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It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, that wasn't exactly true. It was an overcast and drizzly afternoon, but that seemed too mundane for the seriousness of the mission. So Pink mentally took literary license to make the situation more dark and foreboding to set the proper mood. After all, she wanted people to read her memoirs, and at least one chapter was going to be devoted to her and Link's journey of revenge against that awful Joketsuzoku who had dared to ambush Link and disgrace her in front of the whole village. The cowardly bitch had the audacity to attack Link for no reason, strip her naked, tie her up, leave her in the middle of the village, and write on her backside "Professional slut taking on all comers. Enter here," with arrows pointing to her pussy. While everyone had better sense than to take advantage of the situation, someone had taken pictures of her predicament. Despite the twins' efforts, the photos were circulating everywhere. Everyone whispered behind Link's back, and would shut up whenever she came around. Already she was talking about moving to another village once their mission of righteous vengeance was complete.

Pink still had no idea why that bitch Joketsuzoku had done such a thing to Link. Okay, maybe it had something to do with Pink ambushing Shampoo first, knocking her out, then dumping her unconscious body over a nearby waterfall, leaving her for dead. But she had it coming. When Pink had found her boyfriend, Li sporting two black eyes and sore ribs, she demanded to know what had happened. He informed Pink that the Amazon had come onto him, and when he politely explained that he already had a girlfriend, she beat him up for resisting her advances. Such an action could never be forgiven. Pink was perfectly justified in her actions.

Although for some bizarre reason, Link insisted that it was Li who had come on to Shampoo (inconceivable, since Li was so in love with Pink), and that when the Joketsuzoku had refused his advances (inconceivable, since Li was the most handsome man on the face of the planet) he had tried harder to win her over. It was only when he felt her up (inconceivable, since Pink was giving him the best sex of his life) that she beat the crap out of him. Obviously Link had taken a blow to the head which addled her memory of the events. It was another thing Pink would wreak vengeance upon the bitch for.

Link spoke up, shaking Pink out of her reverie. "There it is, just like the tourist map said."

Pink saw that they had come upon a small wooden building at the base of their destination: Mt. Terror. This wasn't their final goal, though. Their original plan had been to simply locate Shampoo and dispatch her. That had proven extremely difficult, much more so than they had thought it would. It turned out Shampoo had left her village, not bothering to tell anyone where she had fled. It had taken them a while to track her down, discovering the Joketsuzo ku had fled to Japan to escape the twins wrath (although Pink wasn't sure how she knew they were coming, since they hadn't told anyone about their plan of vengeance), but there could be no evading their righteous vengeance. They would track her down to the ends of the earth, should the need arise.

During their search, they came upon information claiming Mt. Terror held some sort of strange exotic plant. Since many of their attacks involved the use of plants, the pair decided to locate a specimen and see if they could incorporate it in their plans. A tourist brochure indicated this hut was the tourist center of Mt. Terror. Judging by its rundown condition, Mt. Terror was not the vacation hotspot the brochure implied.

Link was about to open the door when Pink placed a restraining hand on her shoulder. "What?" Link snapped.

"We have to make a good first impression." Pink whipped her black cloak around her body, shrouding herself from view. She pulled the hood low so only her mouth was visible.

"Oh please. Not more of this memoir crap," Link groaned. "No one is interested in your life except you. Let's just get this over with."

"It's all about imagery," Pink insisted.

"Fine." Link mirrored her sister's actions. Once shrouded in the cloak, she was about to knock when Pink once again restrained her.

"What now?"

"We need a good gust of wind to make a loud howling noise when we enter. That will instill the proper dramatic effect."

Link snarled and simply opened the door and walked in.

The inside of the tourist center looked suspiciously like a normal, somewhat run down, house. An old man looking up from the meal he was eating helped with the effect.

The old man put down his spoon. "Oh ho, yet more mysterious strangers have found themselves drawn to Mt. Terror, have they?"

Pink and Link pulled their hoods back, revealing their faces. Pink acted as spokeswoman. "Indeed. We have heard rumors of strange plants in this area. We need to know where to find them."

The old man scratched the stubble along the edge of his jaw in contemplation. "Plants, eh? That, my dear, is a long tale. Lucky for you I know it, and shall inform you of its origins.

"It all started forty years ago, when a terrible battle raged on the mountaintop. A demon of tremendous size and voracious appetite tried to destroy all of Japan. But such great evil ever draws great heroes. He was contested by the champions of five clans. Each was a powerful fighter that could fend off a small army single-handed. It was perhaps the greatest concentration of power in the history of Japan.

"For five days and nights the battle raged, but the forces defending our homeland were not to be defeated. After much pain and suffering, they beat back the demon and cast him into the burning pit from whence he came. It was one of the greatest moments of our country, for the demon had been the leader of an invasion force that would have surely overrun our proud nation, and eventually, the world.

"However, just as the demon was being hurled back to his dimension, one of the champions taunted him. It was more than the demon could take. So, at great personal risk to itself, the demon unleashed the last of his energy and linked it to a curse of revenge. It is not said what this curse was, for legend has it the various champions wanted to bear this burden alone. All that is known is that what was done to the champion who had dared to belittle the demon affected them all.

"To this day there is still a fire in the crater which served as the gateway to the demon's hellish lands, though that particular gate is sealed forever. But where the mountaintop had been scorched in the battle, only strange and twisted plants grow."

"So basically, you're saying there *are* strange plants up there," Link said.

"Well, yes," the old man admitted.

"That's really all you needed to say," Link said in a huff. She turned and headed for the door leading back outside.

"Wait!" the old man cried out. "You don't want to go up there. It's incredibly dangerous. They don't call it, 'The Mountain of No Return' for nothing, you know."

"We're the most dangerous things around here." Pink's eyes brightened. "Oh, that's a good one. Let me write it down." She pulled out a pen and paper and began copying what she had said.

"Well, if you're determined to go, let me get you something?" He walked over to a nearby desk and began rummaging around in a drawer.

Link rolled her eyes. "What is it, a magic charm to ward off evil spirits?"

"Heck no. That wouldn't do you any good." The old man gave a triumphant cry. He began producing tee shirts, caps and books. On the shirt could be clearly read, 'I went to Mt. Terror and all I got was this lousy tee shirt and death.' "How about buying some souvenirs and sending them to your loved once so they'll have something to remember you by, seeing as how they won't have bodies to bury?"

"That would prove I was really here. All I need to do is put the photograph in my memoirs." Pink pulled out her wallet. "I'll take one of the shirts and the one of the baseball caps."

The old man quickly pocketed the money.

The girls turned to go again, when the old man said, "Wait, at least let me get your names."

Pink boldly proclaimed, "I am Pink, the Lovely Warrior of Our Time, and this is my sidekick, and twin sister, Link."

"Quit saying I'm your sidekick! We are partners! Partners!" Link exclaimed.

"You're just trying to muscle in on some of the royalties," Pink huffed.

"I am not!"

"Are too. And you'd better watch yourself, or the only presence you'll have in my book is as a footnote."

The two continued arguing as they exited the tourist center.

The old man shook his head sadly and pulled out a ledger. He turned it to the next blank space and wrote down the girls names in it. The Pink girl had been certainly fascinated by memoirs. He supposed what he was doing was writing a memoir of sorts, and the only one she would be getting. Her entry would be the same as that of the previous hundred people that had gone up the mountain and never returned.

"Wow! The old man wasn't kidding about there being weird plants up here. I haven't seen any of these species in my life." Link whistled appreciatively. Apparently the old man knew at least partially what he was talking about. There was indeed a crater at the top of the mountain; a really deep one whose bottom couldn't be seen. The only evidence there was a bottom was the evil-looking red glow that emanate from somewhere deep in its depths. If Link had been irrational, she could honestly believe it led into some demon's realm. Except there was no such thing as demons. But if there were, they'd probably come from a place with a red glow like that.

The rocky ground surrounding the crater was mostly bare, but where vegetation did grow, it tended to be exotic and of a variety Link had never seen before. Some of them were kind of familiar, as if one took some regular plants into a hall of mirrors, and decided to grow the distortions that had been reflected from the surfaces.

"This is probably some corporation's illegal dumping ground for toxic waste, and they use the old story for a cover," Link mumbled to herself. What she wouldn't give to be an attorney at this moment.

Link was still mulling over class actions law suits, and becoming aroused, when Pink shouted out, "Hey, look here. Doesn't this plant remind you of Li?"

"What, it's a lying Casanova that can only trick deluded morons into believing he's faithful to them?" Link said.

"How could a plant be something like that?" Pink asked.

Link rolled her eyes. "What is it anyway?" She asked drew close enough to see what her sister had been talking about. She had discovered a plant that had a very, very phallic shape to it. From the helmet shape, to the veins running down the sides of its extremely thick stem, to the slit at the top, there was no mistaking what it looked like.

"Creepy," Link said.

"Hey, there's another one!" Pink pointed behind her sister.

Link turned and sure enough, there was a second plant behind her, identical to the first, save it was even bigger. It was then an errant thought occurred to her. She had walked over that exact spot, and hadn't seen it. She was certain she'd have noticed a plant shaped like that.

A sudden feeling of dread overwhelmed her. Link looked around, discovering that there were suddenly a number of identical 'flowers' all around them. Sensing the terrible danger, Link was going to tell her sister to not make any sudden movements when Pink bent down, hand going for the stem.

"What are you doing?" Link gasped.

Pink stared evilly at the plant. "I'm going to see if I can't use this thing on Shampoo for when we capture her. The slut wanted something shaped like this inside her, so I'm going to give her what she wants."

"Don't touch it!" Link cried out.

It was too late as the plant extended itself, wrapping itself around Pink's wrist several times. She tried drawing it back, but impossibly, the plant resisted her attempts to remove it by pulling it out of the ground, despite her impressive martial artist's strength.

Link's hand went to her belt knife. She had only just cleared the blade from its scabbard when several of the plants shot out of the ground, wrapping themselves around her wrists and her ankles. Panicked, Link's hold on the knife slipped. She watched in dismay as it fell to the ground. Frantically, she tried pulling, but the plants seemed to defy the laws of nature by remaining wrapped around her. She saw that Pink was in a similar predicament as other plants had wrapped themselves around her limbs, immobilizing her as well.

"What are we going to do?" Pink wailed.

"We'll think of something," Link promised.

It was then the plants revealed the source of their strength as the roots began to pull up from the ground. They ripped through the buried earth in long lines, as though they were vines. The ground tore up in violent upheavals until all of the plants revealed that had originated from a common source: a large plant that was easily two meters thick and five high. It was capped by a large head, shaped like a Venus fly trap.

"Oh shit!" Link swore as the head opened up. However, rather than sharp rows of teeth, the lines of its jaws were devoid of anything. Link wondered if it was an old plant whose teeth had fallen out and all it could do now was gum things to death.

Her relief was short lived as from its throat burst forth even thicker vines that all ended in bulbous heads identical to the ones gripping all of her limbs. Link's horror doubled as she was picked up off the ground and brought closer to the monstrous plant, her legs being forced wide open. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the damnable thing was up to. It was like a Venus flytrap, only it used something else as bait to draw its prey close enough to grab. After years of using plants for her own ends, now one was going to use her.

As Link felt the plant's stems start to play across her pussy through her panties, one thought overwhelmed her mind: This thing would have been perfect to use against Shampoo.

A Ranma ½ fan fiction story
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommert@connecttime.net

-Lemon Warning-: This story contains explicit content. Anyone under 18 should not be reading this.

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. Since this is a lemon, no one under eighteen should read this for fear of having your eyes burn out of your head.

Throughout the series I will be using the 'Ranma-chan' appellation to denote female Ranma due to gender being important to this, despite the fact it is technically improper.

Chapter 7

Early morning light shone through the window as Genma sat alone at the breakfast table, wringing his hands in a mix of nervousness and agitation. He removed the bandanna from the top of his bald scalp and used it to wipe the thin sheen of sweat that had trickled down to his eyes. His gaze shifted furtively back and forth, not focusing on any one thing despite the fact he was obviously seeking something. Finished with removing the sweat, he placed the bandanna back on his head. Unable to sit still, he began squirming at the table, playing with the crotch of his gi, where a projection could be clearly seen through the white of the pants, and winced.

A sound from the doorway made Genma sit stock still. He looked up to see the newcomer was Soun. The owner of the house waved warmly to his friend and sat down beside him.

Genma tried to calm himself outwardly, but failed at the effort. His eyes darted around the room again. Satisfied by what he saw, or more appropriately what he didn't see, he turned his full attention to Soun. "Say, Tendou, do you still suffer from that little… problem, we have around this time of the month?"

"Of course," Soun said, adjusting the crotch of his own gi and showing that he, too, had a tent present.

Now that Genma looked at him, he saw that Soun, while not squirming as much as him, appeared equally anxious about something.

"I assumed that problem was why you were up so early," Soun said. "I can never get a decent night's sleep leading into this ordeal."

Genma nodded. "No training today, especially since the boy has his condition. Too much potential for something bad happening."

"It's terrible what the master did to us." Soun sniffled.

"You'd think after all these years things would have returned to normal, but no, we're still in our out of control states. I think we have to face facts. What he did to us was permanent, the little bastard."

"And so inconvenient for us," Soun agreed. "Sometimes I wonder how I'm able to function at all."

"It's like that problem women have once a month, only worse."

"Ten times worse," Soun agreed. "It wasn't even this bad when we were teenagers."

Genma was about to say more when he saw a motion at the door. He made a shushing motion to Soun just as Kasumi entered the kitchen, dressed in only a bathrobe and slippers. She was in the middle of a deep yawn, and didn't notice the men until she was halfway to the stove. "Oh, you two are certainly up early."

Soun said, "Yes, Daughter, we get decided to wake up early enough to enjoy the sunrise."

Kasumi opened the door to the refrigerator and bent over, removing some of the ingredients needed for breakfast. "No training today, Mr. Saotome?" she asked with her head still in the door.

"Nuh uh." Genma's grunt was barely intelligible enough to be considered a response.

Since Kasumi's head was still in the refrigerator, she was unaware of the fact his eyes were glued to her bottom as it shifted under her robe.

Soun noticed, and responded by punching Genma solidly in the ribs. That shifted his friend's attention away from Kasumi's bottom. Barely.

Scowling meaningfully at his friend, Soun whispered in his ear, "That's my daughter, Saotome."

Genma whispered back, "Yours, not mine. She's a healthy girl, just like her mother was. Attractive face. Long legs. Firm ass. Outstanding rack. I bet she's great in the sack."

Soun elbowed him in the side again. "Be that as it may, don't get any ideas," Soun said in a low hiss.

Genma nodded, though it took effort. He mopped the sweat from his brow again.

By that time Kasumi had finished grabbing what she needed and closed the refrigerator. She placed the items on the counter and began rifling through the drawers, pulling knives and other cooking implements out. As she moved back and forth, the tie on her robe got caught on the handle of a drawer. The tie, which hadn't been tight to begin with, came undone without her realizing it. As she moved away from the counter to face the men, her robe came open just enough to show a long line of flesh that started at her neck and plunged past the valley of her bosom finally stopping below the neatly trimmed triangle at her loins. "So, what would you two like for breakfast?"

Genma's eyes glazed over and a line of drool trickled from his mouth. He rose to his feet, almost shambling forward as he said, "I'd like a piece of your—"

"Toast!" Soun completed as he grabbed Genma in a tight headlock, clamping his jaws shut. "However, there is something Saotome and I must do this morning, and we will be forced to miss breakfast." To emphasize his point, he began dragging Genma toward the door leading to the hallway.

"Oh," Kasumi said, turning to watch the men go. The movement caused her robe to fall open even more. Now she showed a bit of areole from her left breast, making both men pause.

Soun gulped and dragged Genma away even more forcefully, leaving Kasumi to stare at them in confusion.

Soun didn't stop until both he and Genma were out the front door.

"Control yourself, Saotome," Soun urged.

"But she was so close. All I need is a little something to take the edge off for a little while. Just let me spend some time with her for an hour or two," Genma wailed.

"There are other recourses," Soun assured him, keeping a tight hold on his head.

Genma's struggles ceased. "There are?"

"Of course! I told you I still suffer from the same problem, didn't I? Normally I visit some of the lonely housewives in the neighborhood around this time of the month. It's one of the advantages of not being a salaryman: I have a pick of unattended women."

Genma stared enviously at his friend. "Lucky. Being on the road meant taking what I could find. And it wasn't always easy. There were problems on one or two occasions. I don't think the boy ever knew about it, though. He doesn't need to know the sordid details of our past."

Soun nodded in agreement. "In any case, I know an adventurous lady whose husband is on vacation. She was the one I was planning on visiting. I think we can talk her into a three-way."

"Won't we wear her out pretty fast? I mean, she's not as energetic as our wives were, is she?"

Soun scoffed. "She hardly has that kind of stamina. I just use her in the morning and into the afternoon. For the evenings, I visit Ayumi's old place of employment."

"Celestia: The Source of Heavenly Bodies." Genma grinned lasciviously.

"She's still spoken of in awe there," Soun confirmed. "All the girls know I'm her widower and comforting me in my times of need. I'm sure I can talk them into helping you as well."

Genma slapped his hand affectionately across Soun's shoulders. "That's my Tendou. I should have known you'd have a plan. Lead on. I shall be close behind."

The two raced down the street toward their destination.

Benki Kojima yawned at the sheer boredom of it all. Being a security guard for a conservatory was possibly the dullest job on earth. Before he started working for the horticulture center, such tedium had been inconceivable. He was literally watching grass grow. Still, it was a paying job, and while starving wasn't as boring, it was considerably less desirable. One more year of college, and he'd be able to write his own ticket. Then he would kiss this miserable greenhouse goodbye.

Benki continued railing at his fate as he patrolled the exterior of the grounds. It was still an hour before the conservatory would open to the public. Too bad none of the female staff were interested in him. There was more than enough time for a quick screw just about anywhere, except on top of a bed of cactus. Actually, it had been so long since he had a woman that having a bunch of needles embedded in his ass wouldn't be too bad if it meant getting some.

The patrol path had taken Benki to the docking bay, where the truck deliveries of fertilizer arrived, when he spotted a moving truck pull up to one of the bays. That was curious, since there were never deliveries on Tuesdays.

Since ignoring the unexpected arrival meant a return to sheer boredom, Benki decided to check things out. He walked down to the bay and toward the cab of the truck just as it backed up to the rear of the building. He saw there were two people in the cab, both young women that appeared barely old enough to own a license. As he approached, the driver rolled down the window.

Benki said, "Excuse me. There aren't supposed to be any deliveries on Tuesdays."

The girls looked at one another. As he drew close, he saw they were identical twins, and cute ones too. Not at all the typical dyke female truckers he was used to. He sure wouldn't mind fertilizing these two cuties.

The driver acted as a spokesperson. "It's a special plant delivery."

Benki noted a faint Chinese accent. That was doubly curious. "I didn't hear anything about it. I'd better call it in."

He started to go for his walkie-talkie when the girls exchanged another glance. This time it was the one on the passenger's side who reacted. She opened the door to the truck and walked toward Benki. He had just hit the transmit switch when he saw the girl unbutton the Chinese style blouse she was wearing. He stood transfixed as she opened the top, showing off a pair of breasts. They were a touch on the small side, but extremely perky. They were easily the most magnificent pair he had seen all year, largely because he hadn't seen any the entire year.

"Perhaps we should discuss this in the back of the truck?" she suggested, grabbing him by the hand and leading him toward the destination in question.

Benki allowed himself to be led. If she was going to bribe him with her body, who was he to deny the young girl the opportunity to corrupt both his and her morals? He'd demand the other twin do the same, of course. It wouldn't be fair to make her sister put out and for her to not do so as well.

She opened the door to the back and rolled it up into its housing. Walking backward, she curled her finger, indicating he should follow her inside. Transfixed by the sight of her breasts, Benki was unaware of anything else as he walked into the darkness of the truck.

There was a scream a moment later, then silence.

Ranma hummed happily to himself as he finished touching up his appearance. High school bathrooms might not be the best place to make oneself look good, but he could manage. Not a hair was out of place. No zits. No signs of injury from his last fight with Ryouga. He did heal fast, luckily. He was his usual, handsome, suave self. He was going to knock his date dead.

As Ranma emerged from the bathroom and into the hall, Nabiki walked past at the exact same moment. She looked at him curiously. "I thought you'd have left already. You don't usually stick around too long after school. Joining a club?"

"I got a date," Ranma tried not to preen, but couldn't help himself.

That caught Nabiki's interest. "Congratulations. Who's the lucky girl?"

"Sayuri. You know, Akane's friend."

A snort started to escape Nabiki, but she managed to cover it up with a cough. It took a second for her to regain her composure. "I see. And she's calling it a date?"

Ranma waffled a little. "It's starting off as just a meeting, but you know how these things go. It'll be a date by the end of the day."

The answer satisfied Nabiki. She began grinning. "Well, remember what I said about being persistent with her. Not forceful, just persistent. She only goes for guys like that. She'll part her legs for you, eventually."

"Yeah, thanks for the tip again," Ranma said sincerely. "And don't mention this to Akane, okay? I don't think she'd be mad at me for dating one of her friends, but you never know."

"It'll be between you and me." And she meant it. Having Akane tip Ranma off regarding Sayuri's true nature would ruin Nabiki's fun, after all. One of the driving forces in her life was the need to keep herself entertained, even if other people weren't. Besides, if Ranma became truly irritated, she could always fall back to the old stand by and blow him. Guys acted like that was the best form of apology a girl could give. While most people's mouths got them into trouble, Nabiki's had gotten her out of more predicaments than she could count.

A voice at the end of the hall cried out, "Ranma."

Ranma and Nabiki saw the familiar form of Yuka heading toward them. She appeared delighted to see Ranma, waving happily at him as she approached.

Nabiki tilted her head slightly toward Ranma and whispered, "Don't trust her. She'll knee you in the groin the first chance she gets."

"Believe me. I remember. She's already tried to set me up by seducing me a couple of times," Ranma whispered back.

Yuka gave a cursory greeting to Nabiki, then turned her full attention toward Ranma. She stared coyly at him as she openly flirted. "I've got two tickets to see 'The Romance of Rita,' tonight and I thought you might want to come along. I simply love romances. They put me in a romantic mood, especially when I go with a handsome man." She batted her eyes at him.

Ranma backed nervously away. "Sorry. I have a date with Sayuri tonight, and it would be wrong for me to dump her. I probably won't see you later." He turned and ran.

Yuka stared at his retreating form in disbelief. "He'd rather go out with a lesbian that has no interest whatsoever in guys instead of an attractive, agreeable, and very heterosexual girl like me?"

"He's just playing hard to get," Nabiki assured her. "You keep on trying to nail him. I'm sure you'll succeed eventually."

"Damn right I will. I'll one up—" Yuka stopped abruptly as she finally seemed to realize who it was she was standing next to. "That is, he is cute, and I'd like to get to know him better. Bye-bye." She trotted off, smiling sweetly on the outside while seething on the inside.

"Sometimes it's just too easy." Nabiki grinned to herself. She was in the mood to read something light, like Machiavelli. She always became wet when reading that.

Once free of the school, Ranma ran quickly to meet Sayuri at their rendezvous in front of a nearby coffee shop. He was plenty early, and he knew girls were always late. As near as he could tell, it was a test they liked to give to men to see if they were prompt and patient when it came to dealing with the girl. Complaining about their lateness always seemed to anger a girl, though the girl could complain for hours on end if the guy was late. It was such a double-standard. If it wasn't for pussy, Ranma would give up on the species altogether.

Ranma was surprised to see Sayuri already waiting patiently for him. He looked at his watch, fearful he had made the cardinal mistake. Much to his relief, he was a bit early. Sayuri's inexplicable behavior threw him off. What did it mean when a girl was early? Maybe she was so enamored by him she wanted to spend every second she could in his presence. That made sense. He'd be more than happy to do that. He'd be more than happy to do lots of things both for and to her.

"I'm here," Ranma said as an introduction.

Sayuri smiled warmly to him. "Let's go inside and get something to drink."

"Sounds good." Ranma grabbed her hand, but she pulled it from his grasp.

"Now, now. I said this was a meeting. Don't get too friendly," Sayuri warned.

"No problem," Ranma assured her. Obviously she didn't want him to think she was an easy lay, which was fine with him. He could afford to be patient. A nice piece of ass like Sayuri was worth the wait.

They walked inside. It was a small place, neither rundown nor flashy. Ranma noticed a number of other Furinkan students already seated, since it was a local hang out. The two of them were given a booth in a corner, affording them a small measure of privacy.

"How about we get something to eat?" Ranma suggested. "I recommend the 'Mountain o' Pork' hamburger. There's almost as much pig as there is cow in it."

Sayuri's attitude became icy. "I am a vegetarian. I do not eat meat."

"Not even if it's charbroiled to perfection with barbeque sauce slathered on it?"

"No." Acid dripped from Sayuri's voice. "I believe in animal rights and would never murder some poor, defenseless animal."

Rather than backing off, Ranma's eyes narrowed slightly. "Ever have a Doberman use you as his personal chew toy?"

"Ah, no," Sayuri said.

"Been thrown into a pit of starving cats?"

"Can't say I have."

"Swam through shark infested water while having an open wound?"

"I can't swim."

"Been buried in sand up to your neck and have crows try to poke your eyes out?"

"No." Sayuri looked like she was ready to bolt.

"Just as I thought. You don't get out much. Take it from someone that's actually been out in nature, the only right animals are interested in is getting something to eat, and frequently that means eating another animal. Not only do I respect that right, but I follow their example. Let me assure you that the next time you go to the zoo and pass by a Bengal Tiger in a cage, remember, while you may look at him and think of him as a proud and noble beast, he's wondering if he could start dining on you by ripping your leg off, or if it would be easier to start gnawing on your ankle and work his way up."

It was hard to argue things when he put it that way. Unwilling to concede his point, Sayuri said, "I'm still a vegetarian."

Ranma shrugged. "I think they have a tofuburger on the menu."

"Sounds good."

With the matter settled, Ranma decided to try setting up the proper mood with a little small talk. "Thanks again for letting me repay you for helping my sis… cousin out. Ranko means a lot to me."

With the mention of Ranko's name, Sayuri brightened up considerably. "She means a lot to me as well in the short time I've known her."

Ranma noticed Sayuri's cheeks redden slightly. So, she was feeling turned on by his presence. He couldn't blame her. He was quite the catch, and she had his full attention. Obviously it was a bit much for her. "She's a heck of a gal."

Sayuri pulled out a pen and a notepad. "So, what's her blood type? Her favorite color? What music does she like? Measurements? Does she usually not wear underwear, or is it something she only does now and then?"

The questions, and the speed with which they were fired off, caught Ranma off-guard. "Why don't we forget about her for now and talk about us?"

Sayuri's eagerness disappeared as though it had never existed. She looked at her watch. "Shoot, look at the time. I have to go shampoo my carpet." She put away the pen and pad and rose from her seat.

"It's type AB."

Sayuri sat back down, whipping her writing implements out again. "Tell me more."

Ranma sighed and began to tell her all about 'Ranko', wondering why the hell she was so interested in his alter ego anyway.

"And that's all I know," Ranma insisted as the two of them strolled down the street. The date had not gone as he had hoped. Sayuri was proving an incredibly tough nut to crack. About the only thing that kept her interest was the background Ranma was giving her regarding Ranko. He had wanted to pump Sayuri up with something other than information, but he was making little headway. Nabiki hadn't been kidding about her being damn near impossible to seduce.

The worst part about it was, Sayuri seemed to become increasingly interested in Ranko. Ironically, everything Ranma told her about the 'other girl' was the truth, other than the whole gender issue. Applying his own background seemed to be the easiest way to answer Sayuri's questions. How unfortunate he couldn't show her his curse, but he had no desire to be treated like a freak. He'd never be able to score with the chicks if they knew he lost his balls with a little cold water, Shampoo being a notable exception. It was his guy half she didn't care for. It was remarkable how that curse was complicating his already complicated life.

Ranma wasn't out of ideas yet. Dating women wasn't all that different from a fight. Preparation was half the battle. It was time for the next part of his plan, one that the interrogation could only throw off balance for so long. A little legwork regarding Sayuri had turned up some interesting things. Now was the time to use them and get on her good side: lying right on top of it, to be specific.

Sayuri was so busy taking notes that she actually bumped into Ranma's back when he came to a stop. She looked up from the writing and asked, "What's going on?"

"I wanted to take you here." Ranma pointed to the building.

"Why did you want to take me to the conservatory?" Sayuri asked warily.

"Akane mentioned you liked flowers, so I thought you might want to check some out. I called ahead and they said they got some new displays in just last week."

"That's actually very thoughtful of you," Sayuri admitted. From what girls said, they were lucky if a guy bothered to find out their last name, which further convinced Sayuri that her sexual orientation was for the best. Girls treated each other far better than guys treated them. However, Ranma was proving a bit different. How unfortunate he wasn't a girl, or maybe they could go out on a real date.

Ranma waved a piece of paper in the air. "I even found a 'buy one admission get the second free' coupon."

Then again, maybe the thoughtfulness was just an aberration. "By all means, lead on, you big spender you," she said dryly.

Inwardly, Ranma smiled. Women liked it when a guy showed some attention to their interests, and showing her he had good monetary sense would impress her as well. He'd get into her pants by the end of the night.

The pair walked up to the admission's booth. The girl behind the glass was incredibly pale and emaciated. She stared off into the distance, her eyes focusing on nothing, not even the two people in front of her.

"Two, please." Ranma said as he showed her the coupon. He hoped she wasn't high or something. He never approved of drugs that affected one's mind. They weren't healthy, and a good blow to the head had much the same effect. He never suffered from lack of those.

"Admission… is… free," the girl said slowly, not the slightest bit of emotion in her voice.

"Nice." Maybe Ranma could forgive her for flying as high as a kite if it meant not having to pay.

Sayuri paused in front of the booth. "Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to be related to someone named Gosunkugi, would you?"


"Oh, I was just wondering since you look so much like him," Sayuri explained.

The attendant said, "Make… certain… you… visit… the… center… of… the… conservatory… where… the… master… awaits… you."

Ranma asked, "Master?"

"Oh… did… I… say… master? I… meant… the… masterpiece… display. Yes… the… masterpiece… display… waits… for… you."

"Got it," Ranma left, made uneasy by the encounter.

Sayuri hurried to Ranma's side, moving close enough to violate his personal space, which delighted him to no end.

"Creepy girl," Sayuri said.

"I guess the flowers aren't the only thing around here that needs a little sun," Ranma quipped.

Sayuri couldn't help laughing at the joke. Now Ranma was satisfied the proper mood had been achieved. It was about time. She was going to be like putty in his hands by the time he was through charming her.

Entering the first area revealed a number of brightly colored flowers in carefully maintained rows that were very aesthetically pleasing even to Ranma's eye. Sayuri seemed captivated by them, admiring them as she read each placard that was bolted to the railing lining the pathway they walked on. Each sign was dedicated to one of the species of plants in the room and had a great deal of information on them.

Ranma waited patiently, letting Sayuri's mood become increasingly delighted. He thought the time was right, and was just about to casually put his arm across her shoulders, when a man in a uniform appeared from a door that led to a different plant-filled room. Like the girl in the booth, he too was pale and emaciated, his eyes showing as much focus as hers.

"You… must… go… this… way." He indicated the path he had just come from.

"Actually, I wanted to go that way." Sayuri pointed to a different doorway to the left. Beyond it one could just make out a desert scene and several cacti standing tall.

The uniformed man stared in the direction she was pointing, then looked back at her. "It's… closed."

"Why?" Ranma asked.

"A… wild… coyote… problem."

Ranma and Sayuri looked at one another. Ranma whistled. "Wow, you guys sure go for realism here, don't you?"

"This… way." The man ushered them into the next chamber, remaining behind, as though to make sure they didn't try to slip out and go into one of the other rooms.

Ranma ignored him. Now he and Sayuri found themselves in a miniature rainforest. The lush, dense, foliage made visibility poor. He could barely make out the stone pathway that cut through the center of the room.

"Pretty impressive," Ranma admitted. "I can see why they wanted us to check this out."

"I've always liked rainforests. I…" Sayuri suddenly trailed off.

Ranma looked at her curiously. For some odd reason, she was staring at something in the forest. "What is it?"

"I thought I saw somebody back there."

Ranma shrugged. "It was probably just a gardener."

"For just a second, I thought they were naked."

Ranma almost followed up with an "I'd better investigate," then reigned himself in. Showing an interest in the possibility of someone naked, other than Sayuri, might make her angry.

Sayuri turned away from the forest and laughed. "Some imagination, huh?"

There was no way Ranma could pass up that opening. "Having an active imagination is a healthy thing."

"Not when it lands you in detention for a month," Sayuri grumbled. She shook herself out of the doldrums. "Let's keep checking things out."

"Good idea."

They walked down the pathway a couple of meters when Sayuri stopped to read another placard. "Hmm. A Yellow Lily. Interesting. I didn't think they grew in the rainforest." She tried looking for it, but her eyes alighted on something else first. Something that made her recoil in disgust.

"What is it?" Ranma asked.

"Look." Sayuri pointed at the plant.

"Double yuck," Ranma agreed. "It looks like someone's dick." He wondered if he should throw in a boast about his being larger.

"It must be someone's idea of a joke, and not a very funny one, at that." Sayuri tried walking away, but found that she had somehow ended up with a vine wrapped around one of her legs. She cursed as she tried to unwrap it. "These guys really need to trim the bushes around here. The overgrowth is getting ridiculouAAAAAAAH!"

Sayuri found herself lifted into the air by the vine. Her skirt and top, which had not been tucked into the skirt, obeyed the laws nature lay down before them and adjusted to their new center of gravity by falling downward. She now showed off the lacy bra and white see-through panties she had chosen to wear in case Ranko had come along on the meeting with Ranma.

Upon seeing Sayuri pulled into the air, dangling on the end of the vine, Ranma's first instinct had been to grab her. Noticing what she was wearing underneath her skirt, Ranma instead froze, staring at the dark patch of hair whose outline was visible through the nearly transparent material.

"I knew she was hot to trot," Ranma said to himself. Chicks didn't wear see-though underwear on a date unless they were looking to get some.

A second scream of fright snapped Ranma out of his reverie. His date was being dragged off into the bushes by someone other than him. That was unacceptable! Even as she disappeared through the foliage, he ran off the path and through the forest, following hot on her trail.

They emerged simultaneously into the center of the arboretum. His eyes bulged at the bizarre plant that was on display. It appeared to be a Venus Flytrap, one five meters tall and six meters thick. A massive number of vines radiated outward from the base of the plant, all of them ending in long, thick, phallic shapes, creeping out Ranma to no end. He saw that Sayuri wasn't the only captive of the plant as at least a dozen other men and women had fallen victim to the vines as well. They seemed to be from all walks of life, from the skinny to the obese, from the tall to the short, from the attractive to the ugly. The one thing they had in common was that the vines had inserted themselves in every available orifice they could find, pumping in and out of them vigorously. That was just wrong. Plants were not supposed to go in places like that.

It was at that moment that the vines withdrew from one of the people. Ranma saw that fallen man was incredibly emaciated and pale, just like the other two people working in the conservatory. Now it all fell into place.

"Seems like a guy can't go for a little walk in a park without some damn tentacle plant going around and raping everything in sight."

"Ranma, save me!" Sayuri shouted at the top of her lungs as several other vines whipped out from the base of the plant and toward her.

What a perfect opportunity to impress his date. Saving her from a rapist, even one of the botanical kind, would get him bonus points like nothing else could. Boldly Ranma proclaimed, "Have no fear. I'll rescue you from this deviant plant and its perverse plans." He leveled a finger at the plant and said, "Get ready for some Saotome Style DDT, you overgrown weed."

Ranma leapt into the air, drawing his hand back in order to cut through the vines with a vicious chop, when he sensed an attack. He twisted his body into a ball and used one of the more difficult techniques of the Anything Goes School to change his path in mid-air. It was more a case of sensing rather than seeing the weighted steel net flash past him and land on top of one of the plant's victims, snaring him helplessly within its metal embrace.

Landing acrobatically on his feet, Ranma tried to locate the origin of the attack. Nets didn't seem like the plant's motif, which implied it had some assistance of the human kind. His guess proved accurate as a figure darted from out of its cover and toward him. He saw it was a girl, roughly his age, dressed in a Chinese dress which accentuated her slender yet sexy figure. She was a good-looking girl, the kind that, while not of supermodel proportions, would still make a man look twice as she walked past. Also of note were the two wooden sticks in her hand, which he identified as tonfa. From the look of anger on her face, she was ready to use them on him.

With a surprising burst of speed she lunged for him. He was barely able to deflect the first couple of attacks aimed at his head. Her speed seemed to double for a moment, and she landed a blow to his side. He winced in pain. Not only was she fast, but she was deceptively strong as well. Ranma wondered if she wasn't a long lost relative of Ryouga's.

For the moment, Ranma gave up trying to counter-attack in favor of gauging the prowess of his foe. He went completely defensive, trying to get an accurate feel of what the strange girl was capable of. While he disliked retreating into a defensive shell, he accepted that the fight would end a lot quicker if he demonstrated some patience. He wasn't a hot-tempered Hibiki, after all.

Ranma ascertained that while the girl was unquestionably fast and strong, her actual skill level was inferior to his. Adjusting his tactics to compensate for her raw physical abilities, Ranma found an opening in her defenses and launched his long awaited counter-attack. He landed a pair of fists into her mid-section, then followed up with a kick that sent her flying into some of the flora, momentarily concealing her from sight.

"Ah, you ain't so tough," he boasted and cautiously headed toward the shrubs she lay behind.

It was at that moment that Sayuri screeched, gaining Ranma's attention. He mentally chided himself for forgetting about her, even for a moment. He looked up to see that a number of vines had wrapped themselves around her limbs, not only suspending her in mid-air, but spread-eagling her at the same time. It made for quite the sight.

The momentary distraction cost Ranma as a blur came from the greenery at his left. His reflexes were such that he probably could have warded off the attack, but he became distracted a second time in as many seconds as his brain processed who was attacking him: the exact same girl that had done so moments before. The only problem was, she had been tossed into some shrubs to the right, not the left.

The impossibility of the situation cost Ranma as the girl hit him hard in the lower back with her tonfa, sending intense waves of pain along his entire spine. A second blow hit him solidly on the shoulder. While it wasn't enough to dislocate it, Ranma knew he would be feeling that one in the morning.

Reflexes borne of his father attacking him on a daily basis served Ranma well as his body took over where his conscious mind had fallen behind. He evaded the next three attacks, and only suffered a glancing blow to one of his ribs from the fourth swing. That blow had left the girl overextended slightly, a mistake Genma would never have made in such a situation. Ranma struck back with a hard palm strike to the chin, making her jaw snap shut with an audible crack as her lower teeth collided with the uppers.

The blow must have hurt her as she unleashed an off-balance kick. Ranma easily evaded and showed her the proper way to deliver the same kick, connecting with his own into her solar plexus, causing the breath to be knocked out of her. Rather than pressing things, she feinted another punch, making Ranma back off for a split-second, than ran into the cover of the rain forest.

"Oh no, you don't." Ranma ran after her, intent on finishing the fight, and rescue Sayuri. No matter how frigid a girl might act, they all melted into a puddle when some brave guy risked life and limb to come to their rescue. She'd be dropping her panties for him in no time.

His foe darted behind a tree, making him momentarily lose sight of her. Rather than following in her footsteps, and perhaps running into a trap, he chose to run around it in the opposite direction. With any luck, he'd be able to set an ambush up for her, and end the fight.

Ranma hadn't made it three steps when something hit him in the back so hard it caused him to somersault through the air, landing hard on his back. For a moment, he thought he must have sustained a concussion as his attacker came into his vision. Somehow that girl had done the impossible again, appearing from the exact opposite direction she had run in. Whatever technique it was, Ranma vowed he would learn it. With something like that, he'd be nearly unbeatable.

But there was time enough for that later. Right now he had to survive. Prone as he was, he was a sitting target. The girl was coming at him in the direction his head lay, arm behind her as she prepared to unleash a powerful swing that would at least render him unconscious, if not worse.

But that was only if it connected. Ranma twisted his head to the side, allowing the weapon to hit the piece of the pathway he lay upon. Concrete cracked and a single shard cut Ranma's cheek, drawing blood. A second twist of the head barely kept his skull from following suit as more of the pathway was damaged by the powerful blow.

The girl had made a mistake on her second attack, leaning too far forward in order to bring more force to bear. In a show of remarkable flexibility, Ranma kicked upward with his foot. Despite being on his back, he brought it up high enough to connect with the top of her head. While there wasn't a lot of power behind the kick, it was enough to make the girl back off as she shook her head free of the pain.

Ranma used the opening to leap up to his feet. The girl lunged at him, but Ranma was quicker, leaping high and backward into the rain forest. The girl tensed her feet and followed suit with a leap of her own.

As Ranma sailed backward, passing the apex of his leap, his hand went out to snag the very top of a young sapling, grabbing it firmly. Unable to bear his weight, the sapling bent downward and back. Ranma landed on the ground, nearly bringing the top of the tree low enough to touch the earth as well.

The girl was still hot on Ranma's trail, now at the apex of her own leap. Ranma waved at her, then released his hold on the sapling. Like an uncoiled spring, it whipped upward back toward its original position. The girl's eyes widened in horror as the sapling caught her full in the chest and face, not only arresting her flight, but reversing it. One of her tonfa fell to the ground with a clatter as her body was sent sailing into the foliage once again.

Sayuri's voice caught Ranma's attention again as she cried out, "Stop it, you perverted thing! I'm not a plant, so quit trying to pollinate me!"

Ranma turned his full attention to Sayuri's plight as the plant's phallic vines, which up to that point had been content to merely rub themselves against their victim though her panties, decided that was sufficient foreplay. Forcing themselves into the waistband, the vines effortlessly tore the undergarment to shreds off, leaving Sayuri splayed wide open for Ranma to see.

"Nice." Ranma whistled appreciatively. It was definitely wrong for a nice pussy like that to be clamped shut as tightly as Sayuri kept it. Like Ranma's mother always said, the gods made a woman's pussy to be fucked, and they designed guys to do the fucking. It was only natural. Of course, Sayuri had every right to choose who would be doing the fucking, but she ought to choose, rather than remaining so frigid.

Again Ranma's libidinous thoughts cost him as an attack came from an unexpected quarter once more. Despite the back of his mind being prepared, it was the head between his legs that was doing most of the thinking at that moment. Thus, when the girl came at Ranma from the opposite direction she had flown of in, she again landed a couple of blows as he tried vainly to defend himself.

Suffering multiple blows from Ryouga had toughened up Ranma's endurance far beyond anything his father had taught him. Rather than the tonfa incapacitating him, the blows only hurt like hell. Ranma still had enough sense to put up a partial defense. He halted one tonfa aimed at his head, but was unable to block the second weapon as it impacted on the shoulder that had been hit before.

It was then Ranma noticed the discrepancy. Willing to risk another blow landing, he allowed his attention to wander for just a split second as his eyes scanned the ground, searching for something. It took only a second to spot what he had been looking for. Now the nature of the fight took on a whole new light.

"Very tricky," Ranma said aloud as he ducked under a hard swing that was so fast it whistled through the air. He brought back his fist even as the attack missed, landing an uppercut that sent her reeling backward. Rather than pressing the advantage, Ranma remained where he was, his eyes challenging her to attack again.

The girl shook off the blow, and began swinging her tonfa in flashy, extravagant patterns. She feinted twice, just little shrugs meant to make Ranma jump back.

Had she done that display several seconds earlier, Ranma would have been mystified at their purpose, since, while it looked impressive, it was wasted motion, useless in actual combat. Now that he figured out the true nature of her 'special attack' he knew she was trying to capture his full attention. He feigned interest in what she was doing, waiting for the inevitable.

Then he heard it just as the girl in front of him lunged forward. He lashed out with a reverse thrust kick that caught his other opponent, the one that had flown off into the bushes courtesy of his sapling, in the stomach. The blow halted her attempt to knock him out from behind. Lightning fast he returned his attention to the girl charging him, grabbing her by the wrist and using her own momentum to send her careening into her twin, bowling them both over.

Ranma stood back, smirking at the pair. "Like I couldn't see through something as transparent as a couple of identical twins acting like they were only one person."

"It worked the first few times," Link said.

"I'm sure you did something to tip him off," Pink said in accusation.

"It was because you continued attacking him with two tonfa after I dropped one of mine. I was hoping you paid close enough attention to only attack with one, but as usual, you weren't watching anything."

"It's your fault for dropping the tonfa in the first place!"

Ranma cleared his throat, gaining their attention and ending the argument. "Now, now, ladies. I would have beaten you anyway. This just means I'll win even quicker." He considered the girls for a moment. "Since you seem so much healthier than anyone else, I'm assuming you're the masterminds behind this plot to use this giant asparagus to rape everyone. Why don't you go ahead and brag to me about what your plans are, since I'll be ruining them in a few seconds anyway?"

"It is not our plan, rather, it is a plan of the master." Pink pointed at the plant. "We were captured and forced to do his bidding,"

Ranma was bewildered. "You're taking orders from that?"

The plant's mouth suddenly began moving, uttering a series of bizarre noises.

Link translated, "The master says that your disbelief is typical of the racism against plants and highlights his purpose for coming to civilization."

"Racism against plants?" Ranma asked, completely bewildered.

The plant made more noise.

Pink translated. "Yes, the master said he is tired of you depraved mammals ignoring plant rights and treating them like they are unworthy of life. You sick creatures murder billions of plants every year, even breeding them to be eaten when all they want is to be left alone. Is it not enough that they create the oxygen you need to survive? And you repay them by eating or cutting them and displaying their dead bodies for decoration. It is unacceptable. Therefore the master has come to the city to enlighten your population and make you accept plants as your equal."

"He's raping everything that moves."

The plant babbled again.

Link took her turn. "The master says this is symbolic of the rape you humans have inflicted against plants across the world."

"It ain't symbolic! He's actually doing it! And this ain't about no plant rights. He's trying to take over the world by sucking off the energy he gets by screwing people and then enslaving them so he can lure more people here."

The plant spoke again.

Pink said, "Obviously you are unwilling to listen to reason, therefore your mind will be opened just as the others were."

"Quit acting like it's a spur of the moment decision! You were going to do that anyway!" Ranma shouted.

The discussion finally broke Sayuri down as the vines hovered menacingly at her orifices. "Please, Ranma, get me away from this thing! I'll do anything, even go on a date with you!"

"You got it!" Ranma felt like jumping for joy. Admittedly, this wasn't the way he would normally go about securing a date, but he was hardly stupid enough to refuse to take the opportunity presented to him.

Pink laughed. "In order for us to better serve the master, as well as binding us properly to him, he has shared some of his vast energy with us. We are more powerful than ever, and our reflexes are even quicker. You might have been able to beat us individually, but together we'll kick your ass in seconds."

"Hardly, I'll… what's that behind you?" Ranma urgently pointed behind them.

"Like anyone falls for that," Link said.

"I thought I saw something near that tree," Pink said, her attention focused on something behind her.

Link screeched, "You idiot! He's tricking you!"

Unfortunately for Link, screaming at her sister's naiveté meant focusing her attention on her. Ranma ran forward, grabbed the girls by the sides of their heads, and then brought them together with a resounding thud. Both of the twins hit the ground, stunned.

Ranma took a moment to admire his handiwork. "That takes care of that."

While Ranma finished off the pair, Sayuri's predicament grew more dire as one of the phallic shaped vines had drawn up near her face. "No, don't do it! I'll respect plant rights. I'll swear off being a vegetarian and only eat meat!"

Unimpressed by her declaration, the vine forced its way into her mouth, making her cries turn into muffled gags. Another was quick to follow, forcing its way up her backside while the largest one of all jammed itself up her pussy.

Ranma winced. "Ouch! That looks seriously uncomfortable. I'd better save…" Ranma's heroic speech ended suddenly as vine rose up before him. Unlike the others, this was large and round, almost the size of a beach ball. "What the heck?"

The ball burst suddenly, sending a cloud of spores his way. Ranma stopped breathing, not even taking a deep breath. He tensed up to leap, but just as he was about to do so, two hands grabbed onto his ankles, preventing him from going anywhere other than face first into the ground. The impact made him take a deep breath, catching a lungful of the spores. Instantly, he became senseless as the spores acted as a sedative, nearly rendering him unconscious.

Pink and Link rose to their feet, unaffected by the spores due to their connection to the plant.

"I told him we'd kick his ass," Pink said smugly. "I think for this chapter, I'll write, 'The loudmouth braggart fell before my outstanding prowess'."

"The master had more to do with his defeat than we did," Link pointed out.

"So it was a team effort. Since I'm the quarterback, I should get the main credit."

"The master would be the quarterback in this case."

"The master has no interest in being in the public spotlight, so he won't mind if he's reduced to a minor role in my book."

"The master intends to take over the world, I don't think that leaves much of a market for your book."

"Quit pestering me with minor details," Pink said huffily.

While the twins argued, the plant in question hoisted Ranma's senseless form up in the air, just like it had Sayuri. The vines wasted no time in forcing their way into the waistband of Ranma's pants, ripping both them and his boxers to shreds. Immediately one of the phallic shaped heads position itself next to his anus. The moistened head drew back like a serpent, then surged forward, forcing its way past his sphincter and into his bowels.

It rested like that for a moment, then the plant roared out in pain.

The effect on Ranma was instantaneous as he felt a surge of energy flow into him, burning the spores out of his system. His eyes opened wide and he jerked at the sudden influx of power surging through his body. His cock instantly turned into a bar of iron.

The plant writhed in obvious pain, casting all of its other victims aside as it withdrew its vines from them. All save the one in Ranma, which, while it jerked back and forth, unable to remove the vine from his opening. Instead the plant continued howling as its energy was drained off, withering badly.

Feeling the intruder shifting around in his bottom helped Ranma concentrate on what had happened, and was happening to him. "You jerk! You're going to pay for ramming your stem up my backside!" Ranma tried using the newfound power that was flowing through him. Ever since his fight with Keiko's eunuch bodyguard, Shinji, Ranma had been trying to duplicate the 'Bellowing Tiger Strike', but to no avail. He just didn't know how to manipulate his chi for external attacks. But now, with the power coursing through him, he had more than enough to do with as he pleased. A moment's concentration was all it took to send the power to his hands, causing a nimbus of blue to form around them.

The light glowed brighter as Ranma built up the charge by waving his hands in a circle. "This is it, pal! Anything Goes School of Martial Arts Final Attack: It's Only An Exit, Not An Entrance!"

Ranma unleashed an indigo beam of energy nearly three meters wide. The ray hit the plant squarely in its head. The whole plant, right down to its roots, burst open like an overripe tomato, splattering one side of the room in floral gore. It was like a tornado had torn through a garden.

All of the remaining vines went limp. Ranma grunted as he removed the one dangling from his ass. He felt his stomach roil as he stared at it. "I ain't never eating a salad again as long as I live." He looked down at his hands. While he knew he was powerful, he had never been capable of anything like that before. Moreover, he still felt the odd energy flowing through his body, though not in as large a quantity as before the blast. Aside from making his skin tingle, it was turning his rod hard like never before. As rigid as it was, he probably could hit a nail through a two by four with it. His need to get off was so great, he thought he'd explode. He was going to need relief, and soon.

Concerns about his groin's agitated state were derailed as identical cries of pain came from Ranma's left. He turned and saw Pink and Link writhing on the ground in agony.

"What is it?" Ranma asked as Sayuri, walking bow-legged, joined him at his side.

Link gasped out, "I'm… I'm not sure. The master, I mean that damn plant, kept us under its control by continuously feeding us energy when it had its way with us. Every time we orgasmed it would simultaneously drain us and fill us with some of the stuff it stole. Now that it's dead, I think we're suffering from withdrawal. Oh god it hurts."

Ranma felt bad for them. No one deserved to be manipulated by vegetation bent on global domination. "What can I do to help?"

Pink's hand slipped under her dress and she began to finger herself. "We need another dose of that energy. I think if we get one more dose, without it draining us at the same time, we'll be all right."

Ranma looked at his hands, the ones that unleashed his chi attack. "I think I absorbed some of its energy when it tried to take mine. I'm not sure how, but I am a kick ass martial artist. No leafy vegetable can beat me in a straight on fight."

As Link began fingering herself, she gasped out, "If that's true, then you can give us the energy and cure us."

A grin split Ranma's features, "And you'll want me to deliver you this energy by…?"

"Having sex with us," Pink finished.

Ranma looked to the heavens, tears running down his cheeks. He cried out, "Yes! There is a god, and he loves me." Ranma was about to live out every man's fantasy: having sex with hot twins. It was the best day of his life, being sodomized not withstanding. There was only one tiny problem.

Ranma turned to Sayuri. Melodramatically, he said, "I'm sorry, but I have to help these two poor victims of that awful plant's evil machinations, and there's only one way to do it. If there was any other way…" He paused, mostly to keep from continuing with, "I'd ignore it and fuck them anyway."

Sayuri nodded in understanding. "Of course, you have to help these attractive, nubile, sexy girls. I'd never forgive you if you didn't."

Her quick acceptance took him aback, but only momentarily. "You're so understanding."

"I cannot ignore their plight," Sayuri said sagely. "In fact, while you're helping one, I'll keep the other's motor running."

Ranma's head jerked in confusion. "Keep her motor running?" And he could have sworn she said something about "Never having eaten Chinese before" under her breath.

Rather than explaining things, Sayuri demonstrated her intentions by grabbing the writhing Pink's legs and prying them apart. She forced her head between them, grabbing the girl's hand and removing her fingers from her pussy. Pink's moans of frustration were eased as Sayuri lowered her head and began to enthusiastically lick her mound. Her tongue pierced the soft folds, delving deep with expert skill.

Ranma stared, dumbfounded. While Akane had assured him Sayuri was a nice girl, he had no idea she'd be willing to go to such great lengths to help someone in need, and a complete stranger at that. Truly she was a good person, and a talented muff-diver, if Pink's moans were any indication.

There was another cry of pain from Link, much louder and sharper than before. The girl appeared to be in even worse shape than her sister. It was Ranma's solemn duty to jump her bones and deliver her from the pain she was in.

Raising the hem of her one-piece Chinese style dress, Ranma was delighted to discover a lack of underwear. Perhaps that wasn't really a surprise, given her statements about the evil plant having its way with her on a regular basis, and the fact it seemed to consider undergarments an impediment to be destroyed.

Being so close to a girl that was in essentially in heat drove Ranma into a frenzy, thanks to the excess sexual energy that still coursed through his veins. He freed his now painful hard on from its confinement in his pants. His cock sprang to life, its head purple and so sensitive even the warm, humid air excited it.

Wasting no time, Ranma grabbed Link by the ankles and held them high in the air. Roughly he pulled her body to his, her dress riding up to her hips as she was dragged along the ground. He pulled her closer until their groins touched. As his cock brushed up against her hand, Link seemed to sense that it held the cure to all her aches, and removed her hand from her pussy. She grabbed his manhood and pulled it to her opening. Ranma pushed his hips forward, only managing to get the head and an inch into her before encountering stiff resistance.

"That's it! Keep going!" Link moaned as her writhing began to shift from pain to pleasure.

Ranma backed his hips up slightly, and pushed forward again, barely getting another inch inside. He couldn't believe how tight her pussy was.

"More. More. I need it all!" Link groaned.

Since she asked so nicely, she would receive. Ranma shifted his grip from her ankles to her hips so he could gain some real leverage. He pulled back, a little bit of the pink of her inner lining showing as it tried to keep him inside. Again he shoved forward with more force than he would normally use. This time he rammed a bit more than an inch inside. Again and again he repeated the motion until finally his hairy groin mashed up against hers.

Ranma paused for a moment, savoring the sensations. Link was much tighter than Keiko had been. With a pussy that felt as nice as this, he could understand why the plant had wanted her as a slave. He couldn't condone its actions, but he could understand them.

With needs of his own to take care of, Ranma began moving his cock back out, her insides clinging tightly to him, not wanting him to go. The wet warmth of her depths was too much for him to resist, and he only pulled halfway out before thrusting in again. Link cried out in approval at his action. Ranma repeated it, faster and harder this time.

"It's so good! Fill me up! I need it bad," Link cried out, her Chinese accent becoming more pronounced.

"It's coming, babe," Ranma grunted as, with her blessing, he forcefully took her, driving his hips back and forth, impaling her on the ground with his shaft. As full of pride as Ranma was, and wanting her tight snatch to hold on to his rod for the next five hours or so, even he could tell he wasn't going to be able to hold off for long; he was running way too hot. At least he had the consolation that his stamina was being affected by the plant's energy, and not due to some shortcoming on his part.

Ranma tried thinking of anything to distract him. While jackhammers and pistons didn't seem to work, envisioning his father naked went a great deal toward solving his problem. But even that vision of horror couldn't hold his torrent of passion for long. Ranma's thrusting lasted just under five minutes before he erupted as hard as he ever had. He released his pent up ardor in a veritable gusher, transferring both seed and energy into Link. His eruption triggered a climax of Link's own, and Ranma groaned in pleasure as her tight insides coaxed even more sperm out of his shaft. It was like a hand was massaging his cock inside her.

After several seconds, both youths were left panting in a sweaty heap. In the back of Ranma's mind (about the only higher function that wasn't relishing the sensation of having screwed a hot girl) he noted that Link's previous discomfort seemed to have diminished, though despite her cries of pleasure, she still didn't appear completely comfortable. He could sympathize as, despite having come so hard, he still felt sexually aroused, and the unmistakable flavor of the plant's energy remained in his body.

Once the climax passed, Ranma reluctantly disengaged himself from Link's inviting depths. His job was only halfway done. As he pulled free of her now thoroughly drenched pussy, he noticed that his cock, while not as sensitive as before, remained hard, and wasn't the least bit in danger of going soft, not with the ardor he was still feeling. Seeing his proud soldier still standing rigidly at attention made him grin. He had anticipated on having to fist himself back to hardness in order to take care of Pink. That he was still so aroused meant he could take care of her immediately.

Turning his attention away from Link (only because he had another girl equally as inviting and beautiful waiting for him) he checked in on how Sayuri was doing with her 'foe'. He saw his date that wasn't a date was still hungrily lapping away at Pink's loins, much to the prone girl's pleasure. However, Sayuri had not been content to leave things at that, having taken the time to pull Pink's outfit off her, leaving her completely nude on the ground. Ranma noted that her breasts were on the smaller side, like Akane's, but still delightful, and certainly the perfect accompaniment to her athletic form. The intense scene of one hot girl eating out another stoked his flames of desire again as Ranma felt the familiar agitation in his groin.

Ranma walked over to Sayuri and tapped her on the shoulder.

She didn't respond.

Ranma tapped her again.

She continued lapping away.

He shook her by the shoulder.

Sayuri turned on him and viciously snapped, "What?! Can't you see I'm eating?"

"I have to take care of her with the excess energy I have." Ranma grabbed his cock and moved it up and down to remind her.

The glazed look left Sayuri's eyes. "Oh, right." She pouted slightly.

Ranma pointed over his shoulder. "There's another one you can take care of if you really want."

Sayuri looked at the still heaving Link. Her face scrunched up. "Leftovers. Better than nothing, I guess." More eagerly than her words might have indicated, she went over to Link's side. After a moment's indecision, she fell to her knees and picked up where she had left off with Pink.

That was some girl, Ranma thought to himself, then remembered there were more important things to take care of, namely his cock and the naked girl in front of him. She looked up at him in longing, Sayuri's absence finally registering.

Ranma mounted her, amazed as, unlike her sister, he managed to sink his entire length into her in one thrust. He was easily able to shuttle back and forth, a wonderful, if different sensation than her twin. Taking Link had been like storming a castle with archers at the walls and a moat filled with piranha surrounding it. Pink was like an open air arena with the doors wide open and a marching band inviting him in. It made things easier as he was able to 'get to work', and began shuttling back and forth into her.

The differences in the girls were more than just the tightness of their pussies. While Link had been content to lay there and urge Ranma on, Pink was for more proactive. She wrapped her legs around his back and her arms locked around his neck in a tight grip, ensuring he couldn't escape, not that he wanted to. Even Ryouga wouldn't have been able to pry him off this eager fuck and her loose but comfortable pussy. She rose her hips up, trying to keep his cock in her as long as she could. The difference between the girls was night and day. Not that one was better than the other, just that he assumed since they were twins they would be identical in every way. He supposed this was turning into an educational experience in more ways than one.

The two continued like that for some time. Ranma would have liked to try a different position, but Pink remained clinging tightly to him, intent on never letting go. He more than satisfied himself by continuing to pound away. Due to her heightened sensitivity, courtesy of her former enslavement, his actions triggering a number of orgasms in the girl. Since he had come once already, Ranma had plenty of endurance this time around. He continued with a steady, continuous rhythm that held equal amounts of tempo and strength. It seemed to be exactly what the girl wanted as she came in five minute intervals, crying out in delirious joy each time and telling Ranma to keep going.

They continued that way for nearly a half hour, but eventually even Ranma couldn't hold off any longer. As he pounded away, he warned, "I'm about to come."

"Wait," Pink gasped out. "Let me get off one more time, and I'll dedicate a chapter to you."

"Huh?" Ranma asked.

Surprisingly, the offbeat nature of the question distracted Ranma enough that he was able to hold off his climax until Pink came once more. As she tightened on his shaft again, it sent Ranma over the top, and he erupted for the second time of the night. The remaining energy purloined from the plant flowed out of him and into Pink as well. She cried out at the top of her lungs, then went limp, lying motionless on her back with a blissful smile on her lips.

At first Ranma was afraid she had climaxed too hard, that the plant energy had some horrible side effect, but a quick check showed she was merely resting. The influx of energy (undoubtedly in conjunction with his talented lovemaking) had left Pink with that petite mort stuff he had read about in one of Kasumi's Harlequin romance novels.

With the edge taken off his own ardor, Ranma decided he needed a breather. He looked over to check on how Link was doing. Evidently she was fine, as she was moaning under the assault she was receiving courtesy of Sayuri's fingers. Ranma was amazed to see four of them jammed into the girl's tight little snatch, with Sayuri perched on top of her, playing with the prone girl's breast through her outfit.

"Never had a pussy licking as good as that, have you?" Sayuri asked, a hint of cockiness in her voice.

"No, never!" Link cried out.

"I'm better than some stupid plant, aren't I?" Sayuri said.

"Yes, yes!" Link cried out.

"Tell me who your Big Sister is."

"You are!" Link cried out as her whole body shook in what was an obvious climax.

Once it had passed, with a smirking Sayuri admiring her handiwork, licking Link's juices from her fingers, Ranma cleared his throat.

Sayuri jumped, as though she had been nudged with a cattle prod. She laughed nervously as she turned in Ranma's direction. "Looks like I got carried away in the heat of the moment."

"A little," Ranma admitted.

"Don't let Ranko know about it, okay? I wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea. It was… the plant. Yes. It affected me when it forced its way into my body. Normally I'm not that… forceful. Unless Ranko likes the idea of having a 'Big Sister', of course. Then it would be okay."

"Uh, I'm really not sure." Ranma had this horrible feeling he was missing something.

Further thoughts on the matter were killed instantly as a familiar voice said in a Kansai drawl, "Whal, whal, whal. Lookee here, boys. It looks to be like we've dun stumbled upon discovered bunch of pre-verts engaged in an orgy. And we got the paint boy on the scene as well, applying a basecoat to a bunch of these here people, no doubt."

Ranma winced upon seeing the now altogether too familiar figure of Sheriff Heero T. Justice and his posse of deputies, looking disdainfully upon the scene through his trademark mirrored sunglasses.

Sheriff Justice surveyed the scene, toothpick in his mouth. "Judging by the way so many of the participants look pale and thin, I bet there were drugs involved."

"It could be a cult, Chief," one of deputies provided.

He spit the toothpick on the ground. "The only thing I hate more than a pre-vert is a bunch of pre-verts hanging around together being pre-verted."

"It's not our fault!" Ranma shouted. "It's because of that plant…" He started out pointing at the blasted remains, then stopped. His shoulders slumped in defeat. "Never mind. You wouldn't believe it anyway. Just lock me up." He held his hands out, wrists close together.

Sheriff Justice slapped the handcuffs on him. "Round 'em up, boys. Jail's going to be full tonight."

"I'm home!" Ranma called out as he entered the Tendou domicile.

Genma, the Tendou girls, and Shampoo all came running up to the entryway.

Genma said, "Where have you been boy? It's almost eleven o' clock. I was getting worried about you."

Akane said, "Nabiki told me you were with Sayuri, but when I called her place, no one was there either. Is everything all right? Is she all right?"

"It's all right. Everything is fine. Sayuri's fine," Ranma said, assuaging everyone's fears.

"What happen, Airen?" Shampoo asked.

"I went on a date that wasn't a date. Got raped by a tentacle plant. Got arrested. Luckily, there was a videotape of the plant attacking everyone and me killing it, so Sheriff Justice let me go on the basis I wasn't 'pre-verted' enough to arrest. He went back to burn the plant to ashes, and is going to deport the girls responsible for bringing it into his jurisdiction. He really doesn't like perverted things, does he?"

Akane nodded. "It's his personal crusade. He sees perversion around every corner."

"And has been successfully finding it of late," Nabiki added with a grin.

Ranma shrugged. "It's been a long night."

"There's some leftover eggplant parmesan," Kasumi informed him.

Ranma shook his head. "No thanks. I've had enough vegetables for the rest of my life. I'm going to bed." He bid the others good night and headed to bed. Soon he was asleep, though his dreams were plagued by giant plants with the face of Kunou pledging their undying love for him while trying to ram their tentacles up his backside.


To be continued.

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