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BestOfb.gif (2562 bytes)The Ranmaverse takes a twist at the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo, when Ranma finds he has unexpected company. (Adventure) Ranma ½.

Shampoo ½ won Second Place in Best Miniseries for September, October, and November, 1999, and 7th place overall for Best Miniseries of 1999, in the Best of Ranma ½ FanFiction Awards.

Shampoo ½ was voted into the Chicken Ball Hall of Fame in the 2002 Chicken Ball Awards.

2002 Chicken Ball Award WinnerChapter 1: Beginnings

Chapter 2: Ryouga and Roses

Chapter 3: The Hunters

Chapter 4: The Cute, The Arrogant and The Perverted

Chapter 5: Of Spatula and Men

Chapter 6: The Ranma of the Opera   (Script Format)

Chapter 7: Severing the Ties that Bind

Chapter 8:  Do You Remember Me?

Chapter 9: Revenge is a Plant Best Served Cold

Chapter 10: Breaking Things

Chapter 11: Sins of the Past I

Chapter 12: Tarou, Tarou, Tarou

Chapter 13: Sins of the Past II

Chapter 14: Prophet and Loss

Chapter 15: Sins of the Past III

Chapter 16: A moment, A Day, A Lifetime

Chapter 17: Pursuit and Capture

Chapter 18: While the Cat's Away…

Chapter 19: Showdown

Chapter 20: The Long Journey Home

Chapter 21: Blind Love, Black Poison

Chapter 22: Unexpected Visitors

Chapter 23: Five Thunders

Chapter 24:  Fight without Mercy

Chapter 25: This Little Piggy wanted Revenge

Chapter 26: Girl Problems

Chapter 27: Kunou Invincible

Chapter 28: First Contact

Chapter 29: Dating Procedures

Chapter 30: Death on the Mountain

Chapter 31: The Storm Builds

Chapter 32: The Insufferable Lightness of Mother

Chapter 33: You Are Cordially Invited to the Wedding of Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendou

Chapter 34: Those Who Would Dare Dream of Tomorrow I

Chapter 35: Those Who Would Dare Dream of Tomorrow II

Chapter 36: Those Who Would Dare Dream of Tomorrow III

Chapter 37: The Dreams of a Dragon King

LemonChapter 38: And With Naught But My Flesh, I Dared To Challenge The Gods Themselves  -Lemon warning-

Chapter 39: Aftermath

Chapter 40: The Breaking of the Circle


Epilogue 1: The Wheel Turns (Akane's story)

Ai and the Furinkan Martial Arts Cheerleading TeamEpilogue 2: "It's Time to Spread Love Around!" (Resolution to various romantic subplots)

Epilogue 3: Drifting in the Night (Ukyou's story)

Epilogue 4: Butterflies (Kasumi's story, and events in the Amazon village)

LemonEpilogue 5: The End of the Beginning (Ranma and Shampoo's story) (mild sexual situations) -Lemon warning-

This fanart image of Ai and the Furinkan Martial Arts Cheerleading Team is by LS McGill.

"Lost Episode"

Set between chapters 8 and 9.  Principal Kunou's first appearance, as he returns from Hawaii, but he's not alone; he's hired a new school disciplinarian… (Comedy)

Da Laws of Discipline

Side Stories

The story of how the crew of Captain D'Amour's ship, TWPOS, gains a new crewmate. (Comedy)

Barroom Blitz   -Lime Warning-
a Shampoo ½ side story by D.B. Sommer

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