, I'm up all right." He placed one of her hands on the front of the crotch of his pants, and her eyes glimmered in understanding. As he hoped, she unzipped his fly and removed his hardened member for him.

"So you are," she confirmed with an up and down rubbing motion of her hand.

He began kissing her again, with her responding in kind. As she stroked his cock, he in turn fingered her pussy and handled her breast at the same time.

"Ai asked me to get you prepped," Akira mentioned in-between kisses.

"She's so thoughtful," Ukyou said.

Determined to move things forward before he made a mess in her hand, Akira undid the apron, letting it fall to her feet. Ukyou released her grip on his cock, and he used the opportunity to grab her by her bottom and lift her up, sitting her on the grill. He continued keeping control of the situation by grabbing her by the backs of the knees, then pulled them apart spreading her wide, her pussy presented as an open invitation asking him to settle in for a while.

The action forced Ukyou to lean back. Since the grill wasn't long enough to lay out, the chef's shoulder-blades ended up resting against the counter, which was higher than the grill. It had the effect of propping her up. It wasn't a particularly comfortable position, but it allowed her to see everything, including Akira's large manhood pointing directly at her mound.

Still wanting to 'prep' her a bit, Akira moved his hips forward so his cock was resting on top of Ukyou's pussy. He began moving his rod back and forth across her lips, tantalizing her while refusing to stick it in. Instead, he just kept rubbing his manhood over it, the feel of her completely bare flesh subtle, yet exciting to his aroused flesh.

After nearly a couple of minutes of the foreplay, Ukyou barked, "Quit playing around and stick it in!"

"Well, I guess you're prepped," Akira quipped, then left his cock poised above her opening. Gently he moved his hips forward, her pussy parted for its visitor as he poked his head in.

Ukyou gasped, watching closely as she was stretched wide open. This was what she had been longing for. Once she and Ai had retired to bed, after a raucous bout of lovemaking, she had expressed annoyance at never managing to have Akira inside her before calling it a night. Ai had assured her partner she'd 'see to things', and the ever reliable woman had. Ukyou was going to find a way to properly thank her later, after the young stud currently penetrating her had fucked her silly.

Satisfied she was stretched out enough, Akira followed up with a couple more inches before meeting resistance. He backed his hips up, keeping Ukyou's legs spread wide apart, then shoved himself up her again, getting another inch in before the passageway became too tight.

Akira took his time as he slowly slipped increasing amounts of his shaft within the woman's tunnel, whose grip was even more firm than Ai's. The way her insides hugged his cock made Akira once again appreciate all these women were giving him, and he was intent on giving plenty back as he eased another inch in.

Eventually he bottomed out, getting everything inside. Once his pelvis met hers, Ukyou gave out a brief cry and climaxed in answer to the foreplay and slow and steady pace that he had fed her his manhood. He stopped moving and savored the sensations as she continued to squirm in his firm grasp.

Akira stared at her as she came down from her high, admiring the way her chest heaved with every deep exhalation. The sight was too tempting to resist. With the way she was propped up, her chest was only a short distance away, so he leaned forward and proceeded to suck on her breasts, all the while leaving his cock buried to the hilt and keeping her legs spread apart.

Eagerly Akira went back and forth between the breasts. As he worked them over — which met with Ukyou's approval as she continued to mew softly under her breath — a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked up, mouth still on the tit he was suckling on, to see Ai sitting at the counter like she was a customer. Her elbows were on the surface, propping her chin up as she watched him playing with the chef.

The blonde smiled coyly. "Nice to see you're working the grill. What are you making?"

Seeing Ai was in the mood to play another game, even if she wasn't the primary participant, Akira decided to participate and try to turn up the heat. If nothing else, it would distract him enough to keep from popping too soon. "I'm making a tasty dish called… 'Hot Okonomiyaki Chef'." It took him a second to come up with the name, but he thought it appropriate.

"It looks scrumptious." Ai licked her lips. "What's it made out of?"

Since he was now talking so much, Akira abandoned playing with Ukyou's tits and opted to begin shuttling his organ back and forth in the space between her legs again. "First, you take one attractive brunette."

"Nice ingredient." Ai said, watching as her partner's gaze seemed so fixated on the cock plunging into her that she was unaware of anything else going on in the world around her. "How do you prepare it?"

The erotic talk, disguised as a casual conversation, fired Akira up even more than before, a difficult feat considering how hot Ukyou had him running. "You have to loosen it up, either with your fingers or, preferably, your tongue."

"I'd opt for the tongue, definitely."

"Then you take a long, thick rod and insert it. Then stir really hard." Akira stepped up the tempo to his thrusting as an example.

Ukyou proved she was still aware of the world around her as she called out, "Stir! Stir faster!"

Akira responded, feeling his balls getting ready to explode no matter how much he wanted to hold off. "Taste testing is a must." He slowed his thrusting briefly to lean forward and held one of Ukyou's nipples briefly between his teeth. However, his loins begged for release, so he stopped after one brief nip and started to really pound away.

"And then what?" Ai asked, sensing things building to a crescendo.

Both 'chef' and 'dish' were starting to pant in desire. Between gasps Akira said, "Then… you wait until… the dish is almost ready to… explode."

"I'm ready!" Ukyou cried out.

"Then add… the sauce." The last came out more as a groan than a word as Akira blew his wad, a night's rest restoring him fully as he dispensed a full load of his sperm into the dish he was preparing. Ukyou responded in kind, writhing in delighted torment as he continued holding her with her legs splayed apart.

After he was finished adding the last ingredient, Akira felt a wave of fatigue sweep over him. He released his hold on Ukyou's legs and detached himself from her loins. Their combined juices flowed out of her, some of it catching on the edge of the grill. Gods knew how many violations of the health code they had just committed, but it would have been worth a few thousand yen in fines to be able to do that again.

Ai pouted at Akira. "Hey, don't just stand there. I want some. Serve it to me on a platter and put it on the counter.

Akira snorted in laughter at the statement, but Ukyou said, "You heard what the lady said. Ucchan's has a reputation of giving the customer what they want, so serve her."

"Fine." He grabbed a nearby metal warming tray and placed it next to Ai. Effortlessly he picked up Ukyou, then walked around the counter to hoist her bottom first onto the plate, positioning her so she was facing Ai with her legs wide open and still more juices flowing out of her.

Ai buried her face in the dish, with Ukyou wrapping her legs behind the blonde's head. A little reversal of their positions from the night before, but still quite the erotic sight. Of course, they were going to have to wipe down the counter and grill again, but it was definitely worth it. He'd eat like a king every day if offered a dish like Ukyou Kuonji.

"Clean up the cake, Little Slut. Scrub the toilets, Little Slut. Wash the windows, and don't leave streaks, unless you want me to give you a streaky red bottom, Little Slut," Yuriko complained, trying to imitate Shampoo-kun but failing miserably since her voice was at too high a pitch.

So far her second day as her Shampoo's present sucked, and not dick. Apparently he was determined to get all sorts of uses out of her, besides that of sex toy, as he had her cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. What she wanted was him cleaning her top to bottom, but so far he hadn't laid a finger on her in either form. He had actually resisted doing anything with her for the whole morning and half of the afternoon. It was one of the most frustrating experiences in Yuriko's life, being so close to having sex intense enough to cross her eyes, but not actually having any. It was like being a kid in a candy store with their jaw wired shut.

Worse, she wasn't allowed to masturbate for any relief either. She had tried it once, but inexplicably Shampoo-kun appeared out of nowhere just as she started to get properly fired up. He forcibly removed her fingers, chided her for engaging in forbidden behavior (not that he had ever told her it was forbidden before that), and then gave her bottom a trio of swats before releasing her and ordering her to wash the floor. He warned her that if she touched herself again he'd tie her up and *not* do anything to her. That was the worst sort of punishment Yuriko could imagine, so she behaved herself and played the proverbial Cinderella to Shampoo's wicked step-mother routine.

Neither Silver nor Akira would have put her through this sort of crap. It was times like these that made her appreciate the two for being so understanding of her needs and wants and treating her like a proper girl instead of something to be used for their entertainment. Lots of guys were like that. If Yuriko didn't know better, she'd have sworn her Auntie was just like those jerk guys. And while she knew he must still care about her, she was bothered by the hoops he was making her jump through for his amusement.

Now Yuriko was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the tile of the kitchen and lamenting her fate. Hell, she could have done less work for actual pay if she hadn't taken the day off. It wasn't fair! Maybe her Auntie had grown tired of her after one day of play and this was the only use he had for her now. Fearful he had grown bored with his Little Slut so quickly, and she had been relegated to cleaning girl, made Yuriko want to cry. She had tried to be a good girl. Why did he have to be so cruel and ignore her?

The doorbell rang.

"Get that!" came the order from deeper in the house.

Yuriko threw down the cloth in her hand. She had half a mind to walk out the door and not come back. Except she knew she wouldn't leave. She adored Shampoo-kun and loved being Little Slut for him. She had to have faith that he hadn't lost interest in her.

Yoshi Mukahari was the living epitome of misery as he waited by the door of the house. Having to work Saturday afternoons sucked. Even being a boring salaryman was ten times better than working for this crappy courier service. Of all the terrible jobs he had ever had, this was the worst.

Yoshi was considering throwing the package down and quitting on the spot when the door opened. His eyes nearly fell out of his head at the sight of the hot girl in the skimpy maid uniform. It was so tight it looked like her tits were ready to burst out. Hell, the frill of the skirt barely reached the bottom of her crotch.

"Well?" the girl impatiently tapped her foot.

Barely snapped out of his stupor, Yoshi offered a weak "Special Delivery." And held out the package.

"Fine!" She accepted the package and spun on her heel.

Yoshi nearly died of a heart attack at the ripe age of nineteen at the sight of the blonde's perfect ass sticking out of the backless outfit. Then the heavenly sight disappeared as the door was slammed in his face.

Left on the doorstep, Yoshi knew he was going to be keeping this job for a while. He'd be delivering packages to this address even if he had to mail them himself.

Yuriko tossed the package on a table and went back on her hands and knees to continue the cleaning. She was almost done, and would be finished once she got rid of a particularly nasty spot. It was as she scrubbed away at it that she felt a pair of hands grip her by the waist. "So, Little Slut thinks her master doesn't know when she's being naughty, is that it?"

She gulped nervously. "I don't know what you mean."

"You were showing my unwrapped present to strangers!" He applied a swat to her bottom. "Like he was allowed to play with it."

"I… I'm sorry. I forgot what I was wearing." It was the truth. She had been so frustrated at being ignored it hadn't even occurred to her that she had flashed her behind in the delivery man's direction.

"Maybe you were going to share it with him. Just let him feel you up a little. Maybe you think I wouldn't know he fingered you up. Maybe he'd slip his cock up your tight pussy while I not around."

"No!" Yuriko insisted. There was only one person she wanted playing with her body today.

"I didn't tell you to stop scrubbing!" Shampoo-kun barked and swatted her behind again. "This is my ass, and I'll do what I want with it."

The voice was dripping with lust, and Yuriko felt her heart soar. Apparently her bare bottom wiggling around in the backless maid's outfit as she toiled on the floor had broken down her Auntie's resistance. Now he was going to use her body for something other than making floors shiny.

Yuriko tried her best to continue scrubbing as something long and pointed began playing with her pussy, circling around her lips, occasionally moving directly up and down her slit, only to move away and toy with her somewhere else. The physical form of teasing made her wet in record time. However, trying to concentrate on work while being primed for sex was not the same thing as walking and chewing bubble-gum at the same time. It was insanely difficult and damn near impossible. She wanted to be stuffed full of cock right now, the floor be damned.

As Yuriko weakly wiped at the floor, one of the hands on her waist relocated itself and the tie that held the top of her maid's uniform in place was loosened, causing her generous tits to fall out. One of her ankles was grabbed, and the blonde was spun over roughly onto her back. She looked up, and felt like a helpless little girl in the face of the raw lust that was on her Master's features now. Apparently his restraint at not playing with her earlier had the same result as trying to hold back a raging river, with the predictable results once the dam broke. Several hours of lust and been released all at once, and nothing was going to be holding it back. Not that Yuriko wanted anything to. Having her body used to slake such animalistic hunger in someone she cared for was what she was meant to do. It would make her master happy, and that her body made him happy was all the assurance she needed.

Shampoo-kun threw her ankles over his shoulders and aimed for her loins. He didn't ease his way in, like Akira had done with Ukyou several blocks away. Instead, he forced as much of him as would fit, sighing as the hellish case of blue balls he had been walking around with since the morning finally had a chance to seek relief in his second favorite sex partner's body. And he knew Yuriko would enjoy being overpowered this way, similar to how Ryo had taken Shampoo just a couple of weeks ago. Actually, knowing the blonde, she'd enjoy it more than the Amazon had.

His assessment proved correct. Yuriko bucked her hips at how roughly he took her, but loved every second of it, including the discomfort that came from such powerful penetration. Ultimately, such hunger was a sign of approval from the adult she most wanted approval from, and she knew from previous experience that the discomfort would quickly pass and be replaced by wonderful sensations that only someone as powerful and experienced as Shampoo-kun could unleash upon her.

Despite his tremendous size, Yuriko quickly accommodated his entire length in a handful of thrusts. Once again he took a moment to savor the sensations of his present's warmth and the way her insides felt along his shaft. She wasn't as tight as Ranma-chan, the Amazon doubted any girl was, but her channel had the tightness that the young possessed. He enhanced the feeling from his balls by withdrawing from her body, her love tunnel trying to cling to him in order to make him remain. He wasn't gone long, as he thrust back in hard again, making her body slide across the recently cleaned floor.

Sensing the lack of friction that was due to Yuriko's cleaning, Shampoo-kun partially drove into her with his cock, and partially drew her toward him with his strength. Once she loosened up sufficiently, he really began to give it to her, pounding away with a strength that would have made a normal girl sore for a week. Yuriko, with her extensive martial arts training, simply cried out in pleasure as her breasts bounced madly back and forth from the 'assault'.

She didn't last long and came quickly from the pounding. Shampoo-kun didn't let up, as he paused but a moment to reposition himself by pushing up, keeping Yuriko's legs over his shoulders. He then leaned forward until he was only on the balls of his feet, pinning her ankles down on the floor on opposite sides of her head. He reached around the legs, making certain to keep them trapped where they were, and grasped her breasts. Dominating her so totally this way with his body was not as easy as it was with Ranma-chan's smaller form, but he managed it well enough.

"Now Little Slut really get what coming to her," Shampoo-kun snarled in her face as he mauled her tits with his hands and brought half of his cock out of her body, only to drive it in as hard as he could.

Having him so totally in control of her, making Yuriko as helpless to him physically as she was emotionally, really fired her up, and she began having a series of smaller orgasms as he pistoned into her body again and again. She wanted to be like this forever, held in the palm of hand, completely at his mercy, and having him show none.

Eventually the smaller climaxes ended up in a massive one in which Yuriko cried out at the top of her lungs, which was loud enough to be heard several houses away. That sent Shampoo-kun over the edge, and he kept her doubled over as he spewed his payload deep into her womb again. She was so caught up in the perfect joining that she almost wished she wasn't using contraceptives and that her master's seed would leave her with a child to prove to the world his sexual prowess when it came to using his Little Slut.

The force of the orgasm was too much for Yuriko to take. She passed out, a blissful smile on her face as unconsciousness came.

Shampoo-kun panted heavily as the force of coming so hard nearly made him pass out as well. It was as much from the girl's complete submission as it was from the physicality of the hot and heavy screwing. He wanted this present every year, and he'd do whatever Ranma wanted to get it.

Reluctantly he rose up, allowing Yuriko to come out of her doubled over position. He was about to order her to clean up the mess when he saw she had passed out from the rough play. Despite that, he saw the delighted that was frozen on her face, and felt a stirring in his heart rather than his loins. Gently he picked the girl who had given him so much pleasure up and cradled her in his arms, as though she were a small child. He carried her to Silver's bedroom and finished removing her clothing, before putting her to bed. He kissed her once on the forehead then headed to the furo to clean himself up.

Yuriko had earned her break, and then some. Not that he had any intention of ignoring her again like he had for the afternoon. He wasn't done with her, not by a long shot. He'd let her recover her strength so that they could have some more fun later in the evening. And he knew just what to do. He had a feeling Yuriko would enjoy it just as much as he would.

Akira Tendou found himself a very busy man. First there was the fact that he was really earning his 'pay' as he helped with the waiting on tables and then cleaning them. The restaurant was a madhouse once again, and even Ukyou confirmed they were exceptionally busy even for a Saturday afternoon. She also mentioned there were a great many more women that usual dropping by, and that he was almost certainly the cause.

And then there were his co-workers. As bad as his fellow waitresses were the previous night, they were twice as flirtatious now, almost as though they were trying to one up another in gaining his attention. Two of them had even teamed up and asked him if he wanted to take them on a double-date all by himself!

The sole exception to this was Arisa Senzenin. Whereas last night she had been all over him, today she was coolly professional. She didn't seem angry with him, just disinterested. Perhaps she had gotten a little, and it had cooled her off today. Ironically, when Akira had sex the previous night, it only made him worse. He had been fine after taking Ukyou on the grill, but as the day wore on, he found himself looking increasingly forward to when work was finished and he could have some fun.

With Arisa behaving herself, he intentionally tried working close to her, since the effect the other girls were having on him was close to debilitating. The pants really needed to be a couple of sizes bigger.

It was during one of the few slow points in the day, just before the evening rush was about to come in, when Arisa walked up to Akira and said, "There are some heavy boxes I have to get out of the storeroom. Can you help me out?"

Deciding he could use a break from working the tables, Akira agreed. He followed her into the storeroom, which was part of one of the expansions and therefore quite large.

Arisa pointed to a set of three boxes on top of some shelves. "Up there. Those ones."

As tall as Akira was, it was easy for him to grab all three and cradle them in his arms. They were a touch on the weighty side, but not too bad. A healthy girl like Arisa should have been able to manage them herself, but it seemed that whenever it came to lifting things, women had long since decided that one of the primary purposes to the male of the species was that they should do all the lifting.

Arms full, Akira turned away from the shelves and toward her. "Where do you want them?"

"Just hold them there," Arisa said as she dropped to her knees in front of him and proceeded to unzip his fly, popping his hardened member free and letting the cool storeroom air blow across it.

"What are you doing?" he gasped, though he had a pretty good idea on exactly what she was up to.

"Giving you a blowjob," she said as casually as if she was offering him a handshake. "The moment I saw you, I knew I had to suck you off. You should be honored. You're going to be the one-hundredth guy I've blown."

"My, you've been… busy," was all Akira could think to say.

"Girl's gotta have her hobbies." And with that, she took him down all the way, immediately deep-throating him.

He was astonished. Only Yuriko had been able to take him completely, and that took her a while to build up to. This girl had just done it as though she was sucking on a lollipop.

Arisa removed her mouth from his shaft, leaving it glistening with wetness. "Talented, aren't I?"

"You can say that again." He moaned as she took his whole length in her mouth again and confirmed that the first time was no aberration. As near as he could tell, she must have been born without a gag reflex.

Arisa went from simply deep-throating him to throwing in some licking of the shaft, all but salivating over it. Then she started paying attention to the head as well, just taking that in and bringing her tongue into play.

All the while Akira stood there, boxes in his arms and completely at her mercy. While he could have probably tossed them to the side, which is what he should have done, he couldn't quite seem to manage it. Neither could the word, "Stop" come to mind. Instead he found himself a helpless victim to her oral talents. He could believe she had given a hundred different guys blow jobs. She was easily the most talented girl he had ever come across, though he had known less then ten in this way. There was something about the way her tongue seemed to touch just the right spot at just the right time to really get his cock twitching.

She was really starting to go to town when the door to the room was thrown open and a glaring Ukyou Kuonji stood silhouetted in the doorway, large spatula cradled in her hands. "What's the meaning of this, Senzenin?"

Arisa actually managed to pout with his cock in her mouth. She removed it and stood up, her stance one of defiance. "I can do whatever I want. I'm on my break."

"I didn't give you permission to take your break, now get back on the floor, or I'll move you along with this." She brandished the spatula menacingly.

Arisa's defiance merely increased. "You wouldn't dare."

Ukyou was blur of motion as she moved behind the girl and swatted her bottom. It wasn't hard enough to cause any damage, though from the sound of the metal meeting flesh, it must have stung something fierce.

Arisa squealed in pain, then stared at Ukyou in shock. "You can't spank me! Even my daddy doesn't spank me!"

"Which is probably why you're such a brat." Ukyou waved the spatula in the girl's direction. She put her hands protectively toward her bottom and ran out of the storeroom, slamming the door behind her to serve as a shield as well between her and her backside's abuser.

"Spoiled rich kid," Ukyou grumbled under her breath. "I'd be tempted to fire her if she wasn't so popular with the clientele."

"Thanks for saving me," Akira said, though his voice was a tinted by a touch of disappointment as well as relief.

He began to put the boxes down when Ukyou gave a sharp, "Keep holding them. I'm not through with you, Mr. Tendou."

"Ah, but I'm…" He gave a head shake in the direction of the part of his anatomy was continued sticking out.

"Leave it," she ordered. She gave him a very stern, disapproving look. "So, I'm to understand you don't want the little bonus I was planning to give you this evening?"

"No, I do!" Akira said quickly.

"That's not what it looked like to me. I'd say you were losing interest in two older women." As she said that, she ran her hands over her breasts. Even with the uniform between them and her flesh, Akira gulped in fascination.

"You just want those young little tramps out there who'll spread their legs for you without thinking twice about it." Ukyou bent over some boxes, presenting her behind toward him. "Maybe if I drop my pants, you wouldn't want to fuck me. I bet you'd just walk away."

"Let me put down these boxes and I'll show you." He started to do so.

"Stop!" Ukyou ordered. Akira was quick to obey. She stood up, then walked around until she was directly behind him. She slid her hands around his waist, and fondled his cock herself. Despite being a good eight centimeters shorter than him, she made it sound as though she was whispering in his ear, "You listen to me, Mr. Tendou. You're my employee now. You do what I say. Got that?" she stroked his cock.

He was quick to acquiesce. "Yes."

"Good. This cock." She stroked it again. "Belongs to me until tomorrow. You don't get to use it on anyone unless I say so. I don't care if every one my girls lines up, strips, and asks you do to them. You don't. As far as you're concerned, you're a eunuch to every woman in the world not named Ukyou Kuonji or Ai Konjou. Got that?"


"Good. I want you ready for work this evening, which means you don't do a thing with this until then." Her hands abandoned their hold on his shaft and dropped to his sack. She began fondling it, though more gently, so as not to risk damaging anything. "I want every bit of sperm these boys can produce inside me and my honey. Don't you dare spill a drop, not for any reason. Do you understand, Mr. Tendou?"


"You'd better. If I catch you acting the least bit inappropriately, your hand will be the only friend your cock has this evening." Ukyou released her hold on his body and moved away. "Now zip yourself up. You have to get back out there and work the tables." As Ukyou was about to leave, she looked over her shoulder and gave him a crafty smile. Then she left.

Akira was left speechless. She had never talked to him that way before. No wonder Yuriko sometimes acted frightened by her mother's temper. He'd have to tread carefully for the rest of the workday, since he had even less desire than Arisa to have that spatula swatting him in the ass. And after the intense sex he'd been having, he wanted both of those women so badly he'd do just about anything to have one more night with them.

As to Ukyou's orders regarding what to do to, well, there was a way he could fulfill the last one of them, a method he had been considering using anyway, but was a bit reluctant due to the side-effects. But Ukyou's request tipped him over the edge, and he decided he'd go for it. It had been a while since he had, but this weekend was a one time opportunity, and he wanted to make the most of it. He didn't think Yuriko or Silver would mind, since they were having busy weekends of their own and would want some time off anyway. In any case, he was going to do it, so they'd have to understand if a problem arose later in the week from it.

Satisfied he was taking the right course of action, Akira zipped himself up and went back to work.

Yuriko could barely sit still at the dinner table as she and her Auntie had supper. The blonde had made it herself, as per her master's instructions. While she didn't have her mother's talent for cooking, she was a more than passable chef and knew a number of dishes she could do well. She had gone all out for her master, and was proud when he informed her she had outdone herself.

Things had gone much better since the afternoon screwing and a couple of hours nap. Her Auntie had fucked her so hard, Yuriko had a bit of trouble moving around until she walked things off. But the lingering soreness wasn't bad, considering what had been done to her to make her that way. It was a thousand times better than the soreness from the night before, courtesy of the spanking she had received. Luckily, that was a thing of the past as well, and she was in top shape again. Though if she had her way, her master would screw her so long and hard she'd barely be able to walk for a week.

After Yuriko had awakened, and Shampoo-kun made certain she was feeling all right, she was allowed lunch, then forced to put her maid's uniform back on and begin cleaning again. This time Yuriko did it happily, with none of the anger that had been present before. Whenever she felt a little down about it, she recalled what had been done to her that afternoon, and was instantly cheered up. She knew if she behaved herself she'd get more of the same.

After cleaning up much of the house and adjoining dojo, the hour grew late. Shampoo-kun instructed her it was time for dinner. However, before she was allowed to start, he made her wear something new. It was like a small set of leather bikini bottoms with two large holes in the crotch and ass, displaying both her openings. Also there were a couple of leather snaps that could be fastened over them. Yuriko discovered exactly what the holes and snaps were for as Shampoo-kun brought out some smaller toys to go with his 'big toy'. Yuriko was outfitted with another butt-plug, even larger than the one from the night before, shoved up her ass (with the help of some pre-stretching out beforehand and a healthy quantity of lubricant.). After that, a vibrator, that was on the small side, was put up her pussy and set to a low speed. Then the snaps came into play. Once in place, it assured that neither device would accidentally slip out at any time. Shampoo-kun explained they were to keep Yuriko hot and running, so he didn't have to bother with foreplay and could fuck her at any time.

Yuriko had made it through preparing dinner without any problems, the vibrator so small and at such a low speed it really did only keep her own motor running, but had no hope of 'red-lining' it. But when it became time to eat, and Yuriko was forced to sit down, that was where she began to have difficulties. Then she could really feel the devices shift in her body, and it had been several hours since her last hard fuck. She was revved up and ready to go.

Shampoo-kun looked up from his meal at the squirming girl. "You aren't hungry?"

Yuriko looked at her plate. She had only eaten about half her meal. "I don't want any more food." Which was the truth. She was careful not to imply she was 'full'. She wanted more meat, just not in her stomach.

"Okay." Shampoo-kun said, moving his own empty plate aside. "That was a good meal. You're a very talented chef."

"Thank you, Auntie," Yuriko said demurely, secretly thrilled by the open approval, even if it was regarding something non-sexual.

"And now, it's time for dessert." Shampoo-kun's eyes gleamed hungrily. "I want more cake."

"Yes, Auntie, I'll serve you your dessert." This was what Yuriko had been waiting for. She was more than ready for it. With the way her orifices were filled, she needed to get off once again, which no doubt had been the plan from the beginning. She was starting to get a feel for how her master's mind worked, and she liked the ideas it was coming up with.

She stood up and walked over to Shampoo-kun. The cursed Amazon stood up, and divested Yuriko of her maid's outfit. Rather than starting to work on the bottoms, he instead grabbed the blonde by her shoulders and forced her to bend over the table once again.

Shampoo-kun spared a glance over his shoulder at where he had left the camera secretly hidden. This one was going to be recorded for posterity, and to show off to Ranma exactly what his wife had been doing to the present he had received.

Returning his attention to the bent over girl, Shampoo-kun only undid the strap over the butt plug, ignoring vibrator in her pussy. He then dug his fingers in, and warned, "This is going to be uncomfortable."

"I'm ready," Yuriko assured him. She gritted her teeth as the plug was forced out of her rectum.

Before her distended hole could close up again, Shampoo-kun was quick to bury a trio of fingers deep into her backside. He mentally cursed his lack of foresight as he realized he left the lubricant in the bedroom. Not wanting to leave his present long enough for her to tighten up again, his eyes looked around frantically until he spotted a butter dish nearby. Yes, that would do for improvisation. It had served well enough for his little redhead in the past.

With his free hand, he coated his cock in the creamy substance, until it had enough to spread on any slice of bread. Satisfied he wouldn't be causing any damage from mere friction, he removed his fingers and quickly inserted his head and nearly half his cock in the initial thrust. This was what he had been longing to do since he woke up in the morning, the coup-de-grace to their coupling. Doing the hot blonde in her voluptuous bottom at least once was always a must whenever he had a crack at her. Even Ranma agreed her ass was irresistible after he had a taste of it at the hot springs

Yuriko hands reflexively clutched at the tablecloth. While Akira and Silver regularly took her in the backdoor, neither of them were as long or wide as Shampoo-kun, and Yuriko's bottom could feel every millimeter of difference. Not that she didn't want him to do her in the ass. She loved anal sex, and it usually took very little stimulation of her pussy or tits to bring her off as she was getting reamed. Sometimes she wondered what sort of a girl she really was, wanting two lovers, being treated like a slave by a third, taking it nearly any and every way that was possible, and enjoying every moment of it.

Any guilt at her behavior, or consideration of how others might feel about what they would probably call her slutty behavior, was done away with as Shampoo-kun eased more of his member inside her. All the bad thoughts and recriminations fell by the wayside as her body tried desperately to accommodate the intruder in her backdoor.

Yuriko began to urge Shampoo-kun on. "You're so big, Auntie. I'm not sure if it'll all fit." She knew damn well it would fit. It had done so before. What she was trying to do was get Shampoo-kun to stop going so easy on her. She knew she could take it, and she wanted all of his massive shaft inside her and really give it to her. She wanted him to turn her inside out, and make her orgasm hard and endlessly.

Shampoo-kun seemed to take it as a challenge. "Oh, it all going in, Little Slut. You wait and see." He started becoming more forceful, hammering on her back door rather than the slow motion he had started off with. Every time he thrust forward, her backside yielded more ground and he watched in triumph as more of his member disappeared inside.

Gods, the girl's ass was tight, much more than her pussy. Ranma-chan's backdoor was probably tighter, but at the moment, he couldn't tell the difference, other than she was taking him much more quickly than the redhead. Of course, Ranma-chan was much smaller, and wasn't used to having her backdoor used as an entry port the way Yuriko was, but still the feeling of having something so warm and confining making love to his shaft was an experience like no other.

Eventually he gave a cry of triumph as he was fully embedded in her ass. Yuriko, vibrator still working on her pussy while her ass was stretched out like only twice before, came hard, nearly ripping the tablecloth in half with how hard she climaxed.

Shampoo-kun paused and looked down in awe at the girl. He couldn't believe how powerfully she could orgasm. Admittedly, he tried to go the extra step to arouse her, and make her enjoy their copulations all the more. While Ranma could certainly get Shampoo off, sometimes extremely hard, she could never recall a time when she had personally orgasmed so hard so many times, except maybe on their wedding night. The blonde was like a dynamo of sexual energy, ready to come at a moment's notice with a little proper handling.

There was no way she was faking it, you couldn't fake this. She was wired so tightly it didn't take much to make her explode. It really stroked Shampoo-kun's ego, like it would any man's, to know he could have this sort of effect on her. His presence drove her wild, and made her more desirably sexually, which she didn't need, given her awesome looks and impressive build. Moreso, it added fuel to his own internal fires, and made him want the girl all the more. It was a situation that fed on itself. It was times like these he wished men could manage multiple orgasms the way women could, then they really could go at it all night long.

But they couldn't, and Yuriko's reactions were only bringing him closer to the edge. He wanted to indulge in her backdoor a little more before blowing his load. He began to move inside her, back and forth, loosening her up so he could move more easily, though it wasn't easy. She was still incredibly tight.

He wanted to see if he could make her climax one more time before he had to give up the ghost. He leaned forward, grabbing her mammaries and playing with them roughly, exerting his physical dominance over her. He whispered in her ear. "Little Slut loves it when her master takes her in the ass, doesn't she?"

"Yes, oh yes," she whimpered.

He increased the tempo of his thrusting. "She loves it wherever her master fucks her?"


He stepped up the mauling oh her breasts, coming close to bruising them with how roughly his fingers dug in "And she loves it whenever her Uncle Ranma fucks her too?"

"Yes." A part of Yuriko's mind acknowledged that while he didn't drive her insane with lust the way Shampoo-kun did, Ranma was a strong, virile male whose skilled hands and confidence turned Yuriko on as well. She had enjoyed the way he had used her body, especially at the hot spring when he had her all to himself.

"Good, then Little Slut better watch out, because Shampoo make her a promise. If things no work out with Silver and Akira, you going to end up in your Auntie and Uncle's bed. We'll make deal with you parents and buy you from them. You not be Yuriko Kuonji anymore. You just be Little Slut for the rest of you life."

Lost in heat of passion, the fantasy of being her Auntie and Uncle's full-time lover overwhelmed Yuriko, and she came almost as hard as she had when Shampoo-kun had taken her on the floor. He was nearly thrown off with how hard she bucked under his grasp, and had to stop for fear of having certain parts of his anatomy bent in unpleasant ways.

All at once, Yuriko went limp in on the table, trying hard to catch her breath and remaining motionless.

Shampoo-kun, balls nearly bursting in need, rose up and began to pump her ass in earnest again. Yuriko wasn't up to doing much now other than lying there limply. That wasn't much of a turn on for Shampoo-kun, but luckily he was close to the boiling point, and in less than half a minute, he blew his load deep into her bowels. Yuriko didn't react to it, still trying hard to catch her breath. She just lay there motionless, while he filled her ass with his cream.

Once he was finished, Shampoo-kun gently removed himself from her backside, his cock making a popping sound as it sprang free from its fleshy sheath. He waited for her to rise as well, but she lay there, gasping for breath and doing nothing else.

Shampoo-kun was becoming a bit worried with how long Yuriko lay there. Eventually, she rose to her feet shakily. The Amazon helped her balance herself. All at once, Yuriko hugged Shampoo-kun tightly, as though she never wanted to let go.

Breathily, she said, "Thank you for saying you love me so much, Auntie." The unexpected offer had made Yuriko feel warm inside. Not that she had the slightest intention of leaving either Silver or Akira, she was perfectly happy with both of them and would be devastated if she ever broke up with either of them. But if things did turn sour, well, the idea of ending up in the Saotomes bed was not exactly unappealing. It wasn't something she realistically considered, but the idea of it made her feel extremely loved. It was a wonderful feeling, almost as good as the fucking she had received.

Almost being the operative word. She again reverted to her little girl voice and asked, "Can we go to your bedroom now, Auntie? My back's a little sore from having my poor little pussy and ass being fucked by such a big strong man."

The contrast in what she was saying versus how she was saying it made Shampoo-kun feel the first twitch from his cock. The time for sentimentality was over, and the time for some more action was in. He hefted her up off the floor like she was the little girl she sounded like and carried her in his arms. "Sure, and while we're at it, we'll see about taking that vibrator out of you."

"Will you replace it with something bigger?" she asked in all innocence.

"I think that can be arranged."

He nearly charged down the hallway toward his bedroom.

The rest of the day had been like a small piece of hell for Akira Tendou. While Arisa had kept her distance from him the rest of the day, the other waitresses more than made up for her lack of attention by doubling theirs. It was like it had become a contest among them to see which one could turn him on the most. Even Ai was worse than ever, all but groping him in front of everyone. Even some of the female customers 'accidentally' brushed against him.

And he couldn't do a damn thing about it. Ukyou was keeping a close eye on him, and constantly shot him suspicious glares, even when it was obvious he was trying to resist the girls' advances. He was trying to behave himself, but she seemed determined to catch him misbehaving and punish him by cutting him off for this evening. He was so concerned that he even refused to help Ai take out the garbage for fear of what might happen if the two of them were alone.

In many ways, Ukyou's warning had put him in worse shape than if she hadn't. Akira was the sort of person that liked keeping his options open, and being forbidden to do something made him want to do it more. He knew it was silly and childish, but that was the way his personality worked.

So he toiled and labored both at work and fending off advances from what seemed like every attractive female in Nerima. And just when he thought he'd grab the next woman to make a pass at him and do her on one of the tables in front of everyone, it was time to close up shop.

After the clean up was done, Ukyou congratulated Akira on working hard and following her instructions. He had earned his bonus and then some. She told him to give she and Ai a half hour to 'make themselves presentable' then to come by their bedroom where he'd be staying the rest of the evening.

It was one of the longest half-hours of his life, and the only time he actually stared at a clock and nothing else for a half hour. Once the second hand of the clock struck the appointed time, he bolted down the hall and toward their bedroom, nearly ripping the door off its hinges. Both women were waiting on the bed, luxuriating like spoiled cats, nude and ready to go.

After what Ukyou had put him through all day, he went after her first. There was nothing romantic about the way he leapt on top of her and rained kisses upon her lips as his hands played all over her body. He was surprised to feel she was already wet and loose, and then understood that she and Ai had been doing more than merely making themselves presentable. They had been priming each other so that he could start right in.

However, before he could spread Ukyou's legs apart, she flipped him on his back and straddled his hips. She proclaimed that she was the one that was going to fuck him, since he had been mean in turning her on by flaunting his cock in the storeroom when he knew she couldn't do anything about it at the time. He decided that was probably for the best, since he wasn't going to last long the first time with how anxious he was.

Ukyou started screwing him in that position, bouncing up and down like a professional bronco buster. Since all he had to do was lay there, he concentrated on keeping his calm for as long as he could. It was a testament to his self-control that he lasted five minutes. Luckily, Ukyou had been even more revved up than him and wasn't trying to hold back. She came even quicker, though she was disappointed that the second part of her ride had barely started when he ejaculated inside her.

The chef had barely dismounted him when Ai was there, sucking on his cock in order to revive him. He watched in amusement as his rod, which hadn't quite gone flaccid despite blowing his wad, perked back up. Even Ai seemed impressed by his ability to rebound so quickly. She had ended up on the receiving end of a doggie-style screwing. Akira used the extra energy he had conserved during Ukyou's ride, on Ai, and really gave it to her. The sounds of his pelvis meeting her posterior almost as loud as though he was smacking it with Ukyo's spatula. The blonde clutched at the bed's headboard so powerfully that he thought she was going to rip it off.

Despite having come once, Akira didn't last long as his second load of the night ended up in Ai. As they finished, Ukyou excused herself and headed for the bathroom, leaving Ai to inspire him again.. The privacy gave Akira a chance to ask the blonde for her help in a little plan he had concocted that involved her partner. Ai eagerly agreed, and helped things along by laying on her back and tit-fucking him to hardness by the time Ukyou returned.

The chef was delighted to see him reloaded. "Now is that for little old me?"

Akira withdrew from Ai's cleavage and pointed his rod in Ukyou's direction. "Every inch of it."

Ukyou licked her lips. "And there's plenty of inches. You young studs sure have plenty of endurance. I see why Yuriko and Silver keep you around. I'll let you choose the position this time."

Perfect. Things were working out as if he had planned them himself. "Get down on all fours." He patted the spot where Ai had received her ride.

Ukyou did a fair job of sauntering onto the bed and positioning herself right next to Akira, wiggling her bottom in his direction. He had to restrain himself before he ruined everything and made his move too soon. His fingers found the fold between her legs, and he could feel she was still nice and loose from her previous joining. Eagerly he moved behind her, and fed her his swollen member. She gave soft sighs of approval as he stroked into her body.

Ai was not content to merely watch this time. Once Akira was all the way in and began building up a rhythm, the blonde went to a nearby nightstand and retrieved a tube of lubricant. She walked back over to the bed, depositing the tube next to the pair as they banged away. She unscrewed the top and proceeded to coat her thumb in the greasy substance.

Akira slowed down and remained inside Ukyou as Ai pried her asscheeks apart and delved her thumb right into her partner's rosebud. The chef gave a cry at the intruder who forced its way in with little preamble.

"Just adding a little something," Ai provided in explanation, giving Akira a secretive wink that Ukyou couldn't see given her position.

Akira began pumping into her again with slow, steady strokes while Ai worked her thumb deeper into the firm backside, slowly forcing the passage open. Eventually she managed to get the whole thumb in. She lubed up a second thumb, and proceeded to work the two in conjunction as they stretched her wider. The whole thing had the effect of really setting Ukyou off, and once Ai got her other thumb fully embedded, her partner cried out in ecstasy.

That was it. Akira couldn't hold off anymore. He completely withdrew from Ukyou, while she was still in the throes of her climax, and waved Ai away. The blonde obeyed, removing her digits from Ukyou, but keeping a close eye on the action.

Akira repositioned Ukyou's hips, moving them downward. Before her rosebud could close fully, he proceeded to force his cockhead, which was still wet with the chef's juices, into her tight little hole.

Ukyou's eyes bulged as Akira's sizable member knocked on her backdoor. It even shook her partially out of her orgasm. "You're putting that in there?" she groaned entirety of the head made it past the tightest part of her entryway, and started to go further in.

A surge of pride went through Akira as he finally gained the upper hand. While he wasn't anything like a true dominant, he still had his pride, and it bothered him that Ukyou had been calling the shots for so long today. He wanted to be in the driver's seat for a little while, and he was going to drive right into Ukyou's rearward tunnel.

He answered her with, "You showed such a fascination with my ass in the shower yesterday, I developed one with yours."

Ai moved in front of her lover so they could look face to face. "And I wanted to help him. I was feeling really horny mid-way through the day and I was going to fuck him in the alley when we took out the garbage, but he wouldn't come because you told him he had to wait until tonight or he wouldn't get any."

Her voice was reproachful. "You might not have been horny because he banged the hell out of you on the grill, but I was left simmering in my juices all day. You denied me my quickie and Akira his relief by making him walk around with a hard on in those tight pants of his. We're lucky he didn't get any permanent damage. You owe us big time, and we're going to collect on that pretty ass of yours. Now shove that cock up her, big boy. She can take it, and then some."

Now it was two against one. Akira tried feeding her more of his rod, but found it difficult going. Ukyou was tight, much tighter than either Silver or Yuriko were. Actually, once Yuriko was loosened up, she could take it almost as fast in the backdoor as she could the front. Not so with her mother. He had to fight for every inch of ground she gave, and seemed to be in more discomfort than either of his girlfriends would be when they first adjusted to him in their backsides. It was throwing him off a bit, even with Ai's reassurance Ukyou could handle such, and he wondered if he should abandon his plans and simply take her from the front.

Ukyou grunted as Akira forced more of his manhood into her ass. While she liked receiving it in the rear, it wasn't anywhere near as pleasurable to her as it was for her partner and daughter. And while she had handled Shampoo-kun pounding her bottom in the past, it was always toward the end of the vacation, since having that monster in there always left her worn out and feeling like she passed a bowling ball. While Akira wasn't as long or as wide as the cursed Amazon, there was still a lot to him.

Ai sensed the discomfort her partner was suffering from, and decided to help balance it out with a healthy dose of pleasure. She maneuvered under Ukyou's body, but inverted, so her head was poised near the chef's loins. She saw the beautiful bare lips before her, and smiled. While Ukyou had been the one that wanted a change of pace in disposing of her pubic hair, Ai was the one that had actually done the shaving. It had been kinky, and really turned her on. They had energetic lovemaking sessions that entire week thanks to the chef's new look.

Now it was Ai's job to turn Ukyou on further. She simply buried herself face first into the chef's cleft. As an additional turn on, in her current position she had an up close look at Akira's shaft entering her lover's beautiful behind. It was amazing to watch from so close how he entered her backside. It made Ai wish she could tape the moment for posterity.

Ukyou bucked as the tongue buried itself within the folds of her flesh. The added stimulus helped override the discomfort her rear end was feeling. Usually Ranma was busy with Ai when Ukyou was getting tailpiped, and she wasn't used to someone eating her out at the same time. Now she knew what she has been missing, and she started enjoying this form of double penetration. From this point onward, if someone wanted to do her in the bottom, there had better be someone else working her front.

Akira could tell the shift in emotions in the woman, and he smiled. It was still difficult going, but thanks to Ai saving the day, he could sit back and relax and enjoy the comfort her oh so tight behind was giving him.

It wasn't long before he was all the way into her, then began sliding back and forth at a slow and steady pace. He was in no hurry, having popped twice, and it was obvious Ukyou was enjoying the tongue lashing she was receiving as well.

Between the two of them, they had the chef bubbling over within minutes. They managed to trigger multiple orgasms in their playmate, and while none of them seemed large, she had several. Akira would have sworn she came nearly a dozen times in the span of the twenty minutes he remained pumping her rear. Ai eagerly lapped up everything that poured from her loins, never spilling a drop and demanding more as her thirst still wasn't quenched.

Even with his previous joinings and slow tempo, Akira was eventually pushed to the brink. It was time to apply the final touch to his plan. He said loud enough for Ukyou to hear, "I'm about to come, and Ai's still thirsty. I think I should pull out and blow it down her throat."

"No! Do it in me!" Ukyou pleaded.

Akira smiled at the reaction. Good. He wanted her eating out of the palm of his hand for once. "Are you sure? Her mouth looks awful tempting."

Ukyou's voice grew louder. "I'm sorry I was so hard on you earlier."

"Are you sorry," he gave a forceful thrust. "I'm being hard on you?"

"God, no! I love it hard!"

"In that case." He left himself buried in her bottom and blew his load into Ukyou's backside. He wasn't the only one as Ukyou came in conjunction with his own orgasm, and had her strength temporarily drained. It left Ai to support most of her lover's weight with her hands while she continued lapping away as the juice flowed.

Once Akira was finished and withdrew, Ai did the same, allowing Ukyou to slip contentedly to the covers, nearly in a heap. She was sweaty and exhausted, and looked incredibly sexy.

Ai felt a pang of jealousy at seeing her partner so satisfied. She turned to Akira. "I hope you have enough left for one more round." She turned and wiggled her derriere in his direction.

The sight really stroked the fired of Akira's pride. "Oh, I got plenty left to dish out. You see, my esteemed boss ordered me to give her every drop of semen I could muster, so I took a dose of Dorpherin beforehand. I should be good for, oh, ten times or so."

Both the women looked at him in surprise, even the exhausted Ukyou. Dorpherin was a sexual stimulant, one of the improved Viagra deriviates, only far more powerful. It would quadruple a man's sexual stamina, enabling him to achieve multiple erections over the span of several hours. Of course, there were considerable side-effects to it, which was why most men didn't use it. The first was that after the effects were over, the 'crash' that followed would last close to a week. During that time, the man might as well be a eunuch. Arousal was all but impossible as his sex drive was shut down and recovered. Its potency was such that it couldn't be taken a second time until the person was fully recovered, for fear of doing permanent damage. Generally it was only taken by men that wanted to give a girl a night to remember, and knew they wouldn't be getting any for some time afterwards.

Ukyou felt more than a touch guilty. "Akira, you didn't have to do that. I was just saying I didn't want you to fool around."

Akira shrugged. "I know. I was considering it beforehand. I figure something like this comes around only once, and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. Yuriko and Silver are just going to have to make do without me for a while."

Hearing the conviction in his voice eased the women's consciences. He was old enough to know what was best for him and make his own choices. If they were to benefit from it, who were they to complain?

Ai moved closer and began stroking his cock again. "Okay, now about that rear job to me…?"

"Oh, I think something can be arranged," Akira said, a grin on his own features as he went for the tube and prepared to loosen Ai up with his fingers before delving in again.

Soft grunting and the slow moving of bodies brushing against one another was the only sound to disturb the quiet of the early morning hour.

This time there was no passionate banging, but the slow steady pace of lovemaking. One that was nearing an end as Akira grunted, and came within the woman he was pressing into the sheets. He only pumped a trio of times before stopping, collapsing against Ukyou's body. "That's it. I'm out," he said, exhausted.

"Thank god. I loved it, but I'm worn out," Ukyou said from her position beneath him. She wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace and basked in the afterglow of their joining.

He smiled at her warmly. "So did I do good, Boss?"

"Above and beyond the call of duty," Ukyou confirmed. She spared a glance to Ai, who was asleep next to them. She had called it a night about a half hour ago after Akira managed a double header in her pussy and ass. Now she was curled up in a ball, oblivious to the world. The sheets were a mess, and would need a thorough cleaning with all of the bodily juices that covered it now. Ukyou knew she should clean herself up, but she was too tired and delighted to move. She'd have to live with being messy, especially since Akira seemed too tired to move either.

Despite her exhausted state, Ukyou regarded the matter of what had occurred over the weekend. She trusted Akira enough he wouldn't go around shooting his mouth of with what he had done with them, outside of anyone that went on their little weekend of debauchery anyway. He'd tell Silver and Yuriko. Silver would probably be envious, and Yuriko had nothing to complain about with what she had done first for the weekend, and if she tried mouthing off to her parents or Akira about it, Ukyou would straighten her out. While it was true she was getting old enough to start taking care of herself, she still needed parenting now and then.

"Don't worry about Yuriko being irritated about you not being 'able bodied' for the rest of the week," Ukyou told him. "I'll keep her in line. And I'll make certain she understands you're a definite keeper. If you and her have any problems in the future, me and Ai will try to help smooth things out. You just take good care of our daughter, like you have been. I know she's a handful and trying a lot of the time, but she's a good girl. You can't do better than her."

"I know," Akira said sincerely. He was surprised by the gesture, but flattered by it. He knew they had approved of him dating Yuriko, but there were rarely times when either of them were so open about it. They were content to let their daughter be when it came to her relationships.

"And Akira?"


"If you find yourself ditched by those two again and they run off to have fun, like you were this weekend, you can come on over and help work the tables again. For the same pay, of course."

"I'll seriously consider it," he said, and meant it. Just because Silver and Yuriko abandoned him to have fun on their own didn't mean he had to suffer for it. Not that he thought they would, but if circumstances like that happened again, it would be nice to know he would have something to do himself.

Content, and exhausted with the drug having worn run its course, Akira rolled off Ukyou and quickly fell asleep.

It was past noon by the time Yuriko Kuonji was able to leave the Saotome house, extremely sore but incredibly satisfied. Anyone watching her move would know the reason she was walking funny. Her wonderful Auntie was an animal, there were no two ways about it. Every inch of Yuriko's body felt used and nearly had been. He hadn't held anything back. She had been twisted nearly every way humanly possible with all the different positions Shampoo-kun had used on her, testing her flexibility to the limit. Her breasts still bore red finger marks with how roughly he had treated her chest, and it felt like his sperm was still sloshing around in her belly and behind with how many times he had filled her. But it was a good feeling, and she wouldn't have exchanged it for anything in the world.

Still, it was probably going to be a week before she recovered, and made her sad about one very important detail.

Birthdays only came once a year.

An hour after Yuriko had departed, Ranma returned to his domicile, duffle bag slung over his shoulder. He let himself in and announced, "I'm home!"

"In here," came a female voice from the living room.

He entered and was surprised by what he saw. "Wow, the place looks clean."

"I'm exhausted," Shampoo said, not elaborating as she lay back on the couch. Dark rings were under her eyes, and she looked as though she had run back-to-back marathons.

Ranma let his bag fall to the floor as he joined his wife at her side on the couch. "I take it you talked Yuriko into staying the weekend?"

"Uh," a tired Shampoo grunted. "Thank god birthdays are only once a year. Two of them would kill me."

Ranma placed a comforting arm around her shoulder. "While we're not actually old, we aren't horny teenagers anymore either. We have style over their substance, but they have endurance you only get from being young." Actually, Ranma knew he could keep up with any punk kid, but didn't want to make his wife feel bad by bringing up the fact.

"I'll recover before she does," Shampoo said with a sly smile. And Ranma had better watch it with his 'old' remarks, or she'd show him what an 'old' Amazon could do to a hotshot egotist like him. She could have him begging for no more, if she really tried. But no way was she thinking about that sort of thing now. Yuriko had totally exhausted her, but it was fun having her energy drained.

Ranma asked, "So, did you enjoy your birthday?"

"It was the best one ever," Shampoo said with as much enthusiasm she had left. "I have some video discs for you, by the way."

"I can't wait to see them." He had a pretty good idea what would be on them, but he wanted a chance to recover some of his own energy.

Shampoo looked sorrowfully at her husband. "Can you take a rain check on our birthday fuck. I'm so tired, I wouldn't perform with a damn."

Ranma laughed nervously. "Actually, I'm kind of worn out. It was an unexpectedly… busy weekend for me, too."

There wasn't a hint of anger with Shampoo. "I'm glad you had fun, too. It was very thoughtful of you to let me play with my toy alone. I was just afraid I was having too much fun at your expense."

"No, not really," Ranma said, glad he dodged a bullet, even if this one was a bad shot since considering what he had let his wife do for the weekend.

"You can tell me later. Let's just cuddle." Shampoo put her arms around Ranma and savored the feel of his warm body against hers.

"That's one of my favorite parts of your birthday." He returned the embrace and basked in his wife's presence.



"I'd like the same thing for my birthday next year."

"I'll do my best. Trust me. Ranma Saotome always delivers."


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