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Yet Another Realities Lemon
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Standard Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Ranma ½ characters. They belong to Takahashi and whomever she sold the rights to.

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after Party Girls and Working Stiffs. This time out we'll introduce a new character and reintroduce an old one. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

Ryo Hibiki was once again experiencing the sensation of floating through the air, wondering if this was what it was like to be a bird. A breeze whistled through his hair, and there was a feeling of weightlessness, as though his six-foot, three-inch, two-hundred and eighty pound frame didn't exist. Only the very edge of his mind could grasp the concept of what this sense of liberation would be like on a daily basis.

And then Ryo's wonderment ended as he hit the ground, causing the floorboards beneath him to tremble from the force of his landing. He lay on his back, motionless as he gazed up at the crisscrossing wooden beams that lined the roof above his head.

An angel's curious, upside down face entered his vision. She was beatific, ringed in a halo of platinum as her gentle gaze stared upon him in concern. Surely he was blessed by her presence.

The angel spoke. "Geez, Ryo. You might be as strong as a pack of gorillas and can have boulders broken over your head without blinking, but your sense of balance and leverage ain't worth a crap."

Silver's words of concern about his physical abilities moved him the way few things could. He accepted her offered hand to help him up from the Saotome Dojo's floor.

Once Ryo was upright again, he looked his 'angel' over. Silver was dressed in a gi, the same as him, though hers was still in pristine condition while his was askew from his brief flight through the air. He straightened his gi out, trying to look his best.

Silver shook her head. "You know, the Saotome School of Anything Goes doesn't rely a whole lot on brute strength and endurance. It might not be the best style for you to use. Maybe you ought to train more with your old man. He's like you, and utilizes his strengths to the fullest. You'd be a lot better fighter that way."

"No way!" Ryo shouted with far too much emotion. He reigned himself in almost as quickly. "I mean, knowing a wide variety of techniques is better than just using one set, right?"

"That is true," Silver admitted. "Nothing's better at adapting than our techniques."

"Right. So we can continue?"

Silver shrugged. "Sure."

Ryo sighed in relief. One of the high points in his life were these special martial arts training sessions Silver had with him. While she occasionally assisted her parents in teaching their regular classes, since she was planning on becoming an instructor as well, she offered more intensive private lessons to all her friends. Yuriko was a frequent visitor, and occasionally Akira would come by to spar as well. There were a handful of others that would occasionally drop by as well. But Ryo was always there. Only rugby practice ever kept him from attending. He had even attended one when he had the flu. He had thrown up as soon as class had started, but he had attended it.

Today was a great day for training, in Ryo's opinion, since he was the only one to show up. That meant Silver's attention was reserved solely for him. It was like they were on a date, only it was more violent. Days like this made him glad to be alive.

Silver took up an aggressive stance before him. "Okay, come on and charge me again. And be serious this time, or I might end up hurting you."

"Sure." Ryo grinned. Even if she broke his bones, it would feel divine. As long as she was the one doing it.

It was an hour later when Silver called a halt to things. She had finally broken out in a sweat, though it was from throwing Ryo around another hundred times rather than from the intensity of the session.

"My arms are tired," Silver complained. "Are you sure you aren't using a rope-a-dope technique? Maybe you're wearing me out by letting me toss your large ass around until I'm too pooped to throw a punch."

"Of course not," Ryo insisted. He was sweating too, though felt no pain despite Silver's decision near the end of their session to stop being so easy on him and using some actual strength on the last several throws. There were so many endorphins running through Ryo's mind anything short of a limb being hacked off would have blocked out.

Silver regarded him with a thoughtful look. "It sure seems like you were distracted today. I'm not sure you're learning anything. Even with the defensive techniques I taught you, I was still tossing you around like a sack of rocks. Are you sure you want to keep coming to these training sessions?"

Ryo feel to his knees and pleaded, "Please let me keep coming."

Surprised at the reaction, Silver moved away from him. "Okay, okay! You can keep coming. Now stand up and be a man, would you. Groveling like that is embarrassing."

Ryo did so, staring at her with a near starry-eyed expression that unsettled Silver more than the groveling did.

"Let's call it a night," she suggested.

Ryo regained his composure and the two bowed formally before one another. He began heading to the changing room the Saotomes had attached to the dojo. There was a small shower there, for those students who didn't want the hassle of using the public baths that were located a couple of streets away. There were only a pair of shower heads, and it was a small area, but he could clean himself quickly. Although he would have to use it before Silver did. Typical of women, she took forever to clean herself. He remembered after one of the special private training sessions she and Yuriko had used the shower first. It had taken them forever to clean up. And some of the sounds that had come from there. Given the amount of moaning that had emanated from the room, he assumed the girls had forgotten he was waiting to clean himself up and given each other a message to unwind. They had certainly appeared satisfied when they finally emerged from the changing room.

Before he took three steps toward the room, Silver laid a hand on his chest to prevent him from walking any closer. "It might be a bit messy in there. I haven't had a chance to clean it up since the last class used it. Go inside the house and use our bath. It's in a lot better shape"

"Okay," Ryo said.

As he headed toward the exit of the dojo, Silver said in a teasing voice, "If I get finished cleaning up here fast, maybe I'll join you."

Ryo gulped at the idea. He blushed ferociously as he headed in the direction of the Saotome home, a certain part of his anatomy hardening as it led the way.

Ordinarily, Ryo took far too much after his father in his inability to head directly to where he was going. He wasn't as bad as Ryouga, but still needed help to arrive anywhere on time. However, when he didn't concentrate on where he was heading, his feet seemed to instinctively take him to his desired location. As lost in daydreams as he was, he made a direct line to the bathroom and dreamily slid off his clothing as he prepared to clean himself. He wondered what it would be like to have Silver clean him off… with her breasts.

His blush deepened.

Shampoo Saotome arrived at her home, intoxicated by a feeling of pride. She had spent the better part of the afternoon at a martial arts exhibition that several of her students had attended. They had performed admirably, representing the Saotome dojo with honor and impressing some of the other masters of the other students as well. It would add some prestige to the Saotome School, even if only in a small way. Every little bit helped, for the more prestigious their school was, the more students they would have and the more money they made. While they made comfortable living from teaching, having a little extra cash was always nice.

As an added bonus, one of Mai Bogard's pupils had attended as well. The ninja slut's student had fallen short of the performance of Shampoo's. She could tell the over-endowed bitch had been mad as hell at losing to her arch-nemesis. Shampoo had been certain to rub her victory in Mai's ugly face. It made for a wonderful day.

Shampoo moved lightly as she entered her home, announcing her presence as she located her husband in the kitchen where he was preparing dinner.

"How'd it go?" Ranma didn't bother looking at her as he sampled a sauce in one of the pots.

"Akiko and Matsui did very well. Yotaro was a little off on some of his forms, but overall it was very successful. Akiko's father asked me if he thought we could take his other daughter on as a student. I said sure. "

"Good." Ranma said, satisfied the sauce was ready. "By the way, we're going over to my folks this weekend."

Shampoo's mood instantly soured "Oh?"

Ranma gave her an exasperated look. "Come on. We haven't been over there in a while."

"We haven't been over there since last week. I was really looking forward to having some time together alone this weekend, since you aren't going to some tournament in Hokkaido or somewhere. You aren't, are you?"

"Nah. I ain't got nothing like that." Ranma turned his puppy dog eyes on Shampoo. "You know how mom gets when we don't spend time with her. And she loves having Silver around. Please, honey. I'll do whatever you want. After the weekend," he quickly added.

Shampoo made a face at having to spend time with her mother-in-law. They were civil to each another for the sake of the families, but they never had warmed up to one another. "Fine, but you are going to owe me big, and I intend to collect."

"You're a great wife." Ranma have her a peck on the cheek and a pat on her posterior.

"A few compliments aren't going to get you off the hook," she warned him. "But you're right, I am a great wife."

After accepting a handful of other tokens of affection from her husband, Shampoo eased out of his grasp. "I'm going to wash up."

"Dinner will be ready by then." Ranma returned his full attention to the stove.

Shampoo headed toward the bathroom, her mind trying to come up with what form of payment she would extract from her husband for sacrificing her weekend on the altar of her in-laws.

Ryo was luxuriating in the oversized tub the Saotomes had installed in their home. It was extremely large, easily able to accommodate two people at the same time. It really gave him a chance to stretch his large form out and enjoy the heat from the water.

Ryo was still lost in a daze from Silver's earlier comment about joining him in the bath. A hundred different scenarios raced through his mind, and he couldn't decide which he liked the best, so he kept replaying all of them over and over again. He had been so lost in fantasy, and the desire for it to come true, that he had soaked in the tub long enough for his skin to begin to wrinkle.

Not consciously admitting the reason for his extended submersion, Ryo reluctantly emerged from the bath and walked to the frosted glass that served as a partition between the cleaning area and the tub. Just as he did so, he heard the door to the bathroom open and a figure made hazy by the glass approach. He froze like the proverbial deer in the headlights, watching silently as the figure removed the robe it had been wearing to reveal the flesh tones of a lush female figure. Even through the glass it was easy to see the perfect outline of that fantastic bottom, washboard flat stomach, ample bosom, and every womanly curve she possessed. Ryo's cock, which had begun to soften in the cooler air, turned even harder than it had before.

The figure approached the glass, heading right for the door. Ryo remained where he was, unblinking for fear the image would disappear if it left his sight for even a second.

But it didn't, and the door slid open.

Shampoo had slid open the door, intent on running some bath water while she cleaned herself on the stool, when a cry of "I can't believe you're here!" came from the bath. Even as the words were spoken, a pair of huge arms suddenly reached around her, encompassing her body. She felt them lock behind her in an embrace and brought her forward, squishing her body against someone else's much larger one. Her face and breasts were smothered against a rock solid chest, and she could feel a hard cock pressed against her stomach.

With this man obviously not being her husband, Shampoo's first instinct was to apply a double chop to her embracer's kidneys, forcing him to release his hold, then follow it up with an incapacitating strike to either genitals or throat. Luckily, her mind caught up to her instinct as she recognized both the voice and the body pressed against her. She relaxed slightly. There was probably a reasonable explanation for this, and bludgeoning Ryo into unconsciousness would work against discovering that explanation.

Ryo closed his eyes as he reveled in the sensation of nude flesh pressed against his own. While over the course of his life he had somehow ended up in situations in which he had sex with quite a few women, Silver felt better than any other girl. Even this light contact told him how fit and bountiful her body was, and how perfect it felt when molded against him. Truly she was the one for him.

He finally opened his eyes and to take in the divine sight of the love of his life in his arms at last. From the top of her crown of purple hair, to the firm backside below….

He stopped his visual inspection and started from the beginning once again. From the top of her crown of purple hair, to the firm backside below….

Yes, that purple part was still there. He released his hug and instead placed his hands on her shoulders, holding the recipient of his embrace at arm's length instead. While it was true she looked a great deal like Silver, there was a little more mass, as well as bust and bottom, to Shampoo. And the whole hair color thing.

"Ack!" Ryo cried out, turning a far deeper shade of red as he released Shampoo and covered up his groin. "I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you! I thought you were someone else!"

Rather than covering up, Shampoo shot him a neutral stare as she folded her arms under her bosom, making it appear even larger. "And just who were you expecting?"

"I… It was… I…You…." Ryo's mind completely seized up at that point. As what happened to many people trapped in an impossible situation, one overriding thought consumed every other higher function.

Ryo cried out at the top of his lungs and ran out the door at top speed.

Shampoo remained where she was, bemused at his reaction as she began to piece things together. She was pretty sure she had it figured out, but she'd have to interrogate her daughter later to fill in the missing blanks.

Ranma's head popped around the corner of the bathroom. He looked at Shampoo, then back down the hallway. He turned again toward his wife. "Honey, exactly what did you do to that poor boy that had him running for his life, naked?"

That made Shampoo smile. Leave it to Ranma to assume she was the guilty party here. Of course, it was the logical conclusion given her and Ryo's personalities. Coyly she beckoned him with a curled finger. "Come closer and I'll show you."

It was an invitation Ranma couldn't resist.

A great deal of time had passed from when Ranma had entered the bath to when he began to put his clothes back on. As he pulled his shirt over his head, he laughed to himself as he received the real explanation to what had happened. "Typical Hibiki. He's just like Ryouga was at that age."

Shampoo remained where she was, lying naked on the bathroom tiles. "I wouldn't say that. Push him beyond a certain point, and he becomes quite the horny devil."

"True." Ranma smiled in memory of his cursed form's hot spring encounter with the giant youth. Ryo had tried to remain the gentlemen in the beginning, but Ranma had interpreted that reluctance as a challenge. It had taken a bit of time to wear him down, but in the end Ryo had used Ranma's cursed form vigorously until he couldn't get it up any longer.

Shampoo also had the distant look of recollection on her features as she recalled her encounter with a semi-asleep Ryo. "I sure wouldn't mind getting some more of that."

Ranma looked at her in surprise. "What? Now?"

Shampoo playfully slapped him in the chest. "No, not now. You took care of that particular itch quiet nicely, thank you very much. I was thinking of next week, maybe." She pouted, marring her pretty features. "Also, there's the fact he doesn't even remember doing it with me. That's really very insulting to a girl, to think she isn't memorable."

"It's not like it was his fault. He was drugged at the time. Besides, he didn't know it was me, either."

Shampoo's pout remained in place. "But he remembers the encounter with you, even if he didn't know it was you. He still knows you're a fantastic fuck."

Ranma preened at the compliment. Then he considered what his wife was asking. It wasn't like Ryo was virgin territory for either of them, and Shampoo had been nice enough to give him permission to sleep around that night he went out to the club with Silver and Akira. Teaching that Senzinin girl what fucking was all about had been an enjoyable encounter. Hell, he wouldn't have minded giving her a follow up lesson if the opportunity presented itself. If his wife was going to let him have some fun on his own, it would be unconscionable of him not to do the same for her.

Of course, maybe he'd have some fun himself if the opportunity presented itself.

"If you think you can manage it, go ahead. Just let me know about everything in advance, so I know what to expect," Ranma said.

Shampoo arched in eyebrow at her husband. "If I can manage it? I'll have you know I can have him fucking me in less than half an hour without even trying."

"We'll see," Ranma taunted.

Shampoo bristled at the suggestion that she couldn't seduce some virile stud into screwing her. While she might be older, and wasn't quite as firm as she had been at Silver's age, there was no doubt she was still incredibly sexy. She worked out constantly and took good care of her skin so that it was free of wrinkles. There wasn't a time she walked down the street and failed to turn men's heads. And when she was out with Silver, many people thought she was the girl's older sister rather than her mother. There would have to be something seriously wrong with any horny teenage boy that didn't want to bed her, and she knew from firsthand experience that Ryo functioned properly in all the ways that mattered. Combined with the fact he was a Hibiki, he would be putty in her hands.

Miffed at her husband's attitude, Shampoo stood up. She sniffed disdainfully at Ranma, then made a great production of turning on her heel and walking out of the bathroom, swaying her bottom suggestively as she moved. She'd see what Ranma's opinion on her sexiness was after she cut him off for a week. Not that it would stop her from acting and dressing sexily, just that she wouldn't be parting her legs for him. She knew from firsthand experience what a cocktease her airen could be when strutting about in her cursed form. Now it was Ranma's turn to get some of the same.

Ryo gulped nervously as he entered the Saotome home for the first time in a week. He had been afraid of something unfortunate happening to him for his improper behavior toward Silver's mother. Bad enough he had seen Shampoo naked, when he was naked too, but grabbing on to her like that would have been the prefect excuse to ban him from the Saotome house and forbidden from ever seeing Silver again. Ripping his heart out of his chest would be quicker and cleaner.

But nothing happened. Well, nothing in regards to any edicts, or even mentioning of the incident with Shampoo from anyone. Ryo had subtly tried probing Silver at school about the possibility of her mother or father being angry with him, but she seemed bewildered at the idea that they were. Instead she had teased him about his little 'Nerima streak.' That gave him a full body blush. Running about Nerima naked had been a horrifying experience. The only thing he was able to find to hide his body was a small scarf. He chose to use it to hide his face, so at least no one could identify him while he inadvertently flashed half the district. It had taken the better part of a day to find his way home, and during his entire flight women seemed to spot him at every turn. He didn't know which was worse: the ones that screamed, or the ones that suggested he follow them to their place where they would 'take care of him.'

There were other complications from the bathroom incident, or to be precise, the compounding of an existing problem. While Shampoo had always closely resembled Silver, Ryo had never thought of her as being different from any other mother of one of his acquaintances. However, after that incident when he had been drugged by the opposing team at one of the rugby games only to wake up in the Saotome home alone with Shampoo, things had changed. It had been bad enough that he could only wear a pair of boxers (that were too small for him) around the house, but if he hadn't known better, he would have sworn Shampoo had been flirting with him. When she had strutted about in that see-through negligee, he had been rendered hard instantly. And to top things off, she had practically rubbed her body all over him while they were watching that scary movie. She had kept him so hard for so long, that he had to jerk off in the bathroom or he would never have gotten any sleep. At the time, he had been terrified Shampoo might stumble on him and think him a pervert. He counted himself lucky she had never found out.

Had that been the end of it, Ryo could have put the incident behind him. Unfortunately it couldn't be that simple. While Ryo acted very reserved around women, almost to the point of shyness, he was a normal teenager. Since Silver's return from her extended training trip, when she had come back transformed from a somewhat awkward, lanky girl to a confident, filled-out sex-goddess, she had become a permanent fixture in Ryo's dreams. While some of them were innocent, by far the majority of them entailed the two of them screwing in nearly every position and situation imaginable. More than once Ryo had awakened from a particularly vivid fantasy to find a wet spot in his boxers. Silver was the girl of his dreams in every sense of the word.

But since that night he slept off the effects of the Dreamstreet in the Saotome household, his dreams had changed slightly. Suddenly, Silver wasn't the only occupant in them. Every now and then it was Shampoo who was the focus of the fantasy, doing the things to him that Silver usually did. Sometime it was both her and Silver double-teaming him. One of the most recurrent and vivid dreams was him taking Shampoo a number of ways in Silver's room, even to the point of fucking her so hard that that was the real reason Silver's bed had broken.

While there was no denying Shampoo was extremely sexy, and her close resemblance to Silver only made it more so, he honestly had never thought of her in those terms. Now when he saw her he could rarely keep from envisioning her in one of those hot fantasies. He couldn't believe he was thinking of someone who was old enough to be his mother in such terms. Of course, his attitude regarding older women had shifted someone since his encounters with Miss Hinako and Nurse (it took en effort not to call her Naughty) Tendou. Having sex with them broke down some of his previous mental taboos and made his fantasies of Shampoo worse, since he thought she was even sexier than the other women (who were incredibly hot, as well as great fucks). Hell, even with the fear he had felt with their bathroom encounter, rubbing against her body had made him too hot and he had to jerk off as soon as he got home.

Now whenever Ryo was in Shampoo's presence, he developed a raging hard on. He was petrified that she would realize what he was thinking and kick the crap out of him. Or worse, Ranma would find out and kill him outright. Or worse than that, Silver would never want to speak to him again. It made what should have been a simple situation horribly complicated.

Ryo had made certain to avoid the Saotome home for the entire week. But now it was time for his weekly training session with Silver, and nothing short of his legs already being broken would prevent him from spending time with her.

As he arrived at the front door, he found a note posted to it telling him to come on out back to the dojo. That seemed odd, but Silver had her own way of doing things. Perhaps she was involved in something important and couldn't be interrupted, and her parents weren't home to let him in. Yes, that made sense. Relieved that he wouldn't have to worry about running into Shampoo, Ryo relaxed and headed immediately to the dojo.

"I'm here!" Ryo announced as he entered the dojo.

"And I've been waiting for you," Shampoo said in stern voice.

Ryo nearly passed out. Where Silver usually waited for him stood Shampoo, dressed in a gi, looking at him expectantly. Silver was nowhere in sight, doubling his worry. This couldn't be good. Perhaps it would be best to flee again. At least this time he was clothed.

"Stop!" Shampoo ordered, as though able to read his mind.

Automatically, Ryo did as he was commanded. He supposed it was childish to keep trying to run from the problem, either that or good survival instincts. But the reality of the situation was that he couldn't run from Shampoo forever, not if he wanted to make Silver his girl. It would be best to stand his ground now and accept his well-deserved punishment rather than postpone it and make it worse.

Shampoo shot him a level glare, one bordering on hostility but not going over. "So, you were trying to run away again, were you?"

Ryo placed his hand behind his head and laughed nervously. "The thought had crossed my mind."

Shampoo was surprised by just how much he was acting like his father. Well, Silver oftentimes acted like Ranma. Children took after their parents, she supposed. "You should show some courage and stop being spineless. Deal with the situation instead of running away."

"Yes, ma'am," Ryo said.

Shampoo wrinkled her nose at the title. It made her sound old. "You will address me as Sensei today."


"Silver had other business to attend to, so I will be taking over for her today. I will be teaching you many things in this session, so sensei will be most appropriate."

"Yes, Sensei." He bowed.

Shampoo pointed at the dressing room. "Change into your gi and stretch out. When you emerge from there, be ready for action."

"Yes, Sensei." Ryo bowed once again and did as he was ordered, crying on the inside. He just knew things were going to turn out terribly. Shampoo was acting far too severely for this to be a normal training session. Something was about to happen, and it probably wasn't going to be pleasant for him.

Ryo did as he was instructed, surprised she had told him to stretch out in the changing room. Usually one did that in the dojo, but she must have had her reasons. All too soon he reentered the dojo, head hung low like a man walking to the gallows.

Shampoo had her back to him, adjusting the front of her pants. At least that was what it looked like from behind. She seemed to be struggling with it, as she was using some sort of vigorous arm motions.

Ryo cleared his throat.

Shampoo stiffened. The motion stopped, and she clearly adjusted her gi bottoms now. When she turned back to face him, her look of sternness was still in place. "Now, your lesson will begin, Mr. Hibiki."

"Yes, Sensei," Ryo said meekly.

"But first, there is a situation we must deal with. I believe you recall it."

Ryo gulped. "Yes, Sensei," he said even more meekly.

Shampoo crossed her arms in front of her. "Really, Mr. Hibiki, it was most improper of you to fondle me in such a familiar fashion. Pressing my breasts into your fine, powerful muscles and pushing your long, hard cock into my stomach. Have you no sense of propriety?"

He bowed deeply. "I'm sorry. It was an accident."

Shampoo's glare didn't shift in the slightest. "But apologies do not change anything, Mr. Hibiki. No, I demand satisfaction."

"Huh?" Ryo couldn't even being to guess what that as supposed to mean.

"According to the Amazon code of honor, I demand a Formal Challenge Match."

"Huh?" Ryo repeated.

"It is a formal ritual handed down from the most ancient of Joketsuzoku traditions. When a warrior feels wronged by a man, she can demand this for satisfaction. It means we are to have a match. It is a serious fight. Not to the death or anything like that, but it must be a fight until one surrenders to the other."

"I don't want to fight you!" Ryo blurted out. Aside from the fact she was the mother of the love of his life, she could mop the floor with him. There was no upside to fighting her.

"It is a matter of honor," Shampoo insisted. "Your parents did teach you the meaning of that word, didn't they? Or do you lack any measure of honor whatsoever, Fondler of Naked Women in Bathrooms?"

Ryo really didn't like the title she had just given him. Also she had raised a point. If she felt her honor was slighted, (and he accepted the fact he was responsible for slighting it) it was up to him to appease it any way she demanded. If it meant having his head handed to him to put this horrible incident behind him, he'd suffer whatever beating she wanted to inflict upon his person.

"Very well, I accept," Ryo said.

Shampoo fell into a fighting stance. "And do not hold back. To do so would only increase your dishonor, and you don't want to be known as Fondler of Naked Women in Bathrooms, do you?"

"No way!" Ryo shouted. He really, really hated that name. It would be almost worth the beating to make her stop calling him that.

Shampoo beckoned him with her hand, encouraging him to attack. While on one level he knew it was that it was a trap, he preferred the idea of throwing at least one punch before he was knocked unconscious. Besides, he could get lucky, theoretically. Maybe a bolt of lighting would come through the roof and strike her, rendering her vulnerable to an attack.

Ryo bounded across the floor, closing the distance between them in three long strides. He was suddenly regretful he didn't take martial arts more seriously. He couldn't help himself. His interest in it was only casual at best. He preferred a cool team sport, like rugby, over fighting people with his fists. With his prodigious strength, it was too easy to hurt someone if he fought for real. With an opponent as skilled as Shampoo, he could let loose without fear of hurting her (or even landing a blow) but he could break the bones of a normal person with a single punch. And even if he wasn't concerned about that, it wasn't as though he even remotely enjoyed it. It just wasn't for him. The only reason he trained as much as he did was because his father expected it of him, and it gave him an excuse to hang around with Silver. And come to her aid when she needed it. Not that she had ever needed it. But if she did, he would be there, ready to save the day.

Ryo was a bit surprised by the lack of tension he felt as he threw a punch at Shampoo. Secure in the knowledge that he wasn't going to hurt her, like he might some lesser opponent, he could do whatever he wanted without worrying what the results might be.

The Amazon easily evaded the blow, letting it pass by within a centimeter of her body. Ryo didn't believe for one second he had gotten that close based on only his own skill. She let him do it, just to show him how much better she was.

She countered with a lightning fast punch to his upper chest, landing and retracting the blow before he could even begin to defend against it. The blow sent a tremor through his body, but given his incredibly durability, he barely felt a thing. Perhaps she was underestimating just how sturdy he was. He decided to pretend the blow had hurt more than it had, partially so she might drop her guard, but mostly so she wouldn't really try to hit him with everything she had. While some people claimed his chest was as hard as a rock, he had seen Shampoo split a rather large bolder quite easily. To some people, being that hard didn't mean a whole lot.

Shampoo smirked. "Slow and soft. I wonder what other parts of you are like that. Maybe your head and… somewhere else."

The insult made Ryo scowl. There was no need for that, even if he had wronged her. She knew damn well how hard he could get. That was one of the reasons she was so angry with him. He might not have been one of the most aggressive of men when it came to women, but it wasn't from lack of confidence in his ability to please them.

He tried a three punch combination, followed up by a kick. Again Shampoo let each blow pass by only the slimmest of margins. When Ryo went up high for the kick, she crouched under the attack and unleashed a kick of her own, knocking the leg that was supporting him out from under him. He crashed onto his backside with a thud.

"An arthritic grandmother could move more quickly than that," Shampoo taunted, no longer bothering with the appearance of taking him seriously. She might as well have been standing around, idly waiting for someone to show up with her lack of tension.

Irritation was becoming anger. Now that Ryo thought about it, there was one advantage he had over her: his strength. If he could get a hand on her, and immobilize at least two of her limbs, he could conceivably defeat her. It was just that whole 'getting a hand on her' part that would be difficult. Difficult in the sense that melting an iceberg with a hairdryer would be difficult.

Ryo tried grabbing her next. Shampoo casually slapped away his grasping hands and gave him a sharp strike to one of his kidneys that hurt more than the last blow. Still, the thick layer of muscles there prevented the attack from hurting as much as it should have.

"I don't know which is worse: the idea you're holding back, or that you aren't," Shampoo said contemptuously.

Pride being savaged so casually, mostly because the insults were hitting far too close to home, Ryo allowed his temper to get the better of him and charged. Had he connected, the force of the impact would have embedded his foe in the wall. Instead, Shampoo casually side-stepped the charge, sticking out her foot as he lunged for her. He had built up too much momentum, and tripped over the limb. To add injury to insult, she chopped him in the back of the neck as he went crashing to the floor.

As Ryo picked himself up, he saw her shoot him an exaggerated yawn. That was it! Even if it meant ending up beaten to a pulp, he was going to fight as seriously as he could. He ran forward again, aiming high at her head with a feint from his right while really setting her up for with a blow to the stomach from his left.

Again Shampoo showed her contempt by allowing the feint to come within centimeters of her body. However, as she ducked her head, she seemed to lose her balance for a split second. That was all the opening Ryo needed as his true blow landed cleanly into her solar plexus. The impact from the punch made Shampoo's eyes bulge as all the breath left her body. She doubled over, falling to her knees on the floor.

Ryo stood still in shock over her gasping form. He had landed a blow. And it was a clean hit, too. It was a one in a thousand chance that he could get that lucky. Had she not been fooling around, she could have won easily, but by treating him like a joke, she had allowed him to hang around long enough to manage a solid punch.

Shampoo's rapid breathing slowed, as though she were regaining her breath. Her hand began to move under her, as though she were about to rise to her feet. She wasn't beaten yet. Given her own superior martial arts durability, she could probably recover from his blow in a matter of seconds, solid or not. Ryo had to finish things up before she got her second wind and corrected her earlier error by pulverizing him for real this time.

While Shampoo was lying on the ground, she was vulnerable. Ryo positioned himself so that he was standing next to her head. He fell to his knees, pinning her head between them, though he settled for keeping her in place rather than exerting any real force. He was ready to squeeze them together should it become necessary. With his hands he grabbed her the elbows and brought her arms up and back, twisting them just far enough to cause her pain, and assuring her that he was capable of exerting enough force to pull them out of their sockets if he so chose.

"What do you say?" Ryo demanded.

Rather than answering verbally, Shampoo shifted her body around, trying to find a way out of her predicament. Ryo responded by tightening his legs up just a little, enough to cause her brain to feel just a little compacted in the confines of her skull. He then upped things by bringing her arms back far enough that he nearly dislocated her shoulder blades.

"I yield," Shampoo cursed through gritted teeth.

That was what he wanted to hear. Ryo immediately released his hold on her arms and head, standing up and feeling more satisfied than he had in a long while.

Shampoo was surprisingly quick to recover, though she did rub her arms, trying to rid them of lasting soreness. She looked at him expectedly.

After all the insults she had leveled at him, Ryo couldn't help but prodding her a little. "So, how was that?" He puffed his chest out in pride.

Rather than be angry, Shampoo smiled instead. "I confess, I underestimated your resolve. I congratulate you on your victory."

Hearing her open admission of doing a good job, Ryo's cockiness disappeared as he placed a hand behind his head and laughed in embarrassment. "It was just luck."

Shampoo shrugged. "Luck or not, you won fairly. I openly challenged you under the conditions of Formal Challenge Match and you not only accepted, but were victorious. Since I am already married, you cannot become my husband. But since you have proven your worth to my challenge, you have won the right to use my body as you would until the dawn of the next day."

Ryo's laughter died abruptly. "What was that?"

"My body." She loosened the tie on her gi slightly. "Is yours to do with as you please until tomorrow." She repeated, batting her eyes seductively, showing that she was eager for him to accept his right as the victor.

That was what he thought she had said. "I can't do something like that!"

Shampoo's look of seduction became one of seriousness. "You must. It is a matter of honor. To not have sex with me would be a grave insult, one I would not be quick to forgive," she warned.

"It would?" Ryo was confused now. A battle more vicious than any other in his life raged in his conscience. The forces on one side, led by Ryo's strong sense of propriety and restraint, said this was not the sort of behavior he should be engaging in. Shampoo was a happily married woman. She was only offering her body to him as a matter of honor that had only come about because of his improper behavior from the week before. Also she was the mother of the girl of Ryo's dreams. He somehow doubted having sex with her was going to score any points with Silver, and might be a damn good reason why she would never get together with him. And finally, he had been taught that sex was a special act that was meant to be shared by two people that loved each other. While he certainly liked Shampoo, love was not the word that came to mind when he thought about her.

The forces arrayed on the other side, spearheaded (in every sense of the word) by the piece of equipment between his legs, took the opposite position. As much as Ryo wanted to deny it from a moral standpoint, the truth was he enjoyed sex. Enjoyed it a lot. His hormones were constantly telling him how much they wanted it as often as he could get it. Sometimes he wondered if being in a coma was the only way to resist their siren call.

Secondly, that it was Shampoo that was offering her body to him made it far worse than if it was an ordinary woman. She strongly resembled her daughter, and subsequently Ryo's mind made an emotional connection between the two. He would bed Silver in a heartbeat, and since Shampoo looked like Silver, it was difficult to resist that deep seeded desire that was already in place.

Thirdly, Shampoo was beautiful in her own right, and made him hard just looking at her. He still remembered the feel of her sexy, naked body rubbing up against his in the bath. The way her nipples had poked into his chest and his cock had rubbed against her body were some of the most erotic he had ever felt, and he was eager for a repeat performance.

So Ryo stood there while the war raged silently in his mind.

Shampoo's attitude suddenly changed. Instead of that of seductress or slighted woman, she became contemptuous again. "Oh, I see. When you meant you couldn't do something like that you meant it was because you are physically unable to perform."

That got Ryo's attention. "No, that's not what I meant at all."

Shampoo unleashed an arrogant smirk. "I suppose it really doesn't matter either way. I doubt if a boy like you could satisfy a woman like me."

That one struck Ryo speechless.

Shampoo ran her hands up and down her gi-clad body lewdly. "Only a real man could possibly fulfill my needs. Frankly, anyone who has doubts about his ability to perform is useless to not just me, but any woman. Perhaps you should become a monk. I hear they don't have to worry about getting it up."

And then the war in Ryo's mind ended, the forces led by the side of restraint annihilated by the nuke delivered by Shampoo's mouth

Shampoo's arrogant smirk disappeared even faster than it arrived when she saw the anger etched on Ryo's face. He lunged forward, grabbing her by the arms and pinning them to her sides. He picked her up like she was a sack of rice and hefted her over his shoulder, making her wince slightly as her sore stomach muscles protested at their rude treatment. It appeared her plan to seduce Ryo into being her willing partner had worked a little too well. She wasn't going to be the one fucking him; he was going to be the one fucking her.

With her head draped over his back, Shampoo had a good view of his behind. She became less concerned about his behind and more about hers when she felt his fingers reach into the waistband of her gi. Since the belt was already loosened from the earlier stages of his seduction, it was a simple matter to pull them down to her knees, revealing her bare bottom to the cool dojo air. She hadn't bothered wearing a bra or panties, since they would have gotten in the way of her plans. Preparation was the key to winning any battle, after all.

Ryo tugged the pants down past her ankles until they were free of her body, leaving her naked from below the waist. She wondered what he was up to when she felt him change his grip so he had her by the waist. She was then shifted from over his shoulder to being suspended upside down in midair right in front of him. He then pressed her body against his, her open legs straddling his head while her crotch was directly in front of his face. Using his prodigious strength, he was easily able to keep her suspended upside down while pressed against him.

The reason behind his positioning became apparent as Shampoo felt his tongue delve into the soft folds of her flesh. His tongue was like most of his body: very large, perhaps the biggest ever to enter her. There was no delicacy involved in the act as he tongued her twat. That, combined with the display of strength that allowed him to devour her like she was little more than an order of fast food, served to excite her. Quickly her love petals moistened, allowing Ryo's tongue deeper access into her body. Even in her wildest fantasies she had never envisioned being eaten out while held upside down. It was incredibly erotic.

Not having a chance to sample Ryo's oral talents during their last encounter, Shampoo was delighted to find he had a fair amount of skill at eating pussy. Not as outstanding as Ranma perhaps, but with his personal knowledge of a female's body, only other women did. Ryo alternated between impaling her with his tongue and stimulating her clitoris, paying attention to everything he could. As the blood rushed to her head, the Amazon was an awe of being handled like a child in the arms of a powerful giant.

Shampoo wasn't content to merely be the recipient of a good pussy licking. She wanted to give some back. Her hands went downward and pulled at the opening of the crotch of Ryo's gi. Within seconds she had freed his stiff cock from both the gi and his boxers, finding it still fit comfortably in her hand.

She wanted to suck him off and show off her own oral skills, but Ryo was too tall and his shaft just out of reach of her mouth. Instead she contented herself with giving him some hand action. While it was nowhere as near as stimulating as a blow-job, she had a feeling Ryo wouldn't complain. She pumped her hands up and down the iron hard shaft, making a game of it as she played hide-and-go-seek with his foreskin as his purple helmeted member came into view.

The handling made Ryo's tongue work its magic even quicker. The sensations coming from her loins made Shampoo lose her ability to concentrate on her handjob. She let a small wail as Ryo hit the right spot and she climaxed. Ordinarily mere oral sex wouldn't make her come so hard, but the eroticism of the position, and that it was with a stud young enough to be her son, really turned her on. She felt her fluids squirt out, but Ryo's mouth was locked over her pussy and didn't miss a drop as he lapped up everything she had to offer.

Once he was finished lapping at her loins, Shampoo found herself lowered to the floor. She was forced to relinquish her hold on Ryo's cock, though she did so only reluctantly as a part of her mind was still eager to give back what she had received.

Reflexively her hands moved downward to the floor to support herself, leaving her in a handstand position. Ryo walked backward slightly while continuing to lower her. Eventually she her knees touched the floor, leaving her on all fours with her legs still spread wide open with Ryo in-between them, preventing her from closing them even if she wanted to. Without any talk or other sort of preamble, he grabbed her by the hips in a vice-like grip and rammed his entire cock into her with one thrust.

Shampoo cried out as she was forcefully taken. She thanked the gods Ryo was only of average length. If he had been any bigger she thought he'd split her in two. As it was, there was a mix of pleasure and discomfort with how powerfully he had shoved himself into her body and how wide her legs were spread.

She heard Ryo sigh in pleasure for a handful of seconds as he relished the way her tight pussy clamped down on his rigid manhood. Ranma tended to do the same thing when he first buried himself all the way in her, as did Shampoo when she was in her cursed form. There was something about that first dip of the wick that made one want to pause. It gave her something of a reprieve as her body began to accommodate the brusque intruder.

Then she felt Ryo pull back, her inner lining of flesh clinging to his manhood as it tried to keep him inside her body. She gasped as he pulled himself completely out of her. She was about to beg him to put it back in when he saved her the trouble by spearing his entire length into her again. She cried out like before, though not quite as loudly and with not as much discomfort as her pussy started to loosen up and accepted his shaft more easily.

Ryo repeated the action several times, withdrawing all the way then jamming himself back in. Each thrust caused less discomfort until at last she fully adjusted to both his size and the way he was taking her. Only pleasure remained as he entered and exited her at his leisure. The gasps that came from her were filled with delight as his cock began driving her up the precipice once again.

They continued that way for a dozen more strokes. The heat in Shampoo's loins became a conflagration. While tongue-lashings were well and good for warming up, there was no substitute for having a good hard cock with a real hunk of man attached to it pounding away at her pussy.

Shampoo found herself right on the edge when Ryo pulled his cock completely out once again, but didn't immediately reenter. At first she thought he was merely changing the steady rhythm he had been using, but seconds passed and still he remained where he was, unmoving.

"What's wrong?" Shampoo asked as her body boiled in frustration at the delay, denied the release it had been promised from the first time he had pried her lower lips apart with his shaft.

Ryo answered in a teasing voice, "Look at the time. I'd better run."

Shampoo felt him remove his hands from her hips. "No! No stop! I almost there!" she pleaded as her skill in Japanese began to slip.

"Oh, I thought you said a boy like me couldn't possibly satisfy a woman like you," Ryo said.

So that was it. Ryo's pride was still wounded. He was more like Ranma than she realized. Or maybe all men were like that. She had to add salve to the wound if she wanted him to start up again, or she was going to go crazy in need. "You can satisfy me. You plenty man enough."

He put his hands on her hips once again, but instead of entering her, he only played his cock around her pussy lips, dancing along the outside and tantalizing her with the promise of what he could do. "Tell me how much you want my dick inside your pussy."

Damn the boy. He was playing with her as well as Ranma ever had. Her loins ached with emptiness. She would have done anything to get him to start pounding her again. "Shampoo want it more than anything. Shampoo can no get enough of Ryo's hard fucking and big, fat cock."

Not being a vindictive person, and given the fact that his own balls were aching in dire need, Shampoo's admission was enough to appease Ryo. Instead of teasing her, he slammed back into her as roughly as he had the first time. He repeated his earlier style of pulling all the way out and back in.

That only went on for a handful of strokes before he felt her pussy tighten around his cock and her body shuddered in his hands. He remained motionless, enjoying her insides treating his manhood to a warm, wet squeeze only a woman could give. Oh yes, this was even better than her verbal admission. He was more than man enough to satisfy this hot woman.

It was while he rested in her swampy depths that something she had said clicked in Ryo's mind. She told him she liked being fucked hard. Ordinarily, he had to be careful with his partners. If he went full bore using his tremendous strength, he could injure them, and breaking a girl's pelvis was not a way to get them to agree to a second date. No matter how great the sex was, there was always a tiny part of him that regretted having to hold himself back.

But Shampoo (like Silver) was different. She was a top-notch, upper-level martial artist. Ryo had witnessed her in action plenty of times. He had seen her take a beating that would leave a lesser person black and blue for a week and just laugh it off as she was ready for more. Hell, she had recovered from his punch a minute after he threw it and was eager for as much cock as he could give her.

Impossibly, Ryo became even more thrilled than before. If Shampoo wanted it hard, he'd give it to her with everything he had. He'd satisfy her craving for cock and leave her walking bow-legged for a week before he was through with her.

While he could drill her by keeping a hold of her hips, there was a part of her body he preferred to grab on to so he could really let her have it. He leaned forward, leaving his shaft buried inside her. During their intense fucking, her gi top had come undone, freeing her breasts. Ryo reached forward to latch onto them. Despite how large her breasts were, his hands were just barely large enough to entirely encompass them.

Ryo was a bit surprised by their firmness, despite Shampoo being an older woman. While they weren't as pert as those of the girls his age were, they were damn close. And their considerable size made her success in staving off the effects of gravity even more impressive.

Ryo's fingers dug deep into her mammaries, bordering on the edge of discomfort. He drew his cock halfway out before ramming it inside her with his most powerful thrust yet. His pelvis slapped into her equally firm butt cheeks, making them quiver from the force he used.

"Now you're going to get it!" he snarled in her ear as he increased the tempo of his thrusts, really digging his fingers into her breasts as he gave it to her harder than he had any woman.

With the release of his restraint, caught up in the act of passion, Ryo gave in to his more animalistic desires. He continued pounding her relentlessly as he snarled, "You know, I'm glad you lost to me. I used to think you were different, but you aren't."

"Different… from… what?" she gasped out.

He pounded her even harder for her question. "Different from other women, but you aren't. You're just like them; another cocktease. You wiggle your ass in my direction and stick your tits in my face, and then laugh and turn away, making me have to jack off to get any kind of relief. Last week was the worst. I swear my cock didn't go soft since then. Well, you're not getting away with it this time. You'd better keep those legs of your spread wide open, because I'm going to be giving you a week's worth of hard ons today."

"Yes! I a nasty cocktease! Give it me!" Shampoo hissed through clenched teeth. This was exactly the way she wanted it from this powerful male. He was bringing her to heel through his strength more than technique, but she didn't care how he was doing it, just so long as he did it. She had never really come down from her second orgasm, and she could feel another one moving in hot on its heels.

For Ryo, it was the most intense sex of his life as he rammed his cock into her for all he was worth. He had no idea it was so liberating to not be holding anything back. He could have kicked himself for hesitating to fuck this gorgeous, durable woman who had all but begged him to have sex with her. Maybe he was the wimp some people claimed he was. Well, he wasn't now, that was for certain. A wimp wouldn't be able to fuck a hot woman like this the way he was.

They pounded away like that for only a minute before Shampoo cried out as the most intense orgasm hit her yet.

It was too much for Ryo, who cried out at the same time as loosed his pent up ardor. His cock shot blast after blast of his seed deep into her body, just as she had demanded. If this was what satisfying honor meant, he was up for it any time.

Ryo was left gasping as he was barely able to support a limp Shampoo in his arms. His mind was still enjoying the afterglow of their copulation when a deep, male voice bellowed, "What the hell's going on here?!"

Shampoo looked up in surprise at her husband. Ranma stood before them, hands on his hips as he shot Ryo a murderous glare. She wondered what in the hell he thought he was doing. She had cleared everything with him beforehand, laying out the details of Ryo's seduction right down to what blow she'd take to 'lose' to the youth and the fabricated stipulation to that sort of challenge (married Amazons didn't have to sleep with anyone, including their husbands if they were pissed off). They had agreed the plan would work best if Ranma was conveniently absent, like Silver was. Having a husband around was not conductive to sleeping with his wife. But there Ranma stood, belligerent as hell and looking like he was eager to kill Ryo in a variety of colorful ways.

The effect of Ranma's presence on Ryo was instantaneous as he transformed from a confident cockmaster to a frightened little boy. Even his shaft seemed to shrivel up inside her until she could barely feel it.

Shampoo took control of the situation before Ryo bolted and ruined everything. "I fought Ryo in a Formal Challenge Match and lost fairly. You do know what it means for an Amazon to lose such a match, don't you?" Her statement was said in tones as threatening as Ranma's posture.

The anger Ranma displayed disappeared as quickly as the man himself had appeared. He gave a goofy grin and said to Ryo, "Oh, that's okay then. You have to sleep with her. It's a matter of honor. I'd have to kick the crap out of you if you didn't."

Ranma's mercurial attitude surprised Shampoo almost as much as it had Ryo. It was obvious her husband had hatched a scheme of his own without informing her. That was just wonderful. She just hoped he didn't ruin everything, like he almost had putting in his surprise appearance.

Ranma turned casual with Ryo as he approached the large youth, almost as though they were friends. "You sure got lucky there, boy. Amazons are like goddamn sex machines. You beat them and they put out at the drop of a hat and fuck you all night long, and Shampoo here is the sexiest out of all of them." He gave a solid swat to Shampoo's behind. "Yep, real lucky. Now remember, you better fuck this hot piece of ass good, 'cause you only get her for today."

Ryo nearly saluted as he said, "I will, Sir."

"Good," Ranma said. "I'm glad you understand. Now don't be afraid to ride her hard. She's built tough and can take it. Makes her come hard, too. She blow you yet?"

"Not yet," Ryo admitted somewhat sheepishly.

"You've got to let her blow you," Ranma insisted. "She's even better at sucking cock than she is at martial arts, and you know how good she is at that."

A sound of awe escaped Ryo's lips as he pulled his flaccid member out of Shampoo. Consumed with lust again, thanks to Ranma's permission and encouragement, Ryo walked over and positioned himself in front of Shampoo's face, falling to his knees so his cock was lined up with her mouth.

Needing no encouragement herself, Shampoo quickly took his tool into her mouth and did her best to live up to Ranma's boasts. She vowed to herself she'd suck off Ryo so good, he wouldn't help comparing every other blow job he received against hers, and every one of them would fall far short of her handiwork. Ryo seemed to think highly of her talent already, since his member turned rigid within seconds and he made groaned in pleasure at the treatment he was receiving.

Shampoo was concentrating so much on curling Ryo's toes that she was unaware Ranma had moved behind her until he spoke up. "Hey, since you're working with her mouth, do you mind if I help myself to some hot Amazon pussy."

Despite the words being phrased in the form of a question, it wasn't. Ryo was enjoying her mouth so much he was barely aware of the request. "Help yourself," he said between groans.

Now it became obvious to Shampoo what Ranma's intentions were: he didn't want to be left out of the fun. The tricky devil had surprised her with his scheme, not that she objected to it, just that they could have arranged things more carefully. Now all her plans for her and Ryo would have to be adjusted to include another participant.

Shampoo was considering what direction to guide things next when Ranma grabbed her by the hips and uncharacteristically slammed everything he had home. Due to Ranma being a touch longer and wider than Ryo, it was a bit uncomfortable, though nowhere near as much as when Ryo first took her.

"Thanks for stretching her out beforehand. Usually I can't get it all in on the first try," Ranma said to the youth using the opening at the other end of his wife.

"You're welcome, and you were right about her mouth," Ryo assured him as he enjoyed the way her tongue played across the tip of his cock.

While Ranma might have entered Shampoo the same way Ryo had, he varied his style somewhat. He only pulled far enough out so that his head remained inside, then rammed himself home, making her butt cheeks quiver just as much as Ryo had. It moved her forward so far that she ended up swallowing the final two inches of Ryo's shaft, burying her face into the pubic hairs of his groin.

Ryo really let loose with a groan. Being deep-throated was his favorite part of blow jobs. Most girls either wouldn't or couldn't do it, but as he should have suspected Shampoo was more than capable of such a feat. "The best ever," he said through his increasingly loud moans.

Again Shampoo was surprised by the rough way Ranma was treating her. Not that she objected to it, just that it was unusual for him. With a cock being driven deep into her throat, she couldn't ask Ranma why he was choosing to use that style. Since he was calling the shots, she went limp rather than driving her body back to meet him in a manner she sometimes used.

Ranma thrust into her just as powerfully as he had the first time, and then began to establish the rhythm he sought. Shampoo began to time his thrusts and so that she could catch her breath on the outstroke, since it was hard to manage it when Ranma was ramming Ryo's entire cock down her throat.

Shampoo's nasally breaths were almost gasps themselves as Ranma pounded into her like a madman. Her breasts bounced wildly from the ride as she was effectively skewered on a spit of cock, impaled at both ends.

Ranma said in a guttural voice, "Ryo ain't the only one that can fuck you hard and get you off, now is he?"

Now Ranma's actions made more sense. Typical of him and his competitive nature, he wanted to make sure Shampoo acknowledged him as the best. Of course he was. Her interest in Ryo was simply for a change of pace, not out of some sense that he was a superior lover, even on a purely physical level. Now she was benefiting in ways she could never have imagined from her husband's desire to compete. She didn't mind her body being used as the playing field for demonstrating his and Ryo's sexual prowess. In fact, she enjoyed it as a really powerful orgasm started to build up as she was bounced back and forth between the two.

Shampoo's senses fogged over as the climax came upon her unexpectedly. Her insides tightened on Ranma's shaft as her cries of pleasure were muffled by the cock in her mouth.

"Yeah, that's it. Come for me, you hot little Amazon. Come for your airen." Ranma barely slowed down as he continued fucking Shampoo through her orgasm, dragging his cock forcefully through her clenching folds and then forcing it back in through their constricting hold.

Shampoo's eyes bulged as Ryo grabbed her by the back of the head and force fed his cock to her as well. She was threatening to suffer from sensory overload as her husband and Ryo were right on the edge of giving her a hard multiple orgasm. She would have begged Ranma to not stop, agreed to spend every weekend with her in-laws, just so long he and Ryo kept doing what they were doing.

A team of horses couldn't have dragged the men off Shampoo, so intent were they on achieving their own climaxes. Their tempo became increasingly frenzied as they pounded the Amazon at both ends for all they were worth.

Shampoo couldn't last under their mutual assault. She came first, nearly choking on Ryo as she climaxed so hard the world seemed so spin out from under her. If she was dying, this was the way she wanted to go as her senses were sent to the edge of the maximum amount of pleasure they could sustain without making her pass out.

Neither of the men could hold out after that, not with the way she shuddered under their ministrations. Ranma came a second before Ryo, depositing jet after jet of his seed deep into Shampoo's womb, mixing it with Ryo's own juices that were already in her body.

Ryo kept his rod fully in Shampoo's mouth, holding her head in place as he came last. Since he had previously blown his load, he didn't have anywhere near as much love juice to release into Shampoo. Since it was a small amount, Shampoo managed to instinctively swallow it rather than coughing it back up.

All three participants remained where they were, gasping in exhaustion at the one of the most frenzied acts of copulation any of them had experienced.

Despite Ryo's flaccid rod slipping from her mouth, Shampoo remained silent, out of breath and enjoying the unbelievable afterglow the men had produced. That had been one of the most intense experiences of her life. While Ai and Ukyou had double-teamed her with dildos before, Shampoo had never taken on two men at the same time. It was indescribably wonderful. No wonder Ranma-chan had enjoyed getting simultaneously fucked by Akira and Ryo at the hot spring. Shampoo was sorry she hadn't tried to talk Ranma into allowing her to experience it herself before now.

Of course, once she thought about it, it was Ranma who was introducing her to the fun of having two cocks at the same time. Oh, she was going to be sore before this was all over. She'd probably be walking bow-legged for a week, but it was going to be worth it if they managed to give her even one more mind-numbing climax like the last one.

While Shampoo lay on the floor, trying to catch her breath, Ranma recovered enough to find his voice. He said to Ryo, "See, what did I tell you? Goddamn sex machine. Still, between you and me, I bet you we can fuck her out. What do you say?"

"I'm all for it," Ryo said, eager for more despite having come twice so quickly. He had never been in a situation where he had sex with a girl until he couldn't get it up. Now he was going to see what his limit was as he tried his best to do what Ranma suggested. Shampoo had shot her mouth off a little too much. He'd show her by fucking her senseless before the day was out.

Shampoo smiled inwardly. Now this was a competition she was looking forward to.

"Since we took the edge of off things, let's take a break and clean up," Ranma suggested to the others once they caught their breaths.

That sounded like a good idea to Ryo. Their sweat and other fluids had mixed together to produce a not altogether pleasant scent. Rather than picking up her clothes, Shampoo discarded her top, leaving herself completely nude. The men decided that was a good idea, and stripped, leaving their clothing strewn about the dojo floor.

Shampoo led the way, beckoning the men by swaying suggestively with her bottom. They both followed close behind, like two eager puppies expecting a treat.

Upon arriving at the bath, Shampoo began drawing water for both the furo and the cleaning bucket. She said to the men, "I'll start off by cleaning you."

"You won the match, so you can go first," Ranma told Ryo.

Ryo's mind had been so fixated on what had just happened to him that he it only occurred to him at that moment of what bathing was going to entail. Excitement built in him again. What had started inadvertently in the bath last week would now be continued today in the exact same spot with the exact same woman. There was a sort of symmetry there that greatly appealed to him.

Ryo eagerly sat on the stool, waiting for Shampoo to wash him. Bent at the waist as she filled the bucket, her gorgeous ass and pussy was almost in his face. Had he been hard, he would have skipped the bathing part and mounted her in a heartbeat. But even he needed some time to recover, so he sat still, trembling in anticipation for what was to come.

Once the bucket was filled, Shampoo picked up a bar of soap. However, instead of taking it to Ryo, she began rubbing it against her body, lathering up. She applied a healthy coating of bubbles around her breasts, hiding the nipples from view. Surprisingly, it made her look sexy, despite obscuring some of the more exotic portions of her anatomy.

Ryo was still wondering why she had offered to wash them when it was obvious she was cleaning herself first, when she finally stopped scrubbing and approached Ryo. She walked behind him and stopped once she was out of his peripheral vision. He was about to turn around and see what she was up to when she grabbed his head and forced him to continue staring straight ahead.

"Let me wash you," she whispered in his ear. A second later, he felt her breasts mash themselves against his back, the nipples poking him like a pair of pen tips. She wrapped her arms around his front and proceeded to rub her breasts up and down his back.

The sensation was incredible, even better than when that cute blonde had done the same thing to him at the hot spring. It was probably because he felt some emotional attachment to Shampoo. It didn't hurt that he thought she was even sexier than the smaller girl, as well as more voluptuous. Due to his massive size, all girls were smaller than him, but he preferred them taller and on the more athletic side, like Shampoo or Silver, if for no other reason than they seemed less fragile.

Shampoo really began to work him over with her breasts, washing every centimeter of his broad back. This was nothing short of incredible, especially since after running into the Amazon in the bath last week, a great many of his fantasies had entailed her washing him naked, before moving on to even more carnal acts.

"Your back is done," Shampoo announced as she lathered herself up again and moved to Ryo's front. She fell to her knees before him as he sat on the stool. He was wondering what she would do next when she grabbed him by the back of the head and forced his head into her generous cleavage. She began moving her breasts back and forth across his face, getting soap up his nose and a little in his eyes. He didn't give a damn. She could have been pouring salt into them, and he wouldn't have moved his head a fraction of an inch.

Shampoo really worked his face over. As she did so, Ryo felt himself harden again as he relished the sensation of her nearly suffocating him in her bosom. He was definitely a breast man, the larger the breasts, the better. To him, having Shampoo rub her tits in his face was as effective a turn on as any blow-job.

All too soon Shampoo stopped, declaring her work with that area of the body finished. Ryo stared stupidly off in the distance through a sheen of bubbles. Shampoo had him stand up, and then proceeded to wash his front off with her chest. He was only vaguely aware of her actions until she started to work on his cock, then his senses returned. He looked down at the woman on her knees, watching as his shaft appeared and disappeared into her vast cleavage. It was the first time ever he had received a titty fuck, most of the girls he had not really having chests big enough for it to work, or they just weren't that kinky. It seemed he really was going to have a chance to live out all of his fantasies.

After ensuring he would stay rigid for a while, Shampoo broke off her actions and stood up, then doused the giant youth with a bucket of clean water, removing the suds that she had decorated over his body. Much to Ryo's disappointment, the Amazon declared him clean and that it was Ranma's turn.

Ryo stood off to the side as he watched Shampoo repeat the procedure on Ranma. He felt a bit jealous and neglected once her full attention was fixated on Ranma. Not that he was stupid enough to say that out loud. He knew he was lucky Ranma had decided to go along with things rather than snapping his limbs. Ryo would have to bite his tongue and wait his turn.

It felt like an eternity, and Ryo was actually starting to go soft again when Shampoo finally finished her husband. Ryo had already decided what to do next, not liking the fact he had become something of a spectator since Ranma's arrival.

Ryo slipped behind Shampoo and began kneading her breasts. "Now it's our turn to do you." He looked to Ranma. "Why don't I clean her front while you do her back?" Ryo wasn't stupid enough to try and cut Ranma out of the action, but he really wanted to work on the Amazon's front a lot more than her back.

Ranma agreed immediately, drawing new water and leaving Ryo to play with Shampoo's massive mammaries. He took great joy in lathering up his hands and giving her breasts a thorough working over. Their mix of firmness and softness was the perfect balance. He could play with them all day long and never grow tired. He especially enjoyed playing with her nipples, and so did she, judging by the way she tried pushing her chest further into him.

Eventually, Ryo forced himself away from her rack and paid attention to the other areas of her body while Ranma worked on her back. Ryo kept one hand attached to her breast while the other one drifted to her loins. "Better clean you out real good," Ryo said breathily as he stuck a soapy finger up her twat. Immediately she began squirming as he forced his digit into her opening. Due to the soap and the fact she was wet from her own erotic cleaning, he was easily able to slip the whole finger inside.

A loud gasp escaped her lips and she started bucking her hips onto his finger. At first Ryo thought he must have hit a sensitive spot, but then he realized she was reacting to something behind her. Ryo looked over her shoulder and saw that Ranma had put his hand between the cleft of her ass and slipped a finger into her other opening. Ryo felt a little repelled by that. He'd certainly never put anything up a girl's bottom, a finger or anything else. It seemed too yucky, knowing what came out of there. While he knew there were people that engaged in anal sex, he had no interest in becoming one of them.

Shampoo wasn't complaining, though, as she moaned even louder than before. Ryo decided to up the ante by added a second finger, into her pussy, shuttling them into her like he would like a dexterous cock. She grabbed onto his shoulders for support as her legs weakened from the men's stimulation.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea," Genma said to his wife as she stood outside the door to his eldest son's home.

Nodoka turned, smiling blissfully as though the words that had come out of his mouth were those of a stupid child: something that one pretended to listen to while completely ignoring them. "Don't be silly, dear. Ranma would love for us to drop by."

I don't know if he would, but I do know our daughter-in-law wouldn't, Genma resisted saying, since it would have been treated in the exact same way as his earlier caution. In Nodoka's eyes, Shampoo's opinions were about as important as the value of the yen in Zimbabwe.

"But it is unexpected," Genma pointed out, hoping to detour her through other means.

"Ranma loves surprises," Nodoka insisted.

Actually he only liked surprises when he was extremely bored, since most of them tended to be unpleasant, Genma did not say again. Resisting his wife was futile, and had been since the day they were married. He would go along with the flow, and try getting out of the way when things started flying.

Nodoka didn't bother knocking. She used the spare key Ranma had given her and let herself in. Once inside (where it would be near impossible to dislodge her if her son didn't want her around), she called out, "Ranma. Guess who dropped by for a visit!"

There was no answer. Nodoka began an immediate search of the house, Genma trailing behind her. Hopefully the boy was out, and the two of them would leave without them ever knowing they had tried to intrude.

A search of the living room, kitchen and recreational room failed to turn up Ranma. Nodoka was moving to the bedrooms when she passed the bath. It was at that moment a voice cried out, "Yes, Shampoo, is about to come!"

Nodoka stopped dead in her tracks. Being behind her, Genma wasn't sure what her reaction was, unable to see her face. He prayed she wasn't stupid enough to protest what was going on. The boy was married to the girl, even if Nodoka was ambivalent toward her.

Nodoka turned to her husband, tears in her eyes. She said in an emotional voice, "Oh, Genma, my son is so manly. Listen to what he's doing to her, even after all the years they've been married."

Genma was utterly terrified by what was probably going through her mind. "You know, we really shouldn't be listening."

"But it's so reassuring to know he's retained his manliness. He's even manlier than you."

"Well, that is tru…" Genma's voice trailed off. "Now wait just a moment. I'm still plenty manly."

A female cry of ecstasy came from the bathroom, indicating 'about to come' had changed to 'is coming right now, and very loudly.'

Nodoka lifted a curious eyebrow at him. "Oh? Are you saying you can still make me cry out like that?"

Genma crossed his arms, his male ego (which did exist, at least when it came to his wife doubting his husbandly duties) unwilling to back down from the challenge. "You'd better believe it."

"Then let's go home and you can prove it." She snared Genma by his arm, all but dragging him along as she headed for the exit.

"I thought we were going to meet the kids," Genma protested, sensing he had somehow been caught in a trap and wondered if he could get out of it.

"We can visit them any time," Nodoka said as she continued dragging him bodily away.

Genma sighed inwardly. He knew visiting the kids was going to be trouble.

Ryo continued supporting Shampoo as she went limp in his arms from the results of his and Ranma's manual manipulation. When it came to improving hand-eye coordination, playing video games couldn't hold a candle to masturbating a hot woman.

"I'd say she's clean," Ranma said.

Ryo couldn't help agreeing. Now that they were done with their clean up, Ryo looked toward the still steaming furo. "Who's going to jump in first?"

Ranma looked at him curiously. "First? Who said anything about first? That's a big tub. With a little maneuvering, we'll all fit in there just fine."

"All right!" Ryo felt as excited at the idea of sharing the furo with Shampoo as he would scoring the winning goal in a game. He stared lasciviously at Shampoo's squeaky clean body. His dreams might not have included actually doing it in the bath, but he was open to new imaginative ideas.

Uncertainty of how to start things off was evident on Ryo's face. Ranma moved things along by suggesting, "Why don't you get in first?"

That sounded good to Ryo. He entered the tub, sitting upright against the end of it. There was a lot of water in the tub, coming up a third of the way to his chest. It was high enough to keep his 'periscope' from surfacing. Once submerged, he realized just how much space he took up. He became concerned as to how the other two would fit.

Ranma wasn't as he turned to Shampoo. "In order for me to get in there, you're going to have to sit on Ryo's lap. You don't mind, do you?"

"Certainly not," Shampoo assured him. She turned to Ryo. "You don't mind me sitting on your lap, do you?" she cooed.

"There will always be more than enough room on my lap for you," Ryo assured her, now more excited than before. He was salivating in Pavlovian response for what was about to happen. He motioned for Shampoo to enter the furo.

She daintily walked to the edge of the tub, facing the same way as Ryo. She carefully placed one shapely leg into the tub, then the other. Ryo grabbed her by the hips and helped direct her as she eased herself down. As her bottom touched the surface, her hand went under the water and began probing around. It found what she was searching for, and she shifted her hips slightly before slowly lowering herself into the water. She sighed as inch by inch she went deeper into the water, while at the same time something went deeper into her, until she 'bottomed out' in every sense of the words. Once they were situated, Ryo's hands immediately went to Shampoo's breasts and began playing roughly with them.

While Ryo entertained himself with his new bath toy, Ranma carefully stepped into the tub. He remained standing in front of the pair, facing them since sitting down wouldn't work with what he had planned. It had been a position inspired by what the guys had done to him during the hot spring encounter. Since his groin was slightly above Shampoo's own head, he had to point his cock downward with one hand while working his hands into her thick, silky hair and used it as a handle to tilt her head upward.

Shampoo picked up on what Ranma wanted and opened her mouth, accepting the tip and first inch of his cock, all she could manage at her current elevation.

That soon changed, as Ryo picked her up by her breasts and raised her until only the head of his cock remained in her, which in turn allowed her to suck down the same amount more of Ranma's. She didn't remain that high for long as Ryo sat her roughly back down on his cock, forcing her mouth to lose the ground it had gained, at least until he picked her up again and repeated the motion.

While Shampoo once again found herself being stuffed at both ends, Ryo was in heaven, having a girl bouncing on his massive lap while her pussy slurped up his cock was his favorite position, followed closely by fucking them while standing up. Generally he preferred the girls to face him so he could suck on their tits as well, but he was enjoying playing with Shampoo's large breasts with his hands. He loved the fact they were big and sturdy enough to use to bounce her on his lap. Most girls he had to hold by the waist, but the Amazon's resilience was once again coming to the fore as Ryo used them as leverage points without a concern for hurting her.

Once they worked out their position and became comfortable with it, Ranma decided to up things slightly. He said to Ryo, "Do you know what this piece of ass did to me?"

"No, what?" he asked, continuing to pump away.

"She's kept her legs closed to me since last week."

Ryo paused momentarily. "That's like a crime or something. A pussy as great as this should be fucked every day."

Ranma refrained from laughing. Maybe in the beginning of the marriage, but not after nearly twenty years of it. The youth still had a lot to learn. "And she was laughing about how she set you up in the bath."

Had Ranma's cock not been in her mouth, she would have asked him what the hell he was talking about. Well her resolve from the anger at her husband's slander against her sexiness had remained firm, she had made it clear she stumbled on Ryo in the bath, not set him up.

But Ryo didn't know this. Instead he believed Ranma as he stopped altogether. He snarled out, "I knew it! You are a fucking cocktease! Now you're really going to get what's coming to you! And if you ever do something like that again, I'll give it to you just like this!" He then tripled how hard and fast he bounced Shampoo on his lap.

The increase in intensity struck a similar chord in Ranma as he thrust into Shampoo's mouth on every upward motion, making his cock tickle the back of her tonsils as he sent it all down her throat. "He's right, this is what you get for being a cocktease to your husband. We beat your ass, and now we own it, and we're going to be making the most of our property."

Shampoo gurgled in delight. She had the best husband in the world for treating her to a hard double pounding. He was playing Ryo better than she ever had, and even she thought he sounded peeved for her cutting him off and teasing him later. The next time he wanted to go the in-laws, she wouldn't say a word in protest. But that was for later. Now was the time to savor the carnality of the situation.

The furo was really churning with how hard and fast Ryo pounded Shampoo's pussy underwater, turning the bath into a miniature Jacuzzi. The sounds of water splashing, bodies smacking together, and guttural sounds of passion filled the bath. Later Ranma would kick himself for not thinking of setting up a camera to record the action.

The trio continued that way for a considerable while, especially on the part of the men since they had both come so recently. Shampoo underwent several more orgasms before the churning abruptly stopped. Ryo left Shampoo impaled on his shaft as he stiffened, really digging his fingers into her breasts. Ranma thought it would be a miracle if he didn't leave bruises behind, and felt a touch of jealousy that Ryo hadn't treated Ranma's cursed form like that during their encounter together.

Not wanting to hold back, Ranma erupted into Shampoo's mouth as well. She was caught off guard, and coughed some of it back up, the white fluid trickling from one corner of her mouth as he removed his shaft from her oral cavity. She collapsed back against Ryo, who was leaning against the back of the tub, exhausted as well.

"Now that was some bath," Ranma said.

The others could only moan in response.

Ryo was feeling more energetic now, a couple of hours passing since he experienced his first ménage a trois in a bath. While his spirit had been enthusiastic about continuing the hot and heavy sex, his flesh had been unable to match it. Popping three times in just over an hour taxed even his teenage horniness to the limit. So instead he had contented himself by watching Shampoo clean up the dojo… while she was naked. It was quite the sight to see her prancing about in her birthday suit while she toiled away. His favorite part was the nice jiggle to her breasts when she moved around. If Ryo had actually become her husband, he would have been tempted to order her not to wear clothing around the house. He also noted that as she moved around, she was walking funny. He felt a great deal of pride in knowing he was responsible for doing that to her.

Eventually the cleaning was finished, and Shampoo prepared to cook dinner for the men. Her attitude had changed from the initial cold, haughty attitude she had displayed when Ryo first arrived. Now she was extremely polite and differential, asking him to approve of the menu before she started. Maybe that was what was meant when some of his teammates talked about 'breaking in' a girl. If so it was an interesting experience.

In order to cook, she had put on some clothing, but what she chose was almost as erotic as her frolicking about nude. It was a slinky pink one piece Chinese style outfit. The silk clung to her like a second skin, and didn't quite reach the past her bottom, showing off the very lowest part of her derriere. But the most noticeable feature was the opening in the front. It was centered right at her breasts, and showed not only the entire valley between them, but an almost scandalous amount of the sides as well. Looking close, he thought he could just make out the darker coloring of the edge of her areoles, though that might have been his imagination. The hole was large enough that Ryo was certain he could put a hand through it and pinch the nipple of he chose. It was a tempting thought.

Curiously, there was something familiar about it. It took him a moment to recall that even before the bathroom encounter from the previous week, he had fantasized about Shampoo in exactly the same outfit, except it didn't have an opening in the front then. Of course, in the fantasy, that had been a flaw in the design, one he corrected by ripping open the outfit and sucking on her breasts like there was no tomorrow. Gazing at her walking around in it, there was little doubt Ryo would soon be taking her once again.

Dinner was almost finished when the doorbell rang. Ranma said, "We're not here," quietly to his companions.

The doorbell rang several times very impatiently.

"It's probably just a persistent salesman. He'll go away any second now."

The doorbell began to beat out a melody of 'We Will Rock You.'

Ranma and Shampoo looked at each other. "The Fujimotos," they said as one.

Ranma walked to the door and threw it open. Standing in front of it was a couple in their late forties. One was a chubby man with a perpetual smile and the other a woman who had not aged anywhere near as well as Shampoo, but tried dressing like her despite that.

Upon seeing them, Ryo connected the name with the faces. The Saotomes had described these infamous neighbors to him once. The man was named Benki, and had a reputation of being a professional groper. Rumor had it he could fondle an entire train car full of women in the span of a single stop. His wife, Ayumi, was a would-be vamp who hit on any handsome male that came into her sight. Each spouse was either unaware of the other's tendencies or just didn't care. In either case, they were annoying to the extreme and the Saotomes had as little to do with them as possible.

"What?" Ranma snapped at his neighbors impatiently.

"We thought we'd come by a little early for the neighborhood meeting," Benki said.

"You're mistaken. The meeting is at the Kibagamis house."

"Sentaro's sick, so our esteemed neighborhood leader, Honda, said it would be here."

"He didn't ask me. Did he ask you honey?" he called to Shampoo.

"No," Shampoo said, making a face at what she thought of the idea.

"I believe he talked to your daughter," Benki explained. "She said you didn't have any plans tonight and it would be fine to hold it at your house."

Ranma cursed silently to himself. That darn Silver. It appeared he and Shampoo should have told her what was going on. They had been debating whether or not to inform Silver of their plans for Ryo when Kasumi had called and taken care of the matter for them. She mentioned that she had ordered some new furniture that would be arriving that evening. Since Akira lived at his dorm on campus and had to study for a test, Kasumi asked if she could borrow Silver to help her rearrange some of the things around the house. Silver had been enthusiastic about helping out, saying there were probably a lot of things Kasumi needed taken care of and she would sleep there overnight and leave with Kasumi for school the next day.

That was more than ideal for Ranma, since it would give him and Ryo all the privacy they needed to entertain Shampoo. But of course the girl forgot to mention that before she left she had agreed to have the meeting held here. Since Silver had approved of it, it was now a matter of family honor to host the monthly neighborhood meeting, which would degenerate into a small party as everyone got up to date on the local gossip. Neither Ranma nor Shampoo cared for them, really. Most of the neighbors were boring, and the people gossiped about the most were he and his wife.

With no further protests coming, Benki finally let himself in. He moved past Ranma and made a beeline for Shampoo. He eyed her lasciviously, something that would have gotten most men a punch in the mouth. "Nice cocktail dress. You didn't have to wear it for little old me." Shampoo barely darted out of the way of an 'accidental' grope.

Ayumi uncharacteristically ignored Ranma, heading directly for Ryo. She eyed him up the way Ryo had looked at Shampoo, when she was naked. Under her stare, he now understood what it meant to be 'undressed with the eyes'. "My, you're a big one, aren't you?" she cooed.

Ryo laughed nervously at the unwanted attention. Not two minutes in and he could already tell it had gone from one of the best days of his life to one of the longest ones.

"Good bye," Ranma said, all but shoving the Fujimotos out the door. Once they were clear of the doorframe, he slammed it shut and locked it before they could try to get back in. He released a loud sigh of relief as he collapsed back against it. "Thank god that's over with. You'd think since the Fujimotos were the first in they'd be the first to leave instead of the last."

The meeting had taken most of the evening, evolving the way Ranma had predicted. Benki had followed Shampoo incessantly, trying to cop a feel. The only thing that had prevented him from being beaten into the ground was that it would look bad in front of everyone. Ryo was left to fend off Ayumi's perpetual advances, which did little for his moral as well.

With the breather in the action, Ryo's attitude toward the day's events began to shift. Not having his hands all over Shampoo produced an opening for his normal sense of restraint to reassert itself. It had been bad enough having improper thoughts about the mother of the girl of his dreams, but to act on those emotions was deplorable. What sort of person was he that could commit such lewd and wanton acts? Was he not a true man, who could resist his base desires? How could he take advantage of a married woman who was bound in a conflict of honor? He must be the lowest of the low to do such a thing. What would his friends on the team say if they knew he had slept with the mother of one of the students?

Oh, wait, he and several others did have that a bout of mad passionate sex with Nurse Kasumi. Knowing he had a crack at another hot woman, they'd just encourage him to go for it.

There were his parents, though. Certainly they wouldn't approve of his behavior.

But that wasn't true either. His mother was constantly telling him that it was okay to fool around since this was the time a man could live carefree, and it was expected of him to sow his wild oats. And when it came to girls, his father's attitude was "No one was around to help me deal with them. You'll have to learn on your own, like I did."

Okay, so maybe no one close to Ryo would disapprove. And technically it was a matter of honor. He was sort of duty-bound to ravage Shampoo's outstanding body to the best of his ability. His father was big on honor, and probably would beat him senseless for ignoring an obligation. His mother would be ashamed as well, and his friends would laugh at him for turning his back on an opportunity to have sex with a sexy older woman. And there was Shampoo ridiculing his ability to satisfy her, which had really made him angry. He couldn't tolerate her mocking attitude when she had defamed his character that way. He had to do something to prove her wrong, or he wouldn't be able to call himself a man. And how could he be certain she was convinced? Maybe he needed to prove himself a little more.

His cock started twitching when, in a sudden epiphany, he recalled someone who wouldn't approve of his behavior. The one whose opinion meant more than the others combined: Silver.

Yes, that was it. Silver would never approve of Ryo sleeping with her mother. She was a respectable, proper girl who didn't do things like that, regardless of what some of the nasty rumors that floated around the school claimed, like her sleeping with other girls, when she herself was a girl. It was absurd. And there was no way she would ever approve of her mother having sex with someone that wasn't her father, even as a matter of honor. Although she was kind of big on honor too, when backed into a corner about it. Maybe she wouldn't mind….

No! Ryo shook his head clear of the thought. It was time to leave. It was the right thing to do.

Ryo made a great production of looking at a nearby clock. "It's getting kind of late. Maybe I should leave." He winced. That had not come out as decisively as he would have liked, especially with how that 'maybe' had sneaked in at the last moment.

Shampoo was at his side in an instant. "Oh, please don't go."

She pressed her breasts into his chest. He could feel her hardened nipples poke him. Oh how he wanted to fondle them some more. Tits like that were rare, and the opportunity to play with them even more so. "I… really ought to leave" He said meekly as his lust began to creep up and reassert its influence.

"Oh, are you tired?" Shampoo asked, her voice containing disappointment, and in Ryo's mind a touch of the derision she'd shown earlier.

"I am not," he stated as rigidly as the state his cock was in.

Shampoo continued. "But I really wanted to watch a movie with you."

Ryo gulped. "A… movie?"

She pressed her body closer. "Yes, a scary one, like we watched last time. You do remember last time, don't you?"

He most certainly did. He had dreams about their time on the couch nearly every night, and had jerked off more than a couple times to it, including the night it had happened. In weaker moments, he would kick himself for not at least trying to take advantage of the situation. It had been that erotic.

"I… I like movies," Ryo found himself saying without even thinking.

Shampoo gave a girlish clap of approval, which made her look even more desirable. "I'll change into my nightclothes. Why don't you borrow a pair of Ranma's boxers again, and we can get comfortable on the couch?" There was a mischievous glint in her eye as she headed for her bedroom.

Ryo found his head nodding on its own, propriety drowned in a sea of hormones. One advantage from the delay the unexpected meeting had produced was that Ryo had become fully rejuvenated. Had the neighbors not interrupted their fun, Ryo probably would have exhausted himself, unable to keep his hands off Shampoo. Now he was easily as horny as when he first arrived, and was confident he'd have enough stamina to make it through the rest of the evening.

The men did as Shampoo requested, changing into boxers as quickly as they could, and hurried to the living room. Shampoo was there less than a minute later, dressed in a see-through negligee. It was the same one she had worn the last time she and Ryo had watched a movie together. She was delighted to see both men were already sitting on the couch. She took a moment to admire their powerful, muscular physiques. While Ryo's was more sculpted and far larger, Shampoo still adored her own husband's perfect combination of definition and mass. Both of them radiated confidence and strength, as well as virility, playing havoc with Shampoo's feminine senses. These were men worthy of her attention, and she intended to shower them with all she could.

They had left just enough between them for her to sit down. She did so. "I'm glad I'm between two such strong, handsome men. Scary movies frighten me," she cooed like a teenager.

Now back in full desire mode, Ryo said, "Don't worry, I'll be sitting right next to you in case you get scared."

"Thank you." Once Shampoo was in a comfortable position, she relaxed and pretended to pay attention to the movie. What she was really paying attention to was her being sandwiched between two major hunks who were eager to fuck her senseless.

It wasn't long before a scary scene came up. Shampoo pretended to be frightened. She squealed like a terrified school girl and clung to Ryo's body, rubbing her body against his chiseled muscles in the same teasing manner she had last time.

This time out Ryo did not act like he was made of stone. He placed a comforting arm around Shampoo, bringing her closer so there was no space left between them. He stopped there, content to leave his arm in place. It was almost like they were on a date. Shampoo was surprised he was holding back despite being confident she had broken through his ridiculous weenie-boy personality, But the slow build up only served to arouse her more than she already was.

They remained that way until the next scary scene came up. Shampoo squealed again and repeated her suggestive motion against him. Ryo reacted by allowing the arm draped around her to go lower, until it reached the bottom of her negligee. Similar to the dress she had been wearing earlier, the nightgown was of a short cut, though it did reach past the bottom of her derriere. His hand slipped under the hem and cupped one of her asscheeks, and began gently but firmly fondling it.

When the killer appeared on the screen, axe in hand, Shampoo squealed again, though it was much more subdued than before. This time Ryo brought his other hand into action, playing with her breasts through her garment. The hand stroking her bottom ceased its action. Shampoo was about to mew in protest when it relocated itself between her legs and forced its way between her closed thighs. Soon he was stroking her lower lips through her panties. Already aroused to begin with, a wet spot began to form immediately there.

The two of them began kissing, making Shampoo feel like she was a teenager again, probably because she was making out with one. She was appreciative of Ranma being so understanding and letting her have her fun with Ryo. She'd shower her husband with plenty of appreciation once she recovered and they had some private time together.

But right now Ryo was absorbing all of her attention. She made no pretence of watching the movie any longer. Ryo was really firing her up with his hands, so Shampoo decided to do the same. Her nimble fingers deftly freed his cock from his boxers. It sprang up at attention. Staring at it reminded her of how much she had missed having it inside her body. She circled her fingers around it and began working the shaft with slow, steady strokes. She didn't want him to come in her hand. Oh no. That sperm was destined for somewhere much warmer and wetter than that.

Ryo upped things by tugging the gusset of her panties aside and parted her engorged petals, driving a couple of fingers inside. Shampoo gasped, and automatically increased the up and down motion of her hand.

The scene on the television shifted to two of the teenagers (translation: future victims) who began stripping off their clothing. Within seconds they were in a bed, banging away.

The steamy scene on the television snapped Ryo out of the haze Shampoo's hand had driven him in. He withdrew his hand, fingers, and tongue from her body. He grabbed her by her derriere and forced her to straddle his lap, facing him this time. With the gusset of her panties still pulled aside, all Ryo had to do was guide her using his hands. The instant the tip of his purple head touched her engorged lips, he went from supporting her to forcing her down on his entire shaft. The instant their groins touched, Shampoo held her head back and cried out like a wolf howling to the moon. Ryo could feel her insides try to milk his shaft dry. Earlier in the day he would have popped as well, but since he had already come several times, his stamina had increased and he resisted the urge to follow her there.

In order to let her catch her breath, Ryo left her firmly embedded on his cock. His hands went to the hem of her negligee and lifted it up until it was over her breasts. Confronted with a pair of magnificent mammaries right next to his face while a beautiful woman was attached to his cock, Ryo lost control. Snarling like an animal, he grabbed her breast and brought his lips up to it, sucking on it for all he was worth.

Shampoo moaned with how powerfully he suckled her breast. Even Ranma had never tried to devour her tit like this. She thought he was trying to inhale it with the power of his suction. He was like a thirsty child, who, frustrated by his lack of success at finding any milk, sucked even harder. With how powerfully he was holding on, she couldn't have escaped, even if she wanted to. She was helpless in his grasp, savoring the wonderful sensations he was producing over every area of her body.

After several minutes of sucking, Ryo withdrew his mouth, leaving a red love bite behind from the force he had been applying. He went to the other breast, and began doing the same with it.

Shampoo was so distracted by Ryo's attentions that she forgot there was another man in the room. Ranma made his presence known as he moved next to Ryo, brushing against him shoulder-to-shoulder. He sucked on his fingers for a few moments, then brought the hand forward, pulling her panties further aside. With the cleft of her bottom clear, he began playing with her ass. It took only a second to find what he was looking for. The instant he found, it, he inserted half a finger up his wife's tight rosebud.

Shampoo gasped at the new intruder into her body. She writhed on Ryo's cock. That seemed to remind him of the fact there were other parts of her body that needed worked on. Keeping his mouth affixed to the breast he was still in the process of ravishing, he placed his hands on her hips and began bouncing her up and down on his manhood.

At the mercy of Ryo's obscene strength and animal lust while he treated her like a giant sex toy, Shampoo wondered if this was what Yuriko felt when she took the bouncy blonde when he was in his male form. If so, it was no wonder his 'Little Slut' kept coming back for more. The sex was incredible.

The bouncing picked up in tempo. Ranma buried his entire finger, inserted a second. That really set Shampoo off as she had another powerful orgasm while being impaled on Ryo's manhood.

Her writhing on his cock was too much for Ryo. What control he had gained from his earlier encounters wasn't enough, and he erupted at last. He released both his mouth from her breast and his seed deep into her womb.

Temporarily winded, Shampoo sagged against his body. "God, this is great."

"It ain't over yet," Ranma promised as he withdrew his fingers from her bottom. While watching the two of them had been fun, it had given Ranma an agonizing erection, and it was time to seek some relief. Now he was going to treat his wife to something even he hadn't experienced yet. She had wanted a night to remember, and he was damned if he wouldn't give it to her.

Ranma began directing the action. "Ryo, pick that hot piece of ass up, but keep your cock in her."

Since there was no reason to refuse, Ryo picked Shampoo up, careful to keep his softening member from slipping out.

Once he was up, Ranma said, "Lay on your back on the table. Don't worry. It can support both your weights. I can personally attest to how resilient it is."

Taking Ranma's word for it, Ryo again did as he was asked, lying on his back lengthwise on the short table. He was so tall his entire body couldn't fit. He moved his head right to the edge, but he could only get to just above his knees on the other side. His feet were able to touch the floor. Shampoo rested with her knees on the table, with her upper body lying flat on top of him, the curiosity on her face mirroring Ryo's own.

"Perfect," Ranma said, moving up behind the pair.

Shampoo's curiosity became surprise as she felt Ranma push the fat head of his cock into her ass. Even with loosening her up before with his fingers, it was still a tight fit, and she hissed as he forced his way inside. Ranma paused a few seconds to allow his wife to adjust to him, before adding another inch into her firm backside.

Ryo was surprised as well at Ranma's action. Since the idea of doing a girl in her bottom was so repellent to him, it had never occurred to Ryo that Ranma had intended to do that to Shampoo. She wasn't protesting, though. She really didn't seem to be enjoying it yet either, her eyes closed as she pressed her face against Ryo and her fingers dug lightly in his chest. Soft feminine gasps escaped her lips as Ranma put more of his cock inside her. Ryo looked over his shoulder, fascinated as he watched more of Ranma's cock disappear into the girl lying against his stomach.

"Oh yeah, that's the stuff." Ranma said. It was slow going, her body resisting his efforts to put his entire length inside, no matter what she really wanted. But he persisted, working back and forth until her tight sphincter gave in and Ranma was entirely embedded within her. He relaxed for a moment as he enjoyed the way his wife's ass held him tighter than any mere pussy could. While he relished the sensation, he boasted to Ryo, "Let me tell you, boy, ain't nothing better than taking an Amazon in her tailpipe. She doesn't even have to do anything and it still feels like she's trying to milk your balls."

It seemed like it would be painful to Shampoo. Ryo looked her in the eyes and asked, "Do you really like it?"

Ranma said, "Yeah, honey, tell him how much you love having your ass pounded by a real man." While he said this, he pulled halfway out of her backside, then shoved himself back in.

Shampoo came alive in Ryo's grasp as she gasped out, "So good. Yes. Airen doing me in my ass feels so good. More, more," she insisted.

"You're going to get a lot more." Ranma backed out and thrust back into her even harder.

The hot action reignited Ryo's own passion. His cock hadn't even turned completely flaccid before it started to get hard again due with the manner Ranma was forcing himself into Shampoo and her body being pressed against his. Even he was a bit surprised he was capable of a double-header at this late stage of the game.

Shampoo felt it too as she started shouting, "It's getting bigger! Shampoo so full of cock, she is going to explode"

Ranma started pounding faster as he said, "Watch out, boy, she's getting ready to come."

As soon as Ranma made his prediction, Shampoo dug her fingernails into Ryo's chest, nearly drawing blood. The way her insides tightened on his shaft put him at full mast again. All the time, Ranma continued unabated, pumping away at his wife's behind.

"I can feel you inside moving inside her." Ryo was astounded at the sensation of another guy's cock moving in a woman while he was inside her. He couldn't begin to guess what Shampoo was experiencing, only that she was enjoying it immensely.

Ranma paused for a moment, resting his entire shaft inside Shampoo's gasping form. "You up and running?" he asked Ryo.

"You'd better believe it," Ryo said.

"Good, we'll start doing her at the same time, but we're going to get a good rhythm going. I'll start a count up to three. We'll start pulling out at one. Time it so you'll be just inside her at two, then shove back in on three. Ready?"

Ryo nodded his head. He never even imagined this was possible. But here was, participating in a double penetration of one of the hottest women he had ever known.

"Here we go," Ranma warned. One."

Ryo started to pull his hips back.


Now he had only his head and an inch still inside.


Ryo shoved all the back into her warm inviting depths, wishing he could stay there for the rest of the night. Shampoo gasped as both men pounded into her at once.

"I think she approves." Ranma smirked at the younger man. "Again. One."

Ryo obediently obeyed. The two continued slowly at first, but started to pick up their tempo until eventually they didn't bother keeping count, simply pounding into Shampoo from both sides at a powerful, increasingly steady pace.

As for Shampoo, Ryo had never seen a woman come so much in her life. It seemed every couple minutes she'd climax as her pussy and ass were assaulted by over a combined foot of cock simultaneously. She began talking only in Chinese, then was driven into a state of ecstasy so great that she lost her ability to speak altogether. She just laid her head against Ryo's chest, breathing so hard it was as though she had just run a marathon, until she came, when she'd shudder and cry out. Then the process would repeat itself.

For half an hour the two men pounded relentlessly into Shampoo's body. All three of them were covered in a thick sheen of sweat as they ground together, moving as one entity. Ryo would have given anything to remain like that forever. Nothing he experienced in his life could have prepared him for this sort of crude lust and emotion. His nerves were rubbed raw by the feeling of Shampoo giving her body and soul over to the two men to be used as a vessel for all the ardor they could muster. And almost as amazing was her ability to take it. He swore if she wasn't already married, he'd have found a way to make her his own, older woman or not.

No matter how hard Ryo tried, his own passions built to a climax. He tried thinking of anything to stave off the inevitability of it, but nothing could dilute the passion the produced by the woman pressed against him. Reluctantly, he called out, "I'm going to come!"

Ranma said, "Wait just a second, boy. We'll do it together. That'll really send her over the edge."

"Hurry!" Ryo begged as his rod felt like it was going to explode in every direction, rather than just from the top.

Ranma began pounding Shampoo's ass harder, ignoring the rhythm they had built up. He had her bottom so loosened up it might as well have been her pussy with how quickly he moved back and forth. "Wait for it! Wait for it! Now!"

Ryo bellowed as he flooded Shampoo's pussy for the fourth time today with every drop that remained in his body. Ranma did the same, filling her rectum with his own seed as well.

Shampoo, who had been lying against Ryo's chest for the last five minutes as though she were dead, suddenly came to life, bucking and crying out at the top of her lungs. Ryo tried to hold her down, to keep her from throwing herself and Ranma off, and found he had to use what strength remained to keep her pinned to his body. Then suddenly she went limp and slumped against his body, her senses completely overloaded as she fell victim to the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Ranma was gasping on top of her, looking like he was ready to pass out as well. "Heh, told you we'd fuck her out."

"She's… not the… only one." Ryo had never been so tired before in his life. Not even after during the freshman's Initiation Into Hell rugby practice that left him throwing up at the end of it. But it was a good exhaustion. He never felt so at peace before in his life. And so limp. As content as he was at this moment, though, he wouldn't have cared if he never got it up again.

"I think we'd better get her in bed and call it a night," Ranma said.

Ryo couldn't have agreed more. One thing was for certain, though.

He was going to love having Shampoo as a mother-in-law.


Loud cries pierced the peaceful nice of the night air in the house.

"Yes, Genma, I am about to come! I am! You're still the manliest of them all! "

Two bedrooms away, Narasuma Saotome, nineteen year old son of Genma and Nodoka Saotome, tried pulling his pillows tighter over his head.

"Make it stop. Make it stop," he wailed to the gods above, praying whatever it was that had gotten into his parents to make them all over each other since they had come home would go away and never come back again.


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