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Day One

Yet Another Realities Lemon
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommer@3rdm.net

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after 'Having a Good Time on Dreamstreet.' There will be some POV shifting within the same scene. I've been avoiding that lately, but I think it's necessary here. And you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his 'Realties' series. It's also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It's just an excuse for some lemony fun.

-Lemon Warning-

Shampoo was unable to keep from humming in pleasure as she headed toward Nerima on the rather dismal, cloudy Friday afternoon. Despite an urgent desire to race home, she forced herself to walk slowly and kept to the streets rather than leaping from rooftop to rooftop. The slow manner in which she was allowing events to unfold would allow her to savor the moment.

The reason for her joy was simple. Today was a great day, one of the best all year: it was her birthday. While she was never happy about being a year older, the bitterness of having to work out that much harder to maintain her superior physical shape — as well as fending off the effects of gravity — was easily offset by the gifts her husband annually bestowed upon her. Ranma always took his wife's birthday as seriously as he would a fight with a dangerous opponent. Preparation was always the key, and his gifts were always well thought out items he knew she'd enjoy. Sometimes he'd give her jewelry, or clothing, or some unique magical gift. The first time Ranma had sex as a girl with Shampoo's male form happened on the Amazon's birthday. It was always something special which Shampoo ended up treasuring. And they were always accompanied by a great fuck at the end of the day thrown in. Given how wonderfully her husband treated her, it was small wonder she looked forward to her birthday more than her contemporaries did.

This year Shampoo thought she knew what was coming up: a surprise party. That was one of the few things Ranma hadn't tried yet. She thought the idea was sound; it was always fun to have friends and family around to celebrate the occasion. While Ranma hadn't actually said it was anything of the kind — it wouldn't be a surprise if he did — Shampoo could read between the lines. Ranma said he was going off to some martial arts tournament (one not held on an island) over the weekend and wouldn't be able to celebrate Shampoo's birthday with her, claiming he had vowed to a friend he would participate in it without realizing what day the tournament was. He did promise to leave her a present, though. The Amazon knew that was a lie. Ranma would never ditch his spouse over something like that. He'd have invited her along. It was obviously a set up.

Silver's actions only confirmed what Shampoo suspected. Her daughter claimed she would be away for the weekend as well, taking a trip with a hot date, and that they could celebrate the birthday when she returned. The timing and cold-hearted nature of her family's casual proclamation of their absence was too convenient. They were hoping to lull her into a false sense of security and then unleash the surprise. It wasn't their fault they were such terrible liars. Ranma had always been miserable at it and Silver had inherited the same inability from her father. Besides, Shampoo preferred her family being transparent compared to the alternative of them being able to sneak things past her.

Shampoo decided to help with the preparations by telling Ranma and Silver she would be making herself scarce the majority of the day with some serious shopping (it was her birthday, after all, and she should treat herself right). But the anticipation was too much for her to take. She had been gone the majority of the day before she broke down and knew she had to go back. She had called ahead and left a message on her home's answering machine saying exactly when she'd be returning. By now the people Ranma had gathered were undoubtedly lying in wait for the guest of honor's appearance. Shampoo decided she'd act surprised, just so her family wouldn't felt bad about tipping their hand too soon.

As to the presents she would be receiving this year, Shampoo was fairly certain she knew what Ranma had in store for at least one of them. Sex almost certainly had something to do with it. Ranma had begged off having any, repeatedly citing 'having a bad headache'. That the headache only seemed to affect him when Shampoo became amorous only highlighted its selective nature. Obviously he was cutting his spouse off for some reason, and the timing of the birthday was too coincidental. Maybe Ranma was going to be a guy and have sex with Shampoo's cursed form. That would be great. He had finally yielded his ass as a girl, so all that was left was to give it up as a guy. If that was the case, Shampoo hoped Ranma brought plenty of lubricant, because she would partake of his spouse's treasure much and often.

Shampoo was so distracted by the growing anticipation she neglected to pay attention to the clouds above, which had grown dark in recent moments. She became aware of the weather change as the skies suddenly dumped water upon her, triggering her curse and shifting her body to that of her male form.

Shampoo-kun swore out loud as he examined his soaked outfit. And here he wasn't even a block away from his home. Of all the damned luck. He decided that the delay seeking a source of warm water would entail wasn't worth it, and he'd have to be in his male form when he arrived. He could always change back to a girl once the initial wave of greeting the guests was over.

The journey through the rain seemed to take forever. Shampoo-kun was nearly ready to cry out in delight upon finally arriving home. Slowly he went up to the door, allowing anyone peeking out the windows to see him coming. He moved with the speed of an arthritic sloth as he removed his keys from his pocket and jangled them as he brought them up to the lock. He made a lot of noise as he opened the door and announced, "I'm home!" and entered the living room

Shampoo-kun was surprised: surprised no one was there to surprise him. The living room was the obvious place to hold the party. Perhaps they were hidden in the dojo. There was plenty of space in there, and it was an even better place to hold the celebration. He went to the dojo, only to see no one there either.

"That's odd," Shampoo-kun said to himself. He went through the house, looking in the basement and bedrooms and still there was nothing. Then the cursed Amazon realized something. In his haste, he had forgotten to look in the dining room.

He rushed to the room, eager to see the beaming faces of family and friends greet him in celebration. Instead what he got was a cake.

Shampoo-kun stared at the huge pastry with ten layers, each six inches high and brimmed in white frosting, sitting on their extravagant dining room table. The piece of furniture was a large thing that the Saotomes had picked up in their travels in Europe in their early days when they still actively searched for a cure to their curses (which they no longer truly cared about, having fully adjusted to them). It was made of strong, thick wood and could easily withstand the weight of the massive cake (it had supported the weight of a rather lusty Ranma and Shampoo on more than one occasion) and was sturdy enough to take a real 'pounding' in every sense of the word. Propped up next to the cake was a note. Shampoo snatched it and read.

"Dear Shampoo,

"Sorry I couldn't stay and celebrate your birthday with you this year. I'll make it up to you when I get back. In the meantime, here's a little something to tide you over. Enjoy eating your cake."

It was signed by Ranma. Below that was a P.S. from Silver. Her scrawl said she was sorry she couldn't be here either and to consider the cake a gift from her as well.

The note crumpled in Shampoo-kun's hand. There was one hope for the pair of missing Saotomes, and it entailed the cake being false. He scratched at the surface and came away with frosting. He sucked it off his digit. Bland, crap frosting, no less.

Shampoo-kun was enraged. How dare his family abandon him in this time of need? A need to celebrate, perhaps, but it was still need. Instead, the two insensitive jerks had ducked out on him to have fun on their own. They'd pay for that when they returned from gallivanting about the countryside. Shampoo-kun wasn't sure how, but he had a weekend to come up with something involving a great deal of discomfort and misery, and it would last a long while too. Maybe even until the Amazon's next birthday.

And to try to bribe him with a cake, as though it could somehow replace real people! It was outrageous. It was insulting. It made Shampoo-kun's rage grow to twice in size. He was so angry that he dug his fingers underneath the base of the cake and knocked it over. Anger had increased his strength so much he could have overturned a small car without effort. The cake easily tipped over and fell across the table with a loud thud, frosting smearing a great deal of the surface.

Shampoo-kun heard a muffled, feminine "Ow!" From the top of the cake, which was so tall that it extended beyond the edge of the table, shot a blur of flesh that landed out of sight behind the table with a thud.

The shock rendered Shampoo-kun motionless for a moment. There had been a person hidden in the cake, the real frosting of the exterior a decoy to catch him off-guard. Well, it had been successful, though in a way no one could have predicted. In tipping the cake over without warning, he had caught the person inside off guard and sent them flying to the floor. Shampoo-kun prayed they hadn't been injured due to his temper tantrum.

Shampoo-kun ran around the table to see what had happened and was confronted with a sight that stopped him in his tracks. The person in the cake had been thrown head over heels, literally. In a display of flexibility, the stunned girl was currently resting on her head and shoulderblades, with her ankles 'above' her head, leaving her bottom sticking up in the air. Shampoo-kun found himself confronted with two perfectly rounded tanned globes, bisected only by a thin red strip that ran between the asscheeks and up over the front, just barely covering anything.

Identification of the owner of the bottom was instantaneous. That derriere had been burned permanently in Shampoo-kun's mind as one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He knew, since he had fucked it himself several times.

"Yuriko!" Shampo-kun cried out.

A low groan emanated from Yuriko Kuonji as she rolled through and into a sitting position, her eyes crossed in confusion from the unexpected spill and landing on her head. She rose to her feet, shaking her head free of the cobwebs that had formed in it.

"Are you okay?" Shampoo-kun asked, still concerned.

The question seemed to clear the last of the confusion from Yuriko. She said, "I'm okay, Auntie."

With confirmation of her health out of the way, Shampoo-kun was able to focus on the girl herself. Now he found himself pleasantly surprised for the first time today. Yuriko was naked, save for a red ribbon tied across the front of her chest, with two bows strategically paced at the nipples to hide them from view. The only other thing that could be called 'clothing' was another ribbon that was tied across her hips, with a second one attached to it that ran perpendicular across the front of her crotch and up around the back. Again a large bow was carefully placed in front of her pussy to hide it from view. The sight rendered Shampoo-kun rock hard in an instant.

Now fully aware and seeing Shampoo-kun's look of surprise switch to a leer, Yuriko pretended to be shy while actually posing sexily for him. In her little girl voice, she softly intoned, "Uncle Ranma and Silver got me for you for your birthday. I'm your present. You can use me however you want for today."

If Shampoo-kun's member could have spoken, it would have shouted out this was the best present it had ever received. So that was what Ranma and Silver had been up to, the sneaky devils. Shampoo-kun had been dropping hints to his spouse that they should try to bring 'Little Slut' around and play with her before the summer vacation next year, especially after Ranma had gotten his crack at her snatch during his little hot spring encounter. But he had played down the idea enough that Shampoo-kun thought he had forgotten it. Obviously the exact opposite had been true, and he had been planning this for a while. Ranma was going to be in for quite a treat when he got back.

Actually, looking the blonde over, adorned in nothing but a couple small strips of ribbon and a trio of bows, he might have to wait a few days to allow Shampoo-kun to recover his strength.

Looking her over, Shampoo-kun recalled Ranma stating that Yuriko was 'built for sex', and he would have been hard pressed to deny it. With her blonde hair, beautiful face, long legs, narrow hips, voluptuous bottom, and enormous breasts, Shampoo-kun doubted there was one man in ten that, upon meeting Yuriko for the first time, didn't fantasize about fucking her on the spot. The Amazon certainly was at the moment, and unlike all those other men, he was actually going to do it. Repeatedly.

A wolf-like grin spread across Shampoo-kun's face, and he took a step forward. Yuriko actually trembled when being confronted with his open lust and took a half-step back. Shampoo-kun became even more excited. While Ranma-chan might have acted submissive occasionally during their sex games, she wasn't really that way. Letting herself get taken by Shampoo-kun was something the redhead allowed to happen as a way of having fun, but there was never any real doubt about the smaller girl's ability to call the shots on a moment's notice should the need arise.

But Yuriko was different. She was genuinely submissive, and could be overwhelmed by a powerful masculine presence. Oh, she might insist otherwise, she was a mouthy little thing, but Shampoo-kun knew better. Their encounter at the beach proved that. She truly reveled in being dominated by a virile male who could prove his prowess to her. Her pattern of lovers showed that quickly enough. Silver was much like her father in her confidence and occasionally dominant streak when she felt a need to prove herself. And her devotion to staying by Yuriko's side and protecting her when the need arose had been evident from an early age. It was small wonder that, once Yuriko got over the fact Silver was a girl at least part of the time, the two had become lovers.

It was much the same for Akira. While in many ways his outward personality was the exact opposite of Silver's, there was a quiet intensity about the young man that spoke of complete confidence in his abilities, which were more considerable than he let on. And he too had an aggressive streak, as Ranma could certainly attest to. Once Yuriko had fallen under his sway, it was all over for her there as well.

And there was the fact both her partners were attractive and well endowed. Physically and emotionally dominated, it was easy to see why Yuriko wanted both of them as her lovers. Of course, in the vein of all teenagers, she was greedy, and wanted even more than she already had, which was probably why she had agreed to become Little Slut for her Auntie's birthday. It was Shampoo-kun's older, more experienced hand that had broken Yuriko in good and proper at the beach, forcing her to confront things about herself she might have been reluctant to admit to. And then there was the simple physical attraction. Shampoo-kun knew he was quite the specimen of manhood. He still drew stares from women when walking around and modeled regularly. That, combined with the fact he had always been a dominant authority figure in Yuriko's life, made the idea of him fucking her irresistible to her.

With her backing away, Shampoo-kun's more predatory nature showed through. He became more aroused by her action. He moved quickly, sidling his body up to her and placing a hand in the small of her back to prevent her from moving further away. He asserted his physical dominance by looking down at her from almost directly above, and smiling in a way that let the prey know it was cornered.

"A present. Yes, I like opening presents." Shampoo-kun said. He moved his hand around to where the ribbon was tied around her back, and slowly, sensuously, pulled, undoing the tie and letting the ribbon and bows fall to the ground.

He repeated the action with the bottoms, then stood back a moment to admire the body being offered to him in all of its natural glory. It was just as he remembered, with a firmness and newness that was exclusive to the young. Already Yuriko's nipples were hard and her lower lips pouty with anticipation of what to was come. Even the way she stood sent messages to Shampoo-kun that she was ready to be taken. It required a great deal of self-control not to simply pin Yuriko to the ground and impale her on his manhood. While doing so would be physically gratifying to him, he wanted to maximize his pleasure during this unexpected and unique opportunity.

Every now and then, since the beach encounter, Shampoo-kun fantasized about what he'd like to do to his Little Slut for next year. A hundred different scenarios had run through his mind. Some weren't terribly realistic, but that was part of the fun in fantasizing. There was one very possible scenario he swore he'd try if the opportunity presented itself. It was something he really couldn't do with Ranma, since his spouse probably wouldn't enjoy it, or would return the favor. That didn't sit all that well with Shampoo-kun. He wanted to be the one giving, not receiving. But with Yuriko it was different. She was ideal to do it to. The only question was how to come up with a reasonable approach to start things off.

And then it came to him. It was his birthday, and there was a tradition regarding those that fit his plans perfectly, with a little adjusting.

Keeping a close eye on his present, Shampoo-kun grabbed a chair next to the table and turned around so it was facing away from the table and toward Yuriko. Shampoo-kun sat down, and said in a tone that would brook no disobedience, "Come," and patted his lap.

On her part, Yuriko became more excited. The lust in her master's eyes meant the offering of her body had been met with approval. Not that she had any real doubts regarding her auntie wanting to screw her mercilessly, just like he had at the beach, but there was always the chance something would come up and necessitate having to delay things. But not now. After months of anticipation, her pussy was again going to be stuffed to the brim with the biggest cock around. Already there was a need in her loins for fulfillment that only Shampoo-kun could provide. She needed cock and badly. Luckily, her master had plenty to offer.

Seeing Shampoo-kun sit down and pat his lap, Yuriko assumed her master wanted her to straddle his hips and let Yuriko do all the work in riding him. She could tell through the huge projection in his pants that he was ready for her as well.

She walked over and began to straddle him when Shampoo-kun said, "No, lay across my lap."

Yuriko paused in confusion.

"Lay down!" Shampoo-kun barked.

Automatically Yuriko obeyed without thinking. She lay across his knees. His legs were spread apart just enough so that the underside of her breasts were pressed up against one leg while her pelvis rested across the other. Now in the position her master had desired, Yuriko had an inkling of what was about to happen.

Shampoo-kun confirmed things by saying, "Good, Little Slut. Now it's time for your birthday spanking."

That didn't sound very good. She wanted her bottom fucked, not slapped. She tried to counter things. "Ah, I thought the birthday spankings went to the person whose birthday it was."

"It's my birthday, and I get to choose who receives them," Shampoo-kun explained, effectively ending the discussion.

Yuriko girded herself for what was to come. Apparently her master wanted a little warm up in the form of applying a few playful slaps to her behind. If that was what it was going to take to have that monster of his shoved up her pussy, then she'd keep her mouth shut and her bottom ready.

Out of the corner of her eye, Yuriko saw Shampoo-kun raise his hand. She tensed up just a touch in anticipation of the contact…

…and cried out in pain as an open palm, with real force behind it, impacted with one of her buttcheeks and filled the air with a decisive crack. There was a feeling of shock and betrayal as the pain traveled from there to her brain, and Yuriko gave a high-pitched squeal. Reflexively the blonde's hands went to cover her backside and prevent it from receiving further abuse.

"Ah ah, none of that." Shampoo-kun caught both wrists in one hand and forced them out of the way. He scowled in irritation at them, then his eyes fell upon the base of the chair where one of the ribbons that had adorned Yuriko earlier lay. While keeping her wrists pinned, he reached down just far enough to pick up the ribbon. Within seconds he had the ribbon tied around her forearms and jammed behind her back, immobilizing the limbs and leaving her bottom free of any obstructions.

His hand rose and fell again, this time striking the other cheek. Yuriko cried out again at the red hot sensation of pain coming from her bottom.

Understanding what was happening to her, Yuriko began wiggling in an effort to get free. "No, Auntie! Stop! I didn't do anything to deserve getting spanked!"

"Wrong! Little Slut has been forgetting her place lately. She's been very." Shampoo-kun's hand descended again, returning to the first side that had been paddled. "Mouthy and demanding. I heard Silver complain about how you're not minding your place and giving her and Akira a hard time for not giving you the attention you think you deserve. Well, now you getting plenty of attention." Shampoo-kun swatted the second cheek once more.

Yuriko yelped again. "I'll be a good girl, honest!" And she meant it. Already her bottom was in an agony that wasn't going to be disappearing in the next minute or so.

"It already too late. You made the big mistake in using two words not in Little Slut's vocabulary." He swatted her bottom again, causing it to jiggle slightly from the impact, despite its firmness.

"Ow!" Yuriko cried. Her auntie wasn't holding anything back in administering his hand to her bottom. Already tears began to well in her eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"Bad girl, you don't even know what you did wrong." He swatted her behind again. "You told me 'No' and 'Stop'. You never, never tell your master that. You been allowed free reign for too long. Now you have to be broken in good and proper again." The hand went high in the air, then fell downward, meeting flesh once more as Yuriko cried out in pain.

"Stop wiggling, Little Slut," Shampoo-kun warned. "If I no get a good shot in, it won't count and I'll have to try again."

Not wanting to, but knowing she had no choice if she wanted to be on the receiving end of the cock she so desperately craved, Yuriko did her best to remain motionless. There were no further protests, just sobbing as tears began to fall.

A touch disappointed at her accepting his sex slave accepting her 'punishment' so quickly, Shampoo-kun teased, "Besides, it's my birthday, and I want to see a red bottom." His hand descended hard again.

Shampoo-kun went more slowly as time went on, methodical in his approach as he applied his hand to the firm bottom draped across his lap. By the time of the twelfth swat, Yuriko's cheeks were like giant tomatoes with the shade of red they had turned. He grinned in satisfaction. Yuriko's protests had worked in his favor, as it gave him a 'legitimate' excuse to tan her hide. There was no way Ranma would ever have submitted to this, and Shampoo-kun didn't really think he wanted his spouse to do so. Ranma was far more fun mouthy and defiant than he ever would be quiet and compliant. Seeing Yuriko pliant, on the other hand, was natural, and Shampoo-kun knew he'd have her in the palm of his hand from this point onward as he forcefully exerted his dominance over her. She had just needed a little reminder of the role she'd be playing as his personal sex toy.

While Yuriko would have argued it with her dying breath, Shampoo-kun was being careful with her. Each measured application to Yuriko's bottom was carefully controlled. None of the blows had come close to doing any real damage. They were designed solely to elicit a quick sensation of stinging pain and a lingering soreness that would last an hour, or maybe half that considering Yuriko's natural martial artist resilience. He had done far worse in sparring sessions with her. It would serve as a reminder for her to mind her manners, and was just plain kinky.

Satisfied his sex slave was coming along well, Shampoo-kun lessened the force behind the next swat, though with Yuriko's tender, abused flesh, it felt just as powerful to her.

Yuriko lay limply in her master's lap (and Master he was once again with his show of authority). The only time she moved was when the hand actually met her flesh. Tears rolled down her cheeks from the hot, stinging sensation her bottom was trying to overload her mind with. However, despite the pain, there was something else that was coming from the same general area of her body. A very different sensation indeed.

Once Shampoo-kun lessened the strength behind each swat, a heat also built up in Yuriko's loins. It was the same one that had originally been present when she had offered herself to her auntie. It had disappeared briefly when the spanking started, but now it had returned, and with each swat to her flesh it increased in intensity even more quickly than her bottom did. Within a matter of minutes, the heat had built up to a level that rivaled the one in her bottom. Unable to deal with the twin sensations, Yuriko began rubbing her legs together in-between spanks in a desperate effort to release the ever-increasing tension in her loins. All the rubbing did was increase the agony and made it worse.

Shampoo-kun paused for a moment in his chastisement as he watched Yuriko inexplicably grind her legs together. It took him a moment to understand what she was trying to do, and his look of concentration became one of delight. This was even better than he had hoped. Not only was the spanking erotic to begin with, as well as bringing Yuriko to heel, but it was turning her on as well. Oh yes. This was a new dimension to things, all right. He mentally inventoried that little tidbit of knowledge. Spanking was going to become a regular event when heading to the beach from now on, even if it meant coming up with imagined crimes to use as an excuse for dealing it out to his slave.

Seeing Yuriko become aroused at her punishment did the same to Shampoo-kun. His cock, already stiff and confined in his pants, became a bar of iron that was an unbearable discomfort. He had to relieve the pressure, and fast.

Shampoo-kun applied a few more swats to Yuriko's backside, light touches that were nothing compared to his earlier blows. Each one only seemed to turn the girl on further until her sobs of pain became raspy breaths of lust.

Judging his 'tomatoes' were ripe for the plucking, and unable to control himself any longer, Shampoo-kun stopped the spanking. He grabbed Yuriko under the shoulders, and forced her to stand upright. He found he had to hold her up as the nearly insensate girl's legs refused to support her. Rather than waiting for her to come around, he simply carried her to the table and bent her over it. He kept one hand pressed against her back to pin her against the table top, mashing her breasts against it and leaving her beautiful, crimson bottom at the perfect level for him to insert himself.

Shampoo-kun forced his legs between her, making her widen her stance and spread her wide open to accept his offering. He glanced down and saw her labia were engorged with desire, and she was so wet that fluid was already trickling down her legs. Judging her ready, and with a painful need to relieve the discomfort in his groin, Shampoo-kun kept Yuriko pinned with one hand and freed his cock with the other. The head of his member was as purple as he had ever seen it, and he knew he had to take his slave right now before he popped in his pants.

Not wasting any time, he aimed his monster at Yuriko's beckoning lips and thrust forward, spreading her open with his wide head and spearing her deep with nearly half his cock in the initial thrust.

Immediately Yuriko cried out in incoherent ecstasy as her body jerked and tried to rise up from the table top. Shampoo-kun was forced to use some real strength to keep her pinned down. Unable to move, she cried out several times as the intensity of the orgasm that strained her already overtaxed senses.

Shampoo-kun basked in the pleasure of how her hole tightened on his shaft and marveled at just how incredibly responsive Yuriko could be sometimes. As gruff and non-caring as he sounded in his role as Little Slut's 'master', the truth was Shampoo-kun cared for the girl now more than ever before in his life, though the amount of lust he felt rivaled that of simple affection. It was very different from the pure love he felt for Ranma (not that lust didn't have a place at that table as well). It made him feel proud to know he could elicit such pleasures on her body, and that she in turn would adore him all the more for it.

But now was a time for lust, rather than simple tender affection. Shampoo-kun's own fires had been stoked high from the moment Yuriko stood before him, pronouncing herself a gift for his enjoyment. And he was enjoying himself, and would continue to do so.

Satisfied Yuriko had come down from her orgasmic high, and no longer threatening to milk his balls dry, Shampoo-kun began to ease back out of her until only the head of his cock remained in her. Then he pressed his hips forward again, roughly and brutally, driving everything that was in before and an additional inch of himself in her body. He could afford to be a little rougher with Yuriko than with Ranma-chan, since her airen's petite form couldn't quite handle everything he had to offer. On the other hand, Yuriko's outstanding body was built to take massive amounts of large cock and enjoy it. Shampoo-kun was happy to supply her with everything she could handle.

Yuriko responded instantly, gasping like a bitch in heat at the lust fueled way she was being taken. Shampoo-kun was no better, as he drew slowly back, allowing her still surprisingly tight passage to cling to his member, desperate to keep him in her body. Then he rammed forward again, grunting as he drove increasing amounts of his shaft into her.

Really feeling his oats, Shampoo-kun began talking in broken Japanese, "This what you like, isn't it, Little Slut? You like big cock stuffed into you tight pussy?"

"Yes! Yes!" was all Yuriko could gasp out in her pleasured state of mind.

That was all the encouragement Shampoo-kun needed. He continued, slow on the outstroke, quick on the instroke, until all of him was fully embedded in her body. He savored the sensation of having his entire shaft inside the tight passageway, something he could only manage with Ranma-chan's backdoor normally. But there were more urgent needs too. It was taking everything he had not to pop, and he wanted to make Yuriko come one more time before he exploded inside her.

Shampoo-kun picked up his speed as he pounded his entire length into her body. He was like an animal as his need to spew his seed increased with each thrust. Guttural growls escaped his lips as he pounded her with enough force that his hips slammed into her backside.

The further contact with her abused derriere had the effect of making Yuriko's breathing increase and eyes widen as she found herself rapidly approaching another mind-blowing orgasm. Higher functions were lost as the reptile portion of her brain relished the sensations her lover was inflicting upon her and wished with all its might that he took her over the edge one more time before the inevitable consequence of their joining happened.

Yuriko got her wish as Shampoo-kun impaled her with his most powerful thrust yet, leaving his entire length buried within her body. It sent her over the edge, and she cried out again in ecstasy as she felt her lover fill her with his seed. He remained in her, gasping out in pleasure as his manhood dispensed blast after blast of his creamy load deep into her womb.

The intensity of the long awaited orgasm was almost too much for Shampoo-kun to take, and he collapsed on top of his lover, pinning her to the table top with his body rather than his hand. They remained that way, motionless for a couple of minutes. He could feel Yuriko coming down from her own orgasm as well, and saw that some of her higher functions began returning as the constant assault her body had been under for the last twenty minutes had finally relented.

He remained on lying on top of her body, not enough to drive the breath out of her, but enough to keep his slave pinned down and under his total control. He even left his cock, now flaccid, buried within her. Now this was an afterglow. In fact, he was enjoying himself so much that he came to a decision. No way was one day with this hot little number going to be anywhere enough to satisfy his appetite. Opportunities like this didn't come around often, and he was damned if he'd cut things short.

Convinced Yuriko had recovered enough of her wits to speak, he whispered in her ear, "Little Slut is still really hot fuck fuck. Too hot to let go any time soon. Shampoo not going to let his present go for the whole weekend until he tired of using it and it all worn out."

Yuriko felt her heart flutter at what was unquestionably a mark of approval from someone that meant the world to her. Still, there were other considerations. "I'm supposed to work in my parents' restaurant tomorrow." Originally she was supposed to work tonight as well, but she had arranged thing so that Akira could fill in for her, which had been no easy task, considering the reason she couldn't work. It had required a bit of shiftiness on her part, but it was necessary in order to be her auntie's present, and birthdays did come only once a year.

"You going to be calling off," Shampoo-kun explained.

"Yes, Auntie." That was that, and Yuriko wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Her master hadn't been joking when he informed her that 'Little Slut' was going to be re-broken in for his personal use. She belonged to him again, just as she had at the shore. She didn't have the right to say no to anything he demanded of her (as had been made emphatically clear to her still sore backside). Besides, she didn't want to leave, preferring a hot fuck to boring work any day. Her parents would just have to make due with Akira helping them out in the restaurant.

Deciding they had taken enough time to enjoy the afterglow of their torrid joining, Shampoo-kun withdrew himself from her body and stood up, untying the bonds around her arms. Yuriko also stood and rubbed her arms to get the circulation flowing again.

As she turned, Shampoo-kun saw that there was now a smear of frosting on the blonde's washboard flat stomach. Curious, he looked toward the table. Now that Yuriko no longer commanded all of his attention (just the majority of it) he noticed that his little temper tantrum with the cake had resulted in frosting splattering all over the place, including the table. When he had forced the blonde against the tabletop, some of it had rubbed off on her.

Looking at the smear gave Shampoo-kun an idea, one that would give him a chance to recharge his batteries while entertaining him at the same time. He placed his hands on Yuriko's waist and drew her toward him, pressing her body against his. Given the height differential, she was forced to crane her head back to look into his eyes.

The Amazon smiled at her, relishing the way her body molded against his. He relocated his hands to her backside and dug his fingers into her cheeks. "I definitely like this birthday cake Ranma got me."

He brought his mouth down on hers, spearing his tongue past her lips. Yuriko returned the favor enthusiastically, playing with his tongue by using her own. As they continued their passionate liplock, Shampoo-kun lifted the blonde up by her abused bottom, eliciting a whimper from her. Mindful of her sore posterior, he gently sat her on the edge of the table. He broke off the kiss and was taken aback by the look of almost child-like adoration she had for him, though there was more than a hint of lust mixed in. She was unquestionably his now, and eager to please. Well, he'd give her plenty of opportunity to do just that.

He smirked at her and said, "Oh yes, the flavor of the Little Slut filling is too, too good." He paused for a moment, then pouted. "But something is missing."

"What? Yuriko asked, ready to do his bidding.

"Frosting." Shampoo-kun scooped up a small handful in easy reach and smothered it on one of the blonde's breasts. Yuriko gasped at the contact of the creamy substance against her flesh, but said nothing. He spread it around, occasionally toying with the nipple or kneading the breast, taking his time as he molded the icing to her body.

Yuriko responded by remaining motionless, relishing the sensation of being played with by her master. Automatically her body began to respond as her arousal was reignited. She watched in fascination at how he handled her with such expert care while coating her in the edible topping.

With his other hand Shampoo-kun eased her back until she was resting on the table surface, legs dangling over the side. Now he had unlimited access to her body. The breast smothered in the tasty-looking white was truly a wonderful sight.

"Is time to decorate the cake," the Amazon teased as he scooped up more of the frosting and began working on the other breast. Yuriko laid as motionless as she could, cooing in delight at the treatment she was receiving.

Shampoo-kun took his time, making sure his plaything was enjoying his skilled hands as they worked her flesh. After indulging himself of her bountiful bosom, he trailed his fingertips down her body, leaving lines of frosting in his wake. He made a few artistic loops as the path he created until it led down to Yuriko's loins.

He grabbed more of his edible paint, then proceeded to work over the blonde's pussy, coating the tiny line of hair with frosting, as well as the outer lips. He painted on a beard of white in-between her legs as Yuriko went from cooing to outright moaning at his skilled hands continued working their magic on her .

Shampoo-kun finished things off with one more scoop he collected on his fingers. With one hand he opened Yuriko's lower lips, and with the other, stuffed some of the white substance inside her. The penetration caused the blonde to buck her hips upward.

Then Shampoo-kun abruptly stopped, withdrawing his fingers and standing to his full height above his present. He stared in admiration at his handiwork, satisfied the rush job would do.

Yuriko looked up in longing at her master. "What are you going to do now, Auntie?"

The wolf-like grin returned. "Silly girl. Was you no paying attention? Now that the cake is decorated, is time to eat."

And he lowered his head to the first breast he had covered and proceeded to lick her clean.

Ai Konjou waited until she passed into the back of the Ucchan's and away from the noisy crowds before answering her cel phone. She didn't even bother reading the number display to see who the call was from; she was grateful for any excuse to get away from waiting on tables.


No words were spoken. There were only the sounds of heavy breathing and gasping on the other end. It figured: an obscene call. Unfortunately it was neither very good nor imaginative. Occasionally she'd get them and listen long enough to rate how dirty the call was. It wasn't like a few words would offend her, and sometimes they could be amusing.

This wasn't one of those times. It was probably some thirteen-year old who thought a waste of time like breathing on the end of a phone line and offending people was fun. Truly youth was wasted on the young.

Ai was about to hang up when she heard a deeper male voice, further away from the mouthpiece, say, "Tell her, Little Slut."

The heavy breathing became the familiar voice of Yuriko. "M… Mama, it's me."

Now the true nature of the call made sense, and Ai smiled in understanding. She and Ukyou were fully aware that their oldest daughter had decided to become a 'birthday present' for Shampoo, which translated into reprising her role as sex slave at the beach. Apparently she had taken very well to the punishment she had received back then for her improprieties. Ai had to admit, since then her daughter's overall attitude had improved, and she seemed a lot more easy going, if a bit of a demanding little princess that thought too much of herself from time to time.

While that attitude might have washed with Akira and Silver, it didn't hold water in the Kuonji household. As Ai once told her when she was in a particularly prissy mood, "Putting out works on your lovers, not your parents." Some time as Shampoo's new sex toy might help her curb her manners, at least for a little while. The Amazon wouldn't put up with any crap from the girl, and Yuriko had always been obedient toward her aunt, even before her beach escapade. Ai was a touch envious Shampoo had been able to hold such power over the girl, since she had never been that acquiescent with either of her parents.

As it was, Yuriko almost hadn't been able to indulge herself since she had been scheduled to work tonight. A couple of the waitresses suddenly weren't able to work this week, leaving the staff of Ucchan's shorthanded. Ordinarily Yuriko didn't waitress more than two or three times a week, and even then she only did it for some cash to spend. But due to the under-staffing, it fell upon her to fulfill her family obligation and help keep their source of income intact by doing a little work. However she had gotten a replacement that freed her up for the evening, a night she seemed to be enjoying a great deal, if the heavy breathing was any indication.

Ai felt herself turned on as she imagined what Shampoo-kun was doing to her eldest daughter right at this moment. "What is it, Yuriko?"

Through the gasps, she said, "I'm not going to be able to make it work tomorrow."

"I can't imagine why," Ai quipped. It wasn't entirely unexpected. While the deal was only to take tonight off, it was easy to see how that was going to fall through if things had gone as well as they sounded.

Ai pretended to think it over. "Well, since it is your Auntie's birthday, I suppose we can allow her to indulge herself a little. Okay."

"Thank you, Mama." The gratitude in Yuriko's voice was clear.

Curiosity, as well as arousal, was getting the better of Ai. She couldn't resist asking, "Is your Auntie enjoying her present?"

"Yes, Mama," Yuriko gasped, her voice hazy in lust. "First my hands were tied up, then I was spanked for being a naughty girl. My bottom's still sore, but I was being bad, and deserved it."

That made Ai shake her head in disbelief. Getting Yuriko to admit she was wrong was like pulling teeth. Truly Shampoo had a masterful hand when dealing with the girl. Maybe they should leave her with the Amazon all the time.

Yuriko's confession continued. "Then Auntie fucked me real good. I came so hard I nearly passed out."

Ai's hand went up her skirt and drifted toward her loins. The hot talk was really getting her wound up. She knew what Shampoo-kun's cock could do, and was envious of her daughter being on the receiving end of it.

Yuriko's own breathing increased. "Then Auntie said, since I was in her cake, she should be allowed to eat me. So she covered me in frosting and ate it off my entire body. She said I was delicious."

Now Ai's finger began dancing across the front of her pussy. That definitely sounded kinky. She could just imagine the sight of Shampoo-kun cleaning her daughter of with his tongue, and was sorry she had missed it.

There was a sudden gasp on the other end of the line. "What is it?" Ai asked.

It took a few seconds for Yuriko to answer. "My master's fucking me again."

Ai's fingers went into her own pussy. This was great. Real live phone sex, and she didn't even have to pay for it. "How does the cock feel inside of you?"

It took several seconds for the response to come, and Yuriko was gasping even harder. "It feels so good. He's forcing his way in. I want to feel him inside me. It's so big, he's touching me places no one else can. I feel like I'm stuffed so full of cock I'm going to explode."

Ai began working her fingers inside in earnest as she visualized what was happening.

Suddenly Yuriko cried out, "I'm… I'm coming!" And the phone went dead a moment later.

Ai growled in anger. Darn that girl! It was just getting to the good part. Rather than having a chance to climax herself, now Ai was left feeling revved up but with no chance of maxing her engine out. Reluctantly she disengaged her fingers from her loins and composed herself. She had to get back out on the floor to work, and to think things through.

Once Ai calmed down, (enough so that she wouldn't try to finger herself in front of the customers) she went back outside to consider the problem Yuriko's absence tomorrow would make.

Ai returned from in back and looked the scene over. Ucchan's was packed, even for a Friday night. The restaurant had come a long way from the small shop Ukyou had originally opened up when she was still in high school. Over the years, business had become so good that they had bought the two shops to the left of them in order to expand and accommodate their customers.

The need for expansion was from a combination of Ukyou's cooking skills and Ai's inventiveness when it came to marketing. She had learned early on in the game that while it was good food and prices that kept them coming in, you needed something else to catch the customers' attention in the first place. Ai knew what drew people's eyes like nothing else: sex. Specifically in the case of Ucchan's, it was what the staff they looked like, and what they wore.

Ai had designed the waitress uniforms herself, and since it was an all female staff, everyone wore the same thing (save for Ukyou who wore her traditional okonomkiyaki seller's outfit). Black stockings rode up the legs until they stopped mid-thigh, just short of the skimpy black skirts that finished the bottoms of uniforms. The tops were white blouses that buttoned up the front. Or more specifically, buttoned most of the way up. The buttons stopped just short of top of the breasts, and 'V'd upward from there, showing a good bit of cleavage. It became more than a 'good bit' when the top button wasn't used, like in Ai's case, and the valley formed by her ample bust was displayed for everyone to see. The material was also very tight, not enough to cut off circulation, but more than enough to show off the attributes beneath, especially when they didn't wear bras, like many of the staff, including Ai, did.

The uniforms weren't enough, though; there had to be something in them people wanted to see. In the beginning that was Ai, who was the only waitress Ukyou had. Once business increased, Ai very carefully selected girls whose dimensions, while not as good as the former cheerleader, would continue reeling the customers in.

As time passed, the restaurant's popularity grew and the staff with it. Ai was always very selective about who made the cut at Ucchan's. Luckily, they had developed a reputation for the staff making huge tips, and many cute, bouncy high-school girls applied for a job when there were openings available (though Yuriko was still the bounciest of them all.) Ai also took guilty delight in having so many attractive girls all around. She never fooled around with any of the staff, but she enjoyed the eye-candy as much as anyone.

Ukyou still cooked all the food, except those times she had to take a break, in which case Ai would take over. Ukyou considered it a matter of pride as a chef and refused to consider allowing anyone else to do it, citing they could never match her skill. Luckily her martial arts cooking skills allowed her to move fast enough, and still cook superbly, to serve everyone.

Ai, on the other hand, was damned if she'd be waiting on all the tables on her lonesome. During the busy times, like now, they needed a minimum of six people on hand to wait on the customers and run the register. Eight was better, but with the two people out in the same week (one due to moving to another district, the other to a broken leg), six was the best they could manage, and that was counting Ai, which was why she wanted Yuriko to work tonight.

There was also the benefit of Yuriko being considered something of the 'star attraction' at Ucchan's. Ai had even caught on to some sort of unofficial organization of guys from her high school that had formed a network. Whenever Yuriko was working and one of the guys spotted her, they would call one another and come down to eat at Ucchan's. Ai had put it together after overhearing a couple of calls made in the restaurant, and a small horde of guys showed up shortly afterwards. She had no complaints, since it was good for business and Yuriko enjoyed the excessive gratuities the men heaped upon her.

Tonight would have been the same thing, had Yuriko not already made plans. Her parents were going to make her break them until she confessed to what the plan was. Yuriko promised they could have Akira replace her. While the staff was supposed to be only girls, Ai was willing to accept him since it would only be for one night and they were desperate for help. Yuriko claimed she would be back for the Saturday crowd, but Ai had doubts even then. Now they had been confirmed, which left them in something of a bind.

While it was true Akira had showed up a half hour before Ucchan's was to open, Yuriko had neglected to mention to him that he was expected to work in her stead. Apparently she had simply told him to "Go down to the restaurant" at the appropriate time. When he was informed as to why he was supposed to be there, he initially balked at the idea of spending the evening waiting on tables, claiming he had made plans for the weekend since both Yuriko and Silver were busy. Luckily, when he arrived, Ai had been preparing to switch to her work clothes and had only been wearing a bathrobe at the time. It took a surreptitious loosening of the tie, parting the robe wide enough so that the pink of her aureoles peeked out just a bit, and all but thrusting her chest in his face as she promised in a husky voice she'd appreciate his help and would find 'something' to repay him, to get him to relent.

Of course, there was the problem of a uniform, but Ukyou said she had a solution to that. She went into an old storage area and came out with a man's ensemble which consisted of a tight white shirt and even tighter black leather pants. Ukyou explained that it was something from her high school days that Shampoo-kun had to wear when he briefly worked for her, and told Akira to try it on. Remarkably it fit. More astonishing to both Ukyou and Ai was how much Akira looked like a younger version of Shampoo-kun in it, not that they complained. He was an easy sight on the eyes.

His working also had an unexpected upside. A group of girls had come in early on, and Akira had waited on them. They had been delighted at 'Heartbreaker Tendou's' attention, and flirted outrageously with him. Ai had even heard some of the girls calling their friends to check out the 'hot guy with the nice buns' that was now working at Ucchan's. Within a half hour, more girls arrived, specifically requesting tables in the area Akira was working. The process repeated itself, until there were almost as many female patrons as guys at the restaurant. Even now there was a line of customers waiting to get in.

Having a handsome guy around waiting on the tables was something of a treat in Ai's opinion, especially with the way Akira's ass was defined in those tight pants. She had to resist the urge to pinch him whenever he came within arm's reach, and she had caught Ukyou giving him playful swats a couple of times while he was working. Not that the behavior was a surprise, considering some of the things they had done with Akira when he showed up on the final day of their beach vacation. The boy wasn't just endowed and blessed with the stamina the young possessed, but was talented too. Yuriko was lucky to land him as her boyfriend. Ai had found herself occasionally fantasizing about what it would be like to be Yuriko, and have Akira and Silver-kun servicing her and Ukyou on a regular basis. Their daughter was definitely spoiled rotten.

The attention Akira received didn't come exclusively from the clientele. All of the girls on the staff seemed excited at his presence, and also flirted with him at every opportunity. Akira remained quite the gentleman, and didn't return the flirting, though Ai could tell he was at least tempted with the way his eyes would occasionally linger on the girls. He had to have been made of stone to resist the advances of so many attractive women. Given how strongly they were coming on to him, if he played his cards right, he probably could have gotten a personal orgy going.

Ai pondered the matter of Yuriko's call off. It would be delightful to keep Akira around for tomorrow. Nice in all sorts of ways. But she had to discuss the matter with her lover first and see how responsive she was to the idea.

Ai finished taking a few orders and returned to the side of her partner. Ukyou's hands were a blur as she cooked multiple dishes at the same time on the long, oversized grill.

Ukyou was the first to speak about Akira, surprising Ai. "He certainly is bringing in the crowd tonight."

"You got that right. We're really raking in the yen." The coffers of the Ucchan would swell from this kind of business, not that they were suffering as it stood. But one could never have enough money anymore than they could have enough time.

"I wouldn't mind him working full time if we can bring them in like this." Ukyou flipped five okonomiyaki's at once, then attended to three others.

That was the segue Ai was searching for. "You might get your wish. Our daughter called off for tomorrow."

"Gee, I wonder why." Ukyou flipped several finished meals onto plates and gave them to one of the waitresses. She considered the matter while cooking. "I certainly wouldn't object to having Akira around."

"Especially his ass."

"Especially his ass." Ukyou laughed in agreement. "I don't think he'd agree to it though. You saw what it took to get him to work just for tonight."

"Oh, I think a couple of gals like us could come up with something persuasive and convince him to help out." This was the moment of truth. Given the way Ai had issued her suggestion with her breathy, throaty purr, left no doubt to what she really meant, and that she was serious about it. She and Ukyou had been together too long not to read each other like an open book.

Ukyou paused in her cooking and stared at Ai. Slowly she returned her attention to the grill. "He is sort of attached."

The response made Ai smile. Just as she had anticipated. Her more reserved partner's flirting with Akira meant the thought had crossed her mind. "Not this weekend. One of his girlfriends is out of town on a date, and the other one abandoned him to sleep with another person. I'll bet he's lonely and wants some company. I feel sorry for him."

"His eyes have been straying around to some of our help," Ukyou pointed out.

"And we always protect our girls from big, bad men that might get them into trouble," Ai added, never mind the fact that there was nothing 'bad' about Akira, and the girls in question would probably tell Ai and Ukyou to shove off if they tried to scare him away in order to 'protect' them.

"That was pretty cold of Yuriko to abandon him like that," Ukyou said, her voice becoming more casual.

Ai could tell Ukyou was reeled in, not that she had needed to dangle much in the way of bait. Akira's tight little bottom had already done that. "We have an obligation as one of his girlfriend's parents to help him in his time of need."

"And if we get some servicing from a hot young stud in the process…"

"All the better," Ai said mischievously.

Ukyou paused in her cooking again and placed a spatula to her chin in thought. "How are we going to convince him to help out tomorrow?"

"Leave that to me." Ai was all eagerness now. Listening to Yuriko's treatment at the hands of Shampoo-kun had gotten her creative juices simmering. She thought she had a good idea of how to persuade Akira to see things their way. She'd have time to think about exactly how to go about it was still several hours until they closed up shop.

It had been one of the longest nights of his life, Akira Tendou thought to himself with more than a hint of resentment as he continued wiping down what was going to be his last table of the evening.

First was the fact that, despite having two girlfriends, he was alone for the entire weekend. That they were off fooling around with other people made it all the worse. Not that he had any fears of them running off and leaving him. Yuriko's time with Shampoo would actually make her more relaxed and pliable, and Silver was already keeping Hinako around on a full time basis and was still devoted to both himself and Yuriko. Aside from that, she let him have Hinako whenever he wanted, though he rarely indulged himself in that treat. While the teacher was unquestionably attractive and good in bed, she wasn't his type. While Hinako and Yuriko did have similarities in attitude, Yuriko could be made to behave by him delivering a few sharp words. Hinako preferred being made to comport herself through more physical means that he wasn't comfortable using.

If he were to compare the two, he would have equated Yuriko with a spirited, but domesticated, mare who allowed riders on, but would sometimes try to run wild when she felt moody and would need a tug on her reigns to bring her back under control. Hinako was a wild mare who only acquiesced to being ridden so long as her rider kept a firm grip on the reigns, and she would constantly test things to make certain the grip was tight. With Yuriko he didn't mind it. From what other guys said, all women were like that to some degree or another; the blonde was simply worse than most. With Hinako it was too much effort, and he had no real interest in her.

The triangle he found himself in was very unconventional, but oddly enough it was working out, and Akira had no interest in calling an end to things or trying to force it to change. It was evolving naturally, and he'd let it continue to do so and see how things turned out. Mostly it was very physically and emotionally satisfying, sometimes outright tiring, other times it was frustrating, like this weekend.

It took a real turn for the worse when he arrived at the restaurant. Not only had he been ditched, but Yuriko had set him up to do her work without the courtesy of asking first. Ironically, while he could accept her indulging herself, (since it would benefit him in the long run) he disliked being manipulated by her (which had no upside). He'd come up with something to let her know of his disapproval by the end of the weekend.

With the girls out of town, he had made plans for hitting Dockside and having some fun. Yurimaru had been available for the games, and wagering was always fun. But Yuriko's sneakiness had cost him. In a bit of uncharacteristic selfishness, Akira was going to refuse to work, but Ai had… persuaded him to pitch in. He hadn't liked the work, but it was the right thing to do, and they hadn't been kidding when they said they needed him. The place had been a madhouse from the start. They were going to have to expand again if things kept up like tonight.

There had been a flash of hope, though. The other waitresses were very attractive, and when, they learned Akira would be working with them this evening, had flirted with him all night long. And it wasn't the teasing kind either, they had all been serious about hitting on him and were showing definite interest. They were really playing with fire, given they knew he was Yuriko's 'property,' and despite her own promiscuity, she was territorial as sin. Still, he had considered asking one of waitresses out, probably the Senzanin girl, who was the most attractive of the lot. She was nearly as busty as Yuriko, though she had dark hair, was shorter, and more compact in build. She had actually fondled his crotch a couple of times when she thought no one was looking. He wagered she'd have been a handful in bed. Ordinarily he wouldn't have considered such a thing, but Silver, and especially Yuriko's, attitude had irritated him, and they had no grounds to complain if he sought some entertainment of his own given what they were doing.

But then, as the night ended and he was considering how to approach the girl, things took yet another turn for the worse. Ukyou and Ai had dismissed the girls before the clean up was done. That left only Akira and the two older women to finish things up. It was absurd. He wasn't a real employee. He should have been the first one to leave.

Akira was wiping one of the windows clean, when Ai began a conversation from the table she was idly leaning against. "You did good."

Akira wasn't in the mood for a discussion with her after being forced to do the extra work, and he left it at, "Thanks."

"You made a lot in tips."

He almost mentioned he could have made ten times that at Dockside, but brought his emotions under control. No one outside of Silver and Yuriko knew about his very illegal source of income, and he intended to leave it at that. His mother would be very disappointed in him if she knew the kinds of high stakes games he would play in, though he still never wagered more than he could afford to lose. "It wasn't bad," he finally answered.

"Yuriko called. She's not going to be in tomorrow either."

"Why am I not surprised?" he said dryly.

"How about sticking it out and helping out tomorrow too?"

So that was what things had been building up to. "No thanks." He returned all of his attention to the window. After he was done with it, he was heading out. He had helped out more than enough. Whatever obligations he might have owed them for their permission for him to date Yuriko had been met. Maybe there was time to catch a movie.

"I see. Well, I tried," Ai said in a tired voice. "Since you did such a great job in helping us out and worked so hard, you deserve a nice treat. You can have one of the house specials. We only offer them to people that really come through for us in our time of need… and are discreet."

"House specials? Discree…" Akira started to ask, then looked up and was struck silent by the sight before him. Ai had removed her top, skirt and panties, leaving her clad only in black stockings and a matching garter belt. He gulped as certain parts of his anatomy grew in response to the sight.

Ai Konjou was unquestionably the tree from which the fruit of Yuriko had fallen. While the older woman was not as firm as her daughter, it was obvious she worked out hard to fight off the effects of age, and her success showed. Her ample breasts were still in great shape. Her bottom was voluptuous, and a treat for the eyes. She was still incredibly beautiful, and while she was a few kilos heavier than her daughter, she was also filled out in the way only a mature woman could manage. And she did have a few advantages Yuriko didn't. Her voice was a deep throaty purr, and she could make the most innocent of conversations sound like an invitation to sin. And she moved her body in a sensual way that only a woman with experience had mastered. Compared with the style Ai used, Yuriko was still a little girl.

That sexy stockings and garters she wore served to arouse Akira further. It was a sight he rarely observed. Silver was sort of a tomboy, and never wore such things as her curse made it all but unmanageable. She was the type that wore an oversized jersey to bed, and it definitely worked for her. Yuriko, while with her body could look sexy in anything, was the type that looked the best wearing nothing at all. But with the way Ai could burn through steel with her seductive stare, lingerie was definitely what she looked best in, as his hard on would testify to.

Ukyou broke him out of his reverie from her position behind the grill. "You should try it. I've been having the house special for years, and it's as delicious as the first time I had it."

Ai shot her a seductive stare, as well as a smile of approval. She then turned back Akira, her body posture one of offering.

It only took a moment for Akira to come to a decision. Despite having two girlfriends, he was still male, and could admit to himself he was led by his dick a lot of the time. He knew he'd be helping for a full day tomorrow and work his fingers to the bone, but given the beauty of the woman offering her body to him, he'd work the entire week for one crack at her.

"I guess I am feeling pretty hungry," Akira admitted.

"Good," Ai purred. "Now why don't you take a seat since I'll be serving you this evening?"

Akira tried to appear calm and collected as he walked slowly to the nearest table and sat down. Despite his best attempt, he was certain the two women could see through the facade and could tell how eager he was to accept what was being offered to him.

Picking up a pad and pen, Ai sauntered her way toward Akira, her hips swaying suggestively. The fact that she was clad only in stockings and garters only enhanced the effect.

She finally arrived at his table and stood next to him, her bare crotch not more than a half foot from his face. Framed as it was in her lingerie, Akira couldn't help staring at it, noting how neatly trimmed the triangle of yellow hair was and how it contrasted with the slender single stripe of Yuriko's own pussy. This close, he could tell Ai's lips were a bit larger, but every bit as appealing as her progeny's. It was taking everything Akira had to not grab her by the waist and bury his face in that magnificent muff.

Ai held her pad and pen expectantly. "So what would you like to order? My personal recommendation is the house special."

For a moment, Akira was about to order it outright. Then he managed to collect himself. This little role playing game of 'servicing the customer' was definitely erotic. Not wanting it to end quite this soon, he decided to draw things out a bit. "Do you think I could try a sample of it first?"

Ai turned her mischievous smile on him. "I think that can be arranged." She grasped her tits and gave them a squeeze. "Might I recommend sampling the breasts? They're succulent and more than a mouthful."

Akira began salivating at the sight. "Please."

"You won't be sorry," she promised as she bent low, directly in front of his face.

Akira didn't even try to stop as he helped himself to the proffered part of her anatomy, moving her hands aside so he could grip them with his own, admiring the plush feeling in his powerful grip. He attached his mouth to her nipple and began to suck hard on it. Ai couldn't help herself as she moaned in appreciation of his hunger.

His mouth remained affixed to her breast as he tried to consume more of it in answer to her boast. However there was no doubt she would win the contest as she did indeed have far more than a mouthful to offer. Still, he was having fun trying to see how much he could handle at once.

After suckling hard on her breast for a while, Akira broke off and went for the other one so it wouldn't feel left out. Having already tested just how far he could dislocate his jaw in an effort to keep as much of it in his mouth as he could, he stopped sucking on that one after a considerably shorter amount of time and went back to the first.

Sucking away on his waitress' breasts gave Akira a raging hard on the likes of which he hadn't suffered from in quite some time. Unfortunately, due to the already tight pants his temporary employers had forced him to wear, he had almost no room to begin with. He quickly found himself in major discomfort, and was forced to free his steel hard rod before it or the pants broke. He almost sighed aloud in relief as it his manhood sprung free of its confining prison and was permitted to soar to the heights Ai was inspiring.

Somewhat satiated by the oral lashing he was giving her breasts, Akira split some of his concentration. One of his hands ceased its handling of the mammary and trailed down her flat stomach, over the garter belt, and to the cleft in her legs. Finding them already surprisingly wet, he wasted no time in delving his digits inside the folds of her flesh and began forcing their way into her body.

In response, Ai clutched his head so that his mouth would remain right where it was and gyrated her hips, trying to get more of his fingers within. Akira continued without pause, adding fingers and shuttling them back and forth like miniature versions of what lay between his legs. Ai's gyrations became more forceful as she tried to bury the digits totally inside. Between the two of them, Akira was up to the final knuckle in almost no time at all.

He left his fingers there for only a moment before withdrawing them, Ai's flesh trying desperately hard to keep them right where they were. They made a slurping noise as they were pulled free from their fleshy sheath, and he found his fingers bathed with her body's juices.

Akira removed his head from her hands and his mouth from her chest. He made a great production of licking his fingers clean. "Yum. You're right. The special is tasty. I'm definitely having it."

Declaration made, he grabbed her firmly by the hips and pulled her toward him. She was forced to part her legs as she straddled the chair and his lap. He carefully lined her opening up with his jutting manhood. Eager herself after how fired up Akira had gotten her, Ai helped him line up perfectly, then lowered herself until the helmet of his rod was nestled against her pussy.

Slowly, Ai eased the head past her lips, hissing in satisfaction at the size of the intruder. Few of the toys she and Ukyou owned were the width, or length, of Akira's member. Still, like the proud trooper she was, she soldiered on as she slowly raised herself up and down, managing to get increasing amounts of his cock into her body, and loving every inch of it.

There was a considerable difference between un-living plastic and warm flesh and blood, though because Ukyou was always on the other end of the item, it added some special intangible quality to the toys they played with, something that was never present when Ai used them by herself. Akira's lovely shaft was another thing altogether, and Ai felt a small measure of guilt at enjoying herself so much as she was slowly being impaled by his manhood.

"Oh, that feels good." Ai moaned as she took another inch into her body.

"If you think that's something, wait until you feel this." Akira firmed his grip on her hips and drove her down the final two inches of his spike. Ai's back arched at the unexpected move, and there was a second's discomfort at the forcefulness of his entry, but then it disappeared under the tidal wave of the intense climax that followed. She reflexively clutched his head to her chest as she ground her hips onto his, trying to bring more of him into her, despite the fact all of it was already there.

Eventually the gasping woman came down from her orgasm and released her hold on Akira's head. She was about to thank him when his hands, which had never left her hips, picked her up with little effort and lifted her body off his rod until only the head was in, then quickly brought her back down, sinking himself up to the root once again. Ai didn't have enough energy to grind her body against his. She was still trying to catch her breath.

Ai wasn't given a reprieve as Akira repeated the motion again. Then again. And again as he started to find a rhythm to bouncing her on his lap like she had all the weight of a small child, though there was nothing about Ai Konjou that could be considered small. She had forgotten how deceptively strong Akira was, but she was enjoying having her memory jogged as he continued skewering her in his lap.

She was helpless in his arms, and it was just the way she liked it. She had gone from serving him to the one being served by him. While she wasn't quite as submissive as her daughter, she did enjoy a rough fuck, as her beloved Ukyou could attest to. Akira's physical manhandling of her body was the perfect aphrodisiac for her 'customer' to carry her back up to the heights of arousal and trigger another powerful climax once again.

Once Akira found the rhythm he was looking for, he began to increase the speed that he was fucking her with. The sight of her tremendous tits, still red from how powerfully he had sucked on them, bouncing up and down right in front of his face, was an awe-inspiring sight. He wished he could gaze on them forever, but that, in conjunction with how her insides clung to his shaft, and their earlier erotic role playing, proved too much for him to restrain himself any longer. He felt his walls of control break down and his balls cry out for release.

"I'm… going to… come," he got out through gritted teeth, not interrupting his tempo in the slightest.

"Don't pull out! I want to feel you shoot inside me!" Ai demanded.

Akira was more than happy to obey now that he had her permission. He brought her down one last time, and left her fully embedded on his manhood. It felt like his dick was exploding as his own long-awaited orgasm was finally given release, and he began spraying her insides with blast after blast of his testicle juice.

With the first release of semen into her body, Ai went over the edge even more powerfully than the first time. The two of them climaxed as one as they cried out in mutual ecstasy. Their arms wrapped around one another and held tight trying to continue the wonderful feeling that could only have come about because of what they had shared.

But eventually the orgasm passed, and the two slumped against one another, sweaty, exhausted, but very, very satisfied.

Akira was the first to speak. "That really is an appropriate name to the dish."

"What do you mean?" Ai asked.

"You are special." He gave her a kiss on the lips, one of tenderness rather than hunger.

Ai felt her heart leap a bit at his statement. True, he was young enough to be her son, but flattery of any sort about her sexuality, especially at her age, always made her feel wonderful. She basked in the heady afterglow of their joining.

It was then Ukyou made her presence known as she came up to Ai and began fondling the waitress, focusing mostly on her loins. She turned to Akira. "Interesting, you've added a new sauce to the special. I think I'd like to try it out and see how it tastes."

Akira moved aside, allowing her full access to Ai. "Be my guest. One special can serve plenty of customers."

Ai smirked at the suggestive talk, and that the youth was quite correct about her prowess in serving many people. Ukyou pulled up a chair and sat down next to her partner. Picking up on what the chef had been implying earlier, Ai bent over the table, presenting her pussy for her lover's benefit.

Ukyou positioned herself right in front of Ai, moving so close the blonde's legs were essentially trapped between her partner and the table. She leaned forward so she could examine the well-used lower regions before her. The tip of Ukyou's finger slipped passed the folds and parted them slightly.

"Looks like there's plenty of sauce in there. You sure did use a lot." She tried sounding critical, but the remark came out with a decidedly teasing tone.

The sight of the heated copulation from before made Ukyou anxious. Rather than further teasing, she moved her face forward and delved into her lover's cleft with the full force of her tongue.

Akira sat back in his chair, giving himself the best view he could of the tongue lashing Ukyou was unleashing upon her lover. He had seen Silver and Yuriko in similar positions on numerous occasions, and even Silver on Hinako several times. Watching a woman go down on another was a sight he never grew tired of, and he knew there were numerous men that would have given a lot to switch places with him. Damn, he was a lucky man. Frequently tired, but definitely lucky.

There was no need for Akira to stroke himself as his cock began to revive on its own with the erotic sight in front of him. He sat back and enjoyed the show as Ukyou flaunted her oral expertise. Akira was impressed as within minutes, Ai went from a satisfied, slightly drained woman to a writhing mass of aroused womanhood who was quickly made to cry out in orgasm yet again.

Ukyou wasn't finished yet. Intent on draining every single drop of sperm he had shot up the woman, she continued working Ai over, making her come two more times in as many minutes. Akira felt a bit of jealousy over her skills. He could never make his girls come that fast. Intellectually he was aware Ukyou had many years of experience over him, and knew the 'terrain' of Ai'a body far better than he. And she was a woman, and would have personal knowledge of what the most sensitive areas of another woman's body would be in ways Akira never could, but that didn't prevent him from wishing he was better than her anyway.

The third 'helping' of Ai seemed to be enough to satisfy Ukyou as she finally stopped dining on her dish. She made a great production of licking her lips in satisfaction at the combined tastes of Ai and Akira's juices. "Definitely hit the spot, and an interesting variation on the usual flavor. I wouldn't mind tasting it from time to time."

Ai, still exhausted from her final orgasm, weakly slid from the table and into Ukyou's lap. The chef embraced her and the two snuggled for a little while.

Off to the side, Akira felt a touch of irritation at being forgotten so quickly. He was sitting alone with a cock that had long since sprung to attention. He really wanted to have some more action, and since Ai seemed tired, he'd be more than happy to make do with Ukyou's own nicely built, athletic body.

As if reading his mind, Ukyou looked over to him. "Well, that was fun, but I think it's time to clean up. You're a little sticky and sweaty, and I smell like the grill." She gave an affectionate pat to Ai's bottom, which the blonde correctly interpreted as a gesture to stand. Ukyou followed suit. She then walked over to Akira and grabbed a hold of his cock. "Come on, you're going to help clean us off." She began leading him by his rod, and he had no choice but to follow.

They went up the back stairs and to the second floor of the original Ucchan's where Ukyou and Ai had lived in their early days. They had since moved into a larger home, needing the extra space for their family, and several of the old rooms had been converted into storage for the restaurant. But there were still a couple of bedrooms in good shape for those times when they had to work late or be there early and staying there was more practical.

Ukyou led Akira to the bathroom. Upon entering he saw that it was too small to have a proper furo, but instead had a shower installed.

Answering his unspoken question, Ukyou informed him, "There's enough room in there for three people… if they're friendly. Now why don't we show how well we get along by stripping each other first?"

"Sounds good to me," Akira said, eager to see Ukyou's body, sans clothing, like he had during the beach vacation. And while he had enjoyed the experience of bathing with Silver and Yuriko on more than one occasion, the idea of doing it with these two sexy women made him as eager as a horny teenager eager to get it on for the first time.

He and Ukyou joined forces as they went to Ai first, who was easy to strip since she was clad only in her stockings and garter belt. Akira was next, with both girls divesting him of his clothes with a hungry quickness.

Finally it was Ukyou's turn. Her okonomiyaki seller's outfit was fairly easy to remove. First came off the bandoleer of mini spatulas she had slung across her chest. Then the top was unbuttoned and removed, revealing a lacy black bra underneath. Akira was allowed the honor of removing that. He unsnapped it from the back, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Akira took a moment to admire Ukyou's breasts. While they were nowhere near the size of Ai's tremendous bosom, there was still plenty there to admire. And at their more manageable size, combined with how much Ukyou worked out and took care of them, she was in even better shape than her lover.

"There's still a couple more things to go," Ukyou informed him with a teasing smile.

"Right." He had been so interested in her breasts he had forgotten what his job was supposed to be. He returned his attention to her remaining clothing: the tights of her outfit. The thin garments clung to her body like a second skin, and he had spared more than a casual glance at the firm backside that had been outlined in black while she was grilling. She had a bottom that could have rivaled that of any of the younger waitresses working the restaurant.

Gripping the tights by the waistband, he slowly peeled them from her body, taking his time and enjoying himself as he rolled them down her waist, over her trim, well-toned legs, and finally off her feet. The black panties she wore quickly followed, and she was naked at last.

Looking at the treasure between her legs, Akira was surprised to see her pussy was bare. Back at the beach, she had maintained a nicely trimmed triangle, similar to Ai's. Evidently, she had decided a change of pace was in order since then. He had never seen a hairless pussy before, even Yuriko had a sliver of a line on her. Akira found himself fascinated by the sight, wondering what it would be like to see his cock spear past bare lips.

Turning his eyes away from that, Akira took the time to admire the rest of her nude form. Ukyou's dimensions were far more normal than most of the women in Akira's life, but that didn't make her one bit less desirable. It was obvious she worked out a lot, staying sharp with her own special sub set of martial arts skills. Her breasts were lovely, her ass firm, and stomach flat. She had the body of a woman ten years younger than her actual age. Her face was very pretty, in a girl next door sort of way as opposed to Ai's more classical beauty standards. He could see a bit of Yuriko in there was well, especially the eyes. Yuriko had definitely inherited her mother's eyes.

Now that he thought about it, he remembered Ranma mentioning something about how everyone thought Ukyou was a guy at first. Akira's mind couldn't grasp around the concept of how someone this hot could be mistaken for anything other than being pure woman.

Ukyou interrupted his reverie. "Let's get started," and turned on the shower. She had to bend to turn the knob, sticking her posterior out. Akira had to suppress the urge to try and mount her on the spot. Patience, he told himself. She had made it clear any action was to take place in the shower, not on the floor outside it.

Now completely naked, the trio moved into the shower, which was indeed somewhat cramped with three people in it. Akira found himself in the enviable position of being sandwiched between Ai and Ukyou, their breasts brushing against his chest and back, as the water began to strike their bodies. They had to move around a bit in order to allow one another to get properly doused with the water. As they tried to get settled, Akira swore both women were trying to press their asses and breasts against his body. It had the effect of making him hard enough to poke them in some fairly intimate spots.

Ai started to lather Ukyou up, but Akira stopped her. "Allow me."

Ukyou raised no protests and Ai smiled as she moved wordlessly out of the way, allowing Akira unlimited access to her lover's body. Deciding to surprise them, he was very businesslike as he began lathering up her body, though he couldn't help by slowing down slightly around her breasts and buttocks. With some difficulty he managed to refrain from doing anything too intimate as he thoroughly cleaned Ukyou's flesh. The lavender scented soap filled the air as he gently but firmly washed the chef.

After the first few moments of his cleaning, Ai decided to help Akira out by lathering his own body up as best she could. Unlike Akira, she lingered in all the sensitive places. While he wasn't of a heavier, powerful build, like Silver-kun, what was there was all martial arts muscle. She ran her hands over his solid, well-defined pectorals and abdominals, enjoying the feeling of his masculinity. It wasn't the sort of thing she indulged in often, so she took her time playing with his body.

Despite her interest, Ai made certain not to interrupt him or get in his way as he cleaned her partner, though, which made it slow going. By the time he had finished washing Ukyou's hair, the blonde had only just started washing some of the soap off his torso.

"Your turn," Akira informed Ai.

The blonde turned her attention away from his body and switched to her newly cleaned lover. Despite Akira's mostly chaste behavior, Ai could see the signs of arousal on Ukyou's body. The blonde was pretty certain she was in worse shape. The nearness of Akira's nude form was all that was needed to turn the women on, even if they were in charge. And despite Akira's gentlemanly behavior, she could tell from his hardened manhood that he was as aroused at they were.

Akira began working on Ai at a slightly faster pace than he had Ukyou, and rougher as well. He was having difficulty controlling himself, Ukyou's close presence wearing him down first, and now by having Ai's outstanding body in his hands. He did a manageable job until he came to her breasts. Upon latching on to the massive mammaries for the second time today, he couldn't help but really work the soap in. He played roughly with them, paying special attention to the nipples as he worked them over, making them stand out as far as they could. Ai moaned in enjoyment at his attention to detail in scrubbing her body clean.

While that was going on, Ukyou did not remain idle as she took over where the blonde had left off. Like her partner, she couldn't resist running her hands all over Akira's body, and like Akira was doing to Ai, so Ukyou did to him. She resisted playing with his cock concerned of making him pop if she played too long, but she dwelled even longer on his chest, and when she came to his ass, she really began playing with it. Visually, she thought his firm buns were his best feature, and she would have enjoyed fondling them the entire day.

Having a particularly naughty thought, she grabbed some soap and really lathered her thumb up. Once it was caked in frothy white, she grabbed Akira's cheeks firmly, spread them as much as she could, and moved her thumb next to his rosebud. Slowly she began to work it in his ass.

Akira had been so wrapped up in Ai that he had been unaware of what was going on until he felt the thumb start to force its way past his nether region. Then he stopped and grunted.

Ukyou said, "Don't worry Akira-chan, I'm just making sure you're squeaky clean on the inside as well."

Akira didn't say anything. He just tried his best to continue on Ai. He would adjust to it quickly enough. It was hardly the largest thing that had ever made its way back there, as he had let Silver have sex with him in her male form. While he didn't find it all that stimulating in her guy form, he knew she loved him all the more for being willing to have sex with her no matter what gender she was. She was really a girl, no matter what she looked like, so he had no doubts about his sexuality. Having two hot girlfriends meant having plenty of confidence when it came to his masculinity. Ukyou's cleaning of his backdoor just meant a bit of adjustment. It wasn't even that bad, since she was a woman while doing it.

Eventually she withdrew the digit, after announcing his back passage was good and clean. It was at that point that Akira finished washing Ai's own long blonde locks, rinsing the last of the shampoo out.

Dividing his attention to both women for a split second, and seeing their water-slick bodies, broke down the last of Akira's ability to hold off any longer. He had maintained his composure long enough to wash both of them, now it was time to give the pair the more thorough working over they deserved for being so incredibly attractive.

He wrapped a hand around each woman's waist and forced them toward him. Rather than having them face him, he pulled them so that their backs were to his chest and so close to one another they were rubbing shoulders together. He then moved forward, pressing their bodies against the far wall hard enough to mash their breasts against the tile, and keeping them there by leaning his shoulders into their backs. They could escape if they tried, he didn't have that firm a grip on them and they were slippery with water, but he counted on them not wanting to leave once he started to do what he wanted.

Ukyou was the first to recover. "What are youooooo!" Her question was answered as Akira's arms remained curled around her waist while his hand traveled south until it came upon her pussy. He deftly began stroking her outer labia with his thumb and fingers. Ukyou's response was to stop asking questions and part her legs, allowing him better access to her mound.

Perched on his other arm, Akira did the same to Ai, who responded much the same way her partner did. She managed a, "You naughty boy," but did nothing to hinder his motions.

He only went easy to start off, making certain the women were in the mood for a little more fun. Receiving the unspoken acknowledgment from both, he became more aggressive and parted their lips, burying a couple of fingers part way up immediately. The women stiffened for a moment, then sighed in happiness at the next stage of their manual ravishment.

Akira found that Ukyou was slightly tighter than Ai, not surprising since the blonde had been worked over by both he and Ukyou so recently. He applied a little more force to his hand there, and was rewarded by the loosening of her insides on his digits.

For the first few minutes, the women were content with the pace Akira maintained. However, they were eager to move things along, and began to assist their lover by moving their hips forward in an effort to get more of him inside. Akira acquiesced by working his fingers in and out, plunging them deeper with each motion and increasing the tempo. Soon he had two knuckles, and then in no time at all had his digits sunk fully within their swampy depths.

Akira didn't bother with any talk to excite the women further, he let his actions speak for him. While he played with the women, making them increasingly hotter as their moaning became louder, his own ardor remained mostly at the same level since he had to use the full powers of his concentration on pleasuring both of them at the same time. While most men would have simply been content to boast they had gotten a crack at two attractive women in a shower, Akira had more pride than that. Whether it was Ai and Ukyou, or Silver and Yuriko, his own ego, an understated thing next to the brash Saotomes, refused to allow him to simply use his partners for his own pleasure. The women had to fully enjoy the experience, or it meant next to nothing.

Feeling the pair respond so well, he searched their lower regions, searching for their love buttons. He found them, and began using his thumb in a rubbing motion, coaxing the hood of the clitoris open so he could really have them at his mercy.

The results were almost instantaneous. They shouted words of encouragement at him, as well as rubbing their firm asses against his legs, occasionally brushing against his manhood. Now Akira felt himself grow harder at the way their supple bodies rubbed against his.

Using his uncanny ability to read other people's body language, Akira sensed that Ukyou was on the verge of climax, but that Ai still had a little ways to go. He slowed down on the chef while adding a finger to Ai's honeypot.

Ukyou instantly protested, a sense of urgency in her voice as she said, "Don't stop! I'm almost there!"

Ai simply rubbed her ass harder against his legs. Remembering some comments Silver had made regarding her own couplings with the blonde woman, Akira nipped her on the side of the neck almost hard enough to leave marks behind. Ai's gasping increased, and he felt her begin to quiver. He then sped up once again on Ukyou, determined for the women to get off simultaneously.

His efforts were rewarded as within a couple of seconds of one another, first Ukyou, then Ai, cried out, and Akira felt their insides clamp down on his fingers like a vice. He kept the women pressed between his body and the wall as they writhed in delighted torment at his digital manipulations.

All too soon Akira felt their bodies release their climatic tension and begin to relax. He removed his fingers and kept his hands wrapped around their hips, making certain they didn't slip on the wet tile in their temporarily exhausted state. He stopped pressing them against the wall, and they responded by turning in his grasp and clinging to him, rubbing their still heaving nude bodies against his in unspoken gratitude and a feeling of closeness toward someone who had given them such pleasure. As they nuzzled his neck and purred in contentment, Akira wondered if there was anything more gratifying to the male ego than being able to pleasure two women at the same time.

Once the women caught their breaths, they turned to look their benefactor over.

Ai said, "Why do I have the feeling that's not the first time you've done this?"

Akira didn't bother confirming the guess. Having two energetic girlfriends like Silver and Yuriko meant learning how to pleasure them at the same time, if he wanted to keep their attention. Ai made a good Yuriko, and Ukyou was a more than adequate replacement for Silver.

Ukyou exchanged a conspiratorial look with her partner. "Since Akira was kind enough to get us off, I think it's only right we do the same to him."

"Do unto others indeed," Ai agreed.

It was the girls' turn as they took charge of the situation. They repositioned Akira so that Ai was in front of him and Ukyou behind. Once Akira was in position, Ai was the first to take care of him. She fell to her knees, his rock hard piece of manhood right in front of her chest. She trapped his shaft between her large breasts, and squeezed her globes around them, creating a soft fleshy channel for him to reside in. She then began to move up and down, his rod disappearing, then reappearing with the purple cock poked up through her glorious bounty.

"Yum, it's long enough to tit fuck and suck at the same time. You really are a big boy." Ai kept his shaft pressed between her breasts and took the head in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, playing with the most sensitive part with her tongue. She released it, let it disappear and reappear again, then took it in her mouth once more.

Akira pressed his arms against the sides of the shower so his legs didn't buckle under her own oral assault. God, the woman could give some seriously good head, not that fingering the women beforehand hadn't gotten him ready to blow already.

Positioned behind Akira, Ukyou waited until she judged it was the right moment, then went into action. She fell to her knees and began playing with Akira's ass once again. She gripped his backside firmly, bringing her martial artist's strength into play to keep him still as Ai gave him head. She pulled his ass-cheeks apart and stared at his rosebud. Smiling nastily, she moved her head forward and proceeded to drive her tongue into his freshly cleaned bottom.

That was all it took to send Akira over the edge. He popped for the second time of the night, sending a gusher down Ai's throat. Her lips remained affixed to his cock, intent on sucking everything he had to offer down and not wasting a single drop. She succeeded in swallowing everything he had to offer, gulping it down deep into her belly.

"Tastes good, too," Ai declared as she returned to her feet. Ukyou did the same, finally turning off the shower just as the hot water ran out.

No words were spoken as the trio of satiated people emerged from the shower. Finally finished with their bathroom antics, they toweled each other off until they were as dry as when they entered.

Ukyou and Ai donned nearby bathrobes. Akira, lacking anything to wear that wasn't pink and too small, accepted the idea of walking around nude. He didn't think his companions would mind. It would also save time when he started fucking them again.

Once she was finished dressing, Ukyou said to him. "I'll show you to your room."

"My room?" Akira asked in confusion.

Ukyou smiled. "Your room. There's no way we can let you sleep with us tonight. We'll never get any sleep, and we do have an early day tomorrow."

"Surely you didn't think a satisfying fuck was going to get you out of working a full day for us," Ai teased.

"Ah, of course not." Actually he had hoped for a chance to work them over on a proper bed. Screwing on chairs and masturbating in showers was all well and good, but nothing was as comfortable as having some nice padding underneath when one was engaging in bedroom gymnastics.

It wasn't like he could complain. Already they had given him a delightful treat tonight, and unless something went horribly wrong, he'd get a lot more of the same tomorrow night, since they were closed on Sunday. He followed Ukyou to the guest bedroom and made himself comfortable. Though he was still young, getting off twice like that was enough to tire him out somewhat. He lay down, intent on going to sleep.

His intentions were for nothing, though, as for the next half hour, he heard cries of ecstasy from both women come through the ridiculously thin wall that separated his bedroom from theirs. Evidently they had wanted a little quality time to themselves, without him getting under foot.

Really, though, they could have at least invited him to watch. Now he'd have to plan something in retaliation for tomorrow night. While he wasn't as inventive as Silver or Shampoo, he had a good head on his shoulders, and could take a point or two from them.

He pondered the matter as cries of ecstasy continued coming through the wall next to his head.

To be continued.

Day Two
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