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After the Flesh
An alternate origins story for Atsuko Natsume, AKA Nuku-Nuku.  (Introspective) Ranma/ Nuku-Nuku crossover.
All I Want For Christmas Santa Claus is all set for a day of granting Christmas wishes, but he isn't at all ready for just whom he'll have on his lap! (Comedy) Numerous series crossover.
Alternative Solution
Gendo Ikari has always had hidden agendas Seele knew nothing about; but now he's hatched a plan unknown even to his closest confidants. Ranma/ Evangelion crossover.
A New Lab Assistant
Washuu needs help around the lab, but what will she do when Mihoshi wants the job?  (Silliness) Tenchi Muyo!
Angel's Prey- Prologue
The duties of a goddess go far beyond granting wishes and computer debugging, and some of them are a pleasure as well…  (Adventure) OMG/ Spawn crossover.
A Truly Woeful Life
Kodachi faces her "It's a wonderful life" moment while contemplating suicide.  Inspired by Brian Randall's "It's a Woeful Life". (Comedy) Ranma ½.
Blatant and Biased Commentary
A short treatise on how to write fan fiction cleverly (?!!) disguised as a story.  (Information)
Burakumin Blues
A parody of "one of the characters is Burakumin" fan fiction stories.  (Comedy) Ranma ½.
Cast Adrift of Memories Bliss A take on the thoughts of some of underused characters. (Introspective) Marmalade Boy.
Dream Sequencing
Ranma has a rough night. (Silliness) Ranma ½.
Enter the Phoenix
A spamfic DB "had" to write when the punch line hit him.  His address is being withheld just in case you want to hit him after reading this. (Silliness)
-Lemon Warning- Ranma ½.
There are always two sides to a story, and while we know Spike Spiegel's side reasonably well… What about Vicious? (Introspective) Cowboy Bebop.
Failed Experiments in Magical Girl Creations
A magical mascot comes to Earth to find a suitable girl upon whom to bestow the magic it carries. However, this is not your typical mascot, and the girl he chooses isn't your typical heroine… (Comedy) Ranma ½.
Mitsuki Sanada and Mitsuki Rara must deal with the new world and new feelings imposed on them by Kazuki's wish. (Semi-Dark) -Lemon Warning- Dual!
Good Plans
Set after the canon series, the plotting for Ranma's affections reaches a crescendo, but will any of them work out the way the plotters intend?  (Dark) Ranma ½.
Habitually Feline
A spamfic that tackles the question: what if Atsuko Natsume were to behave like a real cat after she were created? (Comedy) All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku-Nuku.
Into the System
Keiichi Morisato thinks that he knows everything there is to know about the goddesses and Yggdrasil… until the day a mystery man in a black trench coat shows up. Then he learns that there are more things in heaven and Earth than he ever imagined! (Adventure) Oh! My Goddess mystery fusion.
Let the Music Play
Mara has to dance when she disco music, and Urd falls immediately asleep when the strains of Austrian Polka fill the air… But what about the other goddesses? Do they have similar weaknesses?  (Comedy) Oh! My Goddess.
New Reading Material With Takakura and Aburatsubo away, Sae is left in charge of moving the Magic User's Club to a new room. Naturally, she gets the room wrong… (Comedy) Mahou Tsukai Tai / Bible Black crossover.
Of Knights and Dolls: Prologue
Genom is being hit hard by ladies in powered armor… But aren't there only supposed to be four Knight Sabers?  (Adventure) Bubblegum Crisis/ Moldiver crossover.
augone99.gif (18124 bytes)Ranma tells the take of how he finally got married, and what came after.  (Semi-Dark/ Angst) Ranma ½.

Painegloss won Best OneShot Fanfic for August, 1999 in the Best of Ranma ½ FanFiction Awards.
Perfect Detail The Lawson version
A young man intent on committing suicide gets a surprise visitor. (Introspective) Oh! My Goddess.

This version was recommended by fanfic author Richard Lawson. He felt that the ending would have a more powerful effect on the reader, and he made some points DB thought were valid. So if you want to read something more melancholy and dramatic in nature, choose this one.
Perfect Detail The Sommer version
A young man intent on committing suicide gets a surprise visitor. (Introspective) Oh! My Goddess.

This version has the ending DB preferred, and ends on a lighter note that he felt was more in keeping with the A!MG flavor.
An ally of the Van Helsing family? A temptor seeking to corrupt a line dedicated to the distruction of his kind? What is Alucard the vampire really after? (Drama) Hellsing.
Rabbit Season
Usagi Tsukino has one of the worst days of her life.  (Silliness) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon / Loony Tunes crossover.
Running Scared
A Member of the Juraian Royalty is hiding out on a backwards, lost colony world.  Sound familiar?  How about the name "Yosho"?  (Comedy) Tenchi Muyo!
Sacrifice for the Art
A spamfic that touches on the idea that all martial arts techniques have a first time… Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran.
Second Best
Some choices are better left unmade, and pride goes before a fall; truths that Ranma learns the hard way.  (Downbeat) Ranma ½.
A character study of Melfina after the series.  (Mild Angst) Outlaw Star.
Symmetry of Pain
An alternate universe short story; what might have happened if Ranma had not revealed the truth about his curse to Shampoo?  (Dark) Ranma ½.
The Cat That Danced With Death
Kenshin Himura always knew that Death would come for him one day… (Introspective) Rurouni Kenshin.
The Devil and Miss Mihoshi
Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction AwardsSatan makes a trip to the Earth, looking for souls to steal.  The gang at the Masaki Shrine look ripe for the picking…  (Comedy) Tenchi Muyo!

The Devil and Miss Mihoshi placed 7th in the Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive Top 10 Favorite fics poll for the summer of 2000.

The Devil and Miss Mihoshi won Best Comedy in voting at The Tenchi Muyo Fanfiction Awards for the year 2001.
The Hunt Begins
The War of the Lance is over, but who are the mysterious heroes who saved the day?  (Comedy) Mystery crossover.
The Replacement Killers
Gendou has reservations about the new additions he's been forced to incorporate into NERV after the Children are put out of action for various reasons.  (Silliness) Neon Genesis Evangelion mystery crossover.
The Top Ten Rejected Gung Ho Guns
Before the team of villains who faced Vash the Stampede were recruited, there were others… (Comedy) Trigun.
The Veils Placed Over Others' Eyes
A look at the secrets the Ranma cast would just as soon have no one else know.  Inspired by 'The Masks We Wear' and 'A Tangled Web'.  -Lime Warning- Ranma ½.

BestOfb.gif (2562 bytes)The Veils Placed Over Others' Eyes won third place in Best OneShot Fanfic for January, 2000 in the Best of Ranma ½ FanFiction Awards.
The Visitors
Belldandy's day takes a turn for the worse when a number of young ladies come looking for Keiichi.  (Comedy) Oh! My Goddess.
Through the Eyes of Infinity
What is the meaning of life when you never die of natural causes?   (Introspective) Record of Lodoss War.
Typical Days
"There's nothing quite as boring as being in a place where nothing boring ever happens."  (Comedy) Ranma ½.
Ever wonder how the merry folks at NERV can maintain their characteristic stereotyped personalities day after day?  It ain't easy, so they found help…  (Silliness) Neon Genesis Evangelion.
What's More Dangerous Than Cruising an L.A. Freeway?
Akio Ohtori is the spider at the center of the web… Or is he?  (Spoilers) (Silliness) Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Yardwork (featuring Heero Yui)
Heero Yui, killing machine, eventually became Heero Yui, househusband. A look at a day in the life, as Heero, like the stoic soldier he is, attacks the challanges of doing the household chores and raising a daughter. (Comedy) Gundam Wing.
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