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The Amazon, The Tomboy, and The Kunoichi

A Ranma ½ story
by D.B. Sommer

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

All comments and criticisms appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Author’s notes: I wrote this at the insistence of others, so don’t blame me.  ^_^;;
This is MUCH different from what I usually write, so be forewarned.

Here’s what you need to know to follow this. In ‘Those Who Hunt Ninjas’ a self-proclaimed sexy ninja girl called Tai Hashimoto mistakenly claimed Shampoo and Akane were lesbians. In the real story, she was of course, completely wrong. However in the omake, one of the ‘endings’ had it that she was inadvertently correct. This follows up that omake, and is not an official follow-up to events from the original story.

This is a lemon, and a rather gratuitous one at that: lots of crude language, crude descriptions and such. This means no one under eighteen is permitted to read it. Tough luck.

 “Plot? Don’t worry, it’ll go away.”
— Donny Cheng

Light poured into eyes that hadn’t been opened for hours. The pain forced Tai to close them reflexively. Tai knew from her reaction that she’d been asleep for some time. Cautiously, and far more slowly, she opened her eyes, allowing them to adjust to the light, which was actually very subdued. As she got a good look at the room, she became confused as to why everything was apparently upside down. It took a moment for her to realize that it was she who was reversed. Hanging upside down, actually, her head suspended several inches above a plush red carpet. Looking downward, she saw that iron manacles, chains hanging from them that were bolted to the floor, bound her wrists. A quick pull on them revealed them to be hopelessly secured.

Craning her neck upward, she saw that her legs were also bound by an identical set of manacles, though the chains were anchored securely to the stonework of the ceiling and farther apart, causing her to be spread-eagled in mid-air.

Oh, yes; she was completely naked, too.

“Damn, must have been a heck of a date,” Tai mumbled under her breath. The situation really wasn’t that bad. She didn’t mind experimenting with bondage every now and then, though it wasn’t a usual part of her sexual antics. Once in a while some guy would come up with a set of cuffs, or use a belt to secure her wrists to a headboard, and then they’d go at it like there was no tomorrow. Depending on her partner, it could be either fun or dreadfully boring. But then guys were like that; usually either hit or miss.

It was odd how Tai couldn’t remember who she had gone out with, though, or why there was a slight throbbing from the back of her head. She tried recalling the last thing she had done before waking up upside down. She had been out… shopping? Yes, she had gone out for a walk to shop for some new shuriken, not a date after all. Weird. Perhaps she had picked some guy up for a quick ride.

Tai tried recalling what had happened once again. She had been walking casually through a deserted section of the park, when she had met that butch-looking lesbian from the Urn affair. Akane, or something. The evil lesbian’s appearance had put Tai on edge, but the girl had just stood there and smiled sweetly at her. The smile, combined with the fact that Akane was nearly fifteen feet away from her when they had met, relaxed Tai ever so slightly.

Tai remembered crossing her hands under her breasts and saying, “I already told you, I’m a good girl and have no interest in lesbians.”

Akane continued to smile sweetly. “But what if a lesbian has an interest in you?”

“Well then, they’d better be prepare to be disapoint—“

Something struck Tai in the back of the head and all was darkness until a few moments ago.

“Uh, oh,” Tai softly murmured. Slowly, almost as though she thought that if she hesitated what she feared was going to be there would not be, she turned and visually scanned the room. Sure enough, not only was Akane there, but the Even More Evil Amazon Lesbian, Shampoo, was present as well, sitting in a plush, comfy looking pus-green chair that clashed horribly with the carpet. It was the same type of assault on colors that B.J. would wear. As to the girls themselves, they were wearing nothing: a bad sign indeed.

“I see someone’s awake,” Akane said from her position standing next to the seated Shampoo. “Now we can get things started.”

Tai began to shake. “I’ve fallen into the clutches of evil bondage sexual deviants who intend to use me for their own twisted purposes. What a terrible fate has befallen the sexiest ninja girl in the world.”

Akane moved out of Tai’s line of sight by walking behind her. “Well, you’re certainly right about the first part, but I doubt if you’ll be thinking your fate is so ‘terrible’ by the time we’re done with you.”

That did nothing to ease Tai in the slightest. “But I’m straight.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it,” Akane said.

Tai heard the sound of something being dragged across the carpet. She tried looking around, but it was to no avail. She instead returned her attention to the purple-haired girl that had now gotten out of her seat and moved to a nearby table. Shampoo picked up a long, yellow object from a box sitting on top of the small end table.

“Keep that sexual toy away from me!” Tai screeched.

The Amazon looked at the yellow object in confusion. “Even Shampoo not kinky enough to try to use Twinkie as sex toy.”

“Oh,” Tai breathed a sigh of relief.

“Want one?” Shampoo offered to the still upside down girl.

“No thanks. Those things go right to my thighs.”

Shampoo looked guiltily at the creamy, white substance-filled poundcake. With a sigh, she placed the Twinkie back in its box. She pulled another object from the sack next to it. “Cock shaped ball gag?”

“Definitely not,” Tai said firmly. Just as she finished saying that, there was the sound of something being plopped down on the carpet behind her head. Now Tai was able to twist just enough to make out a footstool behind her.

Tai looked up between her legs, only to see Akane now positioned directly between them, her head poking out as she smiled down at her ‘prey’. “Hi there. Nice muff.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Tai gasped.

“Screw your brains out. But not right away.” Akane visually inspected Tai’s legs. “Nice definition and muscle tone.”

“Akane a real leg girl,” the Amazon said as she repositioned herself nearer to Tai. “Shampoo know from experience.”

In response to that, Akane ran her tongue along the inner thigh of Tai’s left leg. She only did it for a couple of centimeters before recoiling and saying, “Yuck. Stubble.”

Despite the situation, Tai felt embarrassed at the hygienic gaffe. “I didn’t think I was going on a date tonight, so I was a little lax. I was going to shave them later on, honest.”

Akane tore her attention away from Tai’s legs and looked between them once again. “I see something else has been shaved quite neatly, though.” The youngest Tendou daughter wasn’t simply being playful either. The small triangle of brown vaginal hair was groomed immaculately.

Tai felt her pride swell at the sincerity of the compliment. “Well, with the thongs I usually wear, I have to be careful to keep it small and trimmed really well. It wouldn’t do to give the guys too much of a show. Better to hint at what’s there than be blatant about it.”

“Given the kicks you unleashed during the fight, I’m not sure if I’d just call them just a ‘hint’.” Akane ran her fingers over the hair, causing Tai to involuntarily twitch. “Very nice,” Akane murmured in approval. “Butt’s just a tad big though.” She gave a little, yet firm, swat to Tai’s fanny, eliciting a tiny squeal from the suspended girl. “Nice muscle tone there too. Barely a ripple in the flesh.” Akane kneaded the buttock she had swatted, and then moved to the other one.

“Ohhh, stop it,” Tai moaned, still fearful of the position she found herself in, yet also finding herself reacting positively to the attention her body was receiving. 

To the kunoichi, it really wasn’t that surprising. The tension from being helpless and at her partner’s mercy would always send a thrill through her as she was toyed with sexually. Or worse, they would just tease and fire her up instead, then pretend they weren’t going to give her what she wanted. In truth, she tended to get off just a little harder and quicker in situations like that, depending on if her lover at the time had any idea in pleasuring a girl.

“After all of the trouble we went in getting you here? I don’t think so.” Akane looked down between Tai’s legs to make sure the bound girl could see the seductive smile on her lips.

“I’ll scream,” Tai warned.

Shampoo laughed at that. “This room is in sort of building where that go on all the time. Renting room cost a lot, but it worth it. Shampoo and Akane make plenty of noise here. Still, Shampoo no want Sexy Ninja Girl to scream, except in pleasure. So if she tries it,” The Amazon bent down and held the cock-shaped gag before Tai’s face. “She end up with this in her mouth. Which would be shame, since Shampoo wants to hear Sexy Ninja Girl cum.”

Shampoo gently caressed Tai’s cheek, and then ran her finger along the suspended girl’s lips. Tai resisted a sudden powerful urge to suck on the digit as it traced a path along the upper, then lower lip. She had never been gagged before. She found the idea held little interest for her and had no intention of starting now. “I won’t scream, then.”

“Good.” Shampoo set the piece of equipment on the floor away from Tai, but within easy reaching distance. As the Amazon turned back, her hand brushed against one of Tai’s nipples. The brief contact caused it to stiffen. The reaction did not go unnoticed by Shampoo. “Ninja Girl not seem to mind attention so much now.”

“That doesn’t make me a lesbian,” Tai told her.

“No.” Akane confirmed from her position between Tai’s legs, enjoying watching the proceedings with some amusement. “It means you enjoy sex. Here, let’s see if I can get you to enjoy it a little more.”

Akane blew lightly across Tai’s pussy, not touching it in the slightest. She was proud to see Tai twitch slightly in her bonds at the stimulation. “Sensitive, aren’t we?”

It was true, though Tai would never admit it to her captors. She did respond quite easily to just about any sexual stimulation, though not every guy could get her off, regardless of how horny she tended to be. That was probably one of the reasons she went out with so many men and tended to have sex at the drop of a hat: a high sex drive combined with loose morals, a hefty dose of hedonism, and a real enjoyment of getting off. All of which was leading her into trouble.

Akane blew across her trimmed mat of fur once again; disappointed to see Tai not react to the contact this time. She looked the suspended girl’s pink slit over once again before deciding enough was enough and ran her tongue over her objective at last. This time the ninja responded with a groan that seemed to hold as much surprise as enjoyment.

“I can’t believe you’re going through with this,” Tai gasped.

For a moment Akane debated continuing without answering, but she decided to hold off on a second lick and said, “Don’t tell me no one’s ever eaten this delightful little pussy of yours before.”

The word ‘delightful’ hung in Tai’s consciousness for a moment. Maybe she was being molested by a couple of lesbians, but at least they were properly admitting her beauty. “Of course they hAHH!” Tai moaned as Akane ran her tongue over her slit again, “have. It’s just I’ve never had it done by a girl.”

Akane gave Tai a cocky grin that would have done Ranma proud. “Trust me. It’s just like having it done by a guy, one that has some idea of what he’s doing.” Akane nuzzled Tai’s cunt again. It wasn’t often she gave into her sexual desires like this, but lately, hanging around with Shampoo, it seemed her sex drive had turned up a few dozen notches. It probably had to do with being around someone that wasn’t the least bit sexual repressed for the first time in her life. She certainly hadn’t known what she was missing until recently, and now it was time to catch up on all the time she had missed.

“Wait. Wait!” Tai said quickly before Akane could begin again.

“What is it now?” Akane asked in obvious irritation.

“Why don’t we talk a little and get to know each other first.” Tai was willing to do anything to delay what was about to happen.

Surprisingly, Akane stopped and said, “That sounds reasonable. My name’s Akane Tendou. I’m sixteen. Healthy. Attend tenth grade at Furinkan High School. My hobbies are martial arts, having to put up with my fiancé as well as my friends, and eating out sexy looking ninjas’ pussies. I think that covers everything.”

And with that Akane’s tongue plunged in and began to work around Tai’s slit in earnest. The ninja found her own voice overcome as she moaned in appreciation of Akane’s handiwork. The youngest Tendou daughter was taking her time, holding on to Tai’s legs for balance as she ran her tongue up and down Tai’s bright pink slit. Within moments, Akane found the kunoichi’s pussy lubricating from the attention as her slit began to loosen up. Yes, very responsive indeed. Tai was squirming in her bonds as best she could, much to Akane’s satisfaction. She was going to have the girl cumming in no time.

As her tongue continued its work, Akane noted which places Tai seemed to react the most to. The fluid that was flowing in ever increasing amounts was absolutely delightful, tasting every bit as enjoyable as Shampoo’s own unique ‘flavor’. And there was a lot of it too. Usually Akane had to take a while to get her favorite Amazon this loose and worked up, but Tai was practically juicing herself without any help. Akane’s own pride at the results of her handiwork was turning her on, and she released one of her hands from Tai’s legs so she could begin stroking her own pussy.

On Tai’s part, the moment Akane really started to work on her, she felt the familiar sensations of her pussy getting moist in anticipation of having something nice and long inside it. Part of her was ashamed at her resistance being so close to non-existent, but the majority of her was beginning to run on autopilot and enjoy the ride. In an effort to maintain some hold on her perceived loss of sexual identity, she closed her eyes and tried to ignore that it was a girl that was eating her out oh, so delightfully. She quickly found that with her eyes closed, her conscience began to relax a bit. It didn’t really matter what the sex of the partner was; all that was important was how well they were performing.

And Akane was performing very well indeed. Her tongue was hitting all of the right spots in Tai’s pussy, rubbing over her clit and plunging in and out as skilled as any guy had done before, except for the one that had a six-inch tongue. But realistically no one could be expected to top that. Besides, his prick was no bigger than his tongue, and his skill with his mouth was superior to his skill with his dick.

Soft gasps slipped past Tai’s lips as she became increasingly hot from all of the attention her pussy was getting. She was losing all desire to inhibit her enjoyment of the action when she felt a pair of lips enclose one of her nipples and a tongue begin to play over her sensitive nubs. She opened her eyes, only to see Shampoo had decided to help Akane by sucking on Tai’s nipples like a calf on its mother. Tai’s tremendous size hadn’t made her breasts any less sensitive to stimulation, and Shampoo was trying hard to stimulate them indeed, sucking powerfully on one while allowing her other hand to lightly pinch and pull the other nipple. After a few moments of attention, Shampoo switched from one breast to the other, and repeated the process again.

Never before had Tai enjoyed the attention of two partners at once. Being double-teamed, or even gang-banged, seemed too sluttish, even by her own admittedly loose standards. But now she was left wondering what she had been thinking of in denying herself this sort of pleasure. The sensations coming from different areas of her body at the same time were outstanding. Her breathing became increasingly raspy as she felt a familiar fire build up in her loins and threaten to become even more intense very shortly.

Feeling Tai begin to shudder more violently and her insides twitch slightly, Akane removed her fingers from her own pussy and brought her hand back up to Tai’s muff. She paused in her licking for a moment, and substituted first her index and middle finger, then her thumb as she used them to plunge about halfway into Tai’s box. After getting them sufficiently moistened, and feeling Tai squirm even harder at the action, Akane pulled them out and replaced them with her tongue once more. As she returned her oral attention to its former spot, she pressed her thumb against Tai’s anus and began to slowly but firmly, press inward.

Tai gasped even harder as she felt the pressure on her nether orifice. Anal sex had always been a definite off limits area of her body. It was as much from being conservative as a desire to have a man’s full attention on her pussy instead of dividing it between two areas. But this was different. She was receiving far more attention than ever to many parts of her body. There was a bit of discomfort as the thumb forced itself past her sphincter and fully into her inner chamber itself. After remaining there for a moment it plunged almost all the way out, then back in again. Her toes curled as, after a dozen or so times of the repeated action, Tai’s initial discomfort began to leave, her anus relaxing as it became to used the motion of the foreign object in her body.

And then the fire that had been building up in her loins came bursting out, Tai screaming out in delight as she came under the twin attentions of the girls that had bound her to them, though Tai had to admit it was Akane who had brought her most of the way. Her muscles rippled as she could do little than writhe and scream due to her constrained state. As she finally stopped coming, her body went limp and she was left gasping for breath.

“Whoa,” Akane said as she stopped licking and ceased her attentions to Tai’s back door. “God, Shampoo, she cums even more than you. I thought I was going to drown there for a second.” Akane plunged a couple of her fingers into Tai’s pussy, and then brought them out again. “Here, try some.”

Shampoo ceased sucking Tai’s tits and stood up. Akane was still standing on a footstool, allowing her to have an ideal position to eat the kunoichi out. That forced Shampoo to crane her neck upwards as she accepted the offered fingers and sucked on them as she would a Popsicle. Akane retracted her fingers and stretched forward, bringing her head down. Shampoo caught the message and brought her lips to Akane’s. The two immediately opened their mouths and engaged in a French kiss, their tongues intertwining with one another, as Shampoo tasted Tai’s inner bounty in her partner’s mouth.

The taste was indeed delectable, and Shampoo could see some of the fluid leaking from Tai’s pussy and down towards the bound girl’s stomach below. Akane wasn’t kidding about the amount of love juice Tai was releasing. That was excellent. It would make what Shampoo had in mind concerning Tai’s next round all the easier.

Shampoo moved to a small nearby table and tossed Akane the key to the ankle manacles. Akane gave her a brief quizzical look until she saw that Shampoo had turned her attention to a large plain brown paper bag on the table. Shampoo was about to take her turn. Akane’s tongue wasn’t the least bit exhausted, but it wasn’t fair for her to hog all the fun. Besides, she could have another crack at the kunoichi later.

Reaching up, Akane undid one of the manacles, careful to catch the leg when it popped free so all of the weight wasn’t too suddenly distributed upon Tai’s single limb. Trusting simply hanging from one leg wouldn’t harm the kunoichi’s healthy physique, Akane released that leg and grabbed the calf of the still restrained one. Keeping a firm yet gentle hold, she undid the other manacle. Akane quickly shifted her grip to Tai’s waist, and gentle eased her down, kicking the footstool out of the way.

Laying Tai on her back, while still held by the wrist cuffs, Akane took a moment to admire the kunoichi’s nude form. It was times like this she could appreciate the snide comments she overheard from lecherous guys about how girls looked best when they were on their backs. Not that she would ever give voice to such a derogatory opinion, but they guys did have a point. It was taking a bit of restraint not to part Tai’s legs and have another go at it from this position. So many things to try and so little time to do them in.

While Akane was busy letting Tai down, Shampoo went through their ‘Bag O’ Fun,’ as Akane had dubbed their instruments of pleasure. It seemed a bit crude to call them that, but Akane was sort of crude when it came to talking about sex. Overcompensation from having to be so reserved all the time, Shampoo figured. Though when she thought about it, the Amazon had to admit she was probably even cruder than the youngest Tendou daughter, and reservations in showing her emotions certainly couldn’t be blamed on that.

Pulling out two of her favorite pieces, Shampoo looked back and forth between them. Vibrator or strap on dildo? Vibrator or strap on? A difficult decision to make.

“Shampoo shall use both,” she giggled quietly.

“What?” Akane suddenly became concerned about Shampoo’s out of character statement. In Nerima, it was hardly impossible that Kunou’s spirit might have usurped the Amazon’s in some way and he was now in control there.

“Shampoo just making joke,” she assured Akane as she took in Tai’s form on the floor. The kunoichi had only recently stopped gasping from her orgasm and still appeared a bit out of breath. There was no way Shampoo was going to try to use both of them on the girl at the same time. Choosing the strap on, Shampoo tossed the vibrator back into the bag and walked over to where Tai lay on the carpet.

Tai was staring at the ceiling, still delighting in the sensual remnants of her orgasm while feeling slightly guilty about enjoying it so much. She was straight; her seducers were women. It wasn’t supposed to work this way for her. What she had always wanted was some guy to pound his meat between her legs, not have a couple of rugmunchers tie her up and dine on her pussy like it was the main course at a buffet. About the only thing the situation had going for it was that they had done it so very well.

Tai suddenly became aware of her legs being hoisted in the air and mounted on someone’s shoulders. Taking a quick breath, she looked down the length of her body to see the purple-haired Amazon had been the one to handle her so firmly. Looking down at Shampoo’s loins, Tai saw a sight that startled, yet thrilled her at the same time.

Among her numerous sexual partners, Tai had only screwed one guy with a dick as long as ten inches, and even then it wasn’t anywhere as near as thick as the flesh colored strap on that Shampoo was wearing. It stood up at a slight angle from her loins, the detail on it even going so far as to have pseudo-veins on the outside. The effect was to make Shampoo almost appear as though she had turned into some sort of hermaphrodite. And a well hung one at that.

Rather than voice an objection outright, Tai slowly said, “That’s a bit big to fit into me.” Her reservations were half-hearted; there was something thrilling about taking something that large into her pussy and being mounted like a bitch in heat, which her body was starting to anticipate as lust continued to affect her judgment..

Shampoo’s smile was one of total hunger. “Bigger is better, as Sexy Ninja Girl about to find out.” Without further discussion, Shampoo moved her hips forward and pressed the large head of the shaft against Tai’s pussy. The tongue lashing Akane had given the prone girl earlier served well as Shampoo eased the head all the way in with little resistance. Hearing a soft, “Oh,” from Tai, and how easily she accepted the widest part of the dildo, Shampoo decided to really let loose and lunged forward, impaling Tai with half of the phallus with the one powerful thrust. Shampoo smiled in amusement as the helpless girl gave out a loud yelp and arched her back in the air.

Pausing in her ministrations, the Amazon allowed Tai to adjust to the sizable object now partially inside her. Shampoo admired Tai’s writhing form. In some ways, with her large tits pointed so high in the air, she looked even more sensuous than Akane did when Shampoo had worked her over the same way.

Akane too was attracted to the sight and used the pause in Shampoo’s attention to take her turn to suckle on Tai’s breasts. She played with the projection with her teeth, and then lavished her tongue across the sensitive nipple. Unable to hold off any longer, she went to the other breast and repeated the action. Tai moaned, a soft yes at the attention she was receiving; she was ready for more.

Akane smiled at this and reluctantly pulled away from those generous mounds of flesh. Softly, she whispered into Tai’s ear, “Get ready for some real pounding now. Believe me, I know how good Shampoo is with that thing, and it has to be felt to be believed.”

Shampoo took that as a signal and began slowly drawing back, then forward again, making sure to plunge more of the dildo into Tai as the kunoichi’s breathing became more rapid with each thrust. Six inches became seven, and then seven, eight.

“You like?” Shampoo asked as she exerted a good bit of self-control in her pelvic action.

The words came unbidden from Tai’s mouth. “Yesss. It feels good.”

Seeing her lover now more receptive to attention, Shampoo decided to increase the tempo. She inserted the last two inches with one more thrust, hearing Tai yelp much more loudly now. This time Shampoo didn’t hesitate as she left the full length of the shaft within Tai for but a moment before withdrawing her hips until only the tip was still within the entrance to Tai’s pussy.

The complaint about the sudden lack of being filled died on Tai’s lips as Shampoo gave a powerful thrust, burying the entire length of the dildo in her once more. Again Shampoo drew back, and thrust even more vigorously, delighting in the way Tai’s mounds jiggled with each driving motion. Now Shampoo slowed down slightly, opting for power instead of speed. Her own pussy was growing quite damp at seeing such an icon of womanhood react so wantonly towards the pleasure that was being lavished upon her.

With each thrust into her pussy, Tai was becoming increasingly vocal. This was incredible, far better than anything she had ever experienced at the hands of any of her previous lovers. She felt more filled than she ever had before in her life, and tried thrusting her hips forward each time Shampoo drew back, craving to have the entire rubber shaft pound into her over and over again. She was helpless, completely at this lesbian’s mercy, and Tai was rapidly finding all but the slightest reservations at receiving these sorts of attentions from another girl vanish as her pussy was screwed at just the right speed to work her into a frenzy without quite succeeding in getting her off.

All of a sudden, Shampoo stopped her thrusting and left the full length of the shaft buried in Tai’s cunt. Her voice deep with lust, the Amazon asked, “Shampoo will give Sexy Ninja Girl choice now. Does she want Shampoo to stop, or does she want Shampoo to screw her brains out? All Tai need to do now is ask, and Shampoo will release her bonds and let her go home. Is no lie. Is promise Shampoo will keep. Is all up to ninja girl now. What you say?”

This was the moment of truth. Tai could tell by the sound of Shampoo’s voice that the Amazon was being serious. All she had to do was say she wanted out and she would finally be released from the clutches of the evil lesbians that were trying to make her into a bad girl just like them. All she would need to do was find some guy and screw him to reaffirm her sexuality and prove that was the only sort of sex she liked. After that she could come up with some sort of plan to gain vengeance against her captors. The answer was easy.

“Fuck me now, you dyke bitch.”

Shampoo was delighted in hearing that Tai had at last released her final reservations about being made love to by the duo, though she was going to pay for the rather crude remark she had the audacity to direct at the girl currently riding her.

The Amazon knew Tai was right on the edge: the craving in her voice as she demanded to be fucked was clear enough for even Ryouga to pick up on. Again the assault on Tai’s pussy continued as Shampoo impaled her repeatedly on the end of the ten inch shaft. The kunoichi’s cries grew louder with each thrust. It was a stark contrast to Akane, who was very quiet when being mounted. The variation was nice, though Shampoo would never have termed it as being ‘better,’ despite the more voluptuous body Tai possessed. Each girl had her own charms, which Shampoo enjoyed equally.

The sound of slapping flesh on flesh as Shampoo’s own hips and pelvis smacked against the back of Tai’s rock hard thighs and pussy resounded throughout the room, exciting the Amazon further. Her face was an intense mask of concentration as she observed every facet of Tai’s form as the kunoichi built increasingly to a crescendo that was at last topped off with only the seventh thrust since the pleading. Tai screamed and Shampoo felt the dildo meet some sort of resistance: the walls of Tai’s pussy clamping down with a vice-like grip on it as she came long and hard. The kunoichi’s legs locked around Shampoo’s neck in an effort to make her leave the dildo embedded right where it was.

Oh yes, gagging Tai would have been a terrible mistake. The cries of her pleasure were something Shampoo was going to remember for a very long time to come. But it wasn’t over yet. The Amazon had the decency to wait until the majority of the orgasm had passed before her own face went from happiness to stern as she said, “Ninja Girl should no think Shampoo is done with her just because she came once. Shampoo is no done at all. Now we find out how flexible Sexy Ninja Girl is.”

Enough awareness had returned to Tai to wonder what Shampoo meant. The answer quickly became evident as Shampoo leaned forward and onto the balls of her feet, leaving the dildo buried in Tai the entire time. Within seconds Shampoo had leaned forward enough that the kunoichi’s ankles were now above her head and nearly touching the floor while her ass was sticking straight up in the air, her generous breasts nearly mashed into her own face. The position wasn’t that uncomfortable for one of Tai’s training, both with her near inhuman flexibility and the ability to withstand the full weight of her body on her shoulders and still be comfortable. Or in the case of having a ten-inch dildo buried in her, more than comfortable.

Tai saw that Shampoo was leaning on her hands, their faces less than a foot apart. The stern look there made Tai hesitate for a moment, suddenly concerned at the shift in Shampoo’s emotions.

“Naughty Ninja Girl should learn not to be so rude and call Shampoo names. Now Shampoo really give it to her.” And with that the Amazon drew back as far as she could and thrust harder than she ever had before into Tai’s pussy. The position Tai was currently in allowed the dildo to touch places it hadn’t been able to during the previous lovemaking, as well as making it feel even bigger to her than before. A little bit of air was knocked out of the kunoichi’s lungs due to the power of the thrusts, and her positioning made it hard to regain her breath.

A terrifying thrill ran through the kunoichi as she realized that, despite having her legs free, she was still completely helpless and at the mercy of Shampoo, a girl that was far stronger than her and who seemed intent on using her roughly as a giant sex toy. Tai was surprised to learn that she felt a little sad at that, and just as startled that a part of her wanted Shampoo to desire her like a person and not as a pet.

With each thrust Tai felt a familiar feeling build up again. Despite all of the guys she had slept with over the last couple of years, she had never experienced the sensation of a multiple orgasm. But now she could feel another coming quickly on the heels of the last intense one she had just undergone. Within moments, she felt herself rapidly reaching the apex of another orgasm. A fear went through her that since Shampoo didn’t seem happy with her actions, the Amazon would stop and not take Tai over the edge of the precipice once again. With a huffing, out of breath voice, Tai began to babble mantra of, “Don’t stop. Oh please don’t stop fucking me. I’ll do whatever you want, just keep going, Shampoo-chan!”

Shampoo thrilled at the expression of lust on her partner’s face as well as her somewhat dirty mouth. Every shred of resistance was gone and all that was left was a lover that was hers to do with as she pleased. Shampoo was surprised at the feeling of power she suddenly had. The relationship with Akane was more of equals, with each holding a bit of control over the other, but not to this degree.

Relentlessly Shampoo pounded away at Tai’s pussy until she said through gritted teeth, “You come now for Shampoo, Sexy Ninja Girl.”

As if on command Tai exploded with a powerful orgasm that curled her toes and made her cry out in ecstasy. Her cry was quickly silenced by Shampoo as the Amazon changed her position slightly so she could kiss Tai on the lips, forcing her tongue in the kunoichi’s mouth. Tai responded in kind as her body continued to shudder and she was overwhelmed with a wave of relief and lust at Shampoo’s show of affection.

“Whoa. That was intense,” Akane said to herself as she felt a pang of jealousy at the scene of the two sweat-soaked nude women before her. Shampoo had never made her come that hard, and the intimacy the two were sharing was greater than anything Akane remembered having with the Amazon.

What was almost as bad was the difficulty in coming up with something else for Tai. Shampoo was going to be a hard act to follow; especially with how hard Tai had gotten off with that last bit of pounding she had taken. Though watching the duo go at it like two bitches in heat had gotten Akane moist as well, her finger running along her own pussy lips during the entire scene. Now she was tired of standing on the sidelines and wanted to be a participant again, getting another crack at Tai’s crack, as well as finally getting a chance to get off.

And then it came to Akane. Something that would satisfy all of the requirements of what she wanted. She grabbed her purse, the one with the special packet that she had brought along ‘just in case,’ and headed to the sink in the nearby bathroom.

As Akane left, Shampoo ended her liplock with her bound partner. She stroked Tai’s hair, enjoying the silky feeling for a while. The Amazon was overwhelmed by the look of affection Tai was giving her from her awkward position on the ground. Shampoo once again kissed the kunoichi, this time slowly and gently. Amused, Shampoo realized it was about the only time she had been gentle with Tai the entire night.

At last the Amazon returned to her feet, releasing the kunoichi’s legs and withdrawing the dildo completely for the first time since she had placed the head of it into Tai’s cum-drenched pussy. There was a look of disappointment in bound girl’s eyes, but also relief. Shampoo thought she understood; the girl wanted more, but also needed a chance to catch her breath. Even Shampoo, as horny as she tended to be, would have been hard pressed to take that sort of a rough action and want more without a break. Still, Tai had nothing to be ashamed of; she had taken her screwing like a brood mare and was going to get more soon.

While Shampoo sat there, Tai gave her a look of confusion that hinted at disappointment. The Amazon had to smile at that: obviously the girl was afraid their session was over for the evening.

In answer to Tai’s unspoken question, Shampoo removed her strap on, resisting the urge to plunge her own fingers in her pussy to finally bring herself off. Instead, she held it by the base of the dildo, looking it over as though it were an unknown object. “Now look what Ninja Girl has done. She get cock all messy.” She sat down on Tai’s chest straddling it right below her generous breasts. She dangled the dildo above Tai’s mouth, waving it back and forth as Tai’s eyes followed the motion. After a moment, Shampoo said, “Did Ninja Girl’s parents no teach her what to do when she make mess?”

Tai, not comprehending, shook her head no.

The Amazon gave off an exasperated sigh. “Sexy Ninja Girl needs to clean up her mess.”

It took a moment for Tai to understand what Shampoo was getting at. She wanted her to lick clean the dildo? With her own juices on it? This was a night of firsts. The only time she had come close to such a thing was kissing some guy after he went down on her, but not too many of them bothered kissing her after they did that. Usually it went straight from loosening her up to burying their dick inside her; an arrangement that had never heard a complaint from Tai. Being asked once again to do something she had never considered before made her a little uneasy.

Shampoo saw the hesitation on the girl’s face, and guessed what was going through her mind. As a reward for her good behavior, rather than forcing Tai’s mouth open and simply force-feeding it to her, Shampoo ran her tongue from the base of the false cock and to the tip, languishing over its rubbery surface. She ran her tongue over her lips and said, “Sexy Ninja Girl taste too, too good. Now she have to try it.”

Hesitantly, Tai opened her mouth, forming an ‘O’ that would be able to take in the tip and she hoped up to several inches of the rubbery projection. Shampoo smiled at the girl’s submission and ran the moist head of the dildo into the opening provided. Rather than try to force more down, Shampoo turned it on its side. Tai quickly understood and closed her mouth, sticking out her tongue and licking the shaft as it slid past. Now Tai was getting a taste of her own juices. Much to her surprise, she didn’t find her nectar the least bit repellent. On the contrary, she found the flavor rather tasty and now understood why so many of her lovers had been more than happy to eat her out first before going for home with their dicks.

As Tai was licking the strap on, wondering if she should dare ask Shampoo to stick it back in her so she could get a second helping, a deep, and decidedly male, voice came from above her head said, “Hey now, why give her that fake when she can have the real thing?”

Tai abruptly stopped her ministrations and tried to get a glimpse of who the newcomer was. She hadn’t heard the door to the room open, but given how distracted she had been, the Entire Tokyo University Marching Band could have come through the room with instruments blaring and she would have been none the wiser.

Tai saw that it was a young man, around her age, naked. He was fairly handsome, with a very muscular build and a fat six-inch dick proudly standing at attention. Without realizing it, Tai licked her lips as she feasted her eyes on the man meat before her. She forced herself to tear away from that and look at the boy’s face again. There was something hauntingly familiar about it, but Tai couldn’t quite place it. The familiarity, without being able to put a name to it, quickly annoyed the kunoichi. She hated it when she couldn’t attach a name to a face.

The boy bent next to the manacles that bound Tai’s wrists. With the key, he proceeded to unlock them. The instant the metal shackles were removed, Tai sat up and began rubbing her wrists, getting the circulation going through them once again. She looked at the boy in confusion. “Who are you?”

The boy faced Tai and placed his hands on his hips, thrusting his hard pecker straight in Tai’s direction. “You mean you don’t remember? After the delightful treat I made of that sweet pussy of yours?”

A pair of hands came from behind Tai and encircled her, Shampoo’s fingers massaging the kunoichi’s breasts, kneading them and teasing the nipples. “Just look at face,” Shampoo whispered in Tai’s ear before she began nibbling on it.

The attention Tai was receiving proved a distraction, but not enough of one. “Akane? But how?”

“Do you have any familiarity with magic?” the now male Akane asked.

“Oh sure, lots of it.” Tai nodded as she continued to enjoy the attention her breasts were receiving from the Amazon. “During my training I’ve seen just about everything.”

“How about magic that transforms the body?

“Some,” Tai admitted.

“This,” Akane waved his engorged member before Tai, “is the result of an ancient magic Chinese Spring called Nanniichuan, the Spring of Drowned Young Man. Now what I’ve used is a derivative of it called Instant Nanniichuan, which means this transformation will only work once. I’ll revert back to my true self for good once I use some hot water.”

Tai looked over every inch of Akane. As attractive as she was, in her tomboyish way, the kunoichi felt considerably more turned on by the male version of her. The muscular build she had as a girl translated into a handsome physique that most men would envy. And the fat, juicy piece of meat sticking up from between his legs made him all the more desirable. “Is it real?”

“Find out for yourself,” Akane said as he grabbed Tai by the head and thrust his hips forward, running his cock along her cheek.

Tai needed no further encouragement; cocksucking was a favorite of hers, and she had blown more men then she could count. She was also very, very good at it too, if her previous partners were to be believed. Akane’s wasn’t the biggest she had ever seen, and Tai was certain that she could get it all down in no time. And with everything she had done so far tonight, the kunoichi was in the mood for giving a good, old-fashioned, normal blowjob.

Tai retook the initiative by grabbing onto Akane’s buttcheeks and forcing his dick forward, taking in over half of it easily on the first try. The aggressive way Tai had taken Akane made him release the hold on her head, allowing her to control the tempo.

Tai backed off from swallowing to slowly running her tongue along the veiny shaft. Within moments she was rewarded with a bright purple helmet in her hands and drops of pre-cum forming at the head. Tai wasted no time in slurping the drops up, hoping for more soon. Now this was more like it. Her own love juices might have been nice, but nothing could compare to a hot load of sperm from some virile stud.

Tai was going to town on the shaft in her hands, getting the whole thing down in her mouth for the first time, (while still enjoying the way Shampoo was handling her own, ripe melons) when Akane grabbed Tai by the head and forced her mouth off his cock.

“Oh no. You’re not getting me off that easily,” Akane said as he backed away from Tai, mindful of the disappointed look the kunoichi was giving him. The poor girl was actually worried he was going to stop paying attention to her; obviously Tai still had a lot to learn.

“Turn around on your hands and knees and leave your behind facing me.” Akane smiled as, after a moment of hesitation, Tai complied with the demand. As with previous times, Akane noted it was kind of odd how his language became a bit dirtier when he used the Instant Nanniichuan on himself, just like the last time he and Shampoo had had a session. Maybe it was some sort of weird guy thing. He paid close attention to the way he behaved when male.

Given Akane’s fascination with Ranma’s curse, it was a small surprise that when she discovered that temporary varieties of other curses existed, she tried out Nanniichuan (though without mentioning it to anyone for fear of being labeled just as much a pervert as Ranma). Originally she had told herself it was to understand what Ranma went though better, but the reality was it was just plain neat, so long as the curse was only temporary. Without the worry of permanently being cursed, she was able to enjoy seeing what things were like for the other sex. It turned out to be fun, walking around town in a different body without anyone knowing who she really was. Akane quickly discovered just how much guys were treated very differently from women in society; it was very enlightening.

Also there were the physical differences, among them being stronger and able to absorb more punishment, as well as the other, newer, parts that Akane became fascinated with. She became so used to it that later, when she and Shampoo began their relationship, she had little concern when she eventually tried out a male body for the rest of its benefits with a female partner. Akane didn’t use it every time, but she did it often enough to understand how everything worked and the best way to use it.

And now it was time to see what Tai thought of it. Akane ran his hand over the kunoichi’s smooth, firm buttocks. He was never particularly turned on by large breasts, perhaps stemming from jealousy of ‘her’ own, smaller ones, but a nice pussy and cute ass were something else altogether. “You butt looks even nicer from here than it did when you were hanging up.” Akane ran his finger up and down Tai’s still wet slit. The kunoichi squirmed at the attention, which Akane returned with a quick, playful slap to her wiggling butt. “Hold still.” Akane began to finger Tai’s pussy again. He wanted a little more time to give his balls a chance to calm down before sheathing his new organ in the beautiful slot before him.

“I’m already hot,” Tai whined with lust. “I need it now. Please fuck me.”

That got her a not-quite-so-playful swat to her rear end. “Be quiet. Just because we released you doesn’t mean you’re not our little bitch for this session. Do you want to be tied up again?”

“No!” Tai quickly blurted it out. It had been fun, but she felt a great deal of reluctance at losing control over her body again. She’d rather be obedient than bound, even if she had probably come harder than she ever had before when helpless before this duo.

Akane considered the situation. Tai needed to something to distract her. “You talk too much. I think we need to keep your mouth busy. Shampoo?”

Shampoo picked up on the inference and happily lay on her back, legs wide, before Tai’s face. “It obvious Sexy Ninja Girl know how to eat mens. Is now time for her to learn how to eat womens too.”

Even after all that had happened, Tai still felt a bit of trepidation at the new experience. She had always been a little afraid of lesbians (after all, she was stunningly attractive so that meant they were as interested in her as men were) and in spite of all she had done tonight, she knew that she was still straight, though no longer afraid to get a good ride from the likes of Shampoo or Akane again. But she wondered if she voluntarily ate a girl out, would it mean embracing some sort of change in her sexuality.

Her thoughts were abruptly cut off as a powerful hand clamped down on the back of her neck and forced her head downward and into Shampoo’s purple mound. She could feel a male pelvis push itself tight against her backside and a set of balls press against the crack of her asscheeks. The other hand reached forward and grasped one of Tai’s tits, squeezing it hard enough to excite, as well as almost hurt.

Akane bent low enough to whisper into Tai’s ear, “After all Shampoo’s done for you, and you’re reluctant to return the favor. What an ungrateful girl. If that’s your attitude, I don’t think you deserve to be screwed by me.”

Tai could feel the hard shaft move along her backside and resisted the urge to grind her rear end along it. She was so wound up that she was almost ready to start begging to be tied up again if it meant a chance of being laid. By now she was longing for a real dick to pound her hard and blow a load deep into her cunt, even if it organ was a magical one. Being screwed by a dildo was incredible, but now she wanted a taste of the real deal as well, even if it wasn’t as large as Shampoo’s instrument of pleasure.

There was only one choice. Tai immediately began to run her tongue along Shampoo’s slit. It was awkward at first, but she was hoping she could quickly learn the hang of it. At least fast enough for Akane to believe she was trying her best.

Shampoo moaned and Akane could hear the lapping sounds of Tai’s tongue. That was more like it. He released his hold on her neck and breast and began fondling her slit and backside again. Her ass was a bit bigger than Shampoo’s, and was really turning Akane on. He had to resist the urge to give the kunoichi a hard spanking and turn her cheeks bright red. Early on, the one time he had tried doing that to Shampoo, he had ended up getting knocked on his own rear end and there had nearly been a premature end to their session. He thought Tai would be more into that sort of thing, but wasn’t sure. And the kunoichi had behaved herself, so she wouldn’t be punished, even if it was all in good fun. Still, it was difficult to banish the image of ramming his dick into a pair of crimson cheeks from behind.

But there was something else he had wanted to do just as much as giving the kunoichi a hot little spanking. Something he knew he could really get off with, after having done it with Shampoo several times when he was in male form. The Amazon had absolutely loved it too, making sure they did it each time since when Akane was in male form. Akane had tried to talk Shampoo into returning the favor by doing it to her as a guy, but the purple-haired girl was dead set against even trying some of the Instant Nanniichuan. Akane tried explaining how wonderful it felt with a real organ instead of using a fake one, but Shampoo remained adamant, saying she would never do it, even if she didn’t have a cat curse. To each their own, Akane supposed, but Shampoo would never know what she was missing out on, though not by much, considering the Amazon’s own sexual prowess.

Yes, he thought Tai would enjoy it too. But first, Akane had to get the girl ready. Deciding he had teased her long enough, he grabbed Tai by the hips and entered her completely with a single thrust. It slipped in easily, given how loose she was from her previous screwing, but the thrust still made Tai cry out in delight.

Akane held onto her hips tightly, building up a rhythm as he pumped away. There was only a little ripple from those firm ass-cheeks as Akane’s hips slammed into the kunoichi repeatedly. The youngest Tendou offspring did that for a couple of minutes, giving Tai a couple of swats to her rear that only seemed to make the kunoichi moan harder. Eventually, he eased off on the pounding and placed a thumb in his mouth. He extracted it, saliva dripping from the digit, and proceeded to force it into Tai’s asshole, just like he had when the girl was suspended in mid-air. After leaving it in fully embedded for several moments, he began a motion, gently shuttling it in and out of her, the pressure on the thumb becoming easier with each thrust.

Tai was really starting to get fired up with the servicing Akane was giving her. The tempo was good, though Tai did find it a bit lacking given the size differential between Akane and the dildo Shampoo had used earlier. Still, Tai was confident she was going to be able to get off on the screwing; it would just take a little longer than before. And in any case, it was allowing her to learn how to eat a girl’s pussy, as the more she licked the more Shampoo reacted to her attentions. Tai decided that a little bit of rugmunching wouldn’t change her sexual orientation, and wouldn’t it be great if she could say she was able to eat pussy just as well as she did cock?

Tai was wondering how she could go about bragging about such a thing, without her sisters accusing her of being a lesbian, when she felt Akane withdraw completely from her vagina. She was about to complain when she felt powerful hands force her hips down slightly, then push a thumb into her anus again. Only it quickly became evident what Akane was pushing into her rear was a good bit bigger and longer than a thumb.

“Oh, god,” Tai said through gritted teeth as she felt Akane’s cock slowly work its way into her rectum. She stopped eating out Shampoo. “Wait. Stop. I’ve never been fucked in the ass before. Oh, god,” she moaned as Akane backed up, only to press forward once again.

Shampoo saw the look of discomfort on Tai’s face; it appeared her eating out session was at an end. A pity she hadn’t come yet. Tai was inexperienced at first, but had seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly. Shampoo had been certain the kunoichi was going to get her off before the night was out. Still, there were other things that had to be taken care of at the moment.

Switching her position so that she was sitting in front of Tai, Shampoo cradled the kunoichi’s face gently. The look of discomfort seemed to ease somewhat. “Shampoo was same way when Akane first do her in rear end. Once Sexy Ninja Girl relax and get used to it, it going to feel too, too good. Is nothing like feeling man’s cum in ass. But first, Tai have to relax. No be tense, or it hurt lots.”

Shampoo tried to help things along by indicating to Akane he should move slower. Akane nodded in understanding, and eased the rate of his penetration by half. The Amazon tried to help relax Tai further by gently kissing the kunoichi on the lips.

Again Shampoo found herself taken aback by the look of raw affection from the kunoichi.  The original intention of abducting Tai had been to get back at her for blowing their cover after the Urn caper, as well as getting an incredible piece of ass in the bargain, but now Shampoo found herself feeling a genuine emotion that rivaled that which she felt for Akane at the very least. There was no way this was going to end tonight. Not for any of the three of them. Shampoo continued to kiss Tai softly on the lips.

Akane gently continued to push forward. Softly, he said, “It’s almost all the way in. I’m going to give one more push, then let you get used to it. You ready?”

“Yes,” Tai said, the discomfort now starting to fade as the sensation of being anally penetrated switched from pain to that of pleasure. She prepared herself, and felt the last couple inches of Akane enter her all at once. She gave a yelp again, as the feelings switched back to pain, but there was a sort of relief provided in Shampoo burying Tai’s head in her breasts, the soft pillowy embrace relaxing her some more. After a minute or so of Akane remaining motionless, Tai felt herself get somewhat used to the feeling in her bowels. She was a highly trained kunoichi, after all, and could withstand discomfort. Especially when it held the promise of pleasure, though distant at the moment, becoming more powerful by the second as Tai felt a familiar sensation build up in her loins.

“Go ahead,” Tai softly said as she turned out of Shampoo’s embrace.

At last, Akane began to move back and forth, the tight sensation of filling Tai’s ass far superior to that of her well-worked pussy. The kunoichi’s rectum seemed to clutch at Akane’s dick. He resisted the urge to ejaculate now, wanting Tai to come with him. He began to move more quickly in order to speed things up on Tai’s behalf.

It only took several moments before Tai felt the edges of yet another orgasm start to wash over her. Four times in the same night. It was unbelievable. Usually she considered herself lucky if she got off twice, and on a single occasion, it had been three times, though the last one hadn’t been all that fierce. But this, this was something else altogether. Every one of her orgasms had been hard, and the last one most likely the most intense of her life. Sex with these two lesbians (although did that title really belong to Akane when she was a guy?), was better than anything she had ever experienced before. Already she had decided not to leave them, in favor of having the hell screwed out of her. It was a good choice. But now she knew there was another to make: was it to say good-bye forever to these two skillful lovers, to leave this a one night stand, or would they try to make it into at least a semi-regular thing and see what the future would bring? As Akane began to fuck Tai’s ass with some authority, Tai knew there was only one, real answer.

“I’m yours!” she cried out as the orgasm crashed upon her. She felt Shampoo press her face even tighter to her pillowy bosoms and felt a warm flow of cum trickle down her legs. For the first time in her life, the kunoichi came without any stimulation to her pussy whatsoever. Never had she imagined getting it in the tail would feel so good, even if it did feel like she was in the process of passing a log.

The trembling of Tai’s body sent Akane over the edge as he gave a grunt and blew his load deep in the kunoichi’s ass. The way her sphincter tightened felt like it was trying to milk every drop of cum from his balls as he his dick pulsed again and again into her rear end.

The force of the orgasms drained both of them, and the duo collapsed forward, Akane on top of the sweat-covered kunoichi. The sudden lunge of by both of them made Tai slip from Shampoo’s grasp as the other two fell to the floor, exhausted. There was no motion from either one.

“Hey, who going to make Shampoo come now?” the Amazon complained.


As Akane walked through the deserted park, she brought out the letter and looked it over once again. It was from Shampoo, and requested that they meet here for a little ‘rendezvous.’ The last time she had seen the Amazon, they had agreed to meet several days later than this. Perhaps something had changed in Shampoo’s schedule, or maybe she was just as horny as Akane was.

Akane waited under the large tree that was a good way off the better-used paths of the park, just as Shampoo had requested. The Amazon was late. Now that Akane thought about it, the tone of the letter was a bit different from what Shampoo usually wrote. It was more urgent and less demanding. It also used personal pronouns.

Akane started to look it over again when a chain whipped out from the upper, leaf-covered branches of the tree and wrapped itself around her, pinning her arms to her sides. One quick jerk later, Akane found herself hoisted into the air and up to the level of one of the tree branches. The leaves were thick enough to hide them from anyone not standing directly beneath the tree, and even then they would have had difficulty spotting anyone in it.

Akane found herself confronted by two people: Shampoo, whose feet and legs were bound, and her mouth gagged, and one other.

“Tai!” Akane gasped.

Tai gave Akane a hungry smile. “Yes, it’s me. I sent you and Shampoo those letters to fall into my little trap.”

“Oh, what a tricky ninja you are.”

“I know,” Tai said with a flourish. Her tone changed as it became more intense and reprimanding. “You have a lot to answer for. You haven’t tried to abduct me again in over a week.”

Akane shifted uncomfortably. “Well, Shampoo and I have been really busy. Besides, we thought you were ‘straight’ and wouldn’t want to have another session. That one was as much payback for blowing our cover as much as anything else.”

Tai harumphed. “Just because I’m straight doesn’t mean I don’t want a little lovin’ on the side from the two of you. Besides, there’s one other problem that’s cropped up that you have to answer for.”

“What is it?” Akane said, seeing the look of intensity in the kunoichi’s eyes.

“I’ve screwed ten guys in the last week, and have gotten off a total of, get this, once. And even then it wasn’t as good as anything I had during our little meeting. You big jerks spoiled me, and now you’re going to pay. The three of us are going to have a little bit of rugmunching on my terms now, and we’ll see who spoils who.”

Tai began giggling after her ultimatum was given. Akane wasn’t sure if she should have been incredibly worried, or incredibly turned on. She decided to do both.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t going to be a boring day.


Author's notes: There now, that was about as over the top as I could get. (And yes, the ‘out of character’ statement earlier in the fic was intentional) Never did a lemon before, but I don’t think I left any of the standard phrases out. ^_^

Really written for a certain segment of the reading public, and not meant to be taken seriously in the least. Let me know what you think.

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