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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Special Thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk.

Obviously this is not an official continuation of the Shampoo ½ story. It plays off the alternate universe created by Jim Bader's Realties series that involved that story. This one takes place several months after 'High Stakes'. There is a chance I'll continue writing some of the things that happened at the beach at a later time (I actually have a scene written out, but no fic around it), but for now, we're moving around to some more mindless lemony entertainment.

Hinako Ninomiya chewed on her thumb as she waited impatiently for her lover, Silver Saotome, to appear. She had slipped the martial artist a note to rendezvous in the auditorium before the entire grade was called for the assembly. It was a bit risky, since people would start filtering into the area in fifteen minutes or so, once the classes were let out, but she was desperate to see her lover as soon as possible, and this was the only time Hinako could manage before school ended for the day. Luckily, she has been assigned to set up the podium and seating for the teachers. With the movable dividing wall currently screening the stage area from the rest of the auditorium, she had privacy with which to work. Now that everything was set up and her duties complete, all she had to do was wait for Silver to arrive.

A melancholy settled over her. With the way Silver had been refusing to remain after school since returning from her overseas trip, slipping her the note requesting this illicit encounter was one of the few methods that might get the martial artist to show. One thing Silver Saotome was always eager for was the opportunity to skip classes, something that had originally drawn Hinako's ire as being delinquent behavior, at least until her beloved Silver-sama turned the tables and punished Hinako for her own naughty ways. But time was wasting, and still Silver failed to appear. Perhaps she had lost interest in Hinako, and this was her way of dumping her. The fear made the teacher's heart nearly break with despair. If Silver left her, she didn't know what she would do. She had never cared so much for anyone. And Silver was so perfect for her, despite the teenager representing everything Hinako should have disliked. But love was like that sometimes, its surprising form sneaking up and striking when one least expected it.

"Guess who," came a delighted feminine voice from behind as a pair of hands slipped under Hinako's arms and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them slightly.

Even Hinako couldn't help smiling at the ironic timing. What she wanted to do was rip Silver's clothing off and have sex then and there, but she reigned in her desires and said in intentionally deep, seductive tones, "Isn't it customary to cover a person's eyes when you do that?"

"Covering your breasts is more fun," Silver teased as she gave the large mammaries one more affectionate squeeze before releasing her hold and letting Hinako turn around so they could talk face-to-face. Silver held a note up, holding it between her fingers for Hinako to see. "Now what was this all about? It sounded urgent."

It was Hinako's turn to move closer as she slid her hands around Silver's waist and embraced her. Usually she was more reserved in showering her lover's female form with affection, but the hunger for Silver wouldn't be denied. "It's been over two weeks since we've had a chance to be together. We haven't even said two words outside of passing each in the hall," Hinako complained.

"I was out of the country. Mom and Pop wanted to check out on a rumor about a cure. Personally, I think they just wanted an excuse to vacation in Rio," Silver confided.

Hinako felt her heart skip, and not in a good way. "You were looking for a cure to your condition?"

"Heck no!" Silver's voice contained revulsion at the very idea. "Switching back and forth is normal for me. I like it. Not being able to change would be like cutting off an arm or something. They wanted to find one. But I'll let you know something." She moved closer and whispered confidentially. "I don't think they really care. They never complain, and actually seem to enjoy switching now and then. I think they just do it out of habit since they did look for a cure hard after they first got married. I think they came to terms with it a long time ago. Now it's sort of just going through the motions. That and there's usually some kind of excitement involved. Pop's a real action junkie. I think he'd go nuts if he didn't go off adventuring every once in a while. Mom says he's slowed down a lot and used to be way worse when he was younger. Personally, I can't picture it. He's a big trouble magnet now."

Hinako refrained from saying Silver was no better, and frequently went about looking for excitement of her own that got her into trouble on more occasions than could be counted without the aid of a calculator. Of course, had Silver been less adventuresome and daring, she might not have possessed the courage to tie Hinako down and make the teacher her own. The never ending need for excitement was another behavior Hinako had learned to adjust to in order to remain with her lover. And that habit was better than some of the other ones Hinako did want her to break.

It was a relief to hear her lover state specifically she wanted to keep her male form. That was perhaps the one thing that would drive Hinako away. Sex as girls was okay, since Silver enjoyed it so much and the older woman wanted to please her, but what she really craved was Silver's male form keeping a tight grip on her as he satiated his hunger by having sex with her in every way imaginable. Silver-kun, knowing Hinako preferred things that way, was all too eager to please. Nothing was too dirty for the teacher anymore, not if it meant making her lover happy. He eagerly ravished her for their mutual enjoyment, just as he had promised after their first meeting. They matched each other's needs and wants perfectly.

"But what about the week since you've been back?" Hinako asked. "I've wanted you every day since, but you keep leaving right away. You won't even stay for after-school sessions."

Silver shrugged helplessly. "I've been busy doing stuff."

"Doing that tramp, Kuonji, you mean," Hinako huffed and pouted. That was one sticking point she really hated. Silver should have been satisfied with only Hinako as a lover (well, female lover since Akira could provide for Silver things Hinako never could), and not wanted that conceited slut to keep as a screw toy. Yuriko was just a petty, immature brat that could never truly satisfy someone with Silver's sexual appetites. The gender-cursed girl needed a real woman to satisfy those urges. She and Hinako made the ideal couple, only Yuriko was too blind to see it.

To make matters worse, it was blatantly obvious the tramp wanted Silver solely for herself and constantly tried to poison Silver's mind against Hinako and steal her away (never mind that she already had a boyfriend in Akira). She constantly made cruel lies about Hinako's body being sagging, old, and other more descriptive, derogatory terms. The little tramp was just jealous because she wasn't half the woman Hinako was.

There was some small measure of revenge, as Yuriko let her tongue wag too much in front of others, both in openly insulting Hinako and nearly blabbing about her and Silver's relationship recently. She had drained the little tramp each time. Afterwards, when Yuriko tried to complain to Silver about it and use the gender changing girl to extract some measure of revenge on the teacher, Silver had taken Hinako's side and told Yuriko that Hinako had to do her job, and that the blonde had been the one out of line. Much to Hinako's delight, the little slut had gotten pissy and gave Silver the cold shoulder for the rest of the week. On the downside, by the weekend, she had thawed out with Silver in her bed; a fact she had been more than happy to rub in Hinako's face.

No, the two never got along in private, and tended to only be civil around Silver so neither would appear the villain. To Silver's credit, she tried to making them 'play nice', especially sexually in various three-ways and sometimes four-ways when Akira was involved. The girls had eaten each other out on several occasions at Silver's insistence. Hinako only consented as a show of obedience to her lover, and to make Yuriko come first and show off the superior pussy eating skills Silver had taught her in their time together (skills that would prove conclusively Hinako was a better match for her lover in either of her forms). Unfortunately, Yuriko wasn't completely without talent either, and the two more or less exchanged victories on an even basis. It was all but open warfare. No matter how hard Silver tried, it was unlikely the pair would ever get along. Each wanted Silver's attention solely for themselves.

Silver soothed, "Hey now, Yu-chan's not a tramp, and the fact is I haven't seen her for two weeks either."

"I'm certain," Hinako pouted.

"Come here, you," Silver said, bringing her hand behind Hinako's neck and forcing her face downward so the two could kiss. Despite Silver's obvious superior strength, Hinako would have preferred her lover be in her male form. Then he was the same height her, and his domination more physically obvious. But given their cooling relationship of late, Hinako was satisfied with affection of any kind.

Silver forced her lover's mouth open and drove her tongue inside. Hinako met it, the two intertwining. As they did so, Silver's hands were busy. One unbuttoned the already plunging neckline of Hinako's blouse, freeing the braless breast so she could paw at it. The other hand raised the teacher's short skirt high enough that the same could be done to the firm ass hidden beneath.

All too soon for Hinako's taste, Silver broke off the kiss, though continued to fondle her body. The teacher delighted in the unfettered contact.

Silver said, with just a hint of suspicion, "You've been dressing on the slutty side lately, almost like you're trolling for guys."

"I've just been trying to catch your attention." And it was true. When Silver didn't respond to Hinako's requests early on, she had worn clothing that did nothing to hide her figure in an effort to interest her lover. When that failed, she upped the ante by wearing increasingly skimpier clothing, the skirts riding higher and the blouses pulling tighter across her chest while the necklines plunged lower. It was on her near scandalous state of dress that Yuriko had insulted her once, and had been subsequently drained. It seemed that every male but Silver-kun gazed hungrily at Hinako of late. Now her lover was skillfully making up for the inattention.

As Silver continued her, fondling she purred in the teacher's ear, "Whereas I definitely like the packaging, I can't say I'm thrilled about you flashing so much of your goods to the guys."

"I only belong to you, Silver-sama," Hinako assured her.

"Damn straight," Silver agreed. "I've also heard you're starting to act like the Big Bitch on Campus again." She pinched Hinako's nipple, eliciting a yelp.

It was true. In the last couple of days, Hinako's temper slid back to its pre-Silver days as her frustration built. She had begun draining students for minor infractions. Earlier this morning she had drained a half dozen members of the rugby team merely for being boisterous in the halls after practice, a weak excuse if ever there was one. "Going without you for so long made me irritable," she offered in explanation.

The hold on the nipple softened. "Well, I am back, so you better calm your ass down."

"Yes, Silver-sama," Hinako said demurely.

"That's better." To show her approval, Silver continued her fondling.

Hinako decided the mood was right to mention something else. "When will you tell your parents about us?"

Silver made a strangled noise and immediately stopped her stroking. "What are you talking about?"

"I know we can't go public with our relationship until after you graduate," Hinako said. "But I figured there wouldn't be any harm in mentioning me to your parents."

Silver's face indicated she did not agree with the assessment. Rather than saying so, she went with a more neutral, "We'll talk about this later."


"I said later," Silver warned, her hands not returning to their previous positions.

Hinako's already frayed temper snapped. "You're not planning to tell them, are you? You're not going to bother because you're getting ready to dump me!"

"Hina-chan, calm down," Silver insisted.

"It's the Kuonji slut, isn't it?" Hinako snapped. "You're going to dump me for that little girl! You're just waiting to nestle yourself between that tramp's legs, aren't you? She parts them easy enough whenever someone points a cock in her direction! Well, I don't want you to! Quit fucking that slut! You have me! You don't need her!"

Soothingly, Silver moved closer and placed a hand affectionately behind the teacher's neck. He clucked, "Hina-chan, Hina-chan, Hina-chan. You keep forgetting something. Yu-chan's my friend, but you," his grip tightened until it felt like a vice had snapped shut on Hinako's neck, bringing her to her knees in an effort to slip out of the clench, which remained firm. "…are my bitch. It's time to remind you of your place!" she snarled.

"I'm sorry," Hinako blurted out sincerely while cringing inwardly. The frustration of not seeing Silver, horniness, fear of losing her to Kuonji, being left alone and unloved, had made her speak rashly and out of turn. Instantly, she realized she had gone over the line in their relationship by giving Silver orders on how to conduct herself, and demands that she had said from the outset that she would never consent to. Hinako had been a bad girl. Now it was time for some well-deserved discipline to be served to the disciplinarian herself. But there was a part of her that was delighted Silver still regarded her as worth chastising; that meant she was still wanted.

Silver released the hold on Hinako's neck. For a moment, Hinako feared her lover had changed her mind, and would tell her it was over. Instead, the younger girl undid the drawstring on her loose Chinese style, pants, allowing them to pool at her feet at the floor. Her boxers slipped off next. Silver stepped out of them so she was naked from the waist down.

Hinako's eyes followed her lover's progress closely. Silver sat down on a chair, keeping close to the edge as she parted her legs wide, giving a clear view of neatly trimmed pussy.

Silver pointed to her loins. "Eat me out, now."

Panicked, Hinako looked at a nearby clock hanging on the wall. Just over ten minutes before classes would be dismissed to attend the assembly. Teachers would arrive slightly before that. "But people will be coming in here soon."

Silver's voice was firm. "Then you'd better work quick. Wouldn't want to get caught eating out a student in front of everyone, would you? Think of the scandal."

Hinako saw that her lover's gaze brooked no further arguments. This was the chosen punishment. Dealing out pleasure without receiving any in return. Giving it to the less desirable of her lover's forms, and doing it under far from desirable conditions. If Hinako balked, Silver wouldn't tie her up and force the teacher's face into her crotch; the younger girl would put her pants back on, walk out, and never return.

There was no choice. Hinako hurried forward, falling down on all fours and buried her face into the silver-haired loins of her lover.

Rather than starting tentatively, as she normally did when eating out Silver's muff, she sent her tongue plunging in with reckless abandon, parting the folds of flesh and spearing in, like a tiny, prehensile cock. Despite the urgency of the situation, Hinako felt Silver recoil in surprise at the intense effort by the older woman.

Having paid close attention in times past to how her lover's form reacted (and having a far more intimate knowledge of the female anatomy than any man could) Hinako quickly had Silver wet from the swirling contact of her tongue. In truth, even Hinako was a touch surprised at how quickly Silver became aroused. She must have been running hot too; another sign Hinako was still in her favor despite being ignored for a couple of weeks.

Delighted at the perceived desire, Hinako plunged ahead, quickly freeing Silver's engorged clitoris and paying it close oral attention. She made up for the lack of a tongue driving into her lover's pussy by bringing up her fingers and plunging a pair up to the second knuckle. The inner lining clung tight to the digits as Hinako began working them back and forth.

"Oh yeah, that's it, Hina-chan." Silver's hands found their way to the back of Hinako's head. There her fingers buried themselves in the tangle of the older woman's hair, making certain she remained at the spot no matter what force might try to pull her away.

Hinako would have resisted any effort to remove her just as powerfully. As much as Silver had control of her, Hinako too had something of a grip on her lover, unleashing pleasure the martial artist would not forsake, even if she wanted to. It would bind them closer together, if only until Hinako finished her task. It would have to suffice for the moment.

Silver gave a loud groan and forced Hinako's face closer. The teacher was surprised when the climax hit; usually it took much longer, but it was a real one, and not faked to save time. Hinako felt the liquid discharge and removed her fingers so she could lap eagerly of a taste that she had lived without for too long. Silver's hold on her head remained firm, and forced Hinako to remain where she was until she lapped up every drop.

At last the orgasm passed, and Silver released her hold. Hinako dared to look up, and felt her spirit soar upon seeing a look of approval directed at her.

"Have you been practicing on other girls while I was gone?" Silver asked.

"Of course not," Hinako said in an offended tone, even if she could tell Silver was only teasing.

Silver rose to her feet. "Stand up and bend over the podium," she ordered.

Hinako spared a glance at the clock, but did as she was ordered. She would not question a direct order like that again, not when it was obvious she had lucked out and returned to her lover's good graces so quickly.

Doing as she was instructed, Hinako's height allowed her to bend over the podium and thrust her bottom outward. She saw out of the corner of her eye Silver putting her boxers and pants back on. Perhaps her lover was going to eat Hinako out from behind. They would be cutting it close, but administering the cunnilingus has her running hot. It would be something of a race to get her off before other teachers started to arrive.

Silver did indeed move up behind the woman. Hinako left her eyes forward, enjoying the sensation of the younger girl's hands raising the small skirt up to Hinako's waist and revealing her panty covered behind. A moment later, the gusset was pulled aside, and Hinako could feel the cool air across her bared bottom.

There was a sucking sound, then Hinako felt a thumb force its way into her rectum. She grimaced at the forceful way she was being taken, but refused to say anything that might deter her lover from probing her back door. What was Silver up to? Would she get some cold water and bury some cock on her ass? True, Silver-kun could orgasm quite quickly the first time when he was running hot, but even this would be pressing things.

The plunging sensation continued, and a grunt escaped Hinako's lips as a second digit joined the first. Perhaps Silver was trying to stimulate both areas, and would plunge her tongue into Hinako's pussy. That would get her off quickly.

Instead, the fingers retreated, only to be replaced by something larger that was put next to Hinako's rosebud. There was no way Silver had time to change forms. Hinako finally spared a glance over her shoulder to see what was happening. Her eyes widened as she saw the butt plug Silver was pushing inside Hinako's body.

"Why?" was all Hinako could manage through clenched teeth as the widest part forced its way into her bowels.

Attention riveted to her work, Silver explained, "Since I don't have enough time to ride you good and proper, I'm leaving this in you as a reminder. While you're up there, with all the students in the school having their eyes riveted to your body, imagine it's me standing behind with my cock inside you." She looked down at the butt plug. "Well, partially in you."

A thrill went through Hinako's body at the sheer naughtiness of the suggestion. "Yes, Silver-sama," she cooed.

While Silver continued working the plug in, Hinako did have a brief fantasy of her lover doing just what she had suggested. There was little more the woman would have adored than to be in front of the entire student body, naked and on all fours while Silver-kun slammed his manhood mercilessly into her bottom. That would show everyone whose bitch she really was. And it would show all those little inexperienced sluts who cast lustful glances at her beloved Silver-sama that he didn't need them. Hinako was all the woman he would ever require, even if her lover didn't realize it yet.

Within moments, Silver's work was complete and the plug firmly embedded in Hinako's bottom. She pulled the panties back into place, then pulled the skirt down. She gave Hinako a passionate kiss, one the teacher wished would last forever.

Silver broke off the kiss and licked her lips. "Mmm. Forgot how good I taste, especially when I'm getting it from you. You really do have a sweet little mouth."

Hinako actually blushed at the compliment. "Thank you, Silver-sama."

Affording a glance at the clock, Silver nearly jumped out of her skin. "I got to get going. Someone's going to show up any minute now." Rather than move toward the nearest door, Silver leapt upward, easily reaching the ceiling and clinging to some of the rafter and began making her way back from high overhead. It proved to be a good choice, as one of the other teachers entered from a side door that led directly to the stage.

He looked at Hinako. "Is everything set up?"

"Yes, everything is set up perfectly," Hinako said, feeling the plug shift and sending shivers down her spine. It was going to be one interesting assembly.

Silver shifted uncomfortably as she headed back to her class. She couldn't believe what she had done. Hinako's demands of revealing their relationship to Silver's parents had been the perfect excuse to finally break things off with her. Instead, Silver caved in at the last moment and instead made Hinako revert to her submissive, meek, and gorgeous self. Making the teacher go down on her in a place that hundreds of students would be packed into in a few minutes was so raunchy and taboo it thrilled Silver merely thinking about it. Then again, those same feelings flooded her every time she and Hinako got down and dirty, whether it be on school grounds, or somewhere else. It was like they never became bored with one another, and it could never be 'just sex,' not with how enjoyable it was.

But then, that was part of the problem. Events had gone far beyond that first little encounter they had had some months ago. Originally, Silver was certain Hinako would lose interest in the fling she was having with one of her students and either find a new partner or just quit altogether. In either case, Silver was content to enjoy the ride that would follow. It wasn't like they could just cozy up and be a couple, not with the differences in age and station in life. Their affair wasn't supposed to last long. Things would eventually work out on their own, they'd lose interest in one another once the newness of what they were doing wore off, things would go back to what passed for normal in Silver's life. Except they weren't, especially on Hinako's part. If anything, she was more attached to Silver than before. That sort of devotion and desire was almost frightening to the martial artist, although at the same time it made her feel special and important. It was a contradiction that confused her, and she was uncertain of what to do about it.

Breaking things off was obviously the best thing to do. The complications were just too much. They should go their separate ways and be done with it. Only every time Silver truly considered saying those fateful words, she chickened out. It went deeper than feeling terrible about hurting Hinako's feelings. Silver found she didn't want to let go of the teacher. She enjoyed having her around on several levels. While it was true the sex played a large role in the relationship, they also spent time together just talking. Hinako proved to be a very insightful woman about a lot of things, if somewhat nave about others. She knew a great deal about life, having lived a lot of it, but not as much about people, since her size-changing situation meant having few acquaintances and no close friends for most of her life. Silver was the opposite, which meant they complimented each other well. Despite their many differences, each seemed to have something to give the other, and whatever their relationship was, it filled many of the desires each had.

On a sexual level, it seemed to fit even better. Hinako wanted a strong hand to guide her (outside of her work, which required dishing out discipline to the unruly), and Silver was happy to apply it. She was surprised how eager she was to make Hinako toe a line. Part of it might have been because for a couple of years the teacher had been something of an opponent, eager to catch and humiliate Silver, who always remained one step ahead, but was aware of the ire she drew from the teacher. And the one time when Hinako thought she had trapped Silver and victory was hers, the martial artist turned the tables and completely defeated the older woman instead — admittedly in an unconventional, though pleasurable, way. It was something of a turn on to keep someone that was supposed to have authority over Silver under her power instead. Though, as their little discussion had just showed, Hinako seemed to have quite a bit of control over Silver as well in preventing their break-up. Silver was taking a huge risk in keeping Hinako around. If she was caught, she was going to be in for a whole world of trouble.

Silver had a bad feeling things were reaching a point where she was going to have to decide something, and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

Sitting with a plug up one's ass was quite the experience, Hinako noted, as every time she squirmed on the seat, the plug worked its magic, making her squirm some more, and increasing her arousal. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy of erotic stimulation.

Her eyes pored over the students as they filtered into the assembly area. She wanted to find Silver in the crowd, perhaps even in male form. Once he entered, his eyes would be riveted to Hinako as he envisioned himself sliding his manhood into her body, just like the picture he had painted in her mind. Perhaps she would even orgasm while on stage, though she would have to do it quietly. Still, there was something erotic about the fantasy of climaxing on stage before all of her students.

Mrs. Takaguchi, a history teacher seated to Hinako's right, asked, "Are you all right? You look a little flush."

"I'm fine," Hinako said to the older woman, ignoring the distraction. All she was really concerned about was keeping her beloved Silver's attention.

And then she saw her lover enter, the platinum locks of her hair making her stand out among the masses. Hinako deliberately shifted her bottom so the plug shifted, and stared at Silver so that they could meet eye to eye, sharing their private little secret.

Except Silver wasn't staring at her. Instead she was talking animatedly to that tramp, Yuriko Kuonji, who was walking alongside her. The two were chatting merrily, all of Silver's attention directed at the blond bimbo. The way Silver's class filtered into the auditorium, she passed right next to the stage where Hinako's sat, but the younger girl didn't even spare a glance, reserving all of her attention toward her big busted companion.

The little slut! How dare she steal all of Silver's attention so quickly yet again! This was to be Hinako and Silver's moment, but the trollop had ruined it. She would have to pay, and pay dearly for the affront.

What Hinako wanted to do was drain Yuriko so dry she would never have another orgasm again, but Silver had made it clear no unwarranted attacks would be tolerated. Past experience had shown confronting Yuriko would have the opposite effect by making her try more actively keep all of Silver's attention. The stupid girl was competitive about keeping a man's attention all to herself. No, something more roundabout would have to occur. Something that would not point the finger at Hinako. Something that would prove to Silver that Yuriko wasn't worthy of her attention. The girl was a slut. Hinako was sure of it from the way she greedily went after both Akira and Silver-kun in the four ways they had, and from all her attempts to cut down Hinako in front of them. She would part her legs for just about anyone, given the right circumstances. It was just a case of engineering them.

And then something occurred to Hinako. One of the topics of the assembly was to announce there was that recent grant Furinkan had received, one concerning sending some students from sensei Tanaka's sociology class to Aztec ruins a continent away for a week to study them. Yuriko was in that teacher's class. And so were some other students. Yes, something could be done with that. All it would take was a little conversation with Tanaka and entice him to be selective about who should go. He was a hard up man that frequently complained about never going out on a date. Tomorrow she would flash him a little cleavage, and he would be eating out of the palm of her hand.

And the best part of all was that Silver would never blame Hinako for what would happen.

"I suppose you have an explanation for the way this list of people going on the trip turned out?" Silver asked, anger filling every word like venom.

"I don't know what you mean," Hinako responded as guilelessly as she could, her eyes darting around her empty classroom. When she had invited Silver for an 'after-school study period' (not mentioning that it would be a celebration for Yuriko being out of the way for a whole week, and if things went well, much longer) this was not the way she envisioned things going.

"You're a pitiful liar," Silver spat.

Hinako could feel herself tremble. It was true. Before Silver, she could never manage an effective lie. It was too much like disobedience, and she didn't want to be, really.

Silver let out a tired sigh, keeping her angry glare fixed on Hinako. "When the list of people going on that overseas trip got posted, I wondered what was up. Don't you think it's odd how guys outnumber girls 5 to 1? And that for some reason all of the guys are major hunks, and all but one of the girls are either overweight, downright ugly, or both? All, that is, except Yu-chan."

"Sensei Tanaka was in charge of making the list since he's the one escorting the students," Hinako pointed out.

"Funny thing about that," Silver said. "I had a talk with him yesterday. He told me that for some odd reason, you aided him by volunteering to make the list yourself. How very… helpful, of you."

That was it. The scheme was over. Hinako wanted to drain the bastard Tanaka dry for giving everything away. The teacher had made him promise not to mention her actions to anyone. She should have considered Silver would flash some cleavage of her own his way in order to get him talking. He would have forgotten a promise made over the breasts of yesterday for the new breasts in front of him today.

Silver made a great production of crossing her arms and glaring down at the seated Hinako. "Well, you've already screwed up bad by going behind my back and doing something to Yu-chan. You'd better not make a bad situation worse by holding out."

There was no way she could defy her lover now. Hinako quietly spoke. "I thought that if Kuonji was left on her own, far away from you and Akira, surrounded with several virile young men she found attractive, she'd sleep around with some of them. She isn't loyal to you like I am. She's not worthy of your attention. She's just a slut," Hinako insisted.

Silver gave Hinako a disapproving glare. She was about to say something when a jazzy musical tune emanated from the pocket of her pants. She reached in and pulled out her cell phone, and answered it. "Hello?"

A panicked voice shouted loudly enough that the martial artist had to hold the phone away from her ear. "Silver, you've got to get over to my place! Yuriko's acting like she's an out of control nymphomaniac! I've done her three times already and she's acting like I haven't even started on foreplay!"

Hinako heard the voice and recognized it as belonging to Akira Tendou. It appeared her prophecy was becoming true sooner than anyone could have suspected.

Silver said, "Oh, don't worry about it. I slipped her some Dorpherin before she went to your place."

The voice shouted, "Are you insane?! She'll be a sex maniac for the rest of the night."

Even Hinako was taken aback. Dorpherin was nicknamed 'Speed Viagra' due to its potency. It increased a person's sex drive and stamina to inhuman proportions for the fourteen hours or so it was in effect, sending their biological sex functions into overdrive. Silver-kun once boasted of trying it on a vacation and managing eight erections in one day (Hinako barely refrained from asking who had taken care of his erection eight times). Of course, the price for having one's system boosted in such a manner was that once the drug wore off, the person had all the sex drive of a eunuch for the next six days. And the drug couldn't be taken again for fear of damaging the user's body from its potency. Realistically it was too powerful, its side effects considerable, and potential for damage too risky for widespread use. Primarily only men used it when no other drug worked, or if they wanted to give a girl a night to really remember. Women hardly ever used it, since weaker drugs tended to have the same effect.

On the phone, Silver soothed, "Relax, relax. I'm busy right now, and won't be able to come over. Just tie her up, stick a vibrator in her pussy and something in her ass, and let her lay there. Trust me; she'll thank you for it later. Just make sure you leave it on high, and use something you can plug into the wall. No sense in risking having the batteries run out. You know what she's like when she needs it and can't get satisfaction."

Silver had to hold the phone away from her head as Akira shouted, "She wouldn't need satisfaction if you hadn't doped her up and dropped her in my lap!"

Silver shot Hinako an evil glare as she spoke. "I had to do it. You know how she's been complaining lately about us not giving her enough attention. Now she's going to be the only attractive girl in another country surrounded by a bunch of hot guys who'd bang her in a second if she looked twice at them. I don't want her getting any ideas, is all. This way she'll be fine for the duration of the vacation… Yeah, I thought you'd see things my way. I got to go." Silver hung up the phone.

Hinako said, "See? You admit she would sleep around behind your back."

Silver placed the phone back in her pocket. "I know she gets tempted easily, especially when she's moody like she has been lately. I'm just making sure she doesn't make any mistakes. Me and Akira will look out for her when other guys wouldn't. And the only reason I had to take such drastic steps in the first place is because of what you did."

The glare Silver was shooting her let Hinako know she was not in a forgiving mood. The teacher let out a soft sigh. It had been a good plan, and there had been a chance of making it work. Getting Yuriko out of the picture for good was worth the risk. But now it was over and the gamble had been lost. Hinako resolved herself to accept whatever punishment Silver would mete out. She wondered what it would be. Spanking with a paddle until she couldn't sit down? A butt plug in her ass all day long instead of just for an hour? No sex with Silver for a week? Sex with Yuriko for a week? Silver could be inventive, that was for certain.

But instead of raging at Hinako, or grabbing her by the hair and throwing her over a desk, Silver turned away, giving her back to the teacher, and said in a soft, almost gentle voice, "I think it's time we broke up."

Hinako's heart nearly stopped beating in her chest and her stomach roiled. No. Not that. Anything but that! "Silver-sama," she said her pleading gaze far more effective than words could express.

The martial artist looked over shoulder, giving Hinako a sad look. "Don't make it any worse than it has to be." She took a step to the door.

"Noooo!" Hinako wailed, not caring if the entire school heard her. She surged out of her chair and threw herself between Silver and the door, then prostrated herself on the floor, hoping it was some sort of game that was meant to string out her torment for her misbehavior.

"Show some dignity," Silver admonished, but took no step toward her, either to walk around her or try to force her out of the way.

This was not a game. She could see this was no empty threat designed to make her submit to Silver's will. Hinako understood that now. Silver was not going to punish her. She was no longer worth disciplining. She was no longer worth anything.

Desperation ruled Hinako's mind. She considered draining Silver to make her remain still long enough to explain why she had to stay, but then realized it would just drive her further away. She had to try to get Silver back. "This is all the dignity I'll have if you leave me. You've taught me what it means to be loved and in love. I'll be nothing without you. I love you too much!"

The girl recoiled slightly.

Hope. Silver would not have reacted like that if she didn't care. Now that Hinako calmed down slightly, and looked closer, she saw her lover was not angry, but rather sad, as though she didn't want to do it either. Hinako begged, "Please, please let me make it up to you. I'll do anything."

For an instant, it appeared Silver was going to remain firm and leave, but then her stance weakened. Signs of an obvious, difficult struggle traveled across her features, as though a great internal battle was taking place. After seconds that seemed an eternity, her shoulders slumped slightly, as though something had been decided.

Silver closed her eyes. As Hinako watched, searching for any hint of her actions yielding fruit, her lover's features stabilized. Silver's eyes opened, and what was within made the teacher's heart soar like it had the first time the martial artist had thrown her across his lap and turned her cheeks cherry red. She recognized this stern, uncompromising gaze. One that held an assurance than she cared enough to apply a firm hand to an incorrigible woman that needed disciplining.

The words Silver spoke were as hard as stone. "This can't go on. I can't have you going behind my back and trying to do things to MY Yu-chan."

If the emphasis on Yuriko belonging to Silver was meant to make Hinako jealous, it failed. The teacher no longer cared if Silver had her way with Yuriko every day, just so long as Hinako could still be her lover as well. "I'll never do anything to her again," she vowed.

Silver was unyielding. "This went way beyond exchanging a few insults or draining her. You tried to set her up so she's end up with a bunch of guys fucking her brains out."

"I was completely in the wrong. What I did was a terrible thing, and I deserve my punishment." And Hinako meant it. Jealousy had ruled her heart and mind as she tried to manipulate things against her lover's direct wishes. Making her desires for Silver known was one thing, but it was not her place to force such issues, especially ones that did not directly involve her.

There was a smirk on Silver's lips when she said, "I don't believe you when you say you'll do anything to make up for what you've done."

"I do mean it! I do!" Hinako insisted from her place before Silver's feet, trying to look as repentant as possible. "Whatever you want to do to me, I will happily accept."

"This is easily the worst thing you've ever done," Silver said with a hint of warning in her voice.

"And so I should be punished in the harshest way possible," Hinako agreed. Anything would be all right, so long as she regained Silver's good graces. She would leap through burning hoops if it was demanded of her.

Now Silver smiled in an almost predatory grin. Hinako recognized and thrilled at it. Her lover was about to enjoy what she was going to do, and if Silver enjoyed it, then Hinako would do whatever was desired of her with a wide smile and an open heart, knowing she was the one responsible for such bliss.

Silver slowly drawled out, "Well, I think we'll let the punishment fit the crime. Now here's what's going to happen…"

Silver switched the bottle in her hand to the other and positioned herself directly under the streetlight, both to be seen more easily, as well as having enough illumination to see the position of the hands on her wristwatch. She probably should have gotten some cheap throwaway digital one, (with its own light source) but the special titanium alloy timepiece was a gift from her parents, one that could handle the punishment she frequently put her body through and keep on ticking. Also, it just plain looked neat.

It was eleven P.M… Time was wasting. It had taken four days, since the little scene with Hinako, to set things up and the weather to agree with her scheme to help teach her impudent lover to mind her place. The whole episode had been a near thing. It was the ideal excuse to finally break up and have at least one potential future problem taken care of. When she had told Hinako it was time to call things off, she had meant it. But seeing and hearing the complete and utter devastation that would have happened if she left the teacher, and Hinako had meant every word, made her reconsider.

The handful of girls that had tried latching onto Silver and making her their exclusive property after a few dates would unleash tearful pleas as well, but they were standard infatuations that everyone had a dozen times over in their high school careers. Just the usual experienced any teenager underwent. It felt bad for a little while, then was gotten over as some other guy caught their interest. Hinako's breakdown had been nothing like that. The depth of longing and need that had been there had made all the other girls' entreaties combined look like they were a casual good-bye. They weren't mere words from Hinako, they were truths. Seeing that fear had made Silver want to respond by embracing the teacher and assure her that all was forgiven and that she need never fear being abandoned. Reason tried to overcome instinct, but Silver's own heart entered the fray, telling her unequivocally that not only would it be catastrophic for Hinako, but that Silver herself wanted the woman to remain by her side very badly. Damn it! She really liked Hinako, from the teasing, the quiet moments together that were fleeting, the devotion, and yes, the hot and heavy sex too. The only thing that really stood between them was the age (a mutable thing in Hinako's case) and the propriety of the relationship, and since when had Silver Saotome ever really cared about propriety? Hell, the essential thumbing of her nose at everyone from her involvement with Hinako was one of the thrilling things about the relationship and only added to it.

In the end, Silver couldn't do keep her resolve. It was then she realized she had learned a very important lesson: that one couldn't use 'reason' as an excuse for breaking up a relationship if the heart had already decided on the matter.

Forgiveness was one thing, bringing Hinako back in line was another. Jealousy over Yuriko made Silver feel wanted, but taking action behind the martial artist's back to set up the blonde was something else. And if that hadn't worked, what else would Hinako have cooked up to Yuriko from the picture? As obedient as Hinako could be (an obedience reserved exclusively for Silver), she was also a woman determined to get what she wanted: years of busting delinquents had only made her good at that. An escalation in tactics would have been inevitable. That potentially messy problem had to be fixed now, before things went any farther.

Hopefully the scheme Silver had come up with for tonight would do that. True, Hinako had said she would stop with the scheming, but she had to show Silver her resolve was firm, as well as being punished for her 'crimes', in an appropriate manner Once it was explained to Hinako what she had to do to make up for her actions, she agreed, surprisingly without hesitation. Either her guilt or fear of losing Silver had made her far more pliable than she had ever been before.

"Hey, Silver, we're here," came a deep, male voice from just beyond the glow of the streetlight.

Silver shook herself out of her reverie. It was game time. She took a moment to look down at her outfit and make certain she was properly dressed for the occasion. For this humid summer night, she had chosen a tank top that was a touch on the tight side, accentuating her braless breasts and stopping well above her navel. To compliment it, small shorts that were tight around her firm, rounded bottom, as well as showing off her well-formed legs and womanly hips rounded things out. It was exactly the sort of look that drew men's eyes to check her out, and like what they saw. All of it was calculated. She needed to set the mood early for what would happen later.

As the five guys stepped into the light, Silver could see her style of dress had its desired effect. All of them were examining her closely, and she could see the bulges forming in their shorts.

Silver was pleased to see the five members of the school's rugby team she had asked to meet had done so. The somewhat lean Matsui, the fraternal twin brothers, Kyosuke and Kenji, the captain of the team, Yakamo, and the most notable of all, the six foot three, two-hundred and eighty-five pounds of solid muscle, Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki.

Not counting Ryo, the group of guys were generally similar to one another, which was probably why they tended to do things as a group. They were all the same age as Silver (except Yakamo, who was a senior), all above average to fairly attractive in looks, came from financially secure backgrounds, were very physically fit, and were perceived mostly as jocks (though Kenji was also known for being one of the top students in their grade). Being key members of a rugby team that was doing well enough to make the regional championship (due in no small part to the obscenely powerful Ryo), gave them their own clique that was currently high in the ebb and flow of popular groups in school. They had the attention of a number of girls, as well as the envy of guys, and were confident enough to know it.

Ryo was the odd member of the quartet. Besides the obvious physical differences, he was more reserved than the others, and tended to be more of the classic 'nice guy,' whereas the rest of the youths leaned toward the more the rambunctious side and enjoyed their popularity with girls. Ryo almost seemed reluctant to enjoy his renown, though Silver knew he had dated a number of girls, never keeping any around for long. In some ways, he wasn't really all that different from her, save Silver knew she had the well-deserved reputation of being something of a rogue and 'bad boy/girl' among the ladies. Fun to fool around with, a challenge to try to 'tame' (which irked her since an exclusive relationship was the last thing she wanted), but generally not perceived as a 'keeper' the way Ryo was. Though the girls had as much success with the 'Monster' as they did with Silver herself in trying to make him their own.

What also set him apart that she knew Ryo a lot better than the other guys. Her father and his were friends (though sometimes Ryo's father acted more like a rival), and she had gotten to know Ryo growing up. They didn't live close to one another, so she didn't see him the way she had Akira, but he was a childhood friend, and the closest male friend she had after Akira. Upon her return from her training journey (and matured body) she was quick to recognize the signs that Ryo had a crush on her. Had it not been for her love of Akira, she'd have probably dated him and seen how things had developed from there.

She rarely gave it much thought. Aside from being more than satisfied with her current situation, she did have serious doubts as to Ryo's ability to hold her interest in the long-term. He was a bit too much of a nice guy in something of a weenie way, with the diddling of the hands and being unwilling to say what he felt, becoming flushed with embarrassment all the time. Akira was a nice guy in that 'quiet confidence' sort of way. Once he knew what he wanted, he would be willing to come forward and say it and accept the consequences. If he was hesitant to act, it wasn't because of cowardice, it was because he was thinking things through and concerned about the repercussion of his actions. Ryo lacked that sort of confidence.

There was also the added factor of Yuriko having something of a crush on him at one time, a crush she had been unusually fearful of admitting in the open. In time, Silver had grown concerned about the triangle that really wasn't. Ryo was definitely a one girl sort of guy, and he seemed to have his sights set on Silver. Had Yuriko mentioned her interest to him, she most likely would have been turned down or dumped quickly, eliciting anger at the perceived rejection of her femininity, anger would have been directed at the perceived cause: one Silver Saotome.

So steps were taken to resolve things. Since Silver and Akira couldn't 'officially' be together in any way, that meant he was technically available. Yuriko was available, and a great girl. Akira was a great guy and deserved the best, which Yuriko was (after Silver herself, of course). It only made sense that the two should be together (that and the fact Silver was sleeping with both of them at the same time, and had no intention of giving either one up), which was why she had set things up at the beach and played matchmaker for them. Miraculously, it had been a tremendous success with them enjoying one another, just as Silver had planned and hoped. Further attempts at getting them closer were halted when Akira, sensing what Silver was up to, told her specifically to let things between he and Yuriko take their natural course and to stop setting them up. She did so, though with a certain reluctance. Still, the two seemed to be keeping each other's interest, and drawing closer together, all the while Silver still keeping their interest as well and being an integral, if unofficial, part of the relationship.

It was by far the hardest balancing act Silver had ever managed, especially with Yuriko's temper and what was quickly becoming high maintenance (her pride seemed to make her want at least two people vying for her attention at all times). Luckily, a little cold water and extra attention tended to cool her down, and Yuriko was definitely worth the effort. However, so was Hinako, who also had a high maintenance standard, which was why Silver's life was so trying at times. Still, there were important and Silver tried her best to even things out. That was the whole point of inviting the guys along tonight. Maintaining the precarious balance between unusual relationships by applying unusual methods.

There were several things that made the group of youths useful for Silver's needs. One was the sort of guys they were, all fine specimens of manhood that were interested in girls. A second was that none of them had steady girlfriends. And the third was their multiple, unfortunate encounters with Hinako over the last couple of years. All of them had been favorite targets before Silver calmed her down. Even that hadn't proved sufficient, as during Hinako's pervious week she had gotten bitchy again and hit all five of them using one of the weakest pretenses ever, claming they made 'too much noise', before draining them so badly it took until the end of school for them to return to normal. Rumor had it they were still grumbling about the incident and trying to keep clear of Hinako. With that fresh in their minds, they were ripe for what was about to happen.

The guys entered the circle of light, surrounding Silver. Ryo, being the most familiar with her, acted as spokesman for the group. "What've you got there?" he asked, pointing at the green colored bottle in her hand, one that lacked any labels.

Silver looked at it as though she had forgotten it was there. "It's just a little something I scrounged from home. The parents seem to like it, and I have to admit, it tastes pretty good. Here, try some." She offered.

In truth, the contents consisted of some pilfered sake and a 'flavoring' of mild aphrodisiac (courtesy of one of the traveling salesman of exotic wares that frequented Nerima) called a Lotha Blossom, that would set the mood. Not anywhere near the level of the Dorpherin, it would merely help loosen everyone up in a specific way. It wouldn't make them do anything they didn't want to do. On the contrary, it would encourage them to do it. With the situation that was fast approaching, a little encouragement might make the difference between success and failure. They would thank her for it later. Boy would they thank her.

Ryo held his hands up. "Sorry, I'd rather not."

Captain Yakamo moved past him and grabbed the bottle. "Don't be such a pussy. If a girl offers you a drink, always accept." With that he took a belt off the bottle. His face cringed slightly as he mouthed, "Woo! That's got a kick to it. Here," he handed it off to Kyosuke, who drank some and passed it around.

Eventually the bottle made its way back to Ryo, and he grudgingly took a drink. He looked at it imperiously. "I thought you said this had a kick to it," and took a second, deeper swallow. Then a third. Silver smiled to herself. Things were going exactly as planned.

"Here," Ryo ordered as he thrust the bottle out in Silver's direction.

"Huh?" She saw that the others were watching her expectedly. Refusing would make them suspicious, and she had said she didn't like talking without having something to drink. She didn't really have a choice. Perhaps next time she would think things through before opening her mouth.

They were watching too closely for her to fake a drink. Instead she put the bottle to her lips, tilted back, and took a heavy gulp. Its flavor was slightly sweet, and with a definite kick. She was surprised Ryo was able to handle it so casually, like it was water. Not to be outdone, she took a second as well, emphasizing how much she was consuming in loud gulps meant for the others to hear. She didn't have anything to worry about. The drug was mild. She could ignore its effects easily. She was Silver Saotome, after all. No measly aphrodisiac could make her go out of control.

The bottle circulated its way among the guys again. By the time Silver received it, there was barely enough left to fill the bottom. Still, she tilted it back and finished off the final drops, before tossing the empty bottle into a nearby trash can.

As she returned her attention to the guys, she saw they were blinking, as though they were affected by something, especially Ryo. They looked sort of silly, until Silver realized she was blinking as well. Apparently the alcohol was a bit stronger than she had thought, though she hadn't had that much. Neither did the others. One bottle wouldn't go that far among the six of them, and Ryo had drunk more than his share.

Silver shook off the effects, and saw the others were doing the same.

"So what did you bring us out here for?" Ryo asked, no longer any hesitation in his voice.

Now she had their curiosity, as well as their hormones, aroused. It was time to begin the second stage. "I found out something interesting the other night, something I thought I'd share with you guys, since you can appreciate the opportunity it would present."

"What opportunity?" Yakamo asked.

"It's easier to show it to you than to explain it," Silver responded.

"I think I'd prefer the explanation," Yakamo started to say, but then was cut off as a powerful hand fell on his shoulder, nearly dislocating it.

Ryo scoffed. "Bah! If Silver thinks it's worth checking out, we check it out." He gave a toothy grin in Silver's direction

Yakamo started to say, "I'm the captain, and decide what…" he trailed off as he saw Ryo scowling at him. That he had to crane his neck to look up into that scowl, and that the meaty hand was still resting firmly on his sore shoulder, made the insistence all the more effective. "Hibiki's right. Let's go."

Silver was a touch astonished at Ryo asserting himself like that. He never behaved that way, and was so passive he was almost a weenie. It was kind of freaky, yet neat, to see him ordering someone around.

Silver shouldered her bag, and the other special items stored within rattling around. "Follow me."

The others did so, Ryo eagerly leading the group. Once it was decided they would indulge their curiosity, the group seemed more relaxed and eager to follow.

As they made their way to Silver's destination, she was surprised by how horny she felt. It wasn't as bad as that return trip from the Miroku house, where she had been raging out of control, but she was definitely feeling the need for some action. It was odd, the Lotha Blossom wasn't supposed to have that much of an effect on people. Unless mixing it with alcohol would have a multiplier effect, similar to some other kinds of drugs. Now that she thought about it, the traveling salesman had said something about not mixing it with some other substance, but she couldn't remember what any longer.


"What was that?" Ryo asked.

"Oh, nothing," Silver laughed nervously. It was too late to do anything about it. And really, how much of an increased effect could it have?

She turned to see all of the guys were staring lustily at her, Ryo's the most burning of all. It wasn't the normal guys checking out some girl casually walking by, but the 'I really want a piece of that ass right now and don't give a damn if I am telegraphing it.' It was a risky stare as, unless the girl was interested, she would usually walk off as quickly as she could. As wolflike as these guys could be, they were never that open about it. Silver decided to step up the pace. They were becoming primed too quickly.

She tripled her speed, which seemed to help as the guys were forced to use a lot of their energy to keep up instead of fantasizing. With the heat and humidity, all were left soaking in sweat. Eventually, their journey ended as they came to the wall surrounding the school grounds.

Kenji groaned. "Aw, I don't like coming here during the day. Why the heck are we here in the evening?"

"It's where that thing I'm going to show you is," Silver explained

"So you're going to… show us something?" Yakamo asked.

Silver noticed he said this while staring pointedly at her chest. She looked down to see that her tank top was soaked in sweat, making it partially transparent. Since the curse made wearing a bra an exercise in futility, she never wore one. It was easy to make out the dark areolas of her nipples since they contrasted sharply with the white of the top.

The other guys seemed to pick up on the hint, and moved closer to her, surrounding her with her back to the wall. Most of them, unconsciously, were adjusting their pants or shorts, as though they had suddenly become unbearably constrictive.

Well, she did have their attention, now it had to be directed at the proper source. "It's on the inside." She leaped effortlessly to the top of the wall, then reached down with her hand to help the others up. As she bent over, she offered the members of the team a generous view of her cleavage.

The unusually quiet Matsui finally spoke up. "Won't we get in trouble for sneaking on school ground after hours?"

Silver waved her hand dismissively at him. "The only guy that's supposed to be watching the place is the school janitor, and he's always passed out drunk by eleven."

Yakamo elbowed the doubter in the ribs. "Yeah, this is a great place to have a little privacy." He gave a wink as well.

"Privacy," Ryo sighed as he stared at the view of her cleavage and gained a goofy grin on his features.

Silver recognized the signs of Ryo's journey to Fantasyland; a place he resided in far too often instead of taking the actions he dreamt of. Well, tonight he was going to get the chance to act out some of those dreams. It was one of the reasons Silver had chosen him. It was time for him to cast off his hesitation and live a little.

She helped all but Ryo up and down to the interior of the yard. 'Monster' Hibiki easily leaped up to the top of the wall and over. While his martial arts weren't near Silver's level, he was easily capable of that small feat.

Silver made a hushing motion with her fingers. "From now on, keep it down," she whispered.

"I thought you said the janitor was asleep," Kenji mentioned.

"It's something else, now hush up," Silver insisted.

Ryo's stern gazed was unleashed on the doubter. Seeing his brother wasn't about to back him up, Kenji did as he was told.

"This way." Silver quietly led the quintet deeper into the school grounds, circling around toward the back. There were no lights in the area, leaving only the full moon to illuminate things. Luckily it was a cloudless night, and visibility was high.

Eventually Silver led the group to the fence surrounding the outdoor pool next to the school.

Yakamo looked at the body of water. He said pointedly to Silver, "I sure wouldn't mind jumping in there with how hot it is. It'd be a good night for a swim. Of course none of us brought out swimwear, so we'd have to improvise."

"Improvise," Ryo repeated as he stared at Silver, all but drooling as his eyes took on the distant cast again.

There was a splash of water from the pool area.

"Looks like someone already had the same idea," Silver said, greatly relieved she didn't have to bring the topic up.

All went silent as six pairs of eyes stared at the pool. Sounds of quiet movement in the water floated to their ears. With their position being slightly below that of the pool's level, it wasn't easy to see what was inside. The members of the team stood on their toes to try to get a better look, save Ryo, who was tall enough to simply peer over the edge from where he stood.

Through the chain links, water, and moonlight, they could just make out a human figure gently cutting through the water, all but coasting. Eventually the figure swam to the side of the pool, head surfacing so a long flow of hair could be seen. The figure then placed its hands on the ledge of the pool, and hoisted itself up and out of the pool. It crouched for a moment, picking up a towel, before standing, effectively silhouetted in the moonlight, while the water glistened off an obviously female body. She then used the towel to dry her hair, effectively hiding her face, but not her body, which was clearly nude and very well built.

The faces of all the guys were suddenly pressed against the fence hard enough to leave impressions if they remained there overlong.

"Holy shit," Yakamo whispered.

"Look at that ass," the twins sighed as one.

Matsui said, "The heck with the ass, look at that rack."

"It's gotta' be 'Big Tits' Kuonji. Only she's got a chest like that." Lust was dripping from Yakamo's voice.

"She's on that field trip thing to South America," Ryo pointed out. "Besides, she's longer in the leg and not quite as full bodied as that woman."

"I don't give a damn who it is, I want some of it," Yakamo began fondling his crotch.

The others, even Ryo, unashamedly nodded their heads. All of them were practically in heat as their eyes remained transfixed on the nearly mystical figure.

And then the woman ceased drying her hair and removed the towel from her head, revealing her identity.

All of the men recoiled in horror.

"Ah, It's Miss Hinako," Kyosuke, survival instincts taking over as his exclamation of surprise was little more than a whisper.

"Fuck," Kyosuke hissed.

Matsui looked forlorn. "Damn, and I was getting excited, too."

"If she catches us on school property, watching her skinny dipping, we'll be lucky if she doesn't hit us with the coin thing for the rest of the school year," Yakamo cursed.

"Still, she does have a great body," Silver prodded.

"That is true," Kenji admitted, staring longingly at Hinako as she continued to dry off.

Yakamo calmed down a little and some of the lust returned to his voice. "Yeah, she's even hotter than I thought she'd be, and with some of outfits she's worn, she's never left much to the imagination."

"And there's a lot there to imagine about," Silver mentioned.

Kyosuke growled, "But if she catches you looking at her, she drains you and tells you you're a pervert. It ain't right. It's like entrapment or something."

Matsui spoke up. "A few months ago, when she was really over the top bitchy, she caught me making out with Kozue in between classes. She used her coin, then ground her foot on me and told me if I ever tried doing that again, she'd drain me so dry I wouldn't be able to get my cock up for the rest of the year. She meant it too. Hell, I couldn't get it up for the next four days with how bad she drained me."

"She's a major cocktease," Silver added with a sly smile.

Ryo finally spoke up. "She did start to get better for the last couple of months. She was dressing sort of normal and just knocking out actual delinquents. And she was smiling a lot of the time. She never used to smile, except when she drained people, and even then it was a pretty cruel looking thing." He shuddered from multiple first-hand experiences.

"What about last week?" Yakamo scoffed. "Remember, she was really dressing like a slut and hitting everything that moved? She nailed all us for 'making too much noise'. Of all the weak excuses she's used to hit us guys over the last couple of years, that was the weakest."

"The self-righteous bitch," Kyosuke agreed.

"You've definitely been wronged," Silver agreed.

Yakamo said, "Damn straight. Always getting us guys hard, and acting like a frigid bitch that treats us like a bunch of dirt and that she's so much better than us. I wouldn't mind giving back some of the crap she's dished out." He began to rub his crotch again.

The others nodded in agreement, fear forgotten in the heat of the moment, in the air, and from their bodies.

"Definitely a good idea." Silver went into the bag she carried, and brought out a small, hand-held video recorder. She turned it on and pointed it in Hinako's direction.

"Um, what's that for?" Ryo asked.

"You'll see," Silver said, unable to keep the grin — that everyone agreed was similar to her fathers — from forming.

She moved around the fence, keeping low. The others followed as quietly as possible, trying to simultaneously keep one eye on the ground and the other on Hinako drying herself off.

Eventually Silver made her way to the door in the fence, the one that led to the pool. Ryo gave a panicked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to say 'hi'," Silver explained.

"She'll see us."

"Got that right," Silver said, the boldly walked in.

Ryo followed without hesitation. The other youths looked to one another. Common sense dictated they should head in the opposite direction from what was sure to be a messy confrontation between two very powerful females. But their drug-induced lust colored their perceptions and tipped the scales in favor of following Silver and moving toward the attractive naked woman and hoping the martial artist knew what she was doing.

The group was less than four meters away when Hinako spotted them. Having already put the towel down, she resorted to using her hands to cover her breasts and lower regions. "What are you doing here?" she gasped in shock. "The school is closed."

Silver continued taping away. "I could ask you the same question. I don't recall there being anything in the school rules about teachers being allowed to swim naked in the pool around midnight."

"I… my air conditioning is broken, and this is the only place you can cool off this late at night," Hinako answered.

By that time the guys had circled Hinako (All save Ryo who remained next to Silver). No matter which way she turned, at least three of them had a perfect view of her voluptuous bottom. She fidgeted under their lustful gazes.

"You should leave now," Hinako demanded, her arms moving slightly as she showed off some of the nipple beneath her left breast.

"Okay." Silver lowered her camera and patted it. "We'll just make a couple copies of this and send it to the principle and the school board. I'm sure they'll be interested in your nocturnal habits."

"No, you can't! I'll lose my job!" Hinako insisted, her hands falling away from her body entirely.

Silver was excessive in her feigned reluctance. She looked reluctantly at the camera, as though it was made of gold and couldn't give it away. "Well, I suppose we might forget this thing ever existed, if you were to give something in return for our silence."

"What do you want?" Hinako said, doubt tingeing her voice.

"For you to take responsibility for your actions."

Hinako looked at her curiously. "What do you mean?"

Silver made an admonishing sound with her tongue. "Isn't it obvious? Swimming around like a mermaid and strutting your goods in front of these poor, down on their luck guys has made them all hard." Fast as a cat, she reached over and unzipped Ryo's pants.

Ryo looked down in shock at the actions she was taking. He was fast enough to stop her, but instead of moving, he stared and said in shock, "What are you doing?!"

By the time he was finished with her question, Silver had reached through the opening and pulled out his rock hard member. She played over the purple tip with her thumb, eliciting a groan from the gigantic youth. "See? Poor Ryo here is ready to pop, and you're the one that made him like that."

Hinako shirked away, though her eyes were transfixed on the piece of meat in her hand. "But it's not my fault he sneaked in here and saw me."

"Quit making excuses!" Silver snapped. "It's your fault all these guys are hard." To the other youths, she commanded, "Show her."

The others were a bit hesitant, save Yakamo, who unashamedly dropped his shorts and underwear and let his above average cock jut in Hinako's direction. Following their captain's lead, the others team members pulled there's out; each one was in a similarly aroused state as Ryo.

Hinako looked fretfully at each of the rods that were pointed in her direction, surrounding her on all sides. She looked timidly at Silver. "What do you expect me to do?"

Silver rolled her eyes. "Obviously you have to make them not hard anymore. So get down on you knees, and suck them off."

Hinako's eyes became as wide as saucers. "No! I can't do something like that!"

All of the guys were in a similarly stunned state, though none of them suggested such a thing was impossible.

Silver took charge, setting the camera on the ground and moving up to Hinako, a predator stalking the injured prey it had stumbled upon. The woman tried to cover herself up, but Silver moved behind Hinako and forced the hands away. She grabbed one of the breasts and rolled the nipple between her fingertips. "Quit lying. You are a dirty little bitch. If you were concerned about being proper, you'd be splashing around in a bikini instead of your birthday suit. You came out here, strutting your stuff, because you wanted someone to see you."

"N… no, I'm not that way," Hinako stammered out weakly, the denial feeble even to herself.

Silver's hand drifted to the teacher's loins, her fingers playing lightly against her outer lips. "Sure you are. You're an exhibitionist that likes flaunting her goods in front of everyone. You enjoy making men hard and women jealous, teasing them with something you never intend to give them. It makes you think you're better than everyone else because you're making them dance to your personal tune. Well, your body is better than most everyone, only tonight, you're not going to get away with just teasing. Now you're going to come through with the unspoken promise you've been making for a while now." She said more to the men than the teacher. Silver pushed her lightly from behind, making the woman walk in Ryo's direction.

"But it's so dirty," Hinako protested.

"Don't be silly. You like draining guys; you do it all the time. Now you're just using a different method," Silver said softly, nibbling on Hinako's ear before placing her hands on the teacher's shoulders and pressing downward, making her kneel before Ryo.

Almost automatically, Hinako's hand came up and she began stroking the shaft. Her eyes were riveted to the purple head and the drop of clear pre-cum that was already there. It was mostly with her thumb that she handled the shaft, stroking its underside, before moving up and playing lightly with the head.

Silver's hand repositioned themselves behind Hinako's head and gently pushed it forward. "Suck it down," she ordered.

Hinako opened her mouth and took in the entire top of Ryo's shaft. Instantly her tongue began playing over the tip with far more dexterity than her fingers had.

On the tall boy's part, all he could do was remain motionless as Silver not only had Hinako handle his cock, but actually proceeded have her give him head. He watched in awe as increasing amounts of his shaft disappeared inside the teacher's mouth and his rod fell prey to Hinako's oral talents. His moans deepened with each additional inch she consumed.

The other youths' eyes were glazed as they shifted almost zombie-like to where Hinako was performing fellatio upon their teammate. Those whose hands remained on their shafts began moving them faster.

Silver was quick to pick up the camera and continue taping. Things were going exactly as planned. The guys were in too high a state of arousal to question why Hinako hadn't simply blasted them or the camera, and instead consented to administering blow jobs. Enthusiastically, as Hinako picked up the tempo on Ryo.

As Silver watched the action through the viewfinder, she heard Ryo cry, "Oh god!" and Hinako stop moving her mouth. She left it right where she was, accepting Ryo's spermy load as it deposited itself within her mouth.

Silver felt her own arousal heighten, especially watching her 'bitch' obeying her desires and going to town on Ryo. Silver was also delighted at giving something back to her friend. She just knew a typical 'nice guy' like him was a virgin and had never had an attractive girl go down on her knees and give him head. He had never gone out with any girl for very long. Silver had a bad feeling it was because of the torch he was carrying for her. At least this way he was getting something for his misguided monogamy in exchange.

Hinako remained fixed on his rod until Ryo sighed in relief, obviously spent. She removed his cock, a small line of saliva trailing from her mouth to his rod. She then moved to her left, and began working on the next of the members surrounding her, Kenji's.

Silver continued taping, but didn't use much video disk space as in less than a minute Kenji bellowed and followed suit with Ryo. Hinako remained in place only long enough to make sure he was done shooting before moving on to the next.

"Hey, slow down there, Hinako. Make them last," Silver said. She had miscalculated how aroused the guys were. If they came too fast, the next stage of her plan would be thrown off and she'd have to improvise something.

Hinako sneaked a submissively batting of the eye toward Silver, and did as she was told. She worked much slower and lovingly with the Yakamo's dick, which, Silver noted, while not being as large as Akira's wasn't that far from it either. The captain also seemed to have better stamina than the others as he openly savored the sensations of Hinako's hand and tongue on his shaft without the rapid breathing that had come from the previous two.

Silver decided to tilt the odds in her favor further by reaching down with her free hand to start stroking Ryo's flaccid cock. The relaxed, almost dumbfounded state he had been reduced to from Hinako's oral applications disappeared with the new stimulation. His eyes were just as wide as when Hinako first went down on him as he looked to Silver and said, "What are you doing?"

"Inspiring you to new heights," Silver quipped, gently stroking him and becoming pleased as his cock already began twitching under her own ministrations. She found herself really enjoying his reactions, and the feel of the member served to start a fire really burning in her loins, making her shifting her legs because of the itch that was suddenly there. She ended up paying as much attention to the throbbing manhood in her hand as she did Hinako's oral attentions to the others.

As she had thought, Yakamo lasted a while before grabbing Hinako's head and nearly making her gag when he dispensed his own seed down the teacher's esophagus. She didn't have a choice of going slowly with Matsui, as he grabbed her by the head and all but fucked her face and completely controlled the tempo. Luckily, he was the smallest of the men and well below average. The teacher was able to handle him with ease. Unfortunately, he came within seconds of contact with Hinako's mouth.

Much to Silver's delight, the last in line (which was actually a circle) Kyosuke, held out almost as long as Yakamo. By the time his testicle juice was added to the others, Ryo was as hard as before and raring to go, as were Kenji and Yakamo.

Hinako seductively licked the last bit of sperm that had leaked out her mouth up, then turned almost innocent, doe-like eyes upon Silver. "There, I've done as you asked."

Sneering, Silver taunted, "Don't be silly. I said you had to take care of these poor guys' hard-ons. You put on such a good show, that they're hard again." She wagged Ryo's member in her direction.

"But that's not fair," Hinako protested.

Silver pretended to consider the words. "True, it'll certainly take you forever if you're sucking them off. You'll just have to employ a different method of taking care of their cocks. I guess you'll just have to fuck them instead."

Hinako ferociously shook her head. "No! I can't do that. It would make me a slut."

Silver shot her a sly grin. "You just went down on five guys half your age and swallowed their loads. Trust me, you're already a slut."

Hinako stared ashamedly at the ground.

Once Silver had issued her command, the guys, who up until that point had been content to follow her lead, began to initiate actions of their own.

Kenji said, "Me first," and bent down, grabbing Hinako by the arm and hauling her roughly to her feet.

"No, me," Matsui insisted, and tried dragging the teacher to him by her other arm.

"Hey, I'm captain. I get to fuck her first," Yakamo informed the others.

Silver was there in an instant, swatting the others' clutching hands away from Hinako and placing the woman protectively behind her. Before the others could protest, Silver said, "Calm down, boys. We'll decide the order fair and square."

"How?" Yakamo asked.

Silver said, "Simple. You're all rugby players. So you'll play a little game of free for all rugby. Order will be decided by who scores first. And whoever scores first, scores first, if you know what I mean." She gave Hinako's breasts a meaningful fondle.

"Ah, we don't have a ball," Ryo pointed out.

"Got one in my bag," Silver informed them.

"Hmm, you've got a lot of things in there," Yakamo said in obvious suspicion.

Silver shrugged. "I'm a gal. What can I say? You should see what's usually in my purse. Now let's get down so we can set up the field and play ball."

When Silver had said 'set up the field,' what she had really meant was 'set up Hinako.' She had taken charge of the lightly protesting teacher, keeping her arms pinned behind her back and escorting her to the field. Once there, Silver forced the older woman to go over to a nearby soccer goal that was sitting off to the side of the field. She then pulled out a coil of light nylon rope from her bag and proceeded to tie Hinako's hands together in front of her. Silver then looped the rope over the top of the goal and pulled up until the teacher's arms were high above her head. She then tied off the excess, leaving Hinako effectively strung up, though with her heels firmly on the ground, so it wasn't too much of an effort.

The walk down to the field had made the guys slightly flaccid, but the sight of seeing the voluptuous woman tied up like a hunter's prize deer instantly made them hard. It was obviously only with great restraint that they didn't go after her on the spot.

"No, please, don't do this. I'll be disgraced," the bound woman pleaded.

"That's makes it all the more appropriate since you're a disgraceful woman," Silver taunted. Her hand fell to Hinako's loins and plunged inside the folds of her flesh. The teacher gasped, but not for long as Silver brought her hand back up and to Hinako's mouth. She held out a finger before the woman's eyes. "See? You're all wet. You're not afraid of getting fucked; you're looking forward to it."

"No," Hinako protested weakly.

Silver grabbed the teacher's breasts and played roughly with them. "You're such a liar. You're turned on at the idea of all these hot young studs lining up so they can fuck your brains out. You've been deliberately teasing them for years with your gorgeous body, cutting them down and draining them, daring someone to put your bitch ass in its place. And now it's happened. You secretly enjoy the idea that you're finally going to get what's coming to you for your shameful behavior. Tell them."

Hinako turned her head away, her whole body blushing ferociously. "Yes, I've been a bad girl, a naughty dicktease to all these men. I need to be put in my place"

Silver grabbed her by the jaw and forced the woman to look her in the eye. "What do you say?"

Hinako stared Silver lovingly in the eye. "Please, punish me. Fuck me as much as you want and teach me the error of my ways."

"Oh, I wi… I mean, they will," Silver assured her, mentally cursing herself for the slip. She knew Hinako actually wasn't wild about being screwed by a bunch of students, considering it beneath her; she wasn't as addicted to male attention as Yuriko. But as long as she perceived the men as a form of discipline from Silver, she'd accept the gang bang like she would a spanking, and probably enjoy it since they would in effect be an extension of her lover's will.

Seeing Hinako so submissive only made Silver herself run hotter. What the martial artist really wanted to do was untie the teacher and make the woman eat her out on the spot, but she had to show restraint. If she dropped her pants in front of the guys they might go for her pussy instead of Hinako's, and that was their cocks true destination.

Instead, Silver decided to slake her hunger a bit by doing something she enjoyed. She turned to the members of the team and said, "I'll get her warmed up for you." She then fell to her knees, pried Hinako's legs apart, and buried her face in the woman's pussy.

All of the guys stared in awe. It was their first sight of one girl going down on another. Hinako's sighs of enjoyment only added fuel to the fires in their loins that were already made unnaturally hot by Silver's concoction. The lapping sounds filled the air, and soon Hinako begged Silver to continue and never stop. None of them could even think of not doing what Silver had suggested, consequences of gang banging someone as potentially dangerous as Hinako forgotten in their lust.

Finally Yakamo came out of his reverie. "Hurry up and get started!" he ordered the others.

The men, with obvious reluctance, pulled away from the scene and lined up in the middle of the field. Yakamo once again took charge. "Like Saotome said earlier, whoever crosses the goal line with the ball goes first. Then the remaining guys do the same, until there's only one guy left. Now let's get on with it."

Silver herself was running so hot that she had forgotten where she was and what she was supposed to be doing. All her attention was focused on the tongue lashing she was giving her bound lover, her tongue driving Hinako close to her crisis point. The woman was wiggling in her bonds so much that Silver had been forced to grab her ass and dig in with her fingers to hold her still.

Somehow, through the heat of her ardor, Silver sensed someone approaching from behind with forceful intent. Instinctively, she stood up and spun around, balling her fists to confront the newcomer who would dare interrupt her. It was only as her eyes settled on Ryo that she remembered where she was, and what the plan had been.

Silver shook off her surprise. "You're first?" She looked over Ryo's shoulder to see the other four rugby players picking themselves up slowly from the turf they had been driven into. Ryo himself wasn't even breathing hard, though the burning gaze he directed toward Silver indicated he was still very excited.

"She's all yours," Silver managed with only a hint of reluctance as she stood aside to allow Ryo access to the bound woman.

Ryo looked at Silver in confusion for a moment, then focused his eyes on the hanging Hinako. Whatever confusion there was disappeared as he all but tore off his clothing. His eyes never left the lush curves of the woman presented before him, the conquering warrior.

Once Ryo had completely stripped, Silver took a moment to admire his form. That body was all man, and a lot of it at that. Every centimeter of his six foot plus frame was finely chiseled muscle. Ryo could have been a carved from stone with that powerful physique, and his looks, while not being heart-stopping, were still handsome. The only disadvantage to his impressive frame was the way his cock looked. While Silver could tell it was average size, poised as it was between two huge legs, it had the effect of appearing small by comparison. Still, he had plenty to get the job done, especially with the force he could undoubtedly muster when he pounded it into a girl.

Normally Silver didn't go for that bodybuilder physique (Akira's leaner, well honed but not excessively developed body was her favorite), but on Ryo, it worked. Especially combined with that lustful gaze he now held, an almost alien look from his normally somewhat clueless features. She was surprised of the effect he was having on her body, as she felt her own drug induced arousal become even higher at the sight of his overwhelming masculinity. It was a good thing she had given him Hinako to play with, as she would have been tempted to take care of him instead.

Hinako hung limply, whimpering at Silver's retreat until she saw Ryo staring at her anxiously, the first member of the team that would use her for his pleasure. She watched as he quickly discarded his clothes, and breathed a small intake of air at his nude, muscular body. Large men were always intimidating, and therefore intoxicating to her. While Silver-kun's filled out form was an absolute delight (and the martial artist's confidence even moreso), Ryo was something else altogether, especially with his superior height. Hinako was surprised to find herself attracted to another man for the first time since Silver had seduced her.

What was almost as alluring was the fire that was in his eyes as he drank in her form. Ordinarily, Ryo was so disgustingly passive she held nothing but disdain for the timid youth (doubly so because of the wasted potential), but this was different, this burning gaze that seemed to bore into her and read all her faults and weaknesses. Being tied up and left in offering to appease that hunger kept her poised on the edge that her lover had driven her to.

Ryo took a step toward forward. Had Hinako been free, she would have moved away from the waves of lust emanating from him. Instead only her body arched slightly backward as he looked down into her face, his hot breath making her heart race faster. He grabbed her ample, but firm, ass with his large, callused hands, digging in firmly, almost uncomfortably. He brought her body close, mashing her breasts against his rock hard pectorals, and then lifted up until she was almost eye level with him, The muscles in her arms were finally allowed to ease from their discomfort with how far above the ground she had been lifted.

Ryo removed one hand from her backside while continuing to effortlessly suspend her above the ground with the other. The free hand grabbed one of Hinako's legs, forcing it apart from the other and around his back. The woman needed no further encouragement, and wrapped the other leg around his waist, locking them behind him in the small of his back.

He placed his free hand around his dick while at the same time lowering Hinako's body with the other. Once she was lined up, he sank her roughly onto his cock, burying almost half in the first thrust.

Hinako cried out at being filled so sudden and forcefully. It was rough, just the way she liked it. She wasn't given a chance to catch her breath as Ryo placed both hands on her bottom, lifted her up only a handful of centimeters, and let gravity impale more of her on his manhood. There was nothing gentle about this, no false romance or caring, it was all about putting out the fires in his eyes with her body, and her body wanted to do so very, very badly.

For just a moment, Hinako envisioned her original seduction being the handiwork of this strapping young man, that it was Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki, who had ripped off her clothing, thrown her over a desk and made her his with a strength that rendered her helpless. Just as quickly the brief fantasy passed, and a stab of guilt temporarily abated Hinako's ardor. Ryo might have been using her body, but he was nothing more than an extension of Silver's will. She was the one who had manipulated things so that he had the opportunity to do this. Whatever pleasure (and discipline) Hinako might endure was only at her true lover's permission. Ryo had strength of limb and base lust, but it was Silver who had the strength of will and passion that kept Hinako so perfectly and continuously bound to her. Ryo was at best a pale shadow of Hinako's true lover.

And then Ryo drove into her with his entire length, making Hinako squeal in delight. While there was no love, there was also no denying the rough physical pleasure that Ryo was unleashing upon her with his overwhelming hunger. She looked over to Silver, her eyes pleading for permission to let her body follow its natural inclination.

Silver had been completely enraptured by the scene of Ryo grunting savagely as he impaled Hinako upon his manhood. He was so much larger than her that, if it hadn't been for the size of her breasts, it might have been Hinako's younger teenage form that was being fucked mercilessly by a man of more normal attributes. There was incredible heat being generated by the action, and it hit Silver like a proverbial hammer. She was actually jealous of Hinako being the one who was on the receiving end of Ryo's manhood.

The plan originally had Silver taping Hinako's entire gang bang, and showing it to the woman to remind her of what might happen if she stepped out of line again. But the martial artist's own body wouldn't be denied, so she let her fingers play with her pussy through her shorts. It was just as she started to concentrate when Hinako let out a loud squeal and looked over to Silver, her eyes pleading. It took a moment for the martial artist to understand what was being asked. Since this was supposed to be punishment, rather than outright torture, Silver nodded.

Hinako closed her eyes and gave out a cry of ecstasy that reverberated throughout the bleachers. She gasped and locked her legs firmly around Ryo's waist, keeping his entire length within her. The teacher's body all but convulsed around her partner's, and she was left gasping out of breath.

Despite coming earlier, the action proved too much for Ryo. He gripped Hinako's ass even more firmly as he deposited yet another load of his sperm within the teacher's body, this time the destination being the anatomically correct one.

Hinako gave Silver a loving gaze, which made the martial artist feel closer to her lover than before, despite the fact it was someone else that had just used the teacher's body.

By this time, the other guys had finished deciding the order (through straws, since Ryo had come close to taking them out of action altogether) and stripped, waiting impatiently for their turn. They stood around, looking eager as they waited for Ryo to come down from his climax. It took almost a full minute before he detached his now flaccid member from Hinako's loins.

Yakamo was the next in line. He said to Ryo, "Untie her. I want her on the ground when I give it to her."

With his passions sated for the moment, Ryo possessed enough of his wits to do as he was asked. He supported Hinako with one hand while untying her with the other. She slumped against his chest as she was released from her bonds. Her interlude didn't last long as Yakamo took her from Ryo, and placed her on her back on the ground.

The captain stared lustfully at the sight before him, uncaring of Hinako's used state as come trickled from her lower lips. He fondled his shaft in anticipation. "Oh yeah, that's exactly what I need."

Silver watched from the side as Yakamo grabbed Hinako's ankles, held them up and wide apart, then showed his athletic background by 'splitting the uprights' and driving his cock deep into the teacher. Loosened as she was from the previous action, he got all but one his final inch in her on the first thrust. On the ground, Hinako writhed and moaned.

Yakamo relaxed, leaving himself within her. He watched her writhing with an amused, arrogant grin. "Damn, woman, even with the 'Monster' loosening you up, you're still pretty tight. Then again," he pulled back and drove forward, showing no concern at any possible discomfort, "you always were a tight ass."

Within two more thrusts, he was buried to the hilt. Unlike Ryo, his tempo was slower, though he made certain to drive in with maximum force. To the others that had yet to take their turns, he said, "You guys have got to get a piece of this. This slut is something else."

Kyosuke looked like he was in pain. "Shit, I can't wait!" he complained, his rod agreeing as it looked even more purple than when he had watched Hinako handing out blow jobs like they were test results.

"You're damn well going to wait until I finish," Yakamo warned. "Go ahead and use her tits to keep you busy," he suggested.

Kyosuke's look of anger turned to instant relief. He quickly positioned himself next to Hinako, then lowered his mouth and greedily began to suck on the closest breast. Instantly his brother followed his lead, fell down to his knees on the other side, and started sucking as well. Only Matsui remained where he was, content to watch as he patiently waited for his turn.

Unlike Ryo's excited frenzy, Yakamo was patient and held out for a considerable length of time, maintaining a steady, but forceful, pounding and making the experience last. While that was going on, the twins worked on Hinako's breasts like two starving infants feeding from an endless supply of milk. The captain lasted fifteen minutes, making Hinako climaxing once, before coming himself.

He was quickly replaced by Kyosuke, who inserted himself entirely within Hinako on the first thrust. With his brother gone, Kenji rose up and waited for his turn behind his brother. Matsui, no longer able to simply stand around, took the empty spot next to Hinako's breast.

Unlike Ryo, who had stood off to the side, Yakamo positioned himself next to Hinako's head. He grabbed her by the back of the hair and pointed his cock at her mouth. It glistened in the moonlight with their combined juices. "Clean this off and get it ready for next time," he demanded, forcing her head to his cock. She opened her mouth and accepted the rod. He smiled in pleasure as her tongue began to work over his shaft.

Kyosuke paused in his thrusting. "Great idea. I'll have her do that to me afterwards too."

Silver smiled as her hands played even more quickly with her pussy. All of the guys were getting into it, with Yakamo taking charge, just like he did as captain. Now Hinako was really starting to receive some action. This was the dirty little fate she had in mind for Yuriko. Now the tables were turned, and she was getting the business end of being set up and gang banged by a bunch of young studs. Not the worst of tortures, or even punishments, but her lack of emotional connection to any of her partners would dull some of the enjoyment, and Hinako had said more than once she considered most of the males in the school unworthy of her attention. While she would get at least some physical pleasure from it, she would ultimately consider it punishment.

So far she had been compliant with everything, though Silver had warned her ahead of time what to expect. She had intentionally left the number of participants vague, leaving Hinako to fret about how many she would be taking on. Silver figured five horny guys would be more than enough to come close to wearing the teacher out without going overboard. The martial artist figured she herself could handle at least five, and Hinako was almost as good as she was.

A tapping on the martial artist's shoulder interrupted her reverie. "What?" she snapped.

The tapper, Ryo, explained, "I have to go the bathroom."

"So go. You won't lose your place," Silver assured him.

"I don't want to get lost," he insisted.

"Right," Silver said in understanding. The Hibiki hereditary lack of direction sense was legendary. Once Ryo was out of sight, he'd never find his way back and Hinako would be down to four guys, though she was having her hands (and most of her openings) full with that. Still, an extra would be needed in case one of the fellows didn't have all that great of endurance.

"Let's go," Silver said, leading Ryo away by the hand. There was something beneficial about playing tour guide; it would give her an opportunity to drop her pants and work over her pussy the way it needed to. The aphrodisiac was having a much greater effect than it should have, and as the only imbiber that hadn't had any form of relief yet, she was ready to explode. It was getting as bad as that time from the Miroku house when she had gone into heat the next day. Once she removed her shorts, she could really get some intense action going. All she needed was to climax once, and then she could deal with everything else. Well, maybe twice. She was feeling incredibly flush.

Silver's attention was so distracted by her body's cries for release that she failed to sense the way Ryo's eyes were fixated on her firm bottom. They had made their way behind some bleachers, barely out of sight of Hinako's ravaging, when Ryo suddenly grabbed Silver from behind, pinning her arms to the side and cried, "I can't take it anymore! I have to have you!"

Silver only managed to get out a brief, "Ack!" before Ryo started to maul her breasts through her tank top. She struggled, though with little real strength, as she sighed, "Ryo, control yourself."

"I can't. I need you," he groaned, as if in agony.

Silver turned her head enough to manage a glimpse of the look in his eyes. There was easily twice as much lust there as when he mutely took Hinako, and this time it was all directed at Silver. This wasn't the timid Ryo she had grown up with, this was a powerful man who knew what he wanted and was determined to get it. With his far superior strength he could easily keep her overpowered. True, while she was skilled enough to lash out with a foot between his legs and end things, or use a variety of other painful moves her parents had taught her to extricate herself from such a position, she found she didn't want to on several fronts. One was that she was the one responsible for Ryo's out of control state. She was the one that had placed him in this lust driven frenzy where he couldn't keep his hands off her, despite using Hinako twice. Taking care of him was ultimately her responsibility. Striking him would be wrong, since he was acting out what she had wanted him to do, just that the direction was a little off. There was one other important factor.

She needed a good fucking right now.

Not waiting for her to initiate any action, or give him permission, Ryo brought his lips down and forced them on hers. Her eyes widened a moment before her body demanded she respond. She closed her eyes, savoring the sweaty pleasure scent from his body that still carried the smell of his and Hinako's earlier ardor. That, combined with way his hardened member was pressing against the small of back, made her start to grind her body against his.

While his lips held Silver's, his arms continued to keep her arms pinned to her sides. However, with his larger armspan, he was easily able to lift her tank top and have unrestricted access to her breasts. He began to play with them roughly, paying close attention to her engorged nipples, tweaking and pinching with abandon

The action only heightened Silver's arousal to new heights that she herself could not manage alone. She tried thrusting her chest outward, so he would play with more of them.

Eventually the mauling stopped. She mirrored Hinako from earlier as she whined in protest at the cessation of action, at least until she realized he was simply repositioning himself. While continuing to keep her arms pinned, he bent her backward and hugged her to his side. With his greater height, was easily able to lower his head and suck on her nipples.

The feeling of helplessness, combined with her body's being toyed with, sent her senses reeling. Now she couldn't break out of his grip even if she wanted to, her concentration was in shambles from lust. She was at his mercy as surely as she was at Akira's when he turned on the charm, though this was more primal and forceful than her usual lover's skillful ministrations when he seduced her. Ryo was taming her body as opposed to Akira, who could tame her spirit. Although this 'new' Ryo was quite impressive in his own right, and would have turned her on in ways he couldn't have before.

With his massive strength, it was a simple matter for Ryo to keep her body pressed close with one arm, while with the other he pulled down both Silver's shorts and boxers all the way to her knees in one smooth motion, the material keeping her legs pinned. If she had tried hard, she could have torn the material with leg muscle alone, but the ability (and desire) to free her legs was the furthest thing from her mind.

Ryo's fingers pulled apart already dampened lips from their owner's early ministrations and immediately worked their way inside. Plunging in slowly at first, but rapidly increasing their tempo as they worked their magic. His thumb gently played with her insides until it found her clitoris, allowing him to really set her on fire.

Silver tried moving her hips forward so he'd put more of his fingers inside. She was taken aback at how skillfully Ryo was playing with her body, like a maestro tuning a favored instrument. If Silver hadn't known better, she'd have sworn he had done this sort of thing before, multiple times. He was quickly positioning her right at the edge of a serious orgasm.

After what felt like an eternity that he kept her right at that edge, Ryo withdrew his hand from her legs and pulled the shorts completely off, though not without some difficulty. Silver would have helped him along, but there was something liberating about letting him do as he would with her. She was content to relax and allow Ryo to take his time, so long as he delivered on the promise that the rod poking her in the back was making. Hinako was just going to have to make due with her four while Silver kept this cock for her own personal use. The teacher could spare one, though it wasn't as if she had any choice in the matter anyway.

With her shorts free from her body, Silver was left naked from the waist down, save for her shoes. Ryo repositioned her again, sitting down with Silver on his lap, her back to him and her legs splayed out. With his positioning, his cock jutted up between the cleft in her groin, an object Silver couldn't keep her eyes away. It was the cure to all her woes, and she needed it now. Almost involuntarily, Silver tried grinding her pussy on top of the cock, but Ryo's grip was firm, and prevented her from moving save in the tiniest of ways. He was in full control of the situation, and would remain that way. Silver was in far too lustful a state to employ any of her superior skills. As they were now, Ryo could use her as he pleased, and she would have been unable to do anything other than obey his wishes.

Ryo repositioned his hands again so they clutched her breasts. Using them as a point of leverage, he picked her up, then skewered her on his shaft.

That was all it took to push Silver over the edge. She cried out loud and came on the spot with the six inches jammed into her body. Ryo didn't move, instead just content to groan as he felt her insides contract around his rod.

Eventually, the climax passed, and Silver went limp in his grasp. That was the only thing he was connected to that was limp. Still as hard as before, and with a need to have release of his own, Ryo finally released Silver's arms so he could grab her hips. He began to lift her up and down, bouncing her on his cock as though she weighed nothing.

The motion of his member revived Silver, who was quick to find new life as she chanted, "That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me. Give it to me again!" With her hands free, she began to play with her own breasts and support them as she jounced up and down on his groin.

Having come twice inside an hour gave Ryo the additional stamina he had lacked earlier. That, combined with Silver's words of encouragement, had him bouncing her vigorously up and down on his lap. She gave up any pretense of restraint and enjoyed the ride Ryo was giving her.

In less than five minutes Ryo hit the jackpot and triggered another orgasm in her. Relentlessly he continued skewering her, bringing her to the verge of a third climax before his own flesh gave up and he bellowed, "I'm coming!" This time he left her impaled on his lap while he emptied his remaining seed within her own body.

Sweat was dripping from Silver's form as she sighed in both enjoyment and frustration. If only Ryo could have held out another minute or two, she was sure she would have come again. Now she was left in a state of arousal that, while nowhere near the starving need from before, was ultimately left unfulfilled. Just one more time, and she was certain she would have been satisfied for the rest of the night..

Having left Ryo to do all of the work (and boy, could he work) Silver wasn't all that tired. After resting on Ryo for a minute, feeling him grow limp in that time, she extricated herself from his lap and sat on the ground next to him. It was probably a good thing she belonged to Akira, since when Ryo tried, he could be quite sexy. His greater strength was definitely a major turn on. She wondered if he had enough left to pin her to the ground and really give it to her again.

Once he recovered some of his breath, Ryo shot Silver an amazed look, one mixed with greater devotion than before. "That was great. It was better than I ever imagined."

Much like her father, Silver felt her ego pumped up by the flattery. "Damn straight it was."

Ryo stared at her dreamily. "It was much better than sex with all those other girls."

Silver smirked. "Heh, I'm not sur… huh?!" For a moment there, she had thought he said 'other girls.' Hinako was only one girl. It was probably a slip of the tongue.

Ryo blushed in shame. continued, "I'm sorry I hid them from you. I just want you to know all of them meant nothing to me."

It was Silver's turn to stare in confusion. That was definitely a 'them.' And not one, but two. But Ryo was a virgin. The stammering and acting all embarrassed around Silver were classic symptoms of it. "You had… sex with other girls?"

Ryo took on an almost rambling tone, as though he was confessing all of his sins before a priest. "It wasn't my fault. I mean, I didn't seduce them, they seduced me. I mean, usually we'd go out on a couple of dates, and then it was like they couldn't control themselves. They'd go on about how they really liked me and wanted a relationship, and then they'd be all over me. I just couldn't seem to say 'No'. I mean, I know I should have made them back off, but I couldn't bring myself to hurt their feelings. Usually I'd break up with them shortly thereafter rather than leading them on. Well, after several more times, since I didn't want them to think they were bad at sex and that was why I was breaking up with them. But no more than four of five times later. Sometimes it was as few as three."

Silver gave him a suspicious stare, "So you mean to say you're not a virgin?"

Ryo looked at her in confusion. "Ah, well, you know, we did just…"

"I mean before tonight!" Silver clarified with a hint of irritation in her voice.

"Ah, no," he admitted with no little amount of shame.

Silver shook her head. How could she have been so wrong? "How many?"

Ryo appeared lost for a moment. Then he held up one hand, counting off the fingers. He then moved to a second hand.

"Never mind," Silver said tersely. She didn't want to know how wrong she was. That big jerk, leading her on like he was some innocent chaste guy when the truth was he'd been banging every girl he'd gone out with. And sure, Silver knew that she herself had gone out with several of those girls, and a couple of them had even put out for her, but Ryo was such a… nice guy it was sickening. While certainly on the hunky side, he wasn't supposed to score with the girls like that. She had invited him along specifically to do him a favor, not for it to be just another casual date for him. He probably did them just as roughly as he had done Silver just now, and it wasn't a special technique he had done just for her. The nerve of the guy.

Ryo looked at her lovingly, then sat up and embraced Silver in a hug that was even more powerful than his earlier hold on her. "But now that's all in the past. Everything I really wanted came true tonight. I can't wait to tell everyone we're a couple."

"Ack!" Despite the strength of his hold, Silver was able to tear out of the grasp as though a child had been hugging her. "What do you mean by that?" she asked panickedly.

Ryo was actually blushing. "You've always been the one for me. Now that we've had sex, and you obviously wanted to do it as well, we can finally be an exclusive couple."

Silver flinched, as though someone had thrown a punch at her.

Ryo was lost in a dream world. "I'll let everyone in the whole school know we're going steady."

Silver recoiled in revulsion at the word 'going steady'. It was too close to 'monogamy' another word she wanted nothing to do with. The closest connection she had with that term was that she was 'mostly exclusive to three people.'

Ryo missed the reaction. "I know there are some guys that have been talking about trying to put the moves on you. I'll make sure they know you're off the market." He slammed his fist into his palm. "And some girls have said they want you too, though I know you're not interested in them, since you're really a girl. I suppose they believe those rumors about you sleeping around with other girls. Luckily, I know they aren't true."

Silver was indignant now. He was making it sound like she was close-minded. She appreciated beauty no matter the gender. And he didn't even have the sense ask her if she wanted to be his girlfriend and go steady with him. That was way too presumptuous for any girl, especially one Silver Saotome.

"I wonder how long we should date before we get married?" Ryo sighed.

That was it! Ryo was taking a one-night stand way too seriously. It was just a drug induced, sex thing. Silver had been in enough of those sorts of situations. He certainly had enough experience with casual sex to realize that. He had just received a blow job and screwed another woman less than an hour before doing her, and here he sat, already calculating how many kids they were going to have.

Luckily, there was a solution to the problem, one that she had planned on using to help wrap things up. She had considered not using it on Ryo, but now he was all but forcing her to. It would be less messy than breaking his heart when she explained in no uncertain terms why no one took Silver Saotome off the market. She took herself out, which she sort of had already done, since she had settled on… well, three people, rather than the usual one most chose to deal with. Of course, there were exceptional circumstances when it came to her, and the other participants involved.

Silver went into her shorts and fished out a small bottle with a number on it from one of the pockets. While Ryo continued fantasizing about his future, Silver quietly moved up behind him.

Silver returned to the playing field. She saw that in her absence things had changed slightly. Currently, Hinako was on her hands and knees, receiving it from both ends. Yakamo was pounding away at her pussy, the sound of slapping flesh filling the air, while Matsui force fed her his cock through her muffled gasps. Silver noted with disapproval that the duo weren't even bothering establishing a rhythm; they were simply thrusting in and out as they saw fit without any concern of Hinako receiving pleasure. The twins sat things out nearby, their stares riveted to the scene while they played with their once again hardened shafts.

Despite Ryo temporarily placating her fires, Silver still felt herself becoming aroused at the sight. She was never going to try mixing Lotha and alcohol again. She went into her bag, pulled out a thermos of cold water, and proceeded to douse herself, hoping the change would somehow alleviate the effects of mixture. Instead the change left Silver-kun feeling just as horny, if not worse, than before. His cock rose up as he watched his woman continued getting fucked a testament to the fact.

Yakamo was really into it now, taking firm control of the situation as he pumped Hinako from behind. He was smiling in satisfaction; the cat that had swallowed the proverbial canary. He began bragging to Hinako, smugness in every syllable. "I've never seen anyone handle getting it like you before, you hot, fucking bitch. You've definitely been getting fed a steady supply of cock, haven't you?"

Hinako didn't answer, her mouth wrapped around Matsui's member.

Yakamo sneered. "Hell, if I'd known you took it like this, I'd have found a way to fuck you a long time ago. Of course, we're going to get a chance to more than make up for the lost time." He took one of Hinako's longer muffled groans as a question. "Yeah, that's right, you'd better get used to this. I don't care what Saotome said, you ain't getting that tape of you blowing us back. No way. We're keeping that as collateral. See, you're going to be giving repeat performances of this for the next few days."

He gave Hinako an exceptionally hard thrust, nearly making her choke on the rod she was sucking on. He seemed to delight in the discomfort. "Keep sucking him, if you know what's good for you. Anyway, after the five of us get tired of you, we'll start passing you around to the other guys on the team. We'll get a schedule going to decide who gets you when. You're going to be the rugby team's personal screw toy." He paused for a moment, leaving himself buried in Hinako. "I got it, after every game, for every goal a player makes, he gets to keep you for that many days. We'll be the highest scoring team in the history of the game."

"Good idea!" Kyosuke shouted from the sideline, not coincidentally one of the leading scorers on the team.

The talk served to push Matsui over the edge. He moaned, "I'm… I'm going to come again," and did so.

Hinako being rammed as powerfully as she was, had the cock slip out of her mouth just as Matsui started to blow. Several weak spurts landed on her face before Matsui was done. The sperm slowly dripped down her cheek as she continued panting.

Yakamo laughed and told Hinako, "You've been giving us guys a hard time for years, so now we're going to give you a hard time back." His thrusting built to a crescendo. "You like draining guys, so drain my cock now. Come on, you bitch, drain me! Drain me!"

With that he left himself embedded in her, fingers digging into her hips until the tips turned white as he howled to the sky. Hinako remained motionless, just gasping as he shot repeatedly within her.

Off to the side, Silver-kun scowled at the scene. He didn't like Yakamo's tone, he didn't like the crass, classless way he was fucking Hinako without taking her enjoyment into consideration, he did not like him repeatedly referring to the teacher as his 'bitch,' and most of all, Silver-kun didn't like the implication that Hinako's ownership would be changing hands to the team. That outstanding piece of ass was exclusive property. Silver-kun might have been willing to loan it out from time to time, but it belonged to him alone. It was time to show the guys something, and remind Hinako of where her loyalties lay.

Silver-kun walked over to Yakamo just as he pulled out. The captain had only just risen to his feet, and remained standing behind Hinako, admiring the view as some of his load dripped out of her swollen, well used, lips. Silver-kun rudely shoved him aside and fell to his knees before Hinako. It appeared Yakamo was about to say something back, when the martial artist shot him a glare that made him shut his mouth.

Kyosuke started to come forward, protesting, "It's my turn." He shut up just as quickly when the martial artist turned the glare his way.

Satisfied there would be no further distractions, Silver-kun grabbed Hinako firmly by the waist with one hand and began moving his dick up and down against her slit with the other.

Hinako looked over her shoulder. Seeing who was there, a broad smile, the first she had worn all night, made its way across her features.

It was Silver-kun's turn to sneered. "If you think you've been fucked, wait until you get a piece of this."

"Stick it in me!" Hinako pleaded.

Silver-kun thrust his hips forward. Given how much Hinako had been stretched out from before, and how many times the others had come inside her, he was able to slide most of the way in. However, 'most' was not enough for his taste. Growling he backed his hips up and moved forward again, plunging inside with as much force as Ryo had earlier, pounding away until his entire shaft was hugged by her velvety lining. Loosened as she was from the earlier action, he still found her the perfect fit for him.

"Yes!" Hinako cried out as her lover touched her in places the other men couldn't, both on a physical and emotional level.

Not content with merely stretching Hinako farther than the others, Silver-kun bent forward so he could grasp his partner's breasts. His fingers dug deep, almost painfully, but Hinako's only reaction was to become more aroused.

With the added leverage, Silver-kun added even more force to the pounding she was receiving. Hinako responded by driving her hips backward, trying to meet each thrust with her own body. Soon the two were moving in perfect conjunction with one another.

The quartet of men watched, envy starting to gnaw at their pride. While Hinako had offered what were obviously token protests early on, she had eventually gone along with whatever the men had demanded of her, using her hands, mouth, and pussy to satisfy their desires. But at no point had she shown any initiative of her own, nor seemed particularly excited as they used her body. The only time she really cried out was when Ryo had manhandled her. The rest of the time she had simply allowed her body to be used by the others without complaint.

Now what was occurring was completely different. From the moment Silver-kun had drawn his cock up and down her lower lips, she was wild and enthusiastic, a far more active participant that was enjoying her ravishment, which was exactly what the martial artist was doing to her. Now that the team knew what they were missing, they no longer felt satisfied with using Hinako's body as they had. They wanted her to react like this to them.

For Hinako, this was just like her fantasy of being mounted by her Silver-kun in front of the student body, showing them who she truly belonged to and that he was the only one that could truly satisfy her. While the numbers of watchers were few, the principle was the same. It made her run hotter than she had all night.

Seeing the now dissatisfied looked on the other's faces, Silver-kun decided to reinforce the point of his demonstration. Leaning in close to his partner's ear, Silver-kun demanded in a voice loud enough so the bystanders could clearly hear, "Do you love the way I'm fucking you?"

"Yes! Oh yes!" Hinako gasped out.

"Will you let me do it whenever I want?"

The talk was really building the teacher into a frenzy. "Yes! You can use me whenever you want, however you want!"

"Whose cock do you want the most?"

"Yours," Hinako gasped out.

Silver-kun stared at the men around him as he asked her, "Whose bitch are you?"

"Yours! I'm all yours, Silver-sama!" Declaration made, every one of Hinako's senses exploded as she came harder than she had the entire night. Nothing could be better than the wonderful sensations Silver-kun was inflicting on her body, making everything she had undergone worth it, just to feel the hunger with which he devoured her body. This was what love was all about.

Hinako's total, enthusiastic submission made Silver-kun more aroused than any mere drug could manage. He pounded away mercilessly until her warm body sent himself over the edge and he followed fast on the heels of Hinako's climax with his own.

The pair spent, Silver-kun continued leaning forward, tilting Hinako's head back so he could kiss her gently on the mouth. She answered with a kiss of her own.

Kenji made a loud noise of disapproval. "That's just gross. We all came in her mouth."

Silver-kun found the statement spoiled the afterglow he was sharing with his lover. He gave Hinako one more light peck on the lips before detaching himself from her and standing up.

Kyosuke moved forward, declaring, "I'm next!"

Silver-kun held a hand out that Kyosuke smacked into. The martial artist's move stopped the rugby player dead in his tracks, making him rub the sore spot on his chest.

"She's had enough for one evening." The way Silver-kun said it indicated it was a statement of fact, not something that could be negotiated.

Yakamo walked up to Silver-kun, looking the martial artist straight in the eye. "Okay, Saotome, you can have all the action you want from her too, but there's no way you're the one that's going to be calling the shots."

Silver-kun chuckled. "Sorry, I only let you have a piece of her to prove a point, which you guys did very well, so I'll thank you. But you're job is done."

"What's that supposed to-" Yakamo saw something flash from Saotome to his face, he wasn't sure what it was, only that it was a blur.

And then he fell to the ground, unconscious.

The other three were only vaguely aware that Silver-kun had unleashed an attack that had rendered their captain unconscious. By the time that registered, Silver-kun struck the twins unconscious with light blows to the backs of the neck. Matsui tried to run, but didn't make it two paces before he crashed into the ground as well.

Hinako sat on the ground, too tired to stand. She found herself impressed by her lover's speed. She watched as he retrieved a bottle of shampoo labeled 'Formula 119' from his shorts. He did something to each of the team members' heads with it, his hands moving too fast to be effectively seen. It did leave a rather pleasant, refreshing odor in the air.

"What was that?" Hinako asked.

"Something to wipe out their memories about tonight. We wouldn't want everyone in the school thinking you take on all comers, now would we?" He gave her a sly wink.

So that was how her lover was going to take care of the problem. Hinako had assumed he had struck a deal with the boys, perhaps one that would have extended her 'punishment' for some time. Knowing that he had no intention of continuing to share her with Yakamo and his flunkies made Hinako love her Silver-sama all the more.

He grabbed each of their bodies and dragged them under the bleachers, out of casual sight to any passers-by. He retrieved their clothing as well, and came back without them.

Hinako suddenly realized something was missing. "What about Mr. Hibiki?"

"I just left him on his own, without his memory, of course. I was originally going to let him keep it, but something came up and it was in his best interest not to think about it. It would just depress him."

Hinako let that go without trying for an explanation. If Silver-kun had wanted to give one, he would have.

Silver-kun walked up to Hinako and offered a hand. She accepted it as he pulled her up to her feet. In warning tone, he said, "Did you learn your lesson tonight?"

"Yes, Silver-sama," she said demurely.

"No more setting up Yu-chan. If you do, I'll let the whole team have a crack at you, and it'll be for more than one night."

"I understand, Silver-sama."

He gave her an approving kissed her on the lips. Hinako actually felt herself blush at the gesture. Five different men had had their way with her multiple times, yet something as simple as a kiss that could still make her blush.

Silver-kun went over to his bag and retrieved one last item from it. Hinako caught a glint in the moonlight. He returned to her side, showing her it was a necklace made of a dark metal. It was undone and held out in offering to be placed on the woman. Hinako was quick to bend her head forward and move her hair aside.

There was a clicking sound as Silver-kun locked it into place and stood back. Hinako looked down to admire the unexpected gift. There was a flat talisman, no larger than her thumbnail, dangling from it. On the front was an incredibly elaborate dragon, it was so lifelike she wouldn't have been surprised if it leaped off the metal and bit her. On the back was the Chinese symbol for silver.

The martial artist shifted uncomfortably. "It cost me plenty to have that thing forged for you. It's pure silver, and the design was handmade by a real master. He owed my parents a favor, and he still charged me a lot for it." He gave her a wry little smile. "You can think of it as a collar with your owner's tag on it, so don't go losing it or I won't be happy."

Hinako's eyes were nearly tearing with joy. It was the closest thing to a commitment that had ever passed between them. "But I didn't get anything for you."

Silver-kun's wry grin softened. "Just wear it. That's all I need from you."

To keep the mood from becoming too serious, he gave a whooping cry scooped Hinako off her feet and carried her like a groom would bear his newlywed wife across a threshold. "Let's hit those showers and clean you off. You're covered in sweat and come, and to be honest, you're starting to smell."

The loving look was still in Hinako's eyes. "Will you wash me off, Silver-sama?"

The cocky grin returned. "Damn straight. And I'll be certain to hit all those hard to reach spots on you." The finger holding her by the bottom entered one of those spots, making Hinako gasp in surprise.

As the pair walked back, Silver-kun felt a bit of worry. It wasn't at the gesture of giving Hinako the necklace, he knew it was right from the moment she looked at him with that adoring gaze. It wasn't at the gang bang, which was something he had to do to make certain Hinako knew he was keeping a tight reign on her.

It was how the hell he was going to explain to his parents what he was doing in a relationship with one of his school's teachers that made him cry on the inside. They were so going to kill him when they found out.


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