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The figure rose from the bed, hand lingering on the firm bottom of the romantic partner picked up the previous evening. It wasn't anything serious, just a distraction found in a bar that served as a meeting ground for those with mutual desires. Their bonding was successful in appeasing the figure's ever present appetite

Now that the long-awaited plan was in motion, it made the figure eager. Eagerness meant an increase in the desire for partners. Luckily, there were many that could serve to fulfill the role in a city as large as Tokyo. There was no shortage of playthings.

Curious as to how events were proceeding, the figure walked to the dresser and removed the black stone box that was so highly treasured. There was no fear of the new acquaintance awakening. The new lover's strength had been drained sufficiently that awareness would be some time in coming without encouragement.

The box's traps were bypassed and the five bloodstones stood revealed in the magical symbol they were embedded into. Much to the figure's delight, four of the stones now had pulsing streaks of blue coursing through them. Outstanding! The first step had been taken on several fronts. Events were moving apace. In time the colors would change again, and again, and again until one of them, if not all, would indicate the goal had been achieved.

A tear formed in the figure's eyes. So many years, so many plans, so many sacrifices. A lifetime of devotion to see the day that was rapidly approaching. It was so thrilling, seeing several lifetimes of manipulation come to fruition.

Feeling aroused at the success of the grand plan, the figure moved to the bed, intent on rousing the partner and forcing up a little more satisfaction from the tired form. There were some techniques that could be employed to coax a little more out of them. True, the partner would be exhausted for a week, but satisfied. And in the end, wasn't that what sex was all about?

A Ranma ½ fan fiction story
by DB Sommer

Any and all C+C is appreciated. You can contact me at sommert@connecttime.net

-Lemon Warning-: This story contains explicit content. Anyone under 18 should not be reading this for fear of having your eyes burn out of your head.

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and its characters and settings belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video.

Throughout the series I will be using the 'Ranma-chan' appellation to denote female Ranma due to gender being important to this, despite the fact it is technically improper.

Foreword: Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over. This starts out going back to events in Chapter 4, after Ranma had dumped Ryouga in the alleyway after the fight with Shampoo. Revision date 4/10/04

Chapter 6

Ryouga woke up. With the return of consciousness, he became aware of a dull, lingering ache in his balls. His fogged mind wondered just what woman had ridden him so hard that it could cause that sort of lasting agony when he remembered exactly what had happened.

"That jerk, Ranma, setting me up by putting my cock between her breasts just so I'd back off and fall victim to that crazy Amazon lesbian's kick. That's another one I owe him."

Ryouga tried to get out of the trash can, but found himself unable to rise. He had been jammed rear first into the can, his arms and legs sticking straight up. There was no leverage to be had in such a position. Yet another thing that was owed to Ranma. How dare the bastard stick him in a garbage can and treat him like… like garbage. Oh, how that jerk was going to pay. Ryouga would come up with something appropriate. He'd just have to figure out what. It might take time, but he'd pay Ranma back for ruining his life and humiliating him for the eighty-fourth time. And this time, he'd get it right, not failing miserably like he had the other eight-three times.

Using all of his tremendous strength, Ryouga flexed his muscles. The metal sides of the can buckled with a groan from the strain, and Ryouga was able to widen the opening. Finally able to reach down with a hand, he hoisted himself up and out of the can. Unfortunately, his pants, and the band of his underwear, caught on something sharp and heavy in the bottom. As he raised himself up and out, there was a tearing sound, and both garments were ripped in half, rendering them useless.

"Crap!" Ryouga hissed at the ruined remains of his clothing. His shirt had already been torn at some point, and it all reeked of garbage. Very fetid garbage. Perhaps someone had emptied a septic tank in it.

Unable to handle the smell clinging to his clothing, Ryouga removed the tattered remains of his shirt as well. A quick search in the alleyway revealed nothing that could be used to cover himself up. Why couldn't he have been abandoned next to something useful, like a clothing store? There wasn't even a drop of water around that could change him into a piglet.

A choice had to be made. He couldn't remain in the alley; someone would spot him, and he doubted naked men were so common a sight in Nerima that no one would call the police. He had no way of transforming or covering himself. He had to get back to the Tendou residence. He was fairly certain he knew the direction. It was probably to the left. Having had an involuntary (due to his direction sense) extensive tour of the local neighborhood, he knew most of the houses had closed off backyards and tended to be lined up in rows. He could just hurdle over the fences along the backyards until he encountered the Tendou home. Then he could ask Kasumi to get him something to wear, then he would kill Ranma. It was the perfect plan.

The now naked Ryouga decided to jump over the fence to the right of him, firmly convinced that was the direction the Tendou home lay. It was unlikely Ranma dumped him far from the residence; he couldn't see his arch-nemesis being so choosy. Most likely he had disposed of Ryouga as soon as he was out of sight of the house. Surely it would take less than a dozen hurried leaps before Ryouga reached his goal.

Leaping over the first fence, he easily cleared it, landing in a backyard…

…And in the midst of a group of men that were milling about in a circle, beers in their hands. They wore identical uniforms, black pants with beige tops. Shiny golden badges were pinned prominently to their chests. Each wore mirrored shades that reflected Ryouga's fear-filled visage back at him. Their most important features were their belts. They contained a wide array of equipment that could be used to incapacitate a person, from pepper spray to nightsticks to stun guns. Seeing Ryouga land in their midst, their attitudes went from good-natured joviality to anxious irritation.

The largest of the lot, a man whose barely restrained fat hung over his belt like a mountain of flab, smiled viscously. "Whal, whal, whal. Lookie here, boys. Here we are, minding our own business and having a little picnic, when some gen-u-wine pre-vurt comes dropping by thinking he can flash his goods at us. Whal, Sheriff Heero T. Justice has a thing or two to say about that." Stun sticks were suddenly in each of the men's hands.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Ryouga insisted.

"You mean you're not standing naked in my backyard?" Heero rapped the stick against his open palm.

"If I say no, claim it's a mass hallucination, and agree to pretend it never happened, will you let me go?"

"No, but we'll only beat on you for five minutes since you had the decency to come up with an original excuse."

"Crap," Ryouga muttered under his breath. If they had been women, they'd have let him go. Then again, he was naked, so that meant they probably wouldn't. Although he wouldn't end up beaten. Just exhausted.

Further thought ended as the group fell upon him.

Ryouga sat on the cot in his cell, releasing a tired sigh. A week had passed with him in the Nerima jail, and he was annoyed. It wasn't at the accommodations, which were spartan, but far from intolerable. It wasn't at the food, which was mediocre, but edible. It wasn't at his cellmates, who had long since learned the hard way that regardless of what the local authorities thought, Ryouga was not a pervert and had no desire to have cock either in his mouth or his bottom and could provide a convincing argument with his fists. It was out of boredom, and being tricked out of his opportunity for revenge against Ranma, which was all but bubbling out of control with the new situation Ryouga found himself thrust into. That Ranma, truly he was a genius of the highest caliber, his ability to avoid Ryouga's righteous fury with this latest insidious plan clearly showed that. Soon, though, Ryouga would have his opportunity for revenge. Once his sentence was up.

While Ryouga could have broken out of his jail cell at any time, he had no desire to become a wanted man. He'd wait for his trial like a good citizen, explain his situation, and be found not guilty. Then he'd go out and kill Ranma because, frankly, Ranma had it coming. Any judge in the world would see that once Ryouga explained all of the heinous acts his enemy had perpetrated upon him.

An officer appeared keys in hand. "Congratulations, Pervert #1452. Someone posted bail."

Ryouga stared at the officer in confusion as to door to his cell was opened. How could that be? Ryouga didn't know anyone that could afford the sort of money necessary to post his bail.

The officer led him to the front desk of the small building that served as police headquarters. The instant he emerged into the office a figure jumped onto him, hugging him tightly and gyrated her body suggestively against him.

"Ack!" Ryouga shouted, seeing the face before nearly being blinded by the brown ponytail that smacked him across his face. Keiko Izumida. This was… not good. The cell would have been safer than having her spring him. He was tempted to do something to get arrested again, but he had no desire to return to his cell. Besides, maybe she had changed her mind concerning what she wanted from him.

She stood back from him for a moment, allowing him to look her over. Yes, it was Keiko. She was wearing the same high school uniform she had worn back in high school, though she filled it out even better. She was still incredibly cute and perky, with a tall, lithe body and attractive face that would have drawn the eye of any man. In fact she was a very nice girl. There was only one real drawback to her that ruined everything, as Ryouga had found out very early on. One that made everything else irrelevant.

"I've missed you so much," Keiko said in a high-pitched voice that only enhanced her appeal.

"How did you find me?" Ryouga should have seen the last of her nearly a year ago.

Keiko pouted. "You disappeared without warning me or anything."

That had been intentional. She was one of the major reasons Ryouga had gotten off his rear end and finally sought out Ranma. The heat at school had grown too hot for him to bear, and Keiko was the straw that broke the Hibiki's back. Revenge was the perfect excuse to get the heck out of there and save his ass.

"I'm sorry," he said, trying to sound sincere and knowing he failed miserably. He just couldn't lie worth a damn.

Despite his fear, Keiko didn't seem to notice. "Anyway, I was having the boys keep their eyes and ears open for you. Eventually your name turned up as having been arrested here. So I came to post your bail."

"Thanks," he said, grateful for being out of jail, dreading the fact that she was still fixated on him just as much as before.

"And you don't have to worry about the trial. We have connections with the district attorney here. I'm already getting the charges thrown out."

"Thanks." Ryouga's worry increased. Now he was becoming indebted to her. This was not a good thing.

"Why don't we leave this yucky place and let you breathe the fresh air of freedom?" She snaked her arm through his and led him out of the police station and toward a waiting limousine.

Unfiltered sunlight met Ryouga's face, and he bathed in it. The smell of freedom was sweet indeed, although he wasn't quite free just yet. The way Keiko was looking at him, he was suddenly very, very worried. It was a look he had seen on far too many women in his lifetime. "It was nice meeting you again," he tried to hurry away.

The grip on his arm remained firm. It tugged him in the direction of the car. "Now, now, we haven't seen each other in almost a year. Let's catch up on old times."

Ryouga felt his stomach knot up. He had a bad feeling of what was going to happen, but at the moment, he had no cause to flee, and she had done him a favor. He allowed himself to be led to the car.

The chauffeur, an attractive woman in her late twenties, got out of the driver's side and opened the door for the pair. When Ryouga hesitated next to the door, Keiko all but shoved him inside.

The chauffeur said in worried tones, "Mistress, is this really such a good idea?"

"Be silent!" Keiko hissed.

The chauffeur did as she was ordered, closing the door behind the pair.

Ryouga sat on the long seat, enjoying the air conditioned comfort of the interior of the vehicle. It really did have just about everything. A wet bar with plenty of alcohol. A television. Even a computer. It was like a small home on wheels. All of it reminded him of why he had to fear the girl.

Rather than sitting across from him, Keiko sat next to Ryouga, moving her body close enough to rub against his side. "So, what have you been up to?"

Thoughts of the humiliations Ranma had heaped upon him blotted out Ryouga's fear of his current situation. "Revenge."

Keiko pouted. "Oh phooey. Revenge is no fun. Why don't we do something entertaining?" Her hand drifted to his lap and began fondling his crotch.

A familiar sensation began to overcome Ryouga.

With an audible pop, the familiar figure of Chibi-Lust appeared on Ryouga's right shoulder. The six-inch figure ran a hand through his slicked back hair and straightened the tie on his tuxedo. "All right! It's about time we got some after spending so long in 'da joint fending off fag boys trying to park their cocks in our ass," he said through the toothpick dangling from his mouth as he leered at Keiko.

A second pop came from Ryouga's left shoulder as the Chibi-Chaste version of him, decked out in his simple, unadorned monk's robes, appeared. He shouted to Chibi-Lust, "Are you insane?! You know who this girl is! Do you really want to deal with the consequences of messing around with her?!"

A look of frustration passed Chibi-Lust's features. "But she's so cute."

"Cute enough to die for?" Chibi-Chaste prodded.

Chibi-Lust seemed to reconsider. "Good point. No piece of tail is worth 'dat. For once, youse and I is in agreeance. Let's get the hell out of here and find some other sweet thing. How about the Kasumi girl? She could really handle parking the sausage, if youse know what I mean."

"Your taste in metaphors is total crap." Chibi-Chaste made a disgusted face before disappearing. Chibi-Lust did likewise.

"Sorry, have to go!" Ryouga bolted past Keiko and out the door before she could stop him.

"Ryouga!" Keiko wailed out the door, but Ryouga had already run out of earshot. She hammered on the glass separating the driver's compartment from the passenger's. "You asshole! Why didn't you lock the doors?"

"Sorry, Mistress."

"I'll deal with you later," she snarled, all trace of cuteness gone.

"Shall we pursue him?" the chauffeur asked, quivering slightly.

"No, the limousine is too bulky. I shall do it. Maneuverability is what's required now, not force." She exited the vehicle and went to the trunk. It popped open for her. From within the vast confines, she brought out a Vespa, one with several obvious modifications, including a large engine and several extra exhaust pipes sticking out of the back.

It took Keiko only a moment to don a tiger striped helmet on and start up the engine. She revved up the vehicle, filling the air with a roar. She signaled to the driver. "Meet me at the hotel later."

Keiko shifted into gear, causing the Vespa to do a wheelie. She headed in the direction Ryouga fled and shouted out, "Ryouga-kun, come back here and let's talk for a while! There's something I need you to do for me!"

Ryouga fled across the rooftops as fast as his legs could carry him, no longer concerned about what direction he took. He had to get away from Keiko. After a dozen rooftops came and went, he thought he might have escaped when he heard the familiar roar of a nitro fuel injection system fill the air. He knew all was lost as the sound became louder.

So much for getting away. Keiko was a demon on wheels when it came to her and her modified Vespa. She could probably outrun a few race cars if she had to. Ryouga's freedom was now measured in moments instead of days.

He decided to hit the ground running and prayed he could find somewhere she couldn't follow. Possibly a drainage pipe somewhere? Or maybe if he found some water he could turn into his cursed form. Yes, that was it. She'd never recognize him as a piglet. He could be safe. It was the perfect plan. All he had to do was find some cold water.

That proved to be more difficult that he imagined. While in times past water seemed to seek him out in an effort to live out the rest of his days as a pig, now that for only the second time in his life he wanted to change, he couldn't fine any. What sort of mad world was it when everything worked against him no matter how hard he tried?!

Ryouga was running through a park, just about to give up hope on finding the fountain he had spotted just the other week during a search for a bathhouse, when he literally ran into a familiar face. His head cracked against the other, and Ryouga fell backward to land hard on his ass.

He rose to his feet, holding his nose and stammering out, "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to—"

"You!" Ranma snarled, cutting off Ryouga's apology. He balled up his fist. "You stupid bastard. Didn't you know well enough to run for it when you had the chance? I'm sick and tired of you sticking your nose, and cock, into my life and making it hell. Now I'm really going to make you pay!"

Ryouga cried out, "I'm the one that wants revenge for all the wrongs committed upon me!"

"If having sex with hot chicks is something terrible, I want to suffer endlessly!" Ranma drew back his fist.

Ryouga started to do the same, then the sound of a moped that was drawing closer reached his ears. He didn't have time for this. Soundly defeating Ranma meant nothing if Keiko caught up to him. She'd just end up ensnaring him, forcing him to have sex with her, and then he'd be….

The words Ranma had uttered finally reached Ryouga's brain. A sly smile found its way to his face. He could solve his two immediate problems in one move. Life was finally proving good. And to think, he had Ranma and his stupid mouth to thank for it.

Ryouga held his hands up in surrender.

Ranma hesitated for a second. "Like that's going to help."

"I want to make things up to you," Ryouga spoke quickly, hoping his offer would be accepted before Ranma hit him.

Ranma, unused to an opponent giving up so easily, said, "Bleeding all over me might help a little."

"How about having sex with a hot girl instead?"

Voice filled with suspicion, Ranma said, "Well, yeah, that could do it too. But why should I believe you'd set me up with some hot chick instead of you trying to set yourself up with her? Oh, wait, this is you we're talking about. I guess you might do that."

"I just want a meaningful relationship!" Ryouga shouted, then regained control over his emotions. "Anyway, I just ran into this girl that wants to have sex with me, only I'm not interested in her. So I thought I'd try to talk her into sleeping with you as a way of making up for all the wrongs I've done to you." But since Ryouga had done no wrongs, he had nothing to make up for. Of course that twisted Ranma wouldn't think that way. It was a carefully worded half-truth, and the horndog would hear what he wanted to.

Despite Ryouga's seeming sincerity, Ranma remained suspicious. "What's wrong with the girl?"

"She wants to have sex with me. She saw what I looked like without my pants on and wants to treat me like a piece of meat." All of which was true, and enough to make him not want to be around her. It was just the other aspects of her that really frightened him.

Ranma stared at him through half-lidded eyes. "You are so set upon, I don't know what I'd do in your situation." Seeming to finally accept Ryouga's explanation, Ranma put an arm affectionately around his shoulders. "I'll tell you what, Hibiki. If this chick is as hot as you say she is, and she does end up having sex with me, and she's not screwed up in the head or has something else going against her, I'll forgive you for everything you've done."

Ryouga could barely contain his rage at the implication. He was only able to keep from removing Ranma's arm from both his body and Ranma's by the consolation that after today, he'd have his revenge. Oh yes, Ranma was going to get exactly what was coming to him, and he'd only have his own lascivious nature to blame.

The increasingly loud noise generated by the moped finally reached a crescendo as the relative calm of the park was shattered irrevocably by the din coming from the clamorous machine. A delighted smile could be seen under the tiger-striped helmet as the driver bore down on Ryouga at full speed.

Ranma had enough sense to move out of the way, but Ryouga found himself rooted to the spot as the vehicle raced toward him at speeds inconceivable for a mere moped. He could even see a target reticule on the top of the steering column, his body lined up perfectly with it. Apparently Keiko had had enough and was planning to run him down. It was just his luck to become involved with lustful, homicidal women.

Just as Ryouga was sure it was over, the Vespa came to a stop, as though it had hit a patch of glue and was stuck to the spot. Keiko's body went flying over the handlebars, her arms open and outstretched.

Rather than two hundred pounds of engine and metal ramming into him, it was one hundred pounds of flesh that struck, bowling him over and knocking him flat on his back. It felt like every breath he had taken had been knocked out of him. Ryouga's breath came in ragged gasps.

Keiko straddled the gasping youth below her, unhurt by the impact. She started smothering him with kisses, "Oh Ryouga-kun, you do so love playing hard to get, don't you? Now it's time for getting down and serious."

Ranma walked over and asked, "Do you think you could remove your helmet?"

Keiko stopped her osculation and examined him curiously. Intrigued, she did as he requested, removing her helmet, and allowing her long brown hair to cascade down her back.

Ranma grinned appreciatively. "You'll do."

"I'll do what?" she asked.

Ryouga, finally having recovered some of his wind, eased Keiko off him so they could stand. Ryouga cleared his throat. "You see, Keiko, it's impossible for us to sleep together."

Keiko looked at him in confusion. "I've seen you naked before. I know how the mechanics work, and we both have the right tools to get the job done correctly."

Ranma cleared his throat in interruption. "What Ryouga means to say is, he's not just impotent, but he's gay as well."

"Hey!" Ryouga shouted.

Ranma placed an arm affectionately around Ryouga's shoulder. "It's true. He can't get it up and doesn't really want to around girls. It just wouldn't work out between you two. He never told you so he didn't hurt your feelings. However, due to his caring about you, in a strictly platonic way, he decided you shouldn't be without some great guy, so he met me and asked me to ask you out. Ole' Ryouga knows what a great, caring guy I am, and thought I'd make the perfect boyfriend for a great looking gal like yourself."

Keiko stared at Ryouga in shock. "Is this true? You're really gay and impotent?"

Veins bulged out of Ryouga's forehead, pulsing like they were alive, as he desperately tried to reign in his anger at Ranma's slander. He had to stop biting his tongue long enough to get out a barely audible, "Yes."

"You sound ashamed of it. It must be true. What a waste," Keiko sighed.

Ranma sidled up to her and placed his arm around her shoulder instead. "But you can still have me, who's a lot better catch than Ryouga would be even if he was straight and could get it up." He unleashed his most winning smile.

Keiko considered that. "Hmm. You are attractive, in great shape, and aggressive. I like aggressive in a guy."

"All true," Ranma said. "And I'm not gay and impotent, other useful traits."

"Hey!" Ryouga shouted.

Keiko scratched her chin in consideration. She looked at her watch, and then off in the distance. "Sounds good. I'd better, that is, we'd better get going."

Even Ranma was taken aback by how quickly she had accepted his offer. "Cool."

"You're giving up on me pretty fast." There was pain in Ryouga's voice. "And you were looking everywhere for me."

"I might be a virgin, but even I know a cock like yours comes around once in a lifetime." Keiko sighed wistfully. "It's a pity it's too limp to be any good, and you only want to screw guys. What a waste."

"Yeah, he's a waste, all right." Ranma agreed.

It took everything Ryouga had not to attack. His revenge would come even more readily if he didn't do a thing. But he wasn't able to take Ranma's tone anymore. One more nasty little comment and he'd explode.

Excusing himself, Ryouga wandered off, content in the knowledge that it would all be over very soon.

"So, where do you want to go first? Movie? Dinner?" Ranma asked.

"Love hotel for a long and lingering fuck."

Ranma's prayers had been answered: She was the perfect date. He couldn't believe his luck. All was square with Ryouga now. He really had made up for ruining Ranma's entire dating life back in junior high.

"Let's go." Ranma knew the location of a love hotel. It wasn't the nicest or the cheapest, but it was the closest, and right now, that was its most important and endearing trait. Walking past it, he had fantasized about having an attractive girlfriend to take to it, like everyone that entered it did. At last, the fantasy would become reality. It was like a dream come true.

Keiko seemed as eager as Ranma, the two all but racing to the hotel. When they burst through the door headed to the front desk, they spotted a seedy-looking man who was reading a 'Popular Mechanics' magazine behind the counter. Before Ranma could pull money from his pocket, Keiko slapped down enough to pay for an all day stay. The man didn't even look away from the magazine as he accepted the money and handed them the key to a room.

Ranma was all but dancing on air as they made their way up to the second floor to their room. It was about time he got lucky, and in every sense of the word. It was hard to believe he had Ryouga to thank for insisting he take a hot chick off his hands for a hard fuck. There was no doubt the boy had his priorities messed up, but that was typical Ryouga. A little weird, but basically a good guy deep down inside.

They entered the room, a nondescript thing that could have been any room in a love motel from anywhere in the country. Despite its plain status, Ranma etched every aspect of it forever in his mind as the first place he would get some. As a guy, he mentally clarified, since he had gotten a nice piece of ass from Shampoo as a girl. A pity about her "All men are yucky" hang up. He'd keep working on it and eventually help her come around if things didn't work out with Keiko.

He turned his mind back to the matter at hand. He asked Keiko, "So, how about some cuddling?"

She pushed him backward until the bed hit the back of his knees, making him sit on it. "How about we cut to the chase?" She began removing her school uniform.

It was so perfect, Ranma wanted to cry. He immediately began to strip, tossing his clothing about the room. Within seconds, they were both naked as they day they were born.

Ranma looked her nude form over. She was slender, but with a well-toned body that showed she worked out, though to stay in shape rather than an athlete's physique. Her breasts were on the smaller side, but definitely something he could handle and suck on. Her pussy was framed by a well-trimmed, noticeable brown patch of hair. Her bottom was on the small side too, but pert, and her long legs made for the perfect package. He was rendered instantly hard at the sight.

"Let's get warmed up, shall we?" Keiko moved forward until she was on her knees in front of him.

Ranma knew what was to come. A stupid grin appeared on his face as Keiko held her face poised above his lap. Her hand, dainty in appearance, came up to feel his rod. Ranma trembled as her slender fingers moved up and down his shaft experimentally. The soft feel of her fingers was in stark contrast to the iron hard rigidity of what her hands played with. She moved her hand up and down a couple of times, never building up much momentum or tempo. It was as though she was studying the piece of meat she was handling. Eventually, her thumb drifted up and lightly touched the head, turning it a deeper shade of purple. Ranma noted how much better it was when a girl handled him rather than seeking relief himself.

Her thumb continued circling the small slit at the top of his rod, and was rewarded with a glistening drop of pre-cum. As though that was the signal she had been waiting for, her mouth descended, completely engulfing the head and a couple inches of shaft leading up to it.

Ranma was temporarily rendered insensate. He had never experienced a feeling like this in his entire life, not even when Shampoo ate him out as a girl. There the feeling was more diffuse, affecting "her" in several places all at once. Now everything was centered on one spot. Not that one was superior to the other, just that it was different. It was an unusual feeling.

A sucking action was added to the licking, making Ranma curl his toes. That was nothing like he had ever experienced before. Manual handling of his rod could only do so much. This was outstanding. He resisted the urge to grab Keiko by the back of the head and force more of his cock down her throat. She was moving at her own pace, though with the quick ascent Ranma found himself being taken toward, he knew he'd be at the top of the mountain soon enough. Then it would only be a matter of plunging from the precipice.

As she sucked down more of his shaft down her throat, her head began bobbing up and down with a regular motion. Every time she went back up, she left a coating of saliva behind, adding to the sensations he was experiencing. After taking down nearly all of his shaft, she stopped sucking and instead employed only her tongue. She started swirling around the tip of his cock, paying special attention to the slit at the top. That was more than Ranma could handle. Gently but firmly, he placed his hands on the back of her head. While not forcing it back down, neither was he going to let her remove it completely either.

Keiko seemed content to allow him to do that, and alternated between tonguing and sucking. Eventually she established a rhythm that had Ranma moaning in pleasure. His fingers reflexively began tightening and loosening, playing with her hair as he resisted the urge to simply hold her in place while he pumped his hips back and forth to seek relief in her mouth at his own tempo.

Then the sucking stopped. Ranma was so shocked at the loss of that talented tongue caressing his love handle that the hold on her hair loosened. Keiko used the opportunity to pull away, a small touch of spittle briefly connecting her mouth to his cock before it broke.

Ranma was barely able to keep from grabbing her and forcing her back down, he was so close to popping. He had to repeat to himself he wasn't going to force her to continue, no matter how badly he wanted to. "Why did you stop?"

"Now it's time for the main event." Keiko stood, removing fingers from her pussy. Ranma had been so caught up in the oral treatment he was receiving that he hadn't noticed her playing with herself. He saw her fingers were wet and lips red and dripping, like Nabiki's had been when he watched her masturbating in the bath.

Before Ranma could react, Keiko moved forward to straddle him. She grabbed his cock and lined it up with her lower lips. She slowly sank downward, allowing the head of his member to enter her body.

Ranma's eyes rolled into the back of his head. While the blow job had been incredible, it was nothing to the tightness of her box. And it was even wetter and tighter than her mouth, which was becoming increasingly evident as she lowered more of herself onto him.

It was everything Ranma had fantasized about and more. There was no sensation in the world that could compare to this. The pleasure centers in his mind were reveling in the new experience Keiko was unfolding upon him. This was what men and women were meant to do with one another, just like his mother had always told him. She was oh so right. Nothing that felt this good could possibly be wrong.

Keiko was in complete control, which was fine with Ranma. He wasn't sure he could concentrate enough to do anything. It allowed him to sit back and be the passenger on this ride of a lifetime.

She continued moving up and down on his cock, sighing in contentment as increasing amounts of him entered her body. With each downward stroke she loosened up and more of his meat slid into her, and the more that was inside, the more she craved. Her breathing increased in tempo until she was fully impaled on his rod, grinding her pelvis with his.

It was then Ranma sensed a problem that had cropped up. The earlier blow job had gotten his engine far too revved up to control, and it was close to "blow out" already. Worse, Keiko had only just finished getting all of him inside. He could tell from his earlier experience with Shampoo that Keiko was nowhere close to orgasm herself. While a lesser man probably would have been only concerned about his own pleasure (of which Ranma was experiencing a great deal of) his pride was second to none. He wanted to make her climax at least once before he came. After all, if he didn't put in a good performance, he might not get a chance to perform in "Act II."

Ranma tried thinking of things to calm him down. Baseball! Yes, baseball was good. Using bats to slam a ball… Maybe not baseball. Roadwork, using jackhammers to pound… No again. The nice tight fit of velvet gloves… No. that didn't help either. He had visited a park once. It had these hot spring geysers….

It was too much. Ranma tried with all his might to hold off, but he was wound too tight, and the feel of her snatch gripping his tool too much. Ranma grabbed Keiko's hips and forced her down, leaving her impaled on him. He erupted, spewing his seed deep into her body, coating her insides with the results of two weeks of male abstinence.

Eventually the pump went dry, and Ranma removed his hands from her hips and fell backward on the bed. A part of his mind noted the mattress was lumpy. It was the only part that didn't linger on the pleasant sensations of having received his very first sexual experience as a guy. It was way better than anything he had imagined. Locker room talk of other guys and their girlfriends hadn't prepared him for what it actually felt like. It was like being given a slice of heaven on Earth.

Now that he had finally had sex with a girl and blew his load in her, he compared it to when he came as a girl. Surprisingly, the experiences were comparable, if very different. This time might have felt a touch better since he had been thinking about doing it this way most of his life. He hadn't considered doing it as a girl until it actually happened to him.

Either way, he was a winner. This Keiko was definitely a keeper.

Keiko pouted slightly as she ran her hands along his chest. "Oh darn, I guess I shouldn't have blown you beforehand."

"Don't worry. I'll be back up in no time," Ranma was quick to assure her. Already he could feel his cock twitching as it remained embedded in her tight passageway. He wasn't sure which would make him hard quicker: her giving him a blow job, or remaining right where he was.

Before he could tell her which he wanted, there was a knock on the door.

"Who the hell could that be?" Ranma wondered aloud. The person must have gotten the wrong room. Ranma had no intention of answering it in any case. He was about to do something important, like prepping for another round with Keiko.

There was a second series of knocks, harder than the one before.

The sound was too loud to ignore, and the idiot too persistent. His (or her) continued presence was ruining the mood. Unmindful of his sloppy state, and eager to get rid of the unwanted company, Ranma threw on his boxers and went to the door, intent on giving the moron a piece of his mind, and maybe a fist or two, before sending him on his way.

He threw open the door and snarled, "What the hell do you—"

The rest was cut off as a black umbrella met his skull. It was followed lightning fast by a follow up shot to the gut with the pointed end, making Ranma wince in pain and back away.

The door fell open. As Ranma rubbed at the sore spot, he was surprised to see his attacker was a distinguished-looking European gentleman in his early thirties. He wore an impeccably tailored tuxedo that smelled of money, a black bowler on his head, and held a black cloth umbrella in his hand as though it was a sword. Ranma could tell in an instant that despite the gentleman's subdued appearance, he was a high caliber fighter.

Seeking some room to maneuver, Ranma backed up against an interior wall in order to regain his breath and evaluate the situation.

A fist smashed through the wall, striking Ranma solidly in the back, despite having to go through several centimeters of brick and plaster. The young martial artist went sailing toward the outer wall of the room, bouncing off but somehow remaining on his feet.

The rest of the person attached to the fist emerged from the wall, going through it as though plaster and brick had the hardness of paper. Now Ranma found himself confronted by someone who was the opposite of the first intruder. The man was huge, nearly six feet in height and weighed three hundred pounds if he was an ounce. The man was nearly as large around as he was tall. Muscles upon muscles bulged underneath a leather outfit that stretched tight across both the huge torso and lower half of his body . The face of the large opponent was like that of an ape that shaved, with a large oversized brow and a lantern jaw. One unibrow stretched nearly from one side of his hairline to the other. He was easily one of the most repulsive beings Ranma had ever laid eyes upon, not counting his recent encounter with the Marshan.

The first guy had been bad enough, but now the threat more than doubled with this powerhouse joining the fray. Needing more space than the hotel room could provide, Ranma made for the nearby window. Once outside, and given a chance to catch his breath, he could formulate the best strategy to take down the pair whose styles so sharply contrasted with one another.

Just as he was about to emerge into daylight, a foot delivered by someone outside on the fire escape drove Ranma back into the room, sending him crashing on the bed, nearly colliding with Keiko.

The third attacker entered through the window with an acrobatic leap and landed as gracefully as a hunting cat. Unlike the other two, this man appeared normal; Japanese and in his early twenties. He was dressed in silken forest-green Chinese robes with a golden Tengu embroidered on the front and back. He made as though he was brushing off invisible dust off the front before standing dramatically, emanating satisfaction at his handiwork. Ranma would have taken an instant dislike to the man even if he hadn't been attacked by him.

Three skilled opponents made things infinitely more complicated than just two. While Ranma would normally feel the close confines of the room would work to his advantage when dealing with three opponents, he had a feeling it was no coincidence all three had dropped in at once. If they were used to working as a team and coordinating their efforts, he couldn't think of how he could win this one.

Ranma heard Keiko gasp, then mentally scolded himself at his behavior. He had reacted instinctively from the moment the first blow struck him, and forgot the fact there was also an extremely attractive girl, without a stitch of clothing on, at risk as well. How could he possibly have considered running, leaving her in their insidious clutches? What kind of man was he? Had he left, there was no telling what the three animals would have done to her very hot, and very naked, body. Probably things Ranma wanted to do to it, only tripled.

Ranma pushed Keiko protectively behind him. "Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you."

The man with the bowler said in crisp tones, "Don't be silly, old boy. We have no intention of harming Miss Keiko. On the contrary, we're here to protect her."

"Protect her?" Ranma asked, completely at a loss.

"Yes. You see, we're her bodyguards."

"But she not in any danger," Ranma insisted.

The gentleman shook his head. "While she might not be, her integrity is. We are under strict orders that she be as abstinent as possible for her wedding day, no matter how hard she might try to make it otherwise." He gave the girl a look of consternation, one that held the weight of having been delivered many times before.

Keiko let the blanket she had been wrapped in fall to the floor. She pouted, and stomped her foot like a petulant child, one with an incredible build. "Damn it! I am so sick and tired of you three jerks scaring off or breaking every guy I screw into little pieces."

"You mean you were expecting these guys and didn't warn me?" Ranma nearly shouted.

"Most guys get afraid when they find out what might happen if we go all the way, so I find it best to save that detail for afterwards. Not that I ever get a chance to enjoy the afterwards!" Keiko spat.

"Nor will you now," the man in the bowler said. "Oh, but where are my manners? It would be highly uncivilized for us to break your legs without formerly introducing ourselves. I am Sir Arthur Lawrence, formerly of Her Majesty's Secret Service. I'm afraid I was dishonorably discharged when gambling difficulties compromised my job. Now I find myself employed as a mercenary to make ends meet." He stuck the umbrella under his arm, removed his hat, and bowed low.

The largest of the intruders slammed a fist into their chest and bellowed in a deep voice, "I'm Tiny Tomoko."

Ranma gasped. "Tomoko? You mean you're a girl?"

"Of course, it's obvious. Just look at my big chest." She thrust her chest out.

It was indeed big, one of the largest Ranma had ever seen. And composed entirely of muscle. He wagered he could break bricks on it with a sledgehammer, and 'Tiny' would take as much notice of it as flies buzzing around her head.

The third bodyguard said, "And I am Shinjiro Maeda. A master of Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and several more esoteric martial arts." Each word was delivered with a smugness that made Ranma really want to cave the arrogant man's face in.

Ranma turned to Keiko. "If they're your bodyguards, why don't you tell them to buzz off?"

Keiko crossed her arms under her bosom. "It wasn't my idea to have them. Daddy hired them and ordered them to bug me wherever I go. They chase away any guy that I try to get close to."

"As per our instructions," the Britisher said. "Miss Keiko's father is justifiably concerned about her chastity until her wedding day. Shinji and I are the only men allowed near her. All others are… persuaded to leave Miss Keiko alone."

Shinjiro nodded. "It's true, and don't call me Shinji."

"Why does her dad trust you two? She is pretty hot, and you guys seem mostly normal," Ranma said.

Keiko answered for him. "The Limey's as limp-wristed as they come and Shinji had a little accident that resulted in a certain part of his anatomy having to be…." She made a snipping motion between her legs.

Ranma winced. Maybe the guy was an asshole, but he wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Sir Lawrence placed the bowler back on his head and held his umbrella at the ready. "In any event, it's our job to see to it you're punished for your actions with Miss Keiko and dissuaded you from trying it again. This will entail permanent damage, I'm afraid. Sorry, Old Boy."

Ranma sneered in defiance. "I don't care who her father thinks he is, he's shouldn't be trying to tell his daughter how to run her life. If she wants to sleep around with a great guy like me, that's her business, not his. Besides, he can't hire guys to beat the crap out of anyone that tries to talk to her. It's against the law."

The Britisher said, "I'm afraid her father is somewhat infamous for defying laws. You might have heard of him. Mr. Tamon Izumida?"

Ranma held his hand to his chin in thought. "That name does sound familiar."

"You might know him by his more familiar nom-de-guerre: The Codfather. It's from the fact he got his start in business by his total control of the Western seaboard's fishing industry, as well as his propensity to consume mass quantities of the fish in question."

Ranma's attitude went from that of total confidence to sheer terror. He stared in shock at Keiko. "You mean your old man is one of the most powerful Yakuza crimelords in all of Japan?!"

Keiko shrugged. "I guess."

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

"It tends to drive potential boyfriends off. Those that stick around are only interested in his money, rather than me, and then the Dynamic Trio there scare them off as well." She pointed to her bodyguards.

"I'm not interested in money or becoming some Yakuza prince or whatever they call someone that marries one of their daughters," Ranma insisted as he tried backing away from the trio.

Sir Lawrence said, "Sorry, old boy, that's not going to be enough. We need to make an example out of you as a message to others that might try to take advantage of Miss Keiko's… giving nature."

The trio picked up their attack where they left off. Ranma evaded both an umbrella thrust and a meaty fist aimed at him. He fell victim to a powerful kick to his abdomen courtesy of the martial arts eunuch. He managed to block the backfist that followed it.

"I'd say you got real balls fighting me with two other people, but even I ain't rude enough to make a crack like that," Ranma taunted.

Shinjiro snarled and unleashed a flurry of kicks and punches. Ranma blocked and dodged out of the way of the first five, but received a kick with the sixth attack. It struck fully, driving him backward and out the window.

Ranma's flight came to an abrupt stop as his hand lashed out and gripped the railing of the fire escape. Using the velocity built up from the blow, as he had planned, he used it to hurl himself over the side and into the street. The moment his feet made contact with the alley between the hotel and the warehouse next to it, he began running. The strategy might have cost him some sore ribs, but it was worth a little pain to get out of the room and make a break for it.

There was no sense in staying around. Keiko's life wasn't in any danger, and good lay or not, there was no way he was becoming involved with the Yakuza in any way shape or form. No piece of ass was worth throwing away the rest of his life.

"Get him!" Ranma heard Tiny bellow. There was a loud thud, and the sound of something indescribably heavy shattering the alleyway. It appeared the trio took their job seriously. Ranma was going to be in for a fight, unless he could outrun the bodyguards. Affording a look over his shoulder, he saw that while Tiny and the Britisher were falling behind, Shinjiro was gaining on him. It appeared something as simple as flight was not going to decide the fight after all.

Ryouga wandered around in bewilderment. His earlier amusement of what was probably Ranma's last day on Earth had since departed as he tried desperately to locate a familiar landmark to guide him to the Tendou residence. Once he arrived there, he'd hang around as P-Chan until the others learned of Ranma's fate. Once it was confirmed he was no longer a bane to the lost boy's existence, Ryouga could get on with his life by trying to find a girl that would value him for who he was instead of the size of his dong.

Ryouga was wandering between two buildings when he heard a cry from above. He looked up to see two figures fighting directly overhead, silhouetted by the sun. He thought he could make out one of them in green and gold robes, while the other was only wearing a pair of boxers.

The figures maneuvered out of the sun, momentarily blinding Ryouga. The next thing he knew, a pair of bare feet landed on his head, driving it into the ground. He sputtered in the street for a moment, the taste of concrete on his tongue. Swearing under he breath, he saw the two figures were fighting next to him, so deeply involved in battling one another, they were unaware of his presence. They would pay for that.

Slowly Ryouga returned to his feet, trembling in rage. It only took a second to figure out which of the pair had used him as a landing pad. Only one of the fighters had bare feet. At the moment, the guy in boxers had his back to Ryouga. Since the half-naked jerk had blinded him, then assaulted him, Ryouga had no compunction about returning the favor.

Ryouga drew back his fist, aiming for the spot right above the half-naked guy's pig-tail. It was a good choice of targets, as it reminded him of Ranma, and beating on Ranma was always fun. Ryouga unleashed a savage blow that would knock the offender unconscious. And if the guy in green complained, Ryouga would serve him a helping of fist as well.

As if sensing the attack, the half naked warrior ducked. Ryouga's fist continued onward, striking the man in green and catching him off guard. The blow landed squarely in the jaw. Ryouga could feel the man roll reflexively with the blow, mitigating the damage, but he still went sailing backward into the side of a building. He hit hard, then slumped to the ground, landing on his bottom. Enough of his senses remained that he rubbed his jaw, but was momentarily out of the fight.

The half naked guy turned around. "Thanks, Pal. Not that I couldn't have handled him on my own, but he's got two buddies that—" Ranma trailed off for a second, then leveled an accusatory finger at Ryouga. "You!"

Ryouga was equally surprised. And angry. "Ranma, you jerk! You're supposed to be taken care of by now, but instead you're sneak attacking me from behind!"

Ranma smiled grimly, now much more eager for a fight than before. "So, you did know that chick was some Yakuza leader's daughter. You set me up. I should have known better than to trust you."

Ryouga tensed up as well. The aura Ranma was giving off was similar to the one when they had first dueled with Ryouga's return. But before their fight could truly begin, one of the nearby walls shattered in an explosion of metal and brick. A cloud of dust was kicked up by the debris, momentarily obscuring the cause of the destruction. By the time the dust settled, both martial artists could see the hulking figure of Tiny Tomoko emerge from the carnage, eager for a fight.

Staring in confusion at the sudden appearance of the stranger, Ryouga was momentarily speechless. Ranma wasn't as he said, "Ryouga, how can you say someone as sweet as Tomo looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch, then went up and fell a second time?"

"Huh?" Ryouga said.

Tiny's response was somewhat angrier. "How dare you say that about me?"

"Huh?" Ryouga said again, wondering if Ranma's 'she' comment meant the hulking goliath really was a female. It didn't seem possible. Women didn't come in that shape and size.

Ranma slapped Ryouga on the back. "Okay, buddy, have it your way. She is all yours, but you're underestimating her. There's no way you can beat her in only two blows. She's much stronger than that."

"Beat me in two blows? No one can beat me in two blows! I'll break all of your limbs for saying that!" Tiny charged.

Finally understanding he had been set up, Ryouga turned and shouted, "Ranma how dare you—" But it was too late. Ranma had fled the instant after delivering 'Ryouga's ultimatum.'

Ryouga turned just in time to meet a powerful fist to his face. This time he was the one sent flying into a wall, and at a much greater speed than the man in green had met it. There was enough force and velocity that he went clean through the wall before his momentum was killed enough to land in the middle of the empty warehouse.

Ryouga was only starting to shake the cobwebs in his head free when Tiny rammed through the hole his body had made, enlarging it by a considerably degree.

"I swear I will never accuse anyone of hitting like a girl ever again," Ryouga said as three hundred plus pounds of enraged woman bore down on him like a bull on a matador that had decided to use a handkerchief instead of a cape.

Ranma barely ducked under the umbrella aimed at his skull. Two more thrusts missed his body, and he retaliated with a two-hit combination to the Britisher's skull. While it made the foreigner back away a moment to regain his wits, Ranma was unable to press an advantage as Shinjiro had finally returned to the action with a leap kick, driving Ranma away from his weakened opponent.

The duo lay back for a moment, creating a lull in the action. Both sides assessed the situation. With the hulking brute of Tiny out of the fight, at least until she (hopefully) killed Ryouga, Ranma was left with only two foes. Either one alone, he was confident he could defeat. However, together he had his doubts. The pair seemed to function effectively as a team. Even now they were encircling him, stopping as they reached sides opposite each other. Ranma was left without the ability to keep an eye on them. If he went after one, the other would attack him from behind. He could keep track of them with his peripheral vision if he stared between them, but that meant not being able to attack effectively, something he had to do if there was to be any hope of victory.

Even as Ranma considered how to turn the battlefield to his advantage, the pair attacked in perfect synchronicity, charging in at the same time. Ranma was instantly on the defensive, parrying sharp jabs from the umbrella with his left and kicks and fists with his right. It went on like that for almost a full minute.

It was Sir Lawrence who broke the stalemate by unexpectedly lashing out with a knee. Not expecting an attack from that quarter, it met Ranma fully in the stomach, winding him and doubling him over. An elbow met the back of his unprotected skull, and then a kick sent him to the ground.

The two men backed off for a moment, confidence on their features. The Britisher spoke. "Well, Shinji, it seems we finally have the advantage."

"He'll be finished in no more than five minutes at the most. And don't call me Shinji," the martial artist agreed.

"Let's end it quicker than that, shall we? I have this hot date with a stock broker and I promised I'd invest in his… portfolio."

"As though I care," Shinjiro said neutrally.

The pair circled from opposite sides and charged again even more quickly than the last time, having taken some measure of Ranma's skill.

Ranma was uncertain of what to do. Their attacks came at him too quickly and from different directions. He could only hold them off for so long before they had the advantage again, and he might not be lucky enough to have them back off when the gained the upper hand a second time. There was nothing he could do but brace himself for the attack.

Just as Sir Lawrence was about to lash out with his umbrella, a wave of force came from up the alleyway, slicing through concrete and leaving only destruction in its path, and aimed directly at him. The Britisher brought his umbrella up and blocked the majority of the wave, but the force in it drove him backward and away from Ranma.

With no attack coming from that direction, Ranma was free to fully concentrate on his remaining attacker. Shinjiro, unprepared to attack alone, had his own defenses hammered through in a heartbeat. A quartet of blows landed, and Shinjiro was driven back.

The eunuch wiped at his mouth with his sleeve, and was surprised to discover blood upon it.

Rather than resuming his attack, Ranma hesitated, trying to discover who had come to his defense and why.

His questions were answered as from further up the alleyway, the form of a familiar kendoist came into view. He strolled casually, bokken lazily resting against his shoulder. "So, again we meet, Ranma-kun."

Ranma stared at Kunou in disbelief. "How the heck did you know where I was?"

Kunou brushed back his long hair. With the way the sunlight struck it, it seemed as though sparkles of light sailed away, like drops of dew from the morning grass. "Is it not obvious, Ranma-kun? Whenever you are in need, I shall appear at your side. Can it be otherwise, for when True Love is involved, nothing is impossible."

A trash can lid whizzed through the air, catching Kunou in the face.

"I ain't your True Love, ya' fairy! So quit calling me that!" Ranma was about to use more colorful metaphors when he spotted a small man hidden in the trash can. He was dressed in black ninja style outfit, and appeared very mouse-like, for lack of a better term.

Ranma picked him up by the scruff of the neck. "I take it you're another one of these Yakuza freaks trying to get the drop on me?"

"Actually, I'm with him." He pointed in Kunou's direction. "I'm Sasuke. Master Kunou's faithful ninja servant. He asked me to keep an eye on you and let him know if you got into trouble. Or any woman tried to get you in a compromising position."

Ranma shot Kunou a flat stare. "True Love told you, huh?"

"There is nothing in True Love that precludes the use of faithful ninja servants," Kunou pointed out.

"I don't need some ninja lurking around cramping my style!" Ranma shouted, kicking Sasuke in the direction of Kunou.

Rather than batting him aside with his bokken, Kunou caught the diminutive man, plucking him out of the air by the back of his belt. He placed Sasuke carefully on the ground.

"Are you all right?" Kunou asked.

Sparkles of adoration appeared in Sasuke's eyes. "Yes, Master Kunou."

"Best you be off then. Your fighting skills are lacking, and I would not have you following beloved Ranma-kun anymore. He has made it known he is uneasy with prying eyes other than mine perched upon him."

"I don't want your eyes on me either!" Ranma shouted.

During the course of the conversation, the two Yakuza bodyguards had fully revived.

To Shinjiro, Sir Lawrence said, "This newcomer is mine. Most definitely mine." He licked his lips hungrily.

Kunou smirked. "While I see you follow the path of the true man, and my countenance meets with your approval, I fear my heart already belongs to another."

The Britisher pointed toward Ranma with his umbrella. "This silly boy? He's unworthy of your notice. He's crude and crass, and lacks the slightest in manners."

"I ain't crude and I got manners!" Ranma declared.

Kunou shook his head sadly. "It is not so much the manner in which he conducts himself, but rather the heart that lies behind his actions. I would choose a thousand Ranma-kun's over a primped up popinjay like yourself."

Sir Lawrence sniffed disdainfully. "Very well. Let us wager in the duel. If I defeat you, you must spend a fortnight with me. If I lose, you can have the boy."

"I am not a piece of meat to be bartered around!" Ranma shouted.

"Have no fear, Ranma-kun. I will not fall into this vile gaijin's clutches. I will remain loyal only to you," Kunou assured him.

"That's not what I was complaining about!" Ranma shouted. Further accusations were cut off as Shinjiro attacked Ranma once again.

The battle between the two was intense from the instant the first punch was thrown. Their pitched battle took them away from the clash of umbrella meeting wood as Kunou and Sir Lawrence began their own duel.

The battle was mobile until Ranma landed a hard blow to Shinjiro's lower leg, reducing his mobility. The attack was not without cost of its own, as a hard punch reduced Ranma's left arm to uselessness.

Ranma was surprised to discover his opponent holding his own in battle. Earlier, it seemed he should have had the advantage with the skill level Shinjiro was demonstrating, but now the eunuch seemed better, moving faster and more fluidly.

Shinjiro seemed to read Ranma's thoughts. "I was holding back before. When functioning with others as part of a team, one sometimes has to reign themselves back to allow lesser fighters to keep up. The British Dandy might be spokesperson for the team, and Tiny the outward projection of strength, but I'm the true power in our ranks."

"Yeah, yeah, you're the true pussy, Shinji." Ranma began attacking.

"Quit calling me Shinji!" The older martial artist went on the attack as well.

With both warriors forsaking defense for offense, a greater number of blows landed. Each warrior was quickly reduced to lumps of bruised and bleeding flesh. Unable to maintain their level of attack with the damage they were sustaining, the ceased fighting one another for a second to reassess the situation.

Ranma gasped as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "You don't completely suck."

"Neither… do you," Shinjiro reluctantly admitted through a busted lip that dripped blood on his outfit, which had a number of tears throughout. "In fact, I think you're dangerous enough for me to use my most awesome attack."

Ranma watched as the man went silent, closing his eyes as he regained control of his breathing. Suddenly, a blue aura surrounded his body, moving about him like a thing alive.

Shinjiro opened his eyes, both glowing with embers of blue flame. "Prepare yourself for my most fearsome and awe-inspiring attack: The Bellowing Tiger Strike!" The blue about him took on the shape of a tiger preparing to leap.

Ranma smiled. "Oh yeah, well I have an attack of my own that's the perfect counter for your Mewling Kitten Strike, Shinji"

"That's Bellowing Tiger Strike, and don't call me Shinji!"

Ranma crouched down, tensing as though he was about to leap. He shouted out, "Saotome Secret Technique!"

Shinjiro prepared to counter the attack with his own, plowing through whatever pitiful blast Ranma was about to hit him with.

Ranma brought back his arms…

… then turned around and fled down a side alley.

Shinjiro was left staring in disbelief. It took him a moment to understand what had happened. "You coward! That's no attack! That's just running away! Come back here and fight like man!" The blue glow surrounding Shinjiro dissipated as he gave pursuit.

The chase didn't last long as Ranma ran into a dead end. He paused with his back to the wall, smiling casually at the older man.

"Now you'll pay for deceiving me like that!" Again the blue aura built up around him. "Bellowing Tiger Strike!"

Ranma leapt through a nearby window, shattering the glass around it, and ended up inside the building.

"You coward!" Shinjiro shouted as he too leapt through the window. Again the chase was on. Shinjiro ran after Ranma, his sore leg slowing him down until Ranma was out of sight.

The race went through the entire building, going up floor after floor. Shinjiro was left gasping for breath as at last, he burst through a door that led to the roof of the building.

Ranma was sitting casually on a lounge chair, bathing himself in the rays of the sun. He rose to his feet, smirking. "Took you long enough to get here."

"You bastard!" Shinjiro gasped out. "Now you pay." Before Ranma could leap away and force the race to continue, Shinjiro summed the aura once again. Through heavy intakes of air, he shouted, "Bellowing Tiger Strike!"

The tiger leapt forward from Shinjiro, heading right toward Ranma.

Ranma tensed up, bracing himself for the attack. It fizzled a handful of centimeters before reaching him.

Ranma stood back up, posture the epitome of relaxation as he smirked at his stupefied opponent. "Just like I thought. You used up most of your chi summoning those attacks, but I moved out of the way before you could use them on me. Each time you fired up, it just drained more. By the time you dragged your sorry ass up here, you ran out of gas."

Shinjiro tried summoning the Bellowing Tiger Strike, but he could barely manage a flicker. "I can still take you out with my skills alone." Despite the boast, there was a hint of exhaustion in the man's voice.

The exhaustion wasn't in his voice alone. As he tried to attack, he found himself slower than before. Ranma easily deflected his attacks, landing blow after blow all over Shinjiro's body. He tried defending himself, but the earlier beating, the exhausting run, and his chi reserves being depleted, made him easy prey for Ranma's relentless strikes.

Within a minute, it was over, as Ranma finished his foe off with a hard left right between the eyes. Shinjiro fell to the ground, clutching Ranma's jockey shorts.

Ranma smacked his hands together, as though dusting them off from a minor undertaking. "That takes care of that, Shinji."

"Don't… call… me… Shinjjjj…" The rest was lost as Shinjiro collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

"Fine, you're 'Balless Jerk' from now on," Ranma said before leaving Shinjiro's body behind as he reentered the building once again.

By the time Ranma returned to check on the fight between Kunou and the Britisher (only because if the Limey won, Ranma would have to deal with him, and not because he was concerned about his unwanted paramour), it was over. Kunou was winded, and his hakuma torn in several places, but he was upright and conscious. The same could not be said for his opponent.

Ranma looked at the fallen man's pants, seeing how the rested on his body. "You didn't do nothing funny with him while he was unconscious, did you?"

Kunou appeared shocked at the accusation. "Do not be silly, Ranma-kun. I would never take advantage of a helpless opponent. My heart belongs solely to you" He rushed forward and embraced Ranma's hand. "Come, let us away from here. There is a hotel nearby where we may revel in each other's company. Already you are dressed for the occasion." He pointed meaningfully at the boxers, the only piece of clothing Ranma had on.

Ranma punched him in the face. "Quit saying perverted stuff like that!"

Before Ranma could launch into a proper diatribe, a panting Ryouga appeared. His top was in shreds, and his pants in not much better shape. Upon seeing Ranma, he leveled an accusatory finger at him. "You bastard, you did this to me!"

Recovering instantly, Kunou placed himself between Ryouga and the object of his ire. "Lies, all lies! Ranma would never tear the clothing from your buff body when he could run his hands affectionately across my own lithe, yet muscular form."

A second fist met Kunou's face.

"I'm not feeling up any guys!" Ranma turned his attention to Ryouga. "And this whole fiasco is your fault. You're the one that tried to set me up with that girl when you knew she was a Yakuza princess whose thugs would kill me if I look cross-eyed at her. I'm going to kick the crap out of you."

"Bring it on," Ryouga urged.

The two were about to square off when a trio of limousines came down the road toward them. They came to a screeching halt in front of the trio of youths. A dozen men, all of them large and rough-looking, issued forth from the first two vehicles. Each of them was dressed in identical dark suits with black sunglasses masking their eyes. All of them threw aside their jackets and pulled forth revolvers, pointing them at the youths. Ranma, Kunou and Ryouga immediately held their hands up in surrender.

The door to the last car in the procession opened. A huge man, weighing five hundred pounds if he was an ounce, squeezed himself from out of the back. Unlike the others, he was dressed in a white suit that could have doubled as a tent given the size of the individual wearing it. His pudgy hands were adorned with rings, each bearing a gemstone large enough to buy a house. In one hand was a heavily reinforced cane to help support his tremendous weight. In the other was a large bun with an even larger fish sticking out from the ends.

A slender man exited from the other side of the vehicle. He exhuded a businesslike demeanor, unlike all of the other men who reeked of violence. He walked over to the side of the car the big man was on and stood deferentially at his side.

"Whumgh amoug amouth hmoeht," the large man mumbled incoherently at the youths.

The trio looked at one another in confusion.

The slender man translated. "The Codfather wants to know which one of you rabid animals dared to lay a hand on his little girl."

"It was him!" Ryouga jumped up and down excitedly as he pointed at Ranma.

"My Ranma would never engage in such lascivious behavior with the weaker gender!" Kunou insisted.

Ranma slipped his hand into Kunou's. "It's true. My Kunou-chan means the world to me." He stared deeply in Kunou's eyes.

"Oh, my Ranma-kun," Kunou said lovingly.

The guns began drifting in Ryouga's direction.

"Lies, lies, all lies!" Ryouga insisted.

"Margle arghtl, ahd oyu." The large man intoned, then took a bite of his sandwich.

The slender man translated. "Since there seems to be some disagreement, The Codfather wonders if perhaps it would be best to take no chances and simply shoot you all."

"It would be a pleasure to die in my true love's arms," Kunou proclaimed.

"I disagree!" Ranma shouted.

It was at that moment a roaring noise reached everyone's ears. Within moments the girl in question appeared on her Vespa. She pulled to a stop next to her father, removing her helmet. She stared defiantly at him.

"Komre, amaur thgo ahgjem," the Codfather said in authoritative tones.

The slender man said, "He said—"

"I know what my father said!" Keiko said sharply. She shot him a nasty look. "If you must know, I had sex with all of them."

The youths were struck speechless.

The Codfather turned a deeper shade of red. "Keian, atjeor hert ghdg!"

Keiko began roaming her hands all over her body posing sexily. "They had their way with me like I was some back-alley whore, and I enjoyed every second of it. They filled my pussy, mouth, and ass all at the same time. They used me in every way imaginable, and even in way the girls in the brothels you own haven't come up with. Cum was streaming out of every one of my orifices until I thought I would drown. It was the best sex I've ever had. In fact, I'm not even on the pill, so if I get pregnant, and I probably will, we won't even know which one the father is."

The Codfather looked as though he was about to have an epileptic seizure. His face turned purple and tremors shook throughout his whole body. "KRILL NEM!" he shouted at his men.

The henchmen needed no translation this time as they drew a bead on each of the three youths.

Ranma looked up at the sky. "Damn it, if I'm going to die this way, at least you could have had the decency to have actually done all those things she says. I'd have loved to take her in the ass. A one-time fuck is not worth this!"

Just as the men started to squeeze their triggers, loud sirens blared from behind them. Suddenly the street was filled with police cars. All of them roared to a stop, and twice as many police as there were gunmen exited the cars and leveled their weapons at the gunmen.

All of the suited men threw down their weapons and raised their hands.

Sheriff Heero T. Justice stepped to the front of the pack of officers. Like a bull elephant, he strode up the Codfather, as though he owned all he surveyed. The Sheriff looked the large man over, thumbs hooked in his belt. Through the cigarette dangling from his mouth, he postured before the Yakuza leader. "Whal, whal, whal. It looks like that little tip was right on the ball. If it isn't one of Japan's most wanted criminal crimelords, the Codfather himself, caught red-handed with a bunch of gunmen that he was about to order to fire on some innocent bystanders." Sheriff Justice snatched the sandwich out of the large man's hands and took a contemptuous bite out of it.

Keiko began crying, grasping the Sheriff's arm. "Oh, Officer, it was just horrible. That awful man was going to force those three young men to have sex with him."

The Codfather looked at Keiko in shock, he turned an impossible shade of purple, and his trembling increased.

Sheriff Justice's nightstick slid from its place on his belt. He began tapping the end of it in his open palm, producing a thud from the impact on his flesh, invoking the imagination of all that could hear it of what sound it might make if it was unleashed with actual force on a person. "Is that so? He's a pre-vert too. Whal, we know how to treat them pre-verts, don't we boys?"

All of the officers began laughing in sinister agreement.

"I'll be happy to testify to everything," Keiko said.

The Codfather made a gurgling sound, then clutched his chest and fell over. His tremendous weight made the ground vibrate under everyone's feet. He remained motionless.

While most of the officers, and some of the crimelord's foot soldiers, tried to roll him over and give him CPR, Keiko looked away, sniffling. After ten minutes of unsuccessful attempts to revive him, the men gave up.

Keiko turned Sheriff Justice. "I guess having a bad heart, morbid obesity, the world's highest blood pressure, combined with the shock of being arrested, was too much for him to take." She stared mournfully at the corpse.

Sheriff Justice nodded. "Saves money on a trial, not that he was ever going to get out of jail with all the crimes he committed. Too bad. I would have liked bringing the big man down, and getting the names of all of his associates." He returned to business, helping arrest the rest of the gunmen.

No longer needed for anything, Keiko began walking away. The trio of youths, who had so recently been staring down the barrels of her father's guns, followed her.

Ranma placed a comforting arm around Keiko's shoulder as she rubbed her red-rimmed eyes.

Kunou placed one on Ranma. He batted it away.

Ranma said to her, "I'm sorry about your old man passing away like that, even if he was about to kill us for something we didn't do. Well, what I mostly didn't do, since I didn't take you in the ass."

"I sure as hell am not." Her eyes suddenly seemed less teary, and the defeated slump in her shoulders disappeared. A maniacal gleam was in her eyes.

"But he was your father," Ryouga said.

"He was walking scum. He's had more people killed than even I can count. He drove my mother to an early grave. I'm glad he's gone. I didn't know what I was going to have to do to push him over the edge."

"Push him over the edge?" Ranma asked, now fearful of what the answer would be.

"Hell yeah. Why do you think I've been so desperate to get laid? The old piece of crap was a prude, and couldn't stand the idea of his little girl being a slut. That's why I lied back there, and why I called the cops. I knew he'd show up and try to blow you away if you beat the trio of idiots that were always dogging my trail. I was planning to use someone tough like Ryouga to do it, but when I sensed how powerful you are, Ranma, I knew I could make use of you."

"You used me?" Ryouga and Ranma gasped out as one.

"It is the way of women," Kunou said philosophically.

"Your friend is right. Women will use you to get what they want. It's genetic. Go shopping with us and we'll make for your wallet faster than a card shark grabbing the deck at a poker table," Keiko agreed.

"I feel so dehumanized," Ranma said.

Keiko looked at him thoughtfully. "Well, if you want, we can still have sex."

Ranma instantly perked up. "We can?"

"Sure, I'll include Ryouga in it too. After all, I'm going to need bodyguards even more powerful than the previous ones once I assume control of the Old Man's organization."

The situation was becoming worse by the second, Ranma thought. "Inherit control? I thought you hated him. Don't you want to take his organization down?"

Keiko snorted in derision. "Get real. And give up all that money and power? As his only heir, and not being married, I'll be calling the shots from now on. I can use boys like you, tough guys who are on my side, since female crimelords aren't all that plentiful and a lot of guys will try usurping me. And sex is a great way to keep you loyal to me. Of course, I'll want you to do little side jobs, like operate as leg-breakers for people that don't pay their debts to be and stuff."

That she spoke of such acts so casually chilled Ranma to the bone. It was like watching a shark size things up. The image was so disturbing that Ranma envisioned her biting his dick off if he let her mouth near it again.

"Ah, thanks but no thanks," Ranma said as fast as he could.

"I'm not interested either." Ryouga was quick to add.

"I have neither interest in women nor mobs." Kunou made the vote unanimous.

Keiko pouted, then ran her hands around Ranma's lower anatomy. "Are you sure? I can make it worth your while."

Ranma removed her hand. He found the action surprisingly easy. "That's okay. I actually have this whole honor thing where I have to marry one of my old man's friend's daughters. I don't think they'd understand my working for the mob and sleeping with you."

Keiko shrugged. "Well, if you're certain. In any case, I owe you one for helping me out today. If you need a favor, give a holler. And if you change your mind…" she patted Ranma's cock one more time.

"That's all right." The finality in his voice was clear.

Keiko surrendered, waving good-bye to the guys as she departed.

"That was one scary girl," Ranma said once she was out of earshot.

"I had no idea she was like that." Ryouga shuddered.

"I am not surprised in the slightest," Kunou said. He then embraced Ranma. "Now let us pick up where we left off when the foul girl dared accuse us of the ignominy of sleeping with her, when it was obvious we were meant for one another. Even you agreed we should be one."

"I agreed so I could save my ass, not do you in yours!" A stiff uppercut met Kunou's jaw, sending him far away.

Ryouga watched Kunou's form dwindled into the distance. "It's your fault for encouraging him." He turned back to Ranma, and suddenly found himself wishing he was still in jail as the look of pure hatred directed toward him was enough to take even Ryouga aback. "Ranma, why don't we take a moment to think things through?"

Ranma nodded his head. "Yes, I agree. Let's settle this like men… by using our fists on one another." Not waiting for an answer, Ranma laid into Ryouga.

Mercifully, Ryouga was relieved of his consciousness by the tenth blow.

Head hurting worse than anything he had experienced since Minamo laced his drink with Viagra and sedatives in order to render him immobile and erect in order to sleep with him, Ryouga finally came around. After remaining motionless for five minutes that felt like an eternity, he tried to rise. However, he found he couldn't move anything aside from his head. It took nearly a minute to discover that he was once again stuffed in a trash can and rendered immobile with how he was jammed in it.

It as yet another thing that was owed to Ranma. How dare the bastard stick him in a garbage can and treat him like… like garbage. Oh, how that jerk was going to pay. Ryouga would come up with something appropriate. He'd just have to figure out what. It might take time, but he'd pay Ranma back for ruining his life and humiliating him for the eighty-fifth time.

And this time, he'd get it right, not failing miserably like he had the other eight-four times.


To be continued.

Author's notes: Sorry for the filler-like nature of this chapter. But it got some things I needed done, and it was fun to write another bit with Ryouga, Ranma, Kunou interactions, and it laid some groundwork for things I might do in the future. And Ranma finally got some, as some people pointed out he hadn't been as lucky as some others in the series. Next chapter will have a little more information on what's really been going on and why.

Thanks for reading.

DB Sommer

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