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A Reality Squared side story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Author's notes: One needs to be familiar with the Lemon Side Stories to ‘Realities Squared’ by Jim Bader in order to have the least bit of understanding involving these second generation characters.

This is an idea that came to me when commenting to Mr. Bader on his work. This is nothing more than an excuse to write a lemon. ^_^ This story ‘Alternate’ look at things. These events would take place during the ‘wedding orgy’, if things had gone on longer. This has been written solely for gratuitous fun.

Lemon Warning: Very graphic descriptions. Read at your own discretion, and if you are under the age of consent in your area, DON’T READ THIS AT ALL.

Ryeka looked on with annoyance as Atari took her turn with Rinse. Currently, the alien girl was on all fours dining on their mutual love as Rinse lay on her back with her legs parted to allow Atari access to her beautiful purple mound. True, Ryeka was finding the ‘little princess’ a bit more tolerable than before, especially after screwing the hell out of her with a ten inch dildo, but the oni was still a stuck up little snob that thought she was the one first and foremost in Rinse’s heart when it was obvious Ryeka was the one more important to her dear Rinse-chan. Really, this whole marriage thing to Atari was just a case of the purple-haired girl feeling guilty at the idea of hurting the oni’s feelings in letting everyone know who Rinse’s true love was. That Atari was now accepted into the relationship mix was the way things were going to have to be, Ryeka told herself, but the snob was neither the most important nor the one in charge. As far as Ryeka was concerned, Atari was entitled to sloppy seconds and whatever attentions Ryeka herself would throw her way.

The moans Rinse was making as Atari lapped away at her pussy caused Ryeka to scowl in annoyance. Now Atari would probably brag about her eating out skills when it was Ryeka who was much better at muff-diving. Ryeka sighed and thought that was probably the primary problem with Atari: the princess just didn’t know when she was a distance second.

Sure enough, just as that thought crossed Ryeka’s mind, Atari paused a moment from eating Rinse out and gave a brief, smug glance towards the cyan-haired girl before diving back in.

That was it! Atari was going too far! Something had to be done about the girl before she became impossibly insufferable once again. Ryeka was still considering how to do that when a decidedly male Silver-kun started passing by the group on his return from the privy. Already Ryeka saw his manhood stiffening once again at the sex scenes among the group at this huge orgy.

An idea came to Ryeka. From what she had seen of some of Silver’s action, the girl cum guy was a real go-getter that knew how to handle her equipment in both forms. She also didn’t seem hesitant when it came to putting that cursed item to use in multiple women,  ‘his’ favorite seeming to be Ranko, the girl who had gotten them all in this delightful ‘mess.’

Ryeka looked at the manhood between Silver-kun’s legs and licked her lips. Very nice rod, there. She began wondering if Rinse were to try some of the temporary Nannichuan if hers would be that big? After all, both she and Silver had the same parents and looked a great deal alike. There was no reason their male cursed form’s equipment would not be similar as well.

The cyan-haired alien logged that bit of information in the back of her mind. There was something more immediate she had planned for Silver-kun’s dick and where it should go. As Silver-kun began to walk away, Ryeka gave a low whistle to gain his attention.

Silver-kun saw Ryeka wave him over and wondered what the alien was up to. The usually silver-haired Saotome didn’t really know the girl very well, the two having exchanged little in the way of words with one another. Most of what Silver-kun had gathered of the alien had come from her battle with her oni companion over Rinse (poor girl, Silver-kun added). Of course Silver-kun had suitors fight each other over the right to court him as well, but he made it clear that those conflicts didn’t matter in the least to him and that he would choose his romantic interests as he saw fit, whether they be male or female. (Plenty of the latter, and only one of the former, her wonderful Akira-chan.)

Seeing the mischievous look in Ryeka’s eyes, Silver-kun found himself intrigued, and walked over to find out what it was all about. He wondered if the alien girl wanted some servicing by him, since Rinse was obviously busy being eaten out by Atari, whose delightful little ass was sticking up in the air as she went to town on her ‘wife’ An expert job too, judging by the moans Rinse was making at the tongue action going on between her legs.

“What did you want?” Silver-kun asked, judging the nice, firm body the cyan haired girl had as definitely being very fuckable.

Ryeka caught Silver-kun appraising her and smiled. Oh yeah, she had what it took to attract the guys, and even cursed girls. For a moment, Ryeka was tempted to test just how real Silver-kun’s ‘donkey dong’ was, however she had other ideas for what use it could be put to.

“I just wanted you to do me, and yourself, a little favor,” Ryeka said.

“Oh?” Silver-kun asked, now very interested in what the alien was up to.

“You see that nice little ass over there?” Ryeka pointed to Atari’s behind. “I thought you might want to get a little action by taking her in the butt.”

Silver-kun wasn’t as naïve as so many other people in his life were. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch,” Ryeka insisted, trying to look innocent and failing miserably. “It’s just that Atari likes getting backdoor action. Believe me I know from first-hand experience, and I thought I’d help her to a treat from some real ‘man-power’ if you know what I mean?”

Eyebrows upraised, Silver-kun asked, “Are you sure it’s not that you’re just jealous of all the attention she’s giving Rinse and you want me to get back at her by pounding her ass so that your hands are clean in the matter and your lady love won’t get angry at you?”

Ryeka snapped her fingers. She hadn’t thought she was that obvious.

Silver-kun considered the offer. Atari did have a cute little, almost tiny, behind that was smaller than either of the other two girls he had done in the butt, Ranko and Tsuyori. Not a great deal of padding there, but still a delicious sight. Silver-kun had never done an alien either. And there was the fact the girl came off as a stuck up snob, unlike the wilder and easy-going Ryeka, whom Silver-kun thought he had more in common with. Maybe riding the oni’s backdoor would humble the hot looking bitch a little, making her more pliable for Rinse, whom Silver-kun felt a kinship with due to their common parentage.

Besides, Silver-kun had a now raging hard on that needed to be put somewhere nice and tight.

“I’ll do it,” Silver-kun said, much to Ryeka’s delight. The cyan-haired girl thought it would be fun to kick back and relax this time while the stuck up little oni got a ride that she wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon. Ryeka found herself hoping Atari wouldn’t be able to sit for a while after the ride she was about to get.

Silver-kun moved directly behind Atari, dropping to his knees as he spit into his hand, then coated his rod with the saliva to help the passage of his tool as it was about ‘to go where no man had gone before,’ (an appropriate saying, given the alien nature of the conquest he was about to make.)

Atari was happily slurping away at her fiancee’s pussy, unaware of the events behind her. Having made Rinse come once, she was tonguing her way to a second orgasm when she felt a pair of hands grab her hips and, with no preamble, an object push its way right up to the opening of her sphincter. Even as she felt the head of the object start to work its way past her rosebud, she turned to see who it was that dared to mount her while she was delighting in pleasing her future wife. Her first bet was that it was Ryeka, and if that was the case, she would be in for a ‘shocking’ revelation about approaching others’ backdoors without permission.

But as Atari turned around she saw that it was not Ryeka at all, but rather that Silver girl in her cursed form that was parking his rod in her back lot. Atari was about to protest, but then reconsidered. The common heritage Silver shared with Rinse was obvious in the face of both the girls, and it was still clear in Silver’s cursed form as well. Having Silver-kun screw her ass would be similar enough to Rinse doing the same thing. In fact, it would be something akin to heaven for Atari to be serviced by two Rinses at once. It was befitting someone of her illustrious heritage that she be pleasured in every way by as many lovers as she desired. She would give Silver-kun permission to do her, and in the process the cursed girl would be given a small taste of the heaven that made Atari Morobishi what she was.

So instead, Atari just grit her teeth as Silver-kun made his way in rather forcefully, sinking his entire (considerable) shaft in with just three strokes. There was only a brief period allowed for Atari to accommodate the anal intruder before Silver-kun pulled slightly out, then pushed back in again, twisting his hips as he pulled, increasing the friction in Atari’s nether hole.

Silver-kun was indeed enjoying the feel of Atari’s ass on his dick. It was a good fit that made him give slow, steady strokes as he reamed Atari’s rear end. Rinse was a lucky girl to have a hot piece of tail like this after her, though Silver-kun was quite content himself with the number of romantic interests in his life. Still, the feel of Atari’s tight little hole made him push the others to the back of his mind as he continued to work his way back and forth. It was with delight that he saw Atari moan at the attention he was giving her (like there was any other outcome), and Silver-kun felt his ego swell even bigger at the approval the horned alien was giving.

Atari was now fully enjoying the slow ass reaming she was getting every bit as much as the ride with the dildo Ryeka had given her earlier. Atari had to admit that anal sex was proving a major turn on, much more than she had ever thought it would be, despite her mother informing her that female oni enjoyed stimulation there almost as much as their vaginas, and they were more durable to backdoor action than ordinary Earthlings. Atari was definitely going to have to get Rinse to do to the same thing to her later on.

Silver-kun watched as Atari stopped lapping Rinse’s loins and raised her head back in pleasure as he hit an especially sensitive spot in her rectum. He was really starting to get into reaming the snobby little alien’s rear. He began adding a bit more force as he began talking dirty.

“Oh yeah, you got a cute little ass here, bitch. Going to ride you like there ain’t no tomorrow.”

“Bitch?” Atari gasped out between strokes, her brows furrowing.

Rinse saw the all too familiar look of anger on Atari’s face as she uttered that question, and immediately backed off to keep from getting caught in what was about to happen.. There was no way Silver-kun was going to pull out in time (not that there was a chance he would break off now with how much into the ride he was), so Rinse just gave a prayer for her temporal ‘sister’ that she didn’t get fried too hard.

“Oh yeah, a hot little bitch to be sure.” He gave a playful little slap to Atari’s rear.

Atari grunted under a particularly hard thrust. Displeased by the appellation, even if it was merely said as a matter of love play, she boldly proclaimed, “It is not for a lowly peasant such as yourself, whom I have generously allowed to give me pleasure, and in so doing receive the heights of ecstasy that no other could come close to giving you, to speak to one so obviously much your better in such a manner. It is time to be reminded of your place, commoner.”

“Lowly peasant? Commoner?” Silver-kun said as he stopped pistoning in, annoyed at the girl getting uppity with him. It wasn’t like he meant anything by the remark, it was just the standard dirty talk he sometimes used with his lovers, especially when he was feeling turned on. But here this snob was referring to him in such offensive terms, and obviously not as a form of heightening arousal.

“Indeed,” Atari said, and proceeded to unleash a blast of electricity that was intended to make Silver-kun’s hair stand on end. Still, his skill was good, and he had given her a good ride. Perhaps if he got on his knees and apologized after he recovered, Atari would allow him access to her again.

“Look out!” Rinse shouted as she saw Atari glow yellow. She covered her eyes just in time as Atari released her jolt and the smell of ozone filled the air.

Poor, Silver-kun, Rinse thought as she uncovered her eyes. Atari was something of a prickly creature, and her temporal sister should have been a little more restrained with his mouth. Hopefully Atari hadn’t juiced her companion too hard. Rinse didn’t think Silver-kun would look particularly good with his hair as curly as an afro.

Rinse saw Silver-kun remain where he was, looking off in the distance slightly. Then, much to her surprise, she saw his eyes refocus intensely on Atari. With a look of raw lust he placed his hands firmly around Atari’s waist, proceeded to draw back with nearly his full length out of her before ramming it in hard enough to flatten her buttcheeks against his pelvis.

“What was that supposed to do, grab my attention? Well you sure got it now, or are going to get it, bitch,” he emphasized the last word as he rammed himself into Atari again. A good thing he had taken ‘acting lessons’ from Furinkan’s Director, just as his father had before. Silver-kun was up to taking a third of a power grid of electricity without a twitch with the sheer number of plays he had been in.

Atari gasped as instead of her partner falling backward from shock, she felt him pound her in the ass again, as though nothing had happened. No. On the contrary, he was aware of her attempt to remind him of his station and had reacted forcefully. Obviously he had impressive endurance, and Atari would simply have to adjust her amperage accordingly to get the results she wanted. Suppressing the fire she felt in her loins as he continued to vigorously work her ass, she built up a charge that was triple in strength and released it.

Lights of power flared around Silver-kun for a moment, playing across his skin. His only reaction was to laugh. “I get more action from screwing a light socket than you.”

Atari was doubly outraged. Not only at this… this commoner ignoring her attempts at putting him in his place, but at the insult delivered to her love making ability. Well she would show him! She ground her ass back in answer to his brash statement, eliciting a sensuous sigh as she also unleashed another charge, shouting out “Peasant!” as she did so.

Silver-kun took it in stride, giving back what she gave in the form of pounding Atari’s accommodating ass even harder. He found he had to control himself as the two fought for dominance in their coupling, lest he cum too soon. He admitted to underestimating Atari’s pride, but Silver-kun was damned if he’d let this oni girl show him up. He’d have her begging to be rammed as she cried out in ecstasy. He’d make her ‘suffer’ a mind numbing orgasm that would have her eating of his hand before he allowed himself the release to his pent up passions.

Ryeka found herself really getting turned on by the screwing/struggle between the two as they went at it like two animals in heat. Now this was a heck of a show the duo were putting on, and Ryeka was going to enjoy every moment of it that she could. Rooting openly for Silver-kun to “Teach that stuck-up snob a thing or two,” Ryeka made her way behind Rinse and pulled her into an embrace, grabbing a breast and pinching the nipple while jamming two fingers straight up her purple-haired lover’s pussy.

Rinse, who had been turned on by Atari’s tongue, and then by the action in front of her, moaned as she found herself manhandled by her other alien lover. In response, Rinse reached back with her own hand behind her and, not to be outdone by Ryeka, stuck three fingers up the cyan-haired girl’s pussy. The two let out mutual moans of passion as they watched the increasingly heated action in front of them.

Atari’s eyes widened at the much more powerful reaming she was getting as Silver-kun refused to be humbled. Sweat began to pour off her as an unbelievable wave of pleasure built up within her loins, filling her entire being as the cursed girl increased his tempo, continuing to call her dirty names as he rammed her mercilessly. As much as Atari adored Rinse’s own gentle nature and slow, easygoing (some would say shy) way of romance, there was something to be said for the commanding way Silver-kun was handling her, forcing (No. Trying to force, she reminded herself) her to submit to his desires. While Rinse was certainly first and foremost in her heart and always would be, Atari found a different, almost dirty delight in being mounted like a brood mare and treated as little more than a place for some male to stick his meat in and gain relief. Still, pride forbade her from giving in to such demands easily, so Atari gave another shock in response, though it was nearly impossible for her to concentrate so much with the ride she was receiving.

Silver-kun sneered at the attempt to force him to back off again. Deciding to up the ante, he gave Atari’s ass a not so gentle slap, the sound of the smack mixing in with the lighter noise of pelvis meeting ass.

Atari felt a thrill run through her as hand met flesh. When she was little, Atari’s parents had to punish her regularly for misbehavior (Aunties Benten and Ran had assured little Atari that her mother had been no better at that age) and a great deal of spanking had been involved. Later on, they judged her too old for such simple castigation to work and resorted to other forms of punishment. It had been years since her bottom had been handled in such a manner, and certainly she had never felt turned on as she did right at this moment from the way Silver-kun was manhandling her slim pair of buttocks.

Feeling her ass tighten around his cock and hearing the soft moan that followed, Silver-kun stopped forcing his way into her rectum and brought a finger down to Atari’s mound. He was delighted to find her even wetter than before. Sensing she was being indeed being further turned on by his administration of ‘discipline,’ he swatted her in the backside again and demanded, “Who’s your daddy, bitch?”

“Ataru Morobishi,” Atari grunted out in answer to the bizarre question.

Luckily, Silver-kun was buried up to the hilt and couldn’t facefault. Instead, he sighed and gave Atari another, hard swat. “I meant who does your pretty little ass belong to?”

“Rinse-sama,” Atari answered.

Silver-kun conceded the point. “Fine. But who else does your ass belong to?”

Atari felt a thrill of anticipation run through her, knowing what was to come as she said, “Certainly not some vulgar plebeian such as yourself.”

She received an even harder smack to her butt for her defiance, just as she had hoped (stunned as she was to admit the desire for the spanking). It was amazing how turned on she was getting by the ‘abuse’ her posterior was receiving. She only hoped Ryeka would not find out about this unexpected turn on or Atari would never be able to sit down again.

No longer could Atari deny the heretofore unknown desire to be submissive to another. Silver-kun’s displays of lust and domination were arousing her immensely in ways she would never have anticipated. While it was true had Rinse placed such demands upon her, Atari would have submitted herself freely, but her purple-haired lover would never have done such things; it was simply not her way. But not so for her temporal sister. It was not that the cursed silver-haired girl was being cruel or sadistic, just that she obviously desired to be in control and calling the shots when it came to being satisfied by Atari. And the oni girl was finding her resistance to such treatment decreasing by the moment, her attempts to bring Silver-kun ‘into line’ being completely ineffectual as she found herself completely at the young ‘stud’s’ mercy.

Off to the side, Ryeka and Rinse were likewise reaching the boiling point as they watched on in eager anticipation of the events unfolding before them while they played vigorously with one another. Under different circumstances, Rinse might have felt jealous of Atari being mounted so ruthlessly by another, but instead she felt turned on. The purple-haired girl knew Atari would not leave her side no matter how well Silver-kun performed, and there was something thrilling in watching one of her new lovers have her needs fulfilled by another, leaving Rinse to watch on in voyeuristic fascination.

Matters were reaching a crux. The built up conflagration in Atari’s loins become a raging inferno that she wanted to give vent to but could not. She knew somehow that despite the intensity of the need to orgasm, that there was something missing. Something that Silver-kun had to do to make her climax perfect, all but making her his in name as well as in deed.

Silver-kun felt himself ready to burst, but likewise held back from releasing his load into the attractive receptacle before him. To Ranko, he could tolerate losing (not that he was going to) but to this little stuck-up (but admittedly very beautiful) piece of femininity he would be victorious. With trademark Saotome stubbornness he refused to lose. Pulling out all the stops, he gave Atari one last, hard smack on her rear, leaving a red mark where his hand had made contact. He could tell from the way the girl trembled that she was being increasingly turned on by his brusque treatment of her, even if she wouldn’t admit openly it. Her very body betrayed her true desires, and it wouldn’t’ surprise him if the spanking was what would drive her over the edge.

He reached forward, remaining buried in Atari’s ass as he grabbed her pert, firm breasts. He squeezed them roughly, like kneading dough as he tweaking her bullet-hard nipples with his fingers. Through clenched teeth he hissed, “You’re mine, you cocky little tramp. Come for me now.”

Atari barely had enough control left to stammer out, “N… never, peasant,” and tried yet another ineffectual shock which only served to make her lover drill her ass more. A soft cry escaped her lips as she felt herself nearly at the edge, and it took nearly all of her remaining restraint to keep from pleading with Silver-kun to do it right and make her his ‘bitch’.

Silver-kun had had enough. It was time to show the princess she was in over her head (besides, his balls were ready to explode from the need for release). Now he was going to give it to her so hard she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week by the time he was through with her if she didn’t submit to him. He released her breasts from the rough treatment he was giving them. Then, seeking a better hold with which to drive himself into her, grabbed onto her horns and pulled backward just enough to tilt her head upward instead of down.

“Say… it… right… now!” Silver-kun punctuated each word by bringing his dick almost all of the way out before driving forward hard again, making the muscles of her ass ripple from the force of his penetration.

Atari’s eyes opened as wide as saucers when she felt Silver-kun grab her horns and pull back. That single move, the one she had been waiting for, opened the floodgate as he made her his by fucking her hard and issuing his demands. The words poured from her mouth as she shouted out. “YES! YES, I’M YOURS! I’M YOUR BITCH! FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!”

And as Atari at last submitted herself completely to her lover’s demands she came hard, the orgasm crashing upon her with the strength of a solar storm, sending her clear over the edge of the precipice. She felt her a veritable flood of fluids roll from her pussy and down her leg as she came so hard she lost the strength in her arms to remain on all fours as Silver-kun released his hold and she practically crashed her chin to the floor.

Off to the side, Rinse and Ryeka shared in the climax of the heated scene as their mutual stimulation caused them to cum simultaneously, each crying out in pleasure over one another almost as loudly as Atari just had.

Silver-kun was nothing short of astounded by Atari’s sudden about face in submitting so completely to his will. For a moment he missed a stroke, then felt Atari’s ass tighten around his dick as she came in a wave from his buried rod. That was enough to send him over the edge. He managed one more stroke before nearly exploding as he blasted pulse after creamy pulse in the oni’s beautiful ass.

Atari’s synapses overloaded with wave after wave of sensuous pleasure as she felt Silver-kun release his cum into her, bringing on a second orgasm on top of the first. The world seemed to go white as she went over the edge into the abyss of a multiple orgasm. An oni multiple orgasm, which even Ataru Morobishi had learned to fear as much as desire when pleasuring his wife, Lum.

A huge jolt of super charged lightning arced through and out of Atari’s body, electrifying the air and shocking all those around (especially the one inside) her.

Rinse and Ryeka felt themselves fried as though they had been the ones’ riding Atari, each of them knocked flat by the discharge. Rinse felt her hair curl again from the voltage, ‘afroing’ her once again. It seemed even she couldn’t escape destiny.

A small puff of smoke escaped a swaying Silver-kun’s lips. It appeared he had ended up as ‘Well Done’ as Atari, though in different ways. “Whoa! I felt that one.” He pulled out of Atari’s ass, his dick making a soft ‘popping’ noise as it left its tight sheath. He managed to get to his feet, barely as he felt light-headed from the tremendous amount of voltage and staggered around for a full minute before regaining his bearings.

By the time he recovered, Silver-kun saw that Akira and Ranko, no doubt drawn by all the noise, had made their way over. He was about to say something when he heard Atari moaning softly, her delightful little backside still upturned in the air. He lightly rested his hand on it, and gave a gentle squeeze to his new ‘conquest’. “Now you know who ‘the man’ is, you hot little fuck,” he smirked, thinking Rinse was a lucky girl for having such a satisfying piece of womanhood at her beck and call. Idly he wondered if his temporal sister would thank him for helping to break Atari in.

The oni princess in question, who at last regained consciousness, returned to her own footing and stood next to Silver-kun. She looked at him, seemed to consider something, then said, “Very well. I accept. But I insist we keep such attitudes in the privacy of our bedchambers, or whatever space is available to us when you pleasure me again, Darling.”

“Darling?!” Rinse said as she came down from her own orgasm, her attention suddenly riveted to Atari. That name had been reserved for Rinse and Rinse alone. Now that the oni girl had suddenly decided to give that name to Silver-kun as well, it didn’t sit at all with her. She shot the cursed girl a suspicious look, which caused Silver-kun to cringe slightly. Even he knew firsthand the wrath of an angry Saotome.

“Oh no, dear Rinse Darling,” Atari soothed as she allowed her hand to caress her lover’s face. “You misunderstand. You shall always hold the coveted position of first spouse, now and forever. Silver is simply my second spouse.”

“Second spouse?!” Silver-kun said in a surprise that matched everyone else present, save for Atari.

“Of course. I accepted your proposal,” Atari said in exasperation.

“I didn’t propose to you!” Silver-kun shouted.

“You most certainly did,” Atari insisted. “You clearly and willingly grabbed my horns, which as everyone knows, is how you propose to an oni.” She gave him a satisfied smile.

“Where do you get off proposing to my fiancee?” Rinse said accusingly to her ‘sister’.

“But I didn’t kn—“ was all Silver-kun got out before Ranko decide to get involved.

“You jerk!” Ranko shouted, removing Silver-kun out of Atari’s grasp by grabbing the one body part on him which would guarantee he would follow.

“That’s not detachable!” Silver-kun said in a high voice as he found his dick handled quite firmly (and not at all pleasantly) by the shorter redhead.

“You just got to stick your cock or tongue in anything with a pussy, don’t you?” Ranko spat, showing clear signs of jealous anger.

Silver-kun wondered what was happening with the unexpected display from her former lovemaking partner. He also decided playing it tough would NOT be a good idea given what part of his anatomy was currently in Ranko’s possession. “Not at all, Ranko-chan.” He hoped a combination of flattery and his own inherent charm would get him out of the situation.

It didn’t.

“Yeah, right, you egotistical womanizer,” Ranko spat, the jealousy a more common trait on her biological mother rather than her father. “If you wanted to marry a girl, why didn’t you propose to me instead?”

“But I didn’t propo… what was that?” Silver-kun asked in surprise.

Seeing everyone else also looking at her, Ranko felt herself turn cherry red at the declaration from which she had no idea of where it came. “I didn’t just say that,” she maintained confidently.

“Yes, you did. I heard it quite URK!” Silver-kun started to say before finding Ranko’s grip tighten.

“No, I didn’t.” The tone Ranko used made it clear she would brook no argument.

“But it’s not my fault!” Silver-kun protested. “Ryeka was the one who came up with the idea of screwing Atari and talked me into it, really. Tell them,” she said to the cyan-haired alien.

Seeing all eyes turned to her, Ryeka held her hand up to her chin in thought. Her forehead furrowed in concentration for a moment before she held a finger up, as though having remembered something of great importance.

“Can’t say as I recall having a conversation about that.” Ryeka shrugged.

“Liar!” Silver-kun protested as all eyes turned to him once again.

Once the attention was away from Ryeka, she smiled. She probably should have admitted the truth, but watching Silver-kun squirm was SO much fun.

Sensing he was in for it now, Silver-kun silently mouthed “Hot water,” to Akira, who himself seemed to have a narrowed his gaze towards his half-sister. However, upon the request, Akira seemed to brighten as he agreed and walked off.

Ranko’s jealous anger seemed to drift away from her as she said indifferently, “I really don’t care who you propose to. Do whatever you want.” Silver-kun was quick to discover that whereas Ranko’s mouth said one thing, her tightening grip on his manhood said another. Silver-kun suspected the jealousy actually stemmed from the ‘proposal’ (which he had NOT given) as opposed to the screwing around bit, of which Ranko would not have cared overmuch.

Sensing her new ‘fiancee’s’ distress, Atari moved closer to Ranko. “Don’t damage my second spouse’s assets. I find that part particularly useful.” The oni said it in such a manner as to directly challenge the redhead. The challenge was met as the duo’s eyes locked and they stared evilly at one another.

Silver-kun’s eyes nearly crossed as he felt the grip tighten further. “Help me,” he gasped, his pleas falling on deaf ears as Ranko and Atari engaged in a test of wills and Rinse continued to scowl at the cursed girl evilly.

He was about to give up hope, when Akira suddenly appeared with a tea kettle. “You’re a life saver,” Silver-kun breathed as Akira poured the contents over his half-sister’s head. Much to the cursed boy’s irritation, all it did was make him wet.

“That was cold water,” Silver-kun said in surprise.

“Oh dear, I must have grabbed the wrong one. Looks like you’re screwed,” Akira said without a hint of sincerity in his own voice.

Silver-kun nearly cried as he saw a series of angry stares leveled his way. Even the Miroku were wisely staying out of this one, watching on in amusement to see exactly how things turned out. Silver-kun raged at his ill fortune, though he supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised. It appeared the old Saotome luck when it came to romantic interests was holding true to form, which meant it was going to take an extraordinary amount of luck if he were going to come out of things with his dick in the same general shape as when it started out.

Sometime there was a high price to pay for getting a good piece of ass. Silver-kun just hoped his account was big enough to handle the ‘checks’ that were about to be cashed in.

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