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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Author's notes: These events take place one day after the ones in side story 5.  Special thanks to Jim Bader for giving me a hentai playground to frolic in.

Lemon Warning: Very graphic descriptions.  Read at your own discretion, and if you are under the age of consent in your area, DON’T READ THIS AT ALL.

Silver Saotome had a problem.

She was horny.

No, she wasn’t just horny. She was ‘out of her mind loins on fire and need a good dick, pussy, or both and maybe a gang-bang thrown in to quit making walking around an effort’ horny.

It was all most peculiar, considering the sheer amount of sex she had in the last two days. Finally consummating her relationship with Akira. Her temporal sister Ranko and the heated passion exchanged between them. The delights contained within House Miroku. Yuriko Kuonji in the school shower. The Nazi Rape Machine.

Okay, she could have done without the rape machine, but everything else had resulted in more sex in a short amount of time than most normal people could deal with, making Silver glad she was anything but normal. Still, after all of the outstanding screwing she so recently had given (and received), she thought her fires would have been doused for at least a week, if not longer.

It had all started out relatively normal. Silver returned directly to her home after her action with ‘Yu-chan.' After ascertaining Akira had made it back to his home all right, Silver had been dutiful in giving her concerned parents a very edited version of her role in saving a universe from destruction. As she hoped, her father bought it all and slapped her on the back for doing ‘almost as good a job’ as he would have done. Her mother was a bit suspicious in the telling of the story, sensing that some of the subject matter had been edited, but seemed reluctant to press the issue and showed faith in her daughter by not inquiring further. It made Silver appreciate Shampoo all the more. She and Akira would have to deal with their relationship, but later, once Silver had a chance to catch her breath and think more clearly.

After a brief dinner and a call to Akira wishing him good night (and to assure him they would have to ‘get together’ again before the week was out), Silver went to bed, expecting to sleep like a rock from all of the various experiences she had undergone.

At first all was fine. However, Silver’s easy rest was short-lived as her mind began processing all of its new experiences through dreams. In the beginning, they were the simple existential things as before in her life, but eventually the dreams became increasingly hot and erotic, featuring a variety of the interesting para-dimensional people she had met. In the dreams, she had a wide range of encounters in both her forms, having continuous sex with both the men and women she had found so alluring. The dreams eventually ended on the most erotic one of all: Silver as girl being mounted from behind by a powerfully thrusting Akira while Ranko-kun stuffed his man-meat in her mouth, the two threatening to meet in the middle with the hard fucking she was receiving.

The intensity of the dream woke Silver up. She was stunned to find that she had forced a trio of fingers in her mouth and with the other hand thrust all of her digits nearly to the hilt in her pussy. She only got as far as removing the ones in her mouth when she realized she was still running incredibly hot and needed some relief.  She was fully intent upon finishing the job with her hand when a loud knocking came from her door. It was her mother, who asked if she was all right since she thought she had heard some odd noises. Reflexively, Silver removed the fingers and called to her mother that she was fine and she had just been grumbling about her inability to find a pair of underwear. Her mother replied with a reminder it was getting late and she needed to hurry and get ready for school.

Silver silently cursed that she wasn’t going to have the time to relieve herself. She came up with a possible solution and dialed Akira’s house in the hopes she could persuade him to serve her a quickie if she stopped by on her way to school. However, it was Kasumi who answered and informed her he had left early for his college courses. For a brief moment, Silver considered skipping school altogether to track Akira down and persuade him to take the day off for some tumbling action, but quickly dismissed the notion. She had missed too many days of school already and couldn’t afford to be absent any more. Besides, she was a Saotome, and could control herself when she had to. She’d just wait until after school to meet Akira for some horizontal (and every other position) fun. She was left wondering why she was still so incredibly horny though, especially with all of the action she had experienced. It was almost as bad as that time in the showers with Yuriko. Very curious.

Unknown to Silver, it was more than normal teenager hormones affecting her. During her night of sleep, as her body rested, a curious and unexpected thing happened. The Miroku ‘love juice’ which Tsuyori had slipped to Silver before her dimensional jump (the substance that had fired the sex changing girl up for a little more training upon her abrupt return) had been absorbed into her bloodstream after the majority of it was spent in the shower with Yuriko. Ordinarily it would just dissipate on its own, processed as all bodily fluids were. At least that was what normally happened. However, unbeknownst to Tsuyori, Silver was anything but ‘normal’. Her ‘curse’, combined with the unusual nature of her birth, a magical process that nearly killed her parents and all but insured that Silver would remain an only child, had imbued magic in every cell of her body. It went beyond the normal results of a Jusenkyou curse, or even being a nexus; it was simply a part of her.

And it was due to this magic that the Miroku juice had an unexpected effect on Silver’s body. Rather than simply dissipating in her bloodstream as it should have done, Silver’s body reacted by replicating a less potent version of the juice. It was a temporary thing. Once the last of the original amount was used up through intercourse her body would cease production of the aphrodisiac-like substance, but until that time, it would continue to serve its original function far beyond what Tsuyori had planned.

In Silver, the elusive substance first revealed its effects by triggering erotic dreams. But as her body continued to manufacture greater amounts of the Miroku substance while going through a brief morning workout with her father and cleaning herself up afterwards, the effects continued to grow, and they weren’t limited to her alone. The heat of her body caused her to give off a low scent similar to the one that had helped to enrapture Yuriko, though thankfully much more watered down.

Silver was too concerned over dealing with her growing lust to notice the effect she was having upon the people seated at the breakfast table around her. Instead of a hot and irresistible urge to immediately take the nearest person that was considered attractive, it produced a much more subtle reactions in the older people, who were likewise better able to control such feelings within themselves. Still, when he thought the others weren’t looking, Ranma shot his wife a look that she recognized immediately. It made her glad considering her own powerful amorous feelings. A private ‘workout’ in the dojo would suit her just fine, and with the way she was feeling, it was a good thing Ranma had soundproofed the dojo out back. The only question remaining was if they would do it as is or in cursed forms, or perhaps a mix of the two. After years of marriage, they had explored every possibility, much to their mutual delight.

Across the table from them, Genma felt his wife’s hand caress his leg, and locations higher than that, under the table and out of view of the younger generations around them. He nearly choked on the rice he was shoveling down. If Nodoka was behaving like this so early he was going to be in for an energetic morning. It seemed that even after living at home for the majority of the last eighteen years, his wife was still trying to make up for the decade they had spent apart.

As for Narasuma, Ranma’s younger brother who was all of a couple of years older than his niece, he began to squirm uncomfortably from what he regarded as ‘impure impulses’ regarding his fiancee, Kiri Tendou. Not that his mother would mind him engaging in such behavior with his future wife with the way she had been urging him on lately, expressing a desire for even more grandchildren in her life before she became ‘too old to enjoy such blessings’. That seemed a stretch given how lively both of his parents were, despite the outward signs of age they were showing. Still, this morning walking with Kiri to school was going to be a bit more difficult than usual if he had to be around her with that sort of raging hard-on between his legs. And Lord help him if she realized he was in that sort of aroused state around her. There was no telling what would happen.

Silver announced she was leaving and headed out quickly, hoping a high speed run might drain of her of the extra energy she had. She was going to be in a tight bind if she continued with that level of arousal during the school day.

The run proved to be distracting. Silver tried thinking of schoolwork, but her mind wandered involuntarily to thoughts concerning sex. She found herself recalling in vivid detail how her sexual ‘liberation’ had begun.

It was ironic how someone who was labeled by so many as a ‘real go-getting stud’ had actually been the one seduced in her first sexual encounter. It had happened shortly after Silver’s return from her year-long training journey with her parents. The somewhat gangly girl that left had returned transformed by a combination of puberty, good diet, and a superior training regimen that changed her into what she knew damn well was a seriously hot-looking person in either form. Her body had filled out in all the right places, with her legs getting longer, her breasts getting bigger, and putting on sufficient muscle so that she looked perfectly proportioned in every part of her body. She knew it as fact from the number of stares she drew from men whenever she entered a room.

Her male form drew plenty of attention from women as well, which Silver appreciated just as much as what she received from men. Back then there were times when she wondered if she were bi-sexual, and not just in the sense that she could change sex. Upon reaching puberty and sorting through the various emotional confusion that accompanied it, she realized that she regarded both sexes as attractive and could easily visualize being turned on by either a man or a woman (though Akira had always been the one her thoughts turned to first when pondering such things). 

Her theory was eventually borne out during her first sexual encounter. When Silver had returned to school, she had rekindled many old friendships, including one with a girl named Yuki Yaseroka. One day after school, Yuki revealed she was feeling down after being dumped by her boyfriend. Since her parents were out of town, and she had discovered the key to the liquor cabinet, she invited Silver over to party with her and cheer her up.

After consuming quite a few drinks (as in a whole bottle of brandy), the duo found themselves quite drunk and sitting on the floor since using chairs had become a bit hazardous. Yuki ‘accidentally’ spilled some of the liquor on Silver’s chest, triggering her change. Apologizing profusely, she helped Silver-kun remove his shirt, all but sitting in his lap to do so. The effect of having a girl crawl into his lap and help undress him served to harden his organ in an instant, and he hoped Yuki wouldn’t notice. If she did, she gave no indication of it as, after tossing the shirt aside, she ran her fingers over Silver-kun’s chest, much to his surprise and delight. She then pushed him gently but firmly onto his back, straddling his hips the entire time. Despite being able to toss her across the room at will if he so chose, Silver-kun remained where he was as Yuki continued running her fingers slowly across his chest, tracing the lines of muscles there.

“Good enough to drink off of,” she purred as she proceeded to pour part of the contents of a second bottle over his chest. The cold liquid splashed across his skin and hardened his nipples, just as quickly as if he had been a girl. He only babbled a single incoherent protest as Yuki then bent over and proceeded to lick up the brandy, playing her tongue all over his chest, but paying special attention to his nipples. He was only able to moan in pleasure at the erotic play as she licked him with her none too delicate tongue.

After a thorough cleaning, Yuki removed her blouse and bra, revealing a firm set of breasts that Silver-kun had admired on a handful of occasions in the girls locker room. Yuki squeezed her breasts together, turning Silver-kun on even further.

“Are these good enough for you to drink off of too?” she asked as she released her hold and leaned slightly back, pouring the contents of the bottle on the top of her chest and allowing the liquid to flow both over the breasts and down the valley between them.

Silver-kun’s reaction was instinctual as he sat up, while she still straddled him, and proceeded to give her his answer. First he ran his tongue through the valley of her bosoms, not missing a single drop of the powerful liquid. Once cleaned, he moved to her breasts, licking the top of one before finally coming to the pointed nipple and all but inhaling it in his mouth and answering any questions he had about his sexuality.

“I knew you had it in you,” Yuki gasped as she pressed his head to her bosom, causing him to increase the force of his suction. After licking the first thoroughly clean, he moved to the other, suckling like a newborn babe on the alcoholic flavored nipple, causing Yuki to grind her pelvis on his own crotch.

The grinding, however, had an unanticipated effect, in that it rubbed itself directly on top of Silver-kun’s hardened member. Had they been naked, it would have been a simple matter to maneuver it into Yuki’s pussy, where both actually wanted it. However, with his dick still bound in his pants, all it succeeded in doing was rubbing the material of his boxers against the sensitive head of his shaft. Within moments Silver-kun stopped his suckling, then gasped and moaned. The haze produced by the alcohol prevented Yuki from understanding what was wrong until she felt moistness underneath her soak her panties.

“Damn,” Yuki pouted as she fondled the damp area of his pants.

Silver-kun, quite aware of the enormous faux pas he had just committed, could do nothing more than give a weak, “Sorry,” though it was more for her benefit since the orgasm had felt pretty damn pleasing to him.

After another minute of pouting, Yuki gained in evil glint to her eye. She maneuvered off his pelvis and positioned herself crouched between his legs. Her hands were nearly a blur as she undid the drawstring and removed his pants and boxers, revealing the flaccid, but still impressive looking piece of meat within.

“I can see this is good enough to lick off of too.” She poured more of the brandy across his groin, and then proceeded to give the shaft and sack beneath it a thorough cleaning while she fingered her own loins. Her ministrations were rewarded with another hard on within a couple of minutes, a testament both to Silver-kun’s regenerative capabilities as well as Yuki’s talented tongue.

She took a moment to admire the glistening dick before her. “Way bigger than anything that’s gone in me before, but I think I can handle it.”

Feeling both drunk and aroused, as well as completely surprised by the situation he was in, Silver-kun just lay there and watched as Yuki removed her skirt and panties, then proceeded to impale herself on his shaft. She did it slowly, working the head in carefully as she adjusted to its width. Silver-kun allowed her to dictate the pace as he just lay there and enjoyed the sensations her velvety folds were producing.

“Oh yes,” Yuki moaned as she eased the head all the way in, then proceeded to move up and down, taking more of the rod in with each bounce. She eventually got a little more than halfway in before saying, “This was all the bigger Takeo was.”

For the first time since they had begun, Silver-kun felt a bit of irritation at being compared to another man, even if it was only to point out that he was bigger than Yuki’s ex-boyfriend. In response, he grabbed Yuki by the hips and forced her down, burying the remaining length of his shaft in one thrust.

Yuki gasped and her eyes widened as she felt her pussy more filled than ever before. She wasn’t given a chance to catch her breath as Silver-kun kept his hold on her hips and using his tremendous strength, forced her up until only the head of the shaft was buried in her. He allowed gravity to take over as he let her back down in one swift motion and buried the whole length in her again. That elicited in even louder gasp from his partner.

“A lot bigger, ain’t it?”

“Yes,” Yuki moaned as she tried adjusting to the length within her. Again she wasn’t given a chance to catch her breath as he drew her up and down on him again.

The experience was blissful as she took over the effort of moving up and down on his shaft. He grabbed her bouncing breasts and squeezed her nipples as she sprung up and down faster and faster until in a seemingly short amount of time she gave out a cry and had a more powerful orgasm than anything her ex-boyfriend had given her.

The tightening of her pussy was too much for Silver-kun. He gave off another loud groan and shot his wad deep within a girl for the first time. He felt his balls convulse within her until he was convinced there was nothing left. Yuki apparently felt the same as she all but collapsed across his chest.

Silver-kun wrapped his arms around her and held her gently, stroking her long brown locks with his fingers. As he came down from his orgasmic high, and enough of the alcohol had faded to allow him to think, he considered what had happened and what it meant to him. He reassessed his emotions a second time and came to the same conclusion.

His strokes became more tentative as he softly said, “Yuki?”

“Hmm?” she purred as she rested her head on his chest.

“I hate to break this to you, but I need to do it now before things get too far along,” And before Silver-kun lost his courage to tell her. “Look, what just happened was absolutely mind-boggling, and you’re really a nice girl and a great lay, but I don’t love you. There’s someone else I’m interested in. I’m sorry.” He waited for her tearful rebuke.

Yuki lifted her head up and stared him in the eyes. “Umm, I hate to break this to you, but I was kind of just using you for sex.” She was quick to add, “Not that you’re not a great lay and a wonderful friend as well, especially for cheering me up so much.”

“Oh.” Silver-kun let that soak in for a moment. That certainly made things easier, even if it was a bit of a disappointment. He had thought for certain she’d really be lusting for him after the ride she had just received. Still, it was for the best. And there was one other thing.

“You still a bit disappointed?” he asked.

Yuki looked at him curiously. It took a moment for her to understand the hopeful look in his eyes. A wide grin split her features. “A little bit. I think I could use some more of your cheer.”

“Good,” Silver-kun grinned back as he rolled on top of Yuki and began moving his hips back and forth again.

Definitely one of her better memories, Silver noted as she continued hurrying to school. After that encounter there was no going back for her. She found that she had enjoyed sex tremendously and wanted more, not with a nymphomaniacal like lust, but just a teenager’s normal sex drive. And Silver Saotome meant to get it in just about any way that she could.

There were only two complications she felt could get in the way. The first was her parents. Her father was over-protective with his only child to a fault. He always showed dislike to any man that expressed in interest in her, except those whose parents he was friends with. That list roughly broke down to: Akira, Ryo Hibiki, and his personal favorite, Tarou Tendou (the second a cool friend, the last someone she would prefer drop off the face of the planet). Even now, she had no idea how he would react to the knowledge that his daughter was bi-sexual and had already screwed over a dozen women. Silver was too frightened to guess, although the idea of her father trying to arrange a marriage with either one of her partners, or worse, Tarou, in order to ‘calm her down’ was a disturbing possibility. And given her grandmother’s enthusiasm for additional Saotome offspring, there was a possibility she would encourage either union as well if it got her some great-grandchildren. Very scary territory.

When it came to Silver’s mother, it was hard to say what Shampoo’s reaction would be with her daughter being sexually active. In the end it didn’t matter since her mother would blab it all to her father and that same previous fate would unfold. No, best they were kept in the dark on the matter.

There was also the problem with Akira. She knew he was the one for her as much as she was the one for him, even if he continued to deny it by resisting her attempts to charm him. She wanted to remain chaste for him, but at the same time she wanted to feel the wonderful delight of some girl bouncing on her pole again. It was then Silver came up with a happy medium: she would allow her girl half to remain a virgin for Akira while indulging herself as a man. Besides, it was unlikely Akira would feel all that threatened if he heard Silver was sleeping with women. He’d just have to understand that she had urges, and since he was unwilling to satisfy them, she would have to do so in little more than meaningless ventures with members of the same sex, though she would be sure not to mention such to him. There was no need to rub his face in it.

And the other possibility would be that he might consider it okay to sleep with other women, which was a definite no-no. And it was not a double standard. Silver would be more than happy to satisfy him that way. And if Akira would be responsible and satisfy her urges, then she wouldn’t have to sleep with anyone else. But since he had shown no indication of doing such, it was left to Silver to find various ways of satisfying herself.

With that settled, she began her little campaign. It actually turned out to be far easier than she had anticipated, almost as though fate had taken a hand and given its approval Silver hadn’t been able to repeat the experience with Yuki, as she ended up getting a new boyfriend a couple of days after their encounter, but it turned out Yuki was quite happy to brag about the performance she had received at Silver’s hands. That tale, in turn, had interested a different girl named Okari Yamada.

Okari had gotten pissed at her boyfriend, Gotoh Kenichi, for screwing around on her. Deciding she needed revenge, Okari chose screwing around with the ‘stud’ known as Silver Saotome. She did this by simply walking up to Silver and telling the cursed girl to meet her up in one of the labs during lunch if she wanted to ‘have some hot muff to dine on’. Silver didn’t need to be told twice, and one splash of cold water later, met Okari as requested. Okari explained that like Yuki, all she wanted was some guy to give her a good ride so she could get back at Gotoh.

That suited Silver-kun just fine, both from the fact he would get laid and that he would be doing it to Gotoh’s girl. The two of them didn’t get along, with Gotoh hating Silver with a passion while she found him insufferably irritating. Before Silver’s arrival, Gotoh had been one of the ‘big men’ in the school. He was a decent fighter, came from a rich and well-respected family, was good-looking, and was proud to rub those facts into anyone and everyone’s face. That all came to an end when he made the mistake of putting on a big show when hitting on the new girl, Silver Saotome in front of everyone. For her part, Silver found herself intensely disliking him on sight and turned him down in a publicly humiliating manner. Then he made the second mistake of trying to attack her to ‘put her slut ass in its proper place.’ That resulted in an even more embarrassing loss as Silver made him look like a car wreck victim in under a minute. After that he kept his verbal jabs leveled when her back was turned. She had known about it, but couldn’t beat him up if she couldn’t catch him in the act, so humping his girlfriend would be the next best thing.

In answer to Okari’s request, Silver-kun locked the door, ripped off his partner’s panties and all but threw her on one of the lab tables. Unlike the last time with Yuki, Silver-kun controlled the tempo by jumping on top and fucking the hell out of Okari’s pussy. He blew his load in her twice, getting her to come at least three times before the lunch period expired.

On a whim Silver kept Okari’s panties as a souvenir. Feeling the silky material in her pocket served to keep her hot the rest of the day. Once school was over, Silver decided to test the waters and see if she could convince Okari that they ought to do it once more to really irritate Gotoh. Knowing Okari tended to stay after school to clean up the labs, she commenced a search for the hot little piece of ass. It was in the last lab room that Silver found her.

Later, Silver learned Okari had been so excited that she couldn’t resist bragging to Gotoh about what she had done with Silver-kun during lunch. With his friends, Gotoh decided to take revenge on ‘his cheating bitch’ before the day was out. He made good on his promise, which was why Silver found Okari in the state she was in: gagged and being held spread-eagled on the floor by three guys while Gotoh had his pants around his ankles and prepared to sink himself into her resisting form.

Silver’s reaction was instantaneous. She was barely able to refrain from killing the would-be rapists, satisfying herself with only seriously beating them up. She saved the worst beating for Gotoh, ending the bone breaking punishment by driving his pretty boy face through a set of glass beakers. She was satisfied that he would carry the long scar on his chin forever as a reminder of his actions. Silver promised them a more severe retribution should they ever come into her sight again. Not surprisingly, the next day all of the boys had transferred out of Furinkan, never to return.

Word of Silver’s heroics ended up circulating among the girls of Furinkan. From that moment on, she found it easy pickings to choose from a bevy of female students that wanted to go out with her (or at least with her cursed form). It was remarkable the number of hot and horny girls that were eager to go out with some attractive stud that was willing to defend a girl’s honor, was strong, discreet (a curiosity, since Silver generally enjoyed bragging and was cocky to the extreme), and oh yes, hung like a donkey. Given Silver’s much vaunted ‘silvery tongue’ when it came to flattery, it was easy to dazzle his way into the majority of his ‘dates’ panties and leave them tired but satisfied.

The only real drawbacks, (besides the jealous male population of the school) were the occasional girls that tried to lure him into a long-term commitment and make him their nominal ‘boyfriend’. He was always up front about only wanting a good time and not a relationship, and for the most part there were no problems, but every now and then one would occasionally try despite the warnings.

Curiously, Yuriko served as something of a solution concerning those ones. Silver was never quite sure what it was her Yu-chan did, but every time she complained to Kuonji about some girl harassing her, Yuriko would call Silver an ‘egotistical, perverted asshole’ and smash her in the head with a spatula. Once Silver regained consciousness, she discovered that Yuriko had done something to persuade the pursuing girl to not go after her anymore. The one time Silver questioned Yuriko about it, she received a terse ‘I explained to her what the situation really is, pervert!’ and walked away. After that Silver didn’t waste time asking about her good fortune and learned to live with it. Yuriko was a nice, if inexplicably violent, friend. It sort of reminded her of the relationship her father had with Mr. Hibiki.

Just as she finished reminiscing about her situation, she finally arrived at school, still as horny as ever. Just as she was just about to enter the school grounds, she ran into another of her good friends, Ryo ‘Monster’ Hibiki.

Ryo’s ‘monster’ nickname (which he disliked) didn’t come from his attitude, but rather from the fact he stood just under six feet tall and weighed in at nearly two hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle. He and Silver had always gotten along very well, especially since her return from her extended training trip. He did tend to blush a lot, which made Silver wonder if he was interested in her, but given Yu-chan’s feeling concerning Ryo, and the fact that Silver only had eyes for Akira, that made him strictly off limits. Still, he was handsome, and looking upon his mighty form with how horny she was, it was hard not to imagine what it would be like for him to use his awesome strength to rip her clothes off, pin her to the ground, and fuck her like an animal in heat right there in front of the school gates.

“How’s it going?” Ryo asked.

Rather than respond immediately, Silver walked up to him and ran a hand along his chest. “We’re feeling mighty strapping today, aren’t we?”

“Ah?” Ryo felt the heat rise to his cheeks as, for the first time in memory, the girl of his dreams was fondling his chest and actually acting interested in him. His jaw seemed to stop working, which he felt was probably just as well since he was certain whatever words came out would screw everything up. Instead he stood there in awe as Silver continued to play her fingers along his chest, a fantasy of the two of them making love sending him into a waking dream.

“Very nice,” Silver purred, also lost in the fantasy of running off with Ryo to some quiet corner of the school and having him pound her pussy. She was considering suggesting that when her danger senses went off, causing her to instinctively roll out of the way just in time to evade a giant spatula aimed at her head. Instead, the weapon’s follow through hit Ryo full in the stomach. He reacted not in the slightest, still lost in his wonderful fantasy.

“You bitch!” Yuriko screeched as she swung her spatula at Silver again, the silver-haired girl easily getting out of the way. “Keep your hands off my Ryo!”

Silver gave her friend a concerned look. “Don’t worry, Yu-chan. I still love you.” And with that she ducked under a spatula thrust, grabbed Yuriko by the collar of her outfit, and gave her a deep kiss that caused everyone in sight to gasp.

Silver released her hold and proceeded to walk casually into school, leaving Yuriko so stunned that all she could do was remain as motionless as a statue. It was only after a minute that enough of Yuriko’s senses returned to realize that people were staring. “I’m not a lesbian! I’m not!” She protested, holding her spatula high and all but daring anyone to contradict her. The majority of students, well aware of Yuriko’s tender feelings on her sexuality, chose to make a run for it rather than risk her wrath.

Once the majority of students departed, she turned her angry gaze to the school and the foe that lay somewhere within. “DAMN YOU, SILVER! YOU’LL PAY FOR MY PUBLIC HUMILIATION!” She then proceeded to unleash her anger at the one person remaining nearby: the still fantasizing Ryo. She struck him with her spatula for being “a typical male pig!” The blows only served to prod the fantasizing boy toward the school, which was remarkable considering that was the direction he subconsciously wanted to go in anyway.

Inside, Silver was left shaking her head at her brazen behavior. What had possessed her to publicly kiss Yuriko and nearly make a play to screw Ryo? Surely she wasn’t running that hot? She was simply going to have to get over how horny she felt and deal with it until she could run down Akira. She was a Saotome, she could deal with anything.

Or so she told herself. Unfortunately, such was not to be, as her body’s level of Miroku juice, while slowing down in production rate somewhat, continued to build. She made it through her first two periods with just a minimum of fuss. But by the third period she was becoming aroused to the point of distraction.

And she wasn’t the only one. The other students around her, though not experiencing quite the same level of arousal as Silver, still found themselves reacting to the undetectable scent in the air. Their feelings became more intense with each hour they were in the silver-haired Saotome’s presence. There was a bit more shifting of students in their seats as various members of the class exchanged increasingly leering stares. Likewise, the reactions to such overtures were not rebuked quite as harshly (or at all, in some cases) as they tended to be, especially by those closest to Silver.

By third period there was no denying it anymore: she needed to get off immediately.

She raised her hand, asking permission to go to the girls’ room. Receiving it, she left with the intention of frigging herself until she came pouring buckets. That was the only way she was ever going to make it through the day.

Heading through the silent halls to her destination, her path changed course when she spotted another figure wandering around like a lost little lamb. Well, more like a lost lowland gorilla.

Promises at the start of the school day forgotten, Silver made a beeline for Ryo Hibiki.

He spotted her at the same time, his face blushing at the number of naughty thoughts he had been entertaining about her since the start of classes. It had taken him two periods to really shake himself out of his fantasies. It really was startling that Silver had such an effect on him, especially considering he didn’t have the problems his father had with women at his age. It was just that Silver was so incredibly attractive that his mind tended to seize up when it came to dealing with her in anything other than the most chaste of situations.

As she approached, he got out, “Ah, could you help me find room 4-G? I have to deliver a message there, and you know with my sense of direction—“

The rest was cut off as Silver stood on her toes and proceeded to ‘suck face’ with the taller boy.

“Ah, ah, ah,” was all he was able to get out once she released her liplock. His heart was hammering so hard he thought it would burst forth from his chest.

Silver began fondling his crotch, eliciting louder “Ah’s”. She could tell what was there would be enough to satisfy her needs. “Why don’t we find some place quiet and fuc—“ Again her highly developed senses warned her of danger. Lightning fast, she darted away from Ryo and into a side hall out of sight.

“How dare you use these halls for such public displays of affection, you delinquents!” the young voice from behind Ryo shouted.

 Recognizing the voice, Ryo snapped out of his stupor just in time to feel the energy sucked from his body. As hot as he was running, he was unable to shield himself in the slightest from Miss Hinako’s energy draining effect. His large, albeit completely drained, form was left lying crumpled in the hall.

Miss Hinako, head disciplinarian and English teacher, moved forward and examined her handiwork. She placed one heeled foot directly on the bag of flesh and twisted. Ryo noted there was one good thing about being drained: he didn’t feel much of anything. Well, that and with the way Hinako was standing on him, he could look up her short, tight dress and receive a perfect view of the lacy black panties she was wearing. The tiny thing barely covered her mound, small surprise considering that her adult form was at least fifty percent bigger than that of her normal thirteen-year-old body. Not that he was a pervert or a pedophile, and the fact that Hinako was easily the most oppressive bitch he had ever met, helped him to deal with the view in a more restrained manner than if he caught a glimpse of Silver in her panties.

Hinako Himemiya looked upon the boy with disdain. She supposed she shouldn’t be too angry, since between her current ability of energy management and the tremendous aura he had radiated the amount absorbed would easily allow her to remain in her adult form for the rest of the day. “I see I only got one of you, Mr. Hibiki,” she said in a forty year old voice that was just as sultry was when she was twenty. “I’ll let you off with a warning this time. But if I catch you making out in the halls again, I’ll drain you so thoroughly you won’t have enough energy to kiss your mother. And that goes for whoever your little friend was too.” Threat made, she walked off.

Off in the side hall, hidden in the girls’ restroom, Silver Saotome winced as she heard Miss Hinako’s footsteps drift off in the distance. It figured she’d render Ryo useless for any personal satisfaction for the rest of the day. A good thing she hadn’t seen Silver either. For some odd reason, it seemed the ‘Head Bitch of Furinkan’ had it in for her, though she couldn’t say why. Well, from what others said, things had gotten more chaotic around the school since Silver’s return, but she couldn’t really be blamed for that. It wasn’t all her fault. Besides, Hinako did tend to treat everyone like a contemptuous piece of sludge, and was getting worse about it over time from what those that had her in classes said. Yuriko personally attested to that from all of the detention she had served lately. Sometimes Silver wondered if all the size-changing bitch needed was a good fucking to calm her down.

Ohh. Thinking of fucking reminded Silver of her own horny state. Going with her original plan, she went in one of the stalls and locked the door. She dropped her panties and sat on the toilet, then undid her cheogsam to free her braless breasts. She could barely restrain herself as she clutched a breast with one hand and fondled her nipple while playing with her pussy with her other hand. She concentrated on a fantasy involving Akira handling her from behind, whispering sweet words of affection in her ear.

Unable to control herself, Silver began moaning in a low tone as she became increasingly aroused. Now this was more like it. At last some form of relief. Her fingers went from playing with the outside of her love petals to plunging inside as she imagined Akira’s cock starting to move within her.

She was really starting to get a tempo going when she heard a concerned girl’s voice outside the stall say, “Are you okay?”

Thinking quickly, Silver removed her hands and deepened her moans to far more guttural grunts. “Uhh. Uhh. Darn constipation. Uhh.”

That was met with an “Ewww!” and the sound of the girl exiting the restroom. Silver waited a minute to make sure she was alone, then put her clothing back into place and left the stall. That had been close. There was no way she could be caught masturbating in the girls’ restroom. Why, people would have thought she couldn’t get a date. Her reputation would be ruined.

Still feeling incredibly horny and angry at not having a chance to relieve her tension, Silver returned to her class. Something was going to have to give and soon.

After another period of squirming, at last the time for swimming in gym class was upon her. That class made Silver deal with certain allowances. Since the water was cold, she would always have to take gym as a male and swim with the boys while the girls used an adjacent pool. That meant using the girls locker room last since she could hardly go into the boys locker room (not that she would have minded). The faculty weren’t particularly pleased with the idea of a boy, even one that was really a cursed girl, in the girls locker room with them present. So Silver-kun found himself the last one out and into the pool area.

It was his fervent hope that the cold water would douse his horniness the way a cold shower would. But his hopes were dashed as, even after doing a few quick laps, it quickly became obvious the water was doing nothing for him. In fact, he was probably worse off than before. Part of that was because he was around a lot of topless guys; some of them damn cute, with tight butts and glistening pecs. Not as good as her male form’s of course, but more than passingly eye-catching.

Then there were the girls right next to the boys’ pool. Despite being forced to wear conservative swimsuits, their shapely bodies were still obvious to all of the males in the area. A lot of them (probably more in number than the guys) were very attractive, and it didn’t help that Silver-kun had personally seen a handful of the beauties sans their swimsuits in the past, usually when they were humping up a storm.

The past memories only served to stoke the fires in Silver-kun’s burning loins; a situation that was obvious to any who could see the now black-haired Saotome. Given Silver-kun’s own flamboyant nature, he chose to wear a set of tight swim trunks that couldn’t begin to hope to conceal his member when it had a hard on. Normally, the cold water negated any concerns along those lines, but this time his dick was straining against the material, making Silver-kun borderline fearful that it would poke its way out the top and scare some of the women, and almost certainly the guys. He knew the boys were uncomfortable with the idea of a guy sporting a hard on around them, one that they knew found them to be sexually attractive, the conservative jerks.

The few times Silver-kun had to come out of the water, he drew the stares of many of the girls, particularly towards his trunks. A few of the females that he hadn’t dated seemed particularly fascinated by his barely concealed member. He made a mental note of those he found attractive and tallied them for future reference. There might be one or two future conquests in the group.

At last, the swimming instructor blew his whistle to signal the end to class. Silver-kun waited patiently for everyone to leave, doing some push ups in the hope of burning off some of his excess energy, but the up and down motion only served to remind him of fucking.

“I have got to get to Akira,” he mumbled to himself as he figured he waited long enough for the girls’ locker room to clear out. Sticking his head in, he warned, “I’m coming in.”

He headed directly for the shower, stripping his trunks off on the way. His erection was obviously in a high state of arousal, the large purple head feeling sensitive even in the warm air of the locker room. Now that he thought about it, he might have enough time for a little wrist action to help cool his jets. He moved to the showers themselves before handling it. It would be easier to clean up the mess there with a simple turn of the handle.

He stopped in front of the showerhead where he had fucked Yuriko the other day. What he wouldn’t do to have her sexy body before him at that moment. He placed his hand on his dick and began stroking it, remembering the feel of Yuriko’s loins as he held her suspended above the floor and impaled her hard and fast.

No more than two handstrokes in, Silver-kun heard a high-pitched feminine voice say, “Well now, it looks like you really did need some relief, Silver-chan.”

Immediately Silver-kun released the hold on his shaft and looked to where the familiar voice had come from. Sure enough, the demure Megumi ‘Megs’ Watanabe was standing in the middle of the locker room, admiring his form from afar.

Silver-kun took a step towards her. Now this was just what he needed. Megs was a delightful little thing. Standing less than five feet high, she was actually quite slender, with breasts that were smaller than oranges. Her face was quite attractive though and definitely her most outstanding physical feature. But it wasn’t the ‘physical’ features he was so interested in at the moment.

Silver-kun had dated Megs once a couple of months back. She came from a well to do family and had been given a car upon successfully getting her license. It was Megs that had approached him for a date, asking if he wanted to go with her to a drive-in that night. He happily agreed, certain he was going to get some from the way she had asked.

Things had started off well enough, Megs proving she was a talented kisser that could French with the best of them. But when Silver-kun tried moving from heavy petting to outright fondling, his companion clamped her legs shut tighter than his Aunt Nabiki’s purse strings. Megs unequivocally stated that she was saving herself for marriage and that no one was allowed access to that part of her body. Silver-kun was left with a major hard-on and the bewilderment of how he could have misjudged Megs’ intentions so badly. It was then she explained that just because he couldn’t go between her legs, didn’t mean there weren’t other avenues they could explore. Silver-kun was confused about what Megs was talking about until she undid the zipper on his pants and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life. Her technique was so masterful she had him spraying his load deep in her throat twice inside ten minutes, Meg’s mouth never leaving his shaft once as she swallowed every drop when she deep-throated him. He was willing to bet she could teach the Miroku a thing or two about giving head.

And that talented mouth was exactly what he needed right now.

There was no question as to why Megs had remained behind, and Silver-kun wasn’t about to disappoint her. Determined to be relieved of the heavy load in his dick, he approached her, quickly and gracefully.

Megs remained standing with a hand on her hip and a catlike grin on her face as he approached. She admired Silver-kun’s body, everything from his chiseled chest to the stiff piece of meat between his legs turning her on even further as he drew near. She had indeed stayed behind for a specific reason, and that reason was drawing very close. Megs was a bit surprised at her actions. She could never remember feeling a need to be this bold and daring, especially on school grounds, but for some inexplicable reason she was so damn horny that she had to do something to ease her ‘suffering’. When she had spotted Silver-kun’s raging hard-on in swim class (something all the girls had noticed, even those that tried to deny it), she was the one that took the initiative to cure her and Silver-kun’s woes by remaining behind for some oral entertainment.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Megs was in no denial about what she really was: in her case a major suck slut. The only thing she enjoyed more than feeling some guy splash her tonsils was painting, and today artistry took a backseat to blowjobs. She was proud of her abilities and her cocksucking talent, and so were the guys who were treated to it. Through practice with dildos she knew she could deep throat an eleven-inch shaft when she was in the mood. And when it came to actual men, she hadn’t spilled a drop of sperm in years. She couldn’t explain the almost fetish-like attraction she had for sucking off guys, but she certainly indulged in it. Despite her somewhat unusual taste, she had always been discrete when taking on some guy, and certainly had never risked it on school grounds. But now there was no question she needed some of the pearly white fluid washing out her mouth.

Actually it had been her close proximity to Silver-kun in class and the scent his body was giving out which had triggered the reaction within her. In a way it was exactly how the Miroku juice was supposed to work, drawing a possible mate closer to the producer of the scent so he or she could take advantage of the person. And that was exactly what Silver-kun intended to do.

At first Megs thought about teasing him with a little small talk, but such thoughts were brushed from her mind when he grabbed her by the shoulders and forced to her knees before him, his dick jutting out before her mouth. Megs, unused to the rather domineering way she was being handled, was about to say something, but when she opened her mouth Silver-kun grabbed her by the back of her head and forced his shaft inside. Caught unprepared, she nearly gagged as he forced nearly half his dick in on the first thrust, and it was only with a strong effort she managed to pull out of his grasp and free the cock from her mouth.

“Wait,” she managed to get out just as Silver-kun grabbed her by the head again. She was about to protest about the rough treatment she was receiving when she caught the look of lust in his eyes and realized that was probably a bad idea. She had asked for this and wanted it badly, perhaps even moreso now as she felt an odd tingling sensation in her mouth from the brief contact she had with Silver-kun’s man meat, but if she was going to control the pace, she was going to have to do it before Silver-kun started pumping her mouth like it was her pussy instead.

She gripped the base of his shaft and ran her hand along its length, stopping when she got to the purple helmet. Once there, she rubbed her thumb along the tip and was instantly rewarded with a glistening drop of pre-cum. She bent her head forward and licked the drip down. That single drop alone was enough to excite her even further. She took the head in, swirling her tongue around it with expertise and eliciting a groan of approval from her ‘man.’

“Now isn’t that better?” she cooed when she allowed it out of her mouth.

“Don’t stop,” Silver-kun grunted, his fingers running through her hair as he closed his eyes and truly began to enjoy the sensation of Meg’s oral talents. At last he was finally getting some much-needed relief.

On Megs part, she too was enjoying the tongue lashing she was giving him as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, removing it only long enough to lick up and down his veiny exterior before sucking down on it again. Megs was surprised at how much hornier she was getting in blowing Silver-kun like this. As aroused as she was now, all of the guys in her class could drop their pants and line up, and she would service them all.

Silver-kun was in heaven; there could be no other term to describe it. Megs’ expert skill was proving too much for him to hold back, not that he wanted to. He could feel his balls trembling with a fury as though he was receiving his first blowjob. He knew he would soon shoot his load deep down Megs throat. Just as he was certain he would let go, Megs unexpectedly removed her mouth from his shaft and tore away from the hands holding her head. Silver-kun looked down on her in shock, then anger. How dare the little dicktease bring him to the brink and then back off! Especially after she started everything. If she thought he would let her get away with that, she could think again. He was running way hotter than ever before in his life. There was going to be some form of relief, even if it meant bending Megs over and taking it from another openin…

“What’s going on here?!” A voice from behind Silver-kun demanded.

He spun on his heel, recognizing the voice and not caring in the least about his state of dress, angrier than he could ever remember at being denied his release yet again.

The speaker, Hinako Himemiya, stood there shocked by the scene before her. She had entered the girls locker room only so she could use a shortcut to go through there and the pool area to one of the gym teacher’s offices so she could retrieve some papers. The last thing in the world she had expected to see was some girl on her knees giving another student a blowjob as though they were in some kind of bordello instead of an institute of learning.

The girl, whom Hinako now recognized (since she no longer had a dick buried deep in her throat) as Megumi Watanabe, had spotted the disciplinarian and reacted first by backing away in fear. A part of Hinako’s mind marked that she had underestimated the size of the dick Megumi had been blowing. At first, given the amount that was still showing from the other end of Megumi’s mouth, Hinako had assumed the student had only just taken in the head. It was much to her surprise that nearly a third of the dick was in there already. Certainly she marked it as one of the larger ones she could recall seeing in her life.

Realizing the dick was now pointing her way, Hinako tore her eyes away from it and to the face of the boy it was attached to. She should have known. Of all the ‘men’ in the school with a reputation for such wanton acts, Silver Saotome had the worst of all. Even Hinako had overheard some of the female students speak of his behaviors, both on and off school grounds. Some of them even spoke from personal experience. Hinako had been after the cursed girl/boy for quite some time now, trying to bust the delinquent for her brazen behavior, flaunting of the rules, and the chaos that seemed to follow her. But Silver had remained elusive and out of reach, always covering her tracks or having another teacher bail her out of the predicament she was in. At least until now.

“I see I’ve caught you at last, Mr. Saotome,” Hinako smirked, certain he would cower in terror just like all of the other delinquents she had caught before him. However she found herself surprised when, rather than cringe before her, he took a couple of steps forward, his every move conveying a barely concealed anger and burning intensity the likes of which caused Hinako to be the one to take a step back. However, Silver-kun unexpectedly stopped his forward motion, a look of almost pain on his features as he if he had some sort of internal struggle. At last the anger seemed to partially fade, though the look of intensity remained.

Hinako composed herself. “That will be enough out of you, Mr. Saotome.” Once she was convinced he would advance no further, she considered what to do. She looked to Megs. “Miss Watanabe, you will remain behind so I can deal with you immediately.” She turned to Silver-kun again, examining him closely. “As to you, Mr. Saotome, I’ll deal with you later. You will meet me up in my room immediately after school is over to receive your punishment. Don’t you dare be late. Now get out of here, and for God’s sake, put some clothes on.”

Proudly, Silver-kun grabbed his clothes and walked towards her, still refusing to be cowed. He even had the audacity to not cover himself as he walked past, completely naked and with his dick jutting out directly at her. He paused a moment to lock eyes with her and give one final smoldering look, then continued past and back into the pool area towards the boys locker room.

Hinako didn’t bother to look behind her as she heard the door shut. She was surprised to discover that her heart was beating inexplicably faster for some reason, and there was an odd scent that seemed to fill the air when Silver-kun walked past her. A very nice scent, she marked. So highly intoxicating that it captured her interest and made her mind wander to a different line of thought than the one it should have been upon.

Hinako considered what had just happened and was disappointed in herself. She could have dealt with that situation better. Once Silver-kun had taken several steps towards her, instead of backing away she should have unleashed her Happo Coin Return blast at him. Backing away as she did had placed her on the defensive, and worse, she was fairly certain Silver-kun could have been upon her before she could have reacted had he intended the violence that seemed to be on his features at the time. Still, now that she had a chance to really think about it, Hinako thought that she had identified another look that was mixed in with the anger and intensity, something that had to do with more than the show of spine.

He had been staring at her with the unmistakable mark of lust in his eyes.

How very… improper. Something was obviously going to have to be done with the boy. And she was just the sort that would do it, too.

She was already looking forward to their meeting.

On the other hand, Silver-kun was most assuredly NOT looking forward to the meeting after school. This was for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was what was going to happen to him, especially since Miss Hinako was involved in the situation.

It wasn’t the first time Silver-kun had been caught in a compromising position on school grounds by a member of the faculty. There had been that time when the phys. ed. teacher, Gompachi Chabane, caught him in the gymnasium teaching the captain of the girls gymnastic team a new technique in mounting the vault, the manner of which consisted of bending the girl over the vault, lashing her to it, then ‘mounting’ her from behind. Silver had managed to get her way out of that one by volunteering to test out Chabane’s new obstacle course. It was a painful way to get out of trouble, but well worth it to keep her parents from finding out what she had been up to.

Another time Professor Washuu caught Silver-kun in the school library with his research partner for a biology research assignment. It was one on human reproductive systems, and Silver-kun and his partner decided to engage in some ‘in depth’ research (the depth being about nine inches) on one of the library tables. It had been one of the few times the silver-haired Saotome really pounded hard on schoolwork, (which resulted in an ‘A’ on the project, as well as a mark of approval from his partner). Unfortunately the only way to persuade Professor Washuu to remain silent was to allow her to collect both sperm and ova samples from both Silver’s forms. The gods above knew what the red-haired scientist was going to do with them in her ‘research’.

But Miss Hinako was completely different. She never gave anyone a break. Hell, she went out of her way to nail students far beyond what a normal disciplinarian would do. She enjoyed busting ‘delinquents’, and wanted Silver most of all. The situation appeared very grim. Once his parents found out what he had been up to, it would be all over. It pissed him off more than anything else ever had.

And worst of all, he still had a raging hard on that refused to go away. It was even worse now than when Megs had taken him to the edge and he had been forced to back away from what seemed like the millionth time from getting relief. In the name of the gods, he hadn’t even been able to get enough time alone to masturbate. Was there no justice?

To top things off, there seemed to be something wrong with the hot water on the men’s side of the locker room, meaning he now had to go through the rest of the day in cursed form. Having to put up with an iron hard rod between his legs was even worse than going around as a girl. Even walking was becoming difficult as there wasn’t enough friction to get him off, but plenty to keep him hard.

His anger and lust fueled the nearly overpowering scent his body was giving off, making things three times worse for the students around him after gym. Even the teachers noticed the agitated state the students were in, and hoped it didn’t mean trouble for them.

In what seemed to take an eternity, the last class ended and the students filed out of the room. The majority of them heading off for some form of relief from the way they had been worked up throughout the day, either with partners or servicing themselves. All but four students with a phenomenal amount of willpower ended up either fucking or masturbating themselves into a frenzy within the next few hours after school.

However, such relief was denied the one that needed the most. With a current ‘love juice’ level that would have driven even a Miroku in an orgiastic frenzy (and Silver lacked even basic training to deal with the fluid derived sex drive), Silver-kun made his way to Miss Hinako’s classroom in the foulest and horniest mood he had been in his entire life.

The halls were deathly silent as he arrived, and discovered much to his annoyance that Miss Hinako was not present. That drove him even further into a lousy mood. How dare that bitch tell him to show up on time and then make him wait for her! Not only was she going to torture him by busting his ass, but now she was going to make him simmer in his own horny juices for who knew how long?

Silver-kun’s breath was almost a growl as he sat in the silent room and waited.

For Hinako, things had taken an unexpected turn from the moment she had caught Silver-kun in the locker room. She was surprised at the amount of almost sexual energy she felt after watching the nude Saotome’s pleasing form strut its way past her. And there was that scent, so elusive and intoxicating. It seemed to linger in the air, even after Silver-kun had left. If it was some form of cologne, she was going to have to get the name of the brand from him before she left him a broken man from her punishment.

The arousal affected Hinako in ways she wasn’t consciously aware. She had been excessively harsh to Megumi, making her break down and cry in moments and continuing on well after. Usually the disciplinarian stopped at that point, but Hinako continued on until she felt she had truly broken the girl. She figured it would take a miracle for Megumi to have the courage to come back in a week, if she didn’t transfer out altogether.

Curiously, that made Hinako feel unusually satisfied. Curiously because as harsh as she tended to be with the students, she didn’t actually want to drive them away altogether. She supposed she wasn’t quite that sadistic, except this time. It was also odd that she had felt the anger directed at Megs herself, rather than what she had done. Thinking about it further, Hinako discovered the majority of anger came from visualizing the girl with her mouth on Silver-kun’s shaft. It wasn’t the first time Hinako had caught a couple of students screwing away, but never before had she gotten so angry with them.

And the feelings directed at Silver-kun for being serviced by little Megs were not anywhere near as angering, which was odd, since Silver was the one Hinako had really wanted to bust. Instead, she felt dissatisfied, though the exact reason eluded her.

Perhaps it was the look of rapture she had seen on Silver-kun’s face. Hah! The stupid adolescent. as though some high school girl could possibly know how to give a decent blowjob. All they had was the sloppy energy of youth, which, though powerful, lacked the technique that could only be learned by experience… experience like Hinako had. She could show the cocky Saotome how it was really done. Hinako wagered she could have him howling at the moon in under three minutes with her skill. True, he had a rather large dick, but Hinako was certain she could handle it. And it wasn’t like she would necessarily have to deep throat it. Silver-kun was just a horny high-schooler, after all. They never had any concept of restraint.

Hinako’s hand found its way to her lips as she remembered Silver-kun’s long member. She envisioned herself instead of Megumi on her knees in the locker room, Silver-kun throwing his head back as she licked and sucked…

Shaking her head clear of those thoughts, Hinako was stunned. What on Earth had she been doing?! Fantasizing about giving head to someone that was young enough to be her son, and a rule-breaker to boot. That was the worst kind of teenager there was. Somehow that lousy delinquent had managed to get her hot over him. Oh, now that was a big mistake. She wasn’t some silly school girl that became a pile of mush around some fit, hung stud that thought he was God’s gift to all things male and female. Hinako would show him just how wrong he was, and how much better she was than all of the tittering little girls that populated the school.

Hinako supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised at how easy she was to arouse. It had been two years since the last time she had sex, and it was getting worse for her to deal with it each day. There was also the added problem that her ‘younger’ body’s slow age process had finally elapsed to the point that it was around thirteen, and was currently going through puberty. An extremely protracted one. Anymore now Hinako loathed trying to deal with her emotions in that form. When she had been a sugar chugging little girl it had been bad enough, but now it was nearly impossible to deal with that sort of hormonal changing every day.

So for the last couple of years she had gone out of her way to find delinquents to charge her up to adult form much of the time. Due to her improved ability to use energy more economically, it didn’t take as much as it did in the past, and she could maintain her form much longer. But there were problems with that too. From the time her older form had hit its own stage of puberty, every time she absorbed energy she gained a slight bit of arousal from the surge. Not a bad one, but something that made her feel a little erotic and horny. That was one of the reasons she enjoyed busting delinquents and had gotten into the field of discipline; she always got a rush when sucking their energy.

At first it was hard to deal with, especially in the early days of discipline when she would almost wet herself when draining some ultra-powered martial artist. Sometimes she even fantasized about fucking them afterwards (once they had built up their energy level again). How would her students have reacted if they had known that little secret about her, she wondered. How every time she sucked off their energy she also wanted to suck their teenage dicks.

In the beginning, she was too afraid to do anything to relieve a sexual tension that only got worse over the years. Not with the students, of course, but with men her age. It was her damn condition responsible for that. There was always the fear that even if she did get a chance to screw some guy (and enough of them leered at her adult form to know she could have her pick) that in mid-intercourse she would change to her younger form and the damage that would follow might be irreparable. And then there was the fact the guy would absolutely freak when it happened, or worse, wouldn’t stop. It was just too dangerous.

So for years Hinako waited, becoming increasingly horny as time went on, possessed with a killer body and nobody to use it with. It wasn’t until her late twenties (too damn old, by her estimation) that the feelings became too great and she finally decided to take the chance and start having sex with men. By then her control over her draining had increased, and she thought her younger body was sturdy enough that if she did happen to change at an inopportune moment, she wouldn’t be damaged.

On the night of her first attempt she had gone out of her way to absorb triple her regular amount of energy (which had the unanticipated side effect of making her even hornier) and started cruising a common pick-up bar she had staked out in advance. There were always men there that were pleasing to the eye. She would have preferred to be in a relationship, but she felt certain no man would be able to deal with  her ‘disability’. So instead she decided to keep it to simple one night stands in order to satiate her needs.

Upon arriving, Hinako wasted no time picking up some nameless hunk that wanted nothing more than to drive his meat up her glistening folds. On the way to the nearby love motel Hinako became so scared she almost called it off (being able to absorb a man’s energy meant he would follow her lead one way or another), but she sucked up her courage and went through with it.

It was possibly the most glorious thing she had ever felt.

Sex was wonderful. Amazing. Mind blowing. She felt like a dam that had suddenly burst all at once, orgasms surpassing even the rush felt when draining a powerful martial artist of their energy. She could not believe how foolish she had been in denying herself such ecstasy for all of that time.

She went wild for a month, using a different man nearly every night (and sometimes going back out for a second when she wore out the first) and taking only Sundays off. She might have walked funny during school, but she was in heaven. The one thing consistent on all her outings was that she demanded to call the shots. Most men were only too happy to dance to her tune if it meant getting a chance to dive between her legs. She was a disciplinarian after all, and one needed to maintain discipline, especially when something might go wrong if she should suddenly run out of energy. She might have been a bit harsh at times, perhaps even a bitch, but they always caved in to her by the end.

Over the course of the following months, she tapered off somewhat and took a more reasonable approach by picking up men at a lesser rate. She developed a few ‘regulars’ that she found especially pleasing, but never considered for a moment forming a relationship with them. There were too many complications, especially with her younger form.

There was another discovery made over time; the more energy she had stored up, the more energetic she felt and the more often and easily she seemed to orgasm. It was a curious relationship, but one that she used to her advantage as a disciplinarian. Her reputation grew somewhat oppressive as she really started going out of her way to bust delinquents. Fortunately Furinkan was chaos personified, and there was no shortage of powerful rabble-rousers to drain from.

For a couple of years Hinako went on like that, until she realized something was missing from the sex she was having. It wasn’t so much physical, she thought, but something emotional. She tried a wider variety of different lovers, even some that were not quite so handsome or in great shape, but whatever that missing element was continued to elude her. Soon she cut back to picking up men only once a week, and even then she didn’t look forward to it like she used to. Sex had somehow become boring.

Another year passed and she decided it was time to risk a relationship. Finding ‘nice’ men wasn’t always easy, as attractive as she was, many felt intimidated by her, but she eventually found some that interested her. The pattern was the same in the beginning. She met them only in her adult form, keeping her younger form and energy draining a secret. If things worked out, the early platonic part of the relationship, which was nice, would become sexual in nature. If things continued working out from there, and she thought they truly loved her as they claimed, she would reveal the truth.

And then the bastards would go running for the hills.

Actually that wasn’t exactly true. Some of them did stick around. Although at first what she thought was a god-send turned out to be the opposite as the men would not only not mind her younger form, but want to do things with it that disgusted her in the extreme. Those depraved men were always dealt with most harshly, being drained as much as she dared. But no matter how much time it took for them to recover, it always took Hinako even longer.

The pattern repeated itself for a few years and began to anger Hinako as it continued. The real downward spiral began when she had tried a relationship with a man and didn’t let him know of her unique nature. At first things were fine, him seeming to love her for who she was rather than what she looked like. On her part she wasn’t quite as attracted to him, and wondered if it was love at all, but she was so desperate for a relationship that she was just glad it was working. But it all ended when several muggers jumped them one night. Her man was too weak to fight off even one of the attackers, so she was forced to blast the group to protect them. Her lover’s reaction was typical, and the explanation she gave fell on deaf ears. She left the alley adult again, her base betrayer a crumpled mass mixed in with the assailants. She found herself hoping he got mugged again.

Hinako’s frustration grew with each failed relationship, coming no closer to that feeling of happiness that continued to elude her. To make matters worse, she had no real friends to speak of, just acquaintances and co-workers. She felt too blasted lonely, and it wore upon her. She grew bitter, and many of the students at the school paid the price. She was given the title of ‘Head Bitch’ and knew she deserved it. She was one, after all. She supposed she could have changed, but she just felt so frustrated and angry that she had to take it out on others. The rush she got from draining was about the only thing that made her happy, and she ended up deriving even a bit of pleasure at watching students squirm in fear from her. Power over others in any form tended to be an aphrodisiac to most, and Hinako was no exception.

She was giving up hope that she would ever get satisfyingly laid again. She was forty now, and she knew that even with her incredible looks and a body that was nearly as fit and trim as when she was twenty (a pleasant side effect of being a child part of the time, gravity didn’t take its toll on her like it did her contemporaries), it was getting increasingly hard to interest men. They all wanted younger girls, inexperienced little sluts, rather than a mature woman that could really show them a good time. That jealousy was probably why she now had a tendency to treat the girls more harshly than the boys; she resented the easy time they had of  picking up men.

The lack of sex took its toll. Lately, she had become so desperate she had actually tried hitting upon some of the unmarried teachers, all of which were at the bottom of the desirability level. Worse, most of them were afraid of her. She had tried to be nicer around them, even going go far as to wear daringly low cut outfits that showed off her ample bust and skirts that barely covered her bottom. Even her underwear was of the expensive, silky kind. She had received some scared stares (even from the male students), but no offers. Their fear of her only increased her disdain for them.

But Saotome hadn’t shown fear, had he? How very unusual. Even Hinako would admit Silver-kun was an exceptional person. And his looks, now that she had gotten a chance to see all of him, there was the sort of man she would have enjoyed banging. She hadn’t had a piece of meat the size of his since she was thirty. And he was young too. The young ones always had the most energy, even if they tended to be sloppy and thought foreplay was what you did when you removed a woman’s panties.

Sitting alone in her classroom during lunch break, thinking such naughty thoughts, Hinako began fondling her breast. She closed her eyes and pictured Silver-kun’s washboard flat stomach and jutting dick. If she so desired, she could show him things that would blow his mind. She could send him so high he’d never want to go back to those little school girls he seemed so fond of. Her fingers began dancing across the part of her panties covering her pussy.  She could just envision Silver-kun now, beneath her as he cried out her name in ecstac…

“Miss Hinako!”

Her hands were a blur as they left the places on her body and a fifty-yen piece appeared in her hand, aimed right at the speaker. He only had time to blink before he was reduced to a deflated sack of flesh.

Hinako walked over to the student, whom she didn’t recognize, and stared at him with a look of pure evil. “If you ever breathe a word of what you saw, I’ll drain you so soundly you’ll never be able to get your minuscule dick up again! Do you understand?!”

The mass quivered.

Hinako smirked. She recognized true fear, and it was in this boy now.

The pitiful wretches always caved in to her.

It seemed to take an eternity for classes to end. But at last they did, and after her students filtered out of the room she was teaching them, she started to make her way back to her own homeroom in the corner of the third floor.

Hinako decided to take her time, allowing young Saotome to simmer in anticipation of his fate. He had made a mistake in thinking he could stand up to her, the young fool. She would show him. He could preen about her all he wanted with his hard cock and turn her on, but she could do the same. She could drive him up the wall in a frenzy with her looks alone, and make him forget the little slut that had been giving him oral satisfaction.

Undoing the top two buttons of her already low cut blouse, Hinako allowed an absolutely indecent amount of cleavage to show. Enough of the valley between her braless breasts was visible that she knew Silver-kun could not help imagining what it would be like to slide his dick between the two massive mounds. There wasn’t much she could do about the skirt by itself, it was already incredibly small to begin with and just barely concealed her rounded bottom. The best she could do was to bend over far at least once and flash him her underwear, and maybe even what was covered underneath.

The plan was simple: she would use torture by tantalizing him with her body while she crushed his spirit with her punishment. She wagered he’d be broken inside fifteen minutes, maybe as few as ten. That would be proper punishment for his open defiance.

Hinako was halfway there when she decided to get a little extra preparation for her meeting with the delinquent. She took a roundabout course on the first floor until she spotted a large member of the track team, a shot putter if she remembered correctly, grabbing a drink of water before going to after school practice.

“You let your mouth touch the spigot. That’s unsanitary, you delinquent!” She drained him dry, leaving his crumpled body on the ground. A moment later she caught another member tossing a candy bar wrapper at a trashcan and miss. She nailed him as a litterer, not giving him a chance to pick up the wrapper.

Now fully charged, and feeling the incredible, almost sexual rush, Hinako headed for her after school meeting.

In the classroom, Silver-kun was about to hit the breaking point. He had been left fume for over twenty minutes. There was concern for what punishment would befall him, anger at Hinako’s whole attitude, and worst of all, his now permanently aroused state. He was running so hot, he wasn’t cure if even a fucking would cure him. Even the Miroku scent he was giving off increased in intensity as his body  moved ever closer to the breaking point.

He was about to whip out his dick and give himself some relief, consequences of being caught disregarded, when Hinako showed up at last. She sauntered into the room, smugly smiling in her ‘prey’s’ direction, when the pent up smell of Miroku juice arousal hit her like a sledgehammer. Her hand was nearly shaking as she closed and locked the door behind her in case Silver-kun was unable to deal with the tongue-lashing that was coming and try to make a break for it. More than one student had tried to tearfully leave the room in the middle of a reprimand, and Hinako would take no chances this time.

Using all the skills she had picked up over the years in catching the interest of men, Hinako sexily made her way to the desk that Silver was sitting at. It was one of new, larger ones that she rather liked. They were almost the size of a small table, and made the students sitting at them appear smaller. Oddly, that didn’t seem to apply to Silver-kun, who appeared as tall as ever.

Hinako said nothing at first, instead leveling the same lustful glare that he had directed at her as he left the girl's locker room. It was easy, considering how turned on she was by Silver-kun’s impressive masculine presence and the scent in the air.

“Well, well, Mr. Saotome,” she purred as she paused in front of him, half turned so her hip and shapely ass were right next to his eyes. “It looks like I have you trapped in my lair at last. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment.” The words were calculated, each one intended to have the effect of either expressing her own sensuality or turn Silver-kun on. She noted how he just remained sitting, staring at her with an even more intense look than what he had worn in the locker room.

She pulled a pen from a pocket and played with it in her hands. “From the first day you arrived, you’ve been nothing but trouble. You’re loud. You’re disruptive. You encourage rowdy behavior in others. You flaunt the rules like no other has before and constantly get away with your deviant little behaviors.”

It was as she was in the middle of the list that she ‘accidentally’ dropped the pen in front of the desk across from Silver-kun’s. Turning so her back was to him, she slowly bowed down, bending at the waist instead of the knees and all but thrusting her butt in his direction. She could feel the warm air of the room caress her backside, letting her know that Silver-kun had an unrestricted view of her shapely ass barely concealed in tight black panties. If he wanted to, he could easily reach out and touch it, his long fingers dancing across her sensitive flesh, his powerful hands grasping it like she knew he wanted to.

And then she felt the air play against something moist in the front of her pussy. She couldn’t  believe it! She was getting turned on. That wasn’t supposed to happen. It was all just an act. And yet there was the unquestionably feel of at least a few drops of moisture leaking from her lower lips. It really had been too long since her last man if she was getting turned on so easily. Not since her first month of sex had she run hot enough to get moist without some sort of stimulation.

Regaining her vertical base, Hinako looked back to Silver-kun yet again, examining his eyes closely. Oh yes, that lustful look was back with twice the fury that had been there before. Her little plan was working, even if it was having the unanticipated effect of making her horny as well.

Hinako changed her position by moving to the front of the desk and placing a hand on her hip, looking down at Silver-kun from a dominant position. “Look at yourself. You don’t even wear regulation clothing. You insist on wearing those Chinese ensembles, again flaunting the rules by refusing to conform and be like everyone else. You might think your curse gives you some leeway, but not in my book. It’s just another sign of what a poor influence you are to both other students and this school.”

The scent continued to affect Hinako as she bent forward, thrusting her chest out slightly and allowing Silver-kun an unrestricted view of her generous cleavage. As much as Hinako was pushing her bosom forward, she was slightly worried that her barely restrained globes might spill out right in front of Silver-kun. The poor boy would probably pass out from the nearly divine sight, and that would not do at all. She still wanted to torment him. “And then there’s your unacceptably scandalous behavior. You seem to think you’re a gift from the gods themselves to both men and women. I’ve seen you flirt with members of both sexes brazenly and in front of everyone. You don’t even understand the concept of shame. What would your parents think if they saw you behave in such a manner? Believe me, they’ll know.”

The disciplinarian shifted her chest slightly, jiggling just a little for her audience’s benefit, though the way the material brushed across her hardened nipples served to arouse her as well. She could imagine the hard on Silver-kun was sporting now. He could probably hammer a line drive out of the ballpark with it, the poor dear. And there was no relief to be had either. It almost made her feel sorry she for the way she was teasing him. Almost.

Hinako was really starting to get into it now. She changed positions again and sat on the desk, at first just giving Silver-kun her side, but then shifting forward, as though the desktop was a chair. She placed her long legs in front of him, giving a flash of the front of her panties before hiding them from view once more by closing her legs. “And to make matters worse, somehow you’ve managed to seduce a good number of those gullible little girls, no doubt using them for sex and discarding them, like most of your worthless kind. Though it’s not as if the little dears know the first thing about satisfying a man. Still, they deserve better than having some delinquent nest himself between their little legs just to give himself off.”

Hinako felt herself getting increasingly hot from her talk. It would be best to end it now. She would give him one last chance before rendering final judgment upon him and breaking him for good. “You’ve had it here, Mr. Saotome. Your delinquent ways have finally come to a close, and you’ll get your just desserts. Now, before I administer your punishment, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Silver-kun looked her straight in the eye. “Just one thing: I’m going to fuck your ass raw, bitch.”

Hinako stared at him wide eyed for a moment, unable to say a word. It took her a moment to stammer out, “H…How dare  you speak to a teacher like that!”

Silver-kun stood up so quickly his chair shot out and hit the desk behind him. Standing, he above eye-level with Hinako, who was still sitting on the desk in front of him. He leaned forward, getting so close that she could feel his warm breath blow across her face. There was a feral grin across his features as he said, “Teacher? You lost any right to call yourself that when you started strutting your goods in my face like some dog in heat. You think I didn’t know what you were doing? You think you can stick your tits in my face, practically rubbing your ass up and down my cock, and I’m just going to sit here and take it from you? I’ve got news for you; I don’t care what sort of woman you think you are. The truth is, you are an uptight, holier-than-thou, stuck up, dicktease that’s going to get what’s been coming to her for way too long now.”

For the first time in recent memory, Hinako felt scared. This boy, no, this man, was refusing to back down to her in the slightest. Despite her best efforts, all she had done was fuel his lust and push him over the brink. No hollow threats were these: he was going to do his best to take her right there. And he could do it too. She had seen him in action and knew his strength and skill. Her heart was hammering as she panicked for a moment before remembering what she was: a disciplinarian. And not only that, she was disciplinarian with the ability to drain a football team dry with a single coin.

She brought out a fifty-yen piece and started to bring her hands forward. “Happo Fifty—“

All Hinako saw was a blur in front of her, and then suddenly both of her hands were pinned above her head, the fifty-yen piece sent flying. She had no chance to recover as Silver-kun pressed his advantage by leaning forward and thrusting her onto her back on the desk. Everything above her shoulderblades was past the edge of the desk, her long brown hair hanging down, while her hips were pushed forward to the very edge where Silver-kun stood. He leaned over her, one large and powerful hand clamping both of her wrists together overhead with ease, while his pelvis lay between her wide-open legs. He remained standing, his handsome, smirking face directly above hers.

Now Hinako was truly scared. Never had she been in so helpless a position. He had her under his complete control, and given his hungry smile, he knew it. Instead of the hunter, she now found herself the hunted, and she had no control over the situation in the least.

She tried re-exerting some authority, desperate to do something, anything. “Mr. Saotome, if you don’t release me this instant, I’ll scream.” Instead of the voice stern teacher she knew herself to be, it was that of the meek and frightened thirteen-year-old inside.

With total conviction, he said, “No, you won’t.” And he brought his lips down on hers.

It wasn’t a kiss, it was closer to rape as his tongue thrust and forced its way in, ravaging her mouth, and through that to her very spirit. After a single moment’s resistance, Hinako responded by allowing it to take place, a willing participant to her savaging.

Silver-kun’s hand slipped under the blouse and moved upward to embrace the bounty that lay beneath. He played roughly with the breast, kneading it before tweaking the nipple. He removed his lips from her to leave her gasp at the way she was being manhandled, both physically and in spirit.

His hand moved away from the breasts, leaving Hinako to gasp at the loss of contact before feeling that the hand had relocated itself between her legs.

“D…Don’t,” she managed to get out.

“Shut up!” Silver-kun ordered his he pulled the gusset of the panties aside and played with the lips beneath. He was surprised at what he discovered. “Christ, you’re like a fountain down here.”

She watched helplessly as he brought the hand to his mouth and licked the fingers clean, obviously enjoying the taste her loins were producing. It was true. She could no longer deny it. No matter how she would verbally protest, her body was betraying her, longing for this touch, no matter how her pride was being taken from her.

But years of being in control would not rest so easily. A plan came to mind. Softly, in a sultry voice that had made men fall to their knees in prayer for her riches, Hinako purred, “Let my hands go so I can run them up and down your shaft. I know lots of techniques that you will enjoy. Trust me.” Trust her to blast him with her Happo Coin Return, she meant.

Silver-kun shot an eyebrow up at that and remained silent. That was something Hinako had not expected. Men were like putty in her hands when she made such offers to please them. After another moment of consideration he smiled. Hinako knew that she had him as his hand slid to her loins again.

Or at least she thought she did until he tugged her panties, ripping them off with a quick tear. He held the black piece of fabric in front of her face, dangling it above her. “You talk too much. Now open up.”

Hinako was stunned. “What are yUMPH!” The rest of her protest was cut off as Silver-kun, jammed the torn panties in her mouth, the power of two of his fingers sufficient to keep her mouth open until the rest of his dexterous fingers forced the garment completely in her mouth. Once all the way in, he removed his fingers and forced her mouth closed.

“Keep it shut,” Silver-kun warned. “What I’m going to do to you will have you screaming, bitch, and we don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves.”

The threat grabbed Hinako’s heart in an icy hand. What did he have in store for her? Her imagination ran rampant with a thousand different ideas, from fucking her, to leaving her alone. She was amazed to discover she didn’t know which was worse.

Silver-kun looked at his new conquest. The Miroku juice was now in full effect, and he would not be denied the release he had been waiting for all day. It made him behave in ways that had never occurred to him before, the need never being so great within him. Hinako’s attitude had all but sealed her fate. She had directly challenged him, teasing, no, daring him to try something with her. Well, in his current shape, he was more than happy to answer the challenge.

Judging by her protests, he wondered if she had understood just how badly she had wanted him. That feeling was betrayed in her every move, her every breath, her every glance. If she had lied to herself about wanting to fuck him, then he was going to break through that facade and leave her begging for his attention.

Silver-kun termed her bitch, and unlike most of his loveplay, he meant it concerning Hinako. She was one, busting everyone’s ass for her own pleasure, and had to be treated as such. He would get her to admit that as well. He was only just starting to crack this nut. She hadn’t’ seen anything yet.

Flipping her over onto her stomach on top of the desk, Silver-kun kept his hands locked around her wrists. The tease was still dangerous to him, but he would soon cure her of that. He used both of his hands to bring her arms behind her back. Holding them in one hand again, watching for any attempts to break away, he undid and removed the drawstring of his pants. He used the light cord to tie Hinako’s wrists together securely, making absolutely sure she couldn’t slip out of them. Bondage was something Silver-kun only had a passing familiarity with, but he was a quick study and had an agile mind.

Hinako became even further frightened when she felt her hands tied behind her back. Silver-kun had been correct in his assessment; there was no way she could slip out of her bonds. She was now helpless. Her faith began to waver as hope deserted her and left her at the mercy of a man who was intent to screw her silly.

Hinako was roughly flipped over on her back again, in the same position as before save her arms being secured behind her. Silver-kun undid the buttons on her shirt, and paused a moment to admire the beautiful bounty presented before him. He grabbed the edges of the shirt again, then realized he had made a slight oversight: he couldn’t remove it past his prey’s bound wrists.

Mulling it over for a moment, Silver-kun shrugged and said, “Oh well,” and then ripped the blouse from Hinako’s body, allowing him unlimited access to her upper torso. Now that was more like it.

Hinako shuddered at the violent action, but at the same time felt a thrill run through her. What was happening? Why was she not more terrified of him? Why had she felt excited at his behavior?

Her train of thought was broken as he slipped her skirt from her waist and allowed it to fall from the floor. The final item removed was her shoes, which left her naked as a newborn babe.

Silver-kun leered at Hinako’s body, admiring the voluptuous form. It didn’t matter that she was older than him, older than his parents, in truth; she was still incredibly hot. Her tits were enormous, at least D-cups that didn’t show a hint of sag. And the nipples! They were so very large and one of the most suckable he had ever seen. Her ass was ample, but in a way that was filled out rather than too big. It was the ass of a woman, not a girl. And it was so very firm, despite its size. Silver-kun would tell that just by looking. Her bush was nicely trimmed, with red lips that were already moist in anticipation for what was to come. Only Hinako’s face gave away her true age, and that didn’t matter to Silver-kun in the least. She had the total package.

Now it was time to savor the prey that had been caught in the trap. He leaned forward again, much happier at having both hands free, and proceeded to lick and suck Hinako’s nipples in earnest. He went back and forth between them, lavishing equal attention upon each. His hands squeezed and mashed, treating the twin mounds like a giant plush doll. Hinako moaned through her gag, guiltily enjoying the attention as her breasts were suckled for the first time in years.

A slight moan of disappointment escaped Hinako’s gag as Silver-kun stopped sucking her nipples. Her distress was short lived as she watched Silver-kun removed his cheogsam, allowing her to admire the hard muscles that lined his chest. His arms were large, but not overly so the way a power lifter’s was. A broad chest more than hinted at the power that resided within. Silver-kun allowed her the liberty of reveling in him before dropping his pants and boxers at the same time. He smiled as he watched Hinako’s eyes widen.

The last time the disciplinarian had seen Silver-kun’s shaft she had thought it was big, but now it seemed to be even larger, with the bulbous head deep purple and the veins along the shaft prominent. Had she been free, she thought she would have gone down on her knees and happily sucked it dry.

Silver-kun basked in the obvious desire that was so noticeable on Hinako’s face. Part of him, the part that had him running hot all day, desperately wanted to simply stick his straining dick in and get some release, but his patience won out. He had to do this carefully, not giving in to quick desire if everything was going to go his way in the manner that he wanted it. Besides, in playing with Hinako, he discovered that his appetite was slightly satiated, as though he was indulging in a salad before being served the main course. He could hold out a little while longer.

“Raise your legs up,” Silver-kun commanded.

Reluctantly, unsure of what was going to happen next, Hinako did as she was ordered and stuck them straight up high into the air. Seeing him standing between her legs, cock standing at attention, she wondered (hoped?) he was going to do what he was in position for. She gave a faint moan at the idea of being speared with his rod, but was uncertain if it was spawned from fear or lust.

Hinako was spared the answer as Silver-kun ran his hands down her legs, starting at the heel and working his way down. “Nice and strong. Good muscle tone,” he said in an admiring tone, taking a moment to run his tongue down each. “You leave them up in the air, or else,” Silver-kun warned.

Having no choice, Hinako did as she was commanded. He ran his finger over her mound, penetrating it slightly. He brought the finger out and pointed it straight up, almost as though he was making a point. Perhaps in a way he was, as he brought the finger forward and pointed it at Hinako’s face. Her attention was riveted to it, almost as though she were hypnotized. He smirked, then ran it over her face. There was no mistaking what the wet substance was that left a trail where his finger wandered.

“Now you see?” he teased. “No matter how much your smart little mouth can try to deny it, your body knows the truth; it’s begging me to fuck you like a hundred-yen slut.”

Hinako gave a moan of dismay, wanting but unable to deny the truth. She did want it. She wanted to be screwed badly. She wanted him to put her legs over his shoulders, sink his entire shaft in, and make her cum until she was the one drained of energy. She would punish him later for his effrontery, but that would wait until he made her feel satisfied.

The anticipation was palpable as Hinako waited for him to service her, but rather than bury his dick in her pussy, she watched in dismay as all but the top of his head disappeared as he crouched down and out of sight. The reason for this became obvious as she felt his tongue start at the bottom of her slit and work its way up to the top, then back down, moving in long steady, patient strokes.

The tongue action only served to stoke her fires rather than put them out. She could feel his fingers and tongue peel back the outer labia and into the reward that waited inside. It took only moments for Silver-kun’s tongue to find what it sought; the clitoris.

Playing with her ‘love button’ nearly overwhelmed Hinako. Other men had given her oral pleasure, but never had she been in such a state of arousal at the time. She let her legs spasm with the sensations and waver downward, as she felt herself on the verge of the first non self-stimulated orgasm she had in over two years.

But then the fingers were removed and the tongue stopped its action. Still on the edge, Hinako whined in protest as she had been teased in far more vicious and effective manner than anything she had done to Silver-kun.

Her eyes pleaded with him as he stood up to his full height, looking upon Hinako with disapproval. His fingers nestled in the tiny hairs of pussy, but refused to do anything else Oh how she wished her mouth was free so that she could ask, no demand that he continue the task he had started.

Scowling at what he saw in her eyes, Silver-kun tightened his grip and pulled. Hinako gave a cry into her gag as pleasure turned to pain with just the twist of the wrist.

Silver-kun continued scowling, as though he had been the one mortally offended. He showed her the tiny quartet of vaginal hairs held between his fingers. “Do you know why I did that to you?”

Hinako’s glare told him all he needed to know. He placed his hand on top of her mound again, this time being rewarded with a look of fear. Good. She was learning.

“I told you to keep those legs up in the air. You let them sag enough to hit me in the top of the head. Bad move,” he explained with sterness in his voice. “Don’t let it happen again. Do you understand?”

Hinako glared right up to the moment his grip tightened. She nodded her head, feigning submission. If he wanted to play this game, fine. Once it was over, she would show him what it meant to be truly disciplined.

But another part of her mind, a part that sounded like a mix between a thirteen year old and a forty year old, rebelled at that idea. It told her to give up her pride and submit, allowing Silver-kun to do as he wanted and take her to plateaus of delight that she was on the verge of discovering.

No! That couldn’t be! She had always been the one in charge before. She was a disciplinarian. The boy was less than half her age. She could not submit to someone so young, even if he did know how to suck her breasts and eat her pussy (and with tremendous skill, too). She had to resist.

She raised her legs high in acquiescence. Silver-kun nodded in appeasement when they remained still. The part of Hinako that was a mix of ages sang a tune of joy at its lover’s approval, which in turn made Hinako’s resolve to punish Silver-kun lessen.

Again he plunged his tongue in her soft folds. More quickly this time he took her to the edge of the precipice. This time she tried to be mindful of the legs, but it was increasingly difficult with how well she was being tongue-lashed. No one could have been expected to fight those kind of wonderful sensations and not squirm in pleasure from them.

It was as her legs began to spasm uncontrollably, despite all of her efforts, that she suspected it was a trap. Silver-kun didn’t want to pleasure her. He wanted to punish her, abuse her, and was just setting her up by telling her not to do something, then making her do it. She felt like bursting out into tears. It wasn’t fair.

Just as Hinako felt her legs about to give out altogether, the soft touch of Silver-kun’s hands rose up to grasp the backs of her knees. Exerting a little force, they helped keep her legs in mid-air and continued complete access to her lower regions. That made her sigh in relief . He didn’t want to punish her after all, just test her resolve. And most importantly, judging by his continued tongue lashing, she had passed.

Hinako could feel herself at the edge when the lapping sensation stopped again. She left off a soft, feminine whine of protest through her gag and wondered what she had done wrong this time.

Silver-kun stood up from between her legs, admiring the view. Her nude form was one of the most gorgeous sights he had ever laid eyes upon. The entirety of her body was flush with passion from the lashing he had given her thus far. He sensed she was at the edge and could have finished her off at any time, but that wouldn’t do. She still wasn’t quite ready yet. But soon, very soon now. There were just several more things he had to do.

Hinako was brought roughly to her feet by her newfound lover. She looked at him in confusion until he sat down on a chair, pulling her with him and laying her across his lap. This wasn’t what she wanted at all. He couldn’t possibly screw her in this position. Why wasn’t he fucking her, or at least continuing to eat her out ?

The first muffled question she wanted to ask never made it out as she felt a hard smack applied to her buttcheeks. The sound of the hand meeting flesh echoed though the room. An inarticulate cry of surprise and pain joined hot on its heels. No playful smack had that been, but one with real force behind it.

“You stupid, stupid bitch,” Silver-kun said harshly as his hand struck Hinako’s posterior once again, causing even her firm asscheecks to waver. He felt her twist at the pain of her behind’s unexpected abuse. “You think I didn’t know what you were up to? You think I believed you when you told me you were going to behave?” He struck again, leaving a red handmark where hand met flesh.

Each sentence became punctuated with a smack, each one equally hard. “I knew you were lying to me, with those eyes of yours.” *Smack* “What were you going to do, try and drain me once I got done satisfying you?” *Smack* “This isn’t about pleasuring you, bitch, it’s about pleasuring me.” *Smack* “Don’t ever think for one second it’s about anything else.” *Smack* “If you cum, it's because I want you to, and for no other reason.” *Smack*.

The spanking continued causing tears to pour down Hinako’s face. It wasn’t just from the pain from the blows to her rear, it was from the complete loss of dignity as well. Whatever illusions she had at maintaining it were gone. The tiny mixed-age voice in her head, which had become louder with each smack, was now cheering at how someone was at last disciplining her. The force of it made Hinako remember the voice. It had been with her for years, ever since she was teenager. Back then she had refused to listen to it and the forbidden things it whispered in her ear. They were wrong, or so she felt. Over time, it had become so silent that it was all but forgotten, but with Silver-kun’s manhandling of her, it had come back with a vengeance, proving it had been waiting all this time for just the right person to let it (Hinako’s own suppressed desires) free.

Finally she gave up all pretense of resistance, freely submitting herself to be disciplined in the way she had always wanted. She deserved it. She had been a bad girl, a true bitch. A part of her wondered if she had behaved that way simply as a cry of wanting someone to come forth and put her in her place and treat her like Silver-kun was now.

And then the smacks stopped. Instead, his powerful hand, which had administered so much pain began massaging the abused cheeks instead. Hinako marveled at the way his finger tips seemed to soothe her sore bottom, making a tiny bit of the pain go away. Then his fingers brushed against her pussy, causing her to shudder at the contact. If only he would do that to her instead. She would beg for it like a dog if he would give it to her. But she held out no hopes for that. He just wanted to administer his own form of vengeance for teasing him with her body. Now he was going to take what she had tempted him with, something that was now his by right.

Silver-kun paused for a moment, sensing what her trembling meant and hiding his smile. She was in the palm of his hand now, all he had to do was close it to make her his own.

He bent as low as he could with her draped across his lap, cupping her chin and moving her head back enough so she could see him out of the corner of her eye. Running his other hand along her face, he wiped away the tears that had run down. Her eyes were still red from the crying, but there was no defiance in them like before. Oh yes, she was ready for him.

“You’re going to behave yourself from now on, aren’t you?” He moved the free hand away from her face and positioned it to rest on her backside, squeezing just enough to remind her of where it was and what he could do with it.

Hinako nodded her head enthusiastically, wanting to please him as much as stopping the abuse.

“Good girl. I like that,” Silver-kun’s voice all but purred in approval. “You want to be my bitch now, don’t you?”

There was hope in her now. Before, she had feared Silver-kun simply wanted to hurt her and that his teasing before was just another form of torture. But now, now there was a chance he wanted something more than someone to take vengeance on for her naughty behavior. He said he wanted her to be his ‘bitch,’ and she wanted to give herself to him in every way he wanted.

Silver-kun massaged her buttcheeks with his hand. The former arousal that had commanded his attention when Hinako had first entered the room had returned. There was little he would have preferred to sticking his meat up her wet pussy, but he had to insure that Hinako would NEVER spill her guts as to what happened in the locker room. Although with the way his Miroku influenced mind was working and the solution it had come up with, well, the method of securing her discretion was proving most enjoyable.

A firm smack swatted Hinako’s bottom. Not like the ones before, but still enough to sting given how sore she was. “Since you’re my bitch now, that means you’re not going to be a bitch to anyone else. You’re going to have to change. Do you understand?”

Hinako nodded her head quickly. To be his woman, she would learn to walk on water if she had to. Treating people more pleasantly would be easy.

Her nod was rewarded with a massaging of the area that he had swatted. “Good.”

Hinako enjoyed the light touch, moaning in approval as his callused hands played with her firm buttcheek. The massage stopped and she received another firm, but not harsh, smack. She was amazed to discover that the lighter smacks, though a bit painful, were serving to arouse her. The wetness was returning between her legs, and her loins were crying out for what felt like the hundredth time in less than twenty minutes for some form of release.

“You’re going to apologize to Megs. Then you’re going to treat those in your classes you have wronged especially nice. Like Ryo Hibiki and Yuriko Kuonji, got that?”

Hinako nodded again, and was rewarded with the massage, as well as finger dragged across her pussy. Now the pattern was beginning to form. He was stating his rules and reminding her what punishment for defiance meant, while her obedience would be rewarded. She very greatly wanted to be obedient.

Another soft smack. “From now on you do what I say, whenever I say it. The next time you catch me in the locker room, you’ll be the one that ends up giving me head. Got it?”

Hinako nodded as she ground her legs together, trying to find a way to stimulate herself enough to get off.

A hard smack cracked her ass, disrupting her ministrations. Silver-kun stared down at her in disapproval. “I didn’t tell you to cum yet, did I?”

Hinako shook her head, desperate to stay in her new master’s good graces. Remarkably, she felt genuinely ashamed of her behavior.

Silver-kun nodded and reassured her with a finger plunged two knuckles into her pussy. “You’re telling the truth. Good girl. Now isn’t that much better than the lies you told me before?”

Hinako nodded as she tried to remain motionless, though it was difficult. She felt like crying from frustration rather than pain. She needed him so bad it was physically hurting.

The dominating play, and enforcement of his rules, was really stoking Silver-kun’s fires, and Hinako’s complete submission made it all the hotter. During the spanking, she had not only quickly broken down, but had eagerly become his willing fuck toy. And now both of them were going to get what they really wanted.

He applied his firm smacks to her behind again fondling her ass cheeks in between and not bothering to ask any more questions. He had known from feeling her pussy she had been getting off on them, and the way she shifted on his lap from each smack served to dance her stomach across his purple cockhead, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her belly. The little grunts she made as he struck, the desire in her eyes for him to get her off, made him so aroused that it became difficult to think. He answered her grunts with his own with each time his hand descended, the kneading of her ass becoming more of a mauling with how hard he was squeezing

And then at last the Miroku juice hit its peak. The world seemed to go red for Silver-kun as he became so animalistic and driven with the need for release that nothing short of death would stop him.

He stood up, Hinako giving a soft squeal of pain as she fell roughly from his lap and landed on her abused bottom. But even the pain wasn’t enough to make her needs any less. She wanted to cry. She didn’t understand why he had thrown her to the floor. She was being a good girl and didn’t need further disciplining. Before, she had been spanked because she had been bad for a very long time and deserved it. And Silver-kun had been so wonderful in meting out her punishment. But now his denial of her release was torture, pure and simple. He must have hated her with all of his heart to do this to her. He must.

And then she saw him standing before her. From her position on the ground, he seemed a giant with his jutting dick a foot long. And the look he gave her! Never in her life had she seen anyone with a look of such raw lust. That glare alone would have made her submit to him. She trembled at the furious intensity that was there, and her heart raced as she knew what was to come.

He snarled as he fell to his knees, then roughly grabbed her ankles and hoisted them over his shoulders. His hands traveled down to her waist as he lined her pussy over his gleaming shaft. Hinako lay there motionless, ready to be claimed.

And then he was in with a single thrust, buried to the hilt and giving out a low roar of satisfaction. The instant the cock ‘hit bottom’ Hinako climaxed in a wave more powerful than anything, than everything, she had felt before. Her body convulsed, and the gag was all but ineffectual as she screamed in ecstasy through it. The orgasm seemed to shoot through every cell of her body, and she was just barely aware of the creamy load Silver-kun was spraying, decorating the walls of her insides with an almost firehose like intensity.

The orgasm was more than physical, more than the mountain that her lover had slowly dragged her up to then pushed off with his rods plunge; it went down to the very depths of her soul. She knew she belonged to this matchless lover with all her being. In that one moment, they had formed what was literally a perfect union. It was heaven.

And then the world went dark for as she passed out from the exertion.

Silver-kun was almost as hot on her heels. He wavered a moment before regaining his form of his normal senses. That had been too much. No way was that natural. Something had to have been affecting him, but damned if it didn’t feel good. He didn’t think he had ever cum that hard with any woman. Had never NEEDED to cum so badly.

He felt his body relax slightly as he detached himself from his new toy’s loins. The now reduced level of Miroku juice, while not overwhelming, influenced him as examined Hinako’s nude form. Her luscious breasts still heaved with each deep breath she took, despite the fact she appeared unconscious. Already some of his cum trickled out her neatly trimmed pussy, a testament to just how much he had been storing inside, for he knew most of it had shot deep within her. No way had he ever had that much cream in him before. But it didn’t really matter. Anything that made him orgasm that hard, and made him feel that good afterward, couldn’t’ be bad. And even if it were, he would learn to live with it.

Silver-kun was surprised at his behavior. He had never indulged in this sort of play before, and now was sorry for the potential opportunities missed. Though for some reason, he knew it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun if it hadn’t been Hinako. For her to behave this way, it just seemed so… right to him. He couldn’t see trying to break Yuriko, or even Ranko like this. But Hinako was different. She really got into it, and not just because he had done this to her. She wanted it this way. His earlier thought about her needed a good fucking were only half right; she also needed someone to treat her like a tramp and put her ‘in her place’. And had he ever done that.

Looking at her closely, he could see her smile, despite her unconscious state. She didn’t look like the high and mighty cocktease that entered the room and tried to bust his ass (Not that she had looked like that when she was spread across his lap and having the tar spanked out of her either), but now, she looked happy. Almost content. It was probably the first time he had seen such feelings on her during the entire school year. And he was responsible for it. It made him feel unexpectedly warm.

And Silver-kun could not deny he was attracted to her too, even after the frenzy of orgasming had passed. Who wouldn’t be, once her stuck up mask was pulled aside to reveal a woman that just wanted to be pleasured in an unusual way? She was painfully beautiful, even if she was what others would term an ‘older woman’. Her little problem with size changing couldn’t have made things easy for her either. He now felt sympathy at the hard life she had no doubt led. Perhaps she had been a major bitch, but he was certain there had been reasons.

But now what to do with her? Despite cumming so hard, he could feel a not so far away desire to blow his load in her again. His dick actually seemed to twitch at the mere thought of plugging her again. Definitely it needed at least a little bit more action, and this time he would have better control and patience, not that he had done a bad job the first time. He might have cum on the first stroke, but Hinako sure hadn’t seemed to mind.

The remaining supply of Miroku juice, depleted somewhat through orgasming still maintained a strong hold on Silver-kun’s thoughts. They colored his perceptions, adding to his normal desires of domination of his new willing partner. Already the arousal of his body was beginning to build up again at inhuman speeds, though without the urgency from before.

He had little doubt she would want more from him again, and who was he to deny wants that coincided so perfectly with his? Besides, she was his now, by her own admission, and he wanted to break his new ‘bitch’ in further and make sure the bindings to him were complete.

An idea quickly came to mind. Bondage was never something he had never indulged in before. But after all, this was a school, and Hinako was a teacher. It was the perfect place for learning new things, was it not?

Hinako was only starting to come around from her unbelievable high when she felt herself being picked up and moved. A second later she was put down, stomach first, on something hard. Her legs were dangling over the edge and touching the floor. She only just started to find the strength to move them again.

The cord binding her wrists was removed. However, her hands were quickly grabbed again and her arms brought forward and over the front of edge of the wide desk. She didn’t’ try to resist as she felt her wrists bound together once more. The excess cord was tied around the cross bar between the steel legs of the desk, immobilizing her arms once again.

She raised her head slightly, and tried to speak, but all that came out were muffled tones through her gag. Almost full awareness had returned. She couldn’t’ move, but she could see Silver-kun picking up the remains of her blouse and walking back towards her.

He walked up next to her and paused for a moment to smile. “Don’t worry, I’m not finished with you yet, not by a long shot.”

Hinako almost purred as he maneuvered into position behind her, but rather than sticking his man meat inside, she felt him play with her legs. A moment later, his intent became clear as she felt the strips of cloth bind her leg to steel desk leg. The other one followed, leaving her unable to do anything other than crane her neck around. The feeling of real helplessness excited her. Truly she was his to do with as he pleased.

He moved back in front of her. “Open your mouth.”

She did so, and the gag was removed. It was only after its removal that Hinako realized how dry it had been, her moisture sucked up by the panties. She summoned some spit to try to moisten it once again.

Silver-kun watched her for a moment. “Mouth dry? I got something for that.” He waved his semi-hard dick before her mouth. “Look at this thing. Your pussy juice got it all wet. Time to clean it off.”

He grabbed her forcefully by the head. She knew what was expected of her and opened her mouth. That open consent brought a smile to Silver-kun’s face as he shoved half his length in. He drew back with his hips, then pushed forward again. Hinako went limp as she allowed her mouth to be used as makeshift pussy, though she’d have preferred Silver-kun to stick it the real thing. Blowjobs had never really held that much interest for her, but for her new lover, she’d force herself to learn to appreciate them like never before. Especially since her mouth seemed to tingle from the contact of his rod, a tingling that made her want more. Very odd.

Eventually, he pushed his entire semi-erect rod to the hilt, his pubic hairs mashing against Hinako’s nose and lips. She could feel his shaft get harder and longer with each thrust. Helping him along, she began to employ some tongue action, letting it play across the member as it was forced in and out of her mouth. That elicited a groan of approval, as well as making it harder still. The way she was being used turned Hinako on. She could feel herself becoming aroused again, and hoped Silver-kun would refrain from blowing his load down her throat.

Her wishes were realized as he removed his now fully erect shaft from her mouth. He squatted to eye level with her, and gave her a look of approval that made her heart soar. “I like this mouth. It’s got a nice feel to it.” He then tilted her head back, almost painfully, and kissed her, forcing her mouth open and jamming in his tongue. She wholeheartedly accepted the ravishing her mouth was receiving far more than the oral action she had just been subject to.

Breaking off the kiss, Silver-kun smiled, then moved behind her. Being unable to see what was happening, Hinako allowed her other senses to take over. She listened carefully to Silver-kun moving behind her, eventually fondling her still sore bottom. Something drew across the lips of her pussy and she gave an “Oh yes,” of approval. A moment later, with his hands repositioned on her hips, she felt what could only be the head of a dick force its way in (though not much force was required). He buried its entire length in her within three thrusts, causing Hinako to tremble in pleasure.

Silver-kun remained silent as he began pistoning in and out of Hinako’s pussy, savoring the sensations from the perfect fitting. Unlike before, he took his time, calculating each stroke as they brought him ever closer to his goal.

With her gag removed, Hinako bit down on her lip to keep from crying out loud. It was unbelievable. Never in all of her life had she become so hot so quickly. It only added to the feeling that this was the element that had been missing from her life before. How had she ever felt alive without Silver-kun to administer this kind of pleasure to her?

Soon only the sound of pounding flesh and heavy breathing filled the room. He continued pumping, increasing the speed and force so that his sack slapped against her pussy, which caused her to bite down harder. He was now pounding her hard enough to cause her upper body to move with each thrust. Her breasts moved back and forth in accordance with his dick, the sensitive nipples rubbing against the cool desktop. She absolutely loved the way she was being used by Silver-kun to bring himself pleasure. Truly she belonged to him in every way.

Silver-kun sighed in delight at the feeling of Hinako’s slick passageway hugging his cock. Screwing a mature woman was different from the younger lovers he had known. Hinako might not have been considered nubile, but she was deliciously filled out in all of the right places. Definitely one of his most memorable conquests. The general differences themselves were neither better nor worse; each type of woman had her own unique feel. And Hinako felt, very, very, good.

Hinako felt the fires build up to a crescendo. She was certain that Silver-kun was going to tease her again by pulling out and letting her squirm in longing like before. But not this time. He continued to pump furiously away. Poised right at the verge, she begged, “Please don’t stop.” She was rewarded by an unbelievably hard thrust that moved both her and the entire desk a handful of inches. That did it, triggering the orgasm she had so desperately wanted. It was delightful, even if it wasn’t as mind numbing as the last. Her body trembled and quivered at the release.

She was coming so hard she was unaware of the fact Silver-kun had removed his dick with her first spasm. Rather than entering again, he fell to his knees and immediately clamped his mouth around her pussy. He gratefully accepted the bounty that flowed so easily down her puffy lips, the amount a testimony at just how hard she was cumming. The woman was unbelievable.

Once Hinako came down from her high, and Silver-kun was convinced he had enough, he moved away from between her legs and towards her head again. She looked up at him, standing silently before her. When he bent down and pulled her head back, she thought she knew what to expect and opened her mouth in anticipation for another kiss.

She got more than she bargained. Silver-kun did indeed lower his mouth to hers. But rather than a tongue, she felt him force both of his lips into her larger mouth and spit something liquid in. As he pulled back, he forced her mouth shut, though some of the substance spilled out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Realizing she had no choice, Hinako swallowed the substance. It had a sweet flavor to it, unlike anything she had ever tasted before.

Silver-kun gave a nod of approval. “Yeah, that was your own cum. I decided to share some of your sweet little honeypot with you. Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

“Very,” Hinako purred in her sultry voice. It was the first time she had ever tasted a woman’s cum, and her own no less. How very kinky. Also, it had the added benefit of making her throat not feel dry any longer.

The cursed ‘girl’ bent low, so that his face was only a few centimeters from hers and gave her a harsh stare. “But it looks like you missed a little on your chin.”

That caused Hinako to cringe slightly. Was that a hint of disapproval in his voice? She wasn’t sure. Was she going to be punished for allowing some to spill out?

The answer came when his gaze switched from harsh to soft and ran his tongue along the line of her jaw, tracing the trail of spit and cum that had escaped her mouth. Even Silver-kun was taken aback by the look of affection that Hinako gave him in response to his gesture.

Standing up, he smirked at her bound form. “Time to finish you off.” He maneuvered behind her once again.

Hinako’s body stiffened in anticipation of what was to come. She wanted him to make her cum again, and wanted to feel him orgasm within her as well. Maybe he would repeat his previous action, sharing a mixture of both their juices this time.

However, his movement seemed different as Hinako felt her ass forced down slightly. She wasn’t left wondering what he was up to for long as she felt the head of his member press not against the lips of her pussy, but somewhere else entirely.

“Not in the ass,” she protested. Anal sex was one of the few things she had never engaged in. It seemed too dirty and disgusting. The few men that tried to persuade her to do it, she convinced to take her pussy instead.

Hinako felt the cockhead move back from the nether opening, but it didn’t switch to her pussy either. She was left confused as to what was happening, wishing she could see her lover and what he was doing. His hands tighten on her hips, and she felt a dread rise up in her stomach.

“So you don’t want to get fucked in the ass, do you?”

The note of disapproval was clear in his voice. Now Hinako understood her mistake. She had defied him: an unacceptable act in their new relationship. She considered lying, but feared that might elicit some form of punishment. “No.” She kept the answer simple, praying it wouldn’t offend him.

“You’d rather be fucked in your pussy, right?”

Now his voice sounded lighthearted and friendly, which frightened her more than the disapproval since there was no reason for it. Reluctantly, forcing the words from her mouth, she said, “Yes.”

She felt his hand start fondling her rear. “Well, we do seem to have something of a dilemma. You see, the problem with that is I want to do you in the can. You do recall me promising to fuck your ass raw, right?”

Hinako began trembling. She had forgotten that. “Yes, but I thought it was just a threat.”

His hand gave a playful slap to her backside. That made her tremble harder. Obviously his displeasure was immense.

“Miss Hinako, when have I ever said I was going to do something to you that I didn’t do?”

A tear fell down her cheek at the formality he used when saying her name. She didn’t just want to be a teacher to him. She wanted to apologize, to say something to make it up to him, but she didn’t know what, so instead she remained silent.

The hand slapped her butt playfully again. “So here’s our problem. I want to fuck you in the ass, but you say no. You want your pussy fucked, but I’m not in the mood for that anymore. So what should we do? What should we do?” He pretended to ponder that for a moment, then loudly made a declaration as though the idea had just come to him. “I know. I’ll go down to where the kendo team is practicing, they always practice after school about now, and invite them up here to fuck your sweet little pussy. Why, we can have a good old fashioned gang-bang.”

Hinako jerked in shock. “No! Not that!”

His hand slid around her hips, gripping them tight. He pretended he didn’t hear her protest and continued. “Can you imagine what it’ll be like to have ten or fifteen guys filling your pussy one after another? One blasts his load and then another follows, and then another, and then another until it all blends into one. You might not even realize they’re switching on you.”

“No please,” Hinako begged. More tears began to flow. “You can’t do that to me! I’ll be disgraced.”

Silver-kun chuckled. “Oh, I think I can do whatever I want with you tied up.” He tugged at one of her leg bonds. “And so can they. They’ve all probably fantasized about doing you. You are so incredibly beautiful. Hell, I want to decorate your gorgeous ass with my cum right now. Can you imagine what those hard up guys that almost never get laid will be like once they see you tied up and your receptive little pussy waiting for them, begging for their loads? That’s what the view looks like to me. I bet each one will want to do you two or three times at least. Being as young and virile as they are, you know they can.”

“No, no. Please don’t.” Hinako pleaded with all of her heart, knowing how right he was. They would use her as nothing more than a receptacle for their adolescent fantasies. They weren’t real men, like Silver-kun. They were like all the others over the years and didn’t know how to truly get her off. “Don’t let them have their way with me. I’m not their bitch, I’m yours. You’re the only one I want to do me.”

“I think we’ve already covered the difficulties with that,” Silver-kun sighed with feigned reluctance. He removed his hand and turned in the direction of the door. “No, it looks like I’m going to have to get the boys to bat clean up for me. Too bad.” He took a single step towards the exit.

“Fuck me in the ass.”

The request was soft, almost inaudible. Silver-kun turned back toward his new conquest. “What was that? I don’t think I heard you right.”

“Fuck my ass,” Hinako said more loudly.

Silver-kun gave a loud, “Hmm… I thought you didn’t want it in there.”

“I do now,” she said with an effort.

Silver-kun shook his head, his voice taking on an almost menacing tone. “You don’t sound sincere to me. I’m not going to do you in the butt unless I think you mean it. You did tell me ‘Not in the ass’ after all, and that was very convincing. Very convincing indeed.” Silver-kun turned back towards the door.

“Please fuck my ass raw, Silver-sama.”

The way she raised her ass as high as she could for him, combined with the soft, almost demure way the request had been made let Silver-kun know that this time she was being sincere.

With her last defiant gesture stripped away, Hinako finally allowed herself to become completely submissive to him and all of his desires. In truth, she felt better knowing that she was now belonged to him in spirit as well as in body.  The fear she had of alienating her newfound lover far outweighed the trepidation of anal sex.

“Now that’s more like it,” Silver-kun went back to his former position and prepared to mount Hinako again. For the briefest of moments he considered just forcing his way in, but then reconsidered. It was true she had defied him and deserved to be punished, but the threat of disciplining had brought her in line, had actually bound her completely to him. Such devotion should be rewarded. He did care for his new love slave, after all.

He plunged his fingers into her soft folds of womanhood. The juices he craved were rewarded to him in moments. Now wet, he worked a single knuckle of one of his fingers into Hinako’s non-resisting ass. He shuttled it in and out, taking his time until he was confident she was loosened enough to allow a second digit entry. Two eventually became three and the resistance grew less again.

Despite wanting to feel him ride her backside, Hinako was uncomfortable with the violation at first. Her worry lessened when she realized Silver-kun was going to loosen her first up this time with some digital manipulation. When the first finger entered, she grimaced in discomfort. However, once she learned how to relax her sphincter, the intrusion became less unpleasant, even when the other fingers were added. It was when they were withdrawn that the old worries took over, and she reflexively tightened up again.

Silver-kun felt Hinako tense up. He gave both asscheecks a strong squeeze. “It’s going to be a tight fit, but trust me, once it’s up there and you get used to it, you’ll never want to go back.”

That show of concern for her relaxed Hinako. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me, Silver-sama.”

He pried her asscheeks apart and looked at the inviting hole before him. He swore his erection got stiffer at the sight. “Oh yeah, time to mine the last shaft.” And with that he thrust forward, driving the head of his prick and the first couple inches into the incredibly tight opening. He heard Hinako grunt at taking his meat, and he let her adjust to the new companion in her backside.

Hinako gasped at the intruder. It was way larger than the fingers that had paved the way before. She was relieved Silver-kun was giving her a chance to adjust, though it didn’t feel like anywhere near enough time as he drew back until only the head was in, then thrust forward again, burying even more inside. The resistance was still considerable, so he dropped a hand down between Hinako’s legs, dancing his fingers over her pussy in an effort to stimulate two areas at once and distract her from how forcefully she was being taken.

Sweat covered Hinako’s body in a slick sheen as an ever-increasing amount of dick plunged into her tight hole. It felt like someone was trying to saw her in half from the inside as Silver-kun’s firm strokes continued steadily. It certainly felt like he was making good on his word, with only the fingers up her cunt helping to counter the demands on her attention Silver-kun’s dick was making As the final inch penetrated her backside, Silver-kun buried to the hilt, Hinako doubted if she would ever be able to walk right again.

On Silver-kun’s part, he took a moment to relax as he rested his member in Hinako’s backside. Now that the hard part was over, (well, not the hard part between HIS legs) he could really begin to fuck her the way she deserved. After all, he had a promise to keep, and rarely were they so pleasurable to see through to the end.

“I knew you could take it all. Now comes the good part” he reassured her with an affectionate pat to her cheeks.

No cry escaped her lips as Hinako felt Silver-kun start to slide back and forth in her back channel, the lining of her insides sending shivers up her spine as the messages of pain began to switch over to those of pleasure. At last she was starting to relax under her lover’s forceful ministrations. The pain lessened, both from getting used to the intruder in her ass, as well as the way Silver-kun’s fingers played over her pussy. Signals now went out from between her legs, as well as her behind, telling her that the pain didn’t matter to the pleasure that was building up.

Within a couple of minutes, Hinako began gasping, “Oh, oh god! It feels good. Oh, yessss.  I…I’m going to cum, Silver-sama!”

“Damn right you are!” He grunted as he continued shuttling in and out, despite feeling her shake with the fury of an orgasm. There was a sense of satisfaction at that. He knew he could make her into a very willing recipient of his assfuck, just like he got her to enjoy everything else that had happened today. Spanking, bondage, oral, and vaginal, he swore she was going to take everything he threw at her with desire in her eyes and a cry of ecstasy on her lips.

He withdrew his fingers from her pussy. The urging of his shaft demanded release of all of his pent up energy. He had been administering various forms of pleasure to Hinako without gaining some for himself.

The combination of watching his dick disappear into his love-slave’s voluptuous ass and her moans of approval really drove him wild. He was getting close to needing to blow his wad again, though he was damned if he wouldn’t take her with him. With Hinako properly loosened up, he was able to slide much more smoothly through her rectum. He began pounding in and out of her lovely ass with increasing force, almost as though it were her pussy. Immediately he was rewarded with an increase in moaning, even as Hinako was coming down from the first orgasm.

Relentlessly, Silver-kun refused to let her relax as his strokes continued to increase in tempo. He reached forward, continuing to pump even as he forced his hands between Hinako and the desk and clutched her unattended breasts. Roughly he played with them, squeezing them like ripe melons and rolling the bullet-hard nipples between his fingers.

He growled in her ear, “You like that, don’t you, you slut? You love me fucking your sweet ass, don’t you? Don’t you?!”

The relentless hammering prevented Hinako from answering right away. It took her several moments to get out through clenched teeth, “Fuck my ass raw. Fuck it! Fuck it!”

Answering the request with animalistic fury, Silver-kun stopped trying to hold off and erupted inside Hinako’s hot and willing backside, his hands all but mauling her breasts in the process. An incredible amount of his seed was discharged deep in the bowels of his lover’s rectum.

The sensation of shooting his wad in her ass and squeezing her breasts sent Hinako into the frenzy of yet another hard orgasm. She came in concert with her lover, crying out as she basked in the discipline, love, affection, and flooded loins he had given her. No other had ever come close to making her cum so powerful and easily.

In too short a time their mutual orgasm passed. The two remained like that for several minutes, Silver-kun’s form all but collapsed on top of Hinako. It had been an incredible joining of sorts, but more of a simple emotional one than the spiritual/physical coupling with Ranko. Still, it was easily one of the most intense experiences he had ever had. Silver-kun knew he would remember it for the rest of his life.

With great reluctance he extracted his now limp meat from out of her backside. He took one last look to admire her beautiful tied up form, silently wishing they could remain like this for a while longer. But it could not be. They had already spent too long like this, and it was time to move on.

Moving quickly, he untied her bonds. Going first for the legs, then the one around her wrists. Hinako felt depressed that the ‘lesson’ was over, though she had certainly learned it well. And she was quite sore from the rough (but pleasurable) treatment she had received, and probably did need a chance to recover from their festivities.

Just as she tried to stand, her legs gave out. She would have fallen had Silver-kun not been watching her closely. He caught her just as she sagged, then carried her in his arms just as a groom would his newlywed bride. The mental comparison made Hinako cling to him more tightly.

Silver-kun sat down with her in his lap, this time in a pose of affection. He fondled one of her breasts as he allowed her to relax in his embrace. “You are okay, right?”

Hinako smiled demurely and nodded her head.

He gazed at her in approval. “Do you have a jacket? You’re blouse ain’t going to be covering anything, and I don’t want anyone looking at these beautiful tits of yours except me.”

Again she nodded, thrilled at his possessive attitude towards her. When she was certain he was done inquiring, she spoke hesitantly “Silver-sama, might I ask as question?”

He looked at her curiously. “Go on.”

“Will I be allowed to join with you in this manner again?

He handled one of her breasts roughly and smirked. “Bitch, from now on I’m going to be fucking every one of your holes so much, you’re going to think my dick’s become a permanent part of you.”

After making that declaration, Silver-kun brought her mouth to his and kissed. It wasn’t the domineering rape their first one had been but a tender caring one, which made Hinako’s heart soar even higher, even though she knew they were both aware of the truth: there was no possibility of a ‘real’ relationship between them. Discounting the unconventional nature of their union, there were too many other factors standing in their way. The age difference. The nature of Hinako’s job. The separate directions their lives were taking. The many suitors vying for Silver’s attention, and the fact they had more in common with the sex-changing girl than Hinako ever would.

Not that it meant they couldn’t indulge in some fun and satisfy their mutual voracious appetites. This was, reduced in simplest terms, the best time Hinako ever had in her life, and she had no desires to have it end. She vowed to herself to be the best lover to her ‘master/mistress’ she could be, placing his wants and needs before her own.

Despite that knowledge of boundaries between them, Hinako felt her life full and satisfied. No matter what was to come, she would never be disappointed in the choice she had made.

Outside in the hall, sensing the action was over, Yuriko Kuonji moved away from the little window near the top of the door to the classroom. She had sought out Silver in an attempt to avenge herself of the wrongs the silver-haired temptress had committed against her in the morning. After she had waited outside the gates and Silver hadn’t shown up, Yuriko went looking for her prey in the school. She arrived outside the room just in time to witness Silver-kun lunge at Hinako and pin her to the desktop. A mixture of terror and voyeurism had filled Yuriko as she mentally debated against heading for the hills or watching events unfold. She ended up observing the start, becoming fascinated as she watched Hinako broken down from high-and-mighty disciplinarian to a submissive sex toy in just under forty-five minutes.

Yuriko crept away silently from the door, trembling in fright. Was she insane?! How could she think for one second that she should seek revenge on a powerful sex-fiend like Silver Saotome?! She never guessed such forbidden passions existed beneath her longtime companion’s brash exterior. Yuriko knew she wouldn’t last ten minutes under that sort of treatment. Why, with all the trouble she had given the silver-haired girl over the last few months, it was probably a miracle that she hadn’t ended up tied down and made into Silver’s personal bitch too. True, they had intercourse before when Silver had tricked her (or so Yuriko told herself), but she had willingly gone along each time. It was only a miracle she hadn’t tried to resist. Silently Kuonji vowed that she would behave herself from now on and do whatever Silver wanted, no matter how wild or distasteful. Anything was preferable to being tied up and spanked until she bawled like a little schoolgirl.

Feeling her very life was in potential danger, Yuriko quickly fled school and to the safety of her home.

Silver-kun was just leaving the school grounds when he gave a look back at the large building and thought about what he had done. Now that he had a chance to cool down and his Miroku juice level had been depleted to non-effectual levels, the now dark-haired Saotome had only one thought go through his mind.

“Oh, dear god! What have I gotten myself mixed up in now?” he cried out as he proceeded to bash his head into the nearby wall. Cursing out loud, he knew exactly what had happened:

The ole’ Saotome luck had struck once again.


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