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Captian JapanWhat if the Ranma ½ Characters inherited the powers of different Marvel superheroes? Alternate Universe story. (Adventure) Ranma ½.


Here is DB's collection of stories based on Azumanga Daioh, a comic series based on the high school years of ordinary girls. Azumanga is a comedy whose appeal is the personality quirks of the characters. It is through their interactions that the stories amuse, without need to place them in a fantastical adventure or setting. (Comedy) Azumanga Daioh.

Azumanga Daioh Stories

A series of short stories based on crossovers that DB thinks are… unlikely at best. (Humor)

Fusions That Should Never Be

Mihoshi and Kiyone are visiting a distant part of the galaxy on assignment when their assistance is requested by a local division of the Galaxy Police. When Mihoshi meets Captain Drebbin of Galaxy Police Squad, can poor Kiyone hope to survive the madness? (Comedy / Adventure) Tenchi Muyo / Police Squad crossover.

Galaxy Police Squad

File 1: Bad Cop / Bad Cop

These stories were written as companions to Jurai Knight's epic Ranma crossover story, Quantum Destinies.

Quantum Destinies Side Stories

Another retake of the Ranma story, in which Ranma is not taken away from Nodoka at such an early age, and she has time to make a strong impression on his future personality; the same can be said for the Tendo girls, who show remarkable similarities to their mother. The difference is that while Nodoka is still much the same, and teaches Ranma what she thinks proper manly behavior should be, the girls' mother was… Well, liberated would be a gross understatement! (Comedy) -Lemon Warning- Ranma ½.

Ranma: Sextacular

"Realities" Side Stories

A series of short stories based on Jim Baders' "Reality" series, these tales are all heavy-duty lemon fiction. Sexual situations and coarse, suggestive… heck, blatantly erotic language is contained in these stories. All local laws and mores should be followed as to who should or should not be permitted to read them. Yes, kids, that means you! If you're under the legal age of consent, DON'T read these!

-Lemon Warning-

The Ranmaverse takes a twist at the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo, when Ranma finds he has company in his misery. (Adventure)  Ranma ½. Shampoo ½ is complete at 40 chapters, plus extras.

Shampoo ½

BestOfb.gif (2562 bytes)

Shampoo ½ won Second Place in Best Miniseries for September, October, and November, 1999, and 7th place overall for Best Miniseries of 1999, in the Best of Ranma ½ FanFiction Awards.

Shampoo ½ was voted into the Chicken Ball Hall of Fame in the 2002 Chicken Ball Awards.

2002 Chicken Ball Award Winner

Kei's past comes back to haunt her when figures from her childhood show up again.  (Adventure/ Thriller) Dirty Pair/ Iria: Zeiram crossover.

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

When Ranma and Genma left her behind as a child, Ukyou Kuonji gave up her femininity in order to seek revenge.  But what if she'd chosen a different method?  (Not rated) Ranma ½.


Happousai takes the time to look over a scroll he'd 'liberated' long ago. What's this? It grants the bearer a single wish? Of such things are catastrophes made… Even when Happi isn't the one making the wish!  (Comedy) Ranma ½.

The Things We Wish For…

The Things We Wish For… won second place in the Continuing Series category for July, 2002 in the Best of Ranma ½ FanFiction Awards.

BestOfb.gif (2562 bytes)

Ranma has a premonition that it's going to be a freaky day and doesn't want to get out of bed.  Why doesn't anyone ever listen to him?  (Comedy/ Adventure)  Ranma ½. (Note: this is the complete story, and is 226.63 KB.  It'll take a while to download!)

Those Who Hunt Ninjas

Those Who Hunt Ninjas won Best OneShot Fanfic for July, 2000, and 3r place in the Best OneShot for the year 2000, in the Best of Ranma ½ FanFiction Awards.

Tenchi desperately wants a vacation. Mihoshi definitely could use a vacation… and Mihoshi's superiors really and truly want her to be out of their hair/fur/whatever for awhile. With that in mind, Mihoshi's superiors order her to take a vacation. Since she has a starship, she and Tenchi have a chance to really get away from it all. A happy coincidence, right? Not if their luck runs true to form! (Adventure) Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki.

Vacation Days

Short Stories
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