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All tension left Ranma's body as he lay back on the silk divan and relaxed. The loose-fitting toga he wore (and nothing else) allowed the smooth cloth to delicately caress his flesh. That he wore a toga was a bit of an oddity, but it was appropriate garb considering the Roman-style architecture surrounding the enormous, palatial room. Fluted columns and marble tile stretched to curtain-covered walls. It was like something out of those old blockbuster movies that lost tons of money but won critical acclaim.

Ranma savored the sensations. He wasn't usually given to being pampered, but only because he had never had a chance at having a pampered lifestyle. Life on the road was hard, and martial arts training even more difficult, oftentimes torturous. His father seemed to enjoy living like a nomad, but Ranma wanted something a little more normal. While this wasn't exactly normal, he felt he could adjust to it.

The sound of Ranma's stomach rumbling disrupted the luxurious mood. He patted it in an effort to placate it. "Man, I sure could go for some food."

As if in answer to his wish, three serving girls entered through one of the curtains, each bearing a platter piled high with brightly colored fruits. A smile came to Ranma's face as he recognized the three Tendou girls. The trio were dressed in elegant, semi-transparent gowns that just barely hid their various assets. The bottoms of their dresses were incredibly short, scarcely hiding their lower anatomy, while the tops had so much cleavage showing that their breasts threatened to spill out. He had always liked revealing garb over pure nudity, not that he had anything against nudity, just that almost being able to see something could be a greater turn-on than actually seeing it. Sometimes.

The trio looked down upon his relaxed form, genuflecting in his presence.

"Your food, My Lord." Nabiki placed the platter on a nearby stand, and began to peel a grape for him.

He accepted the food dangled before him. "Thanks, but enough of this 'my Lord' stuff. Just call me Ranma."

"As you wish," she gushed, continuing to feed the grapes to him one at a time.

All Ranma had to do was lay back and open his mouth. As Nabiki leaned over to feed him, he took the time to look down her loose-fitting gown and admire the way her nipples poked through the material. He could almost see through the gauze and make out the coloring beneath.

"Did a bit of renovating to the bedroom, I see," Ranma said in an effort to make small talk.

"All of this has been done for your benefit, my Lord Ranma," Akane said, her tray of food having seemingly disappeared as she stood, obviously waiting for him to request something of her.

"It's just Ranma," he corrected, accepting another grape. "Still, you didn't have to go to all this trouble. Though I really like the sofa here." He patted the divan under him. "It's nice and comfy."

"Allow me to make you even more comfortable," Kasumi said, smiling hopefully.

Ranma could feel parts of his body stiffen at the sensuous way the suggestion was given. "Uh, how?"

"With a back massage," Kasumi said happily.

"Oh," Ranma was a bit crestfallen, but his enjoyment returned when he understood what Kasumi was offering. Being given a massage would be nice. He had never received one before. He didn't have the money to pay for it, and none of the women he had met so far would let him get to first base, let alone give him a massage. "Go ahead," he told her.

Kasumi clapped her hands, delighted. She placed herself behind Ranma, cradling his head in her pillowy breasts as she began kneading his shoulders. He was in heaven, as much from what his head rested between as from the way his muscles were being massaged. He gave a sigh of contentment as Nabiki continued to feed him.

Akane piped up from her position next to Ranma's legs. "Ranma, it appears another part of your body is tense. Allow me to massage it as well."

"What are you—" Ranma began, then stopped as, a moment later, he felt what part of his body Akane was referring to as her hand slipped up the bottom of his toga and began fondling his hardened member. Lacking underwear had made things feel a bit breezy, but it was all worth it now. She was gentle at first, her hand moving up and down slowly and in no great hurry to relieve him of his tension. Actually, she was having quite the opposite effect.

"Ooo," Ranma moaned as he enjoyed the sensations for several minutes. Now this sort of treatment went far beyond what normal hospitality called for. All of the girls were going on his Christmas list for the rest of his life for this one.

Ranma was close to climaxing when the sound of a gong resounded through the palace. From a different section of the room, curtains parted to reveal a tall figure dressed in so much silken gown that not a section of flesh could be seen. The giant pile of silk sashayed into the room, presenting itself before Ranma. He could just make out brown eyes above a veil looking upon him demurely.

"Who's that?" Ranma asked, trying to see past the veils surrounding her face.

"You're so, fortunate, my Lord," Akane cooed.

"Ranma," he automatically corrected.

Akane continued. "It's the most beautiful servant in your entire harem, here to serve your every need in ways we mere serving wenches could never hope to best."

The figure giggled slightly.

"Wow! You mean she's even hotter than you three?" Ranma gaped in disbelief

"Indeed," The figure said, its voice muffled by the numerous veils. It pulled off its voluminous material in one wave of the hand, and revealed itself for Ranma to savor the spread of almost completely naked flesh.

Ranma recoiled in horror as Kunou stood before him, clad only in a leopard-spotted thong.

"Now we shall consummate our relationship in the way that can only be accomplished by warriors of the same breed." Kunou posed once, then made his way towards Ranma, sashaying once again.

"Noooo!" Ranma tried to flee from the insidious trap, but Kasumi's hands pinned his shoulders to the divan, her grip stronger than iron. Akane and Nabiki had his legs spread apart, each holding him still and preventing him from gaining any leverage to escape with.

Kunou got down on his hands and knees and stalked towards Ranma seductively. "Worry not, Ranma-kun. I shall be as gentle with you as the wind is upon a newborn's flesh."

"I don't want you to be gentle with me!" Ranma cried out.

"Then we can do it roughly." Kunou was suddenly dressed in tight black leather chaps and bore a set of arm and leg irons.

"Noooo!" Ranma cried out. He closed his eyes, but the sight of the leering Kunou was burned in his mind.

Something hard struck him in the face. He was about to cry out, but then feared what might be stuck into his open mouth.

A second blow hit. This time Ranma couldn't help shouting, "Knock it off!"

A third blow, and suddenly Ranma sat bolt upright.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the lack of lighting. Once they did, he realized that he was no longer in the palace, but in a normal version of his room at the Tendou house.

A fourth blow from something hard and flat struck him in the face. Ranma stopped a fifth with his hand. He scowled at his father, and the sign he was batting him with. "What did ya do that for, Pop?"

Have quieter nightmares. You're messing up my beauty sleep, the panda signed.

"Nightmare?" It took Ranma a moment to remember what had nearly happened to him in his dream state. It had been a nightmare. A horrifying one. The most horrifying ever. The very thought of Kunou feeling him up, and filling him up, sent shudders down his spine.

"Man, I ain't never going to get back to sleep again," he complained.

Whatever. Just be quiet about it. The panda rolled over on his futon once again.

Ranma lay back down and closed his eyes, snuggling up with his pillow. "Man, why couldn't I have normal dreams about hot chicks?" He meant what he said about not going back to sleep. No way after that horrible nightmare….

The trio of bikini clad Tendou girls, led Ranma through the curtains and to center of the titanic arena and to the ring beyond. The crowd of hundreds of thousands cheered his name loudly enough to cause the ground to quake under foot. Ranma was surprised at the attention and praise that was being heaped upon him.

Looking down, Ranma saw that he was only adorned in trunks with 'Everlast' written in English along the waistband. He tried scratching his nose, only to discover his hands had bright red boxing gloves over them. Boxing gloves made poor replacements for hands when it came to scratching, Ranma quickly discovered, as he was unable to get to the itchy spot.

Each of the girls took turns snuggling with him as they led him to the boxing ring dominating the center of the arena. They ground their luscious bodies against his flesh, mashing their breasts against him, and allowing their hands to brush across his crotch. Unfortunately, none of them touched the place he really wanted them to: that damn itch.

"Could one of you scratch my nose? On the left side, high and close to my eye?"

The girls didn't respond, instead ushering him into the ring. The ringside bell clanged three times, indicating a match was about to start.

Ranma looked across the ring to see the all too familiar form of Kunou dressed in a pair of trunks that said "A Man's Man" on his waistband.

"That creep's going to get it now," Ranma vowed, then began batting at his face like a madman in an effort to get to that one unreachable spot on his nose.

A garishly dressed ring announcer entered the ring as a microphone was dropped from the ceiling. The announcer said in a deep voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is one fall with no time limit, the winner getting the lover of his choice."

Ranma's head jerked at that. "Hey! I never agreed to nothing like that!"

"Contract's right here," A long scroll unfurled from the man's hands, Ranma's signature clearly on the bottom.

Ranma turned to see that Kunou now held a bokken in his hand. He went through a warm-up, wielding it as easily as if the gloves weren't there.

"Hey! He can't do that. It's not possible!" Ranma shouted.

"Don't worry, we'll help out," Nabiki said, grabbing Ranma's arms and holding them up before him.

"Thanks," Ranma said.

Nabiki attached a pair of handcuffs to Ranma's wrists.

"Hey!" Ranma shouted.

"Go for it, Ranma!" Akane shouted and shoved him forward.

"AHHH!" Ranma screamed as Kunou aimed for his head, shouting out about the love only men could have for one another being the purest of all.

A Ranma 1/2 fan fiction story
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video..

Foreword: -Lemon Warning- This chapter has very strong lemon elements; no one under eighteen should read this for fear of having your eyes burn out of your head.

Throughout the series I will be using the 'Ranma-chan' appellation to denote female Ranma due to gender being important to this, despite the fact it is technically improper.

And there's a teaser at the end of the chapter that should address some concerns some people have indicated concerning the direction Ranma's life has been taking.

Chapter 3

"Oh dear, Ranma, you appear very tired," Kasumi worried as she removed the empty breakfast plates from the table.

"Yeah, those rings under his eyes are so dark it looks like he's wearing mascara," Nabiki said.

"Didn't get much sleep," Ranma mumbled.

Kasumi said, "If you're having problems sleeping, I can recommend some good books. I find reading a little right before I go to bed helps me sleep, and usually I have happy dreams." Kasumi went to where she kept her cookbooks. From between two of the larger tomes, she removed out a well-worn paperback, the corners wrinkled from being fingered through so often. She handed him the book.

Ranma looked at the cover with disdain. It had some sickeningly bishonen pretty boy and a woman in his arms, gazing lovingly at him. It looked like one of those stupid harlequin romance novels. "The Passion and the Pirate," he commented with distaste. He opened the book to a random page and began reading it aloud. "Sweat poured from her body, traveling through the valley of her bosom as his hands delicately caressed her pale flesh. His tongue…" Ranma turned the page and continued reading to himself.

"Anyway, try not to pick on Kunou-chan today," Akane told him.

"As long as he doesn't hit on me, it'll be fine. It's not like I want anything to do with him," Ranma said absently as his eyes continued to pour over the pages.

"Just tell him you're straight, and he'll leave you alone," Akane insisted.

"I did. Multiple times. He doesn't want to take 'no' for an answer."

Akane considered that. "That doesn't sound like Kunou-chan. Usually he isn't so forceful. He did seem a bit out of sorts yesterday."

"Maybe he suffers from the same thing Dr. Tofu does and Ranma is his type," Kasumi suggested.

"Maybe Ranma can try to cure him the same way we tried to cure Tofu," Nabiki said.

"No thanks!" Ranma shouted, then went back to the book.

Akane had a distant look to her eye. "I'll work on curing Kunou-chan of his problem."

"You'd need Ranma's little gender curse thing for that to work," Nabiki said with a smile.

Akane shook her head. "No, I think I like the equipment I have now. I'd rather not have any additions."

"You got that right. I hate how sensitive my nipples get. Don't get me started on how my center of gravity shifts. And having to sit down to take a leak sucks, too," Ranma said distractedly, absorbed in the book once again.

"It's time to go to school," Akane said, grabbing her bookbag and Ranma's. She had to thrust it into his face before he would accept it, then had to lead him away from the table in order to get him headed towards class.

As they left, Kasumi said to Genma, "Ranma seems quite literary."

Genma stopped setting up the shogi board for a moment. "Actually that's the first time I've seen him voluntarily read anything that didn't have pictures in it. His usual choices for reading are 'Juggs', 'Breast Fetishist', and any manga with a tentacle in it. Oh yes, he also reads Cosmo."

"Cosmo?" Kasumi said in open surprise. "Interesting. That demonstrates a confidence in his heterosexuality and an interest in feminine topics."

Genma just shook his head. Cosmo was one of the few things Genma identified as being highly unmanly, but at least it proved his boy wasn't a total lech. Maybe it would even teach him a thing or two about women as well.

"We're here. You can take that book out of your face, Ranma." Seeing her suggestion went unheard, Akane plucked the novel out of Ranma's hands.

Ranma protested at having it taken away. "But it was getting to the good part. Marigold had just been saved from the pirates by Lance and she was going to shower him with appreciation for her rescue."

Akane sighed. "You can finish it after school. Kasumi has a ton of those cheesy romance novels."

"They aren't cheesy," Ranma said, highly offended. "They show healthy relationships between hero and heroine in a romantic setting, properly setting the stage with conflict and vivid imagery."

"God, you sound like Kasumi every time we make fun of her for reading that trash," Nabiki complained.

"You have no appreciation for higher forms of writing," Ranma scoffed as the trio passed by the gates and entered the school grounds.

At the far end of the schoolyard, a pack of youths waited at their usual spot in anticipation of the arrival of their intended prey.

"Man, I'm getting tired of this," a hockey player said as he tightened his hold in his stick.

"Same here. How many times have we been beaten?" a rugby player asked.

One of the five baseball players present took a practice swing with his bat. "Forty-five times. Consecutive."

"It's all that stupid Kunou's fault," one of the sumo complained. "We'd have had our way with her if it wasn't for him."

A shorter boy with glasses snickered.

The rugby player looked at him in annoyance. "You're Yuji Yamakawa, with the Science Club, right? What are you laughing about? If us sports jocks can't take him, you sure as heck can't."

Yuji continued laughing as his glasses took on a maniacal gleam. "Actually, I'm going to be instrumental in our victory today. You see, I did a little research for this upcoming fight. I found out that Kunou has a sweet tooth. So I had a box of special chocolates whipped up by the Home Ec. Club, one with a special super industrial laxative as the primary ingredient, and left it in his locker."

The sumo sneered. "Yeah, right. Like he's going to be stupid enough to eat some strange box of chocolates in his locker."

"He'll eat these. I signed them, 'With Love, Ranma Saotome'." Yuji laughed hard.

A glimmer of hope sprang in the pack's eyes. "We stand a chance!" a baseball player said.

Yuji said, "And in return for our victory today, I want to get Akane first. I don't want to be the last in line when she's all messy and stuff."

"You can be fifth," the rugby player said.

"Third," Yuji countered.

"Agreed," the sumo said.

The pack was really starting to salivate when a voice from in the middle of them said in hesitating tones, "Um, excuse me. But could you give me directions to Furinkan High?"

All the eyes turned to the speaker. There was little remarkable about him. He was roughly their age, of average height, and with a somewhat wider frame, especially across the shoulders. His clothing had obviously seen a great deal of wear, and a sizable pack was strapped to his back. A bamboo umbrella was slung across the top, and a black striped yellow bandanna tied prominently across his forehead.

The baseball player said, "I don't recognize you. You're not from our school, are you?"

Yuji shot the newcomer a suspicious glare. "I bet he's some guy from another school that wants in on the Akane action."

A member of the karate team fell into an attack stance. "Akane Tendou can only be vied for by guys from Furinkan. She belongs exclusively to our school. No outsiders allowed."

"Yeah, it's a school spirit thing!" the rugby player announced with no small measure of pride.

"What are you all talking about?" the stranger asked.

His question fell on deaf ears as the crowd had already passed judgment on him.

One higher voice from the crowd shouted, "Are we going to let this guy encroach on our turf?"

A "Hell no!" rose in response.

"Let's kick his ass!" Yuji declared, then moved to the back of the pack.

"But all I want are directions!" the newcomer protested as the pack fell upon him.

Ranma, Akane, and Nabiki saw the crowd attacking someone in their midst. There were so many bodies trying to dogpile a lone figure in the center that they couldn't see who was the victim of the attack.

"Looks like Kunou-chan jumped them early. He's so eager to come to my defense." Akane swooned.

Ranma watched the body of one of the soccer players go flying. "I don't know. Something isn't right about the way those guys are getting the crap beat out of them."

A sumo skipped across the ground, like a flat rock across a pond, and collided with the base of a statue of the school's founder.

"Yeah, Kunou-chan usually takes out a lot of them at once, not one at a time," Akane agreed.

More bodies continued to fly, until there were only two figures remaining: a short boy with glasses, who grimaced at the carnage, and the figure that had been jumped upon.

Yuji tried whistling innocently and walking away, but before he could escape, he was grabbed by the scruff of the neck by the stranger.

"All I want to know is where is Furinkan High?" the newcomer growled, not even breathing hard despite dispatching the entire pack.

"This is it," Yuji said, wetting himself in the process.

The boy let go of Yuji, who scampered away. "At last! I'm finally here! Now, after traveling nearly halfway around the world, at last I'll have my revenge on—"

"Ryouga Hibiki!"

Ryouga turned, his eyes searching for whoever had shouted out his name with such hatred. Then his eyes focused on an oh-so-very-familiar face. He leveled an accusatory finger at Ranma. "There you are, Ranma Saotome! I've found you at last! You can't escape me now, Ranma! Because of you—"

"Because of you, my life was a living Hell!" Ranma took a menacing step towards Ryouga.

"Hey! That's my line!" Ryouga protested, taken aback by Ranma's aggressive attitude.

Ranma heard none of it. Fists clenched, he continued closing the distance threateningly between him and his target. "You have the nerve to once again show up at a school I'm attending and try to ruin my life here too? You idiot! Like I'd ever give you a chance to do that! You still have to pay for what you did to me!"

Caught off-guard, some of Ryouga' righteous anger faltered. "Why are you angry with me? You're the one that humiliated me and ruined my life."

"I went through ten times the hell that you ever did," Ranma said, trembling with rage as he continued walking until he stood next to Ryouga. "Every day was like torture thanks to you! It was like I was stabbed in the heart over and over again, and it's all… your… fault!"

Ryouga backed away in the face of such anger. "I'm missing something here."

Ranma cracked his knuckles. "I would have had my revenge a long time ago, but you ran out on the challenge I made. Now you've finally returned, and you'll pay the price."

"I did too show up!" Ryouga protested.

"I waited three days for you! I would have waited longer, but Pop dragged me away!"

"Um, I did show up on the fourth day," Ryouga admitted.

"Sounds like you chickened out to me," Nabiki said, she and Akane having followed Ranma while maintaining a safe distance from the pair of youths.

"I just have a bad direction sense," Ryouga protested.

Ranma laughed. "I'll say. It's led you to your final fate."

"What did Ryouga do to you?" Akane asked.

Ranma leveled an accusatory finger Ryouga. "He ruined my life in junior high by…" Ranma's finger wavered slightly. A sweat broke out across his forehead. After a moment, he said, "It's a private guy thing I can't talk about."

"He beat you up?" Nabiki asked.

"No," Ranma said, offended at the idea.

"Did he slap your nuts with a wet towel in the locker room?" Akane asked.

"No!" Ranma shouted.

"He sodomized you?" Nabiki asked.

"NO!" Ranma and Ryouga answered as one.

"You've got to give me something to work with here," Nabiki complained.

"It's personal," Ranma said as he drew a fist back and aimed it at the object of his ire. "Ryouga Hibiki, prepare to di—"

"Akane Tendou!" a voice shouted from across the school yard, catching everyone's attention, including Ranma's

All eyes turned from the tableau of impending violence and went to the newcomer. Within moments, Kunou rushed up to Akane's side, huffing and puffing from the sprint. "Forgive me for being late. I fear I was… indisposed. But now I am here to protect your honor. Let all these animals prepare to feel my righteous fury. Even if they have already defeated you, I shall see to it they recant their claim." Kunou took survey of his surroundings. "Actually, it appears they have already suffered greatly. Your doing?" he asked Akane.

"Oh no. I need you to protect my honor, Kunou-sempai," Akane insisted. "It was that boy who beat them up."

Kunou looked Ryouga over. "And you are?"

"Ryouga Hibiki."

Nabiki leaned in close to Kunou. "He's some character from Ranma's past. Someone Ranma's really angry at, but he won't say why. I think it's something pretty sordid."

Kunou considered that information. Within moments he triumphantly pointed his bokken high into the air and declared, "I know what it is!"

Ranma appeared nervous while the girls eagerly waited to hear the explanation.

"Tell us," Nabiki insisted, when Kunou didn't immediately follow up his statement.

"The answer is painfully obvious." Kunou leveled the bokken towards Ryouga. "This Hibiki person is a past lover of my Ranma-kun's, one who callously betrayed his heart. Worry not, my love. I shall defend your honor with my dying breath."

Ranma's fist struck Kunou in the head. "He is not my lover, and I am not your anything!"

Kunou placed himself between Ranma and Ryouga again. "I see. The return of your former love has clouded your judgment and you seek to defend him. Again, I implore you to cast away what feelings you had for him and regard him as the cad he truly is."

"This is so moving," Nabiki said.

Akane was in tears and looked up to the heavens imploringly. "Why can't that be me he's talking about?"

"I have no interest in Ranma, outside of beating him senseless," Ryouga said.

Kunou sneered at the claim. "I shall never allow you to harm my Ranma-kun again. Or at least, I shall not allow you to harm him after I go to the restroom. Wait here, and I shall mete out your punishment in a few minutes or so." Kunou then took off, in evident major discomfort, unable to even run properly.

Using the distraction Kunou provided, Ranma grabbed Ryouga by the back the front of his shirt. "Come on. We're taking this private." He then half dragged the lost boy away from the schoolyard.

Ryouga agreed with Ranma, tearing his hand away and following his old foe. After a few moments, they found a quiet spot near where Kunou and Ranma had fought the day before.

"Now that we're away from prying eyes," Ranma said, then turned menacingly upon Ryouga. "We'll settle our old score and I can have my vengeance at last."

Ryouga snarled, "Cut that out! I'm the one seeking revenge here. You're the one that ruined my life by…

Ryouga stood next to his locker, uneaten banana in hand, looking bashfully down the school hallway at the trio of girls as they talked among themselves. They were so involved in conversation that there were unaware of the way he stared at them, especially Yumiko. He tried daydreaming of walking up to her and asking her out, but every time he imagined making it to the locker, all his fantasy self could do was stutter, "I… I… I…" then run away.

A hand slapped Ryouga on the back, hard, shaking him out of his failed fantasy. He turned in anger at the familiar gesture. "Ranma, you jerk." He tried taking a swipe at Ranma, but his foe was too quick and ducked under the blow. All Ryouga managed to do was destroy one of the locker doors and crush the banana that he had planned to snack upon. Disgusted with the gooey remnants, Ryouga flung the remains to the floor.

Ranma smiled, unconcerned with the blow. "Take it easy. You got better things to do than failing to get a hand on me. You were staring at Yumiko again, weren't you?"

Ryouga turned bright red. "No."

"She does have a nice pair of tits. She's really well-developed for a girl our age," Ranma said, openly admiring the way she filled out her school uniform.

"Don't look at her that way!" Ryouga took another swipe at Ranma, who casually evaded the blow again.

"Relax," Ranma said soothingly. "I'll tell you what. Since you're such a good buddy of mine, how about I set you up with her?"

"So she turned you down again, huh?"

"She did not!" Ranma insisted.

"Did that make four failures or five?"

"It was only three. And she didn't turn me down. I decided she's too frigid for me, which means she ought to be perfect for a shy guy like you."

Ryouga looked at her longingly. "If you couldn't set yourself up with her, how can you set me up with her?"

Ranma appeared offended. "Hey, who tricked Pop into enrolling us into a coed school instead of an all-boy's one?"

"I was perfectly happy in an all-boy's school." Ryouga flinched slightly. "I didn't feel so nervous there."

"Who managed to keep you from getting caught peeping in the girl's locker room?"

"You're the one that tricked me into going there in the first place. You said it was something we had to do for a research project for human anatomy."

"It was. Mom always told me it was perfectly normal to learn firsthand about female anatomy. It's what manly men do. Mom would never steer me wrong," Ranma said in an almost lecturing tone. "Besides, if the girls want to peep in our locker room, it would be perfectly fine for me."

"I wouldn't want them to," Ryouga complained.

"Look, I'll ask her out for you," Ranma said soothingly. "After all, who's the guy that comes through for you ten times out of ten?"

Ryouga stared at Ranma through half-lidded eyes.

"Five out of ten?"

The stare continued.

"One out of ten?"

"And usually by accident," Ryouga said. "You can't set me up with her. You can't set yourself up with any girl."

Ranma appeared offended. "I'll have you know just today a couple of girls agreed to go out with me. Not at the same time, of course. On different days, but they agreed. So there." Ranma stuck his tongue out at Ryouga. "Anyway, I'm on a roll. I'll get you your date. Just watch."

Ranma began advancing toward the girls, barely evading a protesting Ryouga's hand as the lost one tried to snare him by the collar. He sauntered toward the trio of girls, gaining their attention long before arriving. "Hey, ladies," he said smoothly. "I'd like for you to meet—"

"I told you to get lost, Saotome!" Yumiko slapped Ranma hard across the face.

Flummoxed, Ranma retreated. Ryouga was barely able to reign in his laughter.

Ranma returned to his side, confounded. "Sorry about that. She's even more frigid than I thought. You'd be better off hitting on someone that actually likes guys."

Ryouga shook his head. "I told you it wouldn't work. But that's all right. At least you didn't say something about me that made her hate me. I still have my dreams." He sighed wistfully and looked at Yumiko again.

Ranma shook his head sadly. "You can't go on living your life in a dream world. You got to work up the courage and go for it. If you fail, at least you get the comfort of knowing you tried and it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Trust me. It's better that way. I can attest to it firsthand. Say what you will, but I'm never left wallowing in the 'what if' game." Ranma started to walk past Ryouga.

Ryouga was still staring longingly at Yumiko when he heard Ranma give a loud, "AH!" and then felt a violent tugging at his pants. The pull was so powerful that Ryouga's pants fell to around his ankles, despite wearing a belt. To compound matters, the shout had grabbed everyone's attention. Ryouga, too shocked to react simply stood motionless as everyone stared openmouthed at him….

"…It was so humiliating, and it was entirely your fault. Pantsing me like that in front of everyone," Ryouga wailed.

"Pantsing my ass! I slipped on that stupid banana you tossed on the floor, and I reflexively grabbed onto the first thing I could to keep from falling. It was an accident. Anyway, it's your fault you weren't wearing any underwear!"

"I can't help it if I misplaced them after gym class!" Ryouga complained.

Ranma snarled, "Believe me, if I had to do it all over again, I would do anything to prevent it."

"It was so embarrassing," Ryouga sobbed. "Everyone saw me naked. Oh, it wasn't bad among the guys, they blew it off, but it was another story with the girls. It was so horrible. They stared at it like it was a deformity. It's not easy having one my size. It gets in the way sometimes, and it's hard to manage when I get, you know, excited."

Ranma's eyebrow began twitching.

Ryouga took no notice of Ranma's reaction. "Yumiko wouldn't even talk to me again. She was terrified, thinking I was some kind of monstrous pervert. But her friends didn't feel the same way. What happened afterwards was just as horrible as her rejection, if not worse…."

Misato had a firm grasp of Ryouga's hand as she led him to a location underneath the bleachers to the outdoor athletic stadium. She sequestered them far under the bleachers and well out of sight of anyone, affording them a high degree of privacy, at least as much as one could have in a public school.

Ryouga allowed himself to be led, spouting a continuing mantra of, "I'm not a pervert, honest. Ranma was the one that pantsed me. I would never flash women that way."

"I know you're not," Misato assured him, as they finally stopped.

His face was looking directly at the ground as he spoke. "Yumiko thinks I am."

"Yumiko's way too uptight for her own good. She's totally frigid, whereas I am not," Misato informed him.

"Why did you want to bring me back here then? I assumed it was to have some privacy so you could beat me up because you think I'm a pervert."

Misato wrung her hands nervously. She then said, "Oh, I can't take it anymore." She dropped to her knees in front of Ryouga and went for the belt around his pants.

Too stunned to move, she had already managed to undo his belt and was unbuttoning his pants before Ryouga finally found enough resolve to gasp out, "What are you doing?"

"I have to see it again." There was the sound of fascination in Misato's voice.

Realizing what she was doing, Ryouga stammered out, "Bu… but we don't even know each other."

"We're about to get to know each other really well."

Ryouga shook his head. "This is too fast. We need to go out on dates, learn what each other is like, determine if we're compatible enough to make a relationship work, and then get permission from our parents to marry before we can do this."

"I think we can skip all that in-between stuff and go right to the sex part," Misato said.

Seeing she was determined, Ryouga was about to force her away when Misato got a firm hold of his cock through his pants. Suddenly, the strength seemed to leave his body, and his hands settled on her hair instead.

Misato finally worked his pants and boxers down to his knees. She stared in awe at the rapidly hardening shaft in front of her. Within seconds, it had achieved its maximum length. "My god, it's even bigger up close."

"Don't look," Ryouga pleaded.

Misato was mesmerized by the rod that was close enough for her to breathe on. A look of regret passed her face. "I'm sorry. I thought I could handle it at first, but there's no way I can get that in me. But I'm no dicktease. I'll take care of you," she assured him. She grabbed onto his shaft, opened her mouth, and directed the head of his cock inside.

Any power Ryouga had to resist immediately left him. The sensations of her tongue making circles around the head of his shaft overrode any sense of propriety that told him it was immoral to engage in sex before marriage. He just stood there, drooling insensate as Misato did all the work. The pleasure from her oral attentions was more than anything he had ever conceived. He had never done anything with his dick, other than wash it, and even then he was careful not to overstimulate it too much. For one thing it gave him a lot more surface area to wash, and everyone knew only perverts masturbated. It was the sort of thing Ranma would do.

Misato made loud, slurping sounds as she engulfed the entire head, but little of the shaft despite her best efforts. Instead of trying to gag herself, she would occasionally abandon the head of his cock and opted to lick the shaft, playing her tongue up and down its veiny length before taking in the head once again.

It was a sloppy thing, and clearly showed Misato had no experience at giving head, but Ryouga had none either. Instead, he thought he had suffered a painless death and been drawn up into Heaven. The incredible sensations were a million times better than the void that had existed in his pleasure centers until that moment. Not having the faintest idea of how to hold back, or any desire to stave off his increasing heights of ecstasy, it took less than two minutes before Ryouga gave a wild cry and climaxed while the head of his dick was in still Misato's mouth.

Misato tried swallowing it all, but Ryouga was coming too hard and too fast. She coughed some back up, then released his head and let the rest shoot out on the ground, trying to keep it from landing on her school uniform, but still had some strike her on the cheek.

In what seemed too short a time to Ryouga's senses, he finally stopped ejaculating, his eyes almost rolling back in his head from the overloading of his pleasure centers. All the strength seemed to leave his body along with the release of his passion. He went limp and slumped back against one of the bleacher's supports.

Misato searched her pockets several seconds before pulling out a tissue and wiping her mouth and cheek free of the sperm she had coughed back up. As she wiped at her face, she said, "Not only do you have a monster cock, but you come by the gallon. That was my first time blowing a guy. Did you enjoy that?"

"It was…" Ryouga started to say, then the impact of what had just happened hit him all at once. The stupid grin left his face, and he clutched his head, shouting, "Oh no! What have I done?"

Misato was openly confused. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm a pervert!" Ryouga wailed, and tried to run away. The pants, now around his ankles, caused him to trip, landing in some of the sperm that landed on the ground. Unmindful of the white fluid now decorating his shirt, he pulled up his pants, and ran away, screaming…

"It was so humiliating," Ryouga wailed. "She didn't care about my feelings at all. All she was interested in was my penis. There was no romance, no talking, no learning about one another. It was all about a blowjob. It was terrible."

Ranma's hand curled into a fist at his side. It trembled fiercely from the strength he poured into it.

"Oh, and it got worse, much worse than just blowjobs. There was sex involved as well. I was planning on saving myself for marriage, but I was tricked out of my virginity," Ryouga informed Ranma in a depressed voice. "It was after the Senior High baseball team made the regional finals. I was invited by one of the junior cheerleaders, Achika, whose little sister was one of Misato's friends…"

Ryouga looked around at all the partying highschoolers, all of them drinking heavily from beer kegs, hard liquor bottles, and any other container that could contain a liquid with even the smallest amount of alcohol content. The festive occasion, as well as most of the booze, had been provided at the house of the head cheerleader, Karou, who was throwing the party. From what Ryouga had heard, her parents were out of town, and she had been allowed to have some people over. About forty, if he was any judge. Obviously her parents had a great deal of faith in their daughter's responsibility to let her have so many people to entertain. It was going to be quite the mess left over, from what he could tell.

Ryouga looked to the girl at his side, Achika, who had brought him along to celebrate the team's victory. "It was very nice of you to invite me, Arisugawa-sempai, but I feel a little out of place. Me being just a junior high student and all."

Achika, who had already had four beers of her own, placed a hand affectionately around Ryouga's shoulder, causing him to blush. "My little sister assures me you are more than a big enough man to be here."

Ryouga blushed at the compliment. What a nice and understanding, as well as incredibly attractive, girl. She respected his desire to be an upstanding, virtuous individual. It was so wonderful to be recognized for his efforts. All the junior high girls were either frightened of him or tried seducing him because he had a large dick. Obviously older girls were different, and respected a man for who he was instead of what he had between his legs.

Achika offered him a glass filled to the top with beer. Foam dripped over the sides and onto her hand. "Here."

Ryouga hesitated. "I think I'm a bit too young to drink."

"Everyone else is drinking," Achika said, and indeed everyone was. Most of the people were reveling even louder than before. "You don't want to be stuck up and act like you don't want to be here, do you?"

"Ah, no." Insulting the other partygoers and members of the team during their moment of triumph was the last thing in the world Ryouga wanted to do. He accepted the offered beer. The moment he was finished, he found another filled glass thrust in his direction. Achika's expectant look told him refusing this one was unacceptable as well.

That continued for a while until Ryouga lost count, and didn't really care to try. He was feeling incredibly mellow, a rare state for him. He wondered if he should drink more often if it made him feel that easygoing and relaxed. Usually he was basket-case of nerves, and depressed when things didn't work out for him, which was often.

Then nature called, interrupting his reverie. He rose up and nearly fell over, only grabbing onto the chair at the last second to keep from ending up on the floor. It took him a moment to regain his sense of balance. Once he was certain he wouldn't fall over without a prop, he informed Achika, "I have to use the lavatory."

Achika, who had a multitude of empty glasses in front of her as well, but was dealing with their effects much better, quickly attached herself to his arm. "Oh no you don't. I heard about your problem getting lost. I'm not letting you out of my sight."

That Achika would look out for his well-being only heightened Ryouga's opinion of her. She was so kind and gentle. It was too bad she was several years older, or he might have even found the courage to ask her on a date. He barely felt nervous at all about the idea, surprisingly. It appeared alcohol was good for him.

Achika escorted him past the revelers, down a hallway, and to the front of the bathroom door. After waiting for the person already using it to exit, Ryouga entered. Much to his surprise, Achika followed right on his heels.

Ryouga turned to her, "Ah, I can find my way out of here on my own."

"I'm sure you can." She didn't move a centimeter.

Now she was being a bit overprotective. "I can't go if you're watching."

That made Achika frown, but this time she did as he wanted and exited the bathroom. After a long and very protracted release of an excess of fluids, he sighed in relief. Swaying a bit, he fumbled with the doorknob before finally opening it.

Much to his relief, Achika was there, waiting for him. Now there was no fear they would be separated and she would think he had rudely walked out on her. He offered her his arm, as much because he was a gentleman as he needed the guidance and support. Perhaps he had drank a little too much. He had a miserable direction sense, not a bad sense of balance.

Within a dozen steps, Ryouga found himself in front of a door in a hallway deeper in the house instead of in the living room with the rest of the partygoers. "You seem to have gotten lost." Ryouga laughed at the ironic joke.

"Not exactly." Achika opened the door and pushed Ryouga inside. Keeping an arm on him, she closed the door behind them, then flipped on the light. With the interior lit, Ryouga could see it was a bedroom. Probably the master bedroom, given the size of both room and bed.

The bed seemed to beckon Ryouga. "I could use a chance to lie down. I'm feeling a bit tipsy."

"Good," Achika cooed. When he tried to lie down on his stomach, she stopped him and made him lie down on his back.

Ryouga sank into the soft mattress. The gentle texture made him relax further. "Ah, I feel so much better now."

Then he felt a pair of hands fondling his thighs. Tired, his eyebrows rose quizzically as the appendages rode up the length of his hardened muscles. All doubts about the hands purpose were eradicated as they went to his waistband and began undoing his belt.

Ryouga lifted his head up, the rest of his body refusing to rise from its comfortable position. "What are you doing?"

A hungry look smoldered in Achika's eyes. "Getting to the good part." She was stronger than she looked, as within seconds she had his belt undone and his pants and boxers pulled down to his ankles. "My god, it is as big as my sister said. I definitely owe her one now."

"B… but I thought you just wanted to invite me to the party as a gesture of being nice and getting to know me, maybe."

"I am getting to know you," she said as she stared hungrily at his cock.

Ryouga was about to get up and leave, but then Achika finally grasped the hunk of meat. Only his strength and resolve vacated the room as, just like before with Misato, the sensations from Achika's manual manipulation shut all other unnecessary functions down. Even the alcohol dulling his senses was not enough to prevent his rod from becoming ever longer with each stroke of her hand. Once it was more than halfway hard, she applied her mouth to it, and enabled it to firm up as solidly as it could.

Achika quickly proved this was not the first time she had engaged in such behavior. Whereas Misato was all wildness and random licking, Achika used fewer and more controlled lashes with her tongue and mouth, eliciting a series of low moans immediately from Ryouga. Every time she threatened to send him over the top, she'd back off and stimulate another part of his penis, allowing him to cool down slightly without allowing him to fully relax.

And then the door to the room flew open. Achika's mouth left Ryouga's rod, and he had enough sense to squeal in panic at being discovered in such a risqué position.

"I'm not a pervert!" he protested to the three girls standing in the doorway. He knew it wouldn't do any good. His reputation was ruined. The whole baseball team would probably beat him senseless for daring to engage in this sort of behavior at the party.

The girl who had thrown open the door, an attractive, buxom brunette, pointed an accusatory finger at Achika. "You little tramp. I let you be co-captain of the squad. I let you use my house when I throw a party. And you go behind my back and use my parent's bedroom to… Oh my god! He's huge. That's gotta be 'Mule' Hibiki."

Achika appeared annoyed at the intrusion. "Yeah, Karou. I invited him myself. Although, I have to admit even I didn't think he was this big." She moved it back and forth to show her point, eliciting another groan from Ryouga.

Karou reconsidered things while her two companion's eyes bulged at the sight of Ryouga's upright member. "Well, seeing as how it's my house, and I'm captain of the squad, I demand you share him. Not that that should be any problem. There's obviously more than enough of the Mule to go around."

"Mule? Why did you call me that?" Ryouga asked.

"Everyone calls you that. It's because of that mule-sized cock you sport around," Karou explained.

Ryouga felt like crying. Now everyone was thinking of him in terms of his physical attributes rather than the sort of person he was on the inside. It was so degrading.

"Fine, I'll share," Achika said as she rolled her eyes in obvious displeasure. "Just shut the door behind you. And make sure you lock it this time. Things were just getting good."

"Come on," Karou said to her two companions.

One of the trio of girls looked stunned at Karou's suggestion. "No way. He's too big."

Karou shook her head sadly at the girl, then turned to the other. "What about you?"

Her eyes were transfixed at the sight between Ryouga's legs. She didn't even look at Karou as she said, "I was going to save myself for someone special, but even I know they don't grow them as big as Mule here. I shouldn't do it, but I know I'll have a lifetime of regret if I let this opportunity pass me by. Count me in."

Karou turned her attention to the girl that had refused to take Ryouga on and shoved her out the door. "Run interference with Sho," Karou ordered.

"Why?" she asked.

"I sort of dropped some hints he'd be getting some action with me, but I'm afraid I'm going to be busy the rest of the night. If he asks, tell him I went on a ride with Achika. Which is sort of the truth." Without another word, Karou closed the door behind her. There was the sound of a lock clicking a moment later.

"I get to ride him first," Achika claimed. She immediately began undressing. She drew her shirt over her top, then quickly undid her bra, allowing her average-sized breasts to be revealed. Her skirt and panties were on the floor a moment later, and Ryouga had his first sight of a woman's fully naked body.

Technically that wasn't true. There was one time Ryouga had seen girls naked. It was when Ranma had tricked him into sneaking into the girls' locker room. The moment Ryouga saw them in their undressed state, he developed a massive nosebleed and passed out. Ranma woke him up later, incredibly disgusted by the reaction and claiming Ryouga had to get over his weenie problems or he'd never find himself a girlfriend. Angered at both being tricked and the lecture, Ryouga tried to avenge himself on Ranma by beating him up, but the pig-tailed boy tricked him somehow and ended up winning, like he always did.

Looking at Achika, as well as her two companions who were also undressing, Ryouga noted the differences in these highschoolers' bodies compared to the junior high girls he had seen. These girls were much more developed, especially Karou, whose breasts were noticeably bigger than her companions'.

Seeing so much naked flesh made Ryouga feel lightheaded, like he had when he first gazed through the window of the locker room. But just as a small trickle of blood began to emit from his nose, his lightheadedness passed as his brain reminded him of Misato, and the delights that could be had from women playing with his cock. As much as part of Ryouga wanted to pass out to escape, his lust wouldn't let him. It kept him conscious. Between that and the alcohol, he failed to find the strength to either pass out or leave. Instead, he just lay there while Achika squatted over his cock and began to impale herself on—

Ryouga's warning senses suddenly blared, and he barely ducked out of the way of a fist aimed at his skull. His reflexive move threw him off balance, and he landed several feet away, falling down and ending up flat on his stomach. He snarled, "Ranma, you jerk! I was right in the middle of a flashback! How dare you interrupt me like that. And I still have one to go about how the gym teacher, Miss Sentaro seduced me too." Ryouga dusted himself off and began to rise to his feet. "Oh, sure she called it sex education, and I did learn a lot, but all it really amounted to was me being used once again as a giant sex toy for a woman's amusement…"

Ryouga's complaint died on his lip as his eyes settled on Ranma, and found himself looking into an abyss of pure, unrelenting hatred that threatened to drag Ryouga's very soul to the brink of sanity. Most of Ryouga's anger was muted in the face of such rage, especially since the overwhelming emotion was directed at him by the last person in the world that had any right to be angry with him. "What's your problem?"

The black miasma of anger clung to Ranma's form like a shroud. "Back in junior high, ever since your goods got showed off, I hated you. From that day forward, all the girls either avoided me because they knew you hung around me and you frightened them, or they tried using me to get to you. Even the couple of girls that had agreed to go out with me suddenly changed their minds and switched their attention to you. It was always 'Does Ryouga have a girlfriend?' 'Could you put in a good word to Ryouga for me?' 'Could you give Ryouga this love letter?' No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get them interested in me or not interested in you. I told them it was a fake. I told them you were impotent. I told them you were into being spanked and calling girls 'Mommy'. It didn't dissuade any of them. All the girls wanted a piece of 'The Mule,' and nothing to do with plain old Ranma Saotome. It was like being in a candy store with enough money to buy anything, but your jaw's broken and wired shut. Every day was like torture. And then I couldn't take it anymore, so I challenged you to that duel, but you didn't have the guts to show up and take what you had coming to you. And then Pop dragged me away, withdrawing me from school, and taking me on another training trip. The only thing that made me feel better was that you were out of my life and could never ruin my chance with girls ever again.

"But no, you just had to show up here with your big, bad balls dragging behind you, intent on ruining my chances with the girls again. And now I find out that not only did you have sex with practically every hot chick in both junior and senior high, but also the hottest teacher in the school,. and you have the nerve to COMPLAIN about it! You have everything any guy could want, and you act like it's some albatross tied around your neck and you'd do anything to get rid of it. You stand there acting like you're the !#$% victim!"

"Ah, but I am." Ryouga's protest came out as almost a whimper. He really wanted to shout at Ranma, but somehow he couldn't quite maintain much anger in the face of a rage that put Ryouga's own to shame.

Ranma laughed. It wasn't a 'Ha! You made one heck of a joke' laugh, it was more like a 'I just lost that tenuous thread of sanity I was hanging by' kind of laugh. He said, "Oh no, you're not the victim yet. But you're about to be." He tensed up like a jungle cat, ready to spring on its prey.

The familiar posture, one the two had displayed frequently toward one another in their numerous fights, firmed up Ryouga's resolve. He was the one that had pursued Ranma in revenge for being made into little more than a sex slave, and he was going to get vengeance now. This whole thing was just another trick by Ranma. Ranma always tried to trick him. But not this time. Nothing would save Ranma from the upcoming beating.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, Ranma charged. Ryouga saw that Ranma had left himself wide open, and launched a fist straight for Ranma's jaw.

The blow connected solidly, snapping Ranma's head back from the force of the strike. Ryouga mentally congratulated himself on landing the first punch. Backed by his tremendous strength, it meant he would have the advantage for the rest of the fight and probably make short work of his arch-nemesis.

But that sense of assurance passed in the split second that it arrived, as Ranma's head snapped right back to its original position, as though Ryouga had done nothing. Now it was Ranma's turn to attack, and he sank a fist of his own deep into Ryouga's gut.

A loud whoosh of air left Ryouga's lungs courtesy of the fist planted in his stomach. Panic overtook Ryouga. What was going on? Ranma had never been that strong before. Even Ryouga, who had been the most powerful person (for his age) that he had ever met, doubted he could have summoned that sort of strength behind a blow.

A second fist came towards Ryouga's head. He raised his arm up in a block, but was instantly made sorry by the impact of Ranma's fist; it felt like someone had struck him in the arm with a crowbar. Ryouga leaped back, shaking his arm and trying to get some sensation flowing back into it.

"Quit running and take your punishment like a man!" Ranma shouted in rage.

Reviving some of the feeling in his arm, Ryouga decided it might be best to try a ranged attack. He pulled his bamboo umbrella from the top of his pack employed it like a giant javelin, hurling it with all of his strength directly at Ranma. He hoped it would cause some major damage, or at least slow down Ranma enough so that he could retake the initiative.

Instead, Ranma seemed to move faster than the eye could follow, snatching the umbrella out of midair before it could hit him. The force behind the throw was so tremendous it made Ranma back up several steps until its momentum was killed by muscle power alone. Ranma looked the improvised spear over for a moment, the tossed it in the air, like a baton, catching it so the tip was pointing at Ryouga.

Ryouga was taken aback by how easily Ranma flipped the umbrella around. It was incredibly heavy, and only the strongest of people could even lift it. Ranma was handling it as though it was made out of papier-mâché.

"Back at you!" The weapon was launched back at Ryouga even faster than he had thrown it. Rather than relying on his coordination and dexterity to snatch the missile, like Ranma had done, Ryouga elected to dodge it. It went sailing past his head, coming so close he could feel the wind's passage mess up the hair at the top of his head.

Ryouga turned to follow the progress of the shaft. It struck a tree with a tremendous crash, embedding itself halfway through the trunk and sending splinters everywhere. Ryouga's eyes bulged at the damage. That would have hurt more than a little of it had struck him even a glancing blow.

This was getting out of hand. Ryouga held his hands up in a warding gesture. "Wait a minute, Ranma. Perhaps we're being a bit hasty. We're reasonable people. Why don't we try talking this over and settling it peacefully?"

"This is peaceful compared to what I really want to do to you!" Ranma launched a kick at the object of his ire.

Ryouga barely got out of the way of the attack. Deciding this ground was not to his liking, he elected to find a better battlefield, preferably one far away from Ranma, and began running away. "Ranma, calm down!" he shouted over his shoulder.

Ranma did nothing of the kind. "Come on back here, and I'll see to it you don't have to worry about women using you for sex anymore."

Not slowing down for a second, Ryouga shouted, "How?"

"I'll pound on you so badly, no woman will be able to look at you without recoiling in horror."

"No thanks!" Ryouga was beginning to adjust to the idea that there were fates worse than women not respecting you. Especially since Ranma seemed to want to visit most of said fates upon him.

As Ryouga ran, he assured himself that he was not being a coward. Ranma was using some sort of trick to make himself stronger and immune to pain was all. It was an unfair contest, and Ryouga couldn't be expected to fight under those conditions. He just had to figure out some way to negate that advantage, and then he could help himself to a heaping serving of revenge.

After he escaped from Ranma, of course.

Despite his usually superior endurance, Ryouga quickly found himself gasping for breath as he ran at top speed, barely keeping ahead of the unreasonably angry Ranma. A familiar burn started to set in his muscles from being pushed to their limits, and yet Ranma still seemed as energetic and as quick as when the race had started. Ryouga's pace was starting to flag when he ran into a park. Seeking a way to duck out of sight and give Ranma the slip, he ran into a cluster of trees. Emerging through them, he found himself in the middle of a clearing, more trees on all sides.

And then a set of the sprinklers came on, dousing Ryouga with a healthy quantity of cold water and triggering his curse.

The black piglet squealed in terror. There was no way he could outrun Ranma, not on four tiny hooves. He was so dead.

And then his fear began to subside. What was he afraid of? He was a piglet now. Ranma was looking for a human being. There was no way he would connect a tiny piglet with Ryouga. The lost boy released a sigh of relief.

Ryouga considered ducking into some bushes anyway when a screaming Ranma emerged from the same spot he had just come from, the look of blood still deep in his eyes. As Ranma entered the clearing, he too was hit with water and underwent a change from man to girl. In a moment, Ryouga understood what had happened. Ranma had been cursed as well during his visit to the springs. That also meant Ranma knew about the curses, and that Ryouga's own cursed form would be no protection from his old foe.

Ryouga froze, knowing this was the end. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

All that met his ears was the sound of running feet and bushes being parted as the screaming dwindled. Daring to open his eyes, Ryouga looked to see that Ranma-chan had gone past, not even taking notice of the piglet in the clearing. He was safe after all.

And then a memory tickled at the back of Ryouga's senses. A memory of the day he was cursed. A girl chasing a panda had struck Ryouga in the face, knocking him into the Spring of Drowned Piglet. A red-haired girl bellowing in Japanese, a curious language to be using in China. A red-haired girl with a pigtail and with a cocky expression on her features.

Just like the one that had passed through.

That rotten Ranma! He was the one responsible for the curse as well. And not in the sense that Ryouga happened to end up cursed because he was chasing Ranma, but in that Ranma personally cursed him. That made Ryouga twice as angry as before. Ranma would really pay for ruining his life.

And then Ranma-chan burst back through the trees, making Ryouga nearly wet himself in the face of such rage.

"Damn it! He escaped!" Ranma-chan cursed. "When I get my hands on him, he's really going to get it. I can't believe that bastard totally ruins my dating life, then complains to me about getting more pussy than he knows what to do with. That whole innocent thing was an act. I just know he was really rubbing my face in it. That jerk bragged to the wrong guy. And there's no way I'm letting him flash his dick at school this time. He tries it, and I'll feed it to him. And with no condiments, either."

Ryouga was trembling uncontrollably, paralyzed to the spot by the promises Ranma-chan was making, even if he couldn't understand what Ranma-chan was upset about. Ryouga would have given anything to have that level of anonymity when it came to women. Then he would be liked for who he was instead of what he had. It was just Ranma being a jerk, like he always was, trying to taunt Ryouga by proclaiming he had everything Ryouga wanted and implying he didn't want it. Ryouga decided he was really going to get revenge.

And then Ranma-chan looked down, as though seeing the piglet for the first time. Fear became the overwhelming emotion in Ryouga as the girl frowned at him. She then leaned down and picked him up, looking at him with a mix of curiosity and anger.

She considered the quivering pig in her hands. "Hey, what are you doing here? A little piglet, wearing a bandanna just like Ryouga's, sitting in the middle of a clearing he ducked into. A clearing with enough cold water to activate a Jusenkyou curse."

Tears welled in Ryouga's eyes.

Ranma-chan began shaking him like a rag doll, one a child decided would look better without any stuffing in it. "You're Ryouga, aren't you?! You're Ryouga with a dumb pig curse and are sitting there mocking me because you think I can't see through your pathetic disguise, aren't you?!"

Ryouga shook his head until it was a blur.

Then the grip shifted to Ryouga's neck. His eyes bulged as Ranma-chan's hands grew ever tighter, cutting off his oxygen supply. "You think you can sit there and try to make fun of me while you plan on taking all the women for yourself again?! Think again, Mule! If you think for one second I'm gonna let you strut your goods around here while leaving me without, you can think again!"

Ryouga was starting to black out. This was it. Oh, the indignity of it all, dying at the hands of his most bitter enemy, who was angrier at Ryouga than Ryouga was at him. The only saving grace was that at least he hadn't been cursed to turn into a mule. That would have been too much to handle.

Suddenly, Ryouga was able to breathe again. Ranma-chan looked at him in confusion. Ryouga coughed a few times, sucking in as much air as he could between gasps. It might only be a temporary reprieve before the throttling continued, but he was damned if he would die easily for Ranma-chan's benefit.

Ranma-chan appeared a little frightened. "Whoa, there. I got to get a grip. I'm getting paranoid thinking this poor, innocent, little piglet could be related to Ryouga. I mean, what are the odds that he followed me to Jusenkyou, got cursed as well, and just happened to stumble onto some water here and was left at my mercy? Pretty silly, huh?" she asked the piglet.

Ryouga furiously nodded up and down.

She held the pig in her hands and scratched him between the ears. "Yeah, I got to ease back a little. I'm just out of sorts 'cause it's the first time I've seen Ryouga in years. And to learn he was sleeping away with all the chicks, and was acting like he was pissed about it, well, that was pretty much the one thing that would send me off the deep end. It's not like I want to kill him. Just mutilate him a little and get some measure of revenge for ruining my life."

Well the feeling's mutual, Ryouga thought.

It was then an out-of-breath Akane burst into the clearing. She looked at Ranma-chan and said, "There you are."

"You were following me?" Ranma-chan asked.

Akane nodded. "Of course. You looked like you were pretty angry back there. I didn't want you doing anything stupid. I'm sure whatever misunderstanding you had with that Ryouga guy could be resolved peacefully."

Ranma-chan laughed embarrassingly. Too embarrassingly. "Yeah, you're probably right. It's not like I'm obsessive or violent or want to kick the living…" Ranma-chan caught herself. "What I mean to say is, he offended me a great deal by doing something to me which hurt my feelings a lot. To make things worse, he's acting as though he was the victim, which upset me even more."

Akane considered the explanation. "Well, I guess I can see why you were so mad at him when he showed up. But he seemed pretty angry at you. Are you sure you didn't do anything to him?"

"Hell, no, I didn't! That's why I'm even more angry at him than before!"

"Okay, okay," Akane said soothingly. "What was it that went down between you two anyway?"

Ranma-chan began sweating slightly. "I can't say. It's very personal."

"Fine, I'll respect your privacy. But try to go easy on the guy. I get the feeling he's just as upset about the matter as you and not acting rationally. Promise me you won't pick any fights with him."

Ranma-chan's made a strangled sound and her eyes bulged in disbelief, but somehow, through an unbelievable amount of strain, she got out, "Fine, I won't pick any fights with him. But like you said, he isn't rational and he's being unreasonably angry with me, so if he was to start a fight, I'd have to fight him."

Akane nodded in agreement. "Of course. You'd have to defend yourself. I wouldn't want you to just stand there and get beaten up. Just don't throw the first punch."

"Fine," Ranma-chan said, scuffing her foot like a petulant child.

Ryouga snorted a bit at Ranma-chan's display.

The noise caught Akane's attention. She looked at the piglet in Ranma-chan's arms. Now it was her turn to have her eyes light up, though they were in adoration rather than anger. "Oh, he's so cute. Is he yours?"

Ranma-chan started to say something, then quickly shut her mouth. She looked more closely at the piglet. After a moment, she held him out and said, "You can have him."

Ryouga jerked in Ranma-chan's hands.

"Really?" Akane asked, continuing to look upon Ryouga in adoration.

"I'm giving him as a gift for letting me move in with you and you helping me so much with school and everything."

"That's so sweet," Akane said. "Why does he have the funny looking thing around his neck?"

Ranma-chan looked at the bandanna. Ryouga was terrified that she would put two and two together, and turn him into pork rinds instead of a gift, but then the girl switched to holding Ryouga with one hand and retied the bandanna.

"It's a bow for your present." Ranma-chan said.

Ryouga breathed a sigh of relief.

"What's his name?" Akane asked.

"I figured you could name him." Ranma-chan offered the piglet to Akane.

She accepted the gift. Looking upon him lovingly, she cooed, "I think I'll name him P-Chan."

"That's a good name," Ranma-chan agreed.

Akane kissed Ryouga on the snout. He blushed slightly. Here was a girl showing him affection, and not because of his dick size. Then he remembered she was showing this attention to her 'pet'. Thinking about it, Ryouga decided that it was only marginally better than being used for sex, at least in principle. Perhaps the situation wasn't so great after all.

And then something about the conversation clicked in Ryouga's head. Ranma was apparently living with this girl. If Ryouga was her pet, that meant he would be around Ranma constantly without the annoying jerk being any the wiser. Ryouga could wait until Ranma's defenses were dropped, then he could strike when his enemy was at his, or her, most vulnerable. Yes, the idea had merit. Ryouga would pretend to be Akane's pet, while waiting for a golden opportunity to allow himself his revenge against Ranma. Then victory would be his.

"Is he a boy or girl?" Akane asked Ranma-chan.

"I didn't check," she admitted.

Akane held Ryouga up and checked him out. "Oh, he's a boy all right. One that keeps the girl pigs pretty happy, judging by the size of him."

Ranma-chan scowled. "He reminds me of Ryouga."

"Why would you say that?" she asked as she snuggled Ryouga into her bosom.

"Ah, same vacuous look in his eyes," Ranma-chan said.

Ryouga growled a little. Ranma would pay for that slight too. At some point. Once the odds were tilted more in Ryouga's favor.

Akane continued gushing over her new 'pet'. "This is easily the best present anyone had ever given me. Thank you, Ranma."

Akane gave Ranma-chan a kiss on the lips. It was quick, but carried neither a hint of shyness or hesitation. The kiss caused Ranma-chan to laugh a bit and get a satisfied grin on her features. Ryouga mentally added 'Being Treated Like an Animal So Ranma Could Seduce a Girl' to the tally of crimes attributed to his nemesis, a list that was going to be checked off very soon.

Ryouga finally let the tension flow out of his body as he allowed Akane to take him to school. It was going to be a long day. But he'd keep his eyes open for an opportunity for revenge, even if it took all day and all night.

Kasumi noted it was dark in the alleyway, a darkness heightened by the fact there was no moon out tonight. Even with the faint light shining from several of the windows higher up the buildings walls, everything was shrouded in a pale, oppressive gray. Though she admitted to herself that she did not particularly want to see the garbage and refuse cluttered about in all of its colorful glory. It was just that everything was so painfully drab it could not help depressing her.

That was to say nothing of the odor. Some of the garbage had been left to sit far too long. Not that it had ever smelled pleasant, just that allowing it to settle for a couple of weeks in the outdoors gave it an even more flavorful fragrance than what it had originally possessed. It was that indescribable mix of decay and repugnance mingled together for a week that curled her nose so badly.

At least the noise wasn't too distracting. Occasionally there would be bursts of loud music coming from the dance club that made up one of the walls of the alley, indicating one of the doors towards the back of the structure around the corner had been opened. But aside from that, and the occasional skittering of tiny four-legged creatures that had taken up residence in the alleyway, it was mostly silent.

It was that sort of vulgar atmosphere that Kasumi found herself in as she was pressed up against one of the alley walls, having her pussy pounded by the man she had picked up in the club.

It was turning out to be one crappy evening.

In the beginning, Kasumi had set out with high hopes. She had gone out dancing with Yui and a couple of other girls, intent on having better luck this night and letting some stud pick her up for a good ride. It had been several weeks of going without sex, and she was feeling horny enough to not be overly selective in choosing someone for a one night stand.

Kasumi had chosen to wear a simple ensemble for the evening. Something that would show off her attributes, implying she was available without looking too slutty. A white halter top that was a touch on the tight side, showing off her chest and with a low cut that didn't dip too low. The bottom of the garment ended just above her navel. A leather mini-skirt, not indecent either, but close to it, showed off her legs. Kasumi might not have had a work-out regimen like Akane, but she exercised more than enough to keep good muscle tone.

The makeup had been a bit trickier. She chose just enough to enhance her already appealing looks. Too tasteful made her look too elegant to be picked up at a dance club. Too much would make her look like a prostitute. Neither was the effect she was going for. She wanted just the right touch of desirability without looking desperate. She had been very satisfied with the results, and a quick check with Yui and the girls had agreed with the assessment.

Luck had been with Kasumi. The club was crowded and men outnumbered girls by about five to three. Many of the men were obviously sharks cruising the waters of the club and looking for a girl that wanted a good time. Enough of them hit on Kasumi, some of them quite attractive, as opposed to the losers that had come on to her the other night.

Kasumi drank a little more than usual, wanting to really loosen up, and there was no shortage of men eager to pay for her drinks and help her ease into that relaxed mood of enjoying a stranger's company. A couple of hours in, after her blood got flowing from the dancing, the drinking, and the increasingly aroused state the gyrating bodies put her in, she settled on a very handsome man with large muscles that had been trying to snare her interest since the earliest part of the evening. He was a fair dancer, though a bit too eager to have his hands all over her body. But since that was what Kasumi was looking for, she tolerated the groping. He also had good marks from Yui, who apparently knew him and had been picked up by him before.

About two and a half hours in, when Kasumi was really starting to feel loose, the man had suggested they leave the club and find a quiet spot where they could get to know one another better. To Kasumi, that sounded good, as she was in the mood for a bit of privacy by that point.

What she had assumed was going to be a hotel room turned out to be the back alley behind the club. That had been irritating. Didn't she at least rate him paying the bill for a decent bed? It got worse from there. Instead of being given a chance to relax and enjoy a little affection, slowly building up to things with some foreplay, he instead kissed her for all of thirty seconds before pinning her against a wall, slipping off her panties, pulling down his own pants, and proceeding to go right in without even playing with her pussy. It might have caused some major discomfort, save that she had been a bit moist from the arousing dancing and he was below average in length. Which, while making things easier, made the night infinitely less satisfying.

Despite his obvious strength, he didn't pick her up and support her in the standing position. Instead, in order to find a more comfortable position and to keep from having the hell scratched out of her back by the brick wall, she grabbed onto his shoulders, and heaved herself up, then wrapped her legs around him. He finally picked up on the message and supported her bottom with his hands, though that served to make his what little existed of his own rhythm even more uneven.

The crude way she was being treated, the environment she was in, combined with the disappointment — both in physical attributes as well as form — of her partner was enough to actually bring Kasumi down from the arousal high she had been in (and desperately wanted) despite the fact she was actively being screwed. She tried to relax and shut down her senses, concentrating solely on the dick pounding inside her. The only thing the guy had going for him was an energetic pace. Really, she would have expected better form from someone with the experience he surely had considering how muscular and attractive he was. Either that or he just didn't care about his partner's comfort.

Finally, Kasumi was just beginning to get into the screwing, the first embers of a true fire starting in her loins, when someone staggered into the alleyway, nearly collapsing against a wall and grabbing her full attention. That wasn't good. She was neither into public sex nor having people watch while she fucked, at least if they weren't participants. She had engaged in both and, while not being a turn off, didn't arouse her in the slightest. What made matters worse was that the man was both ugly and dressed in very worn clothing; a very repulsive sight. The only thing that was vaguely good about it was that he seemed to be in his own little world, to the point of which he was unaware of the screwing going on within four meters of him.

And then the man bent over against the wall and gave a tremendous groan. Within seconds the contents of his stomach were heaved out loudly and hit the ground, joining with the refuse already there.

Just perfect.

And then to top things off, Kasumi felt the man within her stop pumping and remained inside. She couldn't believe it as he began grunting and blasted a load inside her. He hadn't come close to lasting five minutes.

When it became obvious he wasn't going for a 'double header' Kasumi relaxed her leg lock and eased herself to the ground, his rapidly softening member slipping out.

Her partner leaned against her for support, saying, "Oh yeah. That was good," more to himself than to her.

It took everything Kasumi had to keep from lashing out with some asinine comment. Her mother had taught her that men were temperamental creatures when it came to sex, and a few words delivered at the right time could render them useless for weeks to months. As dull and uninspiring as the sex had been, he had not managed to make Kasumi actually angry at him. Still, there was no way she would endorse his performance. So instead she remained silent. She considered recovering her panties, but noticed they had fallen into some unidentifiable substance that had soaked into them. It was best to leave the garment where it lie. It wasn't like she would never wear them again.

He at least had the decency to kiss her once afterwards. He asked, "Mind if I have your number so we can get together again?"

That was too much. "382-5633." Nabiki had taught Kasumi that one. She wondered if he would figure out it was the old 'Fuck Off' line. Probably not. As unsophisticated as he was, if a girl answered the number, he would probably try to pick her up instead. It was just as well. Kasumi had no intention of going out with him again.

Kasumi left him recovering and returned to the club, now far too depressed to try to pick up another man; She didn't feel motivated enough for another abject failure. What was worse was that the brief screwing had the opposite of its intended effect, only serving to fuel her horniness rather than slake its hunger.

Kasumi stopped by Yui's table. Her friend was completely drunk as she slurred out, "So how was he?"

"A five by five back alley wonder." An affectionate term coined among her group of friends, meaning under five inches and five minutes.

"Oh, maybe it was some other guy I was thinking of," Yui said, scratching her head in a futile effort to restore her memory.

Kasumi rolled her eyes. She should have known better than to trust Yui's judgment. "I'm going home," Kasumi informed her.

"It's a bit early," Yui got out reasonably well. "Let's dance some more. I'll find another guy for you, or even share one with you."

That would be just what Kasumi needed: a man with only half his normal attention span. "No thanks. You have fun. I'll catch a taxi."

Yui went into her handbag and stuffed some money into Kasumi's hand. "Sorry tonight was a such a bust. We'll have better luck next time. Maybe I'll dig up somebody for you to bring along. I know a doctor."

"I have bad luck with doctors." Kasumi gave her friend a kiss on the cheek before heading out to catch a cab, feeling horny and frustrated by the events of the night.

The newly dubbed 'P-Chan' lay in a small ball at the foot of Akane's bed. He remained silent and motionless on a soft comforter, patiently waiting for his 'owner's' breathing to become regular, indicating she was truly fast asleep. Once that happened, he would have the run of the house to himself, and he could enact his plans of vengeance.

It was a bit surprising that being relegated to the role of Akane's pet wasn't more demeaning to him. Of course, he had been demeaned — in a manner of speaking — by women most of his life, so perhaps being thought of in actual terms of a pet wasn't that difficult to get used to. It wasn't like she was actually using him for anything, other than snuggling with him and lauding on how cute he was. But those were actual shows of affection instead of the lust most women directed his way. That Akane acted like she cared about him in a nonsexual way made him feel better than he usually did. Of course she did think of him only as a pig, which put a bit of a damper on the mood. But aside from that the simple form the affection felt nice.

Talk of the past during his encounter with Ranma had made Ryouga a bit uncomfortable. It had been quite a while since he had sex. One thing Ryouga absolutely loathed to admit was that during the act of copulation he enjoyed it immensely. It wasn't like he was gay or anything. Feeling a woman tighten on his shaft as they came (usually quite quickly, since he could provide so much more stimulation to them than most other men) was one of the best feelings in the world. So of course he wanted to have sex with women, but only if it was part of an involved, meaningful relationship. Romance was what Ryouga wanted in his life to accompany the act of lovemaking. But thanks to Ranma, there was no romance whatsoever. All it was about was sex, sex, sex. Looking back on it, no wonder Ryouga had been perpetually tired while he was attending school. The women treated him like he was a slot machine. They would just keep pulling his old 'one-armed bandit' until they hit the jackpot.

But due to his long journey, it had been several months that Ryouga had gone without female accompaniment. It was almost a year without getting it regularly. He had grown so used to constantly being forced to perform for women that he had become desensitized to sex. Now that he had gone without it for so long, a part of him was starting to miss it. One of the signs was that he started having erotic dreams again, and sometimes he would walk around with a hard on, which was very uncomfortable. Even though Ryouga openly professed to be relieved about not having to put out constantly, there were certain other parts of his body that wanted to get back into the old swing of things. The frustration caused by this paradox of decency and perversion was all Ranma's fault.

What had happened right before bed was a perfect example. Ryouga had become extremely aroused when watching a non-self-conscious Akane changing into her nightgown, stripping naked right before donning something that was a touch on the risqué side. He could not help watching with rapt attention, noting she had a well-toned body, nicely shaped breasts, and a really cute bottom. Definitely a memorable figure compared to some of the girls he had been forced into having sex with. He had made certain he lay flat on the bed, so Akane didn't notice his excited state and dub him a perverted pig.

And thinking about Akane's nude body served to make him hard yet again. For a brief moment, he fantasized about getting some hot water, revealing his true form to her, and the two of them getting busy on her bed. But he shook those improper thoughts from his head. True, she might be eager to hop in the sack with him if he flashed his goods, but that would kill any chance of romance between them. It would just be about the sex, like it always was. And it would get worse if she had loose lips and word got out about how big he was. It would be a repeat of junior high again.

But he was so hard, and he really, really wanted some relief of some kind…

A soft snarl escaped Ryouga's porcine lips. That he would even considering turning into a lust-driven pervert was all that darn Ranma's fault! It was time to settle accounts and for Ryouga to receive his much deserved revenge against his mortal enemy. Ranma hadn't just ruined his romantic life (and had the audacity to act like he was the victim), but he had deliberately thrown him into that stupid cursed pool and ruined every other facet of his life as well. Oh yes, payback was about to be visited on that conceited jerk. It would be easy. While in pig form, Akane had given her 'Little P-chan' a guided tour of his new home, and had shown him the part of the house Ranma and his father slept it. By now Ranma would be fast asleep, and Ryouga could employ a little 'tactical advantage' to negate Ranma's trickery from earlier in the day.

But it was hard to throttle someone when you only had hooves. First Ryouga needed to get some hot water before he could take care of business. He exited Akane's bedroom, and tried to remember the direction to the bath.

Kasumi sighed as she quietly entered the house, intent on not awakening anyone. It was a school night, and her father never stayed up late anymore, so she would be the only one up. It felt a bit lonely, but since she was going to be heading to bed anyway, it made little difference

Kasumi's mood got progressively worse instead of better. It was looking to be a vibrator night. She certainly needed something to take the edge of her horniness. But devices were so mechanical in every sense of the word. She'd take flesh and blood over plastic any day, even if there were times the flesh could give out before she was satisfied. It was so much more enjoyable to have an actual person on the other end of what was shuttling in and out of her pussy. It made her feel more real and alive.

Such thoughts only served to further sour her mood. For a brief moment she considered dropping by Ranma and having him help her. He was in the house and certainly available. He wasn't bad-looking, even if he was a younger man. He couldn't possibly be as big a disappointment as 'Back Alley Boy' was. But no, sleeping with Ranma would complicate things. He might read too much into the act and think she wanted a relationship instead of a one night stand. While it would unquestionably serve to get to know him better, it might move things a too fast. Worse, her father might interpret it as a sign she wanted to get married to Ranma, and make them become officially engaged. Kasumi was still young, and was definitely not fit to be tied down that way yet. As much carousing as she did, once she settled down, she wanted it to be just her and the man she loved. Her mother might have continued to fool around even after she was married, and certainly Kasumi looked up to the woman who had brought her forth into this world, but that was not the sort of relationship she was looking for.

Kasumi decided to grab a bath before she went to bed. There was still some dirt, grime, and dried seminal fluid coating her body as a result of her little escapade. It was definitely a bad night, and there was no way anything could salvage it at this point.

Kasumi stopped at the partially ajar bathroom door. There was a gentle glow from lights coming from within. She pushed it open a bit further. Steam curled out from the opening and into the hall, dissipating a second later. She heard a slosh of water, like a tiny splash, from someone already in the furo moving around.

How curious. Who would be up at this hour? She could have sworn she had heard the twin snores of Ranma and his father coming through the door of their room when she walked past. Each had their own unique bellow, Genma's being deeper than his son's. Perhaps it was Nabiki. Sometimes she had trouble sleeping and would take a hot bath to soothe her nerves. If so, that would make things easier for Kasumi. She'd clean off and offer to share the furo with Nabiki before going to bed and taking care of her horniness problem.

Kasumi fully opened the door and entered the bath.

Ryouga burst up from the water and stood, delighted at having regained his true masculine form for the first time in over half the day. He absolutely hated his curse, even worse than being used by women. Being a pig was demeaning, and walking around on all fours was just too weird. And then there were the people that treated him like a meal on the hoof. Now, that he was a normal guy again, he could finally act on his need for revenge and end matters. Then he could go out and… Do something else with his life. He'd know what to do after he defeated Ranma and discovered happiness once again.

It was as Ryouga stepped out of the tub that Kasumi entered. He froze as he looked at the girl. He remembered her from earlier in the evening, when she made dinner for everyone before heading out somewhere. Ryouga hadn't really paid attention; his sole focus had been on not blowing his cover and coming up with ways to attack Ranma.

Her presence made Ryouga panic. This was really not good. Here he was, a stranger in this girl's house, completely naked and stepping out of the bath. He had to come up with something before she screamed, hit him, then called the police and had him imprisoned with guys that would use him for sex. That would be even worse than women doing it.

Ryouga blurted out, "I'm not a pervert. I'm… I'm Ryouga. Ryouga Hibiki. I'm Ranma's friend from school." He saw the girl wasn't paying much attention to him. Instead her regard was solely on what was between his legs. He looked down, and realized that his earlier arousal had stayed with him and he was still at full extension.

Kasumi's eyes were as round as saucers as she pointed and said, "That thing can't be real, can it?" She moved forward.

There was an all too familiar look on Kasumi's face. Not one that Ryouga had seen on her before, but rather one he associated with many other females that looked upon him in all his 'glory' for the first time. He took a step back, but faltered. He really was horny, much worse than he could ever remember, thanks to knowing what he was missing. If nature took its course, like it usually did in such matters, she was about to take care of that problem. And she was very attractive.

Eyes transfixed in Ryouga's lower anatomy, Kasumi continued moving carefully forward until she was directly in front of him. "I just have to touch it." She raised her hand.

Ryouga regained his sense of propriety. Sex outside of a marriage was wrong. He need to get away. He tried moving backward, but the back of his legs hit the furo, and he was barely able to keep his balance. He rambled, "Maybe we should talk a little and get to know one another fir—Ahhh!" Her hand had encircled his shaft, touching the head and playing with the slit at the tip in a gentle, yet firm way. Waves of pleasure began emitting themselves, and Ryouga became less tense.

It was on her third, slow, deliberate, hand stroke that another feeling began to exert itself, one Ryouga was familiar with as his subconscious went from having minor skirmishes over Kasumi's presence, to a full-fledged war.

On Ryouga's left shoulder popped up a chibi-version of him, decked out in simple, unadorned monk's robes. They were brown, and a nylon rope was tied around the waist. Sandals decorated his feet, and a yellow and black striped bandanna tied to his brow. A wide-eyed look of doe-like innocence marked its face as it turned its attention to Ryouga.

The Chibi-Chaste Ryouga pleaded, "Stop, Ryouga. Don't give in to temptation. Sex is the most important aspect of a relationship, and should only be taken when you're certain your partner is the one with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life."

Yes, that made sense. He shouldn't allow this strange girl to continue. Ryouga's hands began to rise up, aiming for Kasumi's head and intent on gently pushing her away. Then he would explain in detail why he couldn't have sex with her now, and perhaps ask her out on a date so he could meet her family, and not as a new pet.

With an audible pop another chibi figure appeared on Ryouga's right shoulder. It cut a dashing figure in an impeccable tuxedo. It had slick back, greasy, black hair tied in a ponytail with a yellow and black striped bandanna. A toothpick dangled from his mouth like a cigarette. Chibi-Lust snapped his fingers to get Ryouga's attention. "Yo, stupid. Get youse hands away from dat chick's head and let her work. We got some serious hardness going on, and need some major relief. 'Sides somethin' tells me dis chick knows what she's doin. Don't get all wishy-washy. We got needs dat have to be takin care of, and she's volunteerin' ta handle it, if y'know what I mean."

Ryouga lowered his hands back to his side. That made sense as well. He had needs and urges, and this girl was eager to fulfill them. Perhaps she was horny too, and was looking for someone to satisfy her desires as well. Who was he to deny her the right to satisfy herself? It was the noble thing to do.

Chibi-Chaste spoke louder. "Don't listen to that primitive brute, Ryouga. He's only concerned about himself and getting laid. His is the easy path, but one that will lead to ruin by satisfying only animalistic urges. Only mine will take us down the path of true happiness, the one where the heart lies."

"Actually dis chick's hand's doin a pretty good job a makin us happy, and it's makin my heart feel pretty damn good," Chibi-Lust countered.

"You're such a disgusting pig," Chibi-Chaste said to Chibi-Lust.

The toothpick in Chibi-Lust's mouth began dancing up and down with how quickly his mouth was moving. "Quit givin' me lip, you little fairy. We've been hard up for months now, and you ain't let us do nuthin'. We go walkin around with dis perpetual hard on, and can't even whack off cause you think it's dirty. Well not dis time. Need I remind youse know how it goes? You get control over da body right up until the moment some broad handles our cock. Then I get ta take over and let nature take its course."

"You're always trying to take over," Chibi-Chaste spat.

"And you're always tryin' to ride roughshod over me, even during times like dis. You kept me buried all a poor Ryouga's life here. You keep makin' us stumble around all shy and embarrassed and actin' like some dipshit when it comes to chicks. You don't want poor Ryouga here to get any measure of relief, You think I don't know what youse was tryin ta do when Misato gave us our first blow job? I mean really, a fuckin' nosebleed and passing out? Ranma's right. Only da most lame of lame weenie boys does dat. And youse almost did it too, except once someone finally handled our cock, I got da strength ta take charge for da first time in our lives. Maybe you get ta call da shots when we're just walkin around. But if some hot chick gets a chance to jump our bones, ya can count me in every time. So piss off! Me and Ryouga here are gonna show dis chick dat Hibiki Express always delivers."

Miffed, Chibi-Chaste pointed his tiny nose in the air and disappeared.

Chibi-Lust shouted out at the now empty shoulder. "That's it! Run with your tail between your legs, you pansy. Sides' youse is just gonna come back and blame Ranma when its all over anyways, like you always do." The diminutive figure returned his attention to Ryouga, slapped him in the back of the head, and ordered, "Now, let's get dis show on da road," before disappearing as well.

The mental debate took less than a couple of seconds. Once Ryouga's subconscious decided his course of action, his hesitation disappeared as he relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy Kasumi's ministrations.

Kasumi was down on her knees, slowly savoring the meaty shaft in her hands. Knowing she would be unable to come close to taking that entire monster down, she instead opted to tease and tantalize it by only taking in the head and playing with the sack with her hands. Given the way this Ryouga was moaning, he had no complaints about the method she was using in handling him.

Even as she went to town on Ryouga's manhood, Kasumi did afford some thoughts to her unusual behavior. She wasn't used to being quite so brazen in front of total strangers, and certainly never given head to someone whom she had met seconds before, even when it came to one night stands, she talked with them for at least a couple of hours to make certain there wasn't something seriously wrong with them, but this was different. Just as her frustrations at the night's events had reached their peak, kami-sama had seen fit to bestow upon her the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was clearly a sign, Ryouga's manhood jutting proudly in her direction, waiting for her to be used. Taking that thing up her pussy would be the perfect remedy to an otherwise miserable evening.

She might not have had Nabiki's fixation on well-endowed men, but Kasumi had been around long enough to know one didn't come along a cock that size more than a couple of occasions in one's lifetime, if that. Ryouga's rod was easily the largest she had ever seen, and as a bonus it was thick as well. Some of the larger men she had known tended to be on the thin side. Usually, Kasumi preferred thickness over length, and this young man represented the best of both worlds. There was no way she would let this perfect situation pass by without enjoying herself.

Deciding to move things along, before he sprayed his load on her instead of inside, Kasumi briefly stopped her oral attention and removed her top. She smiled at Ryouga, who stared at the white lacy material that bound her breasts. Slowly, teasing him slightly, she undid the bra's clasp. Rather than just tossing it aside, like she had the halter top, she gradually removed it, keeping her arms close to her breasts and hiding her nipples from view until the last moment when she removed the bra, dangling it a moment before letting it fall to the floor next to Ryouga's legs.

Despite his obvious admiration, Ryouga made no move towards her. Kasumi could feel the power within him. Instinctively, she knew he could have pinned her to the floor and ripped off her garments and forced his way in. Instead, he was content to allow her to control the pace. That served to turn Kasumi on further, especially with how awful things had turned out when she let Five by Five control the tempo earlier in the night. It was all going perfectly.

She stood up and found herself a touch disappointed when she realized she was taller than Ryouga. Earlier, she had been so focused on his dick she hadn't even realized the difference in height. She preferred her men taller, but Ryouga's obvious strength (as well as his tool) made up for that quite nicely. She also preferred her men to be of obvious strength, either of a physical nature or character. Ryouga clearly possessed the former, and at the moment, the latter didn't matter in the slightest.

Kasumi bent down slightly, removing her mini-skirt and appeared totally in the nude, her panties left in the alley. Again she found Ryouga's burning gaze focused upon her now body, especially what lay between her own legs. That was nice. She was going to give him an opportunity for a closer look and allow him to really enjoy himself.

She moved to the right of Ryouga, making certain to stay within his easy reach. She then bent over, placing her hands firmly on the side of the furo. Her body was nearly perpendicular to the floor, and her bottom was thrust out slightly. "Would you terribly mind getting me ready?" She wiggled her posterior invitingly.

The offer shook Ryouga out of the trance he had fallen into while admiring Kasumi's body. She was built differently from most of the girls he had seen naked. Most of his former lovers were around the same as age as him, or a couple of years older, as rumors about him filtered up to the high school and some of the older girls hit on him, despite his junior high status. But Kasumi, despite only being a year out of high school herself, was built far more maturely than those other girls. There wasn't a trace of baby fat left on her entire body, her bust was ample and fully developed, and her bottom was filled out, yet still firm. Only Miss Sentaro came close, and her body wasn't quite as amply built as Kasumi's own. The girl before him was probably the most attractive he had ever seen, and he was about to find out what it was like inside as well.

Ryouga maneuvered behind Kasumi and went to his knees. Given her longer legs, it made her the perfect height for him to look at her pussy, which was at eye level. Up close, he could not help admiring how perfectly trimmed the girl maintained herself. Obviously she groomed it meticulously, as not a hair was out of place. The only thing that was disconcerting was the dried residue that had been left behind from a pervious lover. But even the knowledge that another man had recently come inside her could do nothing to detract from Ryouga's lust. He would just have to deal with it and get to work.

After admiring the view for a moment, Ryouga decided to take the next step. He was actually quite experienced in such matters, thanks to Miss Sentaro. As glib as she had been in describing their trysts as 'Practical Sex Education,' she did take the time out to teach him, in vivid detail, how to pleasure women. Despite his previous encounters, they were with other relatively inexperienced girls still in the learning stages of screwing. Miss Sentaro was definitely not a virgin, and had more than enough years of experience to hand down to Ryouga to make him a better lover. One of the first things she all but stamped directly on his brain was that a woman needed to be prepared to receive, especially given his size, otherwise the act could turn painful. Even as rambunctious as Ryouga's lust could be when given free reign, the idea of inflicting pain on a girl was just as repellent to it as to his chaste side. So he took the information to heart and paid attention, learning all she had to teach him.

Training took over as Ryouga brought his fingers up and began tracing a pattern around Kasumi's outer lips. He started delicately at first, going for a slow build up, though he quickly discovered that was unnecessary as Kasumi was already in a highly aroused state to begin with. She grew extremely moist within moments.

Loosened up, Ryouga parted her lips with his fingers and darted his tongue inside. His actions were instantly rewarded with a low moan and a sway to her hips, momentarily taking her pussy away from his tongue. He repositioned his hands, reaching up under her to hold her hips in place, an easy feat with his superior strength. Once the base was firm, he moved in with tongue alone, and proceeded to eat her out, using a quicker pace since she seemed so excited to begin with. She began bucking again, but his grip remained firm and he held her motionless while he went to work.

The tongue lashing lasted less than a minute before Kasumi pleaded, "Stick it in me now."

As much as Ryouga had savored the taste of the girl's pussy, he really needed some relief of his own. He quickly rose to his feet and positioned himself directly behind her, lining his cock up with her opening. She was taller than him, and so his own hips were slightly lower than hers. Other men might have forced her hips down a couple of centimeters in order to fit better, but given Ryouga's prodigious length, he could still insert himself with ease.

He placed the head of his cock directly at her entrance. It was always at this point he paused a moment. Despite all the experience he had, a part of him was always in awe at to what was about to happen, knowing the pleasures he would feel as her passageway touched him in ways that only members of the opposite sex could.

Ryouga said, "I'm going in now. Let me know when you're full and I'll stop." No woman had been able to take him all the way. Most could only manage a little over half. Miss Sentaro herself could only get in slightly more than three quarters before calling a halt to things.

"Do it." Kasumi's voice was all but dripping with lust. She looked over her shoulder at the monster poised behind her and trembled not in fear, but in anticipation.

Ryouga paused at her entrance, made certain the grasp on her hips was firm, then slowly pushed the head of his cock into her. Like the rest of his rod, it was larger than the norm, and the widest part that would be entering her. But she accepted it with no real difficulty. It wasn't the tightest opening he had entered, and he managed to get the entire head in on the first try, instead of having to work it in.

Ryouga sighed in pleasure as for the first time in months, he was inside a woman, even if only a little of the way. During the act, he just couldn't feel recriminations; it felt too good. Afterwards was another story, but for now, only his partner could call a halt to the proceedings, and even then he would do so reluctantly. As much as he might have tried to deny it, he was still a man, and joining with a woman was a natural as anything in the world.

The pause served two functions, both to allow him to enjoy himself, as well as allowing his partner to adjust to his width. Hearing no sounds of protest, only those of pleasure, Ryouga began working himself in with well-timed thrusts. Each one was slow, and only placed a little more of his length in. Nor did he pull very far out, instead only drawing a little back, then thrust forward again, so her pussy didn't relax too much and make going forward more difficult.

His moans joined Kasumi's own as each hip motion allowed more of his length to enter her. His pace was slow by necessity, which suited Ryouga just fine. He was never in a hurry, and it seemed slow thrusting only served to stoke the fires in his loins even more. The lack of sex over the course of the last few months had taken its toll, and he probably could have come right now, but he wanted the pleasurable sensations to last as long as possible. Also Miss Sentaro had been emphatic about him making certain the woman got off before him. She explained that given his impressive length, he could stimulate women far more easily than normal men, and therefore had less of an excuse to not allow the woman to climax before him. When he was getting it from her almost every day, it was easy for him to hold off, allowing her to come two or three times before he had to release himself. With the lack of sex over the recent months, he was having problems holding back already.

Ryouga was at halfway point before he started slowing down his thrusts. Kasumi had been remarkable in accommodating him so far. Most girls would have asked him to slow down by this point, but her pussy seemed unusually receptive. Not that she was loose, her inner lining hugged his cock firmly and the sensations coming from his rod were divine, but entering her was proving an easier task than usual.

Despite his slower pace, she was still able to accept him. Each thrust made him sigh in pleasure, until he was three quarters of the way in. Then she became noticeably tighter. Still, she issued no protests, so he continued pushing back and forth.

Finally, she asked, "Is it all in yet?"

"Not yet," he said. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Keep going." While Kasumi did sound like she was still enjoying the fucking, there was an edge of tension in her voice.

Moving even more slowly. Ryouga acceded to her wishes, and watched as his more of his cock disappeared into Kasumi's tight pussy, feeling increasing heights of pleasure as more of his length was stimulated. Soon he was at the level Miss Sentaro could take, then passed it as Kasumi continued gasping, but said nothing.

It was like heaven to Ryouga. He had never had so much of his rod stimulated at once. He wondered what it would like to be fully in a girl, like other guys could do. As impossible as it seemed, it had to feel better than just getting most of it in.

Ryouga was almost certain he was about to find out when Kasumi finally hissed out, "No more. Oh god. It's so big."

Remaining motionless, Ryouga released one of his hands from Kasumi's hips and placed his thumb and forefinger around where his cock was in her partner's pussy, effectively marking it off. He would leave it there the rest of the time, just to make sure he didn't become too excited and try to put more than that in. It would make the fucking very awkward for him, and trying to build a fast temp impossible, but he was unwilling to take a chance of making a mistake and hurting his partner.

Despite the awkwardness, it didn't take him long to reestablish a slow rhythm. And now with no more entering her, her pussy grew more accommodating to the large intruder touching her in places no one ever had before. Ryouga found it easier to plunge in and out, and maintained a steady pace.

They were both gasping at an extremely fast rate. Ryouga could feel the sperm in his balls practically exploding, but still Kasumi hadn't come yet. She was holding out way longer than any of his other partners had. He wondered if she was trying to draw it out and torture him, knowing he wouldn't come until she did.

Ryouga's eyes were practically tearing from the effort to hold back. He was tempted to remove his fingers and stick more of his shaft inside in the hopes of getting her off, but instead opted to nearly draw his cock nearly all the way out, until the head was all that was inside, and then thrust forcefully forward, stopping when his fingers touched her pussy.

That elicited a little squeal from Kasumi. Not one of pain, but of pleasure. Ryouga repeated the action, again getting the same response. By the third time, as he hit the furthest point he could in her, he felt her cry out an ecstasy and the walls of her pussy clamp onto his cock like the tightest of vices.

That sent him far over the edge as well, and he was barely able to suppress his howl of pleasure as his cock pumped blast after blast of sperm, decorating his partner's insides. He held nothing back, pulsing repeatedly until he had nothing left to spend.

Both of them came down from their sexual high at about the same time. Ryouga felt like falling to the ground and rolling over so he could fall asleep, not that he was stupid enough to try it. Instead he contented himself with withdrawing his rapidly loosening cock. As he removed it, he could see a mix of his and her fluids already escaping her pussy and running down her leg. A part of him held an odd fascination of what it would be like to lick it up, but the idea of having to taste his own come was decidedly too perverted.

Kasumi quickly went from standing to a sitting position on the floor. Ryouga noted a slight sheen of sweat dripping from her brow, plastering her forelocks to her scalp. That and the matching smile on her face, the first he had seen her flash, made her look even more beautiful than before and only enhanced the appeal of her nude form.

Tired as well, Ryouga sat down on the tile next to her, basking in the unique afterglow that only sex could provide. He took measure of Kasumi as well. She seemed spent, but satisfied. The disgruntled look that had been apparent on her features when she entered the bath was long gone, replaced by a more pleasant expression that communicated a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Kasumi gave Ryouga a look of affection. "That was absolutely wonderful." She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

He was too surprised at the gesture to kiss back. Most women didn't bother to kiss him afterwards. It was rare they even bothered to say, "Thank you." As she broke it off, he laughed embarrassingly.

The familiar gesture awakened Ryouga's more conservative instincts. His hunger satiated, his headiness drifting away, the lost one slowly began to think like he used to. Looking at the situation with a critical eye, Ryouga realized it was not good. Once again he had been used for sex. Nerima had been 'virgin territory' so to speak, with no one aware of his endowment. Given Ranma's surprisingly hostile attitude, it was unlikely he'd be mentioning Ryouga's attributes either, even under torture. However, this Kasumi was now fully aware of what he had to offer, and once word got out, he would be in the same miserable situation that he had been in school unless he took steps to keep things quiet.

Ryouga said to Kasumi, "Could you do me a favor and not mention this to anyone? Not that I'm ashamed or anything, I really enjoyed it and you're a nice girl to be with. It's just that…" He desperately tried to come up with a reason for her silence. One came to mind, distasteful though it was. "With me being Ranma's… friend," he barely kept from snarling. "You know. I wouldn't want him to find out. He might get angry."

Kasumi nodded knowingly. "All right. I'll keep quiet. I guess it would be awkward with him living here and our fathers considering me possibly being engaged to him. Our sleeping together might build resentment between the two of you." Besides, staying silent would protect Ryouga from Nabiki. The way she had been going on about her desire for a well hung man, the instant she found out what Ryouga was packing, she'd make him her personal plaything. And the more Ryouga spoke, the more of an impression Kasumi had that he wouldn't stand a chance against her younger sister. Not that she disliked Nabiki, just that she felt this Ryouga might not be the type to fare well under her care.

"Thanks," Ryouga said in genuine relief. He turned to head out of the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Kasumi asked.

"Huh?" Ryouga looked at her, mystified.

"You haven't washed off yet, and you are a bit sticky," she explained to him. "This is the bath, after all. Come on over. I'll wash you off, and then you can do me."

Ryouga cringed inwardly. "Um, aren't you a little tired?"

Kasumi giggled. "Silly. I mean you can wash me off. I'm definitely too exhausted to do it again tonight. Actually I'm starting to feel a little sore."

Ryouga looked down at the tile in shame. It was a common complaint, one he had no true control over. "Sorry."

Kasumi giggled again. "It's not your fault. Besides, it's definitely what I would call a good sort of soreness. Now come over here." She set a foot stool up and began running hot water into a basin and retrieved some soap.

Ryouga did as he was bid, and sure enough, Kasumi meant what she said about only cleaning him. His spirits lifted a bit at the kindness she was demonstrating, despite the fact her initial purpose was using him to quench her sexual appetite. Once he was done satisfying a woman, they tended to show no interest in him beyond that. The concern was a nice change of pace. If only he had met such a nice girl under better circumstances, or at least not had sex with her and ruin any chance at a relationship they might have had. But no, it was over before anything could possibly have begun, and it was all Ranma's fault in some roundabout way.

As he was being cleaned, Ryouga decided to just call it a night once Kasumi was finished. The sex had tired him out far more than usual, and he'd have a hard enough time getting out of Kasumi's sight, changing back to a pig, then finding Akane's room without getting lost. He'd wait for a better opportunity to gain his revenge. And while he was waiting, at the same time he'd make certain Ranma didn't trick either Kasumi or her sisters into thinking he was a good guy and marriage material. Kasumi was sweet (after she had sex, anyway), and didn't deserve to be forced into a marriage with the likes of Ranma. Akane seemed like a nice type as well. Nabiki was still an enigma, but he'd wager she was just like her sisters. They needed to be protected from the awful scum that Ranma was.

Ryouga relaxed as Kasumi's hands played over his body. Oh yes. This was only the beginning. Ranma would get his just desserts. Ryouga would personally see to that.


To be continued.

[Teaser for next chapter]

Ranma couldn't believe his luck. At last, he was exactly in a position he had fantasized nearly half his life about. Here he was, naked and flat on his back with a girl straddling his face. Usually, considering his luck, had someone told Ranma at the beginning of the day he would be in such a situation in exactly those terms, he would have assumed the girl in question would have been fully clothed and only sitting on his head because she had fallen from a great height and that was where she had happened to land. And afterwards she would have slapped him for being a pervert, despite the fact he had probably saved her from great physical harm. But no, the situation was exactly what it had implied. What he had always wanted. She was there willingly, and just as naked as him, wanting him to give her physical pleasure he wanted to give. He stared up lovingly at those pussy lips, with that small, delightful sliver of hair running above them, just waiting for his gentle ministrations to give them pleasure. He sighed, savoring the situation, fearful something would happen and it would disappear, leaving him with a memory of what almost was.


Ranma heard the question poised from the girl above him. He was more sensitive to the note of expectation in the voice, due to his inability to see with her sitting on his face and all. It heightened his awareness, letting him know this was reality and not a dream. Resolve firmed, Ranma was about to give her what she wanted when he paused, suddenly realizing there was one, tiny problem.

He had no idea of what to do next.

Author's notes: Here endeth the chapter and teaser. Had a devil of a time adjusting the Ryouga flashback sequence, trying to keep it from being too much and slowing things down. Ended up settling for one full flashback, one interrupted one, and a brief mention of who taught him some skills in satisfying women.

Next chapter we have yet another Ranma regular introducing herself in an unusual way, and we get to see Ranma's reaction to yet another attractive girl hanging around him.

Special thanks to TH Tiger and Ginrai for looking this over.

Chapter 4
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