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A series of short stories based on Jim Baders' "Reality" series, these tales are all heavy-duty lemon fiction. Sexual situations and coarse, suggestive… heck, blatantly erotic language is contained in these stories, with money-back guarantees to be offensive to one or more segments of the reading public!

All local laws and mores should be followed as to who should or should not be permitted to read these stories. Parents, take note.

Yes, kids, that means you! If you're under the legal age of consent, DON'T read these!

-Lemon Warning-

Important note: DB has gotten questions regarding the role these stories might play in regards to Shampoo ½. The answer is "none". The Realities Series is set in an alternate universe based on Shampoo ½, which in turn is an alternate universe based on Ranma ½, and is not meant to be a sequel, or to be considered canon in regards to the events that may later occur in Shampoo ½.

The Problems with Getting Off

Silver Saotome has an… eventful… day.

Broadening Horizons

The sequel to The Problems With Getting Off. This takes place slightly more than a month afterwards. There are two brief yaoi scenes.

Educating Yuriko

If you thought The Problems With Getting Off and Broadening Horizons were over the top, let me assure you, this pole-vaults itself over them… under them… whatever. It plays off the alternate universe created by Jim Bader's Realties series, and takes place several weeks after Broadening Horizons. Now some of the earlier generation get to play. ^_^

High Stakes

Sequel to Educating Yuriko, this continues the… adventures of Yuriko and Shampoo. As DB is quick to point out, this one has no redeeming social value to speak of.

Taking One from the Team

Hinako tries to eliminate a thorn in her side, only things don't go quite as she expected.

Hot Spring Tango

Ranma joins the fun as a group of inept ninjas cause some trouble.

Hot Spring Tango: Aftermath

A sequel to Hot Spring Tango. Now Ranma has to deal with the aftermath of his hot springs vacation, and Shampoo is happy to dish it out. By , this is an official continuance written with permission.

Having a Good Time on Dreamstreet


Party Girls and Working Stiffs

Day One
Day Two

Shampoo-kun gets what he wanted for his birthday and Akira learns what it means to get served at the Ucchans.

Set after Having a Good Time on Dreamstreet.

Just Another Day at School

Some new blood is introduced into the series, as well as the return of some old. Sex demons, team sports and nurses taking care of the students prove it's just another day at school.

Getting One's Just Desserts I

Ranma makes the scene again when Arisa Sanzenin comes up with a plan to  make Akira hers.

Set after Party Girls and Working Stiffs

Getting One's Just Desserts II

Naughty Nurse Kasumi finds out what physicals are all about.

The Nuances of Honor

Shampoo decides to have another round with Ryo 'Monster' Hibiki, only Ranma might have an idea or two as well.

Decision Making Process

Plans are afoot as Saionji Kunou and Arisa Sanzenin make moves, and Hinako and Kasumi come to decisions. These events take place after Nuances of Honor.

Being All That You Aren't

It's Halloween and the Saotomes decided to chaperone the high school dance. What could possibly go wrong?

Public Displays of Affection

Most of the rest of the cast attend a halloween house party and a costume contest ends up with an unorthodox prize.

Well Done

An alternative version of Jim Bader's fourth side story to Realities Squared.

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